Friday, March 21, 2008

STF commando killed in LTTE attack : Ampara

One police Special Task Force (STF) personnel was in a clash between LTTE and STF in Lahugala jungle, Ampara, yesterday. Both parties exchanged small arms fire in the clash which began at around 11.30 in the night. The STF personnel who was critically injured in the incident, succumbed to his injuries in Ampara hospital. There are no reports of LTTE casualties.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers deployed in the Mannar front continued to carry out limited offensives against LTTE targets in Adampan and Munakkathirichchi regions while braving bad weather conditions. Of all the SLA elements affected by bad weather, perhaps the worst affected are the armored corps. Heavy armor such such as infantry fighting vehicles and battle tanks are difficult to maneuver in soggy ground conditions created by continuous rain.

In Weli-Oya front troops of the army's 59th division engaged LTTE targets in Kokkuthuduvai and Andankulama regions, killing at least 7 LTTE cadres.

Meanwhile the Pilleyan faction of TMVP has requested removal of  all STF camps in eastern province before the provincial council elections.


  1. 40 STF camps to be removed from east

    STF Commandent DIG Nimal Lewke has been transferred to DIG Western Province. He was in the original STF batch. This is a very tragic.

  2. defencenet
    According to DIVAINA government already taken an action to remove STF from east...i have mix feeling about this as east is still bit fragile.
    Can you tell me the out come would be?

  3. People need to stop getting news from Tamilnet and Lankaenews and spreading false rumors.

    With heightened military activities in the North, the Defence Ministry has decided to withdraw the Special Task Force from more than ten camps in the East and Mannar, in order to deploy them in LTTE threatened areas in Welioya, police sources said.

    A top Police official said that the Army would take over those camps in the East and Vavuniya areas. “The Ministry has decided to withdraw the STF from some camps in the Ampara and Akkaraipattu areas and deploy them in LTTE threatened villages in Welioya, including Kebithigollewa, shortly,” the police official said.

    He also said that the Army would take over security in the Ampara and Akkaraippatu areas, where the STF was present. “The process will start next week,” he added.

  4. Defencenet,

    Why does TMVP wants STF out of East? I am little bit puzzled. Can you please enlighten us on this matter?

  5. Defencenet,

    What is the strategic goal in pulling STF in to Welioya? Why do we have to get Army back in those camps when we need more in the Vanni front? What is the purpose of transferring Nimal Lewke to soe other unit? This is bit puzzling

  6. wat wud happn if all 40 STF camps have been removed and pillaiyan trait MR n join bak with LTTE????

    perharps, its one of the master plan LTTE hav planned out????

  7. ourtamil,
    lets wait and see.Pilliyan rejoining the LTTE will mean certain death to him either by LTTE(more likely) or the forces in future.Commanders Karuna and pilliyan are way too exposed now..this is what happens when you join your enemy(govt) cant switch sides even if previously planned and get away with it without facing the consequences.Besides now pilliyan is in the democratic process.The last thing pilliyan wants is to considered a criminal by the govt and spend time in jail after all this sacrifice and not enjoy peace.

  8. TMVP must not be given too many concessions, especially military ones.

    But relocating STF camps outside civilian areas in the East may be a good idea given the sentiment that prevails in the east.

    The possibility of tigers joining tigers is very high.

    In the article anadakulama means janakapura. so the battles have erupted within, not related to any advance.

  9. //Meanwhile the Pilleyan faction of TMVP has requested removal of all STF camps in eastern province before the provincial council elections.//

    This is from DN and not from LeN or TN. (LeN and TN sometimes report truth too.)

    All our leaders betrayed our forces for the power. Earlier it was with LTTE. MR also does same now and the difference is it is with a new side - 'pilliyan'.

    Objective of pilliyan is to taking control over all east in both political and military fronts. It's fine getting polical power in democretic means. But ruling east with both legal powers via PC and illigal arms power will be scary.

    His excuse for carrying arms is LTTE threats; All earlier anti-LTTE groups who were disarmed later suffered from LTTE. So they carry arms.

    MR expects pillyan gives him all the eastern tamils votes in his next presidential election. So MR pleases pillyan now and he has to do same atleast until next election.

    Pilliyan's expectations are not clear. Stated expectaions are development in east and a solution within undivided country; a federeal solution.

    Tamil di-ass-pora expects pillyan to join LTTE and 'get back' the half of eelaam which they 'didn't lose'.

    UNP is worrying about an IF. If MR's expectation materialised?? So they cry about pilliyans child recruitments, abductions, ransoms.

    Idealy, what should happen is;
    1) GSL should disarm pilliyan
    2) Release child soldiers if any
    3) Take actions for any crimes comitted by pilliyan -abductions, ransoms etc
    4) Make pillyan work in democretic stream with others

    But what happening for sure is;
    1) Pilliyan use his arms (indirectly) to get political power
    2) Thus a group rules east with legal political power (after PC election) and illegal armed power.
    3) Removel of STF camps will put moral down of all SLDF
    4) GSL is providing a free of charge platfrom for IC/UN/ NGOs to attack GSL and SLDF.

    [Ratwaththe also removed SLA camps in east to take troops to north. Every one knows what happened after that.]

  10. Ninja,

    Spot on mate!

    Even if we assume that these two groups (Pillayan & LTTE) won't rejoin, still pulling STF out is absolute madness. Pillayan is not strong enough to stop LTTE infiltration. LTTE will infiltrate, set-up camp and un-earth their weapons (I'm sure there are still loads of them buried underground, undetected by SLDF) and carry on as usual. We'll be back to square one.

    We must not, under any circumstances, compromise the security of the eastern province.

    We'll see how genuine MR is here. If he's genuine, then he will not let short term political gain interfere with the long term benefits for the entire nation.

    What's the worst that could happen if Pillayan doesn’t' support government in the PCs? He will win the councils and government will lose. Is that so bad? After all, we fought for democracy, now we have to live with people's choice.

    Government may lose this time but as long as people are not controlled at gunpoint, it leaves a chance for the government to win elections in the future.

    But, if the government gives way and pulls STF out, government will not stand a chance of winning any future election and it will be as good as giving the Eelam to LTTE.

    Let's wait and see!

  11. STF withdrawn from 10 camps in East


  12. Parakrama&Kevin,
    I share your feelings about this matter.WE need to wait and see what happens at ground level.the way i see it pilliyan does not want to subject his people to another war..but the question he strong enough to combat LTTE infiltration//

  13. think about it... anything possible...

    pillayan doesnt wanna end up in Briton jail like how Kohila Gunawardane ended up.

    Maybe tigers made a deal with pillayan to take over east by hook or crook and hand it over to LTTE, in return, LTTE promissed him sumthin... (jst like the deal made by MR n LTTE during the election time)

  14. Gents..visit defencewire..a very nice article(new) us an idea about pilliyans state of mind

  15. ourtamil

    can you make a phone call to one of your leaders and let us know what's the deal?

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  17. Defencenet,
    "Meanwhile the Pilleyan faction of TMVP has requested removal of all STF camps in eastern province before the provincial council elections."

    Sorry mate, I don't think this news item is correct. If TMVP wants STF to be removed why do they want new army units to be there? It's ridiculous.
    Above news item was originated from Lakshman Kirialla's mouth. This is what he said around few weeks back.

    "Mr. Kiriella accused the TMVP of terror tactics in the East where more than 68 people including 18 candidates have been abducted in the areas where the elections were due to be held in March."
    Now everybody knows this is a lie. (if anybody needs the link Please let me know)
    I think the government has decided to move STF from the East to North. And I think Kirialla is using the situation to his (UNP) mud slinging business. (But I am sure this will be in the US State department report for 2008). Yes, I am speculating.

  18. This is what Lakshman Kirialla has said yesterday.

    "(Lanka-e-News, 2008 March 20, 5.45 PM) Pillaiyan Group has asked the government to withdraw all Police Special Task Force (STF) camps prior to holding Provincial Council elections in the Eastern Province.

    Pillaiyan Group has announced that it would not support the government at the election if the STF camps were not withdrawn.

    UNP media unit chief Lakshman Kiriella exposed this at a press conference held today at the official residence of the Opposition Leader."

  19. Hemantha
    I have very little regards for Kerialla,he is a dirty fellow when he was in the SLFP,he grabbed the ballots of the supporters the Anuraddaa ratwatte,though they were in the same party and it happen to my employee in Katugastota area near Kandy. I am so concerned about this, I just rang my people in Kandy and I was told that gosl is deliberately withdrawing the STF to increase the mayhem in the East so they could prevent the UNP getting their support. If that’s the government’s intention then it is very stupid and we will pay very dearly.Transfering lewke is another unwise step. I hope nobody will play petty party politics with the serious situation in the country

  20. if the claims that TMVP has requested STF removal from the east, it makes me really uneasy. DW has a report of an offer by LTTE to Pillaan to rejoin them. Maybe we are making a mountain out of a molehill, but putting 2 and 2 togather.....

    Anyway, as pointed out by ninja, its really high time that TMVP is disarmed. Maybe provide additional police/ STF/ army protection to them, but their weapons should be stripped.
    Remember that Pilliyan and the remaining TMVP cadres were originally from the East, and now have experience fighting both the SL forces, and the LTTE.

  21. Long-Ranger, as usual, has put up another brilliant article!

  22. Hemantha

    Just becuz Kirialla said it need not to be false.

    East is under GSL control. STF is from police, they know how to move with public more than SLA. Thus it is STF, we need to keep in east, not SLA. As I know STF is the only unit which use tamil langauge.

    Replacing STF from SLA just give more space to pilliyan to move with public. And public will slowly get away from security forces which is SLA. This may be the long term objective of such a move. This makes GSL weak and pilliyan strong in east.

    We may need to wait some more time to see the truth on this. But then it may be too late.

  23. Kevin,
    Hmm..i am not sure if i agree with your friends analysis..If what he says is true the govt will loose election,there will be a riot by the forces and there will be EELAM.

  24. Kevin,
    What i forgot to add is that this analysis by your friend is contrary to the fact that the politicos have promised NOT to interfere with troop deployments/army operations..this is just suicide..

  25. There was a ploy by the Diaspora to patch karuna with the vanni terrorists, reason for Karuna is kept in London to pressure him to rejoin, since the vanni is under pressure from the security forces. We have to wait until Pillian make this demad formal or official. Lets see if this is another political spin by the desperate UNP or an genuine demand by Pillian. We should not reduce the forces strength in the North or East for any reason.

  26. Kevin,
    "I have very little regards for Kerialla..."

    Don't simplify things, my friend. This is not about the person Kirialla. This is about the UNP spokesperson Kirialls. He is the head of the UNP media unit. The news conference was held at the residence of the opposition leader Ranil. Make no mistake my friend he is giving the UNP point of view (propaganda if correctly said). That means those words are his leader's. The above view coincides with the UNP propaganda aimed at Eastern Provincial Council elections.

    "I just rang my people in Kandy and I was told that gosl is deliberately withdrawing the STF to increase the mayhem in the East so they could prevent the UNP getting their support"

    This logic is little bit farfetched. Confusing, don't you think?

  27. Guys!
    We can’t help people being suspicious, because people are losing faith with the politicians and they have come to the conclusion that anyone running the country has little welfare for the long-term future of the nation and they think that they will try to survive the term, make money and bolt out to green pastures abroad. We have to be apprehensive of any step taken or said, as their ultimate motive is to get to power or hold on to it as long as…This MIG 29 deal give anyone a bad feeling of the state of the county’s affairs.Time will tell…Good night all.

  28. Hemantha
    I see what you mean, but this not the time for UNP leaders to play stupid, silly politics over the country’s security and it’s a act of treachery, to say the least. I hope Kirialla and Co is not joking?

  29. We need a law in SLanka that is punishable by a Rs 50,000 fine+castration ..if you spread rumours that are unfounded.

  30. Ninja,
    I always admire your analysis. But in this case you are jumping in to conclusions in a hurry (I think). I have been following the behavior of these guys for some time (Kiriallas). They have no respect for truth, my friend (Please bear in mind I have never been a SLFPer in my whole life). Only thing they are interested in is propaganda.
    Secondly, we don't know what the forces are planning (for the future) in the North. We don't know what the STF role would be there. We base our analysis on the most current information available to us. But the current information for us can be very old information for the decision makers.
    There is a probability that this news can be true. But it is extremely small.
    My two cents.

  31. Kevin,
    "I see what you mean, but this not the time for UNP leaders to play stupid, silly politics over the country’s security and it’s a act of treachery, to say the least."

    Agree 100%, my friend. In that sense, we are very unfortunate people.

  32. Defencenet,

    The Island says that it is a blatant lie that TMVP asked STF to leave the East. We really really want the inside scoop this time.

  33. The STF will be replaced with the army in the east probably because it hasn't made a breakthrough with LTTE infiltrations in the region. All they have done since the woefully silly named 'Nithayai Jaya' ops was chasing the terror fags from forest to the next.

    The STF has neither done a proper job nor do they have a clean HR record. Nimal Lewke is not a good commander. The STF is only a shadow of its previous self. It needs to be reinvigorated under a new command with fresh ideas.

  34. Hemantha
    We are indeed very unfortunate to be born there, with never ending problems, but give a thought to the poor people in Africa, They have no hope in hell, in that way we are much luckier to be born in that beautiful nation.

  35. I've heard from a number of sources that LTTE and many foreign intelligent services are trying to create uncertainty among forces and create panic among them.
    I doubt whether this (moving out STF and transferring Nimal Lewke) is a result of such action.

  36. "Meanwhile the Pilleyan faction of TMVP has requested removal of all STF camps in eastern province before the provincial council elections."


    Could you please give more clarification on this news item?

  37. tmvp did make an unofficial request for STF removal. But its unlikely that it will happen.

  38. And we dont know the reasons behind this request.

  39. People..people…WTF is going on here? Please pull up your knickers and get your dicks back in the (rather tight) jockstraps! LMSSAO!

    I see many posts about this so called “STF pull out” (some called it “abandoning of the East”) and all this cock-&-bull talk about Pillaiyan demanding STF camps be removed prior to PE….wow, I see some of you catz pulled on that joint too hastily! LMSSAO!


    So, some of you thought this is all a political circus without any strategic motive, no tactical value-added proposition? Wow! I am disappointed …truly!

    I was on the ph with a…let’s say a SLDF “cool cat” a few hours earlier and what I learnt was the strategic/tactical rationale for deploying some of the very well experienced STFs to “Welioya kinda areas” to do some “clean ups.” It is true the Pillaiyan clan has their own plans/designs on how to “take out” (I like the word “pop” instead…LMSSAO!) the remaining LTTE stragglers in the East, and there is nothing wrong with that…after all, what is more effective than putting former crooks to catch current crooks?

    This whole thing is blown out of proportion by, yes, the big-mouth pansy of an aassehole Lakshman Kiriella of the UNP and his even bigger pansy of an aassehole RanilW.

    Hema/Srilankan/Panhandle…mates I agree with you here wholeheartedly and commend you on your rather “sanity-check” posts. The bottom line is RanilW knows that it is highly likely that the TMVP will win the PE and even a GE eventually (given the outstanding performance TMVP had in Batti) and RanilW pansy wants no stone unturned to discredit TMVP as a “pariah” for that reason. This is all cheap fucking party-politics that has ruined our country. In my view, the bottom line is if RanilW pansy comes to power, never mind about some STFs moving out of the East, you can bet your sweet two onions that the whole of NE will be given to the LTTE on a platter…so, let us get our coordinates right, shall we mates?

    Anyway, SLA will fill any vacuum left by the STF and let me be frank by saying that NO, Lt. Gen Sarath Fonseka is not a floozy bozo and he knows well how to “nip things in the bud” at the first sign of unrest in the East.

    Moving some (not all, so let’s get that cleared up shall we?) STFs to the N sector is according to the plan and that is all we should need to concern ourselves at present.

    OaO Asithri

  40. My aplogies...

    Panhinda...forgive me mate...I misspelled your handle as "panhandle"...which is entirely a derogatory connotation! LOL!

    OaO Asithri

  41. So, that being said….

    I see the amount of energy (in this day of energy crisis with high prices) some of you catz expend here trying to reason logic with the LTTE sons-of-whores like “thiru” “puli” etc. etc. and it amazes me to see some of you repeating your mantra like a yogi high on opium! LMSSAO!!!

    Well, it is your prerogative so let not OaO Asithri cut into your fun (if that’s what it is for you), but I just couldn’t help comment on how hilarious this looks. See, when you catch a bloody viper in your garden, you do not try to reason out with the viper about the virtues of being kind, accommodating, negotiating, etc etc.. at least, I hope not.

    In my case, I would take the bloody mammotti (“udalla” for us good ole swabhasha kind, the kind that I am proud of) and cut the fcuking beast’s head off with the fist chop, then with the second and third chops, cut the rest of beast to a couple of short stumps before I collect them all (like sausages) and pour gasoline and set fire very gleefully…so, now you see why yours truly OaO Asithri has no patience when dealing with these LTTE filthy bloody vipers!

    Anybody who took an infant by the legs and bashed his/her head on a tree-trunk/wall until the skull burst open and brain matter spewed out (onto the wailing mother) in my view deserves no other treatment!

    This is exactly what these sons/daughters-of-whores did when they raided poor, hapless Sinhela settlements in the NE and NO, I will never ever forget the vivid pics I have seen of their handiwork.

    OaO Asithri

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Thank you! Defencenet for the qick Asithri, thank you also for you input and I agree all the points you have given. However, if in fact pilliyan request of removal STF from the East very suspicious, and that raise my eye browsers.

    If STF move is tactical, why would pillyan demand such a request? Do you think this pillyan trying to score cheap political gain among the Tamils by such a request?

  44. Guys guys guys..,

    Whatever it is security should and MUST be under GOSL. No one should be given the free run on security. Therefore, STF must remain in the East. STF is currently doing a great job, building its lost stature after being neglected by PWP Ranil.

    TMVP or Pillian should be treated as another civilian political party and the government MUST NOT give away any concessions to them compromising national security.

    Even whether Pillian has a deal with LTTE or not, GOSL must not even dilute the number of STF personnel from East, at least until 2 years since we free the last LTTE strongholds.

    Otherwise the whole thing would be like 'H..oda h..oda Made Demeemeemak (wagei)'.

    LTTE went through the ear of Premadasa, and we do not want Pillian or LTTE to do the same to MR too.

    We should not forget the 'BIG PICTURE'. The big picture is, nevertheless, the National Security should be in the hands of GOSL.

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  46. Maybe the government trying to shoot two birds with one stone.

    STF relocation tactical, but do it as pillyan request so he can get political gain.

    Well... this is crazy but kind of makes sense.

  47. Guys read this propaganda...

    Have you ever read Mekka ge Kathawa...

    The story is about Rupavahini, but ends in the usual LTTE propaganda..

    It looks like BBC bosses are just shutting their eyes letting anything happen..

  48. Asithri,
    "Anybody who took an infant by the legs and bashed his/her head on a tree-trunk/wall until the skull burst open and brain matter spewed out (onto the wailing mother) in my view deserves no other treatment!"

    Well said my friend. Why do we need to be civil towards these killers (or sub humans who condone such killings)?

  49. Eranda

    You said:
    [if in fact pilliyan request of removal STF from the East very suspicious, and that raise my eye browsers.]

    Well mate, that is all hearsay right now. GOSL has denied that this is the case and has gone as far as to point out the plot in the works by the RanilW pansy’s bunch of traitors, including the big-mouth asshole L. Kiriella.

    Sam earlier posted a link and I reproduce it:

    You said:
    [If STF move is tactical, why would pillyan demand such a request?]

    Wow, now what kind of a question is that mate? Here we have a group of Tamils who fought alongside with our bravehearts to liberate the East, by killing their own Tamil brothers who were terra filth nevertheless, and now you are questioning why pillyan would request a good tactical move for the STF (if that is true in the first place; see my comment and link above)?

    Easy bro…let’s not jump the gun on this…this in my view is only a “storm in a teacup!”

    OaO Asithri

  50. Here is what the K-faction (in which Pillayan was a king-pin always) did to the LTTE sons-of-whore baby-killers:

    Now, given this kind of “marvelous contribution,” I am surprised that some of you are now questioning the K-faction's sincerity!

    I am not saying we should be blind to what happens around us. Believe me, it does not matter whether it is K-faction or X-faction, if any f-faction steps out of line in OUR (Sri Lankans) hard won East, well, there will be some serious consequences to the “step out of liners” …so, let's not elaborate to offend some sensitivities shall we?

    This is a time for unity with our democratic minded Tamil bretheran and not divisiveness that RanilW pansy mf is preaching (for his own political ends!).

    OaO Asithri

  51. Asithry,

    I think you are correct on this manner. We should trust him and give him chance. Without trust we would never be able to rebuilt the broken bridge among the two communities.

    But man... contrary, we got burned too many times by trusting them. Remember, once Karuna killed hundreds of unarmed policemen, and I wander where the pillyan were at that time.

  52. Hema

    [Why do we need to be civil towards these killers (or sub humans who condone such killings)?]

    Bro, we don't have ANY need.

    When I catch these sons-of-whores, I just love to castrate the mf's with a rusty knife and without anesthesia! (said I am afraid in the true OaO Asithri style eh?)


    OaO Asithri

  53. eranda,

    [Remember, once Karuna killed hundreds of unarmed policemen]

    True. This killing was done by the “LTTE” and NOT the Karuna-faction (as we know today) as we all know that the Karuna-faction also killed hundreds of LTTErs as well (after the breakaway).

    Yes, we have to have what we call in the business a "cautious trust" and a "cautiously optimistic" attitude if we are to ever overcome this mess. Remember, without K-faction's help (they personally ambushed and killed over 400 LTTE maggots in a short span of 1 year I am told) in the East, we would have sacrificed many, many more of our bravehearts to have won the East...this is a key point we cannot forget now.

    OaO Asithri

  54. OK, time to entertain some late night guests (who else, SL patriots) who just crashed to run...catch you patriots later. Keep up the good discussion and I'll catch you later.


    OaO Asithri

  55. The onus on the commentators of this is blog is now to do their best to find out the truth behind the Nimal Lewke transfer and the supposed request by Pilliyan to remove the STF camps in east.

    I think we should not be gullible to gobble the usual bait dished out by separatists and go off in all directions.

    The transfer of Nimal Lewke seems to have been done by the Police Commission. What clout does the gov have on this police commission?
    Is it a correct decision? Or is this a decision that is taken only in order satisfy the promotion requirements of police officials turning a blind eye to the effectiveness of the police force? You can see the General Sarath Fonseka has taken the other route. We all know the results.

    specially at this time all steps must be taken to have the most effective officials in the armed forces to be at the head. If we are going to be deadlocked in to a legal procedure without any escape from it (as in our constitution) we will never climb out of this quagmire that we are stuck in.

  56. Guys,

    The STF was created and stationed in the east to counter the threat from the LTTE during that time. Now the east has been cleared (almost) so why can't the STF be moved to the north? The east can be handed over to a regular unit of the SLA. They are an elite unit after all and they should be in the battlefronts, not chasing stray terrorists in the jungles.

    I'm not trying to justify Pilleyan's request here, (that is a decision that should be taken by the military commanders, and he or any other politician has no right or capability to advise them on this) but since the STF has been very successful in restoring peace and gaining the confidence of the eastern civilians, I really think that they will be of more use if they were in the north than in the east.

  57. chamal,

    What I think is that STF is able to keep eastern province secure with relatively low number of personnel. To do the same job, SLA will have to deploy more troopers, even then they may not be as good as STF in "counter insurgency" tactics!

    SLA is fighting a conventional war in the north at the moment. So, I think STF is better suited to east and SLA to north. But I'm no military expert and hope that who ever made the decision had a bloody good reason!

  58. whatever its worth..article about troop redeployment

  59. Interesting news, but why are they saying they have done it? I thought the government usually denies this kind of attacks...

  60. Chamal

    No reason to deny here. It happened closer to FDL. Killed were LTTE caders.

    STF issue

    (As Hemantha said) still it is too early to comment on that, it just adds more scenareos. So wait and see.

  61. ninja,

    "No reason to deny here. It happened closer to FDL. Killed were LTTE caders."

    True, but they usually don't acknowledge these kind of 'behind the lines' attacks. This is done I think, so that the security of these personnel will not be compromised. Remember the recent incident where Charles was killed, the government said he was killed in a normal firefight (and that was pretty close to the lines too). Incidents such as targeting of Thamil Selvan's vehicle were not acknowledged either.

  62. Headliind news in the Island today is "JVP wants govt to disarm TMVP"

    I am the last JVP fan, but I strongly stand by the JVP on this.


    Cross-border prostitution!
    Way to go, Sri Lanka

  64. Twenty-one rebels killed in confrontations in northern Sri Lanka


  65. the STF who withdraw from East have moved to the Manalaru front lines .....

  66. Tamilnet says STF withdrawal from Ampaarai district commences

    STF personnel stationed in main camps located at Akkaraipathu, Thirukovil and Koamari were withdrawn Thursday and the Sri Lanka Army has moved into these camps immediately

    The STF personnel withdrawn from Ampaarai district are expected to be deployed in northern warfront These STF personnel would be given the task of restoring civil rule in areas captured by government troops in the Northern Province, sources said.

    any info DN ?

  67. STF is police. I think it has the jurisdiction to "police". Unlike the army which has no authority to intervene in civilian matters. As far as I know the role of the STF is to facilitate civilian life (though the STF is capable of much more).

    I am not sure what is going on here. What role can the army play in the east now? And where is the STF personnel going to be relocated and what will be their role?

  68. which troops from the army are occupying the camps vacated by the STF? Freshly recruited troops? Troops pulled out from some battle fronts?

    Defencenet if it is not sensitive could you let us know any info that you have?

  69. Police chief Victor Perea just speaking on ITN news says "The STF has had a prescene in Ampara for around 22 years. Now there are areas that need the service of STF much more. The decision to relocate STF personnel from east was taken as a joint decision with all defence chiefs so I can guarantee that there was no external influence in making this decision"

    Further the news bulletin said that about 25% of STF staff (can't remember whether it was from east or from Ampara..) is being relocated to areas in Padaviya and Welioya to strengthen civilian life in those areas.

  70. The STF was briefly de-coupled for a few months from the Police in 2006 or 2007 (not sure of the exact time frame) but they had to bring it back to the police force due to some administrative reasons. STF personnel are drawn from police ranks, and some of them return to the ranks of the regular police. Unfortunately the police force is currupt and highly politicized, and having the STF as part of the Police is not a good fit. Nimal Lewke was part of the orginal STF. He was personally recruited to original STF by Ravi Jayawardena, President JRJ's son who created the STF. I understand that they were both national championship shooters. During the CBK regime he was politically victimized because that regime belived he was "UNP." Hopefully this latest shuffle has nothing has nothing to do with politics. Otherwise it would harm the morale of this elite force.

  71. Defencenet,

    like to know your thoughts on the STF move from from Amparai to areas in Welioya? None of us here know if this is the right move. Would appreciate if you can enlighten us on this matter?

  72. From Defensewire:

    [Military Intelligence sources confirmed to DefenceWire that the LTTE has constructed a large trench to prevent Main Battle Tanks and Armoured Personnel Carriers from the Armoured Corps and the newly formed Mechanized Infantry Division from crossing into LTTE's 2nd Forward Defence Line in Muhamalai and Nagarkovil.

    The 1st FDL of the Tigers was captured in a combined operation launched by the 53 and 55 Divisions on 30th January 2008. On 31st January morning, troops from the Mechanized Infantry and Armoured Corp launched a second attack using MBTs and APCs. A total of 35 bunkers and 25 cadres were lost to the Tigers.

    Meanwhile sources inside the Armoured Corps told DefenceWire that special training on crossing trenches and other techniques of tactical tank warfare are presently being imparted to the Mechanized Infantry Division units stationed in Jaffna.

    In another interesting development, Military Intelligence sources have uncovered an order issued by Prabhakaran than effectively bans TNA MPs from contesting the forthcoming April 10th Provincial Council elections.

    Addressing TNA MPs at a secret bunker immediately after MP Sivanesan's funeral, LTTE leader Prabhakaran has informed the MPs that their contesting the elections would signal that Eelam has been given up.

    In a separate turn of events, Prabha's deputy, Poddu Ammaan had approached TMVP Supreme Commander Pillayan, soon after the eastern liberation, asking him to rejoin the Tigers.

    Pillayan had previously been asked to kill Karuna in return for a large sum of money and asylum in a foreign country. In response, Pillayan had offered an even better deal to Poddu for killing Prabhakaran.

    I get a feeling that Pillayan is a LTTE warload working in the East.

  73. A must read

    Long Ranger has written an excellent article that identifies some of the contraints the planners would encounter in making an amphibious landing in Pooneryan. The article includes some history on previous landings and some of the problems encountered.

  74. Sister you are a flower blooming on the Sinhala land


    Mannar claymore blast on army bus:

    Two soldiers were killed and 11 others sustained serious injuries when a suspected LTTE claymore mine exploded targeting an army bus in South Bar area Mannar in the evening.

  76. Well we think its too early to comment on STF move. They certainly were not a failure in the east, but as with everything else in the world they were not perfect either. Overall they did a good job in counter terrorism. BuT LTTE activity in ampara has been creating a lot of probs lately. Maybe a change of strategy is needed. How it'l turn out will be evident in coming days. We shouldnt jump to conclusions early, even before the move's complete.

  77. There is a slow movement in the army advance due to many reasons. I guess there may be a large army army offensive within few weeks in several fronts.

    Instead of fully rely on small group tacktics, a combined method (occacinal large offensives + small groups) may be a good way. I am not a military expert. Just a thought.

  78. Hi Defencenet,

    Can you please list the following site on your front Dashboard too?


  79. We are happy to know that moving STF to welioya area is tactical move to meet the requirements of the civilian settlements that have been cleared. Being a police force STF will be better suited to deal with people than the army as I witnessed it in the EP.I think without compromising the hard won victories in the east, it would be logical to expand the STF in numbers with new recruits and minimize their services to protecting politicians and places that could protected by the local police, thus relieving these STF personal stationed in the south. I wonder if DN could enlighten us if Pillain has actually requested the gosl to move out the STF from the east, which is worrying. We hope the UNP party will not scare us with false rumours to win political mileage as it is downright dirty, when the nation’s young fighting these ruthless terroists.By the way India says there’s no solution to an ethnic problem by military means and I fully agree with that, but we don’t have a ethnic Problem but a terrorist problem that can be only solved by a military means.

  80. Defnet ,
    Can ya pin point where this large trench has been dug by those ltte idiots ? How long and wide ! I be tlarge enough for us all to pump our sewer into it !

  81. 40 STF camps to be removed from east what a fuck STF going to welioya ..what a fuck they are going to fuck shinhale girls and women...what they did in batti they will start in welioya.. TVMP request is right TVMP otld to MR douring the Meeting
    with santhiresekaren and suppaiya from london...

    and the Amparai has a security thared tahts why the MR decided to move SLDF to AMPARAI...

    wow is this is the true

  82. I Think the newSLDF Boys going to fire in jungle the noice will make harder for them..... ofr the LTTE it will going to be a easy TASK

  83. Defencenet
    What are you talking about? are you another Defencenet?

  84. Kevin-

    Note those posts done by "Defence-Net" (Has "-" between Defence and Net)
    Ignore the time waster mate.

  85. perin
    thanks,another imposter!

  86. What are you lot's thoughts on what the Lanka eNews says abt the Prez claiming that the North cannot be won since the 'LTTE has an unbelievable lot of weapons' ?

  87. LTTE attacking Indian fishermen, not Lankan Govt: SL Minister


  88. @TropicalStorm

    i don't know about the story but it may be TRUE or FALSE

    >> it is nevertheless interesting

    about the war:

    i have a feeling that we may be talking about the war in 2009

    MARCH 2008 is coming to an end soon

    AVURUDU month is coming up


    i'm a newbie so don't bark at me

    LOL !

  89. lkdood,
    "MARCH 2008 is coming to an end soon

    AVURUDU month is coming up"

    What do you imply by the above comment? What is so special about March and April?

  90. DefenceNet
    is this true ???

    Black Sea Tigers sink SLN Dvora..

  91. Et tu, Brutus?

    China denies supplying heavy weapons to SL...???

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. All Patriots,

    It took a little while for me to fathom the nature of anti-SL campaign currently going on. It seems that many bogus SL sites are mushrooming to spread anti-SL disinformation. Daily Mirror and LankaENews appear to be in the forefront of this action. In the past few days, the chatter has gone up exponentially. At one end Lakshman Kirella and Ranil Wickramasingha duo are doing their best to demoralize the country. In the other end Mano Ganashan the traitor is talking to foreign governments like China and Canada. To some reason, I think that LTTE propaganda arm is in full swing pulling strings everywhere. Unfortunately, somebody pulls strings at Sirikotha also. It is the time for all patriots to get together and prosecute all traitors regardless the ethnicity (including Sinhala traitors).

  94. There seems to be a sudden surge of propaganda aimed at demoralising the govt. The LTTE also appears to have stepped up its offensives. This probably isn't a simple co-incidence. They are the mind game and psyops experts. LTTE is devious, innovative and fiercely committed to their survival. This combination means sometimes you really don't know when you are being hit.

  95. @hemantha

    What do you imply by the above comment? What is so special about March and April?

    nothing special..just that time is going quickly

  96. Tamilnet : Three Black Sea Tigers were killed in action, according to initial reports.

    The sea battle was continuing, the Tigers said.

  97. There is no doubt in my mind UNP gets some of its funding by LTTE via Charles Ghanakoon. They just seem to follow exactly what TNA does. There is no other explanation.

    Watch this video

    This is where Karu Jayasuriya reveals how he was approached by Charles with Rs 11 million each to defect from the govt. The howling members in the background are UNP members.

  98. 'Three Black Sea Tigers were killed'

    very interesting...

    anybody hearing anything ?

  99. most politicians & media in SL are very hard to trust

  100. @Panhinda

    if there is evidence of any unlawful activity(anybody in any party) why don't the attorney general/police/bribery commission TAKE action ?

    sadly for SL nobody who does unlawful things go to jail

  101. lkhood,

    Based on my past experience, it seems that the sea tiger butts got kicked by SLN. I may be wrong, however they had a similar story once about shooting down a Kfir last year by LTTE automated air defence system. Lets wait and see.

  102. @sam

    Lets wait and see.

    yes..its morning we should hear something soon


    Navy craft caught in explosion off Mulaitivu:

    A Navy fast attack craft was caught up in an explosion off Nayaru, Mulaitivu early this morning. Six of the sixteen sailors on board were rescued following the incident. There was no confirmation if the explosion was caused by a sea mine or an attack.

  104. Talk about killing a fly with a sledgehammer:

    But even so, they were only 'injured' not killed. Where were our snipers/marksmen at this time?

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. lkdood,

    if there is evidence of any unlawful activity(anybody in any party) why don't the attorney general/police/bribery commission TAKE action ?

    Sri Lanka's law-and-order and the judiciary really is a joke. Mervin Silva and family can blatantly violate laws and rights of people, but who is arresting him? The judiciary or law-and-order is not really independent. This is useful sometimes but mostly does a lot of harm to the nation keeping in its 3rd world hell hole. LTTE thrives on corrupt 3rd world conditions. Some say after we finish LTTE was can clean things up, but the fact remains until the govt cleans up its act it will remain very hard to totally beat the LTTE because there other components to its ideology than the military one.

  107. In addition, South Africa with whome we don't have lots of business, is also in bed with LTTE. At this point, we sould ask them to fly a kite.

  108. Dvora lost. 10 mia. More updates later.

  109. Looks like the STF is being shuffled into other areas while some Army reserves fill their places.

    The STF does a fantastic job of intel based aggressive peacekeeping that is unmatched by others. There maybe a very good reason for the shuffle which the govt doesn;t want to discuss yet.

  110. "Dvora lost. 10 mia. More updates later."

    Damn... This is bad news. The LTTE will be bragging about this for months, seeing as they don't have anything much to brag about these days.

    Was the boat alone? Tamilnet says it was part of a fleet. Can you say how many boats were engaged in the battle from both sides?


    Top LTTE operative arrested in Matara:

    A top LTTE operative was arrested in Matara last night. The suspect was believed to have provided information about VIP movements in the South. He is to be produced to the Terrorist Information Division today.

  112. says it's a locally built FAC. No details on any of the sites yet...

  113. :

    A Sri Lanka Navy Fast Attack Craft (FAC) has been caught in a possible underwater blast this morning (March 22). According to the defence sources, the locally built P438 deployed in northeastern coastal waters off Nayaru has sunk due the blast that occurred around 2.30.a.m.

    Upon the receipt of the SOS message from the sinking craft other sea units have immediately launched a search and rescue mission in the area. According to the naval sources, 6 crewmembers, including the Officer in Charge of the craft have been rescued so far.

    The survivors have reported an underwater blast that damaged the boat's hull and caused it to be sunk in a short time. According to the survivors there has been no sea confrontation nor any LTTE craft were present in the area. Navy suspects the blast has caused by a possible sea mine or due to some underwater weapon developed by the terrorists.

  114. Tamilnet reports that it was a suicide attack....maybe it was one of their 'stealth' type suicide craft and they didn't spot it? It would have been dark and if it's not spotted on the radar....

    BTW, there were some rumours about mini-submarines recently. Hope this has nothing to do with them. It would be a major problem..

  115. ha... well bloggers

    who well wished pillayan..and GOSL, Tigers are Tigers. Pillayan is not a genuine politician, situation bring them to face the polls. they are going to rule the GOVT.

    just watch and play.

  116. panhinda,

    "There seems to be a sudden surge of propaganda aimed at demoralising the govt. "

    correctly observed.

    actually it is the govt's war effort. Anyway tigers are not going to just wither away with USD300 million a year earnings.

  117. @ Defencenet
    Please ban this time waster (defence-net).

  118. this guy has got it really bad poor fellow.:):).Nevermind

  119. DN: Meanwhile the Pilleyan faction of TMVP has requested removal of all STF camps in eastern province before the provincial council elections

    who's correct ?

    Defencewire: rejects
    Daily News: rejects
    Daily Mirror: Yes

    who is correct ?

    it's so difficult to understand SL media....
    if TVMP asked for it why they want it?

  120. Defencenet,
    you said Dvora lost..
    Defencewire says that it was a CDL build FAC.

    What is correct?

    Also can we have a comparision between Dvora's and CDL built FACs?

  121. It seems that SLAF has taken some targets that was connected to the FAC sinking incident.

  122. "pirabhakaran pade vellum" is not going to help anyone now..

  123. Gents visit defensewire about SForces redeployment.
    Way to MR Pilliyan..Commander!!

  124. kiri,

    CDL built FAC is a locally built dvora.
    Another version developed from the dvora is known as Colombo Class UFAC's. It's very similar to the Israeli built dvora.

    More about them here:
    colombo class

  125. defence-net (the fake),

    "No I am sitting?"

    What? What does this line mean??? What does it matter to us if you're sitting down or standing?

  126. kiri,
    you said Dvora lost..
    Defencewire says that it was a CDL build FAC.

    What is correct?

    Also can we have a comparision between Dvora's and CDL built FACs?"

    We've posted an article regarding the incident. And Chamal's links will give you lots of info regarding both types of crafts.

    "DN: Meanwhile the Pilleyan faction of TMVP has requested removal of all STF camps in eastern province before the provincial council elections"

    We stand by what we said before. There was an unofficial request (not a command, not a threat but a request) from them. We do not know the motives behind their request. But it did not seem that they wanted full control of eastern province.

    And STF relocation was not influenced by Pilleyan factor. it was a strategic move as we said yesterday. The vacated bases will not be handed over to TMVP as some speculated. They will be moved where necessary and the rest will be manned by SLA.

    "who's correct ?"

    All we can say is that we believe our information source. Other sites are entitled to their opinion. We wont go to the lengths of insulting others sites to prove our greatness. It is up to the readers.

  127. Pahinda
    Well said about 3rd world hell hole…..We have to look into other wrongs in our country in addition to fighting the war. It has become so corrupt place to do anything. For the last 2 months we are waiting for a registered letter with a huge amount sent by way of a bank draft to pay the wages and top up the overheads of our business in Sl,so far no trace of it.12 days ago I sent another draft by registered mail, posted simultaneously with ordinary post and this valuable draft with an accompanying letter clearly stating that it is for the wages of my poor employee, surly a person with any heart shouldn’t have thrown it a way. The ordinary posts reached it destination, but not the valuable post. I hope the persons from the CID will read this and take action with the sorting office in Colombo as this is disgusting. This always happens to us at the warehouse when gifts for the poor villages are sent from London, where half the goods are missing packages or boxes are damaged. When leaders don’t set examples, people in the lower ranks to behave the same and will have the damaging effect on the way the war is run and the general well being of the country.

  128. Kevin,
    Why do you send Drafts, do a bank to bank transfer. Would cost you only $35, and much safer and worry free.

    I do the same and worry free.

    If you are in an Export or BOI status claimable business, the business has the opportunity to maintain a Foreign Currency account too in SL. So, you can remit the monies directly to that account.

    The General Post Office, Harbour, Airport are the most corrupted places in SL.

    Once a friend of mine worked at GPS Colombo (HQ). He told me all the sorry stories of people, how they have become millionaires by stealing monies sent by women who are in Middle East.

    The rule-of-thumb is not to send bank-drafts in mail.

  129. Noltte=peace
    Unfortunately for me that our two managers are a bit daft, sometimes they are not in good terms with each other and we are on the phone several times a day to get a simple thing done. We wouldn’t have sent the draft if they have given the bank ac numbers as we had to leave SL in a hurry. We are very disappointed in dumping so much there, getting very little but much hassle and this the sacrifice we made for our country. Here too,London the SL guy who has been a good job had set our staff against the company and this very important foreign staff left, making us cancel the trip to SL this month. Our people are ok most of the time but for unknown reason, the devil in them come out and destroy the very thing that give them a lifeline.Jealousy,back stabbing, idleness is very much there in our people and Denzil visited us weekends noticed this when he met me in my work place in 1968,where we students were employed, where he saw this particular fellow got the hotel guest to carry the heavy bag and he took the small hand luggage to their room upstairs. If not for my good pr with the employer he wouldn’t have even got that job.Denzil was a great man because he knew our short comings, never boasted about our history or any other thing which is irrelevance.

  130. Noltte
    Yes I have a NRFC and I wouldn’t allow them access for obvious reasons, very bad experience in the past. I should have been registered with BOI to get much needed concessions, but my staff are not keen to even pick up the forms and it’s amazing with so much investment there, can’t get anything done. It is a hopeless situation for us there. When people talk about or culture and other stupid things I get really mad and only my true SL friends, knowing our plight have been enlightened.

  131. From personal sources:
    STF Commander DIG Nimal Lewke was "transferred" as a "punishment" for him for an incident where STF commandoes killed (if accidental or not) after some civillians when in Batticaloa district in April 2000.
    Unfortunately the only link on the internet is a pro LTTE website.


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