Saturday, February 23, 2008

Troops recover 6 LTTE bodies : Janakapura

The soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA)'s 59th division launched several pre emptive strikes on LTTE positions north of Janakapura on the 22nd (yesterday). Several bunkers on LTTE's de facto front line in the area have been destroyed. 10 LTTE cadres have been killed in the firefights and troops have recovered 6 bodies of slain LTTE cadres. Five T-56 weapons have also been seized by the troops.

Meanwhile several electronic and printed media reported that the LTTE leader Prabhakaran underwent leg amputation surgery due to the injuries suffered by an SLAF air strike. DefenceNet's sources contradict these reports; LTTE leader's injuries, suffered from air strike, were not serious nor life threatening.


  1. Damn-
    It did not break that capsule and get bit of cyanide to poison the Pig.

  2. Perein,
    i am sure if the cyanide will absorb through the skin even if the capsule is broken...however once bitten in the mouth will absorb..
    What is worrying are stories that the army hospitals are suffering from a lack of essential drugs..and good doctors..i hope DefenceNet will give us some info when they have the time..

  3. yes, that is IF he really has a cyanide capsule with him like others do.

  4. Everywhere LTTE diehards are whinging...

  5. Vigilante,

    The Job Vacancy letter seems to be highly likely that a BOGUS one.

    A large hotel chain would not need a Yahoo account to get their mail.

    There are hundreds of bogus job offer/vacancy mail are sent by bogus scams. Beware of them. These are similar to Nigerian 419 scam or Gold Quest scam.

  6. 33 LTTE fighters among 35 killed in Lanka: Army


    Sri Lankan Air Force pound rebel base


  7. Bus Bomb Blast in Mount Lavinia(videos)


  8. Guys,

    There was some interesting news coming out from Welioya front: a couple of soldiers, have moved into rebel-held area, not only to attack so-called Imran-Pandiyan brigade, but also to bring in their bodies along with 60mm motar launcher as well, to the camp they belong to.

    One corporal has been instantly promoted to the rank of sergent, in the battlefield.

    Soldiers are getting smarter in combat and pluckier too.

    Very encouraging!

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  10. qrious,

    "There was some interesting news coming out from Welioya front: a couple of soldiers, have moved into rebel-held area, not only to attack so-called Imran-Pandiyan brigade, but also to bring in their bodies along with 60mm motar launcher as well, to the camp they belong to."

    What??? Are you sure of this? TWO soldiers went an attacked the enemy FDL?

  11. DefenceNet,

    Are we using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to look for mines (please don't answer if it is sensitive).

    I think we can attach GPR to small automated vehicles that can go ahead of FDL and do a radar scan and send the signal back to base. This way, we can make a good map of landmines ahead of our FDL's.

    Please check out Wiki for a description of GPR.

    It says that it works best in sandy soils and it will penetrate up to 15M. Sandy soil is what we have in the north, so to me it looks like we can produce these radar enabled small vehicles and it will save a lot of lives.

    What do you think?

  12. vigilante,
    The link you posted seems to be a scam site. So we have removed it.

    But we appreciate your intent to help fellow bloggers. Keep it up.

  13. chamal,
    "What??? Are you sure of this? TWO soldiers went an attacked the enemy FDL?"

    Qurious must be referring to a group based attack.

  14. Bus Bomb Blast in Mount Lavinia(more video)


  15. DN-
    Is he army hospital/s are currently short of esential drugs please?
    Or if your hands are tide, could say "extra drugs are welcome".

  16. 3 SLA killed in Vavuniyaa FDL - LTTE
    [TamilNet, Saturday, 23 February 2008, 12:54 GMT]
    A 3-member-team of a patrol unit of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in no-go zone between the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) and the SLA at Naavatku'lam in Vavuniyaa were killed in an attack carried out by the Tigers Saturday around 10:15 a.m. The SLA is yet to recover the dead bodies of their soldiers lying near their Forward Defence Line, the Tigers said.

    The SLA team was attacked as it engaged in provocative patrol missions in the no-go zone between the FDLs, the Tigers said.

    Six days ago, on 17 February the Tigers attacked a FDL post in Vavuniyaa.

  17. daily mirror:

    A senior police officer verbally abused and later shoved journalists covering the blast in Mt. Lavinia this morning. Video footage aired by a private TV showed some police junior officers attempting to calm the situation after journalists got agitated by the attitude of the senior police officer.

  18. Defencenet
    Some one else has written to you as KEVIN and it’s not me. I have already given my findings on this subject to the people concerned. Above presentation is not from me. I am real Kevin and must go to meet my mates, it’s Saturday.

  19. kevin,
    (profile number 03868364555609377313)

    Please choose another nickname. Since this is already taken, it will amount to confusion among fellow readers. It is our policy to delete such comments .
    Sorry for the inconvenience and please choose a different nickname.

  20. Lkdood,
    I am not surprised at all that the senior cop was rude, perhaps he has no clue as to how to react to this sad situation and they are pig ignorant and comes down to the lower ranks. This one of our major problems in the land. My friend was rudely ordered to remove the only white flag that was put during Kadiar’s death in Kandy. The arrogance of this lot is used by the terrorists, for money of cause to move things in the south and no one seem or dare to challenge them and I have written much about this problem. no amount of roadblocks will stop when the high officials are helping them.

  21. dn
    Iwas there first and this is the real one as just above.I will think of another net week

  22. kevin,
    "Iwas there first and this is the real one as just above.I will think of another net week"

    we meant the other one with profile number profile number 03868364555609377313. You need not change anything.

    once again sorry for the inconvenience. This is to stop impostors.

  23. Kevin,
    I agree with you that polis are not saints.However are you sure these reporter donkies were stopped because they wanted to contaminate the crime scene.Now as usual we have only this papers version of it.I think generally speaking some(not all) of these reporters are filth and they assume that the public are like children who not only believe but also panic by reading any crap they publish.

  24. Here is an interesting set of images folks:


  25. DN-
    These images were on one of the LTTE driven web site week or 2 ago.
    It reminds me what JVP has done during the late 80's to most of our schools. During the late 80's only 1 or 2 kids did organize all those activities while others joined for fun.
    Personally I would interpret those pictures the same way as late 80's events.

  26. Thanks defencenet for the photos.

    It clearly shows how these idiots are taking the school children in their activities.

    What the hell UN's roll here?

  27. Again about those images, well set activities.. There are lot of clues LTTE has left behind...

    *) Similar dummies been used in couple of places. So this was well planned event with photographers present.
    *) Same guy with check shirt present in the school as well as other dummy on the lamp post
    *) More importantly what is UN lorry is doing there? Is UN lorries suppling the transport for LTTE ?

  28. "
    What the hell UN's roll here?"

    Probably just delivering supplies to the school.

  29. Guys,

    The attack I was referring to, was a group-attack; it was real and not an unauthorized piece from The Terminator, I assure you all folks.

    The training in jungle warfare made them into who they are now.

    The reported brilliance of Imaran Pandian and Charles Anthony brigades is another exaggeration by the savages and their sympathisers.

    Don't forget that Sadaam's son, Uday boasted about a squad of 'Fedayeen,' before the invasion of Iraq - a group prepared to be martyrs. It never made any difference; even if any contribution from them, it was sketchy.

    In short, it was a farce; Tigers are going to prove that even farce exists in pairs.

  30. Qrious said...
    "There was some interesting news coming out from Welioya front: a couple of soldiers, have moved into rebel-held area, not only to attack so-called Imran-Pandiyan brigade, but also to bring in their bodies along with 60mm motar launcher as well, to the camp they belong to."

    There was fierce fighting in Jankapura, Welioya today when the SLDF attacked a LTTE strong point. Army has recovered 8 LTTE bodies, may be more tigers were killed. Also >25 soldiers were injured and some were air lifted to A’Pura….
    BTW, Army doctors are doing a good job. Several super specialists working in teaching hospitals are attached to SLDF as volunteer officers. They are mobilized when ever required..
    We are still at the periphery of the periphery. But the strategy of the current operation is to kill as many as possible with minimum number of our own casualties. And the strategy is working as planned. There is no big march on and it was also not planned. LTTE strongholds in Mullaitivu are in danger at the hands of the 59 division of Weli Oya. If troops advance another 10 to 15 KM into LTTE territory military and logistic bases and gun positions of the LTTE will fall within the artillery range of the Army.

  31. we need to take pictures of school children burning VP's body lol....what a filthy maggots, getting little kids to throw rocks and burn the well made dummy, although they complain they have no money. This makes it easier for the LTTE to target more children for child soldier. They will take the ones attacking the dummy with rocks, first! All these ltte supporting tamil dispora is good at is publicity, publicity, publicity stunts!, they cant do anything better but lying through media.

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  33. DN-
    How far is SLA from Madhu Church premises currently please?

  34. samantha,
    I am suspicious about those U.N lorries in the photos..could they be transporting small arms from one location to another..because i assume the people employed by the U.N are civilians from killi?

  35. LTTE got new method of child recruitment


    Fisherman held for smuggling diesel to Sri Lanka


  36. thanks defencent for the pictures

    cobra thanks for the info

  37. Cobra,
    If we march 15km into LTTE territory we will be at a disadvantage because we will be in the range of LTTE artillary as well since we have not neutralised their artillary.I think the present strategy is kill as many cadres by small group attacks.We have to encourage LTTE conscripts to surrender because some may know of the LTTE gun positions ..(in civilian areas)and we have to save their lives also..for many reasons i dont want to list

  38. Defencenet/guys

    i have heard that SLA listens to LTTE radio communications

    how about the LTTE ?

    do they also listen to SLA radio ?

  39. It's very clear why we were not able to finish LTTE terrorism last decades.
    mewa ahaddi ange malu natanawa.
    menna ape hitapu defence secretartyla.."

    Former defence secretary Austin Fernando sees negotiations as the only way out.

    The "government thinks that we can win the war and it's madness. The LTTE thinks it can win the war and this is madness," he said.

    As a result, he expects the army to carry on fighting into 2009 seeking to defeat the rebels.

    "I have never believed that war is the way. In the end both parties will have to come to negotiate at the table."

    source: AFP - Yahoo News

  40. grious;

    The so called LTTE elite units travel in threes.

    It used to be becuase only one could read, one could write and the other one loved intellectual company.

    But nowadays they are less focussed on intellectualist pursuits, the third one is usually there because she has the pussy...

  41. sandun,

    Austin Fernando was an administrative officer who has no experience in battle field. I also believe that he is partially responsible for giving the heads of LRRP team away. His credbility therefore in this matter is less than zreo.

  42. I belive the Def. Secy of the UNDF government was the no 1 traitor.I can't remember his name. He said in 2003 when asked about LTTE killings of MI officers, that they should be wiped out...That was the Def. Secy. of the government of the day saying , not Velu..

    UNDF believed that their was a conspiracy by the MI to kill RW.RW could not get over by that fact.All UNDF big wigs went against the SLA MI.(Only a fool wants, RW to be dead.)
    It is very good that we have a very unpopular opposition leader while the government is headed by a popular president.

    If RW lasted for another 6 months, I would say, the LTTE would have declared UDI.

  43. In 2004, then UNDF government led by RW bought Sri Lanka to the brink of accepting Ealam..But almost...

    If not for the former President...

    Read the Island article.

    It can happen again, if we failed to come up with a credible solution..JVP/JHU is hell bent on not solving the problem at all.Next time we can blame JVP/JHU for the same mistake.

  44. Defencenet,

    Those images realsed by the LTTE is
    a ploy of the LTTE to legitimise the killing of higher ups in the government.

    I guess the Top 10 leaders of the GOSL must take every precaution against any LTTE attacks.

    LTTE is desperately in need of killing leaders in the South.

  45. Tangara
    If RW lasted another 6 months, the tigers would have built up their military muscle even better, but a UDI would not have been accepted by the outside world.
    We would still be talking about it, while providing greater legitimacy by the day to the concept. You see, one of the essentials of statehood is the ability to hold and defend the geographical landmass, and by our inactivity, we would have provided that legitimacy. There would've been certain religious groups whom I prefer not to refer to here, who would've been very involved in making that reality eventually lead to the creation of a so called 'secular' state within which its historic ambitions would have been realized.
    Eelam would not have flowed from the barrel of the gun, but from our weakness of leadership will.
    This is a case of Velu killing the goose before it could have laid the golden egg, his second and final critical mistake.

  46. Ranil is the new age Molligoda and Don Juan RanilPala rolled into one big gay package

  47. DefenceNet,

    Iqbal Athas in this weeks situation report says:

    "Detailed reporting of facts or comments on some aspects relating to this, or on the fighting in the Wanni region is not possible due to serious constraints. However, two important aspects could be briefly summarised. One is the belief in the intelligence community that the guerrillas have succeeded in replenishing stocks of military hardware in the first week of February."

    Is there any truth in this? If so, how much did they manage to smuggle in?

    Also, have you got any thoughts about my previous post regarding Ground Penetrating Radar?


  48. Parakrama,
    A similar claim was made by D.B.S. Jeyaraj (Tamil Week). I don't know weather both of them had the same source.

    "Another development in the situation is the resumption of regular supplies to the LTTE. The success of the navy and air force in destroying some LTTE ships and vessels had caused a serious rupture in procuring military material and supplies.

    Arms supply had become a trickle. There was a shortage of fuel too.

    This situation according to battlefront reports is now changing.

    The LTTE in recent times does not seem to be in short supply.

    This is reflected in the way the tigers are now conducting the war. The earlier constraints are dimi9nishing. It os suspected that tiger supply routes are “working “out again."


    Meanwhile, Air Force raided a Tiger military camp located at Oddusuddan in the northeast this morning.

    The Tamil Tigers claimed that the air force raid on a Sea Tiger camp along the Northwestern coast yesterday had killed 8 civilians and injured 14 others. According to informed sources information on the target had been given by the naval intelligence sources claiming it to be a hiding place for Sea Tiger crafts. However, the Tigers claimed that the air force bombed a civilian village called Poonakari.

    Defence observers in Sri Lanka underscore that an open rift existing between the army and navy top ranks in Sri Lanka if continue to exist may seriously jeopardise the country’s military effort on terror.

    The analysts point out, if the same rift transcended to the junior ranks it would lead to lack of coordination and the Tamil Tigers may get more opportunities to continue their misinformation campaign in future. Dfence analysts say it is high time for the civilian defence authorities to take action to bridge the differences between the top ranks so the situation would lead to rivalry among the forces.

  50. Hi hemantha,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I sincerely hope that this is not the case!

    The article that tangara shared with us is also a bit disturbing.

    Hope DefenceNet can shed some light on the subject!

  51. tangara said...
    In 2004, then UNDF government led by RW bought Sri Lanka to the brink of accepting Ealam..But almost...

    I agree! Now, our military has a clear vision, right leadership and the freedom to operate. The morale of our soldiers has never been so high! Its quiet important to realize, while this bloody war cost a fortune to the country it is a gold mine for some others. These war mongers have a vested interest in continuing the war. NGOs are thriving with the war, Conflict resolving institutions need conflicts to survive, human rights organizations will lose their job if there are no violations etc etc…..
    A total betrayal and absolute treachery to the nation

  52. Srilankan said...
    If we march 15km into LTTE territory we will be at a disadvantage because we will be in the range of LTTE artillary as well.....

    I agree! Not only the civilians but also some (baby and pussy) tigers may want to surrender and come to the cleared areas. But this is not allowed. They will be shot

  53. Because of the bold decisions taken by our current defense secretary the number of planned attacks in south is prevented. However it is interested to see how some people with political interest can twist the stories:

    Gota responsible for attacks in south

  54. BTW, Its to nice to hear about the amputation of VP and the heart attack of Pottu but these are not confirmed by MI sources. May be next story, a snakebite of Soosai, Nadesan swallow cyanide by mistake, Balraj break his spine…..blablabla..hahahha

  55. A 19 yrs old Buddhist monk joined in SLA 4 months before who was killed in action @ ADAMBAN...he was trained for 3 months and sent him MANNAR FDL's ....

    Monks on war ...

  56. Actually if all Buddhist monks join the army we can have another division. I believe there are 30 to 40 thousand monks in SL. Not a bad idea….. Respect! BTW, I am Buddhist too!

  57. Interesting article

  58. Cobra
    LeN is anti-MR/GR/BR/JHU/JVP and pro-NGO/LTTE/leftist site (an also half porn). However apart from this is there any evidence against theri claim?

  59. "Defence observers in Sri Lanka underscore that an open rift existing between the army and navy top ranks in Sri Lanka if continue to exist may seriously jeopardise the country’s military effort on terror."

    is true and has plagued our armed forces for decades.

    i have heard that SLA listens to LTTE radio communications

    how about the LTTE ?

    do they also listen to SLA radio ?"

    Yes they do too. It's electronic warfare with a lot of cryptography involved. they try to break our code, we try to break theirs.

    You idea about GPR is interesting. We cannot reveal more about that right now.

    "One is the belief in the intelligence community that the guerrillas have succeeded in replenishing stocks of military hardware in the first week of February.

    Is there any truth in this? If so, how much did they manage to smuggle in?"

    They definitely have no shortage of ammo when it comes to small arms. But they seem to use arty with care. Possible ways they replenished inventory include using fishing trawlers to smuggle arms from Thamil Nadu and may have even used a ship unknowing to the Navy.

    "mewa ahaddi ange malu natanawa.
    menna ape hitapu defence secretartyla"

    One of the more recent ones called Pulidevan "Machang".

  60. Any buddist monk has his choice to become laymen at any time and do whaever as a layman. If such a person join SLA and got killed what's the special thing about that? (It's much honest approach personally for him compared to Rayappu and his men.)

  61. I dont know why but I have chosen archeology for A/L and they taught me about some ground penetrating radar and electro imaging something thats the only class i went to
    could we use something like that to see if there any mines

  62. cobra YOu know that traitor Udugampola lives inside the asgirya police station in a small house its just down the road, if you wanna kill him be my guest.

    I used to know his two sons back in sri lanka they went to ecole Internationale in KAndy with me, them two were my friends I fogot the names but the older one I think has left school, I know that he got like 5 U's
    but apparently he will be going to the states to study. the younger one was as dumb as the older one always the last in the class, a talented swimmer and tennis player though he is a alright guy, I don't even know if he knew about his dad.

  63. Cobra

    {These war mongers have a vested interest in continuing the war. NGOs are thriving with the war, Conflict resolving institutions need conflicts to survive, human rights organizations will lose their job if there are no violations…}

    Fully agree bro!

    These slimy bloody bastards and bitches in the NGO/INGOs just want to prolong this war as that is their livelihood and in doing so, they would not give a flying fcuk about the lives of our soldiers or civilians. This is why these NGO/INGOs have been caught time and again transporting prohibited goods and even lately explosives to the LTTE! They know as long as the LTTE mf’s survive, the war will go on and so, it is in their interest to assure that LTTE is alive.

    I say we must have our own form of Sinhela “Makkal Padai” (the LTTE “civilian force” that LTTE puts the blame on when things get too hot) that will catch these LTTE supporting mf’s and make them disappear into the twilight zone!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  64. Senkadagala Sinhaya said...
    cobra YOu know that traitor Udugampola lives inside the asgirya police station in a small house its just down the road, if you wanna kill him be my guest.

    Thanx for the tip :)
    But, Heroes and patriots die only once, traitors die thousand times….from inside. They suffer and finally die slowly. Heroes like the Buddhist monk mentioned earlier die fast, once and will have an honorable death! He lived his life to the best, served his country and died for the country! Is there any better way to die? Cobra bite can be lethal. There is no anti venom. But Cobras (Nagas) are honorable too. They don’t encounter traitors……so let him suffer and kill himself…slowly and may be many times……

    Nice talking to u guys...time to mom says dont waste ur time intenetting...:)

  65. “It's much honest approach personally for him compared to Rayappu and his men”

    Agree. These bloody Rayappu type of son-of-whore in the service of God (sic!) is a bloody disgrace to noble Jesus Christ’s preaching and Christianity! They are actually the “Satan in disciples’ clothing” as I see.

    As such…

    I say these blood sucking parasites must be held accountable for what they did (and still do) to support LTTE terrorists mf’s and when this war is over, we must ensure they pay back their “dues with interest!”

    OaO Asithri

  66. i believed the AFP article someone posted until i read this line:

    "`The situation is very uncertain,` said Sunanda Deshapriya,"

    Thats definitely not the man to contact if you want a neutral opinion. He's an assclown.

  67. SS

    Re. that ponnaya-traitor Udugampola, aha, so the bugger is now living a "free" life eh?

    Time he had an "accident" in my view...after all, accidents may happen anytime to any one of us!

    OaO Asithri

  68. Does anyone know whether there's any historical sites relating to any tamil kingdoms in SL, ever?

    If anyone is aware of any, please post a link to a research site/source. I am intrigued by the conspicuous absence of any such historical or archealogical information, or my ignorance thereof.

  69. Hey Senkadagalya...

    I am from proud "Ruhuney weera-Sinhela" stock, but my mother was from "Senkadagala Rajadhaniya", although I do post words referencing bravados about "dakuney" and "Ruhuney" military prowess of our Sinhela warriors, please bear in mind I am not being offensive towards you or any other "Senkadagala Rajadhaniya!" I am only mindful of the immense sacrifice that the “Senkadagala Sinhelas” made at the hands of British and the valiant wars they fought to get our independence back.

    Obata Subha Pathum Malli….

    OaO Asithri

  70. TropicalS

    “tamil kingdoms in SL”

    Of course, there were “Tamil kingdoms” in SL throughout our history, but keep in mind they were either occupying forces or really “sub-kingdoms” that were still answerable and servile to the ruling Sinhela monarch of the day (like the Araychakrawarti Tamil “kingdom” was under the kings of Kotte Rajadhaniya, Kings Parakumbahu/Vijaybahu.

    In short, whatever “Tamil kingdoms” in SL soil were of “transient” nature and that would make sense as the real “Tamil kingdoms” were in Dravidastan or TamilNadu in India.

    OaO Asithri

  71. Before this war is over our MI needs to have a list of the hardcore LTTE cadres.These guys will infuse into the civilian population and corrupt the young in the north and elsewhere.I am not sure if they can be "turned" to see reason.Instead of spending time on them we should try to save the LTTE child conscripts..and leave the seasoned guys for later.The army plan of gradually tightening the noose by small scale attacks will cause desperation among the LTTE ranks which make it the perfect opportunity for slipups and a valuable situation for MI to exploit.Since the child conscritps are intimidated by these experienced LTTE cadres..killing these experienced LTTE cadres may induce the children to surrender..full credit to the army!!

  72. Cobra,
    Thanks for your comments bro.keep up the good work..

  73. Damages to the bus at Galkissa seems much highier than other instances. If passengers were there probably all of them died. It seems bus was burned unlike earler. Any more details?

  74. Defencenet,

    Does Kulasisri Udugampola the traitor still work for police as mentioned by SS? I am under the impression that he was dishonarably discharged from the Police. Otherwise, we need to very unceramoniously discard this kind of human refuse.

  75. Sam,
    Now is not the time to look into the matter of treachery.This is why the bribary comm was suspended also,,as far as i know.Once the LTTE is defeated thats when the real fun begins.currently there is an active plot by the LTTE to kill Hon if you start rooting out traitors and this rifraff that has been taking bribes you provide the LTTE with more sinhala people to exploit who think they have been wronged by govt..of course this scum forget that they have taken bribes...

  76. Sam,
    once this is over..there is nothing wrong with a newspaper publishing details of this guys entire life to date.What we want him to do is to sue the newspaper and the subsequent trial will make headlines for many months..and he will have to spend his life defending himself..which is living hell.?

  77. at least two civillians have been killed in an LTTE suicide bombing in Batticaloa.

  78. Now what have we here..
    Looks to be all top guys been having parties with lot of sweets /fat around to get diabetic and heart attack..

  79. DefenceNet ;

    I small change ..those are not civilians ok those from Pillayan's group they working with SLA ok ... and the Pillayan claims those two are their members .....

    don't say those are civilians ...they carrying weapons...

  80. Suicide attacker kills 2 paramilitary men in Batticaloa - Police
    [Sun, 24 Feb 2008, 06:46 GMT]
    An unknown attacker with a hidden explosive triggered the device killing himself and two Pillayan Group paramilitary personnel, when he was blocked by the paramilitary personnel near the place of an election-campaign meeting by the Pillayan Group in Ka'luvaagnchchikkudi Sunday morning at 9:30. Police characterized the attack as the first attempted "suicide attack," possibly planned to target a key paramilitary operative after the Sri Lankan forces had brought the district under their military control. A cordon and search operation launched by the Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) commandos lead to a total traffic standstill between Kalmunai and Batticaloa, following the explosion.

  81. Potta amman had a hart attack. This may be LTTE prapaganda to mislead the world saying he has a 'hart'.

  82. Comment on Our SF Bikers

  83. shyam.
    You are correct they were Tmvp members. Apologize for the error in comment

  84. DEFENCE!

    is it true that we have captured the one who tipped on our defence secretary's arrival on mech- infantry passing out day + some one who was working as an Army trainer for 20 years????

  85. Guys,

    It is no secret that how much I admire our armed forces, and their leaders.

    I particularly admire Major General Jagath Jayasuriya who is in charge of Vanni command.

    He is a man who is always full of smiles, despite the enormous responsibilities that hang around his shoulders.

    He is pleasant, calm, relaxed and above all brutally confident of the success of his mission in hand. In short, he knows he means buisness.

    What a model soldier!

    Please click here to see my point.

  86. Qurious,
    A very brave man there.Is it him who has made pastor joseph understand the implications of letting the LTTE use madu church premises?.

  87. Srilankan,

    Yes, he talked to the pastor in a language he very well understands;

    I am sure it may not have sounded angelic to this questionable holy man in white robes with a black band aroud his waist and a black scar ih his spiritual body.

  88. Qurious,
    funny that..seems the pastor loves his premises more than the ltte..As i understand it there have been no more attacks on the camp since his kind communique to the pastor.

  89. Thanks Srilanka,


    I would like to air my views on the situation in Yala region. So, far, no luck with catching the culprits.

    Folks in Moneragala area tells me that an army deserter with commando background is leading the team of 6 to 9 men. I don't know the accuracy of this claim so take it on board with an open mind.

    It is clear, some of our traitors have been bought by the savages for sabotage. It will be an annoyance from time to time, but not a huge threat with the potential to derail the operations in the North.

    Change in command may be the answer.

    For instance, the guy who is in charge of the Jaffna area made a big difference in terms of security; we hardly hear about bomb explosions in Jaffna area these days; no grenade attacks reported. I think he was even promoted to the rank of a brigadier from that of colonel - recently.

    Appointing the right man to the right place at the right time is the key to success. Let's hope this will happen in Yala are too.

  90. Is there anyone who can reply my early question??


    Graphic images of LTTE dead...

  92. from

    "Mannar LTTE area leaders camp pounded by Air force jets - Mannar, at 9 a.m. on 24 Feb
    Air Force Jet Aircraft pounded the Mannar area leader's camp today(24) located five km North of Giant's Tank, in the Parappakkadaththan area, Mannar around 9.00 in the morning.

    The Air Force confirms that the target was successfully engaged."

    THis is the second time SLAF attacked Mannar LTTE positions within a course of days.

    At long last we seem to have some CONTINUING SLAF OFFENSIVE SUPPORT for the SLA.

    That is the way to go.


  93. I heard LTTE flying its zlins again in Wanni..

    A suicide type attack on Jaffna FDL's or Palaly cannot be ruled out..

    Trinco harbour as well as Navy assets are within reach of those Zlins.

    Vaunia SLA basses are also within those zlins.

    Lone Zlin attack on Colombo without a ground offensive is highly unlikely.

  94. Guys,

    It is Sunday and our brave soldiers and officers alike are having a rest in their camps, bunkers etc. Savages do the same in their own way. I don't see anything wrong with that.

    So, I thought of sharing a few things, just to break the silence of this blog; I hope it will not be interpreted as a distraction; it certainly is not one of those, I guarantee.

    It is a pleasant spring morning in the part of western Europe I live in. Birds are bloody active again, having been in a lethargic mode for well over three months: I honestly don't know how they get energy for these manourvers; for me, it looks like coming from a bottomless pit. Other animals start coming out of hibernation too: they dig up your garden, mess it without a style, have sex at night and let you know that they are at, it with endless screams and squablles making the night, a nighmare. Yet people are very tolerant and put up with this nonsense in our animal world, much better than we Buddhist folks do, back home, I must admit. How many of us can put the hand up and say that we had a kind thought for the stray dog that scratches its flea-bitten back and ask for alms? I blame the geography and the time difference for this 'unkind' behaviour! We have to do that in that part of the world, I made up my mind.

    In this country, I have the freedome to travel length and breadth, something I have been deprived of in my own country. I haven't set my foot, that is just 8" on footware scale,anywhere beyond Anuradhapura. In 2005, after ceasefire, I tried to be adventerous in making that move, only to be discouraged by my dear and near ones, as there was a risk of the vehicle being kidnapped at gun point by both Tigers and their Sinala collaborators who used to make the quick 'quid' out of other's misfortune.

    Agains this background, we got new regime in place. There is no reason to believe they are another administraion to cash in on this problem that plagued us for well over two decades.

    After the fall of Soviet Union, Russia became a joke with its currency, Rubal falling in value faster than autumn leaves in Siberia. They were ridiculed at every level and Boris Yelstin complemented the drama with his antiques. Then came the hard man with an iron fist - president Putin. He dealt with Chehnia, improved the living conditions among Russians to an astronomical level along with its economy and then did flex the milirary muscele to show the world that Russia is a force to reckon with.

    See, folks one man can make a difference in rescuing a bleagurede nation like us. We got our man MR for the job and I know he will do it. I must tell our Tamil folks that the victory over LTTE is not about militari jubilation, on the contrary, living in peace in our own motherland. We have a right to expect it and are going to get it.

    MR has its weaknesses, so has Qurious. President Putin also has a weakness; he can't sit at a desk while bending a body at a right angle. Just look when he sits. However, this did not stop him delivering his duty the nation.

    I am drawing comfort from fresh sprin air to breed enthusiasm on a mass scale.

    I can't stop my imagination sometimes getting out of hand. Folks, you may forgive me for that.

    In one of those extreme moments, I think of post-LTTE scenario in our motherland and imagine the following:

    I throw brothers O A O Asithri and Thiru into a boxing ring while making His Holiness Dalai Lama the referre. The holy man turns every punch they pull into its spiritual equivalent with his legendary skills, with his customry 'Hick Hick,' that his Holiness makes, while showing his own sense of humour, unlike our priests.

    Peace becomes the latest export product in our land with Mr. Bandula Gunawardena taking over marketing!

  95. asthiri thanks for comments on the Senkadagala people. Sinhalese from all parts of sri Lanka except probably for the ones cinnamon gardens have sacrificed something for our motherland and they are all brave warriors,
    I just heard that all the brave warriors who fought in the kings armies were given a low caste by the British to humiliate them, this is wrong this barborous caste system was given to us by the tamils and superimposed by the britsh, to create dissention and destroy unity so it will be easier to control us.

  96. Guys,

    Why have they used a suicide bomber to attack just two men? What happened to their famous pistol gang? Looks to me like LTTE is getting really desperate now

    Just out of curiosity mate, but why do you keep saying 'ok', 'ahhh', 'ohhh'?

  97. Qrious now that we are talking about The Dalai Lama

    He tried to come to Sri Lanka many times during Chandrikas Rule, but was not allowed, I can understand this Chandrika is Half Caste, hates buddhism, Coconut bitch

    but apparently Mahinda did the same he is a Buddhist right then why the hell did he do that

  98. "but apparently Mahinda did the same he is a Buddhist right then why the hell did he do that"

    Well...we don't want to get in China's bad books do we? They are one of the countries that have helped us a lot in this war (I'm not saying this is fair, but that's politics isn't it?)

  99. testIs the JVP covertly pushing for Eelam?

    Retired Major General Wasantha Perera giving evidence in court against JVP Propaganda Secretary Wimal Weerawansa in a defamation case last week was to allege the JVP had worked closely with the LTTE during the 1988-1989 period?

  100. can you really what is going on vanni?

    Sri Lanka victory march bogged down in fog of war
    [ AFP ][ Feb 23 10:01 GMT ]

    The battle lines are clearly drawn in Sri Lanka with the government vowing to finish off the Tamil rebels, but after decades of bloodshed a final outcome appears as uncertain as ever. While politicians from President Mahinda Rajapakse down have buried a truce deal and promised to wipe out the "terrorists," the military is now scaling down the rhetoric. "Most definitely, we can say that we are winning," army spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told AFP... And there is confusion over casualty figures. The defence ministry releases daily death tolls suggesting the army is on a victory march, although physical evidence of rebel corpses is usually missing.

  101. Patriot,
    "Comment on Our SF Bikers"

    Did you see the AFP comment next to the photograph. " Heavily-armed Sri Lankan Army soldiers ride a motorcycle 20 September 2006 in the town of Jaffna. Unlawful killings, abductions and other violations by government forces in Sri Lanka have increased dramatically amid escalating conflict on the island, a human rights group said Monday.(AFP/File/Lakruwan Wanniarachchi)"

    I am pretty sure that the above comment is not from Lakruwan. And have you seen how they(AFP) end some of their news items now. They give a link to Tamilnet.

    "More than 70,000 people have been killed in the conflict.

    On the Net:

    Pro-rebel Web site, TamilNet:"

    AFP is at it again. People who make arguments based on AFP news items may need to think twice. I guess Shyam is already using AFP news items in his crappy comments.

  102. Ban on YOUTUBE coz of the posting of NABIGAL NAYAGAM's cartoon ....

  103. DefenceNet,
    I came across this blog

    do you know how reliable this is?

    Is it true that LTTE have got down more arms now?
    If so how is that possible?

  104. Guys,

    AFP ?

    Ha ha .....

    Agents Feasting Pandamonium

  105. shingaya,
    We have had these reports for 30 years including stories of how the charles anthony regiment can sprout wings when required.Regardless of arm chair defense experts and reporters who are hellbent on giving their stories a nouvelle flair..the simple fact succinctly put is:
    WE ARE NOT STOPPING this time round

  106. Guys, didi you this news item in Rivira?

    It claims sinhala gangs opertaing in jungles for liiegal activities help the LTTE units by supplying food. Interesting article.


  107. There seems to not much co-ordination between intelligence units and CID. This is exactly what happened to the lRRP units during RW regime. I remember Bloody Balagalla the then army commander did nothing to save them. Capt Nizzam was one of the brave sodiers we had who would quietly venture in to LTTE stronghods in the night and bring couple of heads of LTTE.

    Few years ago when yala was under Birg Hant Perera he stopped all the illegal tree felling. It follwed by tremendous political pressure from the area including the Kataragama devale to transfer him. Same thing is happening now.

    I am sure Gen SF appointed a commander who has a spine this time.

  108. Just to share some funny things I noticed over the week end news.

    1. Mano Ganeshan complaints that his back up vehicle cannot speed more than 40km/hr. So he has to stop and wait till they catch up.

    Great! You went to courts. you got the security. Now shut up. Who the hell is going to kill you anyway.[except the public]

    2. UNP is planning a weekly news breifing to convey the real groung sitiuation of the battle front since all media seems to be bias. They are doing it for the sake of the soldiers families.

    I suppose they could just provide a link to the tamilnet!

  109. the UNP thinks that showing their appreciation to the brave soldiers will win them votes..

  110. Qrious,

    The number of local birds in Europe are very limited. Most of them are migrants. They do night duty because street lights are on thru the night, I think.

    As for dogs, just look at the stray dogs in villages in SL. They have a certain air of dignity and we let them live at our best. Look at the dogs around you, they are so subservient … it is disgusting.

    You know how the animal protection works: all stray animals are collected and given 30 days asylum after which it is euthanasia. It smells death in these asylums.

    What is to be learnt from the west is the technology, not all of it, but what is relevant to us. The way they manage to survive the freezing cold, discover electricity, petrol, cultivate, mass produce etc.

    If these people have a blessed land such as SL, they will make it a real paradise.

    Look at this fellow:

    How can you think right when you wear a winter wig at 30DEG ?

    What make me laugh most is the show off of the foreign returnees as if they are under the bliss of Nirvana.

    We have to take a hilarious look at ourselves and adjust our fundamentals correctly.

    We can make SL a paradise.


  111. DefenceNet

    I do not think it is necessary to apologize for calling the two TMVP election canvassers who where blow up by a LTTE suicide maggot as “civilians.”

    The news here is very clear:
    “two of their political activists, namely Sutha and Jegan were killed in the blast along with the suspected LTTE suicide cadre.”

    TMVP is a registered political party in Sri Lanka today and although members of the security arm of that movement have been allowed to carry small-arms (on a strict exception basis by the GOSL) to protect themselves from LTTE assassins (wholly a good thing as imagine the SLDF resources that would be tied up protecting TMVP cadres as well, to the detriment of execution of war against the LTTE fronts?), the vote canvassers are in effect civilians in every reasonable meaning of that word. In the case of SLFP, UNP, or even the TNA (all registered political parties in SL) are allowed armed protection (from the SL Police) and that fact does not make political activists from those parties “non-civilians.”

    In any case, the matter of being armed while conducting elections work in Batticloa was something that GOSL took up very seriously with the TMVP as evidenced by the following:

    TMVP has openly declared its anti-LTTE, anti-“thamileelam” positions and went even as far as to drop the “eelam” tag from its organization saying that it is a non-viable, non-achievable dream and that Tamils must decide to live in Sri Lanka as “Sri Lankans.”

    We, the rest of democratic Sri Lankans, would do well to recognize these disenchanted, former “thamileelamist” as “civilians” and nothing more, nothing less.

    OaO Asithri

  112. MottaP-

    "Bloody Balagalla the then army commander did nothing to save them"

    How true! I have personally been at social functions in Colombo where this incompetent poop "graced" the event and talked bloody bull-shit all night until he was too drunk to even walk back to his car and had to be helped by his assistants, including junior female SLA officers!

    This was well and truly keeping in with the "yes madam three bags full" culture that CBK the stupid cow cultivated and demanded within our Trivida Hamudawa and the Police, so what else can you expect?

    How glad we must be today that we now have people leading the SLDF based on proven merit and skill and not because they brown-nosed the President or other honchos in the GOSL!

    Rise and rejoice Sri Lankans...freedom and victory are yours to architect!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  113. Now here’s the REAL reason why the LTTE filth protested loud and clear re. the recent (Feb 22nd) SLAF raid on Kiranchi, showing pics of alleged civilian victims:

    [ KILINOCHCHI : Air Force pounded on the Sea Tiger base located in Kilinochchi West in KIRANCHI using fighter jet aircraft on February 22, around 8.15 a.m. Consequently naval intelligence sources revealed that it was a women’s Sea Tiger training camp and that ten terrorists including self-styled Lt. Colonel Kalai Arasi a female Sea tiger instructor Major Thuwarika and Lt. Senthamani were killed and 09 were wounded.

    Kalai Arasi is also the custodian of the LTTE Sea Tiger fighter craft called “Surali” to which 02, 200 HP engines are fixed. Many LTTE fighter crafts had been damaged by Air Force bombing.

    Further naval intelligence revealed this location covering 2 KM area has been declared by the LTTE as a High Security Zone to which civilians are prohibited from entering. ]

    Way to go SLAF! Bravo!

    MR GOSL, do not be disheartened by the vile propaganda of the LTTE, but keep on course and sledge-hammer the vermin to the point of total obliteration!

    OaO Asithri

  114. Asithri,

    It is pleasing to see how you put to good use your writing skills. I wish similar young people like Sinthaka, Bakamoona, Binkunda (LNP) will come here to participate in constructive discussions.

    What ever makes SL progress, makes its defences stronger.

    Let us be humble servitors of Mother Lanka. We have a long long way to go.

  115. Asithri,
    very well said..very well said..this BS about TMVP carrying weapons is pure hatred & betrayal on part of the LTTE

  116. DefenceNet,

    Thanks for answering my queries, it's much appreciated!

  117. As for Kulasiri Udugampola he was charged with treason but got away with a fine. He should have been hanged.

    "is it true that we have captured the one who tipped on our defence secretary's arrival on mech- infantry passing out day + some one who was working as an Army trainer for 20 years????"

    We've caught few suspects. not 100% proven yet but they are under the radar.

    "Bloody Balagalla the then army commander did nothing to save them"

    One of the worst leaders an army could have had.

    If we are not mistaken that is the blog of DBS Jeyraj. His writings are pretty reliable but are sometimes exaggerated. As for LTTE getting arms read our previous comment

  118. I heard a similar story to what Asithsiri said about General Balagalle. It sounds like he was a habitual drunkard. Unfortunately, the post colonial ceremonial army Sri Lanka inherited was famous for drinking. Many of the regiments had beautiful officers' mess halls equipped with bars and billiard tables. The army also had very good cooks. Many of the army officer who went to the Royal Defence Academy at Sandhusrt tried to emulate their colonial masters with their gadol accents and habits. Before the eelam wars, most of the officers spent their time eating, drinking and playing billiards. The army has now undergone a sea change in culture. The officer corps no longer comes from the elite Colombo schools (for the first thirty years most of the army commanders came from one Colombo school). I noticed that the army commander, navy commander, and many of the top rung army officers wear a pirith nula. This is in keeping with Sri lanka's religeous and cultural traditions.

    For more on the history of the Sri Lanka Army, check out "Coup Theories and Officers Motives."

  119. Asithri,
    What is important here is you think that this suicide bomber could have been recognised as not been from the area by a soldier?.i think not.because of the TMVP this LTTE murderous filth cannot penetrate the east which they need to recruit cannon fodder.

  120. thanks DefenceNet.. I saw the part on the arms also..

  121. Qrious,

    Thanks for your ramble. It was a pleasure to read it.

    If it wasn't the blood sucking tribalism of some Tamils, Sri Lanka would have been the 2nd Singapore in the region. The Eelam Tamils live in ancient tribal times and these barbarians ruined our country for three decades. There is a huge international machine driven by LTTE are working against this one man MR who seems to be doing the duty of the hour. All the patriotic Sri Lankans should rally behind his efforts of eradicating this Eelam menace for the good of all the living beings in Sri Lanka and abroad.

  122. I heard a similar story to what Asithsiri said about General Balagalle. It sounds like he was a habitual drunkard. Unfortunately, the post colonial ceremonial army Sri Lanka inherited was famous for drinking. Many of the regiments had beautiful officers' mess halls equipped with bars and billiard tables. The army also had very good cooks. Many of the army officer who went to the Royal Defence Academy at Sandhusrt tried to emulate their colonial masters with their gadol accents and habits. Before the eelam wars, most of the officers spent their time eating, drinking and ...

    before 1972 near the palaly airbase the military used to eat and drink in the bar and useally do not want to pay the bill ..also in 1972 the jaffna police had a footbal match with a st . jhins collage boys when they fail to win the police came out of the thurayapa playground started to beat the school boys who attended the match .... do you know the story ? this is what the fighting started in jaffna in early 1972 the mayer thurayapa was a very close with the police and security forces... due to that the the boy sankar the first man who took arm in hand killed him the LTTE was started after him...some time ..every one forget the true is sad some of our boys in the Army behave like dogs...chilly basterds...first of all they have to respect them and we Stilll?

  123. If you patriots wanna know more about the traitor Bradman Weerakoon (and his thinking) read the book Rendering Unto Caesar (don't buy that rag just borrow it cos i don't want no patriot here spending money that could possibly end up somewhere we don't want it to)

    This guy has done his part for the Ealamists (and LTTE) since 1954 under nine Prime Ministers and Presidents of Sri Lanka. Out of those thousands of civil servants Ranil W carefully picked this guy to work with him even though he was retired at that guys should know why

    Have a look at this post if you guys wanna know what Ealaimists think about Brad-man and his book

  124. Casc mate,
    (first thirty yrs many commanders came from one school)
    But, Ananda College produces patriotic military personel for the country mate because,my former classmate we always talked abt. what was happening to our land because, of incompetent "Kalu suddas" !

    Many of my class mates from Ananda....are KIA.We never complain only get marginalised by the Reid ave.& Mount Lav.schools in jobs & we opt for the military cuz, late Col.Rajapakse and the rest of my former ret.Army teachers at instilled in me Honor,Duty & Country !

    And I'm damn proud of SLN Chief & Army Chief the rest of em'.


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