Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another batch of "Sinhala Tigers" undergoing training in Wanni

Few months ago a startling revelation was made when police made a crackdown on a clandestine organization working alongside with the Tamil Tigers. The organization which was named Revolutionary Liberation Front (Viplawakari Vimukthi Peramuna) was lead by Singhalese some of whom even had government jobs. Hence they were better known as the 'Sinhala tigers'. This organization has been blamed for at least two bus bombings, assassination of minister D.M Dasanayake, transportation of explosives and firearms into Colombo, providing cover for black tigers and various other smaller incidents such as isolated grenade attacks carried out disrupt civilian life. 

Although it was common for various individuals and underworld gangs to support the LTTE for money, no one had gone as far as the Sinhala tigers. They planned for a large scale coup and at least 6 of their members had received military training from LTTE bases in Kilinochchi and Mullaithiv.

Although initial police and military intelligence raids saw the capture of several top level leaders of this organization, one key figure in charge of their military wing has evaded capture so far. Adding to the MI's woes, latest reports indicate that another batch of members from this organization is currently undergoing military training in Wanni. Initial revelations made by the female suspect who was arrested for Dambulla bus bombing have now been confirmed through several other sources. Deputy leader of LTTE's intelligence service, Kapil Amman, is said to be in charge of this group. The exact number of personnel in this batch or their objectives after completion of training are still not clearly known.


  1. Is this not a golden opportunity to infiltrate MI opperatives into LTTE the LTTE heartland? Having them pose as 'Sinhala Tiger' recruits?

    Or is LTTE screening to thorough for this to work?

  2. Good point jack; you mean MOSSARD style!!

    It should be easier to deter Sinhala FIGHTING tigers for the following reasons.

    1. most likely they are less committed than 'Tamil' tigers for obvious reasons - they stand to gain nothing

    2. their families are living in govt. controlled areas exposing them and their families to revenge attacks

    3. unlike in the case of Tamil tigers, less protective mechanisms are available to protect them once caught

    4. if money motivated them (which is VERY likely), money can motivate them back to their 'fold'.

    but there are reasons to make things harder to detect them.

    1. language proficiency.
    2. "reputation" in their society to be "good" citizens
    3. already acquired access to various important places

  3. In cases like these it is ok to resort to unconventional tactics to neutralize folks such as these.
    Everyone of these would of course have loved ones....

    Might as well give each of these bastards a REAL reason to hate us.

  4. Are they members of LTTE?
    Or are they just help/ work for LTTE?
    Do they get paid? or other benifits?
    What was the reason? Is it money, political or both?

    Sinhala tigers may be LTTE's next surprise for us! If properly managed this will be most dangerous whepon of LTTE nest to black tigers.

    On the other hand if LTTE expand this stratergy this problem can't be any more named as an 'ethnic' problem and things become easy for SLA.

    If SLA give trye solutions no problrms from UN/IC/HR champions since 'sinhalese don't have human rights'.

  5. Defencenet,

    In what time period they jave joined LTTE? I guess during CFA.

    Do they have an political objective such as taking power / revelution like JVP tried in 71 with help of LTTE and establish socalist/maxist whatever?

  6. Guys,

    abarip asked me the following:

    You, to me, sound like a perfect gentleman to the outside world who practises some eccentricities under the safe cover of a pseudonym.
    Can I ask your opinion on the following core issues, please?
    (1) Do you believe that Tamils have a right to self determination? If not, why?
    (2)What is your real concern about Letting the Tamils have Eelam?
    (3)Why do you think the Tamil should trust the Sinhalese dominated Government to give them a guaranteed justice?

    My answer:

    1) Tamils have a right to self-determination within a united country. How far do you want to go from what is on offer at the moment, set out by the Indo-Lanka agreement? Provincial council is a reasonable alternative. Of course, the foreign policy, policing and tax issues must be determined by the centre. I think, my interpretation of self-determination can co-exist with united Sri Lanka.

    2) Pretty simple, my brother. It is unrealistic. Tigers have been fighting for it for well over 30 years and what did they achieve? They kept on fighting on the false assumption that the majority will keep quiet indefinetly while keeping their tail between the legs. They got it wrong; when you lot shore up the nationalistic sentiments, extremist elements from the majority inevitably start doing the same; no race has a monopoly on this game. So, moderates like most of the bloggers here have to go through another few decades of torture to appease a few nutters. Sorry, mate we are not prepared to do that. We need peace in our life time. Eelam is a day dream; I can't encourage you to indulge in it. It is wrong.

    In the hypothetical world,even if you got your Eelam, Eastern folks would have left you in the lurch by now. Look what happened with Kaurna & Co. As soon as they switched loyalties, Tigers were kicked out from the East. You can't hide the animosities between the folks from the North and those from the East, no matter how elaborate sentiments you use, to the contrary. The gap is too wide, to fill by those nicecities. So, in-fighting is inevitable and the Eelam will go into labour to give birth to a second Eelam, by cesarian. A scenario of that kind, then spills over to us again, in one form or another. Eelamists are very ambitious folks by nature, who will not stop their adventure, just at North and East. They may extend their sympatheis to other areas of the country as well; the upcountry, for instance. So, sowing seeds of division in another section of the country. Will they stop at that? No, then Tamilandu followed by Malaysia, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway and even Switzerland. This is empire building my friend; Prabhakaran has Dravidian instincts for a global empire. If you don't call this development worrying, I have to invent a word for it, after brushing up my linguistic skills. Eelamists are not for unity, but for division. That is not the way the world move, my mate. It is in the opposite direction. You create borders, when borders disappear in the rest of the world.

    3) In the past, Tamils have the ability to rise in ranks in the pubic services, including the police and judiciary. We had a Tamil Chief Justice and a Tamil IGP. It shows that an aspiring Tamil can go up in rank to the highest echelon of power. However, only one citizen can reach those places at a time. I am sure, the lucky individual is not selected by tossing a coin or random picking from a hat. It happens on merit. Tamils are in judiciary at all levels. Do you think they should leave en masse from the system they don't trust? What do you think about our Chief Justice who takes a hard line, if he sense traces of injustice against minorities?

    You have a problem mate. You lot always talk about Tamils and only Tamils. Don't you think the world may think that you are the biggest racist in the planet? I have to tell you that this struggle has lost its spark; it just creates bordom mate. The world has more burning issues than focusing on this narrow selfish goal.

    Finally, you have just given me a bit of compliment in your introduction for taking cover under a pseudonym. You are the only guy in this blog who writes in his real name - abarip!!!. If my penis get a jerk after hearing this, you are quick to place that reflex action into the bin of eccentricities. This is prejudice in disguise, the very thing you accuse my race of.

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  8. lkhood/mottapala, check this.

  9. Sinhala Tigers

    I know many Sinhala Tigers in SL and in UK. Their only difference with 'this batch' in training is, they don't carry arms. Nevertheless they cause death of innocents by proxy.

    Some of those people who getting trained in Vanni may be doing it for a political cause. But my Sinhala Tiger friends do their 'work' for money and other worldly gains only.

    They mingle with others disguised as members of some foreign agencies, journalists, politicians or BBC employees. By nature of their work they can always operate with a safety buffer which legally safeguards them in case of exposure.

    Conductive background for their work is always facilitated by LTTE or its associates. (But being a good talker always helps). In return for their service, they may get money, foreign tours, British passport or personal services from LTTE women carderes.

    But the carrier is not without occupational hazzards. If they don't manage to leave the country before the 'End of Useful-Life' for the organisation, they run the risk of getting killed by the very same LTTE and 'credited' to the government account.

    (Please do not misidentify genuine peace loving civiliance as my above mentioned friends. Distinction is- my those friends have made money or benefitted in other ways through their activities, visibly arrogant and shameless)

  10. Qrious,


    But i disagree on one thing.

    "Tamils have a right to self-determination within a united country."


    Only Sri Lankans AS A WHOLE have the right of self-determination.

    the term "self-determination" has an accpted meaning world-wide. it means SELF-RULE. There cannot be a UNITED ONE COUNTRY if races within a country get self-determination.

    it's the same cake; you either have it nice and round or eat it.

  11. MosheDyan,

    I implied my definition of self-determination in the post. I made it as vague as possible before it drowns the main bits of the post.

  12. Moshe Dyan,

    Can "self-determination" not mean power sharing as seen in India or in the UK (e.g. Scottish Parliament)?

  13. Qrious; good work. But I agree with MosheD.

    'Mavilaru' was a good example how it would be at our borders with Ealam if it ever comes to exist.

    With no clear demarcation (because nature intended so)and Tamilnadu power politics coming in to prey, such borders will be worse than Indo-Pakistan borders with never ending claims and counter claims.

    Sri Lanka will not have the state of mind to develop the country but to fight for survivel and spend only on arms for ever. That may be the script written by the West for us.

  14. //Tamils have a right to self-determination within a united country.//


    The term 'internel self determination' came up in Geneva during CFA talks. Self determination means basicaly the choice of an given 'minority' to be seperated and form another country. (It's political and not about 'deciding what to eat, what to wear, what job to do etc.) This is a theory done by Lenin etc to give a framework to work in for those ethnic groups who wanted seperate country. Self determination within united country is contradictary.

    And giving self det. means the main state need to agree to accept such a concept as a right of a given minority. i.e. Whenever the minority says we will seperate from you, it is granted. I don't know any country given self det. to tamils. Tamils can easily claim self det. for tamilnadu from india based on historical reasons but it is unlikely to center accept such a claim within next 50 years. Had all tamils migrated to one province in Canada or Australia then again a possibility after say 50 years. Self det. is rejected in SL for NE becuz there is no historical evidence to support their claims and the available evidence prove other wise.

  15. Adding to earlier post--

    Under the philosophy of socialism they beleived combining many smaler states into one big state (as possible) make their theory works. More economical benifits; compared to work seperately for a same goal. But under such one big state there will be many different ethnic groups-minorities. So the theory self determination justifies the initial merge. i.e. Let's work together, but if you guys don't like you can leave and have your seperate country at your chioce. So once the USSR collapsed they formed their countries back.

    This concept was developed within that framework and now it is applied else where too. But it is hardly applicable to tamils (outside tamilnadu). Tmailnadu was tamil's kingdom. Similary Bengalese, Malayalees, etc all had seperate kingdoms in 'india' and British combimed all of them for administrative purposes and created one india which exist today. So not only tamils but also many others lost their own country. If tamils want a seperate country they should find it in tamilnadu not anywhere in this world.

    (This arguemt intentionaly mis-presented as 'go back to tamilnau/go back to arab etc)

  16. Guys,

    If the following explanation of "self-determination" is correct, then it doesn't apply to Sri Lanka!

    "Self determination means basically the choice of an given 'minority' to be separated and form another country."

    Here's why:

    - It's not practical and this is not a choice offered to any minority by a sovereign country. Say for example, all the Asians who live in Britain move to some city (say Bradford!) and ask for a referendum to be separated by Britain citing discrimination at the hands of English. Will British government ever hold a referendum, NO! In this case discrimination is real but government will not offer independence. This is not practical anywhere in the world as minorities everywhere will want their own country and this will cause utter chaos and anarchy in this world.

    - In places where such a right exists, historically there has been an "act of union". For example, Scottish people can vote to be separated from Britain, but this is only because Scotland used to be a separate country and Britain was formed by the "Act of Union". I believe the case in Quebec is similar. In Sri Lanka this does not apply as Sri Lanka (or Ceylon) was not formed by amalgamating "Lanka" & "Tamil Eelam"!

  17. DefenceNet

    What's the verified head count from the air strike on the LTTE boat storage joint? There are different stories circulating that the hit was on a civillian settlement (pro-Tiger) versus that a batch of terror honchos have been creamed.

    Also the story re; Velu's leg has two versions, that he's already lost a leg versus it's gotta go soon or else.

    Gangrene is nice news when it happens to a brute like this, and hopefully it'll kill him slowly. That's a whole lot better than a sudden kick-off leading to a clinical transfer of power...let there be a slow fall apart giving time for the innocents to escape the outfit...

  18. parakrama,

    "Can "self-determination" not mean power sharing as seen in India or in the UK (e.g. Scottish Parliament)?"

    If the case of UK, the Scottish parliament does not have any powers for UNFETTERED legislation and their legislation can be easily overridden by UK. In the 1990s UK tried powersharing with in a unitary state. however, the SNP (Scottish national party) now demands SD to which UK says NO.

    In India SD is not mentioned. Federalism ranks much lower than SD.

    SD is part of International Law and it has one world-wide meaning. Like ninja explained "internal" SD would work perfectly well in a communist or colonial (both are similar!!!) setting as there is a big power sitting above who ACTUALLY SLASHES SD. But even that in practice is a complete lie. Lituvenia, Latvia, Estonia wanted to leave SU but were not allowed.

    SD = self-rule in all practical terms. And this the IC's understanding as well. Kosovo's SD was recognised by some. One may say Kosovo still is in the serbian national electricity/water grid; serbia has development plans for kosovo; serbia may even protect kosovo if croatia for instance invades it.


    SL politicos and others just mince words to tone down the evil.

  19. Good reply to the "questionnaire" Qrious!
    It's true how the so called "Tamil Representatives" forget to address the issue of racism committed by their own folks, trying desperately to prove racism by the Sinhalese; as seen by abarip's questions.
    We should realize this. If it's a united Sri lanka that is agreed upon, their can't be any issues of self-determination by one ethnic group, be it a minority or majority. Instead there can be an issue of discrimination, as which existed in the past which resulted in this disgusting, self-destructive war. Mechanisms will have to be implemented to avoid such mistakes, if a unitary state is to achieved, before a compromise is reached by the peaceful Tamils. Any government cannot come to an agreement with a party that knows to talk only with their guns, and sediments to military means whatever peaceful solution is given to them to stop waging war.
    All Tamils should realize that they can't expect the government to lose this war militarily. Instead, they should support the peaceful Tamil leaders who can sit at a table and discuss matters rather than command subordinates to "go get what's best for our cause and come!", when negotiation is called for.
    So,appealing to all the Tamil expatriates and Tamil Sri lankan citizens, do not support the LTTE , if you want your relatives to live in peace in sri lanka, and if the refugees want to return to Sri Lanka. If the LTTE exists it will only worsen the conflict between the two ethnicities,and would stagnate there!

  20. Moshe Dyan,

    Thanks for the explanation! This is what I thought (see my previous post). This "right" only exists in reality in countries which have been formed by merging few smaller countries together. This clearly does not apply to Sri Lanka!

  21. On a lighter note SD is like the right of each marriage partner to divorce.

    If they CAN live peacefully in one house they can live; still as divorced parties possibly with separate spouses.

    If they want to live in seperate houses that is still fine.

    Believe me some divorced couples live in the same house with new spouses and children as well. they get on very well with each other.

    but most divorces as SD happens when parties CANNOT live together peacefully for each others' development. then inevitably it means complete legal PLUS PHYSICAL seperation.

    if SD is granted to tamils (its geographically impossible too), SL has no power, right or decency to ask them to stay within SL.

  22. There is a large number of tamils who want to be sri lankan; they ASK NOTHING; THEY WANT NOTHING; THEY DEMAND NOTHING an average sinhala fellow would not.

    Thanks to our IDIOTIC politicians who have always bypassed the interests of these tamils, they are virtually stumpped for loving SL.

    Before attending to the demands of even MODERATE tamil leaders who still ask federalism, etc. i think SL should first attend to the above category.

    By federalism, seperation and other racially divisive means we run the risk of losing them forever.

    If we lose them it is worse than losing an army camp.

    Honestly i dream of a day when one of them becomes the president of SL.

  23. A lot of people still miss the point; In Sri Lanka, the minorities will have only what the majority will willingly give.

    That's the unmistakeable fact arising from everything we've seen in over two decades of cinflict. Let there not be any doubt.

    Sri Lankans, you need to tell your law makers to tell the world that in no uncertain terms.

  24. Properly word it is right of self dtermeination, so RSD.

    The concept RSD looks like democretic, liberal one and nothing wrong or should accepted one. But there should be some historicl back ground behind the claim for RSD. (If every country present accepted RSD then there will be a new country weekly.) That's why tamils claim that bogus histroy, accepted by boss, upul, silva etc and not by any one else.

    According to that, eelam (N/E/puththalam/yalam...) and SL were two countries, british combined them for admin purposes but gave independence as one country, now in present SL tamils get discriminated (everyday, becuz everyday they think about 83 etc), so need the eelam back. But atleast british know what they did, how and when they created these provinces etc so cliam rejected.

    Actually tamils tried seperation in tamilnadu and the center gave the treatment. Then they choose SL/NE as SL was the weakest state among south africa, singapore, malasia where tamils live in laks.

    Some put RSD similer to 'divorce'-easy to understand but don't forget RSD is political issue not a private issue of any one.

    If you read carefully tiger comments here you will see they are brainwashed fully by LTTE theories. (One guy claimed here tamils have RSD in eelam and western countries. He didn't know at least the meaning of RSD.)

    Qubec has RSD but defeated in the poll. But it is actually a joke this white people enjoying RSDs after stealing the some one else land.

    Our leftist guys protest asking GOSL to accept RSD for tamils. The propaganda is like GOSL is keeping some thing belongs to tamils and rejecting give it back. They put their theory in high rank than the sougenity of country.

  25. SLDF within striking distance of Mullaitivu...Can someone confirm this?

  26. "Actually tamils tried seperation in tamilnadu and the center gave the treatment. Then they choose SL/NE as SL was the weakest state among south africa, singapore, malasia where tamils live in laks."


    "Some put RSD similer to 'divorce'-easy to understand but don't forget RSD is political issue not a private issue of any one."

    i did it to illustrate SD and in fact when teaching international law, even the lecturers so!! but then that is only for law students.

    but thanks for pointing out; RSD does not come as easy as a marriage partner's right to divorce his/her spouse!!! its a collective (political) issue.

    Historical evidence is not the only way to assert RSD as evidenced from Quebec. The poll that defeated a seperate state (it didn't defeat RSD) by less than 1% is not the last poll, another is on the way.

  27. It is a day to celebrate. GOSL has captured Million Sami alias GPS Sami.

    This is KPs right-hand man who coordinates all the arms procurement and logistics of LTTE.

    Almost all the GPS equipment and electronic equipment for detonating claymores came to north through his direct acompliances who came through Katunayake.

    This is a very very big fish of LTTE international arms procurement network.

    Once the GOSL caught Charles Gnanakoon, another top-notch terrorism funders and money managers of LTTE who was a master funder of Kadiragamar assassination, and let go after Chandrika being accused of taking millions of $ in return. Hope this catch would not slip away like the same.

  28. tropicalsotrm,

    what's your sourse?

  29. R*fard&C*ble said...
    It is a day to celebrate. GOSL has captured Million Sami alias GPS Sami.

    The photos on Defencenet speak volumes. Defencenet also says he owns a shipping line and that he has a Singapore passport.

  30. It seems like GOSL is listening to the bloggers here. Many LTTE terrorists who are based abroad and Sri Lanka use Katunayake Airport as their parent's airport thanks to the corruption in the airport and inefficiencies in our own intel network.

    This is the first and the first is a very big one!

  31. I mean to say that many bloggers highlighted the importance of managing our airport well in intel aspect in the recent past.

    Now we see some of things happening.

    Whether we said it or not, it is need of the hour and GOSL must take action.

  32. Tropical Storm,

    "SLDF within striking distance of Mullaitivu...Can someone confirm this?"

    I believe you mentioned the ground forces strike.

    Else, obviously we have been in striking distance by Air and Sea.

    I heard that Weli-oya front is doing really well.

    Army would need six months to get to Mullative... It is reasonable given the limited resources we have.

  33. abarip you are taking this forum some other side. Anyway these questions are very tempting.

    (1) Do you believe that Tamils have a right to self determination? If not, why?

    Definition for self-determination is "all peoples have the right [to] freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development" according to wikipedia. Would you mind explaining how SL government taking out your self-determination right now?

    (2)What is your real concern about Letting the Tamils have Eelam?

    This is not the answer to the problem. Creating ethnically separate body inside in a country will create whole lot of problems to the both parties. What will happen the Tamil people who are residing in other parts of the country. Will Eelam will accept them or do they really go in to their? Also then all other minorities will ask separate states. Keep remember Tamils are not the only minority who is staying Sri Lanka for a long period of time. If it is happened one day it will be going to create more bigger wounds than current situation. The suspicion between Tamils & Sinhalese not going to end overnight, it is going to create never ending battle for borders. In side of your Eelam dream is there any other political parties other than LTTE ideology? So no democracy at all. To survive as a separate country there must be some unique economic resource too (may be that is why LTTE asking 2/3 of SL ocean). I always honor Tamils as very intelligent and hard working people. But this is very greedy. To me it is something created by in your mind by greedy politicians.

    (3)Why do you think the Tamil should trust the Sinhalese dominated Government to give them a guaranteed justice?
    Finally are who are you going to trust? Everybody will trust themselves only for 100%. Every country has their own minorities and they have problems. But they are using their own political tactics to solve their problems. Why you people can't do it. See how Hakeem and Thondamen do it in democratic way in the parliament. I am sure Jaffna tamils would be able to do it better way.

    This is my abstract solution:

    If we are going to give something in to the Tamils that should be given to the every citizen in SL. That means some kind of government structure which can resolve common man's day to day life without getting caught in to the racial issues. All law enforcement should done to fulfill this task. Finally that common man's idea decide country's path.

    I am not sure majority in this forum will like to continue this discussion in this forum since this is a defence related one.

  34. Striking distance of Mullatheevu district? Yes.

    Mullatheevu town? No. Still some heavily defended distance from border of the district to the town.

  35. Guys, is reporting that a local TV station has tried to discredit the GoSL and the Security Forces by highlighting the arrest of Sami as another "White Van" abduction carried out against a "innocent tamil civillian"...

    We all very well know that the TV station is SIRASA!
    These guys at Sirasa have done this many times in the past, they are carrying out a
    vicious campaign to promote Eelam!
    This is very dangerous and needs to be stopped soon.
    Cant the defence authorities take action against this and ban Sirasa TV, just like they did with Sun FM, for reporting a false LTTE attack in the south!

  36. Sirasa is going to hit a banana tree soon!

    The Maharajah Group owns Sirasa, and the Maharajah group still consider themselves as Elite Indian.

    "Hurting Maharajah means hurting Indian Gods"..

    That is what they play up on us!

  37. Guys,

    Start monitoring AFP reporting style again..

    When some Sri Lankans took their issue recently to AFP Head Office, suddenly the LTTE Payroll Goons at AFP South Asian Sub Edit Desk started behaving like baby kittens. Now the heat of the exposure has faded away and again they have become typical LTTE Pussies.

  38. Without banning maharaja TV, radio stations, their assests must be confiscated and handed back to the private sector under their previous names to run.

    that way media freedom is protected and so is national security.

    no wonder they made a big fuss!!!


  39. Cant the defence authorities take action against this and ban Sirasa TV,?

    One thing is they are smart enough to avoid mistakes like in the sun FM. They know up to which level they can go and they use it in a maximum way. I'm not telling it is right.
    Other thing is MR is going this journey on a cable. he don't wanna to create more chaos by banning without a really GOOD reason, in which govt. can justify.

    But Govt. will give no sympathy if that kind of reason arises.

    How nice would be the world if all are good ppl. but reality is far away from that.

  40. Lankaenews reported;

    White van gang in police uniform abduct a foreigner

  41. Last night Sirasa Wimarsana at 7.00 pm News, put a big Black Mark on our brave solders.

    Part only i could listen.. finally they said "Amudhapathithumani me obe awadhanaya pinisai...."

    My personal opinion is Sirasa is a Pro-LTTE media.

  42. slpoweer,
    I agree with you... these guys at Sirasa are very smart.
    They always go for the kill after getting all the proof
    to back their anti-government and anti-SL forces news
    But I have this feeling this time that there is a
    small window of opportunity with the GPS Sami story
    for our guys to exploit and attack Sirasa!
    May be a job for our legal guys...

  43. Check this out...

    Muththusami Ilankoowan alias Sami

  44. Months ago one person in our area abducted by White van,
    and at the same day it was telecast by sirasa TV as another sad story and his relatives are crying.

    Two days later only,
    all the people in our area got to know he is an underworld drug businessmen. and finnaly it was a funny story telecast by Sirasa TV.

    I think 99% White van abductions are very well calculated.

  45. Guys,

    You guys only talk about Sirasa.The Tamil and the English versions of Sirasa are doing the same job.Perhaps the Tamil one(Shakthi)is worser than the Sinhala version. Just watch the Shakthi TV news builtin.You do not need to understand the language!

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. VAVUNIYA (TE) -- Bodies of fourteen Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadres killed in a week of fighting were received via the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) on Wednesday.

    All fourteen were killed along the frontlines to the south of Vanni.

    At the same time, the bodies of three Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers recovered by the LTTE were handed over to the ICRC.

    On this occasion the Sinhalese refrained from performing their traditional funeral dance, reports say.

    The savage funeral dance includes acts of mutilating dead bodies and parading them naked in public.

    Historians say that the 'unique dance' is derived from the Mahavamsa, a Quaran like ancient chronicle, by which most of Sri Lanka's Sinhala Buddhists live.

    The dance was last preformed around the bodies of 20 LTTE cadres who died during a daring raid on a Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) base last October.

    T editors

  48. We all talk about Sirasa being second home to LTTE, what about Leader publications?
    They are too following the same path, thinking they can get a Media ministry when the “Kolam” established.
    I found this article in Morning Leader:

    Its claiming that Major General Parakrama Pannipitiya has charged and his security has been seriously compromised by Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka.
    Whats the truth behind this? Can any one answer pls.?

    And if you go through that article, you can find that LTTE military spokesperson I. Ilanthirayan directly talking to Morning Leader. I thought that monkey only talking to Tamilnet.
    Sooo many connections….!!!
    Calvin aka chbalk

  49. Guys,

    Thanks for the response regarding my post to abarip.

    With regard to this Ilakoopn guy, I see a disturbing development: he has been in the country for well over six months before being caught. The way he pulls wool over the eyes of cops is a mystery, that must be addressed by the defence authorities as a matter of urgency. I am sure he is in the country with a lot of cash in hand to dispose of when the need arises. The euphoria that broke out on his arrest just reflects that. My guess is he has some connection with the political establishment that accounts for the lucky escape for so long.

    With regard to Sirasa TV, people have to boycott it. Unfortunately, the state run channels do not provide a credible alternative. What Rupavahini and ITN should to is making the themselves relevent to the needs of people, not doing the stuff that makes people bored. I know some people do not watch news on these channels, because of the disproportionate emphasis on the ruling government's propaganda, no matter who was in power. That is the culture that should be changed.

    I think the liscencing process of TV station smells fiasco. Even in well developed countries, there are certain guidelines when it comes to politicising news broadcasting. We are paying the price for handing them out to goons, while appearing to be politically correct to the outside world.

    No wonder, when that despicable woman ruled the country, even nature delivered its wrath on us in the form of a tsunami.

  50. can anybody otherthan tiger ass lickers point me where in mahawansa is there a reference to this "unique dance' is derived from the Mahavamsa"
    these baberic idiots in tamilnet claiming about????

  51. has tamilnet become fully dedicated to diaspora clown community? putting stupid articles like this???

  52. @ Attack is the Best Defence

    Pirabaharan always afraid of Mahawansaya, so as these boot lickers. we don't wanna to take those to consideration..

  53. attack, link pls.

  54. Slpower, quite true....

    I have read quite abit of mahawansaya and chuulawansaya.... so There was no such things there
    but TN begal desabanava attha wage mavala....
    so anyone who has not read it might be fooled.

  55. Was refering to the text that was pasted here by dev

    "VAVUNIYA (TE) -- Bodies of fourteen Liberation"

  56. That was in TE

  57. I thought is considered as a joke site like

    Usually 'outsiders' don't read such sites.

  58. Dev,

    "On this occasion the Sinhalese refrained from performing their traditional funeral dance, reports say."

    is this sarcasm or did the article actually say it?

  59. joke junk

    DN pls have a look at this crap.(If u have time to waste)

  60. Guys,

    This is Mahavamsa for reference purposes.

  61. Sometimes it is confusing sarcasm, insultation and the truth. Boundaries are not clear between sarcasm and insulting some times. I don't think professional journalism includes sarcasm apart from 'columns'. When you read it's clear it's about sarcasm may be kind of insulting too. is about truth and lies but both proffesional. is for dia-ass-pora who left SL at age 5 (like boss, silva, shayam). If such people read TE they might beleive it. TE combined truth, lies, insulting, sarcasm and everything and give a soup to young diasspora so they stay cool and pay tax despite anything.


    Velu is suffering from gangrened according to asiantribune.

    Velu is not going anywhere...

    Very bleak situation for the outfit if this is true.

    I remember LNP member specialforce saying that Velu is infact injured due to air raids...

    Now only information is trickelling from Wanni.

  63. defnet,
    Dev referred the incident that some maniacs took pics and video filmed of dead tigers while the bodies were transporting to Apura courts or hospital. Wonder who did that inhuman act.
    As SLPower said, tigers have a big issue with Mahawansaya as it is considerd to be the history record that oppose bogus tamil homeland story.

  64. I have seen so many times that diaspora lover claim anuradhapura as ANURADHAPURAM...
    a'pura is no way in thier eelam dreamland boundary so wut is the idea behind this?

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. correction.
    the bodies were transporting in black polythene bags. They were stripped naked and filmed by someone. I dont know who is he/they and what was the intention. But I saw the pics. Surpricingly in only.

  67. Defencenet,

    I sent an email for your consumption...

    May be you guys have already seen them..

    Any way...

  68. Qurious,
    I merely expressed my gut feeling about you that I got from reading your blogs. I just felt that you are not a person who would talk like this face-to-face but are able to do it under the cover of this pseudonym. You are ofcourse, the best person to weigh my observation and pass a verdict, so to speak.
    Coming back to your answers qurious, I simply ask you to walk a few steps forward in the same direction of your own logic.
    You said and I quote "In the hypothetical world,even if you got your Eelam, Eastern folks would have left you in the lurch by now. Look what happened with Kaurna & Co. As soon as they switched loyalties, Tigers were kicked out from the East. You can't hide the animosities between the folks from the North and those from the East, no matter how elaborate sentiments you use, to the contrary. The gap is too wide, to fill by those nicecities. So, in-fighting is inevitable and the Eelam will go into labour to give birth to a second Eelam, by cesarian"

    If you belive the gap between the two sections of the TAMILS to be too wide just imagine the gap between the two different ethnic groups! The gap between the two Tamil Sections diminish to microscopic levels in comparison with that between the Tamils and the Sinhalese. This is not even in a hypothetical sense worse still, in a harsh real world! The co-existence of these two communities has been tried, tested and has been found miserably wanting. There has been only one community that has been systematically oppressed in the history of this Island; the Tamils. That is why we talk only about them. Tamils' voices speaking of their grievances went not only unheard but also were supressed by guns weilded by the Sinhalese dominated governments which paved way for the birth of the Tamil militancy. Now the gap, from your own logic has grown too big to be bridged and hence two state is the ONLY solution to achieve peace for all the communities.

  69. The RSD is like marrying a girl for dowry, f*** her for 2-3 years and leave her saying I cannot live with you. There is no concern how much that girl sacrefices and paid off.
    The RSD would never exist unless the other party is not willing. Like in divirce. (pardon me for comparing political matter with personal life matter)
    There is a way of getting a divorce against the other party's will.
    1. sexually impotence.
    2. negligence.
    3. Extra mrital relationship.
    I think the gove could not be accused any of the above. So devorce is not given.

  70. @abarip,

    I have a few questions to ask from u.

    1. Are u living in Sri lanka at present or domiciled

    2. If you are not in Sri Lanka how long you have been out of country?

    3. When did u last vist Sri Lanka specially the east?

    4. Where do the majority of tamils live now in Sri Lanka? if you know

    5. Do the tamils freely mingle with other communities in the south as u may say... specially Colombo

    5. Dont they do business in the south along with other communities?

    I hope you would answer my questions honestly.

  71. Riyaz,
    In my earlier thread, I also tried to prove the same. This is not a matter with ordinary tamils who live with other communities. If you carefully analyse, almost all eelamists are living abroad. We have so many tamil friends who work with us. They do not have this eelam dream. They only have the security fear. It also caused by the LTTE.

  72. Ayubovan! Vanakkam! I am new to this blog. Greetings to all!

    Dear Defencenet,

    How do the LTTE get their arms and ammunition; how do they get their military hardware? Is it via Colombo and/or across Adam's Bridge via India (Tamilnadu)?

    With their floating arsenals well below water level and the sea tigers allegedly weakened, how do they sustain the war effort and keep themselves supplied?

    Is there anything esle the GOSL and the forced could do to cut off the supply lines (if such exist)?

  73. Thanks td for the response.

    In my locality I have all the communities mingling together, doing busines and even sharing a meal..

    I just cant beleive why these expats fail to understand the real ground situation.

  74. abrip,

    I cannot agree with you. You are just over simplifying thins. It is like saying that a fart is all about sulphur dioxide. It is not.

    The unity you talk about does not exist in Tamil community, unless the sentiment is whipped up by othe means - false information.

    The issue of caste is pretty serious stuff. That exists even in LTTE. Pottu Amman hardly gets on very well with others, as he is the only one from the Vellala caste, at senior level. It will take another millenium before we see those boundaries disappearing.

    If you boast about Tamil unity in an excessive way, a naughty Sihalese folk will pop up and say the following, in a sarcastic tone:

    Tamils are united only in TULF

    That will be deeply embarassing, I warn you, mate!!!!!!!

  75. Riyaz said:


    I have a few questions to ask from u.

    1. Are u living in Sri lanka at present or domiciled

    2. If you are not in Sri Lanka how long you have been out of country?

    3. When did u last vist Sri Lanka specially the east?

    4. Where do the majority of tamils live now in Sri Lanka? if you know

    5. Do the tamils freely mingle with other communities in the south as u may say... specially Colombo

    5. Dont they do business in the south along with other communities?

    I hope you would answer my questions honestly.

    (1) I live abroad.
    (2) I have been living abroad for the last five years
    (3) I was in Colombo, North and East late last year. I am not being specific as I fear my identity might be revealed
    (4) In my opinion, there isn't a single place in the Island at this juncture where you can point and say that the Majority Tamils are living. The only static sections of Tamils living in large numbers are in the Central and Vanni. Others are fluctuating and more or less nomadic.
    (4) Tamils living in Colombo do mingle with other communities but not freely.
    (5) They do business with other communities, again, not freely.

  76. Riyaz said:


    I have a few questions to ask from u.

    1. Are u living in Sri lanka at present or domiciled

    2. If you are not in Sri Lanka how long you have been out of country?

    3. When did u last vist Sri Lanka specially the east?

    4. Where do the majority of tamils live now in Sri Lanka? if you know

    5. Do the tamils freely mingle with other communities in the south as u may say... specially Colombo

    5. Dont they do business in the south along with other communities?

    I hope you would answer my questions honestly.

    (1) I live abroad.
    (2) I have been living abroad for the last five years
    (3) I was in Colombo, North and East late last year. I am not being specific as I fear my identity might be revealed
    (4) In my opinion, there isn't a single place in the Island at this juncture where you can point and say that the Majority Tamils are living. The only static sections of Tamils living in large numbers are in the Central and Vanni. Others are fluctuating and more or less nomadic.
    (4) Tamils living in Colombo do mingle with other communities but not freely.
    (5) They do business with other communities, again, not freely.


    This is old news...

    Read the last 2 article...It will raise anyone's eyebrows...

    Negliggence cost us 26 aircrafts at AAB..

    It can happen again..

    Perhaps somewhere else..

  78. Riyaz,
    I'm sure that the keen eyed bloggers of this forum will decide that this 'numbering sickess' is contagious :-))


    May all these men be safe....

  80. abrip,

    One of my close relatives wanted to go to Bangalore on a buisness mission for a few days, very recently.

    Guess who volunteered to accompany him as a gesture of goodwill.

    A Tamil friend from Colombo. He not only took him to Bangalore but also introduced one of his contacts to look after him during the whole stay.

    abrip, isn't it very unfair to polarize the two communities for cheap political and sentimental reasons?

    Don't forget, that International community is not stupid. Nor is it the combination of personnel who man AFP, BBC an AP. It is much much wider than that. You are playing into the hands of these organizations, giving them what they desperately need - news, any news; the worse, the better.

    The suffering in the world is endemic; you try to bring the lime light just over your community, who are fairly well-off in the world. You talk about suffering Tamils; fair enough, how about the suffering of Sinhalese and Muslims? Do you ever have a kind thought about them?

    When do you hear about an Englishman talking about the English, a frenchman about the French, a German about the German, a Sikh about Sikhs, a Gujarati about Gujaratis?

    Don't they have grievences? many. But they talk about the community as a whole.

    I really don't know the audience you aim at, when talking about suffeing Tamils, all the time. Is that Europeans, Americans or Indians or media and NGO Persons? A clarification is needed.

    I can tell you that your exercise of over-playing out Tamil-suffering-card is counter-productive in many ways:

    1) people get used to it and bored and just ignore it.

    2) The nations with Tamil communites on their soil take precautionary measures to nip the rise of nation building in the bud, before it is too late.

    3) the emergence of the notion that Tamils are racist, because they only talk about themselves.

    Please feel free to prove me wrong.

  81. @Abarip,

    I live in wellawatte and I am nt scared to disclose my Id. I do know first hand about the tamils living in colombo more than you do.

    Can you come up with hard evidence that the tamil community in the south is not living freely. Or you are blind on this... Who are the leading apartment builders now? Who are the leading importers and wholesellers in the bazzar..

    Mr. Abarip Dont try to be blind. Open your eyes and see. I invite you to visit the eastern province after the government recaptured that area. Go and see the development projects for yourself.. and do us a favour.. if u can contribute towards that development please do so since you must be a wealthy person giving so much of your incomes as forced taxes to LTTE wherever you are.

    There was a sensational story doing rounds about a businessman abducted...

    Guys just look at his background and decide for yourslef who this man is?


  82. Why can't Velu appear in front of my camera and say cheese?

  83. Vigilante-
    "Why can't Velu appear in front of my camera and say cheese?"

    Because he's not a Rat or a mouse.
    However if you get him closer to pond of S***, may jump into it because he's a PIG.

  84. Riyaz;

    I am here to say about the that tamils are not living freely in colombo or south of srilanka...

    Do you know the police and politicians asking the sinhalese for not to give houses for rent... Specially the abduction and murders ... If anything happens in south arrests hundreds of tamils and put em behind the joints or steel doors... can you be in Prison for a with out doing any fault; can you...

    Yeah i know tamils leading in business in the area like PETTAH but they got the place before than 1985 ok... but do you know how many of them paid for the white vans and how many of them died due to this ahh...?

    You are saying tamils are living freely in south ...but if anyone have Identity card with the birthplace Jaffna ...then he will be inside jail as soon as he is checked by a police or SLA officers in Check points

  85. funny shyam,
    where are u living?,are u became a part of ltte's propaganda machine.go to the wellawatta and other area's find yourself before blah.... blah become a Andare(joker)in defencenet. :)

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. Poor Sami( ilangovan)

    Shyam maybe feeling sorry for him too.

    Shyam I live in wellawatte. Do you know what wellawatte looks like?

    Poor shyam!! Guys leave this guy alone. he is still a kid who doesn't understand the ground situation.

  88. Shyam how much tax you have to pay from your earnings to LTTE, of course even if you like it or not. otherwise you are history where ever u live.

    I can ask my neighbours if they have to pay kappam to the government if you like. lol

  89. san ;

    Wellawatte ... did you forget what happened in there some months before ...arrests the tamils in thousand brought them to the police stations to inquire them ahh .. where are you living ...?

    In Kotehena the police providing forms to get the tamils details including bank accounts and balances

    If you guys thinks if anyone shouts for tamil is LTTE ...then according to you all and your theory .. the people here willing to say about tamils sufferings are LTTE ...

  90. Shyam be cool man,

    Why dont you come down here and see the ground situation yourself. If u want u can visit me too, u may be having your aunts and uncles living wella. You can drop into my house for a cuppa.

  91. Britain to get tough with Sri Lanka - Minister
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 27 February 2008, 13:51 GMT]
    Britain will be pressing Sri Lanka’s hardline government for greater access for senior UN officials and would join European allies in taking a stronger position against Colombo over human rights abuses. In a meeting with Tamil Diaspora representatives at the British Foreign Office on Monday, Foreign Minister Lord Malloch-Brown said he would personally be attending the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva next week to press the point. The government of President Rajapakse had “made political process secondary to military process,” the British Tamil Forum, a Diaspora advocacy group which attended the meeting, quoted the Minister as saying.

  92. UPFA, TMVP alliance implicates GoSL complicity, collusion with armed group - CPA
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 27 February 2008, 13:37 GMT]
    Centre for Policy Alternatives, a Colombo based think-tank that undertook a fact finding mission to Batticaloa district between February 8 and 11, said Sri Lanka's ruling United Peoples Freedom Allilance (UPFA) government, by opting for the alliance with the armed TMVP group in Batticaloa municipal council election, finds itself in a position where it is increasingly difficult for the GoSL to deny the charges of "complicity and collusion with the TMVP." The CPA's statement has warned that there was a clear sense of inevitability that the elections will result in a TMVP "victory" as it is the only "political actor" allowed to move around in recently resettled areas.

  93. Shyam,

    areu coming over for a cup of tea. I can keep some northern delicacies too.. No shortage of those in wellawatte.

  94. Shyam do you prefer royal bakery pastries or gandhi lodge wade?


  95. shyam,
    British are only good at talking. They are no longer worl leaders. They only have a past. They are struggling to solve there own problems. For eg. More than 5 million britains have never seen a dentist. There are many instances where people extract tooth on ther own after couple of beers.

    We dont give a damn about th british. They are already in trouble trying to put their hand in others problems.

    If somebody says Wallawatta tamils cannot move about freely thats a balatant lie.just drive your car around. They allways move very very freely across the road. Everywhere not only at zebra crossings. Never look back even if you honke. They already feel this is my country. My road!!

  96. I have said this before..but i am saying it makes me so happy to see tamil kids in the east going to school once shown on itn.

  97. totally agreed with you on that Sri Lankan..

    It is so good to see and when those lands are cultivated it will be a happier scene.

    Remember we used to get lot of vegetable produce from those areas before.. and some special kinds of dried fish...

  98. abarip,
    Once the LTTE is killed, when there is no bomb threats, suicide blasts tamils will be free to move around. As they do now in North.

    They will also have self determination. Decide who the president is, pM is Who the local MP is etc.Real democracy.We also can have a referendum on EELAM.Education for children.

  99. Pootu amman will be the governer of nort east. Soosai minister of fisheries. Charles anthony minister of aviation.

    All by your vote abarip.

  100. Tamil people could and do live freely anywhere in Sri Lanka (except in the areas under the ruthless grip of the LTTE). - Sorry Mottapala, don't agree with you there...

    If there are any apparent discrimination problems the Tamil people face in Sri Lanka, it is due to the following reasons.

    1) Most Sinhalese don't bother learning the Tamil language because there is no great necessity. For example, the English people in the UK could hardly speak any other European language because they could get away with knowing/speaking only English.

    This creates a problem when, for example, a Tamil person goes to report a crime to a police station where none of the ralahamis (PCs) speak Tamil. We expect all people living in the Sinhalese majority areas to speak Sinhala, which may not be the case on the odd occasion. The odd non-Sinhala speaking Tamil person may well feel out of place.

    This creates an apparent discrimination. For the 23 years I have lived in our Pukka Island, I have never seen any kind of institutional discrimination against any race or religion. Yes we do have our prejudices and our superiority/inferiority complexes within and between people belonging to various groups of socio-economic, race, religion, etc. These human weaknesses cannot be taken as institutional racial discrimination.

    2) Since the start of the Elam war it is fair to say, by and large, all terrorists are Tamil people (though it looks like it is changing lately). Thankfully, not all Tamil people are terrorists nor do they support them. However, in a war situation where a country needs to protect its civilian population, certain measures have to be taken. Thanks to the LTTE even the innocent Tamil person gets branded as a potential terrorist. This could come across as discrimination.

    In the last couple of years we heard about extreme Islamists trying to cause suicide explosions in the UK’s main cities. Almost all culprits were young(ish), non-white, male of Asian or Middle-Eastern origin. If the security authorities decided to enforce “stop & search” kind of operations to improve security of the country, who do you think they will stop and search the most? It definitely won’t be old English ladies! Of course the Asian population tried to cry “discrimination!” but it was thanks to the extremists the innocent had to suffer.

    Similar is true for the law abiding Tamil people in Sri Lanka. However this is a RESULT of the terrorist threat NOT a reason for it.

    Respond to the above two points in a sensible manner and we would save our nation a lot of heartache.

    First, let us target a generation from which we would start to inculcate ideas about the value of human life regardless of colour, creed, faith, education (or lack of it), social status, etc. This must happen in the homes, schools, places of worship, seat of government, centres of commerce, etc.

    Second, let us target the last generation to perpetuate discrimination and thrive on it. I.e. The LTTE. It may sound hypocritical to talk about the value of human life one moment and in the next breath talk about eradication of life. However, the LTTE must be wiped out for the greater good. They are not interested in peace. Their leaders live on human blood.

    Both above must happen in parallel…

  101. Riyaz,
    very well said bro.very well said.Yes i remember..We also have to provide them with a good education,proper housing and facilities..job opportunities etc.

  102. Shayam and others,
    Nobody is having the freedom to run about in SL,no thanks to your terrorists that has brought this upon all of us, may, they be Burgher,Sinhalese,Tamils or any other. You think your terrorists lobby in UK has the only monopoly over the British politicians? Do you think it’s only you can meet them in the House of parliament, perhaps twice last year. We too met them only once last year on the 19th of July, resulting in getting your leaders arrested, a small step I say. They will be bound to listen to us as we are hardworking and the money raised for such events have proved to be honest, unlike your fellows who have a criminal history using criminal money. We don’t have much support in numbers as our Sinhalese pseudo patriots only harp about their heritage and culture which has no relevance and are utterly hopeless, however we are truly patriotic enough to ruffle feathers in UK where we will expose your fraudulent claims to your mythical homeland and expose the weaknesses of your people who has failed by nature to assimilate with the majority in SL.The last mentioned reason alone is good enough for decent politicians, who has been hoodwinked by you to reflect on their policies towards your communities as it may be a threat to social cohesion in UK in future.

  103. pukkalanka,
    nice comments there.Yes our obligation is to ensure that the eastern children become productive citizens of srilanka.

  104. man why do our smart bloggers keep on wasting their precious time on our resident clown and his utter stupid arguments :o)

    yes the guy is funny in a very stupid way...we all laugh at the bugger and just move on :o)

  105. pukkalanka,

    Sincere compliments on your well written and articulated blog entry.

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. Pukka lanka;

    The big tale which you written has no logics...The tamils didn't start the fighting for you the insident like you reported about Ralhamini's story ok that .i think u have gone through history which is written like the people likes you here speaking racism and he wrote what he thought.. just go through some other writers ...or ask from Wikramapahu Karunaratne he know some thing more ok....

    And you pouring something from your garbage(head) don't have any logic.. Is this why you kill thousand of tamils in 1983 ah...!

  108. Ok Shyam this something from your logic. For me you are contradicting again man. I don't know what is your IQ knowledge or you need to go mental counsellings.

    See the difference of your comments yesterday and today. Otherwise you don't understand that UK belongs in to IC?

    I just wanna know who is undercover of IC. You forgot the past when the LTTE marching in to the Jaffna region who ran to ask some help on IC to help us and save 40000 SLA's life trapped in JAFFNA ... we are not depending on IC .

    "Britain to get tough with Sri Lanka - Minister"

    Finally keep in mind this problem won't be that complicated if the hypocritical IC is not supported to you buggers.

  109. samantha ;

    i think you mistaken ma comment buddy ok... The UK based info is published in TN post the summery of the info here ... and the other stuffs are deferent so don't mix them both

  110. Shyam,

    I don't want to mix the comments at all. If you go through both comments it will be more elaborative. I just wanna save the space of this thread.

    I met several Jaffna Tamil friends who supported LTTE in my university who construct their arguments better than you. They won't contradict like you.

    This like more Mervin Silva statements. One day he will blame to one guy and next day appreciate it. You may be good for that position man. :-P

  111. shyam,

    "Britain to get tough with Sri Lanka - Minister"


    1) Britain is another independent country who has no rights or what so ever to get involved internal matters of Sri Lanka.

    2) Britain is no longer a global power who can project its power around the globe.

    3) Britain has little or no chance in going against the will of India when it comes to matters pertaining to Sri Lanka.

    4) Sri Lankans are not subjects of Imperial Britain since 1948.

    4) Brits who talk big now, has pilfered and plundered immeasurable amounts of wealth from my home country in their colonial past. Therefore, if Britain as a country wants to talk about what is right; they need to return every grain of wealth they took out of my country in the past.

    Finally, on a personal note, with all due respect to nice British people, I don’t give a tiny rats ass about Foreign Minister “Lord” Malloch-Brown.

  112. samantha;

    You still on confusion ...The comment about the British is posted by tamilnet i just comment here to discuss .. .

    What i talked about IC thats the true and even srilanka politicians also know that is truth .. ok .and its ma opinion ok both of them are really deferent stuffs ok..

  113. Sri Lanka Casualties reach 1,734


    Lanka Opposition agrees to devolution package


  114. We understand that there is an powerful terrorist supporter is caught in the net in Kotahena and gosl has to be mindful if a request will be made to extradite him to another country,to be released on a technicality.I wonder if Lord M.brown could help this guy out? Perhaps trade him for Karuna?

  115. Kevin

    is this person caught in SL

    a Sri lankan or if it is not

    what is his nationality ? ?

    what has he been arrested for ??

  116. Onespirit,

    Thanks for the admiring comment, humbly received.

    Allow me to indulge in a bit of nostalgia….

    I remember the time in our Pukkaland when cops wore khaki shorts, white vests and broad brimmed hats with a chin strap, we had red phone boxes (boiling hot inside under the tropical sun), red Route Master “London Transport” double decker buses and of course red pillar boxes. We could just walk in to any building without being stopped or having to go through security checks. The Celinco House was the tallest building with two floors served with escalators. A meal at "Akasa Kaday" was an event eagerly awaited. We could travel freely from Point Pedro to Dondra Head; from Colombo Batticaloa.

    We as a family used to catch an early morning Air Ceylon plane(Dakota?) from Ratmalana (using my parents government issue warrants) and landing in Pallai, catching a bus to Jaffna town (by the way, the destination plate on the CTB bus was written only in Tamil). We would spend the day visiting dear friends on the peninsula as well as the many islands like Mandathivu, Kytes, etc., travelling by CTB bus on the causeways. Towards sundown we would converge on the Jaffna market for our yearly stock of nelli juice, kottakilangu and tal juggery, before ending up at the rail station to catch the overnight train back to Colombo Fort. Once I went to Kodikamam with my family to be a page boy at a wedding of a Tamil couple who offered me the honour; I still have the group photo! These were indeed wonderful memories etched in my mind from childhood.

    A strong cyclone hit the country in 1977. Eastern coast and the North were badly affected. The country united as one to help those affected (mostly Tamil people) without any qualm about race or religion. As far as we were concerned, we were helping our fellow countrymen, and so we should.

    There were no road-blocks then. A death of a single person from the security forces whilst on duty was indeed a big deal.....until a sad period in 1983 changed all that. This is where the story turns sour.

    Thirteen security personnel were mercilessly murdered and what followed in the South was even worse. A small minority of extreme nationalistic agitators exploited the situation to cause untold misery to our Tamil brothers.

    On that fatal day, though I was well underage to have a driving licence, because my mother was too scared to drive through the mobs, I took the wheel. We were driving through Wellawatte within an hour since it all irrupted and witnessed terrible scenes. We were helpless to do anything major but what we could we did. At one point one thug held a knife to my neck and demanded petrol from the car to set fire to a house nearby. I refused and gave him an excuse which the idiot believed and left me alone.

    We hid our Tamil friends in our own house risking reprisal from the mobs. We made sure they were safely taken to refugee camps (at Thurston College, Colombo) once the curfew was lifted, we looked after their valuables until it was safe to return them, took them clothes, warm food, medicines and even women’s sanitary items when we regularly visited them in the camp. I know of a lot of Sinhalese people mucking in to help the Tamil people during that dark time.

    As much as the death of 13 security personnel gave the “licence” to above mentioned rascals to kill human lives, the events of Black July gave the LTTE rascal to kill even more; it became a justified cause.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  117. Tamilnet:

    8 civilians killed in SLA DPU attacks in Vanni

  118. abarip, Shyam and all other tigers,

    So, Tamils are safe and not discriminated in the hands of LTTE ha? People, wake up from your wet dreams! LTTE is a blood thirsty bunch of murderers.

    Last time I checked these were all Tamil and how about their rights and their safety?

    - Lakshman Kadirgamar (M.P.)
    - Appapillai Amirthalingam (M.P.) TULF leader
    - Vettivelu Yogeswaran (former Jaffna Member of Parliament (TULF)
    - C.E.Anandarajah Principal St. John’s College, Jaffna
    - Rajani Thiranagama Prof. Medical Faculty Jaffna University
    - Sarojini Yogeswaran Mayor of Jaffna
    - Pon. Sivapalan Mayor of Jaffna
    - Dr. Neelan Thiruchchelvam (M.P.)
    - Kumar Ponambalam Leader - All Ceylon Tamil Congress
    - Suntharam Sri Sabaratnam Leader - T.E.L.O.
    - Kandasamy Pathmanabha Leader – E.P.R.L.F.
    - Nadarajah Atputharajah (M.P.) EPDP Political Secretary and Chief Editor of Thinamurasu
    - Kandasamy Iyar Balanadaraja Iyar Media Secretary EPDP
    - K.S. Rajah (broadcaster and presenter)
    - Mrs. Relangi Selvarajah (newscaster and presenter)
    - Mylvahanam Nimalarajan – Journalist
    - Rajan Sathiyamoorthy
    - Aiyathurai Nadesan - Journalist
    - A.Thangaththurai (M.P.)
    - P. Sooriyamoorthi (Former Chairman Trincomalee Urban Council - TELO)
    - Sam Thambimuththu (M.P.)
    - G.Yogasankari.(M.P.)

    Some of these people actively worked towards a "Tamil Eealam". LTTE couldn't thank them enough for their hard work ;) True democracy on display here people!

  119. PukkaLanka,

    Nice story! We did the same in our little corner of North Central Province!

    These guys probably weren't even born then.

    I always say this but sometimes I just can’t control the urge to type!

    I think these tigers also know the truth but they just want an “Eealam”, so they will not listen to any logic and will not accept truth. No point arguing with them.

    I am not a seasoned blogger here at DN, but even during my short time I’ve seen numerous bloggers trying to prove a point to these guys over and over again. We try it and then learn to keep quiet when we learn that these guys are way past point of no-return. However, these guys keep on spilling the same garbage day in day out just to trap a few new bloggers, how pathetic.

    Bloggers, please just give up. We have nothing to prove, everybody knows the truth, so just give up!

  120. Pukkalanka and others
    Your story bring many memories to me about our similar trips to Jaffna by that Dakota,as my dad too had warrants to Jaffna as well as Madras by Air Ceylon. We found the Jaffna Tamils are generally arrogant and even racist, even though we gave the so many previlages,extending our hands personally. My father gave one of the best jobs as the CC of the DGEU and we even gave our 1st class berths to him, never showed any gratitude to us, behaved like a complete Stanger in Jaffna where we had to find our own way around. This happened in 1955 and in 1965 my best friend(Sinhalese) who were sent to Jaffna to run our expanding company was given a bad time by these racists and his American boss was deported out of the country because the highly bigoted and bias Tamil immigration offices in Colombo deported him, just for setting up a factory in Jaffna. They the Immigration assistant commissioners misused their powers, complete bigots even though my friend and I protected them with our 303s in the town of Nugegoda in 1957 riots. They are completely prejudiced people and they make their money in the south, but never contribute to it’s economy and they never buy from the non Tamil shops. My American friends in the US and British High Commission knew about the fate of my American employer, unfortunately they seem to sing another song today. We are doing everything to expose these people. People in TN and East are different and I have many friends and some our doing good jobs for us in our company. It would be difficult for the Jaffna Tamils to come out of their arrogant mindset but I have great hope for their children born outside SL and I see that in UK.

  121. Hello Para,

    You're absolutely right; couldn't agree more.


    Noted your comments too. I believe what you're saying is true. I was too young to understand the mindset of the people in Jaffna at the time. All our friends were nice to us and the rest were judged by the goodness we experienced from our friends.

    Imagine anyone under the age of...say...35, who was born and brought up in the parts that are in the grip of the LTTE. How could their minds comprehend even for a moment what it is to live in a peaceful society? These people don't have the slightest understanding of peace, harmony or unity. They just don't have a clue. All their lives it has been conflict and division, hatred and bitterness. It is sometimes at no fault of their own; they were just very unfortunate to have been born in to such circumstances. They are emotionally conditioned (brain washed) to believe Sinhala and Muslim people are the aggressors. They just don't have the capacity to grasp what it is to have a normal peaceful life. For them “normality” is fighting, hating, loathing and abhorrence.

    You and I could embrace an honest Tamil person without any problem. However I don't think many Tamil people under the age of 35 born and bred in the North or East could embrace an honest Sinhalese person. To them honest Sinhalese don't exist; it's a contradiction of terms! That’s how they are conditioned from birth. This is why they don’t see a harmonious co-existence; this is why they want to divide the nation.

    I have heard from reliable sources that even when the young (<35yrs) Tamil people migrate to peaceful places like the UK, they quickly revert to their lifestyle of violence. The peaceful and civilised environment does not make a difference to them. It is said that they form gangs (Wembley Boys, Walthamstow Boys, etc.) and fight each other! They also raise funds for the LTTE through extortion, drug dealing, prostitution, human trafficking, credit card scams, property fraud and a plethora of criminal activities. This is further proof that as the saying goes “Like dogs returning to their vomit”, these persons revert to their unfortunate lifestyles.

    So from such unbalanced minds could we expect anything more than what we see in some of their blogs? They do have a serious handicap in that they don't have the insight to what we know through personal experience.

    Having lived and moved in the Pukka land in the "good old" days as well as in the current climate, our experience is perhaps more richer and balanced. That’s what would give more credibility to ideas we express.

  122. oh man...! Pukkal & Kevin... you guys get me all nostalgic mates ! My parents did the same trips for me guys on the Dakota to Palaly and the Hot Springs ! I really loved it ! Even the Palk Strait ferry trip & to Madras by rail ? Wow ! Those were the days !

    But, my dad, had to bust those biggoted Tamil Customs guys for totally prejudiced behevior.But, it's sad when we treated these Tamil folks with campassion only to hear them tell foreigners, a whole different story !
    They themsleves never helped their own people and blames us ! Nice !

    Defnet Sorry to change the topic gents !

  123. I got these details from one of my friends living in SL and seems person named below is doing so many illegal stuff. Please forward these details to anyone who is with the military intelligence.

    He might be another Sinhala Kotiya or a Tamil Kotiya.

    Way he is living is suspicious and need to arrest him and questioned him prior to make any move.

    As per my friend couple of blood baths including one at Dambulla happened after his move to Kandy.

    A great threat to National Security and His Excellency the president’s life.

    Dear Sir(s),

    This person is known to be Augustus Arsakone Jesudasan knee Jesudasan. He is making his appearances in Kandy, Katugastota and Gampaha areas mostly. Having an estate in Galaha side and providing accommodation for people coming from north and east.
    Married to a Sinhalese woman with no children. We are suspecting him for late SSP Upul Seneviratne of STF’s killing.
    He is having some contacts with some officers at police HQ, Katugastota police and bribing them to get some valuable information. He was able to get connected with some of the people in His Excellency the president’s close circles and might be planning something in large scale.
    He is attached to several illegal business ventures including providing vehicles for terrorists, transporting materials such as bicycle balls and aluminum to north and east and smuggling including illegal drugs such as heroin.
    He can speak Sinhala well and pretending as a Buddhist to mislead others. You can see this by visiting his house at Kahalla, Katugastota.
    Other facts:
    Not using a mobile number for a long period and having couple of numbers
    Using so many vehicles and phone numbers (land lines 0716813037, 060 2804207, 033 492 4316, 033 492 4317, 033 492 2529, 033 492 4315)
    Using number of postal addresses including Number 4/5, Station Road, Katugastota (Kahalla), 263/13, Ihala Yaagoda, Gampaha and 268 1/6, Leyards Broadway, Colombo 14.

  124. The "Sinhala Tigers" is merely a brand, there is no such organisation and many people from different groups have been branded as such: including trade unionists, various political and environmental activists as well as media professionals.

    This brand is used to victimise people that the state have no charges against. There are many such tigers in custody in Sri Lanka with no internationally recognised charge/criminal history.


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