Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tigers shell Thirukkeatheesvaram : Mannar

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) directed a heavy artillery barrage at SLA controlled Thirukkeatheesvaram in Mannar. Thirukkeatheesvaram is inside the High Security Zone declared by the army. However DefenceNet learns that reports by pro LTTE media which claimed the Forward Defence Lines in this region being broken were inaccurate. Also, there were no ground clashes in the area despite the artillery duels. Thirukkeatheesvaram is located near SLA's Thalladi army base which the tigers targeted in a previous shelling.

Fighting however was reported in areas north of Pallekuli yesterday morning. At least 6 LTTE cadres were reported to be killed in the incident. 4 SLA soldiers too were injured. Two LTTE bunkers were overrun during fighting.

Meanwhile an SLA soldier was killed in a roadside claymore mine explosion in Ka'limoaddai, Mannar.


  1. We are getting MIG 29SMs For the Navy???... can you guys believe this?? or is it somekinda mistake??

  2. ruslan,
    It's an error. Those are for the Air Force, not for the navy

  3. Thanks Defencenet for clear things up!!

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  5. Russia has been negotiating with Sri Lanka for the supply of MiG-29 fighter jets - Original News

  6. And in that AsianTribune article it says:

    "The five jet aircraft will “broaden the capabilities of the Sri Lanka navy military aircraft park that now consists of four modernized MiG-27. The deal has been estimated at $US75 million.” The website further said."

    Mig27 are operated by SLAF 5th Jet Squadron, not by SLN.

    Appreciate your effort. Thanks.

  7. DN,

    What is preventing the SLDF from neutralising the LTTE artillery positions? I assume it is fairly straight forward to pin-point these positions (correct me if I am wrong).

    How feasible is it to disable LTTE artillery fire power by aerial bombardment and/or some sort of advanced return fire targeting these positions?

    If I don’t get a chance to write here again before the weekend, HAPPY EASTER to all!

  8. pukkalanka,
    I am no military man.It appears that we dont have enough bombs or dont want to use the bombs we have to neutralize artillary unless under exceptional circumstances.this is because these bombs are not cheap and the money used for these can be better spent and the bombs used for more productive purposes such as to bomb large gatherings of LTTE cadres/sea tiger boat yards etc based on good intelligence.From a military perspective the best use of those bombs will be to bomb large LTTE troop concentrations..which may sound illogical because artillary guns can do much more damage to we are trying to save as many lives of these brave soldiers as possible.the thinking seems to be that if you kill cadres then there wont be enough LTTE cadres to spread around..ignoring the 80 yr old battalions.I think someone is thinking that as more land is gradually captured these guns will get trapped.However in the meantime these guns are also useless if they dont have shells to fire..see recent SLAF bombing of ammo dumps.. looks like the idea which is great.However this is only my opinion need DefenceNet expertise to confirm.

  9. Srilankan,

    Thanks for your comments. Yes lets see what DN says about this.

  10. tru srilankan, also ltte artillery dont hang around the same place for too long anyway.

  11. mboi,
    Thanks for your comment.This artillery cnnot be taken out by SLAF because of various restraints.human rights,lack of proper equipment and bombs etc.The best way to do this is by infantry advance..which is what the army seems to be doing.

  12. We hear Gen janka Perera wants to join politics and I would advise him to join a leader like MR,who has given forces the opportunity and freedom to deal with this nagging terrorist problem.

  13. kevin;

    All the patriots have to fight in near future not with LTTE have to fight with ur own Gov for ur freedom....

  14. Please see the item on the BBC website.

    EU attacks Sri Lanka over rights

    Here is an excerpt.

    “The rebels have fought since 1983 to create an independent homeland for the island's minority ethnic Tamils after decades of being marginalized by governments controlled by the majority Sinhalese.”

    This type of reporting is irresponsible as well as untrue. If this is the case how is it possible that about 80% of all Tamil population still live among majority Sinhalese? This type of reporting creates yet more hatred in the minds of people who are ignorant of the real history of Pukkaland.

    The political systems in post independence Ceylon (and then Sri Lanka) have far from being perfect – like most other countries in the region.

    However, statements like this make it look like the system institutionally discriminated against the Tamil people over a long period. This is totally untrue and I reject it with vehemence. There has never been institutional discrimination against any race or religion in our Pukkaland, ever. It makes it sound like the apartheid system in South Africa from 1948 to the early 1990s that separated the different peoples living there and gave privileges to those of European origin. I wonder how many Tamil people living in the majority Sinhala areas actually agree with baseless statements like this the BBC has published.

    It is true that groups who harbour extreme racial or religious views have agitated violence and other acts of unpleasantness from time to time against communities or people groups – occasionally with the apparent “blessing” of the local politicians. This cannot be taken as “decades of being marginalised”.

    In the late fifties early sixties, when our ex-white rulers’ senior positions were being filled by Ceylonese people, qualified persons were chosen from academic institutions and sent abroad (mostly the UK) to be trained. A close relative of mine was one of four who were sent abroad. He was the only Sinhalese person of the four; the other three were Tamils. Though a minority, the Tamil people worked hard and earned their way to senior positions in various fields. They were not discriminated against any more than any other race was to be. The percentages speak for themselves. If any, it was the Sinhalese who were let down; again the percentages speak for themselves.

    Regardless of one’s ethnicity, or indeed qualifications for a job, if one does not have a letter from their local MP (or some other politician) it is difficult to get the job. This is more to do with corruption than discrimination and it happens across the board, it is not directed at any individual race.

    Even if Sri Lanka practiced apartheid against the Tamil people, dividing the country is NOT a solution. South Africa is huge compared to our tiny Pukkaland, even they did not think it prudent to divide the country – a black South Africa and a White South Africa! It would have been ridiculous even to think of such a disastrous solution. Mandela, et al tried the violent way but soon realised it was counterproductive. Finally they resolved the matter in a civilised way (forgiveness and reconciliation) within a legitimate framework and happily co-exist under one nation to this day.

    We do not have an apartheid type problem, we never did. This violent armed struggle by the LTTE was never warranted. It could only be described as a whim of an individual who had a personal vendetta against the Sinhala race.

    I rest my case.

  15. Sri Lanka Says 37 Killed in Clashes

  16. Sri Lanka in an ongoing campaign of terrorising the Tamil population abducts civilians in white vans. These white vans do not have licence plates and they have darkened windows so that one cannot see the passengers inside. Men and women are being snatched from their homes, sometimes after dark, sometimes in broad daylight. Ransom is demanded in some cases. In others, political intimidation seems to be the point. A few have been freed, but corpses have also turned up.

    It is believed that these white vans are operated in Northern Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan Army. White van abductions that take place in Eastern Sri Lanka and the capital Colombo are believed to be operated by the Karuna group with the assistance of the Sri Lankan Army.

    The Northern, Eastern provinces and the capital are heavily controlled security zones. There are multiple check points and numerous armed personal of the Sri Lankan security forces. It would be nearly impossible for these white van terror squads to operate without the collusion of the Sri Lankan security forces.

    The number of people abducted is not known. There are many cases which are unreported to the authorities because the authorities are believed to be behind the abductions.

    The International Committee of the Red Cross says it has received more than 350 reports so far this year of people who have disappeared. The Sri Lankan National Human Rights Commission logged 419 such complaints between from last December to September. A private advocacy group, Home for Human Rights, has documented 203 cases of missing people in the first nine months of this year, using newspaper clippings and other reports. It lists another 965 victims of extrajudicial killings, some of whom may also have been abducted.

    There have been at least 38 abductions in Colombo and nearby areas this year. Of these cases, 12 murders have been confirmed.

    The arrest of Poobalapillai Kantharajah in late September has implicated the pro-government paramilitaries in the abductions. Kantharajah was detained by the Kotahena police in Colombo as he tried to collect ransom money from the son of kidnapped businessman Sathasivam Kumarasamy. He confessed to being a member of the “Karuna group,” a LTTE breakaway outfit that now collaborates with the army against the LTTE. A spokesman for the Karuna group also admitted that Kantharajah was one of their members.

    The police later raided a safe house in a residential area of Thalangama, on the outskirts of Colombo, where Kantharajah had kept his victims. According to the Sunday Leader, several residents complained to local police about suspicious activities at the house. But they had been told that no one should worry as those in the house were members of Karuna group.

  17. Defencenet,

    How far are we from Madu and Adampan town? Two weeks back they said one brigade is 800m from the town center. Then there was reports that the closes troops to Madu was 1.8 KM and then in a weekly defence column it was mentioned 5 KM (if my memory serves right). What is really happening?

  18. pukkalanka, the international community is finally realizing the suffering of thamil people in sri lanka, the GOSL's method of ethnically cleansing thamil people in the north and east at the hands of the majority singhalese. Daily air raids, kidnappings, random arrests, killings in broad daylight and rapes, the truth is finally coming out about your govt.

  19. I read some where that the SLAF uses a locally built 250 Kg bomb.
    Does anyone know anything about this ?

  20. pukkalanka,

    This is my first post here. I have read this blog for quite some time but now I want to respond to your comments on that bbc web article. Just to be clear, I am not from your country but an interested party. My native language is English.

    Forget most of what you read in the western press. It is mainly written as short as possible for a public which would have a difficult time locating your country on a global map. The attention span of the typical western reader is extremely short when it comes to topics for which he has little interest. Articles such as the one you found at the bbc web site are short and simplified for that western reader. Such articles never expound on the complicated issues facing your country. The article merely parroted the criticism that was in the EU commission report and sprinkled in a one sentence statement regarding the nature of the conflict.

    Do not feel slighted by that news article or consider that it was unjust towards Sri Lanka. It was written for that western reader.

  21. Out sider,

    exactly.. BBC crap for westerners. thats exactly our problem is. becouse in short, they will learn only the lies.

  22. Today is the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war. The population of Iraq and Sri lanka are roughly the same. The number of US soldiers stationed in Iraq is roughly the size of the Sri Lankan Army. Apart from these facts there are no other similarities. There are some interesting statistics with regard to US military recruitment.
    Military recruitment in the US and Sri Lanka to a ceratin extent reflect popular support for the war.

    In 2003 94% of the US military recruits had high school diplomas (equivalent to "O" Levels) but in 2007 that number is down to 79%. In 2003, 4644 recruits had prior criminal convictions and in 2007 that number was 12,057. The average age of the recruit has been increased from 32 to now 41 during this war. That means there are privates who are joing the US Army at the very young age of 41 years. Troop rotations are now 18 months (In WW2 the averge was 6 months)

    Five years on the US casualties are 3,990 US Troops Killed, 29,395 Wounded, 2,100 Have Tried To Commit Suicide 4,500,000 Iraqi Refugees (1/4 of the Iraq population internally or externally displaced)

  23. Shayam and Theru

    Since UK is a free country, people in BBC will be allowed to write crap and sometimes this very BBC gets their facts wrong to irritate the locals here. I would urge you to stay happily in your bogus state in the West and there’s no doubt that your terror leaders will be got rid of and make the whole country liveable by all the people, irrespective of what outsiders say, as we are in control and not them. You can see this same IC is trying to sabotage the Olympics in China with the Tibetan demonstrations, which will not work.

  24. Somebody mentioned Gen Janaka Perera wasn't a good soldier and he never fought in the front line. He was a good leader and a leader doesnot have to fight in the front. They command and execute battle plans in the command center. Every team needs a team leader. He defended Jankapura against LTTE advance killing almost hundreds without a single cauality from our side.[if you take it as a ratio 0/300, the best so far in a single day]

    He did it with a relatively inexperienced troups [National Guard Battalion]. No commandos, no SF. we could have killed more when the LTTE was stuck in the beach, all frocked together. The SLAF who were tasked to bomb them in the beach made a u turn and came back claiming a missile was fired upon them which was never veryfied. This was a time when a chopper was requested to evacuate casualities the Army had to wait till the 8.30pm teledrama was over.

    What saved Jaffna from falling in to LTTE hands was the leadership of Janaka Perera and Fonseka. It was the multi barrels from Gen Musharaf and Multi barrles from Gen Fonseka's mouth [vowing to shoot anybody who run away, he actually employed military police to turn back anybody who came running back from the front lines] which saved Jaffna.

    Anybody can enter politics and these guys would be 1000 times better than MF like Mwervin Silva.However I cant see a good politician in him.

    I totaly agree to the fact that we need a very tough dictator to rescue this country from this gradual degredation [from economy to the moral]. Every country which turned around from gradual demise had a good leader who was exceptionally tough. Singapore, Malaysia and Russia are good examples. We should manage the country just like Gen Fonseka manages the Army. [not even for a moment suggesting he should lead the country].

  25. casc,
    Interesting facts, thanks mate. Today I read in the papers that how MOD in UK is trying to gag the coroners who deliver verdicts on soldiers deaths which are damaging the Gov. This coroner in Oxfordshire gave several damning reports indicating that soldiers deaths were not due to enemy fire but lack of basic equipment such as Flag jackets.

    In buddhism we learn about karma. This is exactly what is happening in US now. What they did to innocent Iraqis are coming back to them in the form of Credit crunch. Uk is not spared.

  26. Srilankan mate ya mentioned,

    "lack of proper Equipment & Bombs to counter fire" ?
    Can ya explain ? I'm dont get it mate,I thought we have counter battery fire and the guns ? Am I in the dark here ?

    Happy Easter To my mates Here & Arthur C we'll miss ya old boy !
    Galaxy 2N5 it's all yours !

  27. man everyone even in england knows that BBC is full of crap, I don't even turn on the tv news channel anymore, I either read the MEtro newspaper on the tube, or the Ti mes, the best paper by far is the Independant, they dont usually write crap, but I personnaly find as the best read is the NEW STATESMAN MAGAZINE, for news on sri lanka I just go to DW or DN. all other news sources except for divaina is full of crap

  28. Defnet, talk to me brother ? was it just shelling or did they breach the line ! What gives ?

    BTW, can ya give a Synophsis of the Mulletivu Battle please ? Just like the EPS 1 !

    Talk to me mate !

  29. pukkalanka/srilankan,
    "What is preventing the SLDF from neutralising the LTTE artillery positions? I assume it is fairly straight forward to pin-point these positions (correct me if I am wrong)."

    It's not that easy mate. Otherwise we'd have got them all by now. As we discussed many times before, they are well hidden. Some inside underground bunkers; only the tip of the gun is visible which makes UAV detection quite hard.

    We can use the firefinder radars to detect the position immediately after those guns are fired but LTTE counters this by moving the gun soon after its fired. And on some occasions the guns are placed inside civilian populated areas (Ex- Madhu shrine, Vakarai Hospital premises).

    And let us not forget the decoy guns. These are made to look exactly like the real thing to fool UAV and other intel sources.

    To top all of this, SLAf does not have an unlimited flow of resources. They are under many rconstraints so their top priority is to target LTTE leadership.

    "How far are we from Madu and Adampan town? Two weeks back they said one brigade is 800m from the town center. Then there was reports that the closes troops to Madu was 1.8 KM and then in a weekly defence column it was mentioned 5 KM (if my memory serves right). What is really happening?"

    The distances are pretty much the same (800m,1.8km). Main aim is to destroy as many tigers as possible.

    "I read some where that the SLAF uses a locally built 250 Kg bomb. "

    yes they do use 250KG it's an unguided bomb.

    "He defended Jankapura against LTTE advance killing almost hundreds without a single cauality from our side.[if you take it as a ratio 0/300, the best so far in a single day]"

    Actually it was 500 LTTE KIA for 2 SLA KIA.

    "Defnet, talk to me brother ? was it just shelling or did they breach the line ! What gives ?"

    Sorry about the deal. It was just shelling. TN as usual made it more dramatic.

  30. Rajarata,
    In order to take those artillary pieces out you need very expensive bombs and sophisticated equipment(again expensive) which we dont is better for us to save this money and buy better mine clearing equipment in order to save soldiers lives because their greatest threat are mines contributing to the highest number of casualties

  31. DefenceNet,
    Many thanks for your comments.

  32. out_sider said...

    Do not feel slighted by that news article or consider that it was unjust towards Sri Lanka. It was written for that western reader.

    out_sider, Sri Lanka is in our hearts, only because its a wonderful civilisation which has the search for truth as its foundation, truth which is tangible and which is not.

    It pains us to see BBC intentionally diffusing falsehood among EU people, showing the little respect it has for the masses and least of all to the truth.

    It is said in Sanskrit, SATHYAMVA JAYATHI the is TRUTH WILL OVERCOME .

    Let us work for it, together.

  33. Mottapala,

    Do you know whats happening in Russia? Any journalist who criticises Putin or the ruling party is slowly bumped off. If he thought someone was getting too powerful he did some underhand thing.

    Look at what he did to Koderkovsky, the former head of the now defunct Yukos.

    Singapore and Malaysia had BENIGN dictators, not hardling ones.

    Yes we need a benign dictator, cuz what we need most of all is stability. But we certainly dont need a Putin. No thank you sir

  34. F22- raptor,

    I recon we don't even need a dictator, however good or benign he is. What we need a good constitution and a connected good legal framework. We should adopt a good Asian constitution and do essential changes of course that are no relevant. Politicos should not be allowed to change it and it shall be a capitalist one.

    given the high literacy rate and people's HIGH involvement in politics, things will fall in to place.

    we don't need a rus-putin nor do we need a police state (not to mention a hitler, a hirohitho or an idi amin!).

    the problem with relying on persons than systems is that people change, power corrupts and they die; then things get much worse.

  35. Guys,

    I think the weather also is playing it's part in the progress of the offensives at the moment. I was in an area in North Western Province (near Puttalam) about 10 days ago and saw a small tractor stuck in mud up to its headlights. The rain is so heavy in these areas. We probably will see an acceleration of the offensives once the rain goes away.

    DefenceNet, what do you think?

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Raptor:

    haha, there is no such thing as a benign dictator. If u've lived in Singapore for a while, u wuld see that living conditions are less than ideal, even though there is political and economic stability.

    whatever happened to leaders with just a good dose of common sense?

  38. moshy,
    You mentioned good constitution, politicos not being able to change it etc. True. Whose going to bring a constitution? it has to be politicians again. Do you even think in your dreams that our politicians will get together and bring about a good and tough constitution? not in your life my friend. To bring a significant change in to our constitution we need a more than 2/3 of parliament. Only thing that would bring that kind of unity is when salary hikes, duty free vehicles or some other perks for parliamentarians are suggested. That’s why we need a tough president. The dictator may be wrong but a virtual one.
    Although we boast about our literacy rates it does mean nothing. Literacy and common sense is completely different. First of all majority of us sri lankans are really stupid when it comes to voting. On the other hand they havn’t got any good alternatives, I feel sorry for us Sri Lankans for not having proper leaders. Just look at the pathetic politicians we have today. 90% of them are useless uneducated IRC buggers. Decent people are simply running away from politics.

    We need somebody with a back bone and who could kick ass. That’s the only language we sri lankans understand.[ I mean the majority].

    1. Get the judicial system back in track, efficient and independent.. Sack the corrupt judges and officials so that ordinary people can seek justice.
    2. Get the police force in order so that the law can be enforced properly. Independent as well. [British PM was once caught speeding and issued a ticket]
    3. Above two will automatically correct everything else from corrupt politicians to criminals.

    Question is to how to bring this about. Parliament? Not in our lives. President? Yes the only one with dictatorial powers. Will this president do that? No. Can we think about somebody who will do that in the near future?

  39. Raptor

    There's never a benign dictator. Lee K Yew 'disappeared' a large number of people of Chinese descent who were involved in criminal activity when he came into power. Interestingly, they were the very same people who brought him into power, expecting to retain the status of 'king makers', but he wiped them off.
    Even today, Singapore is not a true democracy. Yew's family 'owns' the place. Singaporeans are conditioned into an almost survile existance in their own country where everyone is terrorized by the Police.

  40. Moshe

    It looks like you have some difficulty understanding what is involved in 'adopting' a Constitution.
    This is not a kitten or a puppy we are talking abt dude, a constitution is the big daddy of all problems. Or solutions. even the one that has evolved with us for 60 years hasn't been able to resolve all the issues.
    Trust me, it would be easier to shoot the bastards who don't like it, rather than change constitutions...

  41. raptor
    Do you know whats happening in Russia?

    Yes I know. Economic growth, geopolitical stability, ability for a russian to hold their head high up in pride.

    Russia emerged from being the lagughing stock of the world to be a force to reckon with.Todate it remains the only country to challenge any other country in the world including US. Russia dont take crap. Have you noticed when russia says something nobody talks about it. When Britain sacked 3 russian diplomats Russia sacked 10 briritsh diplomats. Case closed.Or I would love to do that.

    What did Bush did to us which hails as a tutor of democracy to the rest of the world. Isn't he different from Putin.

  42. Nice comment tropical storm.
    I don’t care what you call it, democracy or communism or what ever. Freedom to live in peace, earn a buck to support your family, ability for you children to go anywhere alone with out being raped, have a good education, get good health care. You get all this in Singapore.

    Singapore is the only country where you can leave your brief case in the pavement and go in to a shop and come back, it will still be there or young girl to use the public transport at 2 o clock in the morning with out any fear.
    May be you cant have protest marches, picketing or fasting un to death! Singaporeans are having fun dudes.

  43. Pukkalanka...,

    Good posting mate.. good posting!

    BBC Sinhala and Tamil Service are on LTTE payroll, as we all have learned.

    That is the service they render to their masters.

  44. Nine Lankan refugees arrive


    ICRC accuses Sri Lanka of manipulating rights data


  45. Wild elephants fall victim to Sri Lanka war strategy



    Ex-Army General takes over SLRC’s admin

    A recently retired Army Major General has been appointed to take charge of the administration of the state controlled television channel, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

  47. This is about the dictatorship / leadership discussion-

    One thing we have to understand is, it does not matter whether benign or military dictator we get, Western countries will not allow anyone trying genuinely develop the country. No SriLankan leader will be able to endure what Putin of Russia gone through. Specially with a neighbour like India.

    West have tolerated Pinotche, Sia Ul Haq, Suharto etc. They still tolerate Hosni Mubark (3 decades in power. What a democracy), House of Saudi and likes. Gadafi was a bad dictator but now he is good.There are many in former Soviet bloc countries. One thing common to all those is they safeguard the Western interests in their respective countries.

    Any dictator or leader who tried/tries to uplift their nations were deamonised and owerthrown where possible. Milosovic was provocated and irritated to pave the way to displace him inorder to safeguard NATO geopolitical interests in the region. Putin was villified systematically. Many prograsive African leaders of 60s/70s were replaced with puppet figures who allowed the plundering of their own countries, with help of CIA.

    We have to understand that todays world powers will not allow us to have a 'GOOD' dictator. All these NGOs and BBC are there to make a Sadam or Milosovic out of such a leader.

    So our only option is to strengthen the system so that no one person can overide it. If we can make sure all the laws currently we have are practiced justly and fairly, we will not need to depend on one charactor to save the day.

    Waiting for Messaiah is another dilution we have to do without.

    (Sorry for the long post.)

  48. TS,

    There is no Constitution that has evoled over 60 years. The one we have is the 1978 one amended for 17 times!!! Many more amendment attempts are in the pipeline!

    This cannot solve anything.

    Shooting bastards by other bastards is not going to solve anything either! This will only make things worse.

    Blaming karma (or kaama?) is also NOT going to solve anything without a suthra (method)!!!

    We need a PERPETUAL solution, essentially a DEMOCRATIC ONE (+/-), not a one that dies with a dictator.

    We should depend on systems than persons.

  49. Moshe

    Systems are inanimate without persons. Persons without will are automatons who are part of the machine.

    In the end, where there's a will, there's a way. It is the human will that makes things happen and only complete and unreserved agreement among all to the conflict will form the basis for its settlement.
    In the case of this conflict, it is more like a medical issue than a political one; very much similar to a cancer case. There's no middle ground where the LTTE is concerned.
    But where other tamils are concerned, yes, we need to negotiate how THEY learn to live with us.

  50. Totally agree with Moshe.

    Former Yugoslavia had a Good dictator who stregnthned the everything but the democratic system. With his death all the enemies came up together and destroyed a beautiful, peaceful country.

  51. For those who commented on my views abt the Mig29 deal, I've clarified my observations.

    Pls feel free to leave your comments.

  52. motta,

    "1. Get the judicial system back in track, efficient and independent.. Sack the corrupt judges and officials so that ordinary people can seek justice."

    who is going to do this? who will CONTINUE to do this?

    2. Get the police force in order so that the law can be enforced properly. Independent as well. [British PM was once caught speeding and issued a ticket]

    who is going to do this? who will CONTINUE to keep them independant?
    what will stop another Anandarajah (a drug dealer) as IGP?

    3. Above two will automatically correct everything else from corrupt politicians to criminals.

    No. politicians and criminals will get into the SYSTEM as there is no spreme law protected it.

    Even a former chief justice (?) ended up in parliament!!!

    All these are essential no doubt, but an over riding framework should be in place first.

    How to bring about that?

    We should explore the possibilities. There got to be a way.

  53. BTW, the democracy/dictatorship debate is raging on the world over, not just in SL.

    Its unlikely that it will settle anytime soon.

    Good to see that many are OBSESSED with solving the problems in SL than leaving everything to politicos, war criminals and a bastardly combination of both!!!

  54. Moshe

    You have a system dependency, which seriously under-estimates the importance of the human factor. No system works well where the human will doesn't drive it towards a specific objective.

    The best human will, which achieves the most is the one driven and motivated through freedom of choice.

    The framework you seek as a panacea to all of our ills does not exist.

  55. muru,
    "Former Yugoslavia had a Good dictator who stregnthned the everything but the democratic system. With his death all the enemies came up together and destroyed a beautiful, peaceful country."

    the cutting of this melon is not over yet!

    to add to the post,
    1. enemies included bloody MF/FF/GMF/GFF WAR CRIMINALS.
    2. peaceful? one of the very few peaceful countries in the region.

    in my opinion,
    no overriding democratic system = possible barbarianism

  56. If any one here thinks MR is 'The One', I have just one word to remind-



  57. pukkalanka

    Re; your comments on the BBC report, you could write to the editor. I've done this many times and they often respond. That builds up a trail of correspondence which becomes very useful after a while if you want to build a case against them.
    AFP now understands this.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. TS,

    please read what i wrote.

    we first and formost need an overriding democratic system.

    then the right people.

    of course we need someone or some movement (which is better) to initiate this.

  60. Moshe

    Mervyn is another symptom of our dependence on the system to solve all our problems, rather than individuals conncting to make organizations that seek justice.

    When inaction breeds intolerable suffering, our people take to arms, which ends in everyone losing.

    Systems are only as good as the will to make them work.

  61. Moshe

    Democracy is only an electoral process, to appoint public 'servants' as our representatives to make decisions that serve US.
    Again, as long as we fail to hold them accountable and make them perform as our servants, we fail to be masters.
    I've had some exposure in dealing with US house representatives, and those guys are constantly reminded that they are there to do our bidding. That is the only reason why the system works. The people drive it hard.

  62. Muru,

    Easy for you to say buddy.

    Every leader will have some sort of thorns like that to deal with.
    we really cant expect anyone to be a leader without a past.

    why doesnt the administrations in the usa go after big tobacco companies etc... they all have some sort of favor system working ..

    im not saying i know what the exact issues are with mervin and the president but what ever they are the sooner he deals with it the better. .. lets just hope its sooner..

    also, im a peace loving buddhist and dont really wish anyone to vanish off the face of earth in some painful way..but sometimes when people deserve to .. they will vanish
    whether its premeditated or not.

    now lets not come up with a list of people who should have vanished by now... because really who are we to judge

  63. SL people have got small permanant changes from politicians.

    1. they got an uneducated 8-grade failed PM to agree to free education for which he was against at first. this stands more than 50 years after he died.

    2. in 1956 they got SW'O'RD B to make sinhala only that lasts till this date (a bad wish??)

    3. in 78/94 people demanded more FRs from the consitution. got some. lost some.

    in all major democracies people demanded good constitutions not dictators.

    in russia unfortunately they demanded lunatix and paid for it.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Mervyn is a PERSON on whom some others depend HEAVILY.

    the system does NOT depend on mervyn; in fact the system rejected MERVYN (just 2000 votes) but a PERSON appointed him WITHOUT consulting people/people's rep.s

    thanks for suggesting a good example.

  66. tropical storm,

    well said...
    i think the rupavahini incident is a pretty interesting turning point... people do have a breaking point and we should let them know about it more.

    also with the preferential vote system ..most politicians can get away without doing jack to their own area development and just throw money away on the district campaigne and get into power.
    Sadly NO development will be seen because of this.

    MR is having the problem now too because he cannot stop the pref vote system because maybe 90 % of the ministers will not get elected from their own home electorates.

    its a vicious cycle...which ...hopefully can be fixed from the top down.
    and once there are enough halfway decent people in there, they can actually change these flaws in our constitution ....created by insecure power hungry mofos.

  67. It is sad that a few depend on other Mervyn Fonsekas (MF) to bring change.

  68. acqa,

    "hopefully can be fixed from the top down"

    no mate. it must be fixed bottom up.

    the top is the MOST CORRUPT including MR MF.

  69. TStorm said
    "...No system works well where the human will doesn't drive it towards a specific objective"

    Totally agree. But how we make sure that, no evil human with sinister objectives will hijack the drive.

    I mean, like someone whose objective is to get rich, decides to accumulate political power and allow natural resources of a country to be sold under the value, while gaining personal wealth through bribes/commision.

    Take Nigeria a country with vast oil resources as an example. International Community has no problem with the rulers there. But can we say people of that country getting a fair deal.

    With Oil or without, we do not need a system can not check such practice.

  70. Ex-Army General takes over SLRC’s admin

    A recently retired Army Major General has been appointed to take charge of the administration of the state controlled television channel, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

    dailymirror reports.

    what should have happened was to punish mervyn et al as per the law. but what happens here is MS MF is unaffected and the Corporation is screwed (not to mention the rights of all affected including the people).

    keep the peron and screw the system! this is what happened.

    why am i wasting my time?

  71. Muru

    Lee K Yew did too. Power always corrupts. That's a fact. It's the ckecks and balances that help to keep it under control.

    Nothing matters where the people themselves aren't prepared to fight for themselves.

  72. Navy saves three Tamil Nadu fisherman (with photos)

  73. --SLRC, observations & conclusions--

    1. First, SLRC is not a real media iinstitution, in reality. Its GSL political luandary. Its duty is whitewashing and mud slinging.

    2. If Mara-win enters thier and threaten it is wrong.

    3. But what SLRC security did until he did all that?

    4. The reaction of some of employees in that incedent also wrong. They should have called cops and go for legel actions if necassary later.

    5. Most of related employees are JVP trade union leaders. Thus it is hardly an issue of a 'normal' employee.

    6. MR made it clear when it comes to party (SLFP) politics he defends his men, irrespective of they are wrong or right.

    7. This also shows MR doesn't care about JVP any more.

    8. 'Thugery' is part of todays political 'system'. MR is managing that. How well he is doing that we can only see in next election.

  74. # Police finds 200+ jelagnite stick at Madawachchiya.

    # Ploice arrests tamil train driver. Plan of exploding many passanger trains, fuel transporting trains, attacking kelanithissa revealed.

    --From Lankadeepa.

    What is this jelagnite sticks? What purpose it does? What kind of damage happens? Any more info about above news?

  75. Moshe Dyan,

    I've quickly read all the posts regarding dictatorship just now but don't understand this statement from you:

    "It is sad that a few depend on other Mervyn Fonsekas (MF) to bring change."

    Why Mervyn Fonseka? Is this your attempt at being sarcastic?

  76. Dear friends,

    Please read this interview with an military expert Janaka Perera. mil

    Read between lines in his replies.

    See you in a minute

  77. ninja,

    It's actually Gelignite, but seems our media are referring to it as Jelagnite or Gelagnite. There's a bit more about it here

    Not sure how it is used though. Can Defencenet or someone else please explain about this, is it used with some other explosive like C4?

  78. Talking about the Janakapura battle,

    "He defended Jankapura against LTTE advance killing almost hundreds without a single cauality from our side.[if you take it as a ratio 0/300, the best so far in a single day]"

    Actually it was 500 LTTE KIA for 2 SLA KIA.


    I have heard (I'm not sure if this is true) that the credit for this should go to Col. Rohitha Wickramatilaka, (commanding 4th GW at the time - he later died in the Kilali lagoon) but as the overall commander, Janaka Perera took the credit himself. I'm sorry if this is not true, but if it is, should give us all something to think about...

  79. Out_sider,

    Thanks for showing an interest in the conflict in the Pukkaland. Perhaps we need more out_siders like you reading this blog and commenting.

    I can agree with your thoughts up to a point.

    "It was written for that western reader."

    That is exactly why this is a serious problem. It is important that the Western mind is fed with accurate unbiased information. The opinions formed in the Western minds do affect the rest of the world. It is all the more important that the BBC and the rest of the Western press do take better care when reporting on such conflicts. There is always two sides to a story.

    Allow me to disagree with you on the same point.

    In the fast unifying global information pool, there is little ability to “target” Western readers. The web is open to all; particularly high profile sites like the BBC news site. They have to cater to an interested and intelligent global audience not just the Western mind. With fierce competition from emerging news channels and websites (like Al Jazeera English), it is in their interest to produce high quality output. There is a lot of room for improvement.

    My native language is not English, but do allow me to paraphrase the same paragraph to make it unbiased and more informative to the Western mind (as well as the global audience); which would enable all to understand the truth. Here goes…

    “The terrorists (being proscribed as such by the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia and India) have fought since 1983 to create an independent homeland for the island's minority ethnic Tamils after being felt marginalized by governments controlled by the majority Sinhalese over decades.”

    As you can see, we don’t ask the media (Western or otherwise) to bend over backwards; just speak the truth, the whole truth….

  80. A government may be considered as a special enterprise where the share holders are the voters. None can have more than one share of the enterprise. If all shares holder do not fully exercise their responsibilities, they are in for big surprises because this is the only enterprise on earth which is qualified to decide life or death of the share holder!

    For the dynamics of democracy to work, the whole citizenry has to be Alert, Educated, Awakened and continually updating….

    There is no alternative.

  81. DN,

    Thanks for the explanation. Totally informative, understandable and acceptable.


    Thanks buddy. I responded to our Out_sider firend (see two posts above)

    Happy Easter all!

  82. Outsider
    Thanks for your thoughts and it not dissimilar to all the numerous English friends I have and we would like you to come to our banquet given by us on the 7 th of July at the House of commons, so that we could give our version of the events in SL. To get an invitation, please contact the Sri Lankan High Commission and we will be strict on the type of the invitees as we will not allow our adversaries to put their 2 cents, as they have put their more than that with their dirty money. We will counter the false propaganda of these terrorists, against a democratic nation.

  83. Guys,

    There is a much more danger that our country is going through than discussing what is happening with the narcotic king-pin Mervyn Silva.

    This is the last minute attempt of EU trying to rescue LTTE from defeat on the invitation of Norway.

    "A visiting high level EU delegation has insisted that the government allow the Co-chairs and the Norwegian facilitators to travel to the Wanni to meet the LTTE to deliver key messages -- including a request to resume the peace process, to observe humanitarian access and to respect human rights."

    This is a time that all peace-loving Sri Lankans should be united not allowing the clock to be turned back to 1987 and beyond, where LTTE was saved by various external parties from elimination.

    Now EU has come to LTTE's rescue on the pretext of Human Rights - the cheapest weapon now.

    Guys, read the following The Island article too

    Peace-loving people in Europe, please write to the respective EU representatives.

    Take action.

    This is the time you can contribute most to Sri Lanka and it's future.

  84. parakrama,

    i wanted to say mervyn ponna-seka but also wanted to have initials as MF!

    no offence meant to any other fonsekas. Definetely not the one some my have in mind.

    BTW when mervyn created havoc at SLRC some called him by something similar?????

    true SLRC security is also at fault, but this mervyn got to go before the SLRC security!

    my apologies for the slightly out of topic matter DN.

  85. Moshe Dyan,

    Thanks for the reply mate! I completely agree with you, if nothing else, Mervyn is a huge embarrassment to the government, he needs to go ASAP! MR is not doing any favours to himself by hanging on to scum like Mervyn.

  86. if you refuse to understand the Janaka Perera's interview and wake up from your dreams. Your 'God' Budhdha cannot even save you guys.

    Happy Easter guys!

  87. Puli,

    You stupid *****! Buddha never claimed he was a god, in fact, as Buddhists we don't believe in gods!

    Get your facts right before you open your trap!

  88. "Your 'God' Budhdha cannot even save you guys."

    What the hell??? Lord Buddha is not a god you idiot. Where'd you get that idea, from tamilnet?

    BTW, Janaka Perera is not an army officer any more. He doesn't know everything about what is happening. His comments are based on media reports & possibly information from his friends in the army, just like any other civilian. The war is being led by officers in the army who know the exact situation. Their opinion is the one we can believe.

  89. EU blocked by GOSL to going to vanni saying the tigers might take political advantage of the situation. I wonder what are they afraid of; maybe it's how well and organized of a group they are and maybe the schools, senior homes, banks, police stations, cultivation programmes, rehabilatory programmes and courts they run. The GOSl knows that if the EU comes to vanni then they will see the truth about how we can run our own administration and our own country. So ask yourself why this didn't go through. Some of you think vanni is all about suffering people and none of you have ever been there, now if it was all suffering at the hands of the tigers then wouldn't your genius government led by MR and his convenience store cashier brother want to exploit this scenario?

  90. thiru,

    Yeah, maybe... But nice joke mate.

  91. thiru,

    Have one question for you? Have you ever seen an exodus of people from Colombo to Vanni?

    It's always the other way, people from Tiger held areas come to us!

    If, as you say, Tamils in Colombo and other areas of SL are living in mortal fear, I'm sure there will be an exodus out of Colombo and Tigers will exploit this 200%. But unfortunately this hasen't happened!

    The truth is that all those Tamil people living abroad won't go back to Wanni to fight alongside tigers, cos they have a better life abroad. Same with Tamil people living in Colombo and other areas, they simply won't go and fight with Tigers! The most they will do is give some money to Tigers to avoid harassment!

    That's the sad truth my friend, get used to it!

    Please answer us about your uncle’s A/L results before you answer these questions.

  92. puli,
    You've been racist and now you're taking it to the next level by mentioning religions. If you dont have facts, dont try to cover it up by spewing bullshit.

  93. UN: Civilians at risk in Sri Lanka


    China denies supplying heavy weapons to Sri Lanka


  94. South Africa Joins Sri Lanka Conflict Resolution Conference


  95. General Janaka Perera's interview with the Sunday Leader should not be interpreted as things going badly for the SLA. He is speaking as a retired military officer, and he is stating some obvious truths that are applicable to all wars. Some of his points are:

    (1) The war must be economically sustainable
    (2) The heightened rediness level of the soldiers can't be maintained for long durations ( Soldiers must see the light at the end of the tunnel)
    (3) The window of opportunity for major military operations is before the next NE monsoon, which is roughly 5 months
    (4) It is important to win the hearts and minds of the population in captured areas.

    In defence of the current govt's policy, this govt has provided more resources to the armed forces than any previous govt. The Army Commander has stated publicly that he has been given a blank check as far as identifing and getting the resources he needs. Unlike the previous govts that made half hearted attempts at containing the LTTE, this Govt's strategy is to completely eliminate the LTTE by fighting to the finish. That is why this Govt is not interested in peace talks. Naturally, this fight to the finish strategy has a lot of risks, and there is the possibility of economic and social upheavels (eg. strikes, inflation, bus bombs). Nevertheless, short term pain is better than long term suffering. The future generations of Sri Lanka cannot afford to have this war drag on for another 25 years.

  96. All,

    Mano Ganeshan is now talking to the Chinese Ambassador to stop selling weapons to SL. As an MP of SL, this act is beyond his job to engage in diplomatic missions. Furthermore, this is an open acts of treason. This is one of the top LTTE stooges in the parliament. For such acts, he should be prosecuted for treason immediately.

  97. that motherfucker should be executed at galle face publicly. then drawn and quartered

  98. "the god lord Buddha won't save you"
    thiru dont you know that that Buddhism is the only religion to completely and utterly deny god, for fuck sake man get a brain and read some more before talking to us.

  99. Everything WAS fantastic in the 80's when the LTTE had those poor kids in batti to use as cannon fodder.During this period although people from the wanni had joined the LTTE it is mostly the eastern kids that were sent on tasks considered "dangerous" while the kids from the wanni were kept mostly in the wanni-of course given this cast system that has come from TNadu.Now because there is hardly any conscription from batti the kids from the wanni have to face the music.the reason "everything is wonderful" in the wanni is that the SLAF has not deliberately tageted civilian settlements and of course we are feeding terrorists.

  100. parakrama, the reason that there ppl leaving vanni is not because of the ltte it is because of your government's indiscriminate bombing and shelling, if they are being tortured by the ltte like you claim then why dont they allow the EU to go there and there expose it and gain support for their war against tamils. The reason they don't want the EU going there is because they don't want to show how we already have a semi separate state there. As for you chamal, you should learn the facts before you speak sarcastically.

  101. I hear treachery from our elected leaders of the parliament and where is that bloody white van?Mano should leave us alone to sort our problems, perhaps go live in Canada. Our politicians must not let people like Mervin loose, they add to the criticism of the IC.There is no doubt, various regimes who have run our country, quite ignorantly and arrogantly ignored our rights and freedoms and I am saying this from my own experience. They give security as an excuse which is not good enough. I can give endless occasions where my friend and I have suffered and the reasons for these inconveniences are unavoidable and inexcusable and rather stupid and since we liked and love the country we were born, we are willing to put up with, but for how long? People who complain about this fall into the ears of the IC,quite loudly.

  102. Parakrama,
    Very well said.This entire LTTE gimmic has been one large immigration exercise..of course all this is done to go back to 1948 ..where the tamil doctor living overseas had a sinhala gardner in his house in colombo.Too bad the world has changed!!.As singhalese we need to ENSURE that ALL our people everywhere in SLANKA have all the support they need when this LTTE filth is over.

  103. A very happy event in my life was to see the elected people of the eastern province meeting Hon President in parliment.It had an electrifying atmosphere!.

  104. Thriu
    We don’t care two hoots for the EU,as corrupt politicians of Europe have banded together to form this gravy train to loot the hard earned money of the hard working people of all European states. This roguish European Union seems to be unaccountable to it’s people who pay their taxes and very difficult to scrutinise their expenses etc,It is a well devised for failed politicians and it’s cronies to spend their ‘working lives’ in this worthless white elephant. Their absurd ruling and laws getting in the way of good governance of member states and they are making many cockups,for which they will pay dearly in future. Some of the buffoons that support the EU are ignorant of the consequances,just as any other politicians of this day. So they find another worthless role in getting involved with our conflict to justify there jobs may be taken bribes from the terrorist lobby . We could care less for them as we are in control of our own country. we know how to deal with terrorists who have killed the elected president, the foreign minister, thousands of civilians and sending pregnant woman as a suicide bomber, quite contrary to the EU policies.

  105. Hmm..the only reason i can think of preventing "god" IC from going to wanni is that we dont want another 3 yrs of peace talks forced down our throats..time for peace the "LTTE way" is over..30 yrs of peace talks is enough for serious parties..My greatest worry was that barber was doing his best to convert the LTTE into an "honourable" terrorist organisation..thankgod he is doing it elsewehere right now

  106. Srilankan, thanks mate!


    Chamal is not being sarcastic, we do not believe in a "god" in Buddhism. I really feel sorry for you cos you don't seem to know much. If you'd stayed in SL and gone to a school there, thanks to our free education system, you may have learnt a thing or two, but it's too late now ;)

    "EU to go there and there expose it and gain support for their war against tamils." - We are not waging war against Tamils, don't twist the truth. We are fighting terrorists called LTTE. Also, we didn't start the fight!

    Anton Balasingham publicly admitted that he was always under instructions to buy time at peace talks until VP is ready to fight again.

    But of course everybody in the world should learn from LTTE on how to protect human rights. They have a proud record of:

    blowing up

    - busses
    - trains
    - air planes (remember Air Lanka bombing??)
    - public places etc.

    killing people:
    - who don’t pay up
    - who says anything against LTTE
    - in border villages just because they happen to be there

    If you want to talk to me about rights for Tamils, yes I'm up for talking. However, if you want to talk to me about LTTE, sorry I don't waste time talking terrorist filth.

  107. Thiru,

    "As for you chamal, you should learn the facts before you speak sarcastically."

    Look mate, I don't go about on this blog writing bullshit like you. Can you please show me what I have written without facts? What I said (about Lord Buddha not being a god) is completely true, as Parakrama here has also pointed out.

  108. To Parakarama's comment, these should be added:

    under 'killing people',

    *the same people they are supposed to be liberating (so that they can get the sympathy of the IC by saying SLA did it)

    *their own (LTTE supporting) 'democratically elected' members of parliament (for the same reason stated above)

  109. Thanks chamal!

    This thiru is full of crap. He/she cannot sustain an argument or talk to a point. As soon as we point something out, he/she comes up with some other sentimental, unsubstantiated piece of crap! It's not only thiru who does it, all other LTTE guys do the same.

  110. Kevin,
    Bro..think of it this way for "God" IC to show so much interest in a little unkown piece of real estate(Ie-wanni) in an insignificant country means there is a lot of LTTE hollering going on overseas..(and this is linked to the tamil vote overseas) nd more importantly finally the army plans are WORKING.

  111. 25 rebels killed in Lankan clashes


  112. chamal i wasn't replying to your buddha comment i was replying to your sarcastic comment about the EU wanting to go to the vanni. parakrama, you talk about this war against the ltte but yet you cannot deny the indiscriminate bombings, shelling, abductions against tamil civilians. Do you remember how tamils from the north east were sent back from colombo last year? I guess you will now reply back saying that these were all ltte suspects and the GOSL had the right to do that. You try to say that your government treats tamils equally but they are piling up human rights violation against them

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. Dear DN,

    I was born as a child as every one. But I was brought up by Hindu faith but i was not convinced by the Hindu faith in later stages and became a rationalist in other words Buddhist.

    I did not make any religious hatred in previous posting. Most of the people are worshiping Buddha as a god against the principles of Buddhism thats why I highlighted the word god.

    Anyway for your information Tamils are the first Buddhists. If Srilankan politicians have been the real Buddhists Tamils would not have been discriminated.

  115. 40 STF camps to be removed from east !!!

    GSL is making their first and probably the biggest mistake.

  116. Puli
    As a Christian I am Christian only by name, just to enjoy the privileges that goes with it, my philosophy is on the liens of Buddhism AS I KNOW it, which appeal to me to survive in this horrible world. As I knew Lord Buddha born in a Hindu enviorment,just as Christ was born a Jew, brought in a new set of teaching to replace the outdated Hindu teachings which was rapped up in lot of distortions, that was different to that of the founder. This distortion created myths and many Gods for each and every thing life. There fore he brought in an up-to-date set of teachings, which I think is a philosophy without adding another God to that were there in thousands and his main aim was to teach his followers to live a good life here on this earth and attained Nirvana. Unfortunately all religions have their usefulness as times goes and it’s continuation is assured by lord Buddha, when his disciple Ananda inquired about his departure from this world and reassured Ananda that he was not the first Buddha and he was not the last Buddha,and many more will come to give us and guide us in years in future. There were people who tried to fake is rebirth in many countries and they paid the price and one country was SL and on the 2500th year of anniversary of his birth, someone tried to pay politics with this great expectation by calling himself DIYASENA KUMARAYA and eventually paid the price with his life and I don’t want to go further, as is a very sensitive moment to some. Christians too played hell with their religions that’s why the paid with their lives in the great wars. Distorting the great works of the prophets will be punished in our lifetimes. Cambodia and middle east are living examples were the Roth of the Gods and prophets are meted out.

  117. "40 STF camps to be removed from east !!!

    GSL is making their first and probably the biggest mistake."

    That's because Pilleyan has threatened not to support the govt in upcoming provincial council election unless all STF bases in the east are not removed. Could be a costly decision if followed through.

  118. Writing is on the wall that this battle to clear the NE is not over as the Tamil mindset is still for a racist enclave, thinking the Sinhala people are stupid and week and what a cheek for pillion to ask for the STF to move out of east? He should be closely watched and arrested for treason if he agitate further. Is this how he appreciate for protecting his lot with the life of our forces? I never trusted this lot. it would be advisable for the government to be extra vigilant in the east as well. Believe me our problems are not over yet.UNP should for a national government with MR,collectivly tackle this menace once and for all. I see a bleak future for our island. This is bad news.

  119. Kevin,
    Hold on mate..Pilliyan has not asked the police force to be removed as well has he?..There seems to be much more to this than meets the eye..lets wait and see..

  120. Hi Guys,

    This will really test the mettle of this government. I think pulling STF out of the east is like giving them Eelam. We need STF in the east to make sure that there are not LTTE infiltrations.

    So, what's the worst that can happen if Pilleyan doesn't support government during the elections? Is this government willing to sacrifice short term gains for the long term benefit of our country? I guess we will find out soon!

  121. thiru,

    I agree that human rights violations take place in SL. However, this is not only directed at Tamil people, all the communities suffer. However, I agree that under the circumstances Tamil youths are subjected to more scrutiny.

    Somebody has already mentioned this point, but I'll mention it again:

    In the UK, when they gave special search powers to the cops as an anti terrorist move, who do you think is going to get searched more? If they had the choice between an elderly English lady and a younger Asian guy, they would always check the Asian guy first.

    So, whenever there is a conflict, these things are inevitable. In Sri Lanka, it’s even more inevitable as we are dealing with the world's most ruthless terror outfit.

    What we need is to finish this war soon and bring the country back to normalcy, then we can fix the root causes of our problem.

    I'm COMPLETELY against the government if it uses the war as an excuse to cover up human rights violations. I always said that we should always maintain the moral upper hand, the day we fail to do this is the day we lose the war against terror.

    Having said all this, LTTE supporters have no right to talk about human rights of SL government as LTTE is the most horrific abuser of human rights. Thiru, if you, as an LTTE guy, want to talk to us about human rights, please clean-up your organisation first and then we can talk.

  122. Srilankan
    If this pillion guy is genuine and appreciates what we have done for his people and for him, then he shouldn’t have dreamt of a such a request. This means he has a sinister reason, which should be obvious to any one with a brain.He must have sussed out our leaders to be this cheeky.

  123. Kevin,
    Anyone with a brain should not jump to conclusions without all the facts.The only reason i can think of is that the LTTE still have some eastern cadres fighting for them.I have a feeling that these people want to come to the east to be with their families and surrender to pilliyan but due to SF deployment they will be shot on sight as has happened to some coming to surrender to the forces in the past... because the way i see it the east is completely cordoned off.At a guess if the govt agrees i am sure there will be certain details piliyan will have to comply with..No piliyan wont be able to have his way completely..

  124. Srilankan
    I am sorry I don’t agree with you, as pillion has a genuine fear that the STF will arrest his people coming from the vanni,hecould have worked out something practical and sensible with the gosl and it is a hell of a joke to as the country’s security forces to move out. Then they will ask our cops and the courts to move out and it will be endless. they were terrorists one time and they must come long way to prove that they can be trusted and they have truly renounce violence and a claim to a separate state. we can’t be wobbling now and weakened and such request should be turned downed without a hesitation.

  125. Srilankan,

    I'm with Kevin here mate, we MUST NOT compromise the security of eastern province. If we pull out security forces, then LTTE will infiltrate and set-up camps again as Pillayan group is not strong enough to stop LTTE infiltration. If this happens, then all the sacrifices would have been for nothing and we'll be back to square one with LTTE controlling parts of the east & Wanni.

    The government should not think about moving anybody out until we've defeated LTTE completely in the north and until we are sure that NOBODY carries arms in north & east. We must make sure that there is deep-rooted democracy in these two provinces before we make any kind of withdrawal.

    I understand the point about trying to win hearts & minds of Tamil people in the east, but this can be done without pulling STF out.

  126. Kevin and Parakrama,
    My comments are only guesswork on my part.I understand your sentiments..actually share them.I am trying to think about this from pilliyans point of view.The sad fact is that none of us know what is actually happening.I dont think the govt will just pull all the Sforces out after the 30 yrs it has taken us to liberate east unless they have come to some agreement with pilliyan and want to win the next election because this move if it happens will never sit well with the sinhala voter after all the sacrifice they have made in terms of cost of living and the loss of family lets wait and see.i can understand the forces relocating outside civilian areas.there is also the fact that the SF maybe needed elsewhere to keep up the offensive momentum and the vaccum in the east may be filled with the ARMY's 6-1 division.Pls goto defnets new page

  127. Parakrama
    Pillian group should not be strong enough to stop anybody as it is the duty of the state thus the security forces. If they are truly a political party in the right sense then they should not demand this. Sorry I am self confessed Moron, so said denzil,when met him for the last time in 1989 and he infact said that I should have be in the forces and being an uncompromising moron took me to dizzy heights in life. We should not only meet the challenges with our present rebels, but with the types that might emerge from places like Kathankuddi and the threat from Tamil Nadu,where they might use SL as a political foot ball, where India may have to sacrifice us to keep unity of their fracturing states.


    At the end there is some footage of SLAF Mi-24's in action. Pretty cool


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