Friday, February 15, 2008

Radha base hit hard

Two Kfir bombers of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) 10th fighter squadron took to the skies from Katunayake airbase at around 10.20AM last morning (14th). Their target was a clandestine LTTE military installation located in Vishwamadukulam region, Mullaithiv district (See previous article). In a few more minutes, the jets carried out a precision air strike on the pre identified target which was codenamed Radha base.

Radha base was a large training and logistics base home to some of the most trusted cadres in the LTTE outfit. Military intelligence had previously identified that the base was a central hub of activity for LTTE's so called anti aircraft units. LTTE anti aircraft (AA) regiment had recently caused minimal damages to several fighter jets of the 5th Jet Squadron when they engaged in low flying bombing missions over rebel held territory. Ever since these incidents, LTTE's AA unit has been a primary target of the SLAF.

Although the exact casualty figures or damages caused to LTTE assets are not yet available, ground based intelligence sources indicate that the attack was accurate and well timed. The base was reportedly buzzing with activity when the jets struck. Latest unconfirmed intelligence reports suggest that several of LTTE's truck mounted Anti aircraft batteries have been destroyed in the attack. However please keep in mind that this latest claim is yet to be confirmed by several other sources.

Meanwhile SLAF flew another bombing sortie today, marking the second consecutive day of airstrikes. This time the target  was a sea tiger training base in the Nayaru region. The attack was launched after military intelligence warned of increased LTTE activity in the area during the last few days. Casualty figures are not available as of now.


  1. Hit em daily and hit em hard. thats the only thing terrorists understand .. weldone

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  3. hey DN its wrong man...they are serious..look how seroious this man for VP & LTTE.

    in this base you dont have Charls antony's per MI this base completly run by ratha regiment..its funny man only cats have ever lasting life not rats

  4. DefenceNet,
    Is the charles anthony a division or regiment?..i assume the charles anthony is dispersed in the wanni.If it is a regiment how many cadres should they have at least i n theory.

  5. Thanks for the update DN,

    as a sri lankan studying abroad its very tough for me to see all this and feel so helpless. but have to finish what ive started here before heading back home.

    but since i follow whats going on daily (sitting on a chair and safely looking at a monitor ofcourse) .. it causes much anger and anxiety plus feelings of helplessness to do anything about it.

    your blog more than anything .. allows people to vent out their frustrations regarding all this and I thank you for doing a great job at keeping it up.

    also it certainly beats the averaging i had to do between and daily. doesnt give out too much details while tamilnet uploads a bunch of propaganda bull crap.

    one other thing.. someone has been fwding emails saying soldiers in ampara are in need of water and pls contact so and so at this number. but after talking to some people at home i found out that this was all just demoralizing propaganda.. who are the ignorant idiots who do this sort of thing? surely people who have the saftey and the time to waste safely under their roofs. freaking idiots.

    thats it for me venting.
    take care of yourself mate and keep it up !

  6. aqua,
    Your task is to finish you education overseas.Till such time you finish your education put SLanka on the "back burner" and concentrate on bettering your life which is what you family with the greatest of difficulty is trying to do for their son.You are of benefit to srilanka only after you finish your education.Look at the number of srilankan overseas studying hard and doing good jobs if they can so can you

  7. DefenceNet,
    My apologies for some of my comments.we are fighting this LTTE rabble on many fronts..Educating our children takes TOP priority simply because we dont them to endup as drivers/toilet cleaners in a new srilanka.Hence my comments

  8. Sorry guys I could not stop posting below when I see some one looking for the source..
    This has posted by "Onecountry" in DW blog.

    "From soy sauce. Go throught it if you can."

  9. Srilankan-

    Bro, Well said about the much needed education towards every one in Sri Lanka.
    Sooner we do the better. Getting a school level libraries could be really good. Surely there will be enough people who will contribute with books as a start.

  10. To all SRI LANKANS who loves our Motherland "SRI LANKA"

    as Defencenet requested

    "And folks if you reply to shyam, boss, puli etc, dont complain to us. By replying you take them seriously."

    Please DON'T reply to any comments by LTTE Keyboard warriors.

    Let them post their comments, but don't reply to their comments. We all know their hidden idea.

    Please brothers behave as true Sri Lankans, simply ignore them. We can maintain our DEFENCENET the way we did earlier.

    So Please, Please take this seriously.


  11. Perein,
    Many thanks for your input.Libraries are a great idea.I think we need to make contact with that srilankan girl in the U.S who is doing this already(god bless her)because she has already setup a "process" if you know what i mean. In this venture a "group effort" is more productive because we can minimise pointless overheads.Bro although i am on this site regularly i am very busy right now and dont really have time to think.


    Downgrade for Sri Lanka's credit outlook

    35 minutes ago

    COLOMBO (AFP) — Standard and Poor's on Friday downgraded Sri Lanka's credit outlook to "negative" and warned that the troubled tropical island was depending too much on foreign borrowing.

    The ratings agency lowered Sri Lanka from "positive" and said its credit rating was still below investment grade at "B+".

    The outlook revision also takes into account adverse changes in the country's debt composition, the risk evaluator said.

    "The rising share of external debt, estimated at about 49 percent of the total, and, within that, more expensive and shorter-maturity commercial funds, is gradually eroding what has so far been a relatively favourable debt profile," the agency said.

    The warning comes as Sri Lanka is preparing to raise 300 million dollars in debt capital this year after a similar bond for 500 million dollars in 2007 was oversubscribed three times.

    The agency also warned against the government's spending programme amid soaring inflation and an escalation of the war with Tamil Tiger rebels.

    "The official end of the ceasefire and the (rebels') stepped-up attacks on civilians in response to government military gains make peaceful resolution a more distant prospect," the agency said.

    However, Sri Lanka's central bank hit back, accusing the risk evaluator of not taking into account the government's efforts to put together a political solution to end more than three decades of war with the Tamil Tigers.

    The bank also said the downgrade was unwarranted and cast doubts over the agency's "objectivity and impartiality."

    "Sri Lankan authorities view Standard and Poor's decision as being illogical, ill-advised and without rational basis or foundation," the bank said in its rebuttal.

  13. Srilankan-
    After posting the earlier libraries for schools, seen the this news
    I think Defencenet team should be able to drive some libraries towards housing scheme area. Or at least should be able to drive us towards correct direction.

  14. DefenceNet,

    A lot of bloggers (including yourself!) have posted comments here about not replying to certain individuals.

    I used to reply to these guys but after reading your posts I started ignoring them.

    However, I see the pattern continuing! New bloggers come here often and they don't know what's happened before. So they reply to these idiots and the cycle continues!

    Would it not be a good idea to post a warning to all new bloggers (and of course to those of us who keep on forgetting the golden rule!) on your home page? It should say that it is DefenceNet policy not to engage in useless conversations with brainwashed LTTE scum.

    What do you think>

  15. srilankan,
    "Is the charles anthony a division or regiment?."

    It's a regiment (or at least its a regiment by LTTE standards). There may be around 1000-1500 cadres in this unit as per MI reports. Exact number is unknown.

    "i assume the charles anthony is dispersed in the wanni"

    Part of them are stationed in major strongholds in the Wanni. They have not been used largely to directly counterattack SLA advances. Several of these units were deployed in Mannar but even that not in large scale. They failed to do expected damage to 58th division and have been pulled back to Adampan secondary defense line and Viduthalaithiv.

    "someone has been fwding emails saying soldiers in ampara are in need of water and pls contact so and so at this number. but after talking to some people at home i found out that this was all just demoralizing propaganda."

    You guessed correct. This is another one of those chain mails that contain no truth whatsoever. Ampara is not under siege or anything for the soldiers to die without water.

  16. parakrama,
    We display that warning above the comment box. So far it has given little results.

    Anyway it makes the job difficult for us to moderate useless comments when people reply to them.

    In isolation their comments look like posts made by clowns. But when you reply to such they become arguments and they tend to think they are being taken seriously which encourages them to post more .

    And believe us when we say this; no matter how sound your logic is or no matter how many times you own them in your arguments, they wont change their beliefs. So don't waste your time; that brain damage is irreversible.

  17. Perein,
    Many thanks bro.You made my day.I am so happy to see our people contributing to the war effort.I will get back to you about the library idea.What these people need are water filters etc..

  18. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for your comments.

  19. Defencenet,

    Can you confirm the attack by 57 Division troops in Vilattikulam area east of Madhu on group of LTTE cadres? According to defencewire radio communications have revealed 3 "Lieutenant Colonels" from its elite Charles Anthony Regiment died.

    MI (MIC) seems have got good leadership and doing their homework :)

  20. DefenceNet,

    This may be a dumb question or you may have answered it before...but here goes anyway!

    I saw in an earlier post that somebody mentioned about using a hot-air balloon to do air surveillance. Is this a feasible idea?

    How high can balloons go? Will LTTE be able to shoot them down?

    If they not able to shoot them down, how feasible is it to create automated balloons that can stay up in the air 24/7 and give us real time air surveillance over land & sea?

    If this idea is feasible, then it'll be lot more effective than using aircraft and lot more cheaper!

    Am I dreaming here?

  21. srilankan,perein
    the libraries are a good idea. and more of a lasting solution than most other steps.
    what she has started is something great... something most of us think about but she put it into action.
    donation process is already setup.

    the bulk of the donations maybe directed toward tsunami affected areas.

    its up to the rest of us to start programs like this on a village level.

    DN thanks for the comments.

  22. Sldf, yes that story is true. Has been confirmed both by radio and ground intel now.

  23. srilankan...
    thanks again for the words of advice.

    you are right about setting up the priorities... but as you may already know ..its never easy.

    but will definitely try

  24. India's initiative to launch an Indian ocean naval symposium for closer cooperation against terror threats is a promising step in the right direction.
    Indian PM Manmohan Singh Rajapakse (he adopted the last name formally after India decided to support Sl openly...thinks the name will make him sound sexy..) has indicated terrorism as the major threat facing the region and that has high strategic value where we are concerned. Sri lanka should make every effort to applaud the initiative and kiss ass to the Indian chapathis to get the ball rolling...
    That'll bugger the vanni sakkiliyas for good.

  25. Parakrama

    Hot air balloons are a slow moving lower altitude sitting duck for anyone with a powerful rifle. Don't even need ack-ack stuff. There'll probably be more tigers that'd die laughing when they see one drifting their way...

    Also, we don't want sophisticated surveillance equipment falling into the hands of monkeys. They might cut their dicks off with 'em or something and Dr.Mani will blame us for that too. (She looks sooo much like a c*ck-sucker I used to pay $20 occasionally in the Bronx area)...

  26. Folks,


    by Conan Doyle

    download from

    SL needs creative writers to educate coming generations on strategies

    to protect our island from ruthless vultures, near and far.

  27. Thanks TropicalStorm!

    You are absolutely correct, we don't want our equipment falling into their hands!

    However, check this link out:

    They claim that these balloons can go above the range or aircrafts.

    Can these be used or are they too expensive and unreliable for military missions?

  28. Hi, does anyone know what type of gun the Airforce soldier in the picture is holding?

    I've seen the Airforce spec ops guys carrying the chinese bullpups.. The QBZ's.... But don't know bout the gun in the picture.... thx

  29. Aqua,
    Many thanks for your kind comments and info..greatly appreciated.

  30. Two Questions !

    1) SLAF says they raided 'leaders gathering'. I raised this question but didn't see any answer; Why LTTE leaders have meetings in day time as they can meet in night more safely as SLAF is not doing "night duty".

    2) LeN reports LTTE using civilian settlements to avoid air strikes.

    /*(Lanka-e-News, 2008 Feb 15, 6.50 PM) The LTTE is following new strategy to avoid from Air Force air attacks on camps of the cadres.

    LTTE has taken over the houses to of civilians in Kilinochchi to station the cadres urging the residents to the houses of the relatives.

    The civilians are facing immense difficulties due to this step, sources from Kilinochchi said. */

    This makes sense; Two birds from one stone. UN/AI/IC may be waiting till SLAF raid such a place. LTTE can easily extend this by accupying churches, schools etc.

  31. Did you guys see this video of Balasinghams wife? link

  32. born2bgod...

    Your concerns re; downgrading of SLG bonds are valid. The grading determines the risk associated with the investment and now the SLG will need to compensate by increasing the rate of interest as a risk premium. In the short term, that is the down side. As a counter-measure, the SLG may resort to printing money, and that concern will be a second hindrance in raising further capital in the future as well.
    The bigger concern that investors have is the absence of transparency in govt dealings.

    I know, I'm in the business...

  33. column-ranil wijayapala

  34. ---Defencenet Vs Tigernet---

    It was a one horse race for LTTE for years in internet based propaganda. No one beleives GOSL statements and those (sinhala/tamil) who are eager to know what's really goiong on N/E only thing left was LTTE web sites, Athas, DBS J, Int. media and highly subject to LTTE misinformation and propaganda. Then DN/DW came into the ground and things are changing. There is only one truth. Cyber tigers are worrying about this and on their maximum effort at least to make the blog another LNP.

    Best way to deal with tigers' comments is understanding from their point of veiw. If you were a tiger, has paid a lot to LTTE for an Eelam and after 30 years what you have is an e-elam and 20000+ dead. So understand pain and dissapointment of tigers and you don't need to reply.

  35. SLG should make Karuna's case the basis for prosecuting the bitch. She's already indicted in her native Australia and warrants for her arrest are pending there. Now that we have the Brits by the balls on Karuna's case, its time to squeeze them and get all the juice out...Karuna deserves a long prison sentence and so do others who've pushed the cause of terror in SL.

    Time to rock and roll...

  36. Well, that vedio was in According to Amnesty Int. standards the only 'war crime' an LTTE member can do is breaking out from the outfit.

  37. Denet.. Sorry mates can tell me where this Charlie A base WAS ?

  38. just like putin said terrorists only understand violence, so we should only talk to them in a language they understand


    (Island got the link incorrect).

    The latest interview with the Airforce commander..

    Little is heard or seen with Velu...As I speculate, he might be sevearly wounded...Most likely LTTE wants to hide his wounds..No of days since his last appearance is 81..After the Tsunami he went underground for about a month...

  40. LTTE gets 6th place !!! (I thought LTTE is the best in this.)

    // The UN Security Council has declared that tiger terrorists are among six blatant violators of human rights singled out by the UN for recruiting underage children in armed conflict and using rape and other forms of sexual violence against them. The council which met on Tuesday slammed the continuing recruitment and use of children in armed conflict and deplored the systematic use of rape and other forms of sexual violence against them.

    The other five violators singled out by the Human Rights Watch are Colombia's leftist FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and ELN (leftist National Liberation Army) insurgents, Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army and the government forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Myanmar. //

  41. Ninja

    Do you have a link to tehe original UN article?

  42. Guys here is what I think...

    Now it is clear LTTE lost enoumous amount of their assets and sea tiger caders to the 2004 Tsunami.

    Then after the serious of attacks the sea tigers are keeping a low profile.LTTE lost many assets between the Tsunami and now.

    However may be not everything is lost for the LTTE on seatiger front.Since the action now mostly concentrated on the ground offensive, the seatigers must be regrouping. A final round of sea tiger attacks may be around the corner.

    I hope SLN will be ready for that.

    The most puzzling thing to me the absence of Velu.The diaspora seems to be not bothered about this fact. You would expect atleast a picture of Velu's appearance in private.As an Indian external ministry spokesman once said, Something is UP.
    Most probably Velu is not a position to make a public appearance..The other reason could be, Velu is under going a plastic surgery and LTTE wants to hide that.

    All in all it is a mystory.

  43. Can anyone with Tamil know that they talk anything interesting in this Pro-Tiger website?

  44. Well said Ninja...

    Just ignore the Tiger crap..


    Instead, dig some facts regarding LTTE's current position.Show them that they are loosing the war. Eg. check the following article.

    Definitely LTTE is not wining the war..They are in a very disadvantagious position compared to the pre Tsunami 2004 and immediately after the killing of Kadir. That was the time LTTE was strong.International community simply cut them down to the size after Hon. Kadir's death. That was the day LTTE lost this war.From that day on LTTE is on a free fall. The Sri Lanka Army's juggernaught is unstoppable...

    LTTE is shaken to the CORE...
    The Tiger diehards can't stomach it..Simple as that.

  45. TS, check this. But this UN statement doesn't include dailynews reported statements.

  46. Guys,

    This is regarding the video in which Adele Balasingham appeared in combat gear. I saw a photograph of her recently; she has aged a lot - almost beyond recognition. It looks like the loss of Bala and then the support of Tigers have taken its toll on her.

    She lives in England and the material in the video clip - distribution of cyanide capsules - is strong enough to start a prosecution against her, if the our High Commission makes a move in that direction. Anti-terrorism laws are pretty strong here and just need a trigger to start off it.

    I am sure she may be planning to write another book, once the savages are beaten. She might call it even her pension. She looks like a pauper now and no employer will fancy taking her in, because of her dreadful CV.

  47. ---What LTTE will Do?---

    Even at this moment, while we are arguing, LTTE members are working on big targets under pottu's orders. LTTE has (tecnicaly) infinetey many options and they need just 1 to be missed by MI. Following are few guesses from a layman.

    1) Using retired SLAF/SLA high rank officers for getting info.

    2) Using family members, close friends, relatives, neighbors of high ranked SLDF officers to get info - in a way respective officers without knowing.

    3) Using TNA members, thier staff-drivers, secretaries to attack parliment when MR,BR,GR are there.

    4) Using a TAF plane/helicopter taking off from sea and attack PAB/Trinco/Colombo..

    5) Using a well known (tamil) personals on sucide mission.

    6) Bomb civilians in very rural area in deep south - using sinhala tigers.

    7) Killing a big number of sinhalese and start attacking tamil civilians pretending sinhalese, expecting carry on by sinhala extrimist (drunk) elements in south.

    8) A bombing in a temple in a poya day in a village close to tamil village - expecting a 83.

    9) Usiubg long range motars in colombo/suberbs

    10) Targeting 'our leaders gathering' - security council meeting, another JOC type..

    11) Using snipers in south

  48. VP made one historical statement once; Sinhalese forget any thing after 14 days. This is the fact gives both and good and bad things to us. Bad thing - since VP thinks so he explodes bombs in south frequently; Good thing - again we forget all of it after 14 days.

    I know for some people in south VP's terrorism works. Some now say GOSL should go back to CFA. The same people were happy when RW signed the CFA. They told now no bombs. But they can't understand it's the tigers located during CFA now explode bombs in south ever where. Also they still can't understand if GOSL give a CFA then we will get same bombing in multiplied versions after some time.

  49. Qrious and Ninja,

    You guys highlight very important issues...

    If UK is prosecuting KARUNA then GOSL must push for the prosecution of Adela for war crimes..

    GOSL must look in to this if UK starts to dig Karuna's dirty work for Velu.

  50. Thanks Parakrama for AT LEAST THINKING about the balloon idea. i picked this from some forum i can't remmember; may be there were more details.
    but this is only an idea although used in WW1.

    i did some internet reserch.
    1. balloons can fly above AA/SAM altitudes EASILY
    2. too higher altitudes need oxygen
    3. the cost of a GOOD QUALITY ballon is approx. $40k only
    4. they can stay afloat for many hours
    5. can carry surveillance euipment, guns and special "gravity arrows" that can be shot from air with direction. used to penetrate tanks!!
    6. HIGHLY reliable and no accidents other than in obvious quality/weather issues.

    please Defencenet shed some light. we know intelligence is VERY VERY IMPORTANT and there cannot be a better way in the SL context.

  51. Ninja

    Thx for the two links, but did you see that the statement referred to in the Daily News uses the word "non-binding" ?

    That means it is mere lip service..yet again. This crap started with the Africans like Otunu Olara making soft platitudes and 'expressions of satisfaction with assurances' given by the world's glib liars like Ol' Bala at the time. Now he and the present outfit in UNICEF express 'disappointment' but in reality they do nothing.

  52. grious;

    Re; Bala's trailor-trash, call the UK's SL High Commision.
    Get a few of your buddies to do so too.
    If unsatisfactory, publish the outcome in this forum and write a letter to others of similar nature, along with the contact numbers of the HC.

    Things WILL happen. Rest assured.

  53. tiger 1; We lost three Colonels today...
    tiger 11: Fuck! how did that know what the Supreme Leader, national savior and god of the sun has dictated, that no three toilet washers shoudl travel together..?
    tiger 1: I know,..I know..but we had fresh meat today..
    tiger 11; you mean new pussy ..?
    tiger 1; yeah...and they all three were molesting the same 8 year old hot chick frsh from school when the bomb hit...

  54. Guys,
    Please read the "Rivira" defence column. Always it has lot of information to reveal and looks very accurate too.

  55. moshe,

    "balloons can fly above AA/SAM altitudes EASILY"

    Then they will have to be equipped with high tech stuff for the surveillance to be effective. It will probably be like buying another beechcraft right?

  56. Guys

    Good job ingoring the LTTE posters.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. TS

    yep, I saw it and got it. Only two useful we have.

    1) GOSL need to avoid doing undesired things. Maintain good HR record and good relationship with India, China, Japan etc.

    2) Tell the truth with evidence to PUBLIC about the double standards of IC/UN. Once the public was convinced it would be difficult for UNP and IC itself messup with us.

  60. The down side to the baloons is LTTE can shoot it down or even capture it using their zlins. Did you guys think about that or am I talking rubbish here?...

  61. Defencenet,

    What about putting a warning so that new comers don't get into tiger co. trap and others also don't forget. My sugession;

    // Warning: Please note that LTTE sympathaisers also comment here. It is noted some users comment with misinformation with intention of diverting from constructive useful discussion. Identified handles upul, the boss, shyam, ram, silva, etc..(updated). It is adviced based on prior experiance to ignore their comments and refrain from replying.//

    My english is not good but I hope you get the idea.


    LTTE clowns in the forum should check this one out...

  63. Another Tiger cell busted

    Another LTTE cell involved in transporting C4 and other explosives to Colombo is busted. About 15, including two black beauties, taken in and more on the way…. More than 60 Kg of C4 have been transported to Colombo from Mannar by the gang and distributed to various places in Colombo and suburbs. Unfortunately several traitors including underworld and 2 deserts are also involved. One has confessed to the blast of transformer in Wattala few weeks ago. Complements to the MI and police special teams for the great job they are doing in Colombo! There is a lot of action in “Kolompure” guys! Thanks to our silent heroes many lives are saved!

    The initial target of Wanni and Jaffna fronts was 10 a day. But our guys are scoring high with bonus points, some days “catch of the day” is above 40! It’s sad to say many are brain washed kids. The names of the 3 fake “lieutenant colonels” killed in Madu are not released yet. But will be known soon…..Await more good news….best things last…..back to hunting… Cheers!

  64. I mean deserters not deserts! Haha…

  65. chamal,

    3,000 metres is above low altitude AA/SAM range. of course there are HIGH ALTITUDE SAMs and the LTTE doesn't have them.

    you can go to googleearth and see that 3,500m is not THAT difficult for the naked eye to spot things. However, yes we definetely need some surveillance equipment and telescopes; but not so expensive ones as the beechcraft.

    other advantages over beechcraft are,

    1. can be afloat for much much longer
    2. very much cheaper to construct and can have many
    3. very cheap to operate
    4. some can stay on long term in places of strategic interest like Delft, Thalai mannar, Trinco, AAB and other air bases, over southern jungles when threatened by terrorists, etc, etc.
    5. can completely drive tigers into intimidation by continuous presence and intelligence gathering.

    only thing is our forces should at least experiment these (at least on paper) although this is WW1 technology. but there can be valid reasons why this cannot be done.

  66. vigilante,

    no; not if the balloons fly over the shooting range and they can.

    yes, zlings can attack them, very easily.

    those on board the ballon must be armed to handle it and the SLAF should stay ready to bust the few zlings when they come out.

  67. Thanks tangara for the link

    Boss and Puli and all, see how happy looking the kids are there standing around the female child carder,future canon fodders!,perhaps already!

  68. cobra,

    "But our guys are scoring high with bonus points, some days “catch of the day” is above 40!"

    i'm loving it!!


    Good reading....

    Going by multiple accounts of the situation at FDL's,LTTE caders are not putting up a fight.However these are not their best.I am thinking our exhausted forces will be cut in to pices when they meet elite LTTE formations. Hope SLA will rotate the forces when it comes to the real battles.

  70. Moshe Dyan said...

    "But our guys are scoring high with bonus points, some days “catch of the day” is above 40!"

    i'm loving it!!

    Thanx, these are real true numbers direct from the fronts! They are losing it bro…..No doubt. Our own numbers are 10 times lower. Tigers are seriously desperate and in panic mode. Wounded and bleeding, very dangerous! Its do or die! They may try a “mission impossible” to upset this hunt. A surprise massive suicidal attack is a possibility! Need to be vigilant all the time, every where….....

  71. thanx vigilante for the link.

    yep; tigers are bloody desperate now and may try some major attacks.

    our MI has done some great work; may be we should use extra-judicial means as well!!

  72. Moshe,

    This looks interesting

    Unmanned Surveillance Balloon (USB)
    by Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd., based in Israel

    The Skystar 300 is a small aerostat that can carry day and night sensors up to 1,000 feet in the air. When filled with helium, the 25-foot wide balloon floats up and gives operators 360-degree observation coverage. It is tethered to a long cable, which is anchored to the ground.

    While the demand for lighter, faster and cheaper UAVs is increasing, there also is a need for unmanned aerial systems that work silently beneath the clouds, with long endurance and extended sensor range, says Yair Atzmon, head of the company’s ground division. In addition, such systems must be both inexpensive and easy to maintain and operate to keep up with the increasing appetite for visual information at the individual soldier level.


  73. UAV - Skystar 100

    The bigger cousin of Skystar 300

  74. Eurostat

  75. Shyam said...
    Deleting comments from me , BOSS ,Puli and dev

    Aren't you shame about this...

    Hey Shayam et al,

    We are sorry about your pathetic lives. We understand your frustrations but we cant help…sorry! May be counseling may help you and will heel your pain and hatred. Please try that. The western countries have been too good to you, given you refugee status and free money every month. You are wasting time in the internet and day dreaming. Go and get some counseling…

  76. Blackwater Airship

    The Polar 400 is designed to operate for 48 to 60 hours at altitudes from 5,000 to 15,000 feet. The unique design of the RPAV propulsion system will give it the capability to loiter over a desired location with excellent low-speed maneuverability, along with an ability to fly at up to 50 knots to move quickly to and from a target area.

  77. cobra

    Now why on earth did you go and answer his provocative comments. You fell into his trap.

    Ignore them and they will go away.

  78. cobra,
    Can you provide a link about the captured LLTTE cell pls.

    About ADELE..we wont get anywhere by pushing the british govt.Best way is to collect data about her activites over 30 years and publish a book and later on buy newspapers/journalists and publish daily article about her.Each of these articles will accompany pictures of children this women has converted to suicide bombers..must make the remainder of her life a living hell..fx.. when she goes shopping people will recognise her..if you know what i mean..Next make a film about her and let people download it for free..*.avi:).This has to be done in such away that poeple dont feel we are ganging up on her

  79. GoldenEagle said...

    Now why on earth did you go and answer his provocative comments. You fell into his trap.

    Ignore them and they will go away.

    Sorry GoldenEagle, its my fault, this is my last reponse and then time for lunch...

    Shyam said...

    Hey who told you that i am from abroad ahh ... ? i am from SRILANKA man ...Under the STATE TERRORISM man

    Tell me, if there is state terrorism why all these Tamils prefer to live in Colombo? More than half of the Colombo population is Tamils! If allowed the majority of Tamils in Wanni and Jaffna will also rush to south. Why is that? Tamils don’t want to live under the terror of LTTE. They want to protect their families and live in peace and harmony. This is not their War. LTTE is the gold standard of terrorism world wide. State did not start this bloody war. It’s LTTE who started the war. It is only LTTE can stop it too. May be it is already too late for LTTE. May be the megalomaniac VP will be exterminated by his own followers before the SLDF do it sooon…..bye..bye..

  80. Srilankan said...
    Can you provide a link about the captured LLTTE cell pls.

    Sorry I can’t give you a link. Hopefully this will be in tomorrow’s news papers?

  81. "the marriage of ADELE and Villupulaaaiii pabakraaann"?..a simple title..

  82. Cobra,
    Thanks for info made my day:).



    Here is what you are looking for ...

  84. Guys,

    Last 3 hits on SLN were partly successful for the LTTE..SLN needs to turn the tide when LTTE attacks.

    Next LTTE target most likely will be Trinco harbour.LTTE is waiting until SLN to loose the guard. Another AAB style attack is the LTTE's next move..

    If LTTE get its way they will land some desperately needed supplies.
    Therefore keeping the SLN ships and all other assets under constant guard is a must.

    Please be ready.

    We need to protect these assets at any cost rather than to find the next day that entire fleet of SLN is gone.

  85. So far good job on ignoring useless comments. Keep it up and dont be lured into posting lol (and we know its irresistible).

    Reasons (in brief) why hot air balloons are not suitable to replace a UAV:

    -Less control over it
    -Less prone to weather conditions that a conventional UAV
    -Extremely vulnerable to even small arms fire at low altitudes
    -Not optimized to install advanced spy equipment (imagine fitting a thermal imaging sensor to one of these) and safety of these equipment is not guaranteed.
    -Delays in landing/takeoff

    and the list goes on...

  86. Correction related to Missing Water Jet incident in Thalaimannar:

    It is now confirmed that there were no sea tiger craft among Indian fishing boats that docked in Thalaimannar. Multiple RPG rounds were fired from at least two medium sized Indian fishing trawlers when SLN vessels approched them to investigate distress signal. Sea tigers apparently had inside help from Indian fishermen or it could even be that LTTE cells owned the fishing trawlers.
    Source of the new evidence is a sailor who survived the attack.

  87. Defencenet,
    Any idea on WHO actually fired, Indian fishermen or tigers? LTTE could have boarded these boats in the sea or they could have come from Tamilnadu itself.....what do you think about this?

  88. as for the UA baloons some have mentioned, it is likely that they cost more than our Searcher I/II Scout/ Super Scout etc.

  89. Thanks Panhinda; great find. you have found much more than i could and from very credible sources too.


    i agree to some drawbacks of hotair balloons; but these can be easily overcome. bad weather and UAVs also do not go together.

    the following i extracted from one of Panhinda's links says it all.

    "Silvoy said the Army's new balloons are already providing much-needed intelligence to the troops in Iraq battling foreign jihadists and former regime elements. Whether or not the Army intends to formally resurrect its long-defunct Balloon Corps is uncertain. But for the moment at least, the Army is back in the balloon business, proving once again that "what goes around comes around."

    i think SL should SERIOUSLY consider balloons, even manned ones with appropriate weapons (i have stated the type of POSSIBLE weapons).

    Defencenet, is there a R&D division of the SLA/SLAF/MOD, etc?

    Please provide some details.


  90. the cost of a good quality hot air balloon is approx USD40k-50k much less than a UAV even after adding some surveillance equipment. human surveillance is also possible.

    DN thanks for your responses. Please refer to my other post.

  91. "
    Defencenet, is there a R&D division of the SLA/SLAF/MOD, etc?"

    It's not entirely an R&D but each of the armed forces do have a panel comprised of experts to decide on suited weapons, weapons purchases, feasibility analysis etc.
    Other than that MEC have been researching on manufacturing locally made armored vehicles and weapons. I.E the unibuffel

  92. These LTTE loosers are going nuts...It is time to kick them out...These LTTE parasites are thinking they are smarter...

    The loosers are funny..

  93. this shyam fellow is really crazy.

    why can't he be a bit more intelligent.

    anyway his actions reflect the utter desperation the LTTE and LTTE supporters are going through.

  94. Thank you defencenet for kicking the hard butt of shayam the loosers...Don't come back again...

  95. the Looser lost everything in a matter of seconds, just like LTTE bunkers...

  96. and to think we only needed to click once.....

  97. defencenet,

    last question,

    what does MEC stand for?


  98. defencenet,
    Dutugemunu`s ten giants have reborn to defeat barbaric tamil tigers. We are joining your blog one at a time. Gotabaya is right at the top dioing a wonderful job.

  99. DN and others-
    What are your thoughts about making the blogg invitation only to avoid unwanted visitors and comments?
    Initially if we make sure all users can join, then those who abused the blogg, get kicked out?
    Could avoid wasting every once time and unwanted conversations mainly. Would help all to concentrate on blogg conversations.
    Should save lot of DN's time too.


  100. Moshe,

    I think you need to approach competent people with some knowledge within the forces itself with these types of questions.

  101. prein,
    We will be moving to a new home soon. A new home where we will have more control.

  102. Perein,
    Does DefenceNet benefit in anyway by the number of comments on the blog?..Even if no..i think it is better to have everyone who wants to comment here.Of course it is a different matter if you want respond to their comments.

  103. Moshe Dyan;

    I am able to shut this forum down and ai don't want to coz its a nice one i enjoy this

  104. today we have somay april fool jokes in advance. here and well as in daily mirror. :) :)

  105. Its good to hear that DefenceNet will be improving. These anti-SL people around here are making it hard to concentrate on SL Defence. I hope the situation will improve here soon.

    In case a forum or other restricted members-only system is formed (allowing read/comment for seleted members of the public), please count me in.

    TechnoGuy's Blog is reaching its 1st Anniversary tommorrow.

    I request readers here to kindly come over and have a look at my blog. You can vote on how well I've done since February 2007. All visits and votes will be greatly appreciated!

  106. SLAF raids LTTE "Ops center" - Mannar

  107. DefenceNet,
    We know that the LTTE use heavy guns and also move them around.How long does it take to dismantle a heavy gun after it is fired(i assume it is hot)so it can be moved?.

  108. technoguy sri lanka,

    You are a BLOG

    Keep up the good work bro...

  109. To everyone whose rights are violated:

    Free blogging services:

    Why people blog and a review of these services:

    Create one for yourself and let us know your side of the story!

  110. Defencenet:

    We will be moving to a new home soon. A new home where we will have more control.


    very interesting !
    i hope we are allowed to come in :)

  111. "i hope we are allowed to come in :)"

    everyone will be welcome.

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Question:

    Why has the SLAF stoped releasing UAV vids? Is it because-

    1. prior to the Anuradhapura attack they were is glorious colour - courtesy of a US$ 10 mln.+ kit which was destroyed - and now they're in black and white; or,

    2. LTTE can spot patterns/limitations and fine tune/adapt their counter-measures.

    The positives of releasing the UAV vids is to maintain the cyops momentum on overseas gravey train.

  114. Sri Lanka airforce 'bombs rebel base': ministry


  115. Defencenet or Any Other Friend,

    What are the long bars in this picture?


    more pictures are here:

    Weapons Captured in Ampara

  116. Defencenet,
    "We will be moving to a new home soon. A new home where we will have more control."
    That is good news for us. Finally...

    BTW guys,
    "tamileelam - the homeland of tamils."

    Sri Lanka - Homeland to peace loving people of all races

  117. Guys,

    Dealing With Pests

    We have three pests who spoil this blog: Shyam, theboss and Puli. I am one of those who says something to them in the language they understand. My goal was not to make them silent and therefore, I don't need to accept the failure, hence; I just want to encourage them to show us how naive and ignorant they are; just three shallow characters.

    When everone wants to ignore them, I tried it too. When I failed, in retrospect, I thought of two people who was in my situation, at the beginning of the mankind - our dear old Adam and Eve. When God made them and placed them in the Garden of Eden, in the absence of eavesdroppers and peeping Toms, they lost the very battle, I have been losing for the past few weeks - temptation. They ate the fruits of the forbidden tree, we are told - even kids know what it was, when two grown-ups of opposite sex, were in birthday clothes! Any way, that is besides the point.

    So, guys, I will try again to contain this little devil inside me; but if I fail, blame me, while passing on a fair share on those great ancestors for being the source of this inconveniece.

    You guys may remember that I told the three fools - Shyam, Puli and theboss - that the air force has a catalogue of surprises. They got the third of the collection today.

  118. Defencenet:
    everyone will be welcome

    Thank you Defencenet

  119. Moshe Dyan, Panhinda, DefenceNet & Co.,

    Do you guys not think that if we don't have a R&D division, then it should be set up ASAP?

    I read an article about Colombo Dockyard Ltd. recently, don't know the whole story but as far as I understand, they supply the navy with some home-made boats, that's very encouraging news!

    This balloon idea may not be feasible, but we could do with a team that can explore new ideas and come up with innovative ways of doing things better with our own resources rather than buying stuff all the time from foreign countries!

  120. "tamileelam - the homeland of tamils."

    Sri Lanka - Homeland to peace loving people of all races

    and side by side we will continue to exist, no?

  121. Difence net ...

    Its nice to hear from you man . . .lolz ...

  122. the boss ;

    Dei ivanukal ella thamilanukalayum block panninanukal indikku ...perum poraddathukku mathiyila ...emathu ethirpa thanka elama ippo allow pannitanukal .....he he he he

  123. parakrama,

    "I read an article about Colombo Dockyard Ltd. recently, don't know the whole story but as far as I understand, they supply the navy with some home-made boats, that's very encouraging news!"

    I agree with you. If only we had something like this for the army and maybe the air force as well...

    The most famous of the boats you mentioned are the Colombo Class Ultra Fast Attack Craft which is providing a great service to the navy.

  124. Parakrama,

    CDL (Colombo Dockyard) build Dvora class (we called them Colombo class) FACS for SLN. most of the FACS which is used in SLN were These CDL built ones. there is a R&D division in SL military machine which has started after Gotabaya. most of the details were classified to General public.

  125. Furthermore there's a news regarding building a Corvette type ship with combination with some western shipyard here in CDL. now CDL is capable of building bigger ships. they proved that in last month by finishing a huge ship for India. Called "Greatship Anjali"

  126. Qrious,

    The way you respond and the way you dealing wth these "Pests" is pretty entertaining... I like that, Its good to see those buggers finally became a joke for the rest. Keep it up bro.


  127. chamal ;

    That company is an old one..there are making dvoras also ...

  128. DNet, Guys,

    Something out of the topic,

    One thing i noticed during last many Independance day parades was we never display Buffels/Unicorns with other militery vehicles we have. Isnt it good to display our own product like these in a parade as many other countries do, sure it will show our militery strength as well as our ability to grow independetly as a nation.

    is there any reason not to show those Buffels ?

    the tubes in the pic,
    I guess those are "Bangalore torpedoes" ???

  129. Parakrama, its not that we dont entirely have a r & d. The ones we have in armed forces are not given a high priority.

  130. guys,

    this is out of topic. but please read the comments :)

  131. DN-
    When you get a chance can you please check your e-mail.

  132. Guys,

    From couple of hrs fighter jets are flying over Katunayake area.

    dnt know why ?

  133. @prabath,

    could be part of the "catalogue" qrious was talking about earlier. will wait and see.

  134. "Source of the new evidence is a sailor who survived the attack.

    Did they not get an ID for the vessels? I mean when a distress call goes out (fake one at that) would the crew of the trawler have to give an ID, also did the sailor notice any name on the trawler. Might help to track down ownership etc in India.

    Also I thought it was already understood that these were Indian trawlers, but the idea was LTTE had hijacked them as in past?


  135. Skywalker, thanks mate.


    I was wathching the pros and cons of the debate of the involvement of the high-tech stuff in the present conflict.

    I am a software engineer myself, yet cautious about embracing it with both hands as a the solution-for-all conviction; simply because, it is not the case, when the very thing eclipses the human factor.

    With regard to the on-going operations in Vanni, you can see what I earlier referred as the 'catalogue' in action. This has been possible, thanks to human intelligence - our dear DPU's and the likes.

    One of the most succesful operations the air force has ever carried out was the killing of Thamilchelvan. The target was taken with bulls-eye precision, due to the human factor.

    I think we have enough technology to take on the savages now; what is crucial is the human factor and thank god, it is fully funtional now.

    I think Gota expressed a similar thing on the same wavelength, recently.

    This is something Pottu Amman thought that he had the monopoly on. The army proved that he has a rival now - a dreadful one.

  136. Sri Lanka's controversial Minister to resign from parliament


  137. Our guys are fast learners. there's no doubt about that. even Air Force commander acknowledge that in his meeting with ITN. he said our boys can take accurate targets and there's no Foreign pilots or any mercenaries working with us.

  138. Attacking very important terrorist base is important to bargain the terrorist strength. But to finish off the war, we need to show them mass scale destruction of thier resources, both Human and matrial. Otherwise, I don't think LTTE will give up this destructive killing. For this we need to invite terrorist to engage in Large scale and destroy entire batellion withing few hours...
    LTTE will never understand the value of human blood by seeing small destuction of their resources..But they will surely understant when it happens in big scale...harder desruction even to belive for them....

  139. "Did they not get an ID for the vessels? I mean when a distress call goes out (fake one at that) would the crew of the trawler have to give an ID,"

    Yes identification is required to send an SOS. But the ID they had used is now known to be a fake.

    "also did the sailor notice any name on the trawler. Might help to track down ownership etc in India."

    At the moment there are no specific signs noticed about the vessels that may help identification.

    "Also I thought it was already understood that these were Indian trawlers, but the idea was LTTE had hijacked them as in past?"

    It was initially thought that sea tiger vessels hidden among the fishing trawlers fired at SLN water jets. Now it looks more like they had help from Indian fishermen (or LTTE cells among Indian fishermen in that case).

  140. Sandun said...
    Defencenet or Any Other Friend,

    What are the long bars in this picture?


    These are Bangalore torpedoes, used for mine clearing and obstacle clearing such as barbed wire. If the LTTE was going to breach a minefield laid by the Army, they would use these devices.

  141. This "swayanposhitha" thing the Hon President is doing is very dangerous for his life..The real crooks and criminals have not surfaced yet.The comments by uncle sarath is even more dangerous.The number of shits in high places in the south that dont want this war to end will fill bogambara anyday.

  142. Recently four Pentecostal pastors were arrested for complicity in transporting suicide bombers to Colombo and Kandy, and over 20 suicide kits were recovered. The denomination, the Four Square Church, has its headquarters in Los Angeles California. The Church’s website has this rather startling statement, which shows how naive they are, and that they really don’t fully comprehend the seriousness of the offences committed. Many of my family members are Christian, so I am not anti-Christian in any way but I am shocked by the attitude of this church.

    Sri Lanka
    February 11, 2008
    Recently in Sri Lanka, according to reliable sources, four Foursquare pastors were arrested under suspicion for association with a terrorist group. Please pray that they would be released, the Foursquare Church name would be cleared and all local churches and pastors protected.
    Thank you for praying,
    Mike Larkin
    V.P., Director of Global Operations and Missions,1.html

  143. casc,
    from what i gather the 4 squares church the suspect belongs to was a "takaran hut".So this guy was an LTTE cadre who became a pastor because he wanted to plant bombs under the guise of a clergymen. I dont think the church conducted security checks on him.If he was ordained many years ago..then the only reason he was ordained was for the LTTE to keep tabs on the activites of the church..Although there is the possibility that a pastor/pastors maybe in favour of the LTTE.If you are a pastor of a church and you discuss the LTTE in a fvourable light and you are in an LTTE area.. then you are compelled to support them for the benefit of your congregation and to get things done because we all havve to eat..correct me if i am wrong.If starting with that power hungry donkey JRJ had done the right thing srilanka would be a different place.JRJ should have placed himself and the sinhalese between the tamil people and tamil politiicans.

  144. 'WESTERN POINT OF VIEW ON SL' This ia what former PM RW had to say in summary.

    The Govt.`s random printing of money and fiscal blunders have routed the economy with the inflation rate hitting an unprecedented level at 26 %.
    Scores of security personnel are dying daily in the Wanni area. Innocent Tamils are being abducted and killed if they refused ransom. Economy is in a shambles with people starving. The Govt. which is itself in total disarray has only one answer to all these problems - camouflages and effective cover ups suppressing the Media and oppressing those who expose and oppose Govt. misdeeds, he asserted.....

    Has he said anything about LTTE? I am sorry this is not a political colum but I am angry of this idiots comments.

  145. mottapala,
    RW is dead scared of this murderous war ending..this is the problem..when the tax office gets to work on him starting in 1970.No one book keeping genius is going to help him because his assets can be valued because they are real and depreciated to the yr he purchased them.when we are in killi this guy will immigrate overseas with several others i must add..he probably alreay has quadruple nationalities..

  146. mottapala,
    All this is our fault.At election time the voters must make sure they have their brains screwed on the correct way round.this "atha essilla" for a loaf of bread given by a political lunatic at election time must be averted.

  147. Srilankan,

    I agree with you. I think the church may have got duped in this instance, like so many other organizations. Churches and INGOs have been hijacked by LTTE agents. These have become gold mines for the LTTE. During the aftermath of the tsunami, many LTTE front organizations received foreign funds from well intentioned INGOS. Yes. Sadly, JRJ messed up our country.

  148. casc,
    Many thanks for your comments.The church has a problem cannot criticise its pastors or critcise the LTTE for the bombing because both mean the same thing.So the step to criticise the LTTE by the deputy of the mannar church shows much courage on his part.Now he may be a patsy for the LTTE to kill and blame on the army..

  149. bishops statement.

  150. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  151. //...Bruce Fein, an attorney based in Washington D.C, in responding to questions posed by the website, challenged the site to publish a list of Americans killed or threatened by the LTTE,...//-tamilnut

    Both Gotabhaya R and Sarath F were targeted by LTTE suicide attacks and both are said to be US citizens. ??

  152. Norwegian manipulation to move Prabakaran to Eretria!

    (LankaTruth: 16th February 2008 11.20 S.L.T )

    A scheme to immediately move tiger leader Prabakaran to Eretria is being carried out by Government of Norway reveal international intelligence services. Eric Solheim, Norwegian Minister of International Development is heading the schemers to move Prabakaran to the African state of Eretria and has already had a special discussion in London on 4th February reveal the international intelligence services to security sections in Sri Lanka.

    Eretria made several statements in support of the tiger organization when Ms. Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaraatunga was the President and it was prepared to recognize ‘Tamil Ealam’ if the terrorist organization had an opportunity to declare such a state by dividing Sri Lanka.

    When the tiger terrorist leader was injured in an air raid carried out by S.L. Air Force on an underground bunker complex at Jayanthinagar in Killinochchi on 26th November, last year Norwegians had made an attempt to remove the injured tiger supremo to Myanmar with the help of Karen National Union (KNU) guerilla unit. However, this move had to be abandoned as Indian and Sri Lankan Navies had strengthened security in the area.

    As Eretria has expressed its support to the tiger terrorist organization directly, has sent arms to tiger organization and several other terrorist organizations and is in a region where Norwegian and UN influence is strong the attempt of the Norwegians now is to take the ailing terrorist leader there point out intelligence services.

  153. Maoist is a term a loosely used to describe rebels who are fighting an insurgency in several states Southern and Central in India (Andra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand). I am not entirely sure what their cause is but some of the issues have to do with land ownership, and tenant farmers rights. India never went through the type of agrarian reform that Sri Lanka went through during the post independence era. The Maoist rebels now control vast tracks of land in these states. Also, these rebels have got fairly sophisticated in recent years, laying land mines, using RDX, etc. The Indian authorities have long suspected that the Maoist and the insurgents in the North Eastern India (the NE insurgents are basically fighting for separation from India) have got some of their technical expertise from the LTTE. India, with its separation of federal and state powers, previously did not get their armed forces involved in anti-insurgent operations against Maoist. The police forces of the affected states were primary forces involved in these operations. The Hindu newspaper reports that now for the first time the Indian Air force will be involved in operations against Maoist rebels. In the latest attack by the Maoist, which took place last Friday, they attacked three police stations, an armoury, and a police training college in Nayagarh, Orissa and took away 1100 guns and over 100,000 bullets.
    I think all of this bodes well for Sri Lanka. I cannot imagine Indian central authorities tolerating any kind of eelam because of the current connection between the LTTE and the Maoist outfit, and because of the potential for this Maoist insurgency to get out of control.

  154. Defencenet/guys

    any info on whats going on in Paalaikkuzhi, Mannaar

    Tamilnet is reporting a incident

  155. Lanka says 19 Tigers killed in attack on camp


  156. Sri Lankan,

    Would it be possible to get the contact details (e-mail address) of the girl you mentioned who collects books? I live in US myself and would like to work with her on this. I can give my contact details to you if you would like.


  157. Sri Lanka

    I am sorry I didnt see that website details that Perein has pasted.

    I got it now.


  158. Video: Sri Lankan Forces Enters Mullaitivu South (13-Feb-2008)

  159. Blogger mew_lobo said...

    Hi, does anyone know what type of gun the Airforce soldier in the picture is holding?

    I've seen the Airforce spec ops guys carrying the chinese bullpups.. The QBZ's.... But don't know bout the gun in the picture.... thx

    ermm.. that looks like a RPD (russian made)
    with a drum barrel(ammo)and a foldable back stock...


  160. sl forces use a combinationa of

    us,russian,beligan,chinese,british guns..thos most of em are russian and chinese origin....

  161. "That company is an old one..there are making dvoras also ..."
    Dvora is called Colombo Class UFAC


  163. The above link is about the soldiers who fight this war. Hope they all will be safe.

  164. Thushanthi,
    It will be great if you can let us know about the on going activites(work in progress) of this org started by her parents.I am sure people who live overseas have many simple things they can give schools..the problem is sending these things and making sure they end up with the people they are intended for.

  165. Why do our soldiers repeatedly get caught to various tiger traps...
    Few Eg.
    1. When 450 indian fishing boats came so close to thalaimannar they should've at least suspected something was fishy and they should have called for help rather than small water jet going to investigate it and get killed...

    2. Allowing four catholic preist to come inside thalladi camp and get inside information and where the MBRL was stationed etc, etc

    3. Putting our soldiers to do sramadana and clean up the church which could be done by villagers.. there by exposing them to tiger artillary and get killed.(which is pretty obvious it's an inside job, They knew how to stay away from the building)

    4. Fortunately, for the quick thinking of one of our soldier MBRL was moved to a safe place... I'm assuming those four catholic priests are LTTE members or supporters... they're obviously carrying GPS within their pockets to get the exact coordinates to attack accurately.... they should never be allowed inside army camps.. should never be trusted...
    and always should undergo thorough body serch before allowed in...
    superior officers should educate junior ranks not to get deceived by these tiger traps and loose valuable soldiers life and army assets..

  166. nandimithra,
    About the catholic pastors..i am sure they joined the LTTE before becoming pastors..the church like INGO's should have done security checks..anyway from the look of things .its way way way too late for the LTTE.

  167. srilankan / Thushanthi-

    "...the problem is sending these things and making sure they end up with the people they are intended for..."
    Above is a real problem. But let's take that as a challenge and work out few things.
    Have written to Defencenet team to get me some info related to "Books" idea.
    Let me see how quikly I can get the info. I'm sure together we could do few things in short run.

  168. Nandimithra, Interesting observations.

    I have a question to add in, According to the reports that came out, this Church is situated next to/near the Army Camp --> If that's the case, if it's a short distance, why cant the LTTE attack the army camp as well ?

  169. Sri Lankan,
    Tiger caders can impersonate as a pastor with a valid NID card.
    ( It is a simple job for the tigers to make bogus I.D)
    they should not be allowed in.
    How can our soldiers differentiat a pastor from a terorist.

  170. reo.meg.fore
    Thalladi camp is just in front of the church, seperated by the mannar road. 16 artillaries fell into the camp.

  171. Sorry guys
    i also posted the information from that email that went around asking for water for out soldiers...
    thought it was real since it had contact details etc and an address of a temple :(
    seems like tiger propaganda fellows are burning the midnight oil and putting in extra effort to tarnish SLDF attempts at breaking the ltte

  172. I read in that LTTE is actively trying to use priest as suicide bombers. People watch out! LTTE uses priest to smuggle in explosives because they do not go thru the same rigorous checking other civilians go thru.

  173. What we need in our country is more of public university and military working closely. In the US, the US military under DARPA ( was able to fund major research and development work to the local universities to work on cutting edge technology that benefit the military directly and the country as a whole. We should fund our top universities to work on projects such to produce locally UAVs. By the way, we can by sophisticated avionics and surveillance equipment very cheaply and assemble to a UAV locally as a start. There are top engineering students of the world in our universities but without much opportunities to contribute to the development of the country thru innovation. We should change our circular in engineering students graduation that they do not graduate without working on mandatory senior project. We need to set up a organization modeled from DARPA (this organization by the way help create the modern day internet and microprocessor that revolutionize technology today) without so much bureaucracy that exists today. We need to make such organization very efficient in conducting research. We should also try to build locally mostly used weapons to save foreign currency and create many jobs locally.


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