Saturday, March 22, 2008

SLN loses UFAC in the seas off Nayaru

One Ultra Fast Attack Craft (UFAC) of the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) was destroyed today dawn in an explosion that occurred near the seas off Nayaru coastline. 10 sailors on board have gone missing after the incident. 6 more who were on board have been rescued by another FAC deployed in the area. The rescued personnel which included the officer in charge of the craft had managed to get into a life boat before it submerged.

The source of the explosion is not 100% confirmed as of yet. According to the rescued sailors, the craft was rocked by a blast that severely damaged its hull. However pro LTTE media reported that the UFAC was destroyed in a suicide attack and admitted the loss of 3 suicide cadres.

Military intelligence had previously uncovered that Norwegian ex special forces members provided underwater demolitions training to LTTE cadres in Thailand. In addition to this information it is suspected that LTTE smuggled in a few underwater scooters during the ceasefire period. Additionally, LTTE are known to use several different types of sea mines including floating mines.



The craft destroyed is an UFAC- III type vessel which is commonly known as Colombo Class Series III. It can achieve speeds up to 53 knots and can carry a crew of 16. Typhoon 25-30mm cannons, Oerlikon 20mm cannons, 12.7mm machine guns and 7.62mm machine guns can be mounted on a UFAC-III. However not all SLN FACs are fitted to their full potential.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Air Force hit a sea tiger base north of Nayaru lagoon today morning. No reports of damages caused by the air raid are available as of now.

In the Mannar front, troops have gained control of a 1 square kilometer area between Parayakulam and Illanthevan amidst bad weather conditions. Continuous rains have slowed down military operations in the area, a situation which was expected.


  1. boss, don't you know basic math? 10 missing don't mean 14 killed. Or is your idea of 16-6 mean 14? No mate 16-6 is 10.

  2. Defencenet,

    Is it possible to attack a moving craft from underwater? When it's stopped they can go and stick a bomb of course, but when it's moving (and moving at a large speed) is it possible to do that?

  3. Ltte have used another new tactic and a modern tech to destroy the FAC ..its gonna be big head ache for SLN, Sea tigers are comming under water too its gonna bring another increment on war funds coz GOSL have to buy some kind of radars or sonars to watch out the LTTE under the water
    .... Are the LTTE gonna interduce the sub-mariens in OYATHA ALAIGAL 4 ..lets wait and see ....

  4. chamal;

    the ltte claims 14 SLN KIA ok...

  5. "Ltte have used another new tactic and a modern tech to destroy the FAC "

    Sea mines are nothing new. SLN have previously recovered more than 30 mines from the same Nayaru region.

    "Is it possible to attack a moving craft from underwater? "

    depends on the technology used. If its a water scooter it may be possible.

  6. Sincere condolences to the families of those SLN sailors who lost their lives.

    This is war...these events are unavoidable. We have to stick together and see these things through. Learn from it and move forward.

    If this is a suicide attack then the LTTE are taking drastic action like a cornered beast. Since they would have nothing more to lose, extreme attempts would only increase with or without success as some of the LTTE fight to the death. I am sure the SLDF are prepared for this.

    May the military strategists deal with wisdom and foresight at this serious juncture.

  7. DefenceNet;

    are you don't even think before the reply ..if the FAC caught in to a sea mine, why the 3LTTE gonna sacrifice the lives ..the LTTE pro medias claim that they used a new tactic and used some kind of new tech to destroy the SL FAC.....


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  9. "if the FAC caught in to a sea mine, why the 3LTTE gonna sacrifice the lives ..the LTTE pro medias claim that they used a new tactic and used some kind of new tech to destroy the SL FAC....."

    Sorry about the misunderstanding. We thought you meant some sort of a new underwater weapon by the phrase "another new tactic and a modern tech to destroy the FAC".

    If you meant a suicide attack that's really nothing new. 3 kids blew themselves up, as usual.

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  11. Tamilnet:

    Lt. Col. Anpumaran, Major Niranjani and Major Kaninila were the Black Sea Tigers killed in action.

    they look like Snr. members to me ?


    Do the LTTE have lot of Lt. Col's/Major's

  12. Even if this attack is carried out with outside help like the Norwegian help, tigers will never win against the superior might of the government forces.

  13. lkdood,
    "Do the LTTE have lot of Lt. Col's/Major's"

    a whole bunch of them. If you agree to blow yourself up for them, you can shoot up in their rankings ladder.

  14. Sri Lanka Airforce bombs rebel radar station and center


  15. defencenet

    thanks for the quick reply

  16. The 10 Modaya's that went missing for you; did they also move up the ladder?

  17. Don't report 10 Weera Sorryas as dead. They are only missing. The triple gem will ensure that they float back to Hambantota.

  18. Another 10 soldiers "missing in action", i guess your government is too cheap and has no money left to pay the families of these dead soldiers. So i ask all of you how many of your "bravehearts" are missing in action? Have you guys ever wondered that.

  19. Thiru, "bravehearts".. They sacrifice their life's for innocent tamil people suffering from LTTE actions out there.. not for money or square meter of land. Keep it in your mind

  20. Lkdood-

    Do the LTTE have lot of Lt. Col's/Major's

    LTTE has more Colonel's and majors than T56 's or AK47's :)

    Dont think these monkeys to be like our KDA or US Trained well dressed inteligent guys. These savages are bare footed skinny wanni camp educated bunch of monkeys.Most of them never been to a school in their life.

    One FAC Down so whats the big deal.We Are Fighting the most Ruthless terror outfit in the world. This Is the Bigest casualty reported in Months Compared to LTTE casualty rate this is nothing. We should be Expecting more things in the future Because LTTE is in Dying stages.

    My Deepest Sympathy to the families of the Brave SLN Brothers who Died today.



  21. "If you agree to blow yourself up for them, you can shoot up in their rankings ladder."

    So I guess the whole black tiger regiment consists of major, lt. colonels and colonels.

    "So i ask all of you how many of your "bravehearts" are missing in action? Have you guys ever wondered that."

    Yes we have and we do. Those people have fought for a worthy cause and if you haven't noticed, there are many more ready to do it. They don't have to forcibly recruit soldiers like the so called liberators. BTW, talking about 'MIA', did you know that LTTE don't return dead bodies of their cadres to their families anymore? They are just left to rot in the battlefield. That's their new plan to convince the civilians that the war is going well for them, make them think there are no casualties....

    As for the rest of the racist comments, they are not even worth replying to. I hope Defencenet will take care of them.

  22. Well said suresh.

    Talking about LTTE ranks, aren't there any lower ranks than major? We never hear about Sergeants, Luetenants etc.

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  24. tamilnet is trying to feed us bullshit again, and I'm sorry to see that some people are believing it, I don't know what the problem is, whether they haven't read it carefully or what?

    Here's their article:

    "elite Black Sea Tigers, engaged in a confrontation with a fleet of Sri Lanka Navy in the seas off Mullaiththeevu"

    It wasn't a fleet, it was a lone UFAC.

    "At least 14 Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) sailors were killed in the clashes"

    If 6 sailors have been rescued, and the crew is only 16, I am at a loss to understand how the no. of dead can be 14!!

    "fighting that lasted for 45 minutes"

    There wasn't even a fight. The crew of the UFAC don't even know what actually happened. Maybe the 'elite black tigers' were engaged in a firefight with some fishermen or something?

    Tamilnet is so used to writing crap, they can't stick to the truth even when the LTTE has achieved some success. They seem to think lying is the only way

  25. It has been confirmed that the navy boat has been attacked by LTTE naval wing using underwater scooter (Human Torpedo). This is the first time the LTTE has used this new weapon. More similer sort of attack will follow up.

  26. there was a fire fight for 45 mintutes. the fighting was on till the black sea tigers blow up the boat

  27. noltte=peace,
    The link you submitted in last post has been added to our useful sites section.

    They have captains too among black tigers.

  28. Classification as MIA, promotions, compensations are handled by GSL and not from defencenet or any one else in this blog, as I know. So why all these tiger di-ass-pora come here and ask those things from us???

  29. Hmm... Maybe I should add that a dvora doesn't need to engage in a 45 minute battle with a single boat (not a large boat either) if it was spotted. Do you really think a motor boat would survive for 45 minutes with all the guns on the dvora turned at it?(read defencenet's post if you don't know the weapons) The sea tigers always rely on a large number of boats (and several suicide boats as well) when attacking such a craft.

  30. The die-ass-pora people should find this interesting:


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  32. "Do you really think a motor boat would survive for 45 minutes with all the guns on the dvora turned at it?"

    Whats the use of so many guns when Modayas are behind them? As amply demonstrated by this morning's incident.

  33. Peter
    Whatever you say, you will never get your Eelam as long as 90% of us oppose that. Once we get our act together in the south right, you guys are small change. It’s not that you are strong and mighty, but for a few hiccups in our own back yard. We could replace every FAC in Colombo. We are an island with proper planning and determination, we could isolate your Diaspora’s influence and menace from this island.

  34. Sincere condolences to the families of those SLN sailors who lost their lives.May these brave souls attend nibbana.

  35. chamal don't talk about baseless facts that you have heard from about ltte letting bodies rot, again you haven't been to wanni so you have no idea. naturewatch, your bravehearts are dying for thamil people, now that is the funniest bullshit i have heard on this blog, by fighting for them do you happen to mean rape and murder?

  36. DefenceNet,
    I am sorry to say this but i was planning on going out with Niranjani..apo..what am i going to do now..

  37. Chamal,
    We are not really dying for tamil people because Vp is killing them himself..did you see the pics of dead children in bunkers on the mannar front.this may be one reason that the EU(an IC god) is allowing 7200 items tax free.

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  39. chamal ;

    Wow wow wow ... haha is the SLA fighting for tamils ..?thats was the joke of the year ... hey guys supports TAMIL EELAM; LTTE confirmed that they used new kind of tactic to blast the SLN's navel crafts in the sea and we have to salute those fallen heroes who took part in the trial mission ...

  40. Kevin,
    No need to worry bro..if these murderous collies get tamil EELAM then we have more than a handful of singhalese and muslim piraphaharans in the making..

  41. And this donkey who is living in the west is speaking about baseless facts what a joke..ill bet he has not been to wanni for a least 5 yrs..wonder who is spewing out bullshit..

  42. The OIC survived because he got on to a life boat?..This is really confusing if he had time to save himself what about the other 10?...

    Forgive me I thought the OIC is supposed to be the last to get off the ship.

    Tamilnet is already screaming about its 'heroes' who allegedly carries out the suicide attack.

    So far it doesnt look like a suicide attack does it...because if it was then the LTTE would have mopped up any survivors as well.

    What di you guys think?

  43. The Nayaru incident..

    Did it take place close to the shore?

    People, lets assume that this was a water scooter attack.

    - What would be the travelling range of a water scooter? (I suggest the SLN purchase a few water scooters of the type possed by the LTTE and get some statistics)

    - When would be a water scooter be most effective? In other words what sort of battle conditions would be most suitable to deploy a water scooter?

    - Is the use of a water scooter a probability in this instance?

  44. how can 6 survive and 10 go missing ?

    were all of them thrown overboard ?

  45. David,
    According to defencewire the attack was cause by a suicide craft with 3 cadres.

  46. This obviously looks like a Torpedo attack.


    Tamilnet was soon to name three suicide cadres. This is to deceive GOSL.

    If it was a sea mine, LTTE would not try to release such names.

    Traitor Norway provided LTTE with underwater attacking tactics.

    Former Russian federation has many weapons that have been smuggled out of weapon dumps. These could be those torpedoes.

    Unless LTTE know the route of Dvora's taking place, it would be very difficult for them to carry out an underwater suicide attack (unless the Dvora is stationary).

    A moving Dvora is to be attacked, Torpedo would be an ideal.

  47. of the deciding factors here is the weather conditions.. it may have been pretty misty out there in the open it is probably easy for a craft to approach undetected..of coursei dont know about radars on board

  48. LTTE shit heads are having a big party here. It is understandable. It has been a long while without such an excuse to have a party. Make full use of this opportunity, maggots. Who knows, you may never get another one.

    "In the Mannar front, troops have gained control of a 1 square kilometer area between Parayakulam and Illanthevan amidst bad weather conditions."

  49. According to puthinam:

    More than 50 SLA killed and attempted offensive in Mannar beaten back. Supposed 1 km square gain for SLA has gone back to LTTE.

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  51. I believe this blog is there for like-minded people who wish to discuss the defence situation and related matters in the Pukkaland from an anti terrorist point of view.

    However, being in the www domain anyone has access to comment on this blog (as much as any other bolg on the www). Therefore we see comments from various agitators appearing from time to time. These unsolicited comments are neither welcome nor helpful to the rest of us like-minded people. Pro terrorist comments that appear in this blog are rarely with any substance of factual, intellectual or logical basis; they are simply there to agitate the rest of the bloggers and provoke responses. Even your rebuking comments constitute a response. It is like people with attention deficiency syndrome being nasty just to get some attention, positive or negative.

    The time and effort spent to respond to such comments are simply a waste. Perhaps these agitators do want us to waste our time responding to them. By responding we play right in to their hands. Perhaps they take some sort of sadistic pleasure seeing us spending time and effort, even for the slightest response, be it a one liner or a longer post.

    As a credible forum we should discuss issues when they are raised with sincerity and authenticity. However, certain agitating comments do not deserve any response at all. I am sure we have the capacity to discern these posts from the genuine comments (for or against the majority consensus of this blog).

    With the blog owner’s permission, may I suggest that we follow a “Zero-Response” policy to agitating comments from now on? If we do, I am certain within less than a month we will see a significant reduction in unsolicited posts. It does take military-like discipline and requires a high level of restraint on our part.

    Anyone in favour just post “0R” [zero – Romeo, for Zero Response] and commit not to respond to Goma….

    Here is my commitment…


    ps. DN, if you do not support this view, please delete this post. No hard feelings either way. Thanks.

  52. Sri Lankan,
    Sorry mate. Couldn't resist.
    By the way this poothinam, must be another maggot site.

  53. 55 killed and 120 wounded in MANNAR battle today and the clashes continued till 5.30 pm today and SLA withdraw to their earlier positions...

  54. Hemantha,
    not only you mate as well.I guess we all get tempted.:).Really no point because this is a "game" to them.Anyway the next few months are vital for army offensive..

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  56. Well said PukkaLanka.

    My vote:

    If the attack on the UFAC is truly an underwater suicide attack, then our brothers across the Palk Strait must be very worried.

    Every cloud has a silver lining.

  57. well, LTTE MF's going to get lot of DIS-ASS-PORA money due to this and these bloody buggers are so happy about it.

  58. Gents dont waste your time.let these LTTE MF's post 100,000 nothing..

  59. Defencenet

    any news from MANNAR ?

  60. pukkaland,

    Pukka post!

    I haven't seen anyone put this message through so nicely!

    I think I've practised this for a considerable time and I believe I can adhere without extra effort.

    I suggest to others who wish to do the same to first practise and abstain first rather than breaking a vow and then posting a "OR"

    So here goes mine...


  61. we are seeing new accounts being made just to perform this farcical vote. MR supporters sure have a demented concept of democracy and voting....

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  63. Guys,

    Please don’t' be pessimistic! Even if this turns out to be a torpedo, don't worry, we'll survive!

    Remember when TAF first dropped few bombs, these guys jumped with joy just like this. Look at the situation now, those tin cans have either been destroyed or they are too afraid to bring them out!

    It will be the same with this "new tactic".

    These idiots go on about us fighting for months to get 1 square km but let's look at from another point of view.

    These terrorists have been fighting for 30 years to have control over less than 2 districts. At this rate, it'll take them at least another 90 years to achieve Eelam!!

    Ooooooh, I'm so afraid!

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  65. SLAF has been pounding sea tigers bases for the last 30 years and this is the end result....

    The masses are so gullible to listen to this crap for thirty years in and out. Whats also unbelievable is that some are so frightened to consider logic and reason that they would spread their fairy tale bull crap.

  66. good points peter, however modayas will never understand this. As for the tincans, they will come out soon with something unexpected!

  67. Peter-

    Can you Guarantee Non of the tamil women are scrubing marble floors or no tamil prostitutes?
    Any Nationality or ethnic Community in the world which completly stay away from srcubing floors or prostitution?
    You think tamil women are so clean and Saints?

    You make comments here about Defence Stuff.

    Peter If you read comments from top to Bottom You will notice somthing special about your comments, it looks real Sick your comments. It reflects HATE,LACK OF INTELIGENCE.Dont take my word on that.Show this blog to some one and as that person to read comments from top to bottom,then
    that person will sure to note your uneducated comments sick.

    Peter did you notice LTTE used to display a dreamy eelam area on sri lanka maps? Now what happend? all i can see is a tiny area in north.WHAT HAPPENED? Your so called Inteligent LTTE cadres ended their JIVA end Faced the KARMA so they can Punarjanma(Born again) and fight again in North, in normal english they are FUCKED UP DEAD.

    You asked about the ranks of our SLN brothers?
    Well let me Re-right somthing about ranks.

    LTTE has more Colonel's and majors than T56 's or AK47's :)

    Dont think these monkeys to be like our KDA or US Trained well dressed inteligent guys. These savages are bare footed skinny wanni camp educated bunch of monkeys.Most of them never been to a school in their life.

    One FAC Down so whats the big deal.We Are Fighting the most Ruthless terror outfit in the world. This Is the Bigest casualty reported in Months Compared to LTTE casualty rate this is nothing. We should be Expecting more things in the future Because LTTE is in Dying stages.

    My Deepest Sympathy to the families of the Brave SLN Brothers who Died today.



    Peter you have no shame to talk about one single thing this much when your Thambi's are getting fucked up from 5 fronts.

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  69. re. two SLAF attacks @1115 & 1410,

    why weren't they carried out before? why did we wait to attack them in retaliation style although it is a good thing anyway?

    This makes me think that there are indeed many more IDDENTIFIED LTTE fortifications, centres, etc, etc. but nothing happens.

    for those who boast about an LTTE "success" must appreciate that if sea tigers can lay sea mines, SLN too can do it in seas frequented by them!!

    Whether this was a mine, an underwater manuvre or a suicide-boat-ramming incident must be cleared soon. If it is an underwater attack, this opens up a new phase in the war.

  70. I recon that it is high time the SLN and SLAF are also given a daily quota (at least a monthly quota) to meet as the SLA has a target of 20 a day.

    It is going to be difficult but got to be done.

  71. Peter -
    If you think We killed only three LTTE Colonals, Rush to the nearest Phone and call one of your LTTE thambi and asked about our LRRP(DPU) Operations for the last two months only, YOU ARE IN FOR A SHOCK OF YOUR LIFE.

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  73. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  74. Even Rajapakse has given up on his "fight against terrorism strategy".

    See for yourself:

    So who is fooling whom here. What is mere happening is blood sacrifice by the sinhala nation of its young and fit citizens to fairytale dreams of "united lanka"

  75. "Why buy 5 Mig-29s from Russia at a cost of us$75 million when majority of your ppl live on les sthan 1$ a day? "

    OMG, suddenly a Tiger is concerned about poor people in SL.

    The MIG's must have scared the shit out of them, that's why the sudden love for poor people! Anyway, we already have F-7's to take care of those tin cans. MIG-29's are for the future when the Kfir's retire.

    Get your facts right about $1 story, otherwise you just look stupid! Anyway, yes we are poor in Sri Lanka, but we still pay for the teachers & hospital staff in Wanni.

    Yup, 27 years later, we still roam free in Jaffna!

    In the meantime, LTTE has been a god-send to Sri Lanka and Tamil people. They are all saints and have never ever committed any crime. There are no LTTE house maids, prostitutes, pimps, drug traffickers etc. etc.

    Just watch this video, this guys Ross Kemp must have had some nerve to fabricate so much bullshit and broadcast on UK national TV.

    Ross Kemp

  76. hey, peterrani, upulani, shymani will you please tell me why you pussy's jumping up and down here suddanly. is today you MF kings anal cavity cleaning day? for me today we lost a boat & few boys, but thats ok as we will squre the figures tmro.

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  78. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  79. Parakrama,
    Nice video that..thanks.really enjoyed it.:):).Dont worry bro..that guy was not really burnt alive he was demonstrating how to barbecue meat.Anyway GOD IC will look after his spirit now..

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  81. that's not our style snake. we prefer the other way.

  82. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  83. Peter,

    So, you want to read about the all-saints ha?

    Here's a link: Terrorists

    The list includes:

    -Sea piracy - MV Farah III incident
    -Pilferage of tsunami donations
    -Human smuggling
    -Arms smuggling
    -Attacks on civilians
    -Child soldiers
    -Suicide bombing
    -Ethnic cleansing
    -Execution of POWs

    One example of drug trafficking.

    I don't want to waste any more of my time searching the web for you, go and Google it and see for yourself!

  84. This is like the pay day for tigers. (but why their party here?)If one just reads these comments, he might think LTTE has won the eelaam; But just one dwora was sunk.

    You should see the wording 'sinhala modayas' from some tiger. This implies all sinhalese are moadyas. But atleast Wikramabahu K, Sunanda D, Kumar R, Nadesan's wife, .... should be inteligent. So this is a racist commet which is not allowed in this blog no matter how inteligent is the related tiger.

    Finaly, tigers have successfully turned defencenet in to another LNP, atleast until DN deletes the crap.

    Hope you guys don't waste your time.

  85. hey peterrani, thanks for the link snake.! i really enjoyed that clip. specially the fact they have kick some LTTE MF's a** last month. BTW i did not hear that guys last commnets. what is he saying??

  86. LTTE super humans are asking India to help..These are the same people who once boasted that they defeated the Indian Army...

    Liberation is in progress...

  87. You know the terrorists were going through an awfully bad spot when they celebrate this much after destroying a boat. Comeon dude, we just lost 10 men and a boat. After almost two years of continously losing land, some of your top 'leaders', countless bata-slippered kids and most importantly yout morale to the advancing SL army, finally you've found something to rejoice upon. Peters, thirus and what nots are suddenly popping up all over to praise the peelam dream.

    well, all i can say is keep partying gys, guess u deserved it after going through such a depressing period. But if i were you, i'd just take a panadol or a sedative and go to sleep. Who knows, you might wake up tomorrow to find another puppet TNA mp butchered by some unknown group...whoops did i say that....hahah

    P.S. Peter, what the fuck of a name is that? I mean, we know your parents were plucked from India and dumped in SL by the Brits, and probably an entire imperial army unit has 'sampled' your mother's skills in bed, but u dont have to acknowledge that by naming urself as such, do u?

  88. kiri,

    Cheers matey! Glad you liked the post about zero response. Sorry I didn't see your post when I acknowledged two others who responded to 0R earlier.

    Here is it from me again.


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  90. Unfortunately casualties are an inevitable part of any war. During Eelam war 1 and 2, the SLN paid a heavy price because the LTTE had equipment on par or sometimes better than the SLN. The KDA honor rolls show that the navy had a disproportionately large number of casualties among officers in the early years despite its relatively small size. Even with the losses suffered with this incident, the situation is totally different today. The LTTE may occasionally get a FAC with a suicide craft but they cannot turn the tide of this war. Now the law of numbers favors the SLN. The navy is also the only service arm where equipment in terms of naval craft can be procured locally, which ultimately is a benefit to the Sri Lanka economy. Today Colombo Dockyards has the capability to build 100 ships. In fact they have orders for two 100 ton passenger ships from an Indian Govt entity.

  91. @Defencenet
    If this is a human torpedo attack,what vessel could they have used to launch it that is in the sea tigers arsenal?

  92. I meant to say Colombo Dockyards has the capability to build 100 ton ships not 100 ships.

    I belive the largest SLN craft built by Colombo Dockyards is 40 tons.

  93. Good article by Iqbal Athas

    Retired Flag Officers and Organisation of Professional Assiciations (OPA) make reccomendation re formulating a defence policy.

    "There has to be divisions of the Ministry (of Defence), one with a Civilian head (Secretary) and the other with a Military head (Chief of Armed Forces). The proper designation should be Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff and not Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) as a CDS should be a person who has worked in all three services and be familiar with tri-service operations etc. One should not be subordinate to the other and each has specific responsibilities and the existence of the Defence Council will help to sort out any differences, which should not, but might occur.

    Chiefs of Staff Committee: The designation of the three Service Chiefs should be changed - The forces are now too large for a Commander to exercise direct command. He has to delegate to subordinate commanders and in this context the designation of the Service Chiefs (as practiced by most countries) should be:

    a. Chief of Army Staff
    b. Chief of Naval Staff
    c. Chief of Air Staff"

  94. I think the point David made exposes the Tamilnet's lie about a sea battle.

    If there was any other LTTE craft taking part then it should have destroyed the hapless sailers in the life boat too.

    If it was not a sea mine, it is interesting how they managed to close in stealthly.

    TN would not rush to publish (some) names unless there is a sinister motive. So that should be ignored for now.

  95. Iqbal Athas' article has a photo of a fiberglass device picked up in the area. It looks like a buoy or some sort of anchoring device. This is not the first time the LTTE has used sea mines.

  96. Defencenet,

    This new retarded @$$hole called peter is continuously dragging religion into this with his talk about 'triple gem'. Where are you?

  97. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  98. DefenceNet:

    Sorry mate for the rather strongly "acidic" response to this LTTE sakkiliya called "peter" as he has been repeatedly insulting the Sinhelas and Buddhism.

    I am in full favor of the "0R" as was earlier suggested (by Ninja I believe?), but I simply couldn't resist the temptation to castrate this filthy mf. LMSSAO!!!

    I shall cease and solemn promise to you mate.

    Greets... OaO Asithri

  99. Another solid piece of proof the “tamileelam” dream has ejaculated prematurely and is now only a dried up stain in need of bleach:

    "We are well aware of the significant and importance of the national security of the country, which has to be kept above politics and no one should interfere. The national security is handled by the patriotic armed forces of this country. They have vowed to protect the country and there are dedicated armed forces leaders and they know better than anyone us to safeguard the country,” – Pillaiyan of TMVP


    OaO Asithri

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  102. asithri - sinhala filth^2

    The guy never made a decent argument, goes on with his potty mouth - do we hell care what this demented fool has to say. Dude stop being a keyboard warrior and go fighting on the frontline against the Tigers if you dare. Let see you blow off a limb or two. Wait a minute you spineless already...

  103. Firerain looks like a asithri doppler account.

  104. He is so lame that he needs to create an artificial cheering squad for himself.

  105. Peter,
    Dont drag religious insults into your arguments or we will delete all your comments just like we did now.

    Asithri please do not use offensive language.

  106. Aha, I see another “now-and-then visiting” LTTE mf “upul” has decided to take a swipe at poor, humble, OaO Asithri! LMSSAO!!!

    Listen you piece of filthy LTTE TERRORIST turd, you ain’t no match for this OaO Asithri today…and you ain’t going to be match for him tomorrow. Your type of sob used to think that you had the monopoly of the cool/modern/colloquial/profane language of the white-man (whose arse you kissed at independence when you demanded 50% of guaranteed seats in the Parliament for your paltry 8% minority!!!) as tried here by your “peter” mf and given that we Sinhelas were always proud of our swabhasha, you mf’s cannot fathom that some of us can now write decent (like how I contribute in Asiantribune) or indecent English (like how I do here, castrating sinna-podiyen coolie-punks like you!).

    No SOB…I am an Ivy League post-grad and am sure that hurts you to know…that some of us Sinhelas can aspire to this level of academic/professional standing that you racist swine always thought was your exclusive domain (given the favoritism you had from the white masters when you bend-over to them!)

    You piece of turd, you cheers on your friend “peter” the filthy anti-Sinhela, anti-Buddhist racist/religious bigot and then you have the bloody gall to come and try to tell me what to do? Nice try! LMSSAO!!!

    Go suck an egg sakki! Tangling with OaO Asithri is not a good thing, trust me.

    OaO Asithri

  107. OK I am done for now...and will scram as I have to catch an early flight tm...but...

    "I'll be watching you" the Police said! LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. @ Upul
    Me a droplet account? lol. won't tell you what droplet you are.

    Ok back to the subject
    @ defencenet
    Why are some of the UFACs not fully equipped?

  110. Hey Guys..

    Gilani set to be Pakistan PM
    The party of assassinated former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto nominated former National Assembly speaker Yousuf Raza Gilani as its candidate for prime minister


    Any Comments Guys

  111. Upul, the boss, peter, shyam are maggots (no undue insult intended). They were nowhere until the loss/death suffered by SLN and 10 sailors got killed (most likely). Like maggots and flies come to corpses, these guys landed from nowhere.

    Similarly green flies are attracted to excreta.

    This is intended to others at the forum. We cannot stop these flies/maggots from feeding from death/destruction. Best is to ignore them. Chasing them away is a better option but just like flies, they keep coming back UNWELCOMED.

  112. Save SLAF base Katunayake from another bigger attack similar to Anuradhapura.

    This is the third or fourth highest priority of LTTE.

    The security of SLAF base is pathetic. I can not tell more, but very vulnerable to several types of attacks.

  113. Asithri,
    "No SOB…I am an Ivy League post-grad and am sure that hurts you to know…that some of us Sinhelas can aspire to this level of academic/professional standing that you racist swine always thought was your exclusive domain (given ..... to them!)
    Very well said bro..very well hit the nail on the head as usual:).This is the essence of this whole issue.As i have stated many times before we need to build our numbers overseas..which is a fact that the Hon president understands.thank god

  114. I really feel sorry for this tamil-canadian fellow..with the exit of peter he feels so isolated..aww how cute..heheheheheehe

  115. Suresh said...
    Hey Guys..

    Gilani set to be Pakistan PM

    Any Comments Guys

    I don't think its going to change anything. All of the previous governments in Pakistan whether they were civillian or military have had very good relations with Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Army officers have been attending Pakistani military academies for the past fifty years. Of course, Gen Musharaff was unique because of his role in supplying Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers and other equipment on an emergency basis during the siege of Jaffna. Also, General Mushraff is a close personal firend and a batch mate of General Sri Lal Weerasooriya, the current SL Ambassador in Pakistan. Regardless of whther General Musharaff stays on as the President or goes, the Pakistani military will no doubt continue to play a major role in that country, probably like the military's role in Turkey. On the other hand, if the civillian political leadership brings an end to or minimizes the cold war between Pakistan and India that would benefit Sri lanka too. A strong Pakistan is always good for Sri Lanka, especially as a counterbalance against India.

  116. sorry but news about STF.

    STF Commander DIG Nimal Lewke was "transferred" as a "punishment" for him for an incident where STF commandoes killed (if accidental or not)some civillians when in Batticaloa district in April 2000.
    Unfortunately the only link on the internet is a pro LTTE website.

  117. Anyway Nimal Lewke's services and expertise is very valuable to his new area - WP-North.

    I'm for the deployment of STF itself in colombo in places of strategic importance. We all know their exceptional skills and posting them to East was a mistake although they excelled there as well.

  118. "As i have stated many times before we need to build our numbers overseas..which is a fact that the Hon president understands"

    Suresh, goodbye!

    I persume that my previous posts have been deleted for use of "Modaya", "Nibbana" and "Bhuddist". I will refrain from using such religious connotations in the future.

    How are the "brave hearts" progressing at the Mannar front? Sunday Observer says that they are stuck in muddy terrain thanks to "unexpected" rain.

    How many more hours till the 1.8km to Madhu or 0.8km to Addampan. Please try to understand that there are quite a few "patriots", checking this blog on a daily basis with large quantaties of "arrack" bottles to "pop".

  119. firerain, if your news was true, the commander would have been transferred immediately after MR became president, not now. Doesnt seem likely for me atleast

  120. DefenceNet,
    Please try to understand that there is a large number of murderous LTTE filth that murdered innocent people over the years in SLanka and escaped to Canada&U.K without facing prosecution in those countries because they were "soft spoken good fellows..with that idiotic masala dosai smile of their on their faces".We need to take this war to them(overseas) by building up our political bases overseas.This trash has destroyed our reputation in beautiful countries like switzerland by importing drugs into these countries and engaging in all kinds of filth.
    bye masala dosai

  121. peter,
    "How are the "brave hearts" progressing at the Mannar front? Sunday Observer says that they are stuck in muddy terrain thanks to "unexpected" rain.

    How many more hours till the 1.8km to Madhu or 0.8km to Addampan. Please try to understand that there are quite a few "patriots", checking this blog on a daily basis with large quantaties of "arrack" bottles to "pop"."

    Someone else asked the same question 1-2 days ago. We suggest you read our answer there.

  122. DefenceNet,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Due the speed at which the "brave hearts" progress against the "bata boys" I didn't bother to check old posts for updates.

    Oopps, I also forgot that this "War of Attrition" is not about real estate.

    Unfortunately, DefenceLK made a bit of "hoo haa" about the capture of 1 sq km in the "general areas south of Adampan", leading me to believe that the "brave hearts" had abandoned the "War of Attrition".

    On a continuing note, how many sq kms are there in the region described in the defence circles as "general area south of Adampan"?

  123. peter,
    "forgot that this "War of Attrition" is not about real estate."

    That doesnt mean that no land will be captured. It means land is not the primary objective.

  124. Scenario 1: Real estate taken = Victory

    Scenario 2: Real estate NOT taken = Victory (real estate is not a priority

    Conclusion: "Brave hearts" can only be "victorious"

    If you think about it properly, loss of UFAC is also a "victory". Protecting the craft was not the priority. Destruction of "tiger terrorist ... sea mine"/suicide craft was the task at hand and that was fully executed with precision.

  125. There is lot of talk about the Pro LTTE stance of BBC Sinhala and Tamil Service

    If you would carefully analyze, you can see that BBC and Tamilnet are dividing stories among themselves. They carefully select what to report by each other after discussion.

    This coordination between pro-LTTE Tamilnet and BBC started when the LTTE London shoot Wasantha Rajah and his then wife (Sinhala -she is still attached to BBC Sinhala Service) met with Anton Balasingham. Since then BBC became LTTE's one of the most supporting mouthpieces.

    There is a reason for this too.

    Bogus Asylum seeking is the main driving factor behind this pro-LTTE , anti-GOSL reporting of BBC Sri Lankan Service. What Wasantha Rajah did was cleverly recruiting 'bogus asylum seekers' to BBC Sinhala and Tamil Service.

    If you would deeply dig into the pedigree of these so-called 'journalists' there, they all have either entered UK as victims of war or as former JVP members. The irony is none of them have ever been closer to JVP nor victimized by the bogus war created by LTTE.

    The guys who got asylum bogusly claiming to be JVP, now the biggest thrashers of JVP. None of the bogus asylum seeking 'so called journalists' have ever been victimized by any of the violence took place in Sri Lanka (JVP nor LTTE). But undoubtedly, Rajah helped them and in some occasions to (ambiguously) claim asylum too, and with the paperwork etc. Now they keep thrashing Sri Lanka, as instructed by the invisible masters -> no Exit.

    There was a period that BBC Sri Lankan Service acted as they were the 'relay-station' of Tamilnet, relaying any news appeared in Tamilnet within few minutes delay, with original pictures from Tamilnet.

    I can remember that few years ago, one of the Sri Lankan patriots who lives in the UK had written to BBC asking them whether they have an MOU between Tamilnet to relay Tamilnet news with their photos etc (I still have a copy of the email that was circulated among the patriots that time). As soon as this email went around, the 'relaying' of Tamilnet news through BBC Sri Lankan Service stopped. At that time (about 4-5 years ago), it was 'gross-relaying' of Tamilnet news (with more glorification of LTTE or showing Sri Lanka in a more bad light). Now, it is about selectively dividing news items among themselves, depending on the 'impact-score' that the party can achieve.

    It works as follows. When a news worthy item comes, the mobile phones start ringing and instructions passes. Then who do what would be discussed and agreed. Then depending on the agreed lines, the news items are churned out by the party.

    LTTE keeps the strings. They know each and everyones bogus Asylum Record.

    They f-ck their mother land to hide their bogus asylum seeking records. True MFrs!

  126. Heroes and Zeros who contribute to this blog. How many of you are writing from the fighting zone. I believe who ever supports this endless war would continue to do, since it is someone else son who die.
    I will challenge anyone in this blog to give a time frame when the enemy can be defeated SLSF or LTTE.[The current Army commander gave a time frame to defeat LTTE, however he seemed back tracking now]
    I will standby my belief that twenty years from now, this war will continue. SLSF would never succeed in defeating the LTTE nor LTTE would ever succeed in getting total Eelam.
    If I want to give my opinion on the security situation in the north now. The obvious has happened after the the Anicut incident and subsequent capture of the east. The Army is bogged down and struggling to find a way out.

  127. Let me clarify what's going on this blog and hope it will help for every one. As stated by DN this blog is for defence related things and racist, personally attacking, misinformation comments are not allowed.

    We have seen number of tigers blogging here time to time. By handles; upul, the boss, ram, silva, peter, thiru, balaguru,, crimewatch, shyam etc. (Some of these are multiple creations as DN said once.) Those who new here, we can see replying to tigers and I hope they soon will understand ignoring them is the best thing to do, as others do now, after replying earlier.

    These tigers just repeat mainly the following.

    1) LTTE is never defeated.
    2) SLA can't go forward.
    3) SLA dumps their own dead bodies in some 'secret' place in Mannar/ A'pura which is however known by tigers.
    4) SLA has a lot of MIA.
    5) GSL classified this MIA to avoid paying compensation.
    6) SLN attacks tamil (Indian/SL) fishermen. (some time some no one's ships.)
    7) SLAF attacks civilian settlements and jungles.
    8), MCNS, defencenet lie.
    9) LTTE will show a surpise attack soon.
    10) Civilian killings, bombs in south are carried out by SLA, just to discreidt LTTE. (Also, LTTE didn't kill Rajiv G.)
    11) GSL violates HR of tamils.
    12) NE is tamil homeland.
    13) East is not cleared. (still under LTTE??)
    14) Sinhalese are racist.
    15) GSL do ethnic cleaning. (from where to where? From SL to Europe, US, UK, Canada?)
    16) Eelaam is so close now, more than any time in the history.
    17) 1956/ 1983 etc.
    18) LTTE casulaties are almost zero.
    19) SLA rapes tamil women (in Haiti.)
    20) Pra-bra is God and LTTE has not a single wrong, bad thing.

    Also, these tigers are worrying about SLA perfomance, their welfare, KIA and disable soldiers more than we do care which should be appriciated.

    Apart from personal attacks and copy pastigs from pro-LTTE media basicaly that's what these tigers say here. Almsot all of these were discussed and answered. But nothing has changed in tiger minds. It's natural you reply to these tigers when you read such comments for thr first time.

    LTTE started eelaam war 3 by sinking 2 SLN ships and putting down 2 Avros. 1000+ SLA KIA in a single day in K'chi, Mulathiv. KAB destroyed. But no eelaam was given. Now tigers thing they get eelaam by sinking a Dwora. May be these tigers are drunk after partying for sinking Dwora. (Can you understand why some geniuos, inteligent, perfect tiger come here and argue with other modayas-us, unless he is drunk?)

    Some people think they are brainwashed. It is more than that. These are kind of the people who brainwash their 12 years old captions, majors etc. Finally, given their racist thinking we can beleive they all have paid well $$$ to LTTE. We also should think what have we done apart from bloging.

  128. peter,
    Tamilnet is based on the same logic.

    Scenario 1: Operation repulsed = victory

    Scenario 2: Tactical withdrawal = victory (hey it was a tactical move)

  129. R*fard&C*ble said...
    There is lot of talk about the Pro LTTE stance of BBC Sinhala and Tamil Service

    Why are you concerned about British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which as highlighted by "Hon" WeeraSoorya, is an "extension of colonialism"?

    By giving prominence to BBC and the likes you are only promoting the continued suppression of "Lakdiva" and her "2500 years of rich heritage" by the colonials.

    For your information: "Lakdiva" has her own DefenceLK and LankaPuthra to rival the likes of BBC.

  130. Ninja, you summarized what we observed in the blog for over an year in one comment.

    Most (not all) LTTE supporters believe LTTE to be some superhuman force invulnerable to any type of attack. That is why they live in denial about every news item that associates bad news for LTTE.

    SLA supporters (once again, not all, but the majority) on the other hand have shown more maturity and have openly discussed the weaknesses of SLA, strengths of LTTE, etc etc.

    There is no such thing as a 'perfect army' in the world. And in a war, both parties will suffer casualties. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just kidding themselves.

  131. DefenceNet said...

    Tamilnet is based on the same logic.

    Surely you aspire to be a tad more "coherent" than "TerrorNet" which is merely updated by a couple of "BataBoys"?

  132. peter,
    First of all we've never used those words to address TN.

    We merely pointed out the obvious to which you seemed to be blind.

  133. "Most (not all) LTTE supporters believe LTTE to be some superhuman force invulnerable to any type of attack. That is why they live in denial about every news item that associates bad news for LTTE."


    Remember that time when LTTE's MI Chief was killed and "TerrorNet" had a headline rubbishing the story. Similarly, when Tamilselvan was killed, "LTTE supporters" were in "denial", refusing to hold remembrance ceremonies of any sorts.

    After all, it is the LTTE that refuses to have "war heroes" cemeteries or any real count of war dead for fear of the tally adding upto in excess of 20, 000.

  134. Thanks DN. 'Peter' has some jokes based on his own definitions and assumptions. Nothing wrong for him, but you and me have little to do with his entertaining comments.

  135. peter,
    What we said was based on what LTTE supporters posted on DefenceNet Blog. (not by studying Tamilnet's behavior or some other forum). It was based on our own experience as we usually check most comments posted in our blog.

    "Remember that time when LTTE's MI Chief was killed and "TerrorNet" had a headline rubbishing the story. Similarly, when Tamilselvan was killed, "LTTE supporters" were in "denial", refusing to hold remembrance ceremonies of any sorts.

    LTTE supporters and actual LTTE cadres are two different things. What LTTE did is completely irrelevant to what LTTE supporters posted in DefenceNet blog.

  136. DefenceNet,

    May be the tigers are experimenting with floating mine fields. They used to have moored mines..but as pointed out the navy has been keeping an eye for them, and avoiding pre mined areas.

    the tigers could be using it as a area denial avoid a amphibious op as suggested.

    Are you aware of the depth where the boat sank?

    may be we could salvage/recover weapons & servisable items and fine out what really hit the FAC?

    Your views please.

    The missing of the ships watch would not be forgotten.

  137. "We merely pointed out the obvious to which you seemed to be blind."

    Just expected the "Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka" to have set itself "higher standards" than a group that is "widely outlawed" as a "designated foreign terrorist organisation".

    Apologies if my expectations "seemed" to have had risen due to "blind[ness]".

  138. Dear Defencenet,

    Please don't answer to these toilet cleaners; they suffer from a severe inferiority complex and hence make completely stupid arguments that has no defence relevance.

    By answering to their crap, we give them a sense of importance without which they are still JUST shit-dripping TCs.

    If they are winning the war as they boast they would not waste time here trying to convince us. They will give up their TC jobs in Canada and come down to Tamil Elam!! it is as simple as that.

    These cowards will never ever come to Vanni, etc. as they know too well that their other TCs here are losing the war.

  139. DN was very helpful for non-military people who are interested in the ongoing conflict in SL. I understood why some of the things happening in that way and not another way in the battlefield. We should thank for DN for their comments and explananions and also for some other bloggers. This kind of blogs are just a hindrance for LTTE prpoganda, LTTE mis-information campaign and same applied to GSL in lesser extent. I like to see DN continues this great job in the correct path as they did so far.

  140. Nemesis,
    We dont know exactly the depth to which the boat sank.

    The incident is still under investigation. The best clue SLN has so far found is the fiber glass shell. It could have acted as a container for the explosives. If that is true, it would differ from a normal explosive laden boat ramming the UFAC (unless they used a new technique). The crew also has not reported of sighting of a typical suicide boat.

    the tigers could be using it as a area denial avoid a amphibious op as suggested."

    Yes earlier MI reports have indicated the same. For example Mullaithiv coast is said to be heavily mined using sea mines to prevent SLA from launching an amphibious assault there.

    And it was in the same Nayaru region that SLN recovered more than 30 sea mines recently.

  141. Following on from what Srilankan said a few entries above, it amazes me how some Sri lankans overseas-

    - bend the anti-terrorist laws in EU countries to organise fundraising events,
    - open up anti Sri lankan TV channels,
    -travel to Non EU countries and openly support the LTT,
    and constantly attack the mother country (e.g. BBC Sinhala, the high cast Australian Dr).

    They destroy the image of our PukkaLanka, but come August, they’ll go there by the planeload. I guess most of these people travel on foreign or dual passports. I’m not an expert on international law, but why can’t we refuse them entry? Or even question them for a few hours! (A simple question such as: ‘you have visited Geneva on the 11th of June 2007. What was the occasion?).
    When it comes to National Security, we could learn a lot from the Israelis.

    By the way, there is no point in them appealing to Robert Blake, as this is common practice in the States, see what happened to Cat Stevens!

    MESS = Mono Ethnic Single State

  142. defencenet u r wasting ur valuable time in replying to the LTTE bootlicking maggots who appear here once in a blue moon when their superhuman army commits some little victory.

    PLS dont waste ur time on these brainwashed kids.. wut do they know abt the SL conflict.. most of them have not even set foot in this country....
    pls use ur valuable time to post a new article abt the mannar and welioya front's info...(just a suggestion no offenses..)

  143. Dear all,

    Can we IGNORE this time waster please,..

    Just think from last couple of days this idiot is playing around here putting the focus away from useful discussions.
    Sure he(they) will learn their lessons soon when the "Democtratic Terrorist Republic of Wanni" or "Peelam Kingdom" declares its independence, but we cant teach him now. Let him be with his dream forever..!!!

    Dont feed him in this blog, please.

  144. I have met one of my friends who is a copral assigned to commandos regiment assigned to mananar front who was on leave and this is wut he has said to me abt the statemets that his group leader(8 man team) has said abt thier work and commitment.
    "api mehe koi taram duk windath koi taram koti maruwath mewata hiawenna balagena inna parayo tikak dakune innava un kiyanne api koti maranne na kiyala eka nisa lines walin gihin koti marala wadak na body aran enne natuwa api karapu de oppu karanna ba "
    these heroic soldiers have sacrificed their lives again in an attempt to carry the dead bodies to claim their victories and even some times tigers have setup booby traps to their dead carders. now tigers have given up any attempts to recover their fallen comrades under heavy fire so they simply booby trapped them.
    if any one has any doubts abt the ongoing operations dont ask mr Kiriella just ask a soldier from mannaer welioya vavunia or muhamaeli fronts who has come on leave....

  145. "Dear Defencenet,

    Please don't answer to these toilet cleaners;"

    Please start a campaign to save me. I am going to get stoned in Saudi or lashed in Singapore.

    "Dont feed him in this blog, please."

    Don't be so greedy. Sunday Observer did say that "unexpected" rain in the "Rice Bowl" has led to shortage of "punakku", but please be kind enough to share the little that you have.

  146. Nedumaran has been arrested again in Chennai. The arrest has been made while Nedumaran and his supporters were protesting in public against Indian military aid to SL.

  147. Lankanews
    Whom do you suspect to be the contacts of RAW in the London HC? We are keen to know this.By the way the late Hon Anura Bandnayake's memorial will me at Chiswick temple at 7 am tomorrow,monday.

  148. Attack is…
    Does your man say that the things are going as planned and are we winning the battles? Are they getting all the necessary help from the state and are they happy with the way the operations are going?

  149. guardian refuse the news claiming "Second Attack from KTR"

    so anyone got the correct detils bout this incident?

  150. Bravo! Another "cat fight" at London HC. Looks like every "Banda" has his/her eyes set on St John's Wood.

    Walter moved to London recently and began stirring things up. His argument is that the current HC is "incompetent" and frankly unable to deal with the "LTTE supporters". So Walter uses "friendly media" such as LankaWeb and AsianTribune to spread "scoops" from inside the HC.

    However, the incumbent isn't without her supporters either. Unfortunately for her, LankaGuardian is just a rookie relative to the "media arsenl" at Walter's disposal.

    Eventually, Walter would emerge successful because of his absolute dedication to "Hon" Rajapaksa.

    Kshenuka is a career diplomat where as Walter is a lawyer-cum-web scribe. Justification for replacing one with the other would have to be strong.

  151. One person who knows the subject after seeing the u tube real player video footage of the air force bombing of the tiger sea bases north of Mannar thinks after seeing no secondary explosions that much of the devices dropped from air may have fallen off the targets and the navy guys have shown true professionalism by not firing at the already burning ‘floating weapons arsanel’off mid sea also delighted to notice that there was no jubilation on the navy gunboat deck, when the ship was sinking, rightfully there should be dignity and respect for the foe in victory. Good show! I say to our lads.
    He also thinks that the recent FAC was stuck by a homemade floating buoy where a mine or explosive device was attached and it would be wise for the Navy to locate the
    others using small crafts. There may be others that may be floating in areas, regularly use by the FAC.Fishermen could drop them easily.

  152. Sri Lankan military says 60 rebels, 6 soldiers killed in fighting in the north


  153. ‘Bravo! Another "cat fight" at London HC. Looks like every "Banda" has his/her eyes set on St John's Wood.’
    Peter I agree on this point you made here.
    I know that Renuka and company is doing a very good job at the london HC and for the first time this High Commission has been doing many positive things, many events to bring communities together and we couldn’t keep up with the events they are holding for us, besides they are sending us a regular news briefing by post to our homes. This tirelessly working HC seems to be attending more that one function in a day and I have witnessed it my self and I hope the gosl will not break this momentum and replace this team. they were responsible for the demonstration in front of the parliament in the 8th of July’08 where the Jvp also along with all the other parties participated, then a much attended concert to bring all communities together on the 15th of Nov’08.Who ever who is writing these articles is doing for a sinister reason, having no interest in the country at all at this critical time and they better not put a crony to replace this lady and we will watch them closely. we are fed up of traitors and bogus pseudo patriots who are back peddling our cause in fighting this terrorist lobby who are a force to reckon with.

  154. "Kshenuka is a career diplomat where as Walter is a lawyer-cum-web scribe. Justification for replacing one with the other would have to be strong."

    This is totally crap. If the diplomat is unable to serve their country then they must be replaced with somebody who can (and ASAP if that ***** is actually working against the country; getting them back here and throwing them into the sea would be good idea). They are sent there for a job, not on a holiday.

  155. Defencenet,

    Don't we have some kind of a minesweeper ship? And we also got some kind of anti-submarine vessel as well, haven't we?

  156. Chamal
    I totally diagree with you,sorry.Happy easter to you!

  157. Kshenuka has more support from the London "brave hearts" than Walter does at this point in time.

    Former LTTE strongman R Jayadevan is an ardent supporter of Kshenuka. He led the delegation to SL, that KTR refers to as "RAW team". The fact is R Jayadevan can pull so many strings, that even KTR is too scared to mention his name in any of the articles. Instead, KTR refers to Jayadevan as "RAW agent".

    However, Walter does enjoy the support of the "Weera Soorya" web media. He also has the support of certain elements in London, but most of these appear to be dormant and unwilling to lay their positions on the line in order to back Walter to the core.

    Already Walter has canvassed the support of Ambassador Dayan Jayathilaka, one of the most influential diplomats in the Rajapaksa circle.

    Despite Jayadevan's backing, I think Kshenuka will have to bow out and eventually Walter will emerge victorious.

  158. Kevin,

    I'm talking about all of them, not on this incident. There are people who do their job well, but also there are people who do just the opposite of what the country expects from them.

    BTW, the ambassador to UK is not perfect either. Take a look here: link

  159. Is this the rainy season in the North?

    I thought the is coming to a stop at these times? Are these off seasonal showers?

  160. Peter
    ‘Kshenuka has more support from the London "brave hearts" than Walter does at this point in time.’
    Peter I don’t agree with most of the crap you write in this blogg,must say I am very interested in what you are saying above.
    I am surprised to hear that Jayadevan is working for RAW also he is working for someone else here as well and I think he has some good contacts in UK.Some says that he may be helping Karuna now and we hope that he may not rejoin the tigers.
    We are happy to see from a link from this blog that he was with Ross Kemp, the London police raiding and arresting some rival Tamil gang members. I have 8 important members of IC having a late lunch in my home, out of them one is from Norway and two from the Canadian M.P.They all had much sympathy for you Tamils, but change their minds after meeting us and seeing the Ross Kemp affair, downloaded that clip to take it to Canada and warn their higher-ups of the impending disasters and problems they may have to tackle with your folks, with their limited police resources.Norwigian man too, along with the others we have will do the right thing to limit your illegal activities.
    Coming back to the present High commission, must say that if not for those gatherings, we would not have heard about the this blog the ‘defencenet’,met Jajadevan who actually opposed my one time friend the MP Simon Hughes another British MP was invited by the london HC.HC personal too attended our functions at the Parliament, giving us a bit of clout to our presentations in match to you tiger lobby.
    I don’t know if Jayadevan is a RAW agent so what, and who cares? At present he is very anti tigers, lobbing hard against them, but for some reason he is not happy with MR.Jayadevan is important enough for MR to invite him to find out what’s bothering him, as couldn’t remember what J told me. This is a bad move in shifting this team out of the HC,it is so sad that our leaders are only interested in looking after their personal interests and not that of the country and some times we wonder why we are so stupid to be faithful to a country that is so crooked and I suppose it’s the friends and family left behind now matters to us.

  161. Chamal
    Thanks for the link, I was shown that page by a friend here and a person I met personally, belongs to the Sinhala union was running her down like hell, without coming and supporting any one of the functions held there, but keep bragging about one TV appearance that happened years ago. I am too disappointed with JVP members who initially supported the well organized demo and while we were away in SL,they broke away on some trivial reason,nevertherless the committees is still strong to the efforts of the HC.We seems to be breaking up as soon as we get to gether,knowing that I keep these idiots out of my personal life and home, doing much on my own. We have a bleak future ahead of us, thanks to this conflict our weaknesses are surfaced and it’s up to us to learn. Must go my visitors are arriving. Don’t believe crap written by some in the web until you experience it your selves, that’s why I spend 90% of my time in SL in the areas under threat, thus leaving our business in SL in the hands of idiots.Bye for today and happy Easter to you all.

  162. Kevin – it is commendable what the SLHC is doing to bring the communities together, and I’m sure they are also working to stop the fundraising activities of the LTTE terrorists.

    The problem is some people think that they should do more.

    Let me give you an example –
    a)The LTTE started a new Terrorist TV channel based in Italy, the SL embassy working with the Italian government closed it down within days of its opening.

    b)The LTTE opened an Office to promote a Terrorist TV channel in London – IT WAS OPENED BY A BRITISH MP! – this was highlighted as the main story on the ISLAND on 30th November 2007.

    What has the HC done about it?

    Tamil Tigers are among the most dangerous and deadly extremists in the world –FBI/Tamilnut

  163. Kevin,

    What is happeing at London HC is a classic power struggle.

    I have to say, that I don't buy KTR's BS for a min. Jayadevan is anything but a RAW agent. His mother and brother were killed by IPKF in the most horrific way. Won't go into more details about that.

    In my opinion Jay is a simple opportunist. He was with the LTTE from 1987 till late 2002. His fall out with the LTTE was not over "an assassination" or even the issue of "child soldiers".

    During late 2002 the British Charity Commission published its annual report, in which there were claims of Jay making donations to a political party. It is believed to be the local Labour party in Wembley headed by MP Barry Gardiner. Jay also bought a few houses during this period, raising a few eyebrows in the Tamil circles.

    In 2005 LTTE locked up Jay in Vanni demanding back some money Jay had siphoned off. Jay in turn contacted his good friend Barry Gardiner MP and had himself released by employing "soft British pressure" on the LTTE.

    On his return from Vanni, Jay sided with ENDLF which used to operate the TBC radio. At that time ENDLF was aligned with Karuna Group.

    However, when SL gov split up Northestern province into Northern and Eastern, ENDLF opposed. Paranthan Rajan, the leader of ENDLF even went to the extent of releasing official statements against the SL gov.

    At this time, Karuna&Co were supporting the splitting of NorthEast. Much of Karuna's money was "allegedly" entrusted into the hands of Jay, who is an accountant by profession. Although Jay is from Jaffna, he sided with Karuna&Co simply for the money.

    At the momment Jay is an ardent backer of Kshenuka. Talk in Tamil circles is that this is also business related. I won't go into the details, but one Mike Cooke, UKLankaTimes, Fast Cash and Murasam publications are thought to be involved.

    Again Jay is where the money is.

    As for your comments on Tamil gangs and international rep, Jay went on the TV show for some publicity. Of the 17 murders in London this year, none have invovled Tamils. Black on Black crime is the biggest violent crime concern for British police. There are Tamil gangs in both Canada and Norway. As there are Black gangs, White gangs etc. Where ever there is a sizable population of any community there are also gangs, mainly youth. The Tamil gangs generally tend to keep to themselves, i.e Tamil on Tamil gang fights, and therefore have very little impact on the host communities. In this day and age Tamil gangs seem to be the least of Western police forces' concern.

  164. R*Fard&C*ble - "There is lot of talk about the Pro LTTE stance of BBC Sinhala and Tamil Service"

    Very interesting theory, it explains a lot about the Pro LTTE stance of BBC Sinhala.

    If I may add a further point, until fairly recently, stories would appear on BBC Sinhala and News 24, would very rarely pick them up, but now SL news items go straight onto News 24 and BBC Sinhala will follow them up later.
    The Problem is, unlike the Sinhala service, the “Movers and Shakers of the Land” access News 24 and they get entirely the wrong impression about our country.

  165. kevin as far as the immediate leadership is concerned, they say that most of their officers work hand in hand with them and they r really happy with the support (equipment etc...) they r getting and they hate the pressure that they get from the govt and the opposition about the phase of their operation. He and most of his colleagues believe that we can eliminate the menace but it needs time .hey r not sure if the current political situation might allow them that much time...

  166. early days, (90s) commandos had plenty of problems working with regular units because the regulars were so poorly trained and equipped but now they things have dramatically changed as far as training is concern and they are in a position to rely on regular units much more. regular units are responding well to reconnaissance teams (arty support etc..) and jungle warfare training that RI s have got and the small attack teams that RIs have formed have lessened the burden of the commandos. (earlier special missions means commandos or SF but nw there r guys in SIs that can do the job to some extent .... )

  167. Attack_is_the_best_defense,
    Can you kindly convey 2 words to this soldier for me pls?
    "theruwan Saranai"

  168. Chamal,
    Very well said bro..very well said!!.diplomats are not sent overseas just to educate their children.They have to represent the country.Is this women scared to open her mouth and take a chance of angering the british case they refuse her application for british residency in future i wonder?

  169. tamilnet:

    LTTE Operations Command in Mannaar said upto 55 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed in heavy fighting that ensued between the SLA and the LTTE Saturday at Iththikka'ndal in Paalaikkuzhi, Mannaar. Meanwhile the SLA has handed over dead bodies of 10 LTTE cadres, 6 females and 4 males, at Mannaar hospital Sunday, claiming that the bodies were recovered in the heavy fighting on Saturday. On Sunday, 4 SLA soldiers were killed and 7 wounded, according to LTTE Operations Command in Vavuniyaa. As the rain ceased, the SLA engaged in offensive push in Mannaar, Vavuniyaa and along the FDLs in the North.

    SL government saying the 60 LTTE died...

  170. has some pictures with description "Bodies of the LTTE cadres who were killed in confrontations at Parayakulama and Ilanthivan on 22nd March"

  171. DN

    update on the situation(Mannaar, Northern FDL)when you can

    are these casualty figurers on both sides right from what your are hearing ?

  172. wonder what J is doing for kshenuka and viseversa..?

  173. @Srilankan

    who is J,kshenuka and viseversa..?

    LTTE leaders ?

  174. This attempt to portray tamil gangs as the least of the evils is ludicrous..what a joke considering the history of their activites in the UK and France with singhala people who speakout against the LTTE in those countries.But of course i am wrong.. they are just teenagers who have been mislead.just kids really.

  175. LK-dood,
    Jayadevan and sl HC.
    What you say makes a lot of sense.However i dont think either of us know all the facts here.Pls trust me when i say that i have had some dealings with these "career" diplomats and visited their houses many many years ago when i was on holiday.I have actually attended a few parties organised by them.It is good that the HComm spoke to those LTTE supporting british goons recently and hopefully set things right.However the feeling in my gut is that there is a lot more here than meets the eye.If you remember the Hon president recalled his diplomats recently and told them that they need to do something for the country while overseas other than just educating their kids?.Are you certain of the presidents motives for this transfer..Again my gut feeling is that this has a lot to do with Commander Karuna..may the triple gem protect him and grant him a long life.In future i hope the country looks at the Academic qualifications of the people who are going to be posted..Now a very good choice was the late Dr Lal Jayawardene who was posted years ago..We dont want just these kussiamma career diplomats who think that the world starts and ends with the mostly semi detached houses and blocks of flats in St.Johns Wood.See kevin people like Dr Lal Jaya were highly educated and have the capacity to REFUSE postings..thats the quality of people we need ..those who have the capacity to refuse postings..In my opinion these people have enough money and will take up such an appointment not to make more money but to serve the country.

  176. Speaking about prospective purchases in St Johns wood..if 10,000+ ex LTTE "Bata slipper" bastards can buy big spacious houses in canada..why cant Mr Bandara do so in St John's Wood..or have you got to be a filthy smelly murderous carcass maggot who has killed innocent people in SLanka to do so?

  177. Oops, I lost my "bata" while walking over the Kelaniya Bridge.

    Of course, the residents of St John's Wood would have no problem accommodating "Banda" as their new neighbour. But the question is which Banda would land the precious HC post in London, inorder to be able to move into NW8?

    As for Tamil gangs, they are of no "lesser evil" simply because they are Tamil. Wrong is wrong and being Tamil is not an excuse for gang culture. However, My previous comment was explicitly regarding the concern shown by western law enforcement agencies towards Tamil gangs.

    Facts are that in the UK atleast, over the past 12 months there have been no reported incidents of Tamil gang violence and or related arrests. There have been in excess of two dozen gang murders unrelated to the Tamil community.

    I can refer to these gangsters as "old men" if that makes one happy, but as the previously posted video showed, almost all the people arrested for involvement in Tamil gangs were in their 20s or teens, hence making the term "youth" more appropriate.

  178. Hahahaha..this becomes funnier by the minute..hehehehe

  179. Attack…
    We are delighted to hear that as you said that the gosl is giving and meeting the requirements to fight these terrorists. My guests here are truly convinced that we have no ethnic conflict but a nasty ethnic conflict and all my guests say that it must be met head on with a military force. They will not stand for in own countries if their President,FM,Commanders of the forces,civilans in thousands are killed. We wish our forces good luck and God speed.
    Thanks for your comments, specially about Jay and Karuna and he may not the only one working for RAW and other outfits.Peter! You must accept that there was no ethnic problem of the magnitude that demand a separate state and you could have sincerely admit to your self that you have not personally suffered. We too suffer a bit of inconvenience of this in the West, where shop keepers and pedestrians get attacked for being coloured and does it happen in SL? Do we have racist groups roaming the streets in SL? Answer is NO.So why bring or prolong this agony on our people, perhaps you guys living in the West on various pretexts and can’t you people thank your lucky stars for having that previlage?Think of the suffering people of SL,of all ethnicity. So don’t back your terror outfit, with word, thought or deed. it’s wrong and don’t tell me about the wrongs of the gosl as it’s only a reaction to what your leaders began in early as 1935.We are right in our fight for the unity and against the terror unleashed by your terror outfit and we aren’t scared to fight them, will defeat them somehow and some day as 95% of us nowhere to go.

    As far as the present HC is concerned, we are not concerned with apartments in St John’s wood etc as the problems we face with the terrorists are paramount and we the community is pleased with the HC as no other High Commissioner has never done so much to our community.Mr Jayewardene must have been a good person, but we hardly noticed him or felt his presence in UK.We hardly know Kshenuka personally, but the level at which we met as the High commissioner is good enough and effective enough. Also the language used to communicate with the British FC is appropriate which is part of the protocol used in that field and do we expect the likes of Mervin’s types to run our consulates abroad? From what I have seen, they are doing a good job and I support them. We must be united enough to fight this menace.

  180. While some argue that harsher punishments would be a deterrent against criminal activities, including gang related violence, I remain sceptical.

    For example, despite the strict Sharia implemented in Saudi, "lion bloods" continue to embark on several criminal activities there.

    And as exposed by the youtube, despite the harsh punishments implemented in Singapore, "lion bloods" are involved in pimping, sex trafficking etc.

    I suppose the "tiger bloods" are going to be at least half as hard to crack.

  181. Kevin,

    Your "civilised" post has drawn a few hasty assumption.

    I wish not to get into a "number-game" over which side has killed how many.

    I think that who we support, and what sort of "solution" we advocate are based on our individual experiences.

    I am neither a blood relative nor a family friend of the LTTE. I am not bound to support the LTTE or what ever "solution" it as an organisation puts forward.

    However, after 50 long years of bickering, with 25 years of those in open warfare, I think there is far too much bitterness, mis-trust and animosity amongst the adversaries for a "unitary" state to ever exist.

    Both the GoSL and the LTTE are trying to achieve what they want by means of violence. This is noting new, as we have seen it for the past 25 years. We continue to provide entertainment to regional and international spectators, the most prominent of whom is India.

    Only time will tell how this conflict will end, if it ever does.

  182. Kevin,
    Many thanks for your input.Lets put it this way..if you are happy with her performance thats good enough for me.I am telling you this because you have done much more for SLanka than me considering all your posts.However i must tell you that i have a bad feeling about this situation in general.Happy easter anyway.

  183. Thats fine,
    Create a seperate state in kent and NOT SLanka.

  184. Very good article in Nation

  185. Srilankan said...

    Thats fine,
    Create a seperate state in kent and NOT SLanka.

    Alternatively, "Lakdiva" could be created in the Arabian Gulf.


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