Monday, March 3, 2008

Suspicious vessel did not belong to LTTE

It is now confirmed that the suspicious vessel detected in the seas of Mullaithiv is not a ship transporting arms to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE). Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) dispatched several of its fast attack craft and warships to investigate the vessel when its presence was detected for the first time close to midnight yesterday.

Apparently the ship was transporting illegal immigrants from Myanmar to Malaysia and was left stranded in the seas north est of Sri Lanka when it was hit by engine failure. Out of the 120 immigrants on board, nearly 40 have died due to the lack of essential supplies. The rest of the personnel on board have been rescued by the SLN.

Correction: The ship was transporting 91 passengers and 20 of them had died by the time the ship was discovered by SLN. Rest have been rescued. Several of the survivors too are in critical condition.

Update: The ship has been towed to the Trincomalee port.


  1. //Out of the 120 immigrants on board, nearly 40 have died ..//

    Well, every one else says 91 were there, 20 dead and 71 rescued.

  2. I got these details from one of my friends living in SL and seems person named below is doing so many illegal stuff. Please forward these details to anyone who is with the military intelligence.

    A great threat to National Security and His Excellency the president’s life.

    Dear Sir(s),

    This person is known to be Augustus Arsakone Jesudasan knee Jesudasan. He is making his appearances in Kandy, Katugastota and Gampaha areas mostly. Having an estate in Galaha side and providing accommodation for people coming from north and east.
    Married to a Sinhalese woman with no children. We are suspecting him for late SSP Upul Seneviratne of STF’s killing.
    He is having some contacts with some officers at police HQ, Katugastota police and bribing them to get some valuable information. He was able to get connected with some of the people in His Excellency the president’s close circles and might be planning something in large scale.
    He is attached to several illegal business ventures including providing vehicles for terrorists, transporting materials such as bicycle balls and aluminum to north and east and smuggling including illegal drugs such as heroin.
    He can speak Sinhala well and pretending as a Buddhist to mislead others. You can see this by visiting his house at Kahalla, Katugastota.
    Other facts:
    Not using a mobile number for a long period and having couple of numbers
    Using so many vehicles and phone numbers (land lines 0716813037, 060 2804207, 033 492 4316, 033 492 4317, 033 492 2529, 033 492 4315)
    Using number of postal addresses including Number 4/5, Station Road, Katugastota (Kahalla), 263/13, Ihala Yaagoda, Gampaha and 268 1/6, Leyards Broadway, Colombo 14.

  3. hey Defencenet,

    Can u pls put a posting about the damages done by recent air force attacks.
    Once it was said "Radha" base was hit and several truck mounted AA guns were destroyed.but thereafter we never heard about that.

    If u have more info about any of the recent attacks, pls let us know.

  4. 24 killed in Sri Lanka fighting

    News taken from "The Press Association"

  5. Asanka,
    Why dont you e-mail this to the defense Secretary and parties you think will be interested.

  6. Any bets on whether this will be picked up by the foreign press. Human smuggling is a huge business (and one of the more profitable for the LTTE) it is a crime that human desperation is exploited for profit. Our Navy, once satisfied that there was no threat, acted in a humanitarian capacity to rescue these people from death, such goodwill is most often not displayed by others. However, acts like these will not be highlighted, it is only death they covet.

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  8. The President is very unwise mingling with the public like this.


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