Sunday, February 10, 2008

Video : Ayu Rakkhanthu Awada

Here is a popular video song that's aired in Independent Television Network (ITN). In tribute to the armed forces of Sri Lanka.

There are two versions of the video.

Video 1: Original video


Video 2: Version that's aired on ITN.

Written By: Rathna Sri Wijesinghe

Artist: Sunil Jayasiri, Sugath Handunge

Music: Sri Lanka Army eastern band

Full credit to original uploader/uploaders.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Members of tiger terrorist organization fleeing from their FDLs, unable to withstand the pressure from operations carried out by Security Forces in the North, are being shot at by their colleagues manning their second defense lines reveal intelligence sections of Security Forces.

    The intelligence sections state this action is taken by the leadership of the tiger terrorist organization to prevent the tiger cadres from fleeing their front lines exposing the next lines of defense. As a result a large number of tiger cadres are fleeing towards cleared areas and surrendering to Security Forces say reports from the front.

    Tiger leadership is changing their hideouts daily to escape being targeted and use school children and women abducted from areas in Wanni for the defense of the Forward Defense Lines say these sources. This is confirmed by the large number of bodies of underage children and women found among the tiger terrorists killed in action in the North say these sources.


  3. Brilliant piece of work, our armed forces need all of our support to see this through. We should appreciate their courage more!

  4. Thanks defencenet for the Video.
    this was what i was finding for long time.
    Good Job!

  5. Great video!!!! Everyone should comment this page! THanks for the upload defense net!!!! God Bless our TRUE HEROES of OUR MOTHER SRILANKA!!!

    One country, One Nation, All Under one Flag baby!!!

  6. Wow this is some scary stuff.... very Nazi like propaganda! I thought this war was between a democratically elected national government and a separatist terrorist unit. Not between Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamil Hindus. The Sinhala nationalist symbolism is blatant. This is a sad pragmatic war we have to fight to ensure a better future. WE DO NOT NEED TO STOKE THE SAME KIND OF SINHALA NATIONAL SUPERIORITY THAT LED TO THE TRAGEDIES OF 1983. WE SINHALA ARE AS GOOD AS ANYBODY ELSE NOT BETTER.. THIS WAR IS A WAR OF ALL PEOPLE LIVING IN SRI LANKA AGAINST TERROSISM.

  7. chaminda,
    Are you speaking generally or are you referring to any content in videos?

  8. Very specifically to the content on these videos. Yes, yes I know there is a one second blip of a kovil… but that makes it even more pathetic

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Chamanida,

    Do you know the difference between
    "Samaana bawa"
    "Samaanaathmathaawa" ???

    You have lot of things to learn.

  11. We All Owe Our Heroes An Unpayable Debt.

  12. B#1

    Is it being equal vs. equality? not quite sure what the exact difference in this context is. Nevertheless the debate may prove to be very interesting.


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