Tuesday, February 26, 2008

LTTE bunker line destroyed : Janakapura

For the past week, the 4th Eelam war raged across three major battlefronts along the LTTE controlled Wanni heartland; Vavuniya, Mannar and Weli-Oya. Most significant gains for the army were achieved in the Weli-Oya front. Small group based attacked which are launched daily by the soldiers of the 59th division have forced the LTTE into a defensive stance especially along the front lines north of Janakapura.

Map image

In the latest round of fighting, army was able to storm a LTTE bunker line in this area with fairly good results. Soldiers recovered 7 dead bodies of LTTE cadres killed in this battle alone. Several more cadres who fled the bunker line are believed to be injured. LTTE later made a push to regain lost ground but this however was a failure. 1 SLA soldier was killed and 6 more were wounded in the incident.

For the past week, the army has recovered nearly 20 LTTE bodies from the Weli-Oya front alone. The actual LTTE casualties may be higher than this figure. More than 30 SLA soldiers too have been wounded in these firefights.

The 59th division is marching towards Nedunkerni, Mullaithiv district. Their ultimate target is the LTTE stronghold of Mullaithiv, where several key LTTE bases including the One-Four base complex, at least one smaller airstrip and several major sea tiger launching pads are located.


  1. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for the comprehensive comments.Is the idea of taking mulathiv to capture that bridge stated in a previous post which gives soldiers an advantage?

  2. Isn't the FDLs near Mullatheevu town the most heavily defended in LTTE territory?

  3. Defencenet

    1) Janakapura or Welioya is not shown in the map. Can you tell us where the fighting is going on, closer to which town, using the places located in the map ?

    2) No road expect A9 is shown in the map. But I guess there should be one. So SLA moves along that road or are they move inside jungle? (Mulathiav jungle?)

    3) What kind of fighters they were? (regarding recovered bodies.)

  4. Defnet..

    I have the same ? as ninja's 1st ?

    BTW , where the dickin's iz Illiyan,the Baghdad Bob of Wanni ? Is he in Europe ?

    Also,those ltte arty near Mahdu Shrine are they still there ? Even though,Gen asked the Bishop atb. them ?

  5. Rajarata said...

    BTW , where the dickin's iz Illiyan,the Baghdad Bob of Wanni ?


    He has disssappeared from sight since the LTTE's independence day bombing spree.

    There are two possibilities. He may have been knocked out by one of the airforce bombs, which also killed LTTE's chief photographer Thavan. The other possibility is that LTTE does not want to answer any questions posed by the media. They took a similar posture after the Rajiv Gandhi assasination. It was only a few years ago that Anton balasingham confessed to their role in that assasination. It is difficult being a spin doctor/PR person for the LTTE these days.

    By the way, hats off to Ananda College and its distinguished alumni. They have made an immense contribution to Sri Lanka's defence forces.

  6. DefenceNet,

    How far are we from Nedunkerni?

  7. Sevarltimes a week we get news of few bunkers busted, few LTTE'rs killed, LTTE gathering bombed etc. But we look at the larger picture are we at a military stalemate? To maintain the huge defence forces costs millions a single day. The whole country is bleeding, economy is back tracking. Isn't the time runing out?
    What is our srategy?
    I have a bad feeling about the whole thing.
    One big dissater in the south may cause the whole country tumbling down.
    I can feel the clock ticking.
    Forgive me for thinking negative.

  8. is there any map with Nedunkerni on it(clearly) ?

  9. ---------------------------

    i can feel the clock ticking

    i also feel that

    i saw one post saying LTTE has 35000 to 40000 ?


    anybody have more info ? is it true ?

  10. military stalemate became a fact for 2 weeks ago.

  11. "SOMEBODYS" mom became a SALEMATE, last night, not 2 weeks ago....lol

    mottarala, its not much of a stalemate, sure the war is going slower because north is not liek the east. This is the last stronghold, and the terrorists are risking everything to keep it from crumbling down. But slowly, but surely the army is progressing. Which is important. And as far as the ticking bomb goes if the terrorists do somethign to the south. That has always been the possibility and our economy has always ticked because each year,coupleof months, days, the ltte blows up things that has hurt the economy. So that has always been the case, but it has survivied and it will continue. That is the weird thing about SL. People go on about their business in the south without fear. Which separates us from any other country.

  12. Think of it this way, the longer the ltte lives, the fewer the tamils will live. They are destroying not only their terrorist organiztion inside out, but they are also taking innocnet SRI LANKAN tamils along with them.

  13. Mottapala,
    Here is something for potive thinking, if you are tired of negative thinking.

    //Decline of LTTE inevitable, says Jane's Intel. Review//

    //.... is unlikely to reverse the perilous position of the LTTE now at its lowest ebb since the Indian intervention of tile late t980s.//


    For our UNP frendas;

    //Mahinda has trapped Prabhakaran very well: S.B//


  14. mottapala said...
    ............ Isn't the time runing out?


    As SL and others have said, this is the end of the LTTE. Some of the things that happened in SL, if it happened in any other country, would have been the end of a functioning state. Remember the Central Bank bombing. Not only was the Central Bank physiclly destroyed but over 100 of our top economist and statisticians died in that explosion. No other country in the world could have survived such an impact. Sri Lanka is the most resilient country in the world. We have proved that over and over again.

  15. Central bank bombing - why the economy did not collapse? Those guys did not do anything useful then as well as not doing anything useful now. :-)) Still they are protecting Goldquest goons, was there with the mouths opened when the Finance Companies collapsed in the 80s raking half the wealth of people, was there doing nothing when Pramuka bank collapsed...

    Still do nothing good for the economy other than counting and printing money. I can do that too.

    However, one thing I must agree, if such atrocities happened in UK, Canada, US, Germany or any other developed country, their economies would have been bellied up. For some reason, Sri Lanka is surviving after 30 years of blood sucking war!

  16. srilankan,
    "Is the idea of taking mulathiv to capture that bridge stated in a previous post which gives soldiers an advantage?"

    Yes it's one of the objectives. A must if we are to minimize threat of LTTE counterattacks.

    "Isn't the FDLs near Mullatheevu town the most heavily defended in LTTE territory?"

    Yes. They use as much as 3 defence circles around Mullaithiv. It will be a bloody battle. But then we have launched operations to this area in the past (and it wasnt easy). And general Fonseka Himself played a key role back then.

    yes we are aware of the limitations of the map. Unfortunately thats a drawback with the Windows Live Maps service we use. We cannot edit the image right now (mobile), maybe later. sorry about that.

    They were not child soldiers as evident from the images. Not elites either. Perhaps secondary units with somewhat less experience.


    "Also,those ltte arty near Mahdu Shrine are they still there ? Even though,Gen asked the Bishop atb. them ?"

    They don't station the guns for long in that place. Basically fire and remove after a while. So cant tell exactly what they are up to.

    "How far are we from Nedunkerni?"
    We are quite a distance from it. We have only approached the borders of Mullaithiv district so far.

    "i saw one post saying LTTE has 35000 to 40000 ?
    anybody have more info ? is it true ?"

    With the recent conscriptions, this may well be a realistic figure. LTTE recently enforced 'minimum two able members per family' policy. But the main factor here is that this may only include 7k-8k hard core cadres. If we can take the hard core elements first, the rest will follow/disband easily; one of the drawbacks of forced conscription.

  17. American weapon specialists came to srilanka to make a research on the weapons used by the LTTE on ELLALAN OPERATION (Anuradhapura Base ATTACK)
    because those are very very new and modern ..and SLA ever seen them
    before.. The Americans got the Anuradhapura courts permission to make a inquiry on the weapons

    specialy LTTE used AUTO TARGET AQUARING SYSTEM; its an AMERICAN produst and its being used in a few countries like UN and USA

  18. "its an AMERICAN produst and its being used in a few countries like UN and USA"

    UN is not a country.

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  20. ""its an AMERICAN produst and its being used in a few countries like UN and USA""

    "I mean UN for all countries inside the UN ok...."

    First of all then its not a few countries.

    Second of all Sri Lanka IS a UN member state.

    If SL is a UN country and you claim all countries in UN use these weapons, you imply SLA too use these weapons.

    I think you are embarrassing yourself here.

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  22. Q shyam

    From where did u get the info?

  23. LST ;-)

    BTW, LTTE using smuggled modern weapons and accessories are not new.

    Defencenet and Defencewire both pointed out many US origin accessories in LTTE hands when the AAB attack photos were released.

    It is good that US is interested in the weapons that LTTE had. It will help them to avoid US weapons and accessories reaching LTTE in the future.

  24. dev,
    "From where did u get the info?"

    Judging by the credibility of his presentation so far 'pulled out of his ass' would be a good guess.

  25. "Q shyam

    From where did u get the info?"

    He got that info out of his filthy ass, as usual.

  26. There was nothing new about the weapons that were captured after the AAB attack. They were all normal T-56's, LMG's and RPG's. NVG's are also not new. About the only thing that was new were a few accessories, such as holographic red dot sights, which are standard issue for US forces and can be easily acquired by civilians in that country.

  27. Shyam,

    I mean UN for all countries inside the UN ok....

    One day I remember you telling one member that he is not using correct English. Man you need to improve social studies knowledge I think. This is for your reference.

    Member States

    According to it UN has 192 member states. That means those LTTE weapons are very common to my understanding. Is that what you mean?

    As we are always advising you please construct your argument with correct facts.

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  30. lkdood said:
    "i saw one post saying LTTE has 35000 to 40000 ?


    anybody have more info ? is it true ?"

    Probably around 10k hardcore, and 30k nonhardcore. I heard they also have 1k in their Black Tigers unit.

    But I think they have another 50k in a CIVILIAN division. I think their hope is that these people will fight if LTTE needs them to.

    Nothing here is scary except the the immense size of their black tigers unit. It has grown considerably. It is this unit that they use as a force multiplier to offset their disadvantage relative to SLDF. But I don't think they have used blacktigers in regular battles/offensives. I remember in the past black tigers were always used in intial stages when LTTE wanted to take over army bases/camps (like a few getting inside base and blowing things up before regular units attacked).

    Anyways, point is not to worry about "35-40k." Most of these are inexperienced cadres. We must worry about the elites and black tigers.

  31. Dev;

    Its from www.pathivu.com....

    They released the types of weapons the LTTE used more than months ago ..and today they informed about the arrivals of American officers and the permission of Anuradhapura courts

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  33. //............ Isn't the time runing out?//

    Actually time is coming. UNP is waiting until March to protest against war; for not ending war by March as 'promised'. MR/GR should make sure not to fall into UNP trap and influance SLA. What UNP need is some big damage to SLA; as tigers are not doing it so far, hope is a mistake by SLA itself. Power greedyness make ANYONE (RW/MR both) blind.

  34. The question GOSL should be asking US and UK Govts. is how a terrorist organization banned in their respective countries ended up with weapons made from these very same countries, while they (US and UK) refuse to sell GOSL any military equipment claiming Human Rights violations by SLDF trumped up by LTTE and supported by UNP. Human Rights violations are the forte of LTTE and ex-LTTE members - not the SLDF (institutionally).

    I think the US and UK are finally awakening up to the threat posed by the Tamil diarsepora in their countries. Tamils and other ethnic groups that support terrorism can expect new immigration laws in these countries that will revoke citizenship (even for children of so-called refugees) for fraternizing or supporting banned terrorist groups, in the very near future.

    GOSL should consider passing laws that would ban dual citizenship, ownership of property, and entry into SL for suspected affiliation with LTTE and other terror groups.

  35. Onespirit,

    "The question GOSL should be asking US and UK Govts. is how a terrorist organization banned in their respective countries ended up with weapons made from these very same countries"

    The weapons that were captured from the LTTE were not made in the US and UK. They were the usual Chinese/Russian made weaponry. Only a few of the accessories were made in the US. However, these can be acquired by any civilian in that country, without a license. In the US you can also acquire many military small arms in the civilian market due to the liberal gun laws over there. So it wouldn't be difficult for someone to acquire small amounts of US made small arms. In fact, the SLDF has always used small amounts of US/EU made weapons (despite the current ban).

  36. Shay--

    Thanks for correcting me. If this is the case, it seems very unusual for the US to send a special investigation unit to inspect weapons available freely:

    Daily Mirror

  37. Shay--

    Can you please help in identifying the following weapons:

    Fat Arse Pig 1
    Fat Arse Pig 2
    Fat Arse Pig 3


  38. Onespirit,

    They are probably coming to analyse how terrorist might launch such attacks in their own countries. See the defencewire thread below which gives details of the weapons used in the AAB. They're all Chinese.


    Another thread somewhere showed US made EOTech holographic sights. However, these are not difficult to obtain in that country.

  39. Onespirit,

    Pictures 1 and 3 show the pig holding a Chinese QBZ-97 bullpup assualt rifle. The rifle looks small (although it could be because the pig is big), so it could be a commando version of the weapon. First picture shows some sort of sight, could be optical.

    Picture 2 shows an AK series weapon, probably an AK-101 (I'm not very good at identifying the AK series weapons, there are so many). Its fitted with what seems to be a holographic red dot sight (looks like EOTech), a foregrip and tactical light.

  40. Shay--

    You're the MAN. Many thanks and apologies to DefenceNet for the sidebar.

    Looks like Welioya is becoming increasingly active...

  41. shay ;

    Another thread somewhere showed US made EOTech holographic sights. However, these are not difficult to obtain in that country.

    If then why the SLA invited the US team to check the weapons ah ...confusing..

    Is there any pictures of the weapons used in AB attack ahh.. any related www

  42. While those accessories could be freely available in the U.S. maybe they could be traced by noting serial numbers etc. Maybe they are trying to find out as to how these LTTE procured these arms?

  43. shyam,

    its only confusing for stupid retarded terrorists like you. I already gave the link to the defencewire article, which shows your official photograph and the weapons used. However, your uncle VP didn't want to loose his more exotic weapons, so the actual weapons used in the attack were less sophisticated than the weapons in the picture.

  44. VPs Gun shows a L3 EO Tech Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) . Found this on the company website.


    The company website claims the " L-3 EOTech (EOTech) can give you with the first and only Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) on the market."

    I assume each device has a unique serial number, especially if (as their ad claims) their primary customers are the military and law enforcement. If there is a serial number, they can likely identify the buyer.

  45. choknuti, casc,

    Accessories are not regulated like guns, so its unlikely anyone will keep records. For example you can buy the EOTech sights online from the following website (look under sights/scopes).


  46. As far as i am concerned there is no stalemate.Since the whole of the north is one large minefield the army needs time to remove mines and unexploded warheads buried over 30 yrs.

  47. choknuti ; and Shay;

    For both of you i wanna let you know something importent .. SL guys already investigated about the wepons and a team from Scotland also made some investigation about the weapons a months before .and now US guys are here to make a investigation..

    And the srilankan defence ministry told the media that thay invited the US guys coz the Weapons are modern. And you people are shouting and saying thats not a matter ..

    i think both of you know better than the SLDF

  48. LTTE, SLA clash in Jaffna lagoon
    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 26 February 2008, 05:29 GMT]
    A clash between Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) erupted Tuesday around 7:45 a.m. in Jaffna lagoon near Kozhumpuththu'rai when SLA troops in their Forward Defence Line positions along the lagoon shore attacked Sea Tiger patrol boats, sources in Jaffna said. LTTE retaliated from their vessels and the fighting lasted for nearly fifteen minutes, the sources said.

  49. "a team from Scotland"

    It might be a team from Scotland Yard, dickhead. But I guess its all the same to uneducated toilet cleaners.

    "and now US guys are here to make a investigation"

    Why shouldn't they be here to investigate? The US and UK are also involved in the war against terrorists like you, so I'm sure they would like to know what you're upto. US and SLDF routinely share knowledge etc. Its nothing new.

    But, if you prefer. Yes, the US are here to investigate the possibility that LTTE have acquired F-22 a'craft, guided missile destroyers and ICBM's.

  50. Shyam,

    You don't really know much do you?

    "a team from Scotland"

    "Scotland Yard" does not necessarily mean it’s a team from Scotland!

  51. Blogger shay said...

    "a team from Scotland"

    It might be a team from Scotland Yard, dickhead. But I guess its all the same to uneducated toilet cleaners.

    If its scotland yard , then i'll mention the name here ok..i think u know only Scotland yard from Scotland.. is that so....ya thats all same for people like you man ....

  52. shay ;

    We know the how the US helps to SL ok .. but we beaten the SLA in Elephant pass and our female carders executed a lot of SLA who trained by the US army ... US is bigdick for you people ..but for us its all the same ....Bravery = LTTE ...

  53. Guys, Why should you bother about things posted by LTTE ass lickes?

    Just let them be alone..

  54. Shyam,

    Why can't write something that makes sense?

    What myself & Shay referred to was that "Scotland Yard" is just a name. If you get a team from "Scotland Yard", it doesn’t mean that you are getting a Scottish team, understood??

    However, there may be a few Scottish guys in that team who just happen to work for Scotland Yard!

  55. slpower,

    Sorry mate, I've given up on these guys cos they'll never see logic. But I feel pity for them, so thought I might just let them know about "Scotland Yard" so they don't make fools out of themselves at least when they refer to Scotland Yard!

  56. Parakrama ;

    You still thinking like a school kid ..jut go through some pages and have some IDEA about SCOTLAND yard and...comment on my posts pls pls pls pls

  57. Shyam the moron,

    "i think u know only Scotland yard from Scotland.. is that so....ya thats all same for people like you man ...."

    Scotland Yard is not in Scotland you ass, its in London (did I confuse your tiny little brain). Its just a branch of the police.

    I won't bother with your LTTE=bravery shit. If the average LTTE supporter is as stupid as you, its no wonder the LTTE is getting its ass kicked.

  58. JVP is purposely pushing Sri Lanka towards Kosovo like situation due to it's anti west & anti Indian policies and it's opposition to any kind of devolution of power.
    An interesting article which further supports this judgement:-

    Is the JVP covertly pushing for Eelam?

  59. Looks like LTTE diehards crossed their wires ...

  60. JVP is the second dissaster to occur in this country after LTTE.

    According to the JVP there is no conflict in Sri Lanka and therefore no NEED for a solution.

    Prof. Nalin De Silva's stance is the same. Die hards never change.


  61. any truth about this>
    "LTTE, SLA clash in Jaffna lagoon"
    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 26 February 2008, 05:29 GMT]
    A clash between Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) erupted Tuesday around 7:45 a.m. in Jaffna lagoon near Kozhumpuththu'rai when SLA troops in their Forward Defence Line positions along the lagoon shore attacked Sea Tiger patrol boats, sources in Jaffna said. LTTE retaliated from their vessels and the fighting lasted for nearly fifteen minutes, the sources said.

    The SLA, from its artillery bases in Jaffna peninsula, launched rocket fire towards LTTE held Poonakari, across Jaffna lagoon, according to the sources.

    Fishermen fishing in the area rushed back to the shore and tension prevailed in Kozhumpuththu'rai.

    Normalcy returned to the peninsula when the shelling stopped after thirty minutes, the sources added. "
    this news is on tamilnet any truth about this ?

  62. Guys,

    The highly inflated figures of the strength LTTE cardres in combat must be viewed in the context of several factors.

    The morale of the fighting units, which fluctuates between two extremes, dictated by ground realities, is one crucial factor; the letters, written by girls, found by the army, which had been in trenches shed some light on it.

    The quality of the training received by the newly recruited, often against their will, is the second factor. Judging by some of the photographs I have seen, it was a bit bizarre: women were seen under training with wooden rods instead of guns; bare-footed women have been forced to go through the warming up phase on sandy ground, stirring up storms of dust, instead of patriotism.

    The third factor is the vulnerability of the senior leaders to precision air strikes and DPU attacks. This is something that the Tigers never experienced during the previous so-called Eelam wars; they were simply untouchable, as we didn't hava a clue about the whereabouts. It is a lethal new phenomenon, something that has shaken the big savages to the core. The success of the precision strikes is inversely proportional to the size of the ground left for them in Vanni; the less ground left for them, as it is the case now, the greater the accuracy. We are in the middle of that stage now and the possibility of decapitation strikes are more and more likely. If VP falls to one of them, the movement will be in disarray: the myth that sorrounds the brute will go to dust along with him; no one to replace him who is charismatic enough; in-fighting for the leadership of what remains of the outfit; regional rivalries based on caste, literacy level, class etc.

    So, folks this is what we must take on board, while looking at what is unfolding in Vanni. A few months back, we were led to believe an attack on Jaffna with monstrous force by the LTTE was imminent, at any moment. No one is talking about that scenario now, even on a hypothetical basis, because it is never going to happen. The first FDL of Muhamalai and Nagarkovl sector is gone and the second FDL is on the verge of collapse, if the army decides to go for it, at a time of their choosing.

    All in all, the savages are not in a position to recover from these losses. When fear, uncertainty, pressure from the rank and file, depletion of armour, wrath of the civilan population and above all the guilt for ruining the generations of Tamil youth knock on the conscience, the health card of these senior leaders will never get better; no sound body means no sound head. We may see a chain of ludicrous events very soon in Vanni. When the Red Army were in the outskirts of Berlin, one of Hitler's last commands did not direct at the enemy; it was at his own people - for not fighting enough for him and deliberate starvation.

    Will VP prove that he is more than a match for the European beast?

  63. shay;

    Did i talked about scotland yard...i talked about scotland ...you are the greatest stupid ... and misleading what i am talking about...i know your cunning mind ..buddy but u can't stop what i am talking about

  64. Shyam,

    No of us here speak sakkili speech (except your fellow toilet cleaners). So we don't have a clue what you're talking about, and frankly don't give a shit either. The more you talk, the more evident it is that you're a retard. Were you born that way or did your mum drop you on your head when you were little??

  65. @ shyam

    Thanks, Let me surf, at least i can catch a fish ha.


  66. Dev ;

    The daily mirror also reporting about it.. you can find some from there ..and LTTE pro websites also posted about the weapons they used in the ELLALAN mission....

    These Guys never seen a night vision goggles untill the LTTE use it in the KATUNAYEKA air base attack ...

    shay ;

    I just wanna know how u born..by the pile hole?

  67. Shyam,
    ado kaalakanni sewala kotiya.. tho danna pukak naa yako... tho gihin VP ta deepan...

    ponnaya tho Madivadini wa bandinna balaagenada inne...

    baya gulla.. pala mullathiv walata.. gihin mariya....


  68. Hey Shay,

    Shall we stop spat with this Shyam.Because he show us his knowledge in one of earlier comments. I never heard such country called UN man :-P. More you talk more you reveal.

    Can post that link to the defencewire with html tag? Then it is much easier for other users to access it. These big URL information get lost most of the time. So it is better if all members worked like that. It is just basic HTML.

  69. Security Forces about to reach Madhu Church!

    (LankaTruth: 26th February 2008 14.30 S.L.T )

    Security Forces engaged in operations in Mannar Yodawewa area is only 1.5 km away from Madhu Church say security sources.

    According to information from security sections, the 57th Brigade of S.L. Army engaged in operations from Mannar towards Wanni have seized a large territory in the jungle in Uilankulama area adjacent to Madhu Church after a fierce battle that continued from last evening to this morning.

  70. Sri Lanka Asks UN to Punish Rebels for Using Child Soldiers...


    //The LTTE is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S., the European Union and India.//

  71. This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. Samantha,

    No worries mate. I have already stopped. Just winding the bastard up. Here's the link again.

    Defwire article

  73. Security Forces about to reach Madhu Church!


    //The LTTE is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S., the European Union and India.//

  74. Piyadasa said...

    Security Forces about to reach Madhu Church!

    they are saying it for more than a year i think...he he he when you gonna capture the place....

    SLA interduced a new medical unit to bury the Soldiers inside the Mannar jungles with out affect the soldiers by psychological....

    Dead soldiers can be calculated by adding the Missing and ran away from the FDLs ha ha ha .....

  75. Srilanka state terrorism


  76. FROM Tamil net.....Ex-LTTE cadres forced to join TMVP

    [Mon, 25 Feb 2008, 11:24 GMT]
    Pillaiyan group Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) members are alleged to be forcing former members of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Batticaloa district who had opted to leave the LTTE and lead a normal life after Sri Lanka Army (SLA) took LTTE area in Paduvaankarai last year, to join the TMVP, sources in Batticaloa said.........
    The funny thing is that the report says....."TO LEAVE THE LTTE AND LEAD A NORMAL LIFE"........


  78. New York - Bruce Fein, former Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States, speaking for Tamils for Justice, Challenged the Sri Lankan Ambassador to United States, Bernard Goonetilleke on his 25th speech in Washington, and 17th February article titled "Tamil homeland fantasy" in Washington Times.

  79. Hello Guys,

    can we stop persoanl attacks on each other. Just leave shyam alone, poor guy!!

    Lets just focus on the defence news... Army Commander has issued an important notice... What I like about this guy is He has so far kept his promises.. and has been the most efficient officer after a long while.

    So lets be patient for a little longer... When one of the fronts are broken the tiger defences will fall like a pack of cards.

    Long live SRI LANKA!!

  80. "but for us its all the same..
    Bravery = LTTE ..."

    Oh man... I'm dying of laughter.....

  81. @Defencenet & kbs

    thanks for the answers


    interesting info

  82. Defencenet, longranger, casc, etc.

    Thanks for the answers in the previous post. I agree with you guys about attacking the guns themselves which is not possible. But I was talking about finding them, about where they are when not being used.

  83. Guys,

    Is the LTTE camouflage effective in the battlefield? Looks more like a pyjama suit than a camouflage,and I've never seen a camouflage like this used by any other military organization...not sure if it helps to blend in with the surroundings. Does anyone know anything about this?

  84. Terrorist said...

    New York - Bruce Fein, former Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States, speaking for Tamils for Justice, Challenged the Sri Lankan Ambassador to United States, Bernard Goonetilleke on his 25th speech in Washington, and 17th February article titled "Tamil homeland fantasy" in Washington Times.

    So What..!?

  85. Guys,

    Mathivathini Prabhakaran - nee Erambu

    We all, including myself, take a swipe at Mathivathini, whenever we get a chance, quite involuntarily, I suppose. I see a reference to her by my mate, Piyadasa. It was not the first; nor is it going to be the last. Lots are in the pipeline, in the coming days.

    I am a bit fascinated with this development. She is our enemy after all - not really, our enemy's better half, to be precise and fair by her - yet we seem to be having a latent admiration for her, I guess, something we all try to flatten by the bulldozer of racial sentiments, only to fail miserably.

    I wish Sigmund Freud was alive to interpret this mysterious phenomenon, which I guess gathers momentum, especially, when her husband's fate hangs in the balance. I am sure Freud would have dragged sexual component into it; folks, perhaps, you may not know that none of Freudian theories in psychoanalysis did rarely leave this human urge alone, which quite strangely includes the infant who suckles mother's nipple for survival! Freud himself was an enigma in his own right, I must warn, if you rely too much on this controversial man.

    According to my information, Mathivathini was a beauty - a sexy one - and it is no exaggeration. Her eyes were as piercing as those of her husband; she looked playful and had the charm to mesmerize any living male soul. No wonder, this hard man, VP fell under her spell, quite badly; VP's pride did not come forward to rescue him from embarassment on this occassion, I must say.

    However, there is no evidence to suggest that she harbours the hatred that her husband does, at the majority, in equal measure. According to my knowledge in psychology, that stems from the combination of commonsense, experience, instinct and some sensible text books, it is very difficult for her to emulate his infamous husband in the department of violence; she is simply not designed for it. So, I am putting my hands up in her defence, if someone try to paint her by the same brush, at the risk of getting branded as a traitor!!!!

    So, our folks may bring in an argument to the contrary, in a familiar tone of anger: why the hell can't she stop all that? Ha ha, our South Asian men are at the top of the league tables, when it comes to listening to their women. Come on guys, let's scratch our heads!

    Mathivathini's nearest equal was Eva Braun. She was playful, charming, down-to-earth, politically ignorant and impervious to the knowledge of the crimes committed by her famous boyfriend, Adolf Hitler. Exactly like Mathivathini, Hitler fell under Eva's spell or vice versa. However, there is a notable difference, if you folks allow me to mention here. Hitler was not known to have funtional testicles: some say he had just one and others say none. Only his maker knows the truth. I am more inclined to favour the first theory of having none: the couple did not produce any children nor were they caught in the act, while being engaged in that process.

    Mathivathini's tale in that respect is quite the opposite.

    To this day, no one hates Eva, just because she was the closest to Hitler. I think poor Mathivathini can draw some comfort from this blog, if she happens to read this, which at present is, highly unlikely. But things may change. Who thought Karuna and Pillayan will be on our side, a few years back?

    So, she can breathe a sigh of relief that there is at least one Sinhalese folk who is prepared to speak up on her behalf, if the public opinion turns against her in the wake of VP's demise - the risk-taker alias Qrious!!

  86. Riyaz,
    There is nothing wrong with shyam per se..However we dont agree with what he represents.you are probably a young man and i dont think you or i can fully comprehend the brutal murders and destruction these guys have done to SLankans as a whole.For the past 30+ yrs their mo has been murder innocent people in Slanka and then immigrate to UK/EEC where they relate their tales to the LTTE supporting tamil diasphora to
    gales of laughter!! at dinner parties!! under the protection of this IC.you can still see this tendency to look at the IC as a "protective father/mother figure" in their conversations.it is always the.. this IC god is doing this then doing that..so lets see..
    My only statement to them is:
    WE ARE COMING TO JOIN YOUR DINNER PARTIES IN KILLI with 1000s of brave troops tanks,MBRL and planes..lets all enjoy shall we...

  87. Srilankan;

    I just wanna know who is undercover of IC. You forgot the past when the LTTE marching in to the Jaffna region who ran to ask some help on IC to help us and save 40000 SLA's life trapped in JAFFNA ... we are not depending on IC ..Srilanka is depend on IC ..for every thing they depend on IC...If the IC bans the LANKA ..the country will be totally collapse HE HE HE HE HE HE ...its just a big joke haaaa

  88. Shayam,

    Hope all is well with you.

    I have a little question to ask, if you don't mind. After all, I am qurious.

    I just wonder how old you are. We men folks are not like our women, when it comes to revealing the age.

    I am just checking whether I have the privilege to be a peer.

    Please reply to this.

    Take care.

  89. Qrious-

    Bro, are you trying to find out the mental age or the physical age?

  90. qurious,
    Bro even if you get an answer..how do we know its the truth..
    I was just looking at the web photos of the LTTE brigades..they are in dress uniform...yes they need to be brave because when they get injured..they will only have a saline bottle as medicine..hehehehe..

  91. @shyam..

    "If the IC bans the LANKA.."

    Last time you said UN is a country.

    Now you are going to ban a country.

    I'm just curious how it's possible to ban a country..

    Any explanation ?

  92. perein,

    Just the physical age; I have my own converter to find the other. I am someone who never accept that they are the same.

  93. Does it really matter how old i am ahh ? anyway i tell the truth i am
    20+ ok ....i don't know the reason for asking ma age

  94. "ma age"?hehehehe..desperately..so desperately trying to be what we say in sinhala "a kalu sudda".what a joke!!..hehehehe

  95. Sandun;

    i just said for a example..there are number of countries those are still banned by the IC .. on some countries the they took the ban recently too(Noth Korea)....

    Lets think about this way ok.. IC never like to fail in their attempts on peace ok.. they have nothing to force the SL now .. there is no peace talk agreement on srilanka so they can't put a pressure on lanka and their war but they have only 1 left.. BANING LANKA ok..some countries discussing about it(Germany) but they still waiting for their purposes; if they bans now some countries will help SL like Iran and they will loose whateva they looking from srilanka .. Specially oil and Trinco harbor
    those are the reason why they waiting to pressure the srilanka ...

    If you consider LTTE they are already on Ban and they aren't depend on IC but they will only when they declare EELAM otherwise they never... and IC made the max pressure on LTTE and it didn't work out; for that MR also a reason for that by braking the CFA and he stopped the communication between LTTE and IC ...

    Finaly they got only 1 choice ..thats BAN on LANKA they can make some pressure on Lanka and the War by it....

  96. Just waiting for Qrious's mental formula, hope that wont push the figures minus :)

  97. Shyam,

    umba wage harakek yako LTTE ekewath nathuwa athi... Booru katha kiyanna epa ban... lajjaine..

    Lankaawa 'ban' kaloth thoge maha euntai mokada wenne...

    20+ neda? Umba Lankaaweda inne....?

    Ehema indan me wage kathaawak kiwwanam.. umba wage wahu patiyek wena kohewath naa.. AMMAPA...!

  98. Shyam,

    Great! I appreciate it. I am someone who always reply to your comments and have a long track record of not ignoring you. Of course we had our moments, who don't have!

    However, Shayam you should not be over-curious about the question; it is just an inquiery - that is all.

    Take care.

  99. and the circus continues :) lol
    man the more this guy writes the more his utter stupidity becomes even clearer :o)
    No wonder the ltte is so f'd up with morons like this to support them :o)

  100. Piyadasa-

    Ganane Ganna eppa ... Podi ewunn kaa gahwatta ahasaa phath wene naha bang.

  101. I know that I am feeding the troll by posting this but what the hell.....................
    @ Shyam
    Nobody can “ban” a country. The most any state can do is impose sanctions and/or severe diplomatic relations. Even North Korea, which you have mentioned has diplomatic relations with Russia and China, who are 2 of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council.
    Also there is no such body as the IC (international community) The LTTE is banned in most (with notable exceptions) developed nations since it is considered a terrorist organization (and rightly so). The closest we have to an IC is the UN. And the only organization “banned” by the UN is Al-Qaeda. (actually it is the only organization labelled as a terrorist organization by the UN but I am trying to keep it simple so that you get the point.)

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Guys
    Off topic but worth to read....

    India continues to influence events in Sri Lanka
    BY AMEEN IZZADEEN (Dateline Colombo)

    26 February 2008

    SINCE the government proposed and accepted the 13th amendment to Sri Lanka’s constitution as a means to devolve power within a unitary state, India’s interference in the affairs of its southern neighbour is becoming increasingly clear — and even coming under fire.

    None would dispute the claim that India has a role to play in Sri Lanka’s ethnic crisis. After all, it was India which in the early 1980s trained, armed and financed several Tamil militant groups to fight the Sri Lankan government. It was India which came to the rescue of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and other militant groups when the Sri Lankan security forces were about to capture the Tamil Tiger stronghold of Vadamarachchi in 1987. It was India which imposed on Sri Lanka the 13th amendment to the constitution following a 1987 treaty. Even after Rajiv Gandhi, the former Indian Prime Minister, who browbeat Sri Lanka into accepting the 13th amendment, was killed in a Tamil Tiger suicide attack, India continued to play its role of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.

    Though India banned the LTTE as a terrorist organisation, for strategic purposes, it maintains some secret links with the LTTE. A case in point was when the LTTE laid siege on Jaffna in 2000, India, responding to a plea from the then Sri Lankan government, asked the rebels not to capture Jaffna.

    India’s interference in favour of the LTTE in 1987 and in favour of the Sri Lankan government in 2000 shows it was playing for both sides. Perhaps, the only exception was when Rajiv Gandhi sent more than 100,000 Indian peace keeping forces to Sri Lanka subsequent to the 1987 Indo-Lanka accord. Even during this period, some reports said India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) did not allow the Indian forces to capture or kill LTTE leader Prabhakaran though they cornered him twice.

    It is because of this double-game played by India, however much Sri Lankan politicians say that ‘India is our best friend’, both India and Sri Lanka know that the saying is clouded by opportunism or political exigencies.

    Last week, the Marxists-turned-nationalists, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, sounded a warning that if India did not desist from playing its double game, the party would launch a nation-wide campaign to boycott Indian products. The warning came as many people here believe that it was to placate India that the government on January 23 agreed to devolve power to the north and east first through the 13th amendment and then through the final proposal of the All-Party Representative Committee.

    JVP leader Somawansa Amerasinghe, a virulent opponent of devolution of power, told a public rally last week that his party believed that the Mahinda Rajapaksa government, under the pretext of devolving power, was actually giving way for “Indian expansionism.”

    He said the resurrection of the 13th amendment and a move to set up an interim council for the north were being done at the behest of India.

    “We cannot allow that to happen. The JVP will campaign against it,” he said.

    He asked the gathering whether they knew who our enemies were. He said, “First it was Norway and thereafter Brussels, the European Union, Washington, Tokyo and other Western countries. They acted against us openly. There is another hidden enemy. That is New Delhi.”

    JVP’s parliamentary group leader Wimal Weerawansa said, “India does not like to see the LTTE in full control, but equally it does not want the government to be in full control.”

    The utterances of the JVP leaders evoke memories of the party’s revolutionary days.

    During the 1988-90 insurrection, the JVP warned that anyone who bought or sold Indian products would be punished. Many shopkeepers took the warning seriously and even refused to sell lentils imported from Turkey because they were known in Sri Lanka as Mysore (the famous city in Karnataka) dhal instead of Masur Dhal.

    The JVP’s anti-India stance is rooted in its pro-China ideology. Prior to and during the first JVP insurrection in 1970-71, the party’s leadership held indoctrination courses, consisting of five classes, for its comrades. One of the classes was titled ‘Indian expansionism’.

    This is what the party’s founder leader Rohana Wijeweera said in his submission to the Ceylon Criminal Justice Commission, which tried him after his arrest.

    “The idea of Indian expansionism was first put forward by the Chinese Communist Party. The editorial board of this party’s daily newspaper, ‘Renmin Rebao’ published two articles titled ‘the Chinese Indian border struggle and the Nehru doctrine’. These gave a lengthy exposé of the class needs of the Indian ruling class and its basic philosophy, and argued that the Indian capitalists aimed at spreading their economic and political dependence over their smaller neighbours. This process was named Indian expansionism.”

    The late JVP leader gave a Marxist interpretation to a fear almost all Sri Lankan leaders, since independence in 1948, have harboured. But what can little Sri Lanka do against a mighty neighbour other than following its dictates? We lost our independence to India the day we gained our independence from Britain.

    While the government kept mum about the JVP’s latest anti-India tirade, the main opposition United National Party, the government-in-waiting, rushed to defend India’s role in Sri Lanka. The UNP’s move only underscores the ground reality in Sri Lankan politics.

    Ameen Izzadeen is a Sri Lankan journalist based in Colombo

    my comments:

    This is very good article about India’s role in SL & LTTE problem…
    I totally agree with this article…in early 80’s India was in paranoid condition about SL government (JR) and it’s western alliance that created Indira to make LTTE (VP). Then she wanted to control SL through LTTE but that didn’t work as VP went against India…but until now all this issue still depends on India’s reaction towards SL.

    India have doubt : they do not want LTTE to become strong and get independence as it might create problem in South India, also India do not want to see SL in strong condition as SL government might see western alliance or some other ….

    So We will never get any long-term solution for this problem until India is giving honest support for this crisis which they will never do..
    None of neighboring country is friendly with India only SL so in future India might think about this too…

    So what we can do? LTTE have major role in this case ; they should understand the real issue here and either they settle with political solution and rebuild our nation or fight till they loose all Tamils in north…
    From SL government; any government in powder they should make sure to treat India as a best friend and anything they do take first opinion from India and make India happy always …will SL do it?

    So then one option left unite together and settle with what we can agree and challenge….

  104. Qurious,
    You, to me, sound like a perfect gentleman to the outside world who practises some eccentricities under the safe cover of a pseudonym.
    Can I ask your opinion on the following core issues, please?
    (1) Do you believe that Tamils have a right to self determination? If not, why?
    (2)What is your real concern about Letting the Tamils have Eelam?
    (3)Why do you think the Tamil should trust the Sinhalese dominated Government to give them a guaranteed justice?

  105. Folks some cadres killed in clashes north of Janakapura are from Imran Pandiyan regiment.

  106. abarip,
    shall we let the batti tamils decide that for themselves through their ELECTIONS!!..hip hip hooray!! at last after 30 yrs of sending their kids as cannon fodder..finally elections!!.Way to go commander Karuna!!.way to go TMVP!!.Tamils/sinhalese living abroad cant decide for tamils in SLanka.only the tamils living in slanka can decide that..

  107. DefenceNet,
    I am sorry to disagree with you aahh..The imran pandyan cadres have the ability to regenrate damages body parts..genetic metamorphosis..developed by Vp aaahh..However according to simon gardner/peter apps their ability to sprout wings and fly will be slightly affected ahhh..sorry DefenceNet..ahhh..

  108. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for your appreciation.:):)

  109. Srilankan,
    In these elections its not the Tamils who are going to decide for Tamils, it's the Government's guns which are going to 'help' the decision made FOR the TMVP.
    I'm sure many people amongst you who believe in true democracy are totally against this decision of the Government, but keep mum anyway to back the Government in it's war against the LTTE.
    The bottom line for majority of Tamils is we do not consider ourselves as Sri Lankans anymore. We belong to Eelam, full stop.

  110. "Folks some cadres killed in clashes north of Janakapura are from Imran Pandiyan regiment."

    Good news. Even Imran Pandiyan no match for our infantry troops.

    Defencenet, LTTE has its main sea tiger base in Chalai. Correct? And another at Kallapadu on Mullaithivu coast if I’m not mistaken. If SLA can secure Mullaithivu coast upto Chalai and then the Mannar coast upto Vidattaltivu from west in the coming months that will be a greatest achievement. Once SLA can cut the sea supply routes Fall of LTTE will be inevitable. Until then nothing is certain.

  111. Looks like someone has already accepted defeat. Not like his brave bros ans sisters who die out there even if they know there can be no victory.

  112. abarip,
    Even if the govt guns..(no disrespect to the TMVP)..win this election they will loose/be sidelined in the next election unless they respect the wishes of the people in the east.I know the TMVP have not been saints.I believe that this picture of them been monsters has been carefully cultivated over a period 0f 10/15 yrs by LTTE papers overseas (fx by using time travel-iraqi man who died yrs ago manifesting himself as a SLDF soldier)due to sheer hatred as a result of their betrayal by the TMVP.Now i am telling you this as a sinhala man who has a number of siblings who are married to educated tamil professionals.It is not up to you(a tamil living overseas) or me to decide for the entire eastern tamil community..it is them themselves who have to decide through an election.I hope the good EASTERN tamil citizens will give TMVP a chance and then decide.But i will tell you something which will not happen.The innocent tamil children of the east will not be used as cannon fodder anymore by a effing lunatic.Tell you leader that now he has to use the children "next door" as cannon fodder.Ask him why he does not allow those kids to gain entry to overseas universities like his kids..
    As for you,as a citizen of a foreign country with a foreign passport you are very welcome to your beliefs..however your beliefs just like mine do not represent the aspirations of the good srilankan citizens of the east since we are not representatives of the eastern tamils.that will be decided by elections.

  113. choknuti;

    Do u what happened to north korea ahhh? you what gonna happen to Iran in near future... yeah IC means thats just a eyewash US and EU are playing the main role there. even in UN also ..recently Fidel Castro(some one correct me on the name; spelling) blamed IC about this ok...none of the country helping SL for with out any purpose for them...

    before the Norway came here to about CFA they made an agreement a week before about the OIL in the Mannar sea ,

    Even the India also talked about the Trinco harbor in the 1987 agreement..

    China took the Hambantota harbor ...Us also looking for the trinco to establish their bases around Asia coz of the threat of growing China..

  114. Jsut adding to the point shaym podiyan raised.

    UK and US tams has visited Anuradhapura courts to inspect the so called LTTE weaponary. The object was to see wether they were originated from respective countires so that they coud take meassures to prevent that happening agian. Obviously they woudn't want to such weaponary in the hands oe Al queda.

    The point we missed about shayms bragging about automatic target acquisition systems etc is that our for has no need for them as they very well shoot at the intended target themselves. It is not the weapons that matter whoes behind them. No matter what sophistication the weapon is if the person behind is somebody like shyam.

  115. sldf,
    If the LTTE are cornered then they will start killing innocent northern tamil people en masse and of course blame it on the air force.to gain this "IC sympathy".this is a nightmare which has to be avoided at all costs..most of the filth who are running the north are overseas in their sangams..

  116. shyam,
    You have no idea who qrious is. He is profiling you and it is almost complete. He knows you are using different IP addresses. He knows where they are. Very soon when you are in the web bloging there will be a tap on your shoulders. No need to look back. Just get in to the white van!

    Think of eelam and sungod. There won't be any pain. You will be a matyr. [a keyboard one]

  117. Srilanka Muslim Congress leader Rahb Hakeem said that the TMVP is working under the SLA's shoes during the election campaign today which is held in Onthachimadam...today

  118. mottapala;

    Ask him to kiss ma ass ... as him to just state ma location..he he he he white van never work out in this country ....LOlzzzz thats what i can tell you here

  119. sldf,
    All this because that lunatic..does not want to bite the cyanide capsule.(it just hangs round his neck) and make it a little easier for us.He needs to provide us with maps of the mine fields prior to biting the cyanide..

  120. mottapala ;

    Finally you agree with the issue that the SLA and the SLDF doing the abduction and murdering tamils in srilanka .. I thought the TMVP was related to this .. but its finally thats SLDF ... thanks buddy i like you a lot u know why ?.. you are telling the truth ......

  121. chamal said...

    Is the LTTE camouflage effective in the battlefield? Does anyone know anything about this?


    The Tiger Stripes camouflage was used by the French, ARVN Marines, US Military Advisors, and some Australian and NZ advisors in Vietnam.

    Wikepedia says this about the LTTE

    The Tamil Tigers' pattern lacks black, and is small and overwhelmingly horizontal.

  122. Illangakoon has been arrested as a LTTE sympathiser..on news

  123. abarip,
    if you get the chance watch srilankan ITN news today..details of development in the eastern province..i cannot put into words how happy i feel...specially when i see children wearing school clothes and attending school as opposed to wearing fatigues and carrying guns..

  124. The tigerstipe uniform was first used by the viet cong and was so effective that the americans copied it along with the rest of europe. but it is almost completley different from the gay LTTE one,
    I dont know if it is effective though the only person who can answer that is Black Light Arrow as the only person here with combat experiance if you are anywhere can you enlighten us man

  125. http://www.army.lk/morenews.php?id=11056-this is good news.. ihope the conscripted kids start surrendering also..

  126. Srilankan said...

    Even if the govt guns..(no disrespect to the TMVP)..win this election they will loose/be sidelined in the next election unless they respect the wishes of the people in the east.I know the TMVP have not been saints.I believe that this picture of them been monsters has been carefully cultivated over a period 0f 10/15 yrs by LTTE papers overseas"

    You would have certainly bitten your keyboard ( a similar act to the proverbial biting the tongue )if you knew one little factual matter; The LTTE papers could not have possibly painted a monsterous picture on the TMVP for 10 or 15 years simply becasue the TMVP is barely 3 years old.
    As for your attempt to differentiate the diaspora's aspirations from the Tamils living in Eelam and other parts of Sri Lanka, I can assure you that it is as futile an exercise as trying to establish that the Tamil diaspora breathe oxygen and the Eelam Tamils breath hydrogen!! The only difference is the Tamil diaspora and the Eelam Tamils have the freedom to express their wish to self determination but the Tamils living in Sri Lanka don't!!

  127. Srilankan said...
    Illangakoon has been arrested as a LTTE sympathiser..on news

    Pictures in Defencenet


  128. abarip,
    Thanks for your comment.Again here we have YOUR OPINION not that of the tamils in the eastern province..I dont know about the northern tamils..i dont mean to sound offensive... but what makes you a better "representative" of the eastern tamils as opposed to the large number of candidates who are contesting an election?.

  129. abarip,
    It is amazing that most tamils living overseas in comfort think they are respresentatives of those poor tamils in batti who have gone through hell..my opinion of course

  130. http://mangalorean.com/news.php?newstype=local&newsid=68822

  131. 44 tiger cadres who were engaged in terrorist activities in FDLs at Jaffna, Muhamale, Kilali and Nagarkovil have surrendered to Security Forces at Human Rights Office in Jaffna today reports MCNS.

    They have said that they decided to surrender as pressure from tiger organization was intolerable. Security Forces state that this was the first instance when a large number of tiger cadres surrendered to Security Forces at a single time

  132. guys


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    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
    Apache/1.3.39 Server at lankaenews.com Port 80

  133. Ranil meets mahinda

    secret agreement ?

    lol !

  134. One of my friend's who is knowledgeble about rifle scopes
    did a cursory review of the EO Tech Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS). These devices were used by the LTTE in the AAF base attack. Also, a photo of VP shows him holding a bullpup with a EO sight. The EO sight is made in the USA.

    "This Weapon Sight seems to be the one of best available. Seems to be a advanced piece of equipment. It is compact, light weight, few moving parts, has night vision capability, quick target aquistion (compared to the traditional tube type rifle scopes), 100% parallax free, 1/2" MOA click adjustments with 1 MOA aiming dot. (which is pretty good for a laser dot type) and from what I can see from the demo video, the shooter can have both eyes open while aquiring the target. What they mean by Holographic is that the digitial reticle is displyed on the glass instead of etched. They offer one with sniper accuarcy up to 600 yards, which is prety amazing compared to what I have seen before. The red dot has to be really small but very bright and prominent at the same time. The fine reticle cross hair does the same thing but the drawbacks are you need good eyes, bright light, Objective adjustment, Paralax error correction, and hold over.

  135. abarip,
    your right i missed the point my point is:Why dont you let the eastern tamils decide for themselves through elections instead of YOU deciding for them? If you say the govt is controlling the elections do you prefer them sacrificing their chilren to MBRL fire instead while the jaffna kids were kept closer to killi in the past??.Or is this degree of freedom your speaking about dependent on if you are a velvetithurai guy or not and does it depend on which area you live in?I am sure As for TMVP being there for 10/15 yrs you know what i meant

  136. Defnet,
    Thanks for the answer mate !

    When SLA destroys a bunker line, does that mean we,move the FDL or is it for tactical reasons ?

    Also, how's SLA Armour strength now ? Did they accuire the Pakistani Battle tank yet ?

    BTW, SLA are under equipped in long range Atry cuz, these Pooneryn faggorts guns are giving mer the runs mate !

  137. Hi
    If possible, please also use the Sinhala names of these locations, in addition to their current Tamil Names. The old sinhala names are given in the map:

    More maps and Traditional sinhala names are given in:


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