Friday, February 22, 2008

Air Force bombs LTTE artillery positions

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter jets bombed two of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)'s artillery gun positions in Mannar and Mullaithiv today afternoon. The air strikes were launched after the rebels directed 122mm artillery barrages targeting advancing forces of the 58th and 59th divisions in Mannar and Weli-Oya respectively. Precise coordinates of the LTTE artillery launching pads were identified using one of army's firefinder radars which can pinpoint the location of artillery fire originating from enemy territory.

Moving the artillery gun immediately after firing it is a well known tactic employed by the LTTE. By doing so, they aim to minimize casualties and damages caused in the event of a SLA/SLAF counterattack. It is still not known if any damages were done to LTTE assets by the air strikes that were launched today. 

In other news, intelligence sources indicate that the number of LTTE cadres killed in yesterday's battle can be as high as 40. LTTE offensive to recapture areas lost to the army north of Parappakandal was ripped in half by the soldiers of the 57th division who staged a devastating counterattack. LTTE used 9 small attack teams, each comprising of 15-20 guerillas, to attack the army positions in a two pronged offensive that lasted for 3.5 hours. 3 SLA soldiers too were killed and 10 more were wounded in this battle.

Meanwhile army overran 5 LTTE bunkers north of Uylankulama today afternoon. At least 10 LTTE cadres and 2 SLA soldiers were believed to be killed in this incident. Army is marching towards Adampan, the next objective for the 58th division in the Wanni operation.

In the Uva province, civilians of Haye Ala - Buttala, fled their village after an unknown group of armed men were sighted in the area. This was the same area where 3 SLA soldiers were gunned down by LTTE cadres yesterday.


  1. guys

    look at this divaina news item

    some VP's doctors dead ?


  2. Strange article from Divaina.
    How did the Doctors get to Kilinotchi in first place, then more strange thing is how did they get back to London?
    Divaina Karayya... Ketii Kattha Liyanawa wagee medawase walaa. :)

  3. srilankan-
    From earlier thread..
    "Do you think this is a good time to buy shares in DSI slippers bro..?"
    Let's buy a rubber factory mate... could cover BATA and DSI both :) ..

    Out of all these news, one thing I can gather is something seriously wrong with LTTE terror group.

  4. Guys,

    I think General Fonseka made the right move by removing Brigadier Ranasinghe as he failed to contain the LTTE threat in the Yala area.

    Now it is high time IGP made it clear to his subordinates he means buisness too.

    If the sightings reported in Haliela are is credible, it must be pursued with vigour, saving innocent lives and without giving international community a platform to poke their noses in our affairs.

    I am glad that an efficient police officer took charge of this area recently.

    Defencenet, how come the doctors from London landed in Killinochchi with ease, if the Divaina report is true?

  5. Even if SLA detects tiger gun positions tigers can move them quickly before SLAF attacks. Is it expensive to keep few UAVs on air continuously where fighting is going on? so that SLAF can monoter movements of guns and bomb?

  6. Qrious-
    I read your article this morning. Was very nicely written. Keep up the good work mate.

  7. guys i have the same question

    London is not next to kilinochi

    everybody must land in katunayaka


  8. Perein,

    Thanks for the compliments.

  9. What fantastic news.

    Thank you defencenet for the article. This proves the accuracy of predictions only (not causes) of my SLAF source.

    in less than 4 days after i wrote here that SLAF would intensify its CAS op.s it happened!!

    the popular view of tigers moving their arti./mortar after firing is VERY HIGHLY exaggerated.

    given the terrain they use (they never keep their heavy arti. on smooth terrain), the way arti./heavy mortar (122mm ones) layden equipment move (they move very slowly) and the stock of shells close-by, it is NOT EASY to move these QUICKLY. Normally art. duels (by both sides) last for hours, not minutes.

    On the other hand if they move these and stop firing, that is a huge boon for ground troops.

    tiger arti. and mortars have been much more accurate than ours in the past and caused alot of casualties. the moment their heavy guns are either destroyed or "supressed", it gives a MASSIVE advantage for SLA. in the east they abandoned (and burried) a large number of heavy guns and ran away including 152mm ones. So it is either the SLAF destroys them or make them silent. either way we win.

    well done SLAF, keep it up.

    Qrious, well said. This problem of savages in uva/south must be handled drastically and end it. the 3 SLA guys didn't die in vain. They saved hundreds of civilian lives.

  10. Guys,
    Do you think these so called doctors from london desembark at katunayake with a sign board hanging over ther necks saying 'Dr Boot licker MRCP, coming to treat VP'?

    They will be ordinary Kamaladasan kind of chap with a British passport walking through the green channels where as our Kamalawathies from dubai emptying their bags at immigration.

    I personally know couple of British doctors who frequently visits SL taking medicine supplies with them. What they say is they are helping the poor people.

  11. Nice artilce in Daily Mirror about security situation

    Article says that the SL Army jammed LTTE communication during Tuesday's LTTE attack, which prevented LTTE reinforcements from coming. It must have caused the LTTE a lot of confusion to have no radio communication. Good job SL Army Signal Corps !

  12. @mottapala

    you are right about the doctors

    LOL !

  13. DefenceNet,
    sorry i expect you to have all the answers.How is it that these doctors are allowed into killinochchi?..
    Also what in gods name is going on in buttala..are these civil defense teams unable to guard the civilians in the area?.What have these armed guys done..pls let us know when you have the time..

  14. Perein,
    I think buying a rubber factory is too much..bro..:):)..we need to anticipate future demand for bata slippers by the bata slipper gang..which does not sound promising to say the least..I thought of providing the LTTE with "pol atthu " coffins at a reduced price for bulk purchases

  15. Buddhist Monk turned soldier gave his life in the frontline

  16. Mottapala-

    Fully agree. I too know some Tamil doctors in the US who go to SL at least once a year and yes, they definitely cross the Vavuniya SLA checkpoint and go into Killi. Of course, the standard story is they have relatives in Killinocchi and as per the existing rules, anyone can get off at KIA and go anywhere they want to in SL.

    What a bloody pathetic situ this is! I say we let the filthy MF's in and then stealthily track them, and then "white van" them at the first opportune moment (science eke vedhey karanna oney!) before the bastards/bitches cross over into Killi...after all, is it also not a univeral right of every individual to just choose to disappear from society (for all kinds of reasons, including job stress, marital stress, sexual dysfunction stress, etc. etc.), just as they have a right to visit relatives anywhere?


    OaO Asithri

  17. OK, I am about to blow my top and go insane permanently (I agree, that's hard to believe for some of you! LMSSAO!!!)...


    WTF is happening in wrt to this Buttala situation? This is in the heartland of Sinhela dominated "dakuney" and yet the LTTE excreta-maggots have been successful in evading "termination" by the SLA or the SL Police - for nearly 2 months now? - and assassinating the Police and the SLA!!!

    So, WTF gives? This is bloody mind-boggling to say the least! I tried to get an angle from my contacts in SLDF, but all I could get was that it was bad planning/strategizing coupled to "being slack" and that some changes are being made...but still, does this not infuriate you and blow your mind patriots? It certainly has done so to poor,

    OaO Asithri

    :( :( :(

  18. heavy fighting in mannar and manaal aru reported, any updates?

  19. SriLankan/Perein

    I think buying a rubber factory is too much..bro..:):)..]

    SriLankan/Perein, what gives bros?

    Are you guys thinking of manufacturing condoms and somehow getting them to the LTTE thangaatchchis in FDLs - in readiness for the great, no-holes-barred, equal opportunity sans ethnic differences wild gig that awaits us all when the SLDF finally punches through (no pun intended! LMSSAO!) for good and liberates all of "vanni?"

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  20. Thirukovil

    "heavy fighting in mannar and manaal aru reported, any updates?"

    I have.

    It's called the "earth embracing" day by Tamils for Tamils (kind of like "api wenuwen api" slogan we have in Sinhela today).

    OaO Asithri

  21. Srilankan,

    Bata offers a variety of slippers from prices ranging from Rp 99 to Rp 150.

    I guess the Rp 99 types go to regular LTTE cadres, and the fancy Rp 150 types go to the LTTE Lt Cols. Even in the LTTE, rank has its privileges.

  22. Info from generally trustworthy source;

    Velu's lost a leg.

    DN/Anyone - any news on this?

  23. Asithri

    If into manufacturing condoms for the Vanni, make them smaller. These underfed punks have shrunken dicks and standard sizes fall off.

  24. tropical storm, funny comment about the shrunken dicks, is that why you balls less pussholes need 200 000 people to take a movement of 10000, is that also why ur 20000 pussholes surrendered to 1500-2000 tigers? Yea seems like the SLA really has some big dicks eh? freagin pussholes, as soon as one gets shot 10 run away.

  25. the surrender i'm talking about was elephant pass!

  26. thiru what the fuck are pussholes get the fuck out here little boy with 2 inch dick

  27. Condom Armours... what a great invention… :)
    Make a good cover from all type of offences…
    LMSSAO(From Asithri, couldn’t resist being used it :) ) ...!!!

  28. senkadagala sinhaya, you little boyscout a pusshole is what u came out of for your information and as far as the two inch dick that's what your pathetic father stuck in your mom

  29. Chbalk

    "Condom Armours... what a great invention… :)"

    Yup...this is what the LTTE mother-doers hope will camouflage and protect the few remaining 122mm artys and 80mm mortars! The PrettyKfirs and foxyMiGs are too horny these days – always on the prowl!


    OaO Asithri

  30. "HRW Calls for Sanctions on LTTE, Karuna Group"




  31. Thirukovil

    “that why you balls less pussholes need 200 000 people to take a movement of 10000,”

    I love it when frustrated "thamileelamist" mf's talk dirty when they have blown a gasket! LMSSAO!!!

    “movement”….? Well, it’s not any “movement” you bunghole, but it’s a proven cowardly and heinous “terrorist” movement (confirmed by FBI) that takes macho-pride in killing women & children in buses/trains!

    Wow, so much for your great "Tamil warrior male-prowess" eh sob? Wow, indeed! What heroes!!! Bloody droopy rotting-pansy…come suck my lollipop if you want to feel a hero! LMSSAO!!!

    However, factually speaking….

    Given the 1,585 kilometers coastal ring and the land area of 64,000 square kilometers, to stop monsters from killing ordinary civilians, as per the mathematical model, in that space you need something like an 700,000 armed force…so our SLDF Bravehearts are today doing really a super-duper job with the much drastically reduced number they have!

    Eat your heart out LTTE mf…and then bite the cyanide vial and Mother Earth will smile!


    OaO Asithri

  32. Thirukovil

    [two inch dick that's what your pathetic father stuck in your mom] I know you are a filthy mf, but you must not talk such dirty language here as OaO poor Asithri is allergic to it...cha...cha...what is the world coming to? “thamileelam”…? Not yet I know!

    However, having said so, I would say, before his father did that, it is known that he "retrieved" it out of your own mother's "multiple vaults" and being the true LTTE ever-spread she is, was simply furious that it ended all so soon!

    Cha...cha...such bad language...OaO Asithri is hurt!

    Shame on you Thirukovil...

    :( :( :(

    OaO Asithri

  33. Hi Defencenet,

    Any idea on What type of Firefinders we got in our inventory..

    thankds in advance...

    and How many Armoured vehicles (including tanks,apcs etc ) do we have..

  34. VP speaks on LTTE official TV.

  35. asithri, how was ur mom feeling the other day after i tatooed her ugly bitch ass face with my cum u little bitch ass pusshole.

  36. Wow the keyboard kotiyas have their panties in a twist..what with bunker monkey getting fried and the rif-raff fighting over the spoils, the foreign based terror financiers have nothing left but to grind their teeth and punch a key board.
    Oh by the way Thiru, were you anywhere around NY about a month ago in a demo against the SL govt? I was there too, photographing the terror supporters one by one. we have something special cooking for you bastards. We haven't forgottne you... If you weren't there, tell your little wanker buddies who were, they'll be hearing from us..

  37. 92 seththupochchis in one day's work.

    The SLA is turning into a great 'seththupochchi machine'. At this rate we'll have to start a cloning factory to create nattamis for our boys to shoot up.

  38. Thirukovil

    Actually my mom was fine...but not as fine as how you dad was after I "did" him "upside down!" LMSSAAO!!!

    No, although the slut volunteered, I had to pass up on your granny as her dentures were missing and it would have felt awkward when she gave me “service.”

    Aha, truly LMSSAO!!!

    Yo, LTTE sakkili-kallathoniya who came illegally to my country on a vallam not long ago...go back to your shit-laden Tamilnadu (aha, that unmistakable smell of shit in Chennai...your true homeland droopy-dicky!)


    OaO Asithri

  39. "Sri Lankan troops kill 92 Tigers in fresh offensive"

    "Feb 22 (Dawn) Sri Lankan troops have killed 92 rebels in the latest offensive into their northern stronghold, the island’s defence ministry said on Thursday"


    Spot on! At this rate, the LTTE lepers in Vanni will have to adopt children from poor Africa to fight the "great liberation" war!


    OaO Asithri

  40. OK...time for OaO Asithri to take your leave…see you later patriots.

    PEACE to all SL patriots…

    OaO Asithri

  41. An extract from a US blog;

    Reliable information from military intelligence sources indicate the tamil tigers are starting to fall apart as the news of their brutal and dictatorial leader's imminent death has started to circulate. The tiger leader, who was known for holding and enjoying a collection of movies depicting the killings of hundreds and thousands his opponents, is finally on his death bed. Reports indicate he was injured in one attempt to kill him by the SL Air Force and later injured again in a second attempt which killed a large number of his body guards and attending cadre.
    Medical personnel who attended to the terrorist leader have reported having to amputate a leg off the criminal and that he is unlikely to survive unless specialist treatment is provided in a foreign land.
    Sri Lanka is unlikely to allow that to happen willingly, neither are the indians, who are watching the Sri lankan scene like hawks.

    "..Under attack from the Sri lankan forces and with nothing to lose, the LTTE is continuing to abduct and use child soldiers in combat. These kids die by the dozens when they confront the seasoned sri Lankan military, who take no chances. Once armed with a weapon, a nine year old is as dangerous as an adult and in a situation of war they die like flies. Sri Lanka has many measures in place to rehabilitate any surrendees from these child brigades, but they are prevented from surrendering by the senior tamil tigers who hunt the surrendees and kill them in public as a deterrent. The UN security Council is expected to discuss the issue of child soldiers in Sri Lanka shortly, but whether the outcome of those deliberations will have a meaningful outcome on the innocents caught in the hands of the monsters remains to be seen. so far, the UN's lethargic and pacifist approach when dealing with terrorists has had the effect of emboldening them..."

    The US and EU are very worried abt the LTTE, and their focus has shifted to eradicating it, without mercy. This is END GAME.

    Don't lose your rig-side seat.

  42. Hi Guys,

    Can we come back to the civilized world?

    "Too much of anything not good for you"!

  43. SLAF Delay Gets LTTE Off-the-hook

    i cant believe this !!

  44. Can we come back to the civilized world?

    Totally agree.. Do not LTTE SOB to ruin this blog. They have to take them back if we do not reply to thier screams which comes out due to the loss of their Peelaam in front of their own eyes.

  45. Some persons are showing here mental instability using a downgraded lanuguage. We need to accept this situation, because it shows how they mentally disordered with the current situation.
    For the sad thing is, for them still more to come. We may have to build large mental hospital to rescue these people in coming months...

  46. Asithri,
    Thanks for your input bro.As for the rubber factory idea..we are going to wait awhile longer..we(perein&i) dont want our shipments of said bata slippers to be confiscated by the CIC of thaamil eelam under the eelam essential provisions and services act.As you know we are a business in its infancy
    every child born to thaamil eelam is hereby requested by the CIC of eelam to provide all provisions deemed essential after initial visual investigation(sadly bata slippers) & "services(unspecified)" to the eelam armed forces.As for thangachchi's bro they are a seriously dwindling market these days.
    our problem sadly.when you have the time visit defencewire if you can.
    Thanks for bata info bro..thanks to you we know of our competiton.we should be able to compete with that price.a revered hero like a Lt-col wearing bata are insulting both the Lt-col and me ..sir.(count of monte christo).my recommendation is DSI definitely with his glorious name on the said footwear..we could add the following phrases for a small additional expense..
    lt-col..(coolies name).has valiantly commited xxxx murders,xxxxx rapes&forcible abductions etc..of course a pic of the brave hero also.

  47. Srilankan-
    I have no issues with if Asitri want to look after the sector he has mentione in the rubber factory.
    I'm sure he's more than happy to test most of those units :)

    As for the missiing out SLAF target, I think we should learn from those and get ready for the next.
    SLAF's doing a greate job currently.

  48. @prabath

    You mentioned post may based on wrong information. Four hours!!!!!!!

    fighter jets (stand by onces)only need 8-10 minities to go to the runway and anothere 8-10 minites to reach the target. I can confirm this. Maximum delay time is about 15-20 minites.

    Four hour delay news is complete lie.There may be delays in communicating between MI,ground source and Air force. other than this fighter jets are ready to go.

  49. Perein,
    Thanks bro..a great weight off my mind..
    It is a miracle this war is even at this phase(no disrespect to our brave heroes).the airforce cannot be really blamed (even if expensive bombs are used)simply because we are allowed a limited peek at a much larger picture.what is interseting however are the underworld connections highlighted in the article.when this is over we need to clean our house seriously.

  50. Perein,
    do you think we could staple said LTTE heroes pic to leather via staplers..i wonder..Of course we need a pic of him in fullgear like from the early 80's.if he was born later we can do a ms office job on some other brave LTTE heros pic and staple it..what do you think?..

  51. Any one knows what are the 'pro-LTTE web sites ITN news mentioned? (

  52. "Limb of LTTE leader Prabahkaran amputated"

    We should amputate his balls..i wanna see that happen :)))))

  53. ☛ ආයුබෝවන් / வனக்கம் / welcome ♫ ♬ ♪


    Defencewire says that a 4-hour-delay in taking off a fighter aircraft, caused the failure in taking on three Tiger leaders, when they are in a meeting.

    At first glance, I asked myself, "Why the hell, was it?" I am sure most of the folks in here must have felt the same; there are some posts echoing the same sentiments.

    However, elevating this news item -whether it is factually correct or otherwise - to a level of a headline, potrays this great institue, the SLAF, as institutionally incompetent by stealth. It is very regrettable and the editor of this particular blog made a big mistake while pursuing the line of non-existent balanced-approach in reporting, something our journalists are obsessed with.

    Yes, the bombing raids are not always accurate; it is equally true that the accuracy is not determined by the competence of pilots alone. It is a product of a collection of known factors: technology, coordination of human beings, weather, ground-based human intelligence, aerial surveillance and human factor of both the pilot and ground controllers.

    Then, there are unknown factors that any pilot would admit in private, for their existence, yet may be not in a position to identify or quantify, sometimes in fear of ridicule by both superiors and equals.

    For instance, the unfortunate pilot of the helicopter gunship who died during the Anuradhapura attack knew the failure of his mission, even before he was air-borne; he removed his necklace and asked his friend to hand it over to his wife. How did he know it? He was miles ahead of technology, wasn't he? He was spot on, well before technology gave the green light for flying.

    So, the news items of this kind, belittle our forces, and heroes, who man them; the SLAF had scores of successes recently: sending Thamil Chelvam to face his maker face-to-face; reducing the boat squadrons of sea tigers to rubble; robbing the tigers of a space for target practice; reducing the military assests of LTTE in regular intervals.

    It is very puzzling that the very author who was quick to report these things, suddenly took an unpredictable position regarding one failure, which has the potential to paint the whloe operations in that light.

    Things can horrible go wrong despite the best efforts of all those involved. The GPS gadgets that determine the coordinates are far from perfect; they can contribute immensely to a failure.

    We use these sexy gadgets - TOM TOMS - in cars to determine our destination while driving in western countries. The roads are well marked and categorized, yet these little monsters can mislead us to end up in roads with dead ends or narrow country lanes with no exit. There are reports of catastrophic failures caused by them; you still have to follow your nose while driving, despite the availability of these handy devices, folks.

    GPS play a vital role in the attacks carried out by the SLAF. GPS is not an exact science yet, so mistakes may happen due to this factor. The very technology that we were moaning about as something we did not have, a few years ago, has the potential to contribute its share for mission-failures.

    Highlighting these failures in the light of a seris of successes is a sign of impatience by the author in the absence of military news. May be, he may have been angered by certain elements in the military establishment for something unknown to us and he tries to suppress his anger to some extent.

    Suppressing anger in this way is counter productive, I must tell this honourable man.

    Folks, just think of a teenager who tries to suppress his early-morning involuntary erection by placing a pillow on his little unruly monster; doesn't it produce exactly the opposite effect of what he intended before that stupid act? The elevation of embarassment to a new level!

    Authors must learn from this little experience, mates. We all have been through it - at some point, I must stress.

  54. Guys,

    There must be a correction in my post today - the leaders were in a meeting

    The error is regretted.

  55. Qrious-
    Keep up those writing... Late winter /early spring of Hampshire looks to me already refreshed your mind. I cannot wait until you see those blossoms as well as light green leaves to make it nicer.

    As for SLAF delay to respond, I'm also disappointed. However what we need to look at is how well we are doing currently as the unit. During last 6 months attacks carried out by SLAF had more accuracy than any time during last what ever the time.
    More importantly all SL forces hardly making the same mistake twice. Let's hope next time we will be ready and get them.

  56. Qrious,
    It is obvious for us Thamils that SLAF are inaccurate. Even the subject air raid has hit only civilians, not Artillery positions. I'm not speculating that the SLAF is TARGETING civilians, but the SLAF does not care.
    Now you can blame any technological failures or competence of pilots or hierarchical pressures or any other reasons, but the consistency with which the SLAF hits the civilians points to only one direction; recklessness.


  58. very touchy story

  59. My dear Abarip,

    Mate, my heart bleeds when I hear about civilian deaths. I share your pain as do a lot of bloggers here.

    I am glad you agree that the SLAF does not deliberately target these innocents. These are accidents and the SLAF must to their best to minimize them.

    Tamilnet reports about these deaths; unfortunately, it has an enviable repuation when it comes to reporting these things. There is no way of knowing the exact casualties; we all have to rely on the same source - the Tigers. They are not the most reliable news organization in the world. So, we are helpless as our armed forces, while getting the actual figures.

    However, I disagree with what my friend say about civilian casualties on a massive scale. There were reports of injuries to civilians, not deaths, as far as I know. But it is little conololation for those who at the receiving end.

    I must appeal my friend not to harbour any ill-thoughts about this great institute, the SLAF, due to one or two mistakes. Their policy is protecting civilians and not harassing them. Please don't look at these things from Tiger's point of view; your field of view may be coloured with prejudice.

    Take care.

  60. Cant be mate,
    Two reasons.
    1. LTTE military strongholds are not in the visinity of civilians. So a srtike missing a target will just fall in jungle.
    2. So far we havent seen any such info about civilian hits. Just says 3 civilans killed. 2 wounded etc etc.. We can remember how the LTTE screamed when Sencholey is hit. We are sure LTTE take the maximum advantage if any civilina is hit.
    But we just see pretty lame saying. No proofs. With the available techniligy, it is not that much difficult ??

  61. Its amazing how full of shit LTTE cronies over seas are.

    Have you noticed that everytime there has been an air strike against LTTE positions, LTTE media have always reported that the SLAF had somehow hit civilian settlements????????? This is the case everytime! Its a joke. Of course the LTTE isn't going to admit to any military losses, they cover everything up with the whole civilian settlement being hit bullshit.

    Its predictable, pathetic and funny :)

  62. @abarip,
    comeon man, as td says, if there were any accidental hits on civilians, the LTTE propaganda machine would have seized it by now, and started screaming genocide to the ic in no time. Remember that attack on a school bus - they were videoing the event within 5 minutes, and then posted it all over the internet. Until now, the only photos seen on tamilnet, even with their staff being blessed with a healthy imagination, are a couple of craters on fallow land. You gotta accept that even if our planes arent the most advanced, they certainly dont take any risks when civilians are concerned.

  63. lkdood,

    Thanks for the divaina link..

    Keep them comming...


  64. In there is a guys by the handle "Ron Harvey" who claims that VP had to get his leg amputated.

    I wonder if there is any truth to this.

  65. Few years ago all our defence forces were of partly ceremonial/partly practical. Reasons were because of the gone generation of leaders. However with the new leadership under SF radical changes were made. For the first time in history merit was given priority over seniority. juniors were posted to high positions if they were good. Seniors with poor perfomances were given more sedentary roles.

    Gen. SF personally knows every officer above the rank of a major. For the first time in history anybody who wanted to leave the army was allowed to do so.what remains are the poepole who really wants to be in the Army. He changed the defensive mentality of the Army to ofensive mentality.

    These changes were stiffly resisted initially by the high rankers with whatever possible ways in vain, thanks to the political leadership.Now we are reaping the harvest. More or less same thing happened with the navy.

    Has the Air Force changed in par with the Army or Navy. Yes, but a little bit. It was a passive change because of the demand made on them. It has not got ridden of the ceremonial mentality. Any of who has friends in the AF may know it. The Royal Sri Lankan air force nedds radical changes to be the true ' Sri Lankan Air Force'.

    I am not surprised by the revealation of Defencewire. There is lot of truth in it. He had the courage to write that knowing the he may earn wrath form someof us.

    Learn from mistakes. Thats the way to go.

  66. Guys,

    Something seems to be up with VP; we can all breathe a sigh of relief from the old cliche - no smoke without fire.

    The miserable state he is in, however, has not diminished his murderous streak by a bit; he still nurtures hatred and spills it over, with no mercy.

    The information we are getting now, converges on one thing; he is not destined to have a peaceful spontaneous death, no matter how much the SLAF tries to make it that way.

    His partial survival against the odds, indicates just that.

    Even SLAF cannot defy nature; it overules everything - including VP's sudden vaproization at the hands of bunker busters.

  67. Sri Lanka Navy Petty Officer Bandara in New York

    This great man was sponsored by SL Airlines to come to Newyork for his brave act.

    Great Sri Lankan. My cheers to him.

  68. Mottapala,

    It is very interesting to note your insights.

    Defencewire has s right to air its opinion; but chose the wrong time.

    And it is an accepted fact that it takes a few days before we get the confirmation about the damage from the ground sources, for obvious reasons.

    How come Defencewire knew the failure of these air sorties, just a day or two after the raid? Even MI does not admit that to that skill.

    We had the same conclusions after the attack on X-ray base - not from the defencewire, though; VP just left before the attack; the convoy that came was a decoy, were a few, if I recollect correctly.

    According to what we hear now, it has not been a failure, after all.

    If any one tells me that the SLAF takes time in recognizing the damage caused by them, I do not disagree with that folk; because it is true.

    However, if someone speculates about losses and gains, because of his position, then I roll my eyes - in amazement and disbelief.

  69. Thanks Matara ayiya and Qrious for your great inputs regarding SLAF incident. I am totally agreed both of your comments.

  70. he is not destined to have a peaceful spontaneous death

    i like that man... That SOB does not deserve a sudden death....
    it should be much more painful than sufferings of all the mothers who lost their brave sons due the madness of filthy beast.

  71. mottapala,
    Nice to have you back in the blog.

    Do keep posting.

  72. What happened to Matara Aiyya?
    Has not had any kind of news from him for a while now....

  73. SLAF once again targeted the innocent civilians ... 8 killed and 23 wounded including 4 year and 6 years old kids ; its what the LTTE arti positions as the SL medias said ....

    Recently Keheliya Rambukwela said, SLA using the same strategy to get the people out from the LTTE territory as they did in SAMPUR. there they used their MBRLs to kill the innocent civilians and killed more than 500 civilians and now they using SLAF to kill the people living around POONERIYAN ...

    ******STATE TERRORISM ********

    Who knows when the reaction of LTTE will me held in COLOMBO or BUTTALA

  74. hey Shyam how's VP's sexy leg? is it cured now? :))))))))

  75. Kathirvelu Nilakandan (Age 79)
    Shivananthi (27) a teacher
    Vijeyakumar Vidya(09)
    Indran Ladha (42)
    Thamilarasan Sumathi(30)
    Sasikaran Kavithanayagi(34)
    Sasikaran Katheeban (04)
    Sasikaran ThamilVenthan(06)

    Last 3 are from one family .... .

  76. Kathirvelu Nilakandan (Age 79)
    Shivananthi (27) a teacher
    Vijeyakumar Vidya(09)
    Indran Ladha (42)
    Thamilarasan Sumathi(30)
    Sasikaran Kavithanayagi(34)
    Sasikaran Katheeban (04)
    Sasikaran ThamilVenthan(06)

    Last 3 are from one family .... .

    These are the people who died in the air raid by the SLA ...

    their homes call home is mentioned as the ARTI positions by the SLAF and they reported; they destroyed the target successfully ...

  77. Dear Qurious:
    Almost All the contributors to this forum are biased including you and me. We could be on either side of the spectrum in respect of the sides we are taking but when we talk about facts and attemt to draw some conclusions from the facts, we should try to remain honest to ourselves and accept the facts no matter how displeasing they may be to ourselves. You more or less concede that YOU are unable to get exact facts from LTTE controlled areas. But we do! I have so many relatives and friends in the Vanni with whom I am in constant touch. We KNOW when the civilians get attacked by the SLAF. Some time back, my cousin told me that houses near where he lives in Puthukudiyiruppu were damaged badly in an air raid. I put to him the claim of the SLAF that an LTTE base was attacked and he said there was an LTTE base near those houses that got attacked, about two years ago!! It has been more than two years since the LTTE had switched bases and the SLAF still attacked. The SLAF very well knows that the ground intelligence they have are miserably out-dated, but still they choose to raid mindless about the possibility of civilian losses. The consistency with which they do is what I am complaining about. If it was a one- off incident, I am prepared to accept it with a hurting heart, and console myself that SLAF is doing everything it can to minimise civilian deaths. But there is overwhelming evidence in our midst that it isn't! Even sadder part in the saga is you are not accepting the facts that we provide you from an area that you have no access to but we do, dismissing them as not credible or Tiger Propaganda. These are, my dear friend, rock solid facts of our brothers' and sisters' sufferings in the Vanni. This is why the Tamils are longing for independant monitors. They atleast want to hear sympathising words to take heart from and to have hope which they are being denied on the basis of this 'credibility' issue.
    Like someone said the other day, the Government seems to be very worried about the exposure of their activities which would not please the international community. The Tamils' lives, these days, are hanging in the mercy of the foreigners's verdict. If the IC says the Tamils are suffering, they aren and if the IC says they are not suffering, then they aren't!! This is the plight of the Tamils who are claimed by this Sri Lankan government as it's own citizens. If there is an honest, clean leader at the helm of this Govt, would he or she not want independant monitors to record or evaluate the claims of sufferings of the people concerned? Isn't that the easiest thing in the world, particularly when there are so many enthusiastic volunteers from around the world? Does the reluctance of this government to invite independant monitors not amply establish the serious lack of goodwill on the part of this government and its leadership?

  78. LTTE bootlickers trying to justify a civilian blood shed in south..... hey blodd thirsty vampire.... there are good number of singhala population around kotahena mattakuliya area just dug a suicide kit from ur home garden and wear it and blast ur self inside a market
    make sure that themarket is filled with singhala ppl only

  79. It seems that we have had some civilians casualty at this moment. They have sacrificed their life to rescue other fellow members of the society from clutches of barbarian LTTE leader. My hats off dear citizens for you.
    When USA bombed hiroshima it cost nearly laks of lifes, but it saves more than that later on....

  80. Shyam,

    Killing 500 people by the SLAF in Sampur

    Even Tamil Tigers didn't say these things, mate. Where did you get figures from?

    According to the faith you believe in, you know what you get for telling a lie. Just apply the simple law of direct proportion to imagine what you are going to get for telling a preposterous lie.

    If I were in your shoes, my balls would have been frozen by now, mate.

    I share your pain about the loss of civilian lives. But don't emulate VP by enjoying the spectacle of barbarity when they strike the south.

    The behaviour of this nature is rampant in African tribes - the unwritten doctrine of vengeance. These are the people who still worship trees, bushes and other countless inanimate objects. They don't stop at that; then they mutilate the private parts of their women - removing clitoris - depriving them of even that little fun, while men can enjoy it with full force.

    Why do you want to push this noble race that you represet, into a league of Tribals?

    Think twice mate.

  81. Qrious ;

    I didn't say itsfrom the SLAF its coz of SL MBRKs

  82. Piyal ;

    Nice post from you....Are you ready to sacrifice your or the any lives for the war ahh ...?

    You are a real fool man....

  83. mottapala,

    "Has the Air Force changed in par with the Army or Navy. Yes, but a little bit. It was a passive change because of the demand made on them. It has not got ridden of the ceremonial mentality. Any of who has friends in the AF may know it. The Royal Sri Lankan air force nedds radical changes to be the true ' Sri Lankan Air Force'."

    a 'decent' way to tell what i've been trying to tell. (i called it 'paalu gei walag bindinawoo' and it hurt so many). my fault. well said mate.

    totally agree with you.

  84. hey bllody shyam,

    go back to your bloody tamilnation.

    it is dying. soon it will be dead totally. tigers can attack colombo , buttala or anywhere, but don't think the SLDF will stop the op.s

    they will intensify op.s and the fat pig's head will be amputated next time; mark my words.

  85. Tiger crap thought the CFA would take them to kosovo; its exactly 6 years old today. but it died before the tiger UDI which was supposed to be declared on 18th; just two days after the official ending of the CFA!

  86. Defencenet,

    අහන්නත් ස්න්තොසය්.

    Do you which tiger divisions involved, are they charles anthony?
    As per some of their gone missing, have we counted them in the body count or is there a possibility of them infiltrating during the heat of the battle.

  87. Dear Abarip,

    Mate, I understand your sentiments and sensitivities are noted.

    I am glad the air-sorties are not regular and the SLAF will be able to keep the civilian casualties to a minimum.

    However, I have a serious doubt about so-called independent monitors. No one is independent in this world, mate, as you just admitted. I think you imply the arrival of white-skinned-men for independent monitoring. I beg of you to disagree with it; they are simply not.

    Look at the mess Norway got us into at first, and then themselves, in a matter of years. They lost their whole credibility as impartial folks; Erick Solheim did not turn out to be Saint Anthony after all.

    The problem is not with the Europeans as a race. Everyone is a human being. We are all poor mortals who can easily steer away from our chosen moral path, no matter how straight it is.

    Ask a little boy in a primary school run, by the Catholic church about any hair-raising experience. There is a strong chance of his balls being fondled by a priest; I have come across folks who have been through them. You may not believe me. Just look at the law-suits against the Catholic church in America. So, if men in white robes can steer away from the holy path, how can you expect the same of those who chose to be little less holier than them.

    I think Tigers can contribute a bit more to fill the credibility gap, even at this eleventh hour.

    Just don't inflate the figures while publishing them. Then we look at them and are prepared to accept them at face value. The international community will believe them too. Then the respect for human life will be guaranteed on all fronts.

    The accusation of the destruction of the newly-planted forest cover in Vanni jungle, just after an air strike, is not a healthy start in promoting that challenging concept.

    That makes the world stare in amazement at their sudden love for trees, when the same for human lives goes down the drain of time.

  88. Moshe Dyan

    Yov buddy all the people and the IC know SL gov is the reson for the war and SLA forced the LTTE to violate the CFA ...according to the former president CHANDRIKA's speech .....

  89. hmmm. while reading all posts..

    i got cleared something from all majorities. you all dont wanna listen to the opposition voice (ie. Tamils.)

    Every thing has two sides to look into. note still truth is still Hidden. what we see is not true. Rupavahini and ITN are lieing like nothing. and Tamil net is also running in the same track

  90. who cares about former president speech. we know what she has done for our country.

  91. Shyam,

    Don't pair up Chandrika with truth.

    What you try to do is keeping the North pole of a magnet together with a South pole, and blowing over them in the hope of co-habitation.

    It is a futile exercise, isn't it?

    You may do that with Mathivathini, if you wish. They had a lot in common, when young - sex bombs.

  92. dev,

    "i got cleared something from all majorities. you all dont wanna listen to the opposition voice (ie. Tamils.)"
    Correction: We don't have a problem with listening to tamil opinion. The problem is with listening to baseless, dreamed up crap.

    "Every thing has two sides to look into. note still truth is still Hidden. what we see is not true. Rupavahini and ITN are lieing like nothing. and Tamil net is also running in the same track"
    Yes, you're right there. More or less...

  93. Guys,

    I contributed a lot today into our beloved blog. It is all good-natured and no hard feelings. We are getting civil, as our beloved Defencenet demanded of us.

    I am blessed with a super-fast boradband internet connection at my finger tips, 24/7 that tempts me to pour in my posts.

    It is high time I exercised restrain; I must give a chance to other bloggers to contribute too.

    So, I apologize for my indulgence and am going into quiet mode until tomorrow. I may visit the blog, however all the time to absorb what you guys say.

    Bye folks now.

  94. When LTTE attacked church or public transport and killed innocents they say SLF there and they attacked… in this case innocent Tamils should avoid TLLE terror camps then they will not be targeted…If they have died my deepest sympathy …there some other methods to avoid this …talks and agreement which we all can agree …. War is always bad ….whether it’s happened north or south …all Sri Lankan …but some who are in the west glorifying LTTE …they want the war this way otherwise they can’t stay in the west…

  95. Qrious;

    You guys don't care about what former president said and the war is not with Mahnda or Chandrika or Ranil ...its with LTTE and SL gov ok...we are talking about the gov...

    If any one supports the Tamils you add them in to terrorist list ahh...

    Earlier you said Tamil tigers
    and then White(suthu kotti) tigers
    and them Media tigers
    and then green tigers(UNP)
    and then Sinhala tigers
    and finally blue tigers(SLFP) ahhh...?

    there is no one out of this lists and all the Srilankan's are Ltte.

    If the LTTE are terrorists then all the lankans are ......(sorry to say ) TERRORISTS and proud to be ....

  96. [The Tamils' lives, these days, are hanging in the mercy of the foreigners's verdict.]


    Who the hell are you trying to kidd here. This is not a IC blog. This is a Sri Lankan blog.

    Tamil lives are hanging on the balls of VP. 'Mother fucker of all tamil aspirations'. Go tell this to you Hon Leader without crying here.

    Why are you suddenly turning in to a honnest leader in the south to save the tamils, let the neutral observers in etc. Dont you supreme leader to go and complain to.

    mmmmm. Such a leader was their sometime ago, who is honest, undrestood the tamil aspirations. Let the IC a free ride to defecate anywhere in the island. But when he contested for leadership somebody fucked him in the a~~.

    Who did that???

    Ok lets get the IC back in. As far as I know India also belong to this so called IC. Let them come. Is that ok with you pukarib?

    Norway is too far away.

  97. qurious,
    machan a waste of time.. arguing with a tiger cub hiding behind sighaleese in the kotahena area...

    "Replying to any such comment will only encourage the saboteurs to post more."

  98. Shyam, abarip & all other tiger supporters,

    So you guys agree that SLAF target had been a military installation 2 years ago?

    Well, SLAF just bombed the hell out of it again cos we don't want tigers fortifying it again. They are more likely to fall back their old positions now that they are losing ground in Mannaar, Weli Oya & Vavuniya!

    The other point is, if LTTE cares so much about civilians, why the hell did they build a military installation amongst civilians?

    Or was it not a civilian settlement when they built the military installation?

    If that is the case then they settled civilians there to use as human shields!

    In either case, you have admitted that the target was a military installation belonging to LTTE!

    How about Anuradhapura weekend fair, what is your rationale for planting a bomb there? If it had exploded, it would have killed a lot (I mean multiple hundreds) of civilians.

    abarip, we also get the truth from deep inside Wanni, we have our DPU there!

    abarip, can you please answer my question from previous thread. Here it is again for your convenience:

    "So, enlighten us please, why hasn't VP made a public appearance for nearly 3 months now? Not even a public statement as far as I know, why is this?"

  99. it is simple. No need for hair splitting here.

    Because of the war all sri lankans are suffering.

    There is a terrorist movement killing innocnet tamils and others.

    Lets kill them, at all cost.

    And we will.

    And thoses who contributed directly or indirectly will be prosecuted or banned from entering our beutifull country!

    Thats it folks.

    Lunch time for me...

  100. SLAF strikes us again and spills our blood on our soil again, a 6 month old baby among the dead. I hope the SLA, SLAF, SLN and the GOSL are ready to face the consequences of this savage attack.

  101. yeh kill some few more singhlese farmers .... school kids thats it god luck......

  102. thiru,

    You make it sound like LTTE is the victim here! LTTE was sitting there, minding their own business when SLAF suddenly decided to provoke them....wake up from your web dream!

    LTTE has been savages from the beginning. They were the ones who initiated violence, each time! I mean, what had Kadirgarmer done to LTTE for him to be killed by LTTE while there was a ceasefire on?

  103. if SLAF has any problem with tamils , why dont they bomb wellawattha, kotahena, thalawakale,welimada etc.... because these areas the tamil population is close to 80%.

    Any person can understand that the problem is LTTE. LTTE keeping thier atry in tamil villages and attacking SLA is a known fact and at the end of the day poor tamil people suffer and idots who have never set foot to SL soil from canada comment here without knowing any ground realities and collect and send thumping amounts of money to enhance the north tamil suffering.

    villagers shud get togeher and chase away the LTTE goons who bring arty to thier villages and make them human shilds..

  104. I have a bad feeling about this....LTTE is again talking about children being killed. They may be planning an attack on a school and making these claims to justify that attack if it takes place. We can imagine what the situation in the country would be if a large no. of children were killed in a single attack, and that must be avoided by using every method possible.

  105. This is an article written by a tamil.

    LTTE boot lickers read this and try to answer the question by heart.

    by V.P

    (February 22, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) This letter is written because I find it difficult to keep quiet any longer and for reasons best known to Tamils I’m using a pen name.

    Let me begin by saying that I am a Vellahla Tamil, a previous resident from Jaffna itself and proud to be so, although not so proud of the deeds of the Vellahlas. A few months back there was an article in the ‘Sunday Leader’ Journal where Mr. Anton Balasingham has stated that the Sri Lanka Government does not send adequate food supplies to the people of the North and that they are undergoing much hardship. In most journals where most Tamils write they accuse the government and the Sinhala people for this, that and the other.

    Having gone through all the difficulties while in Jaffna with my family (wife and two children) now we are relatively safe in Colombo except for the visits by the security forces in the middle of the night and other security checks. However there is no denying that whenever there is a check the natural tendency is to be angry and a little scared. And it is a feeling we Tamils in Colombo will have to endure. It will be very much a part of our lives. There is no denying the fact that some of the acts carried out by some security forces personnel are shocking and terrible (for instance the recent Mannar rape cases).

    My children are now in a western country. But are they safe? No not from the LTTE - you either contribute or be hounded. Don’t you agree with me that there are many Tamils outside the North and the East who are really scared of the LTTE (this includes me). So now I ask you My People "The Tamils of Jaffna" and all over the world where is this dignity that we were all talking about? Did our boys do it? Isn’t this what our top notch Tamil politicians of yore say time and again - that we could live in dignity if we had a separate piece of land for ourselves. Don’t you agree that they did nothing except deceive us time and again after enjoying on both sides of the Elephant Pass. Then again they called the SLFP a racist party. Now we call the Sihala Urumaya a racist party and yes I think it is too. But then what do you think TC, TULF, SLMC and all these parties are?. Are they not racist parties? If we can just take out our prejudice (which is tough) then it is almost as natural that a Sinhala racist party came about although I do not condone it and two wrongs cannot make one right.

    Oh "My people the Tamil people" don’t you think it is time we admitted to ourselves and the world that we have been taken for a ride by the Tamil and Sinhala politicians. Do we really need a separate state? What are we going to do with it. Take a hard long walk to any of the top Companies in Sri Lanka and see for yourself how many Tamils are doing top jobs. Do they want a separate state? May be a few for their own selfish gains. I for a fact know that it was mostly the Vellahlas who are guilty of causing all this hardship to the Tamils and it is they who will try to run a separate state if there ever will be one. They will never ever allow a low cast to run the affairs of the North.

    So can we really contribute to the LTTE or the cause?

    Then again can we ever believe that Eelam will be a reality? No - I sincerely do not think the Sinhalese will ever allow it. We are so naive that we are bogged down in our own high self esteem and do not have the shrewdness of the Muslims to understand a situation. When I listen to some of the Muslims and their leaders who categorically state that they do not want a separate state I feel the Tamils are in a pathetic state.

    Why did V. P (V. Prabakaran) send his children to do the Sri Lanka Government Exams when they too could have been sent to fight the Enemy ? Why are our children being taken instead of his? The answer lies in you.

    Let me finish off by saying that if you think that I am a coward for not writing my name - yes I would be the first to be in full agreement but what are you ?

    P. S Last week I went to see my sick uncle down a lane at Wellawatte at around 10 am and I saw this Tamil lady throwing a garbage bag from the second floor flat to the garbage collector (who probably would have been a Sinhalese). Now who has dignity and who doesn’t ? Would she have done it in Jaffna where the boys are? Certainly not. If you are not a Vellahla - you probably will never have the dignity that you enjoy in Colombo.

  106. Prabha Will Get Fair Trial In India: Blake
    (February 22, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)Tamil Tiger leader V. Prabhakaran would get a fair trial in India if he were captured and sent to the country to be tried for alleged involvement in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, says US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Robert Blake.

    'I am sure that he would get a fair trial in India. We would have no concerns about that,' Blake said in an interview posted in the website of the American embassy here.

  107. Mottapala...Poddapala or Kotta nathi pala what eva;

    Messing with tamils not like before ex like 1983 ok..its 2008 ok...If anything happen this time like this LTTE are here to Hunt your asses down..and are you people trying to getsome money or jewels from tamils coz you guys are suffering from increases of prices ahhh?

    Some one said saving tamils ..thats a great joke lolz ahhh....abducting tamils..murdering tamils by the SLA or SLP ...making them to displace ..are those are saving them in your language ...but we call that as STATE TERRORISM...

    And you want the INDIA come in here thats never happen ok...India never ever do that mistake again ok dude...and India know about you and you filthy mind man...they are just helping for their own purposes avoiding China and PAKI... And i think you people forgot the past India gave the weapons and trained the LTTE ....guys forgot that ahhh?

    Attack is the Best Defence said...

    LTTE using the civilian as the human shield .what that supposed to mean....

    In sampur the SLA having a camp inside the hospital grounds ....recently in THALLADI what who died in the church ahhh.....are you guys having amnesia ah..? Don't the SLA having camps or any military installment closer to the civilian properties ... lets take JAFFNA; in 2006 4th quarter during the LTTE offensive SLA didn't allow the people to displace they put curfew and kept them in house remand for their safety ...SLA is having camps or etc in all part of the county even colombo .....

  108. Attack is the best defence...very well said bro..just remember that initially the tamils supported the LTTE..because they were promised land and of course there were the poor eastern tamil children to be used as cannot fodder..getting too hot in the north now is it?..too frigging bad..!! get used to it..because by the time Gen fonseka finishes with you the most popular monuments up north will be large cemetaries..dont blame us ..blame the filth living abroad who are supporting the LTTE for personal gain at the expense of your childrens lives..GET USED TO IT..BECAUSE A LOT MORE HAPPINESS IS COMING YOUR WAY SOON!!!

  109. Qurious:

    I know that you'd be sorry to see this, but will claim this is a set up or a one -off incident. It is not, my friend. Albeit this is not a daily occurrence, this is a regular one.

  110. defencenet,

    Is the tamilnet story another pre-emptive plant to justify their future plans? Liklihood is yes.

    Those sympathetic to the LTTE cause may dismiss this suggestion as another 'racist slur'. Unfortunately, that is the conclusion the duplicitous conduct over a long period of time by TamilNet has had on this observer.

    In the unlikely event the news item turns out to be true. Of course it's regrettable but who is to blame? The SLAF who are trying to restore order and give rights to those who currently have none. Or, the LTTE, -who deliberately place instalations, assets and cadres amongst civilians / settlements to increase the possibility of collateral damage so they can explot it to make propoganda gains?

    My mind is made, i suggest those who are on the fence look at these issues more than just superficially and make up theirs.

  111. Attack is the Best Defence

    "if SLAF has any problem with tamils , why dont they bomb wellawattha, kotahena, thalawakale,welimada etc.... because these areas the tamil population is close to 80%."

    Yes man if they bomb here all the sinhalese will get to know about their cruel mind ...thats why they using a different kind to tactic .arresting 1000 of people andputthem in BOOSA or KALUTHARA or abducting them and kill them ....

    but if anything happen in Vanni or jaffna no one say about that naaa...! SLMM was thrown out of the country ....Is there any Sinhala media states about abduction or killings in Jaffna ahhhh...?Nooooooooo

  112. ITS no use arguing with u but final question, WHY dont u speak when singhaleese villagers pregnant women and children are killed? r u feeling happy abt that? Who started this killing.....
    Keep these questions written in a paper and when ur brainwashed status becomes to the normal state, when vp is resting in the hell, just have a look and think.

  113. parakrama, you claim it is us that initiated the violence. r u out of ur mind? how many racial riots did u guys initiate starting from 50 years ago peaking with the horrific 1983 riots where thousands of tamils were massacred while government forces watched and the sinhalese public watched and danced on the roads. The singhalese majority has brought this war and now the GOSL is going to pay very dearly!

  114. Shyam,

    Yeah, we remember well, you got all the help from India and thanked Rajiv with a nice garland, well done mate!

  115. guys

    OMG !

    look at tamilnet

    very sad :(

  116. Shyam & abarip,

    Are you guys blind? Why aren't you answering my questions?

    See my previous post (posted February 22, 2008 6:42 PM)


  117. canadian family and our friends saved many tamil families during the 1983 you think the people in bambalapitiya started these was stared by pliticians..have you forgotten what happened to sinhala and muslim families in jaffna..srilanka is not your country have your foreign passports now so stay there..

  118. Sri Lanka raid 'kills civilians'


    45 killed in Lankan ground clashes, air force bombs Kilinochchi


  119. Guys,

    Whats going on??,,lets stick to defence-matters & not resort towards going down the pallama,into a porno-type blog!!..people like thiru,asithri,etc..really messup discussions here..

    My advice-Take out your frustrations & pent-up anger & emotions,elsewhere!!!..come back,once you'll have cooled down..:)

  120. thiru,

    Get your facts right before you open your trap!

    The root of the problem is the fact that some racist Tamil politicians wanted 50-50 representation. Tamils do not represent 50% of the population of SL, so there's no way that they can be given 50-50 representation.

    These racist Tamil politicians were the ones who instigated all the riots and Sinhalese mobs just retaliated.

    Of course you'll deny this but do you know what caused the riots in 83? It was your bloody LTTE killing 13 SLA soldiers that set everything off.

    LTTE are the ones who picked up arms first. You are saying that GOSL is going to pay, but LTTE are paying for all their sins right now!

  121. Attack is the Best Defence;

    I hate violence and i am against for that also ...but there wasn't a way to stop the violence ..i condemned the blast in the Fort too ...but is there anyone condemned about the violences against the tamils ahhh..?

    And another important thing Tamils didn't started the violences ok... the GOSL started it.. there is history ok ... lets see whats the political solution gave to tamils ahhh....? i can tell you one thing if there were no LTTE;now there isn't any tamils living in srilanka ok....

  122. @shyam

    i condemned all violences against the tamils/sinhala or any other

    we all are HUMAN

  123. Defencenet,guys,

    Can you confirm whether Tiger heavy artillery positions are still active in pooneryn?..why can't we silence them?..

    Also,someone pointed earlier that our Mi-24 Hinds have not been effectively utilized..why is this?..It seems the SLAF seems pretty blind to the concept of extensive CAS(close air support),of ground forces..they only come in to support,only if our guys are in deep shit!..that also,takes a long time.they have to go throgh several layers of red-tape,to provide fire support to ground troops and/or assist the SLN at sea..Don't you think its better that we have a combined-forces command,that can co-ordinate all the tri-services assets,into operations & missions,rather than each individual service,going its own way??..

  124. I think its unacceptable that SLAF kills civilians with misguided bombs. regardless of the AF intent, they have a sworn duty to protect all citizens of SL. even if that means not bombing some LTTE targets to avoid collateral damage.

    most people in this blog seem to discount civilian deaths just because the LTTE said it. If we do that we are deliberately blinding ourselves to the truth. (cuz we will never really know if the LTTE claim is true or false)
    and in blinding ourselves to the truth we become no better than the LTTE supporters thousands of miles away throwing bogus arguments at us. We should seek the truth and try to really see the picture. (how we do that is beyond me at the moment)
    any ideas?

  125. Srilankan ;

    How many casualties were there in JAFFNA (in sinhala and muslims) now you finally care about Muslims ..don't forgot what you did to the muslims earlier ...

    Why did SL people thanked the RAMANATHAN ...?

    who get the prisoners(Sinhala politicians) out of the jail who were locked in coz they killed many Muslims ok ....and now you people making some crocodile tears for the Muslims

    But JVP and JHU adking them to go middle east for their home land ....Racism against another race (MUSLIMS)

  126. I agree with renegade,

    I think the army and Navy should have their own airstrips and aircrafts so they can better co-ordinate ops.
    how we can afford this I don't know.

  127. Srilankan-
    Mate.... let's think about the rubber factory if you need to avoid replying to the piglet :)

  128. Parakrama,
    I have replied your question in an earlier post. Please take the time to read the whole of our posts before posting your predetermined objections.

  129. Guys,

    I made a promise not to contribute any more today. But I have to share some thoughts with our Tamil folks for the accidental death of Tamil civilians - men, women and children.

    It is sad and true; civilians have been killed. I wrestle with my conscience, especially when I looked at the mutilated bodies of children.

    Let's stop pointing finger at so and so; war is ugly. Let's hope it will end soon with minimum suffering at both ends.

    May the victims attain Moksha!

  130. Mottapala;

    "Of course you'll deny this but do you know what caused the riots in 83? It was your bloody LTTE killing 13 SLA soldiers that set everything off"

    they Killed 13 SLA not people ok ...and they killed them coz they fire on people who were on strike against the GOSL ..its between the armed force and a militia group ..not with people ok ...
    and everyone know it is a pre-planed massacre .... its not the 1st time why did the kill hundreds of tamils in 1977 ....?

  131. SnakeVI,

    Spot on mate! We should never go down to the level of LTTE, we need to ALWAYS retain the moral upper hand!

    So, killing civilians is out of the question.

    However, we are at war and mistakes are bound to happen. We just need to learn from them and move on.

    The difference between SLAF & LTTE is that SLAF may have accidentally killed some civilians but LTTE goes out of their way to cause maximum civilian casualties!

    Also, you said that we must refrain from attacking LTTE artillery positions if we risk civilian casualties.

    I have to disagree with you there mate!

    If we don’t take out their arti, then hundreds of SLA will fall victim to their arti. We cannot win this war without taking out their arti.

    They know this, that’s why they hide their arti in civilian settlements.

    If they really love civilians like they claim, why aren’t they taking steps to minimise civilian casualties during the war? Why aren’t they evacuating civilians from their arti positions?

    SLAF has to be careful about their targets. However, so far they have a very good record in minimising ed civilian casualties!

    These idiots always complain about civilian casualties. But we can clearly see from this incident that LTTE will put these incidents to max use.

    So, if SLAF is killing civilians everyday, why haven't we heard about this from LTTE on a daily basis?

  132. Qurios;

    i agree with you ... war is ugly... those people who died were lived a miserable life ..they wakes up in the sounds of Arti shells ....don't have a good meals even though have money...every minute they feel scary .... after bearing all this suffering what they finally got ....!

    Man when we feel ..if it was our relatives or our bro's or Sis ..thats make me to hate the life man.....what the poor kids did ahh...? nothing just borne as a tamil ..?

  133. Parakrama ;

    you are such a freak ass minded pig...

    yeah this is personally for you the LTTE bombing on south to stop bombing like this in vanni understood...
    only the pain will make you understand man

  134. Shyam,
    "Man when we feel ..if it was our relatives or our bro's or Sis ..thats make me to hate the life man.....what the poor kids did ahh...? nothing just borne as a tamil ..?"

    exactly! If they were born singhalese or muslim they would not have to be forced to the front lines by the LTTE. if they weren't tamil they would have been chased from their homes (in LTTE territory) a long time ago.. (and won't have to suffer under the LTTe rule) don't you think?

  135. parakrama,
    I see where you are coming from mate.

    but civilian deaths are civilian deaths. no matter what the intension.
    it's unacceptable!
    the SLAF cannot bomb near civilian settlements. (believe me i know the implications of what i say)

    its a tough question to think about... how can we as Sri lankans justify a government knowingly putting sri lankan citizens in harms way.

    how would you feel if LTTE put an artillery battery in your back yard...? (would you feel the same way?) I can't really imagine myself in that situation.

  136. SnakeVI ;

    we seek the LTTE protection after we learned and learning a lot of from sinhalese like you in 1983, 1977,1952, and now ......

    Thats what we says LTTE are the soul representatives of tamils ....thats the truth no one can't avoid ....

  137. Shyam,

    Why personal attacks? Can you not produce a proper counter argument?

    You are such a hypocrite! One minute you say you are against violence, next minute you say you are going to kill in the south to make us understand the pain!

    Let me tell you, I'm not from the south, I'm from the north, I know the pain, I've been living with the pain for the last 30 years!

    If LTTE wants to fight a clean war, get them to move their arti out of civilian settlements!

  138. So SnakeVI,

    What are you saying here? If our defence forces can't attack LTTE near civilian settlements, then how are we going to win the war?

    If we are not attacking LTTE positions when ever they put their installations inside civilian settlements, then pretty soon LTTE will put all their assets in civilian settlements. They might even start building villages along the FDL cos they know we are not going to attack!

    What is your solution mate?

    If LTTE put an arti piece in my backyard, then I know the war has reached my own house, I'll just run for my life!

    By the way, I know the pain of this war. As I said before, I'm from the northern tip of North Central province, I have seen LTTE violence first hand and I have spent nights in hiding fearing LTTE attacks on my village!

  139. Guys,

    I think we fell into their trap again!

    We have proved to these guys over and over again the true situation in SL but they so sneaky, they avoid the real issues and just paste some crap about "oppression of Tamil people".

    We are just wasting our time arguing with them. They never argue properly. I resisted arguing with them for a few weeks now but saw one of them trying to talk logically, so engaged him/her but as it turned out he/she was another brain-dead zombie. So, this is a total waste of our valuable time!

    They will never talk logically about the following, they will avoid the issue and give us the all encompassing answer – "oppression of Tamils"!

    - Why Tamils wanted 50-50 representation in the first place
    - Why they started killing Tamil politicians with different views
    - The fact that the start of 83 riots was because LTTE ambushed and killed 13 SLA
    - The fact that LTTE created this mono-ethnic area by murdering innocent civilians
    - The fact that LTTE always broke the ceasefire before SLA did
    - The fact that Bala publicly admitted that LTTE peace team was under instructions from VP to buy time until he was ready to fight again
    - The fact that brought this war (IV) on themselves by violating the ceasefire (killing of LK, attempted killing of Gota & SF)

    We agree that Tamils should not be discriminated against in SL. However, what these idiots don’t understand is that average poor Sinhala person is going through the same hardships as average poor Tamil person. Politicians have systematically f*****d us for a long time.

    Here’s what I know:

    - I am from the northern corner of North Central province and we did hide our Tamil friends inside our house back in 83! To us, they were just our "friends", we did not see them as "Tamil friends"
    - My girl-friend is studying at Peradeniya uni and her best friend is a girl from Batticaloa. This girl lives in Kandy now and leads a happy life!
    - There are lot of Tamil lecturers in my gf’s faculty still and they also lead normal lives in Kandy

    Everybody in SL is suffering at the hands of politicians. You tell me the rights of those poor road sweepers in Colombo. Do they have more freedom more rights than poor people do in the north? I think not!

    I’m not saying that everything is perfect in SL. We have loads of problems but giving North & East to LTTE is not the answer!

    These idiots don’t know anything about the reality in SL. So let’s not waste our time with them!

  140. Parakrama ;

    You are the people said that LTTE having their arti inside of the concrete bunker in pooneriyan and now saying that they having it near the civil settlement ahhh ...!

    Anyway what about the SLA where are they having ther MBRLs in JAFFNA and Mannar ahh .... inside a church(Mannar) and very close to the civil settlement and a bus stand man.... ok

    another Inportent thing accrding to the ground sources from Katunayake ..SLAF doing some kind of drills right now (to show other that they have some night capabilities but actually they don't have)

  141. Perein,
    sometimes it really drives me crazy...i am calm now.however what i said was the help me god.These tamil families we protected from premadasas thrash still keep in touch with us after nearly 25 years..can you believe it.?..

  142. Shyam,

    Yeah, SLAF hasn't got any night capabilities, SL is unprotected at night time. Why don't you send your planes to attack us, finish this dreadful SLAF off and be done with it?

  143. Perein,
    Bro..what is wrong with us..first we have a power crazed politician(JR)..then we have a bunch of lunatics and clowns as presidents as successors..Whatever said and done for all his faults Hon MR has done a few things right even if he is no saint.We have to take these murderous monsters out..fullstop

  144. Shyam,

    Did LTTE stop attacking SLA MBRL & arti positions because of the fear of civilian casualties?

  145. Shyam,

    In fact, they went out of their way to attack civilians!

    SLA on the other hand will not attach Madhu Church although we know that LTTE has placed arti there!

    Of course LTTE has long range arti hidden in bunkers at K point. We are not stupid to believe that is the only piece of arti LTTE has!

  146. Guys,

    Fighter jets flying over Katunayake area from couple of hrs. That's may be a training mission.

  147. Srilankan-
    Well said Bro.

    Due to money motivated society those things happening.
    Cannot say any better about JR and the way he killed our country as a start then top of that others had parties.

    However now we have a good leader, I'm sure those who are power hungry Monkeys will end up bottom of the tree.
    Why cannot these people can think straight and see what they can do for country rather than think from personal point.

  148. Good list of questions Parakrama.

    Most of the people who are shouting LTTE are live out side the country. They won't come to SL even LTTE win the war.These fools taking their nation in to the extension providing support to this disgraceful organization (To my understanding Tamils are the ppl who suffer most from this war). But ppl outside country still think they can win the war and supporting for terrorists with no point. If this die-ass-pora & LTTE thinks IC come will come to help them then that is a day dream. They won't care a shit about the issues in countries like Sri Lanka.

    WAR is ugly but can't let terrorist to win.

  149. Shyam, Thiru and others who posted racist comments,
    Please don’t use generalized statements that address an entire race as a whole.
    “how many racial riots did u guys initiate starting from 50 years ago peaking with the horrific 1983 riots where thousands of tamils were massacred while government forces watched and the sinhalese public watched and danced on the roads.”

    IT was less than 1% of population who engaged in that brutal disgusting act. Is it fair to take the attack on an entire race because of a few opportunists? That is racism in our book and don’t whine if your comments get deleted for that reason.

    We have provided a space for you to post your poinion. We don’t even know if that’s allowed by Blogger (LTTE is banned in the U.S. where the blog is hosted). We could have simply turned the blog into ‘invite only’ mode or could have easily enabled comment moderation (where every comment will first be reviewed by a moderator before it appears on the comments section, which gives us the full control to censor as we wish) to shut you out of this blog for good. But we are not asshats to do that. We request you to return the favor by not posting racist crap in the forum.

    Put an end to the garbage please. You comments are hardly readable and they contain a lot of misinformation. At least learn from posters like abarip how to put an argument together. And just be glad we allow you to post after your little ‘spamming adventure (you know what we mean)’ several days ago. Didn’t you even threaten to shut us down after that? We don’t care if you idolize a terrorist organization or not but if don’t behave like terrorists in the forum. It’s beyond lameness.

  150. How could Sri Lankan armed forces hit at precise targets of the LTTE?

    Vdery interesting article

  151. Parakrama;

    i thought you guys are stupid enough aren't you guys fallen into ltte's traps many times ahhh

  152. DefenceNet ;

    i think you are blind i correct..? didn't you the Mottapala and and the hers postings ahhh..?

    “how many racial riots did u guys initiate starting from 50 years ago peaking with the horrific 1983 riots where thousands of tamils were massacred while government forces watched and the sinhalese public watched and danced on the roads.”

    this is not a racist comment ok..its a truth and a history ...

  153. Parakrama:
    Are you trying to say that Tamils were never discriminated or oppressed in Sri Lanka? If that is your position, then there is really no need point in an argument between you and me.
    The period between 1948 - 1983 is dotted with regular state sponsored pogroms against the Tamil civilians well before the tamil militancy was ever born!! It was the successive Sri Lankan governments which not only failed to protect the Tamil civilians, but went beyond that to sponsor the killings of them. This is why the Tamils became disillusioned in those governments and aspired for self determination and self governing. Now these are all well accepted theories in our conflict. Please do not attempt to erase or even distort 60 years of Tamil sufferings.


    check this link

  155. shyam,
    "i think you are blind i correct..? didn't you the Mottapala and and the hers postings ahhh..? "

    Go back and read out comment again ahhh. Specially the part how we addressed it ohhh.

    "this is not a racist comment ok..its a truth and a history ..."

    Whatever it is, such will be deleted. Once again do not generalize a statement to a specific race just because few opportunists ruined it for all of us ahhh?.

  156. to whom it may concern,

    this is a defense related forum. please think twice about turning it in to forum about racism and oppression. correct me if I am wrong but are we not here to learn about the war situation between LTTE & GOSL. (not a history lesson about sinhalese and tamils)

  157. defencenet,
    I strongly believe it is a very bad idea to even say what type of weapons SLA has right now on the front line. There are plently of Tiger sympathizers roaming here to get information about SLA weapon and capabilities. If you know the exact type keep it to yourself PLEASE!

  158. defencenet,
    I heard Colombo National Hosipital does not have some urgent medicine for treatment. Can you find out about it? How can we help fund it and get the medicine right away?
    Btw, can you check with major hospitals that SLA bring there causalites for treatment see if there are urgently in need of medicine and equipment? Make a list of critical equipment need to upgrade our public hospitals and setup a fund so all our patriots can contribute to same more lives!

  159. abarip,

    I'm not saying that Tamils were never discriminated in SL. There is discrimination in SL. To be honest, there is no place in this world where discrimination doesn't exist. The trick is to learn from mistakes and move forward.

    It was not fair at all for Tamil politicians to ask for 50-50 representation (please read up on SL history around the time of Independence). This is the flame that ignited the whole thing.

    British gave more privileges to Tamils, this was part of their "divide and conquer" ethos. Ask any elder from any area in SL and they will tell you that most of the high positions in government such as doctors, civil servants etc. were held by Tamils. The government took certain steps to put the balance right and got things horribly wrong. Therefore I also blame successive governments for the mess that we are in today.

    Sinhalese people are also discriminated against in Sri Lanka in various ways just like the Tamils are. So, our politics need to change drastically. However, solution to the problem is not to create a separate country.

    Your leaders back in the colonial times created this problem by asking for 50-50 representation which was unfair. The same unfairness is shown by Tigers today by asking for an amount of land that is way out of proportions.

    Both Tamils & Sinhalese will suffer if Sri Lanka is divided. There will be a constant border war and poor people will have to pay for it. The best solution is a federal system like the one in India but unfortunately tigers will not agree to that. Therefore, we have no other option but to eliminate the tigers and then look at a political solution that will be fair to all ethnicities in Sri Lanka.

  160. This comment has been removed by the author.

  161. There is a story circulating here that Pottu has become the 'de-facto' leader of the 'de-facto' liberation movement of the 'de-facto' state of e(electronic)Lam.

    Nondi Velu is said to be still trying to rally a few stalwarts to set-up his fat idiot son as the 'de-fact' leader instead. That may earn the SLAF Charlie boy's targetting info from 'highly placed LTTE source' like in TC's case.
    In the midst of all these, Soosai is said to be simply cowering in a hole, with just one intention; out-survive the imminent implosion and stay out of Pottu's targetting scope.
    This may be a good time to take him out. TVMP kotiyas who haven't done anything worthwhile for us lately should be motivated to show some value.

  162. wipeltte

    The Colombo army hospital is a 'hora guhava' according to my personal experience.
    At one time when we expats wanted to help in the midst of a protracted op where there were significant numbers of wounded, the woman commandant of tehe hospital (had a long name, nice tits and a husband who was an aneasthesiologist) wanted medical consumable stuff such as special bandages for burn victims to be purchased from a particluar Mrs. so and so. The list was specific and they all had sources of people from whom we were required to purchase. Quite visibly they'd found a way to bypass the reluctance on the part of donors to hand-over cash by setting up a crooked network of suppliers.
    What these people at the top of the hospital's pecking order didn't know was that we also had a lot of contacts specially in the private sector financial institutions and found out that the businesses to which we were being directed to, were indirectly connected to the very same people.

    This story has a silver lining. We are not the type of people you wanna screw with that way. Some of us turned very nasty on this instance, yours truly included, and we obtained the stuff from Osu sala, and had it delivered with some very critical media in attendance. We also had a top opposition party candidate (still in the opposition and rather prominantly controversial person) checking in on the treatment process that flowed from that point onwards to ensure that these items didn't get discarded or disappear.
    Sri Lanka's military is corrupt to the point where the top doctors and decision makers try to make money out of the acute misery of the dying and near dead.
    I would have loved to have been able to shoot some of these bastards out of hand.

  163. Limb of Prabakaran is Amputated:

  164. abarip said...

    [The period between 1948 - 1983 is dotted with regular state sponsored pogroms against the Tamil civilians well before the tamil militancy was ever born!!]

    Utter trash, give us figures. Let me resume what happened around 1948.

    Brits hired lackeys to run the island, for whom they gave lots of privileges in exchange of keeping the Singhala masses under the Jack boot. Singhalas are a proud people, they used to live in autonomous villages, they were their own masters. They never agreed to be salaried labour to Brits.

    Very few Singhalas worked for Brits and Brits were able to entice Tamils to help them dominate Singhalas. They further brought South Indians and Africans to run plantation which covered many an agricultural lands of Singhala cultivators.

    To make things still worse for Singhalas, these cunning Brits propagated the idea that Singhalas are good for nothing loafers.

    Unfortunately, the Tamil generation of 1948 really believed the Brit propaganda – Singhalas are loafers, empty heads. So they asked for 50 – 50 while being 10 ! Why not - they were in top post in Military, Police, Judiciary, University, Commerce …..

    Singhala elite ( Brit educated ) of 1948 were not better in their analysis and finding solutions to the situation. Any way, India faced with a similar situation was partitioned with more than 1 million put to death by uncontrollable mobs.

    The truth is that the current turmoil is the parting gift left to us by the Brit colonialists. Singhala leaders like Mme Sirimavo Bandaranaike understood it and did her best to bring sanity to the country. The Yankee Dicky JRJ spoiled everything by removing her civic rights for 15 years. Junius Richard, the Brit puppet, let the 1983 happen and blamed it on Singhala Buddhists !.

    Colonial masters were pulling strings behind the scene. It happens even today.

    The best for all of us Sri Lankans, given the past behaviour of the LTTE, is to force these mad hot heads to lay down their arms and come to peace negotiations .

  165. Tropiaclstorm

    I fully agree with you.
    My sources reveal something astonoishing. there are only Two surgeons visiting Palaly. Others are too senior to go to Palaly. Those two who visits

    1. A known Psychiatric pt. dismissed form the health ministry. {He once said to have operated on somebody because a secret voice told him the patient is having a cancer]

    2. Other one was kicked out from east Germany when berlin wall colapsed due to lack of qualifications and experience.He hasn't even got a proper medical council registration.

    According to my sources all the good doctors have allready left and still leaving.

    Prove me wrong!

  166. TropicalStorm,

    As Gandhi said Western Medicine is a curse except, may be, for the surgical instrumentation.

    At best, the doctors, even in the West, are commercial agents of big pharmaceutical companies !

    Ayurveda for ever !

  167. Mathematica

    Not necessarily or always.

    I have a few relatives and friends
    who are docs living abroad, who whenever visiting SL do volunteer work for the military. A couple of times my cousin flew to Jaffna under severe threat conditions to treat injured soldiers. These guys never asked for a cent, neither did they expect any gratitude.
    There are plenty of people who silently do a lot for the country. The fact that they are unknown, chose to remain so, unfortunately makes it look like everyone is crooked.
    Luckily there are great people and their numbers have increased in teh recent past.

  168. TropicalStorm ,

    You must make public such magnanimity as often as possible.

    Surgery is the best in Western medicine.

    Where I live in Europe, most doctors look doped and sick. I avoid them as plague and practice prevention. Most of these doctors have no ethics, it has become a very lucrative business specially with old people.

    By the way , Matha (Concept) + Mathica (Upholder) = Mathematica !!


    Interesting article

  170. According to some people Sri Lanka is the most flagrant violater of human rights.

    It is interesting to see how some of these western countries live up to their very high ideals in other conflicts.

  171. Please click here to see the quotable quotes of a philosopher of our time.

    This is the stuff that whipped up the sentiments of both Tamil intellectuals and illiterates alike.

    Isn't it really strange -the power of this shallow stuff ?

    The only man who had a similar doctrine was Veerappan. He was a bandit with a moustache in the shape of a handle bar; he got killed by the Indian security forces - without much glamour.

  172. Defnet... pleeez tell me ambassdor Blake was kidding
    when he said Fatass VP will get fair trial ? Ya kidding me, let will let him off the hook in no time ! Hello, I dont have stupid written on my forehead fellas! And he needs to Mind his darn business too. A dead VP iz a the best VP !

  173. Rajarata

    Here's something to ease your pain.

    There's the politics for public consumption and there's politics not quite that open. And then there's strategic moves which are beyond what can ever be discussed or admitted even after being implemented.
    You are at a cross roads and feeling that itch which no amount of scratching will ease. unfortunately the answers you seek may never be found.
    Might as well learn to live with the itch Rajarata...

  174. Coming Soon...

    Amnesty to some top Tigers if they lay down arms...


  175. TropicalS-

    [Amnesty to some top Tigers if they lay down arms...]

    Mate, I don’t think so.

    May be that’s what the vacillating politicians might say/give, but at the end of the day, it’s not the politicians who hold the power in our country, but we the people (as RW she-male traitor learned with a bitter lesson!).

    These heinous monsters from the LTTE, who have carried out unspeakable acts of horrors ever known to man, have even seen it necessary to cut open bellies of pregnant Sinhela women to achieve their "thamileelam," and I say, NO they will NOT be amnestied and go the route of ANC in South Africa - who were also branded “terrorists” by the whitey-illegals in SA. In any case, the ANC of SA fought against the very thing we are today fighting to avoid – “domination of the majority by a racist minority.”

    The politicians may give “amnesty,” but we, the Sri Lankan people, especially the majority Sinhelas who have fought over 2500 years to preserve this island as a sovereign, independent nation, will NOT let these LTTE monstrous mf’s go scot-free (believe me, I am telling you from what I have heard from hundreds of apolitical, prominent and non-prominent “Sri Lankans” (suffice to say so for now as it would be imprudent to elaborate) and I fully expect any “amnestied” LTTE mf honcho to take a one-time ride in a gleaming white-van to his/her dreamland “thamileelam” - as long as that mf chooses to live within our sacred soil.

    OaO Asithri

  176. Mathematic-

    A fine contribution mate!

    OaO Asithri

  177. Defencenet,

    Rivira newspaper says that the LTTE aircraft were seen again by the soldiers in Mannar area. Any news on this?

  178. So, I saw some earlier posts by some bloggers who were trying to beat each other to express sadness at the so called “civilian deaths” from the latest SLAF bombing of LTTE’s arty positions.

    It never fails to amaze me how gullible we, as Sri Lankans, can be!

    We all know that the LTTE false propaganda today would put Nazi Gobbles’ false propaganda to shame. When Gobbles was carrying out propaganda he did not have electronic media, nor the digital facilities to doctor pictures and present them for what they are not!

    For all we know, the pics of the dead children in the Tamilnet could be ones, after some doctoring, from:

    - kids from SInhela settlements in the N E that LTTE mfs have attacked mercilessly over the past 25 years, whereby the usual practice is to kill the infant in front of the mother – either by de-limbing slowly or bashing the skull of the infant on a hard surface such as the wall of the hut or on a treetrunk (so that the brain matter from the skull would spew out onto the wailing mother!) prior to cutting the mother with axes/swords and leaving her to scream in agony and die a slow death over the night (the time usually when LTTE attacks Sinhela settlements)
    - kids from an anti-LTTE Tamil village such as a EPDP or K-faction, where similar “punishment” practices as above are carried out.

    So patriots, pleeeease…chill out for a bit before you swallow the TamilNet’s garbage hook, line and sinker! Now you guys know how recently the LTTE mf’s copied a decapitated body from the Iraq war and published it in their sites saying it was a Sinhela SLA soldier? Does this not alone tell you how clever these filthy parasites have become?


    OaO Asithri

  179. snekdevi,

    You have invited us to correct you if you are wrong and I am of the opinion that you are not entirely right. The defense issues at hand directly emanates from the race issue. As such, I really fail to see any disconnection at all.

    Further, people voice out their opinions in what is happening and not everybody are defense experts as you may be. So us lesser mortals contribute by writing what we know and think.

  180. asithri,

    how do you know that the civilian deaths did not happen?
    frankly there is a chance that SLAF bombings can go wrong.

  181. OK time to go on some R&R (it's 10pm'ish on Friday here in NY)...

    Catch you patriots later...until then, OaO Asithri hands over the culling of LTTE racist mf's to you!


    OaO Asithri

  182. thushanthi,
    you have a point.
    but for me, the war and the race issue are two different problems at the moment (even though they share the same roots)
    thats why I try to keep things separate.

  183. snekdevi,

    I guess I understand how you feel as well. Specially if you are one fighting this battle, I guess you NEED to keep these two separate in your mind, but however, they need to be addressed together when all this finishes up and we come to a political solution.

  184. aha, one last post to...


    "how do you know that the civilian deaths did not happen?"

    The answers:

    1) How do you know that indeed the civilian deaths did happen? (The burden of proof is on the clamant and not on the disputer – an internationally accepted dictum) So, did you visit the hospital/morgue and examine the dead bodies and then carry out a thorough examination, forensically and scientifically to establish 1) who are these kids 2) how did they die?

    2) You obviously have ignored my assertion about how LTTE mf's are into false/cooked up propaganda (maybe you did not see the pic of that "dead SLA Sinhela soldier" who was infact a casualty from the Iraq war. DefenseNet: could you please post a link here if you still have it - to show how clever these LTTE mf's are at false propaganda?)

    OaO Asithri

  185. Definitely the last post …. (my DD is getting mad! LMSSAO!)

    “frankly there is a chance that SLAF bombings can go wrong.”

    There is nothing called “going wrong” in the intrinsic meaning of that term.

    If the LTTE places artys in a village and fires them killing our bravehearts and preventing the liberation of innocent Tamil under the grip of the LTTE terrorists, then the SLAF can be called into neutralizing that threat. Every army on this planet, since we graduated to humans from Neanderthals, have held this right and have exercised it – because the paramount importance goes to the nation’s defending forces as without them, the whole nation can die (this is why in many ancient wars the civilians have even starved to the point of death while giving the harvest to the fighting army in the battlefronts).

    Also, when terrorists takes a plane hostage and fires from the plane killing any negotiator/hostages and then endangering the lives of the remaining hostages, no country on this planet will let that carnage continue – they will storm the plane to neutralize the terrorists and although some of the hostages may die in the process, that exercise will (and has as proven historically) save hundreds more!

    Frankly, I think you need a brief lesson in deductive-reasoning to understand the logicality of this approach.

    Anyway, this is all assuming the LTTE claims of these civilian deaths are true (which I will not believe readily given the crafty, duplicitous nature of the LTTE mf’s)

    Anyway, no offense taken or given mate…


    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Now I am really gone! Bye!

  186. Asithri, SnakeVI,

    I totally agree with Asithri that LTTE are very good at propaganda. I remember the days when they broke into border villages and massacred villagers and then posted those videos saying SLA did this!

    However, I also agree with SnakeVI that SLAF bombings may cause collateral damage.

    The point here is that SLAF is not on a mission to bomb civilian settlements. But they have to take out LTTE assets near civilian settlements (with precision I might add!), otherwise LTTE will put all their assets in civilian settlements, then we will never be able to win this war.

    We need to take maximum care not to harm civilians but at the same time, as Samantha said, "WAR is ugly but can't let terrorists win."

  187. Number joining Security Forces up by 252%
    (LankaTruth: 23rd February 2008 07.50 S.L.T )

    The number that is joining the Security Forces this year has gone up by 252% when compared with last year. According to security sources during the last 51 days 6925 have joined the Army and out of them 1075 have joined the Army Commandos. About 99% of the new recruits have opted to join the combat regiments.

  188. defencenet

    Is it true that VP had to get one of his legs amputated?

  189. Saw in that two of my good old buddies coming to pick Navy Officer Bandara from JFK, when he came to attend Ranaviru Sandyawa.

    Great work mates. Keep up the good work!

    The New Yorkers have done great deal of service to Sri Lanka, making many things right.

    As I can remember, one of the New Yorker Lions took New York Times to the court and got a huge apology about false LTTE propaganda they published. Recently, another team took the giant AFP to task. Now the LTTE Payrolled goons at AFP cover their ass with their tail. Great work flaks.. keep it up! Proud of you guys!

  190. sirasa breaking news says

    "a blast in a galkissa bus"

  191. The bomb had exploded inside a bus when the passengers were getting out the bus having seen a suspicious looking parcel. Our reporter at Mt. Lavinia says two people were injured following the blast. -dailymirror

  192. 5 injured in blast according to swarnawahini. The actions of the conductor of the bus has certainly averted a major disaster.

  193. Some of you LTTE ass lickers(Including some singhalese) who were trying to paint a sorry picture with the SLAF bombs hitting civilians must have realised the true reason behind their false propaganda when you heard about Mt Lavinia bomb blast.

    Never get fooled by LTTE propaganda.even if the civilains are killed LTTE has no regard whether they are Sinhala or Tamil.They are just trying to score against our brave soldiers.

  194. Gentlemen,
    Could these LTTE casualties after the bombing be recently dead LTTE cadres moved to the bomb site or dead iraqis time travelled to SLanka.?

  195. Re: today's bombing in mt lavinia and yesterday's tamilnet news plant.

    In latin and legal language this sort of this is called: 'Post hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc'.

    It basically means a 'false cause', and pervades through much of the purpoted motivations put forward by the LTTE.


    -LTTE cadres treated in vauniya hospital..i thought we captured vauniya?


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