Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Images: LTTE regiments

Here is a list of images of LTTE formations, released by the organization that calls itself 'photography unit of the LTTE'. Although these images are accessible from http://aruchuna.net/, it will not be an easy task if you do not know Tamil language.

It is apparent that majority of these images are taken during training exercises. Some images are of course outdated; for example images from the Jejanthan regiment show footage from their bases in eastern province, which fell to the army last year.


  1. DN,

    if u got the time, can you please tell me what the differences of these regiments are. (like a brief profile would great)

  2. The company Im working has blocked that site. This is in USA.


    Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.


    The Websense category "Militancy and Extremist" is filtered.




  3. snakevi,

    if u got the time, can you please tell me what the differences of these regiments are. (like a brief profile would great)

    We'll be working on it thans for the suggestion. But if our memory is correct we have reported about Charles Anthony, Jejanthan, Leopards and some other units in our previous articles (paragraphs mostly). Try using the search function it may deliver.

  4. Leopards:

  5. I can't see the URLs posted in these forums completely; the last parts of them are missing, looks like a lack of space or something....Why is that?

  6. long ranger, i think its a blogger limitation.

    to select full URL, you need to triple click on the link, then right click copy, and past.

  7. Imran Pandiyan is the personal guard unit of VP. They are almost all Northern cadres.

    Charles Anthony and Jeyanthan are the regular male fighting units, where Charles Anthony was raised in North and Jeyanthan in East. Originally all of CA was Northern cadres and Jeyanthan was Eastern cadres, but now they are beginning to mix this up (for obvious reasons).

    Malathi and Sothiya are regular female fighting units.

    The rest are self explanatory.

    This is as much as I know (or think I know). Hopefully DN can shed more light.

  8. Hey guys,

    look at this pic...


    The guy in the middle without shoes is looking at the sky for MIGs and Kfirs LOL

  9. Have a look at this one too, I am pretty sure the one in the middle is a kid.


  10. Thanks l_s_t,

    I didn't know that....

    I didn't know such a thing as triple clicking existed...!!

    Thanks again.

  11. Dear DefenceNet
    In the event of peace is there or has there been any plans to absorb these (LTTE) cadres into the regular national army as was done in South Africa, Angola, Viet Nam etc.? In Angola for an example after Savimbi was killed the UNITA commanders were given high positions in the regular army.

  12. OMG, some of the tigers are so young, look at the girl sitting at the table playing cards.. they really dont know what they are doing to their youngsters..


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