Sunday, February 3, 2008

Explosion at Dehiwala Zoo

An explosion has taken place inside Dehiwala Zoo today at 10.30AM. According to available information, six civilians have been injured in the blast that took place inside the Birds park. A hand grenade is suspected to be the source of the minor explosion. Zoo has been temporarily closed following the blast.


  1. LTTE attacking defenseless animals too?
    this is pathetic...

  2. snakevi,

    Don't jump the gun yet. We don't know who could have been behind this for sure yet. Defencenet, any other info on this ?

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  4. I'd agree with machang, lets wait for more info on this...

  5. machang,
    you are right... I really should hear all the facts. couldn,t help my self

    i was half kidding when i said that though...
    a granade doesn't really sound like LTTE.
    but maybe their manpower shortage is making suicide bombers harder to come by.


    Hand grenade explodes inside Dehiwala Zoo premises

    Six people received minor injuries and were rushed to the general hospital Kalubowila, when a hand grenade exploded inside the Dehiwala Zoo, few minutes ago this morning (February 3).

    Dehiwala police rushed to the scene and sealed the area, Police sources said. The Kalubowila Hospital sources when contacted said that, among the six people admitted a person was suffering from the shock caused due to the explosion.

    The admitted suffered no severe injuries, the sources further said. Meanwhile, a person has revealed witnessing that the explosion was occurred when some unknown individual has thrown an object into a litter bin, near the 'Birds Paradise' at the zoo.

    ' A flash of light was followed by a shock wave and that's all I could recollect', he further revealed, speaking to our correspondent at the hospital.

    The motive of the grenade attack is not known and the responsible are yet top be identified, as Police are conducting investigations, Dehiwala Police said.

  7. Could this be the work of the 3rd party bombers the President alluded to previously, again it seems they wanted a spectacle versus sever casualties.

    Depending on the type of litter bin, if that is accurate, it could have absorbed much of the blast no?

    But still the panic effect is achieved among the civilians.

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  9. Guys make sure you do not violate rights of the original author when posting articles from external sites.

  10. Off topic, article from defencewire:

    Did LTTE Do a Repeat of Navally, in Madhu?
    Serious doubts have been cast on the alleged SLA attack against Tamil civilians at Thachanamarandamadu recently. The LTTE alleged the attack was launched by a 'DUP' Unit and initial reports indicated the dead were school children. However, in a startling series of revelations, all that could now change.

    Under the leadership of a senior officer in Mannar heading the 58 Division, the SLA has been systematically monitoring and recording all LTTE radio communications. According to one such communication, the Tigers in Mannar had communicated with another base that the dead children were part of a group forcibly conscripted, who were being transported to the frontlines to defend against marauding SLA units. According to this message, the children were not killed in a Claymore attack. The communication has been presented to senior military officers to be presented to the public.

    The rest of the story is at defencewire, check it out:

  11. Are we sure this was in fact a grenade? Look at the damage here:

    Daily Mirror Photos

    The actual concrete steps have been blasted to pieces, I didn't think a grenade could do that much damage?

  12. Something is not right with this latest bomb blast.

    The LTTE ALWAYS meticulously plan their attack to ensure they achieve their primary target. If not then they are sure to maximum damage in terms of civilian casualties.

    This could well be that 'third party'. But we still don't their identity! I wish the government would stop attributing everything that happens in SL to the LTTE. WE need to know their identity! The last couple of mysterious blasts in the capital have only caused material damage, this is the time they have targeted a civilian centre and causing a significant of casualties.

    I don not want to speculate here but I think it will be good open up the discussion! Here are my suspects:

    What do you guys think?

  13. whats going on here?
    Bombs that are meant not to cause harm...

    'terrorism with a conscience'?


  14. DefencNEt Sirasa FM reporting an explosion near the Fort Railway Station, can you confirm?

  15. Explosion inside the Fort railway station

  16. Explosion at Fort railway station
    [February 03, 2008]

    An explosion took place inside the Colombo Fort railway station short while ago, today, February 03.

    More information will follow.

  17. OK people calm dont give into the LTTE and cause a communal backlash..which is what arbour is waiting for to force a "human rights" institution in SLanka..

  18. machang,
    like i said before no checks what so bus stops stations..nothing..any masala dosai can place anything and not be challenged..what about refineries,power stations etc

  19. Jack,
    are you sure the steps are concrete and not cement? is rather unusual to have concrete steps..i think..but cement steps are common..if cement the grenade can damage it i think..but need conformation from military personnel

  20. DefenceNet.. any casualties to the birds?(or other animals)

  21. T.TV, None reported so far. By the way nice work if you are the person behind tamilnet.Tv site.

  22. Cakeboy

    [when this war is over we should have war crimes tribunals, and execute all these bastards.

    We should do what the Jews did with the Nazis and track down and bring swift and lethal justice to all diaspora tamil supporters, and escapees, no matter which countries they are in.]

    Spot on bro…you are a smarty!

    OaO Asithri

  23. Just heard that from now on all passengers coming from the north will be asked to disembark from the vans, busses will be transferred into “fresh” units upon checking of each passenger and their baggage. The Yal-Devi train from Vavuniya was earlier cancelled because of this concern and I hear the train now runs from southern point at Medawchchiya. That’s why this suicide bomber bitch is reported to have taken a bus/van route to the south and then boarded a train later at Medawachchiya as it was common knowledge that boarding trains from outskirt stations was largely security inspection free (unlike busses/vans coming on the roads to Colombo). The “security establishment” should have seen this loophole earlier…but hopefully, this measure should help in curbing new explosives/suicide jackets from entering the thickly populated southern “soft targets.”

    However, it is also common knowledge that LTTE was able to bring in – quite freely - thousands upon thousands of kg of explosives to the “south” during the CFA – mostly immediately after the agreement as RanilW pansy-bastard, intoxicated with his bogus peace achievement - ordered all checkpoints in the south be removed immediately (I was in Colombo at that time and I was astounded to see checkpoints around the Hilton/Intercontinental all gone overnight!) As such, the belief is the explosive material, in abundance, is already in the south and the rest of what’s required – nails, ball-bearings, etc. are purchased in the south as they are easy to come by (without arousing suspicion) and LTTE has enough safe houses in the “south” where the jackets are also stitched. This is why many suicide bombers when arrested in Colombo have confessed to having orders to “just wait” until their handlers were ready with the jackets.

    OaO Asithri

  24. The government must take steps to appeal to the people and not to take revenge on the innocent Tamils, The desperate tiger terrorists are now expecting a bloody backlash and mustn’t allow it, hoping they will be rescued by the international community. They might demand and immediate ceasefire. It’s too late for that and our brave soldiers must finish the job and god speed and good luck to them. There will come a point when the Diaspora Tamils will change their stance and keep out of the SL affairs and it will be their children born here which might influence them. There’s already anti terror laws to discourage them and we will remind the people who enforce it to be more enthusiastic.


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