Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fighting in Muhamalai, Kilali, Nagarkovil

At least 12 members of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were killed and an unknown number were wounded when the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched a pre emptive strike on LTTE positions along Muhamalai, Kilali and Nagarkovil defence lines this morning. 9 Soldiers of the army too have sustained injuries.

According to available information (unverified) two brigades of the army's elite 53rd division (53-1 Air Mobile Brigade, 53-4 Infantry) and two brigades of the 55th division (55-1, 55-2) backed by T-55 battle tanks of the armored corps and MBRL rocket fire from Sri Lanka Artillery has taken part in the attack.

We can confirm that  4 LTTE bunkers in Nagarkovil FDL, 16 bunkers in Kilali FDL and another 10 bunkers surrounding the A-9 road north of Muhamalai have been destroyed in the attack.

The main objective of these limited operations is to disrupt the stability of LTTE's defenses along the national front (Muhamalai/Kilali/Nagarkovil), not to capture land.


  1. DefenceNet,

    where are these bunkers in relation to the ones assaulted earlier last week?
    the same line? or another?

  2. DW has taken some stern action against the LTTE bootlikers in his forum who adds bad racist and extremist comments.... nw its ur turn

  3. AIBD, we already have. We are deleting around 15 such comments daily. If you look at past threads, there will be very few such comments left. We cannot monitor and delete 24/7 or permanantly ban because of blogger limitations. This is where the reades can help by not replying to those

  4. Dear Friends, to destroy the Tigers, we Lions must use more cunning, not more force.
    We have to deprive the Tiger megalomaniac Prabhakaran of his grass roots Tamil support by offering them an alternative to his horror.

    We can do this by implementing the following:

    1) We must NOT arrest Tamils, harass them, and throw them in Boosa at the slightest provocation. Instead, let’s seek their support in apprehending the terrorists. And all these extra-judicial killings and disappearances (yes, they are happening) must stop.
    2) We must open all roads to the north and allow free flow of goods in and out of the North. Yes, this will expose us to more attacks, but it will give them prosperity—it will give them a FUTURE. Those who have a future to lose will not give it up so readily as suicide bombers. It will also allow the Tamils who don't want to live under Prabhakaran a chance to move to a place where his tentacles cannot reach them. Remember, Karuna broke away during the CEASEFIRE, not during war. During Eelam war III, Karuna was Prabhakaran’s best and most trusted commander, but after he tasted some prosperity, he forgot all about Eelam.
    3) We must devolve political power to the provinces—not just the north, but to ALL provinces. The violence of the Tamil Tigers in the North arose for the same reason that the violence of the Sinhala JVP arose in the South: they have no control over their destiny. If someone pays taxes in the South, then that money must build roads and schools in the South. Why has it taken 60 years after independence for anyone to think about building an airport in the South? If they controlled their political and economic future, it would have happened a long time ago, and the JVP terror of the 70s and 80s would never have arisen in the South; the Tiger terror would never have arisen in the North.
    4) We must eliminate corruption—i.e. no more Mihin Lanka Airlines and similar cash cows for crony business people; no more Mervyn Silvas. Where do you think the Tigers in Colombo get explosives and weapons Answer: the underworld. Who controls the underworld? Answer: the politicians. They are draining the blood from the body of Sri Lanka.
    While we implement the above, our LRRP can track down Prabhakaran and bring him to justice. Prabhakaran needs this war for him to survive. When we launch offensives in the north, the Tamil diaspora showers him with money, the international community cuts off aid to us and puts diplomatic pressure against us. It makes us weaker. We need to be strong to win; we need to be smart to win. Let’s start today.

  5. Guys....

    Just a small off topic.... :)

    I was thinking this for long time.....

    Have you ever heard any tamil name call "ELARA" in recently other than the DUTUGAMUNU-ELARA war?

    I'm sure you don't....

    so then, Was ELARA really a tamil...? (Mahawansaya said he was a good king even he invaded Sri Lanka)

    Here is the truth....

    His real name was A.LARA
    He is really came from West Indies..... (Remeber B.LARA ? :))
    When the time goes "A.LARA" become "ELARA" b'cos of the way it was pronounced.....

    Since our people have not seen a black guys those days and only seen dark fellows came from S.India they must have misundersood that "ELARA" also came from S.India....!

  6. Asithri,

    Good to see you taking part bro. Nice to see that Nemesis, Perein, Qrious, Sri Lankan paying regular visits and expanding our wisdom.

    I am wondering where GE, Tangara, etc are?

    Cakeboy, we need another one of your great analysis on LTTE's current strategy.

    Kevin, you have very interesting theories of defeating LTTE maggots. Hope you would share more in the coming weeks too.

  7. exteme, man are you editing too? lol

  8. DefenceNet,

    Our sincere hope is the SLDF could sustain the pressure on them for a longer time so that there defences will crumble. Every peace loving citizen of sri lanka wants this war to be over quicly and the terrorism is wiped out.

    its time our SLDF increase the intensity of the attacks and why not try a surpise major attack from the most vulnerable area under them.

    Like how the terrorists are trying so hard to divert the attention of our forces by various terrorist/sabotage acts its time we give them the same medicine, but without destroying civilian life inthe north.

    I think Our SLDF could take some lessons from the victory in east on how to avoid civilian casualities. We wish our SLDF long life

  9. DefenceNet,

    Our sincere hope is the SLDF could sustain the pressure on them for a longer time so that there defences will crumble. Every peace loving citizen of sri lanka wants this war to be over quicly and the terrorism is wiped out.

    its time our SLDF increase the intensity of the attacks and why not try a surpise major attack from the most vulnerable area under them.

    Like how the terrorists are trying so hard to divert the attention of our forces by various terrorist/sabotage acts its time we give them the same medicine, but without destroying civilian life inthe north.

    I think Our SLDF could take some lessons from the victory in east on how to avoid civilian casualities. We wish our SLDF long life

  10. Shyam, consider yourself banned from DefenceNet.

  11. Not only shyam, but everyone who posts crap will be deleted. You folks spend half your life creating multiple accounts and posting illogical comments without any basis whatsoever, making yours posts prime targets for deletion. Then you spend the rest of your life complaining that your posts got deleted. We dont take you seriously thats all

  12. 'Cunning' who just made a post is tamil terror faggot. Not that its not obvious, but someone unfamiliar with Jaffna Tamil deceptions may be duped.

  13. in this page there is nice image the flight is flying above the target.
    Do anyone have a large image of this??

  14. OMG defencenet banned shyam. "Shyam, consider yourself banned from DefenceNet" that reminds me how mom told me "...., consider youself out of .....'s birthday party because you threw stones to.......

    but i recollected what he had to say. he wants india to ban SLAF and LRRP IMMEDIATELY!!

    ho ho that MEANS the SLAF and LRRP are doing REAL damage.

    on banning is like national sucurity and media freedom. a compromise is essential. therefore it is a good decision; well done DN.

    that's why i noticed a sudden reduction in DN posts! less number of good quality posts.

  15. Moshe we certainly dont want to play big brother but the whole blog was being dragged towards senseless discussions just because of a few loners with multiple nicknames.

  16. then No opposition Idea Comments to this site?

    IF so dont permit copying links/editorials from TN & Sangathi, Pudinam etc even Defence net news to this blog.

    My concern is Every body loging in all over the place and wash their hands and long in to this blog?

    No point ya. News must flow in here sir. UPTO U. Blog is yours

    Good works are always welcome

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Interesting article

  19. DN-
    Thank you for handling the issue.
    As I mailed you and mentioned, blog is getting out of hand during late night - early morning SL time.
    We would need to find a solution for it.
    What more, body parts getting mentioned by few, which makes difficult family to sit together and read this blog.

    Keep up the good work and let's work somthing out.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. It’s a very good move by DefenceNet. But I suggest to leave at least one racist comment from those Terrorists Supporters as the whole world will see the real faces of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

    We will refrain from answering in return to those comments. So that this blog will have Accurate Defence News, good comments and a little number of racist’s posts for people to look and (laugh) understand.

    Small suggestion: Wouldn’t it be better if you can just add a small tag under the racist comments saying "Racist comment, yet to be deleted!"?

  22. Thanks defencenet!
    It's a great move to remove rubbish bloggers.
    I was thinking of suggesting you to post all defencenet news/comments in Original post without putting them among comments so that we don't have to waste our time going through some stupid/hateful comments by some shameless brainwashed LTTE slaves.
    Well done!

  23. Guys,

    The following 3 pictures, I found them from They show the SF, commandos and the STF parade at the independence day. Can any tell us what type of weapons are they carrying?

    SF -

    commandos -

    STF -

    Nemisis, mate hope u can provide us ur specialised insight to this :D

  24. Defencenet Said,

    The main objective of these limited operations is to disrupt the stability of LTTE's defenses along the national front (Muhamalai/Kilali/Nagarkovil), not to capture land.

    What National front?

    Are you crazy?

  25. Banning looks like;
    *Vialation/unrespect of freedom of expression/human rihgts
    *No guts to take LTTE responses
    *No answers to give cyber tigers etc

    However we need to keep in mind what is this blog for and it's great DN never forget that. We are not here to eduacate tamil di-ass-pora, take them to non-violance path etc; It is simply impossible. Also we don't need to make this a funny place; thanks to some guys we have a new tamilnet for that.

    It's natural DN took some time for decesion making. Deleting crap will result in more standard here with good comments. But DN can't moniter 24/7 and can't really ban any one as one can easily come up with a new handle/id. So we need to ignore the crap if any. As shyam once said to end the war we need to 'satisfy' tamils and for sure this blog is not for that.

    Justifying further, it is very little we gain from 'opposite ideas' simply it is hard to find genuine opposite veiws among the useless, baseless, logicless, truthless crap. It is more waste of time both in reading and commenting on crap. May be DN delete all the useless crap and leave any thing DN think useful and make positive contribution from 'banned' tigers which is going to be very rare.

  26. Defencenet,

    About "everyone who posts crap will be deleted"...

    Please define what "crap" is here just below Leave Your Comment area. That means few guidelines. It will help everyone.

    I was totally ignoring Revy (Upul's) or BOSS's comments. I think Revy went back to his LNP pad for LNP bashing.

    But Navindran, I like him being a mature person. We want more like them here from Tamil or LTTE supporting side.

  27. Defencenet,

    This is what i wanted you to do.
    Well done.!!

  28. Sri Lanka Says Rebels Forced Back Toward Headquarters in North ..


    So, now from how many sides our army forces pushing them...?

  29. Dulith,

    National Front.

    The FDL of SLDF near Nagarkovil, MM and Kilali. This FDL was named as such to convey the importance of that front to defend Jaffna. This is the most wanted FDL to be over run by LTTE. Because if they do so, they are within reach of Jaffna penninsula, Palali and KKS.

    So far LTTE's bid to take this was neatly defended by SLDF. SLDF offensives were hampered until recently. The first SLDF advance was retaliated heavily by LTTE, second one SLDF got lot of success. However the latest two limited offensives were highly succesful for SLDF.

  30. What is the strategey that has been forumlated for the following?

    1. A Tiger air attack of type hit and run

    2. A Tiger air attack of suicide type

    I know that a couple of simulations have been done. But were these only for detecting the

    air craft? Have we gone in to detail on how to fight against the above two threats?

    I think the following have to be considered.

    - Do we simply use AAF or can we intercept in the air? If we can intercept in the air do we

    have the air assets for such purposes.

    - If we do intercept tiger craft in the air have we studied how to minimize losses on the

    ground if they are shot down? I think if we use the right aramaments in the correct way the

    attacking craft can be reduced to very small debree that would cause minimum damage to

    property on the ground??

    - Another strategy to minimize losses on the ground would be to have a plan to shoot down

    the air craft in non ciritcal areas. i.e. jungle or empty land areas. For this to be

    achieved the SLAF need to acquire the target as soon as it is detected.

    - I think a special squadron should be raised dedicated to intercept air borne attacks. The

    intercepting craft need to stationed in places where it can acquire the target in the

    smallest possible time.

    - If we don't have the air assets to intercept LTTE air craft we should expedite the

    acquision of such!

    People please add more...

  31. Kiri, are you sure they still have their air strips without any damages, to take off their flights???

    I believe all of the air strips have bombed by SLAF and they cant take off any flights.

    That is why they have released a video of TEAF to tell LTTE Supporters that they are still alive.

  32. Do TAF need air strips?

  33. Kilinochchi SLAF raid,

    UNICEF says their compounds are not affected

    see the bottom of the following link


  34. b#1,
    I think they didn't use any air strips in the first place.

    I think that a good stretch of road can be used to fly these craft. I am not sure why there have been no more flights since the last one. May be since they know that our air defences are good and don't want to sacrifice unnecessarily. They might be biding their time for a suicide mission.

    And how about the small helicopter that they are supposed to have?

    what do you think?

  35. True_Lankan,
    Good Job :P

    Once,Defencenet told that 'all the 3 air strips identified, have already bombed by SLAF and they don't use Iranamadu'. :)

  36. I really don't think they need air strip for slins rather highway may be good enough (or a tank or some small hidden air strip). Since it is clear the detection of iranamadu air strip to SLAF, tigers might use that to mislead SLAF.

    BTW, why SLAF don't go in the night? Is it only in day time tigers have all the gatherings? Given all the recent day time-only attacks why tigers have 'meetings' in day time any further?

    As far as TAF only question is how to gun down, I think SLAF detect them. SLA should train few guys in every SLA camps (including south) to gun down flying crows. Is any other way?

  37. At the final stage of this war, there will be 3 types of LTTE carders.

    1.Escape from the country

    Which type do you think the members of TAF?? I think part No.1 and Part No.3

    If they manage air borne their flights, that must be a suicide mission.

  38. Ninja,
    What if they prepare a flight plan avoiding all AAF positions???

  39. b#1,
    I am not sure whether the piolets of these craft are conditioned for suicide missions.

    May be we should ask them to surrender and prepare a nice track for them to land some where safe.

    I think this is a good idea..

  40. Bombing these airstrips is a waste of bombs..because these outdated crop dusters(3) can takeoff from any road provided it is suitably compressed.Not a good idea to discuss tactics here all the time..the real LTTE lunatic simply reads these posts but never posts here or identifies him/herself.

  41. kiri, we need to have mobile unit with AA guns located in few suitable areas.

    b#1, two more types;
    4)going inside jungles and do fultime guarilla war.
    5)living with civilians as civilians.
    I think TAF pilots will be in #5.

  42. Defencenet:
    You replied to me yesterday saying that you always allow pro-tamil views in this forum. Is the position still the same? Or have you given in to pressure and changed your mind about that?

  43. "You replied to me yesterday saying that you always allow pro-tamil views in this forum. Is the position still the same? Or have you given in to pressure and changed your mind about that?"

    First of all we would like to let you know that we are not under pressure from anyone. It's just a blog after all.

    Pro Tamil views allowed.

    Pro LTTE views with legitimate facts allowed (if presented in a civil manner without racist remarks).

    Baseless whining not allowed.

  44. b#1,
    "Once,Defencenet told that 'all the 3 air strips identified, have already bombed by SLAF and they don't use Iranamadu'. :)"

    What we meant was that all identified airstrip were bombed. The major one at Iranamadu seems to be a decoy.
    Anyway as many suggested the Zlins do not need a long runway to take off/land even a small paved road will do.

  45. noltte-peace,
    But Navindran, I like him being a mature person. We want more like them here from Tamil or LTTE supporting side."

    Completely agree. Navindran used to present his views without racist remarks and most importantly backed by facts. Such bloggers are always welcome.

    SLA calls the front line in Nagarkovil, Muhamalai and Kilali, the national front or "Jathika Peramuna" due to its high significance in the defence of jannfa peninsula (Abhaya already explained).

    "SLDF offensives were hampered until recently. The first SLDF advance was retaliated heavily by LTTE, second one SLDF got lot of success. However the latest two limited offensives were highly succesful for SLDF."

    The first SLA advance (launched about a month after LTTE tried to take Jaffna in 2006) was a success. We captured LTTE's first line at Muhamalai during that.

    Second and third were not successful. Too many casualties.

    These attempts were thwarted because LTTE had early information on when the advance would come.
    The last two have been successful. Above all, the last two are part of a much larger plan.

  46. Well done defence net. Shyam has been an irritation for quite some time not just because he was pro ltte, but for his illogical comments and blatant lies cut and pasted from TN. Now we could look forward to some useful blogs here.

    Defencenet, could you please give more details about this attck since last week too SLDF luanched an attack on the FDLs. Is it another area in muhamaalai or same areas. could you enlighten us a bit more on this.

  47. defencenet,
    Thanks for corrected me.
    When you free, How long will these Zlins take to fly to Colombo? What is the minimum and maximum speed that Zlins can fly?

    And still we didn't hear any news that civilians fleeing from Tigers control area to Government control area, as we heard when Est liberated. Is that means long way to go???

  48. prerein,
    "As I mailed you and mentioned, blog is getting out of hand during late night - early morning SL time."

    Yes we cannot monitor the blog 24/7. In the coming days we will not have many opportunities to comment during daytime either. Anyway the comments will be deleted the moment we login so it'll be a waste of typing for the troublemakers.

    "then No opposition Idea Comments to this site?"

    We never meant that. There wont be any good discussions without opposition views. We didnt ban opposition views. We banned saboteurs.

    We took this decision after observing several bloggers over the past few days. It was clear to us that their intention was not to take part in any constructive discussion.

    For example, we have replied to 'the_boss' 's arguments with facts many times before.
    He never even tried to counter our views with any sound fact but kept on spraying his racist crap all over the blog. Same goes for another few bloggers.
    It didnt take us long to notice that these bloggers were merely disrupting the blog, not engaging in any constructive argument.

    IF so dont permit copying links/editorials from TN & Sangathi, Pudinam etc even Defence net news to this blog."

    We dont have a problem with people posting links here as long as it does not violate original content holder's rights.

  49. A little bit off the topic... i think what we lack mostly today is to identify ourselves as a geuine SRI LANKAN. If we take countries like India, US, UK etc.. there are so many people from different nationalities, but when it comes to patriotism they are proud to say they are Indians, Americans British Etc..

    there should be some kind of re -awakening programs to educate the masses on loving our motherland, looking at different nationalities as our own bretheren etc.. Every religion teaches this basic aspect. But unfortunately this is found wanting in many occasions.

    But we must really appreciate the tolerance levels of the people in south inspite of so many provocative incidents done by LTTE. It is the common masses suffering,especially the majority community in the south. whereas some pro LTTE supporters are living in luxury apartment complexes in colombo happily mingling with other communities.

  50. on the issue of banning commentators leaving racist and offensive comments, I think that DN has made the right choice! However, it is a fine on this website and on this particular ethnic conflict.

    It is encouraging to see several users have stressed the importance of plurality and the expression of diverse opinions. For these the simple reply to this is that this is a defence related site for the discussion of military matters. If people want to express their views on the ethnic issue, they can go to LNP and insult each other to their hearts' content.

  51. b#1,
    "When you free, How long will these Zlins take to fly to Colombo? What is the minimum and maximum speed that Zlins can fly?"

    Max speed is about 260KM per hour. It'd take around 40 mins to reach colombo if the fly in max speed.

    Zlins require only 650m to take off and around 750m to land. So a dedicated runway is not required.

  52. Defencenet:
    What do you exactly mean by 'baseless'?
    If the fundamentals of my opinion are different from yours, then would you consider them baseless?
    On what basis did you remove my previous comments, may I ask? Please state of they were, in your opinion, racist or baseless?

  53. puli,
    read our last comment in the thread you initially raised the issue.

  54. Can any one explain?

    # How (59?) division will advance from welioya? As it is fully jungle. And that's where even IPKF didn't step into (if I am correct).

    # It seems SLA is planing to capture Madu church? If so how SLA is gonna deel with Rayappu? Did SLA withdraw from same area upon his request and CBK's orders?

    # It seems now SLA is thinly spread along FDLs in wanni. This is different to spread in jayasikuru. As I know it was like few clusters spread scross large area. Should we expect new kind of 'unceasing waves'?

  55. Dear Friends,
    I've been a frequent reader of this blog for a long time. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

    I could not resist the temptation of sharing this with you. Have a look at this. It seems LTTE has invented a time machine as well.

  56. BTW, it's not clear the identity of 'cunning'. But what he suggests is same as all these leftists, NGOs, pro-LTTE bodies saying. That is one extreme and may result in 'deegena illan kama'.

  57. Thanks defencenet..!

    defencenet said,

    Zlins require only 650m to take off and around 750m to land.

    Matara Ayiya said,

    kfir take only 900m-1500m to take off and Mig's only take 600-750m to take off

    There is no big difference between Migs and Zlins with regard to the Runway.

  58. Black Hawk,
    This is what I keep saying.

    And I believe what you said should be refined to incldue "related to defence and military matters with the objective of defeating separatist terrorism"

    Defencenet, I saw your comment that the blog clearly states it's objective on the right hand top corner. What I am saying is to emphasize the fact, logically, what can be discussed here. If you state in those objective if someone deviates from the theme of this blog they should take it to some other forum like LNP.

    So if someone goes out of line any member can point to the theme statement ask them to stop or leave and the explanation being simple and logical will be there on the theme statement itself.

    It is totally upto Defencenet to implement any such policies.I keep on saying this in the hope that this is what defence wants too. As I said earlier if the blog provides me with little benefit I may not visit. And I think many of the valued membership may diminish as well.

  59. //also in case i forgot to mention the 16 or so dead people found dumped in kabithgollawa are all sinhalese... // - From specialforce.

    Some said they were tamils. Whoever howcome there is no one in this country to identify them?

  60. B#1-

    You would need to take the weight into account too, when come to Runways.

  61. @ defensenet
    thanks 4 ur reply

  62. "There is no big difference between Migs and Zlins with regard to the Runway."

    biggest differentiator to me would be that the prop driven Zlin doesn't need a clean flat surface like a Kfir or a Mig would need to take off and land safely...
    Unless of course we're talking about VTOL jets :)

  63. Perin,
    Confused :(

    Are you trying to tell Migs and the Zlins are same weight?? (forget about the payload)?

  64. I'm saying it's different mate :) ...

  65. @ ninja

    Understand the politics man

    If its negative to GOSL they Denise if something is positive to GOSL they Accepts. like wise

    If its negative to LTTE they Denise if something is positive to LTTE they Accepts.

    Eg. Thamilchelvam & Charls
    Specialists say its an internal attack. even i do think. but GOSL says we did also i saw another scenario

    GOVT says Charls was killed by SLA (i don't know how to mention the correct word) who goes inside LTTE territory and sets mine/Clemore
    (SLA said they have a specially trained forces to do so)

    Now when the MADU BUS blast SLA declares the case they say how can SLA keeps a Clemore in LTTE controlled area

    Now you see what as happens
    All these are politics
    understand this shit

    sorry about the comment. end of the day both of them didn't do any thing. acting like babies you know why the world is monitoring us ha

  66. A lot of LTTE activity was observed by UAV after today's air strike. The area seems out of bounds to civilians. There may be casualties but cant tell exactly.

  67. ninja,

    i thinks those 16 must be tamils. thats why still no body can identify them. they must be some people which LTTE thought passing info to SLA.

  68. defencenet
    in instances like that...why doesn't the SLAF engage the same target again with some bombs that are specifically designed to wipe out infantry formations such FAE's and cluster bombs etc...
    since we're after the maximum kill numbers isn't it effective engage them again... will be a terrible blow for their morale too aint it

  69. [Riyaz said...
    …there should be some kind of re -awakening programs to educate the masses on loving our motherland, looking at different nationalities as our own bretheren etc.. Every religion teaches this basic aspect. But unfortunately this is found wanting in many occasions…. ]

    Riyaz & folks,
    It is important to emphasis that there can be only one nation in the island of Sri Lanka – the SRI LANKAN NATION. It is composed of many communities, Singhalas, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, … who have decided to share a common destiny.


  70. @mathemathica

    Riyaz & folks,
    It is important to emphasis that there can be only one nation in the island of Sri Lanka – the SRI LANKAN NATION. It is composed of many communities, Singhalas, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, … who have decided to share a common destiny.


    I agree 100% with u. Lets build the SRI LANKAN nation. Lets caste aside religious differences. Let us be the sons and daughters of mother SRI LANKA.

  71. Now aren't we veering off course again?????

  72. Riyaz,

    If you are really Muslim, Im proud of you.

    But Riyaz, practically it wont happened. All the tamil's entertainments comes from Tamilnadu, All day tamils watch SunTV, JayaTV etc. They (except myself) believe their mother land is Tamilnadu and their heart always go for India, and they love India while hate SL, but at the end of the day they need equal status in SL as well.

    So all Tamils should start to think the way you and me think. :)

  73. @Kiri,

    Sorry kiri I know its off the topic. Our sincere wish is this war will end very soon for all of us to live in peace. The ultimate aim of all the operations should be to eliminate terrosists and terrorism of all kinds and be united for one united SRI LANKA.

  74. Muslim men detained in Zoo bomb blast

    Three Muslim men have been arrested on suspicion of the Sunday bomb blast in Dehiwela Zoo and are being kept in detention, sources said.
    Those arrested have been identified as M.M.Musthapha, 38, M.M.Raafi, 23, and M.M.Shafie, 23, all from Kaththankudy, Batticaloa district.

  75. Tomato garlic..:Pp

  76. @Dev

    "Dev said...
    Muslim men detained in Zoo bomb blast

    Three Muslim men have been arrested on suspicion of the Sunday bomb blast in Dehiwela Zoo and are being kept in detention, sources said.
    Those arrested have been identified as M.M.Musthapha, 38, M.M.Raafi, 23, and M.M.Shafie, 23, all from Kaththankudy, Batticaloa district.

    February 6, 2008 3:58 PM"

    Irrespctive of being a muslim or any other,


    and should be dealt likewise. If what you say is a truth then those men should be ashamed to call them muslims.

  77. dev,
    everyone here know very well that
    you are not a LTTE supporter but you are a member of LTTE :))))

  78. The following is reg: todays SLAF raid, read comments of 'specialforce';

  79. @ B#1

    Y do you say dat? how do u say dat?

    Hellow. still u all browse TN and compare with in that case what am i to say for those people like u. "We say U decide "

    if you copy and past third party news editorial its genius if others does are LTTE ya?

    PPL like you is Known As ALI. U may know what I meant

  80. "Muslim men detained in Zoo bomb blast"

    I wish the time will soon come when the news like the above will be reported as:

    "Sri Lankan men detained in Zoo bomb blast".

    Unfortunately, both local and foreign media (I don't believe that there is such a thing called "International media") are helping to bring out ethnic rivalry by using ethnic group to identify people rather than nationality.

  81. May be you guys already seen this video. If it is a repost accept my apologies.

    It shows how LTTE fund raising going on France. Finally one foreign media who has given their attention to it.


  82. - Dev said "Muslim men detained in Zoo bomb blast"

    This is a tamilnet article.

    Google for "Muslim men detained in Zoo bomb blast" or use the following url for more info

    Hmm... someone else plants it, some other guy gets caught and the culprit points at the innocent and says "yeah he did it !"

    Is TamilNet trying to divert attention from the real culprits?

    And the Typical TN ending -
    Foreign tourist visits to Sri Lanka have declined by 20 per cent in 2007. Tourism is Sri Lanka's fourth largest source of foreign exchange, next to remittances from diaspora and overseas workers.

  83. Nice film for all you keyboard fighters.

    Fighter Pilot: Operstion Red Flag

  84. DefenceNet,

    Aren't there any other site to put up a good blog other than in blogger?

    One of the best ways of control is to allow unique display ids, which blogger doesn't allow. ( We have seen in one occasion your own display name was copied !!!)

    So what alternative sites do we have, where posting has to be done under unique names?? That way any poster who doesn't stick to the DN guidlines could be blocked.

    Ofcourse he could come around and create a new ID, but it some kind of control rather than none at all.

  85. Dev,

    RSF conformed my opinion. What else do we need to understand you??:)

  86. @ RomeoAlphaFoxtrot

    I don't have access to TN anyway.

    GOD even might not know the truth. Don't know in heaven they have banned media.

    Whom i supposes to trust. in which site tells you the real story ha.

    i have addicted to this blog. even while in bed i use to browse blog using my phone. its like smoke. i wanna go away from these politics still i couldn't

  87. - Dev,

    I have no issues with you or you posting this story.

    My points were directed at TamilNet.

  88. Anuradha Ratnaweera

    man, wow , nice to see you here, I have met you once at FOSSSL2005. remember about ur Taprobane distro.

    Cheers man. we need people like you for our little country.


  89. snakevi,

    possibly the same line that was targeted (only in muhamalai and nagarkovil as kilali was not targeted then) around last thursday.

    as DN explained these operations are aimed at destabilising LTTE build-up along the most important FDL.

    these are purely defensive operations to temporarily ward-off the LTTE attackers.

    this type of operations have been happening for the past few years.

    however, since artilery plays the most important part in a battle to secure/attack SLA/LTTE FDLs, these limited operations cannot take away the "attack-ability" of the LTTE. next week they are back in business here and we have to beat them again. this is a plaster solution only. if tiger heavy guns aiming at our FDLs can be neutralised (these are located far away from muhamalai, nagarkovil, kilali), then we can "sustainably" whack the tigers from the national front.

    the reality is that terrorists are constantly trying to push into jaffna by any means. whatever we like to hear, the reality is that the LTTE is far from defeated in the national front.

    but these op.s had been able to stop a potential tiger onslaught.

    however, i believe that the best defence remains a good offence.

    DN disagrees with me on the effectiveness of this strategy but that is OK. we agree to disagree on this.

  90. This is a good one!

  91. 1. High School Athletes Buried in Sri Lanka

    2. Sri Lanka says 37 Tamil Tigers killed, carries out air strikes

    I think these are the latest news available....

  92. defencenet guys

    how big is our current Slaf fleet
    and how many MBT's do we have, I heard that we have T80 light tanks or something is this true.

    And can the t55 armour be penetrated by RPGs

  93. romeoalphafoxtrot,
    In the three pictures you provided, SF is carrying Uzis, Commandos carrying MP5, and STF also seem to be carrying MP5

  94. 'In the three pictures you provided, SF is carrying Uzis, Commandos carrying MP5, and STF also seem to be carrying MP5'

    Thanks chamal :)

  95. thank you torrent_lk for the vid.

    "what is the rationale of the LTTE to harass its own people?"
    good question by the presenter.

  96. Sri Lanka may be heading for military stalemate

    Colombo, Feb 6 (IANS) Sri Lankan leaders are gung-ho about capturing by the year-end the country's northern regions the Tamil Tigers now control. But ground realities do not match the optimism, say military observers who are predicting a military stalemate rather than an outright victory for either party.

    Army chief Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka has declared he would not hand over the "terrorist problem" to his successor when he retires at the end of this year. Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, President Mahinda Rajapaksa's brother, has vowed to kill Tamil Tigers chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.

    The president claims that the armed forces have notched up "unprecedented victories" in the past two years, that the bastions of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have been falling rapidly, and that only "one and a half districts" remain with the rebels.

    Indeed, the capture of the eastern province from the LTTE and the destruction of a number of LTTE ships were spectacular achievements. These have helped keep public morale high in the largely Sinhalese-speaking southern Sri Lanka, the key political constituency of President Rajapaksa.

    However, since mid-2007, the Sri Lankan ground forces have not been able to show any notable successes, giving rise to fears among military observers that there could be a prolonged stalemate, leading to public disillusionment.

    The operations in Mannar in the northwest began Sep 23 last year. The aim was to capture Viduthaltivu, 16 km to the north. But after four months of fighting, only eight kilometres have been taken, a military expert who did not want to be identified told IANS. "And this is just the periphery of the periphery."

    The armed forces are actually bogged down in the north over a wide swath of territory, ranging from Mannar in the northwest to Weli Oya and Nagarkovil in the northeast.

    The government forces are making determined efforts to break through the first and second lines of defence of the LTTE. The best troops and equipment are being deployed. But the Tigers are offering "very" stiff resistance, reliable sources said.

    "Casualties have been very high on both sides, with the LTTE taking approximately twice as much as the government forces," an expert said. But this has clearly not dented the Tiger resolve.

    An estimated 50,000 troops are stationed in the Jaffna peninsula in the northern tip. But, strangely, these are not being deployed to break through Thenmarachchi, in the Jaffna region, capture the Elephant Pass, a narrow isthmus that links Jaffna to the Sri Lankan mainland, and threaten the LTTE holed up in the Wanni, as the northern region minus Jaffna is known.

    To relieve the pressure on itself in the north and divert the energies of the government forces, the LTTE is counter-attacking at Weli Oya in the northeast. It has also shelled Palaly, the only air base in the Jaffna peninsula, forcing the government to cancel Jaffna-Colombo flights.

    More importantly, the Tigers have been staging small-scale terrorist attacks all over southern Sri Lanka, including Colombo.

    Claymore mine attacks and suicide bombing missions have been conducted over a very wide area, from Kebetigollewa and Weli Oya at the northern end, to Buttala and Yala in the deep south; and from Colombo in the west to Kanjikudichcharu in the eastern district of Amparai.

    And although the LTTE is said to have been driven out of the east, it took over the Special Task Force camp in Bakmityawa in Amparai district Monday, albeit briefly.

    While the ambitious plan to capture the entire northern province by year-end is keeping thousands of government troops tied up along a wide northern front, the need for fresh troops in the beleaguered south is increasing.

    "Apart from an estimated 50,000 in Jaffna, the newly captured 2,000 sq km in the east would need another 100,000 troops. Yala would need about 4,000. All this constitutes half the land area of Sri Lanka. The total needs could be 250,000 troops, without taking into account the all-important Colombo region that will need another 100,000," said retired Air Chief Marshal Harry Goonetileke.

    This raises costs. "In 2007, the defence budget was SLRs. 139 billion ($1.3 billion). But the actual expenditure was 20 percent more. The spending this year is expected to be SLRs. 166 billion ($1.5 billion)," Goonetileke said.

    Added Muttukrishna Sarvananthan of the Point Pedro Institute of Development: "And this is happening in the context of aid cuts by several Western countries."

    But President Rajapaksa insists that the West and India are backing him and that there has been no aid cut.


    any cooments on this article

  97. RAF, the SF are carrying Uzis, the Commandos and STF are carrying MP-5A1s.

    Have you tried Wordpress?

    "as DN explained these operations are aimed at destabilising LTTE build-up along the most important FDL.these are purely defensive operations to temporarily ward-off the LTTE attackers."

    Glad to see you finally in the picture, Moshe:)

  98. Moshe Dyan you are named after the Israeli General who's plan was to use a defensive formation such as a an FDL across the suez canal on Yom Kippur much like the LTTE but the Egyptians easily captured it but as they tried to advanced deep into territory and capture Sinai they got destroyed.

    so this gives us a fair indication that gaining terrotory is not always good

    so why do you keep thinking that our army strategy is not good

  99. @nilvan

    intresting article but only time will tell who is right or wrong.

  100. Colombo-KL to jointly plug terrorist financing

    By P.Vijian, NNN-Bernama

    New Delhi : The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) will soon find itself short-changed by banks when Malaysia and Sri Lanka jointly combat cross-border money-laundering and terrorist financing.

    This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and its counterpart in Bank Negara last Saturday.

    CBSL was represented by its deputy governor Dr Ranee Jayamaha while Zamani Abdul Ghani appeared for Bank Negara.

    The aim of the MoU is to stem the flow of monies to terrorist outfits, thereby safeguarding the financial system from abuse.

    "Malaysia is one of the best performing FIUs in the region, having done comprehensive work in money-laundering. It is vital for us to share information on any unlawful funding," H. A. Karunaratne, director of Sri Lanka's FIU told Bernama Wednesday.

    He said that under the agreement, the FIU of both countries would exchange information on a regular basis to facilitate investigation and prosecution of persons suspected of money-laundering or financing terrorism.

    The Sri Lankan government has been trying to halt the LTTE from raising funds from its well-established local and overseas clandestine network to procure weapons.

    For almost a quarter century, the LTTE has staged an armed rebellion against the Singhalese government, fighting for a separate homeland for the minority Tamil population.

    The civil war has left almost 70,000 people killed, and devastated the island state which was once hailed as the world's popular tourist destination.

  101. Nilvan,
    Many thanks for your comment.However now it is extremely too late and too far gone to take the infinith "military expert" seriously.I believe in Hon Pres Rajapaksa and General Fonseka.If the good General says he is going to exterminate the LTTE..i believe him.He is not ratwatte.I wont accept the decimation of the LTTE.. i want its EXTERMINATION from SLanka.Anyway lets wait and see.Looking at that poor family on can just imagine how much the people in the north are suffering.

  102. BlackLight Arrow - thanks for the info :)

  103. I can only imagine how much we owe Karuna's boys in the overall context of things..

  104. I VEHEMENTLY CONDEMN the attacks on civilians by the LTTE and the Government.
    On the battle field issue:
    LTTE defense is water tight my dear friends. All you can do is push forward, lose a few limbs, take an about - turn and gallop for your lives.
    Oh and when LTTE makes that much anticipated push, I think the tone of the contributors in this blog would be extremely different!

  105. @Puli,

    You Are a Great Joker... keep it up !

  106. Puli,
    What are they going to push with puli?...Take it from me that the govt is waiting for them to "push".It will give them the perfect excuse to make fertiliser of the LTTE cadres and the next generation of our citizens in the north will die..while the crooks who planned all this will escape..This is not good for anyone..

  107. Pulli,

    Didnt you get your Elam ID yet?
    Its on the way. Bit late than expected since there are some unexpected patches of resistances from scattered tigers, but surely get your ID with a SLGOVT seal on it. be patient mate! oh yes SLGOVT seal/stamp is water proof.

  108. puli,
    Why do you think the govt is provoking them with these limited engagements.Now after these bomb blasts you eill have another 30,000 join the army ..then what happens to the children in the north?

  109. Gents-
    Did n't we agreed to ignore these time wasters?

  110. Ahem,
    Thirty thousand more to join the SLA? Oh what a shame... thats another 30,000 to lose life or limb. My sympathies in advance. Please don't whine that I didnt warn.

  111. Puli,

    Those 30,000 are to fight against 30 million tamils from Tamil nadu expected to join impotent tigers in wanni.

  112. Replying to any such comment will only encourage the saboteurs to post more. We request all our readers to ignore such postings and continue the discussion without diverting from the theme of the blog.

    guys its very tempting to reply these bootlikers but as DN advised, we must ignore until theey fell to the same fate of shaym and all the fellow toilet cleaners...
    just ignore....I know its hard... to miss soft targets but

  113. I'm from the northern part of North Central province and I remember during operation "Jayasikurui" the whole country was like one big funeral. Everywhere you went, you saw funerals. It's different this time, we not taking so many casualties. I can guarantee this because between my mother's village and father's village there's at least 50 people on active duty in SLA & SLN. In this regard, Gen. Fonseka's strategy is spot on.

    However, can you guys (Defencenet & other experts) explain to me why we haven't been able to take the last 800 meters and reach Adampan yet? I know the area has been heavily mined, but did we not encounter such a problem in the east? If not, why not?

    Is it a case of this being the hardest part of the war or is progress going to be this slow all the way?

    I don't mean to criticise SLA's strategy here, I'm just curious about the progress that's all ok.

    We shouldn't really criticise SLA's strategy this time. After all, before SLA chased LTTE out of the East, they used their long-range artillery to attack inner harbour area of Trinco port for fun. Now look at the situation!

    I can assure you the mood in the country is completely different to what these guys are saying it is. People are generally very happy with the way war is being conducted this time and they are willing to wait!!

    LTTE are trying to weaken the resolve of Sri Lankans by killing civilians. But as with most of their major decisions (e.g. killing of Rajiv, attempted assassination of Gota & Fonseka etc. etc.), this is turning out to be another major blunder!

  114. puli,
    believe wont be this enthusiastic in future.I hope this war ends and Vp gives the people in the north the choice to vote..

  115. Parakrama,
    This is nice to hear but please dont hurt the innocent tamil this rate the tamil people will join us to fight the LTTE

  116. DefenceNet

    I’m not unnecessarily admiring you but I feel the actions you have taken are very good (banning unnecessary comments + users)
    My idea, now people who is using the this blog should become little advance such as cases like finding sort of common detais because those data freely available in the web and finding good places for their jokes/funny/long comments

    for USERS:
    Please come up with good questions and good data, don’t make this blog a waste coz I really like this blog

    Answers for the weapons in
    SF is using UZI
    Both commandoes and STF used MP5

  117. Sam perera, when did we censor you?
    Folks you cant rush and capture the wanni overnight. In jayasikuru we underestimated the tigers and paid for it. This time a different strategy. New leadership. Ops are taking long as sla do not want unnecessary casualties.

  118. Parakrama, adampan delay due to minefields.

  119. "If the camel once get his nose in a tent, the body will soon follow"

    Dont leave any chance to bootlickers to leave a comment unanswered. Their brain-washed mindsets need to be re-installed here!

  120. Gallemalli, brain damage is beyond repair. Do not waste your time and blog space on it.

  121. DefenceNet..when you have the time..
    If we used our military now and did operation jayasikuru..will we capture the wanni..or is it the strategy that was flawed in operation jayasikuru..regardless of what equipment was committed to the battle.

  122. Gallemalli, brain damage is beyond repair. Do not waste your time and blog space on it.

  123. Srilankan,

    Sorry mate, I don't understand this comment, I never said anything about hurting tamil people! What do you mean exactly by this comment?

    This is nice to hear but please dont hurt the innocent tamil this rate the tamil people will join us to fight the LTTE"

  124. Oh people,
    Even the slightest of thoughts did not cross our minds to ask for help from our brethren across the palk-straight. We can handle it ourselves. No problemo!
    But can you handle the loss of your regiments, pride and honour? I doubt that. And as such I pity you guys too. May the triple gem bless those secret graves in which young army Soldiers are being frantically buried by others waiting to follow after every 'multi-pronged' attacks or 'limited operations designed to disrupt the stability of LTTE's defenses along the front, not to capture land'. May their souls rest in peace, before they are joined by the rest of their mates.

  125. Thanks Defencenet!

    I understand the delay is due to minefields. Did we not encounter minefields like this in the East?

  126. Parakrama,
    It is not necessaryly directed at you..i was just saying..Generally speaking during these trying times we must keep our minds free of revenge/distractions so we can concentrate on the task at hand..that of exterminating the LTTE in srilanka..

  127. puli,
    Actually we dont have any honour left..the first step to regaining our honour is to liberate the people of the north which is what we are doing..

  128. Mind fields or any resistance can cause delay it a Rational truth, what’s wrong with it, I really cant think what’s Shayan is really up to

  129. DefenceNet..

    It is always happy to see Sri Lankan blog become quite successful like this. This blog is a nice example for other Sri Lankan bloggers too.

    I think soon you have to consider updating the application – at least the site need ‘comment on comment’ function. That way, users can keep their own arguments and debates in organized manner and readers can ignore arguments they don’t like, and read only important comments, depending on the readers requirement.

  130. Defencenet,

    In case you have not noticed the Sam Perera above is not the same Sam Perea who hangs around. The Sam Perera you responeded has the profile ID


    And my profile ID is:


    Since you are aware of the profile IDs very well, I assume that it was not me you were talking to.

    Best regards and keep up great work.

  131. We kept our honest and humble fingers crossed during the 4th hoping the bloody terrotists will not be sneaky enough to land much needed ammunition on the Eastern coast,while our limited navel resources in the West were engaged by the theiving fishermen from the bankcrupt TN.This was a diversionary tactic of some sort and I am sure some sort of event happened else where.

  132. Puli,

    I told you, you are a bloody joker...

    Go eat Masala Wadei....and sleep

  133. Guys,

    It is sad this good comment / bad comment issue has come up again; some just want to be whiter than white or as we say here in the west, squeaky clean forum.

    I am quite humble in my admissions while putting my hand up and say that I am one of those bad guys for putting unsavoury comments; at the receiving ends of them often were poor theboss and Shyam.

    However, what some of you guys got wrong was the assumption that we made them in a rage or full of hatred; they are just light-hearted stuff to pull the legs of these people. I don't think these people who got the verbal beating lose any sleep over that.

    So, the administrator of the blog was right to remove those comments when it goes beyond acceptable limits - only he knows the boundry of it and this is his blog and he has the right to do it. I think his axe fell on one of my comments too, that refers to the testicle of theboss. I don't mind that and theboss would have been happy too for not directing a finger at his private parts, for his mischief.

    Guys, I just want you all to be less serious about these issues; piling pressure on the administrator all the time is not a healthy sign - it is a symptom of a stalemate.

    I am professional developer of these sites and at present run my own educational site for a very wide audience, from a western capital. I don't have to rely on google to crate a blog for me; I have the know-how to create them from scratch.

    So, we are not time wasters; we try to make the blog alive; boredom is the worst human feeling; think of the lecturers you had while in university. Do you really fancy taking them for a drink? Far from it, isn't it?

    Guys, please strike a balance when expressing your opinions. Don't forget we can contribute constructvely if we want; we can add a bit of 'savoury' stuff too, to shore up the enthusiasm. I don't mind pinning the label 'vulgar' on my back, if anyone offers me that. I simply don't care. We have an army of admirers as well. Above all, we recommend people here too.

    I am full aware of guidelines of running a web, along with the basics set out by W3C; but they are neither black nor white. people can thrive on the grey. I don't thing this is a nasty blog at all, just because of some silly comments. Main thing is keeping it alive.

    Take everything in right measure when making noise about 'blog getting out of hand'. Otherwise this may be infected with bores getting rid of which will be next to nightmare.

  134. Defencenet,

    "Gallemalli, brain damage is beyond repair. Do not waste your time and blog space on it."

    Agree with you DN. Can't we consider my time and your space as an investment to reply these mongol wannians who will bring the massege to their next generation?

  135. DefenceNet,

    The use of tanks with infantry support to destroy fortifications & bunkers have been done very successfully since WW II, I’m glad our MBT seem to work well with our light infantry but I remember a few jeeps with the 105mm & 106mm RCLs in use with the army some time back (early~mid 90s) I was glad to see some (off the 4x4s on their tripods) them back in use around vakari & Thoppigala..

    do you think they would give similar results if used with infantry & especially the new Mech div??

    I think RCLs are in a Battalion's support weapons Co right? If so why not put them to some good use? They pack a bigger punch than a RPG HEAT or Airburst round against a wood/earth bunkers.. which are what we find around the NKG, Muhamalai and Kilali FDLs? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  136. nemesis tanks have been succesful even since WW1

    and shyam you are doing a great service for all the readers here,

    you keep them smiling and laughing even when there's a vicious war going on

    Keep it up man

  137. Dear Fiends,

    Please discuss only defence related issues...I am coming here only to see defence related comments...but unfortunately each time I am seeing only comments dicussing about puli,shyam,upul,etc...Each time you people are saying avoid them,but it seems nobody avoiding them.Only you are talking about them & not anything related to LTTE or SLA.

    Tell me how the LTTE military structure is?i.e their main leaders,their infantry strength,naval arm i.e. how many boats or ships they have and mainly about their artillery.

    I am from TN & I don't know much about LTTE strength.So please don't avoid me also?!?

  138. A nice article by V Anandasangaree in Lanka Guardian. He is a true Sri Lankan patriot.

    Here is an excerpt from his article.

    "The LTTE’s only hope now is to start a backlash for which the Sinhalase are not prepared. The Sinhalese know very well that half the Tamil population is living in the South amidst the Sinhalese and the Muslims and it is their duty to safeguard them. The Tamils trust the Sinhalese more than the LTTE, which is selfish and blood-thirsty. They know how difficult it would be for them to live under the LTTE."

    Anadasangaree will no doubt be the Governor of the North once MR liberates the North, and implements the 13the Amendment,

  139. grious,

    well said mate.. and totally agree.


    Keep the blog alive and enlight others!

    This blog is 24/7. When SL sleep, EU awake. when EU sleep USA awake. When USA sleep SL awake.

    When blog is in its sleep mode or less active, bootlickers appear and shit around. People who pop up for first time, believe the comments what most said. if there is no counter attack, it will be one man show. We must welcome freedom of expression and discuss the issues. Then only we can reduce the gap and bring solutions and solve conflicts. I hope nobody wants to be dictator.

  140. hi galle malli and my freinds,
    let me handle these all discus the valuable things as usual..after all its our DN..
    ok puli and the mates i am ready for the day...who wants the first bash....

  141. Casc why is your profile picture the colonial symbol of Ceylon when we were under the yoke of the Queen

  142. maha let me join in man on the political stuff I would love to bash in ltte supporters head

  143. patriot aka Senkadagala Sinhaya aka Dush said...
    Casc why is your profile picture the colonial symbol of Ceylon when we were under the yoke of the Queen

    I will change the profile picture sometime soon my friend. Thanks for pointing out.

  144. my pleasure man and sorry for mistaking you for one of those bastards who says colonial rule was great

  145. ok so its sam perera man why don't you put up your real name her
    each dot stands for 2 word BTW

  146. sam perera,
    All comments by the impostor will be deleted monetarily. Sorry about the mix up.

  147. why u wanna delete? so two people cannot have the same name?

  148. "why u wanna delete? so two people cannot have the same name?"

    In real life they can.
    Here they cannot. It will be confusing. Please rename your account as you are the newer user (january 2008). Sorry for the inconvenience.

  149. Guys,

    Sometime back in one of the post somebody quoted that wherever Tamil people goes there they will create problem like in Srilanka & Malay...

    It not like that brothers.If you are minority in a place and in considerable numbers(Say 10%) you will feel fear at the same time you will try to do something to overcome the fear since you are in considerable amount.This is what happening in srilanka.

    Please do not say Tamil peoples are troublemakers only bcoz of LTTE.

    Since in india Muslims are minority they are doing terrorist activities.For that we cannot say all the muslims are bad.

    Same goes to LTTE.So please avoid saying tamils are bad,it hurts.This is my humble request.

  150. Shyam,

    You seem to have miss understood what I’m saying..

    I’m not talking about tank warfare.. Tanks need infantry support to be effective in irregular warfare.

    Our T-55 MBTs with SOI units from Reg’s like SR,GIR,CLI & VIR have had success in bunker busting operations where a combined infantry/armor task forces moves rapidly in support of each other to “destroy” enemy emplacements and as DN rightfully said not to take and hold land. They are not breaking through FDL and running Blitzkrieg towards EPS..they just took some bunkers out…I was commending them for their actions.

    What I was asking was about the RCLs and why we don’t see more of them? They might be old compared to ATGMs and new Shoulder Launched unguided rockets like the LAWs/RPG-26/PF-89 but they still can pack a terrible punch…

    And Btw mate..Sri Lanka never got tanks from Israel. & VP equipped the Victor units first with RPGs,LAWs AND the 84mm RCL which came from India.. India still has RCLs as company support arms…

    But I agree with you on one matter..the Mech wont be able to deliver as much as the army & media is making it out to look as… There are only few places (too few) were mech units can be used effectively.. in other areas they could end up been a liability like they found out in muhamali..last year

    Patriot aka..

    Thanks for the WW1 reminder

  151. My Dear PuLLi,

    Nice. But according to the reports, the story is like this.
    LTTE defense is like water melon my dear friend. All you can do is give some resistance, lose a few lives, take some WIA - turn and gallop for remaining lives.

    Oh and when SLA makes the correct push, I think the tone of all the terrorists contributors in the whole world would be extremely different!

  152. yes now its proved they have multi barrels...

    more to come...all ltte supportes go wild

    The Link

  153. Oh shit!! I forgot, we must finish the LTTE before US election.
    As you know; Only good things can out of this election for LTTE.
    Either its Obama or Hillary, win win situation for the TAMIL LTTE ARRRRGH!!!! :@ :@ :@ :@ :@

    Dont worry, in Mahinda you trust?

  154. why are my posts gone? there cant be another Mahinda Rajapase here?

  155. Yesterday, troops forced into LTTE positions ahead of Parappakandal defenses killing many militants (MOD says 19) including a woman LTTE leader called Sudarmalar and wounding over 30 others. Several LTTE bunkers were destroyed. The advancing troops were assisted with heavy artillery and MBRL fire. Today three LTTE terrorists were gunned down by army snipers in Mannar. Heavy sporadic clashes continuing in Vanni and Jaffna fronts, I heard. Army probes continue with heavy casualties to LTTE. Its getting heated up…

  156. casc,
    I dont think the north will vote for sangaree..they may remember his association with "brother vp" and his complicity in the death of that dear soul Mr alfred duriapppa..whom the tamil people loved.besides he is pretty old now isnt he?

  157. states that they used T-55 tanks in the current offensive but these seem much more robust for T-55 tanks..also there is something about the cannon...anyway i cant make head or tail of it:)

  158. Intelattack:
    You must be one of the professional distortionist working for the or You must be Muttaiah Muralitharan, judging by your spin.
    Anyways, I threw a straight stick. You bent it a bit and threw it aginst me without realising that it had become a boomerang and its on it way to knock you down. You would'nt even realise it as you are so adamant in looking away. God bless!

  159. Great news my dear voters.

    I can proudly announce that we have received the shipment of eight A-20 fighters from USA.
    All bought on money taken from tsunami aid.
    Here it is, enjoy!


    Puli & other Wanni eththo,

    Since you guys are jobless these days and rediculing the web space, I have found you a new job.

    Digging holes and burrying your fallen heros, because our soldiers find it difficult to hand-in them to Red Cross since it keep increasing the number of corpses found on dailly basis.

    Interested? Let us know.

    DN: "The SLA does not collect Tiger corpses in this area due to logistical problems in delivering them to ICRC."

  161. High School Athletes Buried in Sri Lanka


    Bishops repeat call for 'peace zone' after terror attack


    Six Lankan naval personnel killed by LTTE


  162. Btw,
    Do we have better plans than the US had AFTER capturing of Iraq? Remember US was able to capture Iraq but holding onto it prove it extremely difficult.

  163. This comment has been removed by the author.

  164. Srilankan,

    Regarding V. Anandasangaree

    The TULF old guard were actively supporting VP at one time, and VP was affectionately referred to as "Thambi" by many of them including Amithralingam. Many of the so called Tamil intellectuals were also actively supporting VP (i.e., Neelam Tiruchelvam). All that changed when VP started killing them. Although there are a few who still support the concept, this is down in a more subtle way. A few months ago, Dr Pakiasorthy Saravanamuthhu was at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington (an entity run by the pro-LTTE Dr Teresita Schafer, former US Ambassador to SL), talking about human rights, press freedom, in Sri Lanka). Little do these Tamil intelectuals realize that they will be all put before a firing squad if VP ever gets eelam.

    The provincial council Governor position is an appointed position, so President has the power to make that appointment. I heard that MR offered Anandasangaree the FM position at one time but he turned it down. Not sure if this is true or not. I belive he should be around 73. He was at Peradeniya with one of my family members. My family member says he was a left activist back then.

  165. iraq ain't never gonna happen cos iraq was sovereign nation which is actually real and has a long history so of cause there would be freedom fighters

    and ealam well you know

  166. casc nice to see a new profile image bro, avolokeshetwara bronze statue man that's a wonderul piece of art

  167. guys,
    there are very interesting photos on forum. take a look.

  168. defencenet and others,

    Sri Lanka May Be Heading For Military Stalemate
    Tuesday 05th of February 2008

    Is this true?

  169. nilvan,

    Sri Lanka may be heading for military stalemate

    I think the article is food for thought. Although I would not believe the reasoning for the assertions presented. I am skeptical that we will irradiate the LTTE in such a short time but I believe the article is assessing progress on a micro level without actually considering any military strategy.
    "But, strangely, these are not being deployed to break through Thenmarachchi, in the Jaffna region, capture the Elephant Pass,"
    this would be a good PR stunt but would not proove any military significance. A push towrds EP would be long and hard. after we capture it then what? it doesn't help us in any way becuase then we will have to push on to poonaryn area to silence LTTE artillery while still having to maintain a massive garrison at EP. It wouldn't be of any advantage.
    As for the push towards mannar... like they say "its a perihary of the periphary" and they would have had years to fortify it. after breaking through the minefield and FDL moving would be much faster. cuz they cant mine the whole district right?
    The only danger in my eyes is a co-ordinated attack by the LTTE. we are spread out too thin along the lines to repel a massive assualt. I hope there is a contingency plan. IO think the SLA is aware of this danger. they are knocking off the communications and logistics supply of the tigers to avert a massive co-ordinated attack.
    I think the reason for the delay on the other fronts might be because it is not a good idea to overextend the advance on only one front. this creates a bulge. If i was a LTTE commander I would let the SLA advance further in on one front, then surround them and assualt. I think SLA is aware of the way the LTTE operate.
    well thats my very long take on things... I would love to hear if anyone has any contrary views...

  170. machang,

    Read my extra long post immediate
    after yours..
    thats my take on things.

  171. patriot aka Senkadagala Sinhaya aka Dush,

    No i do not propose capturing land; i want the SLA to HARVEST the maximum number of terrorists a day, everyday.

    the defence strategy used by the SLA in Muhamalai serves neither purpose as i explained in my post above (same thread). tigers run away when we attack KNOWING FULLY WELL that they can come back without a fight after a few hours later. if they were forced to defend their vital FDLs without recourse to an easy return, they will fight like there is no tommorrow and we can HARVEST the maximum number of them in the process.

    in an earlier post i refered to the present muhamalai, etc. strategy as "paalu gei walang bindinawooooo"!! it was too harsh on some. so i didn't mention it in this thread.

    Nilvan, thanks for your article, it proves my point.

    Please understand that i'm not trying to be a traitor. but the reality is that certain things do not simply add up. the HUGE casualty figures given by the ministry of defence MAY NOT be true after all as there are NO confirmation on them. as you know the ONLY victory is LTTE casualties and not land grabbing per se. the absence of second or third party confirmation of at least that (tiger deaths - the only thing we have achived so far in the north) puts me in a very uneasy position.

    also i have ALOT of tamil friends and a few relatives. some of their relatives (old ones) are still in jaffna. they come to know the EXCAT situ. from the few people coming from vanni. although their talk gets pro-LTTE "additions" along the grapevine, the situ. there doesn't seem to favour GOSL in terms of defence.

    people in jaffna are in fear of a major LTTE attack one of these days and people in vanni are in fear of SLAF attacks.

    unless the offensive/defensive strategy changes soon, we are certainly heading for a STALEMATE.

    thanks tissa for the link.

  172. the following report is from TN. although i do not believe it 100% this news item is certainly plausible going by my assertions above.

    Tiger artillery barrage destroys SLA bulldozers
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 06 February 2008, 18:58 GMT]
    Sri Lanka Army bulldozers in Naakarkoayil Forward Defence Line, engaged in reconstructing damaged bunkers were smashed and destroyed in a targeted artillery barrage, LTTE Northern Forces Operations Command told media in Ki'linochchi Wednesday.

    A team of SLA soldiers with bulldozers, tractors and other vehicles were engaged in reconstructing their damaged bunkers in Naakarkoayil when LTTE launched an artillery and mortar attack Wednesday around 1:00 p.m.

    Casualty details were not known.

  173. moshe,

    there is one serious drawback in the strategy you are proposing...

    the key element to military success is to clearly define the goals of the operation... when you say inflict maximum casualties on LTTE, how do you clearly define that and give it as an order?
    I don't think it is a viable alternative.. we can't have SLA troops running around on the battlefield trying to kill as many LTTE as they can see.

  174. snakevi,

    thanks for your input. i think you maybe right but if this is going to be a long war then I'm not sure how long people can go on like this.

  175. machang,
    I think it's going to be a long war too... but some progress is still progress eh? even 8kms in 3 months is progress... so thats the bright side...
    I think even MR knows that its going to be a long war... but I don't think he can exactly come out and say it cuz he needs the peoples support...

  176. Defencenet

    Thank you for taking the steps to clean up this blog.

    I have told people here over and over again that responding to LTTE fools will only drag this blog down the gutter.

    I have told responsible bloggers here that you can respond to provocations from the LTTE fools from now till doomsday, and you will still not be able to change their minds.

    Some took the bait of the LTTE posters and responded which pretty much destroyed the flow of the blog.

    If bloggers are looking for a fight with LTTE posters, they can take it to LNP.

    THANKS for taking the steps you did to clean up this blog.

  177. snekavi,

    don't jump to conclusions; i didn't say "run after tigers in order to kill them".

    The objective is only too clear and easy to understand by anyone if it is about killing the max.

    of course, it will have to be executed at the operational level. SLA, LRRP, SLAF, SLN can have appropriate co-ordinated OPERATIONAL strategies depending on the situ. to cause maximum damage.

    we had this especially the fantastic op. in weli-oya in 1995 august led by ge. janaka perera. that is the type of op.s i want.

    take the eastern liberation. thousands of tigers were allowed to flee to fight another day!

    moshe dayan the great was a master in this at the 1967 war (may not be so at the 1973 one). he intercepted egyptian communication and found that the egyptian troops would with withdrawing from part of senai. normally when you withdraw you are LESS prepared for a battle than we you are on the offensive.

    this was enough for him; he sent the jets and whacked the fellows into dust.

    so it is not a wild hunt like a game hunt. but a series of well cordinated attacks that can bring in the maximum benefits per attack.

    LTTE's weakest point is cadres (you know they even use old people and minors the Diaspora cowards can never fight); therefore we must target that weakpoint to the MAX.

    plus we also need other op.s to accelerate the death of the LTTE.

  178. Moshe:

    "take the eastern liberation. thousands of tigers were allowed to flee to fight another day!"

    I have to disagree with you here mate!

    The biggest problem SLA had in the past was that we were too thinly spread out and LTTE were able to attack us on many fronts.

    So I think it was a clever strategy to go for land in the East and let LTTE guys escape (if we in fact did this!). This way we managed to liberate the East and now SLA can fight LTTE on a limited number of fronts (picked by SLA!) in the North.

    I think our strategy was spot on for Eastern province!

  179. Defencenet,

    I have a query! I remember we fought really hard to keep Elephant Pass during the time of Gen. Kobbekaduwa’s time. If it was a vital base back then, how come you are saying there’s no point in capturing it now?

  180. snakevi,

    A push towrds EP would be long and hard. after we capture it then what? it doesn't help us in any way becuase then we will have to push on to poonaryn area to silence LTTE artillery while still having to maintain a massive garrison at EP.

    The push to EP would be costly. Maintaining the FDL at EP however would take less effort in terms of manpower considering breath of the FDL at the isthmus. Bear in mind currently we are forced to maintain FDLs at Nagarkovil, Muhmulai in addition to keeping watch for intrusions via Kilali Lagoon.

    As you said, the EP will be vulnerable until LTTE artillery is taken out. However, they have two things going against them wrt their artillery. The supply of shells may be dwindling. In addition, the airforce will be hovering with FLIR and laser designators whenever they expose their big guns. Therefore I think there is a possibility of taking a calculated risk by taking on EP.

    In terms of PR, we need to show we are meeting milestones in the battlefront. Everyday bunker busting and attrition works well, however if the IC senses things are heading for a stalemate, they will take the support away for the ops and insist on negotiating on existing ground realities.

  181. moshe,

    do you realise that if the LTTE launch a co-ordinated strike on us hat we won't be able to hole them off.. maybe 500 crack carders can seriously hamper the war effort if they did a surprise attack... that is why SLA is probing around in the north.. trying to drain troops from mannar and vavuniya to defend EP.
    when EP is LTTe hands it is in fact better for us at the moment cua they need 500 to 1000 carders to hold the base. If we take EP its a dead end. we can really continue the assualt without over extending ourselves and endangering the jaffna peninsula... if LTTE retake jaffna we lost the war!
    so I ask you again, how do you suggest you go about inflicting more casualties to th LTTE...?

  182. panhinda,
    I see where you are coming from mate..
    but you also got to realise that the PR stunts in the past is what got us to this sorry state remember we took jaffna is 5 months? that was a great PR stunt.

    EP in our hands will serve no military advantage.. right now LTTE have to hold EP because they can't afford to lose face with the IC and Diaspora. so they have to maintain a large number of battle hardened troops there. as long as we keep probing at the FDLs those troops are essentially tied down and out of the war.
    remember tigers have no skill in defense. Attacking EP might even be easier than holding it.
    my point is EP being in the hands of the LTTE might serve us better at the currunt stage... (militarily... not so much politically)
    I am always skeptical of military decisions taken for political purposes. although i admit in some cases it is necessary.. we should pick our battles well

  183. Defnet.. Finally, ya doing something abt. these imposters buggers! Good Job !

    My ? why in the world do GOSL bring our whole darn OPV's,Battle Tanks & Air Assets to Independence parades? Well, dammit we have full blown battles going on mannar, Vavu & Mahamu doesnt anyone have the common sense ? Theses equipment cost big bucks ! If I'm not mistaken "SLN Kandula" got sunk off Mulletivu with 2 T 55 MBT right in 2000 after returning MBT's from a Parade? So, why the heck go to all that trouble to SHOWOFF right in the middle of on going operations ?

    Dont make Sense ! But, My hat's off to our armed forces man, they sluggin it out during the monsoon ! Now that takes balls !
    PS : Read Feb.Air Force Monthly Mi24 Article !

  184. Some of you are obviously confounded by media reporting that is designed to cause such confusion, particularly in western minds. The article abt a 'military stalemate' is one such.

    The tigers are facing doubtless decimation. There's no way in hell they can reverse the course of the push that's against them and the only hope is for interference from abroad to stop their total annihilation and gain a breathing space for the usual come back later. They are desperate for such a life line.
    There is a reason for the media reports such as "there's no definite winner on the horizon" that the BBC (Bitches, Boobs and Cunts) and the ass holes at AFP trot out from time to time. After we took the fight to the AFP honchos office here in the US, they wound-down the terror pandering crap to some extent. Even then, some others still continue. The intention is to provide a constant feed of information to the world claiming the Sri lankan governemnt will never be able to counter the tigers.
    The civillian killings by the LTTe is also geared towards emphasising that message. To the western minds, if you cannot win by fighting, the best way forward is thru negotiation. When they tell us to negotiate, these guys mean well. Even though it pisses us off.
    Where the terrorists killing civillians is concerned, to them that's the 'nature of the beast' and that explains the unexplaiable to the sudda who's next big idea is either money, food, sex or buying stuff. They call that 'life'.
    This is why it is important to emphasise and carry out the message to the world that the LTTE is dying; it is already theoretically dead even among its own believers, and is simply a mortally wounded animal thrashing around in its death-throes. There are going to be some casualties in the final elimination of the beast.

    Obama and Clinton helping the LTTe is a day dream. thinking of Clinton helping tamil tigers when she'd sell her mother for her own benefit makes me wanna cry.

  185. snakevi,

    As you said, maintaining the current FDL at the peninsula is costly for both sides. But I think the our folks can afford the cost whilst its more of the burden on them. Its not they are not good at defending, but they have issues with man power. In that respect it would be advantageous for us to keep the FDL as it is.

    Maintaining the current FDL may suit us now, but if things change, we have to step in quickly and take advantage when opportunities come knocking on our door.

    We must have clear objectives but always asses/re-align strategies according to changing political and military conditions.

  186. There's some sort of a revolt in Vanni by the S.K....s

  187. golden eagle,

    Some of you are obviously confounded by media reporting that is designed to cause such confusion, particularly in western minds. The article abt a 'military stalemate' is one such.

    Its all about perceptions. The perception and reality may not be always in sync. The LTTE have always been brilliant specially with TamilNet in changing perceptions despite the reality. They have a combination of fantastic English language skills combined with political and media savyness pack a puch the govt has not even come close to combatting. PR and media in fact represents a significant part of the battle. I believe we can half or even reduce further costs of winning against LTTE if we clean up our PR side of things.

  188. Moshe Dyan,

    You sound gloomby these days, mate; I think it is quite unnecessary.

    If I recollect correctly, this was triggered off when the army attacked the Kilali / Muhamalai FDL and then retreated, only to find that the Tigers were back, at least partially.

    According to my man, there was no intention of capturing Elephantpass at that point; divulging anything beyond this sentence, amounts to the betrayal against our heroic armed forces. So, mate, it is 'full stop' there - no more information.

    So, once again I urge you not to downbeat about the progress and continue with your valuable contribution.

    There is no reason to believe that the slow progress is a coded-word for clueless; far from it. General Fonseka said clearly 'We are not in a hurry,' in public and we must believe in what he said.

    I never thought they would sort out the East and they did. The UNP made a big fuss about the success of the military campaign, when a group of ambassadors had a close shave at a time, when the government claimed that 90% of the East was liberated; we recovered from that too. I am glad that the insults - both local and international - have not taken their toll on our forces and the forward march goes on at a steady pace.

    Metaphorically speaking, if the present team is the solar system, in it, MR plays the role of the Sun while the armed forces act like planets; where is gravity - the glue - then? It is our you-love-or-hate Gota. Don't forget folks that in the absense of gravity, the planets move along tangents into oblivion.

    This is what happened in the past 30 years - what we can distinctly identify as the pre-MR era.

    So, let's strengthen this arrangement.

  189. Why do so many people think there is a risk of LTTE taking Jaffna?

    How can the LTTE take it when there are 50K troops and tens of thousands of police there?

    What is everyone "thinking"? That 2000 "crack" cadres of LTTE can bust through our defenses and beat back 50k tooops (that are backed by MBRLs, tanks, airforce, etc.). The narrow strips leading to Jaffna (Then-and-Vada-maarachi) are perfect for bombarding with bombs, MBRLs, airforce etc.

    I don't think LTTE has a chance of taking Jaffna. Which makes me wonder why we have 50k troops there. What exactly are these 50k doing? It seems like we have too many troops there.

  190. This comment has been removed by the author.

  191. tropical storm,
    couldn't have spoken my mind better myself...

  192. KBS, you are spot on, in your assesment. Some guys are needlessly downbeat.

    There is a reason to station 50k at this stage; but my lips are sealed, if you know what I mean.

    Hold your breath, mate!

  193. Panhinda,
    ok, say we hold the current line...
    wht do you suggest we do about the LTTE artillery out of poonaryn?
    Dig in while they shell us day and night....?
    or push forward and take them out?
    eitherway, sitting on our ass on our FDL serves the same purpose as holding theirs! without the casualties....

  194. Easy solution....

    Amphibious attack on K-point. K-point is a long thing strip of "sandy" land. Perfect for landing some naval assault groups and taking out the bunkers.

    That's if K-point is where they are really launching the artillery from. There were some rumours that LTTE have "extended range" shells and are now launching from nearer to the mainland. Either way, an amphibious assault can work.


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