Monday, February 25, 2008

Senior female sea tiger killed in air strike

On the 22nd of February, fighter jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombed a sea tiger installation in Kiranchchi, west of Kilinochchi. The tigers, as usual claimed that the SLAF jets raided a civilian settlement and presented many photographs of the dead (which included infants) to prove their claim. However latest intelligence reports suggest that a sea tiger base actually was hit in the air raid.

According to naval intelligence sources, the base housed a number of LTTE sea tiger crafts. At least 10 sea tigers have been killed in the bombing and another 12 more have been wounded. Among the dead are a senior female sea tiger cadre (Lt. Colonel rank) who was in command of one of LTTE's larger attack crafts (Surali), a LTTE major and a lieutenant . Exact amount of damages caused to sea tiger assets are not available as of now.

According to our sources, there have been civilian casualties in this air raid. However actual casualty figures seem to be far less that what pro LTTE media initially claimed.

As far as we know, the Air Force does not intentionally target civilians in their air raids. The Liberation Tigers are exploiting this 'weakness' of the SLAF to their advantage. From ammo dumps to sea tigers bases, the tigers are moving their military machine to areas with civilians presence. The Air Force uses multiple intelligence sources to confirm the coordinates of a target before it launches fighters to destroy it. Even with precision bombings on these coordinates, civilians living nearby could also be harmed due to the area effect created by the powerful bombs. By moving their bases into populated areas, LTTE assumes the frequency of air strikes to decrease; SLAF will be reluctant to strike the target fearing civilian casualties and even if they do, tigers will turn their losses into a gain by highlighting the civilian deaths in a bid to win the sympathy of the international community.


  1. Thanks Defencenet.

    It is great news. Felt sad for the civilians, especially for the little kids.

    Mani Mania is surfacing again; I just wonder whether some western ambassadors pulling strings in the diplomatic circles to get this woman back into the country.

    It is our own fault after all; we let them in and now they pinch in our bums in our own land.

    I wonder how these hostile rascals landed en masse in the country?

    Tsunami brought spontaneous destruction; sympathesizers are complementing it with humiliation. That is how IC makes us perfect, then.

  2. qrious,

    I agree and very surprised how Canada tries to get involved in internal matters of Sri Lanka. All the INGOs and sock puppet NGOs needs to be put in their right place or they need to go home otherwise.

  3. This is a classic story of taking hostage!

    LTTE scum, after having got mauled by our SLDF bravehearts are now moving their logistics, weaponry and command structures to well within civilian settlements so that when SLAF bombs, there can be stories of horror.

    Is this not akin to how terrorists take over a plane load of civilians and makes unreasonable demands that no country can comply with? As well, when the terrorists shoot at and kill any negotiators and callously kills and dumps out of the plane any civilian hostages, what should the government in question do? (1) Give into the terrorists? (2) Not give in to the terrorists, but try to judiciously storm the plane to neutralize the terrorists to rescue the hostages, knowing well that some hostages may die in the process?

    Well, in terms of adaptation, the world record has been (2) as governments know (except the pansy Ranil Wickreamsinghe’s one that is) that once you give into terrorists’ demands, then basically you are on a never ending string of demands and then well on the path to ruination.

    At the end of the day, if exponentially many-more can hope to live for the sacrifice of a few, then that is an unfortunate but a justifiable outcome of an unconventional war, the type that is waged by cowardly terrorists.

    OaO Asithri

  4. Mani should be killed just like Sivaram, maheshwaram and the TNA guy

  5. Sam Perera,

    Thanks mate.

    It's time we stood up to these threats. I think MR is trying to make it clearer to them that he is not for turning. It is very encouraging. I am pretty sure that Norwegian ambassador does not make frequent visits to the country's leadership any more.

    We can learn a lesson from our big neighbour in this regard. India has made it clear Kashmir is discussed only on a bilateral platform and to this day, stuck to it. There is no room for clowns to intervene there.

  6. Qrious

    Agree, about this Dr. Mani…

    “The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) this week took into custody a computer used by Dr.Rama Mani, the former Executive Director of the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES), to check the correspondence regarding her advocating of the controversial R2P policy for Sri Lanka, a high ranking CID official told…”

    “R2P is described as the responsibility of the international community to intervene when a State fails to protect its civilians from mass atrocity crimes and Dr.Mani’s reference to Sri Lanka as a country which needs R 2 P has drawn strong criticism particularly from the JVP and some sections in Government.”

    Yes, there is pressure now to reinstate this bitch in the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) and the pressure is coming from LTTE sympathetic concerns in abroad.

    MR GOSL, please stand firm in the face of these pressures as this is the type of vile undercover LTTE supporting force (ICES) you do not and cannot deal with when our bravehearts are today making immense sacrifices and liquidating the LTTE scum “with extreme prejudice” in the 4 fronts in the North.

    As for carting away Dr. Mani’s hard-drive for examination…mmmm…..Too bad the CID could not examine the ports and not just the hard-drive!


    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Kudos to our JVP patriots…you have risen once again to stand up for our national security and dignity!

  7. Mathematica / SriLankan…

    Thanks for your kind comments…


    I will circle the sites (amongst a few others, as I have noted earlier, I am a regular commentator on the AsianTribune online journal and would invite you patriots to do the same) combating LTTE’s malicious and false propaganda and when this war is over (my fervent prayer – let it be soon!) OaO Asithri will fade into the sunset, but will keep in touch with many of you fine patriots I have made personal acquaintance with here and other places.

    Definitely, you will not see me in any site arguing politics, least of all SL politics with SLFP, UNP, JVP, JHU, etc. in the fray, after this war is done. Democracy is indeed beautiful and I firmly believe individuals are entitled to their opinions and there must be healthy debate about them, but yours truly OaO Asithri does not find it a palatable cup of tea indulge in (I’d rather go golfing, fishing and diving! lol).

    However, when our beloved Motherlanka is threatened, then I think it is time for ALL SL patriots to rise above party politics and ruthlessly defeat the LTTE type anti-Motherlanka elements (by sword and by pen) and that’s what I am out to do.

    Apologies for this digress from the topic at hand…forbearance kindly requested from DefenceNet and other patriots.

    OaO Asithri

  8. Asithri,
    Many thanks for your kind comments.I think what is needed is an article about MANI's involvement in RTP(ready to pack) why doesn't mr athas oblige us.on a more cautious tone..the most dangerous women in this R2P saga is the fat old english women on the top L.H the MANI photo on women has actually been to the peace secretariat in KIlli.sorry cant be more specific..

  9. In R2P scenario Bradman Veerakoon's name also involved. He was the secretery to president or prime minister once.

  10. Some old LTTE propaganda photos of women tigers. There are two photos of a woman holding a Russian Dragunov sniper rifle. I read in one of Rohan Gunaratana's books that the LTTE used women in the sniper role.

  11. "Bradman Weerakoon"

    Now here's an old-school, ole-fart, the chief architect of Ranil the pansy's LTTE-appeasing program!

    After RW pansy took over, the LTTE mf's had to only ask...and Bradman advised RW pansy to give in.

    How I wish the day will dawn soon when we can meek out harsh punishment on these traitors to our Motherlanka - punishment for traitorous acts that resulted in thousands of our brave young men dying unnecessarily.

    OaO Asithri

  12. Ninja said...
    In R2P scenario Bradman Veerakoon's name also involved. He was the secretery to president or prime minister once.

    February 25, 2008 2:28 AM

    Bradman Weerakone was Premadasa's private secretary. During the Premadasa regime, he and Paskaralingam were the two closest advisors to Premadasa. He is also very close RW.

  13. GOSL need to consider this LTTE startergy of locating bases close to civlian settlemnts. If SLAF identify such a base I guess it would be more benificial to go for propaganda than bobming it. Missing one base is not a big deel. While SLAF can throw papers warning civilans, release a vedio for international media showing the closeness of base and civilan settlements etc.

  14. //Bradman Weerakone was Premadasa's private secretary.//-casc

    Was he private secretary or the official secretery? I remember his name both JRJ and RP govns. Whatever, this indicates the roots of tamil seperatism is lot more deeper than we think.

  15. casc,
    Interesting photos. Thanks.

    Here are some more photos; all related to women's role within LTTE.

    Sothiya regiment:

    Malathi regiment:

    Kutti Sri Mortar regiment:

    And of course suicide bombers.

  16. Hiding behind civillians is called 'human shielding' and is a war crime.
    If SLG could establish deliberate intent behind sheltering of LTTE assets in civillian proximity for the purposes described in this article, it adds to the now long list of war crimes the LTTe stand accused of.
    At this point, it is however unlikely to hold much importance since the list is already long enough and a criminal can only face death once.
    Therefore SLG needs to explore the possibility of prosecuting the expatriate extremists who finance the group for these activities. it can be made to stick, and will reap great benefits in the form of curtailing financing activities.

  17. Ninja said...
    //Bradman Weerakone was Premadasa's private secretary.//-casc

    Was he private secretary or the official secretery? I remember his name both JRJ and RP govns. Whatever, this indicates the roots of tamil seperatism is lot more deeper than we think.

    I think he was his private secretary. According to someone who knew Premadasa, Bradman was supposed to be a voice of reason back then. Considering some of the mad things that Premadasa did, I suppose anyone could be a voice of reason. (e.g., expelling the British Ambassador, arming the LTTE, etc)

  18. Defencenet,

    Thanks for the photos

  19. May be interest to others

    Distance calculator for common places in Sri Lanka with latitude and longitude

    Types of artillery used by Sri Lanka Army and maximum range

    Artillery Guns (From wikepedia)

    130 mm 27.5 km (unassisted) and 38 km (assisted)

    152 mm 17.4 km

    122 mm 24 km

    Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers

    RM 70 122 MM MBRL and BM 21 20 Km

    T 55 AM-2 Main Battle Tanks

    100mm D-10 rifled main gun: 14.6 Km to 16 Km

  20. Sorry guys for going off the topic. But I thought I should share a joke with you, which I found in the Sunday leader.

    [In 2002 with the signing of the Ceasefire Agreement it became obvious that a settlement to the conflict would perhaps forever shut the door on a Tamil separatist state. The Ranil Wickremesinghe government had cornered the LTTE and set in place an international safety net. The then government had also succeeded in fracturing the LTTE by precipitating the Karuna defection.
    Pirapaharan knew full well that a Wickremesinghe government would achieve through strategy what a Rajapakse government could never achieve through war. Pirapaharan was to later call Wickremesinghe a 'cunning fox not to be trusted.'

    hah hah haaa heh hehe

  21. Why are you wasting your time talking about these mother ........ like Balagalla, bradman weerakoon, Ranil W, chandrika? There is nothing to talk about them.

    they should and will rot in hell for what they did to mother lanka.

  22. defensenet,

    any info about this.."One is the belief in the intelligence community that the guerrillas have succeeded in replenishing stocks of military hardware in the first week of February.

  23. folks,

    "Mannar LTTE area leaders camp pounded by Air force jets - Mannar, at 9 a.m. on 24 Feb
    Air Force Jet Aircraft pounded the Mannar area leader's camp today(24) located five km North of Giant's Tank, in the Parappakkadaththan area, Mannar around 9.00 in the morning.

  24. Mathamticas answer to qrious from earlier thread regarding spring morning and dofs etc.

    well said mathamatica, there is nothing so good about spring mornings these days. It is still bloody cold. My back garden looks pathetic as we didn't attend to it for the last few months. We just woudn't go out in to the back garden, just enjoy it through the window.

    Where as in SL you strat hearing bird songs as early as 5.00 a.m throghout the year. Our dogies are not in house arrest.

    Since returned from SL after long holliday I was having 'sankawa'.

    I miss all the fresh sprats, katta karawala, koss, del, kithul pani....

    You just walk in to the shower anytime of the day. No need to wait till it warms up.

    haha what about beef devel and old arrack with friends? Getting drunk till you drop at Clancies?

    Oh I miss my mother lanka....

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  26. folks,

    This is what Russians have to say about the Kosovo Independence.

    "If the European Union works out a single position or NATO goes beyond its current mandate in Kosovo, these organizations will conflict with the United Nations. Then Russia will proceed from the assumption that to be respected, we have to use brute military force,"

    "''The Kosovo precedent is a terrifying precedent. It in essence is breaking open the entire system of international relations that have prevailed not just for decades but for centuries. And it without a doubt will bring on itself an entire chain of unforeseen consequences, Those who have recognized Kosovo ''are miscalculating what they are doing. In the end, this is a stick with two ends and that other end will come back to knock them on the head someday,''

    The western nations that have recognized Kosovo Independence include United States, Britain, Germany and France.

  27. Ha ha, Mottapala has been homesick;

    Mathematica did not pour scorn on spring, if my interpretation is correct.

    Mottapala is in transit while getting used to the four seasons. It is breathtakingly beautiful in spring and there is no match for the fresh air. I am sure he will embrace this season once he put behind the local inconveniences.

    Spring has a very special significance in western psyche. Most of their inventions in technology and sciences have been made in this unique season. There is overwhelming statistical evidence for that.

    The local delicacies that is Mottapala referring to are no longer culinary equivalent of musk here. They are readily available in abundance here.

    I assume Mottapala may not find it offensive if I guess that he misses female company in this weather condition more than the random temptations of taste buds. There is no substitute for huddling up your spouse and letting the laws of thermodynamics to take care of rest in this weather. You may wonder how I know all that. I have been through all that, but not in this millenium.

    The term homesick implies what you miss on many fronts; culinary factor is just one of them and quite often a perfect cover for many of them.

  28. SL,

    Yes, Russia has a plan B for the silly step America took against Serbia.

    Second Cold war started about two year ago and it is going to get worse.

    First salvo of the confrontation has been fired - no coorporation of information exchange on terrorists. We can expect the rest in a chain.

    This is a very disturbing development. The Albanian muslim may turn extremist like Taliban, ond day. Who knows. Nation dividers haven't learnt lessons yet.

  29. Asithri, Guys,

    If the worse come to the worst, this Mani woman must be allowed back in on one condition: a padlock must be surgically attached to her private parts and the two keys must be handed in to Weerawansa of JVP and Gammanpila of JHU so that they can play the role of the guardians of the nation.

    I cannot see the significance of any part of her anatomy other than the one I was referring to, judging by the influence she is wielding over our bureaucrats and politicians alike, at the expense of the dignity of our nation.

  30. USA favours human rights office in Sri Lanka! – US Ambassador

    (LankaTruth: 23rd February 2008 09.20 S.L.T )

    The United States is in favour of a human rights office in Sri Lanka says Robert Blake, US Ambassador in Sri Lanka. Participating in an interview with BENCHMARK he has said there was “a climate of impunity here, and there has been a significant problem with human rights.”

    From the Guardian, UK

    the following brief reminder of the burgeoning lexicon of euphemisms now employed by the Bush administration to describe what the president himself is pleased to refer to as "the tools necessary to protect the American people".

    Special methods of questioning: Essentially indistinguishable from "enhanced coercive interrogation technique", this seems to be a broad-brush term covering a range of interrogation methods likely to arouse disquiet in the kind of people who worry about such matters as the Geneva Convention, the Convention Against Torture and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

    Black sites: The secret CIA prisons and/or interrogation centres where the above techniques are practised.

    Illegal combatants: The people to whom the above techniques are applied.

    Sleep management: Deluded liberals may prefer the term "sleep deprivation".

    Stress position: Detainee is forced to stand erect for several hours. Or forced to stand erect for several hours, with his arms held out to the side. Or shackled to the ceiling with his arms extended, sometimes without his feet touching the ground. Whichever, it's certainly stressful.

    Special renditions: Er, kidnapping.

    Fear up: Ranges from leaving a truncheon on the table to throwing furniture around or, as the website Slate has pointed out, if the prisoner is religious, allowing him to think that he may face eternal damnation by threatening to show him pornographic images.

    Sexual humiliation: Detainee forced to strip naked, or adopt sexually explicit poses.

    Mild, non-injurious physical contact: A cuff round the ear. Or - whoops, we never meant to go that far - a broken leg.

    Refined interrogation techniques: Actually, that was the Gestapo's favourite euphemism. But then, they didn't practise torture either, did they?

  31. In the previous thread 'Qrious' mentioned the following:

    "There was some interesting news coming out from Welioya front: a couple of soldiers, have moved into rebel-held area, not only to attack so-called Imran-Pandiyan brigade, but also to bring in their bodies along with 60mm motar launcher as well, to the camp they belong to.

    One corporal has been instantly promoted to the rank of sergent, in the battlefield.

    Soldiers are getting smarter in combat and pluckier too.

    Very encouraging!"

    I saw this in an article from rivira paper, have a look:

    click here

  32. Kosovo is the slightly smaller than matale district how the hell can that be a country this whole thing is a move my america to start all out war.

  33. Sasa, I guess Qrious also got it from rivira.

    NATO bombed Serbia 78 days continuosly. What did Rassia do? They will do nothing now too.

    USA/EU are really not interested in a seperate country eelam in SL. I really don't know the reason. May be it's due to India. If they want to who can stop them?

  34. senkadagala,

    " america to start all out war."

    NO. It is to screw (actually) Russia which is the next closest superpower. US plans to build a Missile Defence System in the Check republic and Poland (??). This is to launch ABMs targeting the ascending stage of Russian ICMBs. (It is futile to target these massive multi-rocket missiles when they are decending on a target). If this can be done, Russian ICBMs on the Western route to the US (over the Atlantic)can be successfully shot down in a war (neutralised or supressed at other times).

    Although Russian ICBMs have two more routes (the Northen route over the Arctic - most of their ICBMs are aimed this way; the Eastern route over the Pacific) to the US, the Western route may also be used to attack western europen targets. Since Western Europe has many active nuclear weapons of their own as opposed to countries along other routes (Norway, Japan do not have such nuclear weapons)it is important for the US to neutralise the Russian western ICBM route.

    The more friendly nations closer to Russia the better.

    If things go according to the US plan, Russia will be checkmate. I agree this is an very EVIL plan. But i don't agree that the US wants war; they want to neutralise the Russian threat and want to keep it under check and indirect control.

    On the other hand, Russia may take offensive military action against the missile defence system, may increase troop numbers along its western border, help Iran, etc. and revoke weapons reduction treaties.

    like Qrious and sl said we are once again in a Cold war scenario, unfortunately.

    In a cold war (just like a stalemate in the SL conflict) the MOST ASSERTIVE PARTY WINS. But in a real war the most destructive party wins.

    To make things "more interesting" the party capable of most destruction is NOT the most assertive/aggressive!!! You can check for yourself of weapons arsenel by each country in terms of,

    Another interesting fact is that the concept of "NO-WINNER ALL LOSERs" in a nuclear war has been a pro-US concept. Although it MAY BE TRUE, Russians have refused to accept this concept for various reasons.

    Although a fullscale world war will be CATESTROPHIC, the present intimidatory war may lead to real war unless both parties respect each other's interests and stop expansionism.

  35. "USA/EU are really not interested in a seperate country eelam in SL. I really don't know the reason. May be it's due to India. If they want to who can stop them?"


  36. At this point, i believe US is at its weakest point, interms of militarily (as the people in US are not very supportive after afgan and now iraq) So lot of countries are sort of playing with US because they know that US is not able to do anything at this point while the war is continuing in Iraq as well as the US economy is almost in a depression state of economy. I also think US cannot bully Russia because of China and India. India, China will not allow the east asia region to become unstable. That is one of the main reasons why Sri Lanka is not being poked at too much by US, The other reason is believe it or not, the sri lankan people. You cant force things if the majority of the people wont agree with it. Media is very powerful. You can do a lot of damage without media in certain countries that lack along with a strong neighbor. So Sri Lanka is very fortunate due to its long history, the people, and lastly the location and its natural harbor.

  37. i feel sorry for many countries in africa that has diamonds, oil, yet the MAJORITY of the people are starving and the country looks like it had no natural resources whatsoever. All because of these people exploiting the government, the corupt politians, and leaving the innocent people with nothing.

  38. defensenet, any intel about ltte restocking its arms in early february?

  39. Some interesting (and critical) statistics published by the CBSL

    Annual average inflation 17.6%
    Annual Inflation 2006 13.7%
    Consumer price rise (1 yr) 21.6%
    Gross official reserves
    End 2006 : $2.53 Billion
    End 2007 : $3.15 Bn

    GDP growth rate : 7.4%
    Unemployment : 6.5%

    Trade Balance (deficit in US$ Bn)
    2002: -1.4
    2003: -1.5
    2004: -2.2
    2005: -2.5
    2006: -3.3

    Having been gone from the country for a long time, I am uncertain how dependable these numbers are. I've been told that the CBSL is now a political puppet show, which would be very bad for the nation.

    Any financial sector insights in this forum on these numbers?

  40. ninja

    Many reasons for US/EU reluctance on a seperation in SL

    -Destabilizing India will hurt them
    -LTTE leaders have proven far worse than anything the Sinhalese have to offer the tamils
    -LTTE unchecked would be a disaster to the region, not only India
    -Source of contiguity to Islamic terror's logistics & training
    -Non viability of nationhood
    -Unsustainability of nationhood
    -Democracy in SL would be threatened by potential military consequences, incl military coup
    -Forecasted geo-political growth requires stability in India's southern tip, less relevant than any ambitions of even a 30million people nation

    There's more.

    They ultimately understand one truth; there'll never be any peace in SL until the MAJORITY's apprehensions are dealt with. That's the ultimate learning from two decades of conflict.

  41. grious

    Your reference to Mottapala lacking female company seems a bit far fetched and utterly presumptuous.

    I don't know which part of the north pole you live, but in any part of the western world that I've lived in, it rarely takes more than a coupla drinks and a chat-up to get laid. You just need to be careful not to pick up anyone below 18, and always contribute to the rubber industry.

  42. LTTE release the names of the fallen comrades

    on 21st - 7 died
    on 22nd - 2 died

    and 11 SLA died in yesterdays clashes 20 wounded and forced back to the earlier positions...means offensive is a failure

  43. Senkadagala Sinhaya said...
    Kosovo is the slightly smaller than matale district how the hell can that be a country this whole thing is a move my america to start all out war.

    February 25, 2008 7:21 AM

    Senkadagala Sinhaya

    Yes. The Kososvo concept is meaningless because of its size. Even the idea of a federal state modelled on the Indian system is meaningless in Sri Lanka. Some of the metro areas in India like Bombay and Kolkatta have poulations that are comparable to the entire population of Sri Lanka. Also, the Indian state system is based on a distinct ethnic or linguistic unit, which does not exist in the Sinhalese areas of Sri Lanka (eg. there is no difference between the North Central Province or the Southern province in terms of ethnicity or language). Also, with the Kosovo precedent, it is unwise for the Sri Lankan government to devolve legislative powers and independent police powers to a subordinate legislature, as envisioned by the 13th Amendment.

    In 1973, Indira Gandhi engineered a coup against the independent state of Sikkim by bribing its legislature to endorse a union with India. At that time, Sikkim had a King and was a member of the UN. It had a relationship with India similar to Nepal and Bhutan. Today, it is a state in the Indian union. A scenario like Sikkim is not far fetched in Sri lanka.

  44. TS,
    yeah, another factor is China. If a seperate country is given, then it will become a playground to US/EU and change the affairs in the region drastically which is not desired by China.

  45. Dear DefenceNet,
    Sent you a mail last week through
    the following mail address;
    Can you please acknowledge the receipt of it.

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  47. thanks casc for sharing.

    never knew of Sikkim. Yes; this can happen to SL as well. We seek protection from India just like the Sikkim people did in 1975!!

    the china-tibet scene was also same.

    these big nations; they sow to harvest!

    but for the time being India & China (they too have differences among them) would stand against US-EU. But i believe if US/EU wants they can split SL easily. China and india will have no say just like kosovo (though china, india and russia all against it). but the point is there's nothing much for US/EU in SL. The amount of natural resources is very small for them; the position is not so strategically important. But who knows even sympathy can do things!

    SL should strengthen itself. If we continue to kill eachother with no real end in sight, US/EU will do something nasty.

  48. --Kosovo, eelaam and beyond--

    Real fathers of todays 70,000 killed conflict are Ponnambalam who asked 50-50, Chelvanayakam who created 'tamil kingdom party' (federel party), Amirthalingam et al. (A.Sangari were also with them). Their approach for a seperate country was slow in speed but well set up. It was similar to SL getting independence from British. Plan was getting acceptance from SL for NE as tamil homeland, then a combine NE, then some power devolution, later more power, then self determination, then declaration of independence at some good time. But process was too long for VP. In this time India identified this and use him as a toy to slap JRJ regime. Thus, LTTE is nothing but an Indian product. However, going this far, 25 years war, killing Rajiv G were all unexpected. Finally, now LTTE is a world famous terrorist outfit. US/UK/EU concern is mainly due to HR issues and they can't help LTTE (even if they like to) simple becuz of LTTE startergy-terrorism. [This was clearly expressed by both US/UK abdessoders.] (Further, IC now understand it is easy to manage/deel with sinhala leaders who are UNP/SLFP rather than tamil leaders which is LTTE-the sole rep. This remains unchange as long as sinhala people don't choose the JVP-the LTTE paralel line, as theri leader.) So, as far as SL do not 'gift' eelam, it remains as a concept. In other words the method chosen by LTTE garants there will not be any eelam. Earlier tamil leaders-all western educated, were wise/cunning and if tamils follow them they might get some thing closer to eelam. But now, thanks to this KOSOVO, even the sinhala people who supported earlier for devolution of power may change theri mind. In other words, even after ending war, whatever GOSL give now will be less than with no KOSOVO.

  49. tropicalstorm,

    Yes, its true that CBSL is political, but the statistics are not that easy to manipulate. Usually even the IMF/WB/ADB etc use the CBSL stats and there isn't much difference between CBSL and their own stats.

    Inflation stats are very transparent. Its based on a predefined basket of goods. In the past, CCPI was based on a basket which had not changed since the 1950's, so was not representative of real inflation. Now they have introduced newer indices/baskets. However, all indices show that inflation is running around 20%.

    GDP figures are difficult to verify, because its based on a huge survey which is only done by the CBSL/Dept. of Stats. There are different ways of calculating GDP, and if you look at the CBSL report, they give many different presentations of GDP. However, you have to be able to reconcile the GDP figures with the trade figures (Table 9 CBSL Annual Report). Trade figures are fairly accurate as they are based on the customs figures, so there is some check on the GDP figures, but not much.

    As for the trade balance, like I said before, the trade figures are fairly accurate. The trade balance is not important, you have to look at the current account balance and the overall BOP deficit/surplus. This is because we get a lot of forex from private remittances and invisible trade (tourism etc).

  50. If you patriots wanna know more about the traitor Bradman Weerakoon (and his thinking) read the book Rendering Unto Caesar (don't buy that rag just borrow it cos i don't want no patriot here spending money that could possibly end up somewhere we don't want it to)

    This guy has done his part for the Ealamists (and LTTE) since 1954 under nine Prime Ministers and Presidents of Sri Lanka. Out of those thousands of civil servants Ranil W carefully picked this guy to work with him even though he was retired at that guys should know why

    Have a look at this post if you guys wanna know what Ealaimists think about Brad-man and his book

  51. Reo.Mag.Forever,

    Thanks for the link. No wonder why LTTE is not defeated for 30 years. Question is who are the present Bradmons inside president's palace, SLA/SLAF/SLN HQs etc and how many?

  52. What if the govt of srilanka requests the closure of ICES? does 6 people sitting on desks making phone calls and writing reports for each others perusal help the army defeat the LTTE.Why doesn't the president close ICES down?..these guys in ICES are independently very wealthy and dont need jobs at ices .

  53. Srilankan,

    These guys are highly connected and they work as a network. If you take Brad-man, over the years he has developed an effective network of powerful people/lobbyists to back him/fund him/help him in his work. These guys can do some real damage even if we kick them out. Jehan Perera and Kumar Rupasinghe have similar records in this game in different fields but no one's doing anything about them.

    Sometime back JVP went head-on with Rupasinghe and he went low profile but now he's back with a new outfit called "Prayathna" ( their agenda is not what you see in the home page..believe me) They are not advertising this anywhere other than Sunday Leader & Morning Leader (sometimes ARTtv). I think there are three reasons for that

    1. Two rags are pro LTTE and pro UNP so they have decided to promote firstly to the already brainwashed-and-misguided-mostly-UNP-southerners who believe in "historical injustices" and other crap.

    3. Low exposure to "sinhala racists" like us

    2. Even though these rags are making a big noise their circulation is very poor, so Kumar and the NGO gang has decided to help them in every way they can including paper ads at an extremly high cost -- Audters will see them as advertising costs and doners who go through the accounts does not know shit about the actuals

    The point i want to make here is that all these guys are working as a network with an understanding and will jump in to save each other as and when its required and what we see is just the tip of the iceberg. If we are to do something effective, the Parliamentary Select Committee probing all the NGO's and INGO's should speed up the process and gvt should take swift, stern action on their findings -- We can close the "int community" up to a certain extent since the decisions came through the right process

    When that is done, they should form another Select committee to probe the Free Media Mudalalis.

    In the mean time "Pillayan" can expand his fleet of white vans to take action on the ones who should not be given time for the due process....

  54. I have a question.

    Why can't the SLA, once they find out through firefinders the exact location from where LTTE artilary is fired from, attack that target with their MBRLs rather than waiting for SLAF. By the time SLAF bomb the place they have already moved the guns to a different place.

  55. reo.mag.forever,
    Many thanks for your input.I think the govt has a full clean up in mind once the LTTE are exterminated.At the moment i dont think they want to fight on many fronts and have devoted all their resources at keeping these guys at bay for the moment..These crooks who are an open secret must not be able to leave the country.One fact is for certain.. these guys are fuming at the relationship between the govt and the TMVP. Many thanks again..


    Hope GOSL will counter these allegations.

  57. Thanks to reo.mag.forever, really good input to the blog.

    //I think the govt has a full clean up in mind once the LTTE are exterminated.At the moment i dont think they want to fight on many fronts and have devoted all their resources...//-SL

    What do you mean? GOSL has to and must fight in every front. SLA fight in wanni-military front. GOSL ministers, secretaries, diplomats have little to do with that military front. GOSL should alocate required resources for the fight against this NGO fronts. Only constraint would be regarding CID officers, if they are needed. All patriotic MPs from UNP/SLFP/JVP/JHU should back the movement.

  58. Guys,

    Excellent analysis of the F-7G's acquired by the SLAF by nightfox.


    Naval heroes...


  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Good lesson for our servicemen at check points [from asian tribune]. You never know the cunning LTTE bastards

    Miguel comes up to the Mexican border on his bicycle. He's got two large bags over his shoulders.

    The guard stops him and says, "What's in the bags?" "Sand," answered Miguel.

    The guard says, "We'll just see about he get off the bike." The guard takes the bags and rips them apart; he empties them out and finds nothing in them but sand.

    He detains Miguel overnight and has the sand analyzed, only to discover that there is nothing but pure sand in the bags.

    The guard releases Miguel, puts the sand into new bags, hefts them onto the man''s shoulders, and lets him cross the border. A week later, the same thing happens.

    The guard asks, "What have you got?"

    "Sand," says Miguel.

    The guard does his thorough examination and discovers that the bags contain nothing but sand.

    He gives the sand back to Miguel, and he crosses the border on his bicycle.

    This sequence of events if repeated every day for three years.

    Finally, Miguel doesn't show up one day and the guard sees him in a cantina in

    "Hey, Buddy," says the guard, "I know you are smuggling something.

    It's driving me crazy. It's all I think about..... I can't sleep. Just between you and me, what are you smuggling?"

    Miguel sips his beer and says, "Bicycles."

  64. Guys,

    Our hostile front grows by the day; there is no way the counter measures are going to catch up with it.

    Appointing PR Czar's appears to be the solution. I disagree.

    In the west, the political parties and ministers have their own spin doctors. They have stretched optimism to such a level, that it passed the metaphorical phases of elasticity and the breaking point in quick succession. So, no one believes what they say any more. People are so cynical, they just reverse what they hear from them. For instance, if they say that Mathivathini is a middle-aged woman, people may think that she is a virgin, instead. This is the problem with ambitious PR buisness. It is going to fail in the long run.

    My instinct says that we stick to what we are in right now. It is not very elaborate; no is it very smart. However, it appears to be working.

    Since we have been on the right side of moral fence, the IC is far from branding us, as people indulging in genocide. On the contrary, there are influencial folks who think, we have fallen victims to a terrorist problem with tentacles spreading far and wide.

    I draw consolation from China on this issue. It was branded, a pariah state by human right bodies and western governments in the past. This great nation just stuck to its guns and weathered the storm. Now, everyone wants to do buisness with it.


  65. What puzzelled me most is the NO DENIAL by LTTE the no of LTTE killed by the SLA daily at the front lines.

    They only denied the claims of Velu being injured in the air raids and Pottu having a heart attack.

    Why LTTE is not denying other high casualities.?

    1). One reason I can think about is LTTE is hoping for a decapitation strike against the GOSL.If they come across a scenario like that, all past losses can be compensated including that of their caders killed so far.

    2). If the SLA claims exceed the no of LTTE fighters on the ground, international community and everyone will laugh at SLA..

    Because of that, GOSL must be very careful and vigilant for any AAB style attacks.

  66. Tropicalstorm,

    Mottapala doesn't show early signs of agitation about my post that you were referring to.

    I can now conclude Mottapala is not related to you as I assumed on seeing your reply.

    My conclusion:

    Mottapala is a cool guy.

    Mottapala has every right to prove if it is not the case, and I am humble enough to be at the receiving end.

  67. onceinawhile,

    "Why can't the SLA, once they find out through firefinders the exact location from where LTTE artilary is fired from, attack that target with their MBRLs rather than waiting for SLAF. By the time SLAF bomb the place they have already moved the guns to a different place."

    I believe MBRL are used to attack large areas, not for precision attacks like targeting an artillery gun. But there is a possibility that we can use our own artillery for this purpose. If the tracking radars and artillery bases have some quick and effective communication method, this may be possible.

    Is this possible? Maybe they are already using some methods like that?

  68. Guys,

    I predicted the announcement of the fall of Adampan by General Fonseka, a few days ago, when this blog was in the grip of a gloom storm.

    General Fonseka has just announced something to that effect - more than what I predicted.

    Let's salute this great soldier!

  69. Defencenet,

    I have another question. Why can't the LRRP, which has been so effective in getting into even LTTE high security zones and providing valuable information, do something about these artillery guns? They have attacked top LTTE leaders, who surely have more security than an artillery gun. I don't mean attacking themselves, but even finding where they are kept must be possible (I mean, they are not being constantly moved, they must be kept somewhere sometimes) and providing the coordinates of such a place is possible. Then the airforce can catch them napping instead of bombing empty artillery positions. This may not be practical, I don't know (or maybe they are already at it). But what are your views on this?

  70. So called Tamil eelam's home page has not been updated from 27 November 2006.

  71. Srilankan:

    [I think the govt has a full clean up in mind once the LTTE are exterminated.]

    In the meantime discussion forums like this can expose such networks fully with names and finances.

    These traitors betray the country because they have no roots.


    If the plotters feel they are conered, they can sabotage everything, now.

  72. Bruce Fein, LTTE Attorney has Still Not Replied to Asian Tribune

    You have to tell 100 lies to cover up one lie Mr. Fein...


  73. From the ealam page..
    [Col.Soosai, speaking from Mullaitivu said: "Only 6 or 7 boats belonging to our fishermen are left usable after the tsunami. More than 1500 boats have been washed away into the sea. In one of our children's home we lost nearly 65 children to the waves."

    "There is an urgent need for basic relief aid and medical facilities at the 221 Welfare Centers in the 6 districts," LTTE said in its statement.


    If we consider 20% of those men and meterial lost to the Tsunami in 2004 belongs to LTTE, one can get a rough estimate of around 600 LTTE dead and 300 of their boats distroyed.

    But after the Tsunami from the massive funds LTTE received , they replenished the stocks..

    But Sea Tigers NEVER recovered fully from the disaster.

  74. Qrious,

    What statement are you referring to? Can you give us a link please? Looked everywhere but couldn't find any statement relating to Adampan.


  75. Parakrama,

    Look up in the Lankadeepa online editions.

  76. Thanks qrious,

    Army Commander is a highly respected and someone who could be trusted. So lets hope he could deliver them sooner.

  77. mathematica,
    i agree.however unless we know how these guys fit into this dreadful picutre of corruption and betrayal as a whole.. it is better for them to think they are "safe" for now..after the war is over then SIS can get to work on them hand in hand with newspaper artcles of their involvement..

  78. mathematica,
    If these guys are exposed exposing them we dont want to do more bad than good.

  79. daily mirror:

    Friendly fire kills soldier in Yala :

    A soldier was killed due to friendly fire during a search operation to hunt LTTE cadres in Block 3, Yala in Buttala, the military said.

  80. Runaway SLA soldier arrested in Jaffna

    A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier who ran away Friday noon from his camp in Neerveali-Irupaalai area in Valikaamam East was caught two days later, hiding in the shrub jungle in the same area, in an extensive search operation launched by the SLA. The said soldier had run away in protest against the order transferring him to Colombo SLA Head Quarters, SLA authorities told Jaffna Additional Magistrate Mr. Vasanthasenan when he was produced before the magistrate Monday.

  81. 25 rebels, five troops killed in Sri Lanka fighting


  82. lkdood,

    Actually it seems that his own weapon discharged, it wasn't friendly fire.

    According to

    "Accidental Discharge of His Own Weapon Causes Death

    HAMBANTOTA: THE ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE of his own weapon while engaged in a search operation in the southern YALA area in HAMBANTOTA brought untimely death to one of the soldiers Sunday (24).

    The soldier in question was one among the troopers assisted by Policemen who took part in the search and clear operation when he accidentally tampered with the trigger of his own gun as all the troopers were busy hunting for any terrorist clues."

    Any idea to what unit this soldier belonged to? Looks to me like they should be better trained on how to carry and hold the weapons....

  83. :

    Army destroys LTTE stronghold in North of Janakapura

    Defence sources in the Welioya battlefront say Sri Lanka Army soldiers have destroyed a fortified stronghold of LTTE terrorists this evening (February 25). According to the sources, Army infantrymen launched attacks at the LTTE defences located in the North of Janakapura area between 1.p.m. to 2.p.m.

    Following the attack, troops found 7 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, along with 6, T-56 riffles, one Light Machine Gun (LMG) and one GPS equipment, the sources said.

    In addition, the terrorists attempted to regain the control over the area but failed in the face of army retaliation, said the sources. Army engaged artillery at the LTTE reinforcements and caused them to turn tail with heavy casualties. Later, LTTE radio transmissions revealed that 5 more LTTE cadres were killed and 4 injured due to Army retaliation.

    One soldier was killed in this incident, the sources added.

  84. chamal said...

    I have another question. Why can't the LRRP, ........., do something about these artillery guns?


    This may not answer your question but this article shows the LRRP's mode of operation.

  85. LTTe structure according to defencewire

  86. US team to inspect seized Black Tiger weapons. Some of the guns and optical equipment seized from the Black Tigers in the AAF attack are U.S. made per DW. According to Prof Leitner of George Mason University, USA, Sri Lankais the World's largest counter-terrorism lab.' Even though the US and UK are not particularly eager to help Sri Lanka in terms of equipment sales, they are very eager to learn from Sri Lanka's experience.
    I suppose that is why the FBI and Scotland Yard are looking at these weapons.

    US team to inspect seized weapons
    By Upali Ananda

    The Anuradhapura Magistrate yesterday granted a request made by a special CID investigation unit to allow the visiting US special investigation team to inspect an assortment of items of Black Tigers seized by the armed forces.

    The military items found in the possession of the dead Black Tigers which later became court productions included several firearms fitted with night vision facility, compasses and some communication equipment. ...................................Earlier, an investigation team from Scotland police also inspected the recovered items with the court’s permission while they were in the custody of the Government Analyst.

  87. chamal,
    "I have another question. Why can't the LRRP, ........., do something about these artillery guns? "

    Although LRRP does infiltrate into the deepest of LTTE controlled territory, it is not possible for them to launch close quarters attacks inside major LTTE bases. This is why they cant attack and take down artillery positions. LTTE artillery is placed in well fortified positions, most of the time inside their bases.

    As for coordinates, yes they have helped several times to pass coordinates of LTTE artillery positions to the air force.

  88. "I have another question. Why can't the LRRP, ........., do something about these artillery guns? "

    Further to add

    LRRPs or Special op teams behind enemy lines ARE NOT main force units. Their ideal strategy is to use shock force without fighting pitched battles. Once their objective is achieved with minimal amount of effort, they fade away amidst the confusion. Even if they are to fight pitched battles, which will be the case if they are to take out a convoy of a artillery gun they will not have enough amuunition to sustain the battle. Hence their rate of fire will be limited. For a fact Special ops teams hardly carry more than 4000 rounds. (note the word convoy, because not only the gun, but its ammunition shells too will be transported along with it). Hope this helps :-)

  89. Defencenet,

    Not much news from Mohamali front these days. Any news about it?


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