Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Images: Brainwashing Episode 1

We posted links these on the comments section some while back but thought it deserved a separate post.

Click on the image to view entire collection.



The pictures are self explanatory.


  1. DN

    Do you know exactly what is the name of that school?

  2. There were several pictures. Saw one UN lorry also in the seen.
    I can imagine the desperation in LTTE who use children for such acts and shameless to take pics and publish even.

  3. So the LTTE teaches children several lessons.

    1. If you can't beat them beat an effigy
    2. Ungratefulness - they finance your education and you hate them for that
    3. Stone throwing skills that may develop into grenade throwing skills in time to come
    4. Desperation - when you are desperate, show that to the whole world
    5. Hatred - "he is going to kill you, so you have to hate him"
    6. How to identify the wrong root cause - "VP is our only savior, he never hurts tamil people/children/parents"

    A lot of lessons outside the classroom!

  4. # LTTE has now increased their activities in their international front. This implies the hard time they are having with SLA.

    # UNP protested against holding PC election in east. It is the same UNP protested demanding a parliment election.

    # reports 2-3 SLA deaths daily, so in a month around 100. Tamilnut reports 50-60 SLA deaths in a day, but like twice a month, zero SLA deaths other days. (Ofcourse, LTTE deaths are zero all the time.) So finally both figures are same (though news are different). Probably, the reason is tamilnut editor is lazy to update this news daily like

  5. This principal/ teachers is paid by GSL-tax money of all Sri Lankans. ???

  6. hmm.. even i saw lots of pictures released few month ago.

    Have an issue..
    U R Trying to brinwash the bloggers i guess.

    there are more ground situations you are hiding the ground situation these days From Saturday evening till date there are many attackes wer mentiond in sevaral sites. stil DN is silence about them. usualy DN is quick in releasing defence News. Now seems like you are showing LTTE properganda to US wich is an old scenario.

    Ignoring Defence News for 4 days in DifenceNet. Y is that? ya

    So many of them quiestioned about the Battle front situ but as a reply, DN posted two Birds in return

  7. @ Sri Lankan
    Bro..really bad news..The causalty figures are much greater than stated..this is because the SLDForces have been engaged by the F-18's from the Aircraft carrier EELAM vilupulaaiii parapaharan..mate..current report says that the whole of the mannar area is one big blood bath!!..2 entire SLA divisions have been exterminated with zero LTTE casualties mate...The entire mechanised div is finished!!.Now it is time to immigrate to a rich country(US.CANADA only..not sudan) overseas sighting minority discrimination !

    I am confused?
    Can u brief me if you dont mind

  8. crimewatch

    May be DN will give you better answer. As we know DN is not a 24/7 news agancy. They report as and when they get news and have time/ resources etc.

    What's your confusion? Srilankan has explained well the reason for high SLA casualties reported by pro-LTTE media. May be he will explain you more later.

  9. crimewatch,
    "there are more ground situations you are hiding the ground situation these days From Saturday evening till date there are many attackes wer mentiond in sevaral sites. stil DN is silence about them."

    "Ignoring Defence News for 4 days in DifenceNet. Y is that? ya

    First of all we post when we can, not when other sites post.

    Sine last Saturday, we have posted 3 articles. Read them and their comments again so you may find out some defence news.

    "usualy DN is quick in releasing defence News."

    We'll take this as a compliment then. But that doesnt mean are bound by some force to post about every single incident and to comment about TN articles which we dont even bother reading sometimes.

    "Now seems like you are showing LTTE properganda to US wich is an old scenario."

    First of all it's our blog and we post whatever we like. If you can remember several days back we posted the entire collection of photos released by LTTE photography unit. Where were you then?

    "So many of them quiestioned about the Battle front situ but as a reply, DN posted two Birds in return"

    That image was directed at the authors who wrote that 60 (or was it 600) SLA kia article. Thats what we think of them.

    Click on the image and you'll see the entire collection.

  10. So many of asking situ of battlefront. It is true.
    But we know nothing special has happened in last few days. It is pointless to starte a topic with this much died in confrontation. Bloggers can talk with any of the issue. Remember, conflict in SL is not limited to werfronts in north. It has hundreds of faces.

  11. crimewatch,
    Read this:

    If this is not defence news what is it. Its posted on Sunday. The situation is still the same and no massive casualties and superhuman snipers as Tamilnet reports. Only difference is that in few more places LTTE defences have been breached. We'll post a detailed response when we can (possibly tonight).

  12. SLAF has blasted 3 LTTE bases in Mannar today. More on that later to.

    Not CAS actually, but a huge helping hand for the advancing forces in the area.

  13. thnx DN and no need to comment on tamilnut bullshit ... waste of time...

  14. i posted this in last article repsoting in new one:

    I was checking traffic rankings on Alexa of few sites i frequently visit. Guess what i found; DN is among the top 500 sites in SL. traffic rank in other countries:
    Sri Lanka 488

    And for the last 3 months, their reach has gone up by 128%

    Congrats DN.

  15. LST

    It is not a good comparision (which you didn't do); comparing traffic for blogs and other sites. I think they count multiple times same user for blogs. So number of visits and numbr of visitors are unrelated for blogs and other sites. Thus, not a good measure for popularity.

  16. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) “is eliminating the recruitment and use of child soldiers,” the US State Department said this week in its annual human rights report. The LTTE had not complied with its promise to end the practice by end of 2007, but its policy of recruiting one person from each family targeted those 18 years or older, the report said. Sri Lankan government forces were complicit in conscripting children for the TMVP (Karuna Group), “which used coercion, extortion, rape, and murder to force children and adults to join their ranks,” the report said.

    It shows that the USA thinking about to pullover the BAN from LTTE ...the declaration of EELAM isnot so far ...

  17. Shaping India's policy on Sri Lanka: a reader's response
    [Wed, 12 Mar 2008, 01:08 GMT]
    "Those who watch the current developments sense a race against time on the part of India in achieving something militarily in Sri Lanka. At times it looks as though it is India’s war," writes a reader from Tamil Nadu in response to the LTTE's statement on Monday. "The Refuse-to-Retire advisors cum analysts of India, whose writings often reek of revenge, sometimes back came out with enticing hints that the target is only the leadership of the LTTE, and thereafter India will protect the Tamils. Have these advisors ever seen in their lifetime India proving its credibility in safeguarding Tamil rights in Sri Lanka or for that matter, at least India winning a diplomatic war with Sri Lanka?" Full story >>

  18. Let's help to tiger malli.

    From tamilnut to defencent.

    //British parliamentarians call for UK to rein in Sri Lanka
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 12 March 2008, 04:30 GMT]
    A group of Parliamentarians from all of Britain’s main political parties Tuesday condemned the assassination last week of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP K Sivanesan and, lamenting the recent exit of the international panel overseeing rights abuses probes in Sri Lanka, called on the UK government to take all possible steps to ensure that Government of Sri Lanka plays by accepted international rules. ..//

    Then we discuss tamilnut reports in defencent's blog. Good tiger stratergy!

  19. shyam,

    Instead of parroting Tamilnet, go straight to the State Deparment site and read the full article. Oh yes, Eelam is closer than ever now.

  20. @ DN

    Thanks for the reply.
    I use to read every day full time during da day without fail.

    We know well its not your first priority to update sites.

    we asking you cos we are on thurst to read Defence stories.

    as you know if here is a day delay in posting some thing.

    PPL in this block stats attaking each other. there after its a DN vs TN (minority) issues arises.


    War Never Ends...
    War - No Peace...
    War Kills...

    This nation has all sort of climates, Water,Green Plants, Foods, Clothes, Vehicles, Mobile Phones, Technologies etc etc...

    meaning less lives, Poor Dies on hunger & COL... (living for the sake of living) expected/expecting peace never ever rays to the Colour Full Nation (unless these politicians Die) these politicians Living in haven, haveing a luxury life in this nation while leaving the poor on hunger.

    Unlucky Sri Lankan... Awaiting death.

  21. LST & Ninja,

    Normally traffic analysis is done with counting Unique visits. So the calculations are true.

    But different sites uses different methods/ services to get the count. So 1 site's Rank 1 would very in another.

    But one can get a high level picture on the Internet Traffic through this.

    "Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of that is best known for operating a website that provides information on web traffic to other websites." - Wikipedia

  22. DN-

    SLAF has blasted 3 LTTE bases in Mannar today. More on that later...

    Sorry can not wait any longer...
    Do we know how big these LTTE bases?
    What do you mean by "blasted" we have used some bombing / rocket fire? or simple wiped them out by using normal activities?

  23. Defenecnet,

    Is Mangalesh's killing an LRRP job despite claims?

  24. Ranil Wickremasinghe has lead a protest today urging election commisioner not to conduct the Eastern Provincial Council election.

    This is an extreamly important development.Puhul Hora Karen Dane kivva vage this will give out the real reason behind Ranil not contesting the eastern poll.

    As you all know North and East were separated only after the SC ruling.By establishing a separate Provincial Council it will help to further stregthen that ruling.

    Obviously LTTE and other ealamists will oppose this as it will create another roadblock for their claim.So even before any other ealam supporter could say anything Ranil Wickremasinghe has jumped the gun by leading this protest.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Dear Crimewatch

    I love your prose; it is poetic, somewhat like Japanese hi-ku or the beat poetry of the 1950s.

    This is my two cents until DN kicks us both out!

    Death, dieing, dead!
    LTTE heroes kill
    Defense forces dead
    Die scum die!

    Great ship Prabhakaram
    Shoots forth love!
    Love in shape of bullet
    Die scum die

    Rich politician wear big pants
    But genital within very small
    Sun god genital size .22 bullet
    Die scum die

    To be continued!!!

  27. Thanks Long Ranger!

    For the interesting Article

  28. Continued..

    Tamilnet real news
    Better than Heroin
    Why do I need any drugs
    When there is Tamilnet

    We are winning, we are winning
    In the way I like
    Give me more, give me more
    Tamilnet Heroine.

  29. Since we are on the topic of "brain washing" I am reposting something I wrote yesterday.

    Basically, the LTTE meets the definition of a cult. It champions the cause of Tamil separatism but is basically a personality cult that is devoid of a coherent ideology. The absolute obedience of followers was possible because of very effective “brain washing” techniques. In the initial formative period, they enforced a strict code of personal conduct to isolate people and to brain wash them into obeying every command. E.g., No smoking, drinking, fraternizing with women, a ban against getting married etc. Some of the Black Tiger cadres came from LTTE run orphanages. Therefore, they have been totally isolated from society from a very young age. People who are isolated from normal human society, especially from a young age, are amenable to brain washing of this type. With the ageing of their cadre, especially the leaders, it is no longer possible for the LTTE to enforce this code. The recent India Today magazine article calls the LTTE leadership a “group of middle aged men.” What happened to Karuna has happened to other members of the group. One day Karuna got married and had kids, and basically wanted to give his kids a better life. I read a Canadian newspaper several years ago which said that the CSIS estimates that there about 10,000 Sri Lankans in Canada who have received some type of paramilitary training, basically ex-LTTE. Except for a few nut cases, it is safe to say none of these folks would ever go back to their previous life style. The recent bust of the prostitution racket carried out by the LTTE in Colombo is another good example of why they can’t enforce the code any more. The LTTE fellow who was the handler of one of the prostitutes fell in love with one of the women, Sudu akka. He said that he did not want to die because of her. Just like this situation, the LTTE is no longer able to command absolute obedience from its followers. VP was able to keep this personality cult alive for a long time because there was no effective opposition to him. One way he made sure that there were no challengers to his authority was by eliminating potential opponents like Mahattaya. I think the situation is totally different today. VP is basically a bunker rat today. Like Hitler he is a raving madman who trusts no one. Just like Count Von Stauffenberg and many of the German higher command who plotted against Hitler in 1944, I believe there are some machinations that are going on within the LTTE that might spell the end of the LTTE from within.

  30. Tyrants that brainwash children like this should be charged with crime against humanity and they should be in classes, paid by the taxpayers in the south. We will show these pictures to people who seem to support their illegitimate cause. Surly this type of tyrants that kill the young minds shouldn’t be allowed to live another day.SF must earnestly and with great determination must invade them and rescue these kids and their families. We should not allow a single terrorist any foot hold in the island.

  31. "SLAF has blasted 3 LTTE bases in Mannar today"

    Thax for the update. Is it correct to say that Army have secured the area south of Adampan town? Also good to see 59 div attacks on LTTE defences in the general area of Weli Oya.

    Defencenet I was wondering if our offensive formations use highly mobile 60mm Mortars. I notice that LTTE use their 120mm heavy mortars effectively to cause lot of damage to our troops. However, if we use the light 52mm if not 60mm Mortars with a effective firing range of 100m-1000m these can used as a highly effective close support weapon system for our trrops. Extra light and simple to operate models can easily carried and operated by a single soldier. This is also ideal system for light rapid deployment forces and special mission units.

  32. 33 rebels killed in Lanka clashes


    LTTE's criticism of India shows outfit is becoming weak: Lanka


  33. Terrorists:

    Responsible Government:

  34. Images from Army Chief's visit to India

  35. God Bless our Army Chief and our brave SLDF solders.

  36. torrent_lk,
    Thank you for the "Memoirs of an anti-LTTE undercover agent in London - PART II : Delicious Curry served with a Stark Warning!" article pointer.

    What should we do to point out charity organizations such as UNHCR, International Red Cross, the Oxfam and Save the Children Fund from having LTTE infiltrations putting out pro-LTTE agenda out?

  37. ninja

    Appropos your question; whether the school teachers, principal paid by SL tax..yes they are. The schools, electricity, books and all expenses are paid for by us. includes the roads these loser podiyens walk, hospitals and even the drinking water they have are paid fro by the SLG. The road and infra-structure building projects are usually monopolized by Velu's favorites who have set up construction companies for the purpose and are paid for by the RDA (Road Dev Auth).
    Under subsidized food provided to the area, even Velu's family are counted as recipients.
    These stupid bastards are only good at blowing things up, and it has to be hard wired into their genetic code. That's the very reason why a tamil nation will never rise in human history, since destructiveness is a part of the DNA.

  38. Guys,

    Have you seen "United States Impeaches Sri Lanka on Human Rights and Governance In its 2007 Annual Human Rights Report" in Asian Tribune?

    DefenceNet, what are the defence implications of this? Will we have to stop the war giving LTTE yet another life line?

  39. Parakrama,
    I will worry a little bit about that report (not that much). They have to say crappy things about the whole world except themselves. Hypocrisy at it's extreme. Secondly these country reports are just collections of "OPADOOPA". Those are not an outcome of any systematic investigations. But the tone reflects one thing. i.e. our government is out of their favor. We should expect some bumpy rides.

    You can use the following link to read 2007 country reports. Lets compare us with US backed Afghanistan or India.

  40. Thanks hemantha!

    I'll have a look at those reports but not now, need to get some sleep!

  41. I've seen how the brain-washing code breaks down when some of these youngsters are exposed to treats they've been denied before.

    I once met a school friend late at night hanging out near a notorious and seedy hotel in Wellawatte. He was working for MI at the time and after some coaxing the guy laughed and told me that they were providing a 'sapa' to a couple of captured LTTe guys. Basically, these guys had been well fed, given nice clothes, a night out and hookers for the night.
    My buddy says that no matter what conditioning they underwent previously, the Army had ways of breaking thru to the human being underneath. Sex was apparently a motivator even the LTTe's training could not overcome.
    Maybe that is why the LTTE's suicide cadre are closely followed and kept under control by their handlers who make sure they do not mix with the very corruptive and sex crazy sri Lankan society.

  42. Hakeem says that they(SLMC) won 82% of Muslim votes. The total votes they have gotten from the whole Batticaloa District is 13,301. Can their claim be true? I strongly doubt. Would somebody help me here? What is the Muslim population(or # of Muslim voters) in this district? At least there should be more than 30,000 Muslim voters. Am I wrong?

  43. See these b*stards are continuously at it putting Sri Lanka in a bad-light at every opportunity.

    What US does not know is, LTTE is the sole source of these reports.

  44. Noltte,
    "What US does not know is, LTTE is the sole source of these reports."

    It is not just the LTTE, Ranil, Hakeem, LTTEr Mano Ganeshan and many others paid by LTTE play a huge role in this misinformation campain.

  45. These innocent children were persuaded stoning to their country’s leader in front of their helpless teachers. Children at this age would do anything to get attention without knowing what they are really doing. Shame on stupid LTTE.

    These pictures emphasise only one thing. MR is the best ever medicine we had for these mentally retarded tigers.

  46. Vijitha,
    The kids are kids and they engage in those activities that they think will gain them recognition among adults.When you are a kid adult recognition is imoprtant even if the adults are sadistic perverts.Now this tells us that the LTTE are running out of cadres and this is a ploy to conscript these usual children will be very impressed with the vision of a FEMALE LTTE cdre from the pink walrus brigade? carrying a gun

  47. This evening we were talking to a Tamil shopkeeper who have been harassed by the ltte,now refusing to pay or support them any more and the this change of heart came after we getting together with my visitors from Tamil Nadu during the last few weeks.We typed in to this blog from a terminal there and this shopkeeper who has contacts in Vanni told me, after seeing the pictures of this blog that it is just a propaganda exercise by the tigers. he says the kids in the pictures are all privilege kids of the tiger hierarchy in Vanni,not from the suffering people of Vanni,who are lingering in the bunkers and he will find out the name of the tiger carder in front who pretend to act like a teacher and other fellow is from their terrorist propaganda film unit. For the last 3 years, unknown to the politicians here who normally support these terrorists, were unable to stop the actions taken by enforcement officers of the income and customs looking into their financial assets, sources of income and capital. Many of these shops and petrol franchises have been run to the ground and this damage is much more than the bombs that is dropped on them. Persons from the police and tax agencies so independent, unlike in SL,they will act own their own, if anything worth investigating is there. Knowing that the tigers are involved in many financial frauds, where money earned is illegal, honest Tamils are keeping away from them, keeping away from their gatherings as various agencies are making notes of their car numbers, even following them to their homes. Most of the Tamils want to live a peaceful life in the new found countries and it’s up to gosl keep them informed of the true situation Sl.

  48. Greetings DN Bloggers! My grand theory about these terrorist sympathizers is that they have never been served a decent Gin and Tonic. There is the other distinct possibility that from childhood they have been forced to drink that god awful Bombay Sapphire G&T instead of Beefeater G&T. Old chaps, imagine the misery that these wretched fellows would have gone through. Enough to make any decent chap into a terror lover!

  49. Hemantha
    I have contacts in Bati as some of my people came from Dutch Bar and when I contacted them they told that most of the Muslims did not come out to vote as they would normally vote for the major parties and Hakeem is not to their choice.

  50. hemantha,

    spot on; approx 29,400 muslims which is 10.85% of regiastered voters.

    If turnout was 57% and equal among the communities, 16,750 have voted.
    13301/16750 gives almost 80%.

    so the SLMC claim is true unfortunately. kevin's assertion is only partly correct.

    Normally 80% would vote (23,520) at elections. 13301/23520=57%, meaning 57% of those muslims who regularly vote had voted this time. actual is a bit higher because some have voted for UPFA/IND as well.

  51. hmmm
    Respect for human rights declines - US

    US State Department
    The Sri Lankan government's respect for human rights continued to decline due in part to the escalation of the armed conflict, says the US State Department.

    See on Monday Police checked a suspect girl and she doesn't have ID to prove herself, four police men took her to a lodge and Raped her.

    not in vanni... In Bambalapitiya, Capital High Security Zone in a day time.

    See This basters dance devel in the middle and GOSL amd nahinda have to face the UN/USA/HR for these.

    GOSL not doing all these. but blame comes straight to GOSL.

  52. WipeLTTE,

    The reason i have posted link is to publicize these kinds of acts. I think general public should be aware of these kinds of things.

  53. Moshe Dayan,
    I guess their claim is correct then. But Kevin is also correct.
    Even in local Authorities elections, Muslims vote 75%. Consider the Muslim Majority councils in Ampara (2006)
    Kalmunai 75%
    Potuwil 72%

    The decrease of % down to 50 means Muslims were not willing to vote for them.

  54. Saw these being circulated by email as anti-LTTE propoganda.

  55. Crimewatch
    These rapes and other bad things may be the work of our own Sinhala Tigers, paid by the real tigers, just to discredit the gosl.

  56. Crimewatch/Kevin

    the problem is the culture of impunity. The GoSL tolerates anything, therefore when the blame comes they have to accept it. Witness the attacks on the Rupavahini employess. Mervin Silva is allowed run loose, no serious attempt is made to investigate the matter, teh only investigation focused on the Rupavahini employees (the victims, who defended themselves), the government does its best to whitewash the matter, the party (SLFP) did appoint a commsion to enquire but so far seems quite toothless.

    If people think they can get away with murder then pretty soon the murder rate will go up.

  57. This Mervin guy is a pain for all of us, we the party members have no way to approach the hierarchy in power to question this situation. When minister Siripala Silva was in London, this was one of the question we were going to ask him, but ran away without spending sufficient time with us. Once in power, couldn’t care less for the people who put them there.

  58. How can UN explain their vehicle in one of those pictures???
    So UN suports anti government activities... and then they talk about human rights...???


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