Wednesday, March 5, 2008

LTTE artillery storage bombed : Pooneryn

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed an LTTE artillery storage located in the rebel held Pooneryn sector today afternoon. The initial air strike was carried out at 12PM while a second sortie followed at 2.30PM. Damages caused by the air strike are still unknown.

LTTE's heavy artillery guns (130mm and 152mm) have posed a significant threat to the Army in the 4th Eelam War. It is no secret that the guerillas smuggled in many artillery pieces and replenished ammo during the ceasefire agreement. Army's largest military complex in the north, the Palaly Military Base and the adjoining airstrip, come within LTTE artillery range when the rebels move the guns to Kalmunai Point (K-Point).

LTTE takes various countermeasure to save their artillery from SLA counter fire and SLAF air strikes. They almost always move the gun immediately after firing. Keeping the gun stationary would be deathwish as army's firefinder radars are able to pinpoint the location where artillery fire originated from. According to MI, the guns, when idle, are always placed in underground storage to avoid detection by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the SLAF. Recent observations have revealed that the LTTE are using an increasing number of fake guns as decoys to mislead aerial intelligence.

Meanwhile ground based intelligence sources have confirmed the LTTE death toll from fighting in Sinnaodaippu, Mannar on the 29th of February. 14 LTTE cadres have been killed and another 15 have been injured in the fighting. Army gained control of Sinnaodaippu sluice gates, which control the water supply to Mannar region, on the 29th after a fierce fight with LTTE formations lead by senior LTTE leader Laxshman. 


  1. Just FANTASTIC.

    Thank you DN.

    I'm lovin it. This is the way to go SLAF with CAS! There is a long way to improvement but for the past few weeks it has been all good news in this front.

    Well done SLAF.

  2. Do we know how many were fake guns, destroyed by SLAF?

    LTTE may move a fake gun closer to school/hospital/civilian settlement expecting civilian casualties from SLAF.

    Or LTTE may fire from closer to school/hospital/civilian settlement and then replace it by a fake gun quickly, expecting civilian casualties from SLAF.

  3. @ moshedayan,

    do you even know what cas means dude?

    haha, i may be a critic of gosl policies et al but comeon if you really wanna help your governments cause its best you shut up. haha

    @ admins,

    are you contradicting your own nationalsecurity site? they say of 3 sorties? dont worry you can always edit. pretend you never missed it out haha.


  5. Nadesan - "Now remember, we are here to show everything is OK. Make sure you look as if listening to something important. "

    "btw, put 5 rupees into the bucket outside on your way out. Also send the 3rd child if you have one to the front also because others are vanishing fast!"

  6. STF ambushed in amparai, 3 killed and 2 injured, any updates defencenet?

  7. sivarasaiah said,
    @ moshedayan,

    "do you even know what cas means dude?

    haha, i may be a critic of gosl policies et al but comeon if you really wanna help your governments cause its best you shut up. haha"

    this is the BEST ENCOURAGEMENT i received. That means things ARE HAPENNING and tigers are getting hurt! I'm not after any definition of CAS here. In my terms CAS means the vandalisation of LTTE assets in favour of ground troops and other co-ordinated SLAF manuvres that spells doom for the LTTE.

    As long as that happens i'm having a ball.

    The more hurt you are siva, the happier i am


  9. Sivarassiah

    [do you even know what cas means dude?]

    I think I know….so permit me take a stab at it…

    I think it means…

    Crap Allover Sakkiliyas (CAS)!

    And SLAF has been doing a great job lately as my brother MosheD has pointed out earlier.

    Too many bloody Sakkiliyas came over from Tamilnadu and we allowed them to stay in our land – out of the goodness of our heart – and today the mf’s are demanding a separate state and to get it, they are killing/bombing all and sundry!

    However, the more adaptable, amicable, descendents from the Tamil Nadu (translated: Tamil state/homeland/nation) invaders/visitors who came to our land have now agreed to live with us as “Sri Lankans” and oh no, they are not this kind (on the contrary, I consider them our brothers)!!!

    So, yeppieee…it’s time to Crap Allover Sakkiliyas (CAS)!


    OaO Asithri

  10. Thiru-kaka

    [STF ambushed in amparai, 3 killed and 2 injured, any updates defencenet?]

    Wow! Some delightful news this is to you scumbag?

    Want an update? I do have one...

    Today I talked to a SLA "personality" and he said his buddies in Mannar have found 8 rotting LTTE bodies that had not been accounted for before!

    Howz that umpire!


    OaO Asithri

  11. Nice video of a fuel air bomb hitting its target

    The Russians used these in Chechnya with great success.

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  13. @ thiru

    I heard the same. showing low casualities and dumping the bodies.

    If all soldiers got to know these. troops want fight for tha nation. GOSL must re-think. Cos parents are expecting their Sons are there. Finally son want come back home. and then say (Athurudahan v etha)

    DN is that true. but i dont think so

  14. GOSL and SF are gonna feel the real pain of the war soon!

    Hey, your Filthy black ugly pig already having the pain of war without a leg. Is it so jollyful man?

  15. Thanks casc for sharing. Fuels bombs were included in our "wish list" of weapons given to Pakistan for supplies in 2006. Don't know what happened thereafter.

    Bunker pigs will have a great time if SLAF would get hold of these.

  16. thiru & dev,

    This body-dumping thing was addressed a long time ago. SLA as a responsible army as opposed to a bloody terrorist group must account for its casualties also as any other legal army it gives a decent burial to the dead of all sides.

    Your concern for SLA dead bodies is like the morbid taste of corpse eating worms. But sorry guys you won't have supper cos SLA do not dump bodies/burn them arbitrarily for you to have them.

    Everyone is going to feel the pain of the war if not feeling it now.

  17. Moshe; Fuel-air weapons are for open air strikes, and have little effect in hitting hardened shelters. Bunker busters are for those. The navy used fuel air weapons against sea-tigers with interesting results.

    Rohan Gunaratne emphasizes the obvious, claiming that the SLA's strategies are effective in multiple ways. Sri Lanka is proving to be the testing lab for counter-terrorism, and the world is watching. There are plenty of international moves on our side, while the Sri Lankans need to work towards cleaning up the political act and bringing democracy into play in the east and providing good economic opportunties there as well. EU will play a role in financing that effort.

    DefNet; if this can be answered, do LRRP ops extend to Killinochchi?
    So far we've raed only of successful attacks in Mannar.

  18. Normaly, both SLA/GOSL and LTTE need to keep the moral up of their supporters and sometimes either side may distribute some made up stories just to demoralize the enimy or put the moral up of own supporters.

    The story about dumping SLA bodies doesn't seem done any impact to SLA side (may be bcuz of nowadays sinhalese don't give a damn to tamilnut stories.) However, it seems same story was able to keep LTTE supporters happy. Since there is no significient result from LTTE apart from AAB attack, this stroy has become the best news for tamil dia-ass-pora. So good job by LTTE prpoaganda.

    NOTE: Why this dumping bodies is not possible discussed here some time ago.

  19. TS,

    agreed; just wanted to drag the PIG for a BBQ.

    Fuel bombs are indeed for open warfare where there is enough oxygen.

  20. Nice funny story..

    I have read his articles, and he is unique and has a good balanced opinion most of the times.

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  22. There are many types of FABs. There are types that only needs to by exploded near a mouth of a bunker that sucks the air out of the whole bunker and area making lungs to collapse anyone inside the bunkers - they are also called Vacuum bombs too depending on the purpose.

    Some type of FABs can be used to clear mines or surface.

    Mainly, what I like is to have cluster FABs laying along the LTTE bunker lines so that all the trench rats get what they deserve.

    We should definitely have FABs to use them intelligently depending on the tasks in hand.

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  24. TS and MD
    well bros... i sorta disagree with your guys on the use of fae's
    yes the traditional fae's were used for open air bombings but the newer fae's are used for cave bombing and bunker busting missions too...
    The bunker buster type fae has a plutonium tipped casing i think and it penetrates hardened structures...
    Once penetration is achieved the initial explosion disperses a metallic dust that's highly flammable... This dust moves around in air very fast and the the second explosion light the dust up and bam...It's still FAE bombing with a touch of class :)
    Watched a documentary on this on discovery channel or summin like that... "Future weapons" program it was i think :)

  25. Cerno has a nice image of the area from Pooneryan to Kalmunai Point on Flickr

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  27. Asithri..,

    Take it easy :-) do not burn fuel on these maggots who come here knowing that they are living on a false dream...

    Dalits/Sakkili's considered as the lowest castes in India, but they are hard-working people, who makes a living out of their traditional jobs.

    But LTTE supporting maggots do not even have such a dignity. Look at the lies deception, and daylight robbery they conduct claiming a flase Eelam... nevertheless, they have destroyed their own for 30 years because of lack of a single brain cell.

    Lets help security forces to rescue the victimsed Tamils from these lowest caste.

  28. Guys, don't let get dragged into verbal conflict with these idiots. We've said it before, there's no point in, end of the day nothing good comes from it for either side.

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  30. yep... the forces are getting job done far better than we could've ever imagined... so why waste time on these idiots...
    let them become another statistic :)

  31. OaO Asithri

    Ahh... Y do you dot so Angry with who post comments here, at the end i ask DN to corect me what i heard. according to your anger seems like the story was true man. (eththa thiththai Kiyanne)

    what ever, understand a persons Quiestion or doubts and clear their doubts in a propper manner.

    read back your reply post and see you behaved like "SAKKILIYAS"

    sorry OaO Asithri its your way of explaining i guess

  32. Noltte=heaven (lol)

    Bro, I am cool….just playing with these bloody sinna-podiyen LTTE goo-kolla. These motherfcukers have the bloody gall to come in here and attack us…obviously, they know LTTE is now a dieing thingy…and hence, the bloody bastards, instead of sticking to their own filthy blogs that prop up LTTE with all kinds of lofty claims, come here as they know well the truth is not what they are fed in their own sites. Proves we are surely winning this war!

    OaO Asithri

  33. 'APRC ineffective' advisor resigns

    'My hope that some thing tangible would come is receding'.
    The present parliament of Sri Lanka is incapable of finding a political solution to the ethnic problem, says a leading constitutional expert who stepped down from the post of senior advisor to the Sri Lankan Government.
    Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne sayS that he completely lost faith on the All Party Representative Committee [APRC] formulated by the government to find a political solution to the ethnic problem.

    Given the composition of this parliament and the disproportionate share of seats that the JVP, JHU and MEP have relative to their actual support, I do not think much can happen with in this parliament

    Dr. Jayampathi Wikramaratne

    Resigning from his post as a senior advisor to the ministry of constitutional affairs, Dr Wikramaratne said that the government is not interested in devolving power to the Tamil people.

    Dr Wikaramaratne said, “when APRC was appointed I was hopeful that something tangible would come out form it”.

    Hopes are receding

    “Given the composition of this parliament and the disproportionate share of seats that the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna( JVP ), Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) and Mahajana Eksath Peramuna (MEP) have relative to their actual support, I do not think much can happen with in this parliament”.

    APRC chairman with President Rajapaksa

    “My hope that some thing tangible would come is receding and therefore the time has come to move out of the ministry” Dr. Wikramarathne added.

    Dr. Wickramaratne is a senior member of the government coalition partner Lanka Sama Samaja Party [LSSP].

    He said that LSSP was ambitious about finding a solution to the ethnic problem within the framework of APRC and led the venture to propose recommendations to the APRC.

    If the LSSP and the Communist Party of Sri Lanka stood steadily for the devolution, we would have been able to achieve a political solution.

    Jayampathi Wikramaratne

    According to Dr.Wikramaratne, his LSSP colleague Minister Tissa Vitharane who chaired the APRC has promised to put forward proposals to devolve powers to Tamils, despite the opposition from JVP, JHU and MEP.

    However, Minister Vitrarane ended up by being party to the "diluted 13th amendment" said Dr.Wikramaratne.

    13th Amendment

    “If the LSSP and the Communist Party of Sri Lanka stood steadily for the devolution, without being submissive, we would have been able to achieve a political solution,” Dr Wikramaratne pointed out.

    He said that the LSSP "does not have any problem with fully implementation of the thirteenth amendment.”

    Dr. Jayampathi Wikramaratne first joined the ministry of constitutional affairs as a consultant in 1996 and was instrumental in preparing the constitution reforms bill presented in 2000 under the Chandrika Bandaranaike government.

  34. Thanks casc for the map.

    never seen anything. your description sounds like a normal thermobaric bomb. this is a sort of smart bunker busters. DPU's RPO-Shmel was a similar weapon - a bit small. FOAB is another one.

    Nevermind if it came in Discovery it must be a brand new weapon type. doubt it is a fuel bomb though.

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  36. OK, that should do for now...what can I say...all in a day's work! LMSSAO!!!

    PEACE to all patriots...

    Catch you later...

    OaO Asithri

  37. Well said noltte. Please don't call tigers as 'sakkili'. It is a insult for sakkilis.

    It is in tamil/or whatever indian tradition that 'sakkili' (sub)caste considered as 'low level' people. Birth does not decide your high/lowness; it is your actions.

    Sakkili do their job and live normal life under whatever problems they have. They don't get free education, free health services from tax payers money and go to US/UK/Canada and fund some killers to kill the same people who paid tax for the same services they get. They don't kill innocent civilians travel on buses and neither they justify same.

    You will see any normal sakkili is much better than any kind of tiger.

  38. Moshe Dyan

    Continuing from the previous thread;

    "This is a self contradicting statement, even 50% of the total is a good stock IF WE USE THEM REGULARLY."

    Not really, 5-6 a'craft at a time is not really adequate to provide round the clock CAS on many fronts. The US/UK uses hundreds of a'craft for the same job.

    "No. Most (Mi-24's) were lost/damaged beyond use either on ground or when on non-combat missions since 1995."

    Please use facts to support your arguments. These are the details of the 5 Mi-24's lost to SAM's. If they were not on combat missions in the north, what were they doing?? Do you think the pilots were on a joy ride over LTTE areas knowing about the missile threat without taking precautions?? Only 3 were lost on the ground, 2 at KAB and 1 at AAB (read the news reports of the day).

    - 19 March 1996: Mi-24 shot down by LTTE SA-7.
    - 10 November 1997: Mi-24 shot down by SA-14.
    - 17 December 1999: Mi-24 shot down by SA-14.
    - 24 May 2000: Mi-24 shot down by SA-14.
    - 23 October 2000: Mi-24 shot down by FIM-92A.

    "The problem is finding the arti sites, not bombing them.
    yes; but Mi-24s have detection systems onboard"

    No they don't. Only a handful of our Mi-35's are equipped with the FLIR (COMPASS IV I think?). The others have nothing in particular to help locate arti positions. Read what DefWire said today about FLIR. You would need very good co-ordination with the SLA to effectively use these FLIR equipped assets. Currently, I doubt we have that.

    "Towards the end of the Afghan War it came to popularity as "satan's charriot" among the Afghans due to its enormous proven destructive power".

    It was know as the "devil's chariot" at the "beginning" of the war. It was because of this that CIA equipped the Afghans with SAM's. At the end of the war the Russians had to depend on Mig-27's and other fast jets for CAS from a higher altitude because of the missile threat.

    "complete bullshit. terrorists use terror ALWAYS EVEN WHEN THEY ARE AT AN ADVANTAGE"

    Mate. Your the one who said we are refraining from using the SLAF because of your so called LTTE-SLA balance and we're afraid of terrorist bombings against civilians. Now you're contradicting yourself.

    "Just ask a friend if you have in the SLAF how many tiger positions SLAF know including heavy concentrations near FDLs. Plenty he would tell you."

    They are not going to bomb every LTTE position they know of, which can be counter-productive. If its a base for example, they will probably wait until intel confirms a leaders gathering etc. If its ground concentrations these can also be targetted just as effectively with SLA artillery.

    "efficient use of what we have at SLAF can completely swing the situ. in our favour."

    We don't have any miracle weapons as some people imagine. The efficient use of vastly superior weapons including air assets has not swung everything completely in the favour of the US/UK in Iraq/Afghanistan. This will always be a problem is assymetrical conflicts.

    "There is no need to rush in. But there is a need to increase the killing rate; neutralise LTTE positions more effectively, etc."

    Agreed. Mi-24's alone won't help. They need better weapons/technology for all the forces to achieve that.


    Actually, most air forces that still operate it inherited it from the USSR, so its a legacy. Conflicts in Africa etc where its still used is not as intense as SL. I doubt many air forces would buy the Mi-24 today. The trend is for Apache type helicopters which use different tactics/weapons.

    "Poland for instance used it very effectively against more heavily armed Iraqi terrorists recently. Why can't we?"

    More heavily armed than the LTTE?

  39. @ Shay / DN

    explain me.

    did LTTE heavily Armed than SLA, SLN & SLAF?

    Comparing both? LTTE & GOSL

  40. Shay, the dates you mentioned about mi-24 losses are true. Another hind was severely damaged when it crash landed while trying to chase tiger aircraft in 2007. In AAB attack two hinds were damaged (if memory is correct we had a pic of it in article) one beyond repair and the other is on active duty now.

  41. Bulet,

    "did LTTE heavily Armed than SLA, SLN & SLAF?"

    Do you mean, is the LTTE more heavily armed than SLA, SLN, SLAF?

    If so, obviously the LTTE are not more heavily armed that the SLAF because they don't have anything resembling an air force.

    SLA and LTTE ground forces are fairly evenly matched in terms of weaponry, especially at ordinary infantry platoon level. Obviously SLA has numerical superiority in all areas. About the only weapon the SLA currently has which the terrorist don't is large MBRL's and armour. This is why the going is often tough.

    The SLN FAC's and LTTE attack boats were also fairly evenly matched until recently. The SLN boats are far superior but were often outnumbered in battle against LTTE boats which carried the same 23mm and sometime even 25mm weapons (not carried by SLN FAC's). Although the SLN has gunboats, OPV's and FMV's which carry larger weapons, these are mostly used for patrol rather than battle.

  42. @ shay

    thanks 4 da brief

    Large MBRL means the latest 80 RL's at one givel time? how far that can fire. Is LTTE has the long distance arti or SLA?

  43. According to daily Mirror GOSL lied the entire month of February.

    cos if you calculate the & national Security calculation is less than that ya? 26 person per week. bull shit

  44. "doubt it is a fuel bomb though."

    machang MD
    FAE means a type of explosives that use a fuel that disperses into air and then ignite the air to make the bang... the "fuel" doesn't have to a liquid if that's what you mean in the above statement
    The ones i saw was a top secret chemical cocktail that's in the form of a metal dust..
    And they were calling it an FAE
    i'll try to dig it up on youtube if it's there :)


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