Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update from Mannar and Vavuniya fronts

It has been more than a month since the army officially launched the operation to capture major LTTE bases in Wanni. The operation is spanned across five fronts and is spearheaded by 5 infantry divisions of the army. Out of these battlefronts, Mannar, Vavuniya and Weli-Oya areas have seen the bulk of the fighting for the past week.

Current positions of SLA formations in Vavuniya and Mannar are as follows.

Three brigades of the army's 57th division are spearheading the attacks from Vavuniya front. Their next major milestone is the sacred Madhu shrine which is currently in an area under LTTE control.

Brigade Starting Position Current Position Next Milestone
57-1 Iranai Iluppaikulam, Vauniya Mullikulam LTTE artillery base at Palampiddy
57-2 Vavuniya North Periya Pandivrichcan Madhu
57-3 Vavuniya North Vilathikulam Madhu

The closest distance to the Madhu shrine from SLA positions in the area is 1.75KM.

In Mannar front, the 58th division (also known as task force 01 -2 Commando, 6,8,9 Gemnu Watch, 10 Singha and 10 Gajaba) are advancing towards Adampan. TF01 too has adapted a three pronged strategy similar to that adapted by the 57th division.

Brigade Starting Position Current Position Next Milestone
58-1 Uliyankulam South Parappakandal North Adampan Town Center
58-2 Manthai Vivatennakulam Adampan Town Center
58-3 Uliyankulam West Palaiootru Adampan Town Center

The closest distance to Adampan town from SLA positions in the area is 700m.


  1. DPU attacks thamil civilians again, 8 killed. Any updates defencenet? another ruthless act of violence against civilians and again the GOSL is provoking more carnage, this is a deep regret.

  2. all right the bunker rats are going to be roasted

  3. So there is a huge chance we will be capturing Adampan town overnight.
    I'm sure the famous song "Ayu Rakkhanthu Awada" will get repeated in each and every house hold where ever Sri Lankans are.
    May the Triple Gem Bless All Of our Heroes!

    Thank you for ongoing invaluable info.

  4. Great update Dnet. Thank you.

    We need to be careful about sinhalese tigers major attack in the south. Keep eye out -- all the time.

    why can we not finish off the LTTE artillery base at Palampiddy using the SLAF? Are the tigers hiding the artillery close to civilians?

    By the way, do we get close combat air support to our brave SLA guys?

  5. //DPU attacks thamil civilians again, 8 killed. //

    So the next bomb and killing of civilains in south is justified.

  6. 8 Killed.. Funny.. Both incidents has 2 tractors and 4 passengers each...
    Why does each of these had only 4 passengers?
    TN always give it away when they publish Bull****.

  7. Where did these comes from... to Kerawalapitiya on the Colombo-Katunayake Highway

  8. Great post DN
    again lack of maps and lack of knowledge of area and names of village cause a problem.

    I think LTTE defence is like a pumpkin. Outside is hard. inside is soft.
    SLDF have to destroy or waste all of their arti and mortars ( Long range weapons)
    Need to find solution for IED and mines.
    Need to cut off supplies ( Sea routes)
    Sea tigers can access few more major coastal supply routes. Priority must given to destroy or capture remaining supply routes.

    Long way to go

  9. DefenceNet:

    Great explanation of what’s happening in Mannar and Vavuniya fronts. Highly appreciate your efforts.

    Hope Army is using effective counter measures to neutralize threats from LTTE artillery, AP mines and snipers. AP mines and booby traps is the most dangerous and LTTE seems to using an effective chain mines concept to trigger other mines linked together to maximize the damage to troops. What counter measure measures Army is using to neutralize this threat? And they are also clearly using this to buy time to stop if not slow security forces advance to wanni heartland. How long will they be able to sustain this effort is a good question.

    Recently even defencewire said that LTTE seems to have received a new batch of supplies and arty shells to Mannar and Wli Oya fronts. Can you confirm this?
    Adampan is the key here. If Adampan falls security forces will be able to progress rapidly in multiple directions. And coastal villages Vidathaltheevu is highly vulnerable. “If” Vidathaltheevu also falls. Can the army shell Pooneryn? If that can be done LTTE artillery shelling of Palai will be under threat.

  10. Guys, if you want a map try this one. Click the area you want to zoom in.

    I'm sure defencenet has other work than answer all our questions :)

  11. sldf said...

    “If” Vidathaltheevu also falls. Can the army shell Pooneryn?

    According to the distance calculator, the distance betwen these two points is 55.9 Kms.

    The 130 mm standard artillery shells used by the SLA have a range of 27.5 km. Therefore, Pooneryan would still be out of range.

  12. Perein,
    Agree with you bro..Did the tractors in the 2 incidents have the same number plates or were they time travelled from iraq..i wonder.

  13. "...War may be defined as punishment, which is one of the
    functions of government. It was the profession of Chung Yu
    and Jan Ch`iu, both disciples of Confucius..."


  14. "According to the distance calculator, the distance betwen these two points is 55.9 Kms"

    Casc, Thaxs!!

  15. DN,

    I saw a news article in local sinhala news paper saying, the army officer who command to capture the TOPIGALA is going to sue the army commander. Is this true? Further more, report is saying army commander is pushing him to take self retirement and has removed from the commanding position of East. I feel this is a kind of worried situation and this might be a kind of a hidden plan.


  16. capture the TOPIGALA, sorry for the mistake it should be capture the TOPPIGALA

  17. Well if we want to shell pooneryn , cant we do that from Jaffna pennisular ?

  18. MS word tables to indicate SLA Progress, except WHERE are the MS word tables for the number of dead, injured, deserted, claimed missing SLA upto this point ?

    Why don't we hear of SLA casualties on this site ?

  19. "MS word tables to indicate SLA Progress, except WHERE are the MS word tables for the number of dead, injured, deserted, claimed missing SLA upto this point ?

    Why don't we hear of SLA casualties on this site ?"

    those are not MS Word tables so end of story :D

  20. Kookka,

    Defencenet any info on what's in the article?

  21. DN,
    I heard the same story yesterday and hope it is a crap. But it seems have really happened.
    Whats the conflict between Gen SF and Gen PP ?? If it is too sensitive do not comment. But it is really pathatic whoever wrong.

  22. Well the story is somewhat true. Let's call it politics within the army.

    We exactly dont know whose right and whose wrong so we really cannot comment on this issue.

  23. Upul,
    The so called MS Word" tables do not give LTTE casualties sither. So no point of arguing on that.
    But SLDF have advanced slowly but surely int so called LTTE controlled territory. You deny that also ??

  24. Well since the SLA casualty , deserted, missing in action, injured beyond belief figures are not being presented then that means there is stuff to hide.

    Yes SLA did make progress day before 1999 Vanni counterattack, when the house of cards came tumbling down... so td do you deny that ? In fact they made much progress in the 100 m dash backwards.... In fact I have to admit SLA cannot be beaten at the 100 m dash/retreat :D

  25. Just go men,
    This is the situ of these LTTE boot lickers. All the time they refer to Jayasikuru defeat and 83 riots. The SLDF and the govt have admitted that Jayasikuru is a lost battle. So far LTTE could not admit that loosing East is their loss. Funny.
    Upul still dreaming of repetition of Jayasikuru falure. OK please be in that dream.

  26. Upul,
    LTTE tried the same in last week in Mannar? An "Unceasing Wave" type attack ??
    Hope the LTTE got a great success ?? Any info ??

  27. 'those are not MS Word tables so end of story :D'

    You just keep getting better and better DN... :-D

    However, I just hope that everyone will just ignore these LTTE jokers cos they have at many times
    destroyed fruitful and constructive defence related

    As DN once did, I would like to make a humble request from fellow patriotic bloggers to just ignore these LTTE clowns, PLEASE!
    If you just ignore them for long, they will just fade away...

    Btw DN, thanks for the well summarised update...
    Gives a clear picture to us about the status of the current operations and their ultimate goals!

  28. If SF and PP have a problem they should solve it like gentlemen. They have no fcking right to have disagreements over 'internal politics' and/or national politics. Both are paid by the people and must serve the people, fullstop.

    According to lankatruth, 11 UNPers to join the govt. 11 is not a magic number.

    TOTAL 139

    TWO THIRDS -150
    TWO THIRDS-TOTAL ABOVE=150-139=11!!

    WOW they know numbers at least. Getting two thirds means they are upto something.
    But may be this is not true after all.

  29. On the economics of war, found this interesting factoid about SL arms procurement based on purchases made from Poly Technologies, a Chinese State entity.

    cost per shell using current exchange rates

    120mm shell SL Rp 16,045
    152mm shell SL Rp 31,764
    81 mm mortar shell Rp 7,992

  30. Upul,

    War is a war; it’s not something like cocktail party, in the battle field everybody dealing things using weapons. Those are not for entertainment. When war goes on troops will get killed as I know they are ready to do that scarifies for their and our motherland (one can pathetically describe it as for salary). What is the benefit you are looking by calculating casualty what is the outcome? So, then we have to calculate all who scarifies their life for this country from 2000-3000 years back.

  31. Hey everyone, this is a must read. Please paste it on as many web boards as you possibly can.

  32. another lie from DEFERENCE NET....DN in you earlier posting 3days befor you said the SLA is 1.5 Km away from the Madu Shrine .. now its 1.75Km is the SLA moving backwards ah..... hahaha..

  33. TD ;

    dude you know the SLA didn't get success on the opperations what they made on LTTE territory just fallen in to the LTTE traps... i just wanna know what the name of their missions/operations they doing against LTTE ... usually they keeps a name for that; byt i heard that this time they didn't have a name coz if they fail on it;they have to take place on history so the SLA very much care about the history of war

    heheheheh lolz

  34. "DPU attacks thamil civilians again, 8 killed. "

    Wow! Really?

    Maggie, did you get your arse mixed up with you mouth? Sure looks that way scummie! LMSSAO!!!

    No, SLA DPUs do not kill civilians like your LTTE motherfcukers do, who purposely set off bombs in buses, trains, supermarkets with the intent to kill Sinhela civilians (and in the process, Tamils, Burghers, and Muslims too die, but hey, the LTTE mf's wouldn't give a rat's ass about it).

    "another ruthless act of violence against civilians and again the GOSL is provoking more carnage,"

    Come again? GOSL is provoking carnage? LMSSAO!!!

    Tell you what smelly-scummy, I will believe this claim if you say that your elder brother is also your "natural" father…as this claim is as preposterous to me as that would be to you! LMSSAO!!!

    "this is a deep regret."

    Every death is a deep regret scummy (except of course if it is a LTTE maggot's that case it is an occasion to party Sri Lankans!)

    OaO Asithri

  35. What DN said was, about 1.5 away from Madu church.
    So 1.5 - 1.75 is accurate enough for any one who are really interested about the subject.
    Those who really need some verification about those numbers go up to the enemy and ask them the figures.
    Funny those who does not want to know the truth, still here, after all these months....Giving every one a good show as well known CLOWNS.
    Main reason for those clowns to hang around is, they get more accurate info visiting this than their own.

  36. DefenseNet

    So, what is the latest on the Fat Black Oily Pig having gangrene on one leg...flesh rotting pretty rapidly...requires amputation to save the rest of the sinful, lard-ridden body…if not, the mf will die! The story has it that this mf is rotting in a deep bunker and he is sacred to go out to seek medical treatment (even to India by smuggling via the Palk strait)...!!!

    This must explain the awful stench that our SLA bravehearts have sensed since awhile ago!


    OaO Asithri

  37. Shyam the dopehead

    "dude you know the SLA didn't get success on the opperations what they made on LTTE territory just fallen in to the LTTE traps..."

    Hey right you are!

    SLA had all of the East, but sadly today the LTTE has captured all of it and are ruling it!


    Go suck an egg you bloody piece of dog-turd! Your idiocy is a disgrace to intelligent Tamil minds I have met and closely associated with!

    OaO Asithri

  38. Guys,

    A bit more good news; this time, again in our main opposition party, the UNP.

    Ranil is reportedly looking down on this guy - Tissa Attanayake, who is too big for his shoes. So, he has not taken on board during the discussion with the president on the 13th amendment. He has left for India on a private visit: may be seeking the help of a sooth-sayer or some spriritual folk from our beloved neighbour.

    The rumour mill is over-working with the scenario of more defection.

    More fragmentation of this lamentable party is welcome. Otherwise, they have potential to cause political stir, that is gut wrenching.

    We need a strong opposition. Not this lot - a circus of clowns.

    LankaeNews, which has political sympathasies for the UNP sheds more light on this.

    MR's stars cannot be in any better position!!

  39. Tigers will negotiate if A9 opens: TNA (Daily Mirror Feb 28)

    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said yesterday it could prevail upon the LTTE to return to the negotiation table in the event of a positive announcement by the Government to resume the peace process.

    TNA Jaffna district MP N. Srikantha told the Daily Mirror yesterday that it was all the more welcome if the announcement is accompanied by the re-opening on the A9 road as a gesture of goodwill. "In such an event, we are confident that the LTTE will be bound to respond positively to such a move. "

    Accoording to (1/7/2006) when the A9 road was open,

    "It is believed that the LTTE daily collects more than Rs.900,000 in the form of illegal tax and other revenue in this road (A9). From Omanthai in the cleared area, an average of 7000-8000 civilians and 1000- 1200 vehicles cross the stretch of land daily."

  40. oh my god

    thanks SLDF

    Now realized How Madya madyasthanaya lie to local public who loves WAR.

    Swarnawahini, Rupawahini & sirasa War map is totally different according to that map. SLAF in pallamadu, Palampidi, Kallikulam that area.

    GOSL knows very well to mis guide people.

    Way far man. Poor peoples (SLA) dies more & more when they reach kilinochchi.

    SLA captured only 0.5 or less% acording to the map to Kilinochchi town

    those are my guess.

    Experts pls explain me the situ. GOSL (gota) says Prabha want celebrate his next birthday. when SLA reaches Kilinochchi more than 5000 Soldures/carders/civilians want be able to celebrate.

    and according to my calculations war will spread even next year. want be able to move to K'nochchi with the current situation. to fight for 1.75 KM took months ya.

    I lost hope.

  41. Moshe,
    Your right that the officer and Gen fonseka should sort this out like gentlemen.However we dont know why he has been asked to retire.Could be age,could be complicity is some activity in the past,maybe the comments by own troops.I really dont know about army politics..but Gen Fonseka is not someone who will do something unless has very good reason to do so which cannot be made public.

  42. Casc,
    No offense bro.Screw the A-9.This murderous filth think we have the same frame of mind as the good "ole" 80's and if the govt refuses then this is a"IC(god) coup" for the LTTE "who wanted peace always" over the past 30 years.All indicators are that our plans are working!!

  43. td,
    The unceasing wave attack was a display of formidable fire power by the LTTE bro..According to battlefield reports there are stories of dead cadres coming back to life and actually flying back to base taking their bata slippers with them ..

  44. Hey Dev,

    and according to my calculations war will spread even next year.

    I don't like to give comments to boot lickers like you.. but you've agreed that war will be ended at least after the next year. Everybody knows who'll win (even after that period) although you didn't mentioned.

  45. As for the different distances given by DefenceNet.. i think they are reading info from different fighting units because small units are approaching the same place from different directions as per the article.

  46. Cool,
    Good to realise that our friend have finally accepted SLA will reach Kilinochchi even after loss of 500 lives.
    Just go men, We know the battle is different and difficult. But the Mother Lanka has given birth to sons who can sacrefice their lives for the sake of her security, intergrity and sovereignty. Furthermore you have fallen to a trap made by yourself as you presumed the SL forces are like 80-90 your good old days. You are totally messed around and now paying the price.

  47. @dev..

    Mewa dekala pana yana tharamata matama hina...

  48. "another lie from DEFERENCE NET....DN in you earlier posting 3days befor you said the SLA is 1.5 Km away from the Madu Shrine .. now its 1.75Km is the SLA moving backwards ah..... hahaha.."

    Go back and read the comment again. It was an approximate measure; note the word 'about 1.5KM'.

    "and according to my calculations war will spread even next year."

    Yes this is a possibility. LTTE resistance has been more than what was initially expected by the army. Anyway it is too early to tell how long it will take to finish the war, at least t our understanding.

    " to fight for 1.75 KM took months ya.' "

    Actually no. What we meant was there is about 1.75km to go till SLA reach Madhu. Not that they advanced only 1.75KM for all these months.

  49. The main weakness of all past governments was not treating terrorists as terrorists. Fortunately the present govt and the SLDF have clearly understood who are the terrorists and what are the all faces of them. Thats the key of success. Hope they would carry on the good work.

  50. DN,
    Please refrain from trying to prove with facts to those how has no intention to accept your proof. It is just a waste of your time. We expect you to find some new information or clarify whatever unclear to all.
    I am sure your explanation on "1.75km" and "about 1.5km" did not give any sort of understanding to the people who asked that. So please stick to the mission and carry out the good work that you have done so far with great excellence. Thank You.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. @ SLpower

    DN gave a proper answer to me.

    you Mad B dont know to answer a question on to re correct if something mentioned wrong.

    Who is who's Boot licker. UR like JVP buggers. "Balla piduru kanneth ne Kana gonata denneth ne"

    You all guys are dumb. seriously. lick Gota's a** in fact. still Tastier for u i guess

    Behave like a gentleman :P


  54. simon gardner..ahhh!Do i notice a softening tone here?...ahhhh!

  55. @ tharanga

    hmmm.. DN your comment on this article?

  56. Shyam and Upul,

    Pretty urgent

    Have you got the news? Two foreign warships are heading for Colombo harbour - one from Indian Navy and one from Maldivian Navy.

    I smell joint invasion manourevers. Are we on the same wavelength?

    It's time we forgot the differences, mates!!!


    This guy will shed some light on whereabouts of KP..

  58. Dev,

    LTTE ship hit a rock and start sinking..That is why TNA MP came up with a statement that LTTE will negotiate.

  59. LTTE wants negotiations ?? naah.. LTTE never negotiate with the MR govt ok ?? Last time you sent a delegation not matching to LTTE team ok ?? Thats why LTTE quit ok ??

  60. Thanks DN,

    Overall how many miles SLF have been gone so far? Any comments?

    Anyway SLF should not be in a hurry to take any risk …slowly but surely it the best…

  61. The Supreme Court today directed that status quo of former Commander of the Security Forces (East ) Maj. Gen. Parakrama Pannipitiya regarding his present residence at Summit Flat will remain.
    Maj. Gen. Pannipitiya filed a fundamental rights petition challenging his transfer from the post of Commander of Security Forces (East) and order asking him to vacate his present staff quarters at Summit Flats and seeking permission to allow him to retain the vehicles and escorts and other entitlements
    From lankapage.

  62. The complaint against Gen Pannipitiya was some thing about
    1. using a captain to do something regarding his private property
    2. Missusing a Army vehicale for something

    Anyway, those are absurd complaints. Even if they were genuine anybody would agree they are negligeble.
    You falks may remeber it was Gen Fonseka who used his Army satalite phone to call his daughter in USA when he was Vuvniya. The cost was sevaral hundred thousand clsoe to a million. The bill was struck off by the then army commander.
    However this kind of internal politics should not intefere with the more urgent and important matters at hand. This news was promptly grabbed by BBC. Sirasa will follow siute with more juice added.

  63. Agreed Mottapala,
    Thats why I mentioned earlier this is very pathetic situation whoever wrong. Cant these ppl use better way of solving such issues.

  64. defencenet,
    if SL-navy cut off the supplies how the ltte get ammunitions and artillery rounds to fight with SLA.if they didn't receive any supplies for few months they don't have any other option than surrender..??

  65. "We exactly dont know whose right and whose wrong so we really cannot comment on this issue."

    I agree with this. The army commander is very tough (maybe a bit too tough) when dealing with problems inside the army. I know a pretty high ranking officer who was transfered immediately from the area he was commanding because he had to get leave to attend the funeral of a close family member... Apparently the commander hadn't got the full story about it.

  66. If you thought that the BBC was biased in their reporting check this out:

    >Radio Australia

  67. Take a look at this joker. He talks as if he has experienced all this himself:

    "No TV reporters. No UN presence there. No ambassadorial presence there."
    Is he talking about another country now?????

    "Forcing people together when it's shown over a long period of time that they don't have the homogeneity the common DNA to live harmoniously seems to me utter nonsense."
    Oh!!! new biology theory...

    "Over decades there's been maybe or two prosecutions for disappearances for kidnappings, for arbitrary arrests, that sort of thing."
    People are making HR complaints about these 'allegations' everyday right?

  68. Chamal,
    There is much worse..norway is not banning a movie about this LTTE struggle in can bet that the casualties will be all from iraq and the rest of the world.lankatruth

  69. Radio australia report:

    At least eight civilians have been killed by two bombs inside rebel-held territory in northern Sri Lanka.

    The rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam say the military had infiltrated the area and targetted vehicles transporting civilians.

    Earlier this month, the rebels made a similar allegation against the military, holding it responsible for a string of attacks that killed scores of civilians, including children.

    Sri Lanka's military routinely denies carrying out such bomb attacks inside rebel-held territory.



    its not a bias report

    they are reporting on what they know

    1. LTTE has said that SLA did it

    2. SLA has denied

    Defencenet can you confirm if there was a incident or is this a made up story ?

  70. A little googling on Bruce Fein turned up the following:
    Tamilnet: Bruce Fein, the associate deputy attorney general under President Ronald Reagan
    Wikipedia: Fein served as an associate deputy attorney general from 1981 to 1982
    1. Ronald Regan was president from 1981-89. By reading the tamilnet article you get the impression that he (Fein) held that post for the whole 8 years instead of the 1-2 years that he really served.
    2. Notice that where tamilnet uses the word “the” Wikipedia uses “an” which indicates that he was just one of many.
    3. What the hell is an associate deputy attorney general anyway? Seems to be a midrange civil servant position at best.
    4. Again Wikipedia: The website called the "Tamils for Justice" published that they were going to hire the lawyer Bruce Fein to launch a propaganda campaign approving the demand for a separate state by the LTTE: ( ). Bruce Fein started his job by publishing an article in Washington Times on January 29th under the title "Tamil Statehood".

    He is just a lawyer who is paid to handle a PR campaign by the LTTE. And we all know how regard insignificant matters such as ethics and truth when paid to do something. End of story.

  71. @lkdood

    What I meant was not the “facts” stated in the article. I meant how it was worded. They start with “At least eight civilians have been killed by two bombs inside rebel-held territory in northern Sri Lanka.” Then follow up with claim made by the rebels.
    Specially the last one-liner. Notice the word “routinely” . I don’t know maybe I am seeing hidden meanings where there aren’t any. If so my bad.

  72. DefenceNet

    A small typo: "Uliyankulam" should be "Uyilankulam".

  73. LeN reports 8 killed were killed in wanni and they were makkal padei, not civilians.

  74. Qrious said...
    Have you got the news? Two foreign warships are heading for Colombo harbour - one from Indian Navy and one from Maldivian Navy.

    The Maldivians our Sri Lanka's brothers, I mean literally. Their language Dihevi is an off shoot of Sinhala, and they descend from fisherman who came from Sri Lanka. Most of their leading families have studied in Colombo schools. Many of them come to SL for medical treatment. In fact, President Gayoom's father died in Sri Lanka after a lengthy illnes. Most of their military personnel have been trained in SL, and several of their officers are currently enrolled at KDA.

    Because the Maldivian forces captured an important LTTE boat last year (the Indian trawler Sri Krishna, which the LTTE hijacked or purchased from Indian fishermen), and beacuse the Maldivian Govt gave Sri Lanka access to the LTTE detainees (unlike India which refuses to give acess to any LTTE detainees), the Sri lanka Navy was able locate and destroy the LTTE floating warehouses. This is one of the biggest accomplishments in the eelam wars.

    The Maldivian navy is a one or two ship navy, and most of these have been gifted by the Indians. The Indian navy is probably doing a trianing exercise them.

  75. chocnuti,
    It does not matter who bruce is..What the LTTE think is significant is a "white man" belonging to this god IC has taken their side for a fee no doubt..The way LTTE see is this god IC in the UK that protected this muderous filth for 30 it is a big achievement!!

  76. Srilankan said...
    It does not matter who bruce is..What the LTTE think is significant is a "white man" belonging to this god IC has taken their side for a fee no doubt..

    Bruce Fein offered to lobby for Sri Lanka. He even proposed a contract (see copy) but his asking price was US $25,000 per month. This was too steep, and he was turned down. I guess the agents for the other side must have made good on his asking price.

  77. Casc,
    Many thanks for your input.I know we need to have media representation abroad.However at that price..we can build a lot more facilities for our brave troops..for our own people.You will most likely disagree.:):).

  78. Srilankan said...

    bro, I agree with you on this particular matter with regrd to Bruce Fein. He just is a peddler of influence, and US $25K a month is good money going down the drain.

    In terms of the broader picture, the SL Govt needs to be more sophisticated in getting its message out.

  79. CASC,

    The warship news was aimed at only two people - Upul and Shyam.

    The rest of the folks, should read between the lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha, ha, I was just pulling the legs of those two folks; don't take things seriously when said in lighter vein.

  80. A sluice gate seized & tiger command centre destroyed

    (LankaTruth: 28th February 2008 22.10S.L.T )

    Army Troops engaged in operations in the Sinnaodaippu area North of Yoda Wewa (Giant Tank) launched a swift attack on tiger terrorists today (28), at around 6.00 a.m. to secure a sluice gate. This is an important water flow control point in the area.

    In the attack fourteen tiger terrorists were killed and six T-56 assault rifles were recovered. Two soldiers were slightly injured in the attack say security sources.

    Meanwhile, a tiger terrorists’ artillery command centre and an underground bunker located at Kulampaikulam in Palai area, in Jaffna was attacked by SLAF fighter jets at around 11.10 a.m. today.

    Fighter pilots have confirmed that the commanding center in this facility that was heavily fortified was completely destroyed.

  81. Is it true that the pwer devolution is approved by govt..
    for fuck sake man Ranil and all UNPers should be shot in galle face along with all those who accept this blatantly eelamist agreement.

    If the 13th amendment iss implemented eelam will be created with out any troubles and our soldiers would sacrifice there lives for no reason.

  82. Senkadagala Sinhaya

    as i can remember the 13th amendment was approved by the all party committee(includes the current government)

    Mr. Ranil has now agreed to the proposals

    anybody know more info please post

  83. Wroth to read this article.

  84. it's a matter of time till retaliation for the innocent tamil blood spilled, you GOSL ass lickers are gonna start crying!

  85. Thiru please keep on posting man you are providing so much comic relief to us right now, I mean your satire and comedy doubled with the death of 10 more sub humans makes my day.

  86. Gosl arse lickers Thiru shut up man some of us here dont even like Mahinda or his government, you see we love democracy and we have the freedom of choice of wether who should lead our gowernment and we have the choice to hate them as well.
    unlikein the great eelam we are not lucky enough to be lead by totalitarian meat headed psychopathic mass murder.

  87. the 13th amendment is basically like the Versailles treaty for us. extremely unfair

  88. Thiru,
    Keep licking fat pig's rotten ass. must be tasty for you carcass maggots.

  89. Hemantha man stop cussing maggots and pigs for gods sake

  90. By Simon Gardner

    COLOMBO, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's government has the upper hand in a new phase of a 25-year civil war against the Tamil Tigers, but it would be foolish to write the rebels off, experts say.

    After opting to take the war to the rebels and formally scrapping a six-year truce, the government banished Nordic truce monitors who were cataloging violence and accused elements of the military of an aid worker massacre and other rights abuses.

    With no monitors, and a United Nations human rights monitoring mission ruled out by a government increasingly isolated from the international community over human rights and accountability, there are no independent battlefield accounts.

    Instead, the foes are locked in a parallel propaganda war and seen inflating enemy losses and playing down their own.

    The military issues regular statements saying dozens of Tigers have been killed, often for the loss of few if any soldiers. They seldom offer proof or show bodies, saying they have intercepted rebel radio communications.

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who want to carve out an independent state in the north and east and who seem to be increasingly targeting civilians with roadside and suicide bombings across the country, laugh off the tolls.

    Since the start of 2006, a total of 6,486 rebels, 1,196 military personnel and 982 civilians have been killed, the military says, estimating there are now only around 5,000 rebel fighters still alive.


    "One cannot really measure success or failure in the war purely on the strength of the statistics," Athas said. "The death toll figures are meaningless."

    The government says the figures show they are winning.

    "Certainly they reflect the forward march of the forces," said Keheliya Rambukwella, a minister and government defence spokesman, dismissing suspicions that the military is playing down troop death tolls or even dumping bodies.

    The death toll reports help to sustain an aura of confidence President Mahinda Rajapaksa's government is projecting, seen as crucial in the battle to maintain the support of the majority ethnic Sinhalese, who dominate the south.

    Rajapaksa's government has a razor-thin parliamentary majority, and in the topsy-turvy world of Sri Lankan politics and cross-overs that leaves it vulnerable.

    "(The south) bought the argument that one has to defeat terrorism, and they're willing to do the economic sacrifice for it," said Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu of independent think-tank the Centre for Policy Alternatives.

    "But that is only sustained as long as the government will keep demonstrating that victory is both certain and imminent and that sacrifice is worth bearing," he added.

    And that means flying a flag in the de facto rebel capital, Kilinochchi, 205 miles (330 km) northeast of Colombo, he said.

    The stock market slid nearly 7 percent in 2007 due mainly to the conflict, with some businesses shelving investment plans, while tourist arrivals fell 12 percent last year. However tourists are still visiting.

    Compounding matters, the government is struggling to bring down inflation, which at 17.6 percent in January is running at near 17-year highs, while increased defence spending is putting additional pressure on its budget.

    The Tigers continue to mount attacks in the south, launching a spectacular raid on a northern air base using 21 suicide fighters and a homegrown air wing of light aircraft in October.

    But with improved military training and tactics, an armed forces of around 200,000-strong versus Tiger strength estimated at around 5,000-10,000, and superior fire power that includes a clutch of reconditioned fighted jets, some believe the government can utlimately defeat the Tigers militarily.

    But without real political devolution for the minority Tamil community, such military gains could be wasted.

    "I think it's quite clear that at the moment the LTTE is on the back of a very long run of significant military reversals," said a foreign diplomat on condition of anonymity. "The difference really is air power."

    "The army has got the numerical advantage for an attritional campaign ... I really don't see a situation where we suddenly see the Sri Lankan army necessarily defeated. But you could foresee a situation where it becomes bogged down."

    (For more information on humanitarian crises and issues visit (Editing by Bill Tarrant)

    © Reuters 2008 All rights reserved

  91. Senkadagala,
    I didn't see any photographs of the so called civilians killed. According to the news they were killed while traveling on tractors. Considering the body language of LTTE I seriously doubt these were civilians.
    But what I can clearly see is, these shits (Thiru+company) are preparing ground for another mass killing in the south.

  92. Nice article about the latest ground situation

    "The military has now adopted some of the tactics used by the Tigers. For example 11 Light Infantry soldiers led by Lt. Colonel G. Wijesuriya were able to capture a bunker north of Parappakandal in the 58 Division area. The Troops hurriedly removed all the anti-personal mines laid by the Tigers around the bunker and buried them inside the bunker. They then vacated the place and hid nearby (usually troops vacated the LTTE bunkers after capturing and killing the rebels unless the area has been fully secured). But in pursuance of the new tactics adopted, the troops waited. After a few hours a group of more than 10 armed rebels approached the bunker not knowing that the military had infiltrated the area. When the watching troops opened fire at the LTTE cadres they immediately ran into the bunker, where most of them were critically injured and at least eight cadres were killed from the anti-personal mines."

  93. Supreme Court judge Nihal Jayasinghe will be our new high commissioner for Britain. Very good move. Capable people should hold such positions.

  94. Defnet,
    Mahdu shrine mate... SLA advancing from the east right ? Nice move !

    ABt. This Muthusami guysthe police captured...hey boys ,I guess ya know this creep works with KP right ? You want to know anything abt. ltte smuggling this iz THEEE guy ! Who do they think they are fooling ? You wanna know the bank accounts,tiger ships,safe houses in Europe,arms contacts & of all the the money laundering ! This buggert knows it all ! Good job !Now dont let him bribe or use the norwies to get him out !

    Now ARmy Pound them boys .. pound them !

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Many were asking for a map of the Wanni front line. The daily mirror defence column (link given by Casc) includes a good one.
    According to it our forces are trying to encircle Madhu. Not a bad idea.

  97. JVP accuses India of cross-border terrorism


    JVP to oppose devolution move


  98. Guys,

    I cannot understand the disproportionate importance attached to the comments made by white-skinned commentators, journalists and lobbyists by some folks here.

    We all know they have vested interests, yet some want to rub on these analyses on us.

    Are these people especially blessed by the Providence to predict things, which simple mortals like us cannot make out? Else, do they have a speciall channel to divine wisdom which we don't have?

    One folk is quite excited about what this man, Simon Gardner says. So what?

    Is he telling us "Look even Simon Gardner says it, you must change the course of action?" Give the enemy a new lease of life by proxy.

    People have a cynical view about these media men, who come from the west, in their countries. They coined the term 'checque-book-journalism,' not us, for a valid the reason, as we see now.

    News columnists are under tremendous pressure to produce news; any news that catches the attention: I can tell you that these guys are very stressed out; less news means, their jobs are on the line; very frustrated people. That has made them into folks with long noses. We must look at this despicable habit of being nosy, through magnifying glass of media mafia; then only the dangerous trend becomes clear.

    The duty of a journalist is to provide the public with credibe news so that we can trust the infomration and respect the source that where it comes from. When he takes over the role of opinionating the very thing, it loses its value and the profession becomes plagued with cynicism, rivalry, envy and back-stabbing.

    With regard to AP, AFP and BBC, the blatant bias against anything that the democratically-elected government does, is obvious. They do this by ignoring the aspirations of 73% people who happen to be the majority of the country. The people who manage these firms do not understand the consequences of the practice; majority in the country never believe a word they say and it is simple as that.

    One of the basic challenge facing a news organization is how to attract an audience, not to repel it. However, these news organizations that I just mentioned, doing just the opposite.

    I am glad there is a technological equivalent of a predator that eats up the tentacles of this vulgar practice of media mafia: Social networking sites, video-sharing sites and poor bloggers.

    Stone age came to an end, not because we ran out of stones. Likewise, the end of media parasites will dawn on the globe, before they run out the art of manipulation and spin.

  99. maps of the Mannar front line.

    Nothing very fancy here.

    3 maps showing (1) front line map from Daily Mirror, (2) a general area map with names in Sinhala and English (3) A copy of Google Maps showing the Giant Tank

  100. Guys, I totaly agree with qrious. 'Simon Gardner says.... So what. Most of us still seems to have at least subconciously some sort of inferiority conflex as far as the white man is concerned.

    By the way good thing with white man is their country comes first. Best eveidence is this news. Prince Harry has been [is it Harry, I mean the younger one]in Afganistan since last Chrismas and BBC new it all the way. But didn't spill the beans.They even followed him and had intreviews. Whole of the UK was believing Harry was just getting drunk with his friends.
    Look at our media buggers. They would anything for money or a political favour. Country comes lasr in the list.

  101. Regarding the earlier comments about the dispute between Army Commander and Gen Pannipitiya. What I feel is nobody should have absolute power. That includes everybody including MR, Gota, Etc. They are just human biengs.

    I know sevaral instances where Gen Fonseka reprimanded his sub ordinates for menial things. Quite a few good soldiers were made to retire just because they were not merely yes men. I support the supreme court decision. If Gen Pannipitiya is wrong there are ways to deal with it within the excisting laws. [military or otherwise]. Honestly there were lot of injustices within the SL forces under the contest of Military Law.
    But we all should agree that if somebody could end this war it is SF. But it does not justify him having superman status.

  102. Blast In dematagoda or modara area, house checked. jacket found, several cops and civils hurt.

  103. in modara, 3 cops and 3 civils inj.

  104. Suicide blast in Modera
    At least seven people, including some police officers were injured following a suicide blast in a house at Modera a short while ago. Police say the blast occured while a corden and search operation was being conducted in the area.

  105. Police has got themselves injured by exploding a Jacket that an innocent Tamil civilian brought to protect himself from monsoon rain in Colombo.

    If the police did not explode the jacket, it could have prevented so much human rights of the Tamil community who are oppressed by the Sinhalese Buddhist Chouvenist Sri Lankan government.

  106. Daily mirror reporting its a suicide blast ..

  107. There is a talk going on that an Ex tiger after a disappointing visit to East has gone back to London may come to the rescue of the desperate tigers, thus getting Karuna back to their fold once again and Karuna might oblige them, if this person and others put pressure on the authorities here for reprieve. Once a tiger will always be one.

  108. The terrorist that is held in Modara cop shop may be singing from his cell and to stop that, this SB has been activated.

  109. Nolte

    in the same vein, the suicide belt which if allowed to be used wisely, would have saved the necessity to recruit more child soldiers was exploded meaninglessly by the interventionist and colonially motivated sri lankan police , thereby necessitating the recruitment of more child soldiers by the self-appointed liberators of all, the Tamil Tigers...

  110. Long ago, this would be around the mid 1990's, the LTTe sent in around 20 suicide bombers to Colombo within a short period of time. However this information leaked and a rather controversial top military (SF) commander was handed the job of finding them. At the time i believe they were recieving interrogation training from the Israelis and to cut a long but very interesting story short, they found one of the controllers of the group within a few days. The rest died within 48 hours.

    There are many stories of Sri Lanka's fight against suicide terror which may never be told. In times of solitary contemplation I strive to look into the minds and solus of these youger folks who embark on such adventures on both sides; one to kill and die for an idea, the other to stop such people at risk to their lives, and find a strange sadness that haunts me for days.

  111. ..and then I think..fck 'em, they are terrorists anyway..and that helps.

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  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.


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