Tuesday, February 19, 2008

F-7G fighters to counter tiger air threat

Ever since the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) used two of their light aircraft to bomb the country's main air base, top brass of the SLAF have been busy devising countermeasures. Although ground based anti aircraft defenses and surveillance equipment were quickly purchased, acquiring a dedicated interceptor was continuously delayed (Initially there were plans to buy MiG29 fighters from Russia. These plans however had to be scrapped off due to budget constraints). Due to this reason, LTTE aircraft managed to safely return to base after several mildly successful bombing runs over Colombo.

By now, things have changed. SLAF recently took delivery of six F-7G aircraft which will primarily be used for interceptor role. Unlike the older F-7BS and FT-7 aircraft which the SLAF has been operating for over a decade, these modernized versions feature advanced avionics, upgraded engine, improved radar (KLJ-6E), surveillance capabilities and the ability to fire a range of air to air missiles.

5th Jet Squadron has operated the following aircraft from the Chengdu J-7 family since the early 1990s:

  • CF701 -  FT-7 (Trainer)
  • CF702 -  FT-7 (Trainer)
  • CF703 -  FT-7 (Trainer)
  • CF704 -  F-7BS (Crashed while landing in 2000.)
  • CF705 -  F-7BS
  • CF707 -  F-7BS
  • CF708 -  F-7BS

The new F-7Gs (not included in above list) will also be operated by the 5th Jet Squadron.

Specifications (F-7G):

  • Maximum Speed : 2100 km per hour
  • Range : 850km
  • Weight (Empty) : 5355KG
  • Weight (Loaded) : 7600KG
  • Radar: KLJ-6E with Helmet Mounted Sight (HMS) / Range 30KM

Weapons (F-7G):

  • Cannon : One 30mm Type 30-1 cannon
  • Payload limit : 2000KG (4x 50-500KG - AAM/Free Fall Bombs)
  • Rocket Pods : 12x55mm, 7x90mm
  • Air to Air Missiles (AAM) : PL-5, PL-7, PL-8, PL-9, AIM-9, R550 (KLJ-6E radar and HMS can be used in conjunction to control PL-8 and PL-9 missiles)


  1. As for news from battlefront, a 600m stretch of land North of Uliyankulam entry/exit point has been captured by the 58th division.

    10 LTTE cadres and 2 SLA KIA.

  2. I don't think LTTE air raids were successful other than creating panic in south and some boost to the ppl who supporting them. Their targets are way off isn't it?

  3. samantha,
    LTTE seems to be more about propaganda and less about military victories these days.. so I guess it could be seen as a success.
    as for targets, they didn't do much damage at all.

  4. Ltte raids have not done much physical damage, but they motivated the diaspora to donate more.

  5. DN
    "600m stretch of land North of Uliyankulam entry/exit point has been captured by the 58th division"

    what is the startergic importance of this captured area ?

  6. tigers don't only operate zlins, it's going to be interesting to see if these f7's can take down their more advanced aircrafts such as the twin engine ones or the pilatus pc21.

  7. thallaadi army camp shelled again, any info on this defencenet?

  8. heay casualties for SLA reported in mannar

  9. defencenet lanka

    Are all 6 of the F-7Gs purchased fighters or are some of them trainer aircraft as well?

  10. If LTTE do it again (flying two way without harm) it is a big victory for them even making no damages. it's like Bangaladesh battind 50 overs against Australia. Even B'desh lost still B'desh supportrs celebrate. Same for tamil die-ass-poora. They become more happy thus more money for LTTE. The bonus is when the 'kanapallama' happens and it hits some thing valuable.

  11. I am ceratin that the SLAF now has a new stock of Man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS)that are effective against sub-sonic craft, like the LTTE crop dusters. I read that during the first LTTE raid these did not work work due to the batteries being discharged.


  12. Out of topic

    Very interesting though!!


    check the related as well.

  13. Guys,

    Exactly as I predicted last week, the operations continue at varying rates; in this context, a reported slow-down in action is purely tactical and should not be interpreted as enemy-success. Nor is it a cause to seek comfort under a tent of gloom.

    This is not the best time for the senior Tigers; losing five to six in a week, to air raids and DPU's, is hardly good news for the movement, under any military doctrine. According to my man in shining boots, if things continue at this rate, it is just a matter of time, before savages find, there would be no second-layer seniors left, to lead the cadres at FDL's.

    This is a part of the military strategy that has multiple advantages, one of which is, saving lives, that includes the innocent boys and girls who just happen to be forced conscripts.

    Sudden revival of air strikes and their brutally effective damage, is an indication of the discovery of accurate coordinates. That is why I refused to accept a dead-war front in Vanni. Corpses cannot find coordinates folks!! It is done by our brave DPU's.

    Just imagine the sacrifice they make, keeping their lives on line, to make us live in peace. Yet, there are rotten eggs among us who belittle these precious human beings.

    My understanding is that VP is still alive, voluntarily trapped inside a bunker in Vanni, but not very well. Enormous struggle that the Tigers go through in defending the FDL's, putting everything at their disposal, reflects how vulnerable they are in the event of their collapse. As what is left of their assests fall prey to air raids at a fairly steady rate, there would be nothing effective left, within Vanni to take cover behind.

    I think the victory that a badly-battered nation hope for, will come in three phases: the psychological victory following the capture of Killinochchi and Mulathievu - not necessarily in that order!; the military victory by routing the what is left of the savages in Vanni jungles; the moral victory by liberating peace-loving culturally-affluent Tamil civilians, who are longing for a breath of fresh air, in the atmospher of freedom replacing that of suppression.

    Let's collectively bow down in honour of our heroes in this great march!

  14. So will these also carry dumb air to air missiles?

  15. it took almost a year from tiger attacks to deploy a dedicated counter TAF unit with planes built for interceptor roles!!!

    we had four air-to-air enabled KFirs but they were not at all effective as seen in the AAB incident.

    this shows the immense inefficiency of MOD. nevermind now we have them.

    its is likely that all the F-7s (bar the trainer of course) will be used for dedicated interceptor roles. this should relieve the others (four KFirs) to carryout more air strikes on LTTE positions.

    the question asked my SO MANY here that why we don't use Mi-24s in CAS was repeatedly answered by defencenet. its answer was that it is too costly to operate Mi-24s for CAS roles. but we are not using it for any other REGULAR roles either!!! we have about 10 of them doing NOTHING for most days!

    on top of that we are buying 3 more Mi-35s!!!! i couldn't understand this.

    recently i came to know from a SLAF source the REAL REAL reason (according to the source) behind SLAF underperformance. although cost is one major reason, there is another not-so-elegant reason.

    the govt. was afraid to allow SLAF to go more aggro for the fear of TAF attacks, especially suicide attacks on WTC, oil installations, etc., etc. therefore the SLAF was given only limited targets.

    the SLAF possess a very large number of potential LTTE targets including MANY 'operation centres' around their 3 layered FDLs. they also know a number of warehouses (which the tigers consider economic nerve centres! and you know the rest).

    now that we have REAL interceptors, the govt. is likely to use the SLAF MORE, both Mils and jets.

    how accurate is my source? i don't know. waiting to see whether SLAF attacks are going to increase drastically sometime soon OVER AND ABOVE the capabilities offered by releasing the four KFirs for other uses.
    most importantly the deployment of Mils and CAS.

  16. We always go for the best things. We don't worry about money. You also don't need to.

  17. qrious,

    i agree with your 3 types of victories; but there are many more including ECONOMIC victory which is the most important for the masses today.

    those who cry foul to stop the war for economic development are only giving plaster solutions. real economic development comes when the savagers are killed.

    was there any specialy development during 2002-05 surrender called peace?

    no; actually the masses got poorer in spite of a temporary drop in world oil prices in 2003!!

    god bless our brave soldiers and curse the gory LTTE savagers

  18. ravis(h) - ass - aiah,

    there are no dumb air-to-air missiles.

    may be it costed us more but WE ARE WINNING THE WAR!!

  19. it's too early to conclude that you are winning the war as the war is just starting mith the major battles still to come, it will be in these decisive battles that the winner will be decided. It will be the bloodiest battles of this conflict but it will definitely be decisive. The ltte hasn't even started offensives yet and yet people consider them finished just like in the operations in the late nineties.

  20. nicely put qrious. 'moral victory by liberating peace-loving culturally-affluent Tamil civilians, who are longing for a breath of fresh air, in the atmospher of freedom replacing that of suppression.'.

    When, and only when, we reach this stage would we truly have won this war. Empower the tamil brethren, and give them a true sense of belonging in Sri Lanka, and the LTTE will fade away faster than the morning mist fades before the sun.

  21. moshe dayan,

    its not a matter of whose winning or not, im just pointing out a fact. so tell me Mr. expert. how much do these F-7G cost ya? How much does a 'tincan' cost?

    dont call me names. i've seen how you rascals call us tamils names and cry over admins to ban the tamil voice. now look who started it. definitely not me, cos i've called you BY NAME!

    learn to speak first if you want a decent arguement.

  22. sweet...F-7G's ehh....

    i guess one of the reasons..kfirs and migs werent used or cud not be used to intercept .. incoming TAF aircraft.. is that kfirs took a awfull lot of time to startup.. that is heat up or sumtin.. if not wrong...about the time i heard its arnd 30-40 mins for our kfirs to star t up or sumtin....i dunno how the F-7g fares at this....

    and ofc we use our MIl 24's,35's in CAS... used mainly during naval battles to fire unguided rockets....only if they cud get couple of spike missiles wud help alot..

    other than that i truly admire the TAF hahaha...theyve come a long way from what they started out to be...hats off for the their creativity...bomb racks on zlins.. who knws they might even fix modified sams onto zlins..now that wud cooool hehehe....and they dun nid complicated missile defence on their zlins.. can simply use flares shot from guns to evade missiles...well that does take lots of skill..but still..they do got lots of it.. haha...
    as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions ( or sumtin like tht )

    man wud i luv to design creative weapons platforms hehe
    shud be fun
    vik :)


    ලංකා ලංකා පෙම්බර ලංකා,

    පිනවමු ඔබ ලංකා.....


    Of course, with the blessings of all you guys with the guidance of our beloved defencenet!!!

  24. sivarassaiah or rascal,

    My apologies.

    I noticed that you have brought a sound argument unlike some LTTE admirers.

    Cost verses performance of planes (or any weapon) is more or less POSITIVELY related. TAF planes are not 'tincans' although their targeting was always lousy.

    LTTE has started their operations already. only thing is that they cannot stop the SLA by killing civilians away from the battlefield anymore. they GOT TO fight for their survival in the north. so far they have done a better job than the SLA in 1999/2000. but the moment SLA PENETRATES inwards sharpely into a LTTE FDLs from any front, that's it.

    I didn't say WE HAVE WON THE WAR; i only said we ARE winning it; there's a very long way ahead but we are getting there.

  25. I'm a Sri Lankan; not necessarily a Sinhalese. who said i'm a Sinhalese anyway?

    but WE ARE WINNING THE WAR ON TERROR. you can kill any number of civilians you like, bomb anything showing your barbarianism to the world, but you cannot beat the SLA. That is the point i'm making.

  26. moshe dyan, i'm not talking about operations outside the battlefield or defencsive actions, i'm talking about offensives in the battlefield and as far as that is concerned the ltte has not started that yet, so far they have been tactically defending since the wanni operation began, it will be different when offensives start in the battlefield, that's what i meant.

  27. Thiru,
    Actually you are correct. LTTE is tactically withdrawn in some areas in Vanni. They have done it in eastern province as well. My suggestion is that could you please ask them to speed up tactical withdrawn from North as well.

  28. Heard from another source that SLAF has formed a special "squad" to take on AA threats...called "air guard" or summin like that :)
    hope these guys are trained in proper AA combat techniques etc...
    Never ever underestimate the enemy and it's always good to have an upper hand in good AA combat cos the next time SLAF meets the Zlins we should ensure they are properly escorted off our skies in style :)

  29. Moshe-

    If I were you, bro I would not waste time with this “sivarasiahhahha” or something like that as the F-7G’s acquisition is entirely for the benefit of the SLAF and “Sri Lankans” to neither category that this “thamileelamist” filthy son-of-a-whore belongs.

    Since when did “thamileelamists” sincerely concern themselves about value-for-money proportions on behalf of Motherlanka or her people?

    Of course, the intent was to cast doubts about this acquisition and prod those doubts further to attack the present MR GOSL (portraying as an unwise spender) and thereby attempt to demoralize the patriotic armed forces of Sri Lanka and her people (i.e. no different to what RW=LTTE droopy pansy does today) and hope for some strategic/tactical benefit in favor of their LTTE excreta-maggots!

    They all know that today the LTTE mother-doers are at the receiving end of the fire-breathing dragon’s arsehole and as such, no attempt is too small or too big for these wretched buggers to save them!


    OaO Asithri

  30. Is it a good time now to drop a heap of leaflets asking them to surrender. Even if 50 to 100 do so it is worth it I feel.

  31. Vikram:

    […as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions ( or sumtin like tht )]

    No, let me correct you horrid SOB…
    it is really "sumtin like"....

    “LTTE is the motherfucker of all Tamil aspirations”….aha, seems like you missed that English lesson eh?

    Aha, don’t mention scummie…you're quite welcome…that’s what OaO Asithri is here for!


    OaO Asithri

  32. ...way deep into the same toilet pit velupillia has buried himself in..

  33. Mumbo700

    [Even if 50 to 100 do so it is worth it I feel]

    Wholeheartedly agree!

    I and my pal "tropiclastorm" really hope the 50 are from the "cream of the crop lookers but sans the guns" from the "Malathi brigade!"

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  34. Moshe-

    Man alive…!!!

    From a previous thread (poor, overworked, underpaid, OaO Asithri is only now getting caught up…just got home from an east coast flight, so bear with me patriots…LMSSAO!!!)….

    [2002 Independently Administrated State Structures (I-ASS of Ranil)
    as intelattack points out RW did an IASS (indeed he is an ass) in 2002 but instead of IASS called it CFA. I read this in TN where they compared KOSOVO with bloody tamil elam crap. So this IASS is the part that ponna ranil SOB hid from the people for so long. can't help but LMSSAO ((c) OaOA) about some SOSWINES still thinking good of the CFA=ASS! For those utter idiots, please replace CFA with IASS because you are nothing less than an ASS to praise the CFA=IASS.]

    Wow! Man, yours humbly poor OaO Asithri could not have said it better! Kudos to you brother…you are indeed super-duper cat!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  35. On a serious note...


    [Malabar is part of the Dravidian TN]

    Man O Man…you better not set foot in Kerala as they might catch you and castrate you for being blasphemous vis-à-vis the proud Malayalam culture of the Malabar state (i.e. the modern day Kerala state). The Malabaris (inhabitants of Malabar state) of the years yonder had a rich ethnic blend, including from many south Indian bloodlines, including from Karnataka and Andra Pradesh, and although primarily today they are considered as being of Dravidian stock, it is not correct to say “Malabar is part of Dravidian TN!”

    Today Kerala and Karnataka (the former Mysore kingdom, which in turn had close links to the Arya Andra Pradesh and Oriya kingdom (Orissa) of King Ashoks empire) are south Indian states that have no problem in recognizing Hindi as a compulsory subject for education, but Tamil Nadu is the only state in India that has a problem with it. The point I am making here is please don’t lump Malabaris from Malabar (Kerala) with Tamils from Tamil Nadu! Sure enough, Malayalam is mostly written with the same characters as Tamil, but that does not mean Malayalams are Tamils!

    As they say, ignorance can be bliss, but little knowledge can be fatal!

    OaO Asithri

  36. Todays Daily Mirror quotes Rambukwella and goes on to say that the Govt. is working on establishing a "gateway" for the expected mass exodus of civilians.
    Good thinking and planning.
    Only hope those tiger MF's will allow those innocent civillians to pass thru....
    If we can get a few more of their so called Lt.Colonel's we will have only their cubs to deal with....and a supply of milk will lure them to surrender.

  37. the next ltte air raid will be something noone can ever predict and a target where no one expected and wil drive the sri lankan economy down the toilet.

  38. transformer blasted in puthalam, any updates?

  39. thiru

    [wil drive the sri lankan economy down the toilet]

    That's ok you sh*t-laden maggot...if that happens, then we can ALL be toilet cleaning Sakkiliyas like how your clan has been since time immemorial, since you came over from TamilNadu and tried (unsuccessfully) to grab our motherland.

    May be, this is our salvation...to align ourselves with the traditional "Sakkiliyas" (by cleaning up the Sri Lankan economy that's in the "toilet" as hoped for by the "thamileelamists) and at least that way we can hope that "ethnic harmony" will prevail in our dear MotherLanka!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  40. "transformer blasted in puthalam, any updates?"

    Yes, a LTTE suicide cadre bitch pulled her Bra-bomb strap by mistake in the dark and killed a whole lot of "cows and goats" (sic!) in Puthalam!

    OaO Asithri

  41. Re. the 600m trench-line capture….

    Just talked to someone in SLDF....evidently, this is NOT something I hear SLA will let go now and pull back…it is deemed strategically important and it has many safeguards already built in by the LTTE and SLDF has already beefed up those protections (to withstand any LTTE arty/mortar attacks) and SLAF has been tasked to “scout and soften” the northwards LTTE points directing arty/mortar attacks. Only when adequately pulverized by the SLAF of the further north FDLs will the brave Lionhearts of the SLA move forward from this 600M trench-line (a formidable trench-line I am told!)

    The bottom line….

    LTTE FDLs cannot withstand the SLA’s mechanized brigades’ lethal Tank attacks and definitely not he MBRL attacks which I am told is now pulverizing even the best laid-out LTTE bunker-trenches as the SLA MBRL units have mastered the art of “going around obstacles.”

    OaO Asithri

  42. Please vote for the best joke of the year from the following:

    - LTTE terrorists’ air raid will be something no one can ever predict!

    - The real offensives of LTTE terrorists will crush SLA very sooooon!

    - LTTE terrorists only waiting for the right moment to attack

    - LTTE terrorists letting SLA to capture their land. It’s only a trap and planned!

    - All the areas that SLA has captured are not strategically important to LTTE terrorists.

    - IC will soon identify how innocent LTTE terrorists are and be soon awarded with Nobel peace prize after LTTE wins the war.

    - Soon LTTE terrorists will be awarded by UNICEF for maintaining outstanding care for children and women in Wanni.

    - LTTE terrorists will are the world's most funniest terrorist organization to have high ranking officers than normal cadre. 1 normal terrorist has 5 colonel terrorists.

    - The award for the all time funniest and most misleading media reporting goes out for TAMILNET.

  43. thiru,

    How about the LTTE's economy?

    what if that is busted which can be done VERY VERY EASILY?

    then tigers will stop being carnivores and happily become faecesivores!!

    you said,

    "moshe dyan, i'm not talking about operations outside the battlefield or defencsive actions, i'm talking about offensives in the battlefield .............."

    now you are talking about attacking the economy.
    As usual you are CONTRADICTING yourself!!

    But you cannot contradict the fact that your LTTE 'tigers' and pussies are faecesivores and cumivores!!!

  44. all you fukn sh*t faces will realize what will happen soon, asithri you little cunt wait and see what happens on the next big ltte attack, although i am a ltte supporter i do respect defencenet's reporting but however little cunts like asithri in this blog need to grow a brain

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. Re. SLDF capture of Mannar bunkers….

    [“..and captured the defenses line comprising of three bunkers, one strong point and about 600m long trench line. During the subsequent search, troops found 5 bodies of LTTE cadres , 2 T-56 machine guns , and 2 radio communication sets. Among the slain cadres 4 were female and one was male.]

    Wow! Some bloody brave warriors these LTTE motherfckuers are!

    Send the women to the front to die and hide in the back – obviously to escape at the first sign that LTTE has collapsed militarily and this “thamileelam” dream is no more! This no different to the what I remember reading about the corrupt South Vietnamese military honchos who avoid the frontlines at the latter stages of the war and would only send in the brainwashed new recruits and they had street-civilian clothes hidden in their bags/lockers to do that very “transformations” (i.e. to mingle with the civilians when the war was lost) and many of them did that as soon as they realized the South Vietnames army had suffered some fatal blows on the front lines manned by inexperienced, young recruits!

    Anyway, what a pathetic bloody cowardly sh*t clan this LTTE is – to send little girls/women to face the SLA’s Tanks and MBRLs while the men hide in the back!

    So much for the “brave fighters of thamileelam!’ A bloody nonsensical myth at best, a wet-dream at worst!

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Greets Moshe! Appears the blog has been defecated by a skunk! Aha, I love it! LMSSAO!!!

  47. Whow.. whow.. dear Thiru, calm down my friend.

    Your attempts to disrupt this blog with personal attacks won't be a success.

    No matter how hard you scream, we are enjoying your comments and we also enjoy how you get slapped by sound arguments by mentally healthy people here.

    So I suggest you to control commenting as you will be removed by DN soon for racist remarks, personal attacks and misinformation.

  48. Mates,

    Forget all these tiger supporters.Their retorics are mere "Swan Songs". Our guys are doing bloody well there. The rate at which things are going on in the north is wonderful. Why the hell "Tiger Operational Command" is still waiting to start the "big battle"?

  49. Guys,
    "LTTE terrorists’ air raid will be something no one can ever predict!"

    We should consider this statement seriously. I think Thiru knows some secrets about TAF. Do anyone know whether the Zlins can fly under ground??? :)

  50. OK patriots, it is late here in my neck of the planet...time to hit this sack as I need to be bright and chirpy for a breakfast meeting tomorrow...so take care until I come back here to do more castrations of racist LTTE motherfcukers.

    PEACE to you my brothers/sisters,

    OaO Asithri

  51. Re: TAF threats to economic assets!!

    Guys, According to these terra sympathisers what i feel is maybe these tigers are upto something very big somewhat like 9/11 style. But I guess the MI is clever enough to know about these and ready to serve them right royal style next time when they attempt such a thing

  52. Re: TAF threats to economic assets!!

    The threat from the TAF is negligible, its just propaganda. There is not much damage they can cause to any economic target with the one or two small mortar bombs their Zlins carry. Even if such a small plane is used in a suicide type attack the damage will again be very small. It won't bring down a big building like in the 911 attacks. The threat to economic targets is from black tiger attacks, as it has always been.

  53. As the SLDF is forging ahead it is possible that the desperate tigers could try something very big in the south.

    We can never under estimate the threat to economic targets in the south.. as shay tells it could be from TAF/Black Tigers/Armed attacks etc.. or all combined. The ordinary citizen has to be very vigilant now more than ever.

    But a a word of praise should go to Intel services as they have so far been successful in averting many dangerous attacks.

  54. And the underwrld too could play an hand here.. its a well known fact the tiger/underworld connections.

    Be vigilant... Precaution is the most imortant thing now.

  55. Asithri and thiru, please be civil or do not comment here. This blog is read by all age groups.

  56. did army took any action against possible improvised submarine attack at the colombo harbor . LTTE was tring to purchase submarines... they even tried to built one...lets not close the gate after horse has left

  57. Killing of this brave tamil police man in batti is VERY significant.It must be investigated fully.It could be a sleeper cell of the LTTE or someone else.I think this brave man inadvertly interrupted a smuggling ring of some sorts..If it was an LTTE cell then the chances are they are going to create problems on batti election day and we have to be ready..any ideas anyone?

  58. Never under estimate the enemy strength nor be complacent.. we are fighting world champions of terrorism.. lets just be extra alert and vigilant..

    Its a well known fact that they are very good in innovations and improvisations...

    Who else would send a pregnant mother/a polio patient etc.. for suicide attacks!!

  59. http://www.lankatruth.com/full_story/2008/February/17/200800217_4.htm
    tiger cell in colombo caught..a must read..
    Hard core tiger cell in colombo
    Army captures LTTE 2nd defenceline

  60. Thanks sri lankan,

    this is exactly what I feared. posing as different people... monks, clergy, beggars... etc..

    Could be in any shape and size.. even like tourists staying in exclusive suites at 5 star hotels.

  61. Riyaz,
    Your welcome bro.However the article is not elaborate for obvious reasons.One fact is for certain.. the author knows how to inspire people to read the article.

  62. The F-7Gs are a great addition to the SLAF. As some say, a force multiplier. The SLAF has come a long way since the days of the Avros and Yak 12s. With a 2000 Kg payload per plane x 7 planes plus the payload of the Kafir and Mig 27 fleet, the SLAF can pulverize any fixed positions of the LTTE.

  63. DefencNet
    This blog is only for true Sri Lankans who loves their motherland.(All ethnic groups) We should not allow tamil tiger sympathisers who are dreaming about an Eelam to come and mess around here. Why don’t they start their own blog?

    They know what Tamilnut write is all lies, completely distorted news,high quality crap to satisfy their tamil tiger die--ass--poda who keep funding them.
    That is the reason they want to pork their finger in our matters and play their psychological war. We should not treat these barbarians like human beings and should not allow them to enjoy Freedom and democracy what civilised people enjoy.

    Reject them and delete all their comments. Our blog should be filled with constructive comments to win against these barbaric terrorist. Dont think this is racial. war is between
    civilised Vs Terrorist.
    Please consider this. I am sure Ninja, casc, Matara ayyia, galle malli all will agree.
    Our mission is to liberate poor tamil civilians from tiger clutches and protect our mother land from eelam dreamers.

  64. Blogger Asithri said...


    […as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions ( or sumtin like tht )]

    No, let me correct you horrid SOB…
    it is really "sumtin like"....

    “LTTE is the motherfucker of all Tamil aspirations”….aha, seems like you missed that English lesson eh?

    Aha, don’t mention scummie…you're quite welcome…that’s what OaO Asithri is here for!


    OaO Asithri

    Gehhh... u dun hafta be soo mean la... chill it hahaha.......well ya seems like i did miss my english lessons..my bad.. but it seems like u neva had ny english lessons.... >_<

    vikka :P

    P.S: i do blv this blog is for defence related matters so pls dun deface it....i kinda hate all these retards who mess up cool blogs....all u hafta do is be friendly and polite :D

  65. Defencenet

    I say we let everybody post here.Its not as they are using weapons to kill us is it? Dissent must be tolerated if we(Sri lanka) are to be a pluralistic societey. Otherwise it will be like Sri Lanka where if you dont agree with the goverment you are branded a Tiger. I for one find it intresting when somebody with a different mindset gives their views from a different angle on a issue

  66. Coming back to the F-7G factor.. jus a hunch.. but wudnt it be better if we jus got world war 2 era fighters... i mean ofc we can upgrade them n stuff..and homebuilt as welll...wud be much cheaper.. and wud provide more jobs hence economic activity....i do knw slaf has some capable people....
    - these crafts wud be able to fly hihger than 20k( well most ww2 era crafts did) which wud be a factor in evading missiles..n stuff...


  67.    ආයුබෝවන් / வனக்கம் / welcome  


    Tamilnet is keeping mum about the death of this photographer- man. I think there are rivalries in the LTTE propaganda unit.

    Judging by what is happenning in Vanni, VP has to spend quite a bit of time in promoting this second-layer leaders, when they embrace dust.

    It is funny the way some cover losses by a cloak of cliche - tactical withdrawl.

    Any withdrawl, tactical or otherwise, is a few steps short of victory from the intended mission. There is a positive side to it, though; the kingdom of condomes would never have borne, if withdrawl was hailed as the most brilliant act by men in their mating rituals.

    Some men want us to absorb these withdrawls into our psyche - at face value. We can't. They are collective nouns for series of defeats. We have been there, folks. What did we hear, when the Eastern bastians fell?

  68. DFNT... i haf this lil question....

    as you see our migs fly low low... to bomb...wht if tigers employ tactics used by british against german airforces...remember those wires in the air.... i guess they were used to prevent v2 rocket from entering specific parts during battle of britain.....

    wires nets that can be suspended from either poles or balloons... they seemed to cause extreme damage to low flying aircraft...

    - i knw this is gonna sound stupid but... explosives suspended from ballooons can remotely detonated when a unsuspecting pilot approaches it.....

    vik :D

  69. asithri, now come on, not everyone with a tamil sounding name or an idea opposed to urs is an Eelamist - u remind me of the JVP!

    By the way Vickram, u in Spore? (Wondering abt the 'la'!)

  70. "jus a hunch.. but wudnt it be better if we jus got world war 2 era fighters..."

    Don't be bloody stupid. If we needed such aircraft we have more than enough SF260's, PT-6, Cessna's etc.

  71. @Asithri

    Could you tone down the language please. You are not helping your case by using such language against the misguided ones from the other camp and it is an insult to our intelligence to read such posts that are so colourfully worded.

  72. Two abducted Tamils in police custody
    Two of the three Tamil civilians abducted by unknown persons in Dehiwala and Grandpass last week are reported to be in the custody of the police for interrogation. The whereabouts of the third person, Asirwatham Sooriyakumar, 22, who was abducted from Grandpass is still not known, according to civil sources.

    Seems like Security personnal does abductions?

  73. SLA blocked in three fronts in Mannaar - LTTE
    Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam on Monday confronted Sri Lanka Army on three fronts in Maanaar from 4:00 a.m. Heavy fighting lasted till 7:30 p.m. when SLA movement was successfully blocked by the Tigers at Paalaikkuzhi, Kaddukkarai and Karukkaayk-kulam according to LTTEs Operations Command in Mannaar. The SLA has suffered heavy casualties, the Tigers said. Atleast 10 SLA soldiers were killed by Tiger snipers. Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir fighter jets and MI-24 gunships were also engaged, providing support fire to the SLA forces. Meanwhile, sources in Mannaar city said tension prevailed in Thallaadi as LTTE fired artillery shells fell inside the military garrison.

    Any news about this? is the true

  74. Buying F-7G's are a bit of a waste, but it does solve the Zlin interception problem. They are not much use for ground attack, so it would have been better if the SLAF bought a modern multirole fighter which can do both jobs. Second hand Mig29SM's might have been better and could have been used to eventually phase out the Kfir's, Mig27's. So it appears that the SLAF intends to buy another type of aircraft when the Kfirs and Mig27's need to be phased out in the coming years. Perhaps they are holding out for JF-17's.

  75. DN, Heard that the SLA snipers were bought from national front to Mannar front and they have been extreamly successful in hunting tigers . They were transfered immediately after few soldiers in the engineering core were hit by tiger snipers and they have been instrumented in decimating tiger snipers and regular carders.Over the past 2 weeks they have accounted for over 50 tigers KIA including the snipers as well. I got this info from a friend of mine (SLA corpral on leave). The sniper transferring was mentioned in the rivira defence column too. IF U COULD ADD SOME MORE INFO PLZ>>>>>

  76. Lieutenant Colonel Thava killed
    Monday, 18 February 2008
    KILINOCHCHI (TE) -- Senior member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Lieutenant Colonel Thava died at the battlefront on Sunday afternoon, while training battlefront camera crews.

    Lieutenant Colonel Thava, originally from Trincomalee, joined the LTTE in the early 1980s.

    For more than two decades he has been an instrumental member of the Nitharsanam Studious, the visual media division of the LTTE.

    Lieutenant Colonel Thava, also assisted the Pulikalin Kural radio service during the early 90s, when Pulikalin Kural and Nitharsanam were operating together.

    At the time of his death he was serving as Vice President of the commercial film division of Nitharsanam studios.

  77. @lamak..

    well.. i went to skule in sgpore for a while..now in Toronto..doing my univ.....well i guess teh habit of sg style doesnt go away..hahahaha

  78. Guys,

    Slightly out of the topic, yet very topical:

    The Israelis got rid of one of the top guns of Hezbollah in Damascus, Syria. Mosad - the feared security service - which once was the envy of the world, had a difficult time in the past, living up to its image. It looks like a certain form of revival has taken place at the heart of the organization, which combines ingenuity with ruthlessness, to lethal effect.

    The assasination was carried out using a tiny explosive device planted in the headrest of the driving seat; it was activated by a signal that was relayed via satellite.

    Things of this kind are open to both sides of our conflict. Vigilance in all forms, on all fronts is one key to survival.

  79. Looks like LTTE is sending their photographers to fight SLA at the fronts...

    This shows 2 things.
    Must be short of man power...
    The intensity of the battles..Not even the photographer was survived...

  80. Tangara,

    mate, that is a sensible interpretation.


  81. Qrious,

    Third but not the least possibilty is an air strike killed him...

    Tamilnet is mum about the demise...

  82. Second defense line of tigers at Uilankulam in Mannar seized by Army

    (LankaTruth: 18th February 2008 11.40 S.L.T )

    After the clashes with tiger terrorists this afternoon S.L. Army has been able to seize the second defense lines of the tiger terrorists say security sources.

    The Army has launched a heavy attack on these areas at about 3.00 p.m. today and tiger terrorists unable to withstand the pressure from security forces have fled abandoning their second defense lines.

    The engineering division of the S.L. Army had supported other troops in the charge and an 800 meter area from the second defense lines of the tiger terrorists have been captured by security Forces.

    10 terrorists were killed in the attack while 2 soldiers were seriously wounded.

    "Funny news on every site(there is no fight reported from morning)" whom to trust?

    News paper says SLA moved 600meters towards ltte controlled area. seems like LTTE territory is close by. DN how far is the no man area? is it less than 600 meters

  83. an tactical withdrawal and running from the face of the enemy with there tails between the legs, is completely different as qrious said an tactical withdrawal is a wise and important tactic used to regroup and counter attack with a better chance of winning.

    but what the ltte is doing is completely different they are cowards and are running for there lives there is nothing tactical about it.

  84. SenakadagalaSinhaya,

    You have read my post along the lines.

    Now, you should read between the lines.

    I never made the two the same.

  85. Dev,
    Do you think in this intenced battle, tigers could maintain any "no man's land" ?? It is gone mate. Now they are confronted to each other. No man land is there when there is no war.

  86. Asthiri
    thanks for the for lesson,funny enough I have people from that part of India living close by as guests of the government here and they tell something else.I am not too good in the history,but the fact is we have a bunch of terrorists who wants an enclave in the island and we unitedly must oppose that.My friends in TN and other Dravidan states are worried that the ultimate aim of some outsiders are to split up India and bring meham to that area.These friends of mine too are watching the Kosovan situation.few years ago I had two kosovan people working for me and they were best I had,though being Muslim,their eating and other habbits are just like the other Europians.In this situation the Europian union states using them to curry favour with the oil rich arab nations for trade purposes and the US is taking an intrest to cause problems in the nearby Russian states.I would be suprised that the Kosovans will be allowed free movement in EU.This will not be the end of this affair and we in SL must learn from this and make sure that there is no interferance from outsiders.Can't correct grammer as I am in a hurry...

  87. qrious,
    Hope I read you between the lines in withdrawal. So funny. brought some smile.
    If all LTTE withdeaw like you mention, I think most of the problems "they" face could be eliminated. I mean "they"

  88. http://www.lankaenews.com/Sinhala/news.php?id=4493

  89. how dumb are the LTTE with all the women and children sent to the frontline to die where is the future of ealam. and the men are probably getting mighty lonely and getting urges of nature that all people with dicks get weather they are gay or not.

    but of cause the great warrior and sun god of eelam is only too happy to use meninstead of women for that kind of need.

  90. tangara about the pics

    i bet if the cameramen panned the camera about 90 degrees to left or right of the children you will be able to see the hole imran pandiyan and charles anthony regiment with guns pointing at the children

  91. oh and if the un truck wass photographed inside i bet you could find a tonne of C4 explosives donated for the humanitarian needs of the citizens of eelam by there kind generous patrons the UN

  92. senkadagala sinhaya,

    "how dumb are the LTTE with all the women and children sent to the frontline to die where is the future of ealam"

    What I think is, the sun goat is keeping this war going just for his own survival. This is not a fight for eelam anymore. (There are some idiots who still dream about it, but I'm pretty sure sun goat is not one of them)

  93. chamal I know about it man i was just laughing at the few idiots who do believe in that myth.
    for the LTTE and sun goat the war probably never meant a fight for freedom and a mythical state it meant profit and money not the liberation of tamils.
    just like the american wars against terror its not to rid the world of torrorshits its for money and coperate invasions

  94. BTW Defencenet, the situation in this blog seems to be really getting out of hand now.... Any progress on your idea about moving to a 'new home'?

  95. not a gud idea to move to a new side just because few tiger vp boot and sock licking toilet cleaners ... just ignore them thats it.. and cant force DN to keep an eye to the blog as well he has better things to do...than monitor tiger bootlickers behavior...

    wut we can do is to find thier eelam dream blogs and go there and write crap on them as well. Just wut they do here we need to reply,..
    thast the only solution

  96. attsck is the best defence

    "not a gud idea to move to a new side just because few tiger vp boot and sock licking toilet cleaners ... just ignore them thats it.."
    The problem here is, they don't care whether we reply or not, they just want to disrupt the discussions on this blog and feed bullcrap to us.

    "wut we can do is to find thier eelam dream blogs and go there and write crap on them as well. Just wut they do here we need to reply,.."
    lol...yeah, I been thinking about that. Anyone know any eelam blogs?

  97. defencenet, is there any updates on the mannar front or the blasted transformer at puthalam as reported in defencewire?

  98. "All SLA movements twarted."
    Ok. I beleive you.
    BTW, where is LTTE's sporksman these days?

  99. I have news from a highly reliable source that the ltte spokesman has run away to norway where he has a computer and super fast broadband to go into the internet and spread the gloruis news from the warriors of tamil eelam who are hiding inside bunkers and bravely sending out there children to stop the racist sinhala bulltets from hitting them
    he is operating covertly under the names SHYAM, UPUL and The Boss

  100. defencenet,

    Just the article i've been waiting for!!..ohye..keep it up!!..:)delicious..

  101. Defencenet,(earlier thread,u may have missed it)

    Thanks for the confirmation..i was not trying to highlight,or make a big issue of the SLA's sudden rise in casualties..casualties are inevitable in any conflict,especially ours..however,if we can prevent excessive casualties from occuring,that's my point!!

    when you get the time,,
    Re:the other SAAR-4 boat,what's the status?..is it beyond operational repair,or what?..if not,what re we gonna do?..will the israelis replace or refund our money?..

  102. defencenet,guys

    the 2k weapons load,seems pretty low,in comparison to our Kfirs/Mig-27's..in fact,if i'm not mistaken,it's almost the same as our Mi-24 "Hinds"!!..hope this version has the "cranked delta wing" fitted to Pakistani/Bangladesh & Chinese F-7 MG's??..and this fighter,had better have a good range,carrying a minimum of 4 Air-to-Air Missiles(AAM's),in addition to its cannon!!

  103. what a way to spend money

    F-7G, I wonder what happens when the pilot sleeps while flying

    I think as a countermeasure for the budget deficit

    We should report even less SLA casualities, and increase the number in the deserters list

  104. Why do we give 100,000 for a dead soldier family?

    Why can't we make MR give a hug to each one of the family members instead?

    I am pretty sure that is a good countermeasure for the budget deficit

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. guys,
    Here is the catch... pls add more if u wish...


    http://ramwatch.blogspot.com/ (Is this the blog owned by the ltte clown who hides in mattakuliya and pasts peelam crap here just a guess....)

    pls add more.....
    pls check this too....
    These highly trained LTTE fiercest fighters will challange SLA in muhamalei soon and SLA commandos will have no alternative but to run...

    old gud achchies go to heaven

    and according to sri, they have been kissed by VP (wonder where that gay sun goat kissed... yikes disgusting to imagine.....)

  107. attack is the best defence

    our great sun god has no discrimination against age whether extremely old or extremely young when it comes to fighting and sex.

    thats the greatness of the great thalaivar unlike you sinhalese chauvinists we do not regard old people as defenceless and not so sexually appealing

  108. 2 soldiers, 25 Tamil Tigers killed in Lanka clashes


    Three arrested for threatening candidates in E Sri Lanka


  109. This comment has been removed by the author.

  110. Sri,
    The sri lankan forces have been getting continous ground intelligence regarding the these chemical weapons supposedly owned by the tigers. Some soldiers could smell strong chemicals from the LTTE FDL's. The initial reports were confirmed when they captured few LTTE bunkers. The smell was emnating from female LTTE cadres as they go on for months without washing themselves. In some bunkers they had deficated and urinated being scared of getting out ofr SLA sniper fire.

    Meanwhile large consigment of thick bleach and wire brushes were confiscated at vuniya boders. Supposedly they bieng smuggled to clean the female cadres whe they get a chance to wash themselves. Ordinary soap woudn't do the job!

    SLA high commend has instructed the frontline troups to run away if a female cadre come near them!

  111. u mean the bio gasses that the bunker stranded tiger carders emit from their back sides due to the lack of proper toilet facilities and sanitary facilities?

    tamilnet.tv has reported this kind of a chemical attack in the FDLs.. surely SLA will not have any answer to this kind of genuine attack.....

    Do u have any information about this new strategy? pls share with us who the inventors of this new lethal weapon and how long the gas producing carders are kept away from toilets to generate the gas and etc....

  112. DN,
    I have just seen in another blog which says.
    'Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments has to be approved by the moderator'

    Shoud'nt you try that?

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. Defencenet..can these f-7g's be used at night? both as counter air threat and offensive attack at night?

  117. Mottapala... ya killing me dude.. but, that wuz funny though ! huh ha !
    Denet, nice article on the F 7's any pics ?

    Renegade..are ya talikng abt. SAAR 4 "SLNS Suranimala " ? It's 20yrs old mate ! Dunno why we bought the darn Missile Craft !

    Now, SLA keep pounding them boys, pound them ! Dont let them snooze at all !

  118. Did everyone miss out on the story about offering Velu sanctuary abroad? The whisper was for him to move into Norway along with over SLRs 1.0 Billion, but that had to be scuttled when Norwegian organizations began to get concerned. The next step of that equation was for Tamilchella to take oevr the driving seat. With the SL restricted by a dysfunctional CFA, TC could have done the job.
    But thankfully, Velu didn't like that. He was top dog, and God to some. Its hard to transition to house-husband from that position, and live not knowing when the SL or hired assasins would find him. He also wanted his little wog son to succeed him.
    As it all fell apart to the utter frustrations of Solly boy, and the fire works began, the second extraction idea was mooted. This time it was to Somalia. And that was when that place went up in flames with the US going in behind the Ethiopians and blew that idea to hell too.
    Now that we have the mongrel cornered, the Norwegians will be playing some hidden game with an agenda to keep this guy alive somewhere. But the interesting thing is there is no where left.
    The only where will be within SL itself. That means there'll have to be a final attempt to intervene using UN...But they didn't factor in the Indian response to be so firm, or the US to remain largely unmoved, the IC not to blink when 10 ships are blown away in the international waters...
    THe game is getting really interesting now.

  119. Hey defencenet,
    These F7 are not new right? Those went over a overhaul with modifications and returned.

  120. Why do we need NEW planes to counter attack two light aircraft ? Arnt the K-Firs alone more than capable in taking out two light aircraft that cannot even reach March 1 speeds ?

  121. U.S. film festival features Black Tigers documentary
    [TamilNet, Monday, 31 March 2008, 01:29 GMT]
    "My daughter the terrorist," a documentary on the lives and faiths of two female Black Tigers, produced by Norwegian film maker, Beate Arnestad, is to be featured in a premier documentary film festival in the United States to be held in Durham, North Carolina 4th of April. More than 100 documentaries are to be shown during the four-day festival from 3rd to 6th April. TamilNet talked to Arnestad during her visit to the U.S. to present the documentary at the Durham festival.

    Black Tigers Puhalchudar and Dharshika
    Black Tigers Puhalchudar and Dharshika
    Black Tiger Puhalchudar
    Black Tiger Puhalchudar

    Full text of the interview follows:

    TamilNet: Can you tell us what drew your interest in the conflict in Sri Lanka when there are several other intra-state wars are taking place in various regions of the world?
    Arnestad: I loved the country and its people! That is all I can say.

    Arnestad with Maria
    Arnestad with Maria
    TamilNet: As a female director what impediments do you face in making documentary movies in general?
    Arnestad: None! Most of the time, I see only great advantages, as long as I keep off the radical fundamentalist countries, where women cannot move around freely. In my experience, it seems like many documentary film participants feel less threatened and more confident when talking to a woman. When making documentary films, it is important to create a mutual, trustful and respectful relationship with your characters. The basis in documentary films should be trust and confidence. In this respect it is somehow different from a normal journalistic TV interview.

    TamilNet: What did you hope to achieve in shooting the film? Were you able to get sponsorship from anyone to defray the cost of filming?
    Arnestad: My aim was to take a close look into so called terror organizations. After 9/11 media headlines all over the world refer to suicide bombers. I wanted to make an effort trying to understand why and how young people (in my case young women within LTTE's Black Tiger division) want to blast themselves. My suspicion was always that this was more a result of total despair than evil deed. Rather than only condemning, I wanted to try to look into and understand their background, motivation, attitude and behaviour.

    The film was mainly supported by the "Freedom of Speech Foundation" in Norway.

    TamilNet: Can you tell us how you arrived at the script and sequences for the film?
    Arnestad: The film is a result of my conversations with the 3 characters. (the two girls and the mother of Dharshika) They were all filmed on locations that brought back memories of importance for them. To include a larger audience, and to put the civil war in a larger perspective, the use of archive footage was necessary.

    TamilNet: Sri Lanka Government has resisted allowing foreign reporters into Vanni. How did you manage to complete your shooting and take the material out of Sri Lanka?
    Arnestad: As there is no freedom of expression in Sri Lanka, I never asked the Sri Lankan government for any permission to make this documentary film.

    TamilNet: Can you also detail to our readers how you convinced the LTTE to allow you to carryout the project? Did they impose any restrictions? Did the LTTE think that the project will ultimately benefit them? If so how did you develop that trust?
    Arnestad: It took more than a year before LTTE granted permission to make this film after having visited Vanni several times during the ceasefire period.(2002-2006) The two main characters (Dharsika and Puhalshudar), were handpicked through an audition organized by the LTTE. The LTTE never imposed any restrictions to what subjects and how to talk to the girls. I could travel and film more or less freely within Vanni as my aim was never to reveal any military or strategic secrets to the outside world.

    TamilNet: Can you tell us what parts of the film captivated you the most? The parts of the film that brought the positives side of the LTTE, the parts that brought the positive side of the Sri Lanka Government, the most negatives sides of both protagonists?
    Arnestad: This is hard to answer. My main interest was getting to know the three characters in the film; the girls for trusting me with their personal memories and experiences and also the mother who I have great admiration for, who trusted me with her life story. My belief is that through connecting with individuals living in tormented and war-broken societies, it is easier for a larger audience to care and engage in issues taking place far away as all of us are living in a steadily smaller global village. We just have to care.

    TamilNet: You have been screening the film in different parts of the world. Can you tell us how this phase went, the reactions of the audience, and film critics?
    Arnestad: Mostly very positive reactions. The film is being broadcasted and invited to participate at film festivals all over the world.

    TamilNet: We understand that you have DVDs of the film. Can you give us the details of where readers can obtain copies?
    Arnestad: Please see:
    Worldwide distributor: www.oslodocs.com or contact oslodocs@dokumentarkino.no
    US Distributor: www.wmm.com

    Director: Beate Arnestad
    Producer/Co-Director: Morten Daae
    Cinematographer: Frank Alvegg
    Production Company: Snitt Film Production
    Preview URL: http://www.snitt.no/mdtt/prints/movie.htm


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