Sunday, February 17, 2008

High casualties for both parties in Wanni operation

It was about a month back the Sri Lanka Army officially started the operation to capture LTTE strongholds in the Wanni heartland. The operation, involving 5 divisions fighting along five major battle fronts, has slowly but surely made inroads to LTTE controlled territory in Mannar, Vavuniya and Weli Oya. The operation is still in its first phase and small attack teams comprising of specialized infantry (SI) have been carrying out most of the limited missions. However the way forward has not been an easy ride for the army.

For the past 16 days in the month of February, 41 SLA soldiers have been killed in battle. Another 190 have been wounded. Majority of the injured are in P3 (Walking wounded) category which means that they will soon rejoin the battle (some already have). Close quarters fighting is still rare and bulk of the SLA casualties have been incurred from land mines and LTTE artillery and mortar attacks. Tigers, who were aware of the impending army invasion into their heartland, had taken the time to mine virtually every inch of the area around their forward defence lines in Mannar, Vavuniya and Weli Oya. In addition to the land mines, LTTE have completely mapped the areas surrounding the FDLs. This is to direct artillery fire exactly to the areas that fall to the army. There have been several instances where the tigers intentionally withdrew from their defence lines, directed heavy artillery barrages to the areas just occupied by SLA and then regrouped and counter attacked the advancing forces. Due to these reasons, the SLA advances are proceeding slowly with extreme caution, in a bid to try and minimize unnecessary casualties.

Although the tigers had the territorial advantage in most fronts, defending their line has not been a joyride for them either. For the month of February, at least 250 LTTE cadres are confirmed to be killed in battle. Names of these cadres have been recorded by army intelligence units. Since this is only the number of confirmed deaths and since these figures do not include casualties caused by Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) air strikes, the actual LTTE casualty figures may be a lot higher.

Meanwhile the LTTE continued to exploit the Madhu no-war zone to their advantage by placing heavy mortars and 122mm artillery near the sacred shrine. Army's firefinder radars have detected the presence of these heavy weapons inside the church premises a numerous times in the past week but so far the SLA has refrained from counterattacking. MI warns that LTTE's aim is to provoke the SLA into shelling the church in a bid to defame the armed forces in front of the international community. According to intel reports, LTTE has placed a video team in close proximity of the Madhu shrine to capture and broadcast the events if SLA launched a counterattack targeting tiger artillery in the church premises. 


  1. From earlier thread...

    srilankan / Thushanthi-

    "...the problem is sending these things and making sure they end up with the people they are intended for..."
    Above is a real problem. But let's take that as a challenge and work out few things.
    Have written to Defencenet team to get me some info related to "Books" idea.
    Let me see how quikly I can get the info. I'm sure together we could do few things in short run.

  2. Perein,
    many thanks for your input.Regarding books if you check her website..she is very specific about the books she wants..and is targeting a specific age group.She does not want novels it really limits what you can send.

  3. Well done brave heroes in our armed forces.Yes, It's slowly and surely that we should achive our mission. May you all be blessed with the benevolence protection of the Tripple Gem!

  4. Srilankan-
    Thanks for the reply bro.
    I really want to make sure what currently trying to organise would go to the forces / and their families or their community. Also there are few other things I would like to sort out in long run.
    Therefore prefer to sort out via some one in defence side. However If failed to get any info, will see what / how next step would be.

  5. Perein, we'l send the info tonight. Sorry about the delay.

  6. DN-
    Thanks, No probs with the delay.
    Since now I do know the possibility is there, let me see how I can move to next task.

  7. Perein,
    We need to first investigate the organisations(orgs)that are actually helping the forces and their families.These orgs have estabished procedures and structres to help the forces kids.then we can provide them with the "actual materials needed" as opposed to spending money which could be used to setup the procedures because this is very time consuming and difficult.I think a place to start maybe be a list of schools in the island that take forces kids and communicate with them directly..

  8. 1) --Wanni: pre-set battlefield--

    SLA offensive to wanni was no surprise to any one. Tigers had nearly one year for prepeartion since SLA even announced wanni offensive during the east clearance operations. Thus LTTE putting mines, mapping areas to hit artilary should be easily predicted and counter actions has to be taken. Unlike east, in wanni SLA choose both the time and location for fight. Tigers also had no srprises so far in wanni.

    2) --Fighting with time --

    What's the difference if troops liberated thoppigala taking one more week or month? May be few more soldiers are still alive. Time is an issue only political/election wise; together with IC/UN/HR champions fronts. Three possibilities.

    i) Managing war according to political scheduale (as earlier)
    11) "We should finish this war ASAP before international issues arise; And also dragging this make COL high"
    111) Let SLA decide everything on timing depending on ground situation.

    First one should be rejected and I prefer third one to the second. But second one is an issue; LTTE is working on that front.

    3) -- Madhu one way war zone--

    It is a surprise if SLA is now surprising on LTTE using madu church; For what reason SLA beleived (if they did) LTTE/Rayappu J truly follow no-war zone pact. What is happening is exactly what SLA should have expected when agreeing for such no-war zone. No war zone means it is no war zone for SLA and free zone for LTTE. (same as CFA) SLA need to have a counter strartergy.

    4) --Death of fighters vs death of war--

    Critical issue in wanni would be casualties. What rate of casualties for either side can be acceptable. When it becomes too high either side in trouble. It seems so far majoraty of LTTE casualties from makkal padai/child soldiers/female caders and their elite units almost intact. Thus SLA need to keep in mind much stronger enimy is waiting there to fight with a tired, exhousted army in the correct location at correct time.

    5) --Snipers--

    The new stratergy in wanni seems to be snipers. DN article some how forgot about that. It seems SLA is in a bad position since we have deployed thousands of troops compared few hundred LTTE caders and SLA has high probability to being targeted.

  9. What the LTTE are doing by minning every single inch of their FDLines is to delay the army(time wise) as much as possible because they hope an international event will save them.This does not mean the army should sacrifice bave lives and rush in.

  10. SriLannkan-
    I do know what I mean mate.
    But the way I look at is, if we get 10% of the shipping to correct parties, that's somthing better than nothing.
    With DN team's support we might get 100% towards right people.

  11. Ninja,

    "Tigers had no surprises so far in Vanni"

    How about sending Thamil Chelvan to his Maker followed by his comrade-in-crime Charles? Are they mere road accidents?

    Ninja, you remind me of Christopher Columbus - navigator with a twisted tale - who claimed that he discovered America; but he forgot the fact, that it had been in existence with its indigenous people for thousands of years.

    You are doing the same, what he did in the ocean; circumventing the land of truth and reality.

    Both of you have one thing in common - getting the bearings of the moral compass wrong.

    Columbus was a mass murderer by proxy and you catching up with him by glorifying the savages of a different century twisting the land marks of liberation of Tamil civilians - of course, implicitely.

  12. Yes LTTE is waiting a hand from international community. It confirms today's main story in TN. They have given big attention to the Kosovo's independence.

  13. Must read...

    CFA was made in India...

  14. It was one of those bizzare eg. of Indian politics..

    From the begining India's signature was all over the CFA...

  15. The real question is whether the government can sustain this war for a prolonged period. The LTTE also has the sustainability issue but most importantly they do not have the international and local pressure the government has to face. With the donor community now not very happy about the Government's uni-lateral withdrawal from the CFA, the government is facing a real risk of losing a lot of the aids is was getting in the past. Although, the aids were not directly for military purposes, the aid looked after the non-military matters of the governments and the government could afford huge sums for its military agenda. Now the LTTE have managed to turn the pressure on the government by a)Promising to be committed to the CFA in its word and deed with a shrewdness masked by benevolence which was infact, somewhat believed by the IC.
    (b)Actively provocating the government to retaliate against Tamil civilians; By doing this they have managed to gain the 'parity' status they have been yearning for amidst the IC. The IC now always in their statements say "The government and the LTTE must blah blah blah.."
    (c)Holding strong in the North: The IC, despite voicing its displeasure about teh withdrwal of CFA, was perhaps a little hopeful that the SLA could achieve what it did in the East and somewhat eliminate or at least weaken this uneasy headache called LTTE. This hope is fast eroding thanks to the LTTE's staunch defense of its strongholds.

    The government is well aware of this growing monster. That is why we saw the politicians yapping about finishing the war this year and all that. These words are to ease the pressure from the National and International fronts. Now that remarks from the top brass pointing to a prolonged battle in the North suffocating the people living there , the war watchers' patience is fast running out. This would not help the government in anyway.

  16. qrious

    "Tigers had no surprises so far in Vanni"

    May be my english was wrong. What I meant was there was no surprise attack from tigers for SLA so far in wanni offensive.

    I am with you regarding columbus; But it's not just columbos. It's about the whole western knowledge/ education system, culture etc.

    Columbos 'found' america - In school
    Q) who found america
    Answer-Colombus - correct (any thing else - wrong)

  17. Ninja,

    Misunderstanding is regretted; I don't look down on you because of your English. I wish you were a bit clearer with what you said.

    Sorry, if I hurt you, when you could not tell us what you really thought.

  18. Guys,

    International factor regarding our own local trouble

    We can live with that damn thing folks. This issue came up due to two reasons: the proposed indepedence of Kosovo and a human rights meeting in New York or Geneva.

    There is no room for drawing parallels in the event of Kosovo independence. This is South Asia and what happens in a remote corner of Europe has nothing to do with what goes in Sri lanka.

    Ultra Nationalism that bordered on Nazism, openly encouraged by the state machinery brought about this unfortunate event in Kosovo. That is not the case with us. We created our own black spot in 83 and paid for it - quite dear. Even the Tamils have forgiven us for that mischief - except Prabhakarna and his clique, of course.

    A terrorist movement that had been dubbed as the most dangerous in the world can no way claim the rights for the liberation of a community; nor has it any credentials to show the world that they are trustworthy in 21st century politics. How on earth they are going to clean up their image?

    My instinct is this little ripple will also just pass off as the previous ones. MR's stars are in a strong constellation at present and his tormentors have very little room for manourver - be it diplomatic, moral or political.

    Guys, the progress on world stage is not on a linear scale. So, we cannot expect to go from A to C via B, all the time. History shows there can be a myriad of alternatives.

  19. Guys,

    Sorry for the distraction; there is not much news on the war front. Soldiers need their well-earned rest. May they enjoy the peace and quiet!

    I saw a picture of RW in the daily mirror: he was waving at his supporters; the fingers of the waving hand were so far apart as if they were from a webbed-foot; it was giving a sign of insult rather than a salute. This guy is torturing himself in political wilderness.

    He is losing the steps of political reality, one by one - loss of Sooriarachchi being the latest.

    Will he resort to extreme measures that bring him closer to the ranks of those who signed Udarata Givisuma? Guys, he is clueless but his supporters are desperate. Vigilance is a must, folks.

    He seems to be comfortable with his position; but his henchmen are not - grab power by hook or crook, is their motto.

  20. defencenet:
    (1) specialized infantry (SI) -> specialized in? an elite unit?
    (2) most battles fronts are in the jungle, right?
    (3) what is the rate of advance? and we're moving forward?
    (4) off topic - can you provide some info (like which division etc) of SLA sniper units?

  21. Grious,
    Its sad to see the animosity with which you see the UNPers. I am of the opinion that its was the UNP that did most damage to the LTTE's international network and affected
    adversely the sustainability of their campaign. It might not seem that way to the naked eye but that is what really happened. This is is exactly why the LTTE made sure that they will not achieve power. The UNPers used more brains than brute power, which was to produce great long time dividends. To the contrary MR is flexing his military muscle with a view of a short-term gain, personal mainly, rather than long-term.

  22. Friends, pls read the article "Shattering the myth of Tamil Homeland Fantasy" by Benard Goonatilleke on

  23. DefenceNet,

    - Have the SLAF been able to give CAS to the army in these FDLs, I've not heard of late of any news on CAS? Is this due to the terrain and the close quarters fighting? Sorry if I had missed any news on this, hope u could clarify.

    - With regard to the news of the LTTE exploiting the Madhu church area, can't we provide evidence to the IC showing how they are exploiting or rather fooling every1 of their innocence? Maybe a UAV or a beechcraft aerial image could show this...

  24. nilantha,
    Before we come to conclusions about the UNP we need this war to end then we can findout exactly what moneys gotton from where was used by whom to do what.Anyway these are long stories not for a defense blog really.AFTER THE WAR ALL THIS MUST COMEOUT INTO THE OPEN AND EVERYBODY INVOLVED IN CRIMES PROSECUTED..NO you agree on that.?

  25. LTTE says impossible to get Prabhakaran


    AI wants 'access' to Lanka to monitor alleged rights abuses


  26. Nilantha,

    I respect your opinion, but beg of you to let me disagree, by a very wide margin.

    First of all, I have no political affiliation for any party. I don't live in Sri Lanka and a resident of an European nation. However, I am beginning to warming up to MR because of the stand he took against the savages, literally, against all odds: he stood firm in the face of International pressure that is a coded-word for double-standards; he did not politicise the problem for his own gains; he let the armed forces to do what they good at with least interference; he is not paranoid that the service chiefs will be popular and powerful enough to challenge him in the end. These are not trivial things; on the contrary, serious stuff that plagued the previous administrations for well over two decades.

    Yes, his brother happened to be the defence secretary. He has been the most succesful official ever to occupy that seat; if the armed forces form the planets, he provides gravity to hold them together. The successes on the battlefield are products of this wonderful combination. I don't see any wrong with his occupation of that seat.

    The UNP messed up the ethnic problem from the outset: first of all, the behaviour of some at the top, antogonized India that in turn played the role of the gynaecologist in the birth of military groups on Indian soil; then they were forced to sign so-called Indo-Lanka agreement, that would take a millenium to implement; endless ceasfires were declared only to be broken with a massive loss of life of men, women and the people in uniform; embracing Tigers for a few months then hitting back at them saying they were terrorists; JR's never-diminishing love for Thondaman who had the divine right to provoke the majority, at will.

    Only good thing that happened during the CFA period is the break-up of Karuna faction; but neither RW nor the UNP claims the credit for that, simply because it was just a coincidence. Cynics say Karuna got mesmerized after a taste of pale skin in Bangkok fun parlours; he had enough of his revolution after revolving himself around Thai beauties.

    RW's behaviour, with regard to this problem, has never been consistent. Nor has he got a clue as to how to go ahead with it. He must be the only party leader in the world where the stalwarts of the party take cabinet posts in government when the party is technically in opposition. Nilantha, in these circumstances, you want me to be a supporter of this party under this man. You can never solve this problem while keeping an eye on how the western powers look at you or how to be in their good books.

    He got lots of thing wrong and I can make a catalogue of blunders: signed CFA under Norwegian pressure humiliating the army without anticipating the consequences; full of hopes of the LTTE support at the election and Tigers did a U-Turn; party strongmen openly challenged him and are now in government; taking domestic local grievences to the Internationl Community asking for their intervention. Are they the strong points of a national leader?

    RW is not a man who fought for anything; he was a lucky guy, thanks to the accident of his birth. He used to get everything on a plate and that is his nature. You can't push him to achieve things it doesn't work that way. If you put pressure on him, he just leaves the country, for a couple of weeks with his mobile being switched off.

    Nilantha, you guys should leave him alone. He is desingned to be in that mode.

    However, I respect him as a reasonable politician who did not indulge in excesses when in power. He used to keep a low-profile too.

    Unfortunately, peopel chose him to be the leader in the wrong era. We need a strong man to look up to at the time of war and got one. Let's rally behind during the primary mission - getting rid of Tiger menace once and for all. Then we can go our own way, as dictated by circumstances.

    So, the notion that UNP used brain power than brute force in solving this problem is like saying Sumo fighters produce largest s*** in one toilet session.

  27. Lanka procuring arms from Pak to fight LTTE


  28. after the war all corrupt politicians should be sent to to galle face and shot and fed to the sharkes

    ranil should be torutured to death along with all unp bigshots and Communist Party ealimsts

  29. Air Force bombing no where near prcision bombing 'Dumb bombing' claims sundayleader!


  30. Not that anybody takes Sundayleader seriously but it is disgusting to see how these people descend to such low levels.


    Hell with the country all I want is power!

  31. oh yeah and forgot sundayleader staff and all western imperialist and neo colonials arse licking mediamen should be on the list as well

  32. Wat kind of jackass would believe in sunday leader they just lieing shits they never say anything patriotic or meaningful and always try to destroy moral of the army and people and also destroy solidarity and pride of the sri lankan people

  33. Defencenet,

    Can you please shed some ligt on Sunday Leader's claims on dumb bombs? If that is true, I am amazed by the accuracy of our fighter pilots in dropping "dumb" bombs so accurately where Tamilnet always claims a couple of "injured civilians" with no photos.

  34. even with dumb bombs (unguided bombs)when fighter planes dive bomb they are extremely accurate
    Examples can be found in WW2 JUnkers and IL2 Sturmovik were some the most succesful

  35. qurious,
    very well said.this entire situation is one monumental tragedy.

  36. Nilatha,

    Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but I would like to totally disagree. I honestly don’t think UNP or Ranil for that matter, has a clue about what being Sri Lankan is all about. They have being instrumental in making this whole issue to the proportion that it is now.
    Could you by any chance give us some evidence of what you state? When and how have they actually done this? Remember the days when the Army was instructed not to strike back even if they have been hit? The days they were just getting killed? How can you justify that? Is that all political diplomacy?
    I don’t have any political affiliations, and if you have read the blog before, you may have seen my criticism of MR. I am saddened about some of his autocratic methods and I am doubtful whether this government will sort the rest of our problems up.

    However, I wish to support the govt. since I am now (still scared to believe it is really happening! Have had hopes being crashed to the ground with each successive Govt. which came to power!) BEGINING to believe that something will happen re. war. WHICH incidentally is the most crucial issue to be resolved. Had been so for years!

    As far as I am concerned, UNP and its' selfish (most of them) supporters can rot in hell. Most of the UNP supporters in Colombo do not have a clue about what is being an average sri lankan (out of Colombo) is all about. The rest of them who are not from Colombo are all the other elites who rule over ordinary people in different cities.
    Honestly think, UNP is synonymous with MONEY! POWER! BUSINESS!
    However, despite my loathing for what UNP represent, I honestly am willing to vote for a UNPian who might come in future, if I believe he has got his facts correct. I am yet to see someone like that so far. My issue is not about colors. It’s about what I have observed and perceived. Experienced.

  37. thushanthi,
    very well said.Actually Mrs Rajapaksa's indirect contribution is considerable i would say.He has been in office for only 2yrs+ now..lets see what Hon president does when this is over.

  38. And also Nilatha,

    WHAT do you propose??

    I mean, you have pointed out the 'futility' of this aggressive effort of the present Govt.

    Assuming you are right, could you pls. tell us what the Govt SHOULD do??

  39. qrious,

    "Yes, his brother happened to be the defence secretary. He has been the most successful official ever to occupy that seat; if the armed forces form the planets, he provides gravity to hold them together. The successes on the battlefield are products of this wonderful combination. I don't see any wrong with his occupation of that seat."

    Just to add a few notes about Gota, everybody know that he is former officer (Lt-Colonel) of SLA (Gajaba) who fought and led many battles from the front including Vadamarachchi. In addition, contrary to rumors speeded by LTTE and their Sinhala stooges, he was working as a UNIX system analyst/admin in California, a job that needs substantial analytical and rational skills. His military involvement in the past is a well known fact I don't have to corroborate. As for the system analyst work, I can say that it is less than secondhand information.

    In summery, despite the fact that he is the brother of the president, we have a very competent and well qualified man for the defence secretary post. In my humble opinion, I will trust a qualified man with true battle field experience for the job than a regular administration officer.

  40. Nandimithra said...
    Why do our soldiers repeatedly get caught to various tiger traps...
    Few Eg.............................
    4. Fortunately, for the quick thinking of one of our soldier MBRL was moved to a safe place... February 17, 2008 11:22 AM

    Thanks to the foresight of one soldiers the MBRL was saved. As the DN article today indicates, most of the areas formerly under LTTE control have been mapped, including I assume the Army camp. The priests do not necessarily have to carry a GPS if the camp is already pre-mapped. They only need to know the general location of the MBRL.

    Our soldiers are very decent people, and it is part of our cultural tradition to be respectful to religeous figures. The LTTE exploits this weakness. The army has done an amazing job in Jaffna winning over the civillian population and enabling the civil institutions to function to a point where the LTTE can't operate openly in Jaffna anymore. This was evident this year when several Jaffna students got the highest marks in the A-Level exam.

    Nevertheless, it is prudent for the army to take some elementary precautions in operational areas, such as (1) Not allowing civillins into army camps (2) Frisking all non-miltary visitors to camps, and restricting visitors access to sensitive areas
    (2) Not allowing civillian contractors to do maintainance work in military facilities (i.e., AAF)(3) Not purchasing food locally, the same with water supplies sent by bowser (5) Declining invitations from civillians to participate in functions (6) In the case of the navy, treating all SOS requests with utmost suspicion

  41. kosovo today, eelam tomorrow, tamilnadu day after tomorrow.

  42. It seems that now LTTE is prepared for our offensive method. When they are well aware of that, LTTE will use its strategy to maximize the SLA casualties. In accordance with thinking pattern of LTTE, they will attack small sentry points using their maximum power and they will draw up some tactical steps to maximize SLA casualties.
    In this backdrop, we need to change the our startegy, to null and void of LTTE thinking pattern. My firm belive is we need to show them maximium destruction of their assets both human and material in unimaginable time.

  43. sam,
    well said.This LTTE is all about business.. the military wing is just icing on the cake..

  44. Hopefully, this great Tamil patriot of Sri Lanka, will take this post. He is liked by all political parties in Sri Lanka except of course the TNA). It will also show the international community that the LTTE is not a legitimate spokeperson for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.

    A’sangaree new Governor of North?
    Friday, 15 February 2008
    TULF President V. Anandasangaree is likely to give serious thought to an offer made by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to take up the post of Governor of the North.

    Mr. Anandasangaree told the Daily Mirror yesterday he would convey his decision when he meets the President later this week.

    “I was offered the Governor’s post by President Rajapaksa some nine months ago after the Supreme Court judgment to de-merge the north east was delivered. The latest invitation came from President Rajapaksa on January 22, after APRC Chairman Tissa Vitarana submitted his interim proposals that included the establishment of an advisory council to advise the Governor of the North,” Mr. Anadasangaree said.

    Mr. Anandasnagaree has discussed the issue with the President on his return from London recently. President Rajapaksa is very keen on establishing the Interim Advisory Council to restore normalcy in the North,” he said.“Right now I am discussing the matter with leaders of the Tamil community,

    political parties and other social groups. I would also consult the main opposition UNP before meeting the President,” Mr. Anandasangaree said adding that he was receiving pleas from all quarters including social groups, Tamil, Muslim and Sinhalese communities and political parties to accept the governor’s post. (DM)

    < Prev Next >

  45. Piyal,
    Lets leave this to the army commanders.Our job is to help the forces in any small way possible.

  46. SL rejects Kosovo independence

    Sri Lanka does not endorse the unilateral secession of Kosovo from the Republic of Serbia, the Foreign Ministry said. “We note that the declaration of independence was made without the consent of the majority of the people of Serbia. The Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Kosovo could set an unmanageable precedent in the conduct of international relations, the established global order of sovereign States and could thus pose a grave threat to international peace and security,” the statement said.

    source - dailymirror


    "A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldier was killed in a grenade blast at a sentry post in Mu'l'li in the Vadamaraadchi Division of the Jaffna peninusla, around 2.45 a.m., Saturday, SLA sources said.

    The victim was identified as Jayantha Gamini, 35.

    Point Pedro Magistrate Mr. K. Ariyanayagam visited the site of the death and conducted inquiries.

    The hand grenade slipped from the victim and exploded when he fell asleep, SLA authorities told the magistrate.

    Arrangements are being made to send the body from Palaali Military base to the troop’s native place.


  48. Shehal,
    “(1) specialized infantry (SI) -> specialized in? an elite unit?”

    It’s not an elite unit. SI is a concept of major gen Sarath Fonseka. These are regular infantry units given specialized training including jungle warfare. This trend began with newly 57, 58 and 59 divisions which are all raised with offensives in mind. This extra training is one of the reasons why SLA has less casualties compared to Eelam war 2 and 3.

    "(2) most battles fronts are in the jungle, right?"

    Yes. This is where that extra training comes in.

    "(3) what is the rate of advance? and we're moving forward?"

    We are definitely moving forward. But this is taking longer than expect due to reasons mentioned in the article. There is no consistent rate of advance it is actually a variable dependent on many other factors such as weather, terrain, mines, artillery, LTTE defenses, intel reports etc. There have been days where no advances were made. But overall yes we are moving forward.

    "(4) off topic - can you provide some info (like which division etc) of SLA sniper units?"

    Yes this will be done in another article perhaps when we get the time.

    “Have the SLAF been able to give CAS to the army in these FDLs, I've not heard of late of any news on CAS? Is this due to the terrain and the close quarters fighting? Sorry if I had missed any news on this, hope u could clarify.”

    SLAF’s close air support role has been limited due to various constraints on resources. It is mainly tasked with hitting LTTE leadership and logistical facilities such as ammo dumps. CAS was provided for the last advance from Muhamalai/Nagarkovil front (mi-24) and several recent sea battles.
    Other than that Kfirs have been bombing pre identified targets in the Mannar/ Weli Oya area where the 58thdivision/59th division are active. But there attacks can’t be termed as CAS.
    It takes a lot of resources to fly one bombing sortie. And we are definitely not a rich country.

    “ - With regard to the news of the LTTE exploiting the Madhu church area, can't we provide evidence to the IC showing how they are exploiting or rather fooling every1 of their innocence? Maybe a UAV or a beechcraft aerial image could show this...”

    Well we can always show the detections by firefinder radar. But wonder whether any of it would be of use. It will be similar to when LTTE placed their heavy guns around Vakarai hospital. Everyone, including Human rights organizations turned a blind eye…

    “Air Force bombing no where near prcision bombing 'Dumb bombing' claims sundayleader!”

    We didn’t get a chance to read the article but if they really did say that then it’s hilarious. SLAF doesn’t play with its jets folks. Its not a game and its human lives we are talking about. One bomb out of place can force us 10 years back in this war.

  49. This war will be fought by our sri lankan blood. The external forces (tamil teeorirst disporsa, western countries and other organizations including UN, ) are waiting for and trying to make the country fall. But as I said before, what they dont realize is that this is not serbia, somalia, or any other country. This is SRI LANKA. Our soldiers are remarkable and have fought off invaders from our land for thousands of years and won! We will not let terorists to rule our country. Even if powerful countries try to force a solution to our country, every sinhalese person will not be afraid to stand up and die for what has ALWAYS been ours!!!

    One Country, One Nation, All under one Flag! That is, SRI LANKA! :)

  50. perein we have replied to your mail.

  51. DN-
    Just checked and has not received it yet.
    Will update you once I get it.
    Thank you for taking some time out for it.

  52. Anyone interested in MANPADs with regards to the Sri Lankan conflict?

    With regards to the topic,

    its the same case in Iraq or Afghanistan. Asymmetry always involves indirect fire courtesy of insurgents.

  53. Long ranger thanks for the link man

    your site is great very informative and interesting keep it up

  54. Sri Lanka Blood

    I know this blog has to do with defence but this issue has to do with the LTTEs ideology.
    The racist ideology promoted by the LTTE is based on the claim that Sinhala and Tamil people are separate ethnic groups with separate histories. This is farthest from the truth. We are culturally, historically, linguistically, and genetically of the same stock. The Lanka Guardian has a nice article about the common cultural history of all Sri Lankans. Here are some examples from Sri Lankan history (1) The last three Sri Lankan kings were of the Nayakkar clan from Madurai. (2) In the treaty of 1815 between the British and Kandyan Chieftains many of the Kandyan Chieftains signed their names in Tamil (3) Many of the famous Sri Lankan familys claim recent south Indian ancestry (see history of the Bandaranayakas and Jayawardenas in Rootwebs) (4) Some of the greatest Sinhala Kings were in fact of South Indian stock (e.g., Parakramabahu the grandson of a Chola King) (5) All Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka have a devale with a pantheon of Hindu gods (6) The Sinhala and Tamil scripts have a common linguistic origin, also the languages have many common words. In recent times, with advances in genetics, it has been possible to look at the closeness of human populations from a genetic perspective. National Geographic and IBM are partnering on a project called the Human Genographic Project. They are looking at the incidence of distinct genetic markers in human populations with a view towards mapping human migratory patterns. The L(M20) marker is found among 50% of South Indians. This marker is also found among many Sri Lankans, both Sinhalese and Tamil, indicating a common ancestry. My father is from Galle, and he has the L20 marker, like 50% of South Indians.

    If you want to participate in the National Geographic project, go to

    The link to the Guardian article is

  55. Clearing a path through minefields. OK, i know the U.S. A10 Warthog was not designed for this purpose and is probably not an option for SLAF - given the US $10mln avg. unit cost, the cost of maintenance and the recent U.S. ban on selling offensive weapons (to mention a few -but dammit the thing could be used to clear a path/bunker lines much quicker than we're managing to at the moment. Check it out:

    Does anyone have a rich relative with a couple of US $10 mln. to spare!?!

  56. defensenet, do our guys use/have the facility/option of flamethrowers in frontline anti-bunker/foxhole clearing ops?.this was an extremely effective tactic during WW2,so it got me wondering why not?

  57. casc,

    i agree with what you say 50%, mainly because when there is a population near each other, they obviously tend to be closely related. But you must remember, that we are defined by our ethnicities for our history, cultural and identity reasons.

    sinhalese and tamils have lived together for a long time, they have also fought off invading tamils from tamilnadu for long tiem as well.

    If you ever read old sinhalese, it is very different. Also, there are theories of aryan race within sinhalese. Most people think aryan race would mean sinhalese have to be white, not true. There are some findings that point that we are closely related to northern indian origin then of the south indian tamils.

    And when you say, the language have similar words, first you need to compare the tamils in sri lanka speaking tamil to that of indian tamils. There are words that are different, and those words that are different are more sinhalese words t hen tamil.

    Just because a buddhist temple have a devalay doesnt prove much.

  58. and lastly, just because some sinhalese may have roots to indians, doesnt mean anything.

    Also, do research on the Veddah, which you should really learn about. And also about religion with the sinhalese before buddhism was brought to the island. Then you will see religionwise, sinhalese was not close with tamil religion.

    But I am not doubting similarities, as there HAVE to be since we have lived closely with the minority of tamils for a while now after they migrated to sri lanka from tamilnadu.

  59. :)

    Defensenet, thank you for your hard work.

  60. ltte overruns army post in vavuniyaa, any comments?

  61. Nobody can touch our leader," LTTE political head B Nadesan told the Tamil Daily Thinakkural in an interview on Saturday.

    I agree. Let me rephrase.'Nobody would touch your leader'

    He won't be there to be touched very long!

  62. You are welcome Mr. senkadagala sinhaya. I once came across a question in one of the forums/portals regarding the lankan MANPAD status.

    Please be patient with my portal. I find it extremely difficult to contribute with my schedule.

    But seeing so many enthusiasts, makes me sqeeze time to log on and share my knowledge with the lay public.

    Take Care.

  63. mottapala, it may your leaders that may not be around too long to be touched!

  64. Lion-heart, To Thriu, Hmmm! I wonder, who is hiding under a cave like a cave man in 21st century?? Who is running away?? I think the fat praba idiot want have much time to spend.

  65. who would want to touch that fat shit we will all get Hory and rabies

  66. SL

    You might find this website of interest. It shows the evolution of scripts in South Asia, including Sinhala and Tamil.

    Because of the Budhhist heritage, the Sinhala language is closely related to the ancient spoken language of Magadha, Pali, and hence is related to many contemporary Indo-Aryan languages. All of the Indin scripts, including the Sinhala script originated from the Brahmi script.

    Prior to the arrival of Buddhism or contemparaneous with the arrival of Buddhism, there may have been other religions in Sri Lanka, including Jainism. We have a number of surnames in Sri Lanka that start with Jina, which were probably derived from Jain names at one point. Also, there are a number of Sinhala names which become Tamil names if you add a "M" or a "N." Likewise, there are a number of Tamil names that become Sinhala names if you remove a "M" or a "N." The point I would like to make to our Tamil bretheren is that we have a common cultural, historical, ethnic and linguistic heritage, and the argument for eelam based on racial differences among Sinhalese and Tamils is a bogus argument.

  67. Regarding Ranil, by holding onto the leadership and not letting the UNP turn into the formidable opposition it could well be, Ranil is working for Mahinda.

    People simply haven't figured that out..

  68. sunday leader can be always interpreted correctly.

    when it talks bad about dumb bombs what we must understand is DUMB BOMBS ARE GOOD!!

    the reason why sunday leader is against dumb bombs is that they are capable of causing a lot of damage to tigers and the UNP wants to stop that.

    1. the reality is that SLAF uses gravity/dumb bombs on places where there are no civilians.

    2. most of these heavy bombs are bunker busters and are targeted at tiger leaders/bunkers/other tiger installations.

    3. there are NO reports even from the LTTE that SLAF sorties have gone badly wrong. this is the reality. of course TN claims air sorties have killed a few civilians (maximum 3 at a time). even if this is accurate, it is too small a number to worry about. with all fancy guidance systems the USAF killed at least 100 times more civilians.

    4. sunday leader never supports ANYTHING done by the govt.

    5. sunday leader is a pro UNP/TNA/LTTE media hell bent on saving the tigers.

    once again when you interpret it you have to take its content as exactly opposite to what it claims. sunday leader ALWAYS 'speaks' in irony.

  69. The military leadership that the Govt has put in place in place is the best Sri Lanka has ever had. Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera has done a really good job with the Civil Defence Force. The CDF is now 40,000 members.

    Nice article in the Sunday Observer about the work the CDF is doing:

  70. Tiger terrorists can’t take comfort from the Kosovo Independence for one reason, that EU does not want a Muslim enclave in the future EU,so giving a separate state to the Muslims in Kosovo will exclude them from EU,just like the Turkish Cyprus and Turkey and this is also the reason for Cyprus was divided, so says my friends who are well knowledgeable of the EU politics. There might be a backlash by the Serbians and EU has taken this gamble, hoping the rest of the Serbians in Kosovo will settle in Serbia and in EU as a member state in future. There is no such parallel for creating a separate state in SL.

  71. Sri Lankan/Perein

    Could you pls provide a link to the website for book donations?
    There's a group of Sri Lankans I spoke with today here in the US that are interested in helping.

  72. DBS Jeyaraj on "The King of eelam"

  73. Moshe,
    Well said brother...

    These people's dream is
    "Ealam will be established..
    after 30-40 years in ealam schools there will be a lesson about Ealam Heroes in history book..
    in that lessons they want to include their names also..
    "Ealam raajya sandhaha satan karapu sinhala viruwodha wooha.. E athara Ranil, Sunanda, Lasanatha yana ayata pramuka sthnayak..."


  74. casc,
    Thank you for your comment, How can we implement the rule that out siders (WHO COMEMS IN ALL DIFFERENT DISGUISE) should not be allowed in our army camps
    We remember the out patient clinic which was conducted for civilians (Army families) including pregnant women inside our army hospital within the head quarters used by a pregnant suicide women to injure our army commander. It was the luck of our whole nation his life was saved.
    Something is radically wrong with our srilankan nation.
    Your following comment is very very true.
    Our soldiers are very decent people, and it is part of our cultural tradition to be respectful to religeous figures. The LTTE exploits this weakness.
    You may remember one of our top army officer was reluctant to shoot young tiger woman who shot and killed him. Well known story.
    This should be taught during training period for all soldiers. Trust no body.

  75. See this bogus comparison of Tamilnut. Amongst many other cleverly crafted misrepresentations, the LTTE have counted Muslims also under Tamils.

    This is how these goons hoodwink the world.

  76. Thushanthi

    [As far as I am concerned, UNP and its' selfish (most of them) supporters can rot in hell. Most of the UNP supporters in Colombo do not have a clue about what is being an average sri lankan (out of Colombo) is all about. The rest of them who are not from Colombo are all the other elites who rule over ordinary people in different cities. Honestly think, UNP is synonymous with MONEY! POWER! BUSINESS!]

    Well said! This is essentially how I feel too. As I have said in this forum many times before, I come from a traditional “green” clan and am today a “black sheep” as I have broken ranks with it as I unequivocally support MR GOSL. Yes, today I do so only for the reason that here we finally have a GOSL that will liquidate the LTTE terrorists for good; so far all actions, showing admirable fortitude, point to this GOSL doing it in the not-too-distant future if it holds course.

    However much I have tried to reason this out with my folks in Colombo, I have not been successful because, as you say, they are out of touch with the average Sri Lankan’s psyche/ethos and yes, many of them, regrettably, are believers only in money, power, business!
    There is nothing wrong in money, power, business, but when those are obsessions that take precedence over national security concerns, then I am simply furious!


    Kudos to you mate…your analyses are indeed right on target! As we say in the business, mate, you are indeed a barn-burner!

    OaO Asithri

  77. TS:
    Hope it helps

  78. TropicalStorm-

    Will try to get you the URL for the kid who supply books to Sri Lankan Schools.(If I do remember correct should be in!)
    However what I'm trying to work on will directly go to dependants of the forces.
    If you are intested and will share that info later stage.Currently trying to work out few things with them. Could take couple of weeks before get to share that info.
    Meanwhile collect as much as books / powertools etc you can. Could benefit those who needed.

  79. Greets patriots,

    We need some help here guys….

    As many of you know, Asian Tribune is an online journal that caters to Sri Lanka’s news and largely it has held a very pro-Sri Lankan slant and I am a regular contributor there (under “Scorpion aka OaO Asithri).

    I was told this journal is a fairly respected read even for those in decision making/policy making capacities in the west and as such, I would like to see many of you fine patriots contributing viewpoints here, often articulating your assertions with proper language and logical sequence, to sign in as a contributor and comment there as there are some anti-Sri Lankan “thamileelamist” rabid dogs out there to “bash-Sri Lanka” regularly. Some even camouflage themselves as “I am a Buddhist Sinhalese” (you will know who they are as they have Sinhela handles, but talk virulently against the Sinhelas/Sinhela Buddhists and even laments about the design of our flag that has the four Bo-leaves and the Lion emblem in it, saying it is discriminatory against the Tamil minority! Yes, believe me, these are supposed to be “Buddhist Sinhalese!”) just to convey to the readers (especially to those that I mentioned above) that majority of Sinhelas are in favor of giving into the LTTE/”thamileelamists” agenda and that they are against the present GOSL’s drive to defeat the LTTE! Yes, this is yet another way the “thamileelamist” scumbags are today hoodwinking the world.

    So any of you patriots who feel inclined to combat those scummies’ propaganda are urgently required at:

    Now naturally the language yours truly OaO Asithri uses there is not he same as he would occasionally (:-)) use here on RW=LTTE maggots, so when you sign in, you just need to stay “modulated” and follow a few rules (for example, like not directly responding to another commentator).

    This DefenseNet blog is an excellent forum and that is why I, as a firm believer in its purpose, come here, but while I do this, I feel it is also important to comment on other respected and widely read sites like the Asiantribune and would invite you to do the same. If any of you are already doing it (and I believe so), then my hat’s off to you!


    OaO Asithri

  80. Perein, great effort brother!

    Let me know the details as well...would be only too happy to do my part!


    OaO Asithri

  81. Hi casc,
    There is no big issue over historical and cultural relationships btw sinhalese and tamils. I think everyone should accept sinhalese living peace and harmony with tamils and vise versa. The real issue is some maniacs clim for a sepoerate state by quoting unrealistic facts and set the country on fire. No legitimate government or any person in that country would agree to that.

  82. Asithri-
    Good to see most of us want to play a part bro.

    Thank you for sharing that link with all. I'm sure TropicalStorm could check that out.

  83. 2002 Independently Administrated State Structures - Thx to Ranil!

  84. Perein,
    Your welcome.What a week it has been bro..
    What a week it has been!!.First we get an article..that wolfgang amedeus wyanski is cancelling our previlleged status in this IC(god) ECC(demi god)..the next day the german ambassador gifts 2000mt tons of rice to the govt and says we need to sort our own problems!!hehehehe..The you have this article that the church is smuggling weapons/bombs to see this guys church is a "takaran hut" and he was an LTTE cadre before he joined the church..and the church condems these acts...Then you find that the govt is expecting american investments to the tune of £1 billion this year..on top of that there is a srilankan organisation(run by a sinhalese) that is going to donate a few million dollars to the army housing projects very soon...WAY TO GO THAMILLL EEEELAMMMM!!!hehehehe..

  85. sorry that should be $ 1 billion.

  86. 2002 Independently Administrated State Structures (I-ASS of Ranil)

    as intelattack points out RW did an IASS (indeed he is an ass) in 2002 but instead of IASS called it CFA.

    I read this in TN where they compared KOSOVO with bloody tamil elam crap.

    So this IASS is the part that ponna ranil SOB hid from the people for so long. can't help but LMSSAO ((c) OaOA) about some SOSWINES still thinking good of the CFA=ASS!

    For those utter idiots, please replace CFA with IASS because you are nothing less than an ASS to praise the CFA=IASS.

    how fantastic to have the CFA=IASS at the time of KOSOVO independence!!!! what is good for albanians is good for lesbanians as well!!! This is undoubledly a serious DEFENCE issue that must be addressed.

    (ps. although ranil looks like an ass he is rather a MULE="kotaluwa")

  87. that also explains why the LTTE - the other party to the IASS agreement wanted it to continue so badly.

    asses called it CEASEFIRE!!

  88. i am happy to hear that the
    "plait du jure" is that the govt is trying to expose the LTTE at the
    What we want is a Slanka at peace with all our people and these tigers who are overseas to fight day and in day out for the remainder of their lives to show their gods IC why EEELAAMM is a better place for vp's 12 yr old virgins..

  89. Casc

    Yes, there are indisputable connections between the Tamil and Sinhelas in SL, even at the level of royalty. After all, you would expect it to be so given the close proximity of TamilNadu (Tamils’ true “homeland”) to Sri Lanka.

    However, there are a couple of points that must be treated cautiously as the “thamileelamists” of today are out to rewrite our history and in that endeavor they try to:

    1) Say that in effect, Sinhalese are actually a breakaway from the Tamils of Tamilnadu, and hence, Sinhelas should not have an issue with giving the “original” Tamils a separate state as justification for those Tamils wanting to stay Tamils in Sri Lanka! This is not a joke, believe me!
    2) Say that the last Sinhalese kings were Tamils and as such, they have a claim to the sovereign territory of Sri Lanka! Again, this is an outright lie. The final Sri Wickremarajasinghe-dynasty kings of Sri Lanka were from Malabari-Sinhela mixed lineage and it must be noted that being “Malabari” is not the same as being “Tamil!” Malabari dynasty was from the modern day Kerala. Now “thamileelamists” naturally would like to say otherwise to attach Tamilnadu to this equation to further their racist mono-manical goals, but that is not the truth.
    3) Reinforce a common fallacy is that all of the ancient South Indian powers were non-Indo Aryans! This is far from the truth! For example, even the mighty Pandya dynasties of the ancient Pandya kingdoms (in the south, but spanning northwards to the modern day Telegu speaking Andra Pradesh) had descendants from Indo-Aryan extractions from north India (which is why Telugu is in the same lineage as Sinhela, along with other North Indian languages) and there have been many inter-marriages between the Sinhela royalty and the Pandyas too, mostly Pandyan princesses coming over and marrying Sinhela princes. Now once again here, the “thamileelamists” point out to these assimilations as “Tamils were in Sinhela royalty” and therefore proof for their claim for a separate state in Sri Lanka, but once again, this is not the truth!

    I can go on about the mischievous, malicious, propaganda that has been spewed out by these racist “thamileelamists,” but I think the above should suffice to get my point across.

    Just like any other heritage on this planet, our Sinhela heritage too may have had assimilation with other races, but that is NOT reason now to break up our nation along ethnic lines, corrupting those very assimilations that we should be proud of!

    OaO Asithri

    As i suspected..pastor edirisinghe was killed and members of his family injured in Ampara...So now it is kill members of the church and blame the SLDF for these deaths.Also hope for a backlash.May his soul rest in peace

  91. Sri Lanka says Kosovo decision a threat to nations


  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Punc booruva,

    Southern coolies only walking into a mine field in vanni, welcome modayas.
    will go home toassted if you are lucky or will be dumpped into the secret burial in Mannar.
    Dumb state do not have any money and need urgently 300 Million US in a form of loan. Hehehehe.... Why not send some of your benifits. LTTE do not need money now, Only dumb brothers hehehehe...

  94. LTTE is smarter than we think. They know there is a "lengthy face" situation with catholic priests and Govt. They seems using it the the maximum.

  95. Who is that moron ?? just like someone crying with pain.

  96. Pastor killed in Ampara, wife and child injured

    The article proves my suspicion. someone blames TMVP and someone for GOSL. None for LTTE. I cant imagine how people think.

  97. Asithri,

    Thanks mate for the comment.

    I will consider contributing a bit for AT as well; yes it has been on our side in this hour of need.

  98. Guys,

    Kosovo independence has split the EU very badly and it looks like Russia has a surprise in its sleeves.

    UDI's are always followed by jubilation on a mass scale; but when the hysteria is died down, the reality is not as sweet as the way it all began. Just look at East Timor and former East Germany on a scale of wealth, at extreme ends. No one will call them Uthopian states. In many respects, they are worse off now than they were before. Talk to a man in the street, not a politician or an NGO, for a taste of his experience.

  99. I saw news in lankadeepa saying LTTE has announced the prabakans personnel photographer has died and given a Lt.col promotion. Meantime they are not disclosing how he has died, where and when.

  100. Guys,

    I read a letter that was mentioned here by Asithri, written by a female Tiger before her death.

    It is heart-breaking indeed to read it; the agony of these poor girls at the hands of savages, beyond description. They were victims of many fronts; poverty, social taboos, caste, you name it.

    I think the good god they believe in, created hell and on second thoughts, made one corner of it very hot too, to confine these savages where they should remain eternally, on arrival that is imminent at any time.

  101. So disturbing...

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. DN or any one knows about praba's Photographer story...

  104. Kookka,

    I read the news item too in Lankadeepa; it is the only paper which reports it.

    I just wonder whether this is the guy in question. He is a some sort of television man too.

    Let's hope a Tamil speaking folk will educate us on this.

  105. Perin,

    Very sad story. Thanks for sharing.

  106. Guys,

    iqbal athas reported sometime back about unexploded bombs dropped by the SLAF along with what is the reason for this anomaly? is bcoz the bombs were way past their expiry date..seems to me,likre that way..anywys,speakin of iqbal,where's the dude?..he's gone MIA for around a month now..

  107. defencenet,guys

    40+ SLA KIA,sounds pretty gloomy to me..more like a calm before the storm..why can't the SLA stick to their original strategy of small-scale assaults & strikes,rather than beginning to use massed formations?..hope its not due to any pressure from government poltico's..

  108. It is not over yet..

  109. defencenet,

    Out of the SLN'S 2 SAAR-4 class missile boats,nandimithra & suranimala,is only the suranimala still in operation..has nandimithra been scrapped or out of operations?

  110. ආයුබෝවන්!

    ස්තුතියි... නියම වැඩක්!


    Looks like a good hit...

  112. Renegade

    40+ KIA where has this happened?

  113. Renegade!

    I assume you are referring to what the Defencenet said at the beginning of this thread. At the same time, I sense, it is more than just curiosity, on your part that animates you to take these steps.

    All your posts converge on one thing - spreading pessimism on this blog. You may congratulate yourself on propagating Tigers' agenda; but mate, remember this exercise is doomed to fail as well. The successes of the batllefront can outweigh the setbacks, that you try to highlight out of all proportion.

    You are someone whom we can have a sensible conversation with. So, I have not developed the habit of lowering my pants and doing a half-turn in greeting you. Engaging in that act is grossly unfair by a guy of your calibre.

    However, out of courtesty, I recommend that you read the first six chapters of the Hindu epic, The Baghavat Geeta. It certainly sheds some light on the rise-and-fall of the movement, you have some sympathy towards.

    If it strikes a chord with you, please thank Lord Krishna, not humble Qrious by accident. Stirring-up his wrath is the last thing you need at this stage mate!

  114. Guys,

    Tigers keep on saying “it’ll be the end of SLA if they set foot in Wanni”.

    Where exactly is Wanni? I thought by being in Weli Oya & Mannaar we were already in Wanni. SLA is already inside southern part of Mauliaittivu. If this is not Wanni, what is then?

    Enlighten me please if you could!

  115. We will lose more of our soldiers, many more, I guess that’s reality and that’s war. But we need to safeguard ourselves against guys who highlight only our casualties.

    I hope all these sacrifice’s are not in vain, and hope the political clowns will not make these deaths just another chapter in this bloody war.

  116. Don't miss the important difference with Kosovo. Even as a predominantly Muslim area, the Albanians have always been tolerant of the other ethnic groups. It was always the Serbs who resorted to ethnic cleansing there.
    A reverse case compared to ours.

  117. parakrama

    Vanni is where the Veddhas live.

    Now that the Tamils are not totally represented by the tiger terrorists, they've chosen to totally represent the Veddhas.
    It's that area, where they do not have toilets..they don't need em with all those unemployed sakkiliyas running around.

  118. Animal rights group protests LTTE attack on zoo


    Asian countries fearful over Kosovo independence


  119. Tropicalstorm,

    You are right; Serbs, at least ultra nationlists, engaged in excesses that brought them on a par with Nazis.

    However, this will trigger off a chain reaction, across the region. This is a slap in the face for Russians, ignoring their concerns. The Serbs who live in Kosovo are never going to show their allegiance to the young state; it means brewing dissent on a perpetual pot.

    How can someone govern a new democracy in those circumstances, let alone a country? There are worries over geographical slicing-up in Georgia, Romania, Cyprus and even Spain; those countries maintain a cautious silence.

    Provoking Russia in every possible way, creates a dangerous atmosphere in a wider world. It looks like the folks who were united against war-on-terror, have fallen out, at last - very badly.

    I love to stand behind Bin Laden, if he stands in front of a mirror - to watch his lips, and then vanish into thin air, mates!

  120. Astiri and others
    What ever you say about our history or where the Sinhalese people came from, what matters to us is a terrorist hold up in a bunker in the vanni.He has not been properly elected to represent his people and is wanted by India for the murder of Rajhive Gandhi, our president, our FM and thousands of law abiding citizens of Lanka.Malabar is part of the Dravidian TN and this name was used for the only main street of Kandy, named Malabar street, just next to the king’s palace and business was conducted in Tamil and convention was written in Tamil, I think. great grand son of the signatories to this lived and died in London, named Dull awe and he looked Tamil and he said that their family documents were in Tamil and so was the documents of other relatives of my good friends whose families go back to those medieval families in the Kandy an times. They are still arrogant and ignorant and they still live in their own world, but they don’t think that they are from the south Indian stock that came in the tide to rule the humble people. Our true kings ruled in Anuradhapura and polonnaruwa and latter city was neglected for 300 years. So much of destruction to our kings’ palaces and other historical monuments were done by the south Indian invaders and they have no claim to SL,whatsoever.we don’t know where the Sinhalese came from but the fact is they were there first and that’s why the Sinhalese are the majority and this fact is the truth in itself, to the claim to the island.Plese don’t use abusive response to my presentations as the days of Mervin are numbered in our country.

  121. //off topic//


    how do you get sinhala fonts here ?

  122. more tax on cars to cut imports & 135% rise in electricity


    Soldiers capture a rebel bunker line as fighting kills 11


  123. Nandimithra said...
    Thank you for your comment, How can we implement the rule that out siders (WHO COMEMS IN ALL DIFFERENT DISGUISE) should not be allowed in our army camps


    Remember what happend to Gen Sarath Fonseka. Suicide bomber pretending to be a preganant woman seeks treatment at the Army hospital. She is allowed in on several occasions, and then gets close to the General's car and nearly kills him. I believe that family members of personnel are eligible for treatment at the Army hospital but there should be a separate facility for civilians. The medical clinics conducted by the Army Medical Corps are every good for the image of the army but need not be conducted within the premises of the camp it self. The LTTE will probably send artillery spotters to identify the locations of the big guns and MBBLs, like they did in Mannar recently. In the AAF attack, the LTTE got into the base as construction workers on a runway expansion project and made a detailed map of the base. It is a standard practice in most countrys to keep civilians out of military facilities.

  124. Well, As far as I am concerned, we need to concentrate on the present, which is, that the Sinhalese ARE the majority of the country and have established themselves as such. Even if the land was first inhabited by Tamils LONG LONG TIME AGO, I fail to see the relevance that has to the present.

    But However,

    Being a majority of a country is no excuse to discriminate a minority. It did happen and that is the INITIAL stage of this sad situation. There is no point denying that.

    We, living in the present 21st century, with all the advances it has made towards equality and freedom etc (albeit the hypocrisy it entails as well) must try to balance our patriotism, nationalism in line with living in harmony with EVERY CITIZEN's rights being protected equally. Majority minority issues had been there from the beginning of human civilization and had been shaped up to the present day of equal rights. We must not allow our feelings of nationalism cloud the better judgment.

    That does not have anything to do with the present LTTE or its' supporters. LTTE has to be eliminated for the equality and prosperity to take place.

  125. Asithsiri mentioned a sad story of a female LTTE cadre.

    The Asian Tribume has a graphic photograph of a female LTTE cadre and her story. Very sad.

  126. Renegade, only SLNS suranimala is operational. 40 kia will look small when major battles are fought. Thats the nature of war.

  127. Jayalalitha telling ‘a bundle of lies’: Karunanidhi


  128. //off topic//


    I used 'Sinhala unicode'

  129. sinhalese are either Rajput or Marathi but mixed with Yakshas, Devas or Rackshas depending on what part you are from, and we are not dravidians we are indo aryans

  130. BTW just cos i used the word aryan don't mean i am hitlers fanboy LOL
    aryans arn't from germany they originated from Iran and went to Europe and asia

  131. thushanthi,

    Great write up and I second what you say. We need to look forward to a new millennium of fading boundaries.

  132. qrious,

    dude just to make it clear with you,i'm NOT what you make me out to be-that is,a tiger sympathiser.(However,please make sure you do not remove your pants!!..that would be a disaster)..anyways,my comment was not to spread pessimism,like u point out..i just thought of bringing up the issue of unexploded SLAF bombs,in the interest of all fellow bloggers..also,I,along with the tax-paying public of SL would like to know(and have a right to know certain things) where our hard-earned tax money is going-that's why i brought up the issue of the SAAR-4 missile boats!!

    Anyways,same goes to you..i don't want to treat you,like i treat asithri(hopefully,u r not!!),coz u may provoke me to unleash my Neutron bomb!!.lolz..

    I don't need to read bagavat geetha or any such thing..I've got the glorious,the magnificient Holy Quran for your info..why don't you try reading it,you will definitely be inspired!! :)

  133. Defencenet,

    Thanks for the confirmation..i was not trying to highlight,or make a big issue of the SLA's sudden rise in casualties..casualties are inevitable in any conflict,especially ours..however,if we can prevent excessive casualties from occuring,that's my point!!

    when you get the time,,
    Re:the other SAAR-4 boat,what's the status? it beyond operational repair,or what?..if not,what re we gonna do?..will the israelis replace or refund our money?

  134. Photos from Killinochchi school

    Teaching hatred to innocent tamil children

    Shows Children in Killinochchi burning effigy of MR. LTTE is teaching hatred to innocent tamil children. The irony is that the children are receiving free education, free health care, teachers are paid by the government, books are provided free by the government. In any other country, this school would have been closed down.

  135. fighting in mannar continues, any updates on that defencenet?

  136. Church leader in fresh call for peace in Sri Lanka


  137. Appa, if you had known that I would live you like this, you could have killed me, before I was born… Amma, what sin have I done?”

    From the letter of a tigress!

    By the way I heard the Victory Hospital in ANP is full of casualities. Not enough beds. Two soldiers for one mattress on the floor. Difficult to walk down the corridors without stepping on them.

    I also heard that there are not enough surgeons to treat the casualities. There is only couple of retired surgeons working in the Army hospital. One of them almosst 80yrs old.

  138. Renegade!

    Thanks for the reply; I am glad you declare that you were a devout Muslim. I respect that mate. Now, I understand clearly why you got worked up by what I said about Israeli defence forces. Any way, that was just an emotional outburst with little substance attached to it.

    I am also glad you declare that you are not a Tiger sympathasizer and a citizen who loves the motherland. I take your word for it, too.

    I have read Holy Quran along with Gita and Bible. The reason I asked you to read Bhagavat Gita is that there are passages in it, that transcend the frontiers of religons. This is a request made in good faith and I still stick to it, mate.

    Since Gita is relatively small in size, it is easy for reference. I respect every religion on earth and my insistence on reading it, I hope, will not amount to trigger off a bomb of insensitivity. Even Harvard Buisness school recommends it to its students - to induce the ethical component among its aspiring graduates. The great institute must have felt the need of a controlling mechanism for the machine of ambition of young guys.

    So, mate all in all, my suggestion is not a bad thing after all.

    If it was theboos or Shyam, I would have asked them to read Winnie the Pooh and take the oath of allegiance to VP by it. See, I treat you as someone on a different wavelength.

    Take care of yourself. It is pretty cold in the part of the Earth I live - thermometer records something sub-zero.

  139. Kookka,

    There is an update about what you said earlier on - Prabha's photographer - in defencewire. I think the fat guy in is the same man.

    By the way guys, Anura Bandaranayake is reported to be in a critical condition. Very unfortunate man despite the blessings of being born into a uniquely distinguished family and the gift of oratory.

    May he recover speedily!

  140. Qrious ;

    Hey guys that means the SLA isn't inside wanni in real ...only the media's dream is inside the wanni....

    Hey there is someone post about the veddhas..everyone know who came from veddhas culture ...haha its make me hahahaha ....

  141. DefenceNet,
    Is mottapala's comments about the victory hospital true?..are there not enough surgeons to treat the injured?

  142. Defencenet,

    Any assumption by the MI why Tigers have not fully deployed their Charles brigade? It seems that they incurred enough damage to be alarmed about. Is it that the brigade has itself sustained damage due to air raids and LRRP attacks?

  143. Prabha's Photographer Dead
    Situation Report

    (February 18, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A pro-LTTE website has today announced that a personal 'photographer' for LTTE Leader Velupillai Pripaharan has died. The 'photographer' has been promoted to the military rank of 'Lt. Colonel' and the supposedly civilian honour of Mamanithar concurred on him.

    Sri Lanka Military Intelligence believe the Tiger had died of injuries sustained either on the LTTE 'Heroes-Day' bombing of an LTTE hideout last November or in the February 6th bombing of Thiruweiaru, in the general area north-west of Iranamadu Tank. The LTTE initially claimed that only civilians were killed in the attack. The SLAF also attacked an LTTE Sea Tiger training base last Thursday morning. The attack was the result of a successful coordination between Naval Intelligence and the Sri Lanka Air Force.

    The Sri Lanka Army's Task Force I managed to eliminate four LTTE 'Lt. Colonels' within the space of four days last week, including the LTTE's Mannar District 'Operations Commander' Lt. Col' Jeyakanthan from the LTTE's elite Charles Anthony regiment. These attacks were made at Madhu, Palampiddi and Mannar North areas. Another LTTE regional commander 'Lt. Col' Karunaharan was killed in Weli Oya when his double cab got caught in an LRRP ambush. Local newspapers and some web-based sites copying them had mistaken this attack for an earlier attack on the LTTE's Weli Oya leader 'Lt. Col' Kumaran. Kumaran was attacked by LRRP six months ago and is now paralyzed.

    Meanwhile trops from Task Force I are engaged in successful operations ahead of their positions in Mannar, Vavuniya and Weli Oya with minimum casualties to troops. Troops from 58 Division led a three-pronged assault north-west of Giant Tank this morning. Soldiers were able to capture an LTTE bunker-line in Uylankulam and overrun another at Pallaikuli. Six bodies of Tigers, mostly male, were also recovered along with a few assault rifles. The fact that troops are not given any deadlines for these operations have made planning and execution of limited, yet high-yielding assaults a daily occurrence.

    In the meantime, police SIS has claimed it uncovered a plot to infiltrate the Presidential Palace and assassinate President Rajapakse, Minister Kiriella etc. While some SLA sources were suspicious of these claims, highly placed sources confirmed that there is evidence to suggest that the findings of the SIS was true to a great extent. These sources, however claimed that LTTE may have many such teams working independent of each other for the same objective and that SIS has their work cutout for them in the coming months.

  144. [
    For the past 16 days in the month of February, 41 SLA soldiers have been killed in battle.

    You mean only 41 body bags received?

    How many of them got deserted in this period?


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