Sunday, February 10, 2008

LTTE stations a MBRL in Weli Oya to stop the 59th division

About two months ago, we revealed about the possibility of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) opening another major front in the Wanni operation through the Weli Oya (Manal Aru in Eelam terminology) sector. As predicted, the front lines of Weli-Oya have been heating up due to the sporadic clashes for the past few weeks. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are offering fierce resistance to advancing troops of the 59th division, who are equal to the task.

Military Intelligence (MI) reports from the Weli-Oya front indicate that LTTE has stationed one of their Multi Barreled Rocket Launchers (MBRL) in the region in a bid to prevent the army advance. The weapon is said to be a 12 barreled variant which can fire 107mm rockets over a distance of 7-10Km. A similar weapon was uncovered by the army during the Thoppigala operation. LTTE used this weapon when they staged a counterattack on 5 army positions in the eastern province in the final phase of Thoppigala operation. The damage was minimized as the full 12 barrels were not used, either because of a shortage of ammo or due to some barrels being damaged by continuous use.

A significant turn of events took place in the Weli Oya front when the army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) ambushed LTTE's regional military commander "Lt. Colonel" Kumaran inside rebel held territory few months ago. Kumaran was seriously wounded but survived the assault. As per MI reports, Kumaran has been reassigned to the Weli Oya sector by orders of LTTE's senior leadership, even before his wounds are fully healed. However his reappearance has not made any drastic changes. The 59th division is still on the offensive. The tigers have been forced to follow a defensive strategy and most of the time have found themselves at the receiving end.

Meanwhile 8 suspicious personnel were arrested by police today in the Minneriya region. Security has been tightened in the Minneriya town where an air base of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) is located. This airbase is home to the gunships of the 9th attack helicopter squadron, a prime target of the LTTE according to latest intelligence reports.


    ..a must read for all

  2. Pasted from other thread:

    First of all thanks everyone for the wishes and suggestions. it is your enthusiasm that motivates us to move forward. Once again, thanks.

    good job with the translation. We already knew what they were yapping about (Maybe puli and co. thought they were speaking in a secret code which no one else knew, but sad to say that code was broken many years ago).

    This was why we replied in that thread:

    DefenceNet said...

    “Moattu singalavanukku oru pundaiyum vilangaathu. Adi poattaal thaan vilangum!”

    And you call this not racist? Don’t come here whining that your posts got deleted and swearing you didn’t use”that word” next time.

    February 9, 2008 8:26 AM "

    Puli was the one who kept swearing (he/she/it) wasnt a racist and we deleted (his/her/its) innocent comments.



    "Puli said...

    What do you exactly mean by 'baseless'?
    If the fundamentals of my opinion are different from yours, then would you consider them baseless?
    On what basis did you remove my previous comments, may I ask? Please state of they were, in your opinion, racist or baseless?

    February 6, 2008 2:18 PM"



    "Puli said...

    I posted a pro-tamil view. Does that mean my comment has to be removed?
    Why are you keeping the good people from hearing alternative views? Your actions are very similar to that of the LTTE! LTTE does not allow dissent. You dont allow alternative view, let alone dissent. why is this?

    February 4, 2008 2:33 PM"


    "Puli said...

    Mine is not a racist blabber. Just because it is usually said one point can not be seen as wrong, could it be? In that case just because one usually blames the LTTE for ALL the bomb blasts in Colombo can we safely assume its wrong and remove the posts talking about it? The truth remains that the Tamil civilians are getting killed at the hands of the Joint Forces. I'm surprised that you branded that as a racial blabber!

    February 4, 2008 3:04 PM"


    Puli said...

    Well,so are the Joint Security forces. They are not a race too.
    Besides I never implied comments about LTTE being removed on racial grounds.I spoke about right or wrong.
    In any event, I questioned your criteria of branding a comment as racial, because I feel the word racist is used in place of the word 'alternative' in your books.

    February 4, 2008 3:34 PM"


    Puli said...

    I deny that. I never said Sinhalese killing Tamils. I said forces.

    February 4, 2008 3:55 PM"


  3. Thanks everyone..

    I hope the translation was useful to reveal thereal ids of these fanatics..

    In a way.. I feel its not their mistake.. Maybe these guys are not even in sri lanka and in mid 20s and 30s. So they would have grown up with ltte propoganda like how how we used to learn the history in social studies.

    But I dont think they are foolish enough to know what are the facts..

    What we all want is an undivided country where everyone can live in peace... So we have to support the endeavours undertaken by the forces to make it happen. I am pretty sure the forces have learnt from their past errors and conducting themselves very proffessionally.. liberation of east was an example from the past. So let us give all the morale support to them. It is with great sacrifice they are serving in the front lines.

    We guys sitting behind a PC will never ever feel the pulse of those brave soldiers..

  4. Clash leaves Sri Lanka university students hospitalized


    Sri Lanka: 46 killed in fresh violence


  5. Defencenet,

    Have our MI/DPU/reconns found the locations of the big guns. I think this is the area even the IPKF never stepped into.. its a thick jungle.

    I wish the forces good luck. The strategy for each front would be different depending on the terrains!!

    Jaya wewa to our SLDF!!

  6. Sri Lanka curtails school gatherings due to security fears


    Fisherman killed in Sri Lankan Navy firing


  7. LTTE rocks Congress-DMK boat


    Sri Lanka has highest inflation in South, Southeast Asia


  8. As evident from our comment above, most of the troublemakers visit this blog merely to disrupt the constructive discussions that hurt their propaganda efforts.

    And we strongly request all our readers not to respond to such racists. Your replies fuel them.
    No matter how much you argue, you cannot change their minds. You cannot win them, at least not on an online forum. Ignore them and this issue will resolve itself.

  9. Defencenet/Guys,

    Is every member of the forces trained on defusing bombs? I thought it was only the specialized units....

    Anyway good job by this officer, he has acted very wisely to avert a disaster....(I only wish the same happened in the Nugegoda bomb)

  10. chamal,
    It's given in special training. And nowadays most of the forces get it.

    Anyway diffusing a bomb is always a life threatening task, no matter how much experience or knowledge you have on the subject. It's real courage shown by the Naval office there.

  11. Just would like to take a moment to salute the SLDF... The most experienced combat forces (real time and ground operations) in the world facing the most dangerous terrorist outfit..

  12. Jairam Ramesh(Indian Minister of State for Commerce and Industry) to visit Sri Lanka


    Sri Lanka army chief vows to defeat Tiger rebels(TODAY)


    Army general Sarath Fonseka:

    "They are an organised force with a lot of experience. They have thousands of fighters. I don't conduct the war looking at deadlines and timeframes," Fonseka said in the interview published Sunday.

    "Can a war that has been going on for more than 25 years be completed by March? But, what I say is -- give us a chance."

    At the beginning of the year, in an interview with the state-run Sunday Observer, Fonseka said the LTTE had 3,000 fighters and pledged that the military could defeat them by mid-2008.

    But in the interview published Sunday, he increased his estimate of rebel strength to 5,000 combatants, citing new intelligence reports.


    very interesting !


  13. lkdood,

    Could it be due to forced conscripts in the wanni??? old men, children and women etc...

    The hardcores being kept in reserve and newly recruits sent to front lines.. virtual billi boys!!!

  14. riyaz,

    "Could it be due to forced conscripts in the wanni??? old men, children and women etc..."

    That's what I was thinking too.... but when we add all these up I think the number will be more than 5000.

    What is your estimate on LTTE numbers?

  15. Chamal,
    A brave national hero considering he was there with his family.A perfect example of how to do things right!!.i hope he is rewarded.

  16. For noltte=peace ;-)

    I love the phrase tipping point.

    In terms of popular expression this is the point where if a small or minute addition is made to a balanced system, it can result in the sudden and complete toppling (or a catastrophic event) of aforementioned state of balance. Or an even better definition – where the momentum of change becomes unstoppable.

    Currently we have a seemingly balanced system in the Wanni, with the LTTE apparently holding firm against the systematic onslaught on four fronts by the SLA forces.

    In the past when the SLA went on the offensives, the LTTE would be flexible and pliant, and draw them in only to smother them later when the SLA overreached or spread themselves thin with massive operations resulting in massive casualties.

    Things today are somewhat different.

    Small, but deadly attacks and withdrawals, by the frontline troops with demoralising daily body counts for the enemy.

    Effective LRRP operations behind enemy lines that have already accounted for intelligence second in command Charles and more importantly severely restricted the movements of upper level LTTE cadre, who would motivate and drive the lower level cadre.

    Precision strikes by the air force, which have already accounted for Tamilselvam and the destruction of the LTTE military infrastructure including training camps.

    Effective blockades by the navy, restricting fresh weapons supply lines, and the destruction of the LTTE floating armouries.

    This reminds me of a past Chinese form of execution, ‘Ling Che’ or more commonly known as ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’, where the hapless victim is killed by the slow slicing of his flesh in small pieces, resulting in his eventual death by massive blood loss.

    The SLA forces are destroying the LTTE with small cuts. Slowly, but surely bleeding them to death, with minimal casualties to itself, unlike in past costly operations.

    And why do I like the expression tipping point?

    We are fast approaching it in the context of the LTTE.

    This is where the LTTE frontlines will collapse and everything will descend into chaos and implode.

    When the command structures will fracture, and the populace of the Wanni will turn against their former masters and the cannon fodder cadre will desert en mass.

    Then be prepared for the turkey shoot of the century gentlemen. When the end comes for the LTTE, it will come soon and unexpectedly. Just be ready for that tipping point.

    And what will the LTTE do to avoid that tipping point being reached

    Expect to see a massive bombing campaign against civilians to put pressure on the government to make rash military actions.

    Prepare yourselves for more attempted assassinations on political and military leaders.

    More attempts to trigger ethnic backlashes by targeting religious places of worship.

    Potentially catastrophic attack on the country’s infrastructure. And I am not talking about simple power transformers here. Think hydro-dams here etc.

    Attempted attacks on the international airport, the financial district, power stations, oil refineries etc.

    And possibly a last throw of the dice with an unceasing waves type of operation against one of the larger military targets.

    As for the governments challenge today – to act in a proactive fashion and prevent the above occurring.

    To survive long enough to carry on with the present successful modus operandi and not put political pressure on the SLA forces for quick results or ‘glamorous’ operations, which will prove costly in human and economic terms.

    No shit Sherlock on the above some might say. But our governments past and present have a habit of missing the obvious and not taking proper precautions and shutting the stable door only after the horse has bolted.

    Hopefully by now they have learnt their lessons.

    But then again these are the same idiots who made the potential f*ck up of the century by having the bright idea to travel together in the same air transport at the same time to a war zone. WTF!!

  17. Could some one kindly translate what "Moattu singalavanukku oru pundaiyum vilangaathu. Adi poattaal thaan vilangum!” mean?


  18. Have the people in vanni already started to resent the ltte leadership??? Vanni is not the fairy tale story everybody thinks of... there are factions and favouritism inside....

  19. riyaz-"Could it be due to forced conscripts in the wanni??? old men, children and women etc..."..well it seems
    the case according to lankatruth..however i dont know how credible this story is.

  20. cakeboy,

    interesting analysis. Some points to be noted by all. Be vigilant and responsive...


    its already translated see the previous two threads.. some of its language is vulgar...

  21. "What is your estimate on LTTE numbers?"

    6000-7000 hard core cadres + another 10000-12000 auxiliary forces.

  22. "What is your estimate on LTTE numbers?"

    it was 3000, but GOSL proud army has killed 1100 in the last month. So 1900 left.
    Plz march into wanni, ktnxbai.

  23. Defnet,

    Do you think these hardcores are kept in cold for the final fight... is it these forecd conscripts/others sent into frontlines??

    i think the pressure is telling on the tigers... they are waiting for that premature march according their supporters!!

  24. I just hope the forcibly conscripted kids and civilians surrender to the forces..they are such a vital source of intelligence and can help us finish this off for good at no risk to their lives.

  25. The analysis by cakeboy sounds interesting..

    The LTTE wants a 20-20 where as the SLDF is taking it on a test level... lets see who has the endurance most!!!

  26. forced conscripts could be waiting for the correct moment....coz they would know what kind of an animal tigers are!!!

  27. cakeboy

    "But then again these are the same idiots who made the potential f*ck up of the century by having the bright idea to travel together in the same air transport at the same time to a war zone. WTF!!"

    Please don't call them "idiots". Yes, they probably made a mistake by flying in the same aircraft (I'm not too sure they if they actually did this, but I could be wrong) however, if it wasn't for these "idiots", SLDF wouldn't be breathing down VP's throat just now. So, please respect them.

    They are kicking the shit out of the tigers, respect!

  28. "Do you think these hardcores are kept in cold for the final fight... is it these forecd conscripts/others sent into frontlines??"

    Well they are being used but rarely. Charles Anthony brigade was used several times in Mannar. And bunkers in Northern front are manned by some others. But largely it's the less experienced ones that have died so far.

  29. Interresting article from Rivira;

  30. "I just hope the forcibly conscripted kids and civilians surrender to the forces..they are such a vital source of intelligence and can help us finish this off for good at no risk to their lives."

    This is true....But seems to me that Prabhakaran thinks that if he cannot get Eelam, then every Sri Lankan tamil should fight with him and die with him (or rather, fight for his survival and die, while he runs away to some other country).So the quicker he's taken out the better for everyone in Sri Lanka

  31. Defencenet,

    how successful the SLAF has been in destroying the ammunition dumps.
    That could distruptthe life line of the tigers..

    Even if they manage to smuggle in small quantities, it would restrict their striking capacity by a big way.

  32. another great think ... now finally the SLA intelligent found out, LTTE have made their own MBRLs successfully with their own technology... its the challenge for the SLA's MBRLs they bought from Paki...THE LTTE MBRL can fire 30 rounds at a time & the range is 25KM which is equal to chineese 130 mm arti and it can hit the ground with 50KG explosives...its another head ache for SLA.....

    Another thing the SLA's plan on MANALARU is to catch some places in the MANALARU forest to bring the MULLATIVU in to the SLA arti range..but thats not easier for them

  33. JHU wants special ID for Tamils
    link below

    Are these guys nuts.. These are the main causes for the distrust in the majority community. a few loose heads.

    People from all the races are getting caught for terorist related activities. So why only single out tamils!!

    What about the lady caught in dambulla blast, the priest from mannar etc...

  34. I heard on some radio channel's news (not sure which) that after the army captures Adampan & surrounding area, it will create a major problem for the LTTE in getting food supplies....seems LTTE is depending heavily on the rich farmlands in that area for getting food supplies for it's cadres. Any truth in this?

  35. 'Please don't call them "idiots". Yes, they probably made a mistake by flying in the same aircraft (I'm not too sure they if they actually did this, but I could be wrong) however, if it wasn't for these "idiots", SLDF wouldn't be breathing down VP's throat just now. So, please respect them.

    They are kicking the shit out of the tigers, respect!'

    No disrespect Parakrama, but guys in their position that they are in can not afford to make mistakes for the sake of all those foot soldiers,the war effort and all the civillians sakes.

    We cannot follow blindly without making any criticisms like the LTTE apologists do with their sun god.

    Criticisms have to be made, only so lessons can be learnt and mistakes not repeated.

    There is no disputing they made an almighty cock-up travelling together.

    And there is no disputing that mistakes were made in providing security to Gotabaya and Fonseka, allowing the LTTE to get as close as they did.

    And there is also no disputing their were security lapses in Katunayake in the past, and Anuradapura base.

    Complacency is our greatest enemy here. 'Kicking the shit out of the tigers' alone is not enough.

  36. Actually JHU wants to issue an ID for normal tamils so that they can be identified from LTTE....not sure how they think that will work. (As LTTE is faking even national ID, don't see a reason they can't fake this as well)

    Frankly, politicians should stick to politics and leave defence related matters to people who know about it.

  37. chamal,

    I have the same doubts..... how can you verify these IDs.. besides what about others who have betrayed the nation for money.. rmember the attempts on sarath fonseka's life and gota's.. there were other than tamils who helped in those causes..

  38. cakeboy

    "But then again these are the same idiots who made the potential f*ck up of the century by having the bright idea to travel together in the same air transport at the same time to a war zone. WTF!!"
    I think these people have lived for 30 yrs with the understanding that their lives are under threat on a daily basis..and some have practically they take a different attitude to life although they should not be in one place at anyone time specially in a easy target like a helicopter.

  39. Gentlemen,
    I though the ID cards are biometic cards? the LTTE cannot duplicate them..
    Holding onto experienced fighting units is pointless in the case of the LTTE really because ultimately they have to launch an attack in a conventional mammer to inflict heavy causalties on the army for which i hope the airforce is ready.I tend to think this way because of those 8 guys caught in minneria which has the MI gunships which perform a support role for the is the intention first to knock them out before a fully fledged conventional assault?..i wonder ..alternatively this force is kept solely to provide vp with an escape route but to where..a norweigian embassy in killi?

  40. Thanx Skywalker

    that report says,

    some condoms were found from the bunkers which used by female carders.

    "we never thought that the fight will be difficult like this.everyday SLA attacks to our bunkers..."
    in a letter found from the bunker.

  41. thanks skywalker..
    hope the sources are true... nice article.

    about minneriya. that area looks a pretty safe place to hide.. have been to that place while on a trip to habarana. road development is taking place and many shrub areas around. would have been ideal for the tigers.. anyways it looks like a timely detection...

  42. Defencenet/guys

    16 SLA troopers loose their limbs in Mannaar FDLs

    More than sixteen Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops have lost their legs caught in booby traps at the Front Defence Line (FDL) positions in Pa’ndivirichchaan, Mu’l’likku’lam and Vi’laaththikku’lam in Mannaar district, since Friday, Mannaar LTTE Operations Command said.

    The disabled troopers are members of the SLA Deep Penetration Unit and those deployed by SLA in the intermittent advance attempts to break into LTTE FDLs.
    Tiger snipers kill 4 SLA troops in Paa'laikuzhi

    any info on whats going on ?

  43. actually i am updating that article on Hon president has asked the entire SLDF to surrender to the LTTE.AS a mark of respect he has changed to a pair of bata slippers...

  44. nice one sri lankan...

    there is a saying in sinhala...

    yuddeyata nethi kaduwa kos kotannada...

    guys do you think the same will befall to ltte big guns, helicopters, crop dusters.. etc..

    maybe the cropduster could be saved from destruction and used for agricultural purposes in the liberated areas... tigers can help the development in that way...

  45. cakeboy,

    Yup, you are right, we should not blindly follow as tigers do!

    I also agree with you that, it was an almighty cock-up, they should not have exposed themselves to that level of danger. We have to learn from past mistakes (e.g. Kobbakaduwa incident).

    I was also outraged by A'pura incident. I frequently travel alongside the AAB to go to Kandy from A'pura. I have seen Mi 24's and other aircraft parked there and I've told my cousin many times that LTTE could take them out with RPG's. They could so easily approach the base at night via Nuwara Wewa. So, it was an almighty cock-up, cos I am not a military expert but even I saw the danger!

    So, I agree with you about everything apart from the term "idiot". Constructive criticism is one thing but....

  46. Cakeboy,
    Very good analysis. Well done. But ...
    "But then again these are the same idiots...."
    the above comment is very disrespectful. Criticism is a good thing when it's constructive (traveling together is a terrible idea as many of us pointed out earlier. But there can be reasons). But in doing so we shouldn't disrespect the people who made that analysis possible.

  47. Riyaz,
    Thanks bro, dont take some comments on defencewire too much to heart.:):)

  48. Parakrama

    Exactly! I still have nightmares about Kobbekaduwa and Wimalarathna.

    Perhaps if mistakes had not been made with their security and they had been protected properly the war would have been over a long time ago. And don't forget Ranjan Wijeratne either.

    And remember Gotabaya and Fonseka have been targetted before.

    I just do not want to see any repeat..... ok, I will just say it was an idiotic thing to do, and leave it at that ;-)

  49. Cakeboy,

    Yes, definitely it was an idiotic thing to do!

  50. Nice article in Nation titled "Next Stop Mullaitivu"

    Another article in the Sunday Observer says that the LTTE has now put some of their experienced cadres in the western sector because their inexperienced women and teenage cadres can't hold the frontline any longer. The fact of the matter is that the LTTE can't fight on four fronts simultaneously. They simply don't have the numbers.

  51. Nice article in Nation titled "Next Stop Mullaitivu"

    Another article in the Sunday Observer says that the LTTE has now put some of their experienced cadres in the western sector because their inexperienced women and teenage cadres can't hold the frontline any longer. The fact of the matter is that the LTTE can't fight on four fronts simultaneously. They simply don't have the numbers.

  52. Cakeboy,
    We share in your nightmares bro..but we cant control how they want to live their lives..well on the same note they were all present at the "diyata kirula" exhibition..perfect opportunity for...

  53. LTTE claimed that SLA dpu team explode a claymore mine targeting school van and killing school children before our independence day. Can u remember?

    Now MI confirm what actually happened there.

    Yes thats true those who killed are children but not school children. They are forcefully recruited by ltte couple of months ago and trained in place called "v"base. ltte says it's van full of school children.But there was only two canters and two LTTE bikes. Those children are in ltte uniform with t-56 guns.Ltte made that story for there side and never release a proper video of it(Sencholai incident they realise lot of video's).Mi believe these children was taking to the LTTE FDL.

  54. This is acting. This is not a proper video. This is a fake video. Don't believe this.......

  55. Folks,

    Let me share a treasure with you :

  56. ui heard that after Kobbekaduwa was mined and seriously injured an helicopter was hovering above above the site without landing and taking them for immediate medical treatment,
    which makes me believe that all this was a setup by Premadasa, he was scared of the power Kobbekaduwa was gaining and feared him so like all paranoid tyrants he conspired to get rid of him just like he did to his own defence minister who helped him kill all the innocent sinhalese tamils and muslims and destroy JVP.

    I don't know if this true it most like is because we are taking about the darkest times in our history when we ruled by he sinhalese equivalent of Phrabhakaran

  57. riyaz keep up the good work brother
    the LTTE supporters here think that they can use tamil here to spread terrorist believes oblivous to lankan patriots,
    at least there's one among us who can enlighten us

  58. Cakeboy,

    Thanks Man!

    Recently I was in a lecture/workshop conducted by Max & Doris Starr Professor David Yoffie, Harvard Business School. His lecture was about 'Tipping Point'. I exactly understand what it means.

    As it says tipping point, you have to be careful about which side would put the effective weight.

    As someone else mentioned, if Fonseka, Gota and Prez was harmed, that will be the tipping point for LTTE. So, we have to be careful.

    In the past when-ever it was tipping in favor of GOSL, someone came to LTTE's rescue. Early days it was India. Now it seems it is coming from IC.

  59. Hi all

    Does any one have any converter(free download) that can change the format from MPEG to AVI ?
    I need to upload a very voluble video clip to youtube but it says file is too big .. my file size is around 50MB .. please help

  60. US Lawmakers with ties to LTTE money
    Congressmen Brad Sherman, Rush Holt received thousands in
    campaign funds from TRO operatives
    -The Island

  61. patriot aka Senkadagala Sinhaya aka Dush

    I belive this theory regarding General Kobbekaduwa.

    I know a gent who knew General Kobbekaduwa very well. He was with Kobbekaduwa at Sandurst Military Academy, and then was with him in the Army. He told me that Gen Kobbekaduwa was going to leave the Army and enter politics. President back then had a very good domestic intelligence network to spy on his potential enemies. Proabaly knew General's intentions all along. By the way, General Kobbekaduwa was also involved in the 1962 coup. He was out of the army for several years back in the 1960s.

    There was a lot of internal politics in the Army till about two years ago. Even General Fonseka was sidelined in 2005. Some of the generals hated their potential rivals more than the LTTE. I think the situation now is much better. Everyone is woking towards a common goal.

  62. Hasalaka,

    Go to the following website and submit your video. You can select there any format you want. Since your file is somewhat big, it'll take some time (10,15 minutes)

  63. MBRL muzzle flare will be more visible than their artillery. Hopefully HINDs will be on stand by at Trinco to neutralise whenever they start firing.


    They were firing artillery from the vicinity of Madhu. Have they moved it elsewhere now? Which other fronts other than the North and Mannar have they deployed artillery?

  64. Explorer

    thanx mate ... how long it take to get the mail ? file is 50mb

  65. Hasalaka,

    It will probably be about 10 minutes. may be sooner.
    Once you upload it, they'll send you a link. They you can download the converted file.

  66. Defencenet and others;
    Regarding the Naval officer diffusing a bomb, the guy took an unacceptable level of risk by taking on an ad hoc challenge without being properly kitted out and equipped for the task. He should be appropriately adviced not to attempt such activities again. Similarly the forces cheifs should issue appropriate instructions on how these situations need to be addressed.

    What this guy did is death defying, but that doesn't negate the fact that it was foolish.

    We don't need selfless soldiers like him dying in foolish bravado. They have to stay alive to take on assignments that can be appropriately measured in risk.

    I am concerned by the absence of a sensible perspective in any media that refers to this incident.

  67. It is not unpatriotic to be concerned about how our soldiers risk their lives.

    That's how nations protect their best, so that they in turn live longer and serve better.

  68. Tipping point;

    Our military has reached a level of maturity that is beyond the scale of one man or one single leadership's failure to affect the way it does business. That is a strategic weight and strike capability and is not going to be reflected in overall performances whether led by a Gen. Kobbekaduwa or my next door neighbor's wife. ..(Oooh, she's the stuff wet dreams are made of...) So stop worrying and think abt my neighbor's wife ...

    And about that 'yuddeta nathi kaduwa' and the condoms in the bunkers... are you guys trying to make me envious? Is there a conspiracy going on here? How did everyone find out about me and that thangachchi Saradha my wife found me with...

  69. casc & senkadagala,

    one very senior SLA officer who is connected to family had told that Gen Kobbekaduwa was planning join SLFP politics and therefore HE HAD TO BE bumped-off as he could have destabilised/divisionalised the army. but the SLFP top at the time also didn't want him to steal their show.

    the story goes that the VVIPs on that convoy had ACTUALLY asked why ALL OF THEM had to go the trip in a completely insignificant journey in Araly point!!

    people (tamils of course - cattle herderers?????) were the only attendees to the injurred/killed heroes. and no help had arrive for a VERY long time. they say it was for the fear of more landmines!!

    i have visited the site of the wreckage and the monument; there was a small army post there.

  70. Shyam

    "...LTTE have made their own MBRLs successfully with their own technology... "

    LTTE's machine is a Katyusha was made in N.Korea. It is less accurate and barrels are more likely to explode as much as fire. These are the cheap sht the palestinian terras fire at israeli cities and run away. Same razor, different monkey.

  71. tropicalstorm,

    unfortunately our army/navy hasn't reached this level at the VERY TOP.

    it is not their fault. the politicos keep changing the strategy ALL THE TIME and they choose the right one for their contemporary strategy.

    look at shantha kottegoda for instance! also would Fonseka be ever appointed if ranil was the PM? no. what happened to janaka perera?

    there are enough examples like this. unfortunately armed forces top notch is politicos' favourite bite.

    now things are a bit different; but to bring on that professionalism it takes time; certainly more than 2 years.

    but if unchanging political leadership is there for the war, then there are better chances of appointing another agressive big gun in place of fonseka, etc.

  72. Premadasa was duped by LTTE. LTTE on the verge of being defeated by IKPF, made a deal with Premadasa through his all powerful secretary Paskaralingam. Military and monetary aid flowed into Vanni in exchange for a final solution ending the Tamil problem. It's now known Paskaralingam went to Wanni with truck loads of weapons and cash. Premadasa didn't think of the repercussions of strengthening LTTE let again. Velu as usual double crossed him in the end. Premadasa then tried to take revenge on LTTE by making Mahathaya his agent. Velu got wind of it and got rid of both Mahathaya and Premadasa.

    Premadasa also had qualities of a megalomaniac. His head on the rupee coin was one indication. When you are a megalomaniac, the first thing you would do is bump off anything resembling completion. Not just Gen. Kobbekaduwa and Gen. Wijewimalarante, he also killed Gem. Lakshman (Lucky) Wijayratane who was getting popular in Trinco at one time. He was autocratic, corrupt and a fool. His family ripped off state wealth on the side.

  73. with regard to 'Heroic' Sailor who defused a bomb, the guy could not have been any more foolish. He did the right thing upto the point of clearing the area. Then he should have contacted the bomb squad without risking his own and others lives.

    Here is another similar incident reported in the Island recently.

    ... When he (Bus Driver) finally stopped the bus near a lone soldier on duty and the conductor alerted him, the passengers, instead of running away from the bus, gathered around the soldier who cautiously removed the parcel from the bus. As I watched from a distance, he simply opened the bag as over a dozen of passengers stood around him. Had it really been a bomb, there would have been many victims.

    Basic security measures ignored

  74. Ayu Rakkhanthu Awada

    can someone please tell me the meaning of this??


    I hold the reputation of this blog to the following query by LKDOOD. Please comment.


    16 SLA troopers loose their limbs in Mannaar FDLs

    More than sixteen Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops have lost their legs caught in booby traps at the Front Defence Line (FDL) positions in Pa’ndivirichchaan, Mu’l’likku’lam and Vi’laaththikku’lam in Mannaar district, since Friday, Mannaar LTTE Operations Command said.

    The disabled troopers are members of the SLA Deep Penetration Unit and those deployed by SLA in the intermittent advance attempts to break into LTTE FDLs.
    Tiger snipers kill 4 SLA troops in Paa'laikuzhi

    Also, I don't think anybody every commented on Silly String. Could the use of Silly String save at least some of our soldiers? Someone please comment on Silly String. I will be happy even if someone can logically shoot down the suggestion about Silly String.

  76. Defencenet,

    How many MBRLs the tigers do possess and do the forces have a clear strategy to silence them.. MBRL's sound a greater danger to advancing troops..

  77. Panhinda,
    The bomb was discovered at 11.45...set to detonate at 11.50..I dont think the bomb squad would have got there in time.A true hero..

  78. DefenceNet,

    You say around 60-70% of LTTE cadres are of the non-hardcore type (10k+ of them). That sounds like a good guess (I would think the same).

    What I'm REALLY CURIOUS about and have very little idea about is what type of cadres tthey are using on the FDLs. Are they puttting mostly the nonhardcores on the FDLs?

    I'm very curious. If it is true thatt they are saving the crazy ones, where would they be stationed? I am guessing scattered in many camps throughout the interior of Wanni (away from FDLs) instead of a couple of large bases?

  79. I doubt the LTTE has more than 1 handful of these MBRLs. They don't have any "latest generation" MBRLs, just the old types (I believe like the ones used in previous Israeli-Arab conflicts).

  80. srilankan,

    The bomb was discovered at 11.45...set to detonate at 11.50..

    He should have left it alone. What is the worse thing that can happen? The market stalls would have been damaged. There still was a significant chance he would have been blown up infront of his wife and kids. This is not something anyone should encourage.

  81. DefenceNet,
    What is the area a 1.5kg bomb of C-4 will destroy?

  82. The IPKF days were very chaotic. The SL Army was demoralized because of how the Indian top brass were treating some of our officials. A family friend, who was a brigadier told me that the SL Defence Secretary, Gen Sinha Ranatunga, needed advance permission from the IPKF to fly to Jaffna by helicopter. Some of the Indian intelligence agencies were also working at cross purposes. Balasingham stated publicly that he was helped to escape through India by an Indian Intelligence official. This after the IPKF was fighting with the LTTE. A former Indian officer in Sri Lanka said that they knew VP's where abouts on three occasions but could not get permission from South Block to take him out. Many of the Indian breaucrats also acted like colonial officials. Ambassador Dixit adressed several cabinet meeting during JRJs time. Not since the British Governors had such a thing happend. The Indian establishment had their own motives but at the same time Premadasa played his cards very badly and fell into the LTTE's trap. If the Indian Army had succeeded, it could have also become like a Cyprus type situation. All of this is history now.

  83. Matara Ayiya,
    Nice to see you again.

    Bellow are some questions and answers i asked at Deyata Kirula.

    Q: Why Kfir need such long Runway of 900m-1500m when compare with Migs?
    A: No. Kfir need 2.5 km Runway.

    Q: Have we ever used Lazer Guided bombs?
    A: No we never used.

    Q: Is this true Kfir Need to heat the Engine for atlease 30 minits.
    A: No. Its a lie. We can take off Kfir at anytime we want.

    Finally, Officer asked how do you know these details?
    I said its thanks to defencenet. and some boys came behind me and asked what is the web address.

    Its a good exhibition for all of us.

  84. Well if they have it better use it lol..

    remember wht happened in east. thats why I asked "Yuddeyata nethi kaduwa cos kotannada"

    Initially this could affect the forces but the jets could take them out quickly...

    maybe the reason why it is still not put in use....

    8 suspects from minneriya around the army camp.. sounds like they fear the gunships.. cozz they could hurt their plans very badly..

    specially the big guns.

  85. B#1,
    Great job there!!.Lets hope we read these gents on DefenceNet

  86. Moshe Dyan,

    "Ayu Rakkhanthu Awada
    can someone please tell me the meaning of this??"

    Sinhala: Aayu bala rakenna prarthana/ aaradhna!
    Tamil : Needuzli Waalga !
    English : Long live brave soldiers !

  87. Guys have u heard of B2 bombers...

    how much feasible are they for our situation...

    sorry if I sound silly and dumb here..

  88. The 'peace attempts' with Velupillai has been cyclic. In each cycle they deceived JRJ/Dixit, Premadasa, CBK upto Ranil. The cycle generally begins with a ceasefire when a new President is appointed and ends with LTTE making more gains than before. At the end of each cycle, LTTE propaganda successfully sent the message govt is to blame even though they broke the ceasefire.

    It quite astonishing everyone fell for this garbage this long.

  89. Panhinda,

    What are the chances this time around.. will MR fall for the trap??

  90. Riyaz,
    Even if we get the planes for free..what about the maintenance costs?..also infrastucture..are our taxiways long and broad enough for them?-(dont know wheel configuration).I am no expert from a long shot but were they not meant to suppliment the B-52 and also carry cruise missiles..a long range bomber role..At a guess more suited to the "carpet bombing" chain of thought

  91. riazz,

    What are the chances this time around.. will MR fall for the trap??

    I think MR is a much smarter player than Velupillai. Its highly unlikely MR fall into any LTTE trap. MR has not only outsmarted Velu but many others locally and internationally. The danger is whether he will go rotten once he gets a taste of power. Hopefully he will leave on a high note and leave a legacy that will be seen as the leader who shed needed light after a long period of groping in the dark.

  92. thanks b#1.

    Long live our brave soldiers !


    b-2 bomber which is a very heavy bomber is not suitable at all for our little needs; it is also massively expensive to purchase and to operate.

    it will be used by the US strategic command in a major war against another powerful nation possibly with the B-1 Lancer - their best strategic bomber.

  93. Guys, there are many conspiracy theories about Kobbekaduwa's death, but most of them are just that, and fuelled by the usual lack of knowledge about operational procedure.

    For instance, there wasn't anything sinister about the chopper not landing. It is suicidal for a helicopter to land in a suspected minefield, or even to hover too low as the downdraft can detonate a mine.

    One of the survivors of the incident (a 1st Sinha officer who was aide de camp to Wimalaratne) said that it was pure concidence that that Kobbekaduwa's Defender was in the lead and that it cut the corner at that junction. My former CO (Lt Col Stephen) was one of the officers killed, so I'm quite familiar with the background.

    In addition, subsequent Scotland Yard investigation confirmed a landmine caused the blast.

    SL is a land of conspiracy theories. If MR steps out of the shower today, slips on a bar of Lifebuoy and breaks his neck, will anybody believe this to be the true story? :) I'm sure it won't be long before we have a few theories about Sooriyarachchi's death too.

  94. "The danger is whether he will go rotten once he gets a taste of power"

    well said panhinda.

    that is a threat to any intelligent/smart person. the moment anyone starts to think big of himself he stops toiling for the small but important things.


  95. This Tamil magazine talks about a military revolution in Aug 2008. I wonder where they get this type of info.. Pls check the link bellow

  96. Oh la la.. now this looks like the same magazine's weekly newspaper. It talks about a tiger big shot in Colombo spoted on a motor bike.. Intresting

  97. Sorry folks I fogot to give the link for the newspaper.. Here it comes bellow

  98. "Have we ever used Lazer Guided bombs?
    A: No we never used."


    if so what was the guiding system of some of our precision guided bombs?

  99. Moshe,

    The President has a long line of relatives in the govt. If things go bad, it will be worse than any other family dynasties we ever had in power. The potential is there for another "eguru-deela-miris-gatha" (exchange something bad for worse) type situation if there is no credible opposition.

  100. How does Laser guided bombs work?

    I assume the bombing craft shines a laser on the target and the bomb uses the reflected light to find the target.

    If this is correct then we couldn't have used Laser guided bombs with the current modus operandi the SLAF uses? Unless it is otherwise...

  101. Laser-guided bomb (LGB)



  102. From

    "For the bomb to see its target, a separate human operator, either on the ground or in the air, has to "paint" the designated target with a high-intensity laser beam."

  103. Defencenet,

    Can MIG 27 use Television-guided bombs? What is the possibility of SLAF Use Television-Guided?

  104. A former LTTE rebel, now a sustainability guru


    Tamil leader wants India to help nab Prabhakaran


    Lanka army on recruitment spree for key battle with LTTE


  105. @b#1

    "Bellow are some questions and answers i asked at Deyata Kirula.

    Q: Why Kfir need such long Runway of 900m-1500m when compare with Migs?
    A: No. Kfir need 2.5 km Runway."

    My answer is it's take only 900-1500m. In katunayake runway there is a mark in every 100m. So i can tell exactly what happened. that length is on the book bro... what i say is what actually happen.In earlier thread some guy told that snipper cannot shoot 1.5km(anuradapura attack). Thats on the book and what i am saying is what actually happened.

    "Q: Have we ever used Lazer Guided bombs?
    A: No we never used."

    Now SLAF uses rusian satellite laser guided system.don't know exact name. But the target guided through a rusian satellite with a use of laser beam. few months earlier SLAF separately buy laser guided upgrading kits for bombs from pakistan. I don't know why they say we don't use laser guided system.But i can confirm it.

    "Q: Is this true Kfir Need to heat the Engine for atlease 30 minits.
    A: No. Its a lie. We can take off Kfir at anytime we want."

    yes kfirs are ready to go anytime. Now there are two migs standby to go to any given target with a max time of 7-8 minutes(to go to the runway)and another 8-10 min to reach the target up in north.

  106. Matara Ayiya,
    I was waiting for your answers. Thank you very very much. Please drop a post to this blog whenever you get free. Thanks again.:)

  107. We use LGB

    We laser paint and drop them.

    They fly to the target using fins.

  108. Out of the mask???

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has alleged the Sri Lankan Navy had shot dead an Indian fisherman last night and has taken up the issue with the Indian government, an official statement said in Chennai today

  109. Abhaya,
    Is this a ground based laser designator or air borne laser designator?

  110. Matara Aiyya,
    Are you saying that we are using a russian satellite to paint the target with a laser and the bomb is guided by this?

    This does not seem viable. Even a laser widens out (much less than a normal beam of light) with distance and this means that the power of the laser will also spread over a large area. A laser beam from the distance of a satellite (if that's possible at all) will spread over a very large area thereby rendering this type of target acquisiont rather "unprecise".

    Are you sure about what you are talking about?

  111. kbs,
    "What I'm REALLY CURIOUS about and have very little idea about is what type of cadres tthey are using on the FDLs. Are they puttting mostly the nonhardcores on the FDLs?"

    In Mannar that is the case. these (relatively) non experienced cadres are constantly monitored by the more experienced to prevent them from fleeing. However this trend seems to be changing slowly as there have been several encounters with Charles Anothny etc in several fronts. Sooner or later LTTE will have to use their elites otherwise it'll be too late for them. They may be saving these to defence the major strongholds; Puthkudiirippu, Poonery, Viduthaithiv, northern front and some major sea tiger bases along the Mllaithiv coastline.

    The story regarding DPU members losing limbs is incorrect. LTTE even calls the Special Infantry (SI) squads that frequently assault their front line as DPU members which is not logical in any way.
    However the casualty count of 16 soldiers (non LRRP/3SF) injured is about correct. But all are not P1/P2 wounds as they claim.

    As for the story of sniper fire around 5 soldiers have received injuries but no deaths.

    Exaggeration is whats going on.

  112. Kfir does not need a long runway, comon these are fighter jets.

    MAyya whom did you speak to. Could be from a different team.

  113. @kiri..

    well... I am not arguing with u.Thats what i heard and i heard that SLAF expect to get the service of real time satellite imaging system also.

  114. Matara Ayya,
    I not trying to argue needlessly.

    But before we accept something we need to critically analyse and question it.

    I think you need to do this and eliminate any obvious untruths before you post.

  115. LKDOOD,

    Add this article to your repertoire.

  116. LKDOOD,

    Add this article to your repertoire.

  117. Laser designation is done by a ground team, by an accompanying craft or the attack jet itself. The bomb sniff the reflection from the target and alter it’s course using small wings. If the laser paint job can be kept for the desired period, accuracy is high. Environment interference and movement of the designator are likely problems.

  118. Abhaya,
    They may need the longer runway when fully loaded with bombs..something similar to this problem happened with the U.S airforce during WWII.I think to a certain extent the greater the payload the longer runway you need..obviously depends on thrust also.Need to ask DefenceNet for clarification

  119. Srilankan,
    Migs can load bombs (payload) more than Kfir can. But it needs short runway when compare with Kfir.
    Defencenet, what are the facts to decide the length of a runway??

    Type of Engine???

  120. @kiri...


    It's call GPS satellite guiding system and can be use in any weather conditions.I can confirm it.

  121. B#1,
    Thanks for your input.The KFIR has U.S engines dont they?..Now the mig has russian engines/patents..The chances are these russian engines "drink" they will produce greater thrust and can therefore takeoff with a shorter runway and carry a heavier load..Need DefenceNet clarification to be sure

  122. Matara aiyya,
    Ah ha!

    Now this was a test and I was expecting you to come out with a GPS thingy.

    Ok this I believe is a possibility.

  123. B#1,
    Another factor i forgot to mention..when it comes to planes there is a "takeoff procedure"..i am not speaking about the pre flight checks...the procedure is something like this:
    well if you have so much payload..then you need to taxi on the runway for this distance..something like that probably to reach takeoff speed..only a guess

  124. Guys,

    Israel Air force have excelled in Laser guideded bomb attacks and their track record in this regard is pretty impressive.

    I remember a way back the way they eliminated Hamas Leader: he was in a wheelchair after a prayer meeting on a busy road when the missile struck him with with absolute precision; the man and just one security guard got killed with no injuries to those around him. In short, no colatteral damage.

    The target was in his early eighties and disabled since birth. So, the international outcry was just based along those lines. The operation had been executed with surgical precision.

  125. @Defencenet

    Thanks for the answer


    i will add it

    thanks !

  126. when u r traveling abored go to the end of the pier in BIA. in this place u r 300m away from the runway. this is the closest place passenger can go.

    in this place u can see runway sings (lights)and count how much distance it takes 340 (or any other)to take off and search the distance in the net. Compare them.then u can have an idea.

    weight is the decider how much distance it takes to take off. In commercial flights it's a different subject. In BIA there is a different department called "LOAD CONTROL" which calculate and estimates the accurate weight of the air craft (with passengers and baggage)and prepare a sheet called "LOAD SHEET".without this sheets pilot never fly. by looking this sheet pilot decide the distance, speed and where to enter the runway from taxi way.

    my English is not good enough to explane this. sorry about that.

  127. Kfir and Mig 27

    These are the Engine Thrust factors.

    Source Wikipeadea. Check the engine thrusts and take off weights.

  128. HI ALL,

    have we got new chinse F-7...
    any one knows details ?

  129. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  130. ---Anuradhapura bomb---

    It's grate one brave sailer risked his life and saved hundreds of lives; (sad day for tiger co. here). However does any one know what all the other people did at the same time? Did they run away from the suspected bomb or all of them crowded around that and started watching 'movie'? This is not the last such bomb and many more in the que but there won't be such brave soldiers next time.

  131. kooka,
    "have we got new chinse F-7.."

    6 new F-7Gs for interceptor role.

  132. Defencenet,

    is it the following?

  133. @kookka..

    I only can say that SLAF is going to surprise u. Don't know exactly when but i believe withing two weeks to month.

  134. Thanx,
    M.ayya and defencenet...I saw this kind of a news in sundaytimes but was not sure about that
    Will hope for the best...

    By the way...I just came in to this blogg and I would like to introduce my self as a person who left everything due to LTTE...
    Cose, I born in Vavuniya and my family had to leave from there in 1985 and come back to my home town (Matara) due to LTTE killing machine…
    I have been in jungle with sleepless nights for weeks when I was grade 5…so, I think I sould have a small space in this blogg :)
    Sorry…just a small introduction

  135. kiri,
    thats the one.

    Welcome to the blog mate.

  136. Guys,

    I just want to chip myself in to the debate of laser guided bombs.

    Despite its brilliance in theoretical conditions, nowhere in military circles was it termed as a silver bullet. It all boils down to a simple fact; the trick is the role of what technology calls the designator - the target illumination by an external source.

    The intended target must be illuminated by a laser beam just before the attack, for a period of time. The range of the time period can vary from a split second to a few minutes; the longer the period, the more accurate the hit.

    In theory, the bomb-carrying aircraft can act as the designator. We don't have to stir up our grey matter to conclude that it is not the most effective way to do things; pilots are human beins who love to live a day or two longer, if they can.

    The challenge for us, is how we do that; the Israelis, it is alleged, use ground-based paid individuals, mostly hard-up Arabs, to do the job, for them. I was told a simple laser pen would be enough for the task. Since they used to get that right with the right people, these targetted assasinations were highly successful; it crippled Hamas and Islamic Jihad to the core.

    These attacks were carried out when Arial Sharon was the prime minister; however, when he fell into coma, the rate of such attacks went down quite dramatically. May be he had the secrets of these missions. After all, he was an ex-general.

    The Americans invented these so-called smart bombs; but their track record for using them effectively is somewhat enviable, because they failed to get this designator business right. Their ground based intelligence and sources are very poor - all white, and English speaking!!!! Bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahir know that; they just eliminate any potential ground-based would be designate from the surface of the earth, when they sense someone or something is just around the corner. How else do we account for their survival defying all odds?

    When was the last time Americans carried out an attack against a vital target using laser guided bombs - successfully, of course?

    So, talking about laser guided bombs while eclipsing the role or significance of the designator is like studying the Bible ignoring Chirst.

    Are we in the right state, in this war to place our designators at the right place at the right time? If so, laser-gudied-bombs are ready to unleash their deadly fire power in full. Otherwise, we have to take a few steps back and wait until we reach that stage.

    Patience in this context is a virtue, folks!

  137. Defencenet, guys,

    I guess the F-7s are for air to air interception of LTTE air craft?

    What are the virtues of the F-7 for air to air interception that makes them suitable for this job? For example compared with Mig 29s how they fare in price and specifications?

  138. Some one spoke about "ayu rakkantha awada" song.

    here is the link

  139. F-7 Spec in brief

    Ferry range 1,740km (two AAMs and two 480 liter drop tanks); or 2,230km (three 720 liter drop tanks)
    Fixed Gun: 1X Type 30-I (30mm)
    Bomb type: 250/500kg free-bomb
    57/90/130mm unguided rocket launcher

  140. This is for some fun....... :D
    Tamilnet has learnt that the tree Sooriyarachchi’s car crashed into is a tree commonly found in the jungles of Wanni. Therefore, it is not improbable to surmise that when the SLAF recently bombed the forests of Wanni, it was to create a diversion for the army to creep in and steal some of the best trees in Wanii, later to be used to kill political opponents. This theory is further lent support by the fact that the Environmental Minister in Sri Lanka is from the JHU. Tamilnet is proud to be the first to uncover this grand racist Sinhala-Buddhist conspiracy.


  141. @LKHOOD,

    hi machan...
    u guys are doing great job


  142. Amnesty report reveals surge in violence against journalists


    India proposes to invest $2 bn in Sri Lanka


    India to help Sri Lanka upgrade skills


  143. defencenet,

    so far no new postings...

    Guys did you notice a slow down in puli, boss and shyam's activities...

  144. Any latest news guys!!


  145. We do have two types of F7s. older ones doesn't have the Radars. it just simply being modified for Bomber Role we used these for Bomb rebel area during the period where are our MIGs And Kfirs Grounded due to Maintenance. but it cant take much as MIG27 payload. later (This Year) we purchased F7-G Variant. this got some new Nav/Attack systems plus choice of having a Western or Chinese Radars (wonder what we have in our ones, if it western Thales or Italian Grifo version then it's great!) and capable of Helmet mounted sight.

  146. riyaz,
    "Guys did you notice a slow down in puli, boss and shyam's activities..."

    Yes they don't come around here much anymore....after your translation of their 'secret' conversation appeared. (Good job there) Anyway even if they don't return by those names, I wouldn't be surprised if they come back using different names.....shouldn't be too hard to spot

    "6 new F-7Gs for interceptor role."

    Will they be only used in interceptor role? No ground attack capability?

  147. Tropicalstorm,

    LTTE's machine is a Katyusha was made in N.Korea. It is less accurate and barrels are more likely to explode as much as fire. These are the cheap sht the palestinian terras fire at israeli cities and run away. Same razor, different monkey.

    Get your facts straight!! how can you label the palestinian freedom fighters,as terra's??..are you OFF your friggin mind.can't you differentiate between the oppressed people(palestinians), & those MF-ing oppressors(zionist jews)..wait and see how a new,united arab front is gonna liberate the holy palestinian lands from those invaders,& wipe em off the face of this earth!!(saudi,uae.qatar stocking up on the latest weaponry)..ohye..

  148. Guys,

    I take this opportunity to bow down and honour the navy petty officer - Mr Bandara - who put his own life on the line, while saving those of hundreds.

    Our armed forces can be proud of the presence of guys of his calibre and we, as a nation can breathe a sigh of relief that their are plenty of them in the forces, to outclass, outsmart, and above all, outnumber the bunch of traitors, who operate with their own agenda.

    At present, the political leadership headed by MR and the collective military leadership headed by Gota are single-minded and focused as never before; even their enemies will not accuse them of doing things for cheap political gains. No contmporary politician ever had either the courage or confidence, to take on the outfit this way with a consistent intensity. At last, we are lucky to be the subjects under such a dedicated elite.

  149. Many thanks abhaya and matara ayiya

  150. Chamal,

    Will they be only used in interceptor role? No ground attack capability?

    Yes,we have purchased 6 refurbished,almost brand new Chengdu F-7G's from China,through the Bangladesh AF's stocks.These are upgraded and modernized F-7's,compared to the ones we had earlier(F-7BS)..the new jets fetaure advanced targeting,avionics systems along with a good radar system..the wing is also of a revised design,compared to older F-7's,enabling the carriage of a heavier weapons load,and shorter take-off/landing distances..Moreover,these fighter jets are one of the most affordable,but capable Multi-role fighters available in the market,able to operate against both air-to-air & air-to-ground targets...

  151. Hey Renegade,

    How dare you challenge my facts; terrorist is terrorist; You may be a Muslim, or circumcised due health reasons. I don't know either way. Please clarify your position, that will make your tantrums easliy understadable by our audience.

    There are plenty of Muslims who don't approve of the kind of things Hamas and Islamic Jihad do.

    Jews are not saints; at least, the state of Israel is a fully-functioning democracy. Even its president cannot get away with a screwing a female sub-ordinate. That's possible only in a democracy.

    What did Palestinian leadership achive during all these years? nothing. People suffer endlessly in crowded places with very little aminities for survival.

    Who is responsible for the in-fighting between Fatah and Hamas? Americans or Jews. No, Palestinian themselves.

    I wish they went Gandhian from the outset; they may have achived a lot by now, that way.

    Corruption, honour-killing is endemic in these places. So, an ideal place for the so-called leaders to thrive on the ignorance of the innocents.

    Renegade, you got worked up while turning your back towards these facts. It is not more than a loud fart. I smell sulphure here.

  152. Bangladesh AF F-7's..check it out..

  153. qrious,

    First of all,are you aware of whats happenin in gaza..those israelis have placed a blockade & prevented innocent palestinians,from leading normal lives..they are refugees in their own land!!! to deal with this??,,negotiations dont seem to work,with the jews,just like shylock in merchant of venice,coz jews are misers..agreed,their is in-fighting between fatah & hamas,that has gotta stop,so that the palestinians can unitedly fight the oppressive jews!!

  154. Gents/Defencenet

    Need some info.

    A few years back a couple of LTTE operatives, Perinpanathan and Kajun were murdered in Paris.

    Subsequently it came to the light that this was an internecine killing, with Shanthan from UK being implicated.

    The maggots killing each other is of no concern to me and more of the same please thank you.

    What interests me however is at the time there was a suspicion that the killings were orchestrated by the Sri Lankan Government at the time.

    Apparently CBK had given the go ahead for operatives to assassinate LTTE members overseas, but had rescinded the order (probably due to the sensitivity of killing them on foreign soil).

    However two of the operatives had gone missing and not reported back and they were suspected (incorrectly) of performing the killings.

    All the facts were pretty murky at the time, and I can recall reading about this in Iqbal Athas column at the time.

    Can anyone shed light if we had a special group as such to carry out assassinations on foreign soil?

    It's all a bit Jason Bourne, but any reason we can not re-activate this group if there was one to take out targets such as KP (if he can be found) and other high profile overseas based LTTE targets such as fund-raisers, major donors and ex-cadres who are still active overseas?

    Of course - this is all bit sensitive to have officially sanctioned killings on foreign soil and could prove counter-productive in the long run.

    But there's always the EPDP or Karuna's group activists overseas who may lend a hand..... ;-)

  155. renegade, qrious,

    stop arguing about the status of palastine and israel...

    I think as a muslim i should be more worried about it.. but things as it is i can only pray something good happens...

    I must admit I am a fully practicing muslim..and look every bit like know what I mean.. But whats happening around the globe concerning muslims its better off not talking about it...

    So at the moment let us pray that this terrorism is wiped off from our soils..

    to discuss the ME matter will be very long...

  156. cakeboy you do really come up with some interesting theories..

    As a matter of fact anyone knows what happened to KP... Looks like thai cops are more corrupt than our ones..

  157. Renegade,

    I am glad you are back on the ground; now we can start a sensible discussion. You don't seem to be a Muslim.

    I agree Jews do a lot of naughty things; I have to put myself in their boots to understand why they do, what we see as evil things. I have to tap my balls to ask myself how I would react, when sandwiched between threatning neighbours.

    Yes, they imposed the blockade you are referring to, very recently. Yes, it amounts to collective punishment. But, what you forgot to highlight was the cause that triggered off this damn thing. It was Hamas who kept firing these impoverished devices - inferior to even Katushka rockets - into Israel civilian settlements - simply to provoke them. Then Newton's third law of motion sets in - the infamous reaction.

    I have a lot Muslim friends - Pakistanis, Indians, Egyptians, Iraqis and Iranians. They view the Palestinian leadership as a failure - they let down their own people in a very bad way. It was alleged that Suha Arafat had a very healthy bank account, when the institues in the Gaza and West Bank were virtually bankrupt.

    I think if Palestinians want to live in peace, they have to embrace a moderate leadership with demcoratic credentials. The state of Israel is not a heaven; but a shining star when some elements of its neighbours try to drag their own countries, back to the dark ages.

    Renegade, you are welcome to your opinions; I am sure you have discharged your batteries that were in full power, when you first replied to my post. Anyway, what took place then and now, is history, mate.

    Rest of the guys, please excuse us for the slight distraction; I am sure you all can live with it.

  158. Cakeboy,

    I too had the same thought & learnt of CBKs actions. That’s why I asked DefenceNet or DefenceWire if a SpecOps team had been assigned to the DFI.

    Diplomatics channels and diplomacy can only do so much. Lincoln or some US pres. said "talk softly but carry a big stick" & "trust in god but keep your powder dry" :)
    Im sure there must be some "Karuna-fraction vigilantes out there in the world" ;)

    May be Defencenet can shed a ray on light (not a whole light bulb) on the matter so that if “some thing” is out there “it” remains in the shadows. :)

  159. Qrious said...

    I am a lot older than you so my perspective is quite different on the Israel-Palestinian issue. One incident that really impacted me was the Rachel Corrie incident. She was a 23 year old peace activist from the USA.

    You can see her story in pictures at the following link:

    Another good general website on the middle east and the world in general is

  160. qrious,

    Some of what u say is correct.. I think the question of palastine for that matter entire middle east is best left alone..

  161. Riyaz, thanks!

    Everything you want to know about KP (very sketchy)

    he made it into wiki

    What I did learn was that KP is married to a thai woman whose father is high up in the thai military

    If was unfortunate that KP was captured while there was a military government.

    If it had been today, perhaps things might have been different and he might be getting a daily massage with a cricket bat courtesy of the military intelligence.

    HOwever saying that our embassy officials do not seem to be on the ball this part of the world.

    They should be taking a closer look at Thailand and building better ties with the new government.

    They should also be watching countries such as Malaysia, Burma and Indonesia.

    However Mr Bloody Boggles does not seem to be on the ball. There not being a high commissioner in Malaysia for over a year is a case in point.

    God, how I wish Kadirgamar was still alive :-(

  162. cakeboy,
    We dont want to kill LTTE cadres in europe/U.S.
    it will give all those people who are waiting for R2P(right to pack and leave the country with son)an excellent opportunity to say that now SLanka is killing tamils overseas and god arbour will arrive in SLanka..
    What we want to do is to take care of our good tamil people in the north and thats all.
    If the LTTE want to kill each other overseas thats upto them..
    We dont want Karuna's boys to kill the LTTE either because as of now their fighting days are over.Now they have lots of other important things in life such as education which will benefit our country greatly.What will be nice cakeboy is our people competeing with the LTTE supporting tamils for jobs overseas.

  163. thanks cakeboy,

    I think even if KP is on the loose if our SLDF manages to plug the gaps he wont be in a position to supply as he used to do.. i am pretty sure most of the supplies which were flooding in some time back is reduced to a trickle now...

    its a matter of time it could be completely stopped, providing no political interference in the ongoing operations.

  164. Regarding, KP...

    About 7 years ago, a friend with the the World Bank was working in Sudan. He swears that he spoke to someone who resembled KP in a Khartoum hotel. At the times, the Sudanese military government was closely linked with a radical named Ahmed Tourabi. Since then the Sudanese Govt and Tourabi have fallen out. Friend claims that Tourabi visited this KP look alike at the hotel. Upon his return, the friend informed all relevant law enforcement agencies in his country of domicile.

  165. What is the threat level KP has now??

    anybody has an answer for this... As he is known as a very shrewd fellow with loads of money and influence.

    damn, why is it always the evil guys have more influence lol..

  166. Srilankan

    I agree with you to the extent that small fry ex-cadres leading normal lives now, should not be targetted overseas. Waste of time.

    However the major donors, the key fundraisers, the arms procuments wing, and their other key activists are fair game.

    As for the Karuna factions fighting days being over, I hardly think so

    (Perhaps unfortunate in an ideal world, considering what they have alredy done for us in the east).

    However while Velu and co are alive, I think any available resources must be used for their destruction.

  167. Defencenet seems silent for a while now..

  168. cakeboy,
    many thanks for your comments.According to sinhalanet Karuna faction have decided to lay down arms during election.It could be a ploy on their part or they could have been "persuaded".In my books this is a sign in the right direction although i understand what your saying.this targeting of high profile LTTE cadres will happen in the course of time but not necessaryly by SLanka.As for Vp..we need karunas boys just for intelligence..not combat.There are a lot of tamil families in the east who dont have their kids to look after them because EELAM has killed them.Lets not add to that.

  169. Sri lankan's view seems pragmatic.

    I think the government should have a some kind of amnesty program for POW's after this war.. There could be thousands of forced conscripts...May be the best the gov. could do is to channel them thru proper sources so they will be useful citizens in the future.

    As for hardcores... I see no other option than to take them out.

  170. SriLankan

    Yep, I agree that if the east is handled in a proper manner in terms of massive development, progressive race relations between all three ethnicities etc. it can be a model for the rest of the country.

    The east has always traditonally been neglected and it now presents an opporunity for the government to set things right.

    I just saw a report that India is looking to invest 2 billion dollars in Sri Lanka.

    I think it would be a good investment on our part if a lot of that goes towards the east.

    Get India a stake in the region, I say, so it's in their best interests to protect their investment ;-)

    Eelam will be made or shattered depending on how the government handles this region in the next few years, this much I will say.

  171. Re: Development in east,

    according to some reliable sources there is a massive development program started. But unfortunately no proper media to highlight them not even the state media.

    So people only hear about the displaced and the negative sides of the story. But this process could take some time to show the results...

  172. Do any guys know recently 600 houses were built in kinniya for displaced people without any funds or interference from the gov. by a foreign aid..executed by a minister who seems to honestly hardworking...

    This is just one example...

  173. I am sorry guys it is not kinniya.. but some where around puttalam. sorry for the error. But the construction is confirmed

  174. 'executed by a minister who seems to honestly hardworking...'

    The only minister that I know of, who is excellent in that part of the country is Ferial Ashraff. I have heard a lot of good things about her.

    Is she not the minister of housing and construction? It's such a large cabinet, I've lost track ;-)

  175. Actually guys its rishard badiudeen, this guy seems he really wanna help the people from north and east.

  176. He was there when the silavatura operation was going on to take care of the displaced.

  177. Riyaz and cakeboy,
    India is the key.very well said.Amnesty for POW is a very good idea.(Govt thinking exactly-Hon pres said in a recent speech that he is building a facility for POW (kids))for many reasons..including the fact that if Vp is sent to india and a trial held there we have a lot of people to give evidence against him..dont we:)??.. (only a dream i think because of his cyanide capsule).Do you guys think his trial will make L.Arbour(god) look like a right royal dunce?..or a donkey without a brain?
    Just think what JRJ could have done many many years ago..but his only intention was to stay in power..and see where all this has got us

  178. Srilankan,

    haven't heard from defencenet for sometime. whats up!!

  179. Ah yes, Baiz's 'best' friend.

    I heard that Hakeem was stirring things up a bit between the two?

    Never like Hakeem, after he shook hands with the devil. Had far more respect for Ashraff.

  180. Riyaz,
    I think DefenceNet is having problems accessing a keyboard?..they seem to be using a mobile to communicate??..i really dont know whats going on..only a guess

  181. guys

    speak of the devil. Defencenet has just posted a new thread. Might catch him there ;-)

  182. cakeboy/nemesis,
    "Can anyone shed light if we had a special group as such to carry out assassinations on foreign soil?

    As per our info other than several occasional 'special' missions, we do not have dedicated groups that hunt tigers in foreign soil.

    Anyway even if there were, chances are likely that only the top brass will know of it, so we wont have that information anyway.

    "Will they be only used in interceptor role? No ground attack capability?"

    Technically they can attack ground. But we doubt they will be used for that role. SLAF have been using the F-7Bs (3 aircraft) and the FT-5 (1 aircraft) to attack ground targets when the MiGs were grounded about two years back and in 2001.
    But now we have plenty of aircraft for Ground attack (7migs and 10kfirs). SLAF's weakest link is the air to air role. So they may try to close this loophole once and for all by maintaining a dedicated fighting wing.
    We simply cant afford to let the tiger air wing grow. Remember, the sea tigers also started out small. Look where they are now and look how much of a disturbance they have become. If the same happens with their air wing it will be 100x more trouble than the sea tigers are currently giving.

    As for the specs regarding the F-7Gs, some have already answered that question so no need of us there.

  183. muslims and jews have the same blood of Abraham they are like a big heart torn in two, i dont take any sides, on one hand the israli's need there promised land after being persecuted for 1000s of years and on the other hand the Jews stole land from the palestines

  184. "Get your facts straight!! how can you label the palestinian freedom fighters,as terra's??..are you OFF your friggin mind.can't you differentiate between the oppressed people(palestinians), & those MF-ing oppressors(zionist jews).."

    You mean we should differentiate between Palestinian women blowing themselves up in pizza parlors and buses and Tamil women blowing themselves up in politicians' offices? At least the LTTE suicide bomber's target GoSL personnel. The Palestinian terrorists just target civilians.

    The reason the palestinians are oppressed is because they and their Arab buddies from next door tried to wipe out Israel. Got their arses kicked and now they're paying the price. Boo hoo.

    This site's about Sri Lanka. Why don't you take that Islamic Jihad bullshit somewhere else.


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