Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Indian fishing boats open fire on SLN vessels

Two fast attack craft (FAC) of the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) came under small arms fire from a number of smaller Indian fishing boats in Thalaimannar area yesterday at around 6PM.

Two FACs on routine patrol in Mannar region were sent to investigate reports of a large number of vessels docked in Thalaimannar area. When SLN crafts first approached the suspicious boats, the fishermen had requested help from navy citing technical problems. However the fishing boats had opened fire on SLN vessels when the naval personnel tried to investigate the legality of their docking. SLN had not returned fire using the medium caliber cannons on board the FACs, in order to avoid civilian casualties that would have otherwise caused diplomatic issues between India and Sri Lanka.

According to SLN sources there are about 400 such Indian fishing boats that had illegally entered Sri Lankan territorial waters.


  1. Does this mean that arms and explosives were unloaded at Thalai Mannar?

  2. [However the fishing boats had opened fire on SLN vessels when the naval personnel tried to investigate the legality of their docking. SLN had not returned fire using the medium caliber cannons on board the FACs, in order to avoid civilian casualties that would have otherwise caused diplomatic issues between India and Sri Lanka.]

    Wow! You are fired at and you don’t fire back - in your own sovereign territory? What diplomatic issue…? These are filthy freaking Kallathonis who are supporting the LTTE and these excreta-maggots must be shot and dumped in the ocean! SLN, you have set a bad precedent and I hope this is not the beginning of another problem (giving into Tamil Nadu Karunandhi’s latest ploy to help LTTE terrorists achieve “thamileelam”).

    [According to SLN sources there are about 400 such Indian fishing boats that had illegally entered Sri Lankan territorial waters.]

    Wow, now that’s a lot of oily-meat for the sharks…so SLN, why don’t we facilitate in that feast and blast every single of these Kallathoni bastards to kingdom come? Indian central govt. (“New Delhi”) is well aware of the double-speak, double-do that Karunandhi has been playing, so I don’t think we need to unduly concern ourselves about liquidating these bastards who come into our territory and shoot at our Navy!


    OaO Asithri

  3. Yep, Should have fired at the offender.

  4. So the Navy did not open fire? Then what happened? Did the Navy just retreat?

  5. May be they wanted our Navy to fire at them.. I think this is a trap from LTTE.. A Collision with Indian Government may be their need.. Or it can be an isolated incident... Who knows!!!!!!

  6. From the previous thread...


    [fuck you all sinhala expatriates ]
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    OaO Asithri

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  7. I think, as long as SLN can 100% sure there was no weapons unload in thalai mannar, it's ok not to fire back at those stupid fisherman. Lets get rid of LTTE first then we could pay attention for those fisherman in the future...

    I think may be some of the LTTE supporters fired at SLN. not the fisherman.. they wants SLN fire at those fisherman. I think it was trap setup by LTTE...

  8. The Indians have figured that since your super intelligent leader MR is going to dedicate a statute to the IPKF invasion force for all its "bravery", why not go the extra mile and pillage the fish with sinhala nation's waters...

    MR has just signaled he is willing to become a territory of India rather than admit defeat to the LTTE.

  9. asithri's constant use of dirty, inhuman, gutter language is destroying the reputation of the blog.

    He is probably a Ranil supporter who is out to "demonize" you rajapakse supporters. His holier than thou attitude, and being more patriotic than the patriots really gives this imitator away. Do the rest of you want to associated with this fellow, who got kicked out of every other forum you have heard off ?

  10. JNW says that SLN has fired on suspected vessels today in mannar seas...
    Indian coastguard and nave should take action to stop indian fishermen venturing into SL seas...
    LTTE must be using that as a cover to transport weapons/people...
    SLN should fire on any un-identified crafts illegally entering our seas...

  11. Upul,

    As matured people, We know who are the LTTE boot lickers here and who supports that ponsy RW. You need not to tell us.

  12. On June 2, 1987 as the Sri Lankan Army was on the verge of destroying the LTTE in Vadamarachchi, the Indian establishment did a similar stunt. They sent an unarmed flotilla of unarmed fishing boats to deliver humanitarian assistance. That flotilla was stopped by the Sri Lanka navy. That incident was followed by the famous parrippu drop by the Indian Airforce. Karunadhi and his family are no doubt LTTE agents. His daughter was a LTTE organizer in Malaysia for many years before returning to India. However, I don't think this incident was staged with the blessing of the Indian Central government. It was probably organized by the LTTE who no doubt hoped that the SL Navy will fire on the TN fisherman and thereby create a backlash in TN.

    In this instance the Navy did the right thing by not falling for the LTTE's trap.

  13. "Seven Sri Lankan sailors missing after sea battle: military "



    Is there any truth to this?

  14. I agree,

    The Navy acted with long sight! the COs 1st officers of the boats & the crews must be commended for their professionalism and spilt second decision which would have put them against their own “conditioned response”. hard thing to do! Weldone Navy

    We have to stand up to India and tell them to make sure their coast guard not allow TN fisherman to cross the IMB line.

    A stern warning must be issued and some advertising done in south India by print & electronic means to educate them not to cross over.

  15. GOSL has opened 5 fronts to wanni. How many fronts opened by LTTE?

    1)Remote areas (ex. Buththala)
    2)Jungles (ex.Yala)
    3)'Border' areas
    5)Buses islandwide
    7)Hila-ry/Oba-ma in USA
    8)Tamilnadu-fishermen/dalith party/media/K'nidi+other small polotical parties (was already under LTTE agenda).
    9)Madu 'school children' type tricky stuff
    10)Phsycological operation in generel

    How to deel with?

    Whatever the answer one thing should be clear-Protection of tamil civilians in south. It is SLDF/GOSL responsibility to control the few mentaly affected racist elements in south and avoid any 'hit-wicket'. Even our cyber 'weeryas' should not put fertilizer for another 83. Sinhala people should come up with a posivte approach which increase the good reletionships with tamils in south.

  16. damn it..
    i knew this would happen with these bloody indina fishermen getting into our affairs and our waters...
    India should do more to baby sit there fishing fleets...
    SLN should not take any chances with these retards who can't simply follow international laws and not enter another nation's territorial waters...
    why the heck should we sacrifice our people and machinery just because some fricking indians want to catch more fish...

  17. Upul-ambattam

    [asithri's constant use of dirty, inhuman, gutter language is destroying the reputation of the blog.]

    Now why would a filthy LTTE tera-supporting filthy MF like you worry about the reputation of this blog? Don’t you have enough blogs dedicated to handling your undiluted LTTE propaganda excreta? LMSSAO!!!

    [He is probably a Ranil supporter who is out to "demonize" you rajapakse supporters.] LMSSAO!!!

    Is this not how you MF’s come here and pretend to be “Sinhalese from south” and advocate the killing of innocent Tamil civilians as retribution for LTTE’s claymore attacks on busses/trains in the south (so that you can “demonize” true SL Sinhela patriots?) Nice try tera-supporting excreta-leper…you just proved what I have suspected all along!

    [Do the rest of you want to associated with this fellow, who got kicked out of every other forum you have heard off ?]

    You backboneless bloody jelly-fish, so you want me “banned” here just as how you excreta-lepers used to go crying on “Mr. Brown’s” crotch in LNP to get me banned after using all the filth you can on SL patriots there and then in return used to get a bellyful from yours truly, humble OaO Asithri…!!! LMSSAO!!!

    No leper, I got banned only from LNP and I am actually proud of it! Today, I am a regular on-line contributor to the AsianTribune and I invite you to visit me there…to see how I cut your buggers down to size, but with all the decency strictly enforced by AT! Howz that umpire??? LMSSAO!!!

    Nice try LTTE excreta-maggot…no, somehow, I don’t think that double-standard ploy of “crying foul” against SL patriots is going to work here!

    I think that’s enough castration of a limpy-wimpy tera-supporter for one day…ok, don’t let me catch you again trying a fast one on humble, OaO Asithri!


    OaO Asithri

  18. Sorry off topic-
    agree with you on LNP... Brown boy is favoring the ltte scum and keeps a blind eye to them using filth while quick to ban those who oppose the ltte... the man deserves to be the proud moderator of such a cess pit full of hatred and racists

  19. [Air Force fighter jets raid LTTE's strategic nerve centre - Kaivelikulama]

    great going SLAF...hit em hard and knock em down

  20. When someone from a foreign country encroaches into your territorial waters and shoots at the country's safe-guardians (in this case the Navy), then I would like to know which country's Navy would tuck-tail and run without firing back?

    This is setting a dangerous precedent!

    As I said earlier, Indian central govt. has little sympathy for the LTTE supporting ploys on the part of Karunandhi, so I think we are sadly not capitalizing on an opportunity to "send a message" to any future such LTTE supporting, armed aggressors from TamilNadu!

    Many of the North Indians I meet in my life here simply bloody hell hate these buggers in TamilNadu as they all say this is one state in India where the rascals think they can literally get away with murder! This is also the only state in India where learning Hindi is frowned upon by a state govt!

    We just need to be savvy and capitalize on what's right...especially when we are in the right (in this case our sovereignty was violated and our Navy was fired upon!)

    OaO Asithri

  21. Ranil

    Greets mate...good to see you kicking here!

    OaO Asithri

  22. cacs
    [It was probably organized by the LTTE who no doubt hoped that the SL Navy will fire on the TN fisherman and thereby create a backlash in TN.]

    So, what should SLN do with the next "trap" (as you call it), the one after that, even the one after that, etc. etc.??? Tuck tail and run?

    So much for stopping explosives/arty mortar shells smuggling from TamilNadu! Back to square one - like in RW-ponna's days!

    OaO Asithri

  23. MI has apprehended a spy, who has joined the army with sinhala identity. He was a extraordinary SF soldier, who kill over 100 LTTE (not sure who they are)and won all facilities and confidence of the top.

    There is a practice among some of the units in SF to bring proofs of terrorist, who were killed by them.
    One day, said soldier, brought a head and it was identified as a soldier belongs to SLDF and he was taken to custody on suspicions.
    It was reveled that, LTTE was
    Supplying body parts of there own dead terrorists and captured or killed SLDF personal to go high in the ARMY.

    Finally another traitor has been captured.

  24. Defencenet,

    If we consider about future, we need more assets for SLN than SLAF.

    There won't be a chance to use Kfirs and Migs after next couple of months, but we need to stop Tigers (leaders) escaping to other countries using sea.

  25. Asithri...

    I think we should try to get Indian Navy to involve in such situation... SL Gov should ask Indian Gov to do more and increase their surveilance activities...

    If LTTE continue to use that method to smuggle weapons then no choice SLN should attack those LTTE/fishermans... let SL Gov deal with indian Gov....

    most important thing is LTTE is trying everything they could stop the military campaign... Therfore we should use brain properly.. without firing every time LTTE fire at us...

    DEfencenet, any news on latest SLAF raid in Wanni today..?


  26. I am with pramith on this one..!!
    Yes now the LTTE is doing what has saved their butts over the past 30 yrs..This "human rights" card.thankgod navy did not fire.However navy should ensure these kallathonis are not supplying the LTTE with arms.I wonder if it is possible to create a few "moles" among this group?
    I think we are all to blame for gutter language..including you..your dislike for asithri has nothing to do with his language..it has much much more to do with the fact that you are bloody envious that he is doing a very good job as opposed to working in a takeout/filling station.

  27. [There won't be a chance to use Kfirs and Migs after next couple of months]

    why would that be the case mate?

  28. Rutherfed, Srilankan...
    there were reports of a sea clash today morning in mannar seas...
    no new updates except for that afp report someone posted here stating that we have lost contact with a gun boat?????
    sea tigers should not be given any opportunity to take out our FAC's at this juncture...
    defa not with the cover of illegal indian fishermen in our seas...
    It's good that the SLN didn't fire and kill civilians in the process but at the same time hwy should our boys pay with their lives because these fishermen can't adhere to international law...

  29. Asithri,
    Careful bro..we dont want to open a "second front" right now w.r.t these fishing boats

  30. srilankan
    you have a point...but we have to address this matter ASAP with indian officials. They need to do more to keep their fisherfolk away from our IMB...
    It's sad when SLN is having to pay a heavy price because indians can't control their fisherfolk...
    I read somewhere indian officials claiming they don't have gps etc...
    i think that's a load of bull since most of these crafts fish in numbers and gps prices are quite low nowadays... the indian should give them gps or whatever and ask them to keep away from our seas...

  31. Air Force fighter jets raid LTTE's strategic nerve centre - Kaivelikulam

    LINK www.defence.lk

  32. yov guys it says that LTTE have smuggled new weapons inside their territory..Nothing won't stop on bringing weapons

  33. Ranil,
    I'm 100% sure SLDF will destroy all the LTTE bases before end of July specially by SLAF. When there is no LTTE Camps in SL why do we need Migs and Kfirs????

    At the final stage we need only Hinds, FAC, OPC etc.,

    Once we close to the target, all the remaining tigers will convert to black tigers.

    and we wont be able to stop another 20-30 Road side bombs targeting civilians. Instead of stop these attacks, we should speedup the offensive and take off the head of LTTEs.

  34. Any new news on the missing FAC? How can lowly Indian fishing trawlers dink a FAC? This sounds real fishy to me. Hope the migging FAC turns up ok. But i have a hunch it was either (a) Captured by the LTTE or (b) sunk by the LTTE after the weapons and electronic equipment was stripped off.

  35. Hi guys,
    I am new to this blog. I greatly appreciate the work done by dn+ all other patriot guys. keep up your good work. Lets hope and pray we have a united sri lanka very soon and eliminate all the terrorists frim the face of the earth. Long live peace loving people!!

    We love our nation


  36. sammy
    don't think ltte can "capture" an SLN FAC these days... can be sunk though...
    doesn't take a lot to take out an FAC when you catch it off guard like hiding with fisherfolk etc and firing a few RPG's...
    this is why this fishermen thing should be take pretty seriously...
    SLN will and have always gone to the rescue of fishermen in distress etc... these are classic ambushes for the ltte to takeout our FAC's...

    even if SLDF takes out most of the ltte bases... i don't see why the jets will be take out of action... they can easily be used for CAS when we undertake major operation on concentrated enemy movements and targets... I don't see Hinds getting too much of close action since they are vulnerable to ground fire and RPG's... these can bring down a gunship quite easily...
    I think this is why SLAF hasn't been using them that often... If tiger down even one of these...it'll be a huge huge morale boost for them at a dying stage...
    I'm assuming that hinds will be used very rarely and on exceptional cases and main attack force but they might be used for air drops and evac purposes...

  37. DN,
    Do you have any latest news on FACs. whats the truth in it?

  38. Defence Ministry launches satellite TV for war heroes...


  39. Ranil..
    According to defence.lk..some LTTE boats had mingled with the indian fishing boats..and it is they who fired..So what the LTTE expected us to do was use heavy guns and kill a lot of fisherman..which we didnt do..the LTTE plan is exposed i would say..
    You cannot really stop the indian fishing boats at this juncture.We need to escort them to their waters like the indians do with our boats.Later on..we need to address this issue by diplomatic means.
    Now according to defense.lk i infer that the navy actually fired back..but not with heavy guns.i agree that the navy should shoot the LTTE cadres if they can isolate them.but then they come surrounded by genuine fishing boats and cannot be isolated.
    Another point that comes to mind is that if the LTTE wanted to destroy a FAC craft seriously they would have used say 10-20 boats including suicide boats..the simple fact that they used small arms fire indictes that their intention was causing a problem for us in india as opposed to any serious destruction.
    on a different topic,
    How in gods name did Vp and mathivathani go to india,,i am sure they did not swim..in this war we need to impose a naval blockage of some sorts

  40. srilankan
    yes you have a point i'm sure ltte's main aim is to get SLN to make a "mistake"...
    Like you say i hope our diplomats are upto the game and are doing something about this with their indian counterparts...
    true india is a superpower and an ally but at the same time organized action of these fishermen also shouldn't be tolerated...
    Indian Navy and Coast guard should do more to stop these kinda things happening in the future...

    LTTE was anyway stirring things up in TN after SLN installing sea mines... And they are also pissed of to the fact indian Navy and SLN having cordial relationships...

  41. Ranil,
    You hit the nail on the head bro..:)

  42. Why is defence.lk still silent on this???

    What has happened actually?

  43. DefenceNet..when you have the time..any news of the missing boat and the crew(7)

  44. Well, there is still no info about the Dvora.

    Is there a possibility that the Dvora actually hit one of our own mines while all this craziness with the indian fishermen was going on?

  45. Hi DN,

    any news about the SLN FAC lost? only Tamil nut and AFP reporting.

    any news about the SLAF latest raid..?

    I'm happy Independance day celebration is over without any disruption to it.. (I'm sad for those civilians and soldiers who lost their lives for bombs..)

  46. Blackhawk,
    Sea mines were not planted near Talai-Mannar by SLN. They are planted between Kuchchateev and Kayts.

  47. People lets discuss this topic extensively??

    This is a challenge that we need to overcome in order to progress with the humanitarian missions.

    I think the solution lies not at sea but on land. The sooner we take control of north wester coastal areas the better we will be able tackle this problem. And I think it will be a very effective one.

    With regard to Indian fishing boats and other potential meddling acts by Tamil Nadu expansionists (e.g Vaiko) this I believe is the way to go. I think the north east coast line is not that accessible to Indian fisherment and boats. So I guess we have free hand in north east seas. To compensate for the complexities in the north west coast line we should look to taking control of the coastal land area.

    Also in this respect the Naval security of areas such as kalpitiya, Meegamuwa Puttalama are is important as well.

    what do you think?

  48. Thanks Ranil for the SLAF news; that's great to hear.

    Upul pulled asithri's colourful language. But he always makes a point; not JUST throw a few words. Actually he spices up the blog. i have been at the receiving end from him; but i don't mind, he is certainly not here for vandalism; most would agree.

    BTW it is great Upul contributes to the blog nicely.let us have disagreements without barbarianism; that is fantastic. the topics discussed here are by their very nature firy!!!

    But India (as a nation) had been very good recently; they put alot of pressure on tigers. i don't think this incident had anything with the indian govt.
    the SLN did the right thing by not going for a confrontation. but i pray all SLN personnel survived and out of danger.

  49. If 7 sailors are MIA with their boat, then it cant be a FAC we are talking about. It must be an IPC.

    India needs to do more and fast..

  50. Can anyone tell what are the types of IPVs SLN have??

    Ranil, What is "CAS" stand for??

  51. I am sure LTTE have unloaded enough arms and ammos to fight this war. The guns from the Dvoras must be a welcome bonus!
    Just wait till the whole of Tamil Nadu erupts to support Tamil Eelam.
    Essentially, this blog spot is maintained for Propaganda and Spin purposes. Do you really believe the false propaganda of defence.lk and defencenet? Are you that naive? Poor you! I hope the wake up call would ring soon.

  52. wow...some ltte goons open fire on a SLN IPC pretending to fishermen and now tiger boot lickers are thinking they have won the war :)
    hoo hoo hoo...what a bunch of retards :)
    listen chumps...if ltte has unloaded arms and legs or whatever...you lot have nothing to worry about eh...
    why go crying to tamil nadu, UN etc etc then eh...

  53. Puli,

    Why do you want to come to this blog without log in to tamileditors.com???

    "wake up call would ring soon."
    Ya since underground Ealam is already established.
    That real Ealam (Underground) is stronger than you dream Ealam bcoz there are more than 20K carder, leader by TS and he waiting for warm well come of VP:)

  54. we see only the stat. imagine the end situation will be.. eh

    OH MY GOD.

    Pull up the people, Pull up the poor

  55. Guys,

    The Navy incident is a product of yesterday's 'celebrations'. The forces were relocated in a rush, shuffled like a card pack and it takes a while before dust settles down. We shouldn't have celebrated in with such pomb, when masses are not in a celebrating mood; they just hold the breath, not with excitement but a combination of fear, uncertainty and a challenge to their survival.

    Above all, hundreds of families were in tears suffered by violence sparked off the very event we celebrated. It is quite ironic, indeed. I noticed even MR delivered his speech with a very heavy heart.

    Moreover, lots of peopel have not been bothered to tune in to TV to watch, as they found it a bit over-the-top, at this crucial time. We must celebrate it, but it should have been low-key.

    Noone is talking about it today; there are plenty of worrying developments to focus on. Its hype is gone; the government must learn a lesson from episodes of this kind. Don't rely on 'sentimental things' for too long and too much. By nature, they are hollow without any substance and pales into insignificance in a matter of days, let alone, months or years.

    In addition, we must exercise utmost sensitivity when hyping up things of this kind. Lots of Tamils, some of them quite reluctantly of course, admit that the LTTE will be history soon. However, they haven't switched sides yet. We must win them over; we can't force them to come under our tent. That can only be achieved by creating an atmosphere where they can make that sensitive transition with dignity and least friction, as it is not that comfortable.

    Ill-thoughts harboured by minorities against majority, do not live long; they just come and go, unless you are a die-hard fanatic like VP.

    Siksh in Punjab used to hate Hindus and were ashamed of calling themselves Indians, in late 80's and early 90's, as a section of them fought for 'Khalistan' - the separate state. However, that was suppressed spectacularly by the Indian armed forces - headed by a Sikh himself, named K P S Gill - much to the hatred of Sikhs.

    However, things have changed in Punjab now and the notion of 'Khalistan' has evaporated and Sikhs and Hindus live in harmony again. Sikhs are again proud of being Indians. We can draw some inspiration from this contemporary example, coming out from our neighbour.

    I have lots of Indian friends - some of them are Sikhs. So, I know about these things very well. Stereotyping all Indians as bad people is a monumental mistake; President Premadas made this mistake while being Prime minister and we still pay for it. I am glad that is not the official line at all. Relations between the two countries are at an all-time-high and so are the people-to-people contacts. Only trouble makers are semi-illeterate elements of Tamilnadu, whose sentiments had been whipped up by the likes of Vaiko and Nedumaran. There are millions of sensible Tamils in Tamilnadu who are dignified people.

    So, guys when dealing with the Indian factor, we must be careful. You can get close to any Indian; they are trustworthy, believe me. They sometimes respect us more than fellow Indians. Ethinc groups exist in isolation, in India with very little interaction, but in harmony and with mutual respect.

    Approach them with respect and mutual understanding, they are saints.

    I have dined with them, visted their ceremonies, weddings, functions and they always treat you as one of their own. They like us; it is high time we liked them too in equal measure.

    If someone says it is not the case, the rogue must have eyed a pretty Indian girl with a chest full of lust for a 'quickie', only to get blown up - then don't blame Indians, mate.

  56. DefenceNet and others,

    Navy.lk has a post on the Indian fishing boats intrusion to SL waters.

    The post displays two radar images, are these file photos or are they the radar image of the actual intrusion ?

  57. People please ignore this Koti pulli.

    Can you please comment on my post below?

  58. People lets discuss this topic extensively??

    This is a challenge that we need to overcome in order to progress with the humanitarian missions.

    I think the solution lies not at sea but on land. The sooner we take control of north wester coastal areas the better we will be able tackle this problem. And I think it will be a very effective one.

    With regard to Indian fishing boats and other potential meddling acts by Tamil Nadu expansionists (e.g Vaiko) this I believe is the way to go. I think the north east coast line is not that accessible to Indian fisherment and boats. So I guess we have free hand in north east seas. To compensate for the complexities in the north west coast line we should look to taking control of the coastal land area.

    Also in this respect the Naval security of areas such as kalpitiya, Meegamuwa Puttalama are is important as well.

    what do you think?

  59. Is there a Hindu god that uses the fish as a vehicle?


  60. I think the solution lies not at sea but on land. The sooner we take control of north wester coastal areas the better we will be able tackle this problem. And I think it will be a very effective one.

    Exactly, No arguments, But we have to safe guard the sea until we take control of coastal area.

  61. ha..

    While reading all your valuable comments. I feel like in a High security meeting room/zone

    y cant all join as defense advisers.
    you all have better idea about war tactics than gota i guess.

    just didn..

  62. Should finish this as quickly as possible. If we give them time, they will kill thousands of our friends and relatives.

  63. kiri,

    The solution is depriving the coastal areas to LTTE as you said. The importance of this coastal stretch to LTTE well known by both sides. This is why the forces started pushing up north along east first while LTTE is defending tooth and nail not giving in. The east coast became more important to them firstly after losing their 'floating warehouses' and secondly as an escape route for their leaders in case of emergency.

    Shivalingum of TNA was in TN organising protests last week against sea mining issue most probably under LTTE instructions. Hundreds of Indian boats storming the IBL is also engineered by LTTE. We need to stand our ground and protect our borders despite all these provocations without harming Indian Tamil fisherman.

  64. While reading all your valuable comments. I feel like in a High security meeting room/zone
    y cant all join as defense advisers.you all have better idea about war tactics than gota i guess.

    Yako...If you can't see the postings here..F*** off and do your bussiness with Tamileditors or TamilNut.. Without disturbing...

  65. slpower,

    What I meant was that we should "expedite" as much as possible the control of north "western" coast line.

    don't you mean North "western" coast line?

  66. Air Force pound LTTE communication base
    The Air Force said it had attacked an LTTE command and communication base located North of Killinochchi. This was the second successive air raid on LTTE positions in the North carried out today.
    Updated @ 05/02/2008 04:57 PM

    Daily mirror

  67. slpower calm down and please ignore annoying cyber terrorists..

  68. kiri,
    yup, small error .. I did mean North western coast line

  69. Hey guys ...have you found the DVORA ..I think its safe with LTTE ..but i feel sad for those crews...

  70. shyam
    don't insult ltte man... why would they take a small vessel like a dvora when they have air craft carriers, battle cruisers, destroyers etc etc...
    and with the pics you posted that day...ltte have jets also that can take off from rough terrain...
    with such advanced weaponry...they have no place for the likes of dvoras :)

  71. Shyam

    Ponna kotiya... LOL
    VP ge puka lewa kaapan...

  72. In fact it could be that the war could enter a decisive phase one north western coast line is under SLDF control. I think these were calculated moves since the Silavathura capture.

    When that happens the LTTE and Tamil Nadu fisherment may frolic in the seas off thalaimannar but no place to land the arms and the east coast will guarded by Navy at sea effective cutting off the LTTE from all external supply routs. This could happen rather quickly.

  73. Defencenet,
    Please confirm that no Dvora was lost but a small boat.

    However I am afraid that 7 sailors have indeed gone missing.

  74. asithri,

    "When someone from a foreign country encroaches into your territorial waters and shoots at the country's safe-guardians (in this case the Navy), then I would like to know which country's Navy would tuck-tail and run without firing back?:"

    Actually, I think the Navy did the right thing here. If any indians died, their government may have started a row about it. We don't want their air force dropping 'parippu' into jaffna again. What we should do here is warn them to keep their people within their borders, and if this happens again, they will be attacked.....or something with that idea. We need to keep india cool if we want things to run our way (Not be their 'eheyyo', that's not what i mean....but we shouldn't go completely against them, not now)

  75. Piyadasa;

    Ado ponna nariya .... Umbala wage pukka denne na ban...aii thamusata pukkakahanawade

  76. 3 people died and ..4 got wounded during todays air raid....

    Hey guys LTTE never bring their big vessels near the coast line...after the SLA targeted 3 vessels they anchor in deep sees and brng the weapons using small boats every one know this ...this is what they doing

  77. It looks like they fired RPG. The Navy was alerted by a distress call. They could not figure out what was going on because of the dark.

    It may have been shallow water vessel rather than a DVORA.

    Indian 'fishing' boats fire RPGs on Sri Lankan navy

  78. Defencenet,
    Is this incident about a missing boat confirmed? If so, what has happened here? How can a boat and 7 men go missing if the attack was carried out by small arms? And how can it be 'missing', surely the boat was not alone? (there should have been others with it, who should know if it was destroyed, captured or whatever...)

  79. @Qrious

    thanks for the link.

    Kotinta bena bena, TN ta benana ekenme thorathuru gannawa. thanks any way for introducing another site to blog.

  80. Why all of u worried about a single boat/FAC and seven others?

    Innocent dieing more than that in vain. They are their for war. it happens when declared war. you all spent a day with questioning ya?

    Be productive. talk positive things. dont spend time on single thing. we missed Matara Ayya.

    he is the man on news.

    got to go.

    Be aware while ur on road, God even doesn't what happen where.

    TC all

  81. www.pathivu.com says its 3 died and 4 wonded... this site contains LTTE video releases too

  82. Other bugger Shyam

    The story about floating store is been told by some one earlier in brief. he got to know only now i guess.

    Bring something important to the blog sir.

  83. http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=79&artid=24548

    The F-7 aircraft is the widely produced Chinese version of the MiG-21. It is also known as J-7 (Jianjiji-7) [Photo courtesy: www.fas.org]Eyewitnesses report the secret arrival of six fighter aircraft to Katunayaka airbase last week to strengthen the squadrons of the Sri Lanka Air Force. "The much talked of Chinese built F-7 interceptor jets have now been procured and will soon be put to use," reported the political editor's column of the Sri Lankan weekly, The Sunday Times, in its latest edition.

  84. Shyam

    Hmm... ow ow.. LTTE "Kiri panuwo" pirila.... ekaa denna watenawa... paw... hondata kasapan... moada kotiya...

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Asithri,


    What does this mean?? I have always wondered.


  87. Read new post. Sorry it took so long. We are having communication problems

  88. lkdood,
    boling hot news..
    The aircraft carrier..
    Tamil EElam priphaharan has just launched an ariel assault again jaffna..with 2 entire fighter wings..

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. I think SL should have a sort of bilateral defence agreement, form of a hotline whereby they could consult each other in a situation like there where the SL vassals were under fire and for the SL inform the Indians, after a set period and open fire in self defence. This period has to be instant if they the vassals are under real threat of been overwhelmed or destroyed. The cunning terrorists might use these incidences to provoke a reaction between SL and India. It is up to India, as a good neighbour not to over react to provocations by the terrorists, in the spirit of SARC,if that means anything to the Indians.

  91. Agree Kevin. good point.

    Our sailors proved to the world how civilised our forces are by respecting others’ human rights and not retaliating LTTE harming Indian fishermen even at the moment of their death.

    Now it is the duty of IC and all Srilankans to speed up the complete elimination of LTTE.

    After this barbaric attack, SL Navy reserves all the rights to attack in such an incident.

    India should take more responsibility to protect their people and avoid such incidents.

  92. Two civilians were killed and two wounded Tuesday evening when Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombed a suburb of Ki'linochchi town, firing air burst bombs over the UN compounds area with civilian settlements, 100 meters from UNICEF office near Kandasamy temple. A hostel used by UNDP and UNHCR staff workers was damaged in the attack.

  93. Shyam,

    I think by now SLAF knows each and every inch of k'nochchi and suroundings. SLAF can execute pin-point attacks. dont trap into TN false fabricaitons.

  94. GaalleMalli ,

    They have shown the pictures ... if they keep continuing targets such civilians .. its easy for them to target the civilians ....they don't do like this...

  95. shyam,

    I saw the pic. The guy in the pic (died) is a well built man. definitely a hardco tera. In a place where tigers hunt for teenagers for their movement can you believe a man like in the pic is a innocent civilian?

    fotos always shows less damages. that's LTTE's media strategy.

  96. Well said gallmalli,

    If the bombs hit near the UN agencies why the UN offices in Colombo not saying anything about it ?

    Anyway who believes the TAMILNUT ?

    The other day they said they have captured the STF camp after firing few motars.....

    Moda bothal paththara karayo thamai owa wishwasa karanne !


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