Thursday, March 13, 2008

Air Force bombs Mannar as ground troops make progress

Fighter jets of the Sri Lanka Air Force bombed 3 LTTE bases in Eastern and Northern Mannar yesterday (12th) morning. Three locations identified as command bases, storage complexes and medical centers of the LTTE were bombed in the raids. Although the jets have hit the targets accurately, no information about LTTE casualties are available so far.

Map image

Meanwhile SLA ground forces advancing towards LTTE held Wanni heartland made further inroads through LTTE defenses in the area. Advances were made in Puliyankulam and Chettikulam regions and also into LTTE held territory east of Cinnaodaippadu. The gains made in Puliyankulam are considered to be of great strategic importance as it borders the A-9 highway, one of the main supply routes (MSR) used by the tigers.

Meanwhile in Kontakkarankulam, an LTTE tractor transporting reinforcements was ambushed by SLA troops on the 11th at 6.30PM. 5 LTTE cadres were killed in this attack. In another development, five SLA soldiers were injured due to the detonation of an IED in Karampaikulam .

LTTE's strategy in this front has been to retreat when the army moves in and then and use IEDs, artillery and snipers to remotely attack new SLA positions. By implementing this strategy, the tigers are trying to avoid close quarters fighting and minimize casualties. This is because the tigers want to delay the army advance into Wanni for as long as possible. The army on the other hand is having the exact opposite objective; inflict maximum casualties on the tigers. Both these factors have contributed to the slowness of the army advance in the Mannar front.


  1. DN,

    does it mean that the forces from the Mannar front have reached A9? Have they converged with the troops started from Vavuniya?

    i'm missing something here.

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  3. Few articles worth reading by all the stakeholders of the SL conflict:

    The Lost Battle for Tamil Eelam

    Response: The Lost Battle for Tamil Eelam -What Next?

    It seems the silent majority of peaceloving Tamils have started to break their shackles!

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  5. Well Done SLAF!
    slowly but surely the forces will make sure that the tigers kick the bucket.

    just hope all the timing goes well and that this wouldnt stretch out too long...

    bless them which ever means..

    a bit off topic...but
    what the heck is Ranil doing?
    wasnt he all smiley smiley with MR last week?

    and now he goes out and creates some other drama... what a spineless useless politician... he is basically trying to be a spokesperson for the tigers.

    what a sorry a$$.

    this is what worries me about our mother land... it is not easy to kick/impeach/b!Tch slap a leader once they get some authority.

  6. Well DONE..


    If Ranil wasn't done the CFA, Karuna and the team will be still with praba

    am i wrong?

    He had a master plan, which cannot be released cos it's a war tac tic.

    Say in your organization you don't have any work for 3 years (its boring ya), defiantly will jump to an happening organization. like UNP MP's jump to SLFP. cor the people who worked hard cant sit and wait for long.... my guess is that.

    If karuna is with praba, GOSL still in east..

  7. Thats a pain a$$ talking..!!
    I guess that master plan had the important phase of killing all the GOSL intelligent agents.
    Also master plan had another major important phase of giving away most of the strategic locations like Sampur.
    Also master plan well executed and unless HE MR wasn’t come, North & east will be divided between Paraba and Karuna.
    Kick my a$$ if I'm wrong….
    UNPs all but failed company, which crying their a$$ out to take the last breath… Sorry but Ranil is a clumsy leader who directed this party to become a rusty loud speaker...

  8. @ Calvin

    True.. True

    Now he became DUMB.. Expired leader.
    He made the UNP apart yar. "thanna jayathi soko"

    (ignore the way i rote sinhala in english)

  9. Second EYE

    There are several “Truths & Untruths” floating in Sri Lanka (SL) when it comes to the situation of the on going Eelam War IV in Vanni. A Wiseman once said “it is the Truth that is the first victim in a war.” Accusations, counteraccusations, lies and more lies are the rule of the day in SL today. One minister would claim that 30 Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were killed, while the military spokesman would claim the death toll to be over 35. One day it will be announced that Adanban is overrun by the army and the next day it will be said that there is severe fight going on in Adampan. One is at a loss to find out why there should be a severe fight in Adampan if it was overrun the previous day. A prominent journalist quipped in a Sunday paper that if one were to add up all the Tigers said to be killed there should not be any more Tamils remaining in Sri Lanka. The Bishop of Anuradhapura Rev.Fr.Nobert also made a similar remark very recently.

    So what is the “Truth?” This is a very tricky question and is very difficult to give a direct reply, because no one is allowed free access to the war front for obvious reasons. Instead of trying to find out the truth one may adopt an indirect approach to find out the “Untruths” and by a theory of elimination arrive at some plausible answers for the real situation prevailing at the war front.

    Predictions Proved Wrong

    The government promised to bring Madhu Church under its control before the July/August Feasts in 2007. They are still trying and have not moved even an inch from their Front Defense Lines (FDL). Nearly eight months back our President Mahinda Rajapaksha predicted in his usual flamboyant manner that the LTTE would be crushed before the dawn of the New Year 2008. This dateline was extended to 31st March 2008. The army General Sarath Fonseka further extended this date to end of August. Later he predicted the 31st of December 2008, which is the time for his retirement. He vouched that the LTTE would be routed before he retires. But in a recent interview to the press he had to eat his humble pie and said “this is a war that has been going on for more than 20 years and how can one fix ultimatums?” No journalist present there had the guts to say “you only said it.” It is because none wanted his or her body to float in a lake the next day - Freedom of the Press eh!

    When the East was “liberated” Lt.Gen.Sarath Fonseka said that defeating LTTE in the North would be a piece of cake. He threatened to mobilize a multi-pronged attack on the LTTE. True to his words I admit he did commit his army spreading it from Manalaru in the East to Mannar in the West forming 09 fronts and from Kilali to Nagarkovil in the North with three fronts totaling 12 attack points. The army is pouncing today from all these frontiers often simultaneously. How ever since the dawn of March the frequency of the attacks in the North has comparatively diminished. The intelligence reports say that there is a major build up in Vadamaradchi. But the army commanders know very well that the Vadamaradchchi East is an open terrain that is most suited for the LTTE and the army learnt a very bitter lesson when it tried its luck last year to redeem Elephant pass and sacrificed hundreds of soldiers and wounded over 600. They are sure to get a “warm welcome” from the LTTE cadres if they ever try to repeat it.

    Has the LTTE been Weakened?

    To answer this question we have to plough into the past. It is true that the LTTE at the moment is cleverly confined to a defensive form of warfare. It has been typical of the LTTE to adopt such tactics before they do launch a ferocious offensive manoeuvre. The government and its General Sarath Fonseka are playing with hypothetical figures to boost the morale of its army saying that the LTTE has only around 3000 cadres under its control. It is a fact that no one knows the actual strength of the LTTE. Even in this article no figures are going to be stated as it would be base less. However to guess the truth to some extent one should dwell in the past for a moment. There was a time when the SL army was in control of a vast area in the Vanni including Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi, Poonakari, Paranthan and Elephantpass etc. With the help of the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) the LTTE was driven into the thickest part of Vanni. But they fought back. First they drove away the IPKF, which lost nearly 1300 of its well trained soldiers and then the Tiger turned its nose towards the SL army. In a matter of three and a half days the SL army was driven out of Vanni and chased up to Omanthai. In Mullaitivu alone the army lost 1115 soldiers and large quantum of arms and ammunitions were recovered. Oddisuddan, Mankulam and Puliyankulam were an easy walk through. Similarly the victory of E’Pass gave a further abundance of military hardware including the 152mm artillery equipment.

    In August 2006 the LTTE moved into Mutur with ease and held it under their control before they returned with a big haul of arms. They took over 40 bodies of the SL soldiers. Within ten days from it (i.e. on 11.08.2006) the LTTE ran over Muhamalai, and its air force bombed the Palaly military base. The sea Tigers had the capacity then to attack simultaneously both the Trincomalee and KKS harbours and held the SL army and navy at bay cutting off the supplies to the North for a considerable period of time.

    If the LTTE had the numerical strength to manipulate all these strategic manoeuvres then, now after all these years what can one say about the strength of their cadres – 3000? ridiculous. As I said earlier I do not wish to come out with a figure for obvious reasons but I can stress one thing here quite forcibly. I have been in Vanni now for over two years at a stretch and I have noted that a concerted recruitment drive on the principle of one person from each family is strictly adhered to. But there are exceptions. No recruitment is to be made from:

    1. Families of the Martyrs
    2. Families with one child
    3. Families with a single bread winner.
    4. Families where the parents are indisposed or very old and have to be nursed.
    5. Families whose son or daughter is already in the LTTE.

    Some families give their children willingly but some have to be coaxed. I know a lady living close to where I live. She is called as Thavamani Amma. She governs lot of respect as she is a mother of three Martyrs. When the recruitment commenced she took her fourth child (a daughter) to the recruitment centre. When Illamparithy (one in charge of recruitment) saw her coming with her daughter, rushed up to her and greeted her. But when she narrated her intention he was moved deeply. But he controlled himself and said “Amma if I take your daughter in, Annai (meaning Pirapakaran) will kill me. This came in the local paper the following day.

    There are nearly 500,000 people living in Vanni and now I leave it to the readers to make their own calculations.

    Volunteer Force and the Village Helping Corps:

    On top of the regular cadres the LTTE has also recruited a “Volunteer Force” to assist in transporting the injured, food, supplies and goods, functioning as sentries and other auxiliary duties. This relieves the regular force to concentrate in the war.

    The Village Helping Corps is applicable only for men between the ages of 18 to 50. They are taken for a short period of 7 days maximum at a time to do certain jobs like clearing work to enable easy movement of the cadre, to dig bunkers in schools, public places like markets and shopping areas etc. The less able bodied are given lighter work. If any one wishes to be exempted from this then they have to pay Rs.4,000.00 instead so that the LTTE will engage the services of people who are willing to take up this job. Actually there is a big demand for this now as the paddy harvest season is over and many are unemployed. So people queue up at the centres.

    Now we have to ask ourselves the following questions and the answers will be crystal clear:

    1. When the LTTE was able to defend the North and East then, will they not be able to defend Vanni now?
    2. If the LTTE had the confidence then with a limited number of their cadre how strong will their confidence be with an enlarged number at present?
    3. Will not the strategic retreat adopted by the LTTE from the East leaving a certain number of their fighters behind and retaining the cadre intact and at the same time moving their cadre and hardware to Vanni enhance their strength now?
    4. Have any of its air force planes been shot down so far despite its several attacks and sorties?
    5. Earlier the ethnic war was confined to the North & East but now it is spread over the South as well. So whose forces are going to be disbursed all over the country?
    6. The war seasoned and able Colonels like Sornam, Banu, Balaraj, Pottu Amman, Soosai, Ramesh, Keerthy, Jeyam and many others, who have successfully faced many a war are still in the field and how will a consolidated attack by all of them turnout to be?

    This is not a war that could be fought to a finish. There is no proof of such a victory in history.

    This is food for Mahinda Chinthana.

    Published: Mar 12, 2008 2:25:06 GMT

  10. Guys,

    Germany has given 12000 euros to 5 tiger jounalist to set up a web site. I think it will then be the most expensive website in the world.

    On top of that RWB in paris has send its given to support students. I think this reporters without boarders are fuckers working for LTTE. These ass holes try to cut the aides given to a democratic government & feed LTTE bastards

    defencenet you can also get at least 5000 euros from this Rascals Without Boarders for your website. Only thing is U may need to hire few terrorists & ask them to write at least an obituary to a paper & call them jounalist


  11. crimewatch,
    there are many errors in the article you posted. Let's point out some of the most obvious ones.

    "In August 2006 the LTTE moved into Mutur with ease and held it under their control before they returned with a big haul of arms."

    LTTE entered muttur yes thats true. But they were hunted down by some of army's best units. They returned not with hauls of arms, but with soaring casualties.

    "hey took over 40 bodies of the SL soldiers."

    This was 100% fabrication by TamilNet. We've commented about this story before.

    "Within ten days from it (i.e. on 11.08.2006) the LTTE ran over Muhamalai,"

    SLA withdrew some 800m from their first defence line. The LTTE, thinking this was the usual SLA 'tactical withdrawal' moved in a lot of their fighters, only to be pulverized by the air Mobile Brigade of 53rd div later on.

    "and its air force bombed the Palaly military base."

    Only the sound of an aircraft was heard. No rockets were fired as claimed.

    The sea Tigers had the capacity then to attack simultaneously both the Trincomalee and KKS harbours and held the SL army and navy at bay cutting off the supplies to the North for a considerable period of time."

    Again, it was not the sea tigers who attacked these bases. It was tiger artillery that cut off the supplies. The arty threat to Palaly remains to date, from K-Point. Artillery threat to Trinco is wiped off. Launching pads in Sampoor have been removed.

    But as the article says, estimating LTTE strength at 3000 is ...well... ridiculous.

  12. moshe,
    No they have not converged yet.

  13. Same was said when the forces launched their operations in the east.
    You have to consider the following:
    1. LTTE's arm supplies are curtailed and are in a desperate position (their desperation could be seen by their words & deeds, even the above article is a by product of desperation which haunts the minds of Tiger sympathisers)
    2. SL Forces are stronger now than ever before in the history. They will not repeat the mistakes of the fast. Main aim of the SL forces now is not to capture land but to weaken LTTE with minimum damage on themselves.
    It's true that LTTE wants to see the SLForces running in to their den. But the slowness of the SLF approach will challange their durability.

  14. "5. Earlier the ethnic war was confined to the North & East but now it is spread over the South as well. So whose forces are going to be disbursed all over the country?"

    It was always in the south.

    "6. The war seasoned and able Colonels like Sornam, Banu, Balaraj, Pottu Amman, Soosai, Ramesh, Keerthy, Jeyam and many others, who have successfully faced many a war are still in the field and how will a consolidated attack by all of them turnout to be?"

    Again, one of the major factors in the success of Unceasing Waves has been ignored. Where is "Kilo Novemeber"(Karuna's codename)?

  15. A reply to crimewatch's claim that the kids are willingly handed to LTTE by parents;
    Harrowing story of an escapee murdered by the LTTE

  16. crimewatch,
    It is too late for analysis counter analysis..second EyE and you are right..the tigers are and have always been "good fellows" who have followed their principles to the letter over the past 30 years.This is why they had jails where people were imprisoned.If not for Hon President and Gen Fonseka these good "chaps" will be partying by further butchery everywhere in the country.AS for the number of tiger cadres the estimates may be wrong..However i hope the LTTE conduct many more unceasing waves

  17. @ DefenceNet

    Thanks Good Scene, this has the current / past scenario to know...

    UR brief gives me more unknown this known..

  18. Crimewatch;

    If Ranil wasn't done the CFA, Karuna and the team will be still with praba

    am i wrong?

    I think you are right...
    Not sure you can read the sinhala... here is another proof how good Ranil is.....
    Now imagine if we have him as the captain of the ship.. and give him 10 years...

  19. Even though crimewatches post has some inaccuracies. It should strike a note of caution to what the govt says. The operations in Mannar started in July/August last First the target was Vidalthivu now its Adampan which i hope will be captured in the coming days. I know everyone says that the Army's objective is not to capture ground but to kill off the terrorists this may be good military strategey i dont know since i'm not an expert but how long can MR's goverment be able to sell this to Sri Lankans politically. I know many of you will not agree with me but apart from the war this goverment is one of the dirtiest,inefficent,corrupt goverments i have ever seen. MR is selling the war to hide all their misdeeds.

    The econemy is in dire straits inflation is more than 20%, every day more & more qualified ppl are leaving Sri Lanka for greener pastures eventully these hard truths will catch up with this goverment. The time Sri Lankan ppl get fed up with this goverment is intrintictly linked with the how the war is going.Govt is trying to manufacture good war news everyday like (1 or less soilder killed to 29-40 Ltters killed)I remember in January Security forces were confident about capturing Madu area in 2-3 weeks but they still havent done this. THis is no criticisim of the Sec forces but it must be really tough going not the Victory after Victory as portrayed by the Govt media.

    I hope a at least few of you will read what i have written in an objective way and not portray me as a terrorist sympathizer/supporter as this goverment dose to any critic of its actions

  20. Cable,

    Patience. All good things come to those who wait.

    "how long can MR's goverment be able to sell this to Sri Lankans politically"

    Sri Lanka voters are anyway very fickle. They didn't even give poor Ranil a chance (the Sinhalese voters atleast). This was after RW supposedly brought peace to SL, eliminated corruption, revived the economy etc etc.

    Just kidding...

  21. @shay

    "Patience. All good things come to those who wait."

    let's sure as hell hope so! other wise we'll be the next Zimbabwe with a civil war added on for extras

  22. Hello CrimeWatch,

    It has been typical of the LTTE to adopt such tactics before they do launch a ferocious offensive manoeuvre.

    LTTE makes following statement yesterday;

    We still have not abandoned the Norway sponsored peace efforts and we are ready to take part in such efforts.

    A few months ago everyone was asking them to attend peace efforts and no budging. All of sudden begging for 'peace efforts'. Why the sudden change?

  23. DN,

    Are you in a position to convey the sentiments of majority of bloggers here to SLDF soldiers on the frontlines and those who provide valuable support services?

    If so please do let them know that bloggers here and a vast majority of people of Sri Lanka are behind them with our well wishes and blessing; we are infinitely grateful to them for their yeoman efforts and selfless sacrifice.

    Even the BBC admits that the tiger numbers have halved... This could only be a good premonition to all peace-loving people of Sri Lanka.

    Tiger numbers 'halve in 25 years'

    Way to go!

  24. Stop Indian military aid to Sri Lanka: PMK


  25. DefenceNet,
    DefenceWire has a new posting that implies adampan has been captured.Can you please confirm this

  26. srilankan,
    Adampan junction is not captured yet. But it is surrounded by three brigades of the 58th division in three directions.

  27. Srilankan-
    Mate, are you sure the article says, "adampan has been captured"?
    DW story sounded to me, that SLA surrounded the area and re-edjusting the front line.

  28. opps.. DN has said the same thing ...

  29. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for your prompt response.
    My mistake bro..misread it..sorry about that.

  30. The SLAF bombed medical centers? Unless soldiers were taking fire from these positions, this really upsets me, and I support the destruction of the LTTE. There are some things you just don't do in war and bombing hospitals is one of them, no matter who is being treated, unless you are taking fire from them or they had been abandoned by the injured and medical staff, leaving only IEDs and healthy fighters.

    Are any of these exceptions the case?

  31. E.T. Bailey,

    I hope defencewire is wrong about the SLAF bombing of "mobile operating theater and hospital". Even though LTTE is a non state actor and not bound by the Geneva Convention. We should never go down to the level of LTTE and aviod at all times attacking hospitals in LTTE 'controlled' areas. However, I do not believe SLAF attacked a hospital or mobile operating theater as if this is correct tamilnet and other pro LTTE media would have gone to town with that news.

    According defencenet and defencewire's posts I guess it's correct to say fall of Adampan Town is just a matter of time. Army must take every precaution to minimize casualties here.

  32. Satelitte image of South India and Sri Lanka

  33. Interesting Article in Lankadeepa about
    Prabakaran's visiting of Sivanesan's funeral.

    Click Here


    Read Full Article Here

  34. LTTE overrun 17 Sri Lanka Army Camps in Muthur - Video News

  35. DefenceNet
    Is your real name C G ?

  36. suresh
    i cant understand why you are curious about peoples real names in a blog.
    it defeats the purpose.

    just get the best out of it (information) and be content.

    u know what happened to the cat right.



  38. Some of the things that have happened to the LTTE leadership in the past year may be due to an internal feud among the LTTE leaders than to real time air or ground intelligence from SLDF. It is possible that there is some kind of internal feud going on between the Pottu Amman group and the Soosei group. The other possibility is that these actions are directed by VP himself to get rid of potential opponents. Lets face it, the cultural tradition of governance in the sub-continent favors family units, e.g. the Bandaranayakas, Bhuttos, Gandhis, Rajapaksas, etc and the LTTE is no different in this respect. It may be that VP is grooming one of his kids to replace him, and this may be his way of getting rid of the competition.

    This is the sequence of events, as best we know:

    2007 (?)
    Sea Tiger Leader Soosei is seriously injured by an explosion injured while test-driving a newly purchased Gun Boat at high speed. He had claimed that he lost control of the boat. The explosion kills his son and another cadre. Tamil pro-LTTE websites were quick to give wide publicity to Soosei’s recovery.

    November 2 2007
    S. P. Thamilselvan, the political wing leader of the LTTE and its de-facto number two, is killed in a SLAF air strike at Thiruvaiaru, a location three kilometres South of Kilinochchi around 6am on ‘very reliable information’, identifying the location as a meeting place of LTTE leaders. Five other leaders ‘Lt. Col.’ Anpumani alias Alex, ‘Major’ Mihuthan, ‘Major’ Nethagy, ‘Lieutenant’ Adchgivel and ‘Lieutenant’ Vahakai Kumaran are also killed in the air strike.

    Nov 26 or 27
    Prabhakaran’s bunker is bombed by SLAF planes and he is believed to have been injured.

    January 5 2008
    Chief of the "Liberation Tigers Military Intelligence", self-styled Col. Charles a.k.a. Shanmuganathan Ravishankar, is killed in a claymore attack. Charles was deputy to Pottu Amman, the chief of the LTTE’s intelligence wing.

    January 9, 2008
    The LTTE eastern leader Shanker is shot dead by the STF personnel.

    March 8, 2008
    Sea Tiger Leader Soosei's 2nd In-Command (2IC) Mangalesh is killed in a Security Forces attack.

  39. "Is your real name C G ?"

    There are more than one ppl in DefenceNet (this is a shared account). None of them have those initials or names. Names are not relevant anyway.

  40. Guys
    I happened to talk to a source today which is at the top. We all see a lull of real progress in the battle field which is very dissapointng. But the reason apparently a matter of strength. Although we could march in to the rebel teritory, if we do, we will be vulnerable to lot of damage. LTTE is also seems to be dissapointed why the Army is not advacing using the superior fire power.
    Apparently the army is not taking uneccessary risks till the new recruits are inducted. When we do we will march on. So just hold on patriots. Its a matter of time.

  41. DN,
    I dont see why you should answer this stupid question anyway DN. Denying or otherwise. Its like asking the age of a lady in a social function.

    We respect you for what you are doing. Let the imagination run wild.

  42. When I look at the time of the posts it registers 3 am in SL. I allways assumed DN is based in SL. If I am corect you are doing great job DN. We come to the blog whenever we are free in our time zones. But for you it must be realy stressfull, because you have a fan base all over the world, hungry for news. And you dedicate yourself to a responsible news provider.

    And some MF want to know whether you are AB or CD. Who cares? Keep your resolve DN. You are a true Sri Lankan.

  43. ...When I look at the time of the posts it registers 3 am in SL. I allways assumed DN is based in SL....

    like DefenceNet said:

    (this is a shared account)

    anyway no point of finding out

    DN members are going a great job 24 X 7 day or night !

    some web sites charge money to give info/advise...

    I salute DN for keeping this blog free for all

    this is one of the best blogs about SL :)

  44. Hearing set for alleged Tamil Tiger conspirator


  45. this is not just the best blog in sri lanka its the best news source

  46. crimewatch,

    Thanks for stating some good points (and some crappy ones) in DECENT language. But you cunningly used numbers when you say you don't believe in numbers! Numbers are important as the war is NOW a numbers game to a good extent.


    But you are comparing 2 completely different military strategies. IPKF, 1980, 1990s, pre 2007 strategies were different to what the SLDFs follow now which is attrition warfare. We kill as long as it takes to wipe out the LTTE and land grabbing is of secondary importance.

    If you analyse the 70,000 deaths so far based on agreeable figures, the war has killed 2.5% of tamils but only 0.2% of others. And there are not many left to fight. Vanni has only 300,000 left not 500,000. No more than 50,000 (a too generous estimate) are going to go to war and no DIASPORA COWARD is going to go to war. True the 3,000 is wrong but 300,000 is equally wrong. In today’s world, a war between equally powerful ethnic groups almost always results in a victory for the majority. So if you think there is a majority-minority war in SL (I don’t think so) then you know who will be the winners. When the war moves inland, LTTE casualty figures will soar than a war fought in the jungles. Then starts the mass exodus that was seen in all major SLA operations into civilian areas (riviresa, eastern liberation). This is THE END of the LTTE as it allows govt. to cut food/medicine supplies to people-less Vanni and bomb at will and tigers will lose their best hiding place – behind human shields. I know the progress is slow but we are getting there. Actually the slower the better because attrition warfare loves slow pace. LTTE many times said they are disappointed that the SLA is not marching into their heartland soon. According to tamil sources what happens in Mannar LTTE bunkers is that there are tractors coming daily with fresh cadres and to take away AN EQUAL NUMBER OF DEAD CADRES. I bet you know all this but you hate to admit it!

    Ask any pro-LTTE fellow anywhere as to their casualties in today's war. They will tell you that today's war is about “genocide” of the LTTE! Even ALL the LTTE pleadings to the IC today include this word. If the SLA is not killing SCORES, why on earth do they use this word and be seen as losers?

    As to the daily casualty figures………The govt. is under pressure from the IC to stop killings and IC doesn’t care if it is SLDFs, LTTE or civilians; they primarily want the war stopped. For this reason they do not exaggerate LTTE casualties. If they do it is suicide as one hand they are not getting enough victories and the other getting the blunt of the IC. Once someone analysed all the govt. published LTTE casualties for last year and compared with LTTE mahaveer publications. Both figures came very close. So the stupid statements of some war-bishops and other junketers do not add up. But now they all beg at the feet of MR to stop the war and do not make such statements (statements that suggest we are not killing enough) as before! What a joke? Also SLAF caused casualties are not correctly assessed and the govt. never gives a casualty figure for SLAF attacks unless tigers publish it.

    LTTE is yet to see the full capacity of the SLAF. The govt. uses SLAF sparingly for various reasons but when required they unleash it as you have seen. And when they do, there are no hiding places for tigers. Even the deepest bunker can be made to a deep grave in seconds if its openings are destroyed!!

    So the conclusions are, the LTTE is not weak but takes a MASSIVE beating; the longer the attrition war goes the more the deaths of the terrorists that will soon reach UNSUSTAINABLE LEVELS; the war strategy today is different as land square kilometres have been replaced by LTTE corpses; LTTE accepts that the terror-gene will be no more if the SLA continues at this rate; we are only seen the start of a GIGANTIC war where the bloodiest battles still lie ahead; killing civilians in the south means the acceleration of LTTE’s demise; many tamils IN SL are slowly but surely turning away from the LTTE and coming into the GOSL fold; the pro-SL campaigns have turned VERY AGGRESSIVE (just look at was there anything like that aggressive before? It is not an isolated incident, it is the depiction of the aggressive ‘wave’ that now works for SL).

    Killing the whole LTTE is like drowning someone. The victim must be held long enough amidst VIOLENT REACTIONS. If you think he is dead and prematurely lift him out you are dead! This is another mistake we did in the past.

  47. Crimewatch

    You make me laugh…actually go into hysterics!

    Your long write-up is nothing but a load of ka-ka….actually, it is nothing different to what we see from Ranil the she-male supporting kooks (or gooks, pick your poison), who glorify the LTTE (after all, it was they who along with Ranil said that LTTE cannot be defeated militarily and we have no choice but to give into “thamileelam!”)

    Let me take only a few of your ka-ka pieces as follows and tell you why they are indeed the cesspit prized ka-ka’s:

    [When the LTTE was able to defend the North and East then, will they not be able to defend Vanni now?]

    Nada..nada…you do not say “LTTE was able to defend East” as the East is now gone (i.e. “bye-bye” from “thamileelam”…we just laid the foundation stone with local govt. elections the other day…and no, the Tamils in the East told you LTTE buggers, basically, to piss-off!). LMSSAO!!! Yes, the LTTE was NOT able to defend the East in the face of SLDF advance and just foolishly and carelessly sacrificed over 3000 buggers before the rest meekly withdrew to the North.

    [If the LTTE had the confidence then with a limited number of their cadre how strong will their confidence be with an enlarged number at present?]

    Truly LMSSAO!!! LTTE goes in and “recruits” more women, including pregnant women, infant feeding women, female children, etc. and to you that make the LTTE an “enlarged numbers” power…??? This is truly bloody pathetic! Only a brainwashed moron would utter such ka-ka!

    [Have any of its air force planes been shot down so far despite its several attacks and sorties?]

    Now this makes me go into giddies! LMSSAO! Listen goofball, LTTE does not have “air force planes”….but only a couple of freaking crop-duster planes that it has used for psychological statement than any substantive military results. I know for a LTTE supporting kook/gook like you it may seem like an “airforce,” but to some of us who graduated to stand upright long ago, no, that is NOT an air force! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    [Earlier the ethnic war was confined to the North & East but now it is spread over the South as well. So whose forces are going to be disbursed all over the country?]

    Wrong…again! War is in the North today (and NOT in the East), but TERRORISM is, admittedly, all over SL. Killing civilians by setting off claymores in busses/trains/supermarkets is NOT war- that is TERRORISM! So while our SLDF bravehearts fight the WAR in the North, the rest of the SL security establishment is making sure the psychopathic killers in the rest of the island are captured and terminated (“with extreme prejudice” as OaO Asithri loves to say!). Yes, even today I talked to someone in XXXX (sorry, X rated) and he said two such psychopathic, would-be killers were captured and given the “treatment.” I love it!

    And lastly…

    [This is not a war that could be fought to a finish. There is no proof of such a victory in history.]

    Really? Hitler, Pol-pot, etc. the same type of deranged despotic leader/movement was ousted with military power, but you are ignorant of such I see…you really should read up more respected literature than immersing yourself in the cesspit called TamilNet!

    Anyway, just wait and see you LTTE supporting imbecile…you will be proven wrong sooner than later! LMSSAO!!!

    Still LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  48. MosheD

    [Killing the whole LTTE is like drowning someone. The victim must be held long enough amidst VIOLENT REACTIONS. If you think he is dead and prematurely lift him out you are dead!]


    Moshe...I LOVE IT!

    Yep, “ruthlessness” should be the key operative words when dealing with LTTE terrorism!

    This is exactly what our successive GOSLs (of JR, Premadasa, CBK, Ranil (the prize pansy)) did not do and today we are having to pay the price for it!

    Greets mate...

    OaO Asithri

  49. srilankan,

    DefenceWire has a new posting that implies adampan has been captured.

    Adampan defense is manned by if you like the "cream" of LTTE. People like Bahnu, Sothu Pondai, Charles Ghanakoon etc. If they did not stall the army for a few weeks, then there will be no glory to in the win, indeed fighting with LTTE. But as they say every dog has their day. The day will come, have some patience.

  50. Cable (the RanilW pansy worshiping Cabasia)

    [this goverment is one of the dirtiest,inefficent,corrupt goverments i have ever seen. MR is selling the war to hide all their misdeeds.]

    And when were you born? After Novermber 2005? LMSSAO!!!

    All the corrupt regimes of the JR and Premadasa, and even the Casino-mafia infested corrupt regime of RanilW you don’t know about?

    Wow! You really must have been born after November 2005.

    I am not saying there is no corruption in this current MR GOSL, but the difference is:

    JR GOSL = Corruption + giving into LTTE & jeopardizing our national security

    Premadasa GOSL = Corruption + giving into LTTE & jeopardizing our national

    RanilW GOSL = Corruption + giving into LTTE & jeopardizing our national security

    CBK GOSL = Corruption + giving into LTTE & jeopardizing our national security


    MR GOSL = Corruption

    Now I will let the bloggers decide what is the lesser of the evils above!


    OaO Asithri

  51. Ha ha..

    @ Asithri and all...

    I posted somebody else's Article. just to show you all. don't blame me for it. but i learned lot's of unknown past scenarios from the reply postings.

    Thanks for it

  52. one more thing... all went through the picture posted in TN, most of them said its Photoshoped, Properties deleted etc etc.

    But its a true scene. cos the video footage was shown all over the world, except SL. lots of thing wer happend...

  53. This is a great article. Highly recommended reading,

    It answers to many of the bragging of LTTE die-ass-phora.

  54. Crimewatch-

    So you post a wholly pro-LTTE piece of crap here, without any qualifying notation, and you expect bloggers here to believe that you are just innocent-neutral?

    Pardon me for saying so...either you are an immature kid trying to play in the "big league" of SL national security here without knowing how to be savvy, or you are just another over-matured, filthy, cunning LTTE momma-doer of a maggot who is out to hoodwink bloggers by your seemingly innocent-neutral ka-ka dish-outs, which you will be quick to blame on “others” when you get attacked!

    Either way, Maggie, I have a very low opinion of it is best I keep away from you (and vice a versa)...for the healthiness of this blog!

    :-( :-( :-(

    OaO Asithri

  55. crimewatch,

    Most bloggers here believed it was an actual footage.

    But thanks for letting us know the fat pig is still alive so that the SLAF can once again go on its BBQ missions.

    It is a fact that after the x-ray base bombing and a few reports abouts VP's gangrene, the SLAF halted strikes on him.

    Now its time to resume those!!!!

  56. OaOA,

    Greets bro.

    Nice to hear from you ALWAYS. I paste your comments in emails to my collegues. They SIMPLY LOVE THEM AND WANT MORE MORE AND MORE!!

    ich liebe es!

    (i'm not violating any copyrights, am i?)

  57. Guys, here is the joke of the century:

    “The LTTE Tuesday charged that the local government election in Batticaloa was a rape of democracy. LTTE military spokesperson Rasiah Illanthirayan said Batticaloa was disgraced due to the whole election process, which was not conducted democratically.”

    This is the son-of-whore (SOW) who dictates ultimatums to the current TNAs in the parliament, the TNAs who got elected because LTTE brandished the gun & the bombs to intimidate the civilians at the last general elections, has the bloody gall to complain about the polls in the East not being “conducted democratically!!!???? “

    The crassness of these ‘thamileelam” SOW’s never fail to amuse me to the point of where I am truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  58. "DN,

    does it mean that the forces from the Mannar front have reached A9? Have they converged with the troops started from Vavuniya?

    i'm missing something here."

    Thanks DN for you answer to my earlier question.

    This is elaborately answered by defencewire in a post i saw just now.

  59. Moshe,

    [ich liebe es!

    (i'm not violating any copyrights, am i?)]

    :)) :)) :))

    No mate, there are no copyrights violations here...only our compatriot DefenceNet’s honor which we guard with all fervor and resistance (when needed)...!!!


    OaO Asithri

    p.s. thanks for the kind words mate...cheers!

  60. ---Watch Crime Watch---

    As Asithri claimed crimewatch is either another well trained bolg tiger or some one born recently and reading tamilnet+pro-LTTE media.

    He said he doesn't beleive, ok. But most of his questions were from last one year tamilnut reports, which were rejected by defencenet. Given his 'fact finding ability' I don't see any problem for him to first read DN/DW articles for last year and then raise questions if any. This avoid wasting many others time.

  61. ---Elections in East---

    All this crying from LTTE/ NGOs/ UNP on batticlo elections says MR is acheiving things now. East is getting back to normal, like other parts in SL. Simply, soon it will be just another part of SL. Very bad thing for LTTE/ NGOs to see.

  62. Defencenet -
    "Is your Name C G"
    I was Just Curious Thats all.
    Anyway... The service You guys provide is Super. I am Fedup of Pro Goernment , and Pro LTTE web sites. But you guys provide true NEWS. So Thanks...DN Team.
    Some Times I get News From our FL's.(I have Some Brigade Commander Friends)So Shall i send you those news updates? Please provide an E-mail.

    Thanks, Keep up the good work :)

  63. aqua,

    what the heck is Ranil doing?

    Question is, what kind of opposition do we have? Its not a kind we can be proud of. I have one name for it;


    If the Sri Lankan opposition makes into govt one day Karma Forbid, we will be the first ever country where both the head of state and the prime-minister both faggots. Its not the kind of record we wish to be proud of dont you think?

  64. Top Sea Tiger amongst six killed
    Tuesday, March 11,2008
    COLOMBO: A former deputy leader of the LTTE Sea Tiger wing, Mangalesh and five others were believed to have been killed in an incident in rebel-held Mannar on Saturday, sources said. Government intelligence sources said it was not clear how he died, but it’s believed that it was an inside job of the LTTE as Mangalesh had an internal rift with his senior leaders.
    He had been removed by Sea Tiger leader Soosai from the deputy leadership of the wing and promoted to third in command and replaced by Chelliyan.
    A few months ago, one of Mangalesh’s legs was badly damaged as he had come under a claymore attack, believed to be carried out by Chelliyan inside the LTTE-held areas, as a result of an internal rift.
    Since the removal of the second leadership of the sea tigers, Mangalesh had been sidelined by the Sea Tiger leadership and reportedly given some administration work until his demise.
    However there was no confirmation from the LTTE about the government intelligence claims on the incident.

  65. LRRP infiltration demolishes impregnable Tiger terrain myth
    March 11th, 2008
    By D.B.S. Jeyaraj

  66. Poddak eha meha giyama "Koti Lebal Gahanawa" Meke kota kota inne nethuwa pala, hamudawata therei...

    Anne ammapa Maha Loku....

  67. DN,

    There were some speculations that LTTE has replenished its weapons arsenal due to the sudden increase of artillary by them.

    Was any confirmation received about this? And how is the situation now? Are they using artillary freely now or are they using them sparingly?

  68. China responds to US HR report

  69. Sorry to post some unrelated news but what do you guys think about the latest assualt on the Rupavahini Journalist with a metal bar.

    Mervin is protected by none other than Mahinda. Can you trust a person like him with regard to what he says? democracy in east? what about democracy and rule of law in colombo.

    Again sorry to post something unrelated to defence matters but i'm so fu***** angry that animals like mervin is given carte blanche to do anything he wants by the powers that be

  70. All SLRC employees (media proffesionals?) who were assualted by mara-win were sinhalese. No big noise from int. media, FMM, HR heros, etc.

    When tamil media person or some one works for LTTE side targeted all above will make biggest noise. Their reason normaly is protecting media freedom, security of media personals etc. But when same comes to non-tamil, non-pro-LTTE side they all become blind. One obviuos reason is it is hard to 'sell'.

    Another reason is this shows its not only tamil or pro-LTTE media persons have problem but also any others due to variuos reasons. This is not a positive point to make clear, thus NGO camp makes small noise.

    mara-win acts according to his inteligence and brain he has. This reminds me the monkey who tried ti kill the fly to save the sleeping king. (ofcourse, assuming its not MR orders.) As all previous presidents MR also has his reliable 'maraya'. SLRC messed up with him and now paying back. This appears (and it is) so unfair and unjustice as we all know. But there is no alternative. This will continue, (my guess, not wish.)

  71. @ninja

    "All SLRC employees (media proffesionals?) who were assualted by mara-win were sinhalese. No big noise from int. media, FMM, HR heros, etc."

    While not condoning the operations of AI the above is actually wrong

    See the following links in Ammenesty International & Reporters Without Borders(RSF) Websites are about previous attacks against SLRC personnel



    and didnt the FMM stage a protest in front of SLRC with its employees recently

  72. true, If this happened to some tamil media persons you will see much multiplied noise. Given the seriousness and clearness of situation their voice is very low. They shouted on incedents which were even not clear who (LTTE or GSL) is responsible.

  73. 'Bruce Fein challenges SL ambassador for a public debate'

    Probably because he coudn't do anything significant towards the Eelam dream despite being paid 30,000 a month.

    I wouldn't call him names such as LTTE boot licker etc. He is a businessman gently and surely shiponing off our diasphoras hard earned money which would otherwise have gone to buy some militray hardware.
    i would suggest to the LTTE to try use a more expensive man which could do real damage. Why not try Bush junior when he retires [may charge a million bucks a day]. He would do anything for money.

  74. It is a tragedy that these kids died but the big tigers who are responsible for their plight live well guarded & unharmed.

  75. @ all

    Thanks for your reply mails and correcting the above post.

    Lot more to learn ha.

    Take a break till Adampan Falls

    TC all

  76. [The second point is the one raised by Switzerland, to Special Rapporteur Manfred Nowak on the issue of Mr. Karuna, who at the moment is facing British Justice. I believe the question has been raised about universal jurisdiction. Mr. President, I find it rather curious that Switzerland is so concerned about brining this one former Tamil Tiger to justice, when Switzerland permits on its soil, in its cities, in Zurich, in Lausanne, an annual commemoration of Black Tiger day, which is the day dedicated to the commemoration of the Tiger’s suicide bombers; the suicide bombers, one of whom assassinated Nehru ‘s grandson Rajive Ghandi on Indian soil. This same Switzerland displays touching solicitude about brining one, ex-terrorist, to justice. ]

    This guy Dayan Jayathilaka is wonderful.

  77. mottapala

    More than that is behind that move. LTTE is a banned outfit in US. This kind of move, if go ahead;
    1) Unknowngly give some validity for LTTE claims.
    2) Huge moral booster for di-ass-pora.
    3) LTTE supporting int. media give the publicity as they needed.
    4) Opens oppertunity to remind bad mistakes done by SL
    5) Can be managed well as a part of usual mis-info campaign
    6) GSL and LTTE terrorists get some kind of equality
    7) Open another chanal for fund raising
    8) Can be easily extended to countries where SL propaganda is weak
    9) Give a chance to other LTTE supporting 'scholrs' to come forward despite all the banns.
    10) Tamil di-ass-pora will be the future ground if LTTE ever need an eelaam any more-after SLA finish their job in wanni. This will be a startng step.

  78. This article in strategypage makes a reference to the Mig-29's that SLAF were supposed to buy, and the lack of recent action from the terrorist "air force".


  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. Cable,

    I heartily agree with you about this attacks on journalists. I just cannot understand what hold Mervin has on the President! I mean if the President is such a great person as some of the bloggers here claim that he is (Once again, I have all the respect for him in his war stand on LTTE) why cant he protect his own media?

    I think it is high time Rupavahini crowd really stand up in this. I am surprised that they held on even this long with all these attacks happening frequently. i really wish that they would continue to strike until a firm commitment has been given to arrest these thugs and take appropriate action against everyone involved.

    Do I have any faith in this Govt. to protect civilian rights? (or anyone else for that matter) NO!! I just dont. But is this new? NO?? Almost all the political parties who were running the country has been involved in similar violations. (that is for all those UNPiers who holler about the corruption/HR violations etc etc which I find a huge joke! We are not born yesterday!)

    Rupavahini!! Please keep it up!

    Defence net, Sorry about the unrelated comment.

  81. crimewatch,

    "Poddak eha meha giyama "Koti Lebal Gahanawa" Meke kota kota inne nethuwa pala, hamudawata therei...

    Anne ammapa Maha Loku...."

    Assuming that you are not somebody representing LTTE, I have a few things to say to people like you.

    1.You tried to take "Asithri's" handle earlier which is not a common Sri Lankan name at all. This is an indication of your covert and malicious intentions which may nullify my above stated assumption. If so, I request you to joint the rest of subhuman LTTE supporters.

    2.Otherwise, you talking big about asking others to join forces needs to be addressed promptly.

    2.a) Let me ask you this, do you know how many of the regular readers here are former or current SL military or not?

    2.b) If not, I have a few things to say to nitwits like you. We as a civilization have survived because of the countless sacrifices made by our brave men and women. If you have anybody in Sri Lanka, please be appreciative of what our forces and police are doing to protect them 24 hours a day. That is the minimum you can do. If you want to do more, send some money to Ranaviru Sevena etc.

    2.c) If you are somebody who thinks that having good business is enough even at the expense of divided country, you best chances are to join the Untowardly Nitwits Party (UNP) of Wiki-Kiri Group (I have my greatest respect to all other Jumbo leaders) who does their best to help LTTE these days in an open manner.

  82. Sam Perera

    Your comments regarding crimewatch. You said he tried to use the handle 'asithri'. I remember few days ago real asithri had a problem with a clone who was another tiger. As DN deleted all of the fake posts that attempt was limited to few posts. On those posts no one has any question about who is behind that. So are you talking about that fake asithri? or some one else?

  83. Rebels Reeling From High Losses


  84. Breaking News,
    According to my sources all the army bases in Jaffna are under attackd by Tiger F-18's from the Aircraft carrier Thaamil EElam Rasiah(as i type).

  85. The U.S. State Department's Annual Human Rights Report, which came out a few days ago, is a political statement. It has nothing to do with the human rights situation in Sri Lanka or in many of the other countries that are cited. One way to adress the U.S. criticism would be for SL to join the so called multi-national coalition in Iraq or Afghanistan by contributing Army cooks or a non-combat unit. That would make Sri Lanka an integral part of of the "Global War on Terrorism" as defined by the U.S. and European countries.

    China has put out its own version of a U.S. Human Rights Report. Naturally, Sri Lanka being a small country can't do anything of this kind and should not antagonize any of the great powers, including the U.S.

  86. Tamilnet report:

    SLA Major succumbs to wounds caused by Tiger booby trap in Mannaar

    A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) commander in the 58 division, Major Keerthi Ranawaka, who hit a booby trap set by the Tigers 3-days ago and seriously wounded in the explosion when he went to inspect the Forward Defence Line of the fighting formations of the SLA in Mannaar, succumbed to his wounds Friday, informed military sources said. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

    There were 35 random explosions, according to a report by the LTTE operations command in Mannaar on Wednesday.

  87. Perein
    If this MIG29 purchase it true it is another sad day for our poor country as this is high altitude interceptor, quite inappropriate to our needs. It’s a pity, while our village boys are putting their lives on the line, someone is making some quick bucks. It is shameful to say the least.

  88. Jayantha Wickramasinghe is the borther of Surath Wickramasinghe the architect. Surath is kind of family head who provides an umbrella organization for the wole family which has from time to time employed even some of the Rajapakse bros, who are close relatives. The Rajapaksa family tree obviously thrives while the nation burns.

    I am a strong nationalist and am opposed to what is gradually becoming apparent to be a massive scale fraud and plundering of the country by this family. As much as we've been concerned over the B'naike and UNP's renowned families abusing power, these beggars turned rulers appear to be far worse by all comparisons.
    That's usually the case when the low types come to power. Sri Lanka truly is cursed with an incurable power decease.
    Other instances of powerful and lucrative positions being given away or snatched by the family and relatives are becoming too numerous to count.
    The Rajapakse's seem to think they are immune to prosecution. At least one of them had better remember that he holds US citizenship and thus open to prosecution here.

  89. Tropical storm
    You are absolutely right and What more can we say? We the patriots are fooled by them and with the best of good intentions we have invested so much in SL,just to help our people, contrary to what these guys are doing,remiting and depositing the loot abroad. All these politicians lie a lot to come to power and then….We are happy that the SARC meeting was not held in Kandy as our business can’t afford the massive disruptions of this SARC circus.

  90. Guys,

    Does Anybody know about this? Is it true? I can't wait to see them in SL.

    Sri Lanka nears MiG-29 purchase, 14 March 2008. Sri Lanka is in advanced talks with Russia over the procurement of five MiG-29 fighter aircraft, the head of the country's state-owned procurement agency has said.

    Jayantha Wickramasinghe, chief executive officer of Lanka Logistics and Technologies Limited (the company created by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence in 2007 to procure equipment for the armed forces), said that the acquisition of four MiG-29SMs and one MiG-29UB was "well under way".

    "Negotiations about these aircraft are continuing," Wickramasinghe told Jane's on 13 March. "We are discussing all possibilities."

    The procurement follows the emergence of the air division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which used Zlin Z 143 light aircraft to bomb the airport and Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) base in Colombo in March 2007.



  91. Kevin

    They may not know it yet, but there are Sri Lankans here who will take this type of thing up with top US bureacrats and make things happen. A lot of the benefits the govt enjoys today comes thru thse connections.

  92. Tropicalstorm
    I too have good connections with the top people here, some live all around me in Belgravia but how can we defend the government against the terrorists, when incidents like Mervin affair,Srilankan affair comes forward in their arguments While the country’s brave are at the front why can’t MR &co keep these scandals of the limelight? Very poor judgement.

  93. Kevin,
    Your right bro..However the Hon President is just biding his time this LTTE filth is eradicated and democracy is returned to the north.

    Why do i get this feeling that you know surath very well?..:):)

  94. The Italians shut down the gook sht radio today.

    Shyam and his ilk should holler Fascist on this one. After all, that's where the original idea comes from.

  95. Defencenet,

    I haven't heard any clarification on the air attack against the LTTE medical centers. Were Sri Lankan soldiers taking fire from them, or was there reason to believe they were abandoned and booby trapped? If not, what was the justification behind bombing such a facility? Did some other extraordinary factor force the attack, or are the rules of war being abandoned all together?


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