Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Contact with Water Jet lost after sea battle

In our previous article we reported about the extraordinary sea battle that took place yesterday in the seas off Thalaimannar. Two vessels of the Sri Lanka Navy suddenly came under fire when they tried to investigate a large number of fishing boats docked in the Thalaimannar region. It is now believed that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) launched the attack after mingling in with the Indian fishermen who had illegally entered the Sri Lankan territorial waters.

SLN command has lost contact with one of its Water Jets following the sea battle. 7 SLN personnel are Missing in Action (MIA). SLN sources claim that it is unlikely that the tigers captured the vessel. LTTE casualties are not known.


  1. "Two vessels of the Sri Lanka Navy suddenly came under fire"
    How come the other vessel doesn't know what happened to the one that is MIA? Surely they would have seen that?

  2. Chamal, most probably it was sunk. The whole incident was bizzare.

  3. Defencenet,
    Can just small arms fire sink a water jet? (And it's very fast right? But if they didn't even return fire why couldn't they get away fast enough.....)

  4. Chamal, they may have used rpg. They were investigating distress signal when they got attacked it seems. That could be the reason for delayed reaction. Not much detail available regarding the incident

  5. I think its time the terrorist are dealt a bit more harder. I am sure the defence strategist have a plan. Its time those plans are put into action sooner than later. I wish our forces best of luck.

    Long live SRI LANKA!!!!!

  6. Defencenet, guys

    very bizzare indeed

    if you are fired upon
    you return fire

    otherwise you get killed :(

    there must be a investigation

  7. Its best to ignore boss and other ltte sympathisers in this blog than wasting anytime to answer their comments. They are just here to provoke and I see no point even looking at their comments.

  8. DN could you please more details when you have time, maybe matara ayya or some other genuine person can give some details. It is really unfortunate indeed if its true! Hope we can salvage the water jet!!

  9. Boss,

    "i go to sleep, wake up and BOOM there i have it. Right in front of my face."

    You think the LTTE live the easy life in wanni? Army LRRP are constantly attacking them in their own territory...only difference is that they don't get publicized & they don't target civilians. (Eg: On the day that tamilnut claimed -falsely- they hit a civilian bus in Madu, it has now been reported that they have carried out an attack on a truck. These kind of minor attacks are not reported, but the damage still counts) If you think LTTE can get the upperhand by carrying out some cowardly attacks, it's about time you think again

  10. Is this what West called innovative terrorism of LTTE. Bullshit! Again LTTE showed its babarism by attacking the FAC who came for help. Indian Navy cant get away with this. India should arrest those fishermen who involved in the incident. Next time SL navy should fire upon who ever attack them. Who ever (Indian fishermen/ LTTE suppoters) trespass SL boundaries should be arrested or shoot upon after warning or SL navy should lay more sea mines. Tamil Nadu should not interfere srilanka's internal affairs.

    Check on this article on Asian Tribune with radar graphis pic of around 400 indian fishing boats.


  11. LTTE has created another story to carry on their propaganda

    Sri Lanka Air Force strikes UN compounds, environs in Ki'linochchi

    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 05 February 2008, 12:38 GMT]
    Two civilians were killed and two wounded Tuesday between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m. when Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombed a suburb of Ki'linochchi town, firing air burst bombs over the area near the UNICEF office near Kandasamy temple. A hostel of UNDP and UNHCR staff workers was damaged in the attack.

    Six bombs were fired by two bombers.

  12. GaalleMalli-
    Aggreed, Indian navy should have some explanation to do.

  13. If the IPC was hit by multiple RPG rounds, she might be beyond salvage/repair.

    The use of RPG (especially @ night) shows how close the boats were, even though the RPG has a range up to 1000m it is used effectively up to 300~400m on moving targets...to do so and score hits at night and from an unstable platform like a fishing boat might indicate that the IPC was close as around 200m or less.

  14. @perein

    thanks for sharing

    how can indians go fishing in Sri lanka ?
    can Sri lankans go fishing in indians waters ?

  15. War in Sri Lanka is the Legacy left by the European Colonialism.
    Sri Lanka is the world's greatest learning lab for Countering Terrorism.
    - Dr.Peter Leitner

    He is also a Senior Fellow and Professor with the Center for Advanced Defense Studies responsible for Terrorism, Intelligence, and Cyber War issues.

    Dr.Leitner has over 30 years of Federal service in a variety of national security positions including 21 years in the Department of Defense. He has testified numerous times before the US Congress and he holds a Doctorate from the University of Southern California and four Master's degrees as well. Dr.Leitner's in-depth study and understanding about the country's Separatist Conflict has brought the attention and admiration of many Sri Lankans who are living in and out of Sri Lanka.

  16. Those pictures show a very large group of boats! How did they get here avoiding all the indian navy, coastguard patrol boats and radar?
    And if our navy saw these boats, didn't they try to go and arrest them with a larger and more capable force than 2 waterjets (If they needed help, that could be done next.....they are in our territory after all)

  17. lkdood-
    I think more importantly what we need to look at is how can Indian fishermen play a part in LTTE attack!!!
    How can we get Indian Navy to help us too.

  18. Defencenet, Whats the hot news about aerial attack in Jafna? reported in the earlier thread by sri lankan at 6.20 odd? is there any truth. Can anyone verify this?

  19. Srilankan said...
    boling hot news..
    The aircraft carrier..
    Tamil EElam priphaharan has just launched an ariel assault again jaffna..with 2 entire fighter wings..

    February 5, 2008 6:29 PM

    Is there any truth in this? can DN give us correct details?

  20. "Is there any truth in this? can DN give us correct details?"
    He's joking riyaz... LTTE don't have an aircraft carrier.

  21. They chose to attack; the logic is pretty simple - the navy was very thinnly spread yesterday, engaging itself in other countless mission.


    You said something about fishing out information from other sites; I think you forgot everything with www is public domain; of course we fish in Tiger sites, but don't swallow the stuff like you do. We expose it so that other bloggers can comment on it.

  22. Riyaz,

    He was not serious. LTTE doesn't have any aircraft carriers or fighter jets.

  23. Something fishy going on in Tamil Nadu.

    When will this war end? Hurry up and take out LTTE leaders and give a legitimate political package to Tamils. Win their hearts and minds.

    Develop the EAST now to set a good example.

    And please attack K-point ASAP. What is preventing SLN/SLDF from attacking this skinny piece of land and taking out the artillery bunkers?

  24. Thank god, I think the next time tiger toy planes hit the air it should be sent underground eelaam to meet TS. Enough playing around with those toys.

  25. @riyaz....

    I don't have any news source about navy activities.So cannot confirm anything.

    I can only say at CFA time Indian boats cross over the international water boarders quite regularly and sometimes even drinking king coconuts in sri lankan land. There is a nonstop fight between indian and srilankan fishermen.They are shouting to each other, arguing ...ect. nothing serious.

    But sri lankan fishermen cannot even cross the boarders. If that happened indian coast guards are quick to response and some times indian navy.Then sri lankan fishermen take to the indian jails. fishermen called it "channai living hell".

  26. Riyaz,
    Only a joke youngman.MY sincere apologies.

  27. @Riyaz/guys

    some people are posting jokes here LOL!

    even India has i believe 1 aircraft carrier

    USA has the most
    (pls. correct me if i'm wrong)

    they are super expensive

    someday i hope i could get on one for real :)

    check out these 2 videos !



  28. Guys,
    Check this out:
    Someone called Upul has commented there...... is it the upul here? Anyway he has some interesting ideas.

  29. Our sincere hope is the vanni lands are retaken soon, especially push from the mannar side. Something inside me says once our forces create a hole in ltte defence it will soon start to fall like a pack of cards.

    I dream of that day we could travel to north as we freely do in south. How many of us in this blog could tell "I've seen the north with my own eyes". Our forces have the ability and determination to make this dream come true.

    Lets be united to end this war and give a reasonable solution to innocent tamils, since they are our brothers and sisters too.

    Lets build the SRI LANKAN identity rather than basing ourselves on religion, nationality etc. let us be SRI LANKANS!!!

  30. Riyaz:

    Lets build the SRI LANKAN identity rather than basing ourselves on religion, nationality etc. let us be SRI LANKANS!!!



    i agree with you 100%

  31. what's wrong with assuming that LTTE has an aircraft carrier, because according to some people here, they got:
    1) MI24's they got from bribing russians
    2) Kfirs (they seem to have captured them in mid air)
    3)F16 (which they even provided pictures of)
    4) MBML - Muli Barreled ****** Launcher
    5) Nuclear Weapons

    did I leave anything out?

  32. 'i go to sleep, wake up and BOOM there i have it. Right in front of my face.'

    The Boss, A.K.A Upul

    This is a defence issue related blog.

    We would be greatly appreciative if you did not describe your homosexual experiences last night with other coolie LTTE faggots ejaculating on your face, on this site.

    please go to suicidaltamilfaggots.com for that

    thank you


  33. Hot news for you

    see what will happen in future.

    LTTE has decided to change the official web site since someone has hacked it. Here is the link for new web site.


  34. cakeboy,

  35. 'i go to sleep, wake up and BOOM there i have it. Right in front of my face.'
    Cakeboy this is wut they do in canada it's their job and since they are forced to send 70% of their earnings to LTTE to stop the threatning that thier relatives might face from LTTE in nothern province, they need to perform their job without even having a proper sleep. pls forgive these ppl they are been continuesly tortured by foreigners just for few dollars... we shud forgive these poor souls

  36. Looks like the last comment by 'upul' was made by the fake 'upul'.
    Both of you get out of here......

  37. Defencenet, didn't they try to capture a Waterjet earlier, could this have been a ploy to do the same, get the jet to come in close to the 'stricken' trawler then capture it? Would navy protocols allow for such a scenario to occur?

  38. Fresh fighting in Sri Lanka kills 20 rebels, 2 soldiers, military says


  39. Defencenet,

    I don't get it, did an Indian fishing boat fire RPGs at a FAC and now the FAC and 7 on board are MIA?

    Some reports suggest its a water jet (which in a IPC if I'm not mistaken).

    Is it normal for 400 odd Indian fishing boats to cross into our water the same time?

    Also, did we remove the mines?

  40. Defencenet/guys

    i'm confused

    Waterjet is also known as a Dvora ??

    or it is some different type ???

  41. Tangara,mate

    Whats with the 6 new F-7's?..do you know what version are they..hope its the advanced "MG" version.that the pakis & chinese are jointly developing..anyways,hope the Mig-29 deal has been cancelled..hope u can confirm or clarify this??..

  42. lkdood,
    a waterjet is a smaller naval craft,compared to the more bigger Dvoras..whereas a dvora is able to operate in the seas(not ocean),& can withstand bigger sea waves,waterjets cannot..also waterjets generally carry between around 5-6 crew,whereas a dvora can carry upto 30+.also dvoras are much heavily armed,compared to waterjets which carry only a few heavy machine guns,like 12.7mm & 7.62mm..dvoras also have a very advanced sensor system,with night-vision trackers,etc,wheras waterjets have none..

  43. maha,
    these days i remember when the LTTE were "very soft spoken good fellows" not to mention the IC's darlings..in the late 70-80s..and the articles in these trashy newspapers...people were getting butchered left right and centre..and after this buchery you have some faggot of a minister visiting the area and doing nothing to help the victims except perhaps a "you are very bad LTTE" vocal statement.and the diasphora having dinner parties where the main joke was the forces..at least now things hve changed for the better.

  44. @ Defencenet,
    What is your comment on this news,

  45. speaking about incestuous fantasies..i think the conscripted LTTE cadres at the front are the most versed in this particular area according to the letter of a dead female tiger..

  46. Riyaz said

    "Lets build the SRI LANKAN identity rather than basing ourselves on religion, nationality etc. let us be SRI LANKANS!!!"

    Very nicely said Riyaz. I completely agree with you

  47. Funny how the NGO's have kept quiet about the latest massacres of innocent civillians..... The same human rights groups which are quick to jump up and down whenever someone is killed in the North and East allegedly by the SLA forces..

    Here's some contact details for these worthies if you wish to contact them to ask why

    OHCHR (louise arbours bunch) local representative


    or you can pose a few questions to that fuckwit Kumar Rupesinghe on the link below


    or leave a simple comment


    or write to his fellow fuckwit Jehan Perera at the national peace council

    Email: info-npc@sltnet.lk, npc@sltnet.lk

    Ask them why they are silent?

  48. I think LTTE has our sailors, at least some of them?
    Our sailors proved to the world how civilised our forces are by respecting others’ human rights and not retaliating LTTE harming Indian fishermen even at the moment of their death. Now it is the duty of IC and all Srilankans to speed up the complete elimination of LTTE. After this barbaric attack, SL Navy reserves all the rights to attack in such an incident. India should take more responsibility to protect their people and avoid such incidents.

  49. Shay & Boss,

    Have a look at this too.


  50. @samantha

    thanks for shearing!!! keep up the good work.

  51. @samantha

    let see what these LTTE boot lickers have to say...

  52. samantha..the warped logic of this is that this poor women has to loose her beloved son to the LTTE while they enjoy creature comforts overseas.

  53. Guys check this out:

    "ICES boss Dr. Rama Mani to be deported"

    "The CID has probed a conspiracy by the ICES to pave the way for a United Nations Peace Keeping Force to land in Sri Lanka under the R2P (Right to Protect) concept alleging that Tamils are being massacred in this country."


  54. gaalemalli..dont jump to conclusions just yet. we will know soon hopefully

  55. galumalli,
    Ahh now we are getting really hot..about all the recent bombs by the LTTE..so they wanted a backlash..afterall

  56. agree srilankan

    Tigers tryout everything now, just like live crabs in the boiling water.

    decision not to retaliate LTTE was a good move to avoid Tamil Nadu turn against Sri Lanka

  57. gallemalli,
    i'll say this only once..thankgod rama mani's (possibly hairy)pussy did not circumvent the immigrations laws of SLanka..

  58. LOL!!!

    GaalleMalli, very well said mate.

  59. Ares,
    “I don't get it, did an Indian fishing boat fire RPGs at a FAC and now the FAC and 7 on board are MIA?”
    Initially this was thought to be the case. But now it’s certain that an LTTE boat hid among Indian fishermen and opened fire when the SLN boats got closer upon receiving distress signal.
    “Some reports suggest its a water jet (which in a IPC if I'm not mistaken).”
    It’s a Water Jet that is missing, not a Dvora. Yes it is an IPC.
    “Is it normal for 400 odd Indian fishing boats to cross into our water the same time?”
    Yes on most of the day’s 200-400 boats enter SL waters.

    “@ Defencenet,
    What is your comment on this news,
    As we said in an earlier thread this is being considered at the highest levels. Likely to occur but not confirmed yet.

  60. guys

    this blog is turning into jokenet-fightnet :(

  61. 35 killed in Lanka clashes, Air Force hits two LTTE targets


  62. Guys about a month back we had a poll regarding personal attacks. 80% of the voters said they should be deleted. So we have deleted about 10 comments in this thread which were diverting the discussion out of topic.

    Ignoring troublemakers is the best way to silence them.

  63. And this blog is viewed by people all over the world so let us not spoil the image of Sri Lanka.

  64. Evidence of how people like upul, boss help to kill their own nation.

    Send more funds for terrorists. They will make sure to kill even your own race.


  65. enews,
    Ranil & UNP "higanno" (beggars) want somehow go for an election. shame on them. I dont think JVP or JHU want to have an election now. Priority is war. If they want disolve Gvt, what patriots are they? I dont belong to any political party. I vote to the manifesto once an election comes.
    "Sinhalayata apaaye yamapallek hitiye nee kiyana kathawa etta. sinhalayage gathiya thamai lin katin udata enna hadana ekawa pallehata edala ganna eka."
    thuh witharak mee UNP eka!


  66. puli,

    "We Tamils do not want the 'Sri Lankan' Identity...We want the Eelam Identity and will get it very soon!"-

    Are you still shouting for a Elam ID while 90% were issued.
    Didnt you get yet? Its in the mortuary.

    "I sympathize most of the unsuspecting contributors here who are indulging in what could be called as a Political and Militaristic masturbation."

    VP taking part in a militiristic gangbang fantatzising a virgin called "Elam". later he realized he is impotent.

    "They are being given images of victory by the grossly misleading propaganda machinery of this Government and have been kept safely away from the truth"

    Having known the truth (on the ground), Impotentent vp who lost a ball in the X-ray raid now seeking help of Tamil Nadu to go for a surgery.

    Wake up you dude!

    Tell your bros & sis and friends & relatives to got to the nearest SLA camp through Red Cross(otherwie you wont live that long) and give up their arms before SLA come and take them to where Thamilchelvum now rest in peace.

  67. Lankan Navy complains to India on fishermen threat


  68. All the terrorist supporters are very active now. You guys are doing fantastic job in this blog. As keep going and attracting more and more ppl in to here. Keep it up guys when u have time after.

    I wish puli's relative in his National army will get some aerial bombs to play with them.

  69. Shyam,

    I saw the pic. The guy in the pic (died) is a well built man. definitely a hardco tera. In a place where tigers hunt for teenagers for their movement can you believe a man like in the pic is a innocent civilian?

    fotos always shows less damages. that's LTTE's media strategy.

    "LTTE is purchasing evrything in their own money not like you people we don't beg on other countries...."

    LTTE dont beg but threat, kidnap, ransom, drug trafficking, smuggling, prostitution, porno industry, credit card scams, money laundering..etc

  70. Shaym,

    hmm.. It is very sad if it has been hit to civilians. May be tigers are hiding with civilians mate. :-P
    (As you said in the tractor bomb in Buttala)

    According to TN it has hit to the UN office know. Still not sure UN is that much poor man. Looks like LTTE need to give some money for them to rent a good place since they have so much money as it has been donated by ppl like u.

    Yes we are waiting in Colombo have a ride on Tiger Air. It should be very luxury. Isn't it ?

  71. Defencenet


    Weli Oya, Padaviyaa schools closed indefinitely

    SLA, LTTE clash in Ma'nalaa'ru

    any updates ?

  72. Sri Lanka Marxists call "Dayata Kirula" a waste of money


  73. U.K. Tamils protest outside Downing Street


  74. "Ignoring troublemakers is the best way to silence them."

    DefencNet. I agree 200% with you over here. Simply ignore the attention seekers.

    Hope they find our missing sailors. Navy will have to monitor this area closely and have constant dialog with Indian Coastguard and Navy to prevent such large number of fishing boats entering Sri Lankan waters.
    Also as per defencewire's report it's good to hear that Sri Lanka Army is raising a new Division. But in the meantime I hope Army have also recruited talented individuals for Army's Military Intelligence Corps and given them the resources and material for their needs.

  75. SLDF,
    totally agree.

    Ignoring is the best policy.
    too bad not everyone sees it that way...
    I really hope DN doesn't end up like LNP.

  76. Shayam,

    You also blind like me. Now it says 300m away from UNICEF. So better you read it carefully or write it carefully.

    It is a problem of TN not mine check it says 2ND LEAD (CORRECTION).

    As Gallemalli said I also have serious doubts regarding dead body given in TN. Normally when a civilian die there are lot of women cries all around the body. But these kind of dead bodies are the way of money making for LTTE.

    I can sense how emotional you are in your comments. Shanthi shanthi.

  77. This forum has descended to the standard of LNP, it was much better without shyam boss and all the rest of em faggots. Pulli take your 'Bruv' and get lost. We are here to discuss news, not to talk trash. If you think this a pro sinhalese site then as I said, get lost, you have tamilnet.

  78. GaalleMalli said...
    Guys check this out:

    "ICES boss Dr. Rama Mani to be deported"


    Galle Malli,

    Except for Prof Kingley De Silva, the International Center for Ethnic Studies is a nest of LTTE supporters and RW supporters. They are openly criticizing Sri lanka in international forums. Dr. Rama Mani, the Indian national, was at a book signing ceremony with Bradman Weerakone, President Premadasa's former personal secretary and a RW confidant, when she received news that she had been served with a notice to quit Sri Lanka. MR Govt is looking at all the NGOs, espcially the foreign NGOs, their funding sources, by-laws, and officials. Cutting off funding to the LTTE is a big part of the Govt strategy.

  79. Raptor,
    its not just their fault... other people who come here for news end up arguing with them,,
    they have to learn to control themselves for all our sakes.
    if we don't indulge in these stupid conversations then this wont turn out to be LNP.
    it's our fault as much as theres...

  80. Puli & the other tigers,

    Don’t try to be logical, it just isn’t working, you just end up making yourself look silly!

    You either should write fact and argue logically or just express your emotions. Don’t try to mix your emotions with some fictional facts and then pretend to speak with some logic, that’s just pure stupidity!

    "All the things I said were true information and real field facts."
    – Oh yes, everything just became fact, just because you said so!

    "The bulk of the war is fought in Tamil areas, where Tamils have been living all along. Would you agree with that statement?"
    – NO. The bulk of the fighting has been taking place in North & East of SRI LANKA. These are not exclusive Tamil areas, they belong to all SRI LANKANS.

    So, I there’s your answer, now get lost!

    However, just in case if you are wondering, let’s look at the option.

    "If Yes, then, would you agree that Tamils living away from the field can get information from both the LTTE (Tamils' accepted army) and Civilians who get first hand access to field developments."

    - LTTE, Tamil’s accepted army – This is wrong on two counts. LTTE is not an army, it a terrorist outfit (labelled as terrorists by India, EU, USA etc. etc.). Also, they are not Tamil’s accepted army, they Tamil’s forced thugs! There’s trouble in both North & East of SL. Eastern Tamils have clearly rejected LTTE (e.g. Karuna). So, you cannot use the term "Tamil’s accepted...".

    - Civilians who speak to you will not give you real details since they know you are a tiger and since they know what happens to civilians who speak against tigers, have you not heard/seen lamp-post killings?

    "almost ALL Sinhalese live way away from the battle fields and hence they only have access to information that is supplied to them by the Army"
    – NOT TRUE. How about those civilians who live in border villages. We get plenty of information from them.

    "They have been taken for a HUGE ride by their own people for 60 long years now and yet they do not show any signs of waking up from their slumber."
    – Now please don’t piss against the wind! 60 years ago there were hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese & Muslim people who lived in North & East of SRI LANKA. It’s only since the mid 80’s that you bloodthirsty animals managed to wipe out all the other races from the North and parts of the East. So, we Sri Lankan’s haven’t been taken for a ride for 60 years, that’s just in your dreams!

    "Despite its inaccuracies of historical events, Mahawamsa actually reveals in its substratum, the unquenchable thirst of the Sinhalese to conquer and rule the Tamil kingdoms."
    – Read it and get your facts right before jumping into conclusions! Anuradhapura kingdom was there for more than 1000 years before Southern Indian invaders invaded it. Sri Lankan kings only kicked the shit out of invaders when they tried to disturb the peace!

    "The only news the Majority Sinhalese seem to want now is about winning the Tamil Lands."
    – Wake up, who says it is "Tamil Land". It is SRI LANKAN land and it belongs to all ethnicities of Sri Lanka. Read a little bit about recent history, you’ll see that this exclusive "Tamil land" is a concept created after decades of ethnic cleansing by VP.

    Now here’s the reality for you!

    - DPU of SLA is providing real time recon about LTTE bases, so your time is almost up (e.g. see the way SLAF blasted major LTTE bases in the East to oblivion)
    - You have been surrounded by SLA and are confined to one and a half districts.
    - Sri Lankan forces are getting help from Tamil civilians from Wanni (intel, safe houses etc.)
    - Innocent Tamils in liberated areas do not support tigers (open your eyes and have a look at the Eastern province of SRI LANKA)
    - Bloodthirsty animals keep on killing innocent civilians (including Tamils)

    Oh, I feel sorry for you, so close yet SO far away!

    Now get lost, we would like to have a proper discussion.

  81. @Parakrama

    congrats for the longest post :)

  82. Sorry dude, I know I did something wrong by getting falling into their trap again.

    I promise, that was the last time, no more wasting my time arguing with blind fools!

  83. Puli, atleast your post was free of the usual filth accompanying pro-ltte posts, so i respect that. But u got some of it wrong there.

    'LTTE (Tamils' accepted army)' - nah, couldnt be more wrong there, the TMVP, EPDP, civilians helping the LRRP and those fleeing LTTE controlled areas are testimony to that

    'Tamils living away from the field can get information from both the LTTE (Tamils' accepted army) and Civilians who get first hand access to field developments. On the other hand, almost ALL Sinhalese live way away from the battle fields and hence they only have access to information that is supplied to them by the Army'

    Well, true, u get some news from the LTTE, via tamilnet etc, but thats such distorted propaganda I wonder if u could call it news nymore. As far as civilians are concerned, most of them in LTTE controlled areas (and even those living in the border villages in SLA controlled territory) are in such poverty that most of them haven't even seen a proper vehicle - if ur saying thev've got nothing better to do than blog to the rest of the world about the current situation report, well that requres quite a stretch of the imagination.

    for the sinhalese, other than the official MCNS news (which, yes, is often dubious too), have u thought of the relay of information from soldier or sailor to close relatives to friends to the general population? Almost every sinhalese family has some relation in the forces, and everyones concerned for their wellbeing. Then, there are those reporting who have sources in the army (Defencenet, Defencewire), or who are actively work there (like SF in LNP). Since these people have less to gain by spreading propaganda, you can expect a more impartial report from them. So, the information gap isnt as wide as it seems, dont u agree?

    'narcotic effects of the possibility of ruling the Tamils which they had yearned for throughout the history recorded by the mythological Mahawamsa.'
    I dont know about the desires of our forefathers, but rite now, i can vouch that this war isnt being fought to rule over the tamils. That isnt what so many of our soldiers are laying down their lives for. It is to make sure Sri Lanka stays as one country for our future generations.
    If the GOSL wanted to lord over the tamils, they could have done it in the east couldnt they? They needn't have teamed up with the TMVP and hold elections. (And if the TMVP hadnt fucked themselves up so bad with their factional infighting, this would actually have been a good opportunity for the tamils to finally gain some juridiction in their areas)

  84. Quote:
    "samantha ;

    there is no civil casualties in the Buttala claymore attack .. i mean the MANALARU attack..the GOV sources said that 5 SLA and 10 Civilians killed in the Incident...that means the SLA using the civilians as shield."

    End quote


    Let me make sure I understand your comment.

    Up until the weli oya attack, there have been several attacks targeting civilian buses.

    Keeping this in mind, those 5 SLDF forces decide to ride in a civilian bus and according to you they did this to use them as shields?

    Doesn't really make sense mate! Surely, wouldn't they be anywhere but a civilian bus if they were thinking about their own lives?

    To an outsider, it looks like they were trying protect that bus! But then again thats how it looks me it might look different to some like you!

  85. Some nice pictures of Independence day celebrations at www.Sinhala.net taken by the President's official photographer. If you click on the pictures, you will get the full screen version.

    Special Forces are using Uzi's, Commandoes and STF are using H&K's.

  86. Defencenet,

    I am a bit confused, you said that the SLN crafts did not return fire, but Swarnawahini is saying that the SLN IPVs did return fire!

  87. Defencenet,

    Is there any word about the missing sailors?

  88. Guys,

    Please don't get wound up by these idiots. It is they who are obviously delusional - they've been promised that Eelam was just around the corner for over 30 years, and they're still buying it.

    SL Tamil expats in Manila, Philippines brought down an LTTE spokesman to address the community. They made the mistake of inviting some Tamils from India as well, one of whom was a close friend of mine. He was shocked at the vulgar and racist language used. Moreover he told me that the Tiger assured them that Eelam would be a reality within months. They lapped it all up like children.

    This was in 1987!

    So here we are 21 years later, and Puli still believes that his 'national army' led by his 'national leader' is going to deliver 'certain victory, very soon!' This despite all objective evidence to the contrary.

    Guys, they are saying these things not really to us, but to themselves. Like a manthra, to tide over their own deep frustrations and disappointments. So sad, so pathetic.

    Their rantings here do not merit logical, or even emotional, responses. Instead, only our silent pity.

  89. So let me get this straight ....
    Loss of the East , death of Tamilchelvan and VP injured , daily death of Northern Tigers,loss of maritime shipping network, LRRP attacks = Tamil victory!?

    Any coward terrorist can kill unarmed innocent civilians.

    Anyway not too many Tamils left in Lanka?Less Tamil children born, most of the tamil woman too busy dying in trenches.Tamil children dying in frontline as well. And you sad F.CKs think you are getting Eelam.

    Yeah Eelam is just around the corner.

  90. Unless you guys have extra time to waste there is no meaning arguing with cyber tigers here. These tiger makkas know everything and they are always right. So there is nothing to discuss and that's why they give tution for us.

    Defencenet, is that ok to use your blog for tutoring purposes (on terrorism) and do you want your blog to be a part of LTTE propaganda/phys-ops?

  91. Folks stop arguing with the brainwashed. Its not like anything you say is going to change their mind.

  92. We just deleted a load of cow dung.

  93. Terrorism spares no race
    Rajaratnam Ratheeswaram (18), was killed in the Fort railway station bomb attack on Sunday. Young Ratheeswaram was among seven baseball students of D.S. Senanayaka College Colombo who were killed in the attack.

    Sun Goat gave this young folk the so called Liberation.

    This youngster had a life, he had a pretty normal life living in Colombo, schooling in a leading school. He was among Sinhalese and was living a normal life as all tamils whom live among Sinhalese have a normal life.

    Suddenly the Sun Goat decided to give him the liberation.

  94. Read this article in Divaina folks...

    This is about Gota, and why the anti-Gota campaigns.


  95. Out of topic,
    What i read was mani was sacked after Prof De Silva found that Rs 35 million had been unaccounted for.Then he gets a letter from the Canadian high commissioner(a god) saying that unless she is reapppointed canada will withhold funds for ICES upon which Mr De Silva reinstated her..

  96. Question:What benefit is ICES doing for the country?

  97. Defencenet,

    Why there are no updates from Wanni battle?

    Where is this Ranil, matara ayiya for defence related comments?

    I'm fed up of reading all crap about justifying ltte?

    guys, these ltte supporters write to make u guys upset & when you reply they are very happy. If we ignore them they will stop writing?

  98. Greets one and all...

    This is not the first time LTTE MF's carried out some ruse to get the SLN crafts close enough to blast them with RPGs. Obviously, there is some serious lack of "learned lessons" passing down the line to new SLN boat commanders/sailors. This is a damn bloody shame! It reflects poorly on our proud SLN!

    After all, what SOS from a Tamil Nadu (at face value, but you need to think it is actually LTTE) sub-human "fishing boat" requires that you get close to it – especially under poor light and without adequate back-up fire-power? I went bloody insane when I read this! The good news is that it is not a $$$$ Dvora that got RPG hits...but sadly, SLN through stupidity wasted a lives of brave 7 patriots! May they attain Nibbana!

    I just called an old Anandian friend of mine (who was a class-mate of Wasantha K and conveyed this message to be conveyed to WK with rather eloquent words of "deep displeasure!" as I don’t know WK personally myself)

    Can you believe we lost 7 of our brave lives because some sub-human flashed a SOS? I say the next time such a SOS comes, then that's the time to stay as far as possible within the firing range and open up with the heavy caliber babies to send the SOS craft to the Twilight Zone! LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  99. "Officials in Tamil Nadu said that the fishermen caught in the life threatening drama were being debriefed.

    None of the Indian fishermen was injured."

    Naturally! The bloody MF LTTE supporters!

    OaO Asithri

  100. thanks for the divaina link noltte=peace. recomeded for all unp supporters.

  101. Pardon my saying so, but some of you dudes here who have been saying “let us not be aggressive, but let the Indian coastguard/Navy take care of this issue”…..What a freaking laugh!!!

    Today, in my office in NY there happened to be a delegation from India on an outsourcing RFP meeting and I had lunch with them after the meeting. Then, I being the humble OaO Asithri that I am (LMSSAO!), broached this subject of what is happening in TamilNadu and in our common territorial waters and the loss of a SLN craft that went to help a “distressed TamilNadu fishing boat”….and these guys (from New Delhi and Mumbai mostly) almost laughed at me silly (well, the buggers had to be polite as they want to do business with my “mega” concern in NY!).

    They explained to me how corrupt the TamilNaude state govt and the Police are and it is common knowledge that any Indian officer posted in the south very soon get “bought over” by the “TamilNadu connection” and they do what the “TamilNadu Connection” dictates!

    They looked at me as if I was Alice in Wonderland lost in Harlem!

    OaO Asithri

  102. 12 LTTE carders killed by SLA, destroying 30 bunkers in Nagarkovil. Muhamalei & Kilaly this morning. 5 soldiers injured.
    -Mili. Spokesmen-

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. defencenet/guys


    Army destroys 30 LTTE bunkers in Jaffna

    Sri Lanka Army destroyed 30 bunkers in Nargarkovil, Kilaly and north of A 9 areas this morning killing 12 LTTE cadres. Five soldiers too had received injuries.


    is this the second FDL of the LTTE ? or did the LTTE come back & build again the 1st FDL that was destroyed some days ago

  105. Thushanthi :

    Saw and earlier post from you:

    [Asithri, LMSSAO!!! What does this mean?? I have always wondered. thanks]

    Wonder no more my dear patriot…I will only tell you (so, don’t tell anyone else OK? LMSSAO!)

    LMSSAO – Laughing My Sweet Sexy Ass Off

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  106. there is a electricity station blasted in Chillow
    says Daily Mirror

    an Raid made by SLA and destroyed 20 Bunkers

    Discuss this story. Any new stuff?

  107. @Parakrama,

    You are the man !

    Well answered to all the mentally retarded DI-ASS-PORA buggers.

  108. Hey Defencenet,

    I am a big fan of this blog. But recently, there were no updates about whats going on in FDL.
    Last week most sources claimed that we are closing in to Adampan and Madhu is surrounded?
    What is the newest situation?

  109. Kaivelikulam raid today, according to the intel, is a great success.

    Many “important excreta-maggots” (what an oxymoron! I agree!) in the telecomm/media/tech side became instant bloody (literally!) “maaveerars” (yes today we have instant hoppers, instant desserts, and now we even have instant maaveerars! LMSSAO!!!)

    Way to go SLAF!

    OaO Asithri

  110. Lionheart, we updated about the nothern front minutes ago. As for madhu, direct confrontations are rare. Advances have been slowed down because of heavily mined areas.

  111. lionheart

    [there were no updates about whats going on in FDL...What is the newest situation?]

    Here's what I heard (corroborated by calling SL directly too):

    Sri Lanka Says Rebels Forced Back Toward Headquarters in North
    bloomberg, feb 6. Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) --

    Sri Lanka said the army is driving the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam from defense lines toward the rebel headquarters in the north, the

    last region held by Tamil Tiger forces in the South Asian island nation.

    Reports from the Wanni and northern fronts reveal that terrorists are on the run into close perimeters of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts,'' the Defense Ministry said in a statement late yesterday.

    OaO Asithri

  112. Guys....

    Just a small off topic.... :)

    I was thinking this for long time.....

    Have you ever heard any tamil name call "ELARA" in recently other than the DUTUGAMUNU-ELARA war?

    I'm sure you don't....

    so then, Was ELARA really a tamil...? (Mahawansaya said he was a good king even he invaded Sri Lanka)

    Here is the truth....

    His real name was A.LARA
    He is really came from West Indies..... (Remeber B.LARA ? :))
    When the time goes "A.LARA" become "ELARA" b'cos of the way it was pronounced.....

    Since our people have not seen a black guys those days and only seen dark fellows came from S.India they must have misundersood that "ELARA" also came from S.India....!

  113. Thanks a lot defencenet and asithri

  114. Asithri,
    I understand your patriotic feeling well bro.keep your professional life and politics seperate.I am confident the army will do the required.If these bombings continue i am not surprised if everyone on the street starts joining the army FreeofCharge

  115. ""Ten boat owners have been detained here for questioning, the officials said.

    A Coast Guard official said fishermen lending their boats to the LTTE could not be ruled out as they cannot undertake fishing in Sri Lankan waters without the help of the Tigers.

    "The LTTE paid rent for their boats and also allowed them to fish in the area where plenty of fish was available. The LTTE is using a carrot and stick policy so that the fishermen had no option except to help them," the official told PTI on condition of anonymity. ""

    - The Hindu

    Link: http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/holnus/004200802061440.htm


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