Monday, February 11, 2008

Tigers place 81mm mortars near Madhu no war zone

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) placed several of their 81mm mortars in the no war zone surrounding the sacred Madhu shrine, to fire at advancing Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers today. LTTE mortar fire originating from the no war zone targeted army positions several times today evening from 4.45Pm to 5.00PM. The army has not yet retaliated these attacks. A 81mm mortar typically has a range between 200m-5KM (range depends upon manufacturer). SLA's current positions are only 3KM away from the sacred shrine. However capture of the shrine could take longer than expected due to the heavily mined and booby trapped terrain.

This is not the first time LTTE exploited the cover of the no war zone. Military intelligence and civilian eyewitness accounts reported of an artillery gun being moved to the area last August. These reports were later confirmed when LTTE successfully used this gun to shell SLA positions in Thampanai and Nochcikulam, causing heavy casualties to the SLA.


  1. DefenseNet,
    How are bulldozers used to clear mines?.Do you have the number of SLA who have lost limbs due to mines of allsorts in mannar and vauniya since 1/1/08.IS dropping bombs on heavily mined areas a realistic choice for us?

  2. DefenceNet,
    How many casualties were caused by LTTE shelling nochchikulam? area

  3. DefenceNet,
    I mean thampanai/nochchikulam

  4. "How are bulldozers used to clear mines?."

    A bulldozer fitted with additional armor can be used to 'rake' the minefield. You can read more about it here:

    "Do you have the number of SLA who have lost limbs due to mines of allsorts in mannar and vauniya since 1/1/08"

    Unfortunately we dont have these figures right now.

    sorry about the brief answers.

  5. srilanka,
    that was about 5 months ago. 1 Kia and another 12 or so injured.

  6. hi defencenet,

    I had a query for you on the previous thread. Please answer is not too sensitive



  7. DefenceNet,
    Many many thanks for you replies.when you have the time..can you pls let us know how many of these injured have lost limbs in mannar/vauniya/nochchikulam/tampanai?

  8. Sri Lankan,
    Bulldozer is a good choice. I have seen them effectively used in world war II (conversional war) films. But they may be easy target for LTTE, if we use them in an open terrain. They may be difficult to use inside thick jungles. The question is can we effectively use them with this kind of unconventional war tactics (advancing with small groups)?

  9. Saduni,
    I agree with you.I just read as recommended by DefenceNet.

  10. i am getting annoyed at these unrealistically low casualty figures by

  11. cakeboy/nemesis,
    "Can anyone shed light if we had a special group as such to carry out assassinations on foreign soil?

    As per our info other than several occasional 'special' missions, we do not have dedicated groups that hunt tigers in foreign soil.

    Anyway even if there were, chances are likely that only the top brass will know of it, so we wont have that information anyway.

    "Will they be only used in interceptor role? No ground attack capability?"

    Technically they can attack ground. But we doubt they will be used for that role. SLAF have been using the F-7Bs (3 aircraft) and the FT-5 (1 aircraft) to attack ground targets when the MiGs were grounded about two years back and in 2001.
    But now we have plenty of aircraft for Ground attack (7migs and 10kfirs). SLAF's weakest link is the air to air role. So they may try to close this loophole once and for all by maintaining a dedicated fighting wing.
    We simply cant afford to let the tiger air wing grow. Remember, the sea tigers also started out small. Look where they are now and look how much of a disturbance they have become. If the same happens with their air wing it will be 100x more trouble than the sea tigers are currently giving.

    As for the specs regarding the F-7Gs, some have already answered that question so no need of us there.

  12. srilankan,
    cant remember the exact nature of casualties mate. But it was pretty bad.

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  14. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for your comments...Pls let us know the % of injured having lost limbs..only when you have the time..since i know your busy.

  15. 41 rebels, 3 security personnel killed in Sri Lanka


  16. Kbs,
    I dont think the idea is to capture territory per se although in some areas in appears that territory is being captured.(The idea is to bleed the LTTE of cadres which they have to use to man defenselines).Dont think we want that info on any website.We should not really rush this since our major problem is mines.The delay is because the whole of the north is one large minefield and it takes time to clear them.

  17. Defencenet

    if there are lot of mines how do the LTTE move in there area

  18. lkdood,
    "if there are lot of mines how do the LTTE move in there area"

    Its not a problem for them as they obviously know where the mines and deathtraps are.

  19. According to defencewire..the number of SLA who have lost limbs in the mannar vauniya offensives since 1/1/08 is 20..lets introduce error of 50%...thats 30 young men!!.I just hope the govt knows what they are doing by trying to rush the forces

  20. @Defencenet

    thanks for the answer

  21. are our combat soldiers still using a stick to prod for mines.
    cant they be given mine detectors or something

  22. Dush,
    No they are fortified bulldozers.. i think is a reasonable approach.

  23. I read Gen Zukov's autobiography. One of the greatest Russian general's of WW 2. According to his book, the red army used to send cattle in mass over the minefields. There would however be a moral/ethical problem doing this in Sri Lanka

  24. Cowards, hiding behind civilians and now historical sites so that they can say that the SLA destroyed them and get support.

  25. I think GoSL should make this a big deal. And try and get IC support to move them from these historical sites. If they don't then there's nothing much we can do. But at least let the records show who brought the war to these areas.

  26. Casc yeah remember seeing something like that about zhukov somewhere, that guy was a tactical genius.

    but people should not use cows for clearing minefields in sri lanka then the ltte will start shouting out shit like Racist Sinhalese Buddhists have no respect for Hindus.

    we should use the entire UNP party for that there green cloths will act as camouflage as well. this way is the only possible way they can help the motherland.
    and the only chance for them to be patriotic

  27. I saw a lot of comments by some guys in the previous thread about arab israli conflict so i thought I should put in my belief
    muslims and jews have the same blood of Abraham they are like a big heart torn in two, i dont take any sides but, on one hand the israli's need there promised land after being persecuted for 1000s of years and on the other hand the Jews stole land from the palestines

  28. "Tigers place 81mm mortars near Madhu no war zone"


    Why can't our Govt/MOD take this issue and make a "big scene" out of it. This can be effectively use to as a propaganda tool to lobby International Human rights organizations, religious organizations and foreign governments. If we give lot of publicity to LTTE cowardly acts like these LTTE can come under heavy international pressure. You can’t always fight LTTE in battle fields. The fight have to be taken to political front as well.

  29. Defnet mate, if SLA "current army positions are 3kms from Madhu shrine.." which direction ? From South or West ?

    Also the 9 arrested near ya have any updates on that ?

  30. DN,& Gys
    I am new and hav been leeching to this blog cpl of days .Seems very intresting and informative for gys like me in Middle East.keep up the great works.
    DN,bit ackward Q perhaps ?? would you explain me what is Madhu Shrine ?/Tx.

  31. sldf,

    That's exactly what I'm saying.

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  33. @Rizwan

    welcome to the discussion :)

    Madhu Shrine info(click link):


  34. /* Asked what the Tamils have gained after a quarter century of war, Arular says with a sigh: 'Nothing! We have only destroyed ourselves.' As he speaks, it appears the man still nurtures a soft corner for his old friend Prabhakaran. */

  35. My friends here says that it would be a war crime to use places of worship, like The Madu Shrine to stock weapons of war by the terrorists. I think it would be ok for the gosl to drop small bombs at the perimeter of the shrine to secure it and stave the terrorists hiding in there. Cut their water, food and electrics and 500 well armed troops could do that job. as a Christian I simply can’t allow a bunch of terrorists to seek a place of worship as part of their battle stratergy.Americans dropped devices to destroy places of worship in Dresden and in Vietnam, after all it is just a building as one’s faith is in ones heart and in ones deeds. Truly I will not hesitate to chase any criminal or terrorists in to a temple or church, this day and age.

  36. Kevin,

    There are many refugee camps around this area as well. It's difficult to just drop bombs cause if they do and these bombs don't hit the intended target then the LTTE will yell "killing civilians, destroying historical sites".

    I think the best move would be to give them warning and if they don't heed, then do something about it. A top secret STF operation would be ideal with minimum damage to civilians/buildings but I'm not sure as I don't know the ground realities.

    Maybe defencenet can shed some light on the issue.

  37. Kevin,

    You are right; cutting off supply lines is the most viable option now; the army will not move against the Catholic sentiments and there are Catholic officers in the battle field too.

    The strange thing is as to why the priests in charge of the premises did not make a fuss, when the Tigers were installing these weapons in the vicinity of the church. They are good at making statements when the army get things wrong; I think the church has to prove that the stance take against violence is consistent, moral or otherwise. If they let it be coloured by racial sentiments, their religious convictions are as hollow as the building itself, on its own in this isolated countryside.

    No one will find fault with them for taking a stand on principle; but emotions should not be part of that equation. I think their counterparts in the south are miles ahead in this regard. They are not known for indulging in partisan practices, at least, as far as I know through Catholic circles.

    There were these silly marches in the name of peace from the South towards North before. What a waste of time! I thought these things will prop up again, and am glad nothing of that sort is in the pipeline.

  38. How possible it is to vedio record using arial survevilance LTTE guns/firing from madu church?

  39. Kevin,

    No matter what the terror outfit is doing within the no war zone of Madu Shrine. Military should not re-direct fire or drop bombs within this zone. I'm not a Christian but Madu Shrine is sacred site, and military should take every precaution to protect the church and civilians around this site. What the army and govt can do is launch a serious propaganda campaign to educate people, foreign govts and human rights organizations as to what LTTE is doing in this no war zone and how it is effectively using this no war zone to target military. We have to always find ways and means to politically destroy LTTE.


    Also I hope military will not try to expedite military operations under political pressure. This can result is disaster if army does plan well and take precautions. Simply stay the course and stick to the current battle plans. Any thoughts of this need to “expedite military operations”?

  40. I just canot believe this

    see the link ...
    why cant we destroy them all..any political interfere?

  41. kevin,

    My friends here says that it would be a war crime to use places of worship, like The Madu Shrine to stock weapons of war by the terrorists.

    One of the official news organs of the Vatican L'Osservatore Romano, described LTTE as 'freedom fighters' in a recent publication. Even after protests by our ambassador to Italy, they have not changed their stand.

    Their website is here.

    There has always been some backing by Catholic elements since the inception of LTTE. Why can't the 'Southern' Catholics step into countering some of these propaganda? They have traditionally taken a back seat even though they have also been targeted by the murderous campaign of LTTE.

  42. sldf

    The answer to your question is; we don't want outsiders having a big say in our problem at this point. That was ponsi Ranil's way. That led to the western perspective that we are unable to deal with the vanni monkies effectively.

    Now that we've pulled that perception off in style, it would be disadvantageous to us and give the Norwegian hyenas waiting for a chance to get their dicks into the game an excuse.

  43. sldf,
    "Why can't our Govt/MOD take this issue and make a "big scene" out of it. This can be effectively use to as a propaganda tool to lobby International Human rights organizations, religious organizations and foreign governments."

    It's not like we havent tried. But we all know how the Human Rights Organizations work. Rather than the actual HR violated victims, criminals and terras seem to benefit more from these. Only a few countries hear us. Others will continue preaching "Both parties must work towards a political solution....." no matter which is the terrorist and which is the government. Being poor has its downsides.

    "Defnet mate, if SLA "current army positions are 3kms from Madhu shrine.." which direction ? From South or West ?"

    From the southern front.

    Also the 9 arrested near ya have any updates on that ?"
    Some have been released after questioning. it's very difficult to identify suspects as most of the time tigers on missions travel without the weapons. Weapons are given to them the last possible moment.


    Thanks. About the Madhu shrine:


    "Also I hope military will not try to expedite military operations under political pressure. This can result is disaster if army does plan well and take precautions. Simply stay the course and stick to the current battle plans. Any thoughts of this need to “expedite military operations”?"

    so far the political pressure on the military has been minimal if not non existent. We have had too many lessons to avoid political objectives, best example being operation Jayasikuru. Not only can such interference cost thousands of lives but it is bound to backfire on the government sooner or later. Lets hope things are kept as it is and will not be messed with.

  44. As for the sinhala tigers there is no political protection for them its just plain hard to track them down. Most of them work in government organizations. MI cracked down on this organization's (Viplawakari Vimukthi Peramuna) senior leadership but there is one high profile target still at large.

  45. And thanks everyone for not replying to trash comments (now deleted).

    Ignorance is bliss...

  46. I have asked the majority of the people in the Anglican church I attended yesterday,all of them seem to be white English and they agreed unanimously that priests should dispense their views and help in a just manner,as in SL when a terror group, for whatever cause is killing it’s elected leaders, enforcement officers and innocent civilians, then the government should have the right to crush, even in a church. In England they will, according to few of them said that the SAS will be sent to any important place, including a church, if needed to flush out any terrorist. Should they use artillery from a such a place a severe action will be taken and the clergy is expected not to give succour to persons that are likely to break the law of the land in a criminal manner. Due to efforts of likes of us the Clinton circus has given thoughts to accepting patronage by groups that have connections with terror. People in Maine and Kentucky after hearing this in web sites have given their verdict and I hope she had learnt her lesson.

  47. kevin,

    "In England they will, according to few of them said that the SAS will be sent to any important place, including a church, if needed to flush out any terrorist"

    The situation here is a bit different isn't it? If they were only within the shrine, then our Commandos/SF would probably be able to act accordingly. But this area is under LTTE control and there will be heavy security in the area...(They know we won't be using artillery or air support, so they will probably be expecting a special forces type operation and will be ready for it)

  48. A few months ago I read an article about the Vaticans views on the LTTE. They seem to be under the impression that LTTE are freedom fighters. This is probably why the Catholic priests in the north don't say anything about HR violations caused by LTTE.

    Defencenet, a bit off topic, but isn't it also true that in the old days the Catholic church funded the LTTE in terms of arms?

    Is there something political going on here in a global scale, in stability of South Asia as a whole. LTTE would be a great ally for anyone who wants to do that.

  49. These Catholic priests, sadly are also the victims of their rigid and uncompromising rulings and practices of the Vatican and they blindly follow their masters in Rome. If Rome says that a bunch of terrorists are liberators, perhaps with some monetary inducements or by mere fear of disobeying its leaders and rules set by them. This why the emerging democracy in England separated from the Catholic Church and called themselves protestants. Today I see in my own business where once church going poles and other eastern Europeans are attending less their church, which is out of step with our times.

  50. Guys

    This is not military, but LTTe related and so funny...
    You gotta read this

  51. Its important to differentiate here between the Anglican and Catholic church. The archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams did in fact endorse military action against LTTE when he visited SL last year.

  52. Tropical Storm,

    I read the DBS Jeyaraj's article on Elevanthan with lot of amusement. What a commital... Naka Dee Pus**

    There is another LOL in Tamilnut.

    It says "Meanwhile, at Kaddaiyadampan, a Deep Penetration Unit of the Sri Lanka Army was confronted by a specialized reconnaissance detection team of the Tigers" LOL!

    It is like LTTE Automated Air Defence System.

  53. DefenceNet

    Thanks for posting the vidoes.

    For the benefit of us overseas Sri Lankans, could you post some detailed maps of the conflict areas also please?

  54. Hi,

    Rayappu Joseph is the Biggest Tiger in Mannar, he has very close links with Prabha, Some people say Charles Anthony was baptised by him as well.

    Madu No war Zone is a Myth & a Tactic by LTTE & Madhu Priest.

    How come a shrine under LTTE control area is "NO WAR". that's funny,,,,its like a place in the ocean without "sea water"....bull shit. first you should execute these "fake" priests who support terrorism whether they are Christian, Islam, Budhist Or Hindu!!!

  55. The Rivira article (see below) says that several priests of a pentecostal denomination were arrested in possession of suicide kits. The initial detection was made thanks to two CDF members. Some of the priests had in fact transported LTTE agents to Kandy and Nuwaraeliya. The article also cites a UK connection. Asisthsiri did a post earlier about some of these non-mainstream Christian denominations tht have been infiltrated by the LTTE. In Catholic Church too there is a split. The Bishop of Mannar
    Rev Rayappu Joseph, and the Bishop of Jaffna Rev Thomas Soundaranayakam openly support the LTTE cause through biased public pronouncements.

  56. I am not anti-catholic but here are some observations.

    ## Some time ago one BJP/shivsena leader identified LTTE as the military wing of catholic church.

    ## A leading critic, prof. Nalin De Silva observed shifting power from hindu upper class (vellala) to catholic upper class (karavar) via ponnambalam to chelvanayakam. (Chelvanagam is the father of modern tamil racism.)

    ## In generel sinhala catholic church is 'very against the war' and they 'love love very much' all kind of peace-peace talks, ceasefires etc. (According to them this is totaly based on humanty.)

  57. Defenecent,

    There was a news item about STF recovering some weapons or something in Vavuniya.

    Is the STF deployed in Vavuniya

  58. Can some one plesae comment on SILLY STRING?

  59. @defencenet and guys,

    what are the tools, SLA use for demining?
    only metal detectors?

  60. wel,

    guys are merging LTTE with Bishop + Cristian tamls. relly gread jobless ppl

    in that case, there are 3 monks got caught with same in putlam am i not mistaken. i was listing to TNL Isira FM, they wer reading both news one after the other.
    Does it mean Monks are suppoting LTTE?

    Think Both sides before confirming or publishing something to the open blog.

    May be tru May be wrong still... coins has two sides. etc..

    Defence Net Are u agree with me or?

  61. Yes Dev,
    Agree with you. If LTTE is terrorist group, the people who support LTTE also terrorist.
    Should punish them without concerning their capacity.
    I listened to BBC Thamil Osai two days ago. Most of priest giving statement supporting to LTTE.

  62. TNL Puwathpath sirastala Dasadesin
    Last week.

    News was published on Sinhalese News paper only. Can any body confirm the Budhist Moks got caught with C4 Or Body Kits..

    Any Idea on that?

  63. I have a Doubt

    LTTE is known as the werse Terrorist in the world. if so why these F***ers all over the word suppoting LTTE? Norway, Japan, Australia, Specially Caneda, Hilary, Tamilnadu, kerala, Germany, Swiss etc. Why is that? is there is a reson for supporting LTTE? even NGO's UNHCR (according to Govt) Unicef lots more..

    Ginnak Nethuwa Dumak Naginne ne ya?
    am confused now

  64. dev, accusation against the Bishop of Mannar is not without any foundation. He has always been exaggerating things when it comes to offences committed by Army, but he never ever criticise LTTE. His blessings are with murderous LTTE.
    His conduct is an insult to Christianity.

    It is his duty to keep Madhu no-war zone clear of LTTE guns. Atleast he must reveal it to the world. Instead he must be eagerly waiting to write letters when the counter attacks hit the madhu area.

    When it comes to Buddhist monks, anyone is called a monk when they put on the white robe. (LTTE have started using these false monks & priests for terrorist acts) But you won't find high ranking Budhist prelates behave like Mannar Bishop.
    It doesnot say thet Buddhist monks are better. It only say Rayappu Joseph is insulting his post.
    He should bear all the responsibility of the nasty things that could happen as a result of these mortars/artillary near Madhu church, since he fail to denounce these acts of LTTE.

  65. dev

    It is mainly self interest and representation ability of the tiger lobby. You have to admit that they have done a formidable job until now, and it is the cracking down by nations such as mine (USA) that have significantly eliminated their impact on diplomatic pressure on the SL. To some extent that has been a dual partnership by India and US to give SL a breathing space.
    The interest arises at electoral level, mainly due to the large tamil constituencies in those nations.

    Although in some nations the Sri lankans opposed to the tigers outnumber the supporters, there is no incentice to pursue an aggresive campaign to earn support for an identified cause. The cause of teh average Sri Lankan is to be allowed to live in peace. Unfortunately that doesn't become a very motivating one.

    Forgetting the JB-007 can someone pls give me a realistic estimate of casualty figures.
    Gentlemen lets keep the religious arguements for another day.

  67. @ Samson

    You have a valid point on my comment. thanx

    Say For Ex. anybody can criticise anybody.

    even LTTE suppoter can criticise LTTE to show the world, and wipe his hands ya. Like JVP they are specialist on that. They dont do anything but they criticise ha.

    criticise in SL is just a Drama according to my idea.
    "Heladekeeme Mawli Mangalyaya"

    Must think positively ya, If the commets are true why the GOVT not Q Rayappu Joseph then. He is still in the country na

  68. Good Morning guys,

    Its good to see the level of patience many ohere are showing now. Its going to be a hard grind, but if the army/defence is let to decide on their own plans.. then I think this war should be over reasonably quickly..The biggest danger now is impatience and political influence than the LTTE itself.

    I think MR has to be recommended at this moment by what he has said recently to the media. So lets be patient for a little more longer..

  69. "He is still in the country na"
    Ya Dev, VP Also still in the country...

    give sometimes, SLDF will fulfill your requirements.

    Re: Supporting LTTE;
    before think about other countries and NGOs, think about your self why do you want to support LTTE.

  70. @ Sri lankan

    Why u worried about Casualities, Hope ur going to contribute for them. since the begining of this page you are still worried about the same.

    Like watching Cricket fom the middle.

    beleive me. you/we never get the exact details from both ends.

    think other issues which solve the ethnic issue.

    dont criticise me for this. ppl use to it now

  71. Guys,

    Heavy artillery exchange in Mannar

    The military and LTTE were exchanging heavy artillery in Mannar since early this morning. The LTTE is said to have fired towards the Thallady army camp.


    have you got more news?

  72. Sad Video of the Bus bombing

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  74. This war of attrition will go on for some time. I think the Army Commander’s assessment of finishing off the LTTE in one year may be too optimistic. If MR can keep public support going for this war, then it will not be a problem for the SLA to keep expanding at the same pace as in 2007. SL will need a large standing army to control the Wanni. The biggest constraint will be the economy. I found these statistics on Sri Lanka in the CIA Factbook on Sri Lanka (

    SL total population is 21 million. The age distribution of the population is 0-14 years: 24.3%, 15-64 years: 67.9% , 65 years and over: 7.8%.

    Manpower available for SL military service (2005)
    males age 18-49: 4,933,217
    females age 18-49: 5,153,597

    Manpower fit for SL military service
    males age 18-49: 3,789,627
    females age 18-49: 4,281,043

    Manpower reaching SL military service age annually
    males age 18-49: 174,049
    females age 18-49: 167,201

    For comparison purposes, I have read that the total population of the Wanni is around 250,000. If we use the same percentage distribution as above, you get the following potential pool for the LTTE. Of course this is very non-scientific analysis.

    Manpower available (LTTE)
    males age 18-49: 58,936
    females age 18-49: 61,568

    Manpower fit for military service (LTTE)
    males age 18-49: 45,273
    females age 18-49: 51,240

    Manpower reaching military service age annually (LTTE)
    males age 18-49: 2079
    females age 18-49: 1997

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  76. Gentlemen,
    The LTTE is being defeated on all fronts.In order to save themselves and regain favour with the IC they need to bring the U.N R2P to srilanka.(ie.L.Arbour(god)+Mani).So what do they do..they use some fundamentalist sects of christianity(i assume most bishops told them to get lost)because they know that this is a good way to smuggle bombs/weapons into the south and also if they are caught the LTTE can say the "sinhala buddhist chauvenistic govt" is against christians and paint a picture of christians being prosecuted in SLanka to encourage R2P.If this plan does not work then they will start killing christian civilians en masse(my guess) and blaming the forces as usual(my guess).Do most christians up north live in Mannar region?.This is why we need to look after the christian population because they are in mortal danger and we cannot bomb the Madu church.AS for these odd LTTE bishops we should collect data on them and when the war is over lets reveal their activities to the ......(unspecified)

  77. Defencenet, in reading news items at, I came across this, it is not given prominence in the article, but sounds like this was a major incident and given stated casualties not the usual success rate, what happened here:

    "In Welioya, troops made further advances into LTTE defences destroying 12 bunkers, killing 13 terrorists and wounding 21 others, Wanni sources reported.

    Ten soldiers also laid their lives while 25 others were reported wounded during the confrontations in Welioya (11).

    Troops surge into LTTE territory: scores killed in clashes - Wanni

  78. @dev

    "LTTE is known as the werse Terrorist in the world. if so why these F***ers all over the word suppoting LTTE? Norway, Japan, Australia, Specially Caneda, Hilary, Tamilnadu, kerala, Germany, Swiss etc. Why is that? is there is a reson for supporting LTTE? even NGO's UNHCR (according to Govt) Unicef lots more..
    LTTE is known as the werse Terrorist in the world. if so why these F***ers all over the word suppoting LTTE? Norway, Japan, Australia, Specially Caneda, Hilary, Tamilnadu, kerala, Germany, Swiss etc. Why is that? is there is a reson for supporting LTTE? even NGO's UNHCR (according to Govt) Unicef lots more.."

    These goverments are not supporting LTTE they are supporting an ethinic minority Tamils. The international community thinks Tamils were/are discriminated in Sri Lanka.

  79. Dev,
    Dont worry about me. worry about yourself.The activites of mylife are my own not yours.

  80. dev,
    'Ginnak Nethuwa Dumak Naginne ne ya?'

    You are kidding.

    There is definitely a reason. ('Ginnak')
    That fire was created by stupid Sinhala /Tamil politicians of yester years. (things like 'Sinhala only pact' etc.)
    We have failed to protect Tamils in 58,83 etc, & some bastards burnt the jaffana library. These JVP/JHU must think on Tamil angle as well. ('Aththanan upamankathwa')

    Many of the diaspora live in the 83 mindset & consider sinhalese their arch enemy. Now they don't want to think otherwise since they live in safer heavens. They ignore that many things have happend since 83. There money & politaical power in the west create this sense of support for the LTTE.
    This is why LTTE kill all other Tamil activists & try to portray themselves as only representatives of Tamils. So Tamil diaspora has noone else to turn to.
    (Small provocations in 50s, 80s created anti Tamil progroms. But today even the most nasty things like Buttala/Dambulla bus bomb, Dalada maligawa attack failed to create such anti -Tamil acts in South. That is because people are more mature today.)

    BUT, what's done by LTTE today cannot be justified under any circumstances. It has only brought misery to once prosperous & highly recognised community of Sri Lanka.
    Probakaran is a metally handicapped guy like Polpot or Hitler who manipulate the problems of Tamils for his personal greed.
    So he must be defeated as the first step of finding a solution. Then comes the most difficult task. That is healing the wounds of the past. That's why govt./India/west call for a dual approach for finding a solution.
    That's why they say there is no military solution. So as long as there is a political process parallel to military process they will be happy. ( They never ask the govt. not to fight terrorism although some try to portray these western states as pro-LTTE)

  81. Guys,

    The casualty figure of the army during yesterday's battle at the Welioya front is relatively high. Can any one account for it please?

  82. Somson,
    Very well said.I agree with you.when this is over we need to start the healing process with our tamil citizens currently in SLanka.As far as i am concerned the tamil diasphora have their own adopted countries overseas and nothing to do with SLanka.

  83. @ Simson

    Good brief

    Also Accepted the "Ginna" is from the GOVT

    GOVT of SL is totally responsible for the current situation of this country.

    Ethnic war is created by SWRD (Sri) he who created sinhala the officeal language ya?

    I want not born at that time. but like to learn the history a bit after the indipendence.

    but i know this is not the right time get info from you all.

  84. DefenseNet,

    I heard that we have Baktar Shkan guided missilies with us, y don't we use it to wipe out ltte fdls? do u have any idea we have used those ?

  85. qurious,
    I hope govt is NOT rushing the forces..lets calculate casualties as follows
    Actual Dead=Given figure*2
    Actual Wounded=Given figure*2
    Wounded who have lost limbs=Actual wounded*0.5(their biggest obstacle being mines)
    May these brave souls find peace in heaven

  86. Article about the discovery of suicide kits

  87. Thanks Srilankan,

    I agree; waiting a bit longer makes sense, if lives or limbs are at stake, if we move forward in a hurry.

    The outfit cannot sustain the manning of their defenses indefinitely; logistics, man power, morale are going to be serious issue. There is nothing wrong with the army's assumption that the structure may collapse at some point - within. Until then, they may exercise caution, while relying heavily on DPU guys in tracking down the main culprits.

  88. @ Sasc

    Fantastic. Thanks for posting the link

  89. @defencenet

    Tamilnet is claiming that Tigers beat back a 3 pronged assualt by army to take control of Madhu area and inflicted heavy casualties on retreating troops

    Any info on this?

  90. Battle going on in Mannar... report here...

  91. Everyone watching the match????
    Proud to be a SRI LANKAN :)

  92. Thalladi church damaged in LTTE artillery attack- Mannar
    Now that is very interesting

  93. Qurious,
    Well said bro..very well said.this is exactly what Gen Fonseka said..In future the cadres they send to the frontline will be just school children..and they can be persuaded to surrender.
    Now this church incident is interesting because the head of that church probably told the LTTE to stuff it..(only a guess).the LTTE are not bothered about the faith of their victims.They (LTTE) enjoy pain so lets give them as much pain as we can while keeping our casualty count down.

  94. Dev, previously

  95. In my opinions it may not be easy to get LTTE cadres in the front lines to surrender.

    Even if they may really want to surrender but I think the LTTE uber terrorists have people to watch them and shoot / torture and kill them if they attempt.

    I feel really bad about this...

    I think it is the same with suicide bombers. A suicide bomber comes with a handler I think. This handler will make sure that the bomber will not surrender by any chance.

    This is what happens when any race depends and glorifies violence. I hope these people will learn some day.

  96. Kiri,
    Fully agree with you there.The key here is to get the conscripts to surrender.I am sure the forces are considering it.

  97. Defencenet,

    There are some interesting pictures of the recent exhibition here.

    They have a picture of the new Royal Ordnance supplied 30mm naval guns (on the ground next to the captured LTTE boat). It seems to be a twin-30mm, GCM-A03. Isn't this too big to me mounted on a FAC? Are these intended for the FAC's or FGB's?

  98. 15,000 civil security commitees..way to go Mr President!!
    (theruwan saranai)

  99. LTTE fires at Thallady Church, six soldiers killed

    At least six soldiers were killed and ten others injured after the LTTE fired artillery towards the troops who were repairing the Thallady Church which adjoins an Army Base today. The Church was also damaged in the attack.

    Any updates???

    report on bombs been transported to colombo-a must read

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. link

  103. Outgoing artillery fire rocks Mannaar city
    Normalcy has been disturbed in Mannaar city

    Tuesday from 8:10 a.m. as Sri Lanka Army mounted an artillery barrage simultaneously from all its camps in Mannaar towards Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam territories, reportedly after an artillery box barrage carried out by the Tigers targeting Thallaadi garrison.

    Good Srilanka

    Anuradhapura bomb defused by naval hero-the story

  105. Lankan army on recruitment spree for Wanni battle

    Colombo: The strength of the Sri Lankan army is being beefed up as the battle for the Tamil Tiger stronghold of Wanni enters a "decisive stage," Defence Ministry officials said today.

    more there...


    I dont know how true this was..

  106. Dassanayakes killing


    Similar to @ Srilankan's link

  108. Mervin's no mourn order unheeded by public

    Posted by lankapage 2 hrs ago | via

    Several traders in Kiribathgoda said to 'Lanka-e-News' anonymously that Kelaniya electoral organizer Minister Dr. Mervin Silva threatened them over the phone not to perform mourning acts such as hoisting white flags etc. The Minister has said that the mourners will risk their lives.


    The JVP and JHU must understand that without giving a viable solution to the national question, the creation of a seprate state for tamils is very much alive.

    Read the Island article..

  110. What is an "artillery box barrage" ?

  111. Tigers shell Sri Lanka military base as fighting kills dozens
    4 hours ago

    COLOMBO (AFP) — Tamil Tiger rebels shelled a key military base in northern Sri Lanka on Tuesday, officials said, as the defence ministry said dozens of rebels were killed in new fighting.

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) attacked the Thallady military camp in the district of Mannar early Tuesday, drawing retaliatory fire from security forces, a military official said.

    He said a dozen soldiers were injured. There was no immediate word from the Tigers about the clash.

    The shelling came as the defence ministry said 42 Tamil Tiger rebels and 11 soldiers were killed in new clashes across the island's embattled north on Monday.

    The fighting in the Weli Oya area also left 35 security personnel and 21 rebels wounded, a defence official said.

    According to the defence ministry, 1,168 rebels and 62 government soldiers and police have been killed so far this year.

    Casualty figures given by the government cannot be independently verified as journalists and human rights workers are not allowed to enter the battle zone.

    The Sri Lankan government last month officially pulled out of a defunct truce with the rebels, who have fought for more than three decades for an independent ethnic homeland in the Sinhalese-majority island.

    The conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

  112. "I think their counterparts in the south are miles ahead in this regard. They are not known for indulging in partisan practices, at least, as far as I know through Catholic circles."

    Catholic priests in the south are as politicial if not more political than Catholic priests in the north and Buddhist monks. Except unlike Buddhist monks they work slyly in the background and that makes their activities far more incidious. When the presidential elections were on, the current Bishop Oswald Gomis gave permission to Lalith Kotelawa (a hardline convert to Catholicism) to run his "Awake Christians!" advertisements in newspapers. They were full page ads urging all Christians to vote against the current administration and carrying a statement and picture from the Bishop (who, BTW, is the head honcho of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka). To put it in a Buddhist persepective, it would be a Mahanayake setting up full page newspapers ads saying "Awake Buddhists!" and urging all Buddhists to vote for a certain politician.

    During the election many Catholic priests from their pulpits were busy telling their congregations not to vote for the incumbent president. The good thing is that the Catholic population was not fooled by the antics of these priests. The Catholic Church's connections with the UNP ensured that a large percentage of ministers in the Ranil Wickremasinghe administration were Catholics (far above the 7% Catholics form in the SL population).

    I would urge you to do some research on Catholic Action, qrious. It is a movement led by Catholic priests that aims to increase Catholic influence, politically, economically and culturally.

    Catholic priests in the south are certainly engaged in partisan practices. In several parishes people are expelled from the church if they convert to Buddhism/Hinduism/Islam and priests do not attend even the funerals of their parents. I would also say that trying to change the religious demography by proselytism is also a political act. Let's not start on the issue of contraception :)

  113. Shay,

    The RO 30mm have been around for some time, they were mounted on the FGB, not on FAC, but i think the navy tried to mout a single RO 30mm on the typhoon mount aboard a FAC. not sure how it worked out.

  114. COLOMBO, Feb 12 (Reuters)

    Sri Lankan troops backed by artillery fire killed 48 Tamil Tiger fighters in a series of battles in the north of the island, the military said on Tuesday, as it pressed on with attacks on rebel strongholds.

    Ten soldiers were killed and more than 30 wounded in the fighting that erupted on Monday in the northern Jaffna peninsula and the districts of Vavuniya, Polonnaruwa and Mannar, a military spokesman said

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were not available for comment and analysts say both sides tend to inflate enemy casualty figures in the absence of independent accounts of the fighting.

    "Forty-eight LTTE terrorists were killed and 28 wounded on Monday in day heavy confrontations," the spokesman said.

    Doing Cut & paste job till someone updates the blog. sorry

  115. Bishop Malcolm Ranjith from Sri Lanka....

    4 Steps to Making Missionary Parishes

    Vatican Aide: Evangelization Not a Choice, But a Mandate

    By Gisèle Plantec

    ROME, JAN. 30, 2008 ( If a parish does not evangelize, it is nothing more than a building, said a Vatican official, who offered four practical steps for transforming a parish into a missionary center.

    Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, affirmed this today at a conference under way in Rome on "The Parish and the New Evangelization."

    The congress is organized by the Emmanuel Community and the Pontifical Institute Redemptor Hominis. It ends Friday.

    "Why should a parish be missionary," Archbishop Ranjith asked.

    He explained that God's call of love mandates a missionary character for Christians: "Jesus loved his brothers and sisters to the extent that he was dedicated totally to their salvation -- this is the basis of evangelization."

    The archbishop, who led the Diocese of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, before being named to the Roman Curia, called evangelization a "sign of the maturity of our faith."

    "The Church exists only if it evangelizes, and the same is true for the parish. If a parish does not evangelize, it is only a building," he said. “Evangelization is not a matter of free choice. It is an obligation of our faith, the perfect expression of our charity."

    Archibishop Ranjith also contended that parishes should not focus on their community alone, but "make a determined effort to reach the lost ones."

    He offered some "practical steps" for giving parishes a missionary character.

    “Each layperson is a potential missionary," he affirmed.

    The fourth step was related to the third. The archbishop encouraged involving as many people as possible: "associations, groups, men, women, youth and even children -- and be courageous to go into uncharted areas, look for new methods and means."


  116. Like someone else said, I'm afraid the SLA casualties given by the defence estalishment are not a reflection of reality. Everyday it seems that LTTE casualties number in the 30s and 40s while SLA casualties remain in the single digits...

  117. @ Kingdom

    u know defence ministry still think the people of sri Lanka still eat "Kevung"

    i never believe & Tamilnet both the same

    you know i saw the ITN news on You Tube, regarding A'Pura Air base attack scenario, "Guwan Hamudawa Prathipprahara dee, palawa herunu Waga" Browse and see the u tube

    Also, u might remember Sun, Hiru close for telling faulse news. if so State Media and the ITN has to be closed immediately. ha

    Military Spokes person is a Joker Dont u know.

    This blog is best then State media

  118. I think the defence establishment needs to change its tack. For example, the Israeli site is pretty nice without a lot of bombastic claims.

    However dev, I'm not sure whether you're talking down about defencenet here, if so I do not agree.

  119. Look at the lastest update in on the Thalladi situation...

    Were the priests of the church working in collusion with the LTTE terrorists?

  120. srilankan,defncenet,

    The casualty figures of those soldiers who have lost limbs is indeed very disturbing..i relise that the troops take much precautions to avoid these,but why are we rushing capture madhu church..until recently,we were doing pretty good,with minimal troop casualties,but yesterdays 10+ KIA,shows 2 disturbing factors-

    1)We are attacking using conventional,massed formations,rather than the smaller-scale raids on Tiger bunker lines,
    2)The Tigers are finally using their elite/hardcore fighting units,which have got used to the SLA's small-scale raids..

    And frankly,I would not believe what defencelk has to say on our troop casualties,which are very ow,according to them!!..Same goes for tamilnet..

    And yes,even i saw the mine-clearing vehicle at dayata kurila..looks pretty neat..hope we are using it effectively,to save our soldiers lives & limbs..

  121. shay/nemesis,

    Some questions on the dayata kirula exhibition-hope you can clarify them for me??

    1-The missiles that were mounted on the Mi-24,were they the new "spike" model,or the pakistani "baktar shikan"..

    2-The 30mm twin cannon that you are referring,is it moonted on the shaldag-class FAC's,or on FGB's/OPV's??..and the gun currently used on Dvora FAC's,it also a 30mm weapon?..what's the model?..

    3-the navy even displayed a Gabriel MK2 anti-ship missile,if i'm not mistaken?

    4-The 1000kg LGB displayed in front of the Kfir,looked like a bigger version of the normal MK82/84,free fallbombs..there wasn't any laser attachment fuse,etc..why?

  122. guys go back to defence net home page. updated

  123. To be honest kiri, I would't be surprised. That's a sad reflection of today's realities. May the six soldiers rest in peace and may the army stop doing these shramadanas just because priests ask them to.

  124. A BOX Barrage is a pattern of Artillery fire, where shells land on the ground forming a three sided box. Idea of this is to corner down an enemy. The objective might be to stop an imminent attack from the enemy. Stop or slowdown the movement. Provide a block to resupply or reinforce the entrapped enemy unit.
    Other type of Barrages are coordinated point attacks, where many guns hit the same place at the same time. This crates an effect similar to a MBRL attack on a particular place. In modern day advanced fire control systems are used to synchronize many guns to fire at the same time towards the same location.
    Rolling Barrages are used to stop enemy advance as well as to clear out a trench or bunker line. As the name implies the Barrage is hit on specific line at one go and the line is moved forward or backward depending on the requirement.

  125. Abhaya, thanks!

    You mean like a triangle? Can this be done with single artillery gun or does it need multiple guns?

    Is there not a way to observe such fire from the sky. We have almost exclusive advantage of the skies. Why cannot we make the maximum out of it?

  126. Abhaya
    saw a documentary about an arti gun that can fire multiple shells at the same target to hit at the same time by varying the angle of the gun...
    Basically it will start with a higher angle so once fired the shell takes a higher arc and a longer time to reach the target and the others are fired as the angle of the gun is reduced. But the gun is quite a high tech one with good fire control systems...
    If i'm not wrong they showed it in "future weapons" on discovery channel

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Dev,
    if you are still interested in a history lesson,
    there is a site called
    there is a BBC documentary about the post independent Sri Lanka. its a couple years old but it should tell you enough to get started.
    good luck


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