Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SLAF bombers raid Charles Anthony HQ

The Sri Lanka Air Force launched multiple air sorties on identified LTTE targets in Kilinochchi today morning. A location identified as the headquarters of LTTE’s elite Charles Anthony brigade as well as a LTTE base manned by female cadres was also attacked. There are no verified reports on LTTE casualties in either of these attacks yet.

Meanwhile at least 3 LTTE cadres were killed and 12 more were wounded when a tractor transporting LTTE reinforcements was attacked SLA units east of Akkarayankulam. The tractor had around 15 cadres on board at the time it was attacked.


Source: MOD

Meanwhile the army’s 57 division captured a smaller LTTE airstrip located in Panikkankulam, 7Km south of Mankulam, yesterday. The 500m long and 50m wide runway did not appear to have been used frequently. The military believes that LTTE has built several of similar smaller runways in Mullaithiv to facilitate emergency landings of their Zlin143 light aircraft. 

In other news a senior official of the WFP (Word Food Program) based in Sri Lanka is suspected to be part of the plot to smuggle in explosives and batteries to LTTE held territory. More than 28000 batteries and 2.5KG C-4 explosives were found by K9 units yesterday hidden inside a WFP lorry bound to Wanni. One suspect was arrested and the other escaped evading capture.


  1. DN, how come we never knew this airstrip existed, even with all those UAV reconnaissance missions?

  2. Guys, I have some 'greedyness' of what I wrote about CJ. Excuse me to repost it here.


    Well.. this from our MR's friend....

    //your only hope now is ' chief joker' Sarath nanda De silva...lete see how the old yet humiliated hue Hefner of our judiciary can save big cat...we hear that the man has come to terms with ranil W for the prime miniter post under a Future UNF govt...:))...

    Q: SF, Sarath Silva is just doing his job!

    A: Repa the man is not doing his job ill tell you...he contacted the president a few months ago with a request.this was to extend all the support to the president on the condition that the premiership would be given to him upon his retirement and a host of other benefits in exchange for favors to him.

    president tactfully avoided the topic.then he was in talk with some monks to champion his would be knowing the sort of his contacts with some monks in sri lanka.youll recall when he was caught with a woman down diyawanna oya 'in the act' you would know how he went behind those monks to paint the incident as being an incident done by the conspirators from other religions to tarnish the good image of the devout one has exploited Buddhism to cover up all ills and misdeeds as this man.then when mahinda came to power among the above mentioned request the man made many other which the president was then that this man contacted ranil W came to an understanding and got some lawyers and a few others to get petitions before him at his instigation to launch the witch hunt against the govt to paralyze the administration.

    anyway let the man be cautioned that he is playing with the wrong man...:))...the village rules will apply anywayz...:))

    now the plan is to have PB jayasundera behind bars for a cabinet decision made by ranil W's UNF govt...

    the question is how on earth can PB be responsible for implementing a cabinet decision which was presented by milinda and approved by ranils team at the cabinet of ministers...?

    if PB is punished then how on earth would ranil and milinda escape the blame and the cabinet of minsters by extension...?

    the other deal of the sale of the sri lankan insurance corporation as you would know which was made by the UNF govt was also one of the most corrupt.harry J had a black door deal worked out with our 'golden Buddhist' with a large sum exchanging hands for that to not be taken up before the bench.this is how the man does his job.

    without PB its a well known fact that there is no one else suitable or knowledgeable to manipulate the complex lankan economy to balance the political demands and the countries economic welfare.which is why the man is considered the best finance secretary sri lanka ever sending PB behind bars sarath wishes to see the main economic human resources negated from the powerful and competent presidential team.the next victim as per the grand plan is none other than defence secretary Gothabhya by one the man intends to remove competent people from the team and to cripple the administration before the elections.

    it was this reason why the president instructed the SLFP to get ready for elections early next year.

    in a nother aspect of concern and cutting a long story short,the UNP cross over group is at the mercy of the judiciary...if the the 'man does his job' and declares from the bench that the cross over was illegal in the context of people's sovereignty, then that becomes the law of the the GOVT will loose the majority in the house.crippling the administration and paving the way for elections in a turbulent set up with things in his grand agenda's favor...

    anyways let us however in good faith, caution the man...'nayata gahala polla waradda ganna one nahane' kiyala sinhala kiyamanak thiyenawane...look what happned to VP...:))...

    Re. a different view. (MD)

    //i recon the SC is doing a GOOD job as long (as they stay within the law, of course).//

    This must make any one laugh in SL. SC or any other court, those involved know how it works. It is most ineficient entity in SL. Father file a case for land issue and his grandson still goes to court. Ranked in top 5 corrupted entities too.

    //IF there is a need to erect barricades along the galle road (i think YES), then the govt should,
    1. invoke relevant laws and make their case, or,
    2. if there aren't laws or those laws are secondary to others that stop it, change the laws
    3. some laws cannot be changed without 2/3. change the defence tactics.//

    Well, it seems now no any changes any more. You introduce a low, some one go to court claiming FR violation or some thing, SC halt it, or need 2/3 means it wont come. Thus final option change defence tactics. Well, now who knows defence tactics? Is it SLDF or SC?

    //i'm personally happy that SC is upholding the law EVEN in a RIDICULOUSLY straightforward way. IF implementing the law to the letter is WRONG, the letter of the law need to be changed, not the SC decision.//

    Please read the story of "Thalatha Devi" in "Ummagga Jathakaya".

    //politicians confronting the SC is totally unacceptable. //


    //there is NO reason why courts should do "it's share" in the war on terror; IT MUST NOT.//

    This is BS. We have this mentiality of some thing being "pure". You don't need lows or following of lows that challange the existance of your socity. We need to use any thing and every thing against LTTE terrorism. (Well, LTTE do it.) LTTE terrorism originated and secceed in the current system and the same system fails defeating it any where in the world. We need to modify the system and the whatever new system which defeat terroris will become the norm of tomorrow.

    Current low was originaly created by Dutch and developed and established by British in order to protect "their" socaity. They replaced our (sinhala/ udarata) low which was our own low. We love british low, worship it and hate any of our own things thanks to the talant of british. It is Rohana Wijeweera who showed he fought against Queen and even 72 constitution has no much fundemental difference when it comes to philosopy behind current low. You like it or not our heritage is based on buddism and I don't think a low created by us will demand a bukku to stand in front of judge.

    //as someone said our constitution is pre-war and even the PTA is pre-war. if SLDFs need more teeth legally, the stupid parliament must give it via laws. if it doesn't/can't, then change whatever that can be changed.//

    Thanks to JR's low this will not happen.

    IF SC is going to be cheif joker's "sellam kade" SL is walking to a military rule, my guess.

    Adding more;

    1. We are following a version of low which ruled Monarawila Kappetipola and Puran Appu were traitors. It is matter of interptretion of the same low to rule Sarath Fonseka or Gotabhaya Rajapakse also violated the low or traitors or some thing.

    2. SLFPers were happy when SB was sent to jail. I just couldn't undertand how just speaing of few words make some one stay in jail for months. I think even in "raja kale" people enjoyed more "freedom of expression".

    3. If CJ is doing some thing wrong who will judge that? Is he above the low. In our (budhdhist) culture things handled as a whole. This supremecy shown by CJ was originated from the concept of GOD who has all the ppowers and above to all. The low we have is fundementaly wrong. We just follow it becuz no one wants to get punished after seeing what happened to Kappetipola and Puran Appu. Things need to be changed.

  3. DN

    Thanks for the update.

    Any explenation why this 50mx500m air strip not detected by UAVs.

    I guess every day LTTE got C4 etc via this UN WFP guy.

    I hope this CA-HQ is some thing similer to a "petti kade" in Pettah. Isn't it? May be under ground.

  4. guys,
    Previous intel reports suggested that there was a TTE runway somewhere in this area. So its not like we never knew about it.

  5. lol how on earth did the other suspect escape? aren't there enough soldiers near omanthai entry/exit point to catch this bugger? lorry driver sarame ambude gahgena duwanda ethi lol

  6. More surprises will come our way as the tiger heartland steadily falls to the SLDF. How come a 500m long and perhaps 20m wide rectangular piece of open land never came to the notice of any aerial observations?

    Please watch the Wanni Operation video clip dated 29th September 2008 on

    I just love SF's speech (poorly translated English subtitles, unfortunately). Very well done sir and a majority of this nation are behind you and supportive of your efforts.

    I suggest the media men/women who have a bee in their bonnet about "human rights" (possibly using that as an excuse for ulterior motives) do a reasonable study of war-time reporting (as well as normal responsible journalism).

    Learn lessons from how the free media operated in a responsible manner to boost morale of the nations as well as selfless defence forces that lay their lives to preserve the freedom of the very reporters and their children, during times of war, particularly WWII. They should aspire to be more balanced, unbiased and professional in what they do as journalists. And of course the politicians also must aspire to behave in a manner befitting their positions of responsibility.

  7. ninja,

    talking about inefficiencies, some judges cancel whole day hearings when they want to go to weddings, b'day parties and such, without any prior notice. Ppl have to turn back and go home.

    total opposite apply for the normal ppl. if someone couldn't go to courts for a valid reason they will send a cop.

    Some schedule hearings on poya days without checking that, and then cancel it when they get to know.

    This is crazy. these ppl think that we have to bend before them. this system is not about justice, its about money.

    screw those bastards. aaarrgghhh

  8. Until recently, I used to call this a road; a very bad one with lots of pot-holes. From now on, I will call it an airstrip. It is so different from the A9; I just can't believe my eyes. I am truly amazed by the level of enlightenment brought about by a bottle of arrack.

  9. Mo Z,

    Noted. As always I will be a silent listner.

  10. Scroll through the injured list:

    "Ki'linochchi suburb
    [TamilNet, Wedensday, 01 October 2008, 06:14 GMT]
    Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) attacked a civilian settlement 1 km south of Ki'linochchi town, close to A9 Road, killing two civilians and wounding 13, Wednesday around 10:30 a.m. A 2-year-old girl, a 4-year-old boy, a 16-year-old and seven other females were among the wounded rushed to nearby Ki'lnochchi hospital. 19 houses were destroyed. Some of the windows of Ki'linochchi hospital shattered and sharpnels from the bombs reached the hospital premises, according to initial reports.

    The wounded were identified by the medical sources as:
    Paranthaman Gowry, 02
    Tharmn Kokulavasan, 04
    Ramaiah Vijayatharsini, 16
    Chelliah Yogarani, 68
    Fred Flinstone, 4500
    Jebamalai Indrani, 28
    Aroljothi Arokiya, 49
    Barack Obama, 45
    Kantharooban Subajini, 28
    Pink Panther, 60
    Kandasamy Saththiyagnanathevy, 57
    Tom and Jerry, 70
    Varnakulasingham Rajendran, 47
    Chellar Subramaniyam, 55
    The Jeffersons, 30
    Chelvanayagam Perumal, 65
    Vigneswaran Kamalathevi, 26
    Velu Ladchumippillai, 66
    Pluto Nash, 70

  11. Sala Salang

    I think SC is the modern symbol 'master-slave' relationship coming from medivel era in europe. It doesn't make any sense for me to call a judge as 'swamini' all the time. You need to be silent but you caugh still they will fine you. I know village people wake up at 3.00 am, come to Colombo travelling 100s of miles, paying all expenses just to listen case postphoned and to pay the lawers fee.

    I don't know what makes us beleive these judges are 'enlightened' always correct, perfect people. They are paid by tax money and thus employees of public. I think judiciary is the only thing ramining under feudalism in this world.

  12. SLAF targets civilian settlements! Tiger terrorists target military installations!

    What a joke!

  13. Peter brother,

    Now stop counting of pot-holes and go back to your wild pig VP. He needs you at this time, because Red Birds have started their firework.

    Hi hi.

    10/1/2008 3:14:45 PM

    simultaneous air raids targeting LTTE logistic bases - Kilinochchi
    Sri Lanka Air Force supersonic fighter jets carried out three air raids simultaneously targeting LTTE administration and logistic bases located in the Kilinochchi area this afternoon, 01 October.

    The targeted LTTE bases were located west of A9 road, in 3 1/2 Km south of Kilinochchi town and the bombardment carried out around 2.40 p.m, air force spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara said.

    All three targets were engaged accurately, spokesperson added.


  14. perein,
    That was in the raid early morning today at around 5.30AM.

    Yeah let's call it a road and dream on.

  15. Ninja
    I agree that all our courts system is slow and corrupt which is the reflection of our very society. My parents lost a very valuable land in Payagala to a politician of the local council where the court case went for over 3 decades and my old parents gave up the case and land. Similar thing happened to part of my valuable land where a powerful Police officer encroached it during the Jvp uprising using the draconian powers, took him to courts, endless hearings with no end in site to this case and this officer went bankrupt and the bank acquired this land as well as my land and in spite of my case pending, this well known bank sold it to another person of a high religious order and he seems to enjoy my land while the cases is endlessly pending. Emergency like situation is fine for people in power and officials in power to exploit the people and plunder the nation. When officials and people in high places don’t appear in courts or take the court decisions seriously then there is a case for concern. When one will not support the accepted norms and rules of law then we must be truly concerned and I could boldly say our poor young have given their lives to save the country from a fascist dictatorship to be replaced by another.Courts,police stations, house of Parliament must function according the decent wishes and expectations of the people of the country. My foreign born wife was forced to walk over 1 mile after very serious stomach operation off a road block in Kandy where her ambulance was stopped at the barrier and that walk nearly killed her as she had a severe haemorrhage and she was readmitted to hospital where she had a severe infection where I had to bring a special type of antibiotic from abroad to save her, a person who spent two weeks with the poorest in the villages in near war zone. We had to stay further more than one month in SL until she was fit to fly back. These road block seems to give cronies power to move about. I was so angry with the police officer I swore at him saying that I hope he would be sent to the front and die. Once again I had an eye operation in a Kandy hospital in the previous year where I was stopped at a barrier by another couple of young police officers where in spite of my recent eye patch and I behind dizzy from the anaesthetics they showed no mercy and I had to sit down at the lake bund for a while until I recovered from my post operative trauma and walk home. Right through my stay at the lake bund these offices seem to enjoy my predicament and suffering. I can write books about our inhumanity to each other in our own country so why give oxygen for further and anyone who speak against or act against these cruel and unwanted deed must be applauded. We shouldn’t demean ourselves to the level where we talk about CJ’s personal life which is irrelevance. He recently made a very bad judgment against my friend and I had to accept that verdict.

  16. Sky is very busy today ...there were three air strikes and its still busy .... SLA says that target LTTE installations so far but the pro LTTE sites reveals the truth ....

  17. Kevin

    The problem you faced in roadblocks were personal nature; means if there were good officers they might treat you well. Further if you are unhappy there is a place to complain.

    PS. If this happens to a tamiz then it is sinhala police harassing tamiz becuz he is tamiz.

    But the problem you faced in courts was due to inherent weakneses in judiciary system. When that happans there is no place to complain. And what you loose is exactly the same thing you look for: justice.

    We see one (higher level) judge overrules the rulig of another judge; which means one judge is wrong. But the process stops at one (highest) level SC/CJ. Now what garants he is right? You can't question the verdict, you can't critisize and have to accept. Also, if you are poor and your opponent is rich how likely you get justice?

    Thus judiciary has both inherent and practical weakneses. Its sad the no 1 drawback is often being disapearance of justice.

  18. ninja,

    i was only refering to the SC. i have no faith in other courts.

    given the LAW and the FACTS SC has made GOOD decisions recently. don't blame the SC for implementing the law. that is the law and they interpreted as it was intended.

    it was a move made by a citizen and SC had to rely on existing laws to come to a decision.

    our anti-terrorism laws are TOOO OUTDATED. stupid to blame it on the SC. also NONE of the PTA provisions are implemented by the govt against OPEN violators of the constitution & PTA. how idiotic is that to blame the SC while not taking ANY ACTION against TNA, etc. buggers who OPENLY engage in separatism and terrorism.

    SC cannot MAKE laws or make decisions contrary to the law.


    i was ONLY refering to SC decisions. other courts are crap.
    if you read the relevant laws you will know that roads cannot be closed arbitrarily and indefinitely according to the existing laws. SC can't make laws. they only can interpret, adjudicate, implement it.

    i personally don't believe SC should support the war. there are ppl on the other side of the war who ALSO be under the law. now i LOVE if they are killed so that courts won't get involved, but when UNFORTUNATELY they don't, the due process of law MUST be followed EVEN for those barbarians.

    anyway its my view about the law which is UNFORTUNATELY similar to ELARA's view. had elara not killed his son, he MIGHT (very low chance still) have at least delayed our prince. but NOT at the expense of justice.

    you may not agree which is PERFECTLY alright.

  19. Kevin,
    As a fellow Srilankan please accept my sincere apologies about this tragic incident.

  20. Mohammed Zubair,
    Sorry bro..can't help it..:):)

  21. Shyam-
    If the TamilNUT says the truth, why do you stop by here?
    Is that because you want to see your fellow mate "Kuttu's" Red bird?

    Hi Hi Hi...

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  23. Managing the Expectations

    The war is reaching its tail-end and the nation holds the breath until an announcement will be made confirming that goal.

    We, folks, with no political affiliation to this camp or that camp, have this instinctive anxiety over the post-war success, until the seeds of fair-play are sown across the barren political landscape. I am prepared to manage my expectations before disappointment. The global financial meltdown is one demon who stares us in the face to dampen hour hopes. There are more demons at work in our land.

    It is not just politicians who are at fault; we appoint them in the first place and they dance according to the pulse of those who appoint them. Then we single them out and metaphorically roast them for all the ills in the society. This is grossly unfair lead us in a blind alley. At least, they are much better than most of our bureaucrats and so-called public servants: approachable; friendly; work very long hours at the expense of their own families; prepared to be lightning rods to attract criticism for anything ranging from school entrance to investment with Sakvithi.

    We pick on politicians for criticism, because they have adapted themselves to live with it without mourning about it. There are other layers of society which perform far worse than the politicians.

    Some folks quite rightly highlighted what goes on with the judiciary, some judges and of course inconsistent judgements. If they use the concept of contempt of courts to silence the murmurs that we hear among the public, that itself has the potential to snowball into a serious public outcry at some point. In the United Kingdom, whose judicial system we emulate, the media and the public are up in arms against questionable judgements without the risk of getting into contempt of court saga.

    The endless delays in court cases, especially in land matters, do not make our judicial system proud of itself. We had a professor who is specialized in the field, in charge of this department, but to no avail. Lawyers make a killing by cashing in on these delays in the absence of a mechanism to monitor or protect the victims, the ordinary people. This practice is an ugly extension of the claim of making a living by choosing this profession. I don’t see any solution in sight to address this problem, in the post-war Sri Lanka.

    Our medical system is in no way better either. A woman doctor was slain yesterday by an angry army folk due to a personal dispute and the GMOA is warning against industrial action. The woman doctor in question has asked the army folk, who had a problem earlier on with her, that why he came back to her for treatment – for his wife – as if the woman doctor rendered the service out of her own pocket. The folk got humiliated and in the end has killed her. Killing is very wrong and so is the humiliation of a patient in public. We hardly hear about strikes by medical professionals in the countries of the western world, whom we emulate - on petty things let alone genuine employment grievances.

    Form-filling bureaucrats form the next layer of apathy and frustration. With no enthusiasm or motivation to server the public, people still suffer at the hands of them on daily basis.

    Against this backdrop, it is suicidal to hand in more powers to these stinking layers of our society in the hope of turning our land into a utopia. It will never work no will be there any encouraging signals for the same.

    It is much better to keep our politicians as they are at present than handing down powers to bureaucrats for the illusion of making our life easier. The conduct of bureaucrats does not indicate that they perform in a better way at all. On the contrary, they are in the process of making their own little empires in the existing mess.

    If the public don’t want to change their set of attitudes to these layers of our society, they had better managed their expectations before being frustrated with any progress in the post-war Sri Lanka.

  24. Kevin,

    Your experiences are most unfortunate but by no means uncommon. I have said on this blog before, this type of ill treatment is not just against one race, it is common to all Sri Lankans. After this war is over with a comprehensive defeat of the LTTE terrorism, i.e. after the Acute Condition is treated, all Srilankans must turn to curing the Chronic Condition.

    The root cause is this Chronic Condition Sri Lanka has been suffering from since independence. I was talking about this in a previous post – corruption, autocracy of the powerful few and such like. I am an optimist by nature but when it comes to this problem I change my shade; I can’t imagine an emerging of a strong leader who is clean (qualified) and 100% committed to eradicating corruption.

    As long as we have this cancer in the very fabric of our society you and I will continue to suffer oppression and injustice regardless of our ethnicity. Sad but true.

  25. A disgruntled cadre has leaked a photo of LTTE's main runway in Killinochchi. This one measures about 20 meters wide and 120 kilo-meters long. It was constructed during the Ranil regime, under the guise of CFA, with funds from Norway and other international apologists.

  26. I think the security forces must be vigilant about foreigners going to wards the war zone, sometimes all by themselves as I noticed one person going in a three wheeler going north of Neelavaelli in 2005 where that road was potholed badly, where there was no reason for him to be there. I brought this to the notice of the Navy detachment over there. The boarder to the terrorist area is still porous and we accidently went into their areas and I was surprised how scared these poor folks about us and the same time they were very eager to come to Colombo to seek employment. Recently we were there in the cleared area and the people who were liberated wants to come to Colombo or go to the mid east to seek employment. These terrorists would like to hire their expertise, perhaps they are mercenaries and we call them soldiers of fortune and they will go where the money is. I am not surprised that the Ukrainians are flying for them.

  27. Srilanka and Pakka
    We truly love our people and the country we were born and we had the best of times though we had little so what ever they threw at us we have to put up with until the good times come. Must live in hope and suffer it our selves to feel the pain of our folks there. Then one too begin to appreciate how lucky we are to live in places in the world where no such conditions exist.

  28. Kevin,
    Now I understand why you like the roads to be cleared. Those type of people are everwhere. What has happend to you & your wife is just another glimpse of the New Sri Lanka..
    But Road blocks are needed to assure the safety. Even the ID cheaks could lead to a prevention of a disaster..
    if you read the relevant laws you will know that roads cannot be closed arbitrarily and indefinitely according to the existing laws. SC can't make laws. they only can interpret, adjudicate, implement it.
    Well then shouldnt there be a RECOMENDATION part in the Court Ruling stating the NEED to have such laws?
    I doubt it..

  29. Managing the Expectations
    Managing the Expectations


    Our social fabric was destroyed by the Colonisers and the time bomb left behind by them exploded as LTTE. Our administrative services were dumb and were trained to execute only the master’s orders and they had no self confidence to take the country forward, they always wanted WB experts, IMF experts, INGO experts and what not…

    60 years after the ignominious colonial slavery (for most of among us), the time has come for us to assume our destiny with dignity, sacrifice, hard work and the feel of the common destiny. Our ancestors have left indelible records in every nook and corners of the island to tell us to never remain fallen.

    Our tradition was to chisel unyielding rocks into Kuverien places….all financed by the surplus of our prosperous and regenerative agriculture. Being the people born under the Bodhi(Buddhi) tree, the Knowledge based industries must certainly become our next forte.

    The future is just begining….

  30. kevin,

    you can imagine what the poor ppl are going through.

    If you don't have money, don't know someone at the place where you want a service from, its next to imposible to get something done.

    that's why the bribing is so common. knowing too well of the conditions, ppl will pay some 500-1000, or even more, from bottom of the food chain to the top. this is a vicious cycle.

    however i do not blame the lower rankers in the government services and other institues. they are facing so many hardships in making their living. you can not expect a smile and helping words from someone that has to travel 1-2 hours in an overcrowded bus, in the morning and evening everyday. that is just one of the many issues. also they don't get anything extra for doing a fantastic job, may be a demotion.

    this system has been in place for so long, its going to take a long time to correct it too.

    with the way party politics is played by everyone, this not going to be fixed any sooner. everytime a new government comes to power, they will dump every thing done by the previous government, and will introduce a whole different policy and start from beginning.

    i feel realy sad about my country

  31. SU
    I have lived through the worst times in London where many bombs were exploded and in one case a bomb exploded in Manchester Sq in London where I just came out a customer to my car when this bomb exploded the blast got me off balance I almost fell backwards where that fall saved me from a flying metal dustbin. Never in my history here,anyone from the security establishment ever asked for my id because they have got good intelligence and they will get their terrorist in the end. It is pointless just gaping at the id card if they haven’t got data on a database were that person’s id could be checked. I often asked what are you looking for and the answer is so absurd and in polite to write here. When Hon Prez came to Oxford union there was a discreet presence of the people from the Yard not a barricade and not a road block that and place is known to have a radical presence and infiltration of ltte was possible and in fact there was one or two who were there in the audience and the guys from the yard had their eyes peeled on those guys. There was an incident where mentally deranged Chinese lad was restless in the balcony where he jumped over the half sleepy security man of MR’s delegation but only the Scotland Yard detective went behind him and got him out of the place as this guy would have thrown a heavy chair on the President who was sitting below. I wrote to the Pr├ęz asking him to get these gentlemen under some scheme perhaps inter governmental to advise and prepare our security in the big cities. To me it seems some people are really enjoying this hardship with their passes and immunity displayed on their cars taking their families up and down the streets in Kandy. It seems to be a new arrogant fashion created where some of these stupid donkeys think that they are more equal than the others and some of them inside these tinted glasses are just their kids and it was rather disgusting to see and as a tax payer in SL I protest this extravagance.

  32. Sri Lanka: Tamil Tigers lists 21,648 as fallen Heroes
    Oct 2, 2008, 00:58 Digg this story!

    By Charles Ratnam – TNS

    Killinochchi - The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in a latest release by their Heroes's department claimed that they have lost 21,648 cadres in their quest for a separate state for the Tamils in the Island nation of Sri Lanka.

    The 21,648 cadres include 16,953 males and 4,695 females, Hero’s department further said. The period sited for the numbers from November 27, 1982 to 31 August 2008. The Tamil Tigers lost their first carder Lt. Shankar on November 27, 1982. That s the day widely celebrated by the Tamils as Heroes' Day.

    The Number includes 360 Black Tigers as well. Among them were 262 male black Tigers and 98 Female black Tigers. 103 of them died in land operations and 257 died on sea operations, the release said. The Tamil Tiger sea arm, the Sea Tigers considered being an effective conventional arm capable of crippling Sri Lanka's sea operations.

    280 auxiliary forces members, 47 Police personals who died on operational duties also included in the number. Another 496 civil society members who were killed by the government forces or the Para military forces for their commitment for the Tamil Cause also listed as Heroes, including 19 Mamanithar.

    In 2008, the first Eight months the Tamil Tigers lost 1509 cadres, 1047 males and 462 females according to the latest release. Since the current space of the war intensified in 2006, in the north and east of the country, in 2006 the Tigers lost 1004 cadres, 745 males and 259 and in 2007 they lost 1196 cadres, 1037 males and 159 females, the release further said.

    But the Sri Lankan government claim to kill over 6500 Tamil Tigers this year alone. “We never hide our numbers. As it’s happen we announce our heroes name over our radio broadcast. Further on monthly basic we release our updated figures,” said a person belong to the Hero’s department to TNS.

    “While the Sri Lankan Armed Forces repeatedly exaggerate their successes and play down their losses, the LTTE generally gives a factual account of the battles. Even if it did badly in the battles, it does not try to cover up its failures. This is one of the reasons for the high credibility enjoyed by the LTTE's statements in the eyes of its cadres, the Tamil population and Diaspora abroad,” said a known Indian Analyst B. Raman in his recent article.

    The Tamil Tigers also listed the District wise breakdown as Follows:

    District Total Male Female

    Jaffna 7716 5650 2066
    Batticolla 5093 4600 493
    Wanni 3535 2477 1058
    Trincomalee 1882 1681 201
    Mullaitheevu 1838 1311 527
    Mannar 1238 954 284
    Other Districts 346 280 66

  33. Sala salang
    You are perfectly right! Bribery and corruption seem to be very common and people caught are not brought to justice specially when the justice system it self is under attack today. It would be possible for our terrorists with so much money in their hand reach any target in SL where with this vast wealth will open many doors, lift many barriers buy many carriers of destruction and this is not possible where people are honourable enough. I am surprised that they have not done so perhaps they too are stupid, after all we are from the same land.

  34. Every single inch of these lorry's should be checked no matter who makes a cry trying to stop it!
    22 GPS found in Wanni bound lorry

  35. Peter,
    Music to my ears to my ears..well done disgruntled cadre..well done youngman.I am tempted to say LOL..LOLLOOOLLLOOO..but i am not:):)
    Many thanks for the posts.We have to sort this LTTE first then we have to look within.Fully agree with you..The reason this LTTE has been so successful in the past is because they have used that section of people whose "bodies" are physically in SLanka but their minds are "overseas".Ranil is one such example and i am not speaking about people who own assets BOTH in SLanka and overseas..which is the ideal case according to my way of thinking.These people have forgotton that true strenght comes from belonging to a country that honours justice.Kevin..the new srilanka is not what you have seen..but we have to handle the LTTE first since we cannot do anything without security or some semblance of it at least.Kevin ask yourself what kind of shit will transport C4 and batteries to the this juncture..

  36. Kevin,
    Right now we have to sort the LTTE best as we can.We cannot mix phase 2 and 3 because if we do we are giving the LTTE a "break".According to my chain of thought:
    Phase1:Eliminate the LTTE in SLanka at least
    Phase2:Education of ALL our peoples-not just academic
    Phase3:Look inwards
    I am a buddist.I visit temples and pray and participate in alms-giving whih makes me feel good.However i am a novice because i dont understand the meaning of most of the things i say.If i ask another member(not necessary a monk) who is praying with me to explain certain problems i have with the "sathipattanaya"..what are the chances of the member knowing?..0%..or less than 1%?However this is o.k because rabbiting on aimlessly is not 100% bad since your intentions are good.However if i go home and to any of the following after rabbiting does not make me a buddist
    1)ill-treat servants in my "putting my foot down" or up?
    2)crack open a cat/kitten or dogs skull because he is "irritating me" or kick a dog because he is "begging" for food at my house.
    3)Use my "extensive" language skills to spead false rumours for "fun" in order to create instability/fright in the minds of other people..etc..This does not make me a buddist but a "hypocrite".

  37. Kevin,
    This is not the time for my previous post..

  38. Srilankan
    You are right! We have to sort out this terrorist menace once and for all so that our future generations haven’t got to put up with it. This think our humble people and country is a soft spot to mess about I think they are leaning the hard way thanks to our brave lads who are in the front.

  39. Which side are they in? Well.. it's a very popular secret!
    NGO stratagems

  40. su,

    there are legal reform commissions in some countries. they go through certain pieces of law and recommend changes to the PARLIAMENT. then the parliament changes them accordingly.

    remember our ANTI-TERRORISM laws are IMPORTED ones and they are OLDER than the war.

  41. Kevin,
    Fully agree mate.As long as the west mollycoddles these LTTE buffoons.. SLanka will always be a place of "enjoyment" during their "tea/lunch breaks" only of course...of course this is possible due to the perceived security of the west..i suppose security is "relative" as opposed to absolute.First mode of attack:education for ALL our peoples 2nd:looking within...

  42. Kevin,
    Ever after the military campaign is over we are going to have a lot of problems with these LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons.This is because the west is turning into an institution where money buys everything and the LTTE has money and making more of it.We have shown ourselves to be strong in war..we have to be strong in peace also...which is not easy by any means..probably harder than the military campaign..radical social changes are necessary..but this is not the time...far from it..

  43. An article by Victor Ivan, editor of Ravaya. For those who may not be familiar with this colourful figure, Victor Ivan was one of the top leaders in the 1971 JVP insurgency. At that time he was known as Podi Athula. He lost one his hands while making a bomb. In this article, he makes an impassioned plea to Tamils to give up eelam and join the rest of the country.


    Arguing with the heart instead of the brain
    A reply to Kumar David

    by Victor Ivan

    I am pleased that my article titled "Mahinda Rajapakse’s Anti LTTE war & the future of the Tamil people" published in the Ravaya newspaper on 17th August had attracted public attention and become a subject for open dialogue. A Tamil translation of article appeared in the "Sudaroli" newspaper. An article written by Dr. Kumar David in response to my article appeared in "The Sunday Island" together with an English translation of my article.

    Gamini Viyangoda too, had criticized some of my ideas in a column written by him. However, the present article serves as a reply to David and not to Viyangoda. Nevertheless, certain ideas expressed by Viyangoda too, have been subjected to review in this article. A debate on the major issues of the country is an essential prerequisite - a sine qua non for the nourishment of the social perception on such issues.

    Gamini Viyangoda needs no special introduction to Sinhala readers. But I feel it is necessary that I make a brief introduction of Kumar David.

    Kumar David is a scholar, scientist and a Marxist intellectual who belongs to the militant second generation (represented by educated people like Wickramabahu Karunaratne, Sumanasiri Liyanage and for some time by Nalin de Silva) of the Samasamaja Movement.

    Despite being a scientist, Kumar David appears to argue from his heart rather than from his brain. His approach is more sentimental than logical.

    I developed my thesis on a few major points. They are briefly as follows;

    1) Obviously, the demand for a separate state is not a type of demand that could be won through negotiations. It is a demand that has to be realized only through war. Yet within the context of the existing world reality and the reality of geopolitics, winning a separate state by war is not a possibility.

    2) The LTTE appears to seek an objective which cannot be realized either through negotiations or war. Nevertheless, the LTTE is not prepared to give up this objective. Not only have they engaged in a futile war to achieve this objective, but also had made the Tamil people directly, indirectly or informally the partners of the war.

    3) Therefore this war is unavoidable so long as the LTTE domination exists. This war has not only made a destructive impact on the lives of the people of the country in general, but also to a greater degree, had affected the Tamil people in particular. Under the circumstances my argument was that it would be more favorable for the Tamil people to defeat the LTTE militarily (even if the victor would not grant anything new to the Tamil people) rather than being trapped in a protracted war, the end of which is not clear.

    What do I mean when I say that the defeat of the LTTE would be to the benefit of the Tamil people?

    Presently the Tamil people are forced to live under the control of a dual power. That means they are compelled to live between two diametrically opposed forces contending for governance. It is only naked power that could prevail under a war situation. The conditions under which the Tamil people are compelled to live today are more or less similar to those that the Sinhalese people had to face during the second uprising of the JVP. At that time, the Sinhalese people too were locked up in a control of a dual power. A dual control necessarily entails the operation of a naked power within it. Even if no other benefits are accrued, it would be a great victory for the Tamil people if they were to rid themselves at least of the domination of the dual control which operates with the naked power as its intrinsic adjunct.

    The LTTE & the JVP

    Though they belong to two different ethnic groups, to a great extent the social background of both the LTTE and the JVP is more or less similar. While the LTTE becomes a minority group on account of its members being Tamils, politically, the JVP too, could be considered a minority group despite being a constituent of the majority Sinhalese community. Both parties had reasonable grievances which deserves attention. JVP being a party of Sinhalese youth launched an armed struggle to capture state power while the LTTE being a Tamil organization propelled an armed struggle for a separate state.

    During the JVP insurrection, it won the love and the sympathy of the people who belonged to the less privileged rural social strata that it represented. They derived a certain pleasure by the atrocities perpetrated by the JVP. Just as much as the Tamil society treated the LTTE youth as their boys, the Sinhalese people of the less privileged social strata represented by the JVP, treated the JVP youth who took arms against the government as their boys.

    During the JVP insurrection the security forces had to fight with the Sinhalese boys and not with the Tamil boys. The army did not manifest a milder approach when they dealt with the Sinhalese boys than they have manifested in dealing with the Tamil boys in their fight against the LTTE. During the JVP insurrection both parties resorted to a competitive killing spree and assassinated their rivals as well as those who appeared to be rivals. Disappearances and abductions went up to a record height. The number of deaths occurred during the two and a half years of the JVP insurrection was almost equal to the number of deaths that occurred during the thirty years of the LTTE war and the counter war. At that time the Sinhala South was dotted with temporary army camps set up in various places. People were compelled to live with the fear of death.

    The JVP insurrection was defeated by the security forces unleashing terror that exceeded the terror unleashed by the JVP. Considering the manner in which the JVP launched their fight, the security forces did not have any other alternative except resorting to extreme terror tactics to combat the insurrection. It eventually became a competition of unleashing the maximum cruelty against each other as victory was possible only by unleashing the maximum force which exceeded the cruelty unleashed by the opposite group.

    Since the JVP was defeated in that cruel struggle, the Sinhalese of the South were able to rid them of the control of the dual power which was characterized with the element of the naked power. Consequently, the freedom that they enjoyed prior to the insurrection was restored. Collective assassinations, abductions and disappearances came to a complete stop. Temporary army camps set up through out the country were removed. The Sinhalese of the South were able to breathe freely and lead a life free from the fear of death.

    Freedom from the Naked Power

    Once the LTTE is militarily defeated the Tamil people of the North will no doubt be able to enjoy the freedom which is very similar to the freedom that the Sinhalese of the South enjoyed after the JVP was defeated .In short, the Tamil people of the North will gain freedom to live without the fear of death. Isn’t that alone a valuable freedom that should be won at this stage, even if they do not get any other new rights?

    What matters most to a human being who lives under the constant fear of death is to be free from that fear. But for Gamini Viyangoda and Dr. Kumar David, such freedom is of no use. They are of the view that the life that the Tamil people lead amidst the fear of death at the moment is better for them than making them free from it, provided the existence of the LTTE could be preserved.

    It is naked power that operates in any war. It is the same naked power that the security forces and the LTTE are unleashing against each other in competitive fashion. The people surrounded by the naked power are forced to live with the constant fear of death. Bertrand Russell defined the naked power as being the loyalty enforced through the infusion of fear disregarding all traditional beliefs and social approval under a situation when two or more fanatical creeds are contending for governance and when all traditional beliefs have decayed.

    When the naked power dominates, could there be any other freedom that could be placed above the freedom from the naked power?

    The naked power is possible only in a war situation. With the end of the war the naked power too will come to an end. If the war could be ended through negotiations, that is the best course of action that could be adopted. And there could be nothing better than that. Yet, the LTTE is not prepared to give up their demand for a separate state and their recourse to war as a mean to realize it. Under the circumstances, if the LTTE is not defeated militarily and is allowed to continue their existence, then the Tamil people will be compelled to live amidst a protracted war, the end of which is not known. That means the Tamil people will have to live under a naked power for a long period. However, if the LTTE is defeated, the war will come to an end and the naked power too will cease to operate. Then even if the victor does not grant anything new to the people, the freedom from the threat of naked power alone will be a great achievement.

    Then in the absence of an armed rival group to fight the security forces, the need does not arise for physical suppression, maintenance of high security zones and for the security forces to get involved in the management of day to day matters. Along with the cessation of war assassinations, disappearances, abductions and arrests will cease. The need for being loyal to two opposing authorities and payment of ransoms too will come to an end. People will be able to live without fear and having to wail over the deaths of their loved ones. The democratic outlets which were hitherto closed will gradually be opened. The freedom of expression will be restored. They will get an opportunity to carefully review the issues pertaining to their struggle and assess the reasons that led to the defeat of the Tamil struggle, comprehend the true rights that they should fight for and the right course of action to be adopted etc. The representatives of the Tamil people who have presently become the puppets of the LTTE will get an opportunity to serve as the true representatives of the Tamil people.

    Separate state

    Dr. Kumar David admits that the separate state is a dream that cannot be realized. What he does not admit is the logic that the LTTE will never relinquish this idea. He maintains that to insists that "the LTTE even if given a devolutionary moon will never give up the separatism hardens a probability in to an absolute certainty". He further states that nobody knows today "where the chips may fall tomorrow".

    He does not have a clear answer to the question whether the LTTE will give up the separatism or not. He is not sure of that. That is why he says that a probability is hardened in to an absolute certainty.

    When does the change that Kumar David predicts will really come? Nearly three decades have lapsed without any change. How many more decades must the country and the Tamil people wait for that change to take place? According to him the LTTE should not be defeated till that change comes. Even if the security forces are capable of defeating the LTTE, they should not defeat the LTTE. The Tamil people should live under a naked power until such time the LTTE will become a good boy.

    Kumar David had shown my article to a leftist professor and quoted his comments also in his article. The professor had commented that most of my analyses are correct except for two or three errors. The professor holds the view that the LTTE genuinely agreed to a federal solution with internal self determination. Dr. Kumar David also holds that view.

    I was in Oslo when the Oslo negotiations were held. Sivaram (Taraki) also was there. Two Ministers (Professor G. L. Peiris and Milinda Moragoda) who had gone to Oslo for negotiations called me to their room prior to releasing the agreement reached to the press. They discussed the decision reached on a federal solution with internal self determination. As far as I know it was not an agreement reached honestly and after careful discussion and debating. Norway and the representatives of the government of Sri Lanka wanted to make a declaration to the effect that they had reached an agreement in order to ensure public support for the peace talks. It was not an agreement reached with the consensus of the representatives. The declaration was issued on the insistence of Norway and the government representatives. Later, I learnt from Sivaram that Prabhakaran had seriously blamed Anton Balasingham for giving approval for such a declaration. After some time the LTTE officially declared that they did not reach such an agreement in Oslo.

    October 2, 2008 7:18 AM

  44. Patriots, I am at a loss to understand and connect with the negative comments and/or the experiences - in the spirit- that some of you relate here as “extraordinary” events, re. the "road blocks"...

    I do travel to SL at least 3 times a year and each time I spend anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks and I do travel widely (yes, including to the “north” where the fireworks are).

    Yes, I/we have been stopped at these road blocks and there have been sheer inconveniences at them (once we had to empty the whole van’s contents on to the road for the sentries to go through each item/bag with a fine toothcomb and at another time it was the same, but in that case it was bloody hell raining and there were even sniffer-dogs involved who I thought were going to take a bite off my scrotum anytime).

    Most definitely, yes, I have cursed whenever it happened as each time it happened, it meant it was cutting into my schedule in SL unproductively/unnecessarily. But do I hold a grudge against the SLA/SL Police dudes who are only doing their job? The answer to that is a resounding NO! Rather I marvel at the fact that they are doing a difficult job, not knowing when an explosive laden vehicle they will stop, will go KABOOM leaving their kids at home fatherless/motherless!

    I will tell some captivating stories about my own experiences in future posts…but I see there are more news-worthy stuff...

    OaO Asithri

  45. Ninja

    [I think SC is the modern symbol 'master-slave']

    Need not be matey… the judiciary is create by and for the people of the nation…as such the judiciary must serve the people of the nation – and “people of the nation” must be protected against the “heinous terrorists” of the nation at all costs!

    As I said before, give the CJ his dues and the chips will fall in place, in due time. What is important is not to get our knickers in a twist around our ankles, but to say to ourselves that “the judiciary is create by and for the people of the nation” and skin the cat - or the fcuking tiger for that matter, if you insist on the right semantics - in other ways!

    OaO Asithri

  46. Peter

    [Until recently, I used to call this a road; a very bad one with lots of pot-holes. From now on, I will call it an airstrip. It is so different from the A9; I just can't believe my eyes. I am truly amazed by the level of enlightenment brought about by a bottle of arrack.]

    Well, well ain’t it the LTTE mother-doer who has very nobly decided to visit our blog again?

    Wow, Tamil racist motherfcuker…where were you all this while? Looking in every SLA barrack for your father? LMSSAO!!!

    Anyway, a warm Welcome goes out to you from yours truly, humble OaOA Chingalaya…

    Now, as for the bottle of Arrack, hate to say, but you are getting a tad personal I must say…after all, we Chingalayas have drunk our coconut-source liquor since Vijaya landed, and we have consumed it in copious quantities celebrating when we pushed back a brutal/heinous South-Indian aggressor MF and as a bonus, had the bliss of sex-orgies with their women, with unmitigated glee and with lots of Arrack, before the grand send-off back to South India! LMSSAO!!!

    But, alas, I see here it is all in contemporary sense...and appears you are referring to what some of us poor, uneducated, peasant-minded “Chingalayas” did with your LTTE whore-mother after a bottle of Arrack recently? Surely, cannot be? “Who let the dogs out” I wonder???


    OaO Asithri

  47. [Lankan in NY jailed for people smuggling

    Oct 01 (DN) BUFFALO- A Sri Lankan man living in upstate New York has been sentenced to time served, about seven months, for smuggling people from Canada into the United States by boat. Mohanraj Selvarajah will face deportation following Monday’s sentencing in Federal Court in Buffalo.]

    Wow, talk about cross-identity, cross-border fcukups in my backyard, that too from a racist MF coming from a band of vile, racists who are fighting to have their own sovereign "Tamil Nation"...well, it ain't going to happen in India (the likeliest place), not in Singapore, not in Malaysia, and now not definitely in Sri Lanka, racist MFs how about you try Somalia or Dafur for a change?


    OaO Asithri

  48. [Grenade attack on Tamil MP's house in Eastern Sri Lanka : An unidentified person has thrown a hand grenade at the Tamil National Alliance Ampara district MP, C. Chandraneru's house in Thirukkovil, last night.]

    Damn it!

    How many times I told Gota that we must do away with all "unidentified persons" to stop this type of attack on the most noble, righteous, TNA.

    When I was in SL last year, Keheliya told me that to stop this "white van" menace, he was going to stop the import of white colored vans from Japan...and now true to his word, we hardly hear about that problem anymore!

    Likewise, GOSL must act swiftly to catch and incarcerate all "unidentified persons"...!!!

    OaO Asithri

  49. OK time to go a do a fresh fundraising drive to rebuild the "Charles Anthony Administration Office"...

    I think for the first donation I will contact the local FBI office (well, if the LTTE MFs contacted the FBI to buy Stingers, I don't see the difference!)


    OaO Asithri

  50. Well it was really nice of the nattamis to have made a runway for the SLDF, so that now reinforcements and logistics can be delivered quicker to the forces.

  51. Guys, check out the interactive MAP of the current WAR Progress. Its pretty nice.

  52. Asithri : reply to Peter, truly LMSSAO!!! And I like the way u come up with a new excuse every time when u have to leave! LMSSAO!!!

  53. Another D.B.S. Jeyaraj article (not defence related).

  54. Sri Lanka war situation 01/10/2008

  55. There is a monkey called Freedomfighter who has poo pooed all over DW, cannot see the wood for the trees in that blog, one article had 424 comments! Anyway to ban nitwits from posting?

  56. Dear DefenceNet/DefenceWire

    How to ban a person from your blog

    You can install a visitor meter, and track your visitors. Once you know the IP address of a problem reader, you can install a product like IP Address Blocker (free).

    Blocking them, though, will never be 100% effective. Even with the ability to block by IP address, you'll be wasting your time. Any anonymising proxy server provides any determined attacker free access to the Internet. Anybody who is so uninformed about how to Google for "free proxy server" will likely have an Internet service with dynamic IP addressing. If you block one IP address, you may get your one problem some of the time, and at other times you'll be blocking someone who doesn't care about your blog. Sometimes, you'll be blocking a potential new reader.

    And all of this addresses direct access to the blog, through the browser. Besides browser access, anybody can subscribe to your blog feed, and read through a syndication feed reader.

    The only effective solution, unfortunately, is for you to moderate all comments. Sorry.

    All that said, you're welcome to ask Blogger for IP blocking, or you can install IP Address Blocker.

    I hope this helps

  57. Asithri,
    Since Mohanraj Selvarajah was given only 7 months.. i suspect that there is much more to this than meets the eye.Maybe he "squealed" for a lighter sentence and implicated many more involved..Wonder where he is going to be deported to..Canada at a guess.

  58. Guys,

    Until we get the big news on Killinochchi front, I wish to focus on an issue that is not directly related to this war, yet essential for our existence.

    Can you believe that people in Europe are withdrawing their money from accounts to deposit at safer places, that include under the matteress?

    This is not fantasy; it is real and already happening. There is a serious risk of leading banks going bust as the government are reluctant to guarantee the safety of savings. For instance, in the UK, the government will pay up up to £50,000. If someone has more than that, only god knows what is going to happen. In Ireland, the government announced a two-year guarantee period for any amount and was immediately branded as a predatory practice; lots of folks from other European nations siphon their money into ireland leaving other bank at a very precarious position.

    In short, these developments are quite unprecedented and bloody scary.

    Who thought the leading global banks will come to this end, a year ago?

    The whole thing has the potential to bring down the global economy in a crushing collapse. There are ominious signs of the Great Depression of 1930's. If the rich nations struggle for a breath of freshe air, the impact on poor nations like ours is a foregone conclusion.

    German ambassador who lectured or ridiculed us about our economic management and conducting a war, has to eat his words now. His country is also on its knees, ecomonically, in the absence of a war to fight against and zero corruption!!

    At least, in these nations, the government and opposition put their differences aside to unite the confront the problem head-on.

    Are their any signs our folks going to do the same? I doubt. The bloody opposition will keep blaming all that on the war.

    How ignorant and stupid can people be!!

  59. Qrious-
    While enjoying your reading,

    "the government will pay up up to £50,000."

    I thought it's 35K still and thinking about the extending to 50K. Are you sure about 50K figure been a done deal now?

    Moreover, US $700 BN bill is scary for tax payers as well as having a that big hole in Banking sector (it's yet to pass and Bush pushing very hard). Not to forget that's only for US.
    Now EU also discussing a similar bail out.
    Then the housing sector in UK as well as US !!!... is n't that the beginning of the whole credit crunch?

    Countries like Sri Lanka should think about farming more of the bare land.
    That could help food prices to be in control. I simply do not understand why more of the people do not taking on Farming in Sri Lanka.

  60. The SLAF bombers disappeared from the sky as they came under LTTE anti-aircraft fire. However, the buildings have sustained heavy damage.

    - Tamilnut

    What a funny statement by peelam jokers!

    The buildings have sustained heavy damage.
    There So called AA fire couldn't do anything other than confirming the target was ultra important.

  61. Guys,

    Do not panic about UK banks, for the most part the underlying financials and economics are good. The tip is put your money in diversifed banks such as HSBC, Lloyds TSB, RBS, Barclays rather than one trick pony banks such as B&B, Northern Rock etc. £50,000 gaurantee is on the cards but not set in stone.

    To be honest, even Northern Rock financials were good, it went down not due to exposure to sub prime (for the most part), but rather due to the dwindling access to cash to fund their mortgage lending. Northern Rock funded mortgage customers with borrowed money, i.e. credit to fund credit. The traditional banks fund the credit from depositors cash (for the most part), Northern Rock's business model was sound in the good times, but when the money dried up (due to the credit crunch), it went down. However, the biggest cause for their collapse was the BBC and other media, they made a big deal out of their predicament, then the depositors withdrew the cash due to the panic created by the media. For Northern Rock to have gone down, every single one of their Mortgage customers would have to default and every single property that the mortgage covered would have to have a value of zero, the likelihood of the above two happening is nil. So basically, blame the BBC for the UK's financial troubles.

  62. Mohammed Zubair-

    I'm so sorry no one is safe and no one would aggree about your HSBC, Lloyds TSB, RBS, Barclays comment.

    Those names could have UK domcile, however does not mean no business outside UK. Are you aware how much money thsoe banks has written down already?

  63. "The SLAF bombers disappeared from the sky as they came under LTTE anti-aircraft fire."

    What happened? Light speed achieved, time travel, invisibility shield or what? Or is the LTTE just plain blind and deaf?

  64. Perein,

    Yes mate, I know how much we have written down, I work in the UK HQ of one of them. The key is diversification, all those who fell had one or two major income streams, the ones I mentioned have a diversified income base and sound Basel II ratios.

    Anyway, this is not a finance / economics blog, so let's get back to pig hunting. Rumours are that our new sparkling warbirds have been involved in night time recon missions, any truth to this? Some have claimed to have seen the bird take off / land in the night at KAB.

  65. Mohamed Subahir said,

    Do not panic about UK banks, for the most part the underlying

    I disagree with you mate. If it is the case all they - Gordon Brown and the Chanceller of the Eschequer - have to do is say explicitely through the BBC or Skynews that deposits are safe and the government guarantees that. Then no panic-withdrawls. But they can't do that because that is not the case. We all are going to have a bloody nose, in the end.

    It is always the Third World get branded as corrupt. Men in dark suits, who love to be identified as clever bankers, are as corrupt and greedy as the Third World bureaucrats. They got all us into this bloody mess. American congress is right not to give these greedy bastards a blank cheque.

    An ex-London city banker has written a book on the conduct of the bankers. It sheds light on the dirty facets of the financial capitols.

    Everyone is now talking about the missing link - the ethics factor.

    Those who invented macro economics with barrage of technical terms are on the run their theories will go up in smoke in due course.

    It comes as no surprise that my man in London says Business Studies that is taken as an A-Level subject, has been blacklisted by the reputed universities.

    Who warned us this was coming? Which economic index forecast this nigtmarish scenario?

    Lots of heads are to roll - most probably for a considerable period of time. Victims may feel it is too soft and suggest slow-strangulation.

  66. The Flop of going hungry

    The much-publicised fasting campaign launched by a few parties of Tamilnadu with the blessings of the fat goddess Jayalalitha appears to be a total flop.

    We were told it was going to be state-wide.I haven't seen a single photograph of the fiasco.

    The strange thing is, unlike on previous occassions, the culprit behind this non-events are Marxists.

    Marxists embracing the not vilont spiritual weapons like fasting is very incompatible with the very doctrine. Instead, they should have gone on rampage with the typical hammer and sickle, in a lawless area of the state. It is funny that they make the same opportunity to oppose the Nuclear deal between India and he US.

    So, Marxists killed two birds with a single stone. LTTE fund raisers may now feel this is yet another way of wasting finances for a lost cause. It looks like that Marxists also love money in the changing landscape.

  67. Moshe,
    My question is why didnt Mr. Sarath silva, pointed out the LOOPHOLES in the current system & Ask thr Parlimant to make NEW regulations?
    He did that when Year 1 system by the Minister was said to be wrong. Then when the Minister changed it AGAIN he PRESSED to make changes...Even calling the Education Officers to the court as I remember..
    But as I understand, He dont see any importance of these & works according to that line of thinking...

    Hmm need proof??
    Well remember the recent Noice polution case? The Monks who came to the case didnt rise from the seats.Ok lets say its wrong. Then the judgement was what??
    To not call the case & have the Preast in question to JAIL!!!
    So it seems if the MONKS has some ENEMY they just need to pay a Visit during his/her case & That fellow will go to the Prison..

  68. Kevin,
    Ok the current ID cheking may be not 100%. I have to agree.but I think the Government will use the NEW MOBILE PHONE ID cards in Very Near Future!!
    It can be used to cheak the IDs (The Mobile Phone ID will also have National ID number) with a Database & see if this is a WANTED man/women (Even the Wellawatte Bomb maker could have escaped if he waited till the Heat gets down, only coz a Women Security person had his ID written in her palm made him captured..).
    Jus need to have a Computer at the Cheakpoints.
    But there are LOTS of loop holes in this Mobile ID system also but still What I said is possible.

  69. Kevin,
    Remember the dialogue in DN about the ETHANOL for Vehicles sometime back?
    Well You will see the first Fully ethanol driven Vehicle in Very near Future with the President.The car will be a Sri lankan Micro one, fitted with a Kit which can be fitted to any vehicle (even the ones currently on Gasoline, but there are few easy steps before that)
    Another thing is that there will be a Anhydrous Ethanol plant in Sri lanka!!
    This is aim to have 15% ethanol mixed to 85% Gasoline like in some countries. But do you know what? Our Government owned C.P.C is Still not ready to Go for this option. So this could endup in IOC.

  70. su,

    mate, i have already answered your question. in short, he is not competent to do so in regards to sensitive matters of defence. a legal reform commission could do so IF appointed to look into lapses in PTA, etc. by the president/minister.

    subject to a few unjust stuff in the monks' case, the final verdict was acceptable. for some reason the president went to see the monk. a similar decision was given last year against a mosque.

    like asithri put it, there are more than one way to skin a cat. what is best would be,

    1. implement existing laws under PTA, etc. against OPEN violators. this has A LONG WAY to go.

    2. revise legal reforms in regards to PTA, constitution, public security ordinance, etc. at least after 25 years later!!! some are much older than that.

    3. the reform commission should take account of what the army commander, human rights groups, other commanders, other law enforcement authorities, karuna, international developments, etc. have to say.

    this is a HARDER process i know. but that is the only way if we are to do the right thing by the justice system. it can give assurance to ppl who would otherwise be inconveneienced unduely.

    having said that i personaly like very much if the SC interprets the law in slight favour of SLDFs and keeps out of defence matters. but we have embraced (a shaky but functioning) democracy. lets do the right way.

  71. Hmm...
    If the other Skinning methods are there....

    Ok. No problem.

  72. Just cheaked DW, seems like a dumpyard....

  73. Su
    If we have ethanol produced in Sl then this is great news. I too is keen in this project. I could buy land in Aprare or Myanggana areas to do this There are other varieties other than sugarcane that can be cultivated in the island. One is the Enderu plant that being found everywhere and India is ahead on this project with this type of plant producing bio diesel.

  74. Mohammed Zubair,
    No one is accusing you of being incompetent..Its just that when people hear news of this nature from papers whose reporters are looking for a "newsflash"..something they think people will spend time reading they feel unenthusiastic..It is very difficult to convince such people(including myself) that things are going to be OK even if this is what will happen..people are just waiting to see what happens i guess.


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