Thursday, March 6, 2008

TNA MP K.Sivanesan killed in Claymore blast

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian K. Sivanesan has been killed in a roadside claymore mine explosion which took place inside LTTE held Wanni region. His vehicle was caught in the explosion at a point between Puliynakulam and Manuklam regions (Kanagarayankulam) along the A-9 main road.

The MP and his driver have been killed in the attack while another sustained injuries. The vehicle too has been seriously damaged.

Sivanesan was returning to his home in Mallavi after attending the Parliment session in Colombo today.


  1. al right man one less sub human politician to the world

  2. The real danger now is that LTTE terorists could appoint a suicide cadre to the parliment after this death.

    LTTE might have caused this murder just as a part of their plan.

    We should monitor all these TNA MPs continously because they are terrorists indeed. Its high time that the government ban TNA before its too late.

  3. yet another tamil politican killed by the government forces.

    and people wonder why LTTE isnt political but military force.

  4. This is not good news. Even if his views are wrong the government shouldn’t resort to such tactics (if it was the SLDF that did it). It would be just be feeding the anti-government bodies with ammunition that they can use against the GoSL.

  5. What a Funny situation...

    As to our pulli friends here,It is a propaganda by GOSL, When SLA advance even a 1 km from FDL's.

    But if there is a bomb exploded even 10 kms away from FDL's, then it's done by SLA..

  6. Dear 'the boss'

    So then the bastard Sinhala forces also murdered

    Neelan Thiruchelvam
    Appapillai Amirthalingam
    T. Maheshwaran
    V.Yogeswaran (TULF MP)
    V.Yogasangari (EPRLF MP)
    Sam Thambimuthu
    Alfred Duraiappah (Mayor Jaffna)
    Sarojini Yogeswaran (Mayor Jaffna)
    Pon Sivapalan (Mayor Jaffna)
    K. Padmanabha (EPRLF)
    P.Ganeshalingam (EPRLF)
    Sri Sabaratnam
    Rajani Thiranagama

    and last but not least......
    Thiagarajah Selvanithy

    Don't be an idiot my friend, your leaders are getting massacred by the LTTE and you defend these idiots. Even if you get your Eelam who will lead you? A bunch of fighters when all the leaders are dead?

    Honestly cannot believe you have let the wool be pulled over your head like this!!

  7. dear cunt chaminda,

    TNA is a pro-LTTE party.
    The politican killed today was very supportive towards the LTTE.
    Now anyone with common sense would know that this would not have been done by LTTE.

    Now before you speak out of your ass again use the fucking common sense, if you have it....... that is.

    Regarding how Eelam will be governed is none of your concern. You should rather stick to one of the worlds most failed countries with a family regime controlling it.

  8. Defencenet,

    Any idea yet on who has done this? Is it possible that an LRRP attack has gone wrong and hit this vehicle instead of the intended target? (I don't believe the government would knowingly kill MP's.... because if it was found out the consequences will be very dangerous to them) If possible (and if not sensitive) can you please confirm if any LRRP teams were/were not in the area?

  9. Chaminda,
    You're wasting your time. Please don't answer to those crappy comments (the rest of you guys too). It doesn't make very pleasant reading when they reply to you with some more crap.

  10. If a man drives ostentatiously around in a designated warzone looking remarkably like an ltte supremo. Well, he must have been special kinda stupid if he didn't see this coming. Or, may be the meeting in Killinochi was a life and death matter (as many thigs with the LTTE are).

  11. Chaminda,
    Seems like yo touched a raw nerve there bro.what may have happened is these LTTE cadres (not us)have filled the north with so many booby traps and mines and all their locations are not recorded and this was one of them..if not we need to investigate the finiancial dealings between sivanesan and the LTTE because this affair stinks of money.

  12. Chaminda,
    What needs to be investigated is what this effing coolie sivanesan did on his recent trip overseas other than visiting brothels.This stinks of money

  13. Haaaney... LTTE eka monawath karala naa ne balaagena giyahama...

    Ella buwaala..

    mona paiyak da yako kiyanne.. tho marila upannada.. sakkili sewala balla....

    Mr. Lakshman Kadiragarmar... who murdered? GOSL?

    Pukenda kathaa karanne...!?

  14. THE BOSS said TNA is a pro-LTTE party.
    The politican killed today was very supportive towards the LTTE.

    yeah so hes a terrorists and deserves death

  15. so does every politician in sri lanka

  16. now the gosl must pay the dear price, i wonder who's gonna go straight to hell.

  17. Chamal

    In full agreement with you bro! I refuse to stoop down to his/her level therefore will not reply or retort with the use of filth.

  18. hell men..the LTTE are in hell also..they have started the first thaamil sangum

  19. hey wait a minute just day before you people sent so many comments that all SLA advanced how do we bomb one vehicle inside 25Km from the SLA last check point...

    BOss,shayam,all other..tell me you people belive this is done by DPU...??????pleaseee

  20. LTTE is the most innocent (Mahathma) group in the world. They have never killed any Tamil, Muslims or Sinhala. They will never do that…

    Starting from Jafnar Mayor Alfred Duraiyapah1975
    (if I’ m correct)…to Rajeev Gandhi ..bus bombs…and all.. they all had been killed by GOSL…so pls don’t argue …

    VP must be awarded for Nobel Peace Price for his Noble work for peace in Sri Lanka by Norway….

  21. LTTE leaders are also traveling in VIP type vehicles.So they might have carried out the attack assuming this was some kind of a leader.Anyway those buggers should be pissing in their pants now.

  22. We Sri Lankan are funny people. We are the only people I have seen, who mention damage to the vehicle next to the death of the passenger :)

  23. So Boss agrees that all of the names that Chaminda mentioned were killed by the LTTE. So its a case of pot calling the kettle black then if indeed the SLA did this.

    I actually believe he was called to the wanni because he wasnt doing something the LTTE wanted him to do. Evidently the meeting didnt go too well so on the way back they bumped him off. It makes perfect sense. If you dont fall in line with the LTTE, they kill you.

    And Boss, please lets not swear. Be more constructive in your feedback. We all know you posses a foul mouth, we dont want your stench here. Thank you and good bye.

  24. Bhagwati-led intl panel terminates operation in Lanka


    Sri Lanka accused of creating crisis


  25. C'mon guys,
    Take a moment to pay respects for yet another democratically elected representative who had yielded yeoman service to the people who elected him till the day he breathed his last.
    I unequivocally condemn this cowardly act by the GOSL.
    I sincerely hope that the LTTE does not retaliate to this despicable act of the Government although, I can understand why, if they do.
    History has proved its cruelty by victimising a man to the same 'vicious cycle of violence' which he had deplored only a fortnight ago.
    In my opinion this Government has lost all the justification it claims to have got democratically - by murdering the democracy itself.

  26. One fact that shouldn’t be ignored is that if this was a deliberate killing who stands to gain from this:
    1. LTTE
    2. Opposition
    3. Other interested parties (arms dealers, foreign intelligence services).
    In short anybody who can gain from a prolonged war. It is highly unlikely that the GoSL would shoot itself in the foot by deliberately (this is the key word) targeting a democratically elected representative of the Northern Tamil people.
    @ Senkadagala Sinhaya
    No matter what his views or who he supported nobody deserves to be killed just because of that. Sri Lanka is a democratic nation where you have a right not to agree with the government (Even though you may be wrong).

  27. Guys,
    United Nations Human Rights Council is meeting at the moment in Geneva.
    When such an event occurs, generally more disappearances and slayings of important people happens in Sri Lanka. This has become a pattern now. Remember the attack on the Udayan newspaper in Jaffna. It occured while a huge international media event was taking place in Colombo.
    As you can see here I am just speculating. And I don't have any other evidence rather than logical reasoning.
    At this juncture (or any juncture) we don't gain anything by killing this TNA ass. It is a good opportunity for LTTE to send a better killer to parliament (may be a well trained black tiger). And they can also discredit us internationally specially now, because UNHRC is meeting now.

    So the incident is very disadvantageous to us and opposite can be said about the LTTE.

    Secondly, these incidents matche the suicide nature of the LTTE. They don't value human life. In order to achieve their goal they will sacrifice many of their own. Think about the AAFB attack. They sacrificed 24 of the best they had in order to destroy some of our assets. When they explode a claymore in north they don't care about how many innocent tamils would get killed from it. They sacrifice their cadres, Tamil civilians without any remorse (at least I don't see any).
    My point is, by nature LTTE do not value human lives weather its LTTE cadres, tamil civilians, or anybody else. They have become robots just trying to achieve a goal by any mean.
    So This MP as a carcass may be more valuable to LTTE rather than him alive. For LTTE he may be like another suicide bomber or a civilian gotten killed by a claymore mine aimed at somebody else. These people are just sacrificial lambs. Nothing more nothing less.

  28. Where it's happened ....25km deep in Vanni

    according to

    If the reports given by LTTE propaganda elements are correct, the location of the bomb blast is at least 25Km in the LTTE dominated area from our last (security forces') bastion at Omanthai

    now you can guess who done it?

  29. Hemantha,
    R u sure this is the work of the SLA/LRRP..what benefit does it give them to kill this fatty whose only gift to life has been a load of BSh*t? at this time with this human rights issue since we have been killing canadian/british/EU tamils the moment they got off the plane for the past 20 yrs.?.Besides he was not an "officially" elected member because the people in the north/east did not have any semblence of i said before we need to investigate what he did the last time he was overseas in this IC paradise?..thats the key o why he was killed.What in god's name is the point of killing this overseas brothel hopping punnakku fellow..

  30. The LTTE has a habit of getting rid of their people who don't tow the line. See what happened to TNA MP Eelaventhan recently.

    Tigers Oust “King of Eelam” As TNA National List MP
    Saturday, February 9th, 2008
    by D.B.S.Jeyaraj
    MK Eelaventhan nominated as MP on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) national list has been deprived of his Parliamentary membership.

  31. "Take a moment to pay respects for yet another democratically elected representative "

    He wasn't democratically elected. Read the election monitors report.

    "who had yielded yeoman service to the people who elected him "

    Yes, those people are the LTTE. They elected him crookedly.

    "I unequivocally condemn this cowardly act by the GOSL"

    That means he won't condemn it if it's done by LTTE? Only way this could have been done by the government forces is by a mistake. LTTE has more reason to kill him.

    "I sincerely hope that the LTTE does not retaliate to this despicable act.."

    If he means it I respect him. But I am not sure. Generally LTTE sympathizers are looking for some body's blood. Usually civilian's.

    "In my opinion this Government has lost all the justification it claims to have got democratically - by murdering the democracy itself."

    Above argument is based on a sand foundation. No cement. Nobody knows who killed this MP.

  32. choknuti

    sri lanka is a democratic nation only to the eyes of the person who votes, yet its just a plutocracy, think about it man all politicians are filthy rich greedy and shall change coulour like cameleon as soon as the political environment changes. so they are all sub humans who dont give a shit about there fellow man they dont care if the slum children has to sell drugs for a living or if the farmer drinks pesticide. so they all deserve death and not adoration or compassion.

  33. Hemantha,
    It is really stupid for the forces to kill the TNA.Once this is over they can all immigrate to the lovely climate of norway and have fun.This is to save their lives as opposed to killing them..we dont want the blood of this riff raff on our hands.This is because we dont know how the good people in the northern province will react to them once this is over.They may hold them personally responsible for their sufferings over 30 yrs

  34. abarip,
    what makes you so sure that he was killed by GOSL?

  35. even if Mahinda Rajapakse wins a war if he does not develop the country he should be president for another turn why because he may be a good war time commander but not a economist or good peace time leader, we should learn from the western world about how to vote smartly and choose our leaders carefully, like when churchill was beaten in a landslide to Clement Athlee even though he won them the War.

  36. Is it true that our soldiers captured land 25km deep where was this and is it true

  37. snakeVI,
    Defensenet has a new post about the capture of parrappakandal..something

  38. Sri Lankan,
    "R u sure this is the work of the SLA/LRRP.."

    I am 90% sure this wasn't done by our people. 9% for a mistake (done by our guys and mistakenly taking the wrong target). I will give 1% for intentionally targeting him by us (ordered by an idiot).
    My two cents.

  39. Hemantha,
    i fully agree bro.This looks like it is going to be another yala job or kebithigollawa job.I hope those poor folk are defended well.

  40. Boss
    Don’t you think we should crush the tiger terrorists, before they annihilate the rest of your Tamil leaders? We shouldn’t give a single square inch to these terrorists.

  41. This too will be forgotten in two weeks.

    No matter what anyone says for teh sake of political expediency, the world is sick and tired of terrorists and their sidekicks. One less makes a nicer day for all nice people.

  42. We are capturing miles and miles of stinky-munky bloody buggerall.

    Now we can sell eLam on eBay..

  43. ltte trying to stop army operations,so they do every things to stop that.

  44. guys,

    why is the army not trying to get the coastal areas first?,...launch a fullscale offensive and cut off their sea access,we do that-we can strangle them!!!!!!!!!!,no more/highly restricted sea access = faster depletion of weapon stocks of the ltte,this does carry more sense in a tactical strategy,get the coast b4 we head for wanni, then we hold the trumps!,im a christian, but madhu isnt dat important!!!!!

  45. As Long Ranger’s article and other have indicated, LTTE needs the western coast to do the Tamil Nadu supply run. I believe the most important commodity that the LTTE is buying from TN is gasoline. Other materials include aluminum ingots, ball bearings, explosives, detonators and some dual use items.

    The LTTE probably has in its storage millions of rounds of small arms ammunitions, probably thousands of 80mm mortar rounds, may be hundreds of artillery shell, tons of RDX and other conventional explosives. These types of items can be stored and used for decades. However gasoline is different. It is difficult to store Gasoline for extended periods. Fuel stabilizers can extend the shelf life but it eventually degrades over time, weeks to months based on storage and environmental conditions.

    Most people know what happens if you keep gasoline in a car engine for extended periods. It gums up the engine. A carbureted engine can easily get ruined with gumming.

    The impoverished TN fishermen are basically willing to do the TN to Sri Lanka dash if the price is right for black gold. Also, gasoline is an easy product to smuggle. Even if the local authorities clamp down on other illicit materials, it is very difficult to stop the fisherman from buying a legally available commodity like gasoline.

    The LTTE cannot sustain their operations without gasoline. They can’t move their tractors around which is necessary in order to move their biggest artillery guns nor can they move their cadres about from one front to another in a hurry without gasoline. I think it was Kevin in this blog who said that the LTTE might have a castor oil plantation in the Wanni, and that they might be producing some bio-diesel, which by the way is not very complicated to produce. However bio-diesel will only cover some of their requirements. For example, the 100 HP marine outboard engines that the Sea Tigers use on their boats are all petrol based.

    Once the gasoline supply stops, I think the game will be over for the LTTE


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