Thursday, February 7, 2008

Clashes continue in Northern front

At least 5 members of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and two Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed in clashes along the northern Forward Defence Lines (FDL) which occurred today (7th). Five soldiers who sustained injuries were evacuated to Palaly military hospital. At least 10 LTTE cadres too were reported to be injured. Fighting which broke out at 5.00 am continued for nearly 45 minutes.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) attacked three different military installations of the LTTE in the last two days (6th and 5th). Targets hit on the 5th include a relay station located north of Kilinochchi and a coordination center located in Kaivelukulam, Puthukuduirippu. On the 6th, another LTTE base in Thiruwai Aru, North west of Iranamadu, came under SLAF attack. UAV footage showed increased LTTE activity after the bombing in Thiruwai Aru, which could perhaps be an indication of casualties. The Air Force used precision guided munitions and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in these attacks, all of which were acquired recently.


  1. Our valiant soldiers in the national front are doing a great job. Lets be patient for a while, when the procedures are carried out systemically the results will show itself.

  2. Our Northen FDL must be 10 times more stronger than wanni. becouse more we put pressue from south, greater the chance LTTE want to break thru the Northen Defence.

  3. Muru,

    "Sex in the bunkers"

    That is an interesting development.

    Muru, do you think in happier times these activities extended beyond the borders of these holes and then even the no-man's land? Sorry, I mean the holes on the ground, if you misunderstood my question, mate.

    During the period that I am referring to, washing was not a problem for the female LTTE cadres. So, our fellows may not have rated their nocturnal experiences as hit and run attacks in their logs!

    I think the lack of proper condomes should be exploited from strategic point of view: first of all, find a way to provide them with these flexible helmets for the conical heads, and then heaps of testesterone tablets with a chocolate coating, to raise the activity level on an exponential curve. The obsession with the game will then evolve, first into an an addiction and in the end an epidemic.

    This is going to be a lethal bunker buster in disguise. Let's call them hormone warfare and make history on our FDL's.

  4. Well done SLAF!!.
    DefenceNet,..when you have the time..
    When the uav's detect tiger activity after an initial bombing run..should we not launch a second bombing run..or is it that the casualties as a result of the 2nd run will be minimal in comparison.

  5. Guys,

    I don't have to remind you all that I don't live in Sri Lanka, physically. But I am well connected with my country in all other departments.

    Most of the NGO's have become a pain in the a** for the security and reputation of the country.

    How did they take such a strong foodhold in the country in the first place?

    Does this miniturise what took place between 1505 and 1948?

    Vasco de Gama was not scratching his balls on the shores of the island, until the messengers from the interiors arrived; he devised a long-term strategy, by hook or crook.

    History repeats itself, and it is inevitable as everything in the universe is cyclic. But not with a shorter frequency like this.

  6. Sri lankan

    "when you have the time..
    When the uav's detect tiger activity after an initial bombing run..should we not launch a second bombing run..or is it that the casualties as a result of the 2nd run will be minimal in comparison"

    May be the reason they dont do a second bombing is that there is a possibilty of some sort of aid workers handling casualties or something?

  7. Hi Guys,
    Have you seen this video? (It’s disturbing)

    Madu Blast

    The puzzling thing is, this is filmed within minutes of Madu Blast. I was wondering who was carrying a camera on this jungle at that moment. Isn’t that fishy? Is it possible somebody was waiting for the blast to be filmed? We will never know….

    Intentional killing of civilians is a war crime. Killing innocent children is beyond humanity! A true Sri Lankan will overwhelmingly condemn killing of any civilians in war. Be it Sri Lanka, Afghanistan or Iraq, it is crime.

    Also read:

    No one can fill the void, when one loses a child

  8. onceinawhile,
    I am not sure aid workers are handling these casualties.mindyou i could be wrong.(an LTTE friendly airworker(s) may)..for the good reason that LTTE casualties need to be kept secret.The more people who know about exactly who was injured the greater the chance of it getting out.Secondly the only people who will be interested in evacuating LTTE casualties are the indoctrinated LTTE supporters themselves ..not conscripts..since these areas are LTTE high security zones not accessible to the general you get a chance to kill seasoned cadres as opposed to i may be wrong since i am not an eye witness to the events

  9. qurious,
    I think the govt is seriously looking into the 1 bilion NGO's in SLanka.The govt policy is right..they should be asked to produce evidence of what they have done which should be authenticated by a 3rd party.If in one yr you build 1 mud hut then you are not needed in SLanka.however i think there is a foreign exchange angle to this also..However its pretty shaky group because these are just people of their respective countries and if properly harnessed they can influence people in their own cities about the suffering of our people and we will probably get more aid as a result.However 19 yr old foreign pussies out of university doing a "gap year" in an aid organisation in SLanka is a no go.

  10. qurious,
    i forgot to add this context the number of hours spent sun bathing on mt lavania beach does not count as merit for remaining in SLanka

  11. you know its like any job in the west..if you spend your time in an office playing video games and not working then yr simple as that..

  12. Shyam,

    kiyana kisi deyak therenne nathi wahu patiyek yako umba...

    thota ochchara kakkuma theyenawa nam.. pala wanniyata.. hangila hiwalek wage inne nathiwa...

    Thota hapan thoge maha eka.. ooo pol booruwek... rataka jeevath wenna dannen nathi kaalakanni set ekak...

  13. piyadasa,
    This guy shayam is a dont waste your time..

  14. Srilankan,

    This guy shayam is a dont waste your time.."

    True.... I agree..

    Jayawewa...! to WAR AGAINST TERROR...!

  15. shayam,
    The only people who are urinating these days are the LTTE frontline cadres when they have to experience the wonderful MBRL fire..

  16. @Shyam

    hey man u are a grate joker keep it up


  17. Srilankan, thanks mate.

    Yes, it is silly if people blow the progress of these NGO's out of proportion. They haven't eradicated poverty, if they think they are there for. Nor have they improved the living conditions of our village folks dramatically.

    Most foreigners who run them are not exceptionally clever people in their own countries. They thrive on our lands in proportion to growth of post-colonial-mentality. They are products of liberal forces that swept across Europe and America in 70's and 80's and so are their attitudes, that are not realistic and mildy borders on the no-man's land between eccentricity and fantacy. Terrorist cells, all over the world, give them bunkers for cover.

    These facts boils down to one thing; it is motive that counts, be it charity or warfare. When hidden agenda animates the scenario, ripples made by them get sinister by day. So, the people with a balanced mind can sense them in true colours and welcome them into the arms of cynicism.

    Only fools who cannot understand that are some people with PhD's. No wonder, in some western capitals these three letters now stand for - Permanent Head Damage.

    Guys, don't be surprised at the presence of two words in English dictionary for the same human trait - intelligent and educated. No edition of it says, that these two terms are synonyms!!!!

  18. Guys why are we always forgetting the golden rule here. Ignoring these fools like shyam is the only way to shut them up.

    dont waste your precious time on them.

  19. @Riyaz

    100% agree with u mate. Sorry dude i couldent stop laughing after reading "Shyam" post.

  20. Riyaz,
    your very is really no point..i just hope that one day the LTTE wont approach his extended family in SLanka and forcibly conscript them.

  21. cobra-

    Thanks for the video link...

    These children that died are sons and daughters of Sri Lanka. Regardless of the circumstances of their deaths, all of us Sri Lankans should feel deep sorrow at the untimely deaths of these little children and unreservedly condemn these killings.

    I seriously doubt that LRRP would cold-heartedly and calculatingly blow up such an obvious civilian target. All other LRRP attacks have been on high profile targets of military value. I cannot see the military value in attacking a bus.

    Also, the presence of the video camera on scene is extremely suspicious. If I were the cameraman, I would not continue to film such carnage but try to render whatever assistance possible. If the military is in possession of evidence that supports LTTE involvement, it should immediately release this information so that the whole world can judge for themselves.

    Having said that, IF it is a LRRP attack gone wrong, then we as Sri Lankans should collectively firstly acknowledge, and then, make whatever restitution possible. Asking for forgiveness does not mean we will receive it but a public apology would go a long way in starting the long road to ethnic reconciliation between all the races that make up this great country. Finally, we need to ensure that mistakes like do not occur again. This is not collateral damage - it is murder.

    If it is a LTTE blue on blue, then their reign of terror just became shorter, as this kind of incident cannot be hidden for very long in any community.

    Perhaps we will never know... As for me, I feel very, very sad and very, very old as I watch both the Madhu and Dambulla bus attacks...

    Theruwan Saranai to all the families and their loved ones.

  22. Guys,

    Shyam is not a kid; it is a foetus. Handle it with care, at least during the first three months.

  23. Qurious,
    Very well said and thanks for your comments..

  24. Shyam, the Moors and Malays have always been against the LTTE since the latter started their ethnic cleansing. The "Sinhala-Buddhist" SL forces have had many brave Muslims in it.

  25. This is from Lankatruth.My apologies for copying a long article.

    30 suicide bombers sent to South to hamper operations in Wanni
    (LankaTruth: 7th February 2008 14:55 S.L.T )

    Security Forces have received information that about 30 suicide tiger cadres have infiltrated into the southern parts of the country. This information has been obtained when two priests arrested in Saliyapura and Nuwara-eliya areas were questioned.

    Under interrogation the two priests have confessed that they had brought down 30 suicide cadres from Mannar to Kandy and Nuwara-eliya towns. They had also accepted that they had transported several suicide kits and weapons to these areas.

    Police suspect the suicide attack in Fort Railway Station had been carried out by a suicide cadre brought down by the priests.

    The two priests were arrested from information obtained when a member of tiger terrorist organization arrested with two suicide kits at Wattala was interrogated. On information received, when the police raided a house belonging to the priests at Mannar, 3 suicide kits and several bombs were found.

    Security Forces indicate that tiger organization is attempting to disrupt the operations being conducted in the North by trying to attack civil population. They point out when strict security measures have been adopted in the South to prevent terrorists targeting civilians, the terrorists try to make use of religious and international organizations to fulfill their aims and it was necessary to carry out rigid investigations into the working of most of these organizations

  26. Riyaz,
    We are not fools..Just like every tamil is not a member of the LTTE neither is every muslim..So if some idiot thinks he is going to create rifts and polarise this blog he has another thing coming...
    intelligent comments on your part riyaz..keep the good work up.

  27. Very well said srilankan.
    Riyaz... keep up the good work mate.

  28. Dulith,
    Now that is interesting..because it is super work on part of MI.pls keep us informed of any developments..This is the time we need well equipped MI teams with modern sophisticated equipment to raid these locations.

  29. some very good news:The indo-french pussy is going back..PM cancelled her indefinite pussy perms in SLanka..May the triple gem bless the Good Premier for his action

  30. Military equipment at Deyata Kirula Exhibition

  31. Major Muthalif, Fazly Lafir, captain Nilam- just a few non sinhalese whose names still send shockwaves down LTTE's spine.

  32. @Shyam and other supporters of terrorists in this blog,

    We will never forget the massacre of kattankudy muslims inside a holy place like a mosque, we will never forget the killing of 600 odd muslim pcs by your so called saviours.

    Muslims who were chased from mannar and jaffna are still in puttalam and surrounding areas.


    Now tell me who is doing the real ethnic cleansing. is it ARMY or LTTE?


  33. Thanx Miliyaa,

    sea tiger vessel "Indumathi" is shown among those photos.

  34. Guys I think we already won!!! Shyam accepted that I(we) are on the winning side. read the thread again....

  35. Riyaz,
    Very well said brother.. very well said

  36. @dulith

    To what denomination do those priests belong to?

  37. Perein,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    Thanks for the link

    I wonder why the navy cant use the indumathi.. a sinhala name?..probably a rust bucket..technically speaking..still looked OK on the outside at least

  38. "Major Muthalif, Fazly Lafir, captain Nilam- just a few non sinhalese whose names still send shockwaves down LTTE's spine"
    Exaclty..... Just a reminder to those racist who say this is a Tamil vs Sinhalese war, it's not. This is a war between Sri Lanka & Terrorism.

  39. chocnuti,
    Probably no denomination..i am sure the LTTE have plenty of opportunity to steal robes..since the priests are occupied with more mundane activities

  40. Wow Riyaz on fire... Bro you are not along... Keep typing....

  41. perein,

    I think we should stick to what this column is all about now.

    any developing news guys???

  42. From this moment shyam is in my iggy basin!!!!

    Matara Ayya, Moshe, Defencenet any developing news for us?

  43. "I think we should stick to what this column is all about now."
    Agree with you riyaz. I see he has posted another comment just now.....trying to provoke again. Let's just mind our business here and leave him alone to daydream.

  44. Shayam,
    Good morning to you too! Read my earlier post for Boss and Upul, talk to your dad and granny!

    This is the “price catch” I was talking about in one of my previous posts. This is only one cell of the LTTE. However, I don’t know about the 30 guinea pigs but MI has already recovered many suicide kits. It’s not easy for a new suicide cadre to survive in south for a long time. I guess, some have already reached their final destination ): (in a different route), Few will dessert, some will be caught etc. One or 2 may explode.
    These are “ Desperate acts of wounded Tigers”

  45. its a long time since 1983. If anyone thinks this nation could be provoked again its in their dreams.feel sorry for them though!!!!

    Let us be united for a ONE SRI LANKA, where any sri lankan could visit any place in this country.

  46. Shyam Cant be a Kid..:)
    His age must be 32.

    Bcoz, I know another Shyam who is in next door. His age is 16 and he is half mental:)))

  47. Experts,
    I have seen many times that tamilnet shows pictures of homes, they say to have been caused by SLAF air strikes.
    For me they seem like they've done them intentionally. Are there any special ways to identify if these pictures are true.



  49. “Deyata Kirula” 4 whom?

    I am not sure this is the right time to have exhibitions like this. There are different wars ongoing in different dimensions. For me, this is a kind of propaganda operation of the political cold war! We still do not have clear strategy for the economical war. What Sri Lanka needs now is to separate politics from the national interests, have one national goal and strategy. India managed to do this few years ago and now the country is booming? Why can’t we do the same…

  50. sl_commando,

    "For me they seem like they've done them intentionally. Are there any special ways to identify if these pictures are true."

    I agree with you. When you look at most of their pictures you'll see that only the building shown is damaged...... the trees etc. surrounding it are completely unharmed. I think what they do is pull down the roof or tiles of some house and then photograph it, or lay some bricks, tiles etc. around a half built house and picture it as a bombed place.

  51. no muslim brother will take LTTE side if they ever can remember the katthankudi massacare......

    YEP there were and will be lot of patriotic muslim brothers who will fight for their country.
    Heroes like fazly lafir who volunteered to take part in a daring raid and later paid the supreme scarifies for the motherland... will be remembered forever...
    thuwan muthalif , rizwi meedin and the list goes on.

  52. SLAF and SLN have carried out many night time attacks very successfully.

    In fact the SLA stole the limelight on 30th last month in a spectacular attack under the cover of darkness.

    Another attack was the MBRL fire in Trinco in 2006; its in youtube.

  53. India urged to end military support to Sri Lanka


    Sri Lanka suspends school sports after bomb


  54. shyam,
    "That means SLAF have problem with finding targets...LTTE facing Ariel bombardment since 1986 or 1987 so they must have some different way to handle it.... but SLAF spending millions of rupees to bomb the civil targets and trees ....and digging the place for helping LTTE to make motar bases......"

    hehe... funny joke shyam. The poor AF is missing their targets so the LTTE is faking photographs to make it look like they have actually hit

    BTW, wonder how that bomb that fell on 'Brigadier' Tamil Selvam's head got there....couldn't have been an air raid of course, looking at the details you've given. Probably he died from a coconut falling on his head or something...

  55. chamal that was an alien attack......not a coconut LoL

  56. My dear friends who recently came to this blog...
    "Comments with racist remarks, personal attacks and misinformation will be deleted. Replying to any such comment will only encourage the saboteurs to post more. We request all our readers to ignore such postings and continue the discussion without diverting from the theme of the blog."

  57. According to TN, all SLAF raids (except the TC one) have hit wrong targets!!

    this is impossible going by the probability theory.

    how tigers bombed the SLAF fuel supply in april 2007? they thought the Shell gas tank as the SLAF jet fuel tank!!!!

  58. guys

    we got good jokers here LOL!

    somebody should start a jokenet blog

    LOL !

  59. India should put pressure on LTTE: TULF chief


    U.K. Calls for a `Political Process' to End Sri Lanka Conflict


  60. the bunker sex story is interesting!

    have you guys noticed the few photos LTTE released about the northern FDL attacks show many grown-up men instead of child-like cadres and women.

    so, it is entirely possible that the LTTE is offering sex to keep them there.

    the war is like the independence movement. people of all races support the SLDFs with unparralled sacrifices. BUT we should never let the post-independence bullshit happen to them after the war. for example people like Pon. Arunachelem worked tirelesly to gain independence, but when we gained it ultimately it was bastards like GG ponnambalam, SJV chelva. that stole all the political benefits the good people won with hard work!!!! that's not all these b****** betryed what the great heroes fought for.

    this should not be allowed to happen this time. those who are with us now at this difficult moment must be remembered after the war

  61. Hey, I just realized..... shyam is supposed to be banned. Defencenet, what's happening here, did you let him in again?

  62. world air force ratings are just out !!

    SLAF is rank last in the world

    report also says :

    SLAF can't attack any target
    most pilots have no qualifications

    all fighter aircraft are so old that they may fall from the sky at any moment

    aircrafts are so old they make noises when they take off('TA KA TA

    SLAF has no chance against the enemy


    this is good news for some folks

    LOL !

  63. shyam,
    "INTELLIGENT TEAM working out .. IN 2005-2006 ltte executed 42 officers from SLA INTELLIGENT .."
    That 'Intelligence' for your information
    The deaths of those personnel were due to the idiocy of some police officers and the government officials during that time. Not because of some great effectiveness of LTTE intelligence wing.

  64. lkdood,
    I guess LTTE air wing was placed 1st? After all they deserve it with all their kurumbettis, F16, Migs, MI24, Kfir etc etc.

  65. for a rat in kotahena hiding in a hole and supporting LTTE to transport C4 and disguised as a honorable tamil civilian with the ability to speak singhala language well, can see that SLAF has failed....... and intelligence too. just wait until bunch of SLA intelligence guys jump in to ur house pretty soon when they find out your subordinates until that time keep dreaming....
    DN, if this lunatic child is banned, hw is he here?

  66. like mentioned earlier why dond we do a second run and get the straglers?

  67. Shyam-
    But we all know that you are around Kotahena, Kocchikade or if not closer to Modara...
    Would you like to share your IP or would you like us to do that?

  68. Chamal, shyam is banned.We are deleting his comments whenever we login. Ignorance is the best policy here but all these replies to him are not helping.
    SLAF cant always attack when LTTE evacs casualties. Hitting ambulances is a war crime.

  69. Defencenet,

    "Ignorance is the best policy here but all these replies to him are not helping"

    Sorry about that...I myself have commented on this blog repeatedly saying we should ignore them, but just couldn't resist when I see his crappy ideas.

  70. DefenceNet ,

    What is wrong with ma comments ... i am just arguing ok there any racist comments ..any copy from pro LTTE ahhh ? thats means u r unable to answer ma comments .. .

  71. Please dont ban him, its good to have some comedy with all that is going around us at this time.

    ..Talking about muslims...its was funny to see what the new MP from the TNA had to say.."In one breath he says that he is representing the Muslims of Jaffna (where are they)?? and in the next he says he has more Tamil friends than Muslim...just wonder where his loyalities lie.

  72. Please dont ban him, its good to have some comedy with all that is going around us at this time.

    ..Talking about muslims...its was funny to see what the new MP from the TNA had to say.."In one breath he says that he is representing the Muslims of Jaffna (where are they)?? and in the next he says he has more Tamil friends than Muslim...just wonder where his loyalities lie.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. shayam,
    our intelligence service very accurate.not only thamil selvam,prabakaran also severly injured we know that very well.he is counting his days chapter begins for LTTE ,may be last chapter

  75. if a person has any self esteem he will not come to a place where he is forbidden to come. "Lajja nathi kama maha mudali kamatath wadiya lokui ne"

  76. For some Sri Lankan women, military is the saviour: book


    Some NGOs providing assistance to LTTE: Sri Lankan PM


    Thirty-one die in Lanka clashes


  77. Mahathma Gandhi said non-violence comes from a position of strength, not from weakness. Clearly we are now militarily strong. Is it not the right time then to offer the hand of peace and friendship to the Tigers. There is a good chance many of them will desert if they are given the chance. Let's give them that chance now and be remembered for our mercy.

  78. LTTE Inc. bosses call the shots; not Prabha

    Determining war and peace is decided by the real bosses who control the LTTE Inc. If a package for devolution is put forward it will not be up to the soldiers in the Wanni to decide whether it is acceptable or not. It will be decided by the LTTE Inc. board of directors abroad. The LTTE army fights according to the dictates of their real bosses–the directors of LTTE Inc.

    By Chitrapri

    Whenever the conflict in the North is mentioned, Prabhakaran’s name emerges as the leader. Why do we believe he is the leader? The initial reaction of many will be that it is obvious that he is the leader. My hypothesis is that if you prod and probe, it will become obvious that he is not the boss of the LTTE.

    Prabhakaran is not annually or periodically elected as the leader. If he was, then we would know for sure that he was the leader. What is he then? A micro mini Genghis Khan like warlord, like the current warlords in Afghanistan who control a domain with their army and are absolute rulers accountable to no one. It is not possible to shoe horn him into this profile as he is financed by an international community of supporters and warlords who own what they control and they will not be financially supported by an external community.

    The LTTE is a global


    All the evidence in the public domain points in the one direction of it being LTTE Inc. or LTTE, a global company. What is Prabhakaran’s role in this company? The journey to establish his role must start from the very early days of the Tigers. The founder members on the ground were a group of youth with a limited educational background. No BAs MAs etc. in this group.

    Since returning from India after their training, they have been isolated in the North. No ‘Time’ magazine or ‘CNN’.

    Until the dramatic developments in telecommunications around 2001, even telephone contact with the outside world would have been difficult.

    No facilities for distant learning through the internet for the ‘boys’ as they were called at the time.

    Prabhakaran’s role in LTTE Inc.

    The ‘company’ collects money in a large number of countries. Bank accounts have to be opened, cheque signatories agreed, and transfers of funds approved. Can it be seriously suggested that Prabhakaran gives the instructions and the approval for all of this? Does he have the knowledge and experience to even attempt to control the financial operations of LTTE Inc? The answer has to be NO.

    The funds are used to finance investments in various income generating activities. The anecdotal evidence points to ships, mini supermarkets, service stations etc. Does Prabhakaran look at the discounted cash flows and the net present value of proposed investments and approve or reject them? He has probably not even heard of net present value!

    The first leg of control any boss must have is of the finances of the organisation. Prabhakaran in all probability does not, and cannot, do this. The hinds are used to procure arms. Can Prabhakaran sitting in the shade in the Wanni determine what type of weapons and from which arms dealers they should be procured? Unlikely. Can he get on his mobile phone or satellite phone and arrange the logistics of the delivery of arms? Unlikely.

    The conclusion that screams out is that Prabhakaran does not manage or control any of the operational details of LTTE Inc.

    Global public relations

    LTTE Inc., pursues an intensive PR programme to garner support for their cause. Strategies have to be developed, target audiences identified, the communicators selected and briefed and the results monitored and directions changed according to the response to the PR programmes.

    The second leg of control is creating the strategy and direction of the organization and formulating them into communications directed at the external world. Is it likely that Prabhakaran masterminds all of this? Unlikely. Does he draft the various statements issued by the LTTE or even approve them, or even understand the subtleties in the language in these English communiqués?

    During the peace negotiations, a complex and well crafted document called the ISGA proposal was presented to the Government. Does anyone seriously suggest that Prabhakaran was capable of compiling this document or even giving the detailed instructions regarding the philosophy and content of the ISGA proposals? Unlikely. Then the mystery is; who runs LTTE Inc?

    The hypothesis for debate is that there is abroad, a well structured organization that manages all aspects of LTTE operations. It manages the finances, procures the arms, arranges the dispatches, organizes and executes the PR, and determines the strategy at peace negotiations. In this scenario Prabhakaran’s role dwindles down to being the boss of the LTTE army fighting in Sri Lanka.

    He is, in this context, irrelevant in determining the war and peace scenario. That is decided by the real bosses who control the LTTE Inc. If a package for devolution is put forward it will not be up to the soldiers in the Wanni to decide whether it is acceptable or not. It will be decided by the LTTE Inc. board of directors abroad.The soldiers of the Sri Lanka army fight according to the dictates of their real bosses–the Government. The LTTE army fights according to the dictates of their real bosses–the directors of LTTE Inc.

    What sort of organization is LTTE Inc? A self appointed Politburo run by a group of commissars who are not accountable to anyone but themselves. There has to be a touch of this as every other secular organization that collects money publishes its accounts. But, LTTE Inc. does not follow this practice. The bosses or commissars live well away from danger, and plot and plan in comfort in Western capitals. They are detached from the suffering their decisions of war inflict on the Tamil people in the North. This has continued for twenty years or more even though it has to be obvious to them that a separate state can never be established through war.

    A dialogue for peace

    The legitimate concerns of the Tamil people have to be addressed and a solution formulated through discussion. This has to include all the stake holders in the Tamil diaspora. This will include the Tamil diaspora living outside the Wanni and the Tamils in the Wanni who are not supporters of the LTTE. The Tamils who live abroad who are not literal or metaphorical card carrying members of LTTE Inc., the leaders of the Tiger army, and importantly the real leaders of LTTE Inc. should also be included in this group.

    Is it not time that we gave up the misconception that Prahhakaran is the boss of LTTE?

    daily mirror article . a good one any comments on this

  79. Shyam, we monitored your comments for about a week before we made the decision. They do nothing more than creating a flame war. There is no point in repying to ur comments because you always repeat the same thing in different wording. No matter how soundly ppl break your arguments, you keep trying to force feed them your bullshit. You are not going to change their views and they of course are not going to change yours. Do not waste our time please.

  80. Defence net...

    If you feel like that .. you stop replying ma comment if anyone don't like to comment be easy ok....there are people who comment ma posts .they are arguing with i trying to feed em common if any1 thinks that i am true then thats up to you...are you worrying about it... so you mean that no1 have to know what truth is ..and you says that you are the only one who posts true here ... u know its kind of mania means here also the u people violating the rights of tamils .....? every1 have have rights to talk ..... there isn't any forum which is with the same ideology like yours.......

  81. boss,

    "Rights group Amnesty International says threats to journalists have increased dramatically in Sri Lanka"
    Not surprising, as the LTTE is placing bombs everywhere.

    "Civil war oh yeah"
    Civil war makes you happy? You're just plain disgusting boss.

  82. poor kids crying.......go and tell VP papa....bye and happy day dreaming fools...

  83. cunning
    I bet you a NGO shit offer peace do you think the ltte would ever offer peace if they were strong and we were weak.
    did they offer peace to the 600 policemen who surrendered.
    Did they even offer peace to the harmless buddist monks in sri maha bodhiya

  84. Defencenet,
    How about holding a poll on this banning isuue and show them the results? They seem to think that some of us here like to read their posts and reply to them, so at least doing this will show them that they are wasting our & their time here.

    My opinion is that anyone posting racist comments should be banned, whether they are tamil or sinhalese or whatever. (I remember sometime ago that there was someone here insisting we should be killing tamil civilians for every soldier killed by LTTE...this guy doesn't seem to be around any more) We have people of all races here (sinhalese, tamil, muslim etc) and majority manage to express their ideas here without abusing others. I don't see why 2 or 3 people have to be an exception to this.

  85. JAFFNA: TROOPS MOVING ahead of their Defence Line at KILALY destroyed one LTTE bunker Thursday (7) at about 12.30 p.m. Two Tiger terrorists were also killed in the attack.
    However, troops suffered no injures.

  86. MArtin Luther King Jr said that all wars are civil wars because all men are brothers.
    but we are not fighting against men, we are fighting against terrorshits.
    worse than al queda who are paid to be the enemy or the chechen rebels who killed little children.
    we are fighting against the LTTE they the gayest of the gayest and deserve nothing but death (the sociopathic hardcore cadres BTW not the little AK47 kids).

  87. Replying to any such comment will only encourage the saboteurs to post more. We request all our readers to ignore such postings

    so tempting to attack the easy prey but we need to understand this fellow patriots..
    IF this pls is doing govt propaganda,why would these eelam bootlikers come here this frequently... DO ANY OF U guys visit eelam blogs and comment most of u wont do ...

    its beacuase thier fantasies are shattered, and pranks like tamil editors crap and tamilnet image editing stuff are reveled , they come here and attack.....and try to sabotage...
    DN has hit their softspot in propaganda and the increasing number of patriots in the cyberspace has make these goats nervous....

  88. Shyam, if defencenet is the mother of crap, why do you visit this in the first place.

  89. man when I first came to this site there were only about 5 comments on this site now its so famous there are always more than 200 comments.

    Well done Defencenet keep it up
    YOu and defencewire are the only sites I trust

  90. Shyam,boss,etc, create your own blog and post your views there. Its free and thats what we are doing. We'l link to your blog from ours so u'll have the initial traffic boost too. How does that sound? Mail us with the link and we'l link up.

  91. The principal who injured in the MADU was died and the SLA said that they will handover the body if the LTTE claimed that the principal was one of their member... from this what we can clearly get to know is the claymore is detonated by the SLA...coz if the LTTE claimed then are the SLA gonna say; LTTE had targeted their own soldiers ahhh.. or .. are they gonna say that the claymore is detonated by them...its some thing foolish minded

  92. Ill suggest a blog name...

  93. Defencent:

    Or anyone else, can you identify the missile shown on the daily mirror web page from the Deyata Kirula exhibition?

  94. no how about


  95. Shyam what do u think of our suggestion?

  96. Guys/Defencenet,

    On shyam's comment: (If this is again crap, I'm sorry for replying to it)
    "The principal who injured in the MADU was died and the SLA said that they will handover the body if the LTTE claimed that the principal was one of their member..."

    How can somebody who died in the Madu attack be handed over to LTTE? It happened in LTTE territory, so the LTTE would already have the bodies. If the army carried out the attack (as tamilnut claims) it's not likely that they carried out the bodies back to their own FDL. Can somebody provide any details on this?

  97. Shyam,
    "The principal..."

    Please let us know your source please?

    Suggested blog name!

  98. Actually people have their own ideas.. no matter.. but there's a way to express... earlier when "Cobra" gave the link about "MADU" and his comments.. I didn't see any blame on LTTE or Tamil brothers or such... nobody can say "Shut the F..... up" like that.. then how can a person point out something? see today whole blog gone off road..

    We have Tamil friends, lot of Tamil friends... well educated and know how to argue.. that's fine.. still we living together in a very friendly manner..

    Support Tamil community.. but not to terrorists...

    "Ekata kanna puluwan mese ai dekata palanna hadanne?"

  99. I didn undestand a word he said. So after all it was the principal who detonated the claymore?

  100. Guys,

    Can anyone tell me about this Balakumar guy? He makes statements from time to time, with increasing frequency, recently, in Vanni.

    I think this is the same guy who once headed the notoriously brutal EROS. How come he ended up with VP? I know they work on the same wavelength.

    If my memory is correct, EROS started planting bombs against southern civilians in mid / late eighties, when Tigers used knives and axes for the same purpose. So, technically speaking, he was some way ahead of Tigers at that time.

    I happned to be in Colombo during one of those nightmares. I can't remember the year exactly; I am pretty sure it was the year when Mathivathini lost her virginity to VP, in a suburb of what used to be Madras.

    Anyway, this guy pioneered the bombings in the south, not the suicide bombings. VP modified it.

    He looked half of his former self with a beard that seems to be a cross between that of a goat and the late Ho-Chi-Ming of Vietnam.

    He must be a worried man; the past may be catching up with him, faster than he can finish off a pee.

    They sent others to grave in droves; but they don't want to follow the victims in that direction. Very ironic indeed.

  101. Defencenet,guys

    Hows it goin?..what news on the 6 new F-7's we have purchased?..(as reported by tamilnet)..why haven't you reported this..hope you are not under any pressure from the government or your defence buddies to disclose this info,coz it would definitely ruin their COMMIS???..

    Another suggested name for shyam,boss & co's blogsite..

    "" :)

  102. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….
    I was thinking such a long time but couldn’t come up with a right name for the very blog
    It was such moronic; I think that word would be unfair for the kids…
    Really these LTTE followers are really dumb asses, how dumb is unexplainable in English…
    Definitely PURE SINHALA is essential
    It can be slightly describe by combination of these words Dumbness, between male | female, related to fluid from male sexual glands, relationship to prostitute..
    Else how can these ppl follow a path which is totally away from achieving .

    Shyam and followers keep on entertaining

  103. qurious,
    interesting reading there bro..Well you hit the nail on the head..these guys are only expert at sending others to their deaths..when it comes to their own they escape know the standard "human right abuses".ITs funny is the most notorious criminals that feel these "human rights" abuses the most

  104. Nilavan,
    I read that article also.Anyway lets wait and see.We have been hearing these stories for the past 30 yrs so it is nothing new..

  105. why am I being censored? are the admins from Sri Lanka or what? LOL

  106. the boss said...

    why am I being censored? are the admins from Sri Lanka or what? LOL

    how can you post if your being censored ?

  107. IntelAttack ;

    Here is the source if u know tamil read it.. or ask RIYAZ i think he can read em


    check this out

  108. how can you post if your being censored ?
    the sri lankans are not here to delete my posts.

  109. guys

    DW has a nice post

    about the Pasilan 2000(mortar or arti-mortar like the 122mm canon, successor to the ‘BABA mortar’ used by the LTTE for ground operations since 1983)

  110. Arent we boss?
    anyway shyam what do u think about our suggestion to start your own blog just like we did. Then you can post ur opinion freely without having to undergo draconian cencorship of defencenet

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. DefenceNet ;

    so sad about you people...whats there to tell anything against to SLA are odd ..i know couldn't tolerate the truth.. i thought only the politicians are have such freak mind but now i got to know all the sinhalese are like that(Sorry to mention as all Lankans but there is no way man)

  113. Shyam, why do u evade our question

  114. boss,
    Exactly what the hell do you mean by 'censored'? You're still posting here aren't you, so how come you say you're censored?

    BTW, hope you guys are working on that blog...we'll come when we have time and drop a comment, to keep the jokes running.

    On a different note, about the Pasilan weapon that Defencewire has reported about, can it be a threat to the army? Have they used it already?

  115. Chamal, they have used it before. It can be a serious issue if they develop it into a multi barelled variant. Even now its equally lethal to an 122mm arty gun.

  116. Defencenet,

    "It can be a serious issue if they develop it into a multi barelled variant. Even now its equally lethal to an 122mm arty gun."

    Which means that it could even replace arty? As they produce it themselves they might be able to position a lot of these behind their FDL's. It has a decent range too, and mounted on a tractor so can be moved faster than an artillery gun...How about its accuracy?

  117. DefenceNet,
    Why cant we develop a similar weapon to maximise use of our shells..i am sure people who study physics/aerodynamics can do this..

  118. chamal ,

    there a lot of LTTE products ...Pasilan Shells ,Arul Motars ,Jhony mines And the AIR RAID also done by their own technology

  119. Dailymirror says,
    Police arrest Dambulla bomb suspect

    A 48 year old Sinhala woman a resident of Kilinochchi who had brought the bomb which exploded in a private bus at Dambulla on Saturday was arrested by Dambulla police yesterday while she was undergoing treatment for burn injuries at the Dambulla hospital.

    anyone got more news about that?

  120. "A 48 year old Sinhala woman a resident of Kilinochchi who had brought the bomb which exploded in a private bus at Dambulla on Saturday was arrested by Dambulla police yesterday while she was undergoing treatment for burn injuries at the Dambulla hospital."

    Does this mean that the bomb went off by mistake or before the planned time?

  121. Shyam, none of them are 100% ltte creations. What they do is customize an existing variant. But still its innovative you've got to give them that.

  122. lankanews,
    Does this mean the bomb was not supposed to go off in the did she survive with just burn injuries??..this is very disturbing..because of those 30 suicide cadres some may be fluent sinhala speakers(sinhalese)living in killinochchi..

  123. yeah i know ..but they are procusing them now...they don' need to depend on other countries ..but they can develop the wepons by studying through this kind of mechanics

  124. Shyam, they are toast without other countries.

  125. overall this shows how good MI really is..full credit to them for a fantastic job done under very trying circumstances!!

  126. Why don't our people make weapons for our own use? (I don't mean everything, at least simple things) After all we are making Unibuffel, Colombo Class Fast Patrol Boat, Arrow boats etc.

  127. chamal ;

    Srilanka making some good for navy like DVORA but it takes a very long time to make one in srilnka ... in 2005 after the TSUNAMI srilanka purchased 14 DVORAs from other countries....Because they can't produce them in a short period

  128. @ srilankan,
    "overall this shows how good MI really is..full credit to them for a fantastic job done under very trying circumstances!!"

    lankatruth sinhala edition says,
    2 more priests arrested in Madakalapuwa and Nuwara-eliya with 18 suicide kits according to the information revealed by the priest who arrested in saliyapura.

    Guys who are these priests? what is their mssion?

  129. Shyam, how long does it take to build a local FAC? Plz enlighten us

  130. Defencenet!
    Excellent suggestion on your part!

    Never mind what anybody thinks. Can you create a separate blog (take as much precaution as you like so that your privacy is not compromised). Provide a link from DefenceNet to it. What more can they ask for? You've got your own blog to dissent on every conceivable aspect of this conflict.

    When anybody's is convinced that separatist terrorism must be defeated, then, they can come to this blog.

    I tell these people are here just to mess things up and to do a sabotuers act. See how conveniently
    they ignore your suggestion....

  131. "2 more priests arrested in Madakalapuwa and Nuwara-eliya with 18 suicide kits according to the information revealed by the priest who arrested in saliyapura."

    EIGHTEEN!!!! So many...I see Sun Goat is planning to do it on very large scale. Or maybe it's some kind of a decoy to divert our attention away from their real target?

  132. Shyam and Boss,

    Although @times some ppl get carried over and even go on to make comments dat sounds racist,i think majority of ppl here are not against tamil ppl by any means.We just cant accept that LTTE is da sole representative of tamils coz dat claim itself is a insult to the tamil brothers out dere.

    And please try to get involved in a discussion in a constructive manner or else dis is what will happen..

    And DN,i think we should tolerate dere comments no matter hw much provocative dey might b.Lets think of them as our own ppl who hav just lost their way.Thnx

  133. Defencenet,
    Can I have a guess?

    1 month?

  134. I see the blog has slipped back to the useless ramblings that plagued it for the last few weeks...
    sad to see.
    it's not the fault of the LTTE supporters on the blog (sadly)
    it's the fault of the people who cant stop talking to them or talking about them....

  135. Defencenet, all,
    Just saw the video at

    Horrible scenes. What really happened here?

    Defencenet could you please let us know what happened here?

  136. DefenceNet, David.. anyone

    I’m not sure exactly where but I saw and read some where.. In the mid 90s a officer and some NCOs in the Ord. Corp or SLE&ME had made a quad barreled mortar with a wheeled carriage...and around the same time a few armored Bulldozers were improvised. What happened to these prototypes? Are they kept in storage some where? Can some one shed some light on that..

  137. Lankanews,
    Many many thanks for this info..This paper should not release this info because the others involved will take additional precautions,..they must be convinced that they are prefectly safe..then they may let their guard down(a fond wish on my part)

  138. Kiri,
    yes,horrible scenes..
    DefenseNet..what happened here..there is an ambulance from madu hospital and a priest is participating ...what happened here...some of those are not shrapnel wounds but that of a sword or knife..used to kill boy in blue

  139. Srilankan,
    do you have it open with you?
    shall we analyse this?

    Defencenet I would like some input from you

  140. It takes more than 9 months to make brand new DVORA ...after they made the DVORA they are sending it to somewhere else (i don't know the country ..must be Singapore)to install the weapons and other systems..thats y it takes a very long period to finish it..if the SRILANKA can install the weapons by their own then it won't take a long term...anyway srilankausing their own DVORA in NAVY ......

  141. srilankan, kiri,
    We cannot view the video with current bandwidth (using mobile). What is it about? is it regarding the claymore attack on bus in Madhu?

    thanks. Would be glad if you could comment about the blog idea.

  142. Defencenet,
    yes it is. There seems to be little doubt that most of them are children. And dressed in school uniforms too.

    Please check and comment when you are well connected.

  143. nemesis,
    Some of those bulldozers are still with the army but they are rare.
    As for the quad barelled mortar, it was never mass produced but maybe the prototype is still with ME (not sure though, its more than a decade ago).
    Reason for not producing them may be us getting more accurate and better weapons such as the 107mm mbrl back in those days.

  144. kiri,
    We may have seen this video. If its the same video, yes it does show footage of children and it does seem authentic. As srilankan said some wounds do not seem to be shrapnel injuries.

    We've seen pictures of the bus that was allegedly hit by the claymore. But there is something odd about it. Simply put, it doesn't look like a bus that was hit with a claymore mine.

    Anyway what we can confirm is that no LRRP missions were launched that day. Only one special mission was conducted (that too by 1SF) but the timing of the mission and blast do not match even to raise suspicion about them.

    Its a mystery.

  145. Not much to celebrate

    Feb 7th 2008 | COLOMBO
    From The Economist print edition
    A country under siege at 60

    WHEN it gained independence from the British, Sri Lanka was an island of peace in a subcontinent bloodied by religious strife. February 4th, the 60th anniversary of independence, was marked by a military parade in Colombo. But it did not pass without reminders of what Sri Lanka has become: a blood-soaked victim of ethnic strife and terrorism.
    AFP The army on parade and at war

    A bus bomb killed 12 civilians in Weli Oya, in the north-east. A spate of bombings across the country had a day earlier seen 15 people killed at Colombo's main rail station. On February 1st 20 Buddhist pilgrims were slaughtered in a bombed bus in north-central Sri Lanka. In all of these outrages could be detected the hand of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which has been waging a separatist insurgency since 1983. However, a mine blast in north-west Sri Lanka on January 29th, in which 11 schoolchildren perished, was blamed on government soldiers.

    Since 1983 the war has killed some 70,000 people. Of the country's 20m people, more than a million have fled abroad. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced internally by terrorism and war. Indeed, for Sri Lankans, the ethnic conflict, between the Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority, has been the most critical issue since independence. It has led to economic decline and even the fear of losing sovereignty to Tamil separatism or possible foreign intervention.

    Sri Lanka has become the most militarised state in South Asia. In 2008 the government is to spend 166 billion Sri Lankan rupees ($1.5 billion) on the army. With its finances in poor shape, the country depends heavily on foreign aid. To finance subsidies and a whole range of populist but unproductive expenditure, it has taken to printing huge amounts of money. This has contributed to soaring inflation, which reached an annual rate of 21.6% in 2007.

    Last year the army gained victories in the east of the country. This year it hopes to extend its successes into the Tigers' strongholds in the north. The government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa hopes this will keep the lid on social unrest in the Sinhalese-dominated south. General Sarath Fonseka, the army commander, has vowed to finish the war this year. But in the past four months his troops have advanced only 8km (5 miles) in the western district of Mannar and are facing stiff resistance all along the northern Jaffna front.

    To stretch the army, and sow panic among the Sinhalese, the Tigers have resorted to naked terrorism all over the island with chilling regularity. In a report this week Amnesty International, a London-based human-rights watchdog, accuses both the government and the Tigers of flouting international humanitarian law and killing civilians regularly. It said the perpetrators are never brought to justice and “a climate of impunity is becoming entrenched”. Some birthday.

    an article on economist

  146. Kiri,
    Your link works.Yes i can open video if required.
    Yes it looks like this madu incident.Now that you mention it..there is some kind of explosion..odd thing seems an internal explosion as opposed to external..and the kids have got pretty odd wounds..its like the mine said to itself i will just strike thise vital areas of the people

  147. i would say that this is bus was blown up a while back and dead child cadres placed in the but after them being dressed in civilian clothes..but i think i am wrong

  148. Many LTTE fighter willing to serender to SLDF.

    These mostly Tiger Kids do not want to die for a lost cause.

  149. Srilankan

    If its blown inside then the seats of the bus will got damage i mean inside bus must be damaged ..but in that video it shows the left side of the bus(Foot board side) have the damages and there were kids fallen down in the same side ... and there isn't any big damages to the bus(if you compare with with the DAMBULLA ATTACK pics) means there wasn't and explosion inside the bus it must be a claymore ...

  150. Courtesy of

    [Pasilan 2000, shown in the above picture has been known as a mortar or arti-mortar like the 122mm canon, successor to the ‘BABA mortar’ used by the LTTE for ground operations since 1980s. A factory manufacturing Pasilan 2000 and other IEDs was destroyed in an air-raid on 16th January 2008 at Puthukudiirippu.

    However, latest ground intelligence indicates that Pasilan 2000 has been developed with characteristics similar to a rocket launcher. The way the tube is installed in the above picture is similar to the positioning of rocket pods. The length and caliber of the barrel indicates Pasilan 2000 system has common features to the Chinese made Type 82 130mm 30-tube MLRS (introduced by the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) in the early 1980s) rather than rail-guided Katyusha variants such as the Qassam Rocket. The rocket weight for Type 82 is around 25-30kg, and the Pasilan 2000 warhead has been known to have the same weight. Recent intelligence reports have cautioned that the latest variant of Pasilan 2000 may have a range of upto 25kms.

    Our speculation about the LTTE’s production of Pasilan 2000 is that the LTTE imported Type 63 130mm MLRS (early version of 130mm Type 82) which is no longer used by PLA, and installed as single tubes on their tractors allowing for greater camouflage and conceal of the weapon and less chances of damage in a single air strike. The rocket has since then undergone some modifications. Pasilan 2000 is not heavily used for ground attacks currently, but if imported artillery and rockets run out, the weapon could become a significant counterbalance to SLA's MBRL and a hindrance to troops.

    Chinese T-82 130mm MLRS used by PLA

    The Type 82 130mm 30-tube multiple launch rocket system was introduced by the PLA in the early 1980s as a successor to the ageing Type 63 130mm artillery rocket system deployed at division artillery level. The system is carried by a 6X6 truck with 30 launch tubes grouped in three rows each with 10 tubes. The rocket system made some modest improvement over the Type 63, but is inferior to the Type 81 122mm artillery rocket system. Only a limited number of examples were built before it was replaced by the Type 81. Some Type 82 rocket systems are still in service with the PLA reserved forces (source).
    T-82 130 at]

    Can anybody comment on mortar fire SLA received from Palalli base, Is it from this type of weapons?

    How many weapons does tigers have of this type? How difficult to detect this type of weapons?

  151. i looked at the video again..there are signs of gunfire on the bus..and given the distribution of the blood stains..some kids were shots after being lined up against the bus.while the injuries of some of the kids are not shrapnel wounds.this mine has done an extraordinary thing..(it has blackened the areas occupied by kids and left the areas not occupied by kids without ANY BLACK MARKS what so ever..its as if the mine said to itself i will blow up those areas where the kids are sitting only..these criminals who made this think we are all fools

  152. wipeltte,
    "Can anybody comment on mortar fire SLA received from Palalli base, Is it from this type of weapons?

    How many weapons does tigers have of this type? How difficult to detect this type of weapons?"

    Recent artillery barrage that hit Palaly were directed using two 130mm artillery guns, not Pasilan 2k.

    These weapons are faily well concealed. Given that they are easy to conceal and their ability to move quite fast (compared to other artillery), they can be hard to detect and destroy via air strikes.

  153. Nilavan.. i dont know about you but i have a lot to celebrate..i am celebrating that we were not the recipients of 2000kg of C-4 thanks to some of our brave policemen.My theory is that even if you have all the money in this world if your dead then sadly you can only use it in the afterlife.As for various theories(not your own) by economists if i say Scr*w them ..will you understand my feelings about it.How about reports from the world bank and various U.N organisations about the bleak situation in SLanka.O.K my theory is this- the greenhous effect will come to Canada before SLanka therefore all canadians must learn to build igloo's for protection.I detest economics and economists because i think their predictions are a key part of making sure they are in employment..period..mindyou no offense to you

  154. lankanews said...
    Dailymirror says,
    Police arrest Dambulla bomb suspect

    A 48 year old Sinhala woman a resident of Kilinochchi who had brought the bomb which exploded in a private bus at Dambulla on Saturday was arrested by Dambulla police yesterday while she was undergoing treatment for burn injuries at the Dambulla hospital.

    anyone got more news about that?

    "It’s a twisted life..This vicious women planned to explode the bomb in Anurdhapura during the ceremony. The premature accidental blast may have saved many more lives. Her mother is now in ICU of Kurunegala GH, seriously injured. Her two sons are LTTE members. She lives 34 years already in Kilinochi with her Tamil husband and two tiger cubs…..."

  155. I forgot to add that Some children survived the explosion but appear very young which means they maybe able to draw what happened but cannot explain the sequence of events that occurred because i dont think they have grasped tamil in full at their age..but then we cannot get in touch with them..

  156. Daily Mirror has photos of the Deyata Kirula exhibition at the BMICH

  157. Patriot

    The LTTE are terrorists, we are not. They show no mercy, but we must because we are just. If we lose sight of this then we too become terrorists. I fear that is already happening. Although most of you celebrate our bomb strikes, don't you realize we are bombing our own people. Yes, they live in the Wanni under the Tigers, but many have no choice. The bomb at No Limit in Nugegoda was about 10Kg; we are dropping 250Kg bombs (and the bunker busters are even bigger). Do you really believe that these cause no civilian death and injuries? We must show mercy. Morality demands it. FYI, I am not in a NGO. I live in SL (most of you don't I think). I have my own business, I employ 80 people, I pay a lot of income tax, so I contribute greatly to the government. I have a right to make demands on how we conduct this war. Now that we have the LTTE on the ropes, this is the best time to talk peace. We can win the hearts and minds of the Tamil population in the Wanni. Even if we take the Wanni (which we will), I fear we will become like Iraq (2 bombs per day somewhere in the country). This would be a disaster to us ('us' meaning those who still live in SL--you people who live outside don't have to worry about this).

  158. ooops srilankan no offence taken. this is an article in the internationly reputed magazine called " Economist". i just want to share this article with you all because i thought that's the real reason for this blog

  159. Enemy within again…
    An army officer, a soldier and a Buddhist monk were arrested today for helping tigers in Colombo....

  160. thanks cobra for the info

    army officer ? high ranking ???

    anybody can become Buddhist monk by wearing 'SYURA'

    so there can be FAKE Buddhist monks, Army, Police, Navy etc. etc.

  161. lkdood,

    army officer ? high ranking ???

    A captain… a deal for 7 million….
    Traitors! They should be shot in public in Gallface!~

  162. I am a devout buddhist who believes in Buddhist philisophy and know a lot about it.

    But I have no repect for the mainstream clergy in sri lanka whatsoever, they are corrupted and they discredit my religion and now one them is helping terrorists

    I would prey and bow to a rightful and honest monk like Soma Thero or the Dalai Lama but never to a monk who does not understand buddhism and goes completely against it, that piece of shit should be derobed and thrown to jail or sent six feet under

  163. Some Buddhist monks in SL are very materialistic. Some now live in their own houses. I saw a news article recently about a monk who comes to a fitness center in Nugegoda for body building. They like money. May be this guy did not know they were tigers, he has provided housing for the terrorist for money.

  164. why the hell does that guy have to bodybuild he is not allowed to have sex so he cant use the muscles as pussy magnets.

  165. cunning,

    You are right. But you have to understand the concept of targeting here! The LTTE bombs might be smaller but they designed and placed to cause maximum civilians casualties! Yes the SLAF bombs are significantly bigger, but they are TARGETING the LTTE infrastructure and destroy it. But the nature of war and the LTTE's insistence on locating their military units very close to civilian settlements means that civilian casualties are inevitable.
    The only thing we can do is to hope that the SLAF are very discriminating when it comes to engaging their targets. The SLAF DOES NOT go around intentionally targeting civilians.

  166. watch the language plz folks this blog is viewed by all age groups.

  167. Guys,
    I just viewed the Madhu attack video. It is horrific. they are just innocent children, going to or coming back from school.

    It is definitly a claymore, from the left side right in front of the back door

    But interesting things I noticed are,
    1. Somebody started videoing it withing 1 min of the attack. You can see a woman getting down from the bus and people dropping their bycycles and running to the bus. Who would carry a good quality video camera in that jungle except LTTE. I would'nt expect that much fast videoing even if that happened in front of Rupavahini!
    Mostly people will be shoked for at least sevaral minutes unless you expect it.
    2. The shrapnell marks are dripping with blood [out side, and very high] Only way that can happen is when some children standing outside the bus and claymore blasted behind them. That coud send their flesh with the shrapnels.

    It is likely that it blasted when the bus stoped for children to get down or get in.

    Defencenet, could you cast your eye on that and give us what you think please.

  168. DN,
    Somebody wrote about a 4 barrel motar launcher invented by two officers in the Army. It was called 'KemPiya'. Two officers were Brig. Kempitiya and Brig. Piyasoma. Unfortunately it was a total failure. Few years ago it was seen rusting in Palaly.

  169. Forces closing in on LTTE in Wanni, says Colombo


  170. Defnet, why does SLAF parade their equipment specially the Gabriel ASM and Elbit upgraded Mi 24 with the ATGW ? Dont they need them in the Battle Theater now ? Just dont make sense mates ! As for that pics of Tnet idiots of the SLA Bulldozers on the sandburm...what BS ! It that all they can do !
    Kiss my ass !

    We are not at a Stalemate dammit ! How can that be when SLDF keeps pounding their FDL's ! It's just a matter of time fellas when we will get past vavu and Mannar !
    Db(backlightarrow) iz right.. EP iz V. important but, we cant approach head on anymore it has to be a Gen.Schwartzkorps flanking more !
    Anyone , know if the Fatass in Kili is hurt ?

  171. Cunning said....

    Now that we have the LTTE on the ropes, this is the best time to talk peace. We can win the hearts and minds of the Tamil population in the Wanni. Even if we take the Wanni (which we will), I fear we will become like Iraq (2 bombs per day somewhere in the country). This would be a disaster to us ('us' meaning those who still live in SL--you people who live outside don't have to worry about this).


    I feel your pain, especially for someone runing a sucessful business. War is not good for the economy. You certainly have every right to demand how this war is conducted. Everyone knows what the LTTE wants (a seperate state) but do you think the violence will stop if this is granted to the LTTE. I go to India every year to see some relatives near the Bangladesh border. There is permanent unofficial warfare between the Indian Border Security Force and Bangladesh Riffles near the border areas of these countries. Mind you this is a country India created. The people are ethnically the same, the national anthem is composed by the same person. The same thing happed betweened India and Pakistan. After the British drew the borders between India and Pakistan, there has been permament warfare between these countries. Each country is intent on detabalizing the other. The LTTE claim to a seperate state will not end with VP getting eelam. There will no doubt be a pause like what happend after the CFA, and then the LTTE will no doubt attempt to destroy what would be remining of the Sri Lankan state.

  172. if the gowernment do give them a ealam the death of all our valiant soldiers will be in vain, and i would personally go and kill the guy would sign it.

    lets say there is a state of eelam
    i bet sri lanka would be just like the middle east, there would be a never-ending war and the west could steal our resources without any problems, that's what the Norwegian and CIA involvement is all about, control over America's economic interests.

  173. some sri lankan's in this blog worship america and britshit and they would speak against me but i know that anyone with a ounce of intelligence would realise this.

    This was is all about western imperialism and neo colonialism, Malcolm X said that every colonolial power that retreated a conquered nation would leave behind individuals who would be ready to fight for the colonial interests and defend it with there lives, this is exactly whats happening in sri lanka the LTTE and NGOs are protecting Colonial interests and are ready to kill for them.

    The JVP was destroyed by MOSSAD and CIA in '89 when rohana wijewwera said that "when we come in to power we shall not let any western powers control SRi Lanka and we shall not pay debts" the CIA saw a threat to there colonial interests so they defeated it.

    This world is run by dirty greedy imperialist corporations there is no denying it
    call me a nutjob I don't care.

    Listen to IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE's song just type it in youtube, he says a lot about it.

    ANd remember my brothers

    General Emiliano Zapata

  174. Hi Patriot aka... son have you had your vitamins today ? hmmm, now go home baba and take a nice long cold shower with some gotukola too ! Ok ! Promise son !

    Anybody know why the purchase of Chengdu F 7's and what model they are ? Oh, BTW check for some nice SLAF photos !

  175. ok so rajarata is the first colonial ass licker i found about

  176. what the hell do you mean by have i had any vitamins

    if you are trying to ridicule me at least be good at it man

  177. The article below is from a recent publication put out by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. This is a big and wealthy think tank in Washington which has many distinguished Americans. The head is a former Senator from Georgia. The head of their South Asia Program is Ambassador Teresita Schaffer, a former U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka. She is very anti-govt and anti MR. She frequently testifies about Sri Lanka in a very negative way in the U.S. House of Representative and in the U.S. Senate. As patriot aka Senkadagala Sinhaya aka Dush has said there is a lot of hypocracy in the U.S. and western government positions regarding Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Government is far more observant of human rights than is the U.S. or British government in Iraq. According to the British Medical Association’s (Lancet) study of 2004, 600,000 Iraqi civilians were estimated to have been killed. About one fourth of the Iraqi population is displaced either as internal refugees or as external refugees. You can see from the recent CSIS publication (see below) how biased these people are against Sri Lanka. There is not a single mention of the LTTE bus bombings that took place in January of this year.

    I am not a Christian but I belive there is a verse in the bible which says "He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone"

    Center for Strategic and International Studies
    South Asia Monitor Publication, Feb 5

    "Rajapaksa is a pragmatic nationalist but has neither a strategic vision nor a commitment to a compromise settlement. His efforts to forge a consensus within the political mainstream have failed, while taking the government further away from the kinds of proposals that might produce a settlement. The military gambit: The Sri Lankan government’s priority since Rajapaksa’s election has been to press for military success, hoping then to settle on its own terms. The army has achieved some gains.

    Human rights crisis: Meanwhile, the conflict has created a massive human rights crisis. The International Crisis Group estimates that more than 1,500 civilians have been killed and 250,000 displaced in the crossfire since 2006. The total death toll is far higher, certainly several tens of thousands. Up to 40,000 civilians have allegedly been displaced by the Sri Lankan Air Force’s raids on the LTTE in the east. Claymore mines have taken their own human toll, most recently killing nine Tamil schoolchildren. There have been hundreds of extrajudicial killings and over 1,000 disappearances. Both sides blame each other for “collateral damage.” UN Human Rights Commissioner, Louis Arbour was bitterly criticized by the Sri Lankan government for drawing attention to the killings of humanitarian aid workers in the island nation.",com_csis_experts/task,view/id,62/
    Teresita C Shaffer, Director
    South Asia Program
    Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
    1800 K Street, NW, Washington DC, 20006
    Phone: (202) 887-0200; Fax: (202) 775-3199

  178. srilankan,

    you hurt me; i'm an economist!!

    you said,

    "O.K my theory is this- the greenhous effect will come to Canada before SLanka therefore all canadians must learn to build igloo's for protection."

    you are wrong.

    the greenhouse effect is going to be a blessing than an evil to canada! it will increase the arable land and other productive land in canada! in fact canadians are already preparing for it!

    however, it will affect SL pretty badly!!

    however, i agree with your "theory" that protecting the country is MUCH MORE important than protecting the economy. Tibet is a good example of a booming economy without a country! Tibetans are leaving it in thousands although it is a booming economy in which they have no fcking stake in! the same can happen to SL if we (as usual) mix-up our priorities.

    having said that, the economy has a big say in protecting the nation. if the economy collapses, there won't be enough resourses to fight the war. also consider what i said in a previous post - Tamil Diaspora's economy is now bigger than the SL economy!

    this says ALOT about the relative power of the two parties at war and what is GOING TO COME.

    therefore we MUST consider the economy as well in a war. from an economic pov, the war MUST be won ASAP. ASAP is not equal to FAST but as soon as POSSIBLE.

    USD 1.5bn / USD 26 bn = 5.7% this puts us in a VERY VERY VERY BAD situ. + in record books.
    if this continues for another few years, yes we are stuffed.

    unfortunately the financiers of the SL war have no fcking say in the war and have no CREDIBLE info. on what the fck the govt. is doing with their fcking money!

    if SL govt. was a company, it's directors will be LITERALLY GANG screwwed!!

    however, the ECONOMIST magazine had in the past published many anti-SL stuff.

    so the bottomline is while the war is more important than the economy, for the war to proceed there should be a good economy AND the SL economy that has been vandalised by the war/surrender/stalemate must be salvaged soon if we are to face the MANY challenges the pro-LTTE diaspora is going to throw at us.


    i think you will disagree!! LOFL

  179. well i'm not an economist afterall!!

    (i'm a jack of all trades master of ONE - not none!)

  180. USA is the most hypocritical nation in the world...
    as casc said, we are not half as bad as they are...
    it doesn't matter anymore. the US wont be able to help us or hurt us very soon..
    they are gonna have enough issues with their own economy and wars...

  181. Center for Strategic and International Studies...

    Is that a BIG Economic Hitman?

  182. miliyaa

    I once attended a military display like the one in those pictures. I liked them so much, and decided to become an accountant. Pays better, can sit around and mope when the brave get killed. Satisfaction in hindsight is such a great feeling...

    Appropos your note; what happened to the army assholes who collaborated to kill Parami Kulatunga and got caught to MI? The press said they were to get the death penalty if convicted. Did that go thru?

    Does anyone know, at the rate we drop bombs, more sri Lankans could be employed making 'em. (The Iraqi war created new jobs in the mid-western region of the US even before the war began)

    Eelam is not going to happen, we are fighting a war against a wet dream. Might as well create some new jobs while eliminating the funky munkies. (by the way, Imaginary-eLam has now been shortened in reality lingo to i-Lam]

  183. Presence of tigers in the blog just indicates the reliablity of news. (If you don't trust a news source who will keep spending time on such thing?) Thier continuous disturbing indicates this blog is a threat for thier propaganda. (Otherwise why a tiger waste time keep writing crap?) If they have their own news and DN is wrong as DN suggested they can start their own blog which unlikely to happen. LTTE has a very good propaganda machanism compared to GOSL. If you read recent comments from tigers in DN and DW you can see they just want both blogs to be closed down. Hope any one can understand why?.

    This is from my experiance; If something happened to them, many of them (tamils) think it was becuase they were tamil. But this is thier mental probem. No one can solve such problems. No matter what DN offer you can't make tigers happy. When you read comments it is easy to see they either don't (or can't) understand thier arguments were broken or they don't care what we reply. It's just 'we are right, you are wrong';means we can't wake up one pretends sleeping.

  184. Guys,
    Look at this:

    Poor diaspora....

  185. Defencenet,
    Tamilnet claims they have captured some weapons at Nagarkovil. Any truth in this?

  186. Thanx "cobra" for more news about Dambulla bomb suspect

  187. to CASC

    I am not suggesting giving Eelam (I am totally against it--and for the same reason that you presented). But by offering the Tamil population devoution (within united Sri Lanka) with police stations in the north manned by Tamils, and them having a say in the economy of the areas where they are a majority, there will cease to be a reason for anyone to join the LTTE. I have pointed this out before: Karuna left the LTTE during the ceasefire, not during the war. If we had implemented the PTOMS I think more of them would have given up on Prabhakaran. They have to be desperate and have no hope of a future to become suicide bombers, so the smart thing to do (and the morally correct path as laid down by Lord Buddha) is to offer ahimsa and karuna to them. This method will not fail.

  188. BlackHawk

    I know our airmen would never intentionally target civilians (I know some airforce pilots--they are very educated and good people). But we have to face facts that collateral damage and harm to civilians will happen. The US and UK has no problem with killing Iraqis and Afghans like this (they just say oops!), but with our 2500 year history, and especially our history of Buddhism, we must be better than them.

  189. Cunning

    Our buddhist bombs mean no harm. They just fall in tranquility, contemplating the impermanence of all things. It is those damn tamil terrorists who get confrontational with them and blow them up, causing their complete destruction each time.
    Bloody terrorists...!

  190. Hi Guys,
    Are we heading out of the topic ?? I feel so.

  191. I watched that really disturbing LTTE Video about Madu blast.

    1. It certainly looks like hacking children to death.

    2. Do you see any signs of a Claymore attack on the bus?

    3. How come an LTTE cameraman with Commercial Quality Video Camera happened to be ready with the Camera equipment nearby to Videograph this in this thick jungle area?

    To me this looks like another barbarian PR killing of LTTE that has been orchestrated to show the Videos to mislead the International Community.

    How come in a Claymore blast, kids fall out of doors one over the other with brutal cut open wounds?

    This looks like Kids have been butchered starting from the door itself by typical LTTE way of using machetes, while the LTTE Video crew was ready to videograph the aftermath.

    Looks like the whole scenario has been clearly orchestrated by LTTE. They have butchered the kids, and then broken the windows of the bus to make it look like a blast or blasted the bus after butchering the children.

    Do not watch if you are faint hearted. Only works in IE7.

  192. Nilavan,
    OK..your postings are interesting..pls keep posting.I think after looking at Mr Ajith's family and the way his family is suffering on dont think anyone really cares about the millionth prediction of doom..As i said before we had these predictions for 30 yrs..I can tell you what i think should be done to these panels and panels of defense experts who said Hon Pres will never capture east but .i think you can guess..cant say because minors may be reading these comments..


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