Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SLAF bombs Mullaithiv

Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) fighter jets bombed an LTTE military installation located in Uddayak-Kattukulama, Mullaithiv today at 9.20AM. The raid was carried out following military intelligence reports of LTTE maintaining an ammunition storage at the target location. Although fighter pilots have confirmed accurate hits on the target, exact details on damages caused to LTTE assets or lives are not available as of now.

Meanwhile intelligence reports from LTTE held Wanni indicated that  3 LTTE cadres have been killed and 8 more injured when SLAF bombed a sea tiger base north of Nayaru lagoon on the 22nd.


  1. Defencenet:
    I hear an SLA soldier was killed by 'friendly' fire in Anuradhapura. Can you confirm it please?
    It is said that a soldier entered the camp suspeciously and another soldier manning the sentry opened fire and killed him.

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    Sri Lanka navy fights Tiger boats


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  6. Defencenet,

    I've heard that five Mig29s will be in service soon. I know that the aim is to primarily use them as interceptors. But do Mig29s have the capability to carryout air to ground night missions? If so, I guess they will be useful to restrict the nocturnal activities of the terrorists.


  7. rover,
    "I've heard that five Mig29s will be in service soon. I know that the aim is to primarily use them as interceptors. But do Mig29s have the capability to carryout air to ground night missions? If so, I guess they will be useful to restrict the nocturnal activities of the terrorists."

    As far as we know Sri Lanka is after the MiG-29 SM (Fulcrum-C) variant (in fact 4x mig29SM and 1x mig29UB trainer).
    MIG29SM is not a dedicated fighter but a multi role aircraft; has the capability to attack both air and ground targets including the ability to carry guided munitions. And they do have the ability to attack at night.

    From what we understand SLAF will combine newly acquired f-7Gs and mig29s(when they join SLAF fleet that is) to create a multi layered air defence network. Mig29s ability to attack ground will of course will be a bonus since we already have mig27s and kfirs for that.

    We are unable to confirm the story right now.

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  9. Thanks Defencenet for the quick reply.

    The Fulcrms will probably not be needed much in an interceptor role, but I think it will be a good deterrent for the LTTE "airforce", given that the Fulcrums are supposed to be even better than the US's F-15s (largely due to Fulcrums having a wider angle target acquisition mechanism that is facilitated by the helmet mounted sights).

    Anyways, it is good that they could be useful for nighttime air to ground operations, this almost justifies the cost. These would be especially useful if/when the armored corps start their advance.

  10. Rover, as of now we do not need Mig-29sm's. F-7Gs can take care of the immediate threats from LTTE "air force". And combination mix of Mig-27s, Kfirs, F-7Gs, and Mi-24/35s can be used for LTTE ground targets. However, we have to look into the future and in time we will have to get rid of our Kfir fleet and maintain mix formidable force of Mig-27s, Mig29sm and F-7Gs.

    Also as defencenet said good mix of F-7Gs, MiG-29SM, AAA, SAMs and 3D radar will offer a multi layered air defence network.

    Leaving all corruptions and commissions a side. Mig-29SM without a doubt proven battle harden aircraft and a great buy for SLAF.

  11. I would love to see MIG-29s used for NIGHT air raids on tiger hideouts. I would like to see them attack tiger FDL in the night. Keep them exhausted. I was surprised when Navy attacked tigers and except for one tiger wessel others escaped. Why cannot SLAF fighters support the Navy's fabulous work on keeping tiger supply routes on the run?

  12. Dear neighbours,

    By recognising Tamil Eelam both countries will have wonderful future. The government of Tamil Eelam would consider granting entry visas to Sri Lakans. Sri Lankans can focus on developing their own country rather wasting more money in arms and ammunitions or giving them to the LTTE at free of charge or by corruption. When more Tamil-Diaspora visit their motherland they will visit to their neighbouring country. It will generate more foreign money boost the Sri Lanka’s Tourism Industry. I am not joking friends. Think out of the box! If there are two countries in the Island, everyone will have a better life. One forcefully united country will mean no one is going to be happy. Decide before the stage where you become too poor to buy a piece of bread while Gottabaya (Mahinda Company) is investing in properties in America and in other European countries. Madam Chandrika bought many properties in Europe. Who is going to suffer? poor Sinhala working class. Wake up now otherwise you would have died in hunger by that time.

    We would also offer citizenships to the Sinhaleese who are already settled in the Tamil Eelam providing they have some knowledge in the history and culture of the Tamil Eelam and they have some basic knowledge in writing, reading and speaking of the official language of the country. We can have free trade agreements to bring our economy of the both countries up

    See you when time permits me

  13. Puli,

    Very funny buddy. I didn't know the LTTE have resorted to haggling with us. Yeah yeah sure, you have half the country and we'll have the rest if it. Sorted.....sign the papers. LOL

    Comedy really isn't your forte!!

    Don't give up the day job mate, I mean those petrol stations won't run themselves.

  14. My few secs for today:

    I am glad to see Sri Lanka acquiring some advanced machines. Hopefully, the introduction of MIG29s will reduce the number of "collateral damage" which are often "our" loved ones. This may also reduce the "retaliatory" "bus bombs" that end of disrupting the day-to-day lives of Sinhalese people.

    From what I have gathered on the WWW, MIG29 is a primarily an "air superiority" craft with "some" air to ground capability. It will surely be a "miracle" if the TAF manages a raid during the service time of MIG29s.

    Also, the craft's ground attack capabilities are both "guided" and "dumb" bombs. Hopefully Sri Lanka has enough money for "guided" bombs. As long as they are not "guided" onto Navali Church or Nagarkoil Highschool or similarly "civilian" intensive areas.

    This also means that LTTE will have to amend/ advance their air defence capabilities accordingly. Hopefully the Diaspora will rise to the challenge.

  15. sldf,

    "However, we have to look into the future and in time we will have to get rid of our Kfir fleet and maintain mix formidable force of Mig-27s, Mig29sm and F-7Gs."

    I agree.

    I am wondering about what kind of nighttime capabilities would be available on the Fulcrums. I suppose it will be something like FLIR, the thermal imaging systems. What else is out there?

  16. [Hopefully Sri Lanka has enough money for "guided" bombs.]

    don't worry pete, Lanka will be liquid enough to finish off the LTTE filth soon.

    BTW, if I'm not mistaken the SLAF are already familiar with guided bombs EG the laser designated variety which was used to take out Barber.

    DefenceNet correct me if I'm wrong.

  17. wipeltte,

    "I was surprised when Navy attacked tigers and except for one tiger wessel others escaped."

    I think even the damaged LTTE vessel was towed back to the beach. So I think they did not loose a vessel after all.

    It would be good if the Navy had a dedicated fleet of fighters. But guess we are too poor for that? I also wonder how good the coordination between the Airforce and the Navy is.

  18. [This also means that LTTE will have to amend/ advance their air defence capabilities accordingly. Hopefully the Diaspora will rise to the challenge.]

    Oh right you mean like the time the "Auto activated air defence system" obliterated an SLAF Kfir from the skies?

    Remember, when the 100% truthful and accurate TamilNut.com proudly showed the world how smart they were?

    It was definitely a Kfir (not a cluster bomb) ;-)

  19. Pete,

    "Hopefully, the introduction of MIG29s will reduce the number of "collateral damage" which are often "our" loved ones.

    Loved ones being cows?

  20. Interestingly MiG-29s can carry CLUSTER BOMBS and as far as I know SL is NOT a signatory to the ban of cluster munitions.??

    Even more interestingly in 2006 SL sent a weapons wish list to Pakistan included in it were cluster bombs.

    This is only a possibility, but it can definetely be a multiplier of SLAF's effectiveness.

    Be careful tiger toilets, Fulcrums are coming to scrwe you!

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  22. DN/others

    "The security forces have been successful in capturing 31 square kilometers of territory south of the A14 road in Mannar," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara

    is this true ?

  23. Moshe Dyan,

    "Interestingly MiG-29s can carry CLUSTER BOMBS and as far as I know SL is NOT a signatory to the ban of cluster munitions.??"

    Can't the other crafts in SL inventory carry cluster bombs?

    Do you know if cluster bombs could be effectively used in a demining role?

  24. Tamil Nadu BJP opposes military aid to Lanka


  25. lkdood,

    "The security forces have been successful in capturing 31 square kilometers of territory south of the A14 road in Mannar,"

    Wow, that is rather a lot of land, but if the good brigadier says so there must be some truth in it. But if you advance along a 30km stretch of land for 1 mile, you get 30sq kms, so it doesn't seem impossible!

  26. D.B.S. Jeyaraj Column : Tigers prepare to face Army’s mechanised infantry---LINK

  27. thanks rover for the answer

    i think also it may be true

  28. India won’t allow division of Sri Lanka: Ratnasiri Wickremanayake


  29. Defencenet,

    With all due respect, I find the following funny.

    "From what we understand SLAF will combine newly acquired f-7Gs and mig29s(when they join SLAF fleet that is) to create a multi layered air defence network."

    a multi layered air defence network AGAINST ZLINGS??? the fly verses sledgehammer story.

    but i may be missing something. maybe tigers pose a bigger threat than Zlings????

    i agree with sldf that we need to be futuristic. but with the available info. on threats to SL, F-7s. MiG27s, etc. can do a good job both air-to-air and air-to-ground.

    I still think US$15 a plane is TOO MUCH for SL.


    MiG27s, KFirs, F-7s, K-8s were not designed to launch cluster bombs although some of them can use certain types (if SLAF so wishes and got the goodies). But MiG29 being a MULTIROLE fighter/bomber it was specifically desiged to carry cluster munitions also (among a VERY large array of bombs and missles). However, its normal payload is lower than the Flogger.

  30. puli
    I suppose you are refering to tamil Nadu? I will go to Indian High Commision to get my visa.

  31. All the three images in

    are joined images where both the Mega Maniac Butcher Prabhakaran and the brain-washed sixteen year old as well as the other subjects have been stood in front of a Green Screen and taken the photos separately and amulgamated later.

    This is another poor Photoshop job done to mislead the naive Tamil Die-Ass-Phora.

    The Photoshop guy has been in a bigger hurry that he has forgotten to remove the Green Screen in the back in the middle picture.

    Enlarge and increase contrast of images and you can see the Cut and Paste job.


  32. noltte=peace,

    good find.

    may be the Butcher will hack the photoshop guy (or his relatives in SL) for shoddy workmanship.

  33. Puli-Gona

    [The government of Tamil Eelam would consider granting entry visas to Sri Lakans.]

    Really? I hate to say it, but if this ever happened (yes, when hell freezes over that is) the Govt. of Sri Lanka (meaning us, the Sri Lankans) would only consider on how to catch every single “thamileelamist” and fry the bugger’s/bitche’s arse on a public BBQ at Galle-Face as a lesson to any future traitor-wannabe! Aha, I told you, this is going to be a disappointment!

    [When more Tamil-Diaspora visit their motherland they will visit to their neighbouring country. It will generate more foreign money boost the Sri Lanka’s Tourism Industry. I am not joking friends. Think out of the box! If there are two countries in the Island, everyone will have a better life.]

    Never mind thinking out of the box, pray tell me my neighbor-wannabe, who broke your momma’s box…was it the SLA SF or the SLN SEALS…although I know your pappa thought he had a “pristine pasture” to graze on!


    OaO Asithri

    p.s. bear with me patriots, this type of cockamamie crap from an eelamist like this Puli-gona deserves in my view not a rationalistic response, but one like how I have webbed above! Truly LMSSAO!!!

  34. noltte=heaven

    Man o man...you are a clever dude bro! You caught the filthy LTTE bastards at their own game (photo editing pics for propaganda purposes!)


    OaO Asithri

  35. Puli, Why didn't you give us the original link to your post in Tamilnet.tv ?


  36. South Asian regional meeting on anti-terrorism rescheduled for April


  37. Kevin

    I suppose you are refering to tamil Nadu? I will go to Indian High Commision to get my visa.]

    Well said mate! Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  38. Srilankan

    Saw your earlier posts re. the LTTE cesspit-maggot "peter" and his claim re. earning in GPB! Wow! You are right brother, we are now indeed in trouble! LMSSAO!!!

    I guess for a bastard who scrounged around and was able to rub two rupees together by smuggling in Velvettithurai, this has be seventh-heaven - to get a couple of GPBs by cleaning toilets in white-man’s world!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  39. OK time to leave and get some Zzzzzs....take care patriots!


    OaO Asithri

  40. noltte=peace,

    I think these are some Colonels , and Majors may be

    Becouse in LTTE you can be a Full Colonel at 17 Years :))

    Here is the normal life cycle of a tamil youth in Wanni.

    1.At the age of 12 (Grade 6)quit school
    2.Join LTTE at gun point as a Liutenant.
    3.Train as a black tiger
    4.Become a captain at 13 years
    5.get a mission in colombo
    Boy/Girl gets promoted to Full colonel , and get to wear shoes for the first time in his or her life and gets to take a picture with the Prabha the fat pig butcher.
    6.Gets Blown in to Pieces in colombo
    7.End of youth life as a colonel("Hero")But the fat pig gets to live thanks to these 15 year old brain washed Tamil youths.

    Wow what a Wonderfull Childhood in Wanni. I Wonder these poor teenage tamils ever get to Feel like a normal teenager(Girl friends, sex and stuff atleast)

  41. suresh, machan this is the sad truth that most of the key borad worriers prabha ass lickers hate to hear.... they send money and try to achieve peelam over the cyberspace.... insulting the buddhism, mahavansaya and all....

    sri lanka's conflict is a blessing in disguise for them coz that helps them to stay in those countries as refugees. thousands had to return to SL during the peacetime so they dont like peace at all so they send money to fuel the conflict.. will anyone like to come to SL and fight agianst the SLA alongside the suffering tamil people in wanni along with mother,infant virgin non vergin, gay ..etch brigades(DONT FORGET PINK TIGERS)... no ..they will not 90% of them have not even set foot to this country.......

    simply poor souls....

  42. //sri lanka's conflict is a blessing in disguise for them coz that helps them to stay in those countries as refugees. //

    This is one importent factor our governments forgot to consider, specialy during peace talks. As long as fighting continuous tamils (not sinhalese) have the prvilage to get visas for western countries and stay there. By miltary means or political negotitaions ending war is a nightmare for tamil di-ass-pora. If they don't pay for LTTE, both he war and LTTE will eventualy come to an end. So it is better to pay some $$$ and stay in western countries rather than go back to a peaceful wanni. This is one self motivating factor for di-ass-pora funding which make sure war is going on.

  43. Following is some of the things UNP/ Kirialla will probably say in the coming weeks/ months.

    [We need to understand LTTE, tigers in this blog can say the same and there can't be any issue as they are tigers.]

    1. SarathF said war will be over in March/August/2008. So is it over now? He should resign. etc

    2. SarathF said there are only xxxx tigers reamining and SLA said they have killed xxxx tigers so far. Now all the tigers should be over. With whom SLA is fighting? etc

    3. GR said vp celebrated his final bday. But he is celebrating it again. GR shouls resign. etc

    The real objective behind such propaganda is to demoralise SLA and there by faciltate for some victory for LTTE, before next election. (Think about a soldier who goes on leave to south and listen these crap via media 24 times a day. After all they are human beings.)

    Even though DN/DW gives LTTE full strength as 40,000 including all the sections I don't think GSL can reveal officialy the same figure even though they know it by MI. I hope SLA take necassary steps to prevent demoralising own troops from this kind of propaganda.

  44. The forces should look at the rainy season as an opportunity and take advantage of it.

    What happens to the APMs during this rainy season?
    What happens to LTTE bunkers during this rainy season?

    Any one in the know care to comment?

  45. It seems LTTE elements in Tamilnadu work hard for LTTE now, realising the difficulty the outfit has faced. I guess, tamil population in tamilnadu was few time more than sinhalese population at all times. It is surprising how our anciant kings defeated their invasions given the man power factor.

    Anyhow this will be a critical factor GSL need to manage it properly.

  46. thambala,

    nothing happens to APMs unless they get washed away. in that case those who planted them would be in for shit.

    it is difficult for SLA's heavy vehicles to move around.

    read the previous article by DN.

    anyway the rainy season will end soon, at most by April; this is unusual for N-E monsoon in March.

  47. Moshe Dyna,
    You mean those APMs (jonnie battas) are water proof?

  48. "You mean those APMs (jonnie battas) are water proof?"

    of course they are. and they along with other ground mines pose the biggest threat to our forces.

  49. Why not the forces look at random medium scale hurricane type operations with a duration of about 5-7 days?

    For example can't we make a thrust from east of Adampan curving to the north and then to the west finally to rendezvou with controlled areas west of Adampan? Idea is not to hold on to land but to inflict damages to the enemy.

  50. Here's a situatin update guys


  51. @Ninja,
    Exactly that will be the next topic for Ra-nil and his pancy clan for next few days.( its already started by the way)
    that is because Takarang group (kiriella, tissa attanayake etc etc...) are stand upside down. Now they are talking in their other mouth, and thinking in their other brain.

  52. Asithri,
    Many thanks for your kind comment.:):).NW8 is a postcode of an "affluent" neighbourhood in the U.K(aka-GOD IC)..as you may remember..However the majority semi detachted houses&flats in this area are like "dirty toilets" compared to those "affluent" areas in Cali or even "Ohio":):)
    This is a very bad idea..because the whole of the north is one large minefield.Besides we want to draw them out now them drawing us in..at least for now.In this situation the army is doing the right thing because as more cadres are captured more info about weapons dumps,ammo dumps,Brothels visited by LTTE CIC's,field marshalls..and then we send the planes..(taking every effort possible to minimize civilian casualties-afterall our war is with the LTTE and their supporters-not with the peaceful tamil citizens of SLanka who have been caught between a rock and a hard place due to the power madness starting with that donkey JRJ )

  53. Lankapuwath sms alerts sent 3 sms this morning.

    1-Air Force Fighter Jets pounded on aa line of LTTE (FDL) bunkers at Uilankulam, Pallikkuli this morning.'

    2-Air Force MI-24 Crafts attack on the LTTE bunkers at Uilankulam, brings heavy damages to the LTTE.

    3-Air Force attackes an LTTE Boat Manufacturing Centre in Wishwamadukulam in Mulathivu around 10.30 am MCNS

    Defencenet, are those true???

  54. Riyaz,
    Many thanks bro..it is a very good article by DefenceWire.

  55. srilankan,
    May be you are right..
    But anyone else care to comment?

  56. Why aren't we looking more in to remote controlled devices and robotics?

    The US says the current version of its fighter jets (F-22 ?) is the last to be flown by human piolets.

    By the way National Geographics channel is airing some great war documentaries. I saw one between Al Qaida and US forces in Afghanistan. It showed a laser guided bomb being dropped on a Al Qaida base. Also they are showing some dog fights (air to air combats) using computer animated dog fight simulations. I hope the piolets at SLAF are watching these.

  57. pilot...
    I knew something was wrong..

  58. Thambala
    About the F22 current cost for just production:
    Unit cost US$137.5 million (2008 flyaway cost)
    No way that SLAF pilots will get their hands on these in the next 15-20 years these are the latest and greatest and also no other country has these. We should be looking at things that we can afford remembering that we are a poor country with people living in poverty and not with billions of $$ to waste like the USA.

    Your idea of an advance. I think that any direct advance on adampan will be a death sentence for the troops involved. It is mined, booby trapped plus LTTE no that this is a milestone for the army so they will have many machine guns and snipers in the area. The best way to caputre adampan to go around it suddenly cutting it off and laying siege to it or taking it from the north. Capturing this village should not be a priority. It will be better to proceed as there are aiming to capturte western coast of Mannar in the long term.

  59. Two Sri Lanka Police officials, providing escort to Japanese funded ProPoor project, were caught in a roadside Claymore blast that targeted a road patrol of elite Special Task Force (STF) foot patrol at Vaazhakkaaddu (Ma'nalpiddi) junction on Kokkaddichchoalai - Vavu'natheevu Road, 7 km west of Batticaloa city, around 9:00 a.m., Wednesday. 2 STF personnel and 3 civilian cyclists were wounded, Police said.

    The ProPoor officials were on their way to Ma'nmunai South-West (Paddippazhai) Piratheasa Chapai (Pradeshiya Sabah) to attend a meeting on the reconstruction of Pulukku'naavi tank.

    The Japaneas Embassy officials in Colombo said none of their nationals were hurt. ProPoor project staff were visiting Batticaloa to inspect Unnichchai tank, which was under repair by ProPoor project, they said.

    DN whats up?

  60. The MiG-29SM is a multi-role fighter with improved airborne avionics and enhanced nomenclature of high precision weapons capable to destroy the air and ground (surface) targets. At development of the MiG-29SM aircraft version the main attention was paid to reduction of the up-grading cost and terms.

    The MiG-29 aircraft upgrading to the MiG-29SM version results in inclusion into the N-019E (N-019ME) airborne radar composition of an independent radar-channel with MVK-04 computer, in upgrading of the optical electronic fire control & navigation system due to integration of a new data display system with a MFD-54 multifunction color display and installation of additional weapons management control system. The flight-navigation and radio-communication equipment is added with the multifunctional computer, GPS receiver and additional radio-station. It is provided for the use of a new electronic counter-measures system in pod.

    In the composition of MiG-29SM airborne avionics the data exchange multiplex channel is added (bus of MIL STD 1553B standard).

    The "A-A" class weapons nomenclature is added with middle-range missiles R-27ER1, R-27ET1 (T1) with radar-guided and IR homing heads and RVV-AE missiles with active radar homing heads.

    The up-graded weapons management system ensures the application of high precision weapons of the "A-S" class: Kh-29T (TE), Kh-31A, Kh-31P missiles and guided bombs KAB-500Kr and KAB-500-OD. While using the target designation pod or target external illumination it is possible to apply the Kh-29L, Kh-25ML missiles as well as the laser guided bombs.

    It is possible to adapt the MiG-29SM aircraft to the NATO and/or ICAO standards.

    While upgrading the original aircraft to the MiG-29SM version the following optional works can be fulfilled:
    – aircraft structure reinforcement for the extension of flight hours and service life up to 100% (depending on the aircraft technical condition);
    – increase of internal fuel tanks capacity;
    – installation of in-flight refueling systems of different types;
    – improvement and/or replacement of some airborne systems;
    – repair and transfer to on-condition maintenance.

    The MiG-29 aircraft upgrading to the MiG-29SM version can be fulfilled without aircraft delivery to Russia. The Customer’s companies or of the third countries may be involved into upgrading.

    The equipment required for MiG-29 aircraft upgrading to the MiG-29SM version as well as appropriate algorithmic description and software have been already tested aboard the aircraft and is in serial production and operation with Customer.

    Besides the upgrading of the previously supplied aircraft, the new aircraft of the MiG-29SM type can be manufactured.


  61. If the International Community or India for that matter wants to establish ealam the GOSL should remind them that the following will come as the direct result of that.

    1.). All the Tamils must vacate non-ealam parts of the island.(including East and Hill country)

    2.).Politico-millitary government will come in to effect.

    3.). Will invite Chinese Army to establish massive millitary bases along the borders...
    (This is to counter threats from all external forces, specially Tamilnadu and India.)
    4.). No UN forces whatsoever.

    5.). All INGO's will be barred.

    6.). No diplomatic ties with any country that supports the division.

  62. @rover
    "But if you advance along a 30km stretch of land for 1 mile, you get 30sq kms, so it doesn't seem impossible!"

    30km * 1 mile = 48sq.km

    he heh he..


  63. I meant no offense to the tamil people here..But the bottom line is, Ineternational community and India should be willing to accept all non-LTTE tamils who can't live in either territory, in case of establishing Ealam.

    8). Sinhala will be the official language in Sri Lanka..

  64. Something to mention-worthy.

    From Defence.lk.

    "Foursquare Church President expresses his gratitude to Secretary Defence for providing assistance

    President of Foursquare Gospel Church Rev Jack Hayford has expressed his gratitude to Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa for providing assistance to release the two pastors of the church who had been arrested recently. The two pastors of the evangelist movement were arrested by the police on suspicion to for having connection with the LTTE terrorists.

    Following is the full text of the letter sent by Rev Jack Hayford

    The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel would like to hereby express our deep gratitude for your assistance in expediting the release of our pastors. We are extremely appreciative for your involvement and petitioning on our behalf. Your willingness to meet with Reverends Leslie Keegel and Amos Dodge was very kind and your support was instrumental in bringing resolve to this situation.

    The Foursquare Church looks forward to a bright future of cooperation and partnership as we strive to serve the wonderful people of Sri Lanka. The pastors who were released will now have the opportunity to assist people with physical needs, comport those with emotional trauma, love people who feel abandoned and promote reconciliation.

    On behalf of our over 54,000 Foursquare Churches in 148 nations around the world we would like to again express our heartfelt thanks to you. May the Lord be with you as you serve your great country.

    Rev. Jack Hayford

    President, International Church of Foursquare Gospel"

  65. Lets see what those LTTE MFs have to say abt this...........

    This story reminds me of a holywood movie.........

    LTTE Ordeal at Omanthai with Escaped Fishermen; Three Dead & Five Rescued

  66. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  67. @ LK Dood
    thanx for posting the belowmentioned article.


    My point of view is as usual Military spokes man miss guide sri lankan majority. unless brg. udaya Nanayakkara replies

  68. Sri Lanka violence kills 22: Government


  69. @CriMeWatCh

    @ LK Dood
    thanx for posting

    no problem

  70. Guys think of this. The LTTE smuggled in some lawn-mover parts, and some left over aircraft parts and assembled two crop-dusters and calls it the Tamil Eelam Air force. We spent millions of hard earned money on buying overpriced sophisticated Mig 29s to counter their crop dusters. Cost to the LTTE? probably $ 5k cost to us? $ hundreds of millions, opportunity cost to us? Who knows!!

    You tell me who won in this instance!!

  71. guys, i have a theory o why SLAF is pursuing the mig29,....namely-its ability to deploy presition guided munitions,..seems of late,SLAF sorties are based on very reliable intel....the weak link seems to be the inaccuracy associated with unguided bombs,....exg:- 20 bombs dropped on prabha's bunker during he was hurt...
    why the 20 bombs, and why was prabha only hurt?,.........totally diff scenario if we had a smart bomb deployment.

    what to you guys think?

  72. noltte=peace,
    Very nice of the bishop.Shows you that ALL bishops are NOT pro LTTE.We have to be very careful about jumping to conclusions based on articles in trashy newspapers whose primary purpose must be for use as toilet paper when required.

  73. SLDF, thanks for the information.

  74. Nish,

    "30km * 1 mile = 48sq.km "

    Yeah, my mistake.

  75. The story about the LTTE abducting Sinhalese fishermen and using them as forced labor shows that the LTTE has a serious manpower shortage.

    This reminds me of the last days of IPKF when they were going about trying to create the Tamil National Army. They forcibly conscripted adult males in the east regardless of whether they were Tamil or Sinhalese. Of course the Tamil National Army disintegrated within a few weeks after the IPKF left. The Chief Minister Vardaraja Perumal fled to Mauritious (he is now in Rajastahna India). Most of the members of the Tamil National Army deserted at the first opportunity. The point I'd like to make is that forcibly conscripted people(most of the LTTE cadres are forcibly conscripted), are not motivated to fight.

  76. Sans, thanks the useful info.

    Initially I wasn't a proponent of getting the Fulcrums, but when you consider their nighttime versatility, air to ground capabilities, and the role as a deterrent, I think they are a worthwhile investment. I really hope that they will be used to provide cover for the MID operations at night (when the LTTE arti positions open up, Fulcrums can home in using FLIR).

  77. GOSL admits loss of 54 soldiers in last nine days alone! so who's bullshitting now?

  78. Defancenet

    ‘good work defencenet..
    but try to search for the truth about SLA casualties...’
    Someone as faked my name kevin again,above is not mine

  79. Thiru;

    don't u heard about that the SLA have some powers like Everlasting life ... wow 54 KIA and 223 wounded and they can't return to FDL's ...

    The director of the film Pirabaharan was beaten by the Indians who supports tamil Eelam in India .....

  80. Shiyam,

    "The director of the film Pirabaharan was beaten by the Indians who supports tamil Eelam in India ....."

    So there are a group of people who support for a Tamil Eelam in India? That is logical.

  81. "Thats an interesting lead!"

    What is? You mean the obituary list? Are you a carcass maggot to like dead bodies?

  82. "Someone as faked my name kevin again,above is not mine"

    deleted now.

    "GOSL admits loss of 54 soldiers in last nine days alone! so who's bullshitting now?"

    TamilNet claimed 55 killed in one day, not in 9 days. That not the same thing, is it?

  83. moshe,
    "With all due respect, I find the following funny.

    "From what we understand SLAF will combine newly acquired f-7Gs and mig29s(when they join SLAF fleet that is) to create a multi layered air defence network."

    a multi layered air defence network AGAINST ZLINGS??? the fly verses sledgehammer story."

    Its not just for the Zlins. They will be used for a long time to facilitate SLAF's air superiority role which currently lacks a modern interceptor (f-7Gs are not the best interceptors although they will outdo Zlins by miles). The drawback with a layered defence is that maintaining several different types of aircraft will consume a lot of resources.
    But then again we can be sure that air tiger wont grow into a considerable force just like the sea tigers did years ago.

  84. If Karuna is to be sent back to SL before the EP election, I wonder if he might rejoin Pliian or oppose him and create hell in the East.Gosl must be careful of this, as he may have been influenced by the Diaspora that may have contacted him with the help of his new found friend Jayadevan.One must remember that their ultimate goal is a state of their own. Recent TV documentaries like betrayal must give us lessons from the chaotic situation Iraq, where the allied forces trusted some who went back and turned against them and the government of Iraq.

  85. defencenet, if you add up all casualties on tamilnet for last nine days it's not as far off as 1/3.

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. good work defencenet..
    but try to search for the truth about SLA casualties...

    sorry my name is also kevin

  88. Chaminda,

    I suggest you to read postings by handle name "Eksath" in provided link.

    Regardless, this blog is very good site to keep up with the current situation with our air force.

    Kfir mishap averted

  89. This explains why Russia was so eager to give SL a US $500 million credit line to buy Russian defence equipment.


  90. Guys,

    I agree that MIG-29 is a far superior aircraft to F-7. My question is, why did we bother with F-7 in that case? I mean we knew we were going to buy MIG29’s, so what was the need to buy F-7’s if they both can perform the same role (interceptor) for SLAF?


  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. Parakarama,

    Sorry, I deleted my post by a mistake, here it is again.

    I think the reason is 4 Migs (one of the five migs is a trainer it seems) is not enough to effectively curb the TAF, because TAF probably have more than four planes. If they launch all their planes together, coming from different diractions, we will be confused as which one to get. Furthermore, usually, the primary fighter has a wingman, and each Fulcrum can have a F7 has its wingman, which will make a nice (low cost) team.

  93. Rover,

    I thought DefenceNet had deleted your post and was wondering why he would do such a thing! But now I know it wasn’t him, thanks!

  94. Parakrama,


    But Def.net was up late today, and did some enforcing (removed someone who imposted -apparently accidentally- Kevin!).

  95. Gents,
    informative article about mig29 with pics on DefenceWire..

  96. My few secs for today:

    I read one of the "funniest" articles of all time on DefenceLK. Surely the "kitchen sink" is out not. Gosh, & there was me thinking that no one could beat Hilary Clinton's Bosnia "ordeal". Anyways, I hope that the eight "escapees" are safe now.

    My only worry is that all this time when LTTE meeting points and coordinating centres were being bombed; Sinhalese abductees could have been the real victims.

    I think Sri Lanka needs to carry out an urgent census to determine how many Sinhalese have been "abducted". Surely, you can not rely on relatives to report their loved ones as "missing".

    Second news of the day that caught my eye was the mine attack in Batticaloa. My thoughts are with the widows and orphans of the two dead policemen. Also, the grapevine has it that the injured STF had lost their legs.

    I think Pillaiyan Group may have been responsible for this, despite LTTE trying to take credit. LTTE "lost" that east over a year ago. I don't think there is any chance of LTTE operating in Batticaloa.

  97. Micro Air Vehicle: Portable backpack drone to be used by police in a U.S. city


  98. Peter
    So you are trying to put pillion against the gosl?
    Good move, and I think you are in with tiger terrorists.

  99. thanks defencenet.

    in case India or IC helps LTTE to set up TE.....

    i agree with you. in such an eventuality like any other country we will have to save our interests first as it would prove beyond all reasonable doubt that there is no one concerned about us.

    these measures must be made clear by the govt. immediately BEFORE a possible intevention for TE. that will make them THINK (not rely on LTTE propoganda) about the fuking reality : more than 60% tamils live among the sinhalese PEACEFULLY. why jeopadise 60% tamil people for the satsfaction of less than 5% LTTE?

    and what you say makes sense as happened (and happening) in india/pakistan/bangladesh even bhutan!

    there is a saying in chinese..."everybody wants to push a tilted fence".

  100. casc,


    that's a fantastic website.

    thanks mate.

  101. Srilankan
    You are right that peter is Ponnabalam and I thought he said bye for ever.Anyway good to have him back and he will be enlightened, I hope.We met a senior retired of the MI,who took part in battles with Denzil and he told me that the hero of the EP battle was Major General Hettiarrchhi and Janaka was good but ambitious opportunist.I will have to eat my good words for the latter.

  102. Kevin,
    Thanks for your comment bro.As far as heroism is concerned they are both heroes.As for one of them being political (or not) that is their personel ambition and to be honest with you in a military situation with shells are exploding around you i am sure they are both concerned with saving their men and getting out of the situation alive.
    AS for ponnambalam..his contribution here is just heresay and not really defense related.His idea seems to be posting a single comment here and getting the rest of us to spend untold hours argueing pointlessly with him.Gives the phrase "puppet on a string" a larger field of application.WE being the puppet.Why dont we just come here when there is some actual defense news..no offense to DefenceNet who is doing a geat job under very trying circumstances?.Answering ponnambalams comments other than wasteing our precious time will not bring any enrichment to our lives

  103. Kevin,
    All the ponnambalam arunachalum sivalinghams are very welcome to argue among themselves till time immemorial.For us this is crap and an utter waste of our time.

  104. There was talk of SLA buying Pak armor (the Al Khalid tanks) earlier.

    What happened?

  105. Srilankan
    Thank you and good night,had a hard day after the weekend holidays.

  106. The clown on LTTE Payroll Bruce Fein has f*rted again,


    This is what a $25,000 retainer buys LTTE - parroting the same lies given by LTTE for Bruce F*rt to F*rt.

    This Bruce Fein guy is an utter joke. The idiotic sponsorship!

  107. * 10.11.86 when the SLA troops opened fire in Pullumalai, a border village in the western part of Batticaloa District 320 civilian were killed and more than fifty civilians disappeared.
    * 1990.06.14 250 people were murdered by troops in Batticaloa- Ampaa'rai border village Ka'n'napuram
    * 1990.09.05 158 people arrested by SLA in the area were shot to death inside the campus premises of Vanthaa'rumoolai University
    * 1990.09.09 184 Civilians arrested during a roundup in Saththurukko'ndaan were killed within the SLA camp.
    * 1991.06.12 102 were killed during indiscriminate shooting by SLA in Makizhadiththeevu in Kokkaddichoalai.
    * 1987.01.28 65 civilians were shot to death by the army in Kokkaddichoalai.
    * 1986.02.19 128 civilians of Udumpanku'lam in Ampaa'rai district were hacked to death by SLA troopers. Resettlement is being done now after a lapse of 17 years.
    * 1990 SLA troops together with Muslim Home guards were involved in number of attacks in Veeramunai village in Ampaa'rai district resulting in the death and disappearance of many civilians:
    o 90.06.20 10 were killed
    o 90.06.29 58 killed, 36 disappeared.
    o 90.08.10 7 women were murdered
    o 90.08.11 17 were killed
    o 90.08.12 33 were killed and more than 150 injured
    * Muslim thugs with the assistance of Special Task Force (STF) hacked to death 36 civilians and caused severe injuries to another 46 in the village of Thiraaykkea'ni in Ampaa'rai district
    * 1992.08.09 SLA and Muslim home guards murdered 35 and injured more than 10 in Mayilanthanai.
    * 1987.05.27 17 people were killed in Thoa'nithaaddamadu village located within Koaraalaippattu North District Secretary’s administrative area.
    * 1990. Mid June 25 civilians arrested during a round up in Thaanthaamalai 40th Mile Post have disappeared without any trace.
    * 1987 14 Civilians arrested by SLA never returned home.

  108. "Population of Sinhalese in the East was a mere 0.53 percent in 1827 but due to systematic colonisation and subsequent establishment of military camps along the borders of traditional Tamil areas, Sinhala settlers encroached into more than 25 percent of land owned by Tamils," said Maavai Senathirajah, Jaffna district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian, addressing, as the chief guest, to a gathering in Colombo Saturday on the occasion of the release of a book "Destroyed Tamil villages," authored by fellow Member of Parliament (MP), S.Jeyananthamoorthy, literary sources in Colombo said. T. Kangasabai, Batticaloa district TNA parliamentarian presided the function.

  109. Shyam,

    Thanks for posting more bullshit. I love reading those jokes you people put up here. Where did you pick it up?

  110. 1986 - 1992 those were the golden days of the war when SL had very few equipment but managed so well.

    the whole country wholeheartedly supported the SLA.

    i wish we could get those days back.

    BTW the casualties shyam stated, if true, are mere BYPRODUCTS of the war. the war has killed 12 times more SLA soldiers and 20 times more Sinhala/Muslim/Tamil civilians.

    shyam, who started this 'liberation struggle' and what have they achieved?

    try starting a similar 'liberation struggle' in India and see what happens.

  111. Over 300 LTTe front organizations to be banned in EU shortly.

  112. No matter what these terror pussies whine, the world really gets it. They make sympathetic noises, but they know who the bad guys are.

  113. moshe

    you should give up that bad habit of responding to rantings of insanity..

  114. @ Chamal

    in 1990 i was there at that time in that university. Since we lived in Chenkalady, Entire villege from bati to vandaramullai villages wer burnt by SLA while LTTE was withdrawing their positions. I was at the jungle for 3 weeks and slowly came back to the university and stayed for 2 weeks and some how came to Kadiresan (bamba) Hall as refugee (we never returned back to bati since we lost our belongings, we are not bati ppl though). soon after that i hear the killing was happened. i was there for 6 months in bati, We suffered like nothing. i was in grade 6 went to school for 5 months if i am not mistaken. you all guys/majority never been there and never believe that SLA/GOSL does those thing, GOSL payed for our belonging wer burnt, my dad never gave up till they (GOSL) pay took legal action.(they are the worst at that time). but now it has been changed.

    Shyam's Story was true. but Majority want believe. its History

    Watch more rupavahini and sleep with ITN, log ind play around with defence.lk & army/Navy .lk's they are the gods of truth. they never lie. have a great time guys.

  115. crimewatch

    your people sowed the seeds of chaos.

    today you reap the whirlwind.

    the sins of the father....

  116. Air Force warplanes destroy LTTE training facility and Radar post in Wanni


  117. Oh god, Money and their effort in vain


  118. Shyam / Crimewatch

    sob..sob..sob…well well, it appears it is the day for sobbing today!!! LMSSAO!!!

    No, by sob I meant “crying, whimpering” and not the universally recognized SOB label which too is quite applicable to your genre I know! LMSSAO!!!

    Now, let’s get back to sob stories…you filthy bastards have the gall to come here and sob sob about these so called attacks on “Tamil civilians” by our SLDF’s when we all know that yes, these accounts are essentially that – “so called” – as I know well that most of these are the cleverly concocted stories that the LTTE propaganda arm put out for consumption by the IC (confirmed to me personally by an ex-LTTEr in Montreal once when I visited Canada) and the vile, false propaganda was such intense that yes, even the coaxed “victims” eventually become demented and actually began to believe that these things really did happen to them!!! Wow!

    This is not to say there were no “excesses” by the SLDF (like from any other army fighting horrific terrorism), but to come up with these cock & bull sob stories, in my view really makes you sob’ing bastards, SOBs!!!

    Your LTTE MF’s have killed innocent Sinhela/Tamil/Muslim/Burgher civilians by the thousands upon thousands and no, I guess for you those horrific killings (where whole commercial building bombing – like the Central Bank - train bombings, bus bombings, supermarket bombings etc. etc.) are really irrelevant as long as you can sob sob like a bloody dick-limpy faggie!

    Anyway, let’s get something straightened out shall we? And, up-front let me tell you that this is NOT NEGOTIABLE!

    It does not matter who kills who, as the “cardinal rule” is that:

    Sri Lanka will NEVER EVER be divided!

    Sri Lanka is our Motherland and she will stay a UNITARY nation despite who got killed by whom and who continues to kill whom! If you SOB’s were so concerned about killings, then I would have expected for you to have abandoned the LTTE’s murderous dream long ago…well, we all know you didn’t, which tells us that your killings/sufferings at the hand of SLDF aren’t actually what you make it out to be!!!

    Now speaking of killings, yes, naturally we like it to be that “SLDFs are killing far, far more LTTE MF’s than being killed by LTTE MF’s” and this is precisely what is happening now and we Sri Lankans truly rejoice at that!

    So, do your “sob sob sob” now as soon this war is going to be over and then your fake sobs and your SOB characters will be totally irrelevant!


    OaO Asithri

  119. shaym u forgot one more....
    Katthankudi massacare... where 0ver 200 muslim devotees(AKA thugs as u say..) were killed by STF (waring the LTTE uniforms)..
    kent farm dollar farm massacre... Anuradhapura massacre where innocent tamils who embraced Buddhism due to the pressure of the racist singhala govt.. were killed by SLA.....

    GOnagala herath halmillawa Kabetigoolava massacres .. wow the list goes down ne...
    EVERY action has a reaction ne....(as P boss says... insult to sir newton)...
    MORE SINGHALEESE who were colonized by the racist singhala govt.....needs to be wiped out by force...ne..... good

    Hey man u have all the qualifications to be a TNA parliamentarian....
    Crap crap and all crap...
    wut u need is some undergaed voters and some mechanism to organize mass election fraud like in 2004 .

  120. Hon Asithri & Attack is the Best Defence

    Ha ha ha. Wonder full man. don't worry you all the the best.

    SLDF is a baby, still Kiri suwandawath gihilla ne

    Truth hurts ha.

  121. A note on the MiG29 or Fulcrums….

    I again talked to an “authoritative source” at the SLAF and was told that buying these Fulcrums were to stay ahead of the LTTE thread (rather than reacting, which we are very good at doing in this war as proven many times) as we still don’t know for sure the extent of LTTE’s “crop-duster air force” as well as it is a fact that our Kfirs are now aging and will be in need of retirement in the near future and these Fulcrums are indeed a lethal and an attractive price proposition to do the same job – and even a better job given their night sortie/PGM/craft-defense capability etc.

    I think we need to think progressively and be “ready for the unexpected” and not be complacent with “facts at hand” and make the same mistake we made, with dire consequences, in all these “eelam wars!”

    OaO Asithri

  122. tropical,

    good point, but i don't answer to crap. these facts and figures needed an answer, i guess.


    we cry for everyone sinhala, tamil, muslim and ABOVE ALL SRI LANKA (remember it??)

    all this nonsense is because one bloody MF named pirapaharan who goes about killing people for 'liberation' just like hitler did supposedly for the liberation of the german race. what bullshit.

    learn to live together with other races, obey the law and have the gutts to call a terrorist a terrorist no matter what.

    as defencewire pointed out GOSL still pays the pension of pirapaharan MF's father in addition to providing free education to his miserable children and every month sending free INSULIN and other medicine for the bloody ungrateful pig!!!

    to have the balance, mention those as well in your posts.

    after starting violence against SL don't think nothing would happen.

    actually you should be grateful for the army and paramilitaries for their decent conduct compared to the IPKF. you know what they did don't you?

  123. New F7 birds in Action for the first time it seems................

    Air Force warplanes destroy LTTE training facility and Radar post in Wanni

    Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets successfully carried out two bombing missions targeting two identified camps of LTTE terrorists located in Wanni region this morning (March 27). According to the defence sources the targets were a training facility(6.25.a.m.) and a Radar command post(6.35.a.m.) both located in Kilinochchi district.

    The Kfir and F-7 fighter jets carried out the missions jointly and the targets were accurately hit the added citing the fighter pilots.

    Source defence.lk

  124. Crimewatch.... I am not a racist like u.... SLA might have done things not gud in the past. they might have attacked the villages and even tough ur figures most definetly r exaggerated, Things have happened for sure.. defenetly in 90s...

    truth hurts ..... its more applicable to u...

  125. guys who cares about what tiger arse lickers write here,
    The whole world knows what LTTE is all about and have been treated such...that's why their leader is holed up in an underground bunker and even have to resort to using children and women to fight their stupid war for a fake cause...
    Our forces are getting the job done... Just when ltte thought with bad weather they'll getter a breather SLAF has carried out 2 sorties early in the morning today... More fireworks to come.

  126. @ Attack is the Best Defence

    As usual non of you all will wanna listen or to believe opposition voice. you all dance devil against.

    nothing other than "Kevung" nothing else to say.

  127. Pultta,
    Great find.

    I thought F-7 were best for air to air interception? How do they fare with Kfir and Mig 27s?

  128. I believe u claims... DO u believe mine... DO U ACCEPT THAT LTTE HAS COMMITTED CRIMES....? YES OR NO....

    WHEN did u last set foot on this country man.... truth really hurts .. that cn be seen in ur words... u r loosing man ...

    I accept that SLA has done some bad things for tamils in the past.. can u accept that fact that LTTE has done even worse genocides against Sinhalese and muslims in south and east
    truth hurts...

  129. Thambala

    Following is from wiki page for F 7 s

    Most actions carried out by the F-7 have been air-to-ground missions. In air-to-air missions, there have rarely been any encounters resulting in dogfights.

    F7 wiki page link

  130. What ever victory SLDF get & the enjoyment you had are there till LTTE counter attack in return


    as usual the past, enjoy as much as possible with current victory. when time comes U will feel hard.

    Did SLDF has this

    Happy Health Minister/Lion's Happiest Moment to see a Tiger

    Historical HSZ

    # March 26: TAF attacked Sri Lankan air force base at Katunayake in which three government soldiers killed and 17 others injured.

    # April 24: Again the TAF inflicted damage to a Sri Lankan army engineering unit in the Palali military complex leaving six soldiers dead and a dozen others wounded.

    # April 26: TAF attack on Katunayake air base failed.

    # April 29: TAF bombers successfully targeted two oil storage facilities in Kolonnawa and Muththuraajawala.
    Altogether 23 aircraft have been lost in the attack on the Anuradhapura Airbase. The most valuable craft lost included the Beechcraft, two brand-new UAVs and one highly sophisticated UAV with thermal glare detection capability. The LTTE has thus completely annihilated the aerial reconnaissance capability of the Armed Forces.

    To Kill Few Flies several Hulk hunting for it, they flied around colombo even after purchasing MIG's. Millions of dollars Hulks to flatten few hundred thousands rupees flies (known as Maduruwa)

    Five Mig-29 fighter Jets From Russia To Crack Down Final LTTE Strongholds

    Last week Russia's officials revealed that they are ready to export five Mig-29 fighter jets to Sri Lanka as a help to counter LTTE terrorism. MiG-29 designed for the air superiority role in the is a 4th generation jet fighter aircraftSoviet Union. At present Russian Air Force, Ukrainian Air Force, Indian Air Force and Iranian Air Force are the top users of Mig-29 fighter air crafts.
    These fighter jets are equipped with very latest armory such as1x 30 mm GSh-30-1 cannons,Up to 3,500 kg (7,720 lb) of weapons including 6 air-to-air missiles — a mix of semi-active radar homing (SARH) and AA-8 'Aphid', AA-10 'Alamo', AA-11 'Archer', AA-12 'Adder', FAB 500-M62, FAB-1000, TN-100, ECM Pods, S-24, AS-12, AS-14. These air-to-air missiles can be used to destroy LTTE light air crafts although a Mig-29 is more than enough to do that job.

    still Flies will fly without ham from unknown possessions with safe.
    and F7 & MIG's Ponds to Kilinochchi with success, majority Smiles in return.

    SLDF are specialized in the above. counter attack (After attack when its over)

    Kolonnawa Attack - Un forgettable

    EPS / Muhamalai / Palali Air Base / Talladi Camp ect.
    these known as counter attacks

    Those are Major Unbelievable Unexpected Counter Attacks.

    Still u believe LTTE doesn't do that again/ Still they are week/ they are OLD now?

    in Future we can see all these..

  131. Comparison of 3 main attackers of the SLAF

    Max takeoff weight: 14,670 kg (kafir)
    : 9,100 kg (F7)
    : 20,670 kg (Mig27)

    Maximum speed: 2,440 km/h (kafir)
    : 1,885 km/h (Mig27)
    : 2100 km/h (F7)
    source: wikipedia

  132. crimewatch.. big words huh... any answe rpls to my question..

  133. F-7 2000kg payload
    Mig-27 4000kg payload
    Kfir 6000kg payload

  134. @ attack is best

    you are right, LTTE in to CRIME cos the are terrorist. (Made by GOSL)

    I do live in my mother land (unfortunately a poor)

    even i mentioned in my post
    "(they are the worst at that time). but now it has been changed."
    in 90's ppl scared to see Army. current army is way far better, i wood say very good

  135. Guys we do have two types of F7s Older ones are F-7B types without radar. that one solely brought down for Ground attack role. Later we got F-7Gs those are dedicated Air-to Air role. just check the same Wiki page for J-7G you'll find out.

  136. I accept that LTTE did killing Sinhalese people, by Bombing and things...but It was an Eye for an Eye!

    ex. When SriLankan Air force dropped 18 bombs on a Tamil Orphanage and killed 64 school orphan girls and injured 140 of them; the LTTE took revenge on Sinhala Army...A LTTE Black Tiger with a Suicide truck killed 110 Sri Lankan Soldiers!

    ex. When the Sri Lankan Deep Penetration team killed 18 people in Vanni with claymore mine attack...The LTTE bombed a buss killing 20 Sinhalese people...Tigers are basically taking revenge for the Killing done by the Sri Lankan Army of Tamils...

    Sorry to tell your this but you won't hear about what Sri lankan soldiers did to the Tamils in the Media...You only hear "LTTE Bombed a bus, killing 20 people" but ever asked why they did it? its because Sri Lankan Airforce bombs Tamil Refugee camps and next day in the Media you read "Sri Lankan Air force's F-7 or MIG 27 destroyed LTTE Bunker and ammunition dump; the Pakistani pilot confirms it!"

    Please I stop killing eachother! IF the LTTE are terrorist, then Sri Lankan Government are terrorist too! They both kill innocent people to take revenge on eachother!

    Please Warmongers, understand this, War will make corpses of us all!

    Think about it! By wiping the LTTE you can't solve the Problem!

    Instead of accepting the fact that Sinhalese did discriminate against the Tamils; Sinhala only act, Standardization reqiring Tamils to get higher marks to attend University, Burning Jaffna Library with all its priceless Artifact by Sri Lankan Police officers while 2 Sinhalese ministers supervised the atrocity, 1955 and the famous 1983 genocide of Tamils in Colombu!

    Instead of accepting Sinhalese did discriminate Tamils in Education, Profession, Language, culture and the right to life...you would basically blame this whole problem on an oppressed minority which is fighting for its survival!

    Understand this: LTTE is not the creation of Tamils, It is the Creation of Sinhala Extremism! LTTE are there because there are many Tamil Youths who are not satisfied by the acts/behavior of Sri Lakan government!

    Change your ways and LTTE won't be an issue for anyone!

    Live and let live!



  137. "Change your ways and LTTE won't be an issue for anyone!"

    Muaaahaaa haa haa haa!

  138. Ok let's get back to business..

    What's happening on the Mannar front?

  139. "Change your ways and LTTE won't be an issue for anyone!"

    we changed it in 2002-2005 army was inside camps... no DPU no operations.
    wut happened.
    Jaffna youth started throwing stones at army camps
    DIG jaffna was hacked to death
    Kadiragarmer assinated
    nearly all intelligence operatives killed....
    2 attempts to kill Douglas devanda
    continues claymore attacks in jaffna after MR elected
    Wanni residents were not given chance to participate in the presedential elections.. only women who voted. ltte cut off her hands...
    in 2004 elections, mass frauds even 12 years old kids voted to send LTTE dummys to parliment in wanni under LTTE guidance

    This is wut we got for changing our ways..
    will lTTE change ..anyday...

  140. This is something for Mig-29 interests. This an accident happened in one of the air shows in England. Official report says it is due to a pilot mistake of the wing man.

    I watched this incident in National Geographic channel and it says Mig-29 has one of the most advanced ejecting systems of all aviation history other than it's maneuverability. Nice thing about this accident is nobody died from it and I hope SLAF pilots will not attempt this kind of heroics :).

    Apologies if this is a repost.


  141. jay_ramen

    Understand this: LTTE is not the creation of Tamils, It is the Creation of Sinhala Extremism!

    Isn't there a part of Tamil extremism too? This is what most of the Tamil people forgetting in their grievances.

  142. jay ramen,

    Tamil extremism/racism and demands for separation started as early as the 1920's when the Tamils were still a favoured and highly priviledged minority under the Brits. Their unreasonable and racist demands pre-dated the so called discrimination by the Sinhalese post-independence.

  143. If anyone wants to know more about the new F-7G in SLAF service, this an article worth checking out. The F-7G has some interesting capabilities, even in the air-to-ground role.


  144. Bit out of topic
    This is regarding the escaped fishermen.
    How credible is this story?
    If untrained fishermen could walk 70 KM in jungle to reach Omanthai, without getting caught and not knowing the area. Imaging a trained SF or LRRP can do?
    Any more info on this?

  145. "The Sri Lanka High Commission in London has been infiltrated by agents working for India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and managing powerful person’s working in the High Commission to run affairs in the mission according to an agenda of the dreaded intelligence service, it is alleged"


    Worth a read.

  146. Imagine,
    Ratwatte walking and with a limp all that way from the crashed helicopter in LTTE held territory...

  147. crimewatch,

    I'm not saying that a few incidents have not occurred. But that's nowhere as near as the fictional incidents that was on that comment (And definitely not so much as to write a whole book about it. I guess they are not shyam's own fiction but from the author of this book). On the other hand, the villages destroyed by LTTE might be quite worth noticing, enough to set a world record probably.

    "SLDF is a baby, still Kiri suwandawath gihilla ne"

    Oh hell!!!! Like LTTE is SO grown up! The people who can't even lie properly....saying SLAF bombs their forests and their people are so shocked about it. I can laugh for hours just by thinking of that...

    I don't think there will be any dogfights between SLAF and LTTE. Even if MIG-29's encounter their kurumbettis, there will be no need for a dogfight, just one guided missile will do. I mean, the MIG can do circles around that plane. If the unfortunate (for LTTE) event occurs where the kurumbetti plane meets a MIG-29, the pilot had better jump out, at least he can save his life (but I don't know if this is possible, they probably won't have parachutes).

  148. out of topic,
    Anyone read more news about the Singhala film director who was seriously assualted in chennai?..He has to produce his film and release it to the world at any cost..AT the moment his film is at a lab in chennai..for "inappropriate=truth" sections to be cut out.This crap on defense.lk gives you no idea what actually took place.

  149. The base for the all Mig 27s, Kafirs, future Mig 29,F 7,etc is the Katunayaka Air base?. What happened if something goes wrong? (although very unlikely!)
    I think we don't have underground facilities to store aircrafts. Hangers are clearly visible from air.Is there an alternative secure Airbase, where these aircrafts can be safely placed?

    The cost of mig 29 aircraft may be 1.7 Billion Rs! (according to a discusson at Defencewire site).

    (Katunayaka,Anuradahpura Airbases are not solutions).

  150. Yov everyone who comment on ma last post...

    LTTE started the EELAM struggle..no its already started because of the srilankan majority sinhala politicians never ever gonna give a solution for the tamils struggle ...but LTTE is just started to fighting against sinhala forces(you people never mind for saying sinhala army coz there arn't any tamils in it rite?) because we don't have any choice ....

    I state what the true history in ma earlier postings ... and in early 1980's the population of sinhala people in EAST is very low... In Baticalo DIS it 0.53% and in Trinco there were only 4 Families ...but if you check the population at this movement every one can find out the GOV SL's cunning strategy ....

    The exact number of the sinhala ppulation in tamils places will be posted very soon

  151. Row erupts over Tamil rebel film


    Sri Lanka campaign to discourage suicide bombers


  152. Sanduni;

    No worries SLAF build hangers with 6ft width walls and those are very strong ... and it will minimize the damages even though tigers bombed on the hangers ... so the LTTE have to use bunker blusters to destroy the hangers ....

  153. shaym post tamil population in wellawatte nuwaraeliya badulla etc... too

    Sri lanka is the country of everyone and all has the equal right to live in any part of the country...

    singhalees eand muslims are chansed away from north ... but tamils still live in south they r not chansed away...(ok they r poor innocent tamils are harrsed by the racist govt and racist singhala ppl )

  154. 15 SLA killed in the last two days clashes in MANALARU FDL's

    4 SLA Killed in an ambush in the MANNAR FDLS ....

    SLAF bombed two different places ...@ 6.25 am they bombed in THIRUVAYARU KALMADU region and @6.35 bombed in PUNAKARI... SLAF's newly bought F-7G's used to bomb on those places

  155. Attack is the Best Defence ;

    Don't you people chase the Tamils from the south..? man thats the funniest thought ...you guys just have some hospitality with tamil in 1983 ahhh?

    Lets talk about the recent incident ..after the GALLE harbor was attacked by the LTTE what you people done to the innocent tamil civilians who living in those areas..

    "Sri lanka is the country of everyone and all has the equal right to live in any part of the country..."

    Yov buddy this what we fighting for so don't lie that tamils have equal rights ok ...

  156. ok I accept ... just tell me singhaleese and muslims were completely cased away from north... but still with all these 83 bulshit tamils exist in wella, modara mattakulila and most of the central regions as well...
    Am I mising somethnig here my mind washed baberic dear friend?

  157. "so the LTTE have to use bunker blusters to destroy the hangers ...."

    What are bunker "blusters"?

  158. bunker blusters are the newes lTTE weapon technology invented by great scientists in wanni. They are made with used sardine tins and barrels welded together and contains dog tags of the vaporized maveers and dried cow dung to extend its lethal usage. grandma unit in wishwamadu runs its production line.

  159. A picture paints a thousand words…

    Take the official insignia of the LTTE for example; what kind of words does it paint in the mind of an average human being?

    LTTE Flag

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry when I learnt that late Tamli(barber)selvam was nom de plumed as the “LTTE dove of peace”! Pictures of this “dove” standing next to the LTTE flag were published in the media which made a mockery both of peace and doves.

    Firstly, the words LTTE and Peace are contradictions in terms. By now any right minded person would acknowledge this.

    Secondly, it is an insult to doves (or even to filthy Trafalgar Square pigeons) that a human of this calibre were to be called a “dove”; LTTE “vulture”, would be more befitting (no offence to the scavenging bird).

    Thirdly, the LTTE flag does not depict or portray even an iota of peace, harmony or any virtue for that matter; it is intrinsically martial in nature portraying and promoting only violence, mono-ethnic fascism and anything that is on the opposite end of the spectrum to peace and goodness.

    Just take a few minutes to appreciate the LTTE flag. The prominent feature is the face of a ferocious, realistic looking tiger with its mouth wide open filled red with blood. It appears to have an insatiable appetite for blood with its eyes blood-red as if possessed by a multitude of demons prodding it and tormenting it to shed more blood and destroy life. Its claws are ready to pounce on its victims and tear their flesh to ribbons in an instant.

    The background is also blood red supporting the blood-thirst of the creature in the middle. It is as if the creature has eyes only for one colour; blood red! The emblem makes no secret of how this evil creature is intending to gratify its appetite for human blood. Two fire arms with bayonets attached surrounded by bullets and shells, the demonised creature is equipped and ready to embark on its evil mission.

    LTTE propaganda machine who are self brain-washed and blinded by their own deceit cannot see this simple picture….ammapa…

  160. Shyam's Tamil Tiger bunker "blusters"...
    A new weapon developed by LTTE..

    However this weapon needs tides to come in order to effectively use


    Sorry for unrelated matters..

  161. Ha Ha!

    Bluster means - talk in a very loud and abusive manner. I think now the LTTE is hoping to destroy bunkers by blustering. Shyam is doing the same, hope he doesn't bring down the WWW by blustering.

  162. Shyam said

    Don't you people chase the Tamils from the south..? man thats the funniest thought ...


    The majority of the Tamil people live in so called "Sinhalese areas." Take Colombo for example. According to the last national census, 12% of the population of the Colombo District and 30% of the population in the Colombo Municipal area is Tamil. These percentages may gone up or down by a few points but are basically still the same.

  163. Tambala
    Ratwatte walking and with a limp all that way from the crashed helicopter in LTTE held territory...’
    March 27, 2008 4:57 PM
    Tambala,what made you write this? Do you know anything about this incidence? We worked for Anuraddha during is elections in Kandy and we are disappointed with him and his notorious sons. We reliably learned that this heli crash led him to compromise the security of the country. We were told that the tigers let him go on some conditions favourable to them, resulting in his two sons giving one of their tiger sympathizers in Kandy a well known business person in Kandy contract to refurbish the Maligawa,which brought in the bombers. Knowing this, people in Kandy protested outside this business man’s shop, whereby one of his sons escorted him to the air port so that he could getaway to Singapore. Also the way the gosl lost a ship load of weapons, on route from East Africa, on information given the tigers intercepted this ship in mid sea. We must not forget his incident in Udatalawinna perhaps he was a opportunist.

  164. kevin,
    It was due to someones comments about fishermen trekking 70 odd kms to escape bloodthirsty tiger terrorists and what would be possible for LRRP.

    No idea about the incidents your are talking about. I don't think it is likely that Ratwatte was caught by ltte and made a deal with him. If they had caught him they would have made a real deal with Chandrika then.

  165. Barbaric LTTE supporters in TamilNadu (The land of the Tamils in case one wants a translation) beaten up Thushara Pieris, the director of the film "Prabhakaran".

    These bloody separtist terrorists are not only terrorists but cunning shameless foxes.

    I remember seeing a french film on Rupavahini and it put to the audience that Sri Lanka uses child labour (for it's garment factories particularly). Those who are in this country know that this is a bloody lie. These Tamil separtists manipulate, bribe, mislead everybody to sow their blatant lies.

    When someone makes a film showing the truth about them after thirty years of the conflict they can't take it and like bloody cowardly ways they use to subjugate the common Tamil man in the north and east they jump on this man and try to eat him alive.

    What a disgrace to the human race. Will you try to evolve from your barbaric ways????

  166. Tambala
    These people are running the country down like hell and the IC is buying their lies, but not for long as we patriots are countering this false propaganda. Some of them are lingering in Colombo and places nearby like kotahenna,awaiting another ethnic backlash so that they could go to some embassies to get their refugee visas and it’s up to the gosl officially counter this with the embassies concerned. There is a growing number of refugees settled here, for various reasons are not contributing as much, therefore they need fresh lot of people to earn and collect for them, though they have a formidable income collected every year that will never be used to elevate the suffering of their own, now lingering in their mythical eelam.Seperatist politics seems to be profitable for the worldwide terrorists brigades.Unfortunatly the politicians in the west are too slow to know this.

  167. Defnet,
    I just hope SLAF dont get the Mig 29's , the Algerian AF angrily returned a few months ago(Air Forces Monthly February Issue) for been decade old air frames ? Even though, M29's are a maitenance monsters folks, ya gotta follow the technology. I like the F 7GS & Mig 29 package ! It'll give SLA some balls baby !

    So,all the eggs in one basket(katuAB) huh defnet ? This iz were I draw the Line ! Are we stupid or what ? BTW, pilots for M29's they cme from the M27's batch ? Dont answer mate !

  168. I share sanduni's concerns.

    We MUST immediately increase security to katunayake AREA not just the air base.

    snipers must be placed at high elevations; constant patrolling by armed forces and many "white vans" is needed; STF should be in charge of security not SLAF; hangers must be guarded by a dedicated group with RPGs; CCTVs should be used to monitor suspicious activity.

    if i were velu the pig, i will definetely attack katu. when Mig29s come. so it is that certain.

  169. jey ramen,

    it is a joke if LTTE follows an "eye for eye" war as SLDFs are already following it as per DBS Jeyaraj's article on LRRP in rivira.

    if both gorups follow this strategy, as they seem to be, who will die first???

    just think. it will surely be the LTTE which will be ANNIHILATED.

    are you talking from your arse when you say "live and let live"? who has the problem with the living, is it the SLDFs or the LTTE? during the CFA time LTTE killed hundreds when SLDFs didn't kill anyone. therefore peace brought corpses, not peace. in fact CFA brought MORE corpses than war has if you intelligently analyse it!!! you can't add LTTE casualties with SLA casualties and civilian casualties if you know algibra.

    the correct formula is,

    SLA casualties + civilian casualties - LTTE casualties - LTTE supporters' casualties.

    this formular gives a negative in 2008 as it is good. Unfortunately in 2002-2005 it gave a positive meaning that in 2002-05 more unnecessary deaths than now.

    julius ceaser said it is not how many killed but who was killed that matter.


    We don't want to live next to a megalomaniac killer. for a drop of a hat he will kill like he killed an innocent foreign minister DURING A BLOODY CEASEFIRE!

    'Peace' with this type of terrorists is a tragicomedy; it is funny and it is tragic.

    Peace means LAW AND ORDER not killing foreign ministers.


  170. continuing from the above post.....

    as i stated in a previous post, LTTE is now like a dying person of drowning.

    SLDFs must keep the pressure and keep the LTTE's head under water amidst its VIOLENT struggelling for life until all movement stops. then its head got to be severed just to be sure.

    i know this is pretty bad, but there is no other way.

    if i want veal for dinner someone got to do the killing/cutting/chopping, etc. if no one does it, i won't get it.

    it is as simple as that.

  171. LTTE has bunker 'blisters' from not changing underwear for several months!

  172. Moshe Dayan,

    I really appreciate all your contribution here.

    Great posts...!

    Most occasions when I read your posts, it says most of what I wanted to say too.. so, I stop without duplicating the same thoughts.

    Great work bro.. keep it up!

  173. Folks,

    Read the new comment by TomCat on Mig 29s in Def.wire. It seems like the fulcrums won't be that useful.

  174. MosheD-

    [SLDFs must keep the pressure and keep the LTTE's head under water amidst its VIOLENT struggelling for life until all movement stops. then its head got to be severed just to be sure.]

    Great stuff my man...you are indeed a gem I see!

    Now if only if any of our former CEOs SL had even 1/8th of this kind of reasoning, I am sure we would have liquidated the LTTE MF's long ago!

    Luckily for us, today we have a CEO setup in SL that appears to be acting with such logic...at least judging by results (yes, it's results that count and not useless rhetoric!).

    MosheD...I agree with Noltte=heaven (lol), it is a pleasure to read your posts bro...keep it up!

    OaO Asithri

  175. OK, once again, it is time to tell those racist LTTE supporting Tamils that this is no longer a war between Sinhelas vs. Tamils (and I see some new ones here lately).

    It is really old-fashioned to stick to that kind of simplistic (idiotic) Tamil vs. Sinhela notion as here is just one web-bit of what "liberation Tamils" do to other "liberation Tamils" (my favorite link):


    I love this beyond words as this shows some SL Tamils have cut loose from the bondage of Tamil racist, tribalism!

    I agree it is too early to stand down guard, roast the pig and let wine & song flow freely for merry making, but this realization alone – that this is no longer a Tamil vs. Sinhela conflict – should be cause for undeniable joy!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  176. Kfirs/F7s/MiG27s and additional 5 MiG29s…!!!


    Wow indeed, as I gather there is a spectacular fireworks display coming to a theatre near you! LMSSAO!!!

    No, don’t change that channel…SLAF will be back after a brief non-commercial!


    If only the LTTE MF’s knew what is in store for them, they will raise the white flag now and run naked across the FDLs! LMSSAO!!!

    But, as that is not likely, well, we can sit back and enjoy some great “4th of July” fireworks soon!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

  177. thanks noltte=paradise and Asithri for the kind words.

    i know i sound BAD at times but the issue we have is a contest between RIGHT and WRONG and RIGHT must prevail at all costs.

    great minds think alike!!!

    cheers mates.

  178. MosheD
    [i know i sound BAD at times]

    Shame on you mate! :)) :)) :))

    See with OaO Asithri, he sounds BAD not "at times" but ALWAYS!!!


    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Take my word: When combatting TERRORISM, there is nothing called BAD and it should be a no-holds barred policy within and outside the battlefield.

  179. rover,

    Don't worry. The setbacks that tomcat has mentioned don't apply much to the SLAF. It's not like LTTE has F15's or high tech air defence system is it? They'll only be facing those kurumbettis and they won't be a problem to the MIG's, not even if LTTE has them fitted with AA missiles.

    The reason that India doesn't use them for ground attack is because they got better planes for that. That doesn't mean we can't use it. And all the other planes mentioned are out of our reach. MIG-29 is one of the best planes we can get right now. Let's wait until they get here and start doing the job and then we can talk about whether they are good or not. Remember that some people said MIG-27 was no use to us, it's old and all sort of crap, but they are doing a great job now. (No offence to tomcat here, I agree with his statistics and all, but I don't think they'll be a problem to us)

  180. Defencenet,

    Lankadeepa reports that LTTE have taken a hostage in Vavuniya. Seems like they have taken one before as well, but he was rescued by the army... I didn't know about this, can you give more details?

  181. Thanks Chamal,

    "(No offence to tomcat here, I agree with his statistics and all, but I don't think they'll be a problem to us)"

    Let's hope they will be useful. After all, Sri Lankans are good at improvising, and perhaps the SLAF topguns will do something spectacular out with those babes.

  182. @ Defencenet

    "so the LTTE have to use bunker blusters to destroy the hangers ...."

    What are bunker "blusters"?

    very Funny, Too smart. People make Typo spelling mistakes. like u posted wrong map and mis guided people fore two days.

    sorry about it

  183. "very Funny, Too smart. People make Typo spelling mistakes. like u posted wrong map and mis guided people fore two days."

    We publicly admitted our mistake and apologized. Have you ever seen shyam admit a counter argument?

  184. "People make Typo spelling mistakes."

    When you tried to be a 'fake' asithri and made 10-15 posts with that handle, was that a typo too?

  185. This comment has been removed by the author.

  186. @ defencenet

    TRUE TRUE UR right


    hellow MY name is Asithri too.
    (did some funniest scenario too) the other Asithri was a war specialist as well as Expecting the war as the only answer to the ethnic issue.

    but me (anti war) War is just a business which never ever ends what ever u say/what ever technology u has/got. they want give up till death in the other case. but poor families loose their beloved sons/daughter (war will end up at a stage with widow's) Poor family become pooooooooooooooooooooor. without in come, young widow's get in to prostitution to look after their sons and daughters.


  187. 5 LTTE commado units are landed in BATICALOA earlier last night with modern weponary....In 5 boards...let watch what will happen in East coming days weeks

  188. Viral flu hits Sri Lankan troops in northern war zone

    Mar 30 (Xinhua) COLOMBO- A new crisis has erupted in Sri Lanka's northern war zone with a virtual epidemic of dengue and chikungunya viral fever among troops due to the heavy rains and resultant floods, said a leading local newspaper on Sunday. The Sunday Times disclosed that about 500 troops affected by the viral flu were being treated at hospitals in the Anuradhapura district.
    full story

  189. US concerned over Lanka's 'anti US axis'

    By Mendaka Abeysekera in New York
    The United States has clearly indicated that it has serious concerns
    over Sri Lankan Government's growing ties and diplomatic relations
    with anti-US axis, with countries like China, Iran and Russia.

    It is learnt that the US State Department has already displayed its
    displeasure over Sri Lanka's bilateral relationship with President
    Mahmud Ahmadinejad's administration.

    Despite, the Iranian President's scheduled state visit to Sri Lanka in
    April, the US State Department conveyed its displeasure to Colombo
    through diplomatic channels.

    The high ranking Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry officials in Colombo
    downplayed the importance of Sri Lanka's close ties with Iran as
    traditional bilateral diplomatic relations between two independent

    "We learn that the US State Department is totally satisfied with Sri
    Lankan Government's diplomatic response," diplomatic sources said.

    During his state visit, President Ahmadinejad is expected to visit the
    water power plant project in Uma Oya and other projects developed with
    the help of Iranian grants.

    During President Mahinda Rajapaksa's visit to Tehran in November 2007,
    the Iranian Government agreed to grant a US$ 1.6 billion line of
    credit, primarily to help Sri Lanka buy Iranian oil.

    Iranian line of credit is the biggest single foreign grant, which Sri
    Lanka has received during the last few years.
    Rajapaksa discussed regional and international issues including
    Palestine and the expansion of bilateral ties between Tehran and
    Colombo, during his trip.

    He also met with Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah
    Seyyed Ali Khamenei and some high-ranking officials.
    China and Russia are Sri Lanka's main arm suppliers.

    According to Jane's Defence News, Sri Lanka has already advanced talks
    with Russia over the procurement of five new MiG-29 fighter aircraft.

    Last year, Chinese Government's assistance has grown to nearly US$1
    billion, eclipsing Sri Lanka's long-time biggest donor, Japan.

    Last week, The New York Times, discussed the new development with Sri
    Lanka's Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona. He admitted that Sri Lanka's
    'traditional donors' namely, the United States, Canada and the
    European Union, had "receded into a very distant corner," to be
    replaced by countries in the East. Foreign Secretary Kohona gave three
    reasons: The new donors are neighbours; they are rich; and they
    conduct themselves differently. "Asians don't go around teaching each
    other how to behave," he said. "There are ways we deal with each other
    -- perhaps a quiet chat, but not wagging the finger."

    In January, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriation Act
    2008, which was passed by the US Congress, banned the supply of
    military equipment and services to Sri Lanka.

    According to this Act, before any military supplies are made to Sri
    Lanka, the Secretary of State should certify that Colombo has improved
    its human rights record in certain specific areas.


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