Monday, March 3, 2008

History being repeated

On the 23rd of February, another civilian bloodbath was averted when an alert passenger and the crew detected another parcel bomb planted inside a private bus. Although the swift action by the civilians saved many lives, the police teams investigating the incident have so far failed to track the culprits behind the bombing.

It is a well known fact that LTTE cells in south operate in utmost secrecy and to uncover details about their activities is not always easy. However the question to be raised is, do we have the best on the job? As far as we see it the answer is no. Some of the senior police officials in charge of security of Mount Lavinia have a shadowy past. Several previous internal investigations had revealed startling details about these police high rankers; some even had connections with the leaders of several underworld gangs. It is a proven fact that LTTE gets the help of such gangs to smuggle in explosives to Colombo. The situation was entirely different when officers like Nilabdeen were in charge. He had a robust intelligence network that covered the entire city. However the current situation is the complete opposite; with police officers connected to criminal rings in charge of security , we can only have little hope of limiting LTTE activities in Mt. Lavinia.

Meanwhile proceedings of a key road block in Batticaloa area has been threatened by political influence of the brother of a senior parliamentarian. The aforementioned person, who is also one of the leading suppliers of rice in the country, is pressuring the security forces personnel on duty to spare his supply lorries of rigorous checking at the road block. Although LTTE bases in the eastern province have fallen, a large number of cadres from their intelligence wing are still at large disguised as civilians, displaced personnel etc. Due to this reason, Batticaloa check point plays a key role in national security. If the LTTE agents in the eastern province manage to exploit the situation to smuggle in an explosive laden lorry into the south, it will most likely not be the politicians who will pay the price.


  1. damn why do we let some politico get in the way of national security like this..
    the snr politicos should rein in their dogs and let the soldiers do their duty.. cos when things go wrong the first to take the hit is soldiers in the ground an not some bloody rice mudalali in colombo who still has to depend on the same soldiers to safeguard them...
    bloody retards

  2. Guys you can Complain Here.

    Secretary of Defence, Public Security‎

    Name Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse


    Work phone 0094 11 243 5879

    Fax 0094 11 254 1529

  3. No doubt the guy must be Dudly Sirisena the brother of Maithripala Sirisena and he is one of the dirtiest buggers i have known.

  4. This article is spot on. We have shameless people in the high ranking positions who are aiding the terrorists and unless we clean our own yard, we will fight terrorism for a long time and we will lose still many leaders. We must train our security forces to question and challenge it’s own ranks nessary,if in the slightest doubt. he should be trained and encouraged to challenge it own high rankers at a road block. We experienced this in Kandy where the plainclothes officers were too scared to challenge the high ranker who was very suspicious and we were told by these two fellows to telephone the DIG’s office to get help. It is a bizarre situation, that is being surly exploited by the terrorists.


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