Thursday, October 2, 2008

GPS devices found in food lorry bound to Wanni

22 GPS devices were found in a lorry transporting food to civilians in LTTE held territory yesterday evening. The discovery was made in UN office premises in Thekkawathaha, Vavuniya while the lorries were being checked by SLA personnel. GPS devices were carefully concealed inside 22 jaggery sacks; one GPS device in each of the sacks. 2 suspects have been arrested regarding the incident. Another suspect was arrested on the 30th when explosives and a large amount of batteries were recover from another food lorry. 9 out of the 51 lorries bound to Wanni are being checked thoroughly for any suspicious items, based on the information revealed by the arrested personnel.

Meanwhile the Air Force continued it’s aggressive bombing sorties on LTTE targets in the north. The latest target to be hit was the LTTE’s de facto administrative HQ 2km north of Kilinochchi.


  1. Seems like the ltte now need GPS and batteries. But why the hell they need C4 from south? said they also recovered 2.5Kg of C4 too.

  2. We are the first and only country feeding terrorist …with the help of so called UN…but still we are the 1st country in S.Asia having worst human right records (according to some INGOs)…what a joke!...
    We as a nation will never learn ..why nobody takes this serious ?

  3. All patriots.. Pls take some time to read this article.
    Breathtaking Hypocrisy Someone is proactively winning its war on terrorism rather than just reacting to merciless, random attacks on its citizenry. Hip, hip, hooray!

  4. Here again pro-LTTE UK MP Keith Vaas

  5. less than 2 years ago, LTTE said 'Fall of East was only just a Tactical Withdrawal'.

    Now they say 'SLA Artillery Hits Kilinochchi Town'.

    Later they will say 'Fall of Kilinochchi is another tactical withdrawal'.

    What you guys think? What will be their next joke?

  6. Hi hi

    RED BIRDS are in action. Next time they will hit ? where, can you guess ??. Definitely …… VP’s ASS. Hi hi

  7. Ethnic crisis in Sri LankaIndia is in a position of not interfering with the internal affairs of other countries, but hopes for an amicable solution soon.

  8. kuttu,

    Your original laugh was "he he.." not "hi hi.." Did you change the laugh after loosing Mallavi? Can you be friends of AssRajiv and FartdomFighter also?


  9. Sam Perera

    Don’t say anything against our KUTTU brother, VP will be annoyed, he is very mad these days,


  10. army is hitting Kilinochchi with heavy artillery & multi barrel rockets

  11. @sam

    that's a fake kuttu

    the real kuttu didn't have a sri lankan flag in the profile picture

    what really happened to the real kuttu ?

    got killed ?

  12. lkdood-
    Real kuttu is eating some Koli Kuttu with red birds...

  13. Looks like LTTE's main weapons plants are in the south, if 2.5kg packets of C4 are being sent to the Vanni in lorries.

    Can't wait to see SLAF “precision strike” the place where the C4 came from.

  14. I understand the terrorists supporters in UK is planning a demo on the 6th outside the Parliament and that will give some authorities to make a note of them.

  15. Kevin,
    Perfect opportunity to photograph them via mobilephone.:)

  16. ACF: Reveals Its Humanitarian Face
    This the second time I post a link relating to the Muttur incident. That is cos i think it is something we all should read and be aware of.

  17. Srilankan
    Yes it will be done.Politicians here may ‘support them’ but not the authorities.

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  19. Speaking of the kevin's
    "I understand the terrorists supporters in UK is planning a demo on the 6th outside the Parliament and that will give some authorities to make a note of them."

    I think we should send someone there with mobile phones and record those people and post them here publically. Let the world know those terrorist living overseas disguised as innocent civilians. Maybe UK's MI-5 and MI-6 would like to learn more about LTTE!

  20. By the way,
    Why the hell in the world government forces not inspecting every lorry instead of ones they think might be suspicious. It takes time but eliminate a possible weapon supply source to LTTE.

    By the way, from where did the LTTE get those C4 explosives in the South?

  21. "The 574 Brigade commenced functioning on Wednesday in the 57 Division front with 7 and 10 Sri Lanka Light Infantry battalions"

    "In addition to the formation of this new Brigade the Army headquarters too is preparing the groundwork for the formation of another offensive Division to be added to the battlefront soon to enhance the military pressure on the LTTE."

    Defence Column-Daily News

  22. Relevancy of DPU is diminishing fast I think. The area they can operate is shrinking fast. Before long (after Pooneryn and E'pass) there would be just a large single offensive. The front line would span along M'thivu, Puliyankulam, K'nochchi and E'pass line and would be shrinking rapidly.

    From North: 53 & 55 divisions
    West : 57,58 & 62 divisions
    South: 59,63 divisions

    Total of seven divisions. I guess Mulathivu is too small for that.

  23. "Why the hell in the world government forces not inspecting every lorry instead of ones they think might be suspicious."

    Every one of them are checked. It's just that those that look auspicious in preliminary checking are taken to HQ for a more thorough search.

  24. "The military is looking to recruit 14,000 fresh troops by December whilst 10,106 who have already joined the force are being given basic training, he said.

    Meanwhile 4004 deserted soldiers have rejoined the force voluntarily since the amnesty period in June, he said. (K.K)"

    -Daily Mirror

  25. Kevin,
    I hope your right bro..If something similal happens in Canada..nothing will happen except maybe a pointless article in some Canadian paper..about a protest against the "singhala buddist chauvenistic govt".

  26. LTTE area leader "Maran" killed by SLA. Wanni Operation 02 nd of October 2008

    click here

  27. SLA aimed to recriut 14000 between October and December

    SLN send 6000 in wast coast ground duties

    SLAF send unknown number of personals to take ground security from SLA in unknown locations

    (I don't know the length of the SLA tarining period. But this implies SLA is in short of manpoer in defending libereted areas.)

    SLAF bombed LTTE HQ

    Every one knew where it is. LTTE used these only when Solhaim vist there, for media purposes. I don't think they had any thing else doing there. But as you can see TN pics the buildings are almost undamaged.

    Not all food lorries are checked. As I know UN lorries are not checked, in general. We can safely assume all the civilians still reamining in K'chi are very hard core civilians or LTTE civilian section. And those who left deep inside to LTTE areas also should be hardcore civilians. GSL ahve to send food, medicine and war items too in this food convays to LTTE, thier fighters and hard core civilians just to avoid international issues.

  28. To defend whole N and E I guess we SLA need atleast 200,000 for those areas alone. Thus total SLA strenth need to be atleast 300,000. This is 150,000 incrase or doubling the current strenth and will need at least another 10 years.

    If we are to play with current SLA strength we need superb intel, high civilian support and high tech. If SLA don't have enough man power I guess the best thing is to slow down advancing and keep killing LTTE cadres dailly as usual while minimising own casualties.

  29. hemantha,

    "Relevancy of DPU is diminishing fast I think. The area they can operate is shrinking fast."

    I believe it to be otherwise. Once heavy combat ops are over, we will have to hunt down remnants for a couple of decades. Such hunting ops need our DPUs, Commandos, and Special Forces. Regardless, we should always maintain our forces at current levels for two more decades to take care of the LTTE problem alone. The other thing we shall never forget is that, in a world of scarce resources, we never know when the next war is going to start. In retrospect, if we had a decent military in 1980s, we could have finished LTTE some years ago. Therefore, it in imperative to maintain a sizable military in the future. Perhaps, we should provide more resources to the navy in the future.

  30. When VoT announced that Lt Col Maran has died, Sri Lanka army, which intercepted the free to air VoT, assumed that he was an area leader in Vanni.

    What they didn't know was that Lt Col Maran is a Muslim. He probably died sometime ago in an intelligence operation. Just because VoT announced his death on 29 September does not thst mean he died on the day. They announce deaths within the year to ensure that the name comes up on the list in time for Heroes Day.

  31. "What they didn't know was that Lt Col Maran is a Muslim. He probably died sometime ago"

    so what? as long as LTTE motherfcukers die (and they die in tens of thousands) we are happy.

    their RACE, TIME of death is IMMATERIAL. its another CARCASS, that's all!!!

  32. Sam,
    I understand what you mean. Please read my response to "History" in defencewire.
    I think DPU are specially trained to work behind the enemy lines. But after the liberation, terrorist remnants would be dealt by Special Force and intelligence units.

    And I think many misunderstood my following comment. "Total of seven divisions. I guess Mulathivu is too small for that." By this I did not mean that having seven divisions in Mulathivu is bad. What I meant is quite the opposite (that LTTE would be in a very disadvantageous position).

    Current LTTE activities in the Eastern Province cannot be compared with what would be expected in the Northern province after the liberation. It would be quite a different scenario. Currently the East is fed (by supplying more cadres) by the North. But after the demise of northern terror regime, the flow of cadre would slow down to a trickle. I bet you wouldn't see a sudden increase of terror activities like today. There would be continuous mop up operations and if Tamil people are lucky, terror activities would die down slowly (similar mopping up operations are going on in the east today). I don't think we require three hundred thousand strong Army for that. Dedicated and capable hundred thousand would be sufficient. But under one condition satisfied. That is by keeping the economic and political paths on the correct track.

  33. Calling all Patriots in Sydney, Australia

    The LTTE sympathisers have impressed upon the Sydney Centre for International Law to organise a seminar at the Sydney Uni. The obvious title is “The Crisis of Human Rights in Sri Lanka”. Our attendance is a must as we need to refute and challenge some of the outrageous and fabricated issues the speakers (under the guise of intellectual concern) are going to discuss there.

    Dr Brian Seniveratne, who is the most ardent LTTE lobbyist in Australia, is one of the speakers!!!

    The details of the seminar are:

    Date: 10 October 2008 (Friday)
    Where: University of Sydney (main campus), Professorial Board Room, Main Quad
    Time: 3 – 5 pm
    Cost: Free – contact the events coordinator on (02) 9351 0238

  34. antodite - thanks for the infor. will follow up.

  35. Soon the semi-conventional fighting style will switch to complete unconventional on both sides.

    SL now has absolute supremacy to a level that cannot be reversed.

    Adios sucka's


  36. lol according to The New York Times' Somini Sengupta, the LTTE now has 'fighter jets'.

  37. Guys,

    Pee-ter is back; so, I interviewed Pottu Amman and dedicate my interview to Pee-ter who seems to have his own brand of sense of humour. Here are the excerpts:

    Q Rious: Mr Amman, good evening!

    P Amman: It is early morning hear, brother.

    Q Rious: I guess, it is pretty dark inside bunkers - simulated dusk!

    P Amman: Yea, yea. The situation is a bit fluid now.

    Q Rious: Mr Amman, you are an introvert!

    P Amman: Who says so?

    Q Rious: The Interpol

    P Amman: Why did they single me out?

    Q Rious: The term is not insulting. It is just a personal trait. Lots of clever folks are introverts; for instance, Einstein.

    P Amman: What else do they say about me?

    Q Rious: You are always on alert. Is it true?

    P Amman: Of course, I am. I am the Head of the Intelligence wing - TOSSI

    Q Rious: You are credited with showing quite a few high profiles, an early grave. Your comments!

    P Amman: I deny it. We are freedom fighters and do not advocate violence.

    Q Rious: Mr Amman, you talk as if you were borne again. Who committed the countless deaths then?

    P Amman: The other groups

    Q Rious: For instance?

    P Amman: I can't betray our cause by naming them. We all fight for the same cause.

    Q Rious: Who killed Rajiv Gandhi?

    P Amman: I think our supreme leader clarified the issue in an international press conference, a few years back.

    Q Rious: He said he can't talk about something that happened more than 10 years ago.

    P Amman: I fully agree with my leader; if something is older than 10 years, we must forget them and move forward. Life is too short to fume and fret!

    Q Rious: But, your leader still vividly recall the events that happened over fifty years ago.

    P Amman: You have to spell it out for me...

    Q Rious: The riots by the Sinhalese against Tamils in 1953. He has neither forgotten nor forgiven the Sinhalese.

    P Amman: That is because you repeated it in 1983.

    Q Rious: But still, it is more than 10 years isn't it?

    P Amman:Listen, my broher. Our supreme leader is semi-divine. You know he is also called Sun god by very loyal Tamils. He has an evolving calender. So, the definition of year may be changing from time to time. You know, in the Bible, it says that the God created in 6 days followed by a rest, the next day. It doesn't say that day had 24 hours. Times are changing and so are the terms.

    Q Rious: You hardly move about with the rest of the seniors. Your critics say it is because you are superior in caste - the only Wellala man in the organization.

    P Amman:I deny it. I am secretive by nature, because of my role.

    Q Rious: Any leadership ambitions?

    P Amman: I am No 2.

    Q Rious: Soosai, thinks so as well.

    P Amman: He had better stayed away from boats, then. Sorry, sorry, this is off-the-record, OK, brother.

    Q Rious: I won't leak it. How about Charles Anthony?

    P Amman: He is dead and buried; even a tall palmyrah tree has grown its place.

    Q Rious: I mean your leader's son.

    P Amman: Oh, don't worry about him. He is just a brat and trying his best to be a glutton.

    Q Rious: Over-fed?

    P Amman: And over-rated too.

    Q Rious:The top slot is within sight?

    P Amman: Well, if the circumstances change, on the basis of seniority, I would say, yes.

    Q Rious: What would help you to reach that ultimate goal?

    P Amman: A crater by a bunker buster!

    Q Rious: Good luck with it, Mr Amman!

  38. aney budu padesan aiye, umbata mokada wuneeeiiii. api heenen wath hithuwe ne umbata mehema deyak wenna kiyala, aiyyooo mage pade

  39. Qrious,
    I was reading Athas, from a recent issue of ST; it suddenly occurred to me that Qrious could write a better column, whilst having his breakfast, scanning the morning newspaper and listening to Haydn.

    So how about an Occasional “ Not the Situation Report by Qrious”?

    Oh, make sure you use a few:
    “cannot be disclosed for obvious reasons”
    “He spoke on grounds of anonymity since he is not authorised to speak”
    “Other very important aspects relating to this matter cannot be discussed for reasons that are now obvious”

    You could quote Moshe as " a senior Army officer in the Wanni told ”

    And always call the sun god Mr. Prabhakaran.

    Look at the career opportunities: Wijaya newspapers … CNN … Jane’s ….BBC Sinhala (oops, never mind).

  40. DefenceNet,

    Just a side note. All the structures and monuments built by LTTE without the consent of Government of Sri Lanka should be demolished and cleared to the extent that nobody will ever remember there was such a thing. I know that it is a distraction at this point. However, this is a great time to take care of all illegal structures since they will get more attention after a few months. Obviously, nobody needs to know that they have been taken down. In the future, we may be able to utilize such spaces to build sewage treatment facilities that serve peaceful citizens of Sri Lanka.

  41. SCENARIOS-Where does Sri Lanka's war go if rebel capital falls?
    Fri Oct 3, 2008 4:42pm IST Email | Print | Share | Single Page [-] Text [+]
    By C. Bryson Hull

    COLOMBO, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Sri Lankan soldiers on Friday were within 3.5 km (2 miles) of Kilinochchi, the headquarters town of the Tamil Tiger separatist rebels they have fought since 1983 in one of Asia's longest-running wars.

    Here are some possible scenarios for what happens if the army takes Kilinochchi, a symbolic target:

    MORALE, MARKET BOOST: Taking Kilinochchi would by no means mean an end to the war, but it would be a major political boost to President Mahinda Rajapaksa's government and also to the armed forces' morale. Most financial analysts expect a very short-term rally on the Colombo Stock Exchange .CSE. But it has generally moved on its own fundamentals since the war has been running so long and players are used to it. The rupee currency is unlikely to be affected, since the Central Bank routinely intervenes to prevent any rapid movement.

    TIGER CENTRE SHIFTS EAST: If the army occupies the town, it will force the Tigers into hiding in the jungle -- to which they are very accustomed. It will also mean any Tiger administrative offices not destroyed in airstrikes will likely be forced to shift east to the rebel-held port of Mullaitivu. But soldiers are moving toward Mullaitivu from the south, and fighting there has been heavy in recent weeks.

    ARMY MOVES DOWN FROM JAFFNA: If the army holds Kilinochchi, it will control all but about 40 km (25 miles) of the A9 road, the main north-south highway that goes through the narrow neck of the Jaffna Peninsula, the northernmost part of Sri Lanka. The army has been garrisoned there since 1995, but the Tigers are dug in across a short no-man's-land on the neck. It is heavily mined and Tiger artillery batteries there and southwest across the water at Pooneryn have inflicted heavy casualties on advancing troops. Should the army punch through the western port of Nachikuddah, where some of the bloodiest fighting of the last month has gone on, it would aim to hit Pooneryn and neutralise the artillery. Doing that would free troops in Jaffna to begin fighting their way down to squeeze the Tigers from two sides.

    COUNTERATTACK: The Tigers could do what they have done after losing territory in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which is regroup in the jungles,then drive the army back while inflicting heavy casualties. But security analysts say there are several reasons that is less likely now. First, the army has grown to more than three times its size then, and gone from being a largely symbolic unit to a battle-hardened corps. Second, the military has improved its weaponry and adopted small-unit commando tactics that have proved an effective counter-insurgency strategy. Third, the rebels have been hit hard by the application of anti-terrorism financing laws around the world and interceptions of weapons shipments at sea by the Sri Lankan navy, with Indian assistance.

    COLOMBO ATTACKS SPIKE: If the Tigers feel cornered in the conventional war, many analysts fear an increase in bomb blasts in the capital Colombo, more than 300 km to the southwest of the war zone. There have been six in the city since Aug. 30, when a bomb exploded in a market and injured 45 people. It was the worst of the series, but earlier bombs have killed hundreds over the years. However, the city is under heavy security and the government has no compunction about carrying out heavy-handed sweeps of Tamil areas to avert future attacks. (Editing by Jerry Norton)

    © Thomson Reuters 2008 All rights reserved

  42. Srilankan
    ‘about a protest against the "singhala buddist chauvenistic govt".’

    Yes they can say any thing against us but their backers knows the facts. They know that we are a democracy still elected by the people etc.They also knows what these terrorists are up to what they have been doing in their own Areas. It’s a pot of gold they hold and the Diaspora numbers that are talking. Since their poll ratings are down they are desperate enough to clutch straws. Perhaps the next administration might change things in our favour.GOSL must do things right that is credible like abandoning building an international airport in a god forsaken place in SW of the island and trying to bring back Mihin Air. People who wants to help or speak for us see these as evidence of poor judgement. I would sincerely urge the state to move their high security officers and other establishments out of commercial areas as the country’s wealth and wellbeing depends on business and enterprise which is suffering at present. People who pay rent and interest on loans for their business can’t wait for the war to end. They contribute both to the coffers of the state and not forgetting the jobs they create.

  43. No-Mess, thank you for the compliments; I will consider your suggestion at some point, if time is on my side.


    The token strike by doctors

    There is going to be an island-wide strike called by - you know who - our dearly beloved GMOA as a token of protest against the killing of a fellow doctor in the down south. It is very noble of them indeed! Very professional and caring to the letter!!

    The lady doctor in question was killed over a personal dispute: the army folk had some previous problems with her and then when he was humiliated while his wife was seeking treatment, he became nasty and got the revenge. We don't advocate either.

    The GMOA tries to depict a picture of an organized killing - targeting the doctors - which is a blatantly misleading.

    We thought only Tamil Tigers are terrorists. Those who terrorise vulnerable patients by staying away from the duty are also on the same wavelength - Terrorists-in-Overalls.

    Army generals, Navy Commanders, High Ranking Police officials got killed - both on duty and off-duty. The organizations that they represented did not go on strike in seeking after sympathy.

    Is the bodyguard for each and every doctor the latest demand of the GMOA?

    If public sympathy is the goal of the GMOA on this occasion, what they get is public hatred, instead. I think they have accumulated enough of it already by the conduct of the majority of this organization. Do they want more of it?

    Well, if the organization does not behave itself, the day that the disgruntled public will take the law into their own hands is not far away.

    Nowhere in the world, do the doctors go on strike on petty issues like the above, when they are fully publicly funded.

    The minister of health can use his influence as the Head of the WHO to cut down these folks to size - both nationally and internationally - by exposing them as the serial abusers of Hippocratic Oath.

  44. Wipeltte
    Those people whom you mentioned are doing their best to curtail their strength and powers some times by passing the political backers. Much is not heard of much still to be done.

  45. Greetings to all patriots,

    Guys a humble request from all the patriots of mother lanka.

    Please keep the national flag ready to put it in front of your houses, offices, restaurants, shops etc.. on the day our brave troops set their foot in KILI. Let us clebrate and show our support and gratitude by hoisting it infront of our own places and ignite the SRI LANKAN feeling all over Sri Lanka.

    This is just a humble request from a SRI LANKAN.

  46. pic of todays air raid includes a pic of the jets release the bombs from a MIG 27

  47. pic of todays air raid includes a pic of the jets release the bombs from a MIG27

  48. Shyam-
    Do you still get paid or now you get I.O.U. vouchers from LTTE?

  49. DN

    What is current progress of capturing Killi.. when do you think we will fully capture the area.. just a basic esitmate would do..

  50. Kevin – demo on the 6th (4pm-7pm) outside the British Parliament: Interesting to see whether Keith Vaz will make an appearance. If he does, will he be welcomed with open arms? Not a good time to be photographed with
    Rt Hon Keith.

    So this protest is organised by that well known peace loving British Tamils Forum (part of the Women’s Institute?)
    From BTF website-
    “This is organised to lobby the UK political establishment and law makers to take immediate action to halt the indiscriminate aerial bombardment carried out by the Forces of Government of Sri Lanka against innocent Tamil civilians in the Vanni region.
    This is also to demand immediate action by HM's Government to send aid directly to help the over 230,000 Tamils who have been internally displaced by the military action taken by the Government of Sri Lanka”

    We better get all our targets taken out by Monday night then….

  51. Kevin,
    Many thanks for your comment.Fully agree mate..Fully agree..Lets sort out this LTTE first.A comment on Dwire(cant be sure) caught my eye.That is the tamil people of silicon valley-U.S.A have created a "high tech" institute in the wanni.Some of these passouts end at Oxford with funding from the these people.We have to start our own institutes for ALL our peoples in SLanka..lets do it in style shall we..

  52. riyaz,
    Bro..this is not a good idea although it is very tempting..After this is over it is better to do things on the sly..if you know what i mean.An idea could be that you(=everyone) look after your family and relatives and help them to better themselves.A religious service will be nice.

  53. Where ARE those bitches who used to whine in these forums about govt malpractice and corruption on the Mig27 deal? A few of us had to stand up and fight against these whiners and try to prove how valuable these assets were to us in the long run.

    Now that it is proven, none of them can even be found in these forums.

  54. srilankan

    'high tech, academic, highly educated..'are thinkgs wev'e heard for a long time from people who are impressed when they get an erection two inches long. I've ived with them and have seen how they describe kids who are stuying bio-science as 'medical students'. A lot of them still are working in the IRS as clerks.


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