Thursday, March 6, 2008

Government releases SLA casualty figures for the month of February

The Government of Sri Lanka (GSL) today released official casualty figures sustained by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in their operations against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). According to GOSL figures, 104 soldiers have been killed in battle and another 822 have been wounded in the month of February. 81 civilians too have perished while another 201 were wounded.

Casualty figures released today are in league with figures released by DefenceNet on the 17th of February [Second paragraph]. Although exact number of LTTE casualties are not available, DefenceNet learns that the number of LTTE cadres killed in February exceeds 400 (air, ground and sea losses combined). In addition to the deaths, a significant number of cadres have been wounded. According to Military Intelligence, LTTE cadres wounded in these battles are being treated in 9 major hospitals in uncleared areas.

The army is fighting along four major battlefronts in the hope of invading LTTE controlled Wanni heartland; Mannar front (58th division), Vavuniya front (57th division), Weli Oya front (59th division) and national front (Muhamalai/Nagarkovil/Kilali - 53rd and 55th division).


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  2. Defencenet,

    What is the breakdown of the injuried? Basically, how many p1s and P2s?


  3. Defence Net,

    Thank you for the information which confirms your earlier report about the 'Singala Tigers'. If Tigers loose their cadres at this rate, definitely they need Singala people to join their military. Don't be surprised if they go to the extent of forceful recruitment which requires one member from every Singala family definitely over 18.

  4. Nice article from Sunday Times

    .....Head of Task Force One, also known as the army’s 58 Division, Brigadier Shavindra Silva does not mince his words when he says they are out to cause maximum attrition on the enemy by drawing him out and taking out as many Tiger combatants as possible. Brig. Silva offers to identify by name 548 enemy combatants killed and 435 wounded since the 58 Division started their advance on September 22 in what is known as the northern rice bowl of Mannar, west of the Giant tank and north of the Main Supply Route leading to Mannar Island This is from confirmations obtained by intercepting Tiger communications after each operation. The kill ratios are clearly reflected in the number of enemy bodies recovered by each side.


  6. GOSL release these figure every month when they extend emergency in parliment. So why everone talks about this this time only?

  7. all through out history great military commanders were defeated and battles lost when politics got too embroiled in military strategies, from as far back as the roman civil war between Julius and Pompey to the siege of stalingrad and the battle Britain, and closer to home in the Chandrika era where thousands of poorly trained soldiers were sent out to die for vain politcal objectives, and this 100 dead ahould not be taken as moment of weakness and start getting the two mixed up again, as far as I know 100 KIA is not that bad compared to what americans had to face in Vietnam and Iraq, and of cause americas is far more powerful than us

  8. SS,

    True enough. But we are talking about possibly 926 very poor families in February 08 alone. Add to that the civilians casualties.

    But the war must go on and we must win it. It is a very sad situ. nevertherless.

  9. thamil

    We are a sinhalese family and have quite a few over 18's. We would like the tiger recruiters to come visiting. we also know that they specialize in recruiting under 16s more, and can find some of 'em too.

    Anytime would be fine. just make sure they wash their anal region well beforehand.

  10. you guys keep sayin that the GOSL kills atleast 500 tigers a month and yet claim that there are only around 7000 tigers, boy i never knew the singhalese can be this dumb!

  11. thiru,

    Why are you here buddy? You are a fucking eyesore. Please get the fuck out with the rest of your thala thel faggots to your own fucking Eelam forum.

  12. Thiru and thamil,

    Seriously what are you guys doing here?

    You won't get your tamil elam however much you beg us here. Realising that now you have strated verbally fighting with us begging for tamil elam. I tell you, you still won't get it.

    You are simply barking up the wrong tree.

    No filth, no hurts, no personal attacks, please consider creating your own blog and leave here AS YOU HAVE LEFT SL! You knew you won't get anything by staying back in SL and that's why you left and SL is better without you.

    Similarly leave this forum to us. If you try to REMAIN UNWELCOMED visitors here you are only going back to your 'kallathoni' ancestry.

    C'mon guys, have some 'maanam' (tamil) and 'po-daa'.

  13. Go to

    it's a different dimension..

    (Hope u don't mind DN)

  14. ----Eastern Elections----

    After so many years GSL conducts elections in east so that people can have a civil administration rather than military one.

    Some might say it is too early to go for elections in east but this is not true as we can see now. People in east are ready for elections. UNP/SLFP/JVP/JHU can't contest not becuz of it is too early; becuz they don't have voe base in east. Those who are based on east muslim congress/tamil parties have no problem.

    It is surprising to see how all the NGOs cry about this election. As they shout all the time demanding democracy, civil rights and civil administration and when the same is offered they now oppose staying in Colombo. As we can see this election affairs so far much better than infamous 'wayamba' election and 89/90 elections under JVP violence in south.

    Every one expects some disturbence from LTTE. Obviously, what LTTE need is not a socaity where all people (including tamils) live a normal life, kids going to school, people do jobs, business etc rather they require unsatble socaity where tamils suffer with unsoled problems. Then only they can claim to be 'liberators'. So this election is at least a small step-begening towards 'post LTTE era'. That's why this has become such a big pain to NGOs.

    Intersting article from lankaenews;

  15. I'm too lazy to type again and I told this is DW as well... So I'm just copying and pasting it..

    "So you talking ass holes are a too smart, thats why you mf left the country and living by cleaning others asses and washing toilets and pumping petrol, must be having double degrees. my foot I say, if you too fking smart give a correct calculation and show that funny part of the article?
    I must say all the juntas appeared suddenly to comment against the article, but no solid argument. Only showing mathematical errors and grammar errors but no effective discussion. Holly morons, you must understand the reality. If you lost your big junta, that will be the end of every thing. And we’ll have roasted pork. Count the days instead of counting the numbers…!"

  16. Only tiger I saw here who talks some thing which make sense upto some extent and honest to atleast himslef in his wrting is abarip.

    Other 'new' tigers are similer to earlier 'seniour tigers' here - boss/upul/silva/ram etc.

    This new tigers (if they are really new) they have misunderstood this forum as SLA forum or GSL forum or Sarath F's forum or MR's forum. If they had read DN articles none of their questions can arise.

    However, we are deeling with real tigers here. SLA is fighting with mostly brainwased, uneducated (how can those kids get any education if they were taken away from school or kidnapped while going to school?) forcibly recruited people who did not have other chioce other than obeying LTTE. These UK/US/EU citizens are not like that. They have 'real tamil racism' planted well in their otherwise empty brain cells. They are the 'real owners' of this war. It's their money.

    Thus, expecting any thing decent from these tigers will probably be useless. They couldn't be happy when MCNS/ said 2-3 SLA deaths daily. But their happiness on 104 SLA deaths in a month shows nothing but their dissapointment.

  17. 104 KIA in February adds up when one considers the figures MOD had admitted outright as KIAs and the injured figures which later moved from WIA to KIA (which I hear has been around 5% from WIA to KIA, as most WIA have been treated and returned to the battlefronts).

    However, the confirmed+unconfirmed LTTE losses during Feb are estimated to be in the neighborhood of 600+ KIA (outright kills and WIA that succumbed later)and over 530 WIA, most with grievous wounds (based on ground intel).

    Many hospitals in the “uncleared” areas are packed to capacity with the LTTE WIAs lagging in with inadequate med care and dieing painful deaths; as well, many are being housed in shacks without running water, electricity as the hospitals cannot cope with the volumes, per ground intel (and hence the estimated 600+ KIA fig.)

    The bottom line:

    Mathematical models have shown that LTTE needs to have a consistent kill ratio of 20:1 (meaning 20 SLDF need to be killed for every LTTE mf dead) if the LTTE can ever hope to defeat SLDF and form “thamileelam” from Sri Lanka.

    Hilariously, the kill ratio often has been 10:1 conservatively calculated and consistently in SLDF’s favor since this round of “eelam war” began and they appear to think they are winning!!!


    Yep, looks like the incest-bred mf’s got the logic backwards! Kinda figures as these filthy retards often get their ass and mouth mixed up!


    OaO Asithri

  18. Defencenet,

    When you have time can you please consider comment/article on;

    1) Magnetic bombs
    - How dangerous they are, will it destroy the whole vehicle on which it is attached to? or Do they destroy surounding area too? If so, how much? Is it expleded by remote or timing or both? It is likely such a bomb to be fixed under surface of a vehicle. How likely an owner find out it if such a bomb was fixed to his vehicle?

    2) How likely LTTE-black tigers attack SLA base in south? - A training camp like Diyathalava/ police station/ STF camp etc?

    3) Recovery of toys from a bunker
    -Many guess a family was living in the bunker.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Evidently, even mothers with infants are not spared from LTTE’s duty call as the LTTE has lost nearly 40% of it’s Nov 2005 strength since this round of “eelam war” began. Admittedly, most of the losses have been inexperienced, little Tamil boys/girls and a disproportionate number of LTTE women thrown into the FDLs to face the oncoming MBTs / MBRLs as the more experienced bloody male mfs are hiding in the back (hoping to bolt – like how the corrupt South Vietnamese army did!)

    Here’s proof:

    Some bloody "brave" bunch of gooks these mother-doers are! Send children and women to fight the MBTs/MBRLs and hide in the rear!!!


    OaO Asithri

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  22. My heart goes to the families of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for ours and to oppose the actions of a masochistic barbarian and his followers.

    What can we do to minimize casualties? How about spending a little on armour for foot soldiers in the front lines? Kevlar is standard, but there must be other ways too. Great if anyone could shed some light on this.

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  24. Apoooo this place is becoming like every other sri lanka forum that talks about politics.

    DN, do something machang, about the people who use filth. Asithri, stop replying to filth and don't intimidate anyone else into using filth either. Keep defencenet clean and to the point.

  25. thiru, fine. now please leave. go fuck somewhere else.

  26. Ninja,

    You have asked about the damage that a Magentic Bomb can cause to when attached to a vehicle..

    Here is a photo

    This was the LTTE's, attempted assassination of another Tamil..

    In this incident, a five-year old Tamil girl who was a pedestrian got killed, and another six seriously wounded.

  27. Read this:

    LTTE carders take babies to guard bunkers:

    The government should take these cases to the UN and apply pressure on the LTTE, because it just way too sad to see this kind of thing happen.

  28. Well, patriots, here’s proof of what I have been saying…about the current political leadership in our country that is acting pivotal to the fine military successes we have seen thus far, which most assuredly forebodes the total liquidation of LTTE mf’s in the not too distant future:

    [Air Marshal Roshan Goonetileke:

    First of all I like to say that His Excellency the President is giving us a good and effective leadership to end this war. In fact the President has given us a framework within which we have the freedom to work. I think it’s good for any force to have this freedom. If you went to the 'Dayata Kirula' Exhibition you’d have seen (a photograph of) His Excellency the President in a ''Kfir'' jet. This shows how involved he is with the air force. Also the Defense Secretary always supports us in every way. He is always with us. He has visited our bases on many an occasion to see for himself the level of security there. We have a very close and interactive relationship with the leadership. In the past we have had good Defenses Secretaries but we haven't had a Defense Secretary like this. It is an advantage for us. He served in the Army. He knows everything about the Air Force and the Navy. When we inform him about a specific piece of equipment we want he used to ask why, don't you need any other equipment also to do this. So he is giving us good support. The political leadership is very important to conduct this kind of a war. We couldn’t have done all what we have done without good leadership.]

    Read the full interview at:

    This is not a time for party politics…this is not a time for ethnic politics…this is a time to rally round the current political leadership of our country that is giving the best support there ever was (since LTTE terrorism commenced) to liquidate the LTTE motherfcukers “with extreme prejudice!”

    OaO Asithri

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  30. Asithri said,

    "This is not a time for party politics…this is not a time for ethnic politics…this is a time to rally round the current political leadership of our country that is giving the best support there ever was (since LTTE terrorism commenced) to liquidate the LTTE"

    Couldn't agree more, down with party politics, in fact get together and help out, especially the economy if you have a better plan for it.

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  32. Welcome back OaOA.

    Hi there scorpion. I recon the Great OaOA can sting harder without colourful language and hence its good to stop such language although i ALWAYS enjoy your writings. Also there is no point wasting time replying LTTE MFs. We all know what they are.

    DN run the risk of becoming an 'adults-only' site if we continue to point out incest acts of LTTE supporters.

    Forever an OaOA fan,

  33. Piyadasa,

    Maru swabhasha wachana machan!

    Take it easy brother...not worth getting worked up over these bloody sinna-podiyen sakkiliyas...I just have fun beating the bastards every time they come here and try to hijack this blog.

    Anyway, time for humble OaO Asithri to go get some R&R....

    ;-) ;-) ;-)

    PEACE to all patriots!

    OaO Asithri

  34. Machang

    The best economy for SL is a free economy. No govt has been good at managing it. The pvt sector in SL is really good at it. Solet's privatize all and make the govt look after national security and leave the economy to those who know what they are doing.

  35. noltte,
    Thanks for the pic. It seems some where in south. But I can't remember this incedent. It seems I am also having 14 days memory. According to this LTTE may use magnetic bombs on a school van/ bus. But I guess this is more difficult to plant compared to just leaving a parcel bomb inside a bus. Unless LTTE use this with some other trick I doubht this become more devastating than ones we had.

    BTW, We will see 'this comment has been removed by administrater' for so many comments. Please don't argue with tiger terrorists and waste your time. I don't think any one argue with 2 year kid or patient in a mental hospital. Let tigers live with their dream, happily. That's all they have finally, after 30 years.

  36. Thiru;

    This is what they say ..JUST GET OUT OF THIS FORUM" thats the behavior of these people ... If any one talks about tamils these M'F couldn't tolerate that...

    1st they asked to Norway to get out ...then SLMM and then Aid workers from other countries .... he he he

    YOv guys just try to understand your own habits ....

  37. Ninja,
    The incident happened in Dickman's road Colombo 4.

    BTW, guys can we bring back the former glory of this site, as nothing achieved through being worked-up?

    On another note, we should focus on building Sri Lanka as Sri Lankans.. not as Tamils or Sinhalese etc.. We are all Human Race, and fighting and killing would not achieve anything at all.

    First, terrorism should be eliminated with the leadership.

    Then it would allow everyone to clearly think and act in building the nation as Sri Lankans.

    Whether we like it or not, we are in Globalisation and Open Economy model. It is a Game that the whole world play. If you do not play well as a country, you will be out. So, it is an educated decision we have to make.. Do we play the game as a single united nation or do we engage in further in-fighting ignoring the whole game and get kicked out...!

    I certainly agree! You can not negotiate with terrorists.. You should first destroy them, and then should focus on nation building.

    Lets do it first!

  38. I'd like to discuss with you guys, something not related to defence. It's the heart of this ethnic crisis. This is because a character called bees made me real sad yesterday.

    Back in the 50's when SWRD used race to gain support for himself and without a doubt used anti-colonialism when all this started. People got the feeling, a lot like the israelis may have had, that since sinhalese are only found in this tiny island, it should be for the sinhalese. Fine I can understand that thinking, and in a way is required for peace of mind and a sense of security.

    Then the very same nationalism was used everywhere, this was the problem. Nationalism went out of control, we somehow managed to sideline the minorities in things like the armed forces. Then nationalism was abused, this is when the riots happened in 83. Then this entire situation has started being and is still being used by opportunists like the LTTE.

    So I blame SWRD and the previous nationalists for doing what they did and not making sure they took the right measures not to sideline the minorities.

    It was exactly back in this time, SWRD's time, that we were ahead of Singapore. If none of this happened I bet we would be the cosmopolitan pearl of Asia and we could proudly say that the word of the Buddha reigned supreme, now that is something as a buddhist sinhalese I can be proud of.

    Some people like bees, tell me that I am trying to destroy the Sinhalese identity, no sir, if anything I'm trying to make sure that the Sinhalese identity would be a well respected one, if not now, at least in the future.

    Everyone makes mistakes, everyone, and that's nothing to be ashamed of or nothing to hide from the rest of the world, because everyone makes mistakes.

  39. BTW, Norway led HRW and UN are again on back of Sri Lanka.

    Now they no that the only exit for LTTE can be achieved through false HR charges.

    Again they have started going hard at it.

    BTW, the "lost-face" UN is trying on a PR exercise on building their lost face.. Now has issued an statement praising Sri Lankan Navy on rescuing the stranded illegal immigrants :-)) LOL!

    This is how people in the UN trying to create job security for them. They do nothing except work on others agenda! Pathetic human beings!

  40. Machang,

    You are right to a certain extent. But Only to a CERTAIN extent. Do ur homework properly before you go judging a serious matter such as whose fault this war is.It was never the fault of one party or one nationality. And some who are to be blamed are not even Sri Lankans
    I encourage you to read the following.

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  42. Thiru and asithri you too folks. Dont use offensive lang.

  43. onceinawhile,

    I've read that article. It's true. That's why I said the opportunistic LTTE used the whole nationalism situation, because he, VP, is unrealistic and obviously the problems of the tamils is not his main goal.

    I wrote that as a sinahlese to other sinhalese like bees who refuse to take part of the balme that goes to sinhalese for this conflict. Every time I hear from them my heart cringes, just as it does when I hear from eelamists.

  44. or mannnnn... Crual part of the war...
    Look at the fear in these faces. I reall hope LTTE will get cleaned up soon to rescue the these innoncent people.

  45. Interesting video

    Russian Infantry Flame Throwers

  46. Recurring Nightmare
    State Responsibility for “Disappearances” and Abductions in Sri Lanka

    this the latest HRW report head line...

    is this truth if not what we can do against this ?
    what the sorces they have used ?
    cant our Gov. check whether those are real situations ?

    i am feeling so sorry...

  47. Asithri,
    very well said bro.It is not just sad but heart wrenching that so many LTTE kids (who deserve much better) are dying in hospitals without proper care and medicines.It is high time that some LTTE supporting families up north who consider their venerated leader a "god" like figure ask their god to spend some money and smuggle medicines instead of shells into the country so that those innocent kids get proper medical care..instead of depending on saline bottles only.

  48. Kookka,

    A) If the government did do those things, why do you think the government might have done it?

    B) If they didn't then who did it and why might have they done it and continue to do it as the world is blaming the government?

    C) Could it be a mix of both?

    D) All of this are lies.

    If it's scenario A then the government has to explain itself, but chances are it can't because the LTTE isn't a banned organisation in SL yet, do you see where I am getting at.

    If it's scenario B, then it's obviously the opposition parties of the government and the LTTE.

    If it's scenario C, which is what I believe is really happening, all I can say is then the government should ban the LTTE and detain people openly.

    That's a good question, if anyone can answer me, why isn't the government banning the LTTE?

    As for scenario D, well it might be possible, though I don't know why HRW would lie. So I don't think scenario D is true.

  49. Actually scenario D might be true if HRW is politically motivated in some way.

  50. Perein,
    Very sad see such a proud and happy peoples in such dire straits..I think their greatest fear is how the forces will respond to them when crossing no mans land not to mention the LTTE "saviours" hospitality if they are caught.I am sure they will be happy that their kids wont be conscripted.

  51. Guys might I recommend this movie:

    It's a Brazilian film. This shows very well how the NGO's just don't understand what's going on. Well part of the film at least shows this. It's a great film depicting every failed aspect of a developing country like ours and how the only people who can make things right have to use unconventional methods.

    Then how these unconventional methods are the very same thing that NGO's point at as wrong. IMO this movie shows why the use of unconventional methods is the only way out as every fabric of society is involved in what is wrong with countries like this.

  52. Army captures Parappakandal including Parappakandal Town this morning.

  53. So stratergicaly withdrawal has started !

  54. Civilians in wanni must be watching closely the progress of SLA advance. I guess they are more eager to see SLA advance than us. Once they are sure about SLA advance they will say goodbye to the monsters and come to SLA following eastern tamils. GSL need to provide basic needs to these innocent people.

  55. Ninja,
    Well said bro very well said!! thats how things should be done...i hope they gave Mr Bandara some money also.Every soldier deserves it.

  56. Srilankan-

    Bro, You are absolutely right about they will be happy that their kids wont be conscripted. Hopefully those getting away from LTTE will have a happy days.

    Let's hope tomorrow is a happy / prosperous day for all those innocent kids as well as the parents.
    Those who funds terror should, should see the tears/pain in little eyes. What would be the answer from them? Would they let this happened to their own kids?

  57. We can argue upon on our own ideas with so many scenarios but, this report is not for us to refer. This report is for IC. One can say all this reports are just lies but base one what we can say that? Can we prove this as a baseless report by showing real facts? Is our GOV or any other organization ready to face this kind of an insult with real facts? I don’t think so. We have open up lots of ways which people can mislead IC. I am not going to say we have to obey the IC but we have to be with them we can’t be isolated.

    Every time something goes wrong our GOV, even MR says we will conduct full investigation but nothing has happened, therefore any donkey can make this country as a horrible place. I can agree with your scenario A or B or C or what ever but will gain anything to this country?
    As I see, this a small step of major plan which our leaders must understand and take necessary action at the grass root level, otherwise this country will be in big trouble and it will bring suffers to not only Singhalese but also Tamils and other communities. For example, when Indian army came to survive the Tamils in sri lanka, the Tamils were who suffer lot more than Singhalese. The Tamil women were the victim of Indian army rape cases not the singhala women. My point is our Tamil brothers who are supporting this kind of baseless report must understand the gravity of this thing.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. All-
    Above did not get posted by the our well knows asithri.
    New guys Profile ID is 05945749903851875379

    Well known Asithri's profile is 04088197982256468403

  60. Comments from fake/hijacked IDs will be deleted by DN to aviod confusions. So better post from usual thiru/silva or whatever handle.

  61. A top foreign panel invited by Sri Lanka to observe investigations into human rights abuses announced on Thursday it was quitting the island and accused Colombo of failing to tackle the issue.

    The International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP), headed by India’s former chief justice P. N. Bhagwati, said Sri Lankan authorities did not meet even the basic minimum standards in probing serious abuses.

    “The IIGEP has decided that it will terminate its operations in Sri Lanka,” the panel said in a statement. It has taken this decision after due consideration and for fundamental reasons.”

    Key international personalities were invited by President Mahinda Rajapakse to observe investigations into 16 cases of serious rights violations, including the August 2006 massacre of 17 local employees of the French charity ACF.

    One more this a coincident

  62. B#1 said...

    Army captures Parappakandal including Parappakandal Town this morning.

    Latest news link available

  63. This is hilarious. LOL. Hijacker forgot original asithri's ususal ending, // LMSSAO!!! OaO Asithri // so it comes in the second post. LOL.

  64. one is the profile info given away.
    2nd is the time zone real asithri in wont usually post anything around this time :)

  65. perein, let him have some fun until DN delete his crap. (we are also having some fun !)

  66. ninja-
    These suckers gives too many clues away as you said too.
    Something in common with Tamilnet :) ...

  67. Orr nooooooooo..
    She has removed it by her self :)..
    Again like Tamilnet.. They reverse the details often ... Hahahaha

  68. kookka,

    One thing at a time. First the LTTE needs to be rid of, and I don't blame the use of unconventional methods.

  69. perein,
    "She has removed it by her self :)"

    Actually it was us mate.

  70. Poor felow playing with internet, must be a kid. Too much pressure from you guys and deleted his own comment. :)

  71. DN-
    Ooops sorry mate.

    I cannot wait till Asithi start to see this and start typing... This is like credit card scam / identity theft which carried out by those LTTE members ...

  72. Off topic..
    Does any one has a 2008 Litha? just to check when is the "Nonagathe" so I can loose some fat.

  73. Ron Harvey 3/5/2008 8:16:31 PM
    Sri Lanka's anti-terrorist measures have been so successful since of late, that other nations facing similar threats are watching this test-case intently. This particular conflict is a learning grounds for others since the tamil tigers easily surpass any other terror outfit the world has seen so far in sheer brutality and ruthless efficiency, and a democracy with its inherent bureaucratic inertia is attempting to beat it at its game. What's incredible is the fact that the ordinary Sri Lankans took over 20 years of unimaginable suffering to arrive at a decision to comprehensively and conclusively strike out at their tormentors and finally appear to be quite decisive about it. The Sri Lankan military has responded to the challenges placed before it and the present government, popular among the masses for its strong response to terrorism, yet unpopular among the few elitist leftist liberals, has clearly understood the priorities of national security above everything else, Prior to the present government adopting a tough stance against terrorism, Sri Lankans were used to successive governments responding to attacks on it by the tamil terrorists with varying degrees of responsiveness, which ultimately led to the larger global misunderstanding that the Sri Lankans are incapable of looking after themselves and thus destined to extinction. today the tables have turned and the seasoned terrorists in the jungles of Sri Laka are recieving a battering they've never thought possible.
    For those who are geographically challenged, Sri Lanka is the tear-drop shaped incredibly beautiful island at the southern tip of India.

  74. Then muchugn, we have to understand consequence as well and address them in a smart manner. Same time, those things should not open up another dimension of issues. JR used such an idiotic tactic in 1983 to tackle the problem and open up huge dimension to LTTE. Furthermore, don’t expect India and IC close their eyes and be like blinders and let us to do what ever we like. They are so keen to put their finger in to our issue and they will do it at the first chance we show up to them.

  75. SLA's strategy of illiminating LTTE caders at FDL's before mass troop movements is paying off..That way SLA knows well whether to advance into LTTE areas or not.
    If the SLA can get rid of 75% of the LTTE force, then the rest can be managed with a mass troop movement..

    LTTE's mukkal padai will run when that happens...

  76. Slightly Out of topic,

    Here is what I know...

    I am concerned about these Valient soldiers who get injured on the front lines..Half of the critically injured men can be saved if we can give them immediate medical attention..Most of them died due to excessive bleeading..

    I guess we have a capable minister heading health care in Sri Lanka..If not for the JVP spoonsored strikes within the health sector.Hospitals runs smoothly..However I don't know how much attention the armed forces getting..

    Minister Nimal Siripala is one of thoese government ministers who actually did something for the people, atleast for his own electorate, i.e. Baddulla.....

    In 1994 the Badulla hospital had only 8 doctors..Now it got 65 doctors, and 7 of them are specialist..This was due to his own effort....

    Whoever criticise him , he did something.No one is perfect and he is no exception..

    Here is more good news...

    Australia to provide equipment to 19 hospitals
    Tuesday, 04 March 2008
    The Austrian Government will provide medical equipment worth Rs. 1,120 million to 19 hospitals in Sri Lanka on a request by Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, according to Health Ministry sources.

    The following hospitals are to benefit: Colombo National Hospital, Kurunegala Karapitiya, Ragama, Kalubowila, Peradeniya, Kandy, Ratnapura, Batticaloa, Anuradhapura, Badulla Teaching Hospitals, Kegalle, Welisara, Nuwara Eliya, Kantale, Gampola and Balapitiya hospitals, Maharagama Cancer Institute and the Castle Street Maternity Hospital.

    CT Scanners, colour doppler, ultra sound systems, P/U Ventilators, endoscopies and several other medical equipment will be received under the agreement.

    The shipment of medical equipment is due to arrive before the end of this year.

  77. As Tamil Net reports...

    Jaffna TNA MP Sivesan killed in DPU Claymore attack

    [TamilNet, Thursday, 06 March 2008, 09:59 GMT]
    Jaffna District Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian, K. Sivanesan, was killed in a Claymore attack carried out by the Sri Lanka Army Deep Penetration Unit inside Vanni Thursday around 1:50 p.m. at Kanakarayan Ku'lam, initial reports said.

    Further details are not available at the moment.

  78. DefenceNet,
    Out of topic..
    Do you remember that incident where a school bus with tamil kids were supposed to have suffered as a result of a claymore mine attack?..near madhu i think..anymore news on that incident..when you have the time?

  79. perein,
    Thats realy funny Bro..

    Medical attention to Army is out of his scope. It is up to the Army Medical Corps. Nearest consultant led hospitals the ongoing battle areas are Vuvnia Mannar and Trinco. But if I am correct there is only one Surgeon in these places.

    Real need is as you said at the battle field itself. Wethear a life can be saved or not is mostly decided by what is bieng done within the first hour. They call it the 'golden hour'

  80. Vigilante,
    Fully agree with you there bro.But the govt should declare a "state of emergency" in hospitals before they start combat operations.soldiers dying due to excessive bleeding is disallowed by any means

  81. Vigilante,
    Dont assume anything with the LTTE..the Makkal pade..can be converted to a suicide division gun point i can have one LTTE hardcore pointing a gun at 5 makkals to blow themselves up against an army advance or be shot..lets see what happens.

  82. DN,

    is it possible for you to post a pic of current fdl's.?...many of the town names by which sla progress is identified is not very familiar to us laymans.
    just a thought...thnx

  83. Mottapala,
    What you say if the norm in army hospitals is dreadful...could the govt not ask doctors in the non military population to help?..or are these so called doctors money perverts as well

  84. Mottapala,Srilankan,

    Thank you for the feedback..

    It is the people that matters who actually work at these hospitals.I think most of our hospitals are well equipped...It is the human resources that are ignorant...No one has control over that..The recently the GOSL tried to introduce new fool proof identification system for the hospital staff..They protested whemently...We all know why. No one wants to work..Simple as that.

  85. Defencenet,

    How far is Kanakarayan Ku'lam to the last SLA 's outpost...?

    Can you enlighten us please?

  86. COLOMBO, March 6 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers said on Thursday an Army special forces unit blew up a rebel-backed member of parliament in their northern stronghold with a roadside bomb, and a party colleague confirmed his death.

    K. Sivanesam, an MP with the rebel-backed Tamil National Alliance (TNA), was driving near his home in Mankulam in the Tigers' de facto state in the far north of the island when the blast occurred, killing him and his driver, his party said.

    "It was an Army deep penetration unit," rebel military spokesman Rasiah Ilanthiraiyan said by telephone. "His vehicle was precisely targeted."

    The military was not immediately available for comment.

  87. vigilante,
    In 10-20 yrs from now we will get excellent serivce at the batti and eastern hospitals.wait and see..I m waiting for this war to be over so that we can appoint proper people who really wanted to become doctors in the first place.

  88. kokka,

    Well the thing is I do understand that the tigers can only be beat in their own game. That's what the IC and HR watcgdogs can't understand. It's like in that movie I recommended: Tropa De Elte. Watch that, it's a brazillian film and it's war on gangsters, how the police have to use unconventional methods, when everyone around them from the higher ups seem to be corrupt and have something to gain from the drug trade.

  89. Asithri

    " Evidently, even mothers with infants are not spared from LTTE’s duty call as the LTTE has lost nearly 40% of it’s Nov 2005 strength since this round of “eelam war” began. Admittedly, most of the losses have been inexperienced, little Tamil boys/girls and a disproportionate number of LTTE women thrown into the FDLs to face the oncoming MBTs / MBRLs as the more experienced bloody male mfs are hiding in the back (hoping to bolt – like how the corrupt South Vietnamese army did!)"

    We can understand the reason for the air force attacks had lots of civil causalities including several children.
    Already SL image has been tarnished by the International Human Right Commission. I didn t expect a bad imagination from a responsible Brigadier.
    What a shame for this country!!


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