Friday, March 28, 2008

SLAF attacks 4 LTTE targets in two days

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has carried four sorties on LTTE targets located in the northern province during the past two days (26th and 27th). An LTTE training facility located in jungles north of Iranamadu and an LTTE radar post south of Pooneryn was raided by bombers of the SLAF 10th fighter squadron and 5th jet squadron yesterday (27th) morning . Bombers also raided an LTTE boatyard in Vishwamadukulam, Kilinochchi on the 26th.

Meanwhile in the Mannar front. two Mi-24 helicopter gunships of the 9th attack helicopter squadron assisted the ground forces by launching a series of attacks on LTTE positions in the region. Two forward operating bases in Alankulama and Kaliadanchan were attacked by the gunships.Forward Operating Bases (FOB) are secured positions on or near the Forward Defence Line (FDL) which are used for support role.

Meanwhile 32 LTTE cadres have been killed in fighting in Mannar, Weli-Oya and Jaffna fronts which took place on the 26th. Another 18 more are believed to be wounded. 8 Army soldiers too have been killed and 21 more have been wounded in the clashes.


  1. It's good to see the MI 24 starting to play a more active role

  2. "LTTE radar post south of Pooneryn "

    now that is a strategic move. i expect more activity in this region in the weeks ahead.

    yep. good to see Mils in action.

    well done SLAF.

  3. The Art of War by Sun Tzu
    Chapter III: Attack by Stratagem

    Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory:
    (1) He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
    (2) He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.
    (3) He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.
    (4) He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.
    (5) He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.

  4. Now thats what we need to hear!.The SLAF helping the advancing troops at great risk!!.God bless all our forces.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Something off topic,
    There were some articles saying people flee from LTTE held areas due to various hardships including forced conscription. They put their life in danger for fleeing. If the situation is such, SLDF would capture a bare land and no civil people would be there to live in at least. This is very sad situation and none would accept the innocents to be killed like this.
    I am not undermining the brilliant effort of our forces. But can’t we have a mechanism to save to innocents from the barbarians ??

  6. My opinion is that the key to using helicopters (Mi 24 etc) is to randomly use them all over the place.

    If we isolate them to certain fronts say Mannar they will develop strategems to counter the attacks and even to bring them down like SAMs.

    So what we need to do is maximize their usage by mobilizing them all over the place for all kinds of operations.

    We must make the best effort to utilize them rather than keeping them in hangars.

  7. What does TamilNadu want?

    Some Indian company has bought over Jaguar and Land Rover. Duh!

    1. Develop and reach the sky with rest of India?

    2. Get hooked on the historical ambitions of creating a Chola empire and self destruct in terrible human misery and suffering like the Terrorist militants here in Sinhale?

    Tamil Nadu people choose wisely! Lest murderous and suicidal dark force of greed lead you astray!

  8. TD,

    Hey, don't worry about feeling people. They are fleeing LTTE (the barbarians) and coming into cleared areas. We will re-settle then in due course just like we did in the East!

  9. Parakrama,
    How ironic!

    Sinhala people have become the sole representatives of Tamil people.

  10. thambala, tamil people arent the only people fleeing ltte tyranny. u mightve heard that just a few days ago the 50000+ muslims who were evicted from mulathiv & killinocchi formed a political party to represent their view.

  11. Ohh.. I wish I could see the MI24 attacks. Its really heart pumping view to see. :) Great work SLA. Give the maximum support to the ground troops. As Thambala said, must not isolate, and maximize the mobility. That will be a nightmare for sure.!

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  13. Calvin,

    "Ohh.. I wish I could see the MI24 attacks. Its really heart pumping view to see. :)"

    In the meantime, you might want to check this out. SLAF 9 squadron and 6 squadron set to the sound of Carmina Burana. A very nice video. Watch with sound. Sorry if folks have seen this before.

    Sri Lanka Air Force

  14. avinda,
    "Or is LTTE taking the pissed out of the SLF, state and the sinhala modaya???"

    Racism is not tolerated here.

  15. Defencenet,
    My apologies if I have offended. Does not make any sense why you find this statement racist. If you find this particular statement racist, why have you repeated it. Everybody can read it. They might believe that I am a Tamil Tiger sympathizer.
    Unless you had a issue with other portion of issues I had raised.
    Anyway keep up your hard work, they keep me very entertained.

  16. "My apologies if I have offended. Does not make any sense why you find this statement racist. If you find this particular statement racist, why have you repeated it. Everybody can read it. They might believe that I am a Tamil Tiger sympathizer."

    Had to repeat it so that you knew why it was deleted. Quoted the part where racism was involved.

    "Unless you had a issue with other portion of issues I had raised."

    No there werent any issues except the racist remarks. You merely repeated the same old questions which have been answered many times before.

    "Anyway keep up your hard work, they keep me very entertained."

    Glad to be of help.

  17. dailymirror:

    Three new Majors General:

    Three Brigadiers, who are currently in the northern battle filed, have been promoted to the rank of Majors General. They are Jagath Dias – (General Officer Command (GOC) -57-Vavuniya), Deepal Alwis (Military Secretary) and Jagath Rambukkpotha (GOC-56-Omanthai), military sources said.

  18. Good to hear that Brigadier Jagath Dias GOC 57 division been promoted to rank of Maj Gen. I haven't heard about others. 58 Division and 59 Division heads Shavendra Silva and Nandana Udawatta also deserves a promotion in due time. Both have made major headway towards northward. All these promotions should be given based on merit.

    Defencenet, our troops have 5-6 months before NorthEast monsoons set in. Will need a major break through before that I believe. Current bad weather conditions is a blessing on the LTTE as it has considerably slowed down the advance.


  19. some pictures from the front lines

    Pictures taken March 26, 2008



  20. Looks like LTTE is running out of food for it's cadres. Poor fellows are running out of everything.... Maybe they are hoping that the Indian air force will come and do a 'parippu' bombing again.

  21. Director of the PirabaharaN movie started the hunger strike until he get his film back from the Indian Studios...

    Poor guy....

  22. Thambala,

    "My opinion is that the key to using helicopters (Mi 24 etc) is to randomly use them all over the place."

    Totally agree. It will only take a well directed burst of AA fire/sam to bring down one of the fire chariots, and LTTE will make the most of it (getting the diaspora money rolling in, ect.).

  23. Td,

    "There were some articles saying people flee from LTTE held areas due to various hardships including forced conscription."

    I feel sorry for these guys, but there is a silver lining here. These civilians can only cross the front line, if it is porous. So if civilians are fleeing, the LTTE front line must be falling apart.

  24. Disabled soldiers

    The govt should give preference in govt jobs to the thousands of disabled soldiers. Some of these individuals can perform certain types of desk jobs very effectively. Also, the services have many administrative functions that can be performed by disabled vets.

  25. How is this coolie Simon Gardner of reuters getting pics of troop deployment.As far as i remember it is incredible what a field day this bastard+co had with the situation in SLanka over the years.This bugger+associates had the oddacity to divide the country into an "LTTE area"in his articles?.So where is the SS panzer division vilupulaaaiii Piraphaharan?(need to get my canadian right here).

  26. CASC ;

    eah buddy u r correct .. the GOv have to give "certain types of desk jobs very effectively. Also, the services have many administrative functions that can be performed by disabled vets."

    Like cleaning toilets and begging ....just have to fuck themselves ... what you people thinking are you all living in USA or UK

  27. Chamal,
    If the LTTE are running out of food too bad.I am sure the LTTE supporting disaphora can cook for them and fly them to killi in SLanka on a daily basis with a lot of spices to ensure that they dont spoil.

  28. I totally agree disable solders should be given administrative jobs (desk jobs). They should be given preferential treatment in the job selection process. Same is true of non disabled veteran solders.

  29. By the way, SLA should have deployed autonomous mine clearing (or mine detecting) robots operating in the fount line to save precious de-mining solders lives from mines and enemy sniper fires. Our universities engineering students should able to create autonomous robots for the SLA to operate in the front line. We should able to deploy hundreds of these locally made ones.

  30. Good demining machine:

    We probably can create this locally with retrofit a bulldoser with armed plating for mine clearing:
    ( SAMSON - a safe and efficient mine clearing machine)

    Mine clearing with a bulldoser:
    technique of pilling soil backwords

  31. thambala,
    Yes the TATA company has bought Jaguar and Land Rover. I cant see why you are so up beat about that. TATA has nothing to do with Tamil Peelam. And its not a Tamilnadu company either!
    Those two companies were earlier bought by BMW and then by Ford. They simply sold it for peanuts as the companies were not viable. TATA's aim is to shift the productions to India. Who is going to buy Jaguars and Land Rovers made in India?

  32. 'Sinhala people have become the sole representatives of Tamil people.'

    I think its true, because LTTE has killed all the tamil representatives. LTTE does not reperesent tamils but themseleves.

  33. PRAHAKARAN - the film


    There is a trailer for this film at

    By the way, the director getting beaten up in India, and the director threatening with a hunger stirke is all FREE publicity for the film!

  34. I salute Army commander for promoting soldiers who deserves them by merit rather than seniority. First time in the history. If you guys want to know what the army motto was earlier, here it is.

    'more work more problems, less work less problem and no work no problems'.

    So senior army officers choose not to work, so that they get their promotions in time.If you work and run into problems you may not get it!

  35. Mottapala,

    "If you work and run into problems you may not get it!"

    You could work and get killed as well. Then you will only get posthumous promotions. This must have worked in the minds of some of the couch potato army fellas under previous regimes.

  36. jonathan

    I think that sun Tzu's advice No 5 is the most important one, (5) He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.

    cos back in the days when our soldiers were sent into the battlefield not knowing what to do and was masscared because of the whims of chandrika.

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  38. Menna Kotti,
    [Parliamentarians of TNA had a long discussion with UNP Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe on Provincial Council election to be held for the Eastern Province.
    TNA Parliamentarians have enlightened the UNP Leader regarding their party’s decision not to contest at Eastern PC election. The UNP leader has told the TNA Parliamentarians that his party had requested the Commissioner of Elections to get foreign observers to monitor the election.
    Both parties also have discussed obstructions that exist to hold a fair and peaceful election in the East. ]

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  40. Rover said...
    PRAHAKARAN - the film

    There is a trailer for this film at

    By the way, the director getting beaten up in India, and the director threatening with a hunger stirke is all FREE publicity for the film!


    Some of the parties involved in this drama are basically LTTE fronts, like the Dalit Panthers. They have a vested interest in making sure this film is never aired in India. The LTTE runs the roost in Tamil Nadu because of their closeness to Karunadhi, the Chief Minister. The ruling DMK is part of the ruling coalition of India, so they have an inordinate say in terms of Indo-Sri Lanka relations. Earlier this year, the Indian PM was supposed to come to Sri Lanka as a guest for the Independence Day celebrations but he chickened out because of pressure from TN.

    I have on occasion corresponded with an Indian parliamentarian of a regional party in India (contact info for Indian parliamentarians are in the public domain). He was with the previous BJP governing coalition. He is very much anti-LTTE but not necessarily pro-Sri Lankan or pro-Sinhalese in any sense. He seems to be the loudest voice in the Indian parliament when it comes to being anti-LTTE. He claims he is going to look into it, which I assume, could mean making a public pronouncement or a statement in parliament.

  41. Sorry slightly off topic. Here is
    some info about the Tata Group that purchased Jaguar and Rover

    The Tatas are Parsees. Ratan Tata the head of the Tata Group is also a well known philanthropist in India. The annual turnover of the Tata Group is about three times the size of the Sri Lanka economy. One of their companies, Tata Tea, is the largest producer of branded tea in the world. I believe they have long-term management contracts for several tea estates in Sri lanka, including Watawala Plantations. They also own Tetley Teas. Some of these Indian conglomerates are now among the biggest companies in the world. A few months ago, Anil Ambani, the head of the Reliance Group, became the richest person in the world. As the world economic growth moves to China and India, I think this will benefit Sri Lanka too because of proximity and market access.

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  44. Casc,


    Yes, a small portion of the bloody idiots in South India are still supporting the LTTE. This is probably because LTTE is wealthy enough (the wealth amassed by blackmail, robbery , lies and deception) to spread scraps for these hyenas.

    Anyways, it is good to note that at least some of the ministers have a backbone to stand up to this menace. India will never openly support Sinhala race. Some of even my learnered Indian friends are primitive in the sense that they still dwell on the fact that Ravana from SL was a monster and lady-grabber that was defeated by the righteous Rama. So you can imagine what the dumb politicians will be like.

    Today's world, any publicity is good publicity, and our director boy got just that. Remember most of the writers who wrote crap about Islam were instantly popular in the west and there work got unprecedented exposure. I am waiting for this kind of exposure for our fellow as well.

  45. Guys
    I have many friends from the Tamil Nadu and from the state of Kerala, who frequently visits me here and they are some of the friendliest and they hate the terrorists that our tormenting Sri Lanka and they are aware of the very corrupt politicians in TN,who will do anything for money. These people from TN wants to be part of India, knowing that break up of SL will lead to the breakup of Tamil nadu,they will not allow any terrorist activities of these separatists. People like Subramanian Swami and his party will oppose this terrorist lobby in India to the hilt says my friends as they smell this is part of international plot to undermine the stability of

  46. I see some discussions about “Indians” and how we should treat Indians etc.

    I have personally told this to Somawansa A and Wimal W….we do not want to alienate India or Indians because of LTTE’s incestuous relationships to TamilNadu! No..neha, nehi, or even nada!

    Most of the Indians I have met, both professionally and personally, simply despise the LTTE and they are sympathetic to Sri Lankans’ plight of having to go through horrific terrorism that they know their own security forces would have brutally wiped out (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, or not) long ago. The Indians I have met are both from the North and the South. The ones from the South actually are often embarrassed as in their mind, they have been told that we Sinhelas despise them because of LTTE’s terrorism! When they know that it is not the case, they warm up and tell you what a thorn-in-the-side the LTTE is for them in South India. So much so, I know some TamilNadu Indians who ended up changing their Hindu temple in NJ to somewhere else as they got to know that their temple was taken over by LTTE supporting Tamils! I heard similar stories from some TamilNadu Tamils in Canada who had relatives in NY!

    So, the bottom line…let us not be anti-Indian for the wrong reason. Most of my northern Indian friends/associates are entirely sympathetic to us Sinhelas in this anti-terrorist war with the LTTE and for them, no the Hinduism card was played and finished with dire consequences (when LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi)…rather for them the fact that we Sinhelas share common Indo-arya roots with them makes us quite “acceptable and comfortable” for them. One northern Indian partner (a Hindu) in a major US IT firm once asked me over dinner “why don’t you guys do what the Israelis do…whenever there is a blast in Colombo, why don’t you send your jets and fcuking pulverize the LTTE’s hot-beds? (evidently, he was referring to Killinocchi and environs). I explained to him it is not that simple.

    So patriots, please….let us be more judicious and do a realty check the next time we feel like bashing “Indians” as that in effect can alienate millions upon millions of “modern” Indians in modern India who are today very much pro-Sri Lanka/pro-Sinhelas as they have risen above this “Hinduism” factor (in contrast to 25 years ago when this war started)!

    This is not to say that we should let our guard down for anything and everything from India, but only to rationalize that it is not a "black & white" equation anymore.

    OaO Asithri

  47. Wow…Wow…what have we here?

    A complete scandal I see….!!! Aha, a house-keeping item that needs taking care of I see! LMSSAO!!!

    Crimewath said:
    [hellow MY name is Asithri too.
    (did some funniest scenario too) the other Asithri was a war specialist as well as Expecting the war as the only answer to the ethnic issue.]

    Blistering barnacles…thundering typhoons!!!

    So “Crimewatch” your name is “Asithri” too? Listen you LTTE supporting piece of shit…no, it CANNOT BE! “Asithri” is a name (my middle name) that my parents gave me based on deep rooted historical verses founded on classical Sinhela “Vedas” that have relevance/connotations to Buddhist scriptures!!! This name was “built from scratch” specifically based on a plethora of factors (including the above plus, astrological influences) and no such Sinhela name existed at that time!

    So, now this begs the question…how can a bloody LTTE supporting bloody sakkiya-coolie like you also get my name? Did you parents also go through the same complex formula (rooted in deep Sinhela (the uncorrupted that is) culture)???

    Listen arsehole…if you are going to tell a lie…make it a believable lie. Your type of LTTE sons-of-whores are beginning to rapidly show your true colors – uneducated, uncultured, and basically bloody outright cheap bloody copy-cats of others (as you have no original thought yourselves!).

    Anyway, the next time I see another LTTE cheapo trying to be a bogus “Asithri” in this blog (or anywhere else in the Cyberspace)…I will castrate the bastard and not only that, I will perform circumcision on his filthy mother –I promise!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO (One and Only) Asithri

  48. Guys,

    My apologies for slightly out of topic posting....However, I believe that this issue is very much defence related, so here it is!

    Most of you will know that a few weeks ago a journalist called J.S.Tissainayagam was detained by Terrorist Investigations Department (TID). He is still being held by the TID and as far as I know he has not been charged with anything.

    Frequent visitors to this blog will know that I am not a tiger sympathiser. However, I am totally against human rights violations. No matter who the perpetrator is and under which circumstances, human rights violations are wrong.

    Tissa uncle is a great family friend of ours and I've known him since I was a kid. As a human being, he is one of the best you will ever meet.

    Having said that, when I read his column on Sunday times, it makes my blood boil every single time. His anti-government attitude is appalling considering he's had a free education in Sri Lanka and his family lead a peaceful life in Colombo.

    In a true democracy, everybody has the freedom to express their own views. We cannot imprison somebody just because they hold a completely different view to ours.

    Of course LTTE has used his writings to their advantage from time to time. But that does not make him a terrorist.

    He is not a Buddhist, but principles in his life are very similar to Buddhist principles. He will not even harm an animal knowingly, this I know for a fact.

    I do not blame the government if they can charge him with something. If he turns out to be a terrorist, then I will not protest even if they impose death penalty on him. However, what the government is doing just now is wrong. They have to either release him or press charges.

    It seems that all the Sinhalese people arrested together with him have been released. So, is he being held because he is a Tamil or have they got something on him? If they have something, why don't they press charges?

    We cannot win this war by playing dirty. As I've said before, we have to hold the moral upper hand all the time, at any cost. If the government cannot fight a clean war, we will eventually lose. If that happens, then all those who have paid with their lives for the motherland (that includes couple of my uncles who served in SLDF) would have died for nothing. That would be a great tragedy indeed!

    PS. A note to all LTTE guys who, without a shadow of a doubt, will jump on this.....

    You can all go and **** yourselves, I'm not in the mood to entertain you.

    This post is not meant to help LTTE!

    Tissa uncle (with his strong anti-government views) and his family lived in the heart of Colombo all these years without any hassle. If he lived in an area dominated by LTTE and if he had such strong views against LTTE, then he'd have been dead even before the ink was dry on his articles.

  49. MottaP

    [TNA had a long discussion with UNP Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe...]

    This is not news. Ranil is a traitor...basically an opportunistic parasite, and he will stop at nothing to becoming the President of our beloved nation, even if it means given 40% of the landmass and 60% of the coastal ring to a horrific band of terrorists who can now only claim (yes, note, not verified) to represent barely 4% of the population of Sri Lanka!!!

    Ranil should be tried for treason and when found guilty, shot at the Galle Face as a lesson to all future traitor-wannabe’s!!!

    OaO Asithri

  50. Asithri ;;

    Wow wow woo....hey great theorem if anyone talks to tamils representatives they are traitors ...? so according to your theorem all tamils are LTTE or people from some other country(Tamil EELAM ) so why are you people saying that you are fighting for the tamils freedom and trying to flee tamils from the LTTE control areas ...AND another important thing is why are you people still keeping the TNA in parliament you can just through them out why are you waiting...!

  51. Parakrama

    [We cannot win this war by playing dirty. As I've said before, we have to hold the moral upper hand all the time, at any cost.]

    Mate, with respect, I wholeheartedly disagree.

    This is a dirty war (an unconventional war that is) and all dirty wars MAY need to be fought dirty. Unconventional wars all over this planet have been fought with unconventional tactics and strategies.

    What counts at the end of the day is – preserving Motherlanka!

    Anything else, in my view, is secondary.

    The couple of uncles/relatives you have lost to this war is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands upon thousands of Sinhelas who have sacrificed their life on the battlefield, battling South Indian Dravidians & Cholas, Portuguese, Dutch, the English, to safeguard our beloved nation – the Motherlanka that we today proudly call OUR sovereign, independent nation!

    What we are fighting is a form of most heinous terrorist wars and given the fact that the terrorists have limitless funds (from the Tamil Diaspora and the LTTE’s crime proceeds from Credit/Debit cards fraud, loan frauds, mortgage frauds, etc. in the west) it is a known fact that the terrorists have been able to buy their way into the core of Sri Lankan polity, including into major businesses, charitable organizations, and even, yes our Police apparatus and worse, in some cases even to politicians!

    So, in this climate of high corruption couple to TERRORISM that we face today, NO, I think we cannot play “clean” anymore. This situation requires a very well executed “unconventional warfare” strategy (to clean up the parasites from within) and as long as the aforesaid end (saving Motherlanka) justifies the means, I don’t think we should get our knickers twisted around our ankles!

    “By way of deception” the Israelis said…and so it should be too with us Sri Lankans!

    OaO Asithri

  52. Shyam

    You poor retarded moron…I see you got your arse and your mouth mixed up (so stop trying to feed your body through your anus!) LMSSAO!!

    No, for us patriotic Sri Lankans,

    LTTE = NOT All Tamils

    There are Tamils who are with us today and they are in fact traveling all over the world and saying how safe they are living with the Sinhela majority in the “south” compared to living with the LTTE.

    Some Tamils even went as far as to kill those Tamils who still wanted to stick with their terrorist, fascist ways:

    We made sure the Tamils who have given up their racist dream (the racist “thamileelam”) not only had security from us against your LTTE terrorists bastards, but that they got elevated to the Batticloa regional council with the head being a Tamil woman having the last name “Prabhakaran!!!”

    Now how do you like that you pathetic racist scum? I am sure that was a fatal blow to your filthy racist idelology!!! We have shown you MF that to us, this is no longer a Sinhela vs. Tamil conflict but to your type of bloody brain dead moron, I guess the message will never sink in!


    OaO Asithri

  53. OK my DD is here...time to go for R&R (it's Friday night here in NY ;-)

    Catch you later...

    PEACE to all SL patriots!

    OaO Asithri

  54. Asithri,

    "The couple of uncles/relatives you have lost to this war is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands upon thousands of Sinhelas who have sacrificed their life on the battlefield, battling South Indian Dravidians & Cholas, Portuguese, Dutch, the English, to safeguard our beloved nation" - Mate, may be to you, but it means everything to me!

    Although, majority of those who paid with their lives to protect mother lanka have been Sinhalese, minorities have also paid their part. Therefore, I think you should say “Sri Lankans” instead of “Sinhala”.

    Yes, I agree with you that unconventional wars need to be fought with unconventional methods. After all, Gen. Sarath Fonseka has proven this with his unconventional tactics!

    However, we have to uphold human rights. If we don't, then what are we fighting for? We should be fighting for all the ethnicities of our motherland, not just one. Just because LTTE is a ruthless organisation, we cannot punish innocent Tamil people. That totally defeats the purpose. I understand that every war has some collateral damage, but we should try to keep this to an absolute minimum.

    Also, the last thing we want to do is to alienate Tamil population. It is counterproductive. We are getting good intel from general Tamil population. If we alienate them, then in the end it will work against us. We need to do everything in our power to make all different peoples of mother lanka feel "Sri Lankan", otherwise, no matter how unconventional we fight, we will lose. Remember, we are not Israel. We do not enjoy the same privileges as they do. We cannot copy all the tactics from them.

    By fighting clean I did not mean letting terrorists get away with murder. After all, we do have death penalty, don't we?

  55. There are posters and banners sticked in walls all over colobo city saying.."IF A SUICIDE BOMBER CHANGES HIS/HER HEART WILL GET 10MILLION AS A DONATION FROM THE GOV "

    very funny hahahahahahaha .....

  56. Shyam,

    Yeah, it was very funny indeed. But I don't think you actually saw the real funny part of was our way of reminding all the terrorists that it was time to put that cyanide capsule to good use ;)

  57. sometime back there was a suicide attack in SL and my foreign collegue couldn't believe it. he asked me.

    "if i want to kill you, why should i kill myself?"


    how funny these suicide bastards?

  58. Shyam,
    Wow wow woo....hey great theorem if anyone talks to tamils representatives they are traitors ...? -There is nothing wrong in speaking to tamil reps..However the problem here is why this traitor Ranil is doing so..meaning what is in it for him.If he thinks he is going to be president of SLanka he has a nother thing coming..
    The TNA cannot be kicked out of parliment because the LTTE is not banned in SLanka..but then i am sure you know this already

  59. Hey guys,

    A bit off topic, as usual :),

    Anyone know about this:

    The site says:
    "The only local, independent human rights monitoring body in the NorthEast of Sri Lanka"

    I thought there were none, that is independent rights monitoring missions. Anyway, look at the sites logo, it's clear they are pro-ltte. It's run by a Father, his contact details are on the site as well.

  60. Mottapala,
    may be you have point there and I was not aware of all the facts.

    But my point is that India ascending in the world economy like a mig 29 climbing for a pugachev cobra. Do you disagree?

    So Tamils, specifically in Tamil Nadu could either Join the rest of the Indian bandwagon or join the Chola Emipre bandwagon. However I do not think that the vast majority of the Tamils want to venture in to a terrible crisis. However if they do have a temptation I guess they need to a deep cost benefit analysis.

    I guess this a classic case of majority of the silence.

  61. thambala
    I agree with you on that point. Why I have this feeling this whole issue with tamils is nothing to do with any racial or language issue. I think it is an issue regarding inferiority complex. Tamils have this problem whether they are indian or sri lankan. They dont look eye to eye with nothern indians.
    You can see some similarities with the JVP buggers. They all have an inferiority complex. Look at some of the bloggers behave in this blog eg shyam.Majority indians who managed to overcome raciality, colour of skin are conqering the world.

  62. parakarama,

    Govt is not against all "TAMILS" if they were, then liberating east would not have been possible as there are huge number of tamil civilians, and the armed forces need their cooperation when fighting tamil ltte. The govt need to control media of those who write cheap publicity to get headlines and bring down the countries name to hell. Why cant your "UNCLE" write heroic stories about our forces, instead of being a crow and right about things day after day about how corrupt govt is, how sri lanka is going down the drain, how he cant get his dick up anymore.

    Real, genuine, journalists write about the props and cons, or they write about heroes. The ones that need the money, have nothign better to do, or who are not true journalists, cry and write about the same story.

    Sunday Leader should be renamed as Sunday Joke. Do you knw who the sunday leader is? Ranil ponna Wickramasinghe that should have been shot long time ago.

  63. Although racism exists in Sri Lanka, it exists everywhere where Majority rule!!!! That is the reality. But these pro ltters,tamil dispora tries to get the biggest microscope they can and blame everything on racism, humaan rights, blah blah blah...while taking a crap in the restroom because they ate too much Indian spice (even though they claim they were born in sri lanka and is Sri lankan) LMAO!

  64. Some great surprises to come within the next 31/2 weeks folks! You will see tamil LTTE and tamil dispora running back to india.

  65. Parakrama

    Mate, first of all let me clarify that I did not mean to carelessly dismiss the lives your “couple of uncles” who have sacrificed their lives to upkeep the sovereignty and dignity of Motherlanka. Each and every SLDF man/woman who paid to supreme price in that way for Motherlanka, and yes including those who are still living today but living a life of disabled as they got maimed for life in battle, in my view deserves limitless praise and admiration and support forever.

    What I was trying to convey was that given the hundreds upon thousands who have died since historical times (to save our Motherlanka), we cannot mention the lives of a couple and demand that we fight a “squeaky clean war” as if that is what we adopt as a policy, then in my view we will miserably fail in defeating the enemy, the LTTE terrorists.


    Because the LTTE, branded today as one of most horrific terrorists groups internationally, fight one of the “bloodiest and dirtiest wars” (not a war really, it is an uncontrolled carnage!) and they resort to all the dirty tricks in the book including coercing and/or heavy bribing of the media (not just in SL, but all over the planet) to toe their line as they know swaying public opinion is of vital importance, and especially so in SL. The strategy in bribing/coercing the media to toe their line – basically churning out virulently anti-GOSL false propaganda - so that the public opinion goes against the GOSL they know is truly an effective one that is bound to pay handsome dividends. When the public opinion is swayed against the GOSL (with false propaganda), they ensure lack of public support for the military campaign, which in turn will result in recruitment to SLDF drying up. This, indeed, is a great achievement and this is why they leave no stone unturned in trying to achieve it.

    A complaint that I have heard from many frontline troops and even from the SL police is …that while the LTTE is into a dirty war, the GOSL often demands them to fight “with one hand tied behind back!” (i.e. a squeaky clean war), and that gives the enemy a huge tactical advantage, especially in the urban-guerilla warfare. I understand that this has somewhat now changed and that’s how we have been able to bust so many of the LTTE cells in the south, the cells that were getting ready for mass death and destruction! Anyway, a case in point - Remember it was not the execution of a “squeaky clean war” that defeated the JVP when it waged a terrorist campaign years ago.

    So, while I don’t know the innocence or the lack of innocence of your “uncle Tissa,” the Tamil family friend, judging by what you have said (i.e. that he is well known for publishing pro-LTTE propaganda), in my view detaining him for thorough scrutiny is not out of the ordinary – in this context, for the rationale I just articulated. After all, he’s not just any “Tamil” that is being detained, but a LTTE supporting writer, living securely in Colombo with his family, after having enjoyed all what Sri Lanka has provided him (without discrimination, free education, free medicare, etc. etc.) (as you said yourself).

    The fact is today we still have hundreds of LTTE moles in the “south” and they are acting in various capacities to further the LTTE’s cause and it is up to the security establishment in the country to flush out this silent “fifth column” parasites and if the way to do that is “unconventionally,” then so be it (as the end justifies the means to me). Spot checks, blitz checks, dawn checks, hooded-ID’ing (“gonibilla” parades), longer detention under PTA act, blitz or sustained electronic surveillance, etc. etc. are all needed methodologies under a comprehensive anti-terrorist “unconventional” campaign in my opinion – if we are to ever beat these filthy terrorists at their game.

    As for your lecture about “not alienating innocent Tamils,” I will not dignify it with a a response as you are basically prattling to me what I strongly believe in (as evidenced even by my earlier post to this “shyam” LTTE rascal in this very thread).

    As for using the term “Sinhela” instead of “Sri Lankan,” yes, I am cognizant of the significance and you would never see in my posts any confusion there of. The reason why it is “Sinhela” in that context is because first of all, Tamils did not join Sinhelas in warding off the Dravida/Chola invasions (ironically, most SL Tamils can trace their ancestry to the invaders!) and even later during the European invasions, there is no evidence that they joined the Sinhelas in armed-resisting of the “whitey-illegals” (thank you, Bob Marley!). As for the Burghers, they are either direct or mixed descendants of the Europeans, so once again, their joining the Sinhelas to resist the whitey-illegals is not relevant. Admittedly, in the modern SLDF you get all these ethnicities fighting the LTTE alongside the majority Sinhelas, but if you see my post, I was talking in historical and not contemporary context.

    I know some misguidedly think it is “politically incorrect” to use the term “Sinhela” anywhere and it should always be “Sri Lankan,” but that will never be the case with me (and I just gave a good reason why it is so).

    However, yes, today we are all “Sri Lankans” who are fighting this war against the LTTE murderers and we need to stay above ethnicities in today’s context.

    OaO Asithri

  66. Para and Asithri,

    Nice discourse.

    As I see it, we should put a lot of resources into developing human intelligence (HUMINT). Then there is no need for unconventional warfare and human rights violations. This way, the Tamils will not be terrorized, and the innocents will not get hurt, and we can weed out the terrorists at will.

  67. "
    As I see it, we should put a lot of resources into developing human intelligence (HUMINT). Then there is no need for unconventional warfare and human rights violations. This way, the Tamils will not be terrorized, and the innocents will not get hurt, and we can weed out the terrorists at will."

    But to do this, we need the support of the Tamil people. This can't be done if our human rights record is tainted. So it is bit of a chicken-egg situation, but still, we should try to make some headway by reducing HR issues, and improving HUMINT.

  68. For instance uncle "Tissa" got his ass checked because we lacked HUMINT.

  69. Parakrama,

    If TID finds that Tissanagayam is an LTTE operative, then you will know that he duped you all.

    You think that others have the same Buddhist mind set as you do…..

    Sadly there are idiots who thrives in death and treachery. JVP idiots killed their own because a dumb imbecile named Marx duped them with the marvels of the Central Planning. And this ghoul of a VP is thriving on a cancer created by the Brit colonials.

    You cant teach a ratltte snake to not to byte. You got to crush it.

  70. According to "The Hindu", 71 terrorists became Mahaweer just on Friday.

  71. tamilnet (the funny one) says that SLA moved
    weapons, explosives to Northern FDLs including heavy weopons from KKS

    is that true

  72. Hema, here is a subset of what you just noted:

    Associated Press, Sat March 29, 2008 06:34 EDT . Associated Press - COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - (AP) Government soldiers destroyed two Tamil Tiger rebel bunkers along the front lines in northern Sri Lanka - Saturday after a battle that killed 10 rebels, the military said. In a pre-dawn attack army troops pushed across the front lines and captured a 700-meter-wide (765-yard-wide) strip of rebel territory near Adampan village in the northern district of Mannar, said Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara, the military spokesman. He said soldiers destroyed two rebel bunkers and killed 10 rebels. Soldiers did not suffer casualties, he said.

    What a perfect jamboree!

    1. pre-dawn attack (element of surprise likely was there)!

    2. Killed 10 maggots/day just like the doctor ordered!

    3. Zippo/Zero SLA casualties!

    What a lovely combination!

    :)) :)) :))

    OaO Asithri

  73. Not much direct publicity is given to them these days, but I am told our DPU/LRRP dudes are doing a marvelous job...really marvelous I hear.

    Some great cherry pickings...and bountiful harvesting awaits I hear!

    Got to love it!

    OaO Asithri

  74. MathM-

    [And this ghoul of a VP is thriving on a cancer created by the Brit colonials.]

    Now ain’t that the truth!

    As such, this cancer needs to be laser-precision treated to kill the tumor proper and then the following chemotherapy must be diligently applied to ensure that not a single cancerous cell survives!

    OaO Asithri

  75. Looks like the bottom is falling off Iraq again. The British were previously driven off the streets of Southern Iraq and basically confined to base. Now it seems that their surrogates are unable to control the situation any longer. This war will end very badly for the U.S. and UK. When these countries are pre-occupied with Iraq, they seem to have less time to forcus on human rights issues in other parts of the world.

    Some lessons for the rest of the world from this situation (1) Never create militias because they have their own agendas (2)a national army under the control of a soverign government is essential for national defence (3) paying off trouble makers (the Americans paid Sunni militias not to fight them) is only a temporary solution

  76. If a SL film producer is held in Tamil Nadu,untill he is compensated and his film is devoloped,SL government and people should boycott films produced in TN and even ban the films.

  77. In WW2, in the Italian campaign, the British took a dead body, dressed it up in uniform, planted some false papers, and put it in a place where the Germans would discover it. The Germans took the bait.

    Propaganda is important in all wars, including the war aginst the LTTE. Propaganda fulfills several purposes. Some of these are:

    (1) To raise the morale of one's own military forces
    (2) To keep popular support for the war going within the general population of the country (military recruitment, patriotic fervor)
    (3) To demoralize the enemy
    (4) To confuse the enemy by planting false stories (double agents and false stories about military plans)
    (5) To demonize the enemy in the eyes of the international community and to gain the support of the international community for one's own cause

    I think the Govt of SL has done a decent job as far as domestic propaganda. I read in one of Iqbal Aththasa's columns, that the LTTE communications had indicated that some of the DPUs or LRRPs (I can't remember which) were dressed exactly like their cadres. Therefore, I think we are confusing them in some situations.
    What seems to be lacking is propaganda for international consumption. Just like the Israelis, every suicide bombing needs to be highlighted. The west needs to understand that the war against the LTTE is part and parcel of Western world's own Global War on Terrorism. It is the fight of a democratic state agianst an brutal terrorist organization, and that it has
    nothing to do with federalism, minority rights, self-determination, etc, etc.

  78. Thambala

    It was Tata Corp that is negoatiating to purchase the Land Rover and Jag div's of Ford. The Tatas are not from T'nadu.

  79. Asithri

    What's a good way to contact you bro?

    We've got good things cooki' and would like you to play a part. i'm in the ol' Mid-west, same time zone.

  80. casc

    you seem to be interested in the big picture, which is always nice.

    Think abt this; ten yrs ago the US was a goliath, incomparably powerful, yet with a well known acheles hee; public opinion. The world, including the EU feared the giant who (during Clinton times) only raised a fist, but never raelly engaged in protracted fighting. By keeping its distance, it refrained from getting hurt; and the image remained big, powerful and scary.
    There was a need to get the giant to get down, dirty and lose some of its scariness.
    So the Brits and others saw opportunity when a 'sooo smart' somebody got in the driving seat. Hung over and spoiling for a grudge fight, immersed in bibilical prophesies, this was a cherry they couldn't resist popping.
    fast forward to today.
    The giant is still big. But its aura of invincibility is gone. It's Achiles heel is acheing and demanding relief. The giant is starting to look quite manageable.

    That is how Balance of Power works.

  81. TropicalStorm

    Thanks bro. You make a very interesting point too.

    Perception defines reality to a large extent. Just like the example you point out, the invincibility of the LTTE is also a myth. The LTTE has created a myth about itself (Black Tigers, Sea Tigers, etc) which are supposed to give us the shivers. This served them very well for many years. We now know that the reality is quite different.

    I was in India during the aftermath of the Kargil conflict. Going by what was on Indian TV and in the Indian newspapers, one would have thought that the Indian army had soundly beaten the Pakistani Army. Medals were being bestowed on brave military personnel. Generals came on TV to narrate various heroic battles. Several movies were made on the war starring famous Indian actors. We know now that most of what was said is complete fiction. The Indian army was caught off guard by the Pakistani infiltration. They could not dislodge the Pakistani army from their entrenched positions. The generals in charge were utterly incompetent. Ultimately, some mutual nuclear blackmail, and western pressure compelled the Pakistani army to retreat back to their original positions.

    I think the great powers of the world are very good at the art of propaganda. We all witnessed how the Iraq war started (Saddam Hussein, genocide, weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical weapons,etc, etc) Even the LTTE, for a terrorist organization, has a very successful propaganda machine. They have their own TV and Radio programs in Europe. All of this must be countered by a propaganda campaign by the GOSL.

  82. It's quite evident that SLA is attacking these LTTE thugs without mercy. What a superb contribution from an army of a small country to the Global War on Terror(GWOT). As an American I am very proud of the immense contribution by the jolly old country to GWOT. I am going to be in DC visitng Congressman Bill Young's office next week. I will certainly mention to the Congressman's staff in passing that small countries like Sri Lanka fighting in the frontlines of the GWOT need to be supported by America one hundred ten percent.


  83. Shay, Thanx mate.! Nice video. I have seen glimpse here are there but not a complete shot.
    For all the patriots, have anice weekend!

  84. Worrying development! Viral outbreak amongst troops in the northern was zone:

  85. Interesting Article in Divaina !

    Mannar fight escalate while final battel to save Parabha!

    Cant government take an action against Mano Ganeshan regarding his shitty work? Seems to me its supporting for Terrorists and plotting against government!

  86. Guys,

    Does any of you know how V. Prabhakaran became Paripaharan, and the story behind it? Paripaharan suits him better, sounds like "paharaya".

  87. Rover,
    me also have the same feeling. Different people call him different names (except MF, B**sted, ..) Some call him 'pirapharan', 'prabhakaran', 'pirubhaharan'..
    I think/see some times Tamil language has commonly exchange some English letters when its written in English.
    ex. k = h, b = p
    I think that would be the reason? (Just a thought)

  88. summary-
    "Theruwan saranai" to ALL our troops.

  89. Calvin, Thanks.

    I think it is got to be the meaning. What does Paripaharan mean? Does it mean sun god? Because I have seen this associated with him! Sun God indeed! More like a pitcher of oil.

  90. 5 LTTE commado units are landed in BATICALOA earlier last night with modern weponary....In 5 boards...let's watch what will happen in East coming days weeks any idea?

  91. "5 LTTE commado units are landed in BATICALOA earlier last night with modern weponary"

    Huh??? There's no such thing as 'LTTE commando units'. Are you joking or what? Is this something like LTTE aircraft carrier, its F16 and Kfir squadrons?

    They wouldn't land in Batticaloa even if they wanted to come to the east, they'd pick a more lonely spot... Batti is a huge town, for goodness sake, and they'll be blown to pieces as soon as they get on the ground won't they? (That is, assuming they manage to escape from all the navy patrols)

  92. Another air strike has been carried out today in Mullaithivu:

  93. Heavy Fighting Kills 71 Rebels In Sri Lanka


  94. Forces chiefs tell President war will continue till end 2009

    The President was informed on Friday by the security forces top brass that the security forces would take at least till end 2009 to defeat the LTTE.

    This message was given to the President by the security forces top brass when the ground commanders in the north were summoned for a meeting with the President on Friday to review the progress made by the security forces in the north.

    The Sunday Leader learns that the President had inquired from the security forces top brass why the earlier deadlines set by the security forces could not be met.

    It is learnt that Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka has said that 1,500 elite troops were now being trained and it would take time to deploy them and added that there was also fierce resistance by the LTTE.

    The army commander had earlier gone on public record stating that 3,000 Tigers would be killed before August and the LTTE eliminated before his term ended.

    Since that announcement, security forces according to Defence Ministry statistics have killed over 2,500 Tigers and is expected to achieve their targets by mid April.

    Meanwhile, defence analysts queried why it would take another one and a half years to eliminate the LTTE if only 500 more Tiger cadres are left to be eliminated.

    Head of the Media Centre for National Security, Lakshman Hulugalle told The Sunday Leader that he could not make any comments on the meeting between the President and the forces chiefs as notes were not taken of such security council meetings.

  95. crimewatch,
    Your right mate.I am sure the reporter of this article is a "close condidante" of the senior defense staff.Anyway every single day is going to be fun..we have waited 30 yrs so what is 2 ?..its nothing.

  96. Hi DefenceNet,

    After reading some articles published in local newspapers, there is a possibility that the attack to the Navy craft was by an underground LTTE suicide vessel. Let’s assume this is true.

    I guess there is a eminent danger to Colombo/Trico harbor. Also for ships, which transport 700-800 soldiers to battle front. There was such attempt to sink ships near Colombo Harbor, but fortunate for weather and sea conditions, we were safe. Otherwise we cannot imagine the disaster.

    Few years ago, I saw lots of news articles indicating identified planes at LTTE controlled areas. Later these planes came to south. After bad things happened, we quickly import technology to counter that spending millions of dollars (new radars, Mig 29/F7 etc.). Now we are waiting some terrible thing happen, and after that we will seek countermeasures. This is our policy.

    My simple question.
    Do we have enough technology to overcome this treat? Do our military officials seriously consider this novel threat?.

  97. correction to previous post

    After reading some articles published in local newspapers, there is a possibility that the attack to the Navy craft was by an undersea LTTE suicide vessel. Let’s assume this is true

  98. Rupasinghe,
    From what i hear 10 battalions have landed.

  99. @ sri lankan

    Orcourse, Owanam monawada ane. just 1.5 years ha

  100. TropicalS-

    [Asithri, What's a good way to contact you bro?]

    I will look into finding a way to contact you (I will not reveal how). Now this being a public domain, naturally I can't give you my personal contact info. (actually, I am bound not to do so by certain law-enforcement authorities who are tracking certain LTTE sympathizers' activities in relation to threats leveled at me...a story for when we personally meet) but certainly I would look into how I can hook up with you guys and contribute my part too for your fine efforts.

    Till then, keep up the good work bro...


    OaO Asithri

  101. "Do we have enough technology to overcome this treat?

    As for technology we cannot reveal more info.

    "Do our military officials seriously consider this novel threat?.""

    Yes this attack has raised some serious concerns.

  102. Saduni,

    I trust you meant to say “Let’s assume this is NOT true”….?

    Anyway, for sure the SLN FAC was NOT sunk by a LTTE suicide boat (although that is what the Tamilnet wants us to believe – for good reason, to keep the weapon used a secret so that SLN will not produce, at least immediately. the counter measure defense. LTTE’s ploy is to keep it a secret as long as possible to try and sink more SLN crafts as possible).

    Notwithstanding the SLN belief (at least initially) that this was a sea mine, now there are also other angles being explored I understand.

    Possible scenarios from my discussions with one SMEs in this area:

    1) It was indeed a sea mine (as SLN believed) and it may have been one from a recently sown job and naturally, LTTE wants to divert attention away from it

    2) It was some kind of underwater human-guided (e.g. underwater scooter type) explosive-laden craft/apparatus (e.g. underwater scooter type)

    3) It was a radar/thermal guided sub-surface skimming torpedo, a high-tech jobbie, and of course LTTE wants not a word about it out just yet. I gather there are such guided HE munitions available and a LTTE “stealth” craft could have crept close to the FAC (undetected by the FAC’s radar) and then released the torpedo (and crept away in the thick darkness.)

    Anyway, this is all speculation at this point (except the fact that it was NOT a LTTE suicide boat) and as DN said, I think it’s best we do not dwell too deeply into this at this stage as SLN is looking into all angles I am sure.

    OaO Asithri

  103. Now we see this very often:

    " Rebel spokesman Rasiah Ilanthirayan did not answer calls seeking comment."

    I seriously think this bastard needs a secretary/assistant of some sort.

    Wonder if OaO Asithri can volunteer?


    OaO Asithri

  104. Hi inocent Srilankan
    you know before dayy before yesterday 5 crafts found by vakarai police abondened in the coast of between bati and vakarai police has confermed LTTE has used the 5 boats to come from vanni and the local residents explained looks that they were LTTE commondos they carry havy wepons with them call +977999 to vakari pilice and get to know

  105. LTTE trying to acquire submarine?

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. DefenceNet ;

    SLN don't have any tech(RADARS) which uses to monitor the underwater but they have installed new in Colombo harbor to monitor the underwater after the LTTE tried to attack the Harbor which is end in a failure in 2006

  108. LTTE trying to acquire submarine?

  109. DefenceNet ;

    SLN don't have any tech(RADARS) which uses to monitor the underwater but they have installed new in Colombo harbor to monitor the underwater after the LTTE tried to attack the Harbor which is end in a failure in 2006

    yes is true but IF LTTE marine move behind with
    some tankers the raders are not able to detect tanker is deeper from water level up to 20 30 meters LTTE's such small marine can move easy

  110. DefenceNet,
    Is this info about LTTE commandos landing in batti/vakari true.??

  111. Rupasinghe,
    Thanks for the info..i did not beileve you at first..any news about the LTTE F-18 fighter squadrons..

  112. 30-03-2008
    SLAF bombed in sivathurai and alampil damages still no idea

  113. LTTE attack on police patrol in trinco thampalegame injured two admited in kanthala hospital

  114. Rupasinghe,
    Did any of these commandos..also bring a few field guns into batti..we are in deep trouble..

  115. When you write place names like Killinochchi and Poornaryn etc., please note that there are old sinhala names for all these places. Thus we have
    Poornaryn PUNRANNA පුන්රන්න
    Killinochchi GIRAANIKKE ගිරානික්ක
    Visvamadu BISAVMADUVA බිසෝමඩුව
    and so on.
    Thosands of such names are given in:

    We invite you to
    check them out and use them in your
    write ups, with the Tamil name or english name in parenthesis: For example:

    BataKotte (Vadukkodei)
    Alimankada (Elephant Pass)
    Muramaale (Muhamalai)
    Mooladoova (Mulliathive)

  116. DefenceNet,
    Is this info about LTTE commandos landing in batti/vakari true.??

  117. When you write place names like Killinochchi and Poornaryn etc., please note that there are old sinhala names for all these places.

    Thus you have your ash?

    this way you insulting other community like tamil muslims in this country this is extreemisamm pl stop your advice this up to them to speak their own language

    you do not have any thing to write ?
    stop insult others in blog:(

  118. bodhi_dhana is right all thos paddis and padde's and thivus used to have sinhala names
    those place names were changed by the ltte to make them look more like there homeland.

  119. Rupasinghe,

    What is Kanthala Hospital? Somewhere where ears are spli/slapped? It should be Kanthale.

    "this way you insulting other community like tamil muslims in this country this is extreemisamm pl stop your advice this up to them to speak their own language"

    Bodhi Dhana touched a nerve eh?

    We now see who you are. Spreading misinformation, and on top of that trying to take the moral high ground.

  120. Senkadagala,

    "those place names were changed by the ltte to make them look more like there homeland."

    Not only that they changed their own names, wanted to make them more Tamilized! Changing Prabhakaran to Paripaharan is just one such move.

  121. LTTE needs to disrupt eastern PC election. Thus any deployemnt of black tigers to baticlow make sense. Hope SLDF being pro-active unlike at AAB.

  122. This place names tamiliziation happened via tamil officials who worked for GSL.

    Some names which were originaly in sinhala they named, documented in tamil way. Some names origialy created ignoring sinhala name.

    For example kanthalei has no meaning in tamil. Its sinhala name ganthalawa explains the geography of land there.

    There are a lot like this. Anyway why one need to be so upset when truth is spoken? If it is not true he can explain that.

  123. what a morel do you have? better you shold go to vanni and ask Fonseka to give AK-LMG , this sounds good, people like writing only not enaugh? you have to go to the front and see the life their how inocent people die you insult them here...this is your moral? try to look around you how people live in peace ... but i do not understand what the hell you do do not want that in your country?

    I'm not in any side I sincere a peace lover
    i do not hate people in diff color or race or religion

  124. Hi DefenceNet (members)

    i have got news that we have got new carpet bombers. is this true?

  125. Rupa,

    "what a morel do you have?"

    I don't have morels (Morel is a type of mushroom, I am not in the mood for shrooms anyway).

    I am talking about morals. And you don't have it. Delete all the misinformation posts above if you have any. That was the argument (and about place names). Not about what is happening on the frontline other crap.

  126. Senkadagala,

    "those place names were changed by the ltte to make them look more like there homeland."

    Not only that they changed their own names, wanted to make them more Tamilized! Changing Prabhakaran to Paripaharan is just one such

    move I would like to say try to read your Mahavamse the holybible yours ( I think you haven't red yet) is tell you the kanny kingdom was in JAffna ? your king parakramabaku all what they did in east they chased the tamil and vedicts from east don't you know your history ?

  127. Pundaeelam,

    Ha ha! nice name!

    There was some discussion on carpet bombs, and I got to know through this forum that Mig29s can be used for such ordinance. But I am not sure we have got any as yet.

  128. Rupa, Rupa,

    Come come now. You quote some of which I wrote as well, so I am obliged to reply.

    "move I would like to say try to read your Mahavamse the holybible yours ( I think you haven't red yet) is tell you the kanny kingdom was in JAffna ? your king parakramabaku all what they did in east they chased the tamil and vedicts from east don't you know your history ?"

    You err so much.
    1. Mahavamse is not a religious document, it is something that outlines our history/culture.
    2. It does not say that Tamils lived in SL before the Sinhalese!
    3. I haven't seen red yet, but will soon see, when the army marches into Kili.

  129. "what a stupids here?"

    Another bull entered the foray.

  130. BTW, Rupasinghe is normally spelled like that and not like Rupasinge. Using a sinhala name, instead of real tamil name, protesting about a post on changing place names from sinhala to tamil; so intersting !

  131. Rover Machan

    when this punda's can call our sri lanka pukalanka i will call them also with kunuharapa :-)

  132. Ninja,

    "Using a sinhala name, instead of real tamil name, protesting about a post on changing place names from sinhala to tamil; so intersting !"

    Yes, they do this all the time. They don't respect their own names. Even the sun goat changed his name. So these buggers are utterly confused and trying to imitate Sinhalese names.

  133. Its all what the sun goat had taught them:

    live through lies and deception.

  134. "When they get ghosted they can march without gun and can come to see prapa after they can go back or settiled in kilinochi, they do not gain the pass from LTTE"

    What the hell are you talking about? Come for English lessons later boy, I am still teaching Rupa.

  135. "Blogger Defence-net said...

    hey hunukarendepa malli"

    Sinhala too, not time, right now.

  136. Rover

    //"what a stupids here?" Another bull entered the foray.//

    Its not a bull another hikmeeya who was out of all the words in tamil, sinhala and english for his handle expect defence-net. But defencenet started using their logo in their posts and avoided the confussion expected.

    They have fake blog too, . But they come here for the real place, In the same way they use SL instead of fake useless e-elaam.

  137. rupasingem,

    Lanka News Papers is a great place for you to show ignorance and stupidity. Please get in to subjects you know a diddlysquat about. Otherwise, you can go home and fly a kite.

    Now, if you really want to discuss something, just do little more research than acting buffoon.

  138. "Ayoh!***frothing at the mouth****** the demila must be wiped out and driven into the sea..hahahahahhaha"

    That is better, you understand a bit now. But not the Tamils, the LTTE.

    "Where is my Ola leaf- ahhh there it is. Let me finish wiping my backside - ok oooh this brown stuff makes good writin material....lets see..."once upon a time there was a Lion and he had the hots for slutty Aryan princess....etc etc.."

    So you are involved in cleaning the poo eh? Then you must be a Sakiliya.

  139. Ninja,

    "They have fake blog too, ."

    See bro, just what I said just now. They only know about "lies and deception".

  140. Red Indians in America, Aboriginies in Australia and Newzealand, etc are less than 10% despite they were the original inhabitants of the island. don't you know?

  141. "Our Sinhalese people although recognize as Buddhist, but their system still base on Believe, which Buddhism totally reject. But our Buddist monks too unable to explain what is neccessary for Mankind & what its nature?
    Mahavansa is a older text definitely it is. If Vijaya from present Bangladesh he should be Mongolian origin, but how our color so changed, it is my question?"

    I really want to help you to understand, but what you say is utterly incomprehensible. Start by asking simple questions.

    You are not adept to write several sentences together, as yet. So please avoid this for the moment.

  142. Rupa,

    "Red Indians in America, Aboriginies in Australia and Newzealand, etc are less than 10% despite they were the original inhabitants of the island. don't you know?"

    So are the wedhas and your point is?

  143. Rover

    Let them bark. (Later DN will delete crappy posts.) It is well proven explaining things to tigers is less producctive than explaining to wall or some thing. Simple advice before you waste time.

  144. Ninja, Thanks. I will follow your advise.

  145. Whoa, what's happening here?

    Looks like two monkeys who ingested opium is running amok here!

    This bugger "Defence-Net" appears he just defecated and in amazement at that simple act, smeared it all over his body! Then suddenly feeling that was a truly moronic act, he switches gears and wants to discuss Buddhist philosophy!!!


    The other bugger "Rupasinge" is no better...he is talking cock like he's about to bite on the cyanide vial!!!

    What a combination! What intellectual geniuses we have behind the "thamileelam" dream!!!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

  146. If you want a serious answer basedon genetics then the answer is the bulk of ancestral DNA of Shinhelist Lankans derives from from present Bangladesh

    However in the course of time Shinhelist Lankans have absorbed vistors from Persia, Greece, Britain, Portugal, Malaysia, African and other places

  147. Baloonist Nearly Shot Down

    One of the long standing problems with execution of the war in Sri Lanka is that many of the successive governments have never put the country on a war footing. The LTTE managed to infiltrate the AAF Base because in the same week a motocross rally was organized in Anuradhapura, and security was relaxed to allow over 50,000 people to witness that event. Then a few weeks ago, another motocross rally was organized in Diyatalawa co-sponsored by the Army OTC. The news item below is about the internationl baloon festival where several baloonist landed next to the Army's Yala Base Camp at the risk of being shot down by the Army. Although a country cannnot be on a permanent state of war footing, it is best to put a stop to the tamashas, especially some of the extravagent Govt sponsored events.

  148. Asithri,

    "What a combination! What intellectual geniuses we have behind the "thamileelam" dream!!!"

    yes! As Thomson or Thompson would have said, "To be precise, Thamil Eelam Wet Dream". ;)

  149. fake defence-net bastard we will clean our lanka, our sri lanka soon from pundes like you!!! we will kill you till the last. im serving in US forces... we are many here... we will go soon to lanka to help our forces. already we have connections with the TEALF (The Eastern Armed Lion Force) i have lot of tamil frends, im not a racist. coz that im calling pundaEelam and not pundatamil

  150. PundaEelam

    again I tell you If we always talk about the ethnic problem then we will not get any solution. Now this is time to make understand each-other by developing our compassion & wisdom, what the Buddha taught us not a Buddhist, but as mankind. We need 2share all good & bad, all defficulties together. I request to the people dont make abuse 2the Buddha when some people make wrong way & they introduce themselves as Buddhist. There is no permanent soul as Buddhist, but those who follow the teaching of the Buddha, he could definitely recognize as Real BUddhist as well. Make matual understanding, forget proud of Race, ethnically at one's we all

  151. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I was always curious about this

  152. Pundaeelam,


    "when this punda's can call our sri lanka pukalanka i will call them also with kunuharapa :-)"

    Actually Pukkalanka is a good guy. You should just separate the two words. Pukka Lanka, and Pukka means "genuine".

  153. rupasighne

    I have read the Mahavamsa, and I don't need to point anything out cos good rover already did.
    anyways man I dpon't think that parakramabahu was that good, for one reason, that is that he killed a lot of sinhala prnces in ruhuna cos he cos he thought that they would rebel, and destroyed a chance of having another strong leader to succeed. and there were no tamils living in sri lanka, except for traders and mercenaries. so shut the fuck up you sakkili hutha and suck my dick

  154. defence net (the fake bastard) hell I've seen people who lived here since they were born but if they were met by some NF shit they would not treat him like a British citizen but as a brown punching bag. And most of those people came to england cos there countries were ravaged and burned down and turned them into shit holes just like they done to us, but tamils in hillcountry were brought as slaves by british, the fucking british should be blamed for this, not the sinhalese or the tamils.

  155. Thanks Defence-net
    Good point about the estate Indians. They have contributed reatly to Sri lanka yet have been unjustly maligned by the Sinhalese and unfairly treated.

  156. pudeeelam man I felt the same bout pukkalanka at first, thought he was traitorous shit but then he pointed out the meaning

  157. Pundaelam wat you mean by
    "im serving in US forces"

  158. "And thinking of the plantation Tamils, any one who has lived in England for more than 150 years is regarded as well and truly English. These poor people are sill regarded as Indian"

    Obviously you don't know what is going on in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Estate workers were given Sri Lankan citizenship, and they have suffrage, and have their own political leaders.

    Going by your previous posts (this goes to Rupa as well), anyone with an iota of imagination would see what your level of knowledge is.

    Second point is you denigrate India as well. We Sri Lankans don't consider Indians to be inferior to us. So when the Estate workers did not have citizenship, it was ok to call them Indians (there were no political or cultural connotations whatsoever).

  159. They were given citizenship, suffrage ect. despite the vily British using those good Tamils like slaves and dumping them on us.

    Figure out for yourself who is good and who is bad.

  160. You gullibles,

    the fishermen saga turns out that your army shot the fleeing fishermen haha.

    here read

    tsk tsk what was gloating about? haha same with everyother security reports.

  161. PundaEelam is joking about US army coming to SL

    HA !

  162. Pro LTTE Defence-net said...

    hi Rupa you know the original inhabitants of the island were an aboriginal people know as the "yakka" in shinhele vedas in tamils
    their descendants are still in evidence in the northern jungle region and are referrd to as the "veddah"
    2500 years ago settlers from south india arrived and they and their descendants intermarried with the original settlers
    these people are the "tamils"



  163. Guys

    Human Geography is a continuous process. It is not a one time event, and that is why there are no pure races on earth.
    The estate Tamils are a tragedy. Disowned by India and unwanted in Sri Lanka, these folks have always deserved a better place in society, even though some of them have a body odor that makes cohabitation within proximity an excruciating misery.
    This present conflict will end only when it fades from the memories of people. And that will happen only with the next generation. That is why it is very important to finish it within ours.

  164. Defencenet, Guys,

    Let me break my self-imposed long silence by dropping a few lines for my dear patriotic guys.

    I just got back from holiday that span three weeks. I was in Sri Lanka for a few days and lucky to be at the BIA today for a special reason: I witnessed the rise of three fighter jets that bombed Mulathive today; the sound was deafaning and I thought a perpetual thunder had set in. I blessed the brave pilots for the success of their mission, as did most of my fellow passengers.

    I will make my usual contributions from now on.

  165. Calvin

    Your tamil to english connection is correct.
    My Tamil Canadaian friends pronounce Honda Accord as "Kondaicord"..

  166. Rupa and Fake Def-Net,

    Your interpretation of the genetic relationships of the Sinhala people is untrue. What you are saying is based on hearsay.

    No race in the world has reached reciprocal monophyly as yet. The statistical support for the clades representing the ethnicities, are quite low. This is due to extensive gene flow between the races. So we can, so far, only make superficial inferences on the relationships between races based on unresolved phylogenetic trees.

    Furthermore, as I said before, you have already spread misinformation (see the very first posts of Rupa), you have impersonated others (Rupa faking to be a Sinhalese, and Def-net trying to impersonate this site's administrators), and why should anyone believe what you have to say?

    Get a life men. You have not succeeded in getting the Ealam for the past 30 years, because it is a fake struggle, a struggle based on lies and deception. At minuscule amount of chance of winning the struggle had, earlier on, was extinguished by the works of the misguided megalomaniac Praba, who only believed in violence.

  167. Sorry, Ninja, I am really done with them now.

  168. Why does Rupasinghe (or Rupasingham) claim that using the original Sinhala names is an offence to the Tamils? In that case using the tamil name is an offence to the Siinhalese. THESE ARE AFTER ALL, THE ORIGINAL NAMES. Even in Dutch times, Vaddukkodei was called Batakotte as seen in Dutch maps; and Kanthalai was called Ganthale (while Ganthalaava was another, nearby place). Muttur was caled MOODUTHARA ( also Modara).
    In French London is called Londre, and you write it like that when writing french. So why shouldn't we use the name Vaddukkodei when writing in tamil, and Batakotte when writing in Sinhala. If you are a sinhalese it is natural to write Batakotte English, while a tamil would write Vaddukoddei. But the Tamil form has NO meaning. Simlarly, we should refer to Giranikke as Killinochchi if we are writing in Tamil. But if you are a sinhalese, and if you are writing in English, it is natural to use the name "Giranikke' (Nika is a tree, like in Nikavaeraitya). The ancient Lumbini Vihara (1century BCE) was in Giranikke.

    The Tamils must repsect the history of the Sinhalese if they want the Sinhalese to respect the history of the Tamils. So I cannot why Rupasinghe is so bigoted as to not to respect the historical name of these places.

  169. Bodhi_Dhana,

    "Why does Rupasinghe (or Rupasingham) claim that using the original Sinhala names is an offence to the Tamils?"

    Don't worry buddy, many of us are backing you up to the hilt. You are absolutely right, we want to know about the history of our land.Carry on your good work regardless.

  170. The 2009 target seems logical.

    According to figures 2,700 LTTE cadres perished for the first 3 months of 2008. That is 900 a month. As per DW's estimates there were 23,000 tigers at the start of 2008. Now it should be down to 20,300. At the going rate it takes another 22.5 months to finish them off. That means February-2010. But when their numbers fall to a few, they cannot carryon as now and will die at a faster rate.

    However the above assumes equal desertions as new recruitments and a constant killing rate.

    This needs to be expedited. Not by speeding up the SLA but by giving SLAF targets. 20 a day for the SLAF alone is a reasonable target with night vision capabilities.

    It still cannot end the war within 2008 but like srilankan said we wasted 36 years (LTTE was formed in 1972 with the resolution to kill, kill and kill) and another 2 years is OK.

    20 million sri lankans have 19 million philosophies on how to bring "peace". but there is only ONE tried and tested method complimented by a matching political solution.


  171. What was the SLAF bombers were doing when LTTE was building those trenches? Why did they not bomb these MF off?

    Can you check info about LTTE commandos landing in batti/vakari true.??

    We got to keep a eye because Tigers have not done anything spectacular recently to keep the dispora happy and pumping bucks.

  172. Lightening kills three, injures 63

    At least three soldiers attached to the Katukeliya Army Camp in Polonnaruwa were killed and a further 63 were injured when lightning struck them this evening, the Polonnaruwa police said. report

  173. Sri Lanka Air Force targets secret rendezvous place of LTTE leaders
    Wednesday, April 2, 2008, 11:43 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 02, Colombo: Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets raided a secret rendezvous place of LTTE leaders located west of Visvamdhu tank in Kilinochchi, this morning.

    According to Air Force sources, the fighter pilots have confirmed the target was accurately hit. However, they said that it is too early to assess the damage to the Tigers by the raid.

    Meanwhile, defence intelligence sources said that the target is of high value, as its whereabouts was only known to those in the inner circles of the LTTE chief. The sources said that the target consists of a rendezvous place and a secret passage frequently used by the LTTE leaders including Prabhakaran himself.

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