Saturday, February 2, 2008

Explosion in Dambulla

At least 13 people were killed in an explosion that took place in Dambulla bus stand today at 7.05AM. According to available information the blast has occurred inside a Kandy-Anuradhapura private bus.

In addition to the 13 dead, over 20 people have suffered injuries. A large percentage of the dead and injured are believed to be civilians who were traveling to attend the "Nelum Mal Pooja" (a religious activity performed by Buddhists) in Anuradhapura today.


  1. Likely to explode more, targetting civilians. Only way to minimize is more civilian involement. You need to be on top alart on who is next to you and what is there nest to you.

  2. I am on the way to anuradhapura/polonnaruwa to distribute some bycles to poor school childerens in border villages.
    If any of you would like to donate, I have contacts of two good temples, who activily doing these things.

  3. This is a post by "



    Please Compare These Two Photos & Then Decide...

    Photo 1:
    Tamil Editors .Com
    Photo 2:
    World Prout Assembly .Org
    Please explane me how it's possible.
    A man died in Iraq in 2006 becomes a Sri Lankan soldier in 2008 ???

  4. @andare

    good luck & wish you the best

  5. sorry the full link didnt come out. Here it is again.

  6. 1st link was Photo 1

    2nd link was photo 2

    SLA soldier comming back from the dead from iraq to Sri Lanka

  7. Terrists ltte once again have targetted innocent civilians...and of course no Human Rights Watch, or anyone will condemn this act. If it was the GOSL, Amnesty International will be peeing in their pants and on to the street calling for right monitors!!!! pathetic human beings.

  8. is is another waste of human life :(

    i fear that this will continue

    what happen to the killers who attacked & shot the BUS in the south ?

  9. sl,

    the real situ is even worse. blooody apatheid HR activists use this to promote their SURRENDER campaign!

    they don't realise that if this is the type of attacks on civilians when LTTE is under check, how many such attack they would carry out if we "co-habit" with LTTE barbarians.

  10. civilians targeted again..... And they have chosen their target carefully so that the casualties will all be Sinhalese Buddhists. Talk about racism....

  11. Satisfying tamils-Problem and solution

    This is from a earlier thread; a comment from shyam.


    What u mean by the future ofter all Srilanken got killed by this war ahh....? People in the villages are starving now ...because of increasing prices ..The people who have money freedom can talk anything just think about others also....This war never gonna end..Until the GOSL Satisfy the tamils//

    The last sentence says about not only the end of war but also the origin and development of whole tamil problem. For those who ask 'what is the problem tamils have, sinhalese don't have?', this is the answer. All of you know about shyam, some times he speakes truth (may be by mistake). He has given both the question and answer. The similer answer was once given by Kumar Ponnambalam saying tamils have expectation and it should be fulfiled. (demala abhilashaya sapireema)

    Ofcourse all the governments did satisfy some tamils (their leaders) as possible.Even now government satisfy thondaman, devananda etc. But when consider how to satisfy every tamil and upto what extent this is impossible. Even Premadasa tried to satisfy Piraba and rest is known.

    How satisfactory is the the method chosen by LTTE to satisfy tamils?How many more tamil, sinhala civilians are going to die, to satisfy tamils, to fulfil tamil expectation.

  12. The war was created by issues in SL, then the war has now gone overboard and that problem must be solved..which is to eliminate ltte. There are sinhalese rights that needs to be looked at after that, as well as the innocent tamils. Then we can bring up everyones lives for the better of tomorrow. But ALL communities must be looked at. Sinhalese cannot travel anywhere they want, yet tamils and muslims can! Because of this problem, I fear sinhalese will once again be agitated and take law into their own hands if the war with ltte terrostis doesnt end soon.

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  14. guys

    cnn is running:


    A bomb kills 13 people aboard a bus in Sri Lanka's tourist town of Dambulla, police say. Details soon.

  15. 14 dead
    more than 50 were traveling in the bus
    Bus no CPNA25024- lankaenews

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  17. Where are the human rights organizations now?
    It doesn't take a genius to figure out why they have no credibility among the Sri Lankan population.
    I don't think these attacks will help the LTTE politically. They are just to satisfy the hate of the diaspora and keep the money flowing.

  18. DEFENCENET sorry .....
    Thnx for removing upul s comment am not feeling bad abt removing my comment as well
    u will not see any bad comments here in the future if u implement a policy to stop these eelam bootlickers starting racism in comments like urging more singhaleese to be killed.


  19. attack is the best.....
    I see where you are coming from.
    but i have to say...

    save it mate. you can't convince a sub human mind. remember that none can grow a conscience or integrity. if they don't have it, you can't help them. eventually they have to realize that hate cannot fill a void.
    don't waste you time giving these comments any weight.
    don't stoop to that level loosing you temper...

  20. Bus bomb kills 20 in S.Lanka, 50 hurt: military


  21. Its Time To Speed Up The Attacks..go go Army

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  23. thnx for the advice guys.... sorry ... I though that the best way to counter fire is fire...
    but we wont bite a dog, even it bites us I need to understand it... specially in a day where the devotees going to nelum mal poojawa are killed .
    sorry I will not engage with these sub humen agains SORRY ALL..............

  24. "we will kill all Sinhalese and turn this country to all Tamil country. We prefer to drink your blood."

    ITS enough to keep this ........ remove from this blog....
    I will not add more....USELESS fighting with a wild dog

  25. even if a guy makes such comments against tamils, thats not to be tolerated.

    PLS BE vigilant and as I have asked fro ages , just take a proper action pls....

  26. Finaly, true nature of 'innocent' LTTE supporters revealed. According to the DN policy these comments will be deleted. However, those who could read those comments before deleting are lucky to see the true inner side of LTTE supporters. If every one could read those comments I am sure no one will waste their time arguing with these LTTE supporters.

  27. Dai Upul,

    Don't insult Tamils like this since not only Army supporters and LTTE supporters viewing this web site. But other people (IC) also viewing this blog to take correct backgroung knowledge.

    They will think Tamils are so stupid and Madayans.

    Your Muttalthanam keep only with your friends. Idiot

  28. upul exemplifies the hatered, lust for blood, and sub-human qualities of rabid LTTE members and their supporters. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to genetically modify these scum to live among humans.

  29. (Regarding some comments of LTTE supporters)

    For pirabaharan it is understood how difficult to give up violence and survive. Given the killings he has committed normal life is impossible for him. What about tamil di ass pora? They enjoy their life in western countries and have all the chancess to live civilized usual life. But they fund LTTE and also enjoy civilian (sinhala) deaths. Even if pirabaharan change his mind and come to peace tamil di-ass-pora will not give up ther racism.

  30. Defencenet,

    I Reade last thread about Exhibition and Independence Day, Thank you very much.

    Can we discuss here, possible future attacks (on Independence day) can happen????

    LTTE attacks always come up with above the line that we can think maximum.

    You said about a Kamicazi....

    Is it impossible any attack happen friendly-fire????

  31. Re. Tamil diaspora, I think they are really cluless of what is actually happening now. They left the country when there were problems, (and most of them have actual grieviences during the bad period) and in their minds they still live that period. Added to taht, they only read what the LTTE feeds them, (just like the photo that Sandun brought to light today) and are more or less brain washed. So their hatred and distruct against the Sri Lankan government, and their trust in the LTTE makes them very firm in their belief, just like we belive in the sri lankan Army.


    There had been enough and more evidence all this time for them to question some of what they believe in, which, I think most dont, since they are totally in to what they beleive. (I have known such tamil who live out of the country who and found it really interesting, the way they hang on to their belief. At the same time, I found no hatred towards sinhalese either, cause they were very friendly and nice to me and some of them helped me a lot more than some of the sinhalse i have known)

    So I guess, it all comes to what you belive in. People only see what they WANT to see.

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  33. @Bhathiya

    there servers can't take the traffic

    very sad that a government site goes down

  34. internet will be slow and down in SL, INdia and many other countries due to cable damage. Today they reported that a 3rd cable was damaged.

    Yes is down. But, and running. Check the news there.

  35. Yesterday they reported that 9 LTTE cadres surrendered to troops. Is there anyway we can use these surrendees for intel gathering? In return, they should be compensated accordingly. What do you think?

  36. The defence official and the President should be protected by un ceasing waves of suicide bomber attacks that LTTE may be planning on VIP/Defence official gathering.

    That means sending one bomber after the other in quick successions.

    Take measures!

  37. Hi Guys,

    I have a feeling the Independence Day Celebration would be event-less as far as terrorist attacks are considered. They strike when and where we least expect them too!

    Possibly they wud plan something post independence celebration - maybe even disrupt the Exhibition @ the BMICH.

    or a continuous wave of attacks on soft-targets like todays tragic incident at Dambulla. They yield the necessary damage and highlight the LTTE is looking for.

  38. Also Guys I hope we have learn from Military History and ensure incidents like the assassination of Anwar El Sadat former President of Egypt do not occur.

    ".... As air force Mirage jets flew overhead, distracting the crowd, a troop truck halted before the presidential reviewing stand, and a lieutenant strode forward. Sadat stood to receive his salute, whereupon the assassins rose from the truck, throwing grenades and firing assault rifle rounds.... "

    More in -

  39. From the other thread

    "SLN is set to show off it's warships SLNS Suranimala, SLNS Sayura, SLNS Sagara and SLNS Samudura along with a range of other Fast Attack Crafts"

    This may sound stupid but if all these navy ships are to be at the galleface on these days wouldnt this be a good chance for the ltte to unload a weapon ship during this period?

  40. Independent day gonna suck more life as i think.... People have to think twice before detonate any bombs targeting school kids ... if u mess with em..they will mess with u

  41. Govt should use this opportunity to legally ban the LTTE once and for ever. Also, using the Cambodian and Rwanda tribunals as models conduct a war crimes trial.

  42. I dont think LTTE can unload any of their ships, because the surveillance capability of our security forces is high. So ONCEINAWHILE I'm sure Navy is aware of that.

  43. Onceinawhile,

    Upload VP to some other country is important for LTTE than the unload a weapon ship at this moment, So if they get a chance first they will do it.

  44. Guys,

    What anticipated happened in the end; the driver and conducter escaped unhurt. The bomb had been placed at the back.

    How vigilant the two rascals have been? Hell-bent on making a kill no matter what happens to the fellow passengers, racing past one another - the dirty side of capitalism.

  45. I dont think anyone checked the bus before or while boarding..Hmm anyway for people to sue the private bus owner for compensation?

  46. My heart goes to all those poor Sri Lankan people who lost their lives and got injured due to this barbaric act of LTTE..
    Only way to fix this is to defeat the LTTE at FDL's and take over the whole Northern province..

  47. no doubt the bus was packed to the hilt..

  48. you mess with em?..hehehehe..what is this carryon!!:):)..ahh the need to become a true brown skinned british is so great these days..damn:)

  49. Defencenet,
    When you free, tel us
    is there any possibility that LTTE will try to capture Palaly base???

  50. No way. They cant do it wheather if they attck with their well trained Imran Paniyan and Charles Anthony regiment carders.

  51. Defencenet said:

    "From hereafter, all comments by bloggers who repeatedly post racist comments and violate rules will be chain deleted.

    Excellent! Now to make this a complete success posters need to ignore comments by such people.

    Defencenet said:
    "We cannot permanently ban people from the blog because most of them have random IPs which change upon reconnect."

    Ok. But what I meant was to have to have theme for this blog. Posts and comments should follow that theme.
    If anybody is getting off track we could very logically point to this theme and request those persons to behave etc.

    Anyway, I am glad that you will take some action to reduce the noise in this blog.

    Thanks for replying to my questions.


  52. May be you are correct. Thanx.

    But we cannot exactly measure LTTE's present strength, until they do their Next Attack.


  54. Hey guys,
    Sorry for bringing this up in this column but I thought of posting it in the most current column. This is regarding some info posted on the 31st.

    Firstly on the attack at Anuradhapura SLAF base. Yes the sniper did shoot and kill some terrorists, but not 8, he killed only 3. The armed forces in SL do not have any guns with night vision and the sniper didn't have night vision either. He shot the 3 carders when the MI24's magnesium contents started to burn. [Burning magnesium creates a bright light.] The balance 5odd terrorists merely panicked and bunched together and blew themselves up.

    The balance carders were killed by the SF who arrived there with their OC. The SF didn't even suffer a scratch and finished the job off. Unfortunately the real hero's are never appreciated, and there was no mention of the SF & their value on the post.

    The post said that the range of the sniper is 800m-1200m and shot people around 1.5-2km. The sniper training in SL trains you to shoot a distance of only 600m. There is no way in hell he shot tigers 1.5-2km, he only shot the tigers close to the tower[the carders he killed were on the runway, which is situated in close proximity to the tower]. The tigers who were in the 'hut' near the hangers were wiped out by the SF.

    Also on the comment of 15DPU soldiers committing suicide in Wilpattu is a completely lie, as such an incident has never occurred.

  55. spencer..cant mean the invincible black tigers..(one engaged to simon gardners daughter also)..these fearless braves with the ability to sprout wings and fly..who are incapable of of dying ...scared..cant be bro..i mean cant be!!

  56. OK i suppose the key question is were they wearing..invincible bata slippers:)

  57. srilankan
    You are funny dude!

    What part of it do you think is not true?

  58. Guys check this picture out -

    DefenceNet is MR boarding a Kfir or a Mig-27 ? Can you let us know how one could identify (if possible) what aircraft this is ?

  59. Hi Defencenet,

    any news on LTTE Cardres caught in Wattala found suicide kit?

  60. From what i gather this whole episode has been highly exaggerated.What happened here was some tamil girls/boys on their way to a first aid class for kalashnikov's..lost their way and were identified as intruders by the airforce/army ..they felt so humiliated that they asked the forces to shoot them..however before the incident they wanted a group photo..hence the huddling together...

  61. Spencer said,

    "Also on the comment of 15DPU soldiers committing suicide in Wilpattu is a completely lie, as such an incident has never occurred."

    DefenceNet said...

    "That incident is largely true. But there are minor errors. Those who were killed were from the 3SF, not from the main LRRP unit. There were about 10 kia and LTTE did not defeat them in battle. Anyways after the incident tigers relocated their base in Vilpaththu.

    January 31, 2008 4:42 PM"

  62. KIA maybe, but they didn't commit suicide.

  63. Romealpha, thats a kfir parked at a hangar in kab.
    B#1, only way tigers can do anything to palaly afb is through artillery, air raids or infiltrations. If they are to capture it via ground they'l hav to advance all the way frm muhamalai.

  64. Romealpha, thats a kfir parked at a hangar in kab.
    B#1, only way tigers can do anything to palaly afb is through artillery, air raids or infiltrations. If they are to capture it via ground they'l hav to advance all the way frm muhamalai.

  65. spencer,
    "Unfortunately the real hero's are never appreciated, and there was no mention of the SF & their value on the post."
    It is better that way. SF, or any other elite unit of any of the three forces, do not need any more public attention than they already have. Any member of such a unit will be a high profile target for the LTTE and they will love to have some information about them. (Let's not forget what happened to the Mahason Brigade) Once those guys do something spectacular, our idiot media start shouting about it, giving full details, even the operators' names. This should not happen.
    They are in the forces to serve the motherland, they are not seeking for publicity. They will get the due recognition in the future, when info about their missions are declassified (probably when the war is over) Until then, let's not compromise their safety.

  66. :)

    Is that you mean by "such an incident has never occurred.".. :P

  67. If the LTTE think that this incident is going to place the people at loggerheads with the govt.. then they are in for a really big surprise..what will happen now is that more and more will join the forces..the exact opposite the LTTE expected..

  68. Thanks DefenceNEt, Could you tell us how you identified that as a Kfir?

  69. our soldiers commiting suicide is better than dyeing in the hands of our enemy

  70. Hey guys,

    Which unit do these guys belong to?

  71. Dambulla Bomb Blast - Sirasa Breaking News

    LKTube Video

  72. BlackHawk - That looks like the Civil Defence Force (CDF), not sure DefenceNet and others can you confirm?

    Btw, what's the Naval craft in the background?

    BlackHawk mate if you've got more pictures of the parade, do share it with us.

  73. Dambulla Bomb Blast - Derana Breaking News

    LKTube Video

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  75. blackhawk,
    I think roeoalphafoxtrot is right. That must be CDF, judging from their uniform and the way they are marching (they need some serious practicing) These guys are going to march in the parade like this????????

  76. Guys,

    Sorry, off the topic, yet quite topical.

    The OIC of Rambukkana police station has assaulted a photographer; the alleged offence -for not standing up on seeing him!

    This happened in the 21st century, in a Sinhalese dominated area.

    Just imagine the behaviour of these 'thuggish' elements of police in Tamil dominated area. They reverse what the combined forces and government do to win back the Tamil population to our side - decades of hard-work.

    Can we honestly believe the behaviour of these goons be different against minorities?

    The police top brass constantly fail to get their image right: they send circulars, grab endless headlines, carry out workshops but the issue still raises its ugly head.

    At least, on this case the victim has some social significance. How about the abuses that go unreported?

    Imagine these things happen when a Human Right commission is in place. Just imagine the scenario, in the absence of such an institution.

    When will the police deal with these officers with 17the century attitudes ? The daily mirror reports the incidence and there is an unusually large number of comments attracted by it, despite the main news being Dambulla incident; it shows how people strongly feel about these things.

    These are not trivial things; they have the potential to alienate a significant section of our own people of regardless of race, class or social status. We must discuss these things and voice our disgust these crimes, while encouraging the armed forces to deal with the terrorists.

    Failure to do so inevitably leaves a room to ferment another conflict with a cloak of racial element - in the long run, but in our life time.

  77. boss,
    You idiot, your law is wrong. It should be "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". And anyway it can only be applied in physics. Not in defence because for this action, LTTE is going to get a reaction that is not equal but about 10x..... and that too, targetting LTTE cadres, not innocent civilians.

  78. DefenceNet,

    The question on most of our mind is - With most of our SLA,SLN (especially) and SLAF Fire-power based in colombo for the Independence Day Celebration, could there be a possibility of the LTTE trying to do something during their absence? Maybe stage an attack or smuggle weapons.

    I'm sure SLDF is alive to the situation and would have backup plans for the this, but how great is such a possibility ? Can you enlighten us ?

    P>S> Sorry for the overwhelming queries today - hope you find the time to answer them.

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  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  82. @sandun

    great work

    thanks for sharing

  83. Hey theboss,

    You got Newton's third law of motion miserably wrong; I knew you were a shallow character, judging by your equally shallow comments. But I didn't know you can be pathetically ignorant like that, on a giant scale.

    What you did was what a baker does in making bread: get few ingredients, mix them and make a product.

    You took Newton and reaction and then made a phrases - not even a sentence.

    It blew up what remains of your charcter and we see the real core of the man.

    I warn you not to fiddle with this great man - Sir Isaac Newton. He was controversiol while living and even more controversial in death.

    You may be haunted by his avatar for months to come. It is happenning to some people in his native Lincolnshire in northern England.

    I don't thing he will spare you either. Brace yourself for sleepless nights.

  84. DefenceNet,

    The Mobile Radar/E-Optical mast unit @ the Navy display @ it the new one gifted by the US?? I mean the coastal radar.

    The Navies major surface vessels all together off galleface green would be a great target for the Sea tigers, especially if they have Light weight torpedoes. I’m sure all security arrangements are been made to counter any 3D attack possibilities.

    About the new STF unit: will they go after Urban terrorists cells like the Irish constabulary or the FBI tac teams in states other than carrying out guard duties?

    About the MID, the Type-89 APC is armed with only a 12.7mm HMG, don’t you think a 12.7mm/40mm AGL combination turret would suit their role better? They can have a 12.7mm W85 or Browning M2 with a 40mm AGL in coax. Just a thought.


    That is a Navy OPV in the background.



    Can we believe this ?

  86. Nemesis, did not get the chance to see it. Most prolly its not the us radar.
    The_boss, yes we deleted ur comments for repeatedly violating rules. We consider ur posts as 'whining racist remarks with no logic whatsoever'. Have you ever replied with a well argued theory, other than same old primitive claim about sinhalese vs tamils or whatever.

  87. Raf, those opvs are not used for patrolling unless anything unusal is reported. And FACs on duty wont be used in parade. But u never know with the Ltte, they can try it but its unlikely they will do. Timeframe is too short to arrange an arms shipmentg

  88. Prabath, cant read the article, using mobile. No fonts

  89. Sorry about that DN,

    This Sunday Rivira paper has reported that VP and family now living in some foreign country, this has confirmed by some foreign intelligent units.

    Can we believe this ?

  90. Statement by President Mahinda Rajapaksa on the bomb blast at Dambulla, today


    Dambulla bus blast : reuters video


  91. nemesis and DefenceNet, thanks for the responses.

    Nemsis - would that be the OPV SLSN Sayaru?

  92. qrious,

    Well said regarding the OIC officer who assaulted a cameraman. These autocratic knob jockeys and the likes *cough*mervyn*cough* are ruining it for us bit by bit. Although it may seem an isolated issue not related to defence, this is exactly what the already brain washed diaspora see and believe Sri Lanka is like and form the opinion that Sri Lanka is like Rwanda or Sudan and they are their to liberate. When they do that they willingly give money especially the second generation diaspora who've never set foot in Sri Lanka.

  93. What really bugs me is people know there is a war going on..the LTTE are planting bombs..and that they should check everything after so many previous blasts..But then you get buses packed to the checks done in buses or these people prefer to die than live because they think living is harder than dying?

  94. Romealphafoxtrot said

    DefenceNet is MR boarding a Kfir or a Mig-27 ? Can you let us know how one could identify (if possible) what aircraft this is ?

    This photo shows SLAF C-7, Mig-27 and Kfir with their armament next to each other

  95. what qurious said is very disturbing..However before we discipline him ALL the info regarding the event must be known..

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. SriLankan,

    That maybe true and there might be some more news in a couple of days time that says something else and makes it ok for the OIC to hit that guy (which I highly doubt) but the damage is already done and the country and her peoples class has been degraded that much more.

  98. To add to what I said before. This is a psychological war as well. The enemy will use all our weaknesses to their advantage in that sense, and it's easier for them when there aren't that many free thinkers who will discuss things like this allowed to go about their business behind their boundaries.

  99. So you won't hear things like a "Tamil Eelam" OIC slaps journalist for not standing up when he came in.

  100. machang,
    Thanks for your input.What is really frightening is that people know that the whole country is vulnerable given the number of bomb blasts that have taken place on busses recently..but what you see is no proper checks in place and buses crammed to the hilt with people..i am not surprised if people were travelling on the roof of that bus as well

  101. who is responsible for checking buses and depots?..why dont we check every persons luggage when engaged in public transport//also there is no news about that LTTE fellow caught in wattala...

  102. SriLankan,

    This is true. I don't think there are any checks in bus depots. Also buses load people from small stands as well. It's hard to do. Maybe make all buses at least take a metal detector and check people before they get in might be an idea, though how viable and whether the private bus owners are up to it I don't know.

    Somebody should come up with something though, cause you're correct buses are vulnerable.

  103. Fron Lankatruth

    Explosives found at Wattala
    (LankaTruth: 2nd February 2008 10:10 S.L.T )

    A parcel of explosives was discovered at a road block at Wattala a few moments ago. Residents in the area had noticed a man trying to hide the parcel near the road block and had informed the Security Forces
    manning the road block. The man has been arrested and a search operation is being conducted. The road has been temporarily closed for traffic. Meanwhile, police sources say two suicide kits were found at Mabole in Wattala. Two persons who brought the two suicide kits have been arrested.

  104. machang..,
    Many thanks for your input.I hope the govt takes immediate measures to provide some semblance of security to passengers on private buses..

  105. Some pics of independence day rehearsals:

  106. Casc
    This good new that the people are helping to locate these suspicious parcels and reporting suspicious people and in Kandy the public took law into their hands on the 27th.mustn’t allow vigilenties,but the public must be fully alert to the threat. Bus bombs could be reduced by displaying notices in every bus and every crew should attend a day at the local police station to be trained to detect the suspicious people and packages. We should do this until the threat to the land is eliminated.

  107. CONFIRMED: K-faction setup bomb at Sri Lankan bus killing 20 civilians.

  108. Hey Boss where is that castor plantation in Vanni?.
    By the way we have in formed and presented 21 British MPs living in this sq mile about this bus bomb.We asked them in a well crafted letter to attrct their attention a simple question.quote'Would you like this to happen in London and if you don't like it,will you now stop supporting the terrorist who are fund raising in UK?.I am sure this short message will give them food for thought.Must go to the local,it saturday night and I will give some of these prints of your heroic deed to the important people who will come there for the usual sat. drink up.Don't you think that they will be pleased with your terror outfit?

  109. out of topic but serious
    have you read about the japanese cutting of aid, man those chinki eyed bastards are ungrateful if it wasnt for us that place would be devided up like korea and would be extremely poor and now they are triening to divide our country in half, teaches us something never be freinds with western countries and there allies

  110. the boss you are just talking to yuself man just shut up cos none of us giving a shit

  111. i would never say what upul said @we will kill all sinhalese and drink there blood" about tamils and I am what some people consider a sinhalese nationalist that shows you some thing about LTTE

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. Anyways to know its me, my account started December 2007. The other guy I remember had accounting in one of his profiles.

  115. -Dush

    [out of topic but serious…have you read about the japanese cutting of aid, man those chinki eyed bastards are ungrateful…]

    Wow wow…cool it bro, take it EASY!

    No, Japanese did not say anything about cutting off aid, but that was all a story that was concocted by RW MF pansy to further his political ends (just to discredit MR GOSL for party-politics reasons!). When this news came out, the Japanese denied any such threats to Sri Lanka. Here is the news that you appear to have missed:

    Japan denies mischievous media reports of aid cut to Sri Lanka
    Sat, 2008-02-02 05:23
    Colombo, 02 February, (

    The Japanese Special Peace Envoy Yashushi Akashi vehemently denied that Japan was reconsidering its aid policy, vis-à-vis, Sri Lanka. He confirmed that the aid policy remained unchanged.

    Akashi telephoned Dr. Palitha Kohona, Secretary to the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry about mischievous media reports of possible aid cut to Sri Lanka reportedly coming from the official organ of the UNP.
    Akashi said that Japan was very encouraged by the APRC proposals and was looking forward to further developments.

    This is why I tell one and all that RW the MF is one of the biggest traitors our country has seen. The MF must be tried for treason and hanged in Galle Face!

    OaO Asithri

  116. I wanted to mention there is a imitator out there. My real nick is "Upul". To verify you would click on my name and it should show, started December 2007. He is I believe using the nickname "upul" (all lowercase). Now firefox does something wierd by lowercasing if the first letter is uppercase.
    Anyways, I remember this imitator had accounting as his occupation under profile.

  117. I honestly wouldn't say something like drinking blood of people. I am vegetarian for god's sake... This fellow cannot bring a good argument to the table so he is out to make wild attacks like this . By doing so he is collectively making the lives of all the people on lanka cheaper!!!

  118. Boss of Coolies:

    [CONFIRMED: K-faction setup bomb at Sri Lankan bus killing 20 civilians]

    Agree. Here’s the link:


    OaO Asithri

  119. Kevin-

    Nice words mate (to Coolie Boss)


    OaO Asithri

  120. “we will kill all sinhalese and drink there blood”

    Please don’t! We want to live and we like our blood in our veins!

    I know Sinhalese blood is rich in protein, but we just released your high-protein biscuits (Norwegian supplied and sent to Killinocchi through the UNO under the excuse that children in Killi are “malnourished!”) that were seized by the Madhawatthchi police!


    OaO Asithri

  121. man if I loved wherever this ashtiri user lives i would have get my contacts working for different ISP and retrieved this morons home address from his IP, and given him a visit.

  122. '..When you free, tel us
    is there any possibility that LTTE will try to capture Palaly base???..'

    I asked our sasthara-unnehey and here's what he said;

    "On the 4th Rahu will be looking up U-r-anus, and anything can happen."

  123. Coolie Boss

    [man if I loved wherever this ashtiri user lives i would have get my contacts working for different ISP and retrieved this morons home address from his IP, and given him a visit.

    “if I loved wherever this ashtiri user lives…”….Coolie Boss, I suppose you meant to say “if I lived..”…that’s OK Coolie Boss, I understand it is not easy thumping on a key-board in between cleaning toilets in the UK …mistakes are bound to happen!

    Wow! Losing silly on the FDLs and now going after poor, humble, innocent model civilian OaO Asithri who is in traveling in civilian bus, going on a Buddhist pilgrimage? How rude!

    Wow! Listen you piece of skunk-shit, you think you can threaten OaO Asithri? Come again! Yes, your type did threaten me many times when I have visited your “human rights meetings” in the UK, EU and got up and asked embarrassing questions and yours truly OaO Asithri remembers looking at some of you Thala-thel smelling punks and telling them “go take a swing, make my day!” LMSSAO!

    Scumbag, FYI, my IPA is under surveillance by the FBI (and also I believe by RCMP) (due to good reasons) and now you wanting to know about me here will surely get you some attention too – after all, FBI would love to see “which other Tamil terrorist supporter wants to buy Stinger missiles”…LMSSAO!!!

    No, truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  124. the Boobs

    You are welcome to look up my IP address and come visit me. I'll make you walk with your legs far apart for a week afterwards.

    Now you know how your momma came to walk like that too.

  125. lkdood

    [the boss, nice joke mate LOL !]

    WTF is the joke? I don't see any. lkdood, are you sure you are not on drugs?

    OaO Asithri

  126. TS-

    [Now you know how your momma came to walk like that too.]

    Man, that is hilarious! :) :) :)

    Hey Coolie Boss,

    Yep, as TS says, you momma couldn't wait for the Stringers to she had to use the Kfir PGMs we possess!


    OaO Asithri

  127. Effective counter-measures to stop suicide bombers;

  128. Guys,

    I don't live in Sri Lanka. Are TV and Radio channels doing enough to put people on alert regarding the threats posed by bombs?

    Or have people just got carried away by making themselves glued to television programmes that are just copy-cats of their western equivalents, while ignoring the threats?

    Innocents with a faint voice always die from these blasts. It is really heart-breaking.

    The pattern is clear; whenever the brutes accuse the army of mass Tamil civilian casualties - 10 or more - it will be followed by a tragedy of this kind.

    But authorities do not seem to have taken it into account when dealing with this problem; hair-splitting arguments about who did what, alone are not enough. They knew it was coming, and should have done more at least in terms of awareness strategies.

    If this trend continues - slaughter of the voiceless - we may have another hole in our moral psyche; we already have too many of them there.

  129. TS-

    "Effective counter-measures to stop suicide bombers"

    Wow! Damn it, now you made me run for a cold shower! Catch ya later... :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  130. Wow wow…cool it bro, take it EASY! @ asthiri

    I cooled down now blaad i act on impulse i get pissed then i jab with combos
    just to say bro thanks for your support back in the last thread defending our national heroes

  131. This comment has been removed by the author.

  132. Pics from the Dambulla blast...

  133. Military versus 17,000 LTTE cadres in "Final Battle" or "Highway of Death"

    (by Zacki Jabbar)
    President Mahinda Rajapakse calls it the "Final Battle" while the LTTE speaks of a "Highway of Death" – terminology apart, the North-East war should be over in about four to five months time, authoritative military sources said.

    This takes us to the battle front and the much disputed LTTE strength or more precisely its manpower.

    The sources speaking to the "Sunday Island", said that the LTTE has between 15,000 to 17,000 cadres. "But, only a small percentage of this number is battle hardened. Their sea tigers add up to around 1,500. The others are mostly new recruits who have yet to face the litmus test."

    Arms and ammunition are hard to come by and the LTTE is banking on home-made mortar and artillery with a firing range of about two kilometers, they claimed.

    "The LTTE lost about 80,000 tons of mortar and artillery when seven of its Wanni bound ships were sunk by the Navy in the recent past. Three of its aircraft were destroyed during raids by the Air Force and 25 of their self-styled lieutenants have been killed. Our intelligence units are spot on. The LTTE is cornered and can do nothing about it", the sources asserted.

    If the LTTE is on the run, what is delaying mopping up operations and why do you need five more months? – "We want to minimise casualties", the sources said.

    Asked about LTTE idealogue, K. Balakumaran’s belief that the security forces would use the A-32 to enter Pooneryn or the A-34 to advance through Oddisuddaan, the sources said "We have other routes and will surprise them with our moves."

    Balakumaran told the National Television of Tamileelam (NTT) recently that the LTTE will bring "clarity" to the ethnic conflict in 2008 through a demonstration of military strength.

    "Whichever path the Sri Lankan government chooses to enter Wanni, they will have to directly confront our fighters. As a precursor to the anticipated battle, they are trying to chip away and also probe our strength through small-scale skirmishes at the periphery. We understand the tactics and haven't underestimated their strength either."

    As the psychological war of words continue and the day of reckoning nears, the billion dollar question is whether the "Final Battle" or "Highway of Death", will be fought or the international community will prevent the "bloodbath waiting to happen

    source: The Island


    RATAK NOVEI......



    ~~~~NANDA MALANI~~~~

  135. The_boss, my ip is . Bring it.

  136. Defencenet/guys

    4-5 months ?

    can it be done or not ?

    ideas ?

  137. @Lightning_Struck_Tower

    LOL !


    guys don't fight :)

  138. we can win in 5 months, the war of attrition keeps pressure on the ltte while we get ready for a magor offensive the old 1 2 they wont know what hit them

  139. Five months is the most optimistic estimate ever; earlier it was 2 more years, eight months, 12 months...

    but surely we have reduced it and that is good.

    but 5 months is toooo fast; i don't think that is possible. although terrorists have lost a large haul of mortars/arti. they have enough to shell SLA positions everyday.

    it is best to keep the war at a low key level so that the iternational community can be kept at bay. we don't want another vadamarachchi.

    25 years or 36 years, this war lasted too long. i pray for a speedy win with low casualties on civilians and security forces. if there is going to be a highway of death; that would be the death of Tamil Elam.

    surprising the LTTE that collected money during the CFA time for the "FINAL WAR" now do not call it as such; now it is our guys' slogan!!

    surely the tide has changed.

  140. Alpha romeo mate , that cockpit shot of Kfir...easy to notice cuz, Mig 27 cockpit doesnt have the same canopy style & Instrument panel,.Mig 27 has a forward glass canopy thats framed ! That's a Kfir MR is climbing to ! As sadi by Defnet !

  141. I have to say this-Now why on earth would pilliyans men want to bomb a bus?..Finally after 60 yrs..they are getting what they area where they have some admin power..which is good.Here u have people from the east enthusiastically meeting hon pres with their requirements,that TMVP ladies speech..mind you the poor womens effort to speak sinhala is very commendable,lots of elderly tamil citizens with no one to take care of them..because some bollywood rambo..forcibly conscripted and killed their offspring...and given this scenario..planting bombs.. i dont think so..

  142. Defencenet,

    Bomb Blast at Dehivala zooo???

  143. B#1 said...


    Bomb Blast at Dehivala zooo???

    what do u mean......?

  144. B#1, whats yours source? Can you confirm the news?

  145. RAF,

    Not sure, Some one who work in the zoo was calling my friend and told. Wait...

  146. ya thats true...4 ppl injured ....Inside the zoo

    Military spokes person

  147. B#1,

    Its confirmed by

    Blast in the Dehiwala Zoo
    There had been a bomb blast in the Dehiwala Zoo while ago. Casualties are being taken to Kalubowila hospital.

  148. This may be unrelated to the Dambulla explosion but nevertheless related to national security. It shows how foreign funded NGOs are subverting the security of Sri Lanka. In the last week alone a Norwegian NGO has been caught trying to send 39,000 high protein biscuits to the LTTE, and a French registered NGO was caught trying to smuggle bullet proof vests. This is a similar story.

    There has been a lot of drama recently at the International Center for Ethnic Studies. This institution was started and headed by Neelam Tiruchevam, followed by Radhika Coomaraswamy (currently UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict), and then by an Indian national by the name of Dr. Rama Mani. I think the readers can imagine the sentiments of these people. They are all anti-Sri Lankan, and this institution has been carrying on a propaganda campaign against the majority of Sri Lankans in the guise of academic research.

    The Institute gets a lot of money from foreign sources including the Ford Foundation USA, various western governments including the Canadian Government, and multilateral institutions such as the World Bank. Apparently when the distingushed historian Prof. Kingsley De Silva became the ICES Chairman he discovered some serious financial irregularities ( some 35 million rupees unaccounted for).

    The long and short of this story is that on Jan 7 Prof Kingley De Silva sacked Dr. Mani Rani. Dr. Coomaraswamy who is supposed to be a UN official then tried to reinstate her. Dr Mani Rani had apparently also complained to the Indian High Commission. The Canadian Ambassador sent a letter saying that unless Dr. Mani Rani was reinstated that the Canadian Govt would withhold all funding to this institution.

    Today, Dr. Kingley De Silva reinstated Dr. Mani Rani but within a few hours the Department of Immigration sent her a letter asking her to leave Sri Lanka by Feb 7.

    One has to give credit to the MR govt for standing up for Sri Lanka against these foreign diplomats and NGOs. For the last twenty years, some of the foreign ambassadors have been acting like colonial administrators. The MR Govt has told them to mind their own business. The foreign NGO are now being scrutinized closely. I believe some of them will be told to pack up and leave.

  149. casc..very good article there.So the canadian ambassador sent Mr De Silva a letter saying they are going to withold funds..what do you think will happen if the SLankan ambassador did something similar in canada..Anyway many thanks again for yuor was very informative to say the least.Now you have some idea about the pressure Hon president is under..Because of past presidential donkies sri-lanka has become a laughing stock...I will say this none of these IC clowns(not ic peoples in those countries)ever thought we will liberate east.

  150. casc..lets see what happens when we get closer to wanni..but my opinion has always been that we MUST save the KIDS who are forcibly conscripted.

  151. "Which unit do these guys belong to?"

    Blackhawk, that's Civil Security Force.

    Casc, you're just spreading rumour and innuendo around. You're assuming that the protein biscuits and flak vests were for the LTTE. Just as everyone assumed those MREs were for the LTTE. When the media realises they got it wrong they just drop the story and go for something juicier. Don't be fooled. If the IES is so anti-SL why did the LTTE kill Thiruchchelvam?


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