Thursday, March 6, 2008

Northern Parappakandal falls to the army

Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA), backed by artillery and MBRL fire, captured the northern Parappakandal area (Northwest of Mannar) today morning amidst heavy LTTE resistance. Parappakandal is an area of high strategic importance which is bordered by the Giant's tank (Yodha Wewa) and Uyiankulam-Andankulam road.

Ever since the army captured the Southern Parappakandal around two months ago, the SLA advance further north had been slowed down due to stiff rebel resistance. Army had intensified its attacks on LTTE defensive positions in Northern Parappakandal in the past two weeks with SLAF Mi-24 gunships joining the battle two times during this period.

Even in today's battle, the tigers offered 'heavier than usual' resistance to the advancing forces. According to MI, the Initial periods of the battle were coordinated by four of LTTE's senior leaders; Lakshman, Bhanu, Ramesh and Jeyam. LTTE resistance faded away as the troops breached LTTE defences in multiple locations during the latter part of the battle. SLA are now constructing defences in the newly captured areas.


  1. Well done SL forces. Please clean up the rest for those innocent kids.

  2. Way to go SLDForces..way to go."Theruwan Saranai" to you all.

  3. Perein,
    Very well said bro..very well said

  4. DN-
    Has LTTE used any of their high profile units in any areas of Mannar?
    Or are they all safe guarding THE PIG?

  5. DefenceNet,
    Any news about death of any LTTE field marshalls?

  6. DN,
    any idea of SLA casualty figures? please update if or when you have some...

  7. well done lankan soldiers every inch taken from the dyeing hands of these dogs is a victory to humanity

  8. OK..i have some tragic news..did you guys see the Teddybear at one LTTE bunker.This was placed in the bunker by none other than General Fonseka..Ahhhhhh!!.He actually visited england and purchased said paddington bear..Ahhhhhhh!!

  9. srilankan-
    hahahah.. Nice one mate...
    I assume he has not publish the info about Barbie :) ...

  10. Tamilnet: SLAF fighter jets bomb Poonakari

  11. Perein,
    Thanks bro.will be back tommorrow.Take care

  12. Only 511 people in the world can read this... can u?
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  13. Hi what Difencenet you are mentioned at Thursday, February 28, 2008

    this is mean you are still at north Parappakandal so far there are no Advace since feb 28... I think your reports are not true just a propaganda war

    control.Brigade Starting Position Current Position Next Milestone
    57-1 Iranai Iluppaikulam, Vauniya Mullikulam LTTE artillery base at Palampiddy
    57-2 Vavuniya North Periya Pandivrichcan Madhu
    57-3 Vavuniya North Vilathikulam Madhu

    The closest distance to the Madhu shrine from SLA positions in the area is 1.75KM.

    In Mannar front, the 58th division (also known as task force 01 -2 Commando, 6,8,9 Gemnu Watch, 10 Singha and 10 Gajaba) are advancing towards Adampan. TF01 too has adapted a three pronged strategy similar to that adapted by the 57th division.Brigade Starting Position Current Position Next Milestone
    58-1 Uliyankulam South Parappakandal North Adampan Town Center
    58-2 Manthai Vivatennakulam Adampan Town Center
    58-3 Uliyankulam West Palaiootru Adampan Town Center

    The closest distance to Adampan town from SLA positions in the area is 700m.

  14. shingaya,
    this is mean you are still at north Parappakandal so far there are no Advace since feb 28..."

    We are not sure we get what you mean. But if you are talking about the position of 58-1, yeah they've been in general area North Parappakandal for the last week or so. Their advance further north (as mentioned in today's article) was delayed due to LTTE resistance but however today they broke through and captured Northern Parappakandal including the town.

    "I think your reports are not true just a propaganda war"
    Well then sorry about that. Guess you'll have to live with our biased and false propaganda reporting then.

  15. And Parappakandal is an area around 4 square KM, not some tiny strip of land which you can cross in a day.

    Wish we had a map to explain further but that's out of the window with mobile blogging...

  16. perein,
    "Has LTTE used any of their high profile units in any areas of Mannar?"

    Some from Charles Anthony were used. but not in large scale.

    "Any news about death of any LTTE field marshalls?"

    So far casualty details are unconfirmed.

  17. Defencenet, isn't troops from 8 GW leading the attacks against Parappakandal? Dominance of Parappakandal area between Andankulam and Giant Tank is a great achievement. Well wishes for our brave troops. However, LTTE can counter attack this area to regain loss ground. LTTE is offering stiff resistance. Wonder why? :)

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  19. perein said...
    Has LTTE used any of their high profile units in any areas of Mannar?
    Or are they all safe guarding THE PIG?

    There are four photos in of bunkers captured by SLA. If you look at the top right photo, the inscription on the wall says "Malathy Regiment."

  20. Defnet,
    So what's the Situ in Mahdu now !
    I like the Stratergy of wearing them out ! Pound them Boys ! Pound them !

    BTW, Victor Bout "Merchant of Death" or da planet's Arms King got nabbed in Bankok, But, He'll get away just like KP when he got arrested in Bankok !



    Looks like LTTE is preparing for their next AAB style attack..

    These are the tell tale signs of an impending LTTE attack.

  22. What a great victory. Consolidation of this area is likely to take a long time. That is very much acceptable given its strategic importance.

    The SLA was winning from the start but the DECISIVE EDGE was provided by Mi-24s and jets. Well planned to save money and lives for a good victory.

    Surely the senior tigers who led the failed attack would be crying at the fat pigs gangrene feet to do something for the "Satan's charriots" (heli.s). I see sense in the lankapage report. Now the bloody tigers will be more than ever after Hingurakgoda helicopter base and/or KAB. These must be protected at all cost.

  23. DN,

    It's me, the one with the odd name...

    Thanks for your regular updates. We are all behind you, at least with our hearts, minds and well wishes.

    Is there any particular reason why there has been stiffer resistance by the LTTE in this area? Do they have something to hide/protect that would be of strategic advantage to them?

    Many Thanks.

  24. guys

    Asian tribune :

    TNA MP Sivanesan was summoned to Kilinochchi by LTTE for secret meeting.......Tamil analysts in Sri Lanka believe that K. Sivanesan, Member of Parliament (MP) of the LTTE-backed Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was killed by the Tamil Tigers

    is this true ?

    anybody have more info ???

  25. Moshe dyan you can never predict or prevent ltte strikes and it is coming very soon!

  26. Moshe,
    The tiger leaders may have taken some cadres and disappeared into jungles for future attacks.We want the tigers to attack us moshe..
    1)because it saves us the efoort of hunting them down
    2)May get a chance of killing one of 4 field maarshals?bhanu,rajan,??
    3)Hope they lauch conventional war with unceaseing waves(1-infinity) because this makes our job much easier as we will deploy airforce to ensure its rapid cessation.

  27. thiru,
    oh yeah?

    But don't think the war will end with a LTTE strike.


    1. LTTE never thought of Sencholai (68) when they killed 30+ children in kebithigollewa in 2006.

    2. LTTE never thought of 16+9 dead bodies in a shallow grave somewhere in the north-central when they killed civilians in kebithigollewa in 2007.

    3. LTTE never thought of hundreds of terrorist abducted and DISAPPEARED when they killed dozens of civilians in Colombo.

    4. LTTE never thought hundreds of million of TRO dollars will be frozen following the killing of the barber after the AAB attack.

    etc., etc.

    There is a country called ISRAEL you may have heard. It is surrounded by a dozen terrorist groups (right or wrong). But again right or wrong ISRAEL must defend itself. Whenever terrorists attack ISRAEL it VIOLENTLY BUT INTELLIGENTLY RETALIATES. This is the ONLY WAY for SL. And LTTE and pro-LTTEs won't stand a chance.

    Over 70k killed in this war; 20k SLA, 20k LTTE, approx. 12k Sinhala & muslim civilians,approx. 18k Tamil civilains (LTTE kills more Tamils than SLA even on the MAHASIVARATHRI DAY YESTERDAY!!!). If taken as a % of the total respective populations, the war has killed on average 2.5% of the Tamil population but only 0.2% of the others.

    Now who wants liberation from what? Its mostly Tamils LIVING IN SL want liberation from the "liberation struggle". The cowards in Canada, UK, Australia, Swiss, etc. don't feel the war and are too scared to go to the battlefield when the LTTE has to take UNPAID, UNCLOTHED, UNSHOD underaged children to war

  28. Moshe,
    Our biggest problem is the flying tiger divisions(humans clad in bata slippers who sprout wings and fly without suitable underwear).The LTTE's Canadian thaamilselvan infantry division led by commandoes.

  29. srilankan,

    you are spot on.

    that is why the Vietnamese style "unceasing waves" are no more. If such a wave comes now that is the end of the LTTE as SLA will have a field party to feed all the vampires in the universe.

    the success of the present military campaign is marked by the distinct fact that there were no retreats by the SLA (so far). They may be slow but it is more than compensated by depth.

    on the other hand without an unceasing wave type of LTTE attack, they cannot achive anything by isolated crappy attacks.

  30. Moshe,
    Thanks for your kind comment.Dont forget that this could be an actual tactical retreat by the LTTE as opposed to previous occassions.Why because they want to draw more of our troops/armour so that they can use those artillary guns since our brave hearts will be in range.Do you see the connection between this and the SLAF bombing an LTTE ammunition dump containing shells in pooneryn?.I am sure those guns can target our troops.Need to ask DefenceNet to confirm range.The reason the forces are moving this slowly is because of the mines and also on ground intelligence..mind you i am no defence expert.We should however expect some sort of surprise by the LTTE.

  31. srilankan,

    casc did a nice calculation sometime back and showed that LTTE arti. in pooneryn and the surrounds CANNOT target Mannar SLA positions.

    but they can move them anytime as you know. SLAF is a BIG deterant.

    the church attack was a similar thing; they can target SLA positions from Mannar region arti. positions of the LTTE.

    A proper consolidation excercice that MUST follow the capture should essentially neutralise LTTE arti. positions that are in the range of striking our positions.

    otherwise it will be like the bunker buster operations along the national front. we are always beaten back TO THE EXTENT THAT LTTE ARTI. CAN HIT. this has stopped lately (and obviously tigers have re-enforced their bunkers again) which i think is a stop to a wasteful manuvre. i know many disagree with me (including you)

    anyway this is my two cents worth opinion.

  32. Moshe dyan, the next tiger threat will be something of massive proportions never seen before, and the whole country will feel the war.

  33. Moshe,
    I agree.In this case it is those rudimentary "artillary pieces" that are mounted on trucks that project rockets?..(defencewire).Taking out these pieces has to be done.However i get the feeling that the LTTE is trying to force us to use expensive bombs to target a large number of these shoddy trucks with home made rockets which means that we may lack the proper bombs when we need them most because according to my way of thinking our forces are going to face an entire LTTE suicide division in wanni.I wonder if we should risk using these hinds more often to takeout these trucks and guns.

  34. I was reading the previous article’s posts. Mr. “the Boss” doesn’t deserve an answer from anyone. He doesn’t speak sense in the first place. However, I like reading his posts. Its entertaining!
    Anyways, for once I though I should reply to one of his comment. He says:
    “TNA is a pro-LTTE party. The politican killed today was very supportive towards the LTTE. Now anyone with common sense would know that this would not have been done by LTTE.”
    The MP that got killed was never heard of. There is so much for the LTTE to gain by killing him. Besides being a MP from TNA, what did he do directly to support the LTTE? Not a lot. Maybe sat down with a few western diplomats from time to time and complained.
    By killing him, LTTE can:
    + Justify bombings of soft targets in the South
    + Maybe justify the killing of a MP in the South
    + Claim that the government kills Tamils Politicians and gain much needed international sympathy
    If you have the ability to THINK (after reading your comments, I’ve my doubts), think about what the LTTE have to loose; NOTHING! For the LTTE, he was just an old fart that made the numbers for the TNA in parliament to play their (LTTE’s) melody. You can always replace an old fart.

  35. Moshe, excellent piece of work there. My applause!

    Kallathoni simply cannot compute advance logic let alone the basic stuff. What a burden these Kallathoni? A burden not just on us, but the region as well as the world.

  36. Panhinda,

    "A burden not just on us, but the region as well as the world."

    Indeed; just look at the number of countries that have banned it!!

    Except SL all other countries (except Australia and NZ) with more than 10,000 Tamils have banned the LTTE!! It is as simple as that.

  37. Sakkiliya

    [Moshe dyan, the next tiger threat will be something of massive proportions never seen before, and the whole country will feel the war]


    Promises…promises…made when SLDF bravehearts were at MavilA, Sampoor, Vaharai, and even the most serious one at ThoppiG! But none delivered!!

    Sounds like an Impotent in a Harem! LMSSAO!!!

    Anyway…not only promises….but feel free to …

    bring it on filthy Kallathoniya…we are ready and we will make you momma-doers pay ten times more – as my brother MosheD very aptly elaborated here earlier – to make you miserable, excreta-maggots SUFFER unimaginable pain & sorrow! Some of us Sinhelas, like humble OaO Asithri here, believe in “sweet revenge” to the maximum!!!


    OaO Asithri

  38. So, today my BB went off and I got a red-hot alert from a patriot that some LTTE ponna-pansy tried to impersonate me!!! LMSSAO!!!

    Of all the bloody crass, incestuous, behavior the "thamileelamists" have now become infamous for, I see they now even added cross-dressing as another qualification! LMSSAO!!!

    What bloody ponna-pansies we deal with today? I say it is better to have a mini-genocide and liquidate these ponna-pansies "with extreme prejudice" tout de suite as I always say. These types of cowardly sub-humans are the scourge of any country and must be either gassed or put through tree-shredders alive...for the broader interest of the rest of that country's law-abiding, democratic minded decent population!

    What a bloody brave liberation movement this has turned out to be!!!

    I have more respect for rabid dogs!


    OaO Asithri

  39. Now here's my kind of man:

    "Defeating terrorism is the only genuine peace act" – S. L. Gunasekera

    how very profound! I love it!

    OaO Asithri

  40. Patriots, yours truly OaO Asithri (not the LTTE ponna-pansies who try to be OaO Asithri - I agree it is just a dream for them! LMSSAO!) will have the blog ID:


    So be careful of imposters (who in this case deserve the gas chamber!)


    OaO Asithri

  41. Thursday, March 6, 2008,

    Mar 06, Colombo: A stock of high-tech equipment, including digital binoculars, was seized by the Medawachchiya police today while it was being transported to LTTE-held areas.

    Police said they seized a three-wheeler with three persons and the equipment at a surprise road checkpoint near the Karapikkada junction, Medawachchiya.

    Among the items were eight binoculars (including three digital binoculars), five data cables and video cables for digital binoculars, Blue Tooth cables, AC/DC adaptor power cords, ten audio earphones, two IFD Torch Mag-Lites, 63 mobile hand set shoulder straps, and 48 batteries.]

    Excellent work dudes! Keep it up and soon we will be all into "make love and not war!"

    OaO Asithri

  42. asithri, we'll see who will be laughing after the next attack

  43. OK time concentrate on some proposals for tomorrow am decisions...Catch you Patriots later...

    PEACE to all patriots!

    OaO Asithri

  44. I have seen these LTTE lost souls trying to imitate you in several blogs.. even in a one that David Blacker had a connection.. I think Revy/Puli also had come their and tried to post a comment or two after your imposter's name. From it's writing, you can tell that it was the Genuine Revy, but an imitating Asithri.

    As long as you read such posts, you realize that it is out of pattern (no Zig Zag of an artillery barrage) and not you.

    Good or bad, I agree that it would be hard to imitate you without anyone noticing. Yes - truly OaO :-))

  45. BBC LTTE Payroll is working in consorta again for their last push on Human Rights front.

    The Palyers,
    1.) Norway funding and pushing the initiative with LTTE funding
    2.) Direct LTTE funcding
    3.) Various NGO kakas (the carcass maggots who live on this war)
    4. HRW
    5. Various LTTE front organisations based in the West
    6. BBC

    They all are going on another round of all out war against Sri Lanka on a false HR violation accusations.

    Their objective is to get UN into the middle and stop LTTE defeat.

    Read this article

    Anyone who has a brain can understand where it is going. This is all a consorted effort. Well choreographed. The HRW sources are the same LTTE.

    LTTE is the world's biggest HR violators and racists. However, their dirty money and Norway's public money is working as a giant force against the Sri Lankan government bringing in false accusations.



  47. 1) //Moshe dyan you can never predict or prevent ltte strikes and it is coming very soon!//

    2) //Moshe dyan, the next tiger threat will be something of massive proportions never seen before, and the whole country will feel the war.//

    3) //asithri, we'll see who will be laughing after the next attack//

    Above 3 posts were from same tiger. Even though he is just one tiger, we may consider him as one sample point of generel tamil di-ass-pora.

    This speaks about their dissapointment, pain and shame. They were promised an peelam, they paid for it, but nothing delivered so far. They are in a hurry to see that 'surprise bounce back' from LTTE. BBC/AFP/UN/NGOs also waiting for the same.

    After loosing sampur, vakarei, thoppigala and whole east, vessels with whepons (their money!), their operative getting caught in Colombo, tamilnadu and other countries, tigers dying in bouble digits daily.... LTTE is busy with SLA in wanni leaving go for soft targerts.

    LTTE has to please these real owners (investers?) of eelam. For quick results so far hundreds of civilians in south were dead. But they ask more. So more bombs in south, just to please this very importent di-ass-pora.

  48. # LTTE said 4 clamores were exploded. So, should we expect clamore chain in south killing 100x? civilians in south?

    # As pointed out LTTE didn't lose any thing from that MP killing. But gain in HR/IC front.

    # I guess, LTTE know cons of going for unceasing waves. That's why they tried group based offensive in mannar @ weeks earlier.

    # Planting desired image on public was part of 'Kosovo' project. CNN/BBC all intenational media did that few years ago, only after they deployed troops there it was found that the accusations wre false. Clearly, now they do it for SL.

    # LTTE often used the trick allowing SLA to march deep into their teritory and then the massive attack. Hope SLA learned from mistakes.

    # Even if SLA kills tigers in large numbers in wanni, all the real tigers are safe in EU/US/UK... What can we expect from them, say after the war? In other words what is our post-LTTE stratergy?

  49. Thiru,
    Whatever happens we will not let our hand down fearing the barbarians. Our aim is clear and whatever the prize is it will be achived.

  50. noltte=peace,
    wel said brother.Right now NORWAY is funding a group created by the UN whose objective is to become another "norway" in other countries.I would not worry about it.We need to educate the good citizens of norway about this LTTE filth.We need to invite norweigian people to SLanka for a look see..

  51. Holy Church Used as LTTE’s Fighting Base


    Runs the unrecognized de facto state Tamil Eelam, banned as a terrorist organization by 32 countries

  52. Regarding the TNA MP killing,
    The incident took place 25-30 km off of our Omanthai point. So getting such risk for that much soft target is questionable. Ther GOSL/SLDF have nothing to gain and so much of there to loose. On the other hand the LTTE has nothing to loos and so much more things to gain by this type of assassinations.
    So it is crystal clear that who did this. The only problem is why this PIG worshippers cannot realise the fact.

  53. Td,
    We dont want the pig worshippers to change their minds and persuade VP to surrender and become a political party.(We however need to save as many northern kids and non-combatants as possible).That is too easy.One fact is very important..UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE must the LTTE supporting tamil diasphora become the spokespersons for SLanka in their respective countries overseas.


    It says, domain is suspended...Looks to me a suicide

  55. TD / Srilankan-

    Bro's, you are right. We do not want those kids to get poisoned by the LTTE terror.
    It's now us to work out how to get those kids away from the fighting area.
    According to some Tamil sources due to greed towards to the personal land (if they leave LTTE capture the land and give it to some one else!!! ) they risking the kids lives as well as theirs.

  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. Perein,
    Fully agree with you bro.This is nearly impossible unless the kids whole family takes a gamble with all their lives.On the battlefront this is almost impossible because the kids are guarded by battle hardened tigers and when the army invades they dont have time to think about the LTTE cadres other than the fact that the person inside the bunkers is going to kill him..for them every minute is a question of life and death.So the kids loose on both fronts.I am no expert but the idea may be to kill the LTTE battlefield commanders(AKA DSI shoes)or breakup the LTTE formations and pursue small formations and pursuade them to surrender or drop leaflets and ask cadres when they get the opportunity to turn on their commanders which takes a lot of courage which is very rare.ITs very difficult.I think the military should never disclose the number who surrender.

  58. All please note
    below is not from well knows Asithri

    asithri said...


    y the hell log in to pig's site

    who care if its suspended or else.
    as u know they lie.

    Sarath Fonseka prooved ya. even DN Bloggers does it.


    March 7, 2008 2:5

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. Where was Bishop Rayappu Joseph when LTTE built bunkers in churches?

    Bunkers in a Church ?

  61. asithri said...


    sorry about it. even My names carries the same ID. What am i to do man.""

    Simple. Change your ID.

    Do you think you do a great thing by duplicating some others ID and playing around ??

  62. @tharanga

    y the hell log in to pig's site

    who care if its suspended or else.
    as u know they lie.

    Sarath Fonseka prooved ya. even DN Bloggers does it.


    This is a fake asithri with profile ID of 05945749903851875379. The real Asithri has profile ID 04088197982256468403. More than that, it is a poor imitation by another sub-human LTTE supporter.

  63. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  66. fake Asithri,
    It is not a matter of hurting or laughing. If proves your pervert mentality.
    I did not hurt (actually no one in this blog hurt) even for the extreme racist comments from Boss Upul Shyam and Thiru. So who the hell you are.

  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. Asithri,
    Counter assault by LTTE? thats wonderful..Do u know how many cadres?..pls..pretty pls?

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  70. DN,
    Your wonderful blog is bieng smudged with excreta from some sudhuman primates.

    Where are you?

  71. Hi to all defencenet readers!!

    I couldn't post a comment for a long time. Didn't here from matara ayya, galle malli etc.. some real patriots. I think we could soon hear the good news of liberating madu too.

    As for eelaam lovers, still u can dream about it. atleast can live in a dream. something is better than nothing lol

  72. Good pace from the SLDF... seems like they have learnt from past mistakes.. and with a better leadership SLDF looks magnificent.

    Very soon other nations will come to learn how to curb anti terrorist activities from our guys.. could become consultants lol

    But We should never under estimate VP and his men.. they are good in innovations

  73. hello sri lankan, qrious and aasthiri(genuine) how are u guys?

    Having some fun with TE supporters??

  74. DN-

    If ppl prefer to use the similar names then we may need to get them to attach the Profile id.
    ie: perein-02440639836678576676

    We would still need a solution for mis use of the language.

  75. Great news! Viktor Bout and Russian arms dealer is now arrested in Thailand, to be extradited to US. This is bad news to the tiger terrorists as KP that is sheltered in Thailand by the corrupt generals had a close dealing with this criminal. I think much of the arms that was bought by the tigers, by KP came with the help of this Russian. We must thank US for doing the needful to reduce the strength of the tigers, though it at materialized indirectly. We know and the persons concerned with the defence ion SL has been forewarned about this fellow years ago.

  76. Note guys (asithri) Genuine name Changed to CriMeWatCh

    What the hell

  77. Good to see you again riyaz... Especially as some of our valuable contributors seem to have left. (matara ayiya, david blacker etc.) Possible reason would be the crap posted here by the LTTE supporters. If you guys are still reading this blog, please contribute when you can, as there are still some people here who are interested in discussing defence related matters rather than talking crap.

  78. In heavy fighting in Jaffna, Vavuniya, Mannar & Welioya front lines, 38 LTTE cadres and four soldiers killed, 20 soldiers wounded

    Any News DN?
    March 7th 01:16pm

  79. Hello Chamal,

    I do read the blog everyday. But was unable to post anything. As I always tell the guys at defnet, if the TE supporters are ignoredthey would be vanished automatically.

    I just get a feeling we could hear some more sweet news before the april new year.. Its good to see the CAS for the recent operations.. something many bloggers suggesting

  80. Defencenet,

    Any updates on the fronts??

  81. Dear Patriots....

    Great news indeed....

    Louise Arbor resigns

    Finally she has realized the length of her spoon handle is not long enough.....ha ha ha...

  82. Jaffna SLA commander calls upon LTTE cadres to surrender
    Major. Gen. G. A. Chandrasiri, the Head of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in the North in a media communiqué released Tuesday night called upon the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadres operating in the peninsula to surrender themselves at the military bases in the peninsula, sources in Jaffna said.

  83. SL NAVY finds 857 anti aircraft ammunition Mannaar

  84. G2G

    Fight with u all on Monday



  85. SL NAVY finds 857 anti aircraft ammunition Mannaar

    Interesting... If they have the ammunition, what make them not use them in dying moments?
    Is it because those weapons are not in usable condition?
    or close by location there is no weapons which can fire these?

  86. Riyaz said...
    Hi to all defencenet readers!!

    I couldn't post a comment for a long time. Didn't here from matara ayya, galle malli etc..

    The last time we heard from Matara ayya was when he did that post on the SLAF Corporal who sniped several LTTE attackers in the AAF base attack. He said that the Corporal was being persecuted by some of his superior officers. Someone chewed him up for spreading rumours and for demoralizing the forces. Yes. Its too bad that he does not post here anymore.

  87. most LTTE supporters are at the denial stage when recovering from the shock of relisation that something there were fanatical about is dieing, they will soon go on to angryiness and then mood swings.

    LoL I somehow knew I should have taken that GCSE for Psychology.

  88. extreme great news man the bitch is finnaly going

    man are you just trying to make us happy

  89. Is there anyway to get an idea of the distances involved in these ops, please? As the SLDF intrudes deeper into gookland the logistics would become nightmarish, I would imagine.
    Would appreciate if anyone could educate me on the locations of the various divisions from a few known localities, such as Mannar, Trinco, Batti etc.

  90. Sri Lankan
    re: "..Any news about death of any LTTE field marshalls?.."

    Field Marshalls are generally the barbecued toilet cleaners in the LTTE heirarchy. The reason they haven't had any is because they do not have toilets. What one monkey craps, the next one eats. There's no other viable economy in the eLam.

  91. @Senkadagala Sinhaya,

    "extreme great news man the bitch is finnaly going
    man are you just trying to make us happy"

    Read the enclosed news article from the 'Gulf news' (The link is given)

    It's my pleasure if it make you happy ...... :) lol

  92. hi guys,
    this is my last post ..make this to thank everyone..specialy matara and astiri..david....lkhood/perein/riyaz.
    DN you are doing great work and whihsing you to do the same in the future..
    as a srilankan always wannt to say shayaam ,,boss,,annd all other ltte mates ..i have nothing on you and hpe you will wake your will bring this tiny island in to great place thanks thnak you so much buy....
    last i would like to say as every other this is a place to, discuss deffence matters..otherwise every one leave this great blog

  93. Maha-

    Where are you going mate?
    Stay in touch when possible.

  94. [United Nations has put together a top 'mediation team' with some of the world's leading experts and they are now on standby to help resolve crises around the world including in Srilanka. This was announced by Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs of the UN B. Lynn Pascoe.]
    Lanka e enws

    These Norway guy's are wonderfull. They got kicked off but still cant keep there hands off Sri Lanka.

    This reminds me of my former girl friends!

  95. HI Guys...
    did ya'll miss me :D
    Oh I heard that part of this post by the dn was true. A few bunker lines have been captured by the SLA, alright. But it is nowwhere near a sweep as the 'falling of northern parappakkandal'. The advancement has been exaggerated by SLA big time, of course as usual. Oh.. forgot to mention that the SLA have paid a huge price to capture those points too, which you will never get to know for it would be overwhelmingly embarassing for the SLA. Clock is ticking and this advancing SLA is well and truly sitting on the time bomb which is about to explode very soon!!!

  96. Surrender to the Ukrainian Army, and get gang raped...

    Who wants to join me...?

  97. puli

    I didn't know velupulli's leg is that close to exploding...nasty man nasty..

  98. ukranians are retards every one knows that

  99. TropicalStorm said...

    Surrender to the Ukrainian Army, and get gang raped...

    Who wants to join me...?

    If you wished to be gang raped, dont bother going to Ukrain.. Just ask your own Sri Lankan army soldiers , they will happily oblige. Raping is their favourite hobby. Ask the poor Haitian girls.

  100. but I wont mind joining after I saw that photo


    funny commercial man I swear we used to have ads like that a while back

  102. only chance people for people like puli to get laid is if they get raped so if thiru puli the boss shyam and upul your good friend has helped you out

  103. Senkadagala,
    calm down bruv. why boil over? simmer down my friend.

  104. Guys,

    Here are the effects of Kosovo:

    Now separatist groups in Georgia are asking for independence. But get this. This is right after Russia lifting embargoes on these places. There might be something more political here, like oil/gas pipelines or something.

    Also expats in the US, watch this documentary:

    It's narrated in Dutch but you won't miss a thing as to the point of the documentary.

  105. @tropicalstorm

    The uniform is not army but internal ministry (police). It really dosen't matter though. And yes they are hot!

  106. puli did my comment sound angry or do I sound pissed off at any thing

  107. Sldf,pukkalanka(doesnt look odd now that you explained the meaning lol)
    “Is there any particular reason why there has been stiffer resistance by the LTTE in this area? Do they have something to hide/protect that would be of strategic advantage to them?”
    “However, LTTE can counter attack this area to regain loss ground. LTTE is offering stiff resistance. Wonder why? :)”

    It’s because one of their supply lines are through this area. Anyway it doesn’t mean that losing Parappakandal will shut their supplies down. They do have an alternative route but it’s gonna be a lot harder.

    “If you look at the top right photo, the inscription on the wall says "Malathy Regiment."”

    Malathy regiment is not one of their elite units. It’s basically a mix of female cadres (new recruits + experienced+feeding mothers+etc).

    “Oh I heard that part of this post by the dn was true. A few bunker lines have been captured by the SLA, alright. “
    “SLA have paid a huge price to capture those points too, which you will never get to know for it would be overwhelmingly embarassing for the SLA.”

    Glad you at least admitted a loss. (Even though you downplayed it to the maximum and made it look like it was the SLA who lost).

    In other news Army has uncovered another 120mm mortar launcher in Kadiraweli today. 120mm arty mortar was one of LTTE’s prized possessions in the eastern province. It’s not in usable condition anyway.

  108. MR Govt made a mistake in putting together the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons. The biggest mistake was having a 80 year former head of the Indian Supreme Court, Justice Bhagwati, to lead the group. The Indian civil service, especially the top people, are a legacy of the Raj and they behave in that manner. They drive around in their ridiculuous white Ambassador cars with window curtains, and with escorts following with sirens blaring. These Indian top civil servants, especially the judges, think no end of themselves. Justice Bhagawati had threatened to quit several times before and the Pres. had appealed to him to stay on. Apart from the Indian head and one Japanese, the composition of the group was mostly European, another bad sign. Bernard Koucher, one of the members, the currently the French FM and the founder of Doctors without Borders, was in the group before he became the French FM. He is a well know interventionist, Kosovo being the latest example. It would have been far better to have a group of jurists from the SAARC countries and to have had someone from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan or Maldives heading the group.


    There is a possibility that this guy knows something about KP..

    It is better if the CID get access to ask that question from this guy.

  110. LTTE spy-network takes a beating

  111. All In The Family
    March 7, 2008: The LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), a separatist Tamil group from the island of Sri Lanka, has been revealed as a key operator in a worldwide weapons smuggling operation. This has served a wide variety of terrorist organizations. In three decades of fighting, the LTTE has killed over 70,000 people and pioneered the use of suicide bombers. This included inventing the explosive belt. The LTTE has also killed two national leaders (of Sri Lanka and India) and many more senior government officials than Islamic terrorists. Al Qaeda learned quite a lot about terrorism from the LTTE, which is basically a secular organizations (although most members are Hindu).

    But even more importantly, the LTTE pioneered fund raising and procurement techniques that have greatly aided Islamic terrorists. The LTTE developed methods which enabled them to raise large amounts of money from expatriate Tamils (who are native to southern India). The LTTE was also able to raise money from Tamils in southern India, but it was the techniques of pretending to collect money for charity work, then using it to fund terrorism, that really caught al Qaedas attention.

    All this eventually caught the attention of counter-terror organizations in many countries, leading to the LTTE being declared a terrorist organization, and many of its fund raising operations shut down. As that was done, more and more evidence (documents, and interrogations) piled up showing that the LTTE had worked with Palestinian, Kurdish, Taliban, Al Quaeda, Eritrea, Filipino, and other Middle Eastern groups to obtain illegal weapons, and learn how to use them. The LTTE also became the primary weapons purchaser, and transporter for many of these other terrorist groups. The LTTE maintained hundreds of small, and a few large, boats for transporting these weapons to LTTE controlled parts of the island country of Sri Lanka, and other parts of the world as well. But recent reverses have destroyed most of that fleet, especially the six large ships, that could move weapons around the world, and sometimes did.

    The LTTE arms procurement operation has been badly damaged, but is still (barely) functioning. The terrorist groups it has worked with in the past are also experiencing hard times. But the information about these past LTTE exploits demonstrates how terrorist groups, with quite different agendas, can cooperate for their mutual benefit.

  112. Tangara,

    I wonder if that has anything to do with the arrest of a key ex-KGB arms dealer in Thailand. We all know LTTE operated from there. I hope this is the case.

  113. Guys,

    Sorry for being quiet for a while; I am about to embark on a three-week holiday, across three continents. So, understandably I have been busy with work and all the rest of it.

    It just occured to me about this brute, Balakumar - the ex EROS chief.

    I saw him recently on a Tamil web site: he has dyed his hair black while keeping the beard grey, to show us, may be, who he is - a man-of-contrast.

    I saw him emerging from a meeting in Vanni recently: he doesn't seem to be in the best shape, I observed; To me, he looked like someone who just had sex with seven whores - totally exhausted; his forced smile, that does not coordinate with any anatomy of his face, reminds me of late Veerappan who was a force to reckon with in the South Indian Jungle belt; Veerappan was a bandit, if you folks want some infomrmation to flatter Balakumar.

    The brute, Balakumar, started killing Sinhala civilians in bulk; he launched indiscriminate bombings when Prabhakaran used to do the same with knives and swords. He pioneered the killing devices and Prabha made it more efficient. No wonder, he left what remained of his organization and found his habitat with the right species.

    As far as I know, Sabaratnam of TELO, Uma Maheshvaran of PLOTE and Pathmanabha of EPRLF did not deliberately target Sihanlese civilians, when Prabha and Balakumar did just that.

    I know his days are numbered. If he is caught, I recommend the following punishment for the brute.

    Paint his manhood with honey and leave him naked at the centre of a circle of ants, until he yells 'OOI, OOI,' one thousand times, in a high pitch of an Italian tenor.

    I am against killing of any kind, if you guys forgot about my stand on this humanitarian issue.

  114. To the interested,

    I have updated my portal with a crude outline on the siege of Adampan supplemented with a map.

    Hope this helps :-)

  115. It surprising to notice that hardly any thought given by anyone in this blog where the tigers arms suppliers were detained, reluctantly by Thai authorities until US extradited him. He is friend of KP who is sheltered by the corrupt officials there.

  116. Aha, I see the LTTE SOB who is a trying to be a suck-up to OaO Asithri did a few more posting impersonating moi - the OaO Asithri! Unbelievable!!!

    How hilarious this is!

    Let's face facts...

    These cheap mf's, from Velvetteturai types, have no dignity nor pride...and evidently, no culture either (as otherwise, how could they demand "Tamil homeland" in SL when THE Tamil Homeland, TamilNadu is just 15 nautical miles away!

    What a bloody disoriented, disjointed bunch these gooks these mf's are!

    Impersonating is one of the favorite past-times of these pathetic sons-of-whores. When it comes to expression or scribing, they will shamelessly try to imitate someone. I remember once being in Germany and there was this "thamileelamist" sympathizer who happened to be at a social evening that I was invited to partake. Now this bugger sure had his challenges with the English language, but in my view, there was nothing wrong with it.

    However, what was wrong was that he tried to imitate some of us in our speech, utterly shamelessly, and didn't quite realize he was, like a parrot, uttering the same mildly-profane usages that we were into. For example, at the end of the evening, he was merrily saying "blaady chit" for "bloody shit" that I am sure we may have blurted out earlier...and the kicker was the bugger had no clue what that meant!!!


    No, I am NOT relating this incident to denigrate anyone who has a challenge with the English language, but only to show how cheap-copy cats these bloody shits (or blaady chits - pick your poison!) are!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

    DN: Pardon me for this digress. Thanks mate for removing the imposter…saved me from a castration exercise! LOL!

  117. Kevin,

    You got a point mate. Certainly, KP's arrest and release was a fiasco...I still think GOSL should have got India involved to put pressure on Thai govt. to have that bugger handed over to SL or Indians on a metal hook.

    In addition, I think it is high time GOSL established, clandestinely, a "civilian agency" that will be provided with funding (when needed) to extend even higher bribes to whoever the bastards are (be they Thai, Cambodian, or Bafutsvanians! LOL) to assure we get the LTTE arms procuring king-pins and other deadly agents roaming abroad. I say this should be the modus-operandi as GOSL cannot be implicated in any such dubious dealings. Israel has and continues follow this method of getting at her enemies quite effectively I know.

    I have suggested this already to some "decision makers" in SL.

    OaO Asithri

  118. Asithri,

    M8, if you know key decision makers, let them watch this documentary or you watch it and tell them what it's about.

    It's about the Israeli lobby in the US and how they organize to make sure Israel is always supported by them. It's in Dutch narration but the rest is in English and you won't miss a thing.

    Also did you guys know that Israel being not so poor, is the world largest aid receiver?

  119. Here’s some great news:

    Mar 06 (Dawn) COLOMBO- The government plans to introduce ‘tougher measures’ to stop international NGO’s ‘meddling’ in the country’s affairs, political sources said on Wednesday amidst a background of increased hostility by Sinhala nationalist groups towards international non governmental organisations working in the country. The regulations to be imposed are being formulated by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Social Services and Home Affairs and include visa restrictions as well as specified limits for NGO’s to carry out their work, officials said.

    Bravo! This is the difference between this GOSL and all the other GOSLs, especially the one that was briefly headed by Ranil the she-male!

    As we living in the West have learned long ago, when you show you got balls to stand up to your rights, these white kooks tend to actually respect you! When you are a bloody meekly coward, they think of you as inconsequential and not worthy of any further thought and then your rights go down the tube! Being meek was a mistake some of the early Indian expats made in the West and that was disastrous to their whole community (and to us Sri Lankans as South Asians), but today the Indians are very much assertive and conscious of their rights and now the whites no longer think of them as “inconsequential” (which has helped the whole South Asian community as still, the Indians are the majority from our region in the West).

    Well, yours truly here often acts as a mentor to some Indians who are still over-hung up on “courtesy” “politeness” etc. at the expense of their rights as your OaOA boy here certainly knows well how to sock it back to these white arrogant and ignorant kooks!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  120. Machang

    Thanks for the info machang! (lol)...

    I will review and certainly pick up on this...


    OaO Asithri

  121. What wonderful and magnanimous attitude this is!

    [Eminent lawyers represent army at inquiry into NGO worker killings
    Mar 7 (DM)

    Two eminent lawyers S.L.Gunasekara and Gomin Dayasiri have come forward to appear on behalf of the Sri Lanka Army at the public inquiry on the killing of 17 aid workers of the French NGO ‘Action Against Hunger’ before the Commission Investigating Serious Violations of Human Rights (COI), a source of the Commission said yesterday. Last Monday the CoI began the public inquiry into the killing of 17 aid workers in Muttur on August 26, 2006 that shocked the world.]


    I know SL Gunasekara personally and think of him as nothing but a true, loving son of Motherlanka (as much as I still think of late Hon. Lakshman Kadirgarmar that way).

    When this is all over, I sincerely hope the GOSL will erect statues/monuments in honor and perpetual memory of these modern day "warriors!"

    OaO Asithri

  122. OK, one last post as my DD is here and it is Friday night in my timezone and time to go and get some cool R&R….

    Now you military types here, please review the following pic and tell me if I am wrong in deducting that this cop is holding his T56/AK47 totally wrong! I mean, I have never ever seen anyone on guard duty hold an auto-weapon this way! Maybe I am wrong and if so, I would be humbled if you correct me.

    OaO Asithri

  123. Long-ranger,
    It's a fine website mate. excellent job. Keep up the good work.

    Guys, please visit his site. Very informative.

  124. good plan !!!

  125. Guys,

    Read the following and figure out...


    When you get a chance , please comment on this.

    When did they capture this? EPS?

  127. Long-ranger, nice blog. We'l link to it when we get the chance. It has maps which are almost non existent in DN.

  128. Qurious,
    Bro your letting Balakumar off too easily.How about we kill his grand children on their wedding day..a combo of antipersonnel mines of course!.I am sure they will appreciate the irony..when this is all over in a few yrs time.??.What we need here is for his children to blame their father for the loss of their own kids.Sometimes as you know it is living that is hell because you cant get away from your own sad memories.


    Around 80 caders in this pic..

  130. Tangara,
    2005 BRo..hmm good old days..I wonder if they are still smiling and if it has got broader recently..perhaps it is the MBRL attacks that give substance to the width of the smile?

  131. hi defencenet

    how many SLA died during this operation? pls tell us exact figures

    my sources ( SLA)told me it was more than 50 is that true?

  132. Sorry out of Topic -

    Today mar-2008-08
    3 soldiers injured in K'gama blast

    Three soldiers were injured following a claymore mine blast in Kataragama. The soldiers were traveling in a tractor along the old Buttala road at the time of the explosion.

  133. noltte=peace,

    Bro, those attacks are definitely to bring the international community into this even more. Westerners and their majority voting base being Christians and the victims in this case being Tamils, this is work done to discredit the government. I think the government, if they can as I don't know how their resources have been spread, should give some sense of increased protection to these people.

  134. This comment has been removed by the author.


  136. Defencenet,

    Any news on the claymore explosion?

    Why are they still using tractors to transport soldiers when they know very well that there are LTTE cadres in the area. Can't they have a unicorn buffel at least? It's not like we are short of them is it?

  137. chamal, we are short of everthing

  138. Asithri,

    About S.L Gunesekera, you are right I think. He has been consistant in his conduct as a solid responsible citizen of Sri lanka with great work ethics, which is not something which can be that easily said about Lawyers (generally) you know.

  139. DN,

    Thanks for the response. It does make sense to protect your main supply routes. Let's wait and see how this would affect LTTE movements.

    When you have a moment could you tell us please...

    ... I think it is accurate to say that in terms of strength the LTTE is dwarfed by the SL armed forces. In terms of resources, unhindered supply routes and other military/logistical factors, the LTTE is far more restircted than the SL armed forces.

    Given that above is indeed true, what are the advantages the LTTE are still exploiting to offer resistence (with a greater or lesser rate of success)? Do the forces have plans in place to take out these advantages to futher weaken the LTTE? As much as you can reveal, what are the main challenges and what strategies are in place as a response to these challenges?

    Sincere thanks.

  140. I will keep on at it until we avert disaster in future. We must not allow that fellow caught I Modara to escape and I understand that some powerful people are being bribed, blackmailed to get him released. He too knows who was responsible for Kidiars departure.Likes of him and Pottu…A, have infiltrated our very corrupt officials, for money of cause to get vital information and acess.They would make these infiltrators, perhaps working in the security of the country a sense of integrity by deliberately make them ‘discover’ worthless weapons etc and we reward them, give them promotions and even our gullible, stupid leaders will put them on their laps, until the scene is set to finish them off.Premadasa’s death of a fine example of their cunning ploy. The man who killed him was is trusted servant can’t revel everything as we have very heavy investments as well as our kin living in SL.What ever happened he should not be released until the conflict is ended. Who knows when he is enlighten to the reality he could be positively used to run our own shipping in future. As long as we give them opportunities and hopes in a united Sri Lanka,our foes will turn to be friends. Must go it’s Saturday.

  141. pukkalanka,

    "what are the advantages the LTTE are still exploiting to offer resistence (with a greater or lesser rate of success)"

    Human shields, attacking unarmed civilians (intentionally), suicide bombings, child soldiers, forcing people to join up and name a few. As you would no doubt notice, any of these cannot & will not be used by a military of a government anywhere. And the problem is that there is nothing much to be done to counter these.

  142. Chamal,

    I think you are absolutely right. Let's see what DN has to say about this.

    My question was more to do with "legitimate" and conventional military advantages. Perhaps they don't have any; that's why they resort to these despicable tactics against which no self-respecting army would (nor should) take military action.

    However, even against these types of abominable tactics the LTTE are using there must be some sort of (non-military) action that could be taken?

  143. Hello Don! Are you reading this blog? Come on join in maaarn...Tell us what you think.

  144. Prabhakaran accuses Lankan govt forces of 'terrorism'


    Prabhakaran 'hale and hearty', says Tamil MP


  145. @Long-Ranger

    great stuff :)

    i just love the map !

  146. The guy must be going by Velu's pictures from 20 plus years ago. Or, my be refering to one single body part, such as the anus, which should be still functional, the whole being just an elongation of itself.

    There's an interesting article on Yahoo re: eastern elections;

  147. Tamil MP seeks lifting ban on LTTE


  148. DefenceNet,

    Thanks for posting that article. I also noticed that on TamilNet and was waiting until somebody commented on it here!

    Is there any truth to this? Is this a counter-attack by Tigers? What is the situation now?

    Thanks in advance!

  149. Blogger Defence-net said... visit us for News And updates about Eeelam war IV

    people say that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  150. 22 SLA died and 72 wounded in todays clashes in MANNAR region ...

  151. parakrama,
    it wasnt us who posted the article. Someone playing arond with a name hack lol.

    Anyway Tamilnet is exaggerating in their claims. Ltte hasn't taken any areas back.

  152. Dear Bloggers,
    I think we have a fake Defencenet blogger.

    Real one is = Defencenet

    Fake one is = Defence-net


    IT'S ANOTHER Tamilnet (TamilNUT) site.

    Defencenet I think it's about time you have a normal dot com Web site.
    If you need any help regarding that please let me know. I will be happy to help you :)

  153. Defence-net

    Defencenet has a clone

    OMG !

  154. Nolte

    I spoke with the Mn based university that the article was published by. THese guys are religious nuts, have no sense of what they are talking about, and probably are the type that hump choir boys by the dozen in religious fervor. Rather low on the intellectual scales...
    Anything non-christian can be good, by these guys. On a second layer, anything non-white could possibly be similarly so, but not admittedly, I'd bet.
    No sweat there.In the US, people know this type. They beat war drums as the arrival of the saviour being imminent when the US went to war with Iraq. [Bush did it to force Jesus to come back, y'know...didn't work. Now the tax payer's got a bigger hole in his ass.]

  155. suresh,lkdood,

    DN replicas have made us celebrities :D

    Anyway no need to panic. There have been many, there will be many such sites.

  156. DN-
    You are right. They are trying to give the extra publisitity to this site by acting that way.
    We should wish them well and ask few people to post some comments too.

  157. As a long time quite reader of this blog ,I have one question for the eelamist and LTTE sympathisers especially to the ones who are imitating asithri and defencenet ids . Are you made in some laboratory in eelam land where they specialises in patheticness and shamelessness ?

  158. pukkalanka,
    ... I think it is accurate to say that in terms of strength the LTTE is dwarfed by the SL armed forces."

    In terms of manpower, yes.
    In terms of weaponry, not that much difference. The only huge advantage sla have over the tigers are the MBRLs and armored vehicles.

    In terms of resources, unhindered supply routes and other military/logistical factors, the LTTE is far more restircted than the SL armed forces."

    Yes but they only need supplies to fight a guerrilla war while maintaining a significantly less number of troops than SLA. And all their supply routes are not shut down. They somehow manage to smuggle in arms even by small quantities. Although most of their ships are gone, their cells are still active in many countries. As we said before SLN has only 50 odd FAC+waterjets to protect whole island. Its not nearly enough to 100% prevent arms smuggling.

    Given that above is indeed true, what are the advantages the LTTE are still exploiting to offer resistence (with a greater or lesser rate of success)?"

    They always have had uses from forced conscription. This is one way how they replenish their lost manpower.

    And they are particularly good at brainwashing ppl into thinking LTTE are a bunch of freedom fighters. They create loyal cadres (to the extent they will blow themselves up for nothing) + die hard diaspora members by making promises they cannot keep. It's the diaspora funding that keeps the LTTE alive.
    LTTE's propaganda machinery is another plus point for them here.
    These are out of SLAs control as there are many foreign countries involved.

    And they have a great intelligence network (which of course is helped by traitors in SLA + other govt institutions). This can be termed as the backbone of many successful LTTE operations in the recent past.

    And talking about recent battles, LTTE have always had the territorial advantage. and they had ample time to prepare for SLA advance (mining, mapping for arty etc).But the most important factor here may be, LTTE are fighting for survival, SLA are fighting a conventional war. SLA also need to minimize civilian casualties + their own casualties and counter various 'Human Rights' conspiracies against them all at the same time.

  159. Tropical Storm,

    Thanks for calling those fanatics who know nothing about Sri Lanka, but in the mood of destroying the country and its heritage.

  160. DefenceNet,

    Thanks for your reply! I can't believe how naive I was! You have NEVER cut 'n' pasted dumb articles from TamilNut and I don't know why I believed this was an exception.

    The fact that LTTE hasn't taken back any land speaks volumes about SLA's professionalism this time around!

    This probably is stating the obvious...however, I think taking A32 is going to be tough as there are many LTTE bases along the way. Having said that, we should take it even if it takes time because once we control western coast, then LTTE will really struggle to smuggle in supplies. Then the war of attrition can really begin! What do you think?

  161. prabhakaran pays tribute to sivenesan, he is alive and well here is the proof for all you doubters.

  162. DN,

    Many many thanks for taking the time for a thorough and detailed answer; well thought out and truely enlightening.

    I am sure the bloggers on this site would benefit from it as much as I have.

    Suba rathriyak/udesanak!

  163. Well, well, what have we here?

    The "thamileelamist" retards have now even impersonated this "DefenseNet" site?

    Figures...please read my earlier rationale/assertion why I am not surprised they would do it.

    Yes, they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery...but in this case I beg to differ as this imitation is due to lack of original thought, savvy, intellect, but full of basic fucking stupidity!


    OaO Asithri

  164. VP's watch says 10 15 and im guessing its pm because they probably rushed in the body somehow so that he can light some oil lamp and show that he cares.
    black curtains? haha this is a first.. its probably no use having light colored curtains underground i guess... lights not gonna come in anyway.

  165. Excreta-Maggot:

    “prabhakaran pays tribute to sivenesan, he is alive and well here is the proof for all you doubters. “

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    A statement allegedly issued by the chief extrea-maggot is…PROOF?


    Stupid moron…what do you take us for? An incest bred imbecile like you? LMSSAO!

    Listen e-maggot…proof in this context is if the Fat Black Ugly Oily Pig appears in public and is photographed/videoed by “independent observers”…like how the HE MR is almost on a daily basis!

    Nice try…go tell this to the birds maggie!

    As for that TNA “MP” (more like “MF” lol) saying the same, this is like the saying we have in Sinhela which when translated into English goes something like…“going to the thief’s mother for psychic advice on how to find the thief!”


    OaO Asithri (who else? More LMSSAO!!!)

  166. Patriots…please regard the following:

    [Tamil Tigers chief V Prabhakaran is "hale and hearty and ruling skillfully", a lawmaker of pro-LTTE party has said, rejecting claims that the elusive rebel leader was injured.]

    Now never mind the “hale and hearty” crapp which we all know is not true (the bastard has not appeared in public for a very long time and the LTTE was desperate to cook up something to convince he is sill “hale and hearty” and it did with digital manipulation of photography)….but I am infuriated whenever someone refers to the TNA mf’s as “lawmakers” of our national state assembly.

    Can you believe this….our nation is fighting a war with “one of the most extremist terrorist groups (per FBI)” but we have “lawmakers” who are pro that terrorist group in our national state assembly?

    I have protested about this even at:

    Stupendous and mind-boggling! Only in Sri Lanka!

    In my view, these TNA mf’s deserve a permanent white-van ride and nothing else!

    OaO Asithri

  167. Hey Defence-net (the fake bastard)

    Pray tell my beloved LTTE tamil brother...when your father joined the LTTE and left home, did your oldest brother "do" your momma and is that how you were born?

    Your impersonation skills sure tell me you are an "all in the family" type of a product!!!


    Aha, it is entirely my pleasure to meet you, you moronic inbred mongrel...OaO Asithri loves a castration as he always wanted to be a surgeon but ended up being an IB! Such is fate! Ratz!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  168. Aha,

    [Mar 08 (CP) Colombo- Slain Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian, K. Sivanesan's funeral is to be held at Mallaavi, in Kilinochchi tomorrow. A group of TNA parliamentarians have already gone to the Tamil Tiger dominated areas to attend the funeral proceedings. ]

    Damn it, those PrettyKfirs and FoxyMiGs...I guess you cannot make a "mistake" for once?


    OaO Asithri

  169. OK, there's a LTTE donations collector at the to fetch my baseball bat and go see him...LMSSAO!!!

    Catch you patriots later...

    PEACE to ya'all (as they say in the deep, not in our Ruhuney, but this is in the US! lol)

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  170. With regards to the earlier responses,

    Glad to be of help :-)

    To the admin of this portal,

    As I said in my very first post/comment please fell free to post the map I have provided in my portal. The more the coverage the better :-)

    For all who missed the "Siege of Adampan"


    Take Care :-)

  171. This shows the briliant job done by defencenet. DN must be proud of your work. Defencenet has become so disturbing for even thier brainwashed minds of tamil di-ass-pora. So now they have a fake defence-net; with news they like to read. This also means tamilnet failed against defencent.

  172. Hmmm..
    TamilNet has published some pictures of VP paying respects to late Mr Sivanesan.

    Some theories:
    Theory (A):
    Since LTTE killed Mr Sivanesan, they must have planned it well before that fateful day in November last year when VP got killed. They must have planned everything so precisely that they knew that VP would be killed before Mr Sivanesan and managed to stage this fake 'garlanding' ceremony well before all these tragedies occurred. We hear from reliable sources that the LTTE borrowed the wax worker from 'Madame Tussauds' in London to make a life-size dead body ( Which could probably be dismantled into small bits and re-assembled) of Mr Sivanesan in early October and shipped it through 'small boats' to Tamil Eelam. They then, staged a beautiful ceremony which they took photographs of and filed them for future propaganda use. Now that they have successfully executed the plan to assassinate Mr Sivanesan, the pictures are being published for propaganda mileage. It is of course obvious from the quality of the pictures that they have been idling in a file for a considerably long time and thus have faded a wee bit.

    Theory (B):
    VP seems to be alive, but without one or more legs (since he is a Tiger he might have a maximum of four legs provided that he was born without any physical abnormalities. I the case of him having physical abnormalities, the number of his legs is very difficult to ascertain). There are strong evidence to back this theory too. Take a look at all the photographs appearing on TamilNet carefully and I'm sure you will find that all of them show only his body ABOVE his thigh!!! None of them show his full picture and it gives away the truth!!

    Theory (C): The guy in the photograph is not VP at all. It is a body double. Evidence: Take a closer look at the mustache of 'VP'. One or a few of the Grey hairs that were there last time have now turned black! Its well-known that the LTTE is using all the dye in their stock to paint their cadres into becoming 'black tigers'. So, it is impossible for VP to use a bottle of this invaluable dye to color his mustache. This clearly proves that the 'VP' in the picture is a fake!!!

    Take your pick, dear patriots.

  173. check this out from :

    ...Meanwhile, 57 Division under Brig. Jagath Dias, was advancing in the direction of Madhu and Palampiddi, from where it hopes to extend it up to Puliyankulam, to force the Tigers operating north of the Madhu area, in the jungles beyond, to flee.
    But, the LTTE leader in Mannar, Luxman, appears ready to do battle. He has ordered the withdrawal of women cadres from the Madhu jungle area and has now deployed male cadres to form a forward defence line linking Periyamadu, Palampiddi and Palaimoddai, to resistt the advancing forces. This is an admission that the security forces have advanced and an indication that pitched battles were likely sooner than later.

    There would also be a forward thrust from Omanthai to Mankulam, in the days ahead. By bypassing the enemy, what the military plans to do is make areas south of the Vidattilativu- Mankulam line, redundant....

    read it full @

  174. Hmmm..
    TamilNet has published some pictures of VP paying respects to late Mr Sivanesan.

    Some theories:
    Theory (A):
    Since LTTE killed Mr Sivanesan, they must have planned it well before that fateful day in November last year when VP got killed. They must have planned everything so precisely that they knew that VP would be killed before Mr Sivanesan and managed to stage this fake 'garlanding' ceremony well before all these tragedies occurred. We hear from reliable sources that the LTTE borrowed the wax worker from 'Madame Tussauds' in London to make a life-size dead body ( Which could probably be dismantled into small bits and re-assembled) of Mr Sivanesan in early October and shipped it through 'small boats' to Tamil Eelam. They then, staged a beautiful ceremony which they took photographs of and filed them for future propaganda use. Now that they have successfully executed the plan to assassinate Mr Sivanesan, the pictures are being published for propaganda mileage. It is of course obvious from the quality of the pictures that they have been idling in a file for a considerably long time and thus have faded a wee bit.

    Theory (B):
    VP seems to be alive, but without one or more legs (since he is a Tiger he might have a maximum of four legs provided that he was born without any physical abnormalities. I the case of him having physical abnormalities, the number of his legs is very difficult to ascertain). There are strong evidence to back this theory too. Take a look at all the photographs appearing on TamilNet carefully and I'm sure you will find that all of them show only his body ABOVE his thigh!!! None of them show his full picture and it gives away the truth!!

    Theory (C): The guy in the photograph is not VP at all. It is a body double. Evidence: Take a closer look at the mustache of 'VP'. One or a few of the Grey hairs that were there last time have now turned black! Its well-known that the LTTE is using all the dye in their stock to paint their cadres into becoming 'black tigers'. So, it is impossible for VP to use a bottle of this invaluable dye to color his mustache. This clearly proves that the 'VP' in the picture is a fake!!!

    Take your pick, dear patriots.


    This says LTTE has a model Colombo inside Kilinochchi, inside HSZ. If this is true how come SLAF UAVs didn't detect it?

  176. Finally, tamil di-ass-pora got some good news; their god is still living, hopefully with two legs. If some one get killed by 'real LRRP attack' it is unlikely VP take a risk, get out and pay homage. When chalrs was killed he didn't show up as they knew it was SLA work. But if this MP was killed by own LTTE attack there is no question about security and get out from the rat hole. It can be pre-planned. Apart from all other points LTTE collected by the death of that MP this 'show' will boost the moral of desperate di-ass-pora. (A theory D?)

  177. Slightly off topic but related to national defence in a broad sense. The Rupavahini incident with Mervyn Silva is still on going. The All Ceylon Trade Union Federation has indicated that they will launch a general strike if no probe is lunched. The whole series of events is a monumental tragedy to Sri Lanka. In this critical hour, with the IC and HR groups hounding the Govt with biased propaganda, the Govt badly needs to have the media on its side to get its message out. Furthermore, all govt servants need to be committed to the task at hand which is work towards destroying the LTTE. I am afraid that if nothing happens the Govt runs the risk of alienating many of its own supporters, especially the professional class.

    Below is an article from the Sunday Leader about Mervyn Silva, written I believe in 1985. This is one of the few good articles written by this rag of a newspaper.

    By Frederica jansz

    Acting the court jester is one thing. But lying, abusing and swindling people including pushing drugs and gold is quite another. We all know that fibbing to most politicians is a qualification rather than a demerit. But Deputy Minister Mervyn Silva puts most politicians to shame even in this department.
    Today, we detail Silva's colourful background, both politically and personally, where if a push comes to a shove, there are witnesses aplenty to prove this article factual.
    Last week Mervyn Silva, at a special press conference called by him, claimed he inherited family wealth from his father who he said was a businessman. How Silva has the gumption to make such a false statement given that he can be easily contradicted by the Prime Minister no less,
    including at least a 100 other individuals both in and outside parliament, is possible only with the type of sorry character that is Mervyn.
    The man would be a laugh if not that he is deadly. Closely associated with members of the underworld, Mervyn Silva is no joke.
    Silva's ludicrous claims of lineage to Sinhala kings is all but a figment of his puerile imagination. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse himself will be able to graphically detail the beginnings of Mervyn Silva.
    For, it is Rajapakse who opened a window of opportunity for Silva, who, at the time of the 1970 general election was a mere youth president of the SLFP in Beliatta. This was the time Mahinda Rajapakse himself entered parliament for the first time having won the Beliatta seat.
    Silva hailed from a poor village family. Certainly this is nothing to be ashamed of. Except that Silva is now professing he inherited 'family wealth' from his father.
    In the backdrop of Mervyn Silva's continuous acts of violence and abuse on unsuspecting members of the public and media, it is fit indeed to detail in this article how Mervyn Silva in fact accumulated his misbegotten wealth. It is time Silva and his background are exposed at least for the public to take note, even if President Chandrika Kumaratunga for petty political gain does not.
    Silva's family was never rich. Nor for that matter were they even middle class. Nevertheless they were loyal supporters of the SLFP. As a result, Mervyn Silva worked closely with Rajapakse during the 1970 election campaign. After his victory, Rajapakse felt obliged to give Silva a job as the latter was unemployed at the time.
    Thus, he was employed at Sathosa as a 'badu kirana' salesman. A man who measured vegetables, sugar, rice, dhal, etc., on a weighing scale at the Sathosa Jathika Pola for sale to those who patronised the pola, which was almost anybody and everybody in those days.
    This is how Mervyn Silva came to Colombo. During that period, all items were sold only through CWE outlets. Everything was rationed. From red chillies to sugar to milk powder, rice, etc., while a variety of items were banned from sale altogether.
    Even the wives of government ministers were compelled to do their grocery shopping at the CWE. This way, not only wives of government ministers but even those from the so-called 'upper classes' visited the Sathosa Jathika Pola to do their marketing.
    Hot favourite
    Mervyn was gracious to all, bowing and scraping, and on many occasions giving them in excess of the rationed amount. Sometimes he would have some items of grocery even delivered to ladies whose social standing was high. Thus, Mervyn was a hot favourite and so began his climb up the social and political ladder.
    Subsequently, Silva contested the post of president, Sri Lanka Nidahas Sevaka Sangamaya at Sathosa and won. He then used his influence as union president to secure 'office space' for himself at the main head office of the CWE, which at the time was situated at Union Place.
    From there, Mervyn transformed himself into a mini dynamo. If there was any item needed out of any Sathosa outlet that could not be easily secured, Silva was the man to contact.
    For instance on one occasion he used his clout to secure an entire case of Lactogen Milk Powder for the sick child of a doctor. The doctor had appealed to Mervyn to get him just one packet of Lactogen Milk Powder which was urgently required for his sick child. Silva secured an entire case of milk powder to the absolute shock of the doctor who would have been grateful for just one packet. Speechless, the doctor could only thank Mervyn profusely.
    That was the clout Silva wielded at the time. And it was not just at the CWE. In those days, if any one wanted any assistance from a government minister, Silva was the man to approach. He even secured a transfer for a doctor on whose behalf Mervyn spoke to the wife of the then Health Minister, W.P.G. Ariyadasa. The spouse of the then health minister of course knew Mervyn well via her shopping at the CWE.
    Gradually, while building up his influence within the SLFP, Mervyn worked his way into the confidence of Sirimavo Bandaranaike. Not just with her, Mervyn also became a close cohort of the entire Bandaranaike family.
    Each time he returned from his village situated in the deep south at Beliatta he would carry the best curd and honey for Sirimavo Bandaranaike. His fidelity to her continued even during the tumultuous political period of 1982 when the SLFP split with Hector Kobbekaduwa on one side, Anura Bandaranaike, Mahinda Rajapakse and Maithripala Senanayake on another and Sirimavo Bandaranaike cracking the whip in the middle.
    And such was Mervyn's influence with her that he even discussed with her the candidature of his mentor, Mahinda Rajapakse to the extent that Rajapakse was overheard bitterly recounting to some, "The bu.... that I brought to Colombo is today deciding on my nomination." Finally, of course, the SLFP candidature for Beliatta was given to Rajapakse.
    Such was Mervyn's obeisance to Sirimavo Bandaranaike that one day at her request he even lifted his sarong and bared his buttocks to Anura Bandaranaike over an incident which had earned her ire.
    Sirimavo Bandaranaike was an ardent believer in astrology, numerology, charms, and all things spiritual and unknown. Like a hawk, Silva moved in for the kill. At the drop of a hat, or a single word in this instance from Sirimavo Bandaranaike, he would summon astrologers of varying breeds to Rosmead Place. Thovils, poojas and horoscope readings became a regular feature.
    One night, a huge thovil had been organised by Silva at the request of Sirimavo Bandaranaike at Tintagel. During the course of the proceedings, former Deputy Defence Minister, Lakshman Jayakody had walked in and spied a man clad in priest like clothing officiating at the ceremony.
    As Jayakody watched, from time to time this man would don a human skull and spreading an ash like substance would profess to dispel from the midst of Rosmead Place all evil eye and presence. Mervyn Silva was 'Master of Ceremonies.'
    Some days later, Jayakody was in Galle attending a court case and at around mid day the bench adjourned for lunch. Jayakody also wandered off, ate something and returned to the court house. On his return he spied a crowd gathered around a tree. Mildly curious, he strolled over and saw a man wearing dirty yellow robes, sporting a long beard matted with dirt, sitting beneath the tree chanting mantras, professing to work lucky charms. The man's physical condition was filthy. Yet, Jayakody was struck by his features and was convinced he had seen the man some place else.
    Suddenly it struck him. This was the same man who had been conducting the thovil at Sirimavo Bandaranaike's residence. Later, when Jayakody happened to meet Mervyn, he chided him saying, "You are a hell of a fellow. When I went to Galle courts I saw the same man you brought to Mrs. B's professing to be a top class astrologer sitting beneath a tree, poorly dressed and very dirty, collecting 25 and 50 cents like a beggar."
    To this Mervyn had replied, "Aiyooo. Don't say anything to Mrs. B. What can I do? The way these Bandaranaikes want astrologers, I cannot produce. So I picked up this bu...., gave him a good bath, dipped some pu nula in saffron water and took him to Mrs. B."
    And it is this conman Jayakody had witnessed Sirimavo Bandaranaike herself worshipping in respect.
    Hand to mouth existence
    Silva during this period lived a hand to mouth existence. Each time he was short of cash he would convince Sirimavo Bandaranaike to hold another thovil or pooja claiming bad luck was in the air and thus pick up half or more of the cash doled out to host these events.
    Thus, he was badly in need of cash one day and so he arrived at her Rosmead Place residence with some ash wrapped in a yellow cloth, which he surreptitiously flung into a patch of bushes in the garden as he scurried through.
    He then went inside and told her that some of the astrologers he frequented had said that an evil charm had been cast on the Prime Minister by members of the UNP by way of human ash concealed in a yellow cloth hidden in some bushes in the Premier's garden.
    Sirimavo Bandaranaike was duly convinced and no sooner she had Rosmead Place to herself with the exception of a few house servants, she searched the area of garden detailed by Mervyn and indeed found a yellow cloth which carried what they believed was human ash.
    She immediately summoned Silva and urgently requested him to organise a thovil pronto to dispel from her midst the presence of evil. This Silva gladly did, picking up a couple of ten thousands as expense money.
    Such was her trust in the man she would summon him at all times all the way from Hambantota to come and get her horoscope read immediately. And Mervyn never refused.
    But despite this relationship, Silva had a fall-out with the great dame and joined forces with Anura Bandaranaike who at the time was persona non grata with his own family.
    Despite having bared his buttocks to Anura some time back, all was forgiven as Mervyn fitted in with ease into Anura's lavish lifestyle of eternal parties, filled with booze and song.
    One day at such a gathering, the subject of finding Anura a wife came up. Silva loudly exclaimed for all to hear, "Sir, if you want my wife Lucida, there is no problem. I will wash her, perfume her, apply everything and bring her to you, for what a great thing to have my wife ....... by a Bandaranaike. I can thereafter forever rest in pride."
    While everyone laughed hysterically including Anura, Mervyn continued to insist saying, "No, no Sir, if you want I will bring her tomorrow evening. Just pick the time."
    'Fixing' a court hearing
    And in the same manner, Mervyn professed to 'fix' a court hearing that appeared to be going against Anura Bandaranaike. The UNP was in power at the time and a case against Bandaranaike had been filed by R. Premadasa.
    Bandaranaike was extremely upset over this case and he conveyed his misgivings to Mervyn. The latter of course had a solution. He promised Bandaranaike an excellent astrologer. Before doing so, Mervyn did his homework and found that the chances of Bandaranaike getting an acquittal were high.
    On the day the judgment was due, Mervyn produced a man claiming he was a top notch astrologer, who then chanted pirith while seated on a chair with Bandaranaike seated at his feet on a mat on the floor. Water was splattered on Bandaranaike and the man pronounced that Anura would be acquitted that day.
    Anura was indeed acquitted from the case. Bandaranaike was over the moon and expressed undying loyalty to the 'astrologer,' plying him with good food and money. Much of the cash of course was redirected to Mervyn.
    Thereafter, one day, Anura and Mahinda Rajapakse were travelling together from Hambantota when a man standing on the wayside suddenly waved furiously at the car, having recognised it to be Anura's. Bandaranaike rolled down his window and energetically waved back.
    Puzzled at this very overt display of affection Rajapakse asked Anura, "Do you know that man?" to which Anura replied, "Yes of course. He is a great astrologer. He is the man who predicted I would be acquitted from my case."
    Rajapakse was stupefied saying, "How can that bu.... have done that? He runs a bicycle repair shop at Hambantota and I know him well."
    But Anura would not have it, continuing to argue with Rajapakse that it could not be. It was then that he told Rajapakse how the man had been introduced to him via Mervyn Silva and with that Rajapakse, knowing Silva only too well, did not have to put two and two together to determine what exactly had happened.
    This was how Silva survived in the game of politics. Later, when Sirimavo Bandaranaike attempted to sack Anura from the party and cancel his membership, it is Silva together with Anura Bandaranaike's Coordinating Secretary, Lal Perera, who organised a massive protest campaign outside the gates of Tintagel at Rosmead Place, blocking also Chandrika Kumaratunga's entrance.
    Both mother and daughter were due to attend the central committee meeting of the SLFP which was to be held at the opposition leader's house that day, then situated next to Shravasti at Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 7. At the time Anuruddha Ratwatte was in occupation having been given the house to reside in by Sirimavo Bandaranaike as he had little money on him then and no place else to live.
    Protest campaign
    The boisterous crowd tried to prevent Sirimavo Bandaranaike from leaving her residence to attend the central committee meeting, which was to take a final decision on Anura's membership.
    Screaming slogans in raw Sinhala filth, the crowd did manage to prevent Sirimavo Bandaranaike from leaving her residence. Even the police did not use enough muscle to quell the disturbance as it was a UNP government then in power.
    Mervyn Silva in fact laid himself at the wheel of Sirimavo Bandaranaike's vehicle when she did attempt to move out of her gates shouting they would have to run over his body in order to leave.
    She gave up and went back in but Chandrika Kumaratunga managed to get out from the adjoining house where she lived during the time the crowd was concentrating on preventing her mother from leaving. They however stoned her car.
    As a result she went to the Cinnamon Gardens Police Station and lodged an entry naming Mervyn Silva as the chief miscreant. Thus, Silva was summoned to the police station to make a statement.
    He went and in graphic detail began claiming that Kumaratunga was "his keep" and in that context he had every right to stone her car, which he also said belonged to him. He told police the whole ugly incident had been "a family brawl."
    He then went onto describe his alleged sexual relations with Kumaratunga in such graphic detail, the policeman recording his statement stopped and refused to write anymore. But Silva insisted saying if they wanted a statement from him they had to record what he had to say in his defence.
    Slandering Kumaratunga
    A superior police officer was called by the desk sergeant but Silva was adamant and continued to slander Kumaratunga, describing even which sexual positions she preferred. The entire Cinnamon Gardens Police Station stood by and listened with mouths agape as Silva lied through his teeth to escape prosecution.
    When the police informed Kumaratunga of the contents of Silva's statement and what he had said, she merely told the cops to drop the charges, refusing to come down to the level of Mervyn Silva.
    At some stage during this period Silva established ties with Gamini Dissanayake. It was suspected in SLFP circles that Silva leaked party information to Dissanayake. Whatever the truth of this assumption may have been, Dissanayake did buy Silva a Pajero and also financed him from time to time.
    In 1993, Silva together with Anura Bandaranaike crossed over to the ranks of the UNP. Later at the southern provincial council election he became close friends with former President, D. B. Wijetunge.
    The latter was amused by Silva's antics and for the short time that D.B. was President, Silva was a regular visitor to President's House - more as a court jester than anything else. He however never resorted to the Sinhala filth which is commonplace with him, in D.B.'s presence.
    As a result of this relationship, Wijetunge acceded to Silva's request when he sought nomination. Silva won his seat in Hambantota in the 1994 general election and thus entered parliament.
    In the run-up to the election, Silva character-assassinated Chandrika Kumaratunga describing even alleged birth marks on various parts of her body which he claimed to have seen as a result of an intimate relationship he shared with her.
    Many at the time thought Kumaratunga would sue him for libel but she did not. His profanities continued in parliament too. So much so, much of what he said had to be expunged from the Hansard.
    Meanwhile, Silva became a close cohort of the underworld. He embraced the likes of Nawala Nihal, Kudu Noor and Potta Naufer. It is Silva who personally drove to the airport to pick up Nawala Nihal when he returned from Italy and used his influence as a deputy minister to prevent the underworld thug from being arrested at the airport.
    Drug dealing
    Kudu Noor in a statement he has made to police has named Mervyn Silva as a key figure in Sri Lanka's drug ring, claiming Deputy Minister Silva would travel regularly to Bangkok and India using VIP channels to smuggle drugs and gold into the country.
    It is Mervyn Silva who took Potta Naufer to meet President Chandrika Kumaratunga. They met at her ancestral home at Horogolla Walawwa in Attanagalle where Naufer donated Rs. 10 million towards the President's last election campaign. He also paid for 200 'savans' (bowls of biryani) to feed 1,200 PA supporters. Naufer last month was found guilty in the murder of High Court Judge Sarath Ambepitiya.
    A police source confided that Silva is a weekly visitor to Shiyam, another underworld figure who is currently in Prison Hospital. Shiyam too has admitted to the fact in his police statement.
    Silva meanwhile amassed a huge amount of wealth as a result of his deals. Currently he loans money at a monthly 6% interest rate and survives on the millions he accrues as a result.
    Yet, Silva never has cash on his person. When he travels south he forces various mudalalis to pick up his food and accommodation bills.
    Unable to control his son Malaka, he sent him to the United States for higher studies but the boy returned in a matter of months unable to survive without his bodyguards, guns, unlimited liquor, drugs and nightclubs.
    President Kumaratunga was forced to contend with the likes of Silva after he crossed back again from the UNP in the year 2000 when she was desperately in need of numbers to push through her draft proposals on devolution of power.
    And it is as a result of Kumara-tunga's personal agenda in politics that this country today is saddled with the breed that is Mervyn Silva.

    Added to which we have an Inspector General of Police too, Chandra Fernando, who is also intent on warming his seat rather than muck raking the likes of Silva, as he deserves to be, from civil society.

  178. pecco,

    Didn't you read a few weeks back both at DN and DW that rumours of Velu on death bed are not true according to MI. Beyond that, what exactly are you talking about?

  179. Peccko,

    My vote is for theory C.

    The bastard is either dead or seriously ill/wounded and the pics are fakes (digitally altered).

    There has been so much attention to the fact that this bastard has not attended the last LTTE chief-maggot, Charles', funeral that this time the LTTE had to do something to dispel the mounting claims that the bastard is dead/seriously ill/wounded.

    This is all master assure the LTTE supporting Tamil expats' money keeps flowing if the LTTE admits the bastard is dead/seriously ill/wounded then the contributions can dry up - especially given that SLDF are well on the way to liquidating the LTTE mf's in Vanni with one victory after another (not unlike the East).

    OaO Asithri

  180. Some points we have overlooked:

    1) Hakeem, inspired by Kosovo demanded an seperate state for muslims. For me, Hakeem seems to be working under guidence of USA. Since east is now not in the e-elam map this may be a begening of new strategy for east.

    2) JVP leader (their vote reducer) demanded boycott of Indian goods. Even though people is SL don't give a damn to his jokes nowadays indian/inter national media gave good publicity. When is next Indian elections? Idea is sinhalese hate India no matter what India do, sinhalese kill tamils who are brothers of tamils in tamilnadu, so India should support tamils (i.e.LTTE), don't help GSL.
    Is this usual born studidity of JVP or are they controled by a foriegn intel?

    3) Elections in east. Though we don't feel much about that election NGOs work hard to convince the world 'how unnecasary is that election'.

  181. At least 40 Tamil Tigers killed in Sri Lanka clashes


    Sri Lanka to release 47 Tamil Nadu fishermen


  182. Sam Perera, Asithri

    Identify peccko. TOSI is not yet disolved.

  183. Lankapuvath website launched-

    The Website of Lankapuvath, Sri Lanka's National News Agency was launched at the Galle Face Hotel on Wednesday. The Chief guest was Parliamentarian, Basil Rajapaksa, Senior Advisor to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    The website is in Sinhala, Tamil and English along with audio and video clips

  184. Casc
    This is an interesting article about this thug who will bring nothing but tragedy to the country, wait and see! Our terrorists would love to use him, since he has no principles of any good nature. I can’t understand Mihinda for having him round. Perhaps they are all scared of him, but he will meet his waterloo,

  185. thiru,

    Yes your honor, nobody will not touch a Tamil. However, members of LTTE and their stooges will be touched. Man, I am shivering here after your roar. You sound really ferocious. Just pee really well before you go to bed.


  186. Well...If this is the way these guys' minds work (above comment), I'm not surprised they can be brainwashed. LTTE probably don't have to work very hard at it.

  187. oh sorry sam, I mean the comment above yours....

  188. Last night's Rupavahini news showed 3 MI 24s attacking the LTTE FDLs in Mannar.If anyone can find the video pls post it.


  189. Thiru and Asithri,
    We are sad to say your use of offensive language is harming the blog.
    Getting personal in an online forum doesnt mean much. In fact anyone can do that.
    So please refrain from personal attacks.

    Several weeks ago we said that the stories about VP's leg being amputated were mere rumors and were part of a psychological war campaign. And in our poinion all these theories about a body double are wishful thinking. Although he's suffering from illnesses, VP is most likely alive (with both his legs).

  190. DefenceNet,
    THe man in the photo definitely looks like Vp.However i will be happier if i can see the face of the dead body to make sure its this sivanesan guy.

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