Friday, February 29, 2008

Explosion in Modara

An explosion has taken place in Modara area a short while ago. A search operation was going on at the time of blast.

So far 8 people have been admitted to the hospital. Both civilians and police personnel are among casualties. It is suspected that a suicide bomber detonated an explosive laden jacked while being searched.


  1. Just called CMB and talked to some contacts (relatives as well as SLDF)...evidently, the fact that many suicide bombers are now in the city to target VVIPs and strategic targets is something the SLDF are working on at a feverish pitch...and they are doing a wonderful job by "thinking out of the box" and carrying out surprise, blitz-type of security checks...and I hear there have been many "great catches" that have not even hit the news! Truly magnificent I say!!!

    Well, this incident appears to be one such...that went horribly wrong for the LTTE mf's. Sadly, two friendlies have died and many have been wounded, but the bottom line - LTTE failed again from hitting the target!

    Advice from humble OaO Asithri to his SLDF contacts: Continue to exterminate the terras "with extreme prejudice!"

    On another note...I got some "inside scoop" of some of the LTTE KIAs/WIAs in the Mannar theatre and even non-MR GOSL supporting SLDF'ers are saying the casualty reports from MCNS or MOD are not far from the truth. In once case, MOD/MCNS said 15 LTTE KIA and actually the number was 22 as 15 were "intact bodies" recovered by the SLDF (later handed over to ICRC) but in the same engagement area, later SLDF dudes found "parts of" that added up to another 7 maggots, from the same MBRL/MBT engagement.

    Mark my word....

    When "Killinocchi" falls, many will be dumbfounded...saying, "wow, that's it? LTTE’s bastion is no more?"

    Just think back to the skeptics who said it will take GOSL at least 4 full years to take the Sampoor/Vakarai/ThoppiG! Those bloody skeptics (mostly from RW pansy clan) had to eat their heart out!

    Strap on your seat belts patriots (and faggoty-LTTEterras, strap on our chastity belts, cos SLDF boyz are going to “violate” you with “extreme penetrations!” LMSSAO!

    Yep patriots, the ride is going to get real rough in the coming weeks I am told.

    Jayawewa Trivida Hamudawa!

    OaO Asithri

  2. Guys,

    This is the exact place where I was talking in previous thread about White Van abduction story which telecast on Sirasa TV months ago.

    Its a huge sound....

  3. TE says that two shot dead in Ampara are Tamil Tigers.

    Defencenet: any news on this?

  4. It should be Sinhala Tigers...

  5. Asithri,
    Thanks for your input bro.When the LTTE is defeated in SLanka that although a big % of solution will not be the complete solution.Then we need to take the fight overseas by increasing the number of peace loving srilankans overseas to counteract this LTTE propaganda.
    As for the bomber blowing himself up GROBR.It is good for them to blow themselves up with the minimum ..hopefully ZERO civililian casualties.less sadists to influence the younger generations in north and east.

  6. Well said asithri. I agree 100% with your Comment.I am also following closely about our SLDF brothers.I already bought few National Flags. One to put in my Balcony , one for my Car to parade around the city, when Killinocchi falls or Prabha the MF dies.
    I am in UAE.

  7. Well well, our "Innocent Tamil Civillian" aka "GPS Sami" who was abducted by a "white van" seems to be spilling loads of beans...
    wonder what those traitors at Sirasa have to say now?

    Welldone SLDF...!!!

  8. Kotahena suicide bomb. Photos.

  9. If that same white van was used no one get injured in Modara.

  10. Sri Lanka funds LTTE front radio station in London

    (February 29, London, Sri Lanka Guardian)

    Sources close to the controversial satellite Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) operating from London confirms that the Sri Lankan government is funding its operations on a monthly basis. The said radio station is claimed to have aligned with the LTTE in Sri Lanka, India and in the Tamil Diaspora.

    Information reaching from TBC confirms it is receiving £5,000 per month from the Sri Lankan government. According to the informant, the said radio station is receiving funds for over three years.

    The controversial radio station came under public scrutiny following revelations that it is closely associated with the LTTE recently. Within the past six months the TBC radio has permitted LTTE activists to engage in programmes to espouse their cause.

    The TBC is managed by Pussallawa born Veeraiah Ramurajaha who is well known as Ram. He has been accused of engaging in terrible anti-social activities including bank robberies, rapes in Sri Lanka and credit card fraud, drug dealings etc in the Tamil Diaspora. He is an active member of the Indian based Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF). This group is accused of committing over ten murders in the Indian soil-one of them is said to be an Indian citizen.

    TBC’s Ramujaha is said to be a state benefit claimant in the UK and had undertaken extensive trips to India, Sri Lanka, Canada, Germany and France since his release from imprisonment in Geneva last year over large scale credit card fraud.

    Sri Lankan government pays £5,000 per month to facilitate two hours of airtime programme of the TBC in the state run Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Ram is also being accused of not accounting for the large sums of money he had fraudulently taken from the radio listeners. Sources close to Ram confirm that the two break-ins at the TBC some months ago involving the LTTE activists were a conspiracy hatched by the radio station with the LTTE gangsters to generate income for TBC.

    The government of Sri Lanka is said to be channelling funds to Ram without scrutinising how the funds are being spent by him.

  11. Ninja

    Are you sure this TBC is Pro LTTE.My understanding is this is an Anti LTTE station.I remember sometime back this station being vandalised by the LTTE supporters.

    or is it another station in the UK?

  12. Dulith

    No, I am not sure and I don't know the truth about wha it says in the article. it's from srilankagardian.

  13. SLA sporksman and both recenltly talked about tamileditors picture which is copied from an Iraqi web site. It was 2-3 weeks ago, as I remember 'sandun', pointed out it in this blog. It's the first time I saw both pictures. We should do atleast some thing like that rather than blaming on GOSL.

  14. ninja, Dulith,
    Same article is reproduced in TamilAffairs website. So there must be some truth in it.

    Sri Lanka funds LTTE front radio station in London

    As for the Tamileditors' photos, I also felt thankful to the person who first revealed it at this blog few weeks ago, when I saw the military spokesman showing them at the media briefing.

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  16. India to Crack Down on LTTE Activities

  17. Warning for NGOs...!

  18. New High Commissioner for the UK High Commission. Very good move. He is someone from wealth of legal experience.

    The activities of people who head these places must be monitored with vigour, on regular basis, while making sure neither seniority nor the ability to show a wide grin is not enough to stay at these posts.

    They were miserably inefficient when the country took a battering on news front; the performance was appallingly poor, even when they attempted to do something in front of television cameras. So, the damage was done.

    The appointments of this kind are long overdue.

  19. A document bearing LTTE letterhead has been sent to all local/foreign NGO offices in the eastern province. According to the letter, they have to shut down operations in the eastern province before the 10th of March.

    It is still not known if the sender was actually the Ltte.

  20. qurious,
    Very well said bro.Do you know about the activites between current HComm and wh is dayan ..


    LTTE "transformer bomber" arrested in Chilaw.

  22. Srilankan,

    What we need, especially in western capitals, are people who can talk, not just people who keep smiling to show, that they are nice human beings to deal with. Most of them can't deliver a proper talk. Even if they talk, they can't make a single point correctly.

    I watched the ambassador of Syria the other day on television, while in London. The issue was the involvement of Syria in Lebanon. He was a brilliant performer, despite his middle-eastern accent: the points he made were crystal clear; the choice of phrases were excellent; the news presenter got dumpfounded by the performance and he failed in his mission to trap him.

    Ask any Srilankan folk about the performance of our High Commissioners / ambassadors in western capitals. Universal single response - miserable performance.

    I think my mate Mottapala sheds some light on this syndrome. It is inferiority complex on the part of these individuals that stops them in tracks, no matter however much they try to say it is something else. They feel inferior in front of a white audience, white men or women in authority. So, they just mumble and try to run away from the challenges. If the command of English is not very sharp, it doesn't make the task any easier.

    In these circumstances, if the officer in question is someone of not-very-smart personality, the situation gets worse, as you all can imagine. This is a factor the authorities must take into account while appointing these people to high posts. We sense how uneasy they feel in front of television cameras; don't just watch the lips folks, watch the body language too.

    My question is why the hell they try to grab these places when they know they can't handle them.

    So, Qrious has his own short-term solution to this problem of feeling inferior among the whites: give them a dose of Michael Jackson - bleach the skin, before sending abroad or make it compulsory for aspiring applicants.

  23. Many thanks to asithri for the info. What he says is quite true. Remember the large cahe of explosives found hidden in the CBO Katunayaka highway. There were 24 packets of C4 and large no of detonators. If they were used for sabotage can you even imagine the destruction it could have caused.

    The fact that they were hidden like that reveals how efficient the security checks are. This suicide blast is also an eye opener to those objected to colonisation of travel lodges in CBO by tamils. Owners, beware when you rent your toilet rooms.

    And white superiority is a thing of the past. It is only economic and military superiority.Agreeing with qrious I salute the new move. Just watch the hard talk in BBC to learn how the interviewer crushes his invitee. I felt sick when Bogols were there. I was wishing what would have happend if people like JRJ, Lailth, Gamini, Kadir or even Dayan was there.

  24. Those who are interested just read this interview of Former Israel PM with BBC. A man with a back bone.


  25. mottapala, It's a very interesting interview indeed.

    Following part is quite relevant to Sri Lanka, since the IC is saying that there is only a political solution to our problem;-

    DAVID FROST: But the point is, just coming back to the point, the Sunday Times editorial today and this is a pro-Israel point in a way, not a pro-Sharon point but they say there that the real tragedy of what you're doing is you're, you're trying to find a military solution when there's going to have to be a political one and in the mean time every Palestinian you kill creates a hundred new suicide bombers and that in fact making the situation worse not better, valid point to argue?

    BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: No it's not a valid point, it's the wrong point, it is valid to argue that a political solution can be reached politically, it must be reached politically which I fully agree with. But in order to get to a political solution you must defeat terrorism and that you can only do militarily and terrorism can and has been defeated militarily many times, you the British defeated it militarily in Malay, in Malaya, in Malaysia. We defeated from Nasser's Egypt and from Jordan in the early 1970s, it was years, decades before we had a peace process, the Turks stopped terror from Syria using military force. The Americans and Brits stopped terrorism from Libya 15 years ago using military bombing, the conflict still goes on between these various, most of these countries and most of these political entities but the terror has been removed. In order to get to a political solution you must stop terrorism because if you make political concessions to terrorism, terrorism increases and prevents a political solution

    DAVID FROST: Okay.

    BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Therefore what we have to do is exactly what you're doing, get rid of the terror regime, get rid of Arafat's regime, let a new beginning, democratic leadership emerge among the Palestinians with saner people who do not tell their children to emulate themselves and to kill as many Israelis as possible

  26. I sent an email to the folks at defencenet.

  27. qurious,
    Many thanks.I agree with you.however if you have noticed the dynamics of these programs..they dont give enough time for the SLankan ambassador to actually open his/her mouth.IT has nothing to do with program duration as well.

  28. thanks mottapala for that very interesting stuff.

    Its not only him but all Israeli leaders had more or less similar tough stances on terrorism.

    The Palestinian Authority was finally established some time back by recognising PLO. But did things change? No. I think they got much worse.

    SL also must learn from this not to put the cart before the horse.

  29. Link to article below.

    News black-out

    * Jon Williams
    * 29 Feb 08, 08:27 AM

    At its simplest, journalism is about telling people things they don't know. So when the Ministry of Defence approached the BBC - along with other parts of the UK media - to ask us not to tell our audiences about a possible deployment of Prince Harry to Afghanistan, it was something we thought long and hard about.

    Prince HarryA news black-out is unusual, but not unique. An agreement exists between the police and the media over the reporting of kidnaps - the police have the right to request that media organisations don't report an abduction while negotiations are under way, in case it makes the release of the hostage more difficult; in return, they accept the responsibility to update the media regularly and reveal the full story, on camera, once the situation has been resolved. When lives are at risk, it's not always helpful to have things played out in the glare of publicity.

    Last summer - on the day my colleague Alan Johnston was released in Gaza - the Chief of the General Staff, Sir Richard Dannatt, met editors to make the case for a voluntary agreement. He was very candid; Harry wanted a career in the Army and he needed to be able to be deployed to do what he'd been trained to do, even if it was just for a day.

    After five months of discussions, using the kidnap agreement as our model, the MoD and the UK media reached an understanding; we wouldn't speculate or report on the prince's deployments to minimise the danger to him and to others. In return, we'd get access to him before, during and after his time in Afghanistan. It was a voluntary agreement - any of the organisations could have decided to leave at any time. We - and the other UK broadcasters and newspapers - were clear that we would not report his deployment.

    So, for the past ten weeks, the BBC, ITV and Sky News have been filming with Prince Harry - the first time we've been up close and personal with him. We interviewed him at Clarence House in mid-December, just before he was sent to Afghanistan, we spent some time with him at the start of January when he was settling in at a remote base in Southern Helmand Province, and most recently, we filmed with him last week at a new location in Helmand Province.

    In truth, the surprise is that the agreement lasted so long. We - and the other UK broadcasters - were clear that we would not report his deployment. But nor would we deceive our audiences.

    On Christmas Day, when neither Prince William nor Prince Harry attended the regular service with other members of the Royal Family at Sandringham, we agreed with the Ministry of Defence that they would say that both princes were spending Christmas with their regiments - William volunteered for Christmas duty to help out his brother! It prompted some inquiries from one US TV network who had to be briefed on the story.

    More recently, on Tuesday, the German newspaper Bild ran a diary story asking "where's Prince Harry?" and speculating that the gossip was that "he'd gone to war". We agreed that while the story was speculative and confined to diary pages, that we would not break the agreement we'd reached with the MoD.

    Then yesterday, the Drudge Report - the online US website famous for breaking the story of Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky - put the story on its front page. The game was up. We, and the other broadcasters, agreed with the Ministry of Defence that the story was out and it would be wrong not to tell our audiences what had been going on.

    We don't do this stuff lightly - there are no other "voluntary agreements" in place at the moment, there's nothing else we're not telling you. Until yesterday, only a handful of people in the BBC knew about the story - trust me, keeping secrets from other journalists is hard work! Our job normally is to make these things public, not keep them from you. But this was never just about Prince Harry's safety, it was also about the security of the soldiers serving with him. No editor wants to be responsible for increasing the risk they already face from the Taleban. Nor do I think our audiences would have thanked us for doing so.

    Jon Williams is the BBC's world news editor

  30. See the agreements they have with the media. Why can't sirasa and other SL media get along with the gov authorities? The enemy will win if there's internal conflict. It's a shame. Both the gov and media need to compromise.

  31. All these LTTE manuvours pointing to one thing.AAB style attack is around the corner..

    May be LTTE is planning a super massive attack on Colombo Harbour..

    Something big is on the way..

    Stay focussed.

  32. Qrious said...

    […It is inferiority complex on the part of these individuals …]

    Exactly. Most of these people are mesmerised when they see the white skin. The 200 years under the Brit boot had made us to look at the west as the dream land, the origin of everything.

    First, all our people, including the Polkadena Kollas, must master English better than the Queen herself. Second, the people who join services having interaction with the West must be made to participate in Workshops in SL where people of all colors are present.

    Thirdly, people must know that Western civilisation is a cinema but poor people die on the street sides in utter misery, attended by none, during the Winter season. The image that the West is the Best is maintained at a very high cost, but its returns are ten fold for them. Example: Chandrika and many similar individuals buying property in Britain after looting our country.

  33. LTTE diehards increasingly upload videos of past attacks on SLDF to cover up their losses..

  34. qurios,

    Re. reaction of our people to white skin, I heartily agree with you. It's not only a problem that we have, even the Indians have that. The way we go about with our tails behind our legs is deploring. Just hte other day, we went to an Indian restaurant, where we were made to wait for longer than the white people who came after us. We just walked out, but the reason is the same.

    How can this be changed? I still remember the taboos that we have about English. So many people in Sri Lanka are scared to speak the little english they know cause of embarrassment. Why do we need to be embarrassed because our English is not good? We just need to make mistakes and learn. After all, we need to be embarrassed if our sinhala' is not good, whereas in Sri Lanka, it is considered a elite thing, if you talk sinhala with an English accent, like most of these dialog customer service girls do, most of whom I find is rather limited in their capacity of understating. Not the brightest!!

    When I first went to a school in Colombo and (my English was so poor) and started learning and tried to speak to the English speaking crowd in English, they responded in sinhala, oh no, I wasn't 'one' of them. When I initially started my career in law in Colombo, the discrimination was 'vast'. It was unbelievable!!! The magnitude of it!! The only way to overcome the whole thing is to learn it!!

    Even sri lankans who stay in other western countries are afflicted by this. I know of sri lankan families whose parents approve each and every behaviour of their British born children, thinking that it is the best, because they themselves feel so inadequate whereas, if a person like us conduct ourselves with dignity and self confidence, that is questioned? I was once harassed by such a family in management in the place I worked for the reason I questioned a 'british' girl's manner of treating me, and I was told, 'just came from Sri Lanka and asking for respect????' So sad!!

    I don't know how to change this mentality though. I guess maybe media can help.

    My message is, carry on in a confident bullheaded manner. Most of these white guys don't know half the things we know about the world. Learn English! It's a very interesting language. Works as a modem for achieving so many things in life.

    I know this is not defence related. Couldn't resist though.

  35. Thushanthi,
    Yout opinion i hope does not reflect on every family living overseas.Well lets look at it this way..some families living overseas go out of their way to inculcate sinhala traditions in their children.
    As for this thing about colombo people..some people in colombo have done so much for the country but their services have not been recognised simply because they prefer to be in the shadows..if you know what i mean...I am not speaking about chandrikas and raneeels..ask yourself what kind of donkies voted the following lunatics to power?JR,Premadasa,Ranil,chandrika?.

  36. Sri Lankan,

    No No.

    I didnt put all the people int eh same category. I am not that stupid!!

    There are lovely lovely people everywhere. But generally, our mentality about english is something which needs change!!

  37. Thushanthi,
    AS for good Mrs B..she tried to do the right thing but was hampered in so many many ways.

  38. If you mean Chandrika, allow me to totally disagree sri lankan. The women failed in so many ways. Please dont put the blame on others. This is something that we do always re. our politics. We say that 'oh no, he is a good person. The people around him doesnt let him do what he want to do.

    No no. She is just another corrupt politicien who just want to self-serve.

  39. "I don't know how to change this mentality though. I guess maybe media can help."

    Maybe providing a good education about our country and history will give them 'feeling' towards their motherland. Only when they understand the values of these will the 'kalu suddas' be eliminated. I see no reason to think that 'white skinned' people are better than us, our people are way ahead of them in any field. To take an example from defence field itself, our forces managed to liberate east in such a short time (with nothing close to the advanced technology of western militaries) when their defence experts were shouting that it cannot be done. All these powerful militaries were baffled by this achievement.

  40. Oh Sri Lanka,

    I guess you meqnt the senior Bandaranayake lady. Sorry about that!!

    Well, About her, I dont know. I wasnt old enough when she was in power to really form an openion.

  41. Thushanthi,
    I agree with you.Our opinion about these whites will change with time..Education is the key.However not all white people are bad(fx-those british KIDS who contributed(used their pocket money also)to building a school in SLanka but there is no need what so ever to treat them like gods and look up to them..However our society has been a hospitable one.IN future we need to make more "white friends"including norwegians ..because the benefit to SLanka will be immense..this is what these murderous LTTE coolies are so worried about.They want to be the "sole representatives" of srilankans overseas..i will tell you this ..the Hon president liberating the east was a real TRUMP CARD

  42. Thushanthi,
    I meant old Mrs B.:):)..

  43. Thushanthi,
    Well the moment i read your message about confusing Chandrika with old mrs B.. i knew you were young..because in those days OLD Mrs Bandaranayake was called Mrs B..:):)

  44. Thushanthi,
    It was during her time that the chinese build the conference hall near torrington square as a gift to srilanka from the chinese govt as i remember..memory is pretty bad:)

  45. MathermaticExactly. Most of these people are mesmerised when they see the white skin…
    I will be honest with myself to state that;
    I am mesmerised by the orderly society in the West
    I am mesmerised the advance technology that contributes to the high standards of life in the west.
    I am mesmerised by vast facilities offered to rich and poor in the west.
    I am mesmerised by the reliable and honest judiciary and the law enforcement agencies of the west.
    So the custodians and the owners of these assets have to be respected.
    I don’t agree with some in this blog who says that people are sleeping in the streets, as every one is found a comfortable shelter by various agencies of the state and they deliberately sleep in the street by their choice. Local councils and police are trying their best to re house them in community shelters, to be see them back in the streets soon after.
    Hundreds of Mainland Chineese,Indian and even Cuban citizens are sent here by their governments, just to study their system of administration,etc.They are keenly taking down notes, with an intention of taking what they have seen or heard back home. This is quite a contrast to our visitors and even ministers, who mainly come here to enjoy themselves, never want to learn anything and that’s why that we are in a mess, but they cleverly send their kin to places like UK and even have houses bought in UK for their future retirement. It is strange to see record numbers of these politicians who seem to talk a lot of anti western rhetoric back home keep coming to UK,so often. I am too mesmerised and I am no hypocrite to admit it, yet I love my country of birth and I prove that fact by investing hell of a lot there, getting no reward, just the pleasure of being with my suffering people, in the years(not a hour)of their great need.
    Coming back to the present HC in London, she has done a good job, promoting much among the SL and other communities in London and unprecedented important functions she tirelessly and moving her out at this moment is a bad move and when did the gosl ever did the right thing? There was some benefits of the CFA that broke away one Jayadevan who was looking after the assets of the tigers, broke away karuna and many of their supporters of the Diaspora but the gosl didn’t build on it further but undoing this benefit. I hear Jayadevan has joined up with Karuna,might persuade Karuna to rejoin the desperate tigers.HC couldn’t intervene on the Karuna affair at the very beginning without the directive from Colombo and this is a grave mistake that they will live to regret. This war in the north should be brought to an end successfully and the media should be asked to me more patriotic and responsible or we might lose the support(or lack of support to the tigers)by the Diaspora.

  46. Kevin.

    Ofcourse you are right! That is why they are 'developed' countries and we are way way behind.

    There are so many things to learn from them.

    I was actually referring to our own mantality. Our own feeling of 'inferiority'.

  47. Qriuos yeah man, I also noticed that a lot of people in sri lanka have infreriority complex

  48. Mottapala,
    I agree bro.Yes liberating the east cost so much of our brave blood.It is very nice to read contributions by people to the seva vanitha branch.Now we have to ensure that the LTTE are kept away from the east as the eastern kids are not cannon fodder.If they are looking for cadres go to the LTTE diasphora overseas and enlist their children to fight..

  49. Guys,

    Have you seen this link before?


    Looks like another way to take money out of Tamil diaspora. It seems this guy is earning money out of our issue. This guy very recently given interview in to a foreign media and was published in a Sri Lankan web site.

  50. Thusanthi, Srilankan, Senkadagalasinhaya, Kevin, Mathematica and Mottapala,

    Thank you all for getting yourselves in this debate. When the issue is in the public domain, these civil servants will think twice before getting into stampede for the oversees diplomatic posts. That is the wildest assmumption anyway. At least they know that we know that they have this fallacy.

    Unfortunately, Qrious has a mountain to climb with regard to his work. So, you may excuse me for this hasty exit, that is not normally my nature.

    Enjoy the weekened to the full; be positive folks, something I always longing for.

    Take care.

  51. Samantha,
    All this is trying to instill fear in the govt.Its too late now thankfully as this process of liberation will stop only once LTTE is defeated or decapitated.Just shows you just how much this LTTE supporting tamil diasphora have invested in this LTTE cause..since the 70's.This does not apply to overseas tamils who support other parties..TMVP,EPDP.etc.

  52. Qurious,
    Have a productive weekend bro.Take care..

  53. Kevin,
    Very good comments there bro..However any more news of commander the british for Mr Karuna joining the LTTE remains to be seen...

  54. Samantha,

    This Bruce Fein character is well in the game. Check this link out:

    He's talking about Kosovo in that link and he says he's for seperation and that seperatin brings peace and uses sri lanka as an example.

  55. Samantha,
    The question:will india want an LTTE kosovo in srilanka?

  56. this was the race thatcalled us savages and pillaged our country funny though must watch

  57. srilankan,

    Most probably not. But this whole Kosovo scene is going to change a lot of things. It's sort of a turning point into something new. That's what I feel. Russia's actually got it right this time. I don't know what the rest of the West is thinking or if there's something political going on there.

  58. I read all the comments about this inferiority complex that we have and I know DN is not a political or social forum, but I feel like I have to contribute! Sorry for taking the focus away from defence matters...

    chamal said...

    "I see no reason to think that 'white skinned' people are better than us, our people are way ahead of them in any field."

    Chamal, sorry to say this but your attitude is way too arrogant and this is exactly what's wrong with SL society, we an arrogant bunch of people.

    I see this arrogance everywhere. I read a post here the other day saying that when you go to a Sri Lankan village you can see the dogs roaming free & these dogs have more dignity than dogs in the west. Well, I hope that blogger was being sarcastic!

    If he wasn't being sarcastic, then there is one of the reasons why we stay as a third world country. We are way too arrogant to see our own faults. You can never learn something better if you don't admit that there could be something wrong with your system!

    This superiority thing is not only about white people, it's a general attitude that every Sri Lankan has to some degree...

    - People from Colombo think that people from other parts of the country are less sophisticated than them, they call these other places "outstations" in a derogatory manner.

    - People who can speak English look down on those who can't (I know many people who are ashamed to say that they can speak Sinhala).

    - People from so called higher casts look down on low caste ones.

    - And above all, we think that white people are better than us.

    We need to change the whole attitude. We cannot jump straight to the white issue, we need to start by sorting internal issues first.

    The point is that for as long as we think that we are better than some other people (it could be fellow Sri Lankan's or any other race) then this instantly creates a hierarchy. Everybody's idea of this "hierarchy" will be different. So inevitably, some people will put white people at the top. The answer is to get rid of the hierarchical mentality all together.

    I agree with Kevin, there's SO MUCH we can learn from the west. Their science & technology, their infrastructure, their health system, their social security system etc. etc. is way better than anything we have today.

    So, I hope all Sri Lankan's can get rid of the chip on their shoulder and give credit where credit is due and learn and try to be the best.


  60. machang and sri lankan,

    I saw that video and went through this guy. So get in to this web site. For me he is a cunning lawyer trying to make money out of good situation.

    He doesn't know that India is a super power in the world at all. Finally everything will depends on the market. All western countries are today depends on the money generating in the India and China. Very simple example is on going Indian Aus cricket series. Indian players are all sort of things and getting away to their cricket board's power. So I hope SL politicians will understand this situation better.

    I have another question for the web site. How do these guys are going to charge against Basil Rajapakse. Has he done some thing bad to the Tamil community in Sri Lanka? (May be I am naive here. Some Tamil guy can give me more info.) May be that is due to the taking out people out of UNP. Did Mr. RW has paid this guy too? :)

  61. Srilankan
    I have no time to read the press as I am too busy…
    With respect to Karuna,he seems to have helped the forces a lot perhaps with the intention of becoming the Chief Minister though the chief of the mi did have some doubts. It is the government’s fault for allowing their split and it’s the governments fault for allowing him to rot in jail in UK.He being a future political leader who has renounced the arms struggle should have been helped. Each day he is lingering in jail his hate for us will multiply and when the Diaspora give him a helping hand, surly he is going to change sides with the desperate tigers. Only person who is by his side is Jayadevan who has recently visited the eastern Province and is very critical of the gosl.Wining the war in the north is not the end as long as the Diaspora is supporting the tigers and antagonising the Western governments is not productive as many actors, like Lord M.Brown who our trying to cash in on our problems. As long as Noble Peace prices are given, some will look for conflicts to make themselves noticed.

  62. I just read this bruce feins resume on the site you gave me man
    impresive, its blatant that he is CIA

    apparently he help "revise" constitutions. now anyone who knows about american foreign policy knows what that means

  63. east elections are gonna be a blood bath! GOSL thinks they have the east secured, the coming week is gonna show the real truth.

  64. Machang,
    About kosovo. i dont know very much..but on the kosovo war front had jamie shay(very good piece of work:)-we need him in SLanka!!)? out these exhaustive NATO briefings daily about various bombing sorties which were bombing expert russian camoflage..very few serbian tanks were actually destroyed and the west knew that continuing this was political suicide because it was costing too much money!!..lets wait and see.the other factor was that russia has a massive amount of natural resources that British pertoleum wanted to get their little grubby sweaty hands annoying russia is not a done thing among "good friends"..if you know what i mean.when you have lots of untapped resources everyone is your best friend.So lets wait and see.Mindyou what is really disturbing is this so called anti missile shield that the US wants to put up..the idea is to stop someone attacking you..why would you want to stop someone attacking you unless you have plans of destabilising their country not directly through war but by supporting various unpatriotic parties in those countries for your gain of course..So Russia needs to tread carefully politically

  65. Kevin,
    Many thanks for your comments.But if i was going abroad(where my family also live)on a DPL passport i would have discussed all possible contingencies with "various" people.Lets put it this way.. i dont know what was discussed between karuna and other parties in SLanka..none of us here know..As for supporting Commander karuna openly against the british..would have not been a good idea because it would have exposed SL as supporting child recuitment and also these guys in england may have deported Mr Karuna's family i think they did the right thing. So instead of jumping to conclusions lets both wait and see.

  66. srilankan-

    "i dont know what was discussed between karuna and other parties in SLanka..none of us here know.."

    Bro, you are absolutely right about above.
    Visiting UK would have been Karuna's choice to see his family an have a life with them.
    Who knows after couple of months time Karuna may get released from British prison and join his family.
    Then... Then... British has to provide the security for him and the family.

  67. Kevin,
    The british administration are always "good" guys looking after the welfare of the whole world"Rule ...waves".So if you embarrass the UK govt then they are going to do everything in their power to humiliate you.So who are they going to pick on..Commander Karuna and family even if they may have done it already..there is also this mighty human rights watch who want to prosecute the decision is a very tricky one..If i was him later on i would write a book and speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth adele Bala is doing,,if you know what i mean

  68. Perein,
    Many thanks for your comments bro.Greatly appreciated.I dont know Karuna personally but thinking about everything i know about him and thinking about his frame of mind and everything that has happened to him and he has done..makes me call him Commander Karuna.:):)surely if everyone in the LTTE are LT colonels,people who sprout wings and fly after they are shot dead..why not??
    Bro i think he may be killed by the LTTE.As for him being accepted by the LTTE tamil diasphora i cannot see it happening..these LTTE grudges go very deep..
    Well what i see is this "nagenahira navodaya" all the time.."Did commander Karuna say help my people even if i dont return?..i wonder.. i really dont know ..As for the LTTE we need to put this LTTE filth overseas in deep shit

  69. Srilankan-
    Bro, I think LTTE were one business unit. They have used people to make their own income.
    Now all going down hill.
    "Avii Gattho Aviyema Nassi"

  70. Perein,
    Bro i mean this LTTE has invented time travel..can you imagine it.So they are an invincible enemy..we have a bitter battle on our hands

  71. These untapped resources. If anyone is eying SL for resources then this war and a possible split is the perfect chance for whoever doesn't get their hands on the resources. They have a second chance by splitting the country in two and making allies with the other part. Which means they'll use the LTTE like a proxy.

    That's why this entire scenario is so scary. With Kosovo's independence, which is in effect breaking international law, the powers that be are just showing their muscle. We are in a cold war like period. You can see just like during and post world wars countries flock together to get what they want and have no regard for law. (Then at the same time how can we talk about law, countries like Russia, China, Sri Lanka have "human rights problems", so everyday people in the west see these things in their media and won't think much about their governments support for splitting up a country, they'll just think now there will be peace and they will all live happily ever after and everything is all dandy).

    Although all this sounds like conspiracy, agencies like the CIA and their counterparts around the world in developed countries think years ahead to give their country the economic, political and military edge and they'll do anything to keep it that way simply because of the fact that:

    a) The world doesn't have unlimited supplies and in the long run they will run out.
    b) There will be major catastrophes some time in the future (it's a matter of probability, things like meteors/asteroids)

    and the main fact: When supplies do run out, it's all about the survival of the fittest. The majority of the worlds people don't want to think they won't go against their own human kind but if any of what I've explained above happens, not if, when it happens, people won't be so nice, they'll be thinking who's life is more worth.

    What do you guys think?

  72. machang right on bro

    america is geared up for war corparatism just watch this video and youll understand its not a conspiracy its very a reality by the devilish imperialistic americans

  73. just visit my channel on youtube.

  74. This blog is getting a bit wiered.

    knock knock Back to the ground please

  75. senkadagala,

    I don't know about those kinds of videos. Sounds like conspiracy theories to me. Anyway, what I said only applies in those situations, when resources run out. I don't think we have come to such a point. All I'm trying to say is that, if it does come to that who ever is more powerful will be the last survivors, so to speak.

    I don't like to debate about these things because it brings about division and a kind of fear is instilled in us. I'd rather live life it's like the last day and forget about these things. Personally I'd rather stay away from these discussions cause there's nothing much we can do.

    We are going way off topic today and a negative sentiments about the west are coming out. I'd be a hypocrite to talk about it as I am currently studying in the UK. There are good people out there although big businesses and governments take part in the dirty world of politics for their own agendas the majority of the people in any country are kind good mannered folk who'd give shelter, especially if so sort of apocalyptic thing happens. So let's not brew hatred and get back on topic which is defending Sri Lanka from the LTTE.

  76. mottapala,

    Yeah true, we should get back on topic.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Apologise for the mistakes in my previous posts. I'm too tired today.

  79. yeah agreed I think I veer off to much off topic so whats the situtation in the frontlines

  80. Re;Sri Lankan mentality

    When British first came to SL our chaps were wearing 'Amude'. They said 'cheeya'this uncivilized buggers, exposing themselves! But even our women falks didnot have a problem with it. Amude was for convenience, adopted to the weather. Look who is wearing Amude now? It is mostly the women wear it now. the 'thong'. They copied our amude.

    What original amuda people wearing now. Tie coats. In sri Lanka? You won't last 5 min unless in an air condition room.
    Our grand parents ate what came from the 'koratuwa' and paddy fields. No chemical fertilizers of insecticides were used. The true organic. Whose going organic now. You could see an ever incresing space for organic foods in western supermarkets.

    What our Sri Lankans are doing now. Keels sausages are an essential food commodity. Visiting Mac Donalds or KFC at least once week is a must for kids, adults.

    We all want a flashy car. More and more westerners are resorting to bicycles now. It is very posh here in western world to come to work in bike.

    We surely are going in a different direction.

  81. Sorry off topic. But couldn't resist.

    'Not enough rice for armed forces', sombody complaints.

    Cant they eat cake :)

  82. I think there is plenty of rice for the armed forces..the govt i am sure have stocks..My question is:what bastard in this organisation gets money for importing rice 6000MT of rice to srilanka?..what i mean is ..what is in it for him?

  83. Is this fellow in this org have anything to do with the minister for agriculture?

  84. Ha ha nice analogy mottapala.

  85. Srilankan
    We are using the balasingam woman’s presence in UK and the reasons for not being prosecuted for her war crimes while Karuna is locked up.Karuna has given up and taken to politics like all other tyrants who accepted as politicians. That will be the day if the likes of Mandela is arrested for his past. I think I have seen Karuna at a hotel in Batti in 2006,seems to be a friendly chap, so were his associates who were there. They and others were dragged into this by the megalomaniac now hiding in a bunker. Democracies don’t move forward without reconciliation and pray that the bloggers are right to say that he will not join the tigers. He should never be allowed to be locked up and let him be deported to SL and in return make him the HC in London, I say. You got to act bold, without been vulgar and loud.

  86. Kevin,
    The more i think of Karuna.. i just wonder what would have happened if Chanrika supported his troops (a lot of who were killed by the LTTE) when cornered by the LTTE.I know we would have been placing our soldiers lives at risk.Mind you this man helps the govt secure the eastern province after this incident took place.I would have done something else if i was him.The reason she did not support him was that she thought she was being a "genius" by getting the LTTE to kill part of their cadres..eastern in this case

  87. Mottapala I agree on your ;last comment man my great grandad grew up eating kurahan and meat and he was 6 foot 5 and could beat the fuck out of any white man who pissed him off, now sri lankans eat white braead keels sausages and they are weak shits, who look too skinny. yes our ancestors wore a amude so what man they had food on there tables everyday unlike now when most children are malnourished

  88. Parakrama, Kevin, Srilankan, .. on White Skin Complex

    Let us go into the roots of the superior white skin phenomenon.

    What causes the white skin ? The lack of sun light. What causes the Whites to be very methodical and rigorous in their day to day life. The freezing cold.

    Why did they start slave trade ? To make the blacks work for nothing in these hard climes.

    What made them inventive ? High literacy level and the need to be free from work in freezing cold.

    Why did they massacre millions and colonise all continents? White population explosion + Profit making supported by a bogus claim to civilising the world. Note that, today, the old Europeans occupy by force, Australia + 2 Americas + Russia and more.

    Then, why people prefer to die in streets rather than going to shelters provided by the governments ? Lack of hygiene and risk of deadly brawls .

    Why the general level of health in these countries are degrading fast ? Because the pharmaceutical-agrochemical conglomerates will stop at nothing for making profits.

    The Western civilisation with its limited logics has passed the peak. The environment and the social fabric will go on degenerating till they take into account the interdependent nature of all existence. Western idea of mastering the Nature is an utter failure. Nature is not an entity separate from Man.

    If India and China continues on the half baked logics of the old West, there is no hope for the humanity. We must surpass the insufficient Cartesian mind set.

    Eastern civilisations had the interdependence factor integrated fully into them. That is why SL is not a barren land today. That is why so many animals roam free in SL. At times I have the impression that all animals except man is happy and doing well in SL !

    We must agree that we have not yet woken up from the colonial slumber and fully developed an awakened SriLankan brotherhood to face the challenges of the future. People who have links with the West must use them to the profit of SL as also the people linked to the East, India, China etc.

    The Western Experience including Colonisation + 2 World Wars + failed Communism are also our patrimony. We must learn from those experiences and go forward.

    21 century is the age of Knowledge. We all, including the toilet cleaners must learn English better than the queen herself.

    Buddhi is Knowledge. Buddha is the one with the fully awakened knowledge.

    I have no intention of belittling what the West has achieved. Idea is to see the things as they are for the benefit of the coming generations, Sri Lankan as well as Western.


  90. Allow me to digress...

    Have you heard of the 4 air lines operating in the Pukkaland and their owners?

    1) H.E. the president owns Mihin-air

    2) Someone or another owns Lion-air

    3) VP of LTTE owns Hemin-air (Slow)

    4) Guess what our UNP boy RW owns??



  92. Mr.Keerthi (first name - mister..!) with designation "Intelligent leader" issues quit warning to NGOs in east.

  93. Asithri

    In military campaigns, the dead are counted by the number of heads found. This is to avoid a double count. (In the case of the vanni apes, actually it should be a count of assholes to get a proper estimate, since the majority have no real heads..)

  94. mottapala

    By 'amude' were you refering to something like this?

    It does have security value in countries like ours, y'know. we should make all women wear similarly to make it impossible for suicide bombers to conceal explosives..

    But guys like me will die of heart-failure anyway...

  95. PukkaLanka-
    It's a cracker.....
    Wonder who's serving in Pon-Air these days :)

  96. Perein,

    The best map I have seen so far that makes sense, in the given context. The article was interesting too; must visi the site more often.

    As for the air line, I'd rather have a nice and slow flight in Hemin Air and find out who serves there. Might get the chance of tasting some kotta kilangu and murukku.

  97. Perein,
    Great map bro..great map shows some troop deployment.The sadness is that most casualties are due to artillary/mines..

  98. Hi MathaMathica,

    I think we are looking at this completely the wrong way. This superiority thing is not attached to the colour "white". It's just that the race that hold power in our times (well, at least for the moment) just happen to be "white". If they happened to be "purple", then right now we won't be talking about "white", we'll be talking about "purple" instead! My point is that it has nothing to do with the actual colour that is involved. So forget about the colour and look at other aspects.

    "What causes the Whites to be very methodical and rigorous in their day to day life. The freezing cold." - This is not exactly the case. I visited Northern India & Nepal (near Himalaya) early this year and believe me, it can be as cold as in some European countries. This however has not instilled anymore discipline in these people than people in SL! I can pull out so many other examples for you but I don't want to offend people in those countries!

    I think there's only so much that you can attribute to the weather. I am not a historian, so cannot comment fully on the issue but I think you are over-simplifying the issue. The Chinese invented gun powder, but they used it for entertainment. Europeans made weapons with it and used those weapons to dominate the world. Is this also due to cold weather then?

    I disagree with you on "people dying on streets" issue. This is simply not the case. The health & social care system in developed world is very good indeed. There's no hygiene issue or brawls in 99% of the places operated governments or charities. Some people die (maybe a handful per year) on the streets as they have other issues such has heavy drug addiction. Believe me, there's NO NEED for anybody to die on the streets in the developed world. If you want, you can always find work and shelter.

    "Why the general level of health in these countries are degrading fast" - This is pure non-sense mate. The general health level is on the up. However I agree about pharmaceutical companies. However, they usually target poor people in Africa or Asia for their experiments rather than people in developed countries, they simply will not get away with doing these things in developed countries. Healthcare in some Scandinavian countries is unrivalled in the world!

    I agree with you on the nature point. We simply cannot go on living like this. Western way can only be compared to a "suicidal parasite". It's sucking the juice of life out of our planet and if something is not done soon, then we will not have a place to live!

    "Idea is to see the things as they are for the benefit of the coming generations, Sri Lankan as well as Western." - You are right here. However, you are not seeing things clearly, Western way of life is not past it's peak, I believe the best is yet to come!

    We should learn as much as we can from the west and try to develop a sustainable future for Sri Lanka.

  99. Colombo urges U.K. to ban LTTE “front” organisations


    India Coast guard arrests 21 Sri Lankan fishermen


  100. Tamilnet:

    11 SLA killed in Mannaar - LTTE


    any news from Mannaar ?

  101. Sri Lanka Army chief to pay six-day visit to India


  102. Parakrama,

    We have to put our head together to find solutions to big problems.

    I continue to think that the climate is the critical factor: for example the static Electricity is ‘visible’ in day to day life in Europe, not in N. India due to high humidity. Most of the N. India is at around 15 DEG C during the peak winter which lasts only for a maximum of 1 month while in Europe it is below 15 DEG C for 9 months. Nepale and Himalayan India are very much isolated from exterior. Indian Mathematics was brought to Europe by the Arabs.

    What applies to Europe applies to Japan and Korea. These are also methodical and rigorous civilisations.

    The cold weather and misery makes people ready to kill to plunder. There was a population explosion and a famine in Europe just before the colonial adventures.

    [If you want, you can always find work and shelter….]
    …Why the general level of health in these countries are degrading fast" - This is pure non-sense mate. The general health level is on the up. ]

    Sadly, this is not the case where I live. Scandinavian countries are a small part of Europe. It seems they have lots of petrol.

    [The health & social care system in developed world is very good indeed. ]
    The system is bankrupt due to misuse. Skin diseases are rampant. Tuberculosis is raising its head again with absolute resistance to antibiotics. Do you know how many old people die all alone in their apartments and remain undiscovered for months? If you are in a University, step outside and travel.

    [Western way of life is not past it's peak, I believe the best is yet to come!]

    Yes, yesterday I heard that a student of 15 stabbed his lady teacher 7 times ….

    I agree with you that the small Scandinavian populations are an exception. If Europe fall, they will fall also.

    You are kind of mesmerised by the glitter of the West. Scratch the surface and you will know why Gandhi said that it is the civilisation of the Satan. And we have his agent in the form of VP in SL.

  103. Our people seems still to think that white shits are there overloads and are ready to kiss there arses and think that there oppression over our people were good. I hate shits like that, I live in england sorrounded by white people and I tell all o them to kiss my arse why can't the sri lankans realise this tell them to fuck of our country and stand up on our own two feet like real SInhalese

  104. Parakrama
    I very much agree with you on the above article and I am sure Denzil kobbekaduwa too would agreed to it, as we discussed this phenomena almost daily during the weekends he spent his time with us here in London. What a great man and a brave officer he was, thanks to the training he got here and a bit extra he got on his own by mere observing the people and it’s ways of life, not forgetting his passion for rugby. Last mentioned passion(rugby),is one of the catalyst for the efficient and find performance of the present Air Force Commander Roshan Goonetilleke Esq.I am sure some others too have retained these qualities.
    My business friend and I have often observed from our very young days that the ‘white ‘,if one wants to call that, seems to be more advance, more focused, more dertermined,more adventurous and fearless than us. They feared no change at all, willing to look beyond their horizons. Both of us spent most of our young lives with the American peace Coe and also with the brits,Aus and NZs in SL.We learnt a lot from them and we came to the conclusion that their high standards are due to the fact that for generations they have lived in the cold countries and some type of genetic mutation has occurred since they have migrated from Africa, earlier than any other human on this planet. One reason to support our theory is that the offshoot of them who are known as the Anglos and burghers are very much similar to us in the tropics, bit casual etc and I think that they too have been exposed to the sun too much. I am born in a hot place of SL and I have a struggle to keep up with them here but we two achieved very much in our lives, because we earnestly imitated them but my kin born here is getting to their levels with little effort. Having had different friends from countries like Iran, Italy and Spain and even India and UK I can see the vast differences and I can easily genralise.As the people come away from the African continuant incidences of talisimea(sickle cell decease)is less. Most of my friends in the south of EU and even Africa seems to be less intelligent and focused and their emotions get the better of them one reasons for them tooting the horns, driving anyone mad and there are other characteristics too which I can’t mention. You see that in middle east as well. We in SL as I figure out and those with big noses should have come from a very cold country,ie from Africa our ancestors have gone north and lived there for thousands of years and came south as far as SL and India. I was told that the big noses are nature’s own protection against the very cold air we breath. looking to the other way of the earths migration patterns, from Africa they have migrated to Indonesia’s and to China and Mongolia and eventually to the Americas. They too have the sickle cell and anaemic blood and they will not match the capability of the Northern European people and they are new arrivals from Africa still having flat noses and still not properly adapted to the cold climates of the north. I seeing and living with the Japanese or Chinese we see that they are still no match to the people in the northern European hemisphere. Recent study has proved that the people of the most IQ is from northern Europe. We will revert to them as we live for a few generations in these cold countries. We both have a fairly a big business here in London, where we have the pleasure of meeting a vast variety of people daily and at this moment in my house we have a gust from NZ,UK,India proper,Sikim and Nepal, not forgetting our staff from EU and SL.One bound to form unbiased opinion when you see them daily. How much we have profited and gained, it’s enviable to some to say the least. good night god bless!

  105. kevin all you guys what the hell you talking about the smartest people on earth came from india from ancient times till now and india gets even hotter than sri lanka, the greatest mathematician in morden history apart from einstein was from inida Srinivasa, mathematics was invented in india the greatest military minds came from india, why the hell do we still believe white people are better than us Asians

  106. scientists have tried to prove that white people are smarter than any other race over and over again but they always failed,

  107. senkadagala sinhaya,

    Your arrogance is annoying! Nobody here is claiming that white people are better/superior than eh Asians or vice versa. The fact of the matter is that most of the western countries which belongs to white people (literally speaking!) are way ahead of us Asians in taken as a whole. Otherwise why are YOU living in such a country than in Sri Lanka? They know how to utilise what have been discovered/invented as well as natural resources to the betterment of the whole community than we do. As at present.

    However, it is true that Asians have such a rich culture and have done things in the past which are really admirable. But what is the status of 'most' of the Asian countries as at present int eh global picture?

    Just because you live in a white country and ask the whites to 'kiss your ass' doesn't mean that you are superior to them? As I said, why go there and ask them to kiss it int eh first place?

    There are so many things to learn from the systems of the western countries. At the same time, the development of some areas have been to the detriment of these countries as well. For instance, the laws of privacy have isolated people to the extent that no one shares the closeness that we share with our family thus making people rather unreachable with psychological issues etc.

    If we are so superior, how come we are still classified as 'third world'. How come that most of our people need so many basics in life? How come, most of the educated leave the country for greener pastures?

  108. Thushanthi
    Well said and my regards to you and enjoy the delights of man’s achievments in the West.Senkadagala must go back to Sl be of some help there and I wonder why he is here in UK?

  109. Velu is not in command.

  110. Senkadagala
    I am aguest of Kevin here and I am guest of the government here,come to learn the finer points of IT and management and interpersonal skills etc,if not for the countries like UK we wouldn't have our jobs because they have out sourced their jobs to us and we are happy with the very good salaries they are giving.yes we have and had good mathermaticians but our backward cultural constains have not got that mathermatics in to factories,technology and jobs and we still have terrible poverty in our country because of the bad infrastruture,yet we in India are with you in fighting terrorisum there and kevin is sacrificing his best wine for your country,enertaining so many each day and his subject is poverty in the third world,terrorist problem in SL and ecological factors affecting us,so be cool and take it easy... with regards Ankur Powal (UP)

  111. Thushanthi,

    Thank you for making such a good point!

    Kevin, I agree with most of what you've said.

    However, I strongly disagree that IQ of people depend on their race.

    There's natural variation in any population and you'll find geniuses amongst not so clever people. As we (Indians & Sri Lankans) place a high price on education, we probably have been selectively breeding! The same goes for long distance runners in Kenya. Who's to say we are better? How do you measure this?

    Given the same opportunity, over a long period of time (many generations), all races on earth would perform equally at any given task.

    However, culture and other factors have conditioned us to perform in certain ways. Europeans are very efficient, the Chinese are VERY good at team work. Everybody is different, but nobody is superior in my view.

    MathaMathica, ok, since I haven't done research into it, I am willing to accept that climate may have played a role!

    Yes, you are right, India & Sri Lanka had GREAT civilisations in the past. But you need to think like Thushanthi, we need to look at the global picture and see where we are at the moment.

    "Yes, yesterday I heard that a student of 15 stabbed his lady teacher 7 times..." - Come on, there is scum anywhere in the world! You cannot say west is failing because of these isolated incidents. How about the guys who violated dead bodies after the Tsunami in Galle? What does that say about our Eastern culture? There's evil everywhere!

    "The system is bankrupt due to misuse. Skin diseases are rampant. Tuberculosis is raising its head again with absolute resistance to antibiotics. Do you know how many old people die all alone in their apartments and remain undiscovered for months? If you are in a University, step outside and travel." – Of course there are some strains of Tuberculosis that are resistant to most of the antibiotics we have, but this is the picture at the moment. I did study immunology and in my lab we had the best brains from all over the world (East & West). For as long as we continue to invest money and resources in science, we will not fail.

    I do not stay in a university and yes, I have travelled a lot! I don't know about the part of Europe you live in, but where I live this is not the case! There are diseases, after all we are all humans aren't we? We are bound to get sick from time to time!

    Okay, some of you may misinterpret me, so here's here are my main points again:

    - Europeans are not genetically better than anybody else. It's their culture that makes the difference.

    - West is not all doom and gloom, there are loads of positives that we can take from them.

    - We had GREAT civilisations, but the bottom line is we are "third world" at the moment, we need to drop our arrogant attitude, learn and move forward.

    - Thushanthi is right, why the hell would somebody want to migrate to England so that they can live there while kicking English arses? The point is, no matter where you live, why on earth would you want to behave like that?

    - I am not out of touch with ground realities in SL. My grand parents still live in our village in North Central province and I go there at least 3 times a year as I can operate my business from anywhere in the world (this is for those Tigers who would use the fact that I live in Europe against me in the future!).

    Finally, I am proud to be a Sri Lankan, I'm proud of my heritage. However, I do not use that to look down on other people.

  112. Defencenet,

    Lankadeepa reports capturing of two whepons which make no noise when shoot. Any more info?

    Such whepons will be very helpful if LTTE plans an attack inside KAB/air port/harbour.

  113. Sinhala racism doesnt only affect Tamils but apparently 'whites' aswell.

  114. If true, this shows how good is LTTE intel. GOSL paid for hiring ship, LTTE kidnaped, then GOSL pays rent again depending on court decesion. I doubt they published all the info they got, probably parts good for them only. Heading speaks about their pain. This is from the NGO camp-lanakenews/ravaya.

  115. Be carefull guys, on 'white skin'.

    Some UK/US/Canadian citizens also here in this blog. Some of them are future grandpas of world first 'white tamilists'.

  116. Parakrama
    People in Kenya and in Africa are physically strong rest one can see for one’s self if you go there or work with them. sun’s rays has something to do with their ability suss things out easily see this daily and my It friends from India agrees with me reluctantly. none goes from UK to India to learn technology but it’s the other way round. They will build their industrial base using the western technology and by that time West too would surge forward. We have a new influx from eastern Europe,spcially Poland and they are brilliant, just like the German guys I know, they hardly talk, but they quietly suss things out and solve it, however complex the problem is. Someone said that these people in the west are on a downward trend and if that so how come they have the finest state of the art wepons,medical equipment, jumbo jets like the A380?this is because they have a dream and they make it come true. I work with them daily and they gave me all the support to go further, where it was denied in my own country. look our investments in SL is non productive and it is at a loss because of the stupidity of our system and if we are clever and advance, why is it so? I will meet Mr Siripala Silva in a day or two to say how disappointing it is to invest in SL.

  117. Parakarama and Tushanthi
    Thanks for your great thoughts and it is very enlightening,some thing more I have learned and my friends too will read this in the morning.thanks and good night.I so sorry that I have visitors and write my written prestation to Hon minister Mr siripala silva.

    thank you Defencenet for giving us this valuable oppotunity.

  118. Parakrama,

    "I see no reason to think that 'white skinned' people are better than us, our people are way ahead of them in any field."

    Chamal, sorry to say this but your attitude is way too arrogant and this is exactly what's wrong with SL society, we an arrogant bunch of people.

    hmmm.... I think I haven't made myself clear. I try to keep my comments as short as possible and I don't elaborate much, I guess that's why. I don't mean they are inferior to us. What I wanted to say hear is that our people (& from many asian countries) are doing very well in every field (everywhere you look; NASA for example) Those countries are developing amazing technologies because of these people. So there is no need to assume that our people are inferior to them.(And I'm not saying our people are superior to them either) And yes, the points you have made are exactly correct. Of course there are good things in their society and there is no harm in adopting them. The only problem we have is thinking that they are above us in every aspect. That's the problem we need to solve. I wasn't putting down the western people, I was only criticizing our own attitude. And as I have already said, providing a good education about ourselves is the only way to overcome this.

  119. Kevin,

    I agree with you on everything you say apart from one thing. I don't think there's any point in arguing about this as we cannot do a scientific experiment to prove it!

    I still believe that as humans we are all equally capable but due to culture and geography, each race has specialised in one thing or the other. This does not make any race superior!

    You are correct about Indians coming here to learn about technology. They will take that back to India and make India move forward, but by doing so, they are pushing the west along with them!

    Of course we've had a huge influx of Polish people and it has made my field a LOT MORE completive. Polish guys are hard working, very hard to compete with them!

    Yes, I agree with you, western technology is not on a downward spiral, in fact it's quite the opposite. If you look at western universities, you see all the best brains in the world working there. Of course these brilliant scientists will take a lot of knowledge with them back to their countries, but they invariably contribute to pushing western technology forward. It's brilliant isn't it?

    You are absolutely right, it's our stupidity and stupid systems that keep us stuck in the past. In SL we have so bureaucracy, it's unbelievable. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done in an efficient manner. Something that takes hours to do in the west will take weeks in SL!

    As well as technology, we need to learn some management skills from the west!

  120. Chamal,

    Thanks mate! You are absolutely correct, certain individuals from our countries have done fantastically well in the west.

    Our people have the ability, now we just need the opportunities. We have been lacking in this regard due to many reasons (colonisation, civil war etc.). So, I hope we can finish this was ASAP and move forward once again!

  121. Media Front-Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow.

    Some of you were worried about sirasa-white van reporting, and questioned about maharaja/leader groups. This reminds me the situation 15 years back, which R Premadasa had.

    At that time, ravaya/yukthiya together with some other tabloids attacked RP in every way. All the killings (Lalith A/Ranjana W/ Denzil K) were credited to RP's account. Their reports looked very factual, unbiased and correct. They were successfull in theri propaganda. People (non-UNPers) beleived them. Official GOSL news regarded as utter lies. How good was their propaganda is I knew some people said even VP is OK but not Premadasa.

    But this NGO camp had their own plan and duty which many couldn't understand. As per the plan CBK became the president but constitution reforms didn't happen as planned, so the first step-federel SL didn't happen.

    Some changes occured and now it is leader publications, ravaya, maharaja, ya-tv, lanakaenews, mirisa etc are doing the same job as earlier. But seems not getting desired results as earleir.

    They have clearly identified whom to attack, MR/GR/BR/forces commanders but I don't think people just beleive these media reports now.

  122. Ninja,

    This is what I heard. Ravaya was established by the Catholic Church to destabilize Buddhism and government sponsorship to Buddhism. They are using it as a tool to attack any leader who protects Buddhism. The smear campaign against Chief Justice was one such thing. More the people in Sri Lanka get educated, less these people get relevant. Ravaya now has become a shoddy piece of rag that is not worth its paper that it has printed on. Less and less people care of that. However, NGO consortium have taken this role that earlier played by Ravaya.

    Somebody recently mentioned that the LTTE is the armed-wing of Catholic Church. May be it is true by looking at their conduct in Sri Lanka. They all seem to be working hand-in-hand to keep the blood-bath in Sri Lanka, supporting LTTE.

    People should understand the hidden motives of these parties. The motive may be to weaken Sri Lankans and through war chaos "convert" as much Hindus and Buddhists as possible.

    Their ulterior moves are highly un-ethical. What do we do?



  125. So, what happens to your compatriot OaO Asithri when he visits the DN blog? Instead of reading interesting accounts of LTTE excreta-maggots being “terminated with extreme prejudice,” he sees an ongoing debate about “whites” vs. “us!” Wow!

    Wow indeed! Maybe I should check to verify that Killinocchi has not fallen and if hence, that’s the reason why you patriots have digressed this far! LMSSAO!!!

    Anyway, now that you got yours truly here involved in this topic (sorry, whether you like it or not! lol) let me give you my own two-cents worth as follows, itemizing them as “Facts” in my view, in a sequence:

    Fact #1

    Those who used gunpowder to invent the firearm and proliferate that tool for mass killings in aggression basically had their good fortune written on the wall. Chinese invented the gunpowder (as someone correctly said here earlier), but the Europeans (whites) perfected it to a killing tool and that’s how the whites were able to travel the length and breadth of this planet and colonize even the far away lands.

    Fact #2

    Once colonization was done, with the aid of the gun (i.e. gun powder and later cartridges) and some cunning and deceit, these whiteys were able to colossally plunder those countries and cart off the wealth and natural resources to their respective home countries (which, in no time grew into “empires” status naturally)

    Fact #3

    Once the economic base of Europe was uplifted through the infusion of wealth from the aforesaid colonization (don’t forget how gunpowder acted as the mother of it all, see Fact #1), then these European cultures had the luxury of investing in enhancing the learning of the sciences, arts, philosophy, and effecting certain social engineering (admittedly, some went wrong), and that’s how these white folks came to be what they are today. Earlier, they were just marauding bands of tribes which often just slaughtered each other to get enough territorial rights for animal hunting! Of course, while the plunderers were steadily going up the ladder in these achievements, the plundered were going in the opposite direction…i.e. they were now beginning to fight amongst themselves as the plunderers very cleverly assured that the “divide and conquer” modus-operandi they adopted (to plunder) would leave a legacy that would take root and stay well in a deprived atmosphere and it would not disappear for hundreds of years.

    So, there we have it. Yes, the whites have to be admired for their cultural finess, social/political organization, science, arts, advancement, etc. but we must not forget how it all started and the consequence of those advancement to the rest of this planet’s victims they left behind.

    Japan and China were never colonized by white powers (at least not in the totality sense we saw in South Asia/Africa/Central, South America, etc.) and today when you visit these countries, you see a distinct difference and it is not just wealth related, but a sense of national pride that you can almost touch and feel as being the drivers of these countries’ economic forward march…it never fails to impress upon me this fact when I visit these two countries, however much frequently I do (which I do currently).

    Someone earlier said:

    “Europeans are not genetically better than anybody else. It's their culture that makes the difference.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

    If we are ever going to make a change in the status quo, I say learning English is of utmost importance as that is how we can hope to learn, acquire, and then import that knowledge back to develop our own country out of the current stagnation. As much as I am a die-hard, proud Ruhuney-Sinhelaya (I thank my ancestors for inculcating this proud value in me), I must admit this is realty.

    I say this as today in my position in this investment banking firm that I am in, attached to a world renowned financial services org (sorry, can’t get any more specific for good reason as per the “authorities” advice) where I have a team of nearly 50 technocrats working for me and the majority of them are “whites” with MBAs/PhDs, I unequivocally say that I would not have achieved this status without first investing time to learn English (started at a leading school in Colombo). This achievement has enabled me to contribute substantially to my beloved motherlanka (I will omit details in all modesty and in any event, it’s not all monetary) as well as challenge any “smooth English-talking” LTTE mf on an even keel in many parts of this planet.

    Greets to all you patriots….

    OaO Asithri

  126. TropicalS

    Aha, I agree it need not be a contentious debate about "heads" vs. "arseholes" when we are out counting MBRL/MBT pulverized LTTE MF's! Yes, I also agree that counting the latter might be more useful as the bloody MF's don't really have a "head above shoulders!"


    OaO Asithri

  127. Noltte=heaven

    [Somebody recently mentioned that the LTTE is the armed-wing of Catholic Church. May be it is true by looking at their conduct in Sri Lanka. They all seem to be working hand-in-hand to keep the blood-bath in Sri Lanka, supporting LTTE.]

    Hey bro…long time no see….

    I think it is not the Catholic Church per se, but it is the Tamil Catholic clergy that is LTTE supporting in SL. What infuriates me is that the rest of the Catholic Church in SL, meaning the big part of it which is being run by Sinhela Catholic clergy, is not doing anything to counter the LTTE falsehood. I wonder why…could it be that the Vatican has bought into the LTTE MF’s falsehood and has asked the Sinheal Catholic clergy to “keep quiet?”

    OaO Asithri

  128. OK to hit the an early AM flight to catch.

    Greets to one and all...


    OaO Asithri

  129. NoLTTE

    I really don't have inside info regarding the NGO camp. Attacking buddhism is one of their duties but not the only one. "LTTE is the military wing of cathelic church"-was a statement made by former BJP/shivsena leader.

    The duty of NGO camp is basicaly to attack sinhalese interlectually and tame sinhalese so that it is easy to control and manage SL as west wishes.

    Since this is about arguments we need counter attack them interlectually. If you follow prof. Nalin de Silva-nationalistic camp and NGO camp both you will see it is done briliantly. However NGO camp get desired proapaganda but not the opposite side, specially via international media. Localy few people follow either sides.

  130. Another attempt to blow a transformer averted:

    It says the bomb was 5kg! And it was a claymore bomb....Why use such a big one to attack a transformer, and why a claymore? (If I'm not mistaken, a simple bomb would have been enough. No need to use claymores, which are designed for normally ambush type attacks)
    This seems like a very unusual and expensive way to blow up a transformer don't you think?

  131. What the hell does this mean:

    If this is true, the police had better get down to work finding these morons. We don't want another '83 now. I don't know why our people have to act the fool now... because of the stupidity of few persons, the whole country will get into trouble.

  132. what a stupids there are....go and fight with LTTE not with civilians

    SLA deserters threaten Up-Country Tamils
    [TamilNet, Saturday, 01 March 2008, 08:47 GMT]
    A group of more than 15 armed Sinhalese persons, said to be instigated by the arrival of a dead body of a Sri Lanka Army soldier from Ma'nalaa'ru battlefront in the North, entered the 'line' houses of Up-Country Tamils at Kirimetiya watte (estate) in Yatinuwara division of Kandy district in the Central Province and heaped threats of 'collective punishment' a few days ago. Fear gripped the Tamil 'lines' following the episode as many SLA soldiers, recruited from the Yatinuwara area, are engaged in the Northern battlefront.

    The dead body of an SLA soldier, Ratnaweera Nilantha Kumara, was brought to the Sinhala majority estate Kirimetiya on 23rd of February.

    The mob that entered the 'lines' of Tamils in the Sinhala majority estate of Kirimitiya Watte, constituted largely of deserters of the SLA, according to Tamil civilians in the estate.

  133. Asithri,
    Bro forgot to mention..did you see pereins link to our new frontliness and some troop diployment

  134. Asithri,
    Sorry bro..dailymirror
    I was thinking..maybe it is not a good idea to give adampan a "wakee wakee call" at say 0100 hrs with heavy mortar fire..Perfect terror weapon.whereas with MBRL fire all the fun is over too quickly simply because the rocket is under thust whereas mortar shells fall under gravity.

  135. Defencenet/Guys,

    When launching all 40 rockets from an MBRL, what is the area it can attack? (I mean the area the rockets fall, how large is it) And what are the types of rockets used by our people? (high explosives, thermobarics etc?)

  136. Not related to defence, Too late but coudn't resist my motta ideas.

    1. Genetically whites are no more intelligent than any other race.

    2.Africans are the strongest [we towards the end of the list]

    3.Currently it is the chinese children who perform best in UK, asian second, and then white, last African.

    4. Main diiference betaween us and whites are atitude and descipline. [we are the worst even behind Indians].

    5. Sun light plays a major part in human hapiness. [sri lankans are towards the top of happier nations in the world despite current problem]

    6. Asians when grown in the same environments as whites [culturaly, economically etc.] They actually do better.

    Out of quriosity, is there any developed country with black skin? If you take Singapore, japan, China still there colour is farer. Black version of the same races like Miyanmar still lagging behind.

    Problem is Hers Mentality. Individually we may even be better than westerners. But as a nation we suck.

  137. Sorry I meant the 'HERD' mentality.

    May even call Mervin Silva mentality!

  138. There's a deafening silence from the Sri Lankan propaganda machinery on whats happening at the FDL. I've learnt from reliable sources that the SLA took a severe beating and the morale of the soldiers has sunk to rock bottom. If the LTTE hit hard now it'll hurt more. I'm sure thats what they are waiting for. The LTTE's elite fighting force can't wait to get this demoralised SLA, I hear.

  139. thushanthi

    your arrogance also annoys me the fat that western countries are way ahead of us is due to historical facts america became the richests country in the world due to slavery. England became rich due its bloodthirsty colonialism and the first multinational corparations lick East India Company, Sri Lanka used to one of the richest countries in the world well thats a long time ago and you might say I live in the past, but if we look at the past we look at the future.
    Well even recently in the 50s our economy was bolstering up like singapore or hong kong but it all got fucked up when India decided to destroy it started training LTTE.

    this kind of backward thinking is what keeps us backward and poor, embrace new ideas be proud of who you are and where you are from, and do not take anything at face value always analyze and try and see deeper into history and think about how it affects our present and even our future

  140. I tell to kiss my arse when they try to piss me off and act like me superior I went there because they came to my country destroyed it fucked it up and still fucking it up.

  141. Thushanthi
    but I agree with you on taht we got to learn a lot from them our most lankan are lazy and sometimes fraudelent there no doubt about it but we need to think why they got that way,

  142. Senkadagala Sinhaya,

    In the first place, you have got this whole argument messed up. In the second place, I was never arrogant. None of my assertions are. So if you don't know the real meaning of the words, dont use them.

    None of what you have mentioned in your recent post has been contested by any one here. What you have mentioned basically contradicts yourself only. I do not intend to continue this argument with you mainly because I can see that you lack comprehensive understanding.

    If I am backward myself, I wouldn't be where I am now. And none of what I have mentioned before, does not reflect anything 'back word'. This is why I say, your understanding of the issues are not the best. I just contradicted your views that the Asians are 'superior' to whites. There is nothing like that. So many issues which have aided in their development and most of the bloggers here have written quite a lot of them. I don't wish to repeat everything.

    So I am curious? You are there to teach the british a lesson because they came and plundered our country and not because you want to reap the benefits of living in a white world? Hmmmm....

  143. I was qurious about this silence as well.According to my sources the SLA is in full retreat because they have been engaged by the black tigers.The govt has warned the population not to gaze directly at any object wearing bata slippers and blue sarongs.The govt will provide the said objects with proper underwear for future use.

  144. Mottapala

    The answer to your question lies in full display here in the US.

    Take a look at the incumbent in the white house, and the numbers of people who voted for him. Then watch what happens in the next election, especially with the democrats.

    Intelligence is a function of brain activity and ebbs and flows with the intensity to which it is excercised on a regular basis. It has nothing to do with genes, though in some rare instances individuals are born with a higher ability to focus mentally and by committed effort develop into intellectual superiority. This again is seen across all races.

    Where things defer is based mainly on culture. The white culture has evolved into one that holds 'accountability' almost sacred, while others seem to lag behind. That factor itself contributes greatly towards the level of descipline and order found in white society, often surpassing others in general. Nevertheless, nations such as Japan are great examples of national characteristics of 'superior' quality.

  145. Just to summarize; the 'superiority factor' is based on the level of descipline evidenced at a national level.

    Descipline is ingrained in culture, culture dependent on belief systems and chnging only at a generational level. Nations with tolerant religions have the inherent disadvantages of being more succeptible to acceptance of deviant behavior versus Judeo-Roman religious background being more rigid and intolerant.

    Again, percieved or claimed superiority is not based on genes, or the color of the skin. It is entirely based on belief systems leading to cultural traits.

    As globalization progresses and across the world nationas become culturally homogeneous, you'll see a minimal levels of difference in how people respect the law and their own society's norms. Economics and a different set of social pressures will demand greater respect for the law and predictable behavior at individual levels. That will show up in our next generations.

    Hope I haven't completely confounded you..

  146. Srilankan-

    The govt has warned the population not to gaze directly at any object wearing bata slippers and blue sarongs.

    This is very bad for our upcoming rubber factory business.

    On serious note, we are lack of news again from up north.

  147. Perein,
    Your right Bro.your map is great.It shows only the mannar front.Cant show welioya front because of current engagements.As for our factory we have to wait for this LTTE to finish in order to carryout a proper feasibility analysis.

  148. This comment has been removed by the author.

  149. perein;

    "On serious note, we are lack of news again from up north."

    you are correct dude the SLA stopped news about the FDLs and casualties...

    And they banned the medias about the civil casualties over the people who live in north that means the Violation of human rights gonna increase

  150. Partition of British India by Kuldip Nayar, a veteran Indian journalists, and lessons for Sri Lanka.

    Between the Lines
    The trial of Mountbatten
    By Kuldip Nayar
    There is a serious proposal in certain academic circles to hold a trial of Lord Mountbatten, inviting scholars from Pakistan and Great Britain to participate in it. The purpose is not to apportion blame to the last Viceroy for India's division - something which he could not help - but to delineate his role in the murder of more than 10 lakh people and the uprooting of another two crore. The charge against him is that the holocaust was due to Mountbatten's wrong decision to advance the date of partition from June 3, 1948 to August 15, 1947, some 10 months earlier.

    I recall how Mountbatten's announcement came as a bombshell to us in Sialkot city, now part of Pakistan. There was suddenly a sense of fear and insecurity. The borders of India and Pakistan had, yet to be demarcated, and the fate of the entire population of Punjab, Bengal and Assam hung in the balance. Both Hindus and Muslims began to pass anxious moments because they did not know through which area the dividing line would run.

    Rumours were so strong that people were willing to believe even the impossible. They were confused. That partition was inevitable was beginning to seep into their minds. But they were not preparing to leave their home or hearth. By advancing the date by 10 months, he had unwittingly caused the murder of one million people. I told this to Mountbatten when I interviewed him at his sprawling mansion in Broadlands near London in October 1971, for my book, Distant Neighbours.

    As if I had touched a raw nerve, he felt uncomfortable and lapsed into silence. He admitted that at least one million people died during partition. But his defence was strange: He had saved from starvation three times that number during the 1943 Bengal famine by giving 10 per cent of space in his ships for the transport of good grains. This was despite the opposition of Churchill, the then Prime Minister. Mountbatten was then Chief of the Allies Naval Operations in South Asia.

    "Well, before Providence, I can say that the balance is in my favour," said Mountbatten. And then he added: "Wherever colonial rule has ended, bloodshed has been there. This is the price you pay."

    Why did he advance the date? I asked Mountbatten. He said he could not hold the country together. "Things were slipping from my hands." The great Calcutta Killing, one year before partition, had taken place and communal tension prevailed all over. On top of it, there had been the announcement that the British were leaving. "Therefore, I myself decided to quit sooner," said Mountbatten. "This was not to the liking of Lord Attlee (then the British Prime Minister) but he had given me full powers."

    The comment by first Indian Governor General Chakravarti Rajagopalachari was: "If you had not transferred power when you did, there would have been no power to transfer." When I checked with Campbell-Johnson, Mountbatten's press secretary, the reason for advancing the date, he said that August 15 was the date when Mountbatten had heard for the first time in Churchill's room the new of the Japanese surrender, which ended the Second World War. However, the impression of some British foreign office men was that Mountbatten was in a hurry to get back to a bigger position in the British Navy.

    What Mountbatten did not realise was that the pent-up feelings in the hearts of Hindus and Muslims in the wake of communal propaganda and riots were bound to find a vent. At least government servants should not have been allowed to move from one country to another on the basis of their religion. Both Hindus and Muslims in the military, the police and other security forces had got contaminated over the years. To expect them to be impartial and punish the guilty from their own community was to hope for the impossible, particularly when they knew that they would go scot-free in their "own country."

    Looking back, however, one cannot but blame Mountbatten for doing so little to ensure protection for the minorities. He had assured Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, a top leader in the Congress, "I shall not use merely the armed police, I will order the army and the air force to act and I will use tanks and aeroplanes to suppress anybody who wants to create trouble." Not a fraction of that happened. It was a free-for-all.

    When Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan's founder, begged Mountbatten to "shoot Muslims" if necessary and when Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, suggested handing over the cities to the military, Mountbatten's response was feeble. It may be an uncharitable remark to make but he appeared more interested in becoming the common Governor General of India and Pakistan - an office that Jinnah did not let him have - than dousing the fire of communalism.

    The Punjab Boundary Force, which Mountbatten formed on August 1, 1947, to quell the riots, did little to stop the killings of men, women and children. In its report, it said the defence of the force is: "Throughout the killing was pre-medieval in its ferocity. Neither age nor sex was spared; mothers with babies in the arms were cut down, speared or shotÉ both sides were equally merciless."

    In terms of men, the force had a strength of 55,000 including Brigadier Mohammad Ayub Khan, who later became Pakistan's first martial law administrator. The force had a high proportion of British officers. In fact, this proved to be its undoing. The officers were interested in repatriation to Britain, not in an operation that might tie them down to the subcontinent for some more time. The British commander of the force, General Rees, had reportedly instructions not to get involved and to protect only 'European lives.'

    The reports of the Boundary Commission, appointed soon after the partition, to delineate the borders between the Punjabs, Bengals and the Assam-Sylhet sector, added more fuel to the fire. Cyril Radcliffe, a British lawyer who chaired the commission, earned the wrath of both the Congress and the Muslim League.

    After failing to get the UN to nominate the Boundary Commission's members, Jinnah had suggested to Mountbatten the name of Radclifee, whom he had seen arguing intricate cases in London courts. Nehru had also approved his name after consulting "that sneaky fellow Krishna Menon," as Radcliffe put it during his talk with me at his flat in London in October 1971.

    Hindus were expecting Lahore to be included in India and Muslims were thinking that Calcutta would go to Pakistan. Both were disappointed. Radcliffe told me that he never had the slightest doubt from the beginning that Calcutta (Jinnah had said earlier it was no use having East Bengal without Calcutta) should go to India and Lahore to Pakistan. "I had to give them Lahore because they had to have a big city in West Punjab," he said.

    After deciding that the rest of the job was only to draw the lines, he did what "came to that much." He was so 'rushed' that he had 'no time' to go into the details," Radcliffe said. "Even accurate district maps were not there and what material there was, was also inadequate. What could I do in one and a half months?"

    True, but what a way to divide the subcontinent and decide the future of millions of people. The trial of Mountbatten may assuage the feelings of people in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They still believe that the blood of lakhs of people is on Mountbatten's head.

  151. Shyam-
    mate, usually I do not respond to you.. you know the reason.
    However... I was consern about you as well as your relatives in Modara area.
    Hope all well after what has happened yesterday.

  152. "somson said...

    As for the Tamileditors' photos, I also felt thankful to the person who first revealed it at this blog few weeks ago, when I saw the military spokesman showing them at the media briefing.

    The person that first revealed it as far as I know was nto from this blog, I had posted about that photo 2months back, and the actual person I got that info from was a patriotic member in the LNP forum. Eitherway, glad everyone found out about the fake propaganda.

  153. Srilankan-
    I think we are having some well needed rest. That will give us a chance to re-organsise the battle front.
    There is a saying "No news is a good news"...

  154. According to reliable sources the LTTE have started it's long awaited foreword marches from several fronts.The front towards Jaffna will capture the city in a few days time. The reliable source further says, contraraty to SL miliatray's false propaganda, LTTE's elite units are yet to be depolyed. Now the front towards North is being led by the Garndma Brigade spaclized in confronting infantry forces.According to LTTE's military hiarachy, there is no neccesity of deploying elite forces for the moment

  155. Send Gifts to Srilanka, Flowers to Srilanka, Cakes and Chocolates to Sri Lanka and Colombo.

  156. Send Gifts to Srilanka, Flowers to Srilanka, Cakes and Chocolates to Sri Lanka and Colombo.


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