Monday, October 6, 2008

Major General Janaka Perera killed in suicide blast

A Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber detonated himself in a civilian populated area in Anuradhapura today at 8.50Am ,killing over 15 and injuring over 50. The explosion has occurred while the opening ceremony of the United National Part office in Anuradhapura was underway.

The target is believed to be Major General Janaka Perera, opposition leader of the North Central Provincial council. According to available information, Major General Janaka Perera, his wife, and Dr. john Pulle are among those killed in the incident. Major.Gen Perera was a veteran soldier in the army who had been awarded Rana Soora, Rana Wickrama and Vishishita Seva Wibhooshana medals.


  1. Wow, LTTE doesn't seems to have much reason to kill him..... i mean he's retired now,

  2. he's in the UNP...the LTTE have always killed any Anyone who's in the UNP with an anti-LTTE view point..

  3. No matter which party he belongs to, He is a real war hero.

  4. R.I.P Maj Gen Janaka Perera! Sir, I salute you behalf the nation you served!!!

  5. Oh... these mad buggers!!!!! this is a curse.. when will we be free from this babarians.. Now another issue will come up. Certain people will have some other stories to say cos Mr. Johnpulle was attacked during the election period and a court case is underway. Some people might try to implicate the government in to this.

  6. great job by the Gov SL .... target is Only UNP members ...

  7. shyam,
    "great job by the Gov SL .... target is Only UNP members ..."

    Even if the suicide bomber came along waving an Eelam flag, you would have said the same thing :)

  8. This is very depressing. I would like to remember a few things he did to help our country as a soldier. He saved many generations from JVP madness in late 80s and then save us in Jaffna in 2000. Irrespective of our personal political affiliations, such great men should have been protected at any cost. That is our national duty to return the favor they did to the nation and we have utterly failed here with Gen Perera. Shame on us.

    I also hope that the Monkey Wickramasinghe, Skunk Jayawardena, Baboon kiriella and Ape Abewardena etc. will walk out of the dark side and start unwaveringly support our military to finish LTTE off.

    Other than desperate desire of LTTE to kill somebody and killing alternative leaders who can be a problem to them in the future, I don't see any particular strategic value in assassination. However, many of the things LTTE had done did not make any sense other than satisfying Velu's sick mind. This is great reminder to all FMM, HRW, AI, CPA this that and other along with hundreds of western viceroys in Colombo about the vicious nature of LTTE terrorists.

    May he attain Nibbana!!

  9. This is really a sad situation as far as Sri Lankan military concern.

    With this attack LTTE tells they will kill Ltn Gen. Sarath Fonseka, Major Gen. Jagath Dias, etc. etc. even six years later when the Government is changed. How can we protect these Heroes in future if the UNP is in power??????

    We should have given enough security to the Major. Gen Janaka Perera.

  10. Sir, we we salute you for remarkabe dedication for the country. You have been a great war hero in this era.

  11. Genaral Janaka Perera is a Hero though he took some wrong political decesions recently . I salute Majaor General Jnaka perera who lead the SLA . but I am not so sure about the stand He took on last elections .

    At least UNP now should get rid of thier Pro LTTE stance

  12. Here's the warning before the suicide attack on UNPers:

    UNP lends support to GoSL's war effort
    [TamilNet, Sunday, 05 October 2008, 09:02 GMT]
    United National Pary (UNP) Senior Party Member and Colombo district parliamentarian, Ravi Karunanayake, accompanied by several of his supporters, visited injured Sri Lanka Army (SLA) officers at the Colombo Jayawardenepura Hospital and wished speedy recovery, political sources in Colombo said. The MP handed over essential goods to the injured, and complemented the officiers for the victories they have accomplished in the NorthEast battlefield, sources added.

    UNP will continue to provide bipartisan support to the soldiers, Mr Karunanayake told the media after his hospital visit.

    Mr Karunanayake added that the Rajapakse Government should not attempt to gain political capital from the battlefield successes of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

    Meanwhile, UNP party members have also been visiting injured soldiers at the Anuradapura, Polonnaruwa, and other hospitals, political sources in Colombo said.

    UNP has also lent its hand to assist recruitment to Sri Lanka military in many southern Sinhala villages, sources added.

  13. This is saddening. Why did he have to go this way?
    I agree with Ranil. This incident will result lot of chaos. LTTE has taken an easiest of targets. But the consequences would be many.

  14. shit!

    TN had this to say TO JUSTIFY their attacks that followed JUST a few hours later.

    "UNP lends support to GoSL's war effort
    [TamilNet, Sunday, 05 October 2008, 09:02 GMT]
    United National Pary (UNP) Senior Party Member and Colombo district parliamentarian, Ravi Karunanayake, accompanied by several of his supporters, visited injured Sri Lanka Army (SLA) officers at the Colombo Jayawardenepura Hospital and wished speedy recovery, political sources in Colombo said. The MP handed over essential goods to the injured, and complemented the officiers for the victories they have accomplished in the NorthEast battlefield, sources added.

    UNP will continue to provide bipartisan support to the soldiers, Mr Karunanayake told the media after his hospital visit.

    Mr Karunanayake added that the Rajapakse Government should not attempt to gain political capital from the battlefield successes of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

    Meanwhile, UNP party members have also been visiting injured soldiers at the Anuradapura, Polonnaruwa, and other hospitals, political sources in Colombo said.

    UNP has also lent its hand to assist recruitment to Sri Lanka military in many southern Sinhala villages, sources added."

    JCP was a good soldier, though a political LOOSER. killing him is another display of LTTE'S CANIBALISM.

  15. boarding guys,

    i didn't see you post, just copied from my post in DW.

  16. Very sad. We could have used him in a better way. Its a pity that he was absorbed into petty politics.

    The motive
    either revange or elimination of leadership of this country.

  17. i dearly hope that the other group has NOTHING to do with this.

    its always ANTI-LTTE guys ONLY in the UNP. premadasa, lalith, ranjan, gamini d. gamini p, ossi, lucky, janaka, maheswaran, etc., etc. pro-LTTE UNP buggers ARE ALWAYS ALWAYS safe!! not even an attempt!!

  18. The Great Respect that we can do to this leader ( and our hero ) wipe out LTTE from this Soil ASAP.

    We know that was his dream too !!

  19. Very unfortunate. This was posted sometime back in another blog about the great man:

  20. I lost all my respect for Janaka Perera the moment he joined the UNP and campaigned for them. I am not saddened by this news. Trying to defeat the current government while it is trying to defeat the LTTE is criminal. This assasination should serve as a wake up call for the cunts in the UNP (and their supporters) who think that sucking LTTE dick is the solution. Too bad the LTTE didn't take out Ranil.

  21. Janaka Perera himself returned the entire security detail back which was allocated after the court order.

    so he dug his own grave.

  22. I agree with Sajive

    But I have some respect to

  23. I agree with Sajiv

    But I respect Janaka Perera cos he was in Army

    LTTE want to create UNP a "Ponna"Party by Eliminating People like Janaka (At least he is not a Ponna fellow who suck LTTE Dicks)

    Should have being killed Ranil,Kari Ella, Tissa & Ravi are they among the casualties???

  24. First Maj.Gen. I salute you Sir! He may attain nibbana.

    Well again LTTE did the right thing. LTTE will not kill any ret.SLA top officers. But they remove potential threats. Unfortunate thing is we never leran from history.

    Former defence minister LalithA was a easy target as RPremadasa removed all his security. And Premadasa was blamed on this and very few blame on LTTE. LalithA supposed to get power and LTTE removed the potential threat.

    Ret.Maj.Gen.Laki Algama was in UNP list in 2004 parliment election and supposed to get a defence related post in UNF government. LTTE removed the potential threat. Due to lack of security given by CBK goernment he was killed. (Well even CBK was targeted in the same night.) Probably becuz of that no one blame for CBK for that.

    Now see this tamilnut article.
    //UNP lends support to GoSL's war effort.//

    //Meanwhile, UNP party members have also been visiting injured soldiers at the Anuradapura, Polonnaruwa, and other hospitals, political sources in Colombo said.

    UNP has also lent its hand to assist recruitment to Sri Lanka military in many southern Sinhala villages, sources added.//

    JP played a key role in UNP to support the GSL war strtegy. He was straight about that. Many UNPers look at him, despite his lost him as a potential UNP leader. He was the opposition leader in NCPC but if UNP government comes to power I don't think he will remain there but rather get some minister post. LTTE knew this future threat.

    If LTTE ever knew GR is going to be def.sec. they kill him too before he get power.

    Messege is UNP MPs should not support the war. Just follow the ponsy leader. Then you are safe. We can expect a statement from UNP blaming MR/GR for giving less security.

    Funny thing hear is JP got some security via a SC order. CJ joker now should realise the number of gaurds he ordered to send was not enough and it is defence authorities should make such decesions not him.

    By removing his security MR send the messege don't do UNP politics, join us or stay home. But braveness of JP brings the sucide bomber closer to him.

  25. VIPs should not attend such public meetings, they have not learnt a lesson from the recent LTTE attacks. Great loss to the nation

  26. The instinct of a terrorist is to kill whoever they think their enemy at any given moment. It could be now, in 1 years time or even after 10 years.

    Janaka perera did a great job serving Sri Lankan forces for many years. He's been in the LTTE hit list.

    But nobody thought LTTE will try to get him now, as he's retired, was working for UNP and attacked MR and SF for some reasons as well.

    As LTTE is losing big grounds to SLDF they needed a big target to get the propaganda up! At least to make some fuzz!

    Since colombo VVIP targets likely to be highly inaccurate, they looked for a person with less attention (security comparing to other VIPs) + big fuzz if killed!

    So they succeeded this time.

    The best return for this would be to strengthen up the offensives and stick to the Wanni liberation plan.

    It would be a tribute for Janaka as in his times he tried to liberate Sri Lanka as much as he could. Now its our time to finish the job!

  27. DN ,

    !st of all this is not a suicide attack its just planed by the Gov and they lied as its a suicide attack so there is no need for anything to say about it.. If its a suicide attack everyone knows LTTE behind the blast ....

    If the LTTE want him dead they don't use black Operatives on this task cause he is not important for them he got no powers and his death won't give anything to them .. they don't target opposite parties ....

    But no mercy on his death ... He too involved in SEMMANI and PANNAI bridge massacre

  28. The government has done well. They wiped out two formidable opponents in one shot. Not just the army man, even the medicine man was a thorne in the throat for the government. With Janaka Perera's ability to manipulate, the UPFA failed to have their choice to lead the Council. Whether it was the government, the paramilitaries with the government or the LTTE killed the man, it was a win for the LTTE (they had to kill this man, who would lead the war if LTTE survived the current attack), and a defeat for tgovernment (could not protect a public officer in the Sinhala area). This is not the last for sure!!

  29. Regardless of his status these cowards have no value for human beings.
    All Tamil Diaspora from Western countries who funded these maniacs have blood on their hands, and hope that you can sleep well with your families because you
    are safe in another country.

    Hope you realise the pain and suffering those children had to go through when they lost their loved ones. Wake up and stop supporting these cowards.

    RIP Janaka Perera and all other innocent people who killed this morning.

  30. JP was one who would have stood between LTTE and Ranil and prevented RW from acting against the interest of Sri Lanka. Removing him (JP) now when it was not that difficult was an opportunistic act of LTTE.

  31. Shyam,
    Thanks for revealing the truth!
    You are a genius!

  32. yako ppl have lost lives. try to show some sympathy instead of attacking the man for his political allegiances.

  33. Hi mboi, yes lives have been lost. But at least the UNP cunts now know that they are not immune from attacks. And UNP supporters must be red faced now that their own hero has been blown to bits by the very organisation they want the government to negotiate with.

  34. mboi,
    This Sajiv is a LTTE piece of shit.

  35. No hemantha... just pointing out the blinding obvious. Look at the irony - the UNP which was bending backwards to suck LTTE dick just got blasted in Anuradhapura. So much for negotiating with the LTTE and taking baskets of apples to wounded LTTE cadres at Colombo hospitals! As much as the loss of life is regrettable there is a silver lining - that the UNP and their fucked up supporters will wake up and smell the roses. As for the LTTE, it just shot itself in the foot by showing the international community that it is still a terrorist organisation and wedded to taking out democratically elected leaders.

  36. BBC is trying to justify killing...

    "The Tamil community accused him of being responsible for hundreds of deaths and the torture of Tamils in the region during the period.

    The human rights group, Amnesty International, also raised similar concerns"

  37. Sad news :( It doesn't matter to which party he belonged to (that's democracy one thing the LTTE maggots will never understand), he was a national hero.

    BTW BBC did their usual and ended their article with the following:
    The Tamil community accused him of being responsible for hundreds of deaths and the torture of Tamils in the region during the period.

    The human rights group, Amnesty International, also raised similar concerns.

    The Tamil Tiger rebels have been fighting for a separate homeland for a quarter of a century and about 70,000 people have been killed in the violence.

    Checked AI's website and Janaka Perera did not return any results. Has the BBC resorted to creating facts vs taking things out of context as they did in the past?

  38. aargh! Bungu beat me to it :(

  39. This is an attack to scare the government .......

  40. Maj.Gen Janaka Perera, a true son of mother Lanka ! National hero of our time. Your name would be written in golden letters in the history of Sri Lanka.

    May he attain Nibbana !

  41. My heart sank hearing the news. What a great soldier! What a tragic end!

    We got to be very careful at this stage. The savages try to set us against each other. They always choose the ideal timing for that.

    They killed Athulathmudali at the ripe time to imply Premadasa and it was successful; the latter got the blame.

    The UNP started visiting injured soldiers and there was a 'U' turn and savages struck.

    It is sad and heart-breaking; but we must move forward and finish the rest off in the name of the great soldier.

  42. The BBC can 'accuse' all they want.

    It may be the truth of heresay, but a man needs a fair trial to prove himself. Did't Saddam Hussain get one? Noone deserves to die like a dog on the street, at the hands of a suicide cadre!!

    These people have NO respect for human life! Disgusting.

  43. "The UNP started visiting injured soldiers"

    PADA SHOW man, that's all.

  44. Funny how the UNP wasn't visiting any wounded soldiers being attacked by LTTE claymore attacks during the ceasefire or their families or taking care of all the Tamil infomants getting killed left and right, but taking baskets of apples and chocolates to LTTE cadres at Colombo hospitals and flying their leaders here and there for free on airforce choppers.

  45. Guys,

    This may be red herring on the brink of the fall of Killinochchi to fool the fools, the diaspora.

    This is the second high profile sacrifice that Ranil made a contribution into, after Lucky Algama.

    No one should go near this man; he is a death trap.

  46. After all LTTE have caught General alone without Ranil...!!

  47. Moshe,
    i was very sad to read about the death of a true hero of SLanka.These LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons and their masters in SLanka are fools.I hope more members of the U.N.P will start visiting more soldiers and taking care of them.This again has the more deadly intention of provoking a race riot which we have to avoid at all costs..This is probably due to the response from "Human rights" at the U.N earlier.
    R.I.P Maj Gen Janaka Perera!.May you attain NIBBANA.
    These LTTE buffoons are trying to instil "fear" among the high rankers..dont they know that we have been living in fear for the past 30 yrs..actually ..more since 1948?.I hope there is a massive increase in the number of people joining the forces after this.

  48. ninja,

    "Ret.Maj.Gen.Laki Algama was in UNP list in 2004 parliment election"

    but he died in 1999 december.

  49. I think MR/GR/SF need to revise their security plans. If LTTE is sure about killing MR, the hard target, it is wise to eliminate JP, the easy target, who is sure potential threat.

    When LTTE killed Premadasa, the hard target, few days before they killed LalithA, the easy target.

  50. LTTE took the revenge from a veteran war hero, fought for his Motherland.

    And days are numbered for LTTE Vultures,ask Karunanidhi & Vaico Co. for obituary notice.

  51. MD are you sure? I guess my memory is correct.

    Its good to see no one backs sajiv's probably all fake pro-MR, anti-UNP, pro-war, anti-JP propaganda.

  52. srilankan,

    yes mate. i didn't want to say that.

    JCP's familiy are our family friends. i used to hate him for his obnoxious self-importance long b4 he went into active politics. but that is NOTHING compared to his achievements and the barbaric act committed by the terrorists.

    i fear the bottomless pit the UNP will fall into now.

    had JCP survived not only the likes of mano g. but also average shit like CBK, MS could have found it difficult to make the UNP a LTTE pawn.

    we are heading into danger.

  53. ninja,

    mate, he had died by 2004.

  54. From tamilnut:
    During Eelam War III, Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera played a major role in Jaffna and in Ma'nalaa'ru (Weli Oya)

    A Tamil village, Ma'nki'ndi-malai in Ma'nalaa'ru region, was renamed Janakapura, after the SLA evicted Tamils from their village in 1984 and established Sinhala colonies there.

    Janaka Perera assassinated in bomb blast in Anuradhapura, 28 killed

  55. Qrious-
    Well said, Ranil is a well known death trap.
    Evey one should stay away from it.

  56. Guys,

    I have a feeling that the suicide bomber may have made some acquaintances with Dr JohnPulle, a Tamil, for some time as a part of the ultimate goal; that guarantess the access without any hindrance to the target.

    This is what happened to Premadasa by Babu.

    I may be wrong; just a line of thought.

  57. Moshe,
    Lets wait and see mate..If the LTTE think the forces are going to stop their offensive and start cultivating instead ..they have another thing coming..Moshe i think the people in the U.N.P will be undergoing a change due to limited "enlightenment"..could this have been instigated by Ranil i wonder..with the support of this di-ass-phora LTTE buffoons i wonder..

  58. Qurious,
    Good thinking bro..keep up the good work..!!

  59. First.. The great soldier…may him attend nibbana…
    The tactic LTTE use always well planed for the future removing JC from the seen LTTE expecting removing of future threat for them also gaining some loyalty points form di-asspora…But we have to think very carefully about our nation’s future leaders…as LTTE always did, they will remove potential leaders from the country before they immerge..
    LTTE would not do anything for RW however other potential leaders we must protect including Tamil & Muslim who love this country. So we must protect whoever got ability to govern this country in future. (True heroes)
    Unfortunately with this incident whoever died most of them from UNP supporters including SIRASA media personnel…I just wondering whether Free Media Movement makes any protest against this …

  60. BARBARIANS. Are they still going to meet outside the British Parliament today, for a peaceful protest?

    British Tamils Forum

  61. lankaputhra,
    They are enjoying "tea" now.Once over they will make a comment because they need to in order to keep their jobs.

  62. The documentary about the LTTE attack on Vavuniya air base ...released by the tigers,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=56&cntnt01detailtemplate=view_video&cntnt01returnid=51

  63. Those who criticised Major General Janaka Perera just 2 months ago are now weaping. Many fake nationalists appeared from nowhere to demand his head. Now they have it.

    Janaka Perera made the right political choice (He always made the right choice while a military man). He realised that the ethnic problem facing Sri Lanka needs a political solution; not a military one. Many monkeys who jump up and down here have been too scared to go to the battlefield.

    Janaka went through it all and realised the truth. If you had been involved in this war either as a soldier or a reporter, you would have developed an enormous amount of respect for the enemy (LTTE). This is a different force from what we see around the world. It is not a business, it is a armed group backed by a large number of educated, liberal minded people from around the world.

    The solution Sri Lanka needs is a political one. But to come there a few military strengths are required. This was the plan of Ranil and Janaka. It was not open and obstinate warfare with bogus promises and downplay of own casualties.

    Now fake nationalists will jump up and down and call me a terrorist. I don't care. They called Janaka a traitor.

    Sri Lanka needs the support of the international community to win the war and win peace. Ranil and Janaka were doing that slowly but steadily. Janaka was always a strong UNPer. But he did whatever that was assigned to him very well. Look what the Rajapaksha administration has done?

    They ridiculed the international community and still think they can beat the LTTE without the support of the international community. They don't care to give a political solution. How can you blame the LTTE if they are not given an alternative?

    Tamil people had more faith in Janaka Perera than Gotabhaya Rajapaksha or Sarath Fonseka. The duo lost all support thanks to their short sighted thinking. Dr John Pulle was the best friend Janaka had in the recent past. How can you win the war without those who run the war getting the support of the Tamil community?

    You can't.

    Janaka didn't want defected LTTE cadres to take east. He didn't want clandestine operatives to attack the LTTE in its territory. He fought very hard for over 800 innocent soldiers killed by Karuna Amman in 1990.

    Janaka captured Rohana Wijeweera in 1989 but didn't kill him. He was a deciplined man. When you think something, he would have thought ten steps ahead. That is why he was barred from entering army camps by the government.

    Janaka did everything right and the country lost him when it needed him most. My only worry is that there is no capable individual left to salvage the country and its armed forces.

  64. the damage from the bomb seems unusually high for a suicide attack..

    check the pics on,....theres a door blown off its hinges,
    have the ltte graduated to the use of pressure bombs instead of shrapnel bombs??

  65. LTTE is systematically exterminating the Sinhala leadership of the country.

    GOSL is resonsible for yet another security failure. This is bad.

    My thoughts are with these hapless civilians.

    Looks like LTTE went after a soft target after all their pathetic failure.

    It is about time we wipe them out the LTTE scum from the surface of the earth.

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  67. Blind finger pointing at LTTE only encourages wanton acts of violence with impunity.

    Fonseka and Rajapaksa wanted to kill him for criticising the current war effort.

    Ranil wanted to kill him because he was challenging the leadership.

    For LTTE, Janaka Perera was a dead donkey anyway. What use would their be for LTTE in killing this good for nothing media mouth?

    I guess modaya will always be modaya.

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  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. I sincerely hope that the gosl people had nothing to do with this as I didn’t like Karuna’s people moving about in those areas. We don’t want Pakistan style power politics in Sri Lanka.President must use his powers to get this criminal act investigated, even attend his funeral perhaps a state funeral. We in the party always followed a human and middle path even magnanimous in defeat at the pools, therefore must dispel all suspicions that will be thrown at us. Perhaps this is another cruel act by the tiger terrorists to fracture our society.
    May he and those who died rest in peace. We where there during the elections I had a nagging feeling that this would be the outcome as I saw cars and vans with people coming towards the Anuradhapura areas from the east. People who shouldn’t be there ,didn’t know if they were Karuna’s people or tigers. After all if anyone looks like Tamils can’t be terrorists.

  71. Peterra,

    The same Modayas are wipeing out the LTTE super human scum in its own back yard..


  72. How cool is that?

    The bunker buster for barbarian Velu is waiting at the SLA hanger at the KAB.

    Hang on Peterra the help is on the way?

  73. This proves if anybody wants to live in peace in Sri Lanka....WIPE OUT THE LTTE TERRORISTS ! No half work please !

  74. Even the dead donkey said the same thing about wiping out LTTE and killing the leader.

    He said it in 80s in Manalaaru.
    Then he said it in the early 90s in the East.
    Then he said it is late 90s in Jaffna and Vanni.

    Now look at his filthy scattered remains.

    Modayas have motor mouths.

  75. MIA, no one has respect for the LTTE! They're a ruthless terrorist outfit who just took another set of lives today!
    His demise came of the unfortunate alliance with the UNP and letting his guard down. He is responsible for many LTTE casualties and the LTTE has always been harboring a hatred towards him. Alas he became unother UNP casualty of the LTTE.
    This barbaric terrorist act by the LTTE should further strengthen our resolve to eradicate the them off the face of the planet!

  76. Spelling Genoci e without d - the data

    The politicians in Tamilnadu seem to be doing inverse acrobats; sitting on the heads while doing physical manoeuvres.

    The have been using this term, genocide, in recent days, so frequently that the audience start to feel gut-wrenching that signals the onset of an botched PR epidemic.

    By definition, genocide is a deliberate extermination of a race or group, often by brute force, especially by a government.

    When a war is waged while keeping civilian deaths to a bear minimum, these bankrupt politicians make sound waves about genocide. Who are they fooling? They just make fools of themselves. As far as this war is concerned, our track record is much better than that of Nato in Afghanistan and Americans in Iraq. The collateral damage is very low, apart from a few accidents.

    Of course, Vanni civilians are experiencing inconveniences, but nowhere near a catastrophe. It is the Tigers who don’t let them exercise their free will, not the armed forces. Fake politicians in Tamilnadu think the world is still in the Stone Age; they think the world is exactly like the ghettos of their illiterate poor admirers in the rural areas of the state.

    The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Karunanidhi, the old opportunist, who is in the habit of making a statement by sensing the direction of the wind wafting across the Palk Straits. He urged his followers to send telegrams to the Indian Prime Minister for intervention. Karunanidhi wants to treat the situation as tragic, whatever he means.

    If Karunanidhi calls Vanni operations genocide, he should call George Bush’s war on terror, the Armageddon. We know Karunanidhis is a poet, because he claims so. But his choice of political terms is not very poetic; it is blatant amateurism.

    A few days ago, the other opportunist, Jayalalitha made a similar appeal to Dr Manmohan Singh: to raise the displeasure about the militray operations with MR - a fairly low-key appeal. So, Karunanidhi, by default, makes an even more powerful appeal. That is the political reality in this particular state in India.

    Tamilnadu politics revolves around a slippery axis of cause and effect: if Jayalalitha is the cause Karunanidhi is the effect or vice versa; the rest – Nedumaran and Vaiko are the political equivalents of the handicapped and the disabled respectively - climb the slippery tree and fall both from uncomfortable heights and grace in that order, from time to time. Jayalalitha triggered off Karunanidhi's reaction in the latest episode. It could be the other way round too.

    Neither Karunanidhis nor Jaylalitha has a trace of consistency or principle. They just take the central government for a ride, every five years, using their power in the Indian parliament. They are the Indian equivalents of our own CWC – the deal makers.

    Karunanidhi who wrote a poem when Tamilselvam was killed, then did a policy U turn against the Tigers. He is on record saying that the war against the LTTE is not a war against Tamils, something even we discussed here, in the past. Now, he is back to square one, because Jayalalitha is going to cash in on it. So, he tries to outmanoeuvre her. They both cling on to this silly term – genocide. We know, and so do the intelligent folks of the rest of the world, the gallery they are playing to.

    The good news is the central government treats this pair as jokers, not seriously enough. They hope the rumblings will die down in a matter of days before they cling on to something else. If the pressure upon them is too much, they might even a make a statement with the Cliché – India is gravely concerned about the war.

    Both Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi think the real world is exactly the same as the world of celluloid where both left their footprints on. In the latter, it is illiterate and the ignorant who give them the rousing welcome. In the former, they will never find a stupid audience to worship these aging figures of heaps of flesh.

    To expose these two as hypocrites, we shouldn’t look further than the Tamilnadu state itself. The plight of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, in terms of discrimination, speaks volumes; owning their own house is next to a nightmare, I heard.

    Yes, both Jayalalitha and Karunanidhis are going to lose a lot when the Tigers are defeated. They are going to lose the most popular distraction when the state affairs become unmanageable. So, try to keep the neighbour burning for another decade.

  77. //Guys, I think a DiAssPora Kotiya is taking everybody for a ride in the guise of a well meaning Sri Lankan.//

    Time will tell. It takes more time for some to see the 'kotiya' under the wrapped 'sinha' skin.

    JP is gone and you can see now LTTE feed the thrilled diaspora of some 'vavunia attack', while int. media whitewash LTTE.

    We need to
    1)concentrate on other possible targets and prevention.
    2)make this a oppertunity to put pressure on IC/
    3)make this a opertunity to get united between SLFP and UNP which took a U turn recently on the war

    Other aspects, insulting JP saying he was anti-MR or blaming on GSL both diversionary tactics. When get into this trap you missthe main point. Now you are blaming on MR/GSL and UNP and LTTE is safely kept aside.

  78. @ Peter . .! This world is full of jokers ... we don't mind another ...!

  79. Vigilante

    LTTE expect some satisfaction of diaspora as well by killing JP and 25 civilians. Let them have it. Peter is expressing his 'thril' after long time and let him do that. LTTE started killing "modayas" long time ago and still they are killing "modayas"...diaspora never knows....

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Enviable Forenstics of Pee-ter

    Peeter came up with a ground breaking conspriracy therory, It is MR and Sarath Fonseka who were behind the killing of General Perera.

    That leads us to the inevitable question: who was the suicide bomber that the pair has the access?

    I think it could be our dear old Chandrika.

    If someone found her false eye, please post it to Peeter as a mark of admiration for his incisive skills!

    I don't mind hiding a small trace of C4 inside the little object to balance the weight and minimize the suspicion.

  82. This is an instant karma.This guy was responsisble for countless dissaperances,killings and toture during his command in Tamil areas.This guy was a pure racist and used the war as a cover to punish Tamils whether they belongs LTTE or not.
    He is not the first or the last one do it.He is one of the idiots believed that punishing Tamils will somehow make them turn against LTTE.Instead he created more LTTE members and sympathizers.

    Serbians treat Radonovich as a war hero so it's not surprising to see Sinhalease call Janaka a hero.
    This moron even changed names of several tamil villages and gave them Sinhala names.
    One was even renamed to Janakapura.
    Ordinary Tamils will never forget his atrocities.
    What a low life.
    He is in hell now.The sad part of this whole thing is.....
    he died instantly without feeling the pain that he inflicted on his victims.

    I know this post will be removed because people can't handle the truth :)

  83. @elena ... here ! who talk about instant Karma..... yet another Terrorist Die-Ass-Pora guy !

  84. elena,

    don't worry hunny-bunny you all the diASSpora, prabah, pottu & co. are gonna get your share of karma... it's cause and effect but it'll be real slow and painful for you. tell me which one of us was right when your dead. LOL!

  85. kevin,

    as i said b4 I DEARLY HOPE NOT.

    karuna is now a MP!!

  86. elama and peter are two modha diasspora kids. It is time for these modayas to donate some hard earned $$ to Vezapilzai. Isn't that a karma?

    diaspora moda kids will never learn. modayas will be modays forever!!!

  87. This report by DefenceNet makes top headline on TLA

    Two thumbs up!

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. True Srilankan,

    Mate, you are doing a good job by giving us all these links. I must admit, I am one of those who benefited from them by clicking on them often.

    You can enhance your noble contribution by attaching the anchor element - <a href=" " >...</a> - to a single word, rather than the whole sentence. I am sure you will agree with me that this little technical thing on your part will make the blog more aesthetically appealing.

    Please don't get me wrong; this is just a humble appeal. Please keep contributing; it is great.

  90. Now you must realise ..we must unite against real enemy…
    This because recent comments made by some UNP members regarding war heroes…when LTTE see we unite they want to break you apart …be careful…

  91. From strategy page

    Secret Commandos Waiting To Strike
    October 6, 2008: The army is now four kilometers from Kilinochchi, the LTTE "capital." The army is also fighting its way up the coast, and the end of LTTE control over Sri Lankan territory appears imminent. The LTTE has attempted to stop this advance with a terror bombing campaign. There have been six such attacks in the capital in the past five weeks. But the bombs have been small and poorly constructed, and merely made Sri Lankans more determined to finish off the LTTE once and for all. But the army is in no hurry. They know that haste merely provides the LTTE with more opportunities to launch surprise commando attacks. The LTTE still has several hundred experienced, well trained and armed fighters that could launch devastating attacks if the army got sloppy.

    Casualties so far this year are about 7,000 LTTE dead and 700 soldiers killed. There are several hundred casualties a week, as the army continues to make persistent small attacks all along the front, using air power and artillery to take a few LTTE bunkers here, a few there, and slowly push the line back. The LTTE has not yet come up with a way to handle these tactics. Army troops are much better trained, equipped and led than they were in the 1990s, when a series of LTTE victories gave the rebels control of much of northern Sri Lanka. The army support forces have greatly improved as well. Engineers spend a lot of time clearing LTTE landmines and booby traps, thus neutralizing a weapon the LTTE thought would stop the army cold.

    Sri Lankan diplomats are working to make sure no country will give LTTE leaders sanctuary. Europe and Canada has accepted many refugees from the Sri Lankan fighting, and subsequently became foreign outposts for the LTTE. Sri Lankan officials are trying to convince these "sanctuary states" to be most careful who they accept after the LTTE are defeated in Sri Lanka. The government expects the terrorists to carry on with suicide bombings and other attacks, to keep the "war" going. This will only work if the terrorists have foreign sanctuaries to operate from. The government is particularly keen to see that the LTTE leadership does not find a foreign sanctuary after they are forced out of Sri Lanka.

    As troops advance deeper into territory long held by the LTTE, they discover more evidence of NGOs providing direct aid for rebel military operations. For example, earth moving equipment brought in by an NGO for "humanitarian purposes" appears to have been heavily used for building new fortifications (to replace those lost as the army advances.) NGO owned equipment is also found in LTTE headquarters and facilities, along with documents discussing these cozy relationships. This relationship was long suspected, but the NGOs and the LTTE strenuously denied it. Such a relationship is common in situations like this, as the NGOs are often pressured to cooperate, or else. But some of the NGOs are blatantly pro-rebel, and merely use their NGO status to protect them from government sanctions.

    The LTTE carried out a major suicide bombing 200 kilometers north of the capital, where a political meeting was hit, killing a major opposition politician (a retired major-general) and 22 others, while wounding 80. The site of the bombing, Anuradhapura, is considered the center of the ancient Sinhalese (the majority on the island) civilization, and thus a symbolic target for the LTTE to go after.

    October 5, 2008: The navy has begun using sea-going commandos and speedboats to hunt down LTTE smugglers at night, close to shore. These SBS (Special Boat Squadron) operations have been destroying more of the smaller smuggling boats.

    October 1, 2008: Police checking trucks carrying food aid to civilians in LTTE controlled areas found secret compartments in several trucks, along with explosives and bomb making supplies. Meanwhile troops captured an LTTE airstrip (500 meters long and 50 wide), with signs that small aircraft had recently landed and taken off. This is how the LTTE smuggles people, and small quantities of supplies in from India at night.

    September 29, 2008: In the capital, a bomb went off in a delivery van, wounding five people. The LTTE was suspected, as the rebels have vowed to unleash terror attacks on government targets. But military defeats and police activity have made it difficult for the LTTE to organize and carry out the promised terror attacks.

    September 28, 2008: In the north, a suicide bomber on a bicycle attacked soldiers just behind the front lines. The bomber killed himself, and wounded nine soldiers and civilians.


  92. It is quite possible LTTE artillery guns were distroyed.

    Once I remembered an AFP reporter was covering the war in Wanni when he reported a Kfir attack on two LTTE mortar/artillery gun positions.

    No one except reported it. The AFP reporter was there and was eye witnessed to the operation, it was all over the AFP website.

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. UNP accuses gov for the killing of Janaka Perera ... the Gov have provided only 5 security personals for him ....

  95. Moshe Dayan
    Karuna and the likes of him has to prove that he is for a united island until then I will not trust them. Only time will tell.
    After all he can't forget what JP did to them in Walioya.

  96. After the late Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Major General Janaka Perera had the finest Military brain of any Officer to serve the country.

    As tacticians and strategists, neither were second to none. It is indeed a sad day for Sri Lanka. To have lost another famous son. As with Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa, the exploits of Gen. Janaka Perera will keep alive him memory for generations to come.

    I salute a brave man, a great soldier, and a hero of Sri Lanka. RIP Maj Gen. Janaka Perera. Let us never forget!

  97. Looks like they are about to pull another Vadamarachchi on us:

  98. MR should make Karuna a roving ambassador visiting the Tamil Diaspora in courtiers like UK,Canada,Australia,Sa etc.They are all members of the commonwealth and they should cooperate in allowing him to get though to the Diaspora in their countries. We have to make the Diaspora understand that they blindly supporting a terror outfit is not in the interest of their people left behind.

    As I maintained before with all the pressure being put on the rebels in the North now perhaps unable coordinate their operations in the south I feel that there are more than command centre working independently from one another. Perhaps they might have a such centres established abroad. MI should be aware of these possibilities and weed out their connections or control centres in the south then move abroad to locate their contacts that may operate terror cells from abroad. Moving dedicated or established officers in HC on 4 year rota is not advisable or replacing with cronies is pointless. We must have permanent dedicated officers in the missions abroad

  99. Our country is about to construct ATOMIC REACTORS using thorium.

    Sri Lanka to construct atomic reactors

    Exploiting vast deposits of ‘Thorium’ found on coastline

    By Sandun A. Jayasekera

    Sri Lanka is to construct atomic reactors to generate power exploiting vast deposits of ‘Thorium’ found on our coastline from Beruwala to Negombo as a solution to the power crisis facing the country, Science and Technology Minister Tissa Vitharana said.

    Speaking to Daily Mirror on his return from Vienna after participating in the annual sessions of the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA), Prof, Vitharana said the Sri Lanka delegation had a fruitful discussion with the Indian delegation on the sideline of the IAEA main sessions.

    “The Indians have developed a technology to enrich Thorium as a source of energy to produce electricity.

    “They are on the verge of commissioning a reactor for power generation in India using Thorium as main resource. The Sri Lankan delegation was able to convince the Indian scientists the possibility of constructing a Thorium reactor in Sri Lanka as we have huge Thorium deposits that run from Beruwala to Negombo,” Prof Vitharana said.

    A team of Indian atomic research experts would visit Sri Lanka shortly for a feasibility study and work out a programme. The Indian team was expected to submit a report to the Sri Lanka government and the IAEA. The Sri Lankan government would discuss the subject with the IAEA and the Indian government, he said.

    Chairman, Atomic Energy Authority, Dr. W. Abeywickrama who was also a member of the team

    headed by Prof. Vitharana to Vienna said India had directed its attention to Thorium enrichment for power generation as enrichment of Uranium was becoming costly. “The feasibility study would show us how cheap we could exploit Thorium for power generation,” Dr. Abeywickrama said.

    Sri Lanka has already exploited almost all its natural resources for power generation. The country would confront a huge power crisis in the future if Sri Lanka does not turn to alternative resources to generate power.

    Out of 2411 MW of power generated in the country now 1207 MW is Hydro, 548 MW is Thermal and 3 MW is Wind supplied by the CEB. The private sector contribution is 653 MW which 86 is Hydro and 567 Thermal.

    The combined capacity of Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project, Norochcholai Coal Power Plant, Combined Cycle Power Plant and Liquid Natural Gas Terminal at Kerawalapitiya would add another 2000 MW in the next 10 years to the national grid.

    “We have to turn to cheap alternative resources for power generation as a sustainable solution to the power crisis that would come to a peak in the next few years, Prof. Vitharana said.

  100. Stop All offensive against Tamils -INDIA

    Looks like the news editor had a dream :)

  101. mission: to kill the retired War hero who is in UNP , [who is gonna win this election [Current politicians know that he can win a election simply because people love war hero]
    benefit: Current Gov RajaPakse "family" + Para Militery
    Easy target for the Blame: LTTE ,by killing the retired war hero blame can be easily put on tigers, so people could easily beleive on that.
    people: become more brainwashed by the Rajepakse Family Gov.
    source: Rajepakse gov who funds the DN to put those news.
    real victims: Innocent Singalese who beleives whatever gov says.

  102. [ If you had been involved in this war either as a soldier or a reporter, you would have developed an enormous amount of respect for the enemy (LTTE). This is a different force from what we see around the world. It is not a business, it is a armed group backed by a large number of educated, liberal minded people from around the world.

    WTF... you MF think, BECAUSE OF THIS TERRORIST ATTACK... WE HAVE BECOME YELLOW.... and that we are going to 'negotiate' with LTTE barbarians? Is the dickhead of velu firmly stuck in your as*hole?

    If the LTTE is so great... why the F a band of LTTE coolies have fallen at the feet of some British MPs today?

    A**ho** don't you see... you have a better chance of creating your lalaland in the UK?

  103. I have written a few words about the dead donkey.

    Can be read at

  104. Gringo,
    Save your breath mate.Your not here to entertain some LTTE di-ass-phora buffoon on his tea/lunch break.
    Thorium reactors a possibility.Way to go Hon Mr President..way to go..GEagle..dont mind me saying..LOL..LLOL..LLOOLL..LOLOLOLL.etc..hahahahaha!! way to go!!!

  105. $900Mil in owrld bank aid???i dont believe it..It seems like this "wonnerful" international need us poor paupers to maintain their banking system.I thought due to LTTE di-ass-phora barathanatyums the world bank will refuse..considering the plethora of "affulent" LTTE di-ass-phora buffoons overseas(all those votes) and our "human rights" violations ..what happened..LOL..LLOOOLLLOOOO.LOLLOOL..LLOOOOLOLO..etc.. LLOOLLLOOOLLLLL..what the fcuk went wrong men??

  106. About the suicide bomber

    eye witnesses say...

    Good news

    # SLA strength to be increased up to 200,000

    # 58D found a whepon used in gas attacks (rssian made??)

  107. PETER The biggest joker in the world is your leader prabakeran & donkies are the tamils who send money to fight a losing war.

    sorry guys- Janaka perera who was working for a party like UNP that defends LTTE deserves such a treatment as a UNP politician. But it's a sad thing to happen to a human being.
    Each time a UNP politician killed by LTTE justice take place for our brave solders.
    Bandara is a Ltte dick sucker.

  108. Lol. World Bank loans have to be paid back some day. It isn't yours to keep forever like what the white uncle pays your kids after 'using' them on the beaches.

    & don't forget that the biggest private shareholder in John Keels is US based Tamil. If there is money to be made by exploiting Modayas, we will do it.

  109. The Maj. Gen. was
    smiling with his assassin

    Janaka Perera was warned about the threat to his life from the LTTE only a few days ago, but he dismissed it.

    Dr. Rohan Gunaratna telephoned Janaka a few days ago from Singapore and informed him, his wife and the head of his security of a threat to Janaka’s life from the LTTE, but the retired General was not willing to adopt precautions.

    Dr. Gunaratna had known Gen. Perera since his early days in the battle against the LTTE and later as one of Sri Lanka’s diplomats in Australia and Indonesia.

    He entered politics against the advice of his family as he wanted to reinvigorate the UNP.

    If a single word could describe Perera it is ‘ambitious’. He was determined to overcome impossible odds.

    I last spoke to Janaka on the eve of his election in the North Central province. He was fully confident of victory, though it was clear to independent political observers that the UNP would not make it. I had travelled in the NCP previously and had a reasonable assessment as to the outcome of the scheduled polls. But, enthusiasm in his voice was so great that I did not have the heart to disappoint him by revealing the true situation.


    How to protect VIPs when they rejects security advices....PSD is sick of MR's movements in public

  110. Crap fellas...if ya look at the pics of the boming site.. wow ! It had to be a bugger of bomb cuz, look at the damage man ! Geez, ltte always looks for intel faliures or gaps in security folks, so ya cant blame in lapse in security.Darn ltte faggots go lucky this time. Suck, he was a great General and should have stayed out of Politics ! But, I loved his Jaffna operations in 94' right ?

    Any info on where & how the bomber got so close ?

  111. Peter the king of donkies-- The end result will be the money that you earned by
    cleaning,nights in petrol stations,skimming credit cards are all in the gutter after losing the war soon. You will never have a country to say it's yours. You guys are born to be refugees.
    SO modaya if i was you i would shut up.
    Whats the point in having money if you guys are refugees in all over the world.

  112. "PSD sick of MR's public movements"

    these bloody idiots risk the lives of people by doing so. if they realise that their lives are worthless, well and good. but risking the lives of people is not acceptable!!

    he can stay indoors until the LTTE is wiped out which is not THAT far away.

  113. Mr. Brown, Peter, FreedomFighter , MIA, Navindran and ass…rajive.

    I know there is no point replying to low-life and no-life w@nkers like you who are nothing but an an@al snifers of VP.

    I know all u LTTTE dim-bats waiting for ur sun god to go to toilet (open pit toilet in the jungle) and raise the sarong or waitti so u can see the sun shine from VP’s ars@!

    Only thing u good at is follow ur father (biological) VP’s foot steps and sabotage and that’s what u all doing in this blog. All u want is to fill the blog with anti Sinhala garbage so any outsider to do a search in relation to Tamils then all these pages will come up.

    Do me and ur self a favour, pls go and jump into VP’s open pit toilet! U’ll be happy as pigs in a shit hole!

    Boys, I am shamed to see UNP and SLFP politics throwing mud at each other. This is what we did for last 25 years. We were pulling our legs and pulling our self to a senseless dark hole while VP was winning. Pls, for the sake of the country come in to ur senses and strap ur belts. We are in for a hell of a ride!

    Maj Gen Janaka Perera, Sir, I wish u were here to see LTTE destroyed and peace up on us!

    I won’t wish u Nibbana as I want u to re-borne in Sri Lanka and enjoy the peace and harmony in ur next life!

  114. Tamil Tigers suffer major setback

    COLOMBO: The widely expected fall of the Tamil Tigers’ political capital would mark the separatists’ biggest loss in 13 years, analysts say, but add Sri Lanka’s drawn-out ethnic conflict is far from over.

    Government forces say they are steadily advancing on the town of Kilinochchi in an offensive that began over a year ago.

    The Tigers, who are known for their trademark suicide attacks, have put up only intermittent resistance to the military forces advancing on several fronts in the northern part of Sri Lanka known as the Wanni. The capture of Kilinochchi would be a major blow to the Tigers, who set up the town as the capital of their mini-state after taking the area from government forces 10 years ago.

    The rebels have not suffered such a setback since December 1995 when they lost the northern peninsula of Jaffna, which they considered their cultural capital.

    Retired army Brigadier General Vipul Boteju said the success of the latest military campaign appeared to be due to the use of small groups along a broad front.

    Past attempts to take Kilinochchi using large columns of soldiers had failed because the Tigers deployed suicide bombers against them. But a defence analyst who asked not to be named said the Tigers still had suicide attackers who could be deployed with devastating effect.

    “(The) Tigers could be facing the biggest defeat since 1995, but you can’t ignore their ability to carry out suicide attacks,” the analyst said.

    “We have not come to the end of the war.” He noted that the government itself was bracing for more fighting next year by allocating a record Rs177 billion ($1.6 billion) for defence in 2009, up from Rs166 billion in 2008. The Tamil Tigers took up arms in 1972, demanding minority rights, and in 1976 raised the demand for a separate state called Eelam.

    Tamil sources say the guerillas may now retreat towards the jungles of Mullaittivu, the main hideout of their 53-year-old leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. The Tigers still control both Elephant Pass and Mullaittivu. Asian diplomats have also warned the Tigers may fall back to the jungles and return to hit-and-run attacks against government forces to prolong the conflict, the longest running in the region.—AFP

  115. Some centuries ago, hero is a one who has the physical abilities such as with swards/ arches/ horse riding/ arm combat etc. Those days a hero are brave.. If you have the skill then you win and survive all the time..

    But the time has changed now. This is the age of the fire arms.... Today you can be skill full/ brave/ talented but still you won’t win or survive all the time.. The one who hold a gun wins most of the time.. Yes, it is a very unfair game.

    You cannot stop a bullet aimed at your body no matter how tough you are or how skill full you are or how strong you are or how brave you are..

    It is difficult for ones, who grew up with Sri Lankan legends to adjust to this mindset.. but that is the reality...

    So my brother soldier, please obey the combat rules all time, follow the techniques (when engaging) they have thought you, be causes about yourself.. We won't you at the end to celebrate with us..

    MR, SF, GR and others please please protect yourself..

    We cannot lose any of you..

  116. Who Killed Janaka Perera?

    One might say Vezapillai or ZTTE whoever the suicide cadre killed him. Well some others say MR/GR/SF/TMVP or Berty killed him. Or GSL killed him using TMVP militants. But as witnesses it was a sucide cadre blew himself so it should be LTTE. But my claim is different, using different approach.

    UNP knew the only reason MR winning elections is the success of war. Thus UNP/RW started critizising war whenever possible, whenever SLA/SLAF get high damages. But any critisism towards MR's war effort from UNP/RW was badly rejected by people.

    Now at this time RW thought about JP. RW knew JP was loyal UNPer and hence will not say NO to him, the leader of UNP. Also, he thought it is much more effective to critisise MR/GR/SF and thier war effort by a real war hero like JP, rather than Karialla or his other failed boot lickers.

    Then he contacted JP who was in Malayasia and build up the relationship. GSL got to know this and immediately remove him from his post, as UNP expected. First UNP used him via LasanthaW's leader newspapers. I think JP was over confident about himself and RW found it quickly and gave him CM candidacy for NCPC which was the worst province for UNP.

    In such case, RW/UNP cleary knew MR would try to take him to his side, possible security problems when he goes to public, LTTE threats, possible security reductions, mud slingings and all pitty political things will happen. So all of those things happened as expected.

    If RW or any UNP MP really loved JP's life they should advise him to stay away from politics at least temporely. But rather RW/UNP were happy to see conflicts between a former war hero and present war heros. There is no garantee of any one's security until VP is there. Knowing all this it is RW/UNP who used JP against the MR government as tool against MR's war effort. Now even after he was killed we can see UNP/RW try to get maximum benifit even from his dead body.

    RW/UNP used JP knowing very clearly the risk he faced to his life due to UNP/RW's tactic. Nomatter who is the sucide bomber, for me, Janaka Perera's killer is Ranil Wikramasinghe and UNP.

  117. ninja,

    malaysia or indonesia????

    JP, VP & the UNP

    yes it was ranill and the UriNe-Pee that helped LTTE take a priced target. for this favour LTTE will stuff ballot boxes at the next election for the UNP similar to how vezapillai stuffed ranill's arse.

    JCP was not the kind to entertain VP.

    there is this kids game most of you have played. it is about picking the ODD ONE OUT. vezapillai did that to the UNP. unfortunately JCP was tooooo obvious among all those traitors.

  118. For simple expediency, I will cut and paste what I wrote in Asian Tribune today, which summerizes my sentiments re. this sad event:


    It is indeed a sad day for Sri Lanka.

    Sad because:

    1) A national war hero was killed by a LTTE suicide bomber terrorist

    2) A national war hero was hoodwinked by the LTTE friendly UNP opposition party of Sri Lanka and its cowardly, inept but opportunistic leader Ranil Wickremasinghe to embark on a political campaign that was doomed to fail as it was founded on cheap, political opportunism with no regard to his welfare.

    Perhaps Ranil Wickremasinghe must now ask the question from his LTTE friends (perhaps via the LTTE proxy in the national parliament, the Tamil National Alliance) “why did you take my man out this early when I have done, and am still doing, the best to come to power and give you separatists the breakaway “thamileelam”?”

    Ranil and his coterie of unpatriotic opportunists in the UNP evidently coaxed this retired war hero to join in and play the dirty politics, including to utter disparaging remarks to denigrate/belittle the fine achievements of the current SLA campaign to liberate our motherland from the LTTE terrorists. Ranil and his coterie’s thinking was that getting a popular war hero to utter such statements would carry weight and demoralize the fighting forces (and the populace) and thereby, they would win at the polls. Sadly, this war hero fell for that ruse without realizing that he was only a mere pawn, in a much bigger, vile design. What they didn’t bargain for was (foolishly, as the lessons to be had are ample) that the murderous, unforgiving nature of the LTTE that in a most primitive fashion goes for the “bird in hand vs. the two in the bush” to rear its monstrous head this prematurely!

    May General Perera and all other victims of this horrific massacre rest in peace/attain bliss!

    OaO Asithri

  119. It is a well known fact that the UNP has always entertained LTTE agents/sympathizers - for corrupt, cheap political expediency - and as such, it appears this suicide bomber got close enough to go and hug JP only because he was well known to JP and his assistant/security detail around him.

    Evidently, it is reported that JP even warmly smiled at this killer when he was approaching JP!

    Now this all tells me that the LTTE managed to plant a mole (via their go-between thousands upon thousands of sympathizers in the UNP) and the modus-operandi were not different to how the LTTE took-out President RP!

    Aha, will these UNP kooks ever learn?

    I guess not as they value playing cheap party-politics more than national security interests (meaning they are LTTE appeasing at every turn although it is plainly evident to all and sundry that the LTTE is out to destroy MotherLanka!).

    Well, when one sleeps with flea infested dogs, one is bound to get up with fleas!

    As I said in my prior post, it is truly sad that a national war hero of the calibre of JP had to fall victim to the cheap, unpatriotic, corrupt political thrills that Ranil W the cunning Pansy threw his way.

    Looks like JP fell into a sense of complacency thinking that as Ranil had promised to give LTTE the "thamileelam" when he comes to power (well, the RW UNP calls it with a different name - the ISGA), it was unlikely the LTTE will take a pot-shot at him!

    Yes, when will the UNP kooks ever learn????

    OaO Asithri

  120. guys,
    I was looking up the definition of genocide. And I am wondering if it is Sinhalese under genocide by LTTE.

    As per the definition there is no proof for a Tamil genocide in SL.

    Any comments?

  121. Sajiv

    [I lost all my respect for Janaka Perera the moment he joined the UNP and campaigned for them. I am not saddened by this news. Trying to defeat the current government while it is trying to defeat the LTTE is criminal. This assasination should serve as a wake up call for the cunts in the UNP (and their supporters) who think that sucking LTTE dick is the solution. Too bad the LTTE didn't take out Ranil.]

    Sajiv, you know, I find it hard to disagree with you here.

    I myself have been dismayed at some of the comments from JP when asked to comment on the on-going SLDF campaign victories and the thought that went through my mind was "how could a soldier who has experienced the LTTE horror speak like this?"

    My sadness is, once again, how JP got sucked into a crafty ploy by RanilW the Ponnaya, to uplift his sagging political fortunes!

    It appears JP's blind ambitions too may have contributed to his demise (and there have been many comments about his "burning ambitions").

    OaO Asithri

  122. Moshe

    ya may be indonesia.


    Genocide ?? You are right from Aranthalawa to Gonagala and even now in Yala....

    Narayan or some indian has summoned SL HC to say tamils getting killed. Does he think the suicide bomber as sinhala and killed 25 civilians are tamil?

  123. RW the cunning ba$terd's tactic was this. He saw the weakness of JP, JP's ego, self (over) confidence, ambitiousness. Then he used him against MR/GR/SF. Probably he told JP "see, what kind of fake heros are these SF/GR? YOU are the real hero....". Then he made JP to said "this is not winning the war...fake propaganda..etc. Then when GSL reacted by reducing security (its bad) he said "is this how you treat war heros?". In whatever case, MR get the beating, JP risking life, RW is safe. RW didn't care any thing about JP's life.

    Ranilata yanda venneth prabakaran yana apayatama thamai.

  124. bungu,

    you are fcuking right, mate!!

    just go to lanka guardian (the link is in DN front page).

    click the fist left hand box with a photo of a weeping woman. it is titled "WHO COMMITS GENOCIDE"

    you will be SHELL SHOCKED to learn that it not only genocide but also ethnocide, cultural genocide, etc., etc. committed by LTTE canibals.

    i call them canibals not just barbarians for a reason. they eat their own kind HABITUALLY!!!!

  125. Think inteligently
    I see two thins in this assassination first keep the glory out from the war and SLDF reaching Killi and the other one is long term plan and part of the westerner’s effort using LTTE, to keep the people who doesn’t like LTTE away from UNP, why, simply LTTE knows Ranil fucker is their ultimate savior even after the war is over if ranil comes to power some day eelam will come to surfers in deferent way this is why ZTTE wants to remove all patriots from UNP, u all know UNP leaders who killed by ZTTE but see the following.

    UNP has no more patriotic leaders at the moment if u have seen UNP press conference idiotic and foolish statements allover,

    Major-General (Rtd) Chulasoka Lakshman "Lucky" Algama VSV, USP, ndc, psc (June 2, 1940 - December 18, 1999) was a former Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army and a United National Party activist after retirement. Lucky Algama was educated at Ananda College, Colombo. Algama held several key posts in the army including Commander Security Forces Headquarters East (SF HQ (E)) and was responsible for enabling the government to hold elections in the eastern province in 1993. He was killed in a suicide bombing along with 11 others[1][2] and injured 7 others[3] at a political rally in Ja-Ela Colombo.[4] The Sri Lankan government claimed that he was killed by a LTTE suicide bomber.[5][6][7][8]

  126. I'm shocked at some of the comments made by long standing bloggers here. I wonder whom you will find to blame once Ranil is no more? At a time everyone should get together to finish off the terrorist menace, blaming Ranil will only divide people especially in the light of the government failing to provide the General with adequate security.
    I think it's treason to try to divide our people like this!

  127. katch,

    if the govt joins with ranil, what happened to lalith, premadasa, gamini, lucky, janaka will happen to them.

    actually we don't need the support of pro-ranil guys to win the war. the war has proceeded VERY WELL in their absence and that is how it should be.

    the claim that security was not provided is total BS. had security been provided, would the outcome be any different?


    for the opening ceremony, people were invited. there is no practice of checking the PUBLIC who come as invitees of the hosts to public functions like these. anyway the organisers wanted AS MANY PEOPLE AS THEY POSSIBLY COULD ENTERTAIN.

    no security troupe could have avoided that.

    also JCP rejected what was provided to him, even MR has not done that!!!!

    he DEMANDED that a few handpicked ones are made his guards.

    these are some GRAVE innocent mistakes he did.

    why can't ranil call a spade a spade?

  128. 200 SLA KIA during Sep1 and Oct1.

    This is an 100% increase or a doubling as earlier months it was around 100 SLA KIA per month on avarage.

    Appointment of aruna as a MP.....

    This says it is possible to work together despite past attacks, leaders can have a better future if they withdraw from LTTE, military path is a failure and democratic way is better, .....

    UNP boycott the parliment I don't know why? If they protest saying Karuna murdered 600 cops, civilians etc and therefore he should not be allowed to go in or rather tried in court ...then this contradicts their "peace approach" with LTTE/VP.

  129. //Three civilians were killed and six wounded Monday morning around 10:00 when Sri Lanka Army (SLA) Deep Penetration Unit (DPU) launched a Claymore attack targeting a civilian bus on Pu'liyangku'lam - Puthukkudiyiruppu road in Vanni, Tamileelam Police said.// -tamilnut

    How many km s Puliyankulam Puthuukuduiruppu road? Even after hours they couldn't find the whats the exact location??? I don't think even diaspora buy these stories now.

  130. Welldone Hon Mr President..well done.Welcome commander Karuna..welcome..
    World financial institutions in crisis? come mean to tell me that LORD GOD IC is in crisis..You have broken the hearts of LTTE di-ass-phora..

    Please Ask your LTTE di-ass-phora to invest more in SLanka..LOLLOOLLLOOOOLLLL!! we can confiscate their assets if found to have colluded with the LTTE..LLOOLLLOOOLOL!!

  132. Asithri,
    Have you noticed that LTTE di-ass-phora comments are now focussing on it because they have nothing to say on the war front..?I ask where is the LTTE green elephant crack commando div then other than in their imagination??

  133. Moshe,

    ”if the govt joins with ranil, what happened to lalith, premadasa, gamini, lucky, janaka will happen to them.”

    Who asked the govt to join Ranil? By blaming political opponents you only obscure who the real enemy is! which is the ltte.

    ”actually we don't need the support of pro-ranil guys to win the war. the war has proceeded VERY WELL in their absence and that is how it should be.”

    Who are the “we”? WE Sri Lankans want an end to this war! WE are the ones who have made the sacrifices. It is not somebody’s private war, nor is it a war by any political entity. In order to win we do not need anybody to confuse us as to who the real enemy is. Once the ltte is finished it doesn’t matter if Ranil is there or not. However, when Ranil is out and if the ltte is still there, we still have the problem.

    "the claim that security was not provided is total BS. had security been provided, would the outcome be any different?
    for the opening ceremony, people were invited. there is no practice of checking the PUBLIC who come as invitees of the hosts to public functions like these. anyway the organisers wanted AS MANY PEOPLE AS THEY POSSIBLY COULD ENTERTAIN. no security troupe could have avoided that.
    also JCP rejected what was provided to him, even MR has not done that!!!!
    he DEMANDED that a few handpicked ones are made his guards.
    these are some GRAVE innocent mistakes he did. "

    The government did not provide a security contingent that a general of Janaka Perera’s standing deserved. However, I agree with you that he could have taken more precautions without exposing himself as he did. Given the magnitude of the explosion it may not have made a difference as you said.
    In the event the unp was is power, would u have wanted General Fonseka to be given a similar inadequate security contingent? I for one don’t want these generals picked off once they retire! Do u want to give the message to the men in command that they are not safe once they leave the frontlines?

    “Why can't ranil call a spade a spade?”

    I haven’t seen any reports of Ranil condemning the assassination. I think he should have done so in the strongest possible terms.

    I am a sinhala "modaya" belonging to the "singhala buddist chauvenistic govt"..I am 10 yrs old and dont know about finances and was awaiting your expertise as you possess "superior" intelligence.When this is will be seeing the faces of many many many faces of ALL peoples of SLanka..including those ex-LTTE cadres (forcibly conscripted) whose parents were killed by the LTTE,financed by you...we will be giving them names and addresses as well.. have "FUN" in future..loads of "FUUUNNNNN"!.We will be looking after their "Human rights" this time for sure.

    IT is ever so intelligent of you to post 1 or 2 commenst and await the plethora of replies that follow.We "modayas" here are going to leave our lives in abeyance and spend ALL our time commenting on your what i am doing now..since we have nothing better to do with our lives...Have "FUNNN"

  136. இலங்கை இராணுவத்திற்குள்ளை UNP படைகள், PA படைகள், JVP படைகள், அப்பாவி படைகள் என்டு பலது இருக்கு.

    தற்போது வன்னியில் தண்னிக்கும் தட்டுபாடான இடத்தில் நிற்கும் படைகள் அனைத்தும் றணிலை 20002 ல் ஆதரித்த படைகள். மகிந்தவின் ஆதரவு படைகள் அனைத்தும் கொழும்பிலும் கம்பாந்தோட்டையிலும் நிக்குது.

    றணிலை ஆதரித்த இராணுவம் தோ;தல் காலத்தில் மகிந்தவை கவுக்க வன்னியில் இருந்து பின்வாங்க பாக்கும். இராணுவ தோல்வி என்டு மகிந்த வாக்கு பெட்டியில் கோட்டைவிட றணில் பதவிக்கு வர வன்னிக்குள் நிண்ட படைகள் தென் இலங்கைக்கு சென்று தென் இலங்கையில் மகிந்தவின் அதரவுடன் தேன் நிலவு காத்த படைகள் றணிலால் வடக்கு கிழக்கிற்கு அனுப்பபடும்.

    இதுதான் இலங்கை இராணுவம்.

  137. Cool man!

    If Thamilselvan is a military target, so is Janaka malli!

    Janaka's family shoul know the pain of innnocent tamils who were killed and burried by Janaka.

  138. Why has Janaka's undamaged parts not been given to other soldiers who has lost their organs in the war.

  139. Whether he become nibbana or not, he became 'nirvanam'(that means naked in tamil).

    He reminds me Rajeev Gandi

  140. Sri Lanka army closes in on Tamil Tigers - 07 Oct 08

  141. Hi Ninja and Moshe,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I think our political leadership must take necessary actions against misuse of the word GENOCIDE by people in UN and other renowned organizations.

  142. First this:

    Then this:

    Obvious connection between the two? The "God Father" has spoken and New Delhi is reeling into to the pressure. All this time New Delhi did not take much notice as only Tamizh Nazhu crackpot politicians (Vaiko et al)spoke againts the SLA offensive, now that the Kingmaker has spoken, they have to take action or else the coalition will collapse. However, India is under tremendous pressure, if they withdraw support to SL, we will not hesitate to turn to Pakistan or China. They are in a quandry, keep Karunanizhi happy and the coalition government intact or compromise national security. All due to the monster created by Indira Ghandhi. Payback time losers!

    Side notes:

    Note that BBC gives more prominence to the India HC story than the assination of JP.

    Note that Tamilnut claimed that the rally was attended by "thousands" although only pics of the orangutan has been posted, and no pics of the crowd of "thousands".

  143. Mohamed Zubahir,

    Mate, times have changed; we can weather the storm. India may say - of course, under pressure - that they are concerned and that's it. What else can they do? Invasion! Ha ha.

    It is a section of the media that is the problem, not India. They turn trivial things into headlines and our opposition folks blow them out of all proportions. The march will move forward; rain can hamper progress, not the neighbour.

    My biggest worry is the global financial meltdown. Europe is turning the clock back, folks - nationalising major banks. The economic situation is getting precarious by the hour.

    At least, the EU and America will not poke their nose in our affairs any more. Their own home front is on fire.

    Indian economy depends on the major playrs and they feel the pinch too; for instance, the call centre buisness is on the brink of collapse. So, even for India, there are more pressing things to focus on than protecting a dying species of savages.

  144. Defencenet,

    Are there any good reasons for the SLDF to develop/acquire small/medium size armoured hovercraft which could traverse land and water as well as shallow waters or marshland?

    Has the SLDF ever contemplated designing and building these for military purposes? If there are military uses for them, hovercrafts could be relatively low in cost yet an extremely useful mode of transportation which would give a significant advantage to the SLDF in the right circumstances. They could be used for offensive as well as supportive roles like transporting supplies and/or wounded personnel.

  145. This will be proof for my comment, thans qrious,

    "Some friendly advice to General Janaka Perera
    Douglas Wickramaratne

    I consider Gen. Janaka Perera as a very dedicated military leader. One should not dismiss lightly his achievements in the battle field. I had the privelege of meeting with him in London soon after he was appointed , High Commisioner to Australia. The discussion took place soon after the Elephant Pass debacle. He said that he had warned the establishment of the dangers of an ill prepared military campaign.

    The General criticised the role of the politicians and some top brass in the Army. He appeared frustrated that he was not given the command. His frustration and dissapoinment seem to have been taken full advantage by Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe. I wish to remind Gen. Janaka Perera of a similar soldier who fell victim to the guiles of Ranil.

    Late General Lucky Algama was more than a brother to me and whose death I still mourn. Gen. Lucky Algama saved the country from JVP terror and later President D. B. Wijetunga sent him to the East. Lucky liberated the East from LTTE terrorists. Soon after that President DB asked him at a security meeting whether elections could be held in the East. DB expected Lucky to list the difficulties but without any hesitation that assuarance was given. DB then said " General what if you fail" to which in his inimitable style Lucky said " in that case your excellency bring me to Galle Face and shoot me in public".

    We all know how successfully the elections were held. Soon after that DB wanted to make Gen. Lucky the Commander but this was opposed by Ranil. Next came the General elections won by Chandrika. Ravaya newspaper in banner headlines said that Gen. Lucky was planning to arrest Chandrika and Yuktiya ,not to be outdone, said that he was planning a coup against DB. This was all a part of a plot to stop his appointment as Commander. I remember Gen. Lucky saying how Chandrika summoned him and said " I hear General that you were planning to arrest me". Quick as a flash he said " Madam we are here to protect Democracy and not to destroy it". Chandrika extended the period of Army Commander Gerry Silva thus forcing Gen. Lucky to retire and the country is still paying a heavy price for that folly.

    Gen. Lucky's frustration that he was not allowed to finish the job was taken advantage by Ranil who floated the idea that in the next UNP govrnment he would be made Defence Minister. I repeatedly warned Lucky and reminded him how Ranil had opposed his appointment during DB's time and even got him to London to keep him away from the devious tactics of politicians. Unfortunately soon as he returned to Sri Lanka presidential elections were announced.

    I learnt from a friend with whom late Tyronne Fernando was staying in London had said that Ranil was playing his usual tricks and that Gen. Lucky would not even be nominated to Parliament. I immediately phoned Gen. Lucky and asked him to withdraw from the election campaign but sadly he ignored my request. Two days later under very suspicious circumstances he was assasinated.

    My advice to Gen. Janaka Perera is to be aware of these political leaders who have hidden agendas.
    Douglas Wickramaratne"

  146. Quite a few muslim names in the killed list at Anradhapura. Could the assasin be an imposter pretending to be a muslim? Being able to speak Tamil would have been a clear advantage and mingling with other muslims very closely is easier if one is (or pretends to be) a muslim.

  147. Peter,
    my son, come and dig the rat hole.

  148. This comment has been removed by the author.

  149. DN why do you have LEN favicon.ico attached to your site..

    when you view the web page on IE7 it shows LEN favicon.ico???

  150. The LEN favicon only show when we directly type the url below

    if you click on link or so it wont be there

  151. If you need a custom favicon just let me know i would be happy create one for you..


  152. Qrious,

    interesting line of thought ..
    and i know this is a bit late but i just didnt have time to comment,

    from what i got to know.. Dr.Johnpulle made some enemies... his competition... some berty character(politician) in A'pura.. apparently well known as a shamelessly corrupt person who would go to extremes to stay in power and keep himself and his goons well fed.

    recently Dr.Johnpulle's house was burnt too with even the dogs burnt alive in their kennels.

    according to what i learnt, there is a possibility that this pathetic SOG bertie may have hired some karuna cadre or convinced some pro tiger parties to get general perera at this setting when dr Johnpulle will also be around.. so 'obviously' its the tigers who would do such a inhumane thing right? ... not just goes to show the lengths corrupt people will go to stay in power and why half-way decent people have the most to lose if they try to do something even 10% better than the other character.

    ... i figure that once you are 8ft deep in shit and everything around you smells like shit .. you dont have much to lose.. so anything goes? is that how it works?

    anyway.. what i said is not first hand information that i saw or heard from my very eyes or ears.. but its second hand.. so it might not be true...

    but it sure does make sense to me ... why would the LTTE spend their resources on General Perera when he is no longer involved deeply?.. All respect to him and may he attain nibbana..but Im sure he would agree that this is does not make clear cut sense..

    thanks DN again for creating this space to share info like this..
    keep up the good work

  153. 20 SLA killed and LTTE found 3 bodies in todays clashes

  154. My love son Shyam, Charlie Anna need some help with digging. Can you come back and start digging.
    PS: Do n't forget to bring your Peter Anna too.
    Hi..Hi.. He..he

  155. Pottu ,

    I thought Mr.Suweendra de Silva and 57th division need us with the fire brigade for their burning asses .... having the names won't make you smart enough ....
    Finally you joined in the group of Madaya ahh ...have fun till you ass caught fire

  156. Today 'Ranil Wickramasinghe' told media that a person who had been in UK jail and who can't even visit some countries (due to his past actions) is now in SL Parliament and it's a shame! He told that Karuna should be in Jail instead of Parliament.

    The same Ranil Wickramasinghe signed a MOU with LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran that gave an international recognition to terrorists and the first step towards separate state!

    How on earth he can make this claim about Karuna now?

    Why Sri Lankans can't remember this?

  157. al jazeer

  158. present politico-military system is fighting a war to finish LTTE from various fronts. but they have completely forgotten the fact that if not for a great warrior like Mr Janaka Perera, they will have to launch this war from sea. If not for him, in Jaffna, Welioya and other border areas won't be in SLA hands. Rajapaksa bros have conveniently make the things easier for the killers.
    What ever the political colour he has chosen, Janaka Perera should be recognized as one of the bravest commanders SLA ever had. Fortunately for us he has trained quite a few like him hwo will comtinue the struggle.

  159. Four new brigades are coming and the army will stand at 200000.

    Click here

  160. Top of the morning to all! Good to see bit of calmness after another bloody day orchestrated by mentally handicapped VP! Here is something to ponder !!!

    Ravana the genius play-boy king, Rama the ugly black king, Indian Attitude toward Sri Lanka, Hanuman and Tamil Terrorism : Analysis by AmmaGahai

    (New blogers who may not familiar with my style pls read my earlier posts before past judgment)

    There are ample of evidence from the prehistoric period that Indian attitude towards SL was not much different to today to what it was @ the time of king Ravana.

    Quick analysis of Ramayana could give enough evidence how India halts the progress of SL with the help of Tamil Terrorism. Every time when SL going through a prosperous and peaceful period IND would systematically destroy longevity of it by creating unrest in SL with help of Tamils Terrorism.

    Rama means “the dark one” or the “the black one”, in simple terms “Ugly black c@nt”. He was such fcuking bad king he could not shoot an fcuking arrow properly. Hilarious? yeh…that’s the last thing a king wants to mess up! Bugger once broke a one of old dude’s antique Bow trying to shoot an Arrow! ha ha ha No wonder Sita wants to shag Ravana who was a genius and a play-boy with his own private Jet. Ravana was a well educated, broad minded and a lateral thinker. Ravana was a brilliant sportsman, fearless warrior and an artist who ran the country with equal opportunities to all citizens.

    By the time Rama married Sita (it was a proposed marriage by parents… typical Indian), Rama knew Sita already had a fling with Ravana and even joined the “Mile High Club” (s@x in the plain while on board ex. Ravana, Richard Branson, Ralph Fiennes, AmmaGahai ect…) few years ago. But he married her knowing this will give him a chance to destroy SL which was going through an economic and technology revolution.

    When Rama was @ kovil with poosary as usual (he was a religious fanatic extremist like Talibans) Ravana took Sita for a “quick fcuk” and Rama played the old trick in the book by declaring war against Sri Lanka claiming Ravana kidnap his wife (actually they were shagging in a nice hotel in Nuwara Eliya). And guesses who came to Rama’s help?? Fcuking monkey, Hanuman! A terrorist leader from Tamil Nadu. He must be a Tamil??? Not 100% sure!! Even Valmiki was unsure of this!! Or may be Valmiki didn’t like people of Tamil Nadu and deliberately portrayed them as monkeys! May be they were not civilized enough! Don’t blame me for any of this! It was Valmiki’s fault!

    Hanuman (must be one of the few Neanderthals’ survived in this ancient time) who was from Tamil Nadu was the first one to send to SL to do the spy job because of his knowledge of this area and the north part of SL. He was very good at sabotage and terrorism, part of the job was to plant few Bombs in the capital and to kill many innocent civilians. And also Hanuman is the one who pin-pointed Rama the shallow “sand bench” that stretches from Tamil Nadu to SL and that confirms his local knowledge as a native Tamil Nadu hanuma/monkey.

    Even before the war begins with the help of intelligence agency RAW (Rama’s Analysis Wing), Rama managed to bribe one of Ravana’s brother (there is always a black sheep in any family) with the promise of making him SL’s puppet king of India. But on the war front, it didn’t go well for the Indian army.

    In the Jaffna theatre of operations: Forward defense line of Sri Lankan army was commanded by the king’s favorite brother Kumbe (who was the Mr. Universe at that time) destroyed half of Indian army and many terrorist monkeys and almost killed terrorist leader monkey hanuman.

    King’s son Ajith, who was commanding the DPU attacks penetrated Indian army lines with 3 more brave harts and laid a surprise attack on Rama and his generals of Indian army. The attack was so devastating Sri Lankan DPU boys killed many generals, terrorist monkeys and almost killed Rama. Rama was put in to a “medically induce coma” for several weeks and was living attached to the life supporter.

    King Ravana himself an experienced fighter jet pilot commanding Sri Lankan Air Force attacked Indian army and annihilated units and brigades of Indian army, terrorist monkeys and killed many generals of Indian army. King Ravana was unstoppable and it was a real technical and ethical war-game played by the Sri Lankan army.

    After about 10 unsuccessful attempts to breach Sri Lankan defense line, Rama went for the mother of all weapons. A nuclear missile, “Brahmastra” (equal to Agni-3 of modern day nuclear missile use by Indian army) was fired. Un-ethical? Bet yeh..!! It just shows India’s grossly attitude towards region and they always lacked the moral and ethics. The nuclear missile caused havocs.

    King Ravana and many fearless warriors kissed the beloved mother land for the last time! The golden city planed by the best architect of all time fell in to the hands of religious-extremist ugly black king Rama and bunch of terrorists’ monkeys!

    That’s how India’s dreadful attitude towards progressive Sri Lanka and Tamil terrorism (figurative in monkey shape) hand in hand and time and time again destroyed this lovely country Sri Lanka. That’s what we are fighting against! All the best to Sri Lankan Army! All the best to SL politicians who are negotiating with Indian politic morons and monkeys in Tamil Nadu!


    P.S. Sita was moaning in Nuwara Eliya hearing Ravana’s death and Rama threw her to a bonfire (typical Indian macho attitude towards women). Fortunately V.V.S. Lakshman was there to rescue Indian dignity and saved Sita from the fire. Doctors confirmed that she was few months pregnant too. Rama banishes Sita after destroying SL as no use of her anyway.

    Any tight ars@, LTTE di-ass-pora or Tamil terrorists who wants to have a go at me take 5! Stop and think back! U guys have been nothing but pain in the ars@, sabotages and terrorists from the dawn of the man kind! Change ur attitude morons! Before start calling others modaya think twice, U r the real modayas! No wonder u can not run or have ur own joint. U don’t have management skills! Only thing u good @ is destroy things! That’s why u have to leave ur habitant and go to SL or Singapore or Malaysia or SA to shine! U r good at following orders but not well at lateral thinking! When ur on ur own in ur own joint u r like “pigs in a sh#t hole”

    Any idiot thinking to start a reply “Ravana was a Dravidic king…” go jump to an open pit toilet. Anyone wants to say that I am dreaming, and then Valmiki was dreaming too!

    Do u think I have exaggerate things? Then what the fcuk Valmiki did? lol

    Anyone wants to give me a “history lessons” go jump too! I know the history!!!

  161. pakka-lanka

    SLN's experiment with a hovercraft (A530)led to no where. Our Navy has had a hovercraft for quite a few years which is capable of impressive speeds, but which has not been deployed in any meaningful or known operations. It had the capacity to transport a fair sized contingent for operations over shallow waters and lagoons etc.

    A couple of years ago it was put up for sale and the Navy only recieved very low priced tenders, due to which this vessel was not sold. It fate is currently unknown.

    Pictures of this craft here;

  162. AmmaGG

    ela da bra

  163. This is hilarious; the Aussies wake up a long time after the rest of the world, it seems.,25197,24462156-2703,00.html

  164. AmmaGG

    LMSSAO!!! I loved it!!!

    OaO Asithri

  165. tgg

    give it a rest kook...

    Don't just utter the damn obvious...only parrot and morons do that.

    Who the fcuk said JP was not a war hero and his contribution to decimating the LTTE motherfcukers was not recognized in Sri Lanka?

    JP's problem was he got sucked into a plot hatched by a bunch of traitors, the chief traitor being Ranil the Ponnaya, who at the end of the day was quite willing to hand over (on a platter) nearly 40% of SL landmass and 60% of coastal ring, to a bunch of Tamil racist motherfcukers for good.

    JP should have known better. If his patriotism were as at the epitome as his military skill was, he would have never ever got into bed with Ranil the Ponnaya's UNP (basically undercover LTTE stooges in the South who have been sabotaging the MR GOSL war effort with all kinds of falsehood and insults at SLDF’s accomplishments).

    Ranil the Ponnaya and his UNP is well known to entertain LTTE agents (just for cheap political mileage; UNP’s Jayalath Jayawardene is even known to have the cell phone numbers of LTTE king pins in his speed-dial) and it appears it was one of these undercover LTTE but pro-UNP motherfcukers who "did" JP in.

    After all, when you are under a constant threat from the LTTE monkeys, would you allow a stranger to come up to you and hug you? I say NO!

    Evidently, JP had even warmly smiled at the "hugger" who came right up to him!

    As such, this shout from unpatriotic kooks/gooks that MR GOSL did not provide JP with adequate security is all hogwash!

    Yes, as my friend AmmaGG would say, you can shove that kind of accusation up your arse!

    OaO Asithri

  166. Anybody ever wondered why the LTTE NEVER EVER took a pot-shot Ranil the Ponnaya Motherfcuker?

    Go figure...not rocket science!


    OaO Asithri

  167. Got to run and catch the US presidential debate...



    OaO Asithri

  168. Ninja/Asithri, Thanks bros!

    Asithri, there is a monkey in DW called "STD" wish u have time to give him a "Asithri Special" lol. This particular monkey was waiting for Wanni monsoon! This monkey recon he is a “defense Specialist”. I recon he is a waste and living in 1940’s! This monkey thinks monsoon will holt the whole thing! May be thinking that whole army will get influenza once rain start! Ha ha ha


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