Saturday, February 9, 2008

DefenceNet : 1 Year

On the 10th of February 2007, DefenceNet officially went online with the posting of our first article. It's been an year since then and a lot has happened during this time.


As most of you may already know, DefenceNet is a site dedicated to the revelation and discussion of news related to the military conflict between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). When we started back in 2007, our primary objective was to create a site that centered on news on the armed conflict without false propaganda or petty politics. Initially it started out as an experiment. We didn't know where it would go and we didn't have any experience with maintaining a weblog. Above all, given the time and connectivity constraints, we weren't sure if we would actually be able to pull this off.


DefenceNet recorded an explosive growth on the number of visitors , from less than a hundred per day in Feb 2007 to several thousand unique visitors per day by 2008.


As evident from the comments sections that are buzzing with activity, a great community has been built around DefenceNet. You may have noticed that usually our readers update on breaking news stories even before we do; need we say more of their activity?

Our policy on comments

  • Comments involving racist remarks - We have a zero tolerance policy on comments with racist remarks. If you post such, we will have no choice but to ban you from DefenceNet.
  • Comments that act as flamebait- Some users repeatedly post comments which have no basis, involve a lot of misinformation and/or fabrication, or have no relationship to the main theme of the blog; military activities in Sri Lanka. If we think that your comment falls under any of these categories, we may delete it without warning.

Your rights

DefenceNet is a blog and we use it as a platform to make our views available to the world. 

There are a number of free services that allow users to create and maintain blogs even without any technical knowledge. (Ex- Blogger, Wordpres, etc). If you find a lot of your comments getting deleted or find that your rights are being violated by our draconian laws, you have an alternative. You can create your own blog and express your views there so that you will be harassed no more by our axe of censorship. Mail us with your blog address to contact[dot]DefenceNet[at]gmail[dot]com and we will help you increase your traffic by offering a direct link to your blog from DefenceNet.

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Final thoughts

We would like to thank all our readers/partners for being with us throughout the year and and helping DefenceNet move forward. Your suggestions and criticism is always welcome. You may contact us through contact[dot]DefenceNet[at]gmail[dot]com or simply drop a comment. We apologize for any delay in replying as we don't always have access to Internet.

Finally we wish that there will be peace in Sri Lanka when we mark our second anniversary!


  1. happy birthday
    and great job
    you helped many people understand the real situation in sri lanka so well done and thank you

  2. Congratulations and a Happy Birth Day to DN.

    Thank you for the service!

  3. Congrats defencenet on the 1 year anniversary, keep up the good work!

  4. DN-
    Suba Upann Dennayake..
    Many Happy Returns..

    Keep up the good work...



    keep up the good work

    Defencenet guys

    Special gift from me :)


    *press LINK and then press play*

  6. Before you came there was a big vacuum of defence related discussions. So you started a new trend (original idea). Now there is defencewire and there would be some more soon. Well done defencenet.
    But most importantly, please think of ways of improving the quality of the blog. Thats the way forward. I wish many fold increase of visitors to defencenet this year.

  7. Happy Birthday Defence Net!

    May your WebBlog enlighten many millions of readers with the global truth behind Elam war and may the sun-goat and his clan find shelter under the next rain of SLAF bombardment.

    Happy Journey and thank you for your great service!

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  9. DefenceNet

    Happy birthday for a job well done.

  10. Happy Birthday DefenceNet.

    But I don't want to wish you long life. Hope you'll be able stop writing this blog before next birthday.

    I don't mean any bad... I hope our brave soldiers will finish this shitty war and crush these bloody terrorists out before your next birthday.

    Then you don't have anything to write...

  11. Happy birthday DN....
    May you stay only one year for defence matters in SL (wish this war will be not in 2009) then you can start something worth for the country...

  12. Wish you all the best DefenceNet . you are doing a great job by providing acurate picture in the Battle field . this is really can be considered as counter terrorisam effort . so no longer LieNet dictate with their usual lies . because of you guys know the real truth when even sometimes govenment media also not so reliable

  13. Take a bow DN.A job well done indeed !!!!keep it up !!!

  14. DefenceNet,
    A very happy birthday.May the number of visitors to your blog increase exponentially!!

  15. Congrats DefNet! You certainly have arrived in the big league. By the way, your wishes for an enduring peace may yet dawn in Sri Lanka eventually once the wanni munkies have been creamed. If you ask me, peace is boring. It's so much more fun to shoot at tamil terrorists !! Oh well, that's me.

    By the way, would you be so good as to post some detailed maps of the areas that our chaps are shooting 'em up please? Not that we really care for all that miles and miles of bloody bugger-all, but seems nice to know. That way we can look up these places on Google maps and have a laugh...

    Also, surprisingly there didn't seem to be any local reportage abt a MI training being given in India to some of our senior chaps. Maybe its easier to keep it secret so that the T'nadu nattami's don't get their amude's in a twist and strangle their withered balls...
    THey say that's how they 'self-motivate' to 'feel for the brother monkeys on the other side of the Palk straits'. Wonder why they even bother, to go by the number of 'thwarts'referred to in the tamilnut, the munkies should be winning this war.
    When this is all over, we are gonna be so sorry. It will definitely be sooo difficult to find a good servant.

  16. Happy Birth day DN. Many of my friends visit the site after I told them [UK, US].

    Great job. Keep it up!

  17. I dont think its just the servant problem that Tropicalstorm..has in mind..who said something about tangachchis?:):)

  18. All-
    Let's see what would be the comments number with well deserved birth day wishes...
    If every reader submit the wish I'm sure it would go over 1000 mark.

  19. No words to tell. Job well done !!!

    Your work is superb and I think ppl will all over the world will very much appreciate it.

    I don't know is there any room for improve this blog.

    Keep it up.

  20. Happy Birthday DefenceNet!

    When I get up every morning, even before my morning cup of tea, I switch on my computer and visit the usual sites for the latest news (not only because of Ealan War IV, I’ve been doing this for years!). After a while, it became a pain as I had to trawl through a lot of sites to get the correct picture. Then I discovered DefenceNet :)

    Now the first site that I look at is DefenceNet, then if I have time I may checkout!

    Keep up the good work!!

    I thank DefenceNet for coming up with an original idea and all the usual suspects for contributing to DefenceNet, all together DefenceNet has become a must-read for any true Sri Lankan!

  21. DefenceNet,

    Happy Birthday and many congratulations..!

    And also best wishes for your second year..!

  22. Well done Defencenet. Grate job. You will be proud of yourself oneday.

    Never forget;

    1) Never forget the begening; some people do in the success and finaly find desaster at the end.

    2) Please make sure you always report 100% accurate, 100% verified news and only that.

    3) Don't worry about the speed; human beings always try to be faster and faster in every thing but at the end waht matters is not the speed, what you did. Don't try to beat any one; Being accurate is the key point even if you are late.

    4) Many jounerlists fool people with grammer (ex.LeN,TN) for their advantage. i.e. Use langauge in such a way to report true thing with buldozing their veiw (whic is not a fact) trickily.

    NOTE: Above things are not complaints but some advice in advance from a reader to a rising blog.

    5) Finally, I am sure you guys are able and will go forward from the blog and do grate service to our country.

  23. Clinton campaigners return funds raised by ex TRO organizer
    -The Island

    That's a good first step.

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  25. wish you a HAPPY B'DAY D-Net !!!

    We have the trust in your unbiased work. Keep it up towards future. Lets help our mother land together as true patriots.

    A BIG THANK .....

  26. Congratulations... Keep up the good work..!

    I'm wondering what happened to our friends Golden Eagle and Tangara.

    Haven't seen them lately here.

  27. Guys,
    Please read the defence column of "The Nation" (if you have time). Very informative.

  28. Happy Birth Day!!
    Many Happy Returns!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  29. The country is at war,
    With an outfit that is in disarray,
    As truth is in casualty list too,
    Patriots longed for a forum,
    That gives facts not fabrication;
    What came out of the blue,
    With little fanfare, yet in style
    Was our beloved Defencenet,
    Fullfilling a mission that's
    Noble in its outlook and beyond;
    As a humble player in a team,
    I wish it Happy Birthday!!!

  30. Happy Birthday!! Keep up good work.

  31. I've been reading this blog for the past year as a lurker.
    While thanking DN for a great job during the past year and sucess in future, I would also like to thank fellow bloggers for their valuable comments.
    Hope we'll see an end to this conflict before DN's 2nd b'day.

    ps. What would DN do after the war is over?
    Rename its blog as DateNet? (still DN)
    Then what would Shyam et al come here and whine about? Maybe not enough good looking guys around? ha ha :)

  32. Good day to all...

    This is one excellent blog/forum community building up.

    Depending on my success in getting online via my laptop, my portal (blog) will be updated.

    The next upcoming story will be titled an overview of Thambimuttus. This is a code word used by the seperatist Tamil Tigers for one of their key weapons against the Sri Lankan Government forces. Stay tuned at:

    Meanwhile I have a proposition for the administrators of this community. I am thinking of adding maps onto my portal for the reference of the Sri Lankan conflict enthusiasts. Please feel free to add them up onto this portal as well. Further the coverage the better is my opinion.

    Finally have you thought of putting this portal up at

    worth considering :-)

    Take care all...

  33. Congratulations on a job well done (but not yet completed).

    This blog has gone from strength to strength, and is a very authoritive, if not the most, source for accurate information on the conflict.

    I wish you continued success in this blogs future evolution.

    Here's to the future, and hopefully we will be discussing the LTTE's demise this time next year ;-)


  34. Happy birthday and congratulations! You're doing a wonderful job here. Thank you for the great service...

  35. Happy anniversary to Defence net.

  36. happy birthday!!!!!!!!

    many happy returns of the day!!!!

    you have done wonderfull job keep it up>.............

  37. Cakeboy,

    Your analysis are long due on current matters!

  38. Happy Birthday Defencenet!
    I have been reading this blog for about half an year and it has always helped me to get the real situation of the country, instead of going for the extreme views of the government and LTTE sites

  39. Guys,
    Check this out:

    Both sides seem to be relying heavily on snipers these days....maybe trying to say 'you're not the only one who has snipers, we have them too'

  40. **!!**!!**
    Happy Birthday Dear DN !!!!
    Well done and Thanks too!

  41. I wish you all the success to DN,

    Happy Birth Day

    Thanks a lot for the exallent service extended during the past year

  42. Thanks for the great work you ppl doing here (DN + all community members)!!!

    Hope we can change the name 'defencenet' to 'developmentnet' and discuss North and East development activities by your next next birthday!!!

  43. Congradulations on a job well done!

    Keep up the good work!

  44. Happy Birth Day DN ! Keep up the good work !

  45. Congratulations on the first anniversary. Hope this defence net blog will evolve into a wider blog than merely a defence blog in the very near future.

  46. Guys as i promised I have translated the threads done in tamil by puli, boss, shyam and co..Defencenet you too have a good look at them and decide for yourselves whether it is worthy to allow them to publish their opinions anymore.

    To shyam, puli,BOSS AN CO...

    I take great pleasure in translating what they wrote

    Puli said...
    Boss and Shyam,
    Moattu singalavanukku oru pundaiyum vilangaathu. Adi poattaal thaan vilangum!

    February 9, 2008 12:07 AM

    "Foolish sinhalese doens't understand a thing( its vulgar language). They will understand if we hit them"

    the boss said...
    3 mathattil sinkala raanovam suma 5-6 kilometer pidittuviddo periya condartam. jayasikkuru madri sanal addi powdonum.

    February 9, 2008 12:13 AM
    "Yes, in three months they have captured just 5-6 km and celebrating. must give pounding like they had in jayasikurui"

    the boss said...
    saniyan-singhalavar adampen vilonde madri kataikkurankal. anal 1 kilometer tan kaipartijirurkarkal.

    sorry if u dont understand very well.
    I live in west and only lived my first 2 years of my life in SL.

    February 9, 2008 12:18 AM

    "Moosalayoo(I dont know the englsih word.. They are talking as if the entire adampan is captured. But they have advanced only 1km

    Puli said...
    Proud of u my friend!
    Thamileelathilai ungalukku irukkira aarvam perumai pada vaikkuthu!
    Poruthirundu paarungo.. ivai kuyyo muraiyo endu oattam pidikka pohinam. antha oru kilometer kathiyum pachca poi maathiri irukku. naan nambikkaiyaana idaththila visaarichanaan. avaikku sanal adiyaam. paappam. ulla vandu adivaangina kathai ellam avaikku maranthittuthu pola :-))

    February 9, 2008 12:35 AM

    (take this... this shows them they are not ltte supportes but actual ltte.)

    i am proud of you my friends.. when I think of how much u desire tamil eelam..... after some bull shit he says They forgotten how they got beaten up. Let them come inside.

    Guys Now read for yourselves and decide for yourself.

  47. Happy B'Day To You..
    Happy B'Day To You..
    Happy B'Day Dear DNet....

    Happy B'Day To You

    Umma umma ummma...... :))

  48. Riyaz,
    Many thanks for your translation and hardwork done for our benefit on your part.These guys are just enjoying their past glory.I just hope we have learned our lessons well.Time is becoming significant for the good people in the north because at this rate i dont want us to liberate corpses.However the army HAS TO stick to its OWN PLAN.

  49. Earlier,
    in order get some extra knowledge related to Defence Issues, Iqbal Athas helped us by his weekly defence columns.
    But after Defencenet is in action, we realized how foolish is this Pigbal Athas is.

    Good Idea, Well Done, Keep it up !!

  50. Congratulations and Many Happy Returns, DefenceNet. I am one of the many 'silent' readers of your Blog. The professional manner in which you administer your site plus the high quality of it's contributions have in my opinion made it one of the very few truly credible sources of information pertaining to such matters.During times of 'fast-changing events', I find myself logging in at least every 15 minutes for reliable updates.
    Please keep up the good-work. When peace finally dawns on our Motherland,as it must, the usefulness of your Blog is bound to continue - maybe in a slightly different direction.

  51. I wish you all the best on this day, and really hope you will do a wonderful service by providing true picture of our war. keep up the good work guys.

  52. Thank you Defencenet for the service.May you have energy to go for another fantastic year.

  53. If defencenet don't know tamil better avoid it. It doesn't make sense to use langauges which bolg admin can't understand. Everyone use english here (even though some including me are not very good in it) so DN may make english as the communication language here.

  54. congrats DN,

    keep up the good work and we will be with u to help u continue the superb job ... thnx mate for the service....

  55. Happy B'day Defencenet....

    You are a great blogger...

    Keep up the good work .....

    You make all the DI-ASS-PORA "Mandayo" nude....

  56. Happy B’day DefenseNet!

    Indeed, you have been successful in creating a robust, vibrant forum for bloggers to contribute their perspectives vis-à-vis the Sri Lanka’s ongoing horrific war against the LTTE terrorists by discussing angles from a largely military concentric standpoint – and I must say a special “Thank You “for enabling me to contribute to that discourse.

    Next hope at your next B’day, we will be discussing things like:

    • What a democratically vibrant city Killinochchi has become with all ethnic groups pulling together to turn it into a “northern vibrant business hub.”

    • What a marvelous enterprise SLDF has turned itself into, whereby SLDF officers and soldiers who have had the best-in-class experience fighting jungle/urban terrorist warfare over 30 years are now providing a “consultant” services to all democracies in the world that are in need of such expertise and the amount of foreign exchange revenue that this enterprise is bringing to the country

    • How marvelously the ex-baby brigade LTTE’rs who surrendered are currently being rehabilitated with real good promise for their assimilation into our society as proud “Sri Lankans”

    • The latest discovery of hordes of skeletons in the thick Vanni jungles of believed to be LTTE honchos who were liquidated by the DPU or SLAF bunker busters, but somehow eluded discovery until now - by SLDF “de-mining” and “Jungle clean-up” teams.

    • etc. etc.


    OaO Asithri

  57. Happy Birthday Defencenet!

    Thanks for opening this portal on the web that gives us a more correct picture regarding defence matters.

    Keep up the good work, keep improving and make our motherland proud!

  58. Interesting...

    Clinton campaign drops pro-LTTE contributors

    Last week US presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign officials decided to drop several key pro-LTTE activists’ names from their election fund contributors’ list, who launched the ‘Tamils for Clinton’ fund-raising event last December.

    The Clinton camp took this decision after the Sri Lankan anti-LTTE lobby groups exposed and informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US State Department and other federal authorities about several of the Hillary Clinton fund contributors having direct links with the LTTE.

    After the FBI release, entitled, Taming the Tamil Tigers last month, the Clinton campaign had been facing tremendous pressure to drop pro-LTTE activists’ names from their fund contributors’ list and remove them from campaign activities.

    The FBI last month branded the LTTE as the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world, which has assassinated two world leaders — the only terrorist organisation to do so. The LTTE is believed to have inspired terrorist outfits like the al-Qaeda, the FBI report said.

    In New Jersey, last December, pro-LTTE groups under the name ‘Tamils for Clinton’ had launched an open fund-raising appeal for US presidential Clinton. This fund-raiser was led by two pro-LTTE activists who organised the LTTE Great Heroes’ Day meeting in New Jersey last year.

    Sri Lankan anti-LTTE groups told The Nation that they strongly believed Democratic presidential hopeful Clinton’s Guardian Unlimited interview and the the pro-LTTE group’s appeal to contribute to the Clinton campaign had a direct link.

    Meanwhile, The Nation learns that Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry officials are also keenly monitoring the involvement of pro-LTTE elements in the Clinton campaign.

    In a controversial interview with Guardian Unlimited, Clinton said one could not “lump all terrorists together.”
    “We’ve got to do a much better job of clarifying what are the motivations, the raisons d’être of terrorists. I mean, what the Tamil Tigers are fighting for in Sri Lanka, or the Basque separatists in Spain, or the insurgents in al-Anbar Province may only be connected by tactics. They may not share all that much in terms of what is the philosophical or ideological underpinning,” she said in the interview.

    source: The Nation

  59. Sandun,

    Thanks for the article.

    There is another very good article by Prof.Nalin De Silva. You can find it here,

    I always ask the question from my Tamil colleagues, "what are the problems you have where other ethnics in Sri Lanka don't have"

    This qustion always halt their conversations regarding Tamil issue in Sri Lanka.....

  60. Guys if you haven't visited Dayata Kirula I suggest that you do so immediately since today is the last day. All in all the military exhibits are excellent . I never realized the mk84 is so massive. VP must have shitted hell of a lot to get away from it, must have lost some weight as well in the process :> . They have a very interesting exhibit at the Navy Compound a must see.

  61. Happy B'day! and Many Thanks! DefenceNet, for providing stunning articles about Sri Lanka's defence /offense against the dark arts of LTTE.

    This blog really took the debate of SriLanka's conflict to greater levels where it also helps people to Crush False Propaganda and claims with no-basis, coming from MAD Terrorists Supporters.

    Keep up the good work and we are with you always!

  62. Happy B'day DefenceNet,

    Keep up the great job you guys have been doing. Best of luck

  63. Riyaz,

    Thank you buddy for the great translation. You did a great job.Keep up your good work! your translation is better than their original versions.

    Now shyam, puli,BOSS;

    What is next? You are loosing in every corner. I assumed you accepted my job offer for you: Digg & dump fallen Wanni buddies.

    Puli said...
    Boss and Shyam,
    Moattu singalavanukku oru pundaiyum vilangaathu. Adi poattaal thaan vilangum!
    "Foolish sinhalese doens't understand a thing( its vulgar language). They will understand if we hit them"

    -puli, sounds you admitted LTTE is beaten up everyday and you wish & dream Tiger one day will beat us.Is this what you once called "Militiristic masterbation"?

    the boss said...
    3 mathattil sinkala raanovam suma 5-6 kilometer pidittuviddo periya condartam. jayasikkuru madri sanal addi powdonum.
    "Yes, in three months they have captured just 5-6 km and celebrating. must give pounding like they had in jayasikurui"

    - we decide when to attack and how to attack. Why so impatient? Wait till lions march into Vanni, you will soon smell the lion shits in tiger dens.

    the boss said...
    saniyan-singhalavar adampen vilonde madri kataikkurankal. anal 1 kilometer tan kaipartijirurkarkal.

    sorry if u dont understand very well. I live in west and only lived my first 2 years of my life in SL.

    -Boss you were not in your father's testies when the sun-goat committed first murder who is a tamil. Why you have to worry about this war? You know nothing about so called tamil oppression. If your blood is thicker than water then stick your finger in puli's ass. Bcos he has a pain in the ass and he is very proud of you(read next line what puli said).

    Puli said...
    Proud of u my friend!
    Thamileelathilai ungalukku irukkira aarvam perumai pada vaikkuthu!
    Poruthirundu paarungo.. ivai kuyyo muraiyo endu oattam pidikka pohinam. antha oru kilometer kathiyum pachca poi maathiri irukku. naan nambikkaiyaana idaththila visaarichanaan. avaikku sanal adiyaam. paappam. ulla vandu adivaangina kathai ellam avaikku maranthittuthu pola :-))

    i am proud of you my friends.. when I think of how much u desire tamil eelam..... after some bull shit he says They forgotten how they got beaten up. Let them come inside.

  64. First of all thanks everyone for the wishes and suggestions. it is your enthusiasm that motivates us to move forward. Once again, thanks.

    good job with the translation. We already knew what they were yapping about (Maybe puli and co. thought they were speaking in a secret code which no one else knew, but sad to say that code was broken many years ago).

    This was why we replied in that thread:

    “Moattu singalavanukku oru pundaiyum vilangaathu. Adi poattaal thaan vilangum!”

    And you call this not racist? Don’t come here whining that your posts got deleted and swearing you didn’t use”that word” next time.

    February 9, 2008 8:26 AM "

    Puli was the one who kept swearing (he/she/it) wasnt a racist and we deleted (his/her/its) innocent comments.



    "Puli said...

    What do you exactly mean by 'baseless'?
    If the fundamentals of my opinion are different from yours, then would you consider them baseless?
    On what basis did you remove my previous comments, may I ask? Please state of they were, in your opinion, racist or baseless?

    February 6, 2008 2:18 PM"



    "Puli said...

    I posted a pro-tamil view. Does that mean my comment has to be removed?
    Why are you keeping the good people from hearing alternative views? Your actions are very similar to that of the LTTE! LTTE does not allow dissent. You dont allow alternative view, let alone dissent. why is this?

    February 4, 2008 2:33 PM"


    "Puli said...

    Mine is not a racist blabber. Just because it is usually said one point can not be seen as wrong, could it be? In that case just because one usually blames the LTTE for ALL the bomb blasts in Colombo can we safely assume its wrong and remove the posts talking about it? The truth remains that the Tamil civilians are getting killed at the hands of the Joint Forces. I'm surprised that you branded that as a racial blabber!

    February 4, 2008 3:04 PM"


    Puli said...

    Well,so are the Joint Security forces. They are not a race too.
    Besides I never implied comments about LTTE being removed on racial grounds.I spoke about right or wrong.
    In any event, I questioned your criteria of branding a comment as racial, because I feel the word racist is used in place of the word 'alternative' in your books.

    February 4, 2008 3:34 PM"


    Puli said...

    I deny that. I never said Sinhalese killing Tamils. I said forces.

    February 4, 2008 3:55 PM"


  65. Congrats,Defencenet!! keepit rockin! ohye..

    Thanks for the reply in the previous thread..

    However,just a small concern..

    ".are they 100% new?..or secondhand?."

    We'd rather not talk about the deal or the parties involved here.

    well..can i ask why??

    Hmm...,sounds pretty fishy to me..coz i got a confirmation from an SLAF officer @ BMICH,that these F-7's were indeed Brand new,just rolled off the factory!!(maybe he was just kiddin me,who knows)..coz one armored corps guy i spoke to confirmed the existence of BMP-3 IFV's's,in our armour inventory,while another denied such..very fishy,dont't u think?? :} :]

  66. renegade,
    "well..can i ask why??

    Because that information has still not been revealed (as far as we know) and we are not sure if the LTTE is aware of it or not. We wouldn't like to take the chance.

    We got 6 F-7Gs. And thats confirmed.





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