Sunday, March 2, 2008

7 more LTTE bodies handed over to ICRC

Bodies of 7 LTTE cadres killed during recent fighting in Weli Oya were handed over to the ICRC today in Anuradhapura hospital. For the last two weeks the army has recovered 27 tiger bodies from the Weli-Oya front alone. At least 7 of the cadres killed were from LTTE's Imran Pandiyan regiment. LTTE is now deploying (although not in large scale) its experienced units along the Weli-Oya front to face the 59th division which is advancing towards Nedunkerni.

Meanwhile in the northern front, the army was able to destroy 5 newly constructed LTTE bunkers along the Muhamalai FDL on the 29th of February. Soldiers backed by artillery and mechanized units launched the limited operation in the early hours of the day. 5 LTTE cadres have been killed in the firefight and 8 bunkers along the rebel defence line have been destroyed.

In other news investigations are continuing into the arrest of Ilankoowan Muthtusami (aka Sami, Ilango). His primary mission seems to have been to reinforce LTTE's arms supply network which suffered multiple setbacks at the hands of the Sri Lanka Navy in the past months. Meanwhile LTTE intelligence (TOSSIE) agents in Colombo were hell bent on trying to identify the person who tipped off Ilankoovan's location to the security forces. According to our information, TOSSIE efforts so far have been fruitless.

Ilankoovan was arrested while he was residing in a lodge in Kadireshan street. The area bordered by Kadireshan street, Hetti Veediya and Yon Veediya is a well known LTTE hotspot. Lodges in this region were once full of LTTE intelligence operatives and LTTE agents who supplied goods from Colombo to Wanni. They were using the power of several Tamil politicians to avoid arrest by the security forces. Sometimes those who helped the LTTE were from the police itself. This situation changed with the resumption of hostilities between the LTTE and SLA. Multiple extensive search operations have been carried out in this area since then by the security forces and the police. Although these countermeasures have contributed towards a reduction of LTTE activities in the area, the level is still higher than most other places in Colombo.


  1. Encouraging news....Thanks.

    Onwards and upwards.

    Jayagrahanaya kara....idiriyata!

  2. DN-
    Thanks again for the latest details.
    Looks to me you are doing late shifts these days :)
    If you are not too sleepy, please educate us with below queries,

    "At least 7 of the cadres killed were from LTTE's Imran Pandiyan regiment."

    Do we find the fighting much tuffer than earlier due to presence of LTTE special units?


    Ilankoovan was arrested while he was residing in a lodge in Kadireshan street.

    What would ge the advantage of capturing Ilankoovan live?

  3. "Do we find the fighting much tuffer than earlier due to presence of LTTE special units?"
    Yes. These guys are better trained, carry better gear and above all have previous experiences in battle (in most cases). They are a formidable foe.

    "What would ge the advantage of capturing Ilankoovan live?"

    He is a key player in LTTE arms network so the advantages are endless. For starters, MI would like to know about LTTE activities in Singapore where K.P. is believed to have been located. Also he would know a lot of information regarding registration of LTTE ships.
    In short, given his profile, he could be a key to a crackdown on LTTE's international network.

  4. DN-
    Thank you for the fast respond.

    Who would be superior between Ilankoovan and KP please?
    If those 2 had 2 different roles to cover, when you have some time / when time is right please review some comparison info.

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  6. DN,

    Gen. Fonseka said in his ITN interview that the forces are observing the LTTE are resorting to "home made" weapons. Possibly due to the floating warehouses have been sunk by the SLN.

    However, are there now signs of LTTE receiving replenishment of stock; new shells, ammunition, etc.?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. DefenceNet,

    I have no doubt that Ilankoovan is a VERY high profile tiger. I wonder why LTTE took the risk of placing such a high profile guy in Colombo?

  8. This is a prize catch,should never be allowed out untill the war and hostilities are ended and he is a key man of KP.

  9. Hi Guys, look at how is look like mukamalai SLA BUNGER

  10. There is something very bizzare about this Ilankoovan character.
    He has had a previous business relationship with the GOSL by leasing ships, and he has a pending case before the Supreme Court. There is no doubt that he is a LTTE agent but he seems to have made no effort to conceal his identity

  11. We are the only country feeding terrorists. They are hitting back the Security Forces after eating the food supplied to them freely.PM

    Thanks a lot!

  12. Hey guys ...

    there is no use of capturing Ilangovan alive and the GOSL can not find anything from him... He may helped the LTTE with some funds thats all .... and now the Singapore embassy have an official meeting about the Ilangovan release heheheh SL have some pressure from that country .....

  13. mottapala said...

    We are the only country feeding terrorists. They are hitting back the Security Forces after eating the food supplied to them freely.PM

    I've some question is the GOSL thinks all the tamils living in Kilinochi as terrorists...?

    IS the gov giving the supplies for free don't sell it to them...? are they giving it for free ?

  14. shyam,

    Relax man, all of One Legged Velu's secrets are safe with Sami. He, like everybody else in LTTE, is invincible and untouchable. As we speak, he is on his way back to his mansion in Singapore in his private jet. Sleep well.


  15. CASC and Mottapala
    Indeed! We are the only idiotic country to feed the enemy, take large sums as gratuity and bribes from them to kill one’s own. We some time behave like moral cowards, not willing to say no and these clever terrorists approach to get small favours then entrap you to get big favors,perhaps with monetary inducements.’Hitha hoda gaany hamadamma baddin’says the old saying and the government is just as bad to feed them. West will not feed bin laden for what he did in 9/11 so why should we take care of the people who has murdered the country’s President and foreign minister?IC should know that and all suicide bombers who came from the Vanni are civilians therefore combatants, must treat them accordingly. Our hierarchy is well and truly infiltrated by them.

  16. If this Shay am guy is right about the Singapore govt trying to get him released, this should not be allowed and no application for extradition should be entertained. We are sure that he is part of their plan B,ie to have a command and control centre out of Vanni,just in case.. Also to find a new supply route for their materials right under the noses of bribe taking officials at the ports. Who is going to check materials being brought ashore in Modara,demodara or Pandora and our fishermen will go after dollars instead of fish and many will sign up to transport it to vanni.Is is on a serious mission and their contacts here are very concerned as never before.

  17. KP and his deputies:

    “57-year-old Ilankoowan joined LTTE in 1984, it is claimed, and has received Sea Tiger training in Kilinochchi and also in India. He was operating from Singapore, received Singaporean citizenship, and was appointed head of the LTTE naval division (deputy of KP), after Captain David was taken into custody in 1994.

    Another of KP’s deputies, Thavarajah was arrested in Indonesia in January 2007. Thavarajah who had traveled extensively to Indonesia, Malaysia, the US, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan and Vietnam, had 12 passports of different countries on his person, at the time of his arrest in Jakarta. He had been purchasing military ware from these countries and sending them across to Sri Lanka. The Indonesian Anti-Terrorist Unit was responsible for the arrest.

    The Ilanko, who was arrested on Monday, was a billionaire, owned 3 ships, even before he was appointed as second-in-command of the LTTE’s International Shipping Network under Kumaran Padmanathan alias KP. Ilankoowan is also the owner of “Irish Mona” which was taken hostage by LTTE in Aug 2007 with 140 civilians. Two Navy Dvoras were destroyed during this incident.

    KP himself was arrested in September last year in Thailand and released later owing to pressure from corrupt Thai military officers, who have been in the LTTE payroll for a while. Whenever senior LTTE officers are arrested, they are soon released on huge bribes running into millions of Bahts.

    KP had, in the 80s, set up a shipping company in Kuala Lumpur, in the name of Vikram Holdings Private Limited, to transport material to the LTTE, through ships from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Thailand, USA and France.

    At the time of Ilanko’s arrest in Colombo, he was staying at a lodge belonging to a Subramanium. Inquiries revealed that Ilanko had kept company with a senior police officer and an opposition politician who shielded him.”
    –Military Matters – Nation

  18. Ilangovan's dealings with the GOSL
    remind me of another incident that took place during Operation Jayasikuru. The Sri Lanka Govt contracted with a supplier to buy 40,000 81mm mortar shells. The intended mortar shells ended up in LTTE hands because an Israeli arms dealer supposedly shipped these mortars on a LTTE owned ship or so the story goes. The LTTE used the same mortars on the SLA in Operation Jayasikuru. One of the wise things that the current Defence Secretary has done is to consolidate all arms procurement through a state owned procurement agency. In this way, most of purchases will be done directly state to state or directly with the manufacturer. Even if there are kickbacks the amounts will be less as compared to using middlemen. I don't think that the GOSL will bow to pressure from the Singapore Govt. To the contrary, I belive there may be a working relationship on intelligence matters between the two governments. The Sri Lanka FM met the Singapore FM ten days ago in Singapore.

  19. //From Russia with love

    With the United States of America and the European Union having opted out of providing military assistance to Sri Lanka, the Russian Federation has stepped in and guaranteed a $ 500 Million worth credit line for military procurements.
    Diplomatic sources close to the Russian embassy in Sri Lanka told LAKBIMAnEWS that negotiations were underway between the Sri Lankan delegates and their Russian counterparts and that they would very likely produce positive outcomes.
    Russian diplomats are negotiating with Lankan Logistics, the Government arm responsible for procurement and research on weapons. The first Russian delegation visited Sri Lanka in January. The latest development is considered to be of great significance because of the go-slow approach adopted by the US and the EU in providing military assistance to Sri Lanka.
    The US stopped providing offensive military weapons to Sri Lanka some time ago following a resolution made in Congress in this regard. At present, the US is providing intelligence assistance only to Sri Lanka with regard to its military activities. The European Union too decided against assisting Sri Lanka militarily.//

  20. Tigers here 'expect' Singapore to take care of 'ilango'. But following implies otherwise-from lakbima security col.

    //The Intelligence services of Singapore tipped off its Sri Lankan counterpart about Muttusamy Ilankoowan alias Sami, Singaporean national cum alleged top level operative of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who was arrested in Colombo early last week.
    Ilankoowan was reported to be on the watch list of the Singaporean terror trackers when he suddenly disappeared a month ago, according to the well -informed sources.
    The State Intelligence Service (SIS) was alerted about the possibility of the alleged Tiger operative entering Sri Lanka, possibly to sneak into the Wanni.//

  21. It seems now LTTE has deployed thier 'real fighters', from charlees, imran pandian, rada, etc into wanni battlefield, (among others). This means SLA has earned thier first victory in wanni-by calling elite tigers into the battlefield. They too need to face SLA snipers, now. Fighting between LTTE elite units and SLA will be decesive for LTTE.

  22. Sleuths believe that Ilanko fled to Sri Lanka, when the Singaporean authorities were after him for training LTTE divers in Singapore. They believe that he returned to Sri Lanka under the pretext of claiming compensation for the ship.

  23. A very good article from H.L.De Silva on 'self-determination'.

  24. Casc,
    i agree with you bro.Yes there will be more co operation among the intelligence services of singapore and MI.This is excellent.

  25. According to reliable sources the LTTE have started it's long awaited foreword marches from several fronts.The front towards Jaffna will capture the city in a few days time. The reliable source further says, contraraty to SL miliatray's false propaganda, LTTE's elite units are yet to be depolyed. Now the front towards North is being led by the Garndma Brigade spaclized in confronting infantry forces.According to LTTE's military hiarachy, there is no neccesity of deploying elite forces for the moment

  26. illangakoon..came to srilanka because he has very good political conections(UNP)+few others i am sure.He assumed that everything was as before.Why choose a place like SLanka anway..i thought the "sinhala buddist chauvenistic govt" were killing tamils according to MANI pussy.? why come to a place that is going to kill you??

  27. Pina,
    According to my sources the flying black tigers with pink stipes have been deployed.According to ancient history most of these tigers were grown in test tubes and genetic alterations done to them.As a result as and when needed they have the ability to sprout wings and we have a major battle on our hands ..i hope the airforce is ready.

  28. Very interesting article.

  29. Srilankan-

    why come to a place that is going to kill you?

    Bro, I can see two possible scenarios.

    1. He's probably organizing the Colombo based Tigers and paying them.

    2.Still want prove to the LTTE members, that the business as normal. So he can boost the moral of dieing terrorists.

  30. Perein,
    Well said bro..
    It occurred to me that it could be to drum up more work by helping both sides..he misread the political climate and the change in the people as a whole.Hopefully he will sing very loud for a deal of some sort.

  31. Hi guys, where do they get this picture like this?


  32. Srilankan-
    You are spot on bro. We should not forget he's a business man.
    Could be ready to do a deal as long as he sees the money. :)

  33. interesting
    Columns - Situation Report
    By Iqbal Athas

  34. Here is another interesting article from ST about Bees that detect landmines

    Bomb bees burnt to death
    By L.B.Senaratne
    @ ST

    A Menikhinna resident’s abode where bees and wasps were reportedly trained to detect landmines, had been set on fire and thousands of these insects burnt to death, police said. The resident, Deeman Ananda has lodged a complaint to this effect, Wattegama Police said.

    An English newspaper reported last September that Deeman Ananda has been experimenting with bees and wasps to detect landmines. This experiment had been brought to the notice of the Army development division and according to Deeman Ananda he had been able to send a swarm of bees across the Asgiriya cricket grounds on a day when a Test Match was being played. The players and the public are said to have taken cover when the bees went over the playing field.

    But, today Deeman Ananda is a sad man as he would find it difficult to train a new group of bees and wasps.

  35. Friends,

    Pleas read "The Lost Battle for Tamil Eelam" by Satchi Sithananthan

    It's interesting

  36. Outoftopic,

    LNP is loosing its patrons lately due to various reasons including the appearance of many other blogs like defencenet for an example...

    Good work, defencenet team and the bloggers.

  37. Sorry out of topic,

    JVP is dreaming of Velu commiting

  38. Hope JVP got this correct...

  39. Ilankoovan will divulge KP's whereabouts..In other words, Ilankoovan is a tresure troove..
    GOSL needs to extract all info before releasing the guy.

    In colombo GOSL should expect LTTE attacks on VIP's using large number of their caders..Sorry , I am just speculating..

    What happened to some of our bloggers? Where are they?

  40. Tangara,

    Brother, the possibility of Velu's suicide is not far from reality any more.

    I am not a fan of Somavansa Amarasinghe, I must honestly admit. He is a disaster: if he opens up the mouth, the leftist movement, that he so proudly represents, goes back years in reverse gear; in a way, it is good.

    Suicide may stare in the face of Velu, but, my guess, is he will not resort to that step; this man loves his life after all, mate. What he belittles is those of others.

    The prospect of suspscion of any soul around him, that any despot shows in his final moments, is perfectly valid for this monster too.

    One thing for sure is, that he will fancy the Eelam until the last minute. The failure on the part of his admirers, to take on board this psychological aberration, is lamentable, indeed. A generation paid the price, to be brief.

  41. Guys,

    Tangara, raises another important issue; the LNP has lost its spark, according our brother.

    There may be several reasons for the decline; I never contribute to it, nor am I a regular reader of the blog.

    One reason is the appalling linguistic torture of this great language - English.

    Bloggers, who for the first time experienced their initial brush with the technology in chat forums, extend their new-found skill into blogs - a quagmire of irritating abbreviations, annoying bi-lingual phrases and shallow comments, that stem from ignorance on many fronts.

    The structure of a language - grammar, pronouciation, idioms etc - must be safeguarded all the time. We all make mistakes and mistakes happen in that context are perfectly excusable. However, blatant disregard for the basic rules of its use is outrageous and therefore, should be treated with contempt.

    A language abused has led to the collapse of a blog - that is on a micro scale. If this is modelled on a macro scale, it will lead to the collapse of a nation. Let's safeguard our native languages folks.

  42. qurious,
    Well said bro..i dont visit that blog..only when i want so see what the topics of discussion are..I have had it with revy's,mahathanamutta's.for the remainder of my natural life.

  43. There is detailed article regarding the court proceeding between army chief and Gen Panniptiya in the sunday leader. {I personally dont trust this particular news paper but this seems to facts]. It is apperent that this good officer is being haressed for some personal despute siting an anonymous pettion. [Which are quite abondont in Armed Forces].
    Some of the allgations are hillarious such as using abusive language, taking extra food from the mess etc [half of the army may have to be sacked for that kind of allegation].
    Apparently even the MR has met this officer but nothing satisfactory has come out [as usual with any meeting with MR]

    However as the matter is now in courts more beans will be spilled. You could get guess what the verdict would be with CJ on the case.

    In a way it is good that rule of law still prevails [to some extent at least] and the freedom of an individual to seek redress for his grievences. There should be a limit to dictatorial attitude of polticians and the security chiefs alike.

    Bad thing is the effect on our fight wirh teroorism. The morale of senior officers would take beating as they know, today they risking their butts and tommorow they are discrded like 'lella nathi kehel gediya'.

    It is sad to see honest officers risk their live all alone till retirment, languishing in offical quarters but when thay retire they no place to go unless ofcourse they steal.

    I remember the former army commander started crying when asked to vacate the offical residence because he had no place to have his sons wedding. He begged for three months extension which was readily granted.

    Pouring of arms and ammunution to the battle field is not enough. We have to show them that we look after even after wards.

  44. Ninja
    You are spot on! In Singapore the penalty for terrorists will be a hanging and he better not get back.
    We must ask our selves how he was living unnoticed for a month in SL? Some noticed it and kept mumm…
    I have answered your question you asked in another thread and read these comments given by the bloggers above.
    We all know where KP is and do we have the determination to capture. Honestly these are the serious actors that runs the main engine of the tigers and vp and the lot are just being used, considered insignificant in time to come. They have plans A,B,C,D etc,much outside the vanni.They have amazed billions outside SL,non came to build the infrastructure of their liberated areas during the Tsunami and thereafter. I have sneaked in to their areas off Neelavally in 2005 and their areas are terribly run downed, pot holes on the roads, never maintained for 2 decades and their people are in real poverty and I am sure likes of Karuna has jumped ship for this reason. I have videoed this but the hardhearted Diaspora does not want to believe it.
    They will create another command centre in Wattala,kotehena or modara areas for future operations and to have a go at the infrastructure, bad enough to create a backlash and these guys like this guy will capitalise on it to create another fund raising situation and to get the IC support. They will live on our unfortunate situation and make money in the same time.
    One must find out how he entered SL with so much advance warning and he may have a fake immigration stamp with all credentials but actually entered SL from places like Modara,wattala and Nigambo.Others who are already there will be caught so watch this space.
    Yesterday my friend attended the meeting of Mr Sripala Silva and he went to ask a vital question and inform the Hon minster about our plight of our business in Kandy but some drunks at the back tried to shout him down and the honourable minster gave his full attention and courtesy to my friend and promised to look into his greiveance,but when others were given the chance, the minster felt that he was wasting his time there and abruptly terminated his meeting and bolted out, reassuring my friend once again on his hurried exit. I was given a recording of the event and I am concerned for my country. Minister too said that it is only the their Diaspora who keep lobbing the British MP and we are not organised in similar numbers to give them our views and shouting from the back of the hall is not aiding us in anyway.

  45. The military establishment has failed in a few instances to look after people that has excelled in the field as well as managerial level.

    The LRRP exposure involving ASP Udugmpola is one. The treatment of Gen. Janaka Perea after halting LTTE onslaught on Jaffna is another.

  46. qurious, srilankan-

    Guys, my only concern related to LNP is, some of those useless conversations easily can drag up here. That could kill the blog.
    So it would be a full time job some one to admin the blog.

  47. Kevin

    I think there's a need to compare the levels of intensity this conflict has taken historically. The first few conflagarations had the effect of SLG being on the ropes militarily as well diplomatically, mainly due to the actions of oversas players, including the treacherous Norwegians.
    Today the game has changed and decisively so. The military is overwhelmingly stronger and its capabilities and skills are adequate for the job at hand. The strengths are in the structure of the military, rather than confined to a top level, such as during the initial stages, which makes it virtually indestructible. Similarly there's a little better involvedment from the overseas Sri Lankan diaspora, even though not to the extent of the terror supporting tamils. Yet, it is a 100% improvement on the zero contribution of the earlier years.
    Militarily the LTTE will be defeated. With the implementation of 13th amendment, there will be a decent foundation for a durable settlement. There may be a few obstacles like the JVP on that road, but they can be and must be overcome. I don't anticipate that becoming a major stumbling block at the right time, since the average Sri Lankan is for a reasonable settlement. If they don't get it, the priests need to be expelled from the parliament, and appropriate legistative restrictions adopted to exclude clergy from politics.
    We are on a roll, in the right direction. But it promises to be a bumpy ride.

  48. Two Tamil civilians who arrived in Colombo-Fort railway station Saturday from Vavuniyaa via Madawachchi were robbed of their cash, gold rings and other belongings by three persons in civil who identified them as CID personnel, according to complaints made to Fort Police Station and the Civil Monitoring Committee (CMC).

  49. Tropical storm
    yes you are right! with respect to JVP, we are trying our best to pesuade them to look byond their pond.I am sure that the SL forces will finish off the terrorists in vanni and the next vital step is to meet their challanges worldwide,won't be easy and there's no other option.This guy should be held untill the hotilities are down and peace is well and truly restored.

  50. Mottapala,
    SL Army used to be one of the most corrupt institutions in the country. It was like a cancer has spread from head to tow demoralizing the average brave soldiers. It had to be cleaned up and the present commander made a good job at it transforming the SLA to current level. Respected as the cleanest commander we had, he was the most suitable for the job. Some blame that he is extremely stubborn but if he wasn’t high security zones in the Jaffna peninsula would have been a thing of the past (Chandrika was going to remove them and he was dead against it and finally she had to give up). But his method in this regard (cleaning) was very inconspicuous (not like in the political parallel). He ask the corrupt officers to quit or he may side line them giving promotions to good brave soldiers. Athas was bickering about this some times back and some were trying to make a big issue out of it (crying for demoralized seniors) but in vein. The progress may not have been a straight line but SLA is transforming in to an efficient institution led by brave hearts and not by crooked commanders promoted due to seniority.

    According to the media, General Pannipitiya was a good battle field commander. But he is blamed of misappropriation of 2.6 million rupees. If true he should leave the Army. Old battle field heroics should not be a factor in this decision. There should be a zero tolerance towards corruption. This would have happened quietly if not for this law suit. Now everybody will have to play in front of media (mostly biased) which ever the way the decision goes. Leader, LTTE media and some international media would have a field day.
    General Pannipitiya was brave enough to go to the courts and there is a possibility that he may have a valid point. After all SF is not the god. He always can make a mistake. But we have no evidence to indicate any political involvement (within Army) here. Let’s not speculate without any evidence, at least for the sake of the country.

  51. Tropical Storm,
    "Yet, it is a 100% improvement on the zero contribution of the earlier years."

    100% improvement of zero contribution= zero contribution.

    Couldn't resist it. I was just joking. I know what you meant.

  52. I dont think that the humanitarian aid sent by the gowernment to ltte controlled areas actually go to civilians, I bet they are all for the great sun god.

    Is it true that he needs a deer everyday, man these guys must be endagering that species

  53. Man I personnaly dont really like to debate on blogs or forums you cant compare it to an good old face to face argument followed by an traditional and very effective fist fight

  54. Hemantha,
    I agree with you bro.well said..what some papers forgot to mention was the 2.6M which has to be proven in any case.

  55. shingaya,

    "Hi guys, where do they get this picture like this?"

    Google Earth

    "Who would be superior between Ilankoovan and KP please?"

    That would be KP. Illankoovan is more like second in command.

    pukkalanka (odd name btw :) ),
    "However, are there now signs of LTTE receiving replenishment of stock; new shells, ammunition, etc.?"

    Yes it seems so. It's more like they smuggled in small shipments from southern India using fishing trawlers after the big ships were hit. Another possibility is that one of the floating warehouses was able to deliver the goods unknowing to the navy.

  56. Sri lankan,
    That's media man. Most of them report what they like to have happened rather than what actually has happened.

  57. I like the following article. The link is given in defencewire.

  58. DN,

    Thanks for the response.

    What's odd about my name then? It was carefully selected by my parents using the latest linguistic technologies. Or may be they were just inspired by a cartoon strip that used to run on one of Pukkaland’s English news papers - "Pukka Sahib".

    Allow me to demonstrate...

    Pukka (pa-kah)
    Adjective: Anglo-Indian
    Meaning - propper, genuine, reliable, or good

    Lanka (lung-ka)
    Sovereign state in the Indian Ocean which will never be divided. A land that is about to be eradicated of an abominable parasite which had tried in vain to stand in the way of its progress. This land will continue to be lived and enjoyed by all peace-loving peoples.

    Put the two together, you get...


    Theriyama? :q)

    Have a good week all!

  59. Hemantha,
    My point was..who are the idiots who jump to idiotic unfounded conclusions based on this

  60. "The latest victims of those sick Sri Lankan diplomats are Sri Lanka’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke and Head of the Secretariat for Co-operating the Peace Process Pro. Rajiv Wijesingha—two intellectuals with the pluck to stand up to foreign pressure and defend the national interest. They are not obviously deriving some sadistic pleasure from their iconoclastic propaganda onslaughts on defied foreign dignitaries who are holy to the whole caboodle of castrated Sri Lankan envoys posted abroad, armchair commentators on foreign affairs and some media pundits hooked to licking boots of western diplomats. Instead, they are trying to do something for the country."

    The paragraph above is taken from "The Island" editorial. To read the rest please go to

  61. Sri lankan,
    In order to get the truth one has to read everything including tamilnet crap and then need to do some good filtering.

  62. The real news is that the SLA have found a new way to dispose of the people whom they have 'white vanned'!! Its been a costly exercise to feed them for a long time so they are now getting rid of them and converting the bodies in to some profitable propaganda tool too. May be, the wishful thinking of many people in this forum would persuade them to believe stories of this nature, but for us, it hurts when we think that the families of these missing people will never know what happened to their beloved.

  63. abarip,
    Cut the crap man. Bullshit. Write something sensible for a change.

  64. abarip,

    You told us the other day that you don't mind disclosing your real identity.

    I don't take you that far. thought. However, if you answer the following questions, I will be immensely thankful to you.

    1) Are you living in Europe or America?

    2) If so, for how long have you been living in these continents?

    This is private stuff; however, you took a gentle swipe at me other day saying that I hide behind my pseudonym, saying that you don't mind revealing the details.

    So, two simple questions for you; hope you will oblige.

    Thanks in advance.

  65. DefenceNet said...
    "Hi guys, where do they get this picture like this?"
    Google Earth

    Google earth should not put out such a high resolution image of a sensitive military installation in Sri Lanka. Some countries in our neighborhood have imposed restrictions on what Google Earth can put in the public domain.

  66. Guys,

    There is a bit of controversy over the interview of the Central bank governer with the BBC.

    I don't know the competence of this man - at banking level or facing tough television presenters.

    Excuse given by the BBC for not airing it, is ridiculous - accidently erasing.

    However, if Nevrad Cabrral is a clever man in the chosen field and his debating skills are up to scratch, then we must take the issue forward. It is much easier than people think - taking on this media institue.

    It has rivals - ITN of London, Sky news, Channel Four etc. Just contact them and raise the issue with them. Then, by default, it is their headline - job done with least effort. No need to mourn, folks.

    Don't underestimate the rivalries among media moguls. Let's cash in on them.

  67. IP and PA arrested for LTTE activities

    By Kurulu Kariyakarawana
    A police inspector and a police assistant who had allegedly aided and abetted the LTTE and also been involved in the recent suicide blast at Modera were arrested by special police teams in Ampara and Grandpass.

    The inspector, who is reportedly a Muslim, had been arrested by Police Special Task Force personnel in Mahaoya on Friday, while he was on his way to attend to his duties at the Akkaraipattu Magistrates’ Courts, and handed over to the Colombo police.

    It was reported that the IP, who is currently attached to the Police Training Academy in Kalutara, had taken part in LTTE activities on many occasions and once

    helped to set up a Claymore mine in Maligawatta to assassinate a senor politician.

    According to intelligence sources, the suspect had close links with the LTTEer Nadarajah Param Wijendran who blew himself up at a lodge in Modera last week.

    Investigators believe that the suspect might have even visited Killinochchi sometime ago and met LTTE Intelligence Wing leader Pottu Amman.

    Intelligence reports revealed that there was credible information that the inspector, who was earlier attached to Thirukkovil police station as OIC Crimes, had aided in the transport of LTTE suicide jackets from Ampara to Colombo. He had gone to the Akkaraipattu Magistrates’ Courts to appear in an old case that had been filed when he was stationed at Thirukkovil.

    When contacted, Police Media Spokesman DIG N. K. Illangakoon told the Daily Mirror that the inspector was not arrested merely on suspicion of involvement in LTTE activities but over a vehicle in his possession the ownership of which was in dispute.

    The DIG said information was received that the IP possessed a van, and when questioned he had failed to explain how he had purchased it or found the money for it.

    Meanwhile, Grandpass police arrested a police assistant attached to the Wattala police station on suspicion of involvement with certain LTTE cadres in Colombo.

    The suspect is believed to have had links with an LTTE cadre who was taken into custody by the Grandpass police a few weeks ago for possession of a Claymore mine, arms and explosives, Intelligence sources revealed.

    DIG Illangakoon confirmed that the police assistant was arrested on suspicion of involvement with the LTTE, but it was yet to be ascertained whether he had links with the LTTE knowingly or unknowingly. He said investigations were continuing.

  68. qrioud
    I agree with you. Apparently Cabral was well prepared for the aforesaid interview. Usually hardtalk is all about crusing the poor fellow ususally from a developing country. There could be two resons for the alleged accidental erase. Either Cbaral did very well or it was a total disaster. If the second was the case, Knowing the attitude of the BBC accidental arase would be veru unlikely.

  69. My apologies for misspelling your handle Mr qrious

  70. Thanks casc for info

    The police are still at the bottom line. When they reach the top they are in for a surprice. Invariably the top is allways politicians and mudalalis. And the investigation will simply fade away.

  71. Speculation has been mounting recently as to why the ‘Hardtalk’ interview that Zeinab Badawi had done on February 4, 2008 with the Sri Lankan Governor of the Central Bank. Nivard Cabraal has not been aired so far. The reason for such non-airing has been given as the tape being erased "accidentally" due to a "technical glitch", according to BBC sources. The interview of ‘Hardtalk’ was recorded by the BBC at their plush, state-of-the-art studio at Shepherd’s Bush, London, where the Governor was personally present on February 4, 2008, to mark the 60th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence. As expected, the questions and the line of questioning was tough and in fact, according to those who were able to listen in, it was even tougher than usual. But, according to these witnesses, the Governor was up to it and his answers had been clear, firm, and revealing. So much so, that it is now believed that the responses received from him may not have been the type of responses that the BBC was expecting, and in those circumstances the BBC is now not very eager to air the interview. Such speculation gains credence, particularly in the light of BBC’s general harsh attitude towards Sri Lanka, which line of reporting would have obviously received a set back in the face of the answers given by the Governor. So, the likelihood of the BBC taking the easy way out, by claiming that the tape has been erased, pleading technical problems, is fairly logical. The only problem of taking such a stand is that, the hard question now arises as to whether the BBC is actually independent, impartial, and objective.

    Media watchers say that, had the Sri Lankan Central Bank Governor bungled his answers, the BBC would have promptly broadcast the interview, and in fact would have even taken some juicy snippets for their news telecasts as well. Unfortunately for them however, because they could not find something detrimental, they are now saddled with a ‘Hardtalk’ tape, which, if they were to air it, would not be consistent with their line of reporting. So much for media freedom, objectivity, independence, and fair play!! This fiasco should perhaps open the eyes of the Sri Lankan people as well as the international community as to the partial role that is being carried out by the BBC in respect of Sri Lanka’s affairs, where the BBC seems very keen to project Sri Lanka in a poor light, notwithstanding the many successes that Sri Lanka has been able to achieve in many fields. Knowledgeable sources state that the Central Bank Governor, in the ‘Hardtalk’ interview enumerated the positive aspect of Sri Lanka’s economy and political scene, and that he also clarified the true position vis-à-vis many controversial claims and perceptions that have been cleverly put forward and widely publicized by hostile analysts and media institutions. In that context, the fact that a reputed institution such as BBC has thought it fit to state that the interview cannot now be aired because the tapes have been erased due to a technical glitch is, to say the least, shocking and is clearly unacceptable. It would be interesting to find out whether the British Government would condone this type of action and as to whether they would intervene in some way to ensure impartiality and fair play. But here again, the BBC would probably proclaim that they are independent and they could independently and impartially not air a TV interview if they do not wish to do so, or if, as they say, the tape is erased! It may also be useful to ascertain as to who in the BBC had reviewed the Governor’s interview on ‘Hardtalk’, and as to who had issued the instructions to trot out the excuse that the tape has been erased due to a technical glitch. Hopefully, such an investigation, if carried out, may throw some light on the wider issue of the BBC’s continuous slanted reporting about Sri Lanka and perhaps even enlighten the world about how certain media ‘hit-men’ act to systematically destabilize nations.

    copied form UK lanka

  72. DefNet

    You refer to Pottu's intel operatives in Colombo as if they are a legit, and work in the open. If their actions are known, then the individuals are essentilally known. How come they're not yet fish feed?

  73. tamilnet

    LTTE is trying to make it look like they have infiltrated our territory like the LRRP, and are staging devastating attacks. I'll bet my life these 'random explosions' are just mines (if they happened at all)

  74. This is something that one of the guys whom I met in a fineral in Kurunegala mentioned few years back.

    He is a close family friend of a BBC journalist who works in UK. In one of the New Year days, three Tamil people in a Van came and delivered a parcel that was about 1 Kg in weight, and has been told that "BBC eke Inna Mahattayata kiyanna meka geneth dunna kiyala", and have left. They have been very friendly, and have told that his friend who works at the BBC knows about the parcel.

    Eventhough the people were very friendly, the members of the family have been scared to open the parcel thinking that it could be a bomb.

    At that time, there has been no IDD facility to that house, so this friend has taken the parcel away from the house and left in a "Pol Wala" (coconut sapling pit), and has gone to the post-office and taken a call to the friend in the UK. The friend has told that he is not aware of any parcel. This guy has been frightened to death, and has come back in double, and has discussed what to do to the parcel. They wanted to inform the police, but another guy who has visited from the village has taken blade and cut opened the side of the parcel carefully. To their utter surprice, it has been bundles of $20 bills. They have checked one or two bills and handed back the the parcel to the family, without counting and left.

    This man sweared that it was a true-story. But who knows, it could be a fiction too, where people make-up stories on the spot to get recognition. If it was true, then it speaks why the BBC Sinhala and Tamil journalists are anti-Sri Lankan and pro-LTTE.

  75. "
    The Navy says it is monitoring the movements of a “suspicious” ship 150 Nautical Miles off the Eastern coast"-Dailymirror.

    Defencenet any infor regarding this?

  76. Why the hell that anyone in the defence establishments give info to Daily Mirror about monitoring a ship?

    Why did they publish the same, risking the operation, even if they got to know about the same.

    Isn't that putting the whole operation at risk?

    If the story is through, it should be thoroughly investigated who did that.

  77. See our foolish President..

    After Ranjan Wijeratne, Premadasa, Gamini Dissanayake, Lalith, CV Goonerathne, Benazir Bhutto..

    He just trying to show-off!


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