Sunday, February 3, 2008

Explosion at Fort Railway Station

A female LTTE suicide bomber exploded herself inside the Fort railway station today at 2.15 PM, causing heavy civilian casualties. At least 5 people have been killed and 95 others with injuries have been admitted to the national hospital. Casualty figures may rise.

The explosion has taken place near the canteen situated in close proximity to the 3rd platform of the railway station. A train bound to Ambepussa has also been damaged in the incident.

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have carried out more than 250 suicide attacks ever since they began a battle for a separate Tamil homeland three decades ago.


  1. Damn... Do we know the number of casualties please..
    We have to keep eye on together.

  2. despicable savages,
    daily mirror says 1 person is dead. my condolences

  3. is attributing it to the LTTE, so it may be a large explosion.

  4. Rupavahini says its a suicide attack
    5 dead 90 injured

  5. It's very important us to keep calm.
    If we stay calm that's the biggest lost LTTE terrorists will have.

  6. Perein,
    Well said bro..these guys are waiting for arbours human rights council or whatever..and it will happen sooner than later if there is a communal riot..There is no point punishing innocent srilankan tamils..all the real crooks are overseas..



  8. Fuck LTTE.
    You deserve hell.
    Go go go and fight with army,
    Don't fuck with civilians.
    Fuckers,yall are ball less m.fuckers.

  9. See how desperate is LTTE. They are using their so called suicide bombers just to kill innocent civilians. Not a military targets ..not VIPs ... just innocent civilians .. Could it be mistake .. nah .. just create a public unrest before the independence day ... or They badly need a recurrence of BLACK JULY .. What ever their real motive this clearly shows their desperation ..
    Dear fellow contrymen ...pls lets not fall into ther trap. Yes, as one collegue here mentions ...lets be calm ... For the moment thats the best we can do ... Let Armed forces do the war.. In the mean time be vigilant to the max.. Anyhing can be a bomb as LTTE has gone berserk seeing their emminent fall.

  10. MOD & rupavahini saying suicide bomb, Tamilnet saying parcel bomb!

  11. I'm eagerly awaiting to hear what Luis Arbour thinks about these attacks against civilians.

  12. 6 Killed, 94 Inj..
    All of them are innocent civilians.

    LTTE You fuckers desperate is much?

    Sri Lankan tamil civilians can't do anything.

    Tamil Diaspora..Fuck you too.

  13. I also think our security forces in up North has to carry out the operations same way with out rushing because of these issues.
    LTTE is in last days of their lives...
    Ratna Deepa Janma Bumi
    Lanka Deepa Vijaya Bumi
    Mee appe Uddara Wuu
    Matruu Bumiyai..

  14. bhatiya...the LTTE supporting tamil diasphora...must not be allowed to use tamil citizens of SLanka..If they want to fight the Govt..they can pull their children out of universites overseas and hand them over to the do you know..after eating good foods overseas..they may be immune to MBRL fire..

  15. Now , see what will happen. UNP will start barking at goverment saying goto peace talks. NGO -LTTE lackeys will sart saying "see ..we told you this cant be solved by war" ... All those so called Co-chairs will issue statement saying "resolve the conflict through a political solution" .. Louise arbour might suddenly wake up from sleep and say that SLA might it selef be doing this ..blah blah ... Norway might be jubilent hearing these!
    No I am not joking this is exactly what is gonna happen.
    And LTTE just needs that.

  16. YES "perein" WE WILL GO FOR IT.

  17. itz really sad to here innocent ppl get killed frm this bastards. there will be a more attacks near future but...
    the most important thing is we all should stay calm. if not this end stage war is going to the starting point again, like wht we experienced in 80's

  18. Srilankan

    Hey dude enough ok...Y r you people messing with tamil civilians ahh?

    Any way i condemned this incident ...civilians can't be targeted at any costs...

    As a researchers said during the war civilians casualties are more than the soldiers

  19. What is troubling is that no one has kept account of what these 1000s of INGO's,NGOs are actually doing in SLanka? one at all for what nearly 3 yrs?

  20. Shyam, u misunderstood. What they suggested was NOT to harm tamil civillians because of the actions of ltte.

  21. Srilankan,
    Ya ya absolutly true.

    "Y r you people messing with tamil civilians ahh?"
    Who's messing?
    i can't see any post like that.

  22. shyam,
    lets put it this way..i am a buddist"a member of the sinhala buddist racist chauvenistic govt"..remeber them?.My family is very large and family circle is married to tamil people.No i am not messing with anyone's mind..This is my only message to you-"IT IS TOO LATE "

  23. Guys-
    Shyam as well as LTTE trying to wind all of us. That us as sinhalese as well as tamils.
    Let's ignore him.

  24. Hi Defencenet,

    was it two bombers or one bomber, so many civilians injured...?

  25. Guys,

    Any news about the two rascals caught red-handed in Wattala yesterday?

    Do you think that the removal of road blocks contributes to this sudden resurgence?

    I am holding my breath till tomorrow's event will pass off without a major trouble.

    I wish we celebrated 'freedom' once these bastards are wiped out from the surface of the earth; their presence on this planet is an unfortunate accident. The sooner they are sent to hell, the better.

  26. It seems one bomber. She got off from vavuniya matara train.

  27. Qrious-
    Mate very well said. I wish the very same.

  28. Guys,

    Hope the outfit is not up to something big by distracting the attention of the forces. They should not take the eye off the bigger threat.

  29. Qurious,
    I suspect they have got something spectacular planned for us tommorrow...if i am right it will be with the assistance of a sinhala traitor/s somewhere.I am terrified for the presidents life mate..god knows maybe anwer sadat type of job that is planned..Hon president is the worst nightmare that happened to some rich people who actually remain hidden..something tells me that assassinated tamil mp is the key..

  30. OK.. TV must be banned for all forces watching independance day celebrations..because i am anticipating an attack(tin can)on Katunayake..

  31. Guys, says there is air show tomorrow.
    During / before / after those events, hope we do have some back up plan, just in case if we had unwanted visitors either to Colombo or up north where events are always happening.
    Also we should keep eye on for Big Pig who may come out tomorrow to show off. Let's keep somthing ready for him too.
    We shold be ready all the time.. today.. Tomorrow..... and all the time.

  32. DefenceNet said "It seems one bomber. She got off from vavuniya matara train."

    Could this be a premature-explosion ? Maybe her target was someone/somewhere else. Intended for the Independence Day Tomorrow. She arrives one day before. Remember she was successful to the point of entering Colombo and fort - thus close proximity to the High security zone with no obstacles. So close, she can practically walk to Galle Face !

    This makes her target much easier to succeed with less than 24 hours to go.

    QUESTION - how many more could have arrived like this, at the last moment??? Colombo has been screened and wiped clean all these days- they arrive after all this ! I hope SLDF is prepared for this.

  33. MI has already warned about tiger air threat. Next attack will most likely be a suicide attack

  34. RAF, its does not seem to be accidental. If it was for tomorrow she'd hav arrived weeks before. Usually they dont wear bomb suit before mission.

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  36. Guys,


    All what I mentioned yeasterday is playing in front of my eyes like a movie...

    My heart goes to all the people who lost their lives during the last couple of days.

    Hope tomorrow will pass without blood shed.Then again I am hoping that everything will be ok.

    It is better we stop the pomp and pagent for the next several months..Keep a very low profile until we break the back of LTTE mother funny terrorists.It is not about submitting to the LTTE terrorism.It is about Good Defence which infact is GOOD offense.Lets make it harder for the LTTE terrorists to run riot in the South.

    I don't think it is good idea to organise a celebration involving thosands of troops while asking them to protect civilians from the LTTE terrorists.It looks bad and stupid in front of the world.

    I don't understand the mentality of some of the higher ups in the security establishment..Can't they rise and tell the PRESIDENT THAT the idea of a massive celebration is foolish.?

    Hope they learn the lesson this time.

    While we celebrate....
    Another AAB style attack will undone the whole MILLITARY ESTABLISHMENT.

  37. RAF,
    Now that is a very good question..During this army offensive we need to keep our eyes peeled and ears to the fact is for sure if the LTTE go it is going to be spectacular..a large bloddbath in the o ur greatest intelligence.. our peoples.. must be on the lookout

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  39. defencewire is NOT down. I can access.

  40. I think Gov should re consider about the Dayata Kirula Exhibition... LTTE could use that event to kill more civilians...

  41. Tangara,
    we dont know what the higher-ups have in mind..their plans will be revealed in time..

  42. yes,totally agree with tangara,but guys wait for will be wondefull day...wait for it..

    shyaam,boss and every f...
    now what you people exepect us to do the same for tamil civilians.. nut loose f... we are much more smarter than you think..

  43. I can't agree with you more Tangara, our country is at WAR! I was against the celebrations when they took place to for the Eastern victories.

    Hw many thousands of troops, material and the don't forget the MONEY have allocated for this pageant. WE NEED THE MONEY to get the better equipment that we need.

    Once this LTTE mess is sorted out we can lie back relax and celebrate until the cows come home.

  44. Guys,

    I always felt that the celebrations on this scale at this critical time was going to be a risk. Don't forget that we are going to 'celebrate' it, when hundreds of our fellow citizens and families are in tears for the loss of loved ones. The two things are mutually exclusive in this day and age. Tigers wanted just that and we played into their hands.

    The first silly move was the invitation extended to Indian Prime minister by Bogollagama. That did not materialise, thanks god.

    I think there are people around the president who whisper these ideas into his ears. I don't think either service chiefs or defence secretary warmed up to this idea in the first place.

    I agree with peren, srilankan and other bloggeres; the president's life must be saved at any cost. Any harm to him will have a domino effect, recovering from which will not be easy.

  45. LTTE is killing innocent people just to make the DI-ASS-PORA f***ers happy....

    One said "I'm against killing innocent civilians" …… my a$$

    Wait and see.... the day will come to DI-ASS-PORA too to become suicide bombers to save VP's ass....

  46. why i am scared for Hon president,
    ...its because of the report handed by judges about arms procurements 2000-2005.. i think some politicos and very frightened men are have to imagine the frame of mind these guys are in...they dont care if the LTTE kill&butcher 1000s of innocents.. what is important here are the $$$$$...So a person with that frame of mind can easily join hands with the LTTE.

  47. Bomber blew herself up when checking was on

    Police believe that the suicide bomber had come from Medawachchiya-Fort train and blew herself up when the security forces personnel were carrying out random checking at the station.

  48. What I'm thinking is there could be more than one bomber or terrorists carrying explossives/weapons.

    What the blower wanted was to distract the attention of the security personal who were engaged in the search activities.

    So the secondary carriers can escape without getting searched.


  49. all this reflects the desperation of the terrorists. i am truly sad about the lives lost and the people sustained injuries. but the important thing is that unlike '83 people have realized the ulterior motives of the ltte in this kind of attacks and they keep their calm. ltte desperately want a communal backlash and we wont give that to them.

  50. extreme;

    I don't think so ..If there is checking on the railway station.. and if its a suicide bombing then the victim must be targeted at least a couple of security personals ... If its a parcel bomb only victim have to detonate the bomb coz the bomb will uncover by the security personals ....

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  53. Bomber blew herself up when checking was on

    Police believe that the suicide bomber had come from Medawachchiya-Fort train and blew herself up when the security forces personnel were carrying out random checking at the station.

    source: DailyMirror

    So.. It's not the planned place for the blast. That means she came to take a target in Tomorrow's independance day celebration?

  54. @ Puli

    Yov puli nice name man..and well said i agree with u...but this is not the correct time coz while people are in pain we have to be not to hurt em...we know the pain, we came through lots of such incidents, we know how it will be for us ... ... If you do so then there is no different betweem them and Us

  55. puli...WE FEEL THE PAIN..this is why we are not killing the good tamil people living with us in the south and forcibly sending their kids to their death as suicide bombers..This is why the navy did not open fire at the 9 LTTE makkal padai..who surrendered to the forces yesterday.This is why mindyou Sinhala buddist know the "chauvenistic variety".. are looking after tamil children in camps..this is why the Hon Pres want sto built special facilities for the surrendered cadres..this is why the army is dropping leaflets into north asking cadres to surrender,this is why the army advance is taking as long as it should.. must i go on..I am sorry to say that the person you thought is your saviour has decimated your society and created a class of super rich that are killing their own people..pls goto university of waterloo and ask those thaamil boys to join LTTE instead of some 10 yr old tamil child..

  56. puli..always remember that a bullet is much much faster than louise arbour..i want you to think about why there are many senior tamil citizens in the east who are in dire straits because they have lost their teenage sons..(as i understand it in tamil society the son looks after the parents right?)..who sent those kids to their death..???.You have to understand the SLDF you are fighting now is not a piece of cake like in the glorious 80-90s those days are gone my friend

  57. you need to understand that they are going to fight with you tooth and nail.I would be happy for YOU to call SLDF OUR army..but its TOO LATE NOW.

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  59. Using multiple accounts can be detected :)

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  61. Freedom of speech is not for racists. Either you post civil comments or we delete them all.

  62. the boss-

    I have read your posts over the months in the archives and there is one common thread throughout all of them. In your quest for "freedom", you have bound yourself to the chains of violence and communal disharmony.

    Every event that occurs in the context of this war is rationalized by you to suit your idealogy.

    It's already too late for your mortal body. Wherever you are, please get help before its too late for your immortal SOUL...

    Regardless of whether you achieve Eeelam or not, you are already lost, my friend...

  63. I agree with some of the posters here that holding celebrations and parades is silly when were are in the mist of a war.

    The money spent on them can be better spent on getting our troops much needed military hardware and supplies.

    In the wake of these bombings and similar ones that can occur in the future, we must do everything possible to prevent a Sinhala backlash against the Tamil people living in the south. This is what the LTTE wants to happen, so that the Tamil people will be driven into the arms of the LTTE.

  64. Don't give in. If they disrupt out day to day life then they win. Go ahead with the ceremonies. Be vigilant and don't attend if you don't have to. But considering it's already planned and everything is in order, don't let them stop us.

    Be very careful and security plans should come first. MR should be protected too as well as our soldiers and leaders.

  65. No matter what, extreme restrain is the need of the hour. This is good proof that LTTE is pushed against the wall by our forces and therefore trying the worst acts of terror anticipating a:

    1) Economic slowdown.
    2) Communal backlash.
    3) Surrender to LTTE terrorism.
    4) Disrupt the Feb 4th.

    If are self restrained and vigilant,

    1) Our force can keep reducing the LTTE terrorist as per plan.
    2) Innocent civilians, specially the Tamils, will be safe.
    3) Can reduce any leftover international goodwill towards LTTE.
    4) We can get on to morally higher grounds in reducing the LTTE terrorists.

    Bless innocent victims of the acts of LTTE terror!!
    Bless our soldier on their fight against terror!!
    Bless all Sri Lankans!!
    Long Live Sri Lanka!!!

  66. when this war is over we should have war crimes tribunals, and execute all these bastards.

    We should do what the Jews did with the Nazis and track down and bring swift and lethal justice to all diaspora tamil supporters, and escapees, no matter which countries they are in.

    Hold the course. The scumbags are desperate, and we should stay calm and not resort to an 83 type of scenario. That is exactly what Velu is counting on to save his fat sorry ass.

    Our armed forces are doing the needful and will finish thejob once and for all.

    The LTTE are finished and they know it.

    I for one will celebrate every time one of those gun-toting scumbags are sent on their way to meet their maker.

    Let the jets roar, and the MBRL's boom, and the guns talk and wipe out the LTTE menace once and for all so they will never ever rise again.

  67. We are impressed by the comments by most bloggers. Specially regarding the comments on tamil civilians. Its nice to see that most have drawn a clear line between terrorists and tamil civs. They should under no circumstances pay for the blunders of ltte. We are still paying for 1983. May that never happen again.

  68. Most importantly, we should by all means offer total support to our forces in this hour to carry on their duty to defend the nation in the same level headedness in the recent past. Days of LTTE seem to be gradually coming to an end.

  69. Machang,

    There is an element of truth in what you said; but don't underestimate the strain on the armed forces, to look out on so many fronts.

    The commanders must be having sleepless nights until these things are over.

    If the motives for celebrations stemmed from political rationale, it is very wrong. I am absolutely sure the public don't want to see these things at this stage, when they have to struggle to survive, knowing the colossal sum of money spent on these things.

    We cannot impress any nation by showing military hardware - we are not a match for our relatively big neighbours, apart from Maldive islands!

    Having said that, we can celebrate this in style, after these LTTE bastards are wiped out, in due course, honouring the fallen heroes and displaying the hardware that beat them.

    Until then the satisfaction we try to get from this event is not more than the satisfaction theboss and the likes get from premature ejaculation.

  70. GE and others,

    In surface it sounds silly, but we should deprive LTTE of anything they can expect from these cowardly acts. If we can weather such acts of terror and continue life, we are almost at the peak on our battle against LTTE terrorist. Therefore, I think that Independence Day should be celebrated to pay tribute to Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for preserving our freedom by with their lives. That will further improve the morale of our forces. Of course, I am not talking about a part at a five star hotel.

  71. i dont personally think that we should celebrate february 4th as our independence day anyway. it is the day that the british bequested us this ongoing problem. the real independence day is the day when ltte is wiped out of sri lanka and the day the tamil thambi can live freely in galle and sinhala malli can live without fear in kilinochchi.

  72. lovethynation

    I agree with you that we should celebrate our independence. However that needs to be done in a way that does not define us as an overtly militarized nation.

    It is true that we have been brutalized by two decades of war. But we shouldn't lose our conscience. There is also a need to make another segment of our society feel like they belong.
    Read between the lines, please.

  73. ..oh by the way, they both should be able to do thangachchi without a prob in kilinochchi...

  74. The present Prez the 3rd best polit in history? I find that hard to believe.
    But here's what I heard;

  75. qrious:

    I am on the same page with you. When the war is at this decisive stage, I dont understand why our politicians planned such an elaborate independence day celebration. We gain nothing from this, but risking a lot.

  76. onecountry,
    Could the celebration be to honour the forces i wonder...depends on what is said on the day...the speeches i mean

  77. First of all I'd like to say hello t everybody at Defencenet. I've been reading your comments for a long time now and I've learnt a lot, thanks!

    I agree with all your comments about not letting the situation get out of hand. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE ANOTHER BLACK JULY! This is exactly what those racist bloodthirsty animals want, so lets be calm and not fall into their trap.

    My next point is we should scrap Independence Day celebrations altogether. Every time we celebrate this, we are celebrating the fact that we lived under British rule. If we kicked them out of the country by force, then we should have a big military parade and show off our might. But the truth is that they got as much out of our country as possible and just when it was becoming economically unviable, they left. I'm not belittling the effort of all those who worked for our independence here. Of course their efforts helped in a big way but at the end of the day, we didn't' chase them out, they left.#

    Other thing about this independence is that we have nothing to celebrate! What do the relatives of Dambulla & Fort bombings have to celebrate? What do those innocent Tamil refugees in refugee camps have to celebrate?

    Let's spend the money that we spend celebrating the ignominy of living under British rule on something else like building hospitals in rural villages or arming & training the CDF so that we can better protect those vulnerable border villages like Kebithigollawa.

    We should beef up security at all public places. I saw a comment in this blog saying that we should train bus crew's about explosives. Brilliant idea! This way we can not only make it difficult for LTTE but also bring in some regulation into private (government owned also for that matter) bus trade.

    To beat a cancer like LTTE, we need discipline in our country. Look at a place like Kandy (well, any city in Sri Lanka), it's complete chaos. We should implement a strict regime of bus stops and then larger bus stands in each city. This way we can guard them better. Of course people will have to walk a kilometre or two to get into a bus, but that's better than getting into a bus anywhere you want and then getting blown up!

    Last but not least, Shyam, where the hell did you pick up your latest set of morals from? I saw your comment on Dambulla bomb before they deleted it. You either have amnesia and cannot remember what you said or you are a coward without any honour. Otherwise, how can you change your tone like this and pretend to be all innocent? What happened to your talk about LTTE not being a terrorist outfit "anymore"??

    This is the problem in general with LTTE. They are a bunch of dishonest cowards who have no idea about the notion of honour. They will do anything to achieve their goal. Most amazing thing though is that they have managed to portray themselves as the victims. This is largely due to the incompetence of fools who used (please take note of the term "used") run this country.

    GOSL & SL media people need to learn the art of spin, otherwise we'll never win the war that is raging outside Sri Lanka!

  78. Parakrama,
    good cooments there bro.. as for the celebrations.. i really dont know what to think..yes it is better if the money spent is used for the more needy.. but i think the Hon pres is trying to send a message to the LTTE as doubt at a lot of expense...really have not made up my mind either way.


  79. Australia upgrades travel warning for Sri Lanka


  80. Parakrama-
    I'm fully with you Bro.
    Independence celebration event should not have organised at all.
    Now we have to worry about down south as well as up north. And should not forget the East too.
    But if we can go pass next few days holding hands with dearest Tamils that's the biggest lost to LTTE.
    So now let's hold the hands together as Sri Lannkans and beat the terror.


  81. my condolence to the victims

    i was getting ready for the super bowl with a party

    it has turned in to a sad day

    no party now :(

  82. lkdood,
    why dont all the aussies stay away from srilankaaaaa? we really want these pigs who threw eggs at Mr Muralitharan+team?

  83. i heard on radio that more than one D.S. Senanayaka school children was also killed in the Fort incident :(

  84. @Srilankan

    most Australians are good people

    yes there are some bad people like who threw eggs @ murali

    every country has bad people

  85. Prakrama, all agreed that we have to be calm. But the common folk may not be able show such restraint. It may not be a bad idea to put a curfew at least for tonight. FORGET ANY EMBARASSMENT THIS MIGHT CAUSE THE THE INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS.

    Also it was said on the ITN news (I think) that the LTTE is retreating in Vewnimaawa (Vavuniya).

    Is there anything new brewing up in Vewnimaawa???

  86. lkdood-
    Let's not get upset about Aus or any other country. All those countries has duty towards it's own citizens.
    But we should turn those warning to our advantage by showing what sort of terrorists we have to live with.

  87. On Defencenet's comment:
    "We are still paying for 1983. May that never happen again."
    Completely agree with you. That's the last thing we want. Government and media should constantly urge the public to remain calm and patient in the face of terrorism. If even a small bunch of idiots get emotional and start something like that, it'll spread over the country in no time. (And exactly what Sun Goat would love to hear)

  88. lkdood,
    I am sick of these travel warnings...If the aussie govt..any govt for that matter.. is that bothered about the safety of its citizens..what better method than to stay home?..and forget travel to that country...altogether?.Do the aussies think they are doing us poor 3rd world people a "mighty favour" by coming to shriilankaaa?.

  89. or is it shhhrrrilankaaaa .. i cant remember

  90. 'i heard on radio that more than one D.S. Senanayaka school children was also killed in the Fort incident :('

    Thats my alma mater :-(

    D.S.S.M.V has contributed many of their brave sons to our armed forces including the great Tuan Muthalif and Lt Nissanka who was awarded the Parama Weera Vibushanaya (Pooneryn) and 29 other war heroes by the end of Eelam war 3

    We mourn the loss of our innocent 'mallis' today

  91. lkdood,
    By the way tourists should be required to fillup a "sexual proclivity" form..we dont want some pervert/child molester perverting our children..

  92. Guys,
    Seems like some smart@$$ is hacking into some people's accounts and making racist comments and we start cursing the real people (I'm not saying they are totally innocent) for those comments. Whoever is doing it please stop it, as this kind of thing is disrupting the discussions in this blog.

  93. guys

    all schools closing in Colombo District or not ???(to be announced tomorrow)
    exhibition @ BMICH postponed for 4 days

    lot of things happening

  94. defencenet, is it true that the LTTE will be banned tonight by MR? I heard this from SF on LNP.

  95. perein, Srilankan,

    I fully agree with you guys! If everybody can think logically like you guys!

    I think it's too late to pull out of the celebrations this year, if we do, then LTTE would have achieved their objective. So let's do it and send a clear signal to LTTE. I hope the day goes without any hiccups. Best of luck defence forces, we all depend on you, I'm sure you'll do a professional job!

    However, let's scrap this from next year! You are spot on, it distracts our forces from what really needs to be done!

    Let's stop this until the war is over and then let's pick another day that's acceptable to every citizen of this beautiful land and celebrate it with all the glory that Sri Lanka has to offer. We can make it a tourist attraction like Kandy Perehara and earn something along the way!

    The only good thing that we can learn from this debacle is that those murderous thugs are getting a good beating in Wanni, that's why LTTE are trying to distract us.

    Perein, you are right about those warnings, we should use them to our advantage! We should ask them the question if they would like this to happen in their own backyard. And if it did happen, what would they do about it?

    kiri, I agree with you too, the government should take all the necessary steps to avoid communal violence, they have to protect EVERY citizen of Sri Lanka. It's their repeated failure at this step that has landed us in this mess!

    Anyway guys, keep up the good work. I hope those responsible for running things are taking note of this blog cos there are some brilliant ideas floating around here!

  96. @srilankan

    nobody wants pervert/child molesters in any country

  97. Guys,

    The exhibition is off; I hope they learnt the lesson - not to do things in the reverse order again.

    Wipe the outfit first then let's celebrate. That is the right order.

    Unnecessary collective embarassment.

  98. qrious,

    When you say exhibition are you talking about the one at BMICH?

  99. i heard on radio it is only postponed for 4 days
    (BMICH show)

  100. If the LTTE launch their 1st(f-18),2nd(B-52) and 3rd(B-2) fighter/bomber wings against our forces you are speaking about 1000 of deaths because the military may not have live ammo on parade.

  101. Now seriously..we need to check the occupants of those hotels near/ at gallface discretely of course..

  102. Srilankan,

    what are you saying mate? LTTE don't have 1st(f-18),2nd(B-52) and 3rd(B-2) fighter/bomber wings... do they?

  103. srilankan,
    "If the LTTE launch their 1st(f-18),2nd(B-52) and 3rd(B-2) fighter/bomber wings against our forces"
    Yeah....and let's not forget the MI 24 they got by bribing & the Kfir their invincible Imran Padayan captured in mid-air.

  104. machang
    They have them under the command of Air vice marshall TChelvan..:):)

  105. During the CBK regime, DIG Kotakandeniya did a good job keeping the lid on the LTTE in Colombo. One of the things he did was massive unannouced police sweeps of areas of Colombo.
    Unfortunately he was removed because of pressure from Thondaman. He is now a security advisor to MR. The police need to be given a free hand to do their work without political interference.

  106. LTTE have kfir ?

    you guys are joking right ?

  107. chamal.. exactly mate..what an insult it is to send 3 2nd hand crop dusters...i mean crop dusters to an independence day that case let us all take our kitchen sinks as well.

  108. On the issue of closing schools:
    "all schools closing in Colombo District or not ?"
    I think it should be done if it was advised by the military commanders. The education minister's stories about education being disrupted & future being destroyed can't be accepted in the current situation....there should be children alive for a future in the first place. And anyway, if schools are targetted and children killed, there is a high possibility of repeating '83

  109. and dont forget the ltte "KILLINOCHI PROJECT" they made the nuclear bomb

  110. See the pattern how it went and goes.....

    LTTE has planned all these innocent killings well in advance.....

    1) LTTE has killed innocent school children in Madu area to show the world that SLA DPU has done it.

    2) Now they can justify all the other subsequent civilians killings as "revenges" for the Madu incident.

    -> LTTE and DI-ASS-PORA buggers want the riots on innocent Tamils. DI-ASS-PORA buggers don't have any more relatives here and they've already taken them into the EU countries as bogus asylum seekers. They don't care if the innocent tamil borthers/sisters remaining here getting killed through riots.

    -> They know 80% of the innocent tamils are living among the Sinhalese in south with harmony and they don't want the bloody EELAM. So LTTE & DI-ASS-PORA buggers want to put them as pawn to win the IC sympathy…


  111. i thnk taht the day this war ends and phrabakaran is dead we should make it a national holiday

  112. extreme..very well said bro..very well said..these guys want us "idiots" to kill innocent tamils in SLanka because that will allow them to make some more money..See this LTTE has become a few "have" tamils living overseas controls a much larger poorer "have not"tamil population in SLanka..But keep in mind tamils overseas consist of EDPS,TMVP+other parties also not just LTTE

  113. dush so sorry..forgot that..was it the hydrogen bomb as well..

  114. @lkdood,
    Rupavahini 8 o clock news said it's 5 DS Senanayaka college students.
    I don't know whether its correct or wrong.

  115. Some graphic pictures on the Fort Railway Station bombing on

  116. Guys,

    We are at cross-roads; there are plenty of traitors among us who just want to see a disaster of monumental scale tomorrow; to that end, they do anything in their power to achieve that, by hook or crook, as the saying goes.

    The protection of the lives of the president, Gotabaya and the service chiefs are really important at this stage; we can't afford to gamble with that any more. We can't celebrate at the expense of that.

    The coming weeks will be crucial; Tigers are being beaten as never before. So, the savages do what they good at. The rulers must be courages to take necessary steps to protect the public; they may not be always popular, but must be taken without vacillation. These are not normal time.

    In this context, if the school are to be closed for a certain period, so be it; it is not indefinite. Doing otherwise is a psychological torture for parents as well and a huge strain on police.

    Our masses have been superb by the way they put up with the spiralling cost of living. I am sure, if convinced, they may go even further.

    The end of the outfit is fast approaching, guys. In these nail-biting times, think of the humble candle light to draw some inspiration.

    You all have noticed, what happens to it before its end - it gets unusually large, produces stronger light and then dies out.

    I challenge the Tiger supporters here to prove that the humble candle does not reflect the fate of the outfit.

  117. @lankanews

    thank you for the info

    very sad day for the school :(

  118. least in the south the children are at home with the parents..think about the kids up north..cannon fodder to artillary guns..we have to SAVE these kids bro one way or the other..

  119. All the UK indigenous residents that I met promised to write to their MP and give strength and support to those ministers who have been overwhelmed by their Diaspora vote base. A meaningful step has to be taken so that our politicians will in power without depending on the people with extreme views. this needs the support of all major parties. Surly their days must be numbered in this part of the world. The problem with is phenomena has been mentioned by the British High Commissioner when he said that, to the effect that whatever that is caused in UK,it will have a effect in their foreign policy for SL.Every English man I met speak with one voice, that is terrorism any where in the world can’t be justified and shouldn’t deal with terrorists as if they are a political force.




  121. Defensenet/Anyone know what the secret message the MI has found that is related to all these bombings? I am quoting from what specialforce has commented in LNP.

  122. kiri
    You said something important,even a RPG could bring a M24 down.It is not advisable to bring these assats at this critical moment on a display.

  123. Exibition will be on from 7th to 10th. Machang, ban is under consideration but no decision yet.

  124. defensenet,

    Ban might take place tonight?

  125. Kevin and others like him are doing good work in the UK and else where to project a more favorable image of Sri Lanka, and to get these countries to have more favorable polices towards Sri Lanka. Keep up the good work Kevin.

    MR Govt needs to fine tune their foreign policy. I am very saddend by the pathetic statement of the U.S. Embassy today. They are equating the GOSL with the LTTE. The MR Govt should send some Army cooks from the Army Service Corps to Iraq to join the "multi-national coalition". Then perhaps SL will be part of the "global war on terror," and some of the problems with the western countries will go away.

    Article by Vernon Mendis, former ambassador to UK, and one of the finest diplomats Sri Lanka has produced.

  126. Sl, no decision on when or if the ban will be imposed.

  127. nevermind about the message received. :)

  128. Cakeboy

    [when this war is over we should have war crimes tribunals, and execute all these bastards.

    We should do what the Jews did with the Nazis and track down and bring swift and lethal justice to all diaspora tamil supporters, and escapees, no matter which countries they are in.]

    Spot on man…you are a smarty!

    OaO Asithri

  129. Just heard that from now on all passengers coming from the north will be asked to disembark from the vans, busses will be transferred into “fresh” units upon checking of each passenger and their baggage. The Yal-Devi train from Vavuniya was earlier cancelled because of this concern and I hear the train now runs from southern point at Medawchchiya. That’s why this suicide bomber bitch is reported to have taken a bus/van route to the south and then boarded a train later at Medawachchiya as it was common knowledge that boarding trains from outskirt stations was largely security inspection free (unlike busses/vans coming on the roads to Colombo). The “security establishment” should have seen this loophole earlier…but hopefully, this measure should help in curbing new explosives/suicide jackets from entering the thickly populated southern “soft targets.”

    However, it is also common knowledge that LTTE was able to bring in – quite freely - thousands upon thousands of kg of explosives to the “south” during the CFA – mostly immediately after the agreement as RanilW pansy-bastard, intoxicated with his bogus peace achievement - ordered all checkpoints in the south be removed immediately (I was in Colombo at that time and I was astounded to see checkpoints around the Hilton/Intercontinental all gone overnight!) As such, the belief is the explosive material, in abundance, is already in the south and the rest of what’s required – nails, ball-bearings, etc. are purchased in the south as they are easy to come by (without arousing suspicion) and LTTE has enough safe houses in the “south” where the jackets are also stitched. This is why many suicide bombers when arrested in Colombo have confessed to having orders to “just wait” until their handlers were ready with the jackets.

    OaO Asithri

  130. Grious and all

    There is a sinister motive behind civillian targetting.
    It's prime intention is to cause the world to recognize the tigers as 'equal in strength' to the SL Forces. To the western mind, that implies one thing; the only solution in such a situation has tobe thru negotiation.
    That is an essential quality abt western thinking that the terrorists and their tacticians have udnerstood early, but most of our people haven't.
    Usually when a suicide bombing happens, SL media and our concerned overseas people also give it wide publicity, hoping to show the world the brutality of tamil tiger terrorism. By doing so, they unwittingly do exactly what the terrorists need; publicity and a message of strength coming from the Sri Lankans who are unable to stand up to the terrorists. To the western mind, the terrorist is a beast and destruction is in its nature. But if its victim cannot stand the assault by the animal, then the most sensible solution would be one of negotiated settlement.

    This is where giving voice to acts of terror can be a disadvantage, unless it is done correcty.

    Those who do give voice to these dastardly acts need to emphasize teh fact that the Tigers are being beaten conclusively and the random acts of violence are the thrashings of a dying serpent, with its head cut off. In fact, most of the random violence that is being committed right now, is being carried out without direct control by the LTTE heirarchy. These are the acts of desperados cornered with no way to run. Soon it will be over.
    Sri Lanka is also providing all facilities to rehabilitate tamil tiger surrendees into civillian life. More of the nations that are concerned, can help us by assisting rehab the surrendees. If not, then their concern is only a political platitude.

  131. Why didn't we do this from the beginning?

  132. was it a prabha's angel that attacked these two days

    P.S after the fat pig is dead they will be Charlie Angels

  133. You'll at DefenceNet should be thanked for the great job done by giving us a true picture of what is happening.

    I saw some members have discussed about the banning of the LTTE. What favorable effects will the ban have on our current operations? And what stops us from banning the LTTE?


  134. Let our children be home for some time. If they miss the classes ....transmit some education programmes over the TV.

    This will reduce a big pressure from all the areas, police, perants.. etc etc..

    there are so many ways we can find to cover up the lost classes.. but Life??

  135. what time will the independence day show starts ? 8 or 9 a.m ?

  136. Guys, the Fort station bomb, Dambulla bomb, etc. all actually have a two-dimensional story to tell. It’s actually a good-news / bad-news story.

    Bad news:
    LTTE will carryout more such attacks on soft-targets in the “south” killing scores of innocent civilians.

    Good news:
    “If ever GOSL pushes into our Tamil homeland territory in the north and we are overwhelmed by the Sri Lankan forces and are in danger of losing our territory, then we have a strategy to cope with it. If that happens, we will create diversionary attacks in the south that will compel the GOSL to remove forces from our homeland territories to protect the south” – Thamil Chelvam in an interview with a foreign reporter a few months before he was fried alive by Kfirs/MiGs.

    So, as you see, that stage has come now, despite the brave front the LTTE is putting through its various outlets like TamilNet.

    What I am hearing from contacts in SLDF who are serving in the north who have gathered intel, what’s worrying the LTTE are two things:

    1) Not being able to cope on thrusts from four widely separated areas from SLDF as LTTE simply lacks:

    1a) enough arty/mortar guns and most crucially, shells for use even in the limited units they have (thank you SLN!)

    1b) not enough cadres to adequately cover all the FDLs as given the spread-out, bunkers are now covered by just a couple, whereas earlier each bunker was coverd by 5-8 cadres. This in turn is making these bunkers fall much easily compared to earlier (hence, when MOD says 20, 30 bunkers were captured, you can see why such claims are plausible)


    2) The sheer escalating death counts on the wounded LTTE cadres. Most are having wounds of those categories that can be saved in a well equipped hospital, but Killinocchi hospital, although having some facilities, is not equipped to cope with that many number of wounded and definitely not capable of carrying out effective surgeries. This has resulted in most wounded dying (I hear most are dying in huts with just a saline bottle hooked on and nothing else!) and that in turn is affecting above point #1

    So, in all, this proves the LTTE is now badly mauled and the strategy has moved to the phase that Thamil Chelvam stated.

    As I said, a good-news / bad-news story…

    OaO Asithri

  137. Asithri,
    Very interesting comments bro..why in gods name did the "security establishment" miss this loophole.

  138. explorer, what favorable effects have we had for not banning them? They are attacking, we are attacking, but no ban? Wont make sense for those people who doesnt know about the conflict. If we concider a "BAN" then we can stop these pro supporters in colombo, using computers to spread false propaganda, and supporting LTTE since there is no BAN on LTTE itself. It will also make sense to srilankans asking "how come we don tban them"?

  139. srilankan, did asthri leave? lol good to hear from you bro.

  140. lkdood-
    By looking at this link it should start around 8 am.

  141. This guy reading the news is stating the time the presidents motercade will arrive at he crazy?

  142. -Dush

    Saw an earlier post from sweat bro, keep up your spirit - and the good work!

    Cheers, OaO Asithri

  143. sl,
    looks like the LTTE is liberating its cadres of they can join TC..for EELAM-4.0.1

  144. sorry did i say EELAM-4.0.1?.. i meant 4.0.1.sqrt(2)

  145. sl, I also think the same way. Why don't we ban it then? To my knowledge, none of these LTTE supporters come out and protest these terrorist activities just like they do when Tamil people are arrested by the GoSL on reasonable grounds.

  146. sl

    [srilankan, did asthri leave? lol good to hear from you bro.]

    sl, good to see your here as well...I am still here, but need to go shortly (there's a LTTE "donations collection" team in my neighborhood and I am waiting with a Baseball bat till they ring my door bell! LMSSAO!)

    Bro, I saw an earlier note from you…I will find a way to contact you personally…currently my movements are under “watch by watchers” for my good and that’s why I am prevented from corresponding “directly” in relation to this topic (I’ll explain later).

    OaO Asithri

  147. Sorry, the above post was also meant for my buddy, Perein.

    OaO Asithri

  148. Heavy clashes in Sri Lanka kill 46 Tigers and two soldiers, military says


  149. All,

    Any thoughts on UNP not coming to ID parade? Have they received any advanced warnings from somebody? If so, we need to take care the traitors within first.

  150. sl, perein, et al

    Bros, I don't know if you guys still visit LNP, but if you do, please see if you can have "vinivida" join this blog at least occasionally...he was a real cool dude...and from the days I used to first post there as "PrettyKfir" we had a great partnership bashing SWETs/WEPTs and would love to have his perspective here.

    Cheers, OaO Asithri

  151. "what time will the independence day show starts ? 8 or 9 a.m ?'

    Now this sounds like someone's got a bra-bomb Thangaachchi ready to go!


    OaO Asithri

  152. First my deepest sympathy with you all suffered today bombings…

    Now the way LTTE is killing people has become out of control …I have strong doubt over this and few assumptions are below
    they are doing this
    • The leadership of the LTTE is not controlling the suicide carders any more…
    • Just to make international Tamil community happy (who like to see Sinhalese get killed) and to show LTTE is doing something in there.
    • LTTE cadres are being beaten heavily in battle front and now they are trying to stop the war against them by making anarchy in the country.
    So in the long term what shall we do……?
    Whatever international media says we will not stop …so that we must be careful to react in this situation and not to repeat any 1983…
    As par as my understanding most of Tamils live in abroad do not want to support LTTE but they need someone their to beat Sinhalese ..this because the media has been glorifying the victories against Tamils rather than LTTE…so therefore we must isolate the LTTE form Tamils (as you know most of them have small favour towards LTTE)..and to make them aware that one day they will not get anything out of LTTE but only diminishing of Tamil population from the country…

    Tomorrow's celebration...
    I hope our security forces have done everything to stop any laps in security for tomorrow’s celebration..

    Finally I wish we will not hear any bad news from SL…

  153. asthri, i will try. Glad vivinda is taking care of the LNP side. Its like war there lol...good genuine people get banned, while tigrees and pro ltte supporters never get banned. The day someone hacks that website and puts a picture of mr. dark brown naked will be the day! lol oh not to mention the crazy lazy gaja going to court everyday to make a living by suing everyone in Australia. Whats wrong with these people, causing problems.

  154. Sam

    [Any thoughts on UNP not coming to ID parade? Have they received any advanced warnings from somebody? If so, we need to take care the traitors within first.]

    Could be...if so, then as I say, we need to terminate them "with extreme prejudice."

    Frankly, I think this is just RW pansy playing cheap politics. After all, this is the pansy who wanted to celebrate 500 years of Portuguese invasion of Sri Lanka! So, these "independence day" thingys are not for him!

    OaO Asithri

  155. Asithri, I see your great work at Asian Tribune also. Keep it up...

  156. asithri, any chance that ranil wickramasinghe was in galle fort when the suicide bomber did what she did?

    Suicidebomber: pada pada kapam papmam...ponna ranil wickramasinghe?

    Ranil: aney ammo!!! ceasefire, ceasfire!!! mata gahana appa.

    suicidebomber: KABOOM!

  157. Our forces must keep fighting. Our ponna police need to be vigiliant and protect civilians and take tips from civilians seriously. ALL CIVILIANS must look out for suspicious people, even if they look like bums or rich or thuggish, need to report them!!

    Hope the independence celebrations will go smoothly. Asthri, i hope you polished your bat for those LTTE money collectors.

  158. sl

    LMSSAO!!! Good one!

    OaO Asithri

  159. say you fought in selfdefense because they had told you that they were LTTE and were going to kill you! That's all you need to say. Since these type of incidents have taken place many times. lol You should record them on video, post that on youtube.

  160. Asithri-
    Visit LNP time to time... Trying to keep to reader mode...
    Does not wana waste too much time with one way trafic there.
    Will try to get "vinivida" here if poss.

  161. LKDOOD,

    The exhibition has been postponed; may be even cancelled. The decision is not a rational one either way, just an impulsive one.

    Guys, the woman suicide bomber has come from Matara; I thought it was the other way round - from Vaunia to Matara. That sounds a bit strange. I heard she is attractive too - a perfect angel of death.

    I haven't been to Colombo for ages; are there any metal detectors at the entrance to the Fort Station? I think one or two will do the job, if passengers extend their cooporation by minimizing the size of their luggage or do not carry them at all, unless really really necessary.

    I saw in New Delhi, even large restaurants have installed metal detectors at the entrances - well away from the dining area. They are not sophisticated ones; just simple ones, but reliable enough to do the job.

    Plus, the private bus fellows must be pressurised to do more when collecting what they call Kalli. They are just after money in a gut-wrenching way.

    One of the news organization that wants to see tomorrows agenda being ruined is BBC. The term independence and what goes with it, is not music for their ears - for obvious reasons.

  162. Defensenet, any news on the frontlines?

  163. explorer

    [Asithri, I see your great work at Asian Tribune also. Keep it up...]

    Thanks mate...yes, I have a prefix "Scorpion" there as when I joined that on-line new forum, there were a couple of dudes named "cobra" and "viper" there and so I decided to add "Scorpion" as a prefix to fit-in with the anti-LTTE terrorist venomous climate.


    Cheers, OaO Asithri

  164. US blames Tamil Tigers for Sri Lanka blasts


    Sri Lanka to screen trains, buses from north


  165. qrious,

    BBC will have a headline such as "Sri Lanka questions what Independence Day really is and halts all celebrations!"

  166. Qrious

    [I heard she is attractive too ...]

    Damn it! My buddy in the STF is not going to be happy! Nothing like catching a bitch in heat (I mean the suicide jacket ;-) ;-) ;-)


    OaO Asithri

  167. Blast at Fort Railway Station(videos)


  168. OK, the LTTE donation collectors at the to go. LMSSAO!!!

    Catch you patriots later...

    OaO Asithri

  169. Read defencenet blog for a long time but this is my first comment.

    I have the perfect two words that describe defencent blog:
    Great blog!

    About the security risks after yesterday's Fort bomb to today's celebratins:

    We should go ahead as planned (plus more sefety measures) We need to show the terror master that the Sri Lankans would not cover in fear.
    That we will celebrate today, not just as the 60th year of the post-colonial era but also as a celebration of our people’s resilience and our commitment to the war on terror against the most vulgar and abominable terrorist group in the whole wide world.

    By the way I have started a blog myself recently.
    (Not affiliated with Lakbima News paper, just an accident in naming)

    Invitations out to you all to pay a visit.

  170. Defencenet..
    I just wondering ...these are my thoughts...for independance day...
    are there any security measures in place for bomb lorries (bcos it could be destroyed very big area and also media personnel must be checked properly)

  171. Watch out Hingurakgoda SLAF. LTTE may be closer by in the jungles.

    SLDF shows of lot of stupidity by not having clear training on how to act when a bomb blast took place. Rapid deployment necessary measures allows bombers to get away easily, unless it is a suicide bomber.

    Watch out for Catholic priest community in the North. These places are the international centers of terrorism coordination.
    Sad, but true!

    Support of the Northern Catholic Church is the biggest strength of LTTE. Appeal to the Pope, asking him to curb these unwarranted activities of the Northern Catholic Church.

  172. R*fard&C*able,

    The Northern Church you are referring to must be having its own cardinal too; shall we call him
    Cardinal Sin?

  173. Frends
    This what one Mr Ben Silva has written in the Lanka Web,shown to be by a friend and it clearly says that the tyrants from South India supressed the Sinhalese,ethinic clensing etc.we were rescued in 1815,if you care to read te diaries and other corespondance of the first administrator of Kandy,John Doyle who had a Special love to its people.
    This What Ben Has written.
    Sri Lanka had been haemorrhaging at the hands of the Tamil Tiger terrorists since 1975, and no one cared, not even the UN . The Sinhalese have been ethnically cleansed from their home land, their irrigation system destroyed, their culture destroyed, over centuries, by invading South Indian war lords and no one cared. Recently, LTTE carried out ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims and still no one cared.
    Sri Lanka is experiencing regular acts of terrorism from LTTE, far worst than...
    You see we have to seek the truth without abbusing each other and unitedly,with true sicerity find a soulution to this terrorists problem.We must role back the ehnic clensing that happened thousad or more years agout give the Tamil people all unresricted acess and previlages meant for all citizens of Lanka.We should have no racial and religious enclaves anywhere in the island.I will buy land in that area to do a venture,as time goes as it appeal to me for business reasons.

  174. Very good morning to all, on the 60th independence day of Sri Lanka!
    Hope all the events go ahead as scheduled, with no interruptions, and let the whole of sri lanka enjoy this day.
    Looking forward to MR'S speech, what he outlines today wud be the policy for the upcoming days.
    And of course the much awaited Military parade! SLRC, hope u got the correct cameras locations, esp when the kfir/migs, whizz thru!

    Defencenet, request on behalf of our fellow DN bloggers - once the days events are concluded i hope u could post pictures of the event in picassa or here in DN. Would be great if u could name and describe each regiment, armoured vehicle, ships and planes of the pictures u get. Thanks in advance!

  175. Should there be anymore terrorist violence in the south in a large scale the gosl must take the opportunity to house the none Tamils in those area captured and create a malty ethnic province, where laws relating to social cohesion is vigorously observed, where no religious or social or ethnic intolerance is prohibited.

  176. from breaking news.

    Rebels threaten bomb attacks todayFrom correspondents in Colombo
    February 04, 2008 11:36am
    Article from: Reuters
    A CALLER claiming to be from a rebel group Sri Lanka's military says is a wing of the Tamil Tigers has warned of bomb attacks on Independence Day celebrations due to take place in the capital Colombo within hours.

    Sri Lanka's military said the group, Ellalan Forces, was a codename used by Tamil Tiger rebels behind attacks in the capital.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa is due to oversee an exhibition of military might in Colombo today, when tanks and thousands of troops will parade in the city, fighter jets will fly overhead and attack boats sail by to mark the 60th anniversary of independence from colonial ruler Britain.

    The military is already on high alert after a series of bombings blamed on the Tigers in recent weeks, including Sunday's suicide bombing at the island's main train station in the capital which killed 11 and wounded 92.

    The blast has been blamed on the Ellalan Forces.

    "Please, be careful. There are going to be bombs in Colombo in some places," the anonymous caller told Reuters.

    "In some places we have fixed bombs to target Independence Day celebrations."

    The caller was unknown to Reuters, and hung up when asked if he was linked to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The Tigers were not immediately reachable for comment.

    "Ellalan forces ... are those operating in Colombo," said military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara. "It's the Tigers."

    Troops have cut off roads near the parade site along a promenade by the Indian Ocean, and mobile telephone subscribers have been advised all SMS services will be cut for several hours, a measure seen aimed at hindering any efforts to coordinate attacks.

    Fighting between the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE rebels has intensified since the government scrapped a six-year-old ceasefire last month, saying the rebels were using it to rebuild and re-arm and were not sincere about talking peace.


    may be its fear mongering by a lunatic; may be it is a warning to say afterwards we warned you before hand by a terrorist.

  177. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  178. hey dispicable "the boss"

    GOSL has taken tiger attacks witout ANY counter-attcks on them because of the Independance Day. wait and see what comes immediately thereafter!!!!!

    you will be surprised.

    if LTTE can kill 12 we can kill 12,000; if LTTE can give food to 100 we can feed 100,000. never forget that.

    this war will not end on 4 feb. 2008; actually it will START a new phase.

    i pray that the Army chielf's 10-a-day target will increase!

  179. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  180. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  181. This comment has been removed by the author.

  182. theboss, better hope you wake up tomorrow!Im sure your tired from cleaning toilets. Get some "sleep"


  183. these terorist supporters wishing death upon ppl, little do they know that death is after them.

  184. sorry DN, was carried away by a blood-drinking barrbairan; deleted my response to him; won't happen again.

    let him/them eat dead bodies and drink blood, we won't because we are civilised than them!!

  185. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  186. huh yes you know raping more than any one thats why we can found condoms in eveyr ltte bunker.

    displaying dead people have displayed more than 70000 bodies..nut loose

    attck sucker what you mean by aattck publickly
    lastweek madhu..want more

    slughtering terrorists...not aid workers

  187. This morning i received an SMS saying all SMS services are stoped between 6 to 10am.

    My question is why only SMS?
    Can't they cordinate thru voice calls.Can somebody explain the rationale behind this.

  188. Guys,
    Security seems to be very tight here. Even commandos are patrolling the streets.... seems very unlikely that LTTE will try to attack the celebrations. Anyway, we'll see

  189. Please do not discuss security arrangements till ceremony is over


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