Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LTTE artillery hits Thalladi SLA base

The Sri Lanka Army (SLA) base in Thalladi, Mannar came under a heavy LTTE artillery attack today morning. 6 SLA soldiers have been killed and another 12 have been wounded in the attack.

Map image

St. Sebastian's church which adjoins the SLA base too was hit by artillery fire. According to our sources the church has been heavily damaged. SLA retaliated the artillery barrage using its own heavy guns stationed in several bases in Mannar region, after which the tiger artillery fire subsided.

Meanwhile heavy fighting raged along the Wanni FDLs yesterday when the Sri Lanka Army advanced from Nedunkandal, Siripurama in Mannar front (58th division), Kalikulama, Udayanagakulama, Periya-Pandivichchan and Mullikulama in Vavuniya front (57th division) and from the Weli-Oya front (59th division). Operations went on as planned in both Mannar and Vavuniya fronts however the Weli-Oya attacks saw relatively high causalities being incurred to SLA. 10 soldiers were killed and nearly 30 others were injured when the army overran 12 bunkers in LTTE's forward defence line in the region. Bulk of the SLA casualties were due to IEDs(Improvised Explosives Devices), landmines and mortar attacks.

More than 30 LTTE cadres are reported to be killed during yesterday's fighting and an unknown number are said to be injured.


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  2. My goodness.

    How come army overran LTTE territory, the blog reported they have MBRL placed, and its not easy to enter....etc.

    What was the actual story

    DN please give us a brief

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  4. DN said (Welioya)
    heavy casualities

    and then said 40 LTTE Killed and 10 SLA also killed. is that what you meant?

  5. DN,

    at time tike this (where their are heavy guns are more likely on open area) why air force not using the Mi24 ?

  6. A BOX Barrage is a pattern of Artillery fire, where shells land on the ground forming a three sided box. Idea of this is to corner down an enemy. The objective might be to stop an imminent attack from the enemy. Stop or slowdown the movement. Provide a block to resupply or reinforce the entrapped enemy unit.
    Other type of Barrages are coordinated point attacks, where many guns hit the same place at the same time. This crates an effect similar to a MBRL attack on a particular place. In modern day advanced fire control systems are used to synchronize many guns to fire at the same time towards the same location.
    Rolling Barrages are used to stop enemy advance as well as to clear out a trench or bunker line. As the name implies the Barrage is hit on specific line at one go and the line is moved forward or backward depending on the requirement.

  7. dev,
    Actual story is SLA suffered more than average casualtiesin Weli oya.

    30 LTTE cadres killed are from fighting in all 3 fronts, including vavuniya, weli oya and mannar.

  8. LTTE Artillery is heavily concealed. Most of the time inside heavy bunkers. In addition SLDF fire detection systems are not sophisticated according to my knowladge (unless recently accuired, please correct me DN if I am wrong).

    In addition I belive they move the guns from place to place repeatedly. If detected,two scenarios apply.

    Inside fortified bunker, requires a Mig 27 with TB or Bunker buster. If out of bunker GP 250Kg will do the job.

  9. Hey any casualties on arti fire ....on both sides ...? any info about that....? Are they using Pasilan 2000 there are possibilities for using it coz its its on testing nowerdays and less cost... Advance development of passilan 2000 is equal for 130 mm arti fire....

  10. For some reason I thought SLDF would bust through LTTE defences and gallop towards Kilinochi like the US military did in Iraq. I always expected there to be a very long drawn outt guerilla ttype war after we captured Wanni (much like Iraq now).

    But I am really shocked at how LTTE is so far holding it's FDLs in the face of SLDF. What gives? Either the Iraqi military absolutely sucked compared to LTTE or the US Military is absolutely wayyyyyy more powerful than SLDF.

    If the latter is true, why can't we procure some advanced weapons?

  11. Anyone know how many LTTE rebels escaped/withdrew from the EAST to Wanni and are currently fighting to defend it?

    A couple hundred? 1k? 2k? Can anyone estimate.

    I thought the Karuna split along with heavy LTTE casualties reported of LTTE in East would make this a small number. But now I have a bad feeling that a lot of cadres escaped unharmed to Wanni. How is it that they are holding on 5 different fronts (very long FDLs)? I think there are way more LTTE cadres than we suspected.

    It just makes no sense. 5 fronts? They must have at least 1/5 the number of soldiers we have.

  12. @ kbs

    Thats why, LTTE is known as dangerous terrorist. worlds first terror who holds air crafts, Vessles, Boats Multibarrel Tanks etc etc.

    They Manufacturing Exposives it seems.

    So no wonder We should not under estimate them, We have to move using war tacktics u know.

    i remember once we looses STF or the commado regimat. while entered ltte territory in a hurry and lost most of them in earlt 90's. DN correct me on this pls in

  13. Testing times ahead of local elections in east


  14. @kbs,

    I think the main problem here is not about the man power.. The entire wanni is a bloody mine field... virtually every thing is booby trapped... Specially more or so in mannar, vavu,welioya fronts...

    Its not an open terrain like we may think in iraq... it would be thick jungless/shrubs etc...

    Guys, its going to be a hard grind as the tigers know this would be the final battle and whoever takes the advantage will more likely to be victorius..

    At the moment Army is putting up massive pressure on the ltte FDLs..
    and they are fighting tooth and nail not to give the advantage..

    But guys be assured this military leadership seems to have a clear objective so we have to be patient.

    Someone said about a tipping point.. lets wait a little longer...

    The tigers fear even if the forces capture a small part of the wanni they will be blown within. Wanni people are waiting to be freed because everybody knows ltte rules by the bullet not by ballot.

  15. "For some reason I thought SLDF would bust through LTTE defences and gallop towards Kilinochi like the US military did in Iraq."

    That was different...A lot of Iraqi soldiers surrendered to the Americans, probably because they were afraid to face the 'might' of the US military. But on our case, we've got a bunch of brainwashed terrorists who are taught to commit suicide rather than surrender so naturally they would fight desperately no matter what the circumstances are.

    Another thing is our forces are concerned more about minimizing civilian casualties. In Iraq, US air strikes are killing civilians as well in addition to insurgents.

    Also, unlike us the US military has more money, more advanced and powerful weapons and they use better methods...(for example their fighters can take out a given target almost immediately as there are several ready to be deployed anytime. we can't do this because we don't have enough planes & money)....And I guess the change in terrain also helps too. They don't have thick jungles like we do here...

  16. another thing is though the US was successful in capturing iraq the operation is/was a failure due to internal problems... Still many parts of iraq not totally in control by US military..

    We dont want such a situation here, Its should be fight to a finish and try to create democracy in those areas..

    My take is the LTTE leadership may never be caught and fled to other countries.. But I could be wrong too.. But the ground should be cleared completely (killed/captured/fled)for a proper solution to be given those people.. and the solution should be so as to never let the terrorism return again..

    Also I think if some of the military mindsets in the leadership is targetted the rest could enter into politics like how the karuna militant turned a politician.. take the case in afghan, iraq etc..

    The solution should be a wide ranging one which includes amnesty rehabilitation and developemnt etc...

  17. "i remember once we looses STF or the commado regimat. while entered ltte territory in a hurry and lost most of them in earlt 90's. DN correct me on this pls in"

    It was some regiments of the 53rd division that were devastated in Jayasikuru. With elite troops suffering casualties, morale of the regulars was at rock bottom. Without proper leadership and planning, we made it easier for LTTE to hunt down the best in the army. Anyway now the story is totally different. Thats why you havent seen SLA mass move troops into Wanni.

  18. Defencenet

    I think the biggest problem for our forces in advancing seems like various kinds of mines.

    what are the counter measures taken by our forces to minimize the casualities due to this.

  19. What makes is hard for SLA to advance are the guerrilla killing fields filled with mines and IEDs, surrounded by camouflaged bunkers.

    LTTE's artillery firepower which got a massive boost during the CFA has always been a problem.

    To to it all, tigers have the terrain advantage.

    To counter these threat a proper plan is needed. And the current SLA plan is focused on group based attacks. These normally take time.
    Wanni wont fall overnight. But eventually it will (if all goes well that is). If done properly it could be LTTE's deathblow.

  20. A must read by everyone...


  21. Thanks defencenet,

    Truly trying times ahead for the troops... May God bless them give them the rsolve and strength to defeat terrorism. Just imagine the situation the soldier facing in the front lines..

    According to some reliable sources our forces are within reach to pooneryn, but due to mine fields they are taking utmost precautions. can u verify this

  22. kbs,

    Your judgement of the current strategy has to be corrected. You cannot compare the war on Iraq with our war as well.

    Current strategy so far has been not to take the land, but slow and steadily de stabilize the LTTE. SLDF can march in to Kili and Mulathiv but defineitly with lot of casualties. Mainly due to land mines, IEDs and indirect fire.

    We are not here to send bili boys but to win the war with minimal casualties.

    Winning a war is not advanced weapons always. Advanced weapons must be combined with proper strategy and men with courage and vision. Last two was zero 2 years back. Strategy was also zero, but now things are falling in the right place. We need more advanced weapons and technologies, but money is the problem.

  23. Riyaz ;

    Mines are not an issue nowerdays its not a secret mission ...so the SLA can use the mine recovery tanks ...even INDIA(or USA) discovered a UNIT like that it just a big giant tank it's just rolling some chains to pull out the mines and detonate them so then the forces can move it under thats tanks cover ... how ever the mind field won't be so long ... only pro is MOTAR's and SNIPERS

  24. Shyam,
    I don't see what a sniper can do against a tank???

  25. "According to some reliable sources our forces are within reach to pooneryn, but due to mine fields they are taking utmost precautions."

    We are still near Mannar Town on A32 (http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Sri+Lanka&ie=UTF8&ll=8.943749,80.001068&spn=0.143121,0.2314&z=12). Pooneryn is all the way in the other corner of Wanni, up along A32 (http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Sri+Lanka&ie=UTF8&ll=9.505276,80.209465&spn=0.071447,0.1157&z=13).

  26. mines.. those tanks want work in thick jungle. its not a flat area i guess. might be packed with trees

    very hard to achive the dreems as we expected.

    not cricket ya

  27. chamal;

    i mean the soldier who are undercover and following the tank..

    i agree with your opinion..yeah if its a thick jungle then its easy for the SLA to use the metal detector for find out the mines... threat from the SNIPERS also very low if its a jungle

  28. "According to some reliable sources our forces are within reach to pooneryn, but due to mine fields they are taking utmost precautions."


    where are you getting this information

  29. KBS ;

    Yeah KBS it was delayed but i don't think they were delayed cause of mines ..during the JEYASIKURU SLA lost many soldiers and SLA was confused how to repulse the LTTE when the LTTE break thorugh the OTTISUDDAN so LTTE got advantage on that confusion ..they captured VANNI and they step up their activities on MANNAR (not jaffna)because they thought it would be easier to them to capture the MANNAR and they finally made the ambush to JAFFNA.....

    Not like you said ..SLA made an offensive to not to capture the Pooneyan they tried to advance in to the VANNI those days they didn't care about pooneryan the SLA's mission was capture the A9

  30. @shyam,

    Its combat situation so do you think its possible the mine clearing machines to work in freedom. and terrain would be difficult too.. i assume its not like a road or an open field.

  31. "threat from the SNIPERS also very low if its a jungle"

    Actually a good sniper is able to make any kind of terrain advantageous to his purpose. (Of course we are talking about LTTE snipers here, so you're probably right)

    Do the LTTE really have snipers or are they just marksmen?

  32. Riyaz is the one who said we're nearing Pooneryn, not me.

  33. chamal ;

    Dude its very hard to target this kind of situation coz in a land (if there is't hills) when the enemy on crunching or duck its really hard to target him coz of wind and specialy gravity...

  34. "Shyam said...

    Riyaz ;

    Mines are not an issue nowerdays its not a secret mission ...so the SLA can use the mine recovery tanks ...even INDIA(or USA) discovered a UNIT like that it just a big giant tank it's just rolling some chains to pull out the mines and detonate them so then the forces can move it under thats tanks cover ... how ever the mind field won't be so long ... only pro is MOTAR's and SNIPERS

    February 12, 2008 5:43 PM'"

    No offence but...if mines and IED's werent a problem their wouldnt be so many Us and Canadian Soldiers dying on Afghan and Iraqi fronts.. >_<...As you can see both countries are specifically invensting to protect their troops against mines and IEDS...on the other hand mortars and arti's are pretty common...tho arti is not common among the insurgents in iraq...

  35. Abhaya, thanks!

    You mean like a triangle? Can this be done with single artillery gun or does it need multiple guns?

    Is there not a way to observe such fire from the sky. We have almost exclusive advantage of the skies. Why cannot we make the maximum out of it?

  36. DN-
    Not sure this got raised by any blogger, in earlier discussions. If so apologies for repeating.
    As for the mine fields, LTTE must be having some maps to avoid the traps. Should not our intelligence work towards getting hold on to copy of those maps and move forward ?

  37. Can someone please commment on SILLY STRING PLEASE?

  38. and ofc..snipers r big prob tooo...i mean ther main idea is to cause confusion and anxiety among troops.. cuz its one guy hidden in teh bushes against lottsa ppl in the open.. its like... the troops saying" pick me pick me pick me!!" xD ..LOL

  39. vikram;

    yeah i agree with you but SLA loosing their most heavily trained soldiers and commandos in this fields ....

  40. guys

    first i'm not an expert but when i look at the map pooneryn is long way from the SLA positions

    "forces are within reach to pooneryn, but due to mine fields they are taking utmost precautions." is fiction

    what about LTTE fighters ?

    see this map & make up your mind


    pooneryn is far away !

  41. kiri ;

    From skies its hard to observe the arti fire coz they using confluence so its pretty hard... SLA owning some kind of radar to positioning the Arti and motar bases but a high ranking offices told the media those are not accurate and LTTE changes their location quickly so its hard for them to find out and destroy them

  42. Box Barrage is not a triangle, it is like three sides of square. You need multiple guns to draw the lines of the box.

    The articale from the TNET on Box Barrage can be another propaganda, as they do not have enough Guns close to Mannar to do that.

  43. "According to some reliable sources our forces are within reach to pooneryn, but due to mine fields they are taking utmost precautions."

    Pooneryn is a long way from current SLA positions. Before that sla will have to fight their way though various tiger strongholds such as Viduthalaithuv.

  44. @Defencenet

    thanks for your opinion

  45. Update: Fighting claims 45 rebels, 16 soldiers in Lanka


  46. srilankan,defncenet,(from earlier thread-relevant here)

    The casualty figures of those soldiers who have lost limbs is indeed very disturbing..i relise that the troops take much precautions to avoid these,but why are we rushing forward.to capture madhu church..until recently,we were doing pretty good,with minimal troop casualties,but yesterdays 10+ KIA,shows 2 disturbing factors-

    1)We are attacking using conventional,massed formations,rather than the smaller-scale raids on Tiger bunker lines,
    2)The Tigers are finally using their elite/hardcore fighting units,which have got used to the SLA's small-scale raids..

    And frankly,I would not believe what defencelk has to say on our troop casualties,which are very low,according to them!!..Same goes for tamilnet..

    And yes,even i saw the mine-clearing vehicle at dayata kurila..looks pretty neat..hope we are using it effectively,to save our soldiers lives & limbs..

  47. shay/nemesis,

    Some questions on the dayata kirula exhibition-hope you can clarify them for me??

    1-The missiles that were mounted on the Mi-24,were they the new "spike" model,or the pakistani "baktar shikan"..

    2-The 30mm twin cannon that you are referring,is it moonted on the shaldag-class FAC's,or on FGB's/OPV's??..and the gun currently used on Dvora FAC's,it also a 30mm weapon?..what's the model?..

    3-the navy even displayed a Gabriel MK2 anti-ship missile,if i'm not mistaken?

    4-The 1000kg LGB displayed in front of the Kfir,looked like a bigger version of the normal MK82/84,free fallbombs..there wasn't any laser attachment fuse,etc..why?

  48. "Outgoing artillery fire rocks Mannaar city" - TN

    Looks like Tamilnet posts headings in US style.

  49. Renegade!,

    LTTE have mined some kind of antitank mines thats the reason the SLA don't use the mine recovering tanks or vehicles

  50. Lankadeepa news paper reports that our troops are marching towards LTTE territory from Weli Oya FDL?

    Defencenet can you please tell us what is exactly happening there??

  51. 42 SLA killed in Mannaar clashes - LTTE
    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 12 February 2008, 14:15 GMT]
    20 Sri Lanka Army soldiers were killed in an intensive counter-attack launched by the Tigers on SLA units that attempted to move through Paalaikkuzhi targeting Adampan on Tuesday, the Tigers said. The direct clash intensified after LTTE mounted artillery attack on Tha'l'laadi garrison and the fighting lasted till 12:30 p.m. Meanwhile, a unit of SLA troops that advanced was trapped, unable to pull back, in an open area along Paalaikkuzhi - Adampan road at 1:30 p.m. LTTE's long range snipers, who engaged the unit, gunned down 22 SLA soldiers between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m., Mannaar Operations Command of the LTTE told media.

    More than 53 SLA soldiers were wounded in the counter-attack in Mannaar on Tuesday, according to the LTTE.

    The artillery attack on Tha'l'laadi Sri Lanka Army camp was part of the counter-attack in Paalaikkuzhi, the Tigers said.

    any comments or info . is this true

  52. one hrs back kafirs or migs were flying over katunayake area. I am wondering that something going on since weather also too bad here

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  54. "LTTE's long range snipers, who engaged the unit, gunned down 22 SLA soldiers between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m., Mannaar Operations Command of the LTTE told media."

    Apparently they've been playing too many computer games.

  55. Defencenet,

    Can't we use Fuel Air Explosives to destroy land mines as in following Israel weapon system.

    New Mine Breaching System Based on Fuel-Air Explosive

    Have we ever used Fuel Air Explosives to destroy land mines?

    Are they expensive for us to use?

  56. per Army.LK

    "Fathers Rev DEVARAJA, Rev ARUN RAJ, Rev NEVIN, Rev KULLAS and Brother LEXTON, five of them from diocese on Monday (11) after meeting the ground commanders in TALLADY Army camp sought the assistance of the Army troops in the nearby camp to carry out some cleaning work in the church premises since it has remained neglected for some time."

    Apparently 25 soldiers were doing Sharamadana work inside the Church. It looks like a set-up. There are bulet holes on the door of the Church. The LTTE certainly had the exact coordinates of front entrance.

  57. the boss ;

    What happened? ...more than 53 bodies handed over to the Anuradhapura base hospital... any related news about this info...?

  58. Apparently they've been playing too many computer games.

    Call of Duty 4 ?
    Ghost Recon 2 ?

    good joke Defencenet :)

    LOL !

    guys check this VIDEO about 2007

    LOL !

  59. Shyam,

    Once again you're talking about something you don't know:

    "Dude its very hard to target this kind of situation coz in a land (if there is't hills) when the enemy on crunching or duck its really hard to target him coz of wind and specialy gravity..."

    It is difficult. But that's what snipers are trained to do. It's not just a matter of getting the target in the middle of the crosshairs and pulling the trigger. He has to take everything into account (wind speed, height, speed the target is moving etc.) and position his shot so that the target will be practically walking into the bullet. If your 'sniper' can't do that, then he's not a sniper...he's just a marksman who can shoot accurately.

  60. @Shyam

    what 53 bodies are you talking about

  61. Sgt Carlos Hathcock was the most famous American sniper of the Vietnam era. He was involved in the US Marine Corps sniper program till his death, a few years ago. On some occasions, he used .50-caliber M2 Browning Machine Gun, firing one round at a time, to a distance of 2500 yars (2.3 Km).


  62. "Box Barrage is not a triangle, it is like three sides of square. You need multiple guns to draw the lines of the box."

    Also I believe within the 'box' a line of fire is walked up and down, which is the whole point of the box - to 'box in' troops.

    Hope this comes out through the formating, this is what I understood to be the traditional boxed artillery firing:

    1. box established

    2. fire walked through the box

    3. fire walked through the box
    * -> *
    * -> *

    4. fire walked back through the box
    * *<-
    * *<-

    So basically you do need a few guns to do this, so not sure LTTE could do it in mannar theater, Defencenet maybe you could fill us in on this aspect. Thanks.

  63. Chamal,
    The iraqi regular troops surrendered because the USAF was targeting each individual tank bunker in the desert with rockets.
    Not for chamal
    The whole of the north is one large minefield that is the LTTE's greatest protection..thats all the LTTE have.This war cannot be fought if mine clearence does not become a main objective and properly catered for.Soldiers cannot just run across minefields!At this rate we are going to need 1,000,000 men half of which will die or survive without limbs!!.I hope the SLAF is helping he soldiers.

  64. chamal;

    Hey buddy when the sniper lay on ground he is unable to target the enemy who also crouching....its hard to trigger him down; according to the FDLs the distance must be more than 900 mts i mean that.... how ever the SLA who recovering mines never show themselves to the snipers

    Some sources says there are 52 SLA corpses in ANURADHAPURA hospital who are KIA today any confirmation on this info

  65. "2.3 Km !

    WOW !

    That record was more recently broken by a Canadian sniper in Afghanistan:

    "The current record for longest range sniper kill is 2,430 metres (7,972 ft), accomplished by a Canadian sniper, of the third battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (3 PPCLI), during the invasion of Afghanistan, using a .50 BMG (12.7 mm) McMillan bolt-action rifle. That's some shot he broke Carlos Hathcocks record for the longest range sniper kill. I was reading about this shot and it said that the round had a flight time of four seconds, and a drop of 44.5 m (146 ft)."

    Actually the first shot hit the terrorists water canteen, with the second one taking him down.

  66. We need to use bombs here.
    Is the airforce actively engaged in welioya?

  67. The LTTE simply does not have the manpower behind the current FDLs. The coastal areas in their areas of control have weak points. Some kind of amphibious landing behind their FDLs would catch them by surprise. The Indians tried dropping lightly armed paratroopers near Jaffna University in 1987. That ended in a slaugher.

  68. Chamal / lkdood-
    Guys.. Do not forget the Golden rule.
    I'm sure why below article has given text....

    Your rights

    DefenceNet is a blog and we use it as a platform to make our views available to the world.

    There are a number of free services that allow users to create and maintain blogs even without any technical knowledge. (Ex- Blogger, Wordpres, etc). If you find a lot of your comments getting deleted or find that your rights are being violated by our draconian laws, you have an alternative. You can create your own blog and express your views there so that you will be harassed no more by our axe of censorship. Mail us with your blog address to contact[dot]DefenceNet[at]gmail[dot]com and we will help you increase your traffic by offering a direct link to your blog from DefenceNet.

  69. casc,
    Even if the LTTE dont have enough cadres they obviously have had years to plan so they may have extensive minefields.So even if an amphibious landing takes place would the soldiers not be busy clearing mines while at the sametime in the range of LTTE artillary and they are not going to have any backup unless it is a hit and run operation.?For this to be succesful we need very good intel..

  70. Srilanka,

    I agree with you on intelligence.

    Part of the nature of warfare in Sri Lanka, especially on the Jaffna front, reminds me of WW1. Combatants on both sides facing each other making occasional forays into the other side. We are basically fighting from static positions, and that suits the LTTE perfectly since they don't have the numbers. In a continuously mobile type of war, once a minefield is breached with a corridor it loses its strategic significance. The army has been very innovative in recent times. I think the Army will change their tactics to meet the challenges.

  71. SriLankan, CASC,

    I agree with you on on intelligence but the fact of the matter is intelligence gathering takes time... a lot of time. (to the displeasure of many)
    BUT it's the best way out of this mess. LTTE is putting up a co-ordinated defense and SLA needs to find the weak points. I think they should hold off on direct pushes into LTTE territory and let the SF probe around for a while. This will also give some time to reassess our strategy with the mines.

    defencenet, guy,
    how did we deal with this problem in the east? I remember mines were a serious issue then as well.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. DN,
    we come here not to enjoy war, but to understand and have some sort of hope for our mother land that soon it will be free of these terrorists. but these monkey's and "Nari" jumping up and down is really is a pain. why can't you just block them for ever?? pls do this favor to us.
    Tissa Hami

  74. Defencenet and bloggers,

    LTTE is accused of using the Madu shrine to their advantage militarily(a claim not yet proven). Now we hear confirmation that SL has camps adjacent to the St. Antony's church(even sharing a fence) and using it to their advantage militarily.

    Do you not think this is hypocritical in the strongest of terms?

    Secondly, how effective have LTTE snipers been in the offensive fronts and haved the SLDF expected and prepared for threat?

    Thank you.

  75. casc & snakevi,
    Many thanks for your comments.Yes sadly we need good intelligence and this takes time.Today we lost a minimum of 16 dead and 42 injured...it has been a bad day for us.However generally speaking i am pleased with the army plan of action.The 59th division in welioya has suffered the most.David said that this division has a mix of battlehardened troops.However i tend to think that it is the new recruits that have suffered to most..these young boys in their 20's..my prayers are with our brave boys as always.

  76. neethan,
    This army camp..is it permanent or temporary.?Could the army camp be using the facilities of the church and inturn helping the church out with repairs?

  77. Perein,
    Nice to read your comments.Please give my regards to your family.

  78. Both sides are exagerrating. That's part of the propaganda war.

    Even if SLDF deaths is equal to LTTE deaths, in terms of % LTTE is being worn down in numbers.

    My only worry is the quality of cadres being lost on both sides. I hope we aren't trading our best forces for their worst.

  79. tissa,

    I feel the same way bro.
    But the fact that these losers are here means that they are shaken up by whats going on... that should tell you a lot of things..
    I agree with you that DefenceNet has some house cleaning to do! I think some trash has blown this way from LNP!

  80. It seems that LTTE is getting used to our tactics now. It will result more casualties from the government side. So I think it is time to change the war strategy. Better option we have open 3 offensive fronts and invite enemy to attack. To finish the war we need to execute holocaust method. That is when we invite to enemy to engage in large scales we need to finish them off as soon as possible. We need to find a way to destory at least 20 sqaure KM area in to a rubbble. That will teach enemy how terrible war is...and lead to end.

    By saying this one I appologise my tamil brothers, just because you all are Sri Lankan. But dear friends we don't have no other option left.....

  81. Piyal,

    sorry to say, but you are an idiot!

  82. Srilankan-
    Thanks mate. Will do.
    Hope all well with you too.

    however I have removed that next day :) since it was out of subject.

  83. It's freezing here in the USA.

    Hillary is definitely on the back foot, kalu malli is on a roll. Hopefully he'll win and get decimated by apey man McCain...Life would be happy and normal for all. US isn't ready for pussy in the driving seat, white or not, and neither are they ready for anyone non-white in the oval offfice. McCain is what the doctor ordered for ye Sri Lankans...
    It's cold and snowing like hell..Ol'TropicalStorm is dreaming of days when he can have a thal-raa on a beach and deflower a coupla ninjas from the disarmed, disbanded Malathi regiment...Guys, please spare the malathi regiment...
    Aahhh to be back home...

  84. I do share the same concern that some of the posters have expressed.

    Why is this SLA base located next door to the church? The MOD have been making a big deal about the fact that the LTTE have not respected the sanctity of places of worship by placing heavy calibre weapons in close proximity (if not within the grounds) of these locations! Now it turns out that WE have been doing the same thing!

    We HAVE to win this war by demonstrating we are greater and opposite to the LTTE! We have to demonstrate this to the Tamil people by honouring civilian rights and ensuring their safety at all costs!


    I agree with you to a certain extent on the matter. we shouldnt have bases near places of worship.
    but there is a key difference, LTTE have set up mortars near the madhu shrine. Which is considered a holy shrine and a no war zone area. (officially or unofficially i do not know)
    SLA cannot attack the positions without looking bad.

  86. @TropicalStorm

    Hillary is definitely on the back foot, kalu malli is on a roll. Hopefully he'll win and get decimated by apey man McCain...Life would be happy and normal for all. US isn't ready for pussy in the driving seat, white or not, and neither are they ready for anyone non-white in the oval offfice. McCain is what the doctor ordered for ye Sri Lankans...


    LOL !

    Mccain ?

    are you on meditation ?
    (no offense !)

    after bush NO CHANCE for a GOP

    Mccain facts:

    Mccain don't even get the support of his conservative base !!

    on the Economy he's 0

    nobody want to be in IRAQ for 100 years 0 marks

    health care 0

    how old is he ? 71

    OBAMA all the way !

    (people don't want another cow boy)

    what are u talking about ?


    YES WE CAN !!

  87. lol kbs how can you even compare the SLDF and the US army?

    The US is the most technologically proficient army in the world.

    They operate in a completely different way! The US army is a technology and ordnance centred army! The SLDFs are a people driven army simply because we don't have the capital buy good quality to armour/air cover to protect the troops so that they can rush the FDLs! We don't have tiered ground support like the US - High altitude: B52s, middle altitude: F18s/F16s, low altitude: apaches! A US ground unit can call upon a wide variety of support (incl. artillery) at ANY given point in a country and at ANY time! Do the SLDFs have this luxury? Ffs in some cases we are actually fighting these things almost face to face!

    The fact that Gen. Fonseka has refused to devulge the casulaties of the Thoppigala battles is disturbing. Imagine the casualty rates in the wanni.
    Many good soldiers will sacrifice their lives before we can sniff the Killinochchi air!
    All we can do is pray that our boys stay safe and achieve their goals with the least loss of life


  88. defencenet,

    having read the report below, it seems to me we can track calls made on cell phones at less than drop of a hat, but prabakaran is using three sets of satelite phones to call his daughter, tamil nadu etc on a regular or even daily basis - starlight, being the manufacturer -and yet, we can't track him accurately enough to take him out?


  89. lkdood

    The USA isn't ready for a brotha in the White House.

    Wait and see...

  90. http://www.asiantribune.com/?q=node/9603

    way 2 go .... keep it up

  91. http://youtube.com/watch?v=KBA531DHYlE

    Heavily edited video of LTTE casualties at Thoppigala ONLY. This excludes Manalaru, Samppoor, Muttur and Vakarai.

    Many did not believe then either because govt propaganda is weak and immature.

  92. Per Daily news, the church attack today was a set-up. The army should start with the presumption that all religeous figures are suspect in the N&E. The defencenet photos show the grouping pattern of the bullet holes, which are above the doorway. This was elaborately planned.


    "Investigations are being conducted on how the presence of soldiers was informed to the Tamil Tigers. Sri Lanka police recently arrested a Tamil pastor belonging to a catholic fundamentalist cult for transporting suicide kits to Colombo. Following the arrest the police also uncovered several bombs hidden inside a hen cage belonging to a church of the cult in Mannar. However, the defence authorities refrained from giving publicity to the finding."


  93. Guys,

    The LTTE supporters here are trying to sidetrack us again. Shyam finally made a comment that is related to defence and without any racism(something about how a sniper in prone position can't shoot properly!!!) That's why I answered to it (there wasn't anything in that particular comment against defencenet regulations) anyway it seems even for that he's not accepting logical arguments. Looks to me like we'll have to ignore all their comments, not just the ones with racism. Sorry guys for being stupid enough to answer...

  94. Guys,
    Looks like the Terrorists in the south are still very active:


    They must be found if we are to avoid another tragedy....and fast too

  95. http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/Sections/frmNewsDetailView.aspx?ARTID=6429

    41 Provincial Council members planning on a jaunt to Vietnam at tax payers cost. These provincial councils are a joke.

  96. LTTE using the same tactic as the Russian forces used to keep the stallingrand from Nazis during the word war 2 ... but in the end the Nazis couldn't overrun the place even though they had a big number of soldiers and had tanks and etc.....

  97. LTTE, SLA exchange artillery fire across Jaffna lagoon.

    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) launched heavy artillery and mortar fire towards Jaffna lagoon in Ariyaalai east, an area close to Thanangki’lappu and Koakilaaka’ndi in Thenmaraadchi, Tuesday around 8:30 p.m targeting boats that were crossing the lagoon, sources in Jaffna said. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) retaliated, and the artillery duel lasted nearly ten minutes, according to Thenmaraadchi residents.

    Any confermation on this info

  98. /*
    LTTE using the same tactic as the Russian forces used to

    The only reason Nazi couldn't capture Stalingrad was because of heavy winter, supplies cutoff over stretched and morale low. In addition, they were getting hammered on western and north African fronts. There is hardly any similarities here.

  99. Both of them using MBRLS ..! hey its on tamilnet any related information

  100. One stratergy US army did at Iraq to avoid land mines was to use a kind of string that explode itself once laid. that explosion will trigger land mines as well.

    I had a photo...but unable to find it.

    Defencenet: do you have information on this? Can we use such a method to clear the path.?

  101. Blackhawk:

    “The fact that Gen. Fonseka has refused to devulge the casulaties of the Thoppigala battles is disturbing.”

    So Einstein, how about you telling us what the “real” casualty figures were in Thoppi for SLA?

    Listen you SOB, I know your type (David Blacker type – the RW/Cross-carrying ccok-sucking type! LMSSAO!)….first you fcukers denied that SLA captured Thoppi (until SLDF brought in foreign reports to prove its point), secondly you said it was a “barren land” (which was again disproven by SLDF inducting defense reporters in the SLA forward scout teams in Thoppi) then thirdly you said SLDF claims of the LTTE KIA were all bullshit (that too was disproven with video images of the bloody filthy LTTE maggots killed like flies after bug-spray!) and now you are questioning the “SLA casualties of the Thoppigala by Gen. Fonseka?”


    Yo RW pansy arsehole…I must say you are doing fine to discredit MR GOSL/SLDF (relentlessly!), but sadly for you scum, the majority of Sri Lankans have seen the truth and they have heard first hand accounts from the battle front Thoppi by their boys/husbands and nothing an excreta-speck like you would say can change their opinion! This is why over 85% Sri Lankans gave thumbs up to MR to do a “clean sweep of the LTTE terrorists” in an independent survey! Ouch, that must have hurt you! So give it a rest you bloody RW=LTTE supporting scum…the PE is still a way off, so you don’t have to resort to this type of false, malicious ka-ka at this stage – i.e. not when our brave brothers are whacking the LTTE excreta-maggots well and truly like we say in good ole Sinhela “wadinawa ammagen beepu kiri mathak wenakan!” LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  102. ----Guarilla Tactics at Defencenet----

    If LTTE cader is in a uniform with arms it is easily identified so they act like civilians in the process of acheiving thier targets. It is true in this blog as well. When they put racist comments they get deleted sooner or later. So they start with good english, defence releted comments and DN don't delete them. But after while you see the rest. If you read the blog continuously you will note all of thier 'reasonable' arguments were well answered by some people but after one week they put the same crap. Then a new guy reply and rest ignore; cycle goes on.

    Deleting their disruptions, unfortunately take some time and for that time tiger co. get some plesure. They get bonus pleasure when others and even defencenet answers thier questions. (Tiger co. know all the the 'truth' but still ask questions from DN/DW.)

  103. Shayam:

    Hey LTTE maggot…howz is hanging leper? Rotten and droopy? I bet! LMSSAO!

    Just a brief note to you from humble OaO Asithri….

    I see lately you come here and post all the garbage from your LTTE front sites (like Tamilnet) and then you say:

    “Any confermation on this info?”….which is to hoodwink readers that you are really interested in an alternate viewpoint! Nice try filthy excreta-maggot…no, some of us smart and we can see right through your ploy which is to come here and disseminate LTTE propaganda, but do it in a quasi-neutral fashion!

    So, let’s make a deal maggot…how about I tell you that I will believe everything that your Tamilnet (and other ka-ka sites publish) provided you believe that I am your illegitimate father? LMSSAO!!!

    Humbly yours,

    OaO Asithri

  104. Someone was refrring to the Russians holding off the Wehrmacht in WW11, without having a proper historic or strategic perspective of what really happened. The Germans weren't used to the Russian winter, while they faught too may other fronts all across the world. In the case of SL it is a different story.
    When the seasonal rains end, that's when teh tanks will roll.
    Different story, different place.

  105. And now a note to my pal Tropical Storm;

    Bro, I agree LIFE is being able to consume a copious quantity of Thal-raa and indeed perform an "ethnic union" with a disarmed (and disrobed too hopefully...err...I mean no disrespect, but only the err...suicide jacket!) ninjas from the Malathi regiment...I too say…Lion bravehearts: please spare the malathi regiment!

    Simply bliss? You bet! This is what "ethnic harmony" is all about!


    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  106. yesterdaynight there were sounds of fighter planes heading north. Have there been a night raid by SLAF?

  107. ninja,

    "----Guarilla Tactics at Defencenet----

    If LTTE cader is in a uniform with arms it is easily identified so they act like civilians in the process of acheiving thier targets. It is true in this blog as well. When they put racist comments they get deleted sooner or later. So they start with good english, defence releted comments and DN don't delete them. But after while you see the rest. If you read the blog continuously you will note all of thier 'reasonable' arguments were well answered by some people but after one week they put the same crap. Then a new guy reply and rest ignore; cycle goes on."

    We are aware of this. In fact it's laughable that they think we are falling for this.
    Another funny thing is the use of multiple accounts to prove their point.
    They use several accounts to either back their senseless crap or to create an argument. But its the same person behind the computer who posts using different nicknames. And they think we cant detect that which is the biggest joke ever. We do not delete such posts as it purely adds to the entertainment value, specially for DefenceNet members who have administrator access.

    As for the LTTE released casualty figures, they are, as usual exaggerated.

    "LTTE is accused of using the Madu shrine to their advantage militarily(a claim not yet proven). Now we hear confirmation that SL has camps adjacent to the St. Antony's church(even sharing a fence) and using it to their advantage militarily.

    Do you not think this is hypocritical in the strongest of terms?"

    It is not. These are two completely different scenarios. SLA has the garrison in Thalladi town center as it is the most suitable place for the defense of the town and civilians. Anyway it is not a no war zone.

    And Madhu is a different scenario. When hostilities between the LTTE and SLA increased in the Madhu area, both parties AGREED not to conduct any military activities in the land surrounding the shrine. Hence a no-war-zone was declared.

    But the LTTE repeatedly violated this agreement and placed their long range guns in the church premises. So far SLA has not shelled the area, SLAF has not bombed the area as per the agreement.
    Up to you to decide whos right and whos wrong.

    And the queries regarding air strikes, SLAF has not played a major role in these battles. SLAF's primary role is to take out LTTE's leadership.
    Bombing every inch of the FDLs every time a group based attack occurs is not possible with the current resources.

  108. slpower
    yes it's called "bangalore torpedoes"
    you can check them up on the web for lots good info and their strengths and weaknesses

  109. The way tamilnet reports recent battles we can make several assumptions:

    1. Every soldier in the Sri Lanka Army is part of a Deep Penetration Unit.

    2. Every time LTTE 'defeats' such a unit, they mysteriously vaporize leaving behind claymores and batteries. (and yet DPU attacks occur in their territory?)

    3. 90% of the units that LTTE's "Mannar Operations Command" deploys are snipers who have abilities that can only be rivaled by protagonists in computer games.

    4. Every SLA attempt SLA have made so far in Mannar front has been 'thwarted' or 'repulsed'. How they advanced within 3km of the Madhu shrine is a mystery.

    And Tamilnet seriously messed up when they mentioned the areas which fighting was supposed to be going on. In their rush to 'reinforce the Mannar front from the web' they forgot the weli-Oya clashes where majority of actual SLA casualties occurred (for the last 3 days).

  110. There is reason to believe the TN report on shelling around jaffna lagoon. for some reason TN has been MUCH faster than defence.lk recently. and their news (on attacks) seems to be somewhat factual going by subsequent details released by defence.lk

    SLA would not shell the lagoon unless tigers had tried to launch an amphibious attack. bastrads are very active along the national front and the surrounding area. we should take on their mortar/arti. positions (however much difficult it is) instead of busting empty bunkers. Their mortar/arti. positions are NOT along the FDLs; but very much inwards. where tiger heavy guns are located is the REAL FDL. SLA in jaffna are not safe until this REAL FDL is busted.

    defencenet, please shed some light on this.

  111. Moshe Dyan ;

    Yeahh i agree with you ..a high ranking retired SLA officer said that JAFFNA is inside the LTTE arti range ..that means that the LTTE able to stop the SLA's activity at any time ...

  112. There is another development I would like to bring your attention, according to Morning Leader (Pro LTTE) Germany is going to propose the EU to withdraw the GSP+ concessions from SL and slash all the development cooperation(including regular donations) unless the SL gvt stops the war to seek a "political settlement" These are just two things out of a series of actions they gonna take.

    Finally someone has decided to blow the whistle (to save the LTTE) and this rag has happily used the caption "Germany Proposes sanctions on SL". This was brewing for sometime but i believe this is the first time "they" made a specific threat of this nature. Withdrawal of GSP alone would result in a decrease in foreign currency and that will definitely hurt our war machine (im not thinking about the economy in general as right now what is important is the continuation of the war to wipe the LTTE out -- we don't need Coke)

    Defencenet, brothers, these developments are more serious than the occasional arty fire coming from the running LTTE....we really don't have much time left. When the rest of the "peace loving" international community jump in with the Nazzzi's, sorry Germans we the racist sinhalese will be forced to go back to a "negotiated settlement" like the Americans did in Afghanistan and Iraq

  113. Biggest threat for Sri Lanka in this war is the IC. This is where we may fail in defeating terrorism and liberating the civilian Tamil. After Kadiragamar no one was able to do a quality service for Sri Lanka. Though his assassination brought discredit on LTTE, they might enjoy the dividends later.

    The military answer for this is MI, LRRP and SLAF finishing the command structure of LTTE and making the bloody organization collapsing inward.

  114. reo.mag.forever,
    I wouldn't worry about it.I suppose newspapers need to be sold.:):)

  115. Let me point out few observations.

    1) The IC/UN/INGOs all presarise GOSL to stop the war and negotiate (like done in Oslo)

    2) All the LTTE allies (K'nidi/Vaiko/Daliths etc) in tamilnadu work on their full strength. They presarise the center and demands are stop fighting, stop aid, negotiate.

    3) All local pro-LTTE NGOs/media highlight civilian killings and the implication is need CFA again.

    4) Tamilnut is busy reporting snipers killing 20-30 SLA daily and SLA burrying dead bodies (must be the same killed by their snipers) in secret lands. They even forget to report deaths even admited by defence.lk.

    5) LTTE openly said they need CFA back and they even follow CFA even alone. During CFA LTTE has various demands. After CFA only LTTE demand is 'CFA again'.

    Now consider following two scenarios.

    Sc1) All SLA attempts to break FDLs repulsed. Heavy casualties for SLA. SLA burry dead bodies in some secret place only known to tigers. LTTE snipers kill 20-30 SLA daily in cool and comfort. Since LTTE snipers kill like hell other caders just relax so almost zero LTTE casualties. SLAF bombs jungles and destroy trees or civilian places so again zero LTTE casualties.

    Sc2) LTTE is being attacked from many fronts forcing them to spread limited man power every where. Daily around 10 caders (male/female/child/50+/juniour/senior) killed and more injured, reslting civilian anger/hopelessness in LTTe areas. SLA casualties are relatively less. SLAf targets frequently LTTE bases and leaders. LTTE propaganda machines have to make up stories to keep happy tamil di-ass-pora.

    >>>>> Sc2 is more realistic given the observations.

    Above scenario analysis is not the most correct way to find out casualties for either side. Real casualties for either side we need to get from some relaible sources. (tamilnut for tigers and DN/DW for others.)

    However, given past observations you can find a corrilation between the behaviour of IC/UN/NGOs etc with reality in battlefield. When LTTE had the upper hand (jayasikuru/EPS/KAB era) GOSL had little or no preasure for negotiotions. Situation was 'OK' for IC/NGOs.

  116. Thanks defencenet for the attention.

  117. reo.mag.forever,
    I forgot to add that we should not confuse the good german people with the german govt.It is also interesting to findout exactly how much overseas aid is going where..
    fx:if overseas aid is going to pay for wages of some "thinktank"..i say "screw" the think tank..I think the tax department has a mountain of work to last for the next 20 yrs.Lets start with say 1970 and start investigating taxes..

  118. srilankan,

    enough money can be found for the war without imposing further burdens if the tax system is proper (not to mention corruption within the IR).

  119. but the problem would be foreign exchange. that is what the LTTE is after.

  120. "Listen you SOB, I know your type (David Blacker type – the RW/Cross-carrying ccok-sucking type! LMSSAO!)….first you fcukers denied that SLA captured Thoppi"

    Hey, you cock-sucking son of a Slave Island prostitute. Where the fuck did I say the above. Maybe if you get your dick out of your mama's cunt and your tongue out of MR's arsehole you can clean the shit out of your eyes and get a clue.

    "Our brave brothers?" Ha ha ha. Brother to you? That would make all our soldiers brothers of a dog's cumdrop. If you have anything defence related say so, beyond that go back to giving 50-rupee blowjobs to suddhas like your mum does.

  121. Sri Lankan,

    I'm talking about the Nazzi's here...the hypocrites who are behind these pressure campaigns...who are trying not only to create an opinion against us but also action -- namely people like Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul. Have you heard these people talking about the Human Rights vioations in Iraq ? I have not and I'm yet to see good Germans opposing/criticizing or dong anything effective to stop these people -- it doest not mean that there are no "Good Germans" but mind you most of those good Germans sat on their hands and kept their mouths shut and eyes tightly closed while Hitler almost cleaned up the Jews.. and thats why we have not seen many movies like Schindler's List, isolated incidents.

    I agree that newspapers ..even rags should be sold but this piece of news came out of a direct interview given by the German Economic Cooperation and Development Minister, she's not alone in this campaign :)

    The new face of Neo-colonisation is nicely made up with Human Rights and Media Freedom and so many more fancy concepts and organizations, all these Organizations, NGO's, INGO's are really setting stage for an international intervention to stop us racist-Sinhalese defeating the LTTE. Dr. Mani with R2P was doing a real good job in taking us there but someone with brains decided to kick out Dr. Mani before doing some major damage..but ICES is still here and kicking them out of here should be the next step --- If we want lasting peace.

  122. David Blacker,

    Id this you ???? :(

  123. Asthri, David

    I am not the admin of this blog, but I have to plead you,

    Could you please get away from the Filthy words. We appriciate your other comments and your views are welcome (though we do not agree at all times).

    People like you made this blog famous and that made people like me to come here and share my views and knowladge for the best interest of our country and for the best interst of Defence and Military people.

    I am begging, please use decent language.

  124. For the people who use filth in this forum, would you be comfortable with your children reading these words (now or sometime in the future)?

    In the grand scheme of things, your words in this blog do not amount to even a grain of sand on the beach. What does matter is how we live this life WITH RESPECT - be it in Dehiwala or New York.

  125. reo.mag.forever,
    I agree with you reo..dont get me wrong.However we need to distinguish between the german population and their govt.As for a german person..i dont think some even know where SLanka is and it is not within their reality.Take it from me..there are a lot of nice people there :). Your right about these organisations.I just love Dr Mani..:).I think she is doing her best to inherit the "je ne sais qua??-fench attitude"..but not really making a good job of it sadly mate.Tears come to my eyes w.r.t her efforts of trying to be an asian-caucasian.However the govt has taken steps to have these organisations account for what they are actually doing in SLanka.I dont think the govt will be impressed if they have just build one house per yr.I think in future their visa's will depend on their performance

  126. Moshe,
    I am not speaking about new taxes.Basically a clean up of IR is necessary.However there are a large number of super rich people in SLanka who have been evading taxes and also all these so called "thinktanks" & organisations need to submit the proper documentation.I know 20 of these guys without even having to think.This is what i meant..when i said the IR has lots of work to do in future.Mind you there is nothing wrong in being creative and rich but not if you are a crook!! specially in a small island like SLanka.Moshe i am not really keen on "appropriation accounts".

  127. reo,
    Do you remember news items sometime back..when there was a real fuss by these NGOS,INGOS,DINGDONGS,POLAR BEARS when their activities were to be i n conjunction with the forces/police.in the east?.(forget the odd Rs 100/- to police as an inducement to perform their job- i am not being cynical)- i wonder why they refuse to stick to an overall plan?..will that be because they have to really do something..and produce results i wonder..

  128. Just got this from a friend...
    lets do what we can for a worthy cause

    Dear all,

    Our solders at Ampara are suffering without water.

    The Siri Wagirachana Temple of Maharagama is collecting water bottles
    of 400ml and 1L.

    If you wish to contribute please call Kavidu on 0773339138 or Ven.
    chandima thero on 0714161955


    Pass this on!

  129. As Mathara Ayiya said, SLAF is surprising us!

    "No Air strike for long time" lol :)

  130. Sri lankan,

    What was the story? Was little bit out of touch for sometime ..when was this ?

    I have made another observation, most of these Human Rights activists and Free Media business people etc have a leftist/Marxist history/background (now better capitalists than George Soros & Jim R). Over the years they have realized the real profit earning potential in this INGO/NGO business, how bad would it be if our Sinhala-racist government put an end to this "ethnic problem" ?

  131. Guys,

    Yes, there was a setback yesterday at the battlefront. But it is temporary; my heart goes out towards those brave soldiers who laid down their precious lives on behalf of us.

    May they attain Nirvana!!

    I see you guys sound pessimistic in the wake of the news; this does not mean the savages had a field day.

    The battlefronts are as active as always; according to my man, the situation is evolving by the hour and that demands corresponding adaptation.Those of you who heard about Darwin the darling of evolution, know very well doing otherwise is a step closer to extinction.

    To term it as what defencewire calls 'grinding-to-a-halt' is very unhelpful, as far as its readership is concerened; this headline may have forced Ranil and Tissa to stare at heavens for hours in ayubovan position, dreaming of coming to power on the back of Nation' misfortunes. So, guys, don't be downbeat.

    theboss, Shyam and the click, have you noticed the SLAF is quiet at the moment?

    It is collapsing under its own internal problems, mates!

    They have run out of fuel, spare parts, a good part of runaway and above all, its pilots have defected en masse to a rival air force. Guess what it is from below.

    The rival air force in question, was established last year; no, on second thoughts, inaugurated last year, a bit more precisely. It was a heaven for aspiring pilots, to practise dare-devil maneourvers: pay is high and in all international currencies ranging from American Dollar to Afghan rupees; it provides the pilots with the opportunity to take off their planes on world's shortest runaway with extreme conditions such as gravel in every inch and pot holes catching up in number. Each plane has two pilots and two stewerdesses; when one is at controls, the other one can have some fun with one or both stewerdesses at his leisure. The air force calls its motivation when you and I chose to call it blatant mischief bordering on suicide.

    So, who will resist the temptation to join this air force? the one and only in the world.

    Mates, however, I have to remind you my experience with a mini tornedo, a few years back. It was very very calm before being struck.

    Squeeze the testicles now and stare at the mars for five minutes. The red planet gets reddish and bloodier, doesn't it? Brace yourselves for a catalogue of surprises!!!

  132. qrious and others,

    Any brainbusting ideas why the TAF is silent.

    We know now there are F7s and streamlined processes in SLDF to counter this threat.

    But why, TAF doesnt play the jig to give their caders a moral booster.

  133. Panhinda,

    Thanks dude for the video link of Tiger casualties in toppi-pretty revealing,i should say!!..coz my friend next to me,almost puked on the Keyboard after watching some parts!!..anyways,can u upload video on casualties from other battles as well,like sampoor,vakarai...what about elephant pass-2000 (video on our SLA casualties,as well)...

  134. "Any brainbusting ideas why the TAF is silent."

    It's LTTE's nature. When something grabs the attention they lie low for a bit. They strike in the moment we least anticipate it.

    We know now there are F7s and streamlined processes in SLDF to counter this threat.
    But why, TAF doesnt play the jig to give their caders a moral booster.""

    This may be one of the reasons. Dont forget that the SLAf recently got some new radars and AA weaponry in addition to the F-7s. If one of their planes get hit, the idea of a morale booster could backfire like a nightmare.

    But a suicide attack is still possible and MI has warned of it already.

  135. I'm always surprised at the people on this site. You're protesting the rubbish that the Shyam-types bring here, but happily tolerate idiots like Asithri. Y'all don't seem to have any problem with his unwarranted personal attacks, but immediately protest when someone retaliates. What are y'all, the UN? Or perhaps Jane Arbour?

    I rarely visit this site anymore 'cos it's just a pain to put up with the retards this place seems to attract. Asithri seems to be the Mervyn Silva of DefNet -- basically a disgrace to the place, but tolerated for unknown reasons.

    Well, thanks, DefNet, for running a link to my site on the homepage, but I'm afraid that'll have to be the extent of my further contribution to your site. I've protested about this before, but it seems that you have to be Tamil to be censored on this site. Good luck.

  136. I did not see anyone single out David Blacker for using filth?

    However I am ashamed to say that I enjoy this battle between Asithri and Blacker. I am even more ashamed to say if you can eliminate your mothers / relatives and other people from your colourful expletives and simply take apart only yourselves I wouldn't mind too much of it..


  138. blacklightarrow,

    We have constantly requested you and Asithri both not to engage in personal attacks. We even conducted a poll regarding this issue the last time you started warring.

    We are not the morale police to decide whose wrong and who's right in your argument.

    But let us remind you that it was not only Asithri who used offensive language, you did too. In that case you are both wrong.

    "Asithri seems to be the Mervyn Silva of DefNet -- basically a disgrace to the place, but tolerated for unknown reasons."

    It wasn't only Asthiri and you who used offensive language in the blog. There have been many others. and we have not deleted their posts. We delete posts with racism on sight. And we admit that our policy towards posts with offensive language has not been strict. But Asithri was not given any special treatment as you claim.

    "but it seems that you have to be Tamil to be censored on this site. Good luck."

    When did we ever censor anyone for being a Tamil?

  139. DB,

    I have never missed any single post of you without reading. There are lot of things to learn from you.

    I just wanted to say post always something valuable for us.

    Be cooool.....:)
    Keep continue and share your knowledge.



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