Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fighting in Mannar as attacks in Buttala continue

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) launched several small scale counterattacks against the advancing forces of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) in the Parappakandal region yesterday. Although pro rebel media claimed high casualties for SLA in these incidents, our sources indicate that the attacks were neutralized with minimal casualties with the help of Air Force gunships and armored units. The army brought the entire Parappakandal area under their control on the 6th of March. LTTE is offering stiff resistance to the army advance in this front as the area contains one of their main supply routes to several major LTTE bases in Mannar district. 15 SLA soldiers have been killed and another 40 have been wounded in clashes in Parappakandal area during the past week. Although exact figures are unavailable, the LTTE too has suffered a significant number of casualties in these incidents.

In another development, LTTE leader Velupillei Prabhakaran made a public appearance after a long time during the funeral of K.Sivanesan. This appearance is likely to put an end to rumors of his leg being amputated, of him being on deathbed due to SLAF air strike and to some which even claimed his death.


Image: Prabhakaran at the funeral of K. Sivanesan. Photo : Tamilnet

Although the LTTE leader did receive injuries in one of SLAF's air raids, they were not life threatening according to our sources. MI reports also indicated that he escaped the attack on X-Ray base.

Meanwhile LTTE infiltrations in Monaragala district continued to trouble senior army officials as another tractor transporting SLA soldiers came under a claymore attack yesterday. The attack which occurred in Galge, Buttala, resulted in the death of one soldiers and two others being injured.

Note: Recently there had been many requests by bloggers to provide maps of ongoing fighting locations. Due to various limitations, providing maps are not always feasible for us. However our good friend 'The Long Ranger' has posted a detailed map and an article on 58th division's siege on Adampan. The article and map can be found here.


  1. Praba looks different but seems to be in one piece.

    What a disappointment.

  2. Moshe,
    Bro dont be disappointed.We know that we have the goods to hand over to india someday.I will be happier if i can confirm that the face in the coffin is actually sivanesan.Since you cant see the face in the coffin there is no timescale of this event.
    Vp came out of hibernation to inspire his cadres to fight on..

  3. This fat pig cannot be lucky twice. Let our MI guys follow his whereabout and attack him again. SLAF should use their best pilots and have them ready to take him during next attack. There cant be so many hiding places for him hide.

    There should not be 4 hour delays as reported earlier. The entire LTTE military machine is driven by this fat pig.Others are only puppets. Minus him will show the collapse of the ground situation.
    So deploy the best we have to kill this fat pig. Kill him.

  4. I guess UAVs could be used to track MP's body. If they did that they should get some idea of VP's movemnts too.

    IF LRRP did that then they should be able to track VP's movements too as this all happening in closeby areas.

    Those who belive 'common sense' may think now VP came to public as it was sure for them there are no any LRRPs and which implies LTTE killed the MP.

  5. Well, I personaly don't beleive VP will have lucky death from SLAF, like TS. VP will see how all his leaders will die one by one, how SLA kills his fighters in dozens, how SLA will march inside wanni, and he will be suffering from health problems and finally die as an unkwon, ignored, expired person. This is not my wish but guess this is what nature has for him.

  6. The good news is that admiral lakshman?+a LARGE number of sea tigers/walruses?..have been deployed to defend Adampan town.

  7. At a guess..most of these sea tigers are just kids..hope they will surrender as this is not their war.


    Here is today's island paper..

  9. patriots, please read about how the Sri lankan President, mahinda could have been killed. How the story about the guy who blew himiself up links to this story. Great article and info.


  11. So you guys finally woke up from the dream ...LTTE claims 22 SLA dead and 72 wounded ... hahaha SLA silent about this and eyewitnesses says more than 15 ambulances rush to the Anuradhpura base hospital yesterday ... and LTTE still holding Parapaganthal

  12. So will this MP also get that Rs 5 mn GSL giving to killed MPs? If so LTTE can kill one each month in wanni and collect Rs 5 mn from GSL ???

  13. SL,
    Many thanks bro..many thanks..that is a fantastic article.. a MUST READ FOR ALL patriots..i have pasted it again in case it is missed

  14. Shayams comments(if true) are not as bad as it sounds.IT shows that the injured soldeirs had ambulances.It would have been tragic if the only medicines available to them were saline bottles like the LTTEs injured cadres

  15. Can the deployment of sea tigers be a tactical move?

    It seems they are doing a ground based job which is within their capabilities

    On paper sea tigers can take on sea-bourne assaults by the SLN and launch their own assualts as well when they go to the sea. Is the LTTE trying to launch an amphibious attack? This would be like rounding up the SLA if the 58th division is moving the way long ranger has put in the map.

    A cut-off from Mannar or silavathurai would be disastrous for the SLA but looks a long call for the LTTE also.

    may be i'm missing a point here.

    any views???

  16. If Prabha was ever captured alive(unlikely) why have we promised him to the Indians?

    He needs to be dealt with by us and only us.The Indians helped create this monster and it was Rajiv's mother who screwed us big time.

    Why should we gift wrap him for the Indians when he is the cause of so much death and suffering here in our nation not India.

    Let Lanka finish off this monster.

  17. Defencenet:
    Yes, u did claim VP was safe before these pictures were published. But just to provoke the thoughts of the likes of Thiru, Moshe, shyam , srilankan and asithri I'm re-posting my last comment. It is most appropriate to this post of yours, I think.

    Peccko said...

    TamilNet has published some pictures of VP paying respects to late Mr Sivanesan.

    Some theories:
    Theory (A):
    Since LTTE killed Mr Sivanesan, they must have planned it well before that fateful day in November last year when VP got killed. They must have planned everything so precisely that they knew that VP would be killed before Mr Sivanesan and managed to stage this fake 'garlanding' ceremony well before all these tragedies occurred. We hear from reliable sources that the LTTE borrowed the wax worker from 'Madame Tussauds' in London to make a life-size dead body ( Which could probably be dismantled into small bits and re-assembled) of Mr Sivanesan in early October and shipped it through 'small boats' to Tamil Eelam. They then, staged a beautiful ceremony which they took photographs of and filed them for future propaganda use. Now that they have successfully executed the plan to assassinate Mr Sivanesan, the pictures are being published for propaganda mileage. It is of course obvious from the quality of the pictures that they have been idling in a file for a considerably long time and thus have faded a wee bit.

    Theory (B):
    VP seems to be alive, but without one or more legs (since he is a Tiger he might have a maximum of four legs provided that he was born without any physical abnormalities. I the case of him having physical abnormalities, the number of his legs is very difficult to ascertain). There are strong evidence to back this theory too. Take a look at all the photographs appearing on TamilNet carefully and I'm sure you will find that all of them show only his body ABOVE his thigh!!! None of them show his full picture and it gives away the truth!!

    Theory (C): The guy in the photograph is not VP at all. It is a body double. Evidence: Take a closer look at the mustache of 'VP'. One or a few of the Grey hairs that were there last time have now turned black! Its well-known that the LTTE is using all the dye in their stock to paint their cadres into becoming 'black tigers'. So, it is impossible for VP to use a bottle of this invaluable dye to color his mustache. This clearly proves that the 'VP' in the picture is a fake!!!

    Take your pick, dear patriots.

  18. Praba pics.

    1. Is he 'meant' to look sad? To me, he looks ill and worried.
    2. Is his face bruised?
    3. Has his cyanide capsule shrunk?

  19. Lion -
    Dont worry.Do you realy think our guys will let it happen.I will be the first to eat him alive.

  20. Shyam -

    14 Injured , 1 dead
    Still makes 15 Ambulances, Right?

    So dont worry about our P1 , P2 , P3.

    Start worrying about your own P1's
    thats Almost Dead, But in LTTE's case it's definitely going to be dead right? Because Of lack of medication and tractors istead of Ambulances. So wake up Shyam.

  21. When LTTE tried to take Jaffna in 2006, TamilNet had counted elewenty billion ambulance trips. But we all know who got burned there. So these ambulance trip counts are good for kiddies like shyam who do not know how to present facts straight.

  22. Fake or Real Praba, LTTE has edited the pictures that Praba appears.

    Just compare the picture properties in all pictures. You will see a loss of picture properties in VP's pictures. This hasn't happened to other pictures including that Pottu is in.

    A loss in properties happens when you edit an image and save it from Image Editing software such as Photoshop.

    Why do they need to edit the ones that VP present?

    Why do they remove the properties of VP's pictures only?

    Why didn’t they did the same to all other pictures?

  23. Significant part of SAARC summit shifted from Kandy to Colombo


  24. Take aid from China and take a pass on human rights : IHT


  25. Intelattack,
    well, is it strange to edit images before pulishing? Do you/others know the practice in generel?

  26. if this is true then howcome fighting at parappakandal? isnt it south of Adampan? which means the LTTE are biting from the back haha.

    how gullible are you lot?

  27. Shyam, The Boos, Upul and all other LTTE supporters,

    Why don't you visit your own Defencenet at following address instead of wasting your and our time here. You will be able to enjoy your life there like at LNP

  28. Guys,

    "Editing" can mean many different things when it comes to image processing. I for one, never publish pictures straight from the camera on to the web. I always use Photoshop to reduce the size of the image and improve lighting, contrast etc.

    I do not think these images are "edited" in the sense that somebody has superimposed VP. If this is the case then the person who did it must be VERY good with Photoshop. For example, the one where he's laying a garland on the coffin is really well done (if it is a fake).

    The chances are these are not fake photos as I don't think TamilNut has the capability to edit photos to such a high standard. Do you guys remember when they took a picture of some old Indian fighter jets and put a Tiger with a rifle next to it? That's the level of their capabilities, so I think these photos are real!

  29. "Do you guys remember when they took a picture of some old Indian fighter jets and put a Tiger with a rifle next to it? "

    It wasnt tamilnet. Some other less popular ltte media or a kid did it and mass mailed till it gained popularity.

  30. DefenceNet,

    Thanks! Sorry, I'd forgotten who did it. So are you implying that these images could be fakes then?

  31. Parakrama, Ninja,

    Agree with you both. The images look real for 99%.

    But then,
    have they enhanced only Praba's pictures?
    Why not others?
    Only prabas ones should be re-touched? and not other one’s like Pottu?

    Or, they cut the properties of all Praba's pics deliberately as a precaution?

    Poor praba is protected like a 6 months old child. Shame on you PIG!

    In developed countries, they have special IT teams (within military) to analyze every bit of details about these kind of things. Images, video / audio clips, emails and almost every bit and byte of (encrypted) digital information flowing from and to enemy. Ex: NSA in US.

    The war in 21st century is not just FirePower. IT has a great amount of weight in winning a war strategically.

    I read somewhere that LTTE black tigers are using Email and Internet as a good way of communication between Colombo and Wanni.

    But don't know whether we have such teams within SLDF. I think it's the time to start if we still don't have.

  32. We knowing the Buttala areas well,I could only say that the tigers can’t operate without a helping hand of the others, perhaps Sinhala tigers. This a Sinhalese area.

  33. IntelAttack,

    Very good point! I am sure we have a code breaking team, after all we intercept their radio communications (which I presume is encrypted) all the time.

    However, we should have a dedicated team of computer scientists who specialise in encrypted communications working for us. I think we need to encourage more "experts" to join the forces. I’m talking about young people with PhDs here and we should offer them competitive salaries and high ranks within SLDF. I’m sure there are plenty of patriots out there with the right knowledge who would join SLDF given the right conditions!

    The point is that, with a little bit of "outside the box" thinking, we can save a lot of lives & a lot of money!

  34. Defencenet,

    If you want I can built you guys a fully dynamic website using PHP/PERL/PYTHON(ASP also possible) and MySQL(or any other database)...May be Parakrama and others can chip in...All I need is a webserver..The only worry is finding time...

  35. parakrama,
    "So are you implying that these images could be fakes then?"

    No we didnt mean that. These seem to be authentic. What we meant was that Tamilnet hasnt been busted for publishing photoshopped images so far (As far as we know).

    there was one embarrassing article in tamilnet some while back where they showed some metallic parts claiming them to be of a kfir damaged by LTTE aa fire. Then again it wasnt photoshopped; they photographed parts of a cluster bomb placed at random places i.e trees etc. You must have seen that.

    thanks for the offer. We'll see in the future. If we decide to move, we'll notify you.

  36. Thanks DefenceNet!

    I'm am with Vigilante, if you need any help just let us know! I also offered to help out with a while back and my offer is still open, so if there's anything that needs our help, just let us know ok.

  37. php driven, mssql based site can be easily done using one of the below open source s/ware.
    S/ware is highly configurable and can get up and running in 1-2 hours.

  38. man tamilnet is getting better at photoshop so charles anthony the computer geek is being productive

  39. There are plenty of techy guys in SL who can do better than most hackers in the world. It's just that we need a formal system (that's funded by GOV) to get their help.

    Most countries are already doing that. We can't just say we are a 3rd world country and we can't do like other countries.

    If we are fighting with the most ruthless terror org, we have to have a system which should go head to head with them. I think surely the MR Gov is moving into this.

    BTW, Surely Tiger Media has done something to the pics that VP is in. The question is WHAT did they do?

    On the other hand, TN is not as smart as they think. Because if they didn't want to give any tip about this, they should have done the same thing to all the pics in TN.

    We caught you think time Tiger...!

    Next time, ask us before posting images on net! LOL!

  40. Guys,

    There are many open source blog/wiki software you can use to build a blog/wike sites than building any from ground-up.

    Having said that people visit this site and take part that since this belongs to Google, there is a sense of security of individual identities not compromised.

    I have visited many pro-LTTE websites and have given my comments. However, I do it knowingly that my IP address is logged, and it can be traced to my neighborhood without any sophisticated technology. If anyone had access to my ISP, I can be traced to my real name and house.

    Therefore, people may not be comfortable in taking part freely on proprietary blog sites, compared to a site like Mainly due to the sense of security it provides.

    That means, if we have implemented a proprietary site, we will not be able to enjoy the postings from Shyam, Boss, Revy, Ram etc in this blog.

  41. "Having said that people visit this site and take part that since this belongs to Google, there is a sense of security of individual identities not compromised."

    This is exactly why we are running Defencenet on blogger. It concers our ids as well as our reader's IDs.

  42. perein, NOLTTE=Peace

    C’mon guys, that suggestion was our way of saying thanks to DefenceNet for all the hard work that goes into this blog!

    Although I don’t contribute much in the way of posts here, I have stopped looking elsewhere for defence related news and thoroughly enjoy reading all the posts here!

    We are not suggesting that we build it from ground-up. However, even if you use a 3rd party kit, you still need to come up with graphics for the front-end and then cut it (preferably into XHTML). So, our offer of help is still there!

  43. Parakrama,

    My point is not about technology nor which package to use.

    It is about a totally separate issue - "sense of security".

    People visit these kinds of blogs assuming that their anonymity is not compromised, largely because the blogsite is managed by large independent providers like Google, who have no vested interest on the matters or assumption that they will not divulge individual identities.

    But, if you develop an independent site, people would not have that sense of security.

  44. NOLTTE=Peace,

    Sorry mate, I didn't mean to question you on that, totally agree with you. After all, we are dealing with terrorists here!

  45. Take a look at this:

    Navy arrests Indian fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters

    How come they can still get into SL waters? What happened to those mines that were planted recently....and what the hell are the Indian coastguards doing, knowing that their people can get blown up anytime if they hit one while trying to cross?

  46. Hi patriots:-D
    I'm sure the LTTE is very happy that the SLN is busy chasing the indian fisher folk and not bothering them much.It brings two benefits for the LTTE. 1) They can slip in their supplies whilst SLN is busy bugging the Indian Fishermen. 2) It'll annoy the Tamil Nadu government and ultimaley bring India's wrath. LTTE must be laughing now.

  47. Good old Karunanidhi is supplying jokes on the indian fishermen's issue:

    "I shall be grateful if the requests of the State Government are implemented on a war footing,"
    OK...India will now declare war on SL pretty soon I guess.

    "fishermen are guided by the availability of fish which, as you know, is available plenty near Kachchatheevu- which has from time immemorial been the traditional fishing ground of fishermen of Tamil Nadu"
    Yeah...It shouldn't be part of Sri Lanka, it should be part of Tamilnadu. Give it back GOSL.

    "where the fishermen have strayed into Sri Lankan waters, the men should be treated as per International Laws and norms and not through violence and bullets"
    They already are, but just to make sure that they don't get blown to the middle of next week if THEY decide to open fire ON the SL Navy(by mistake of course)!!!

  48. Guys,

    I read a report (this week’s Sunday times) that some Tamil journalists have been arrested on suspicion of having connections with LTTE. My sources in SL say that one of them will be released soon. It breaks my heart to say this, but I bet you anything that soon this journalist will disappear. It’ll be the same fate for Nishanthan if he gets released. LTTE will make them "disappear" as it’ll look like government did it. LTTE will do this because they don’t want anymore of their secrets to be spilled!

  49. Parakrama-
    Bro, Sorry I did not intend to put you guys effect down.
    Just wanted to show you something else we could adapt which could save lot of time from your side.
    So you could contribute with more time in your hand as well as can get to know those free software.
    Apologies if I heart you or anyone.

  50. report :

    LTTE Terrorists Lose Grip on Manthai West

    VALIANT TROOPS of the Sri Lanka Army aimed another humiliating blow at the LTTE depriving them of their bunker line west of MANTHAI Sunday (9) following forceful attack using heavy weapons.

    The MANTHAI west Pradeshiya Sabhawa (Local Government) building which had hitherto been occupied by the LTTE fell into Army hand Sunday (9) afternoon.
    A section of road running between ADAMPAN town and west of MANTHAI which served as a main supply route to the terrorists was also captured during Sunday’s (9) operations.

    Meanwhile, twenty nine members of eight families from KILINOCHCHI and MALLAVI un-cleared areas reached MANNAR today. Their basic welfare needs were catered by the Army troops who directed them to relevant authorities to be sent to IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) center at NANADDAN.

    Tamilnet :

    Artillery duel in Northern Front

    An intense artillery duel was reported across Mukamaalai and Naakarkoayil in the Northern Front Sunday from 1:00 p.m. till 3:00 p.m., sources in Thenmaraadchi said. LTTE fired artillery shells had hit Sri Lanka Army (SLA) positions in Thenmaraadchi.

    Tension prevailed in Southern Thenmaraadchi where civilian areas have become militarized zone. Only a few civilians managed to flee the militarized zone, sources there said.

    The warring parties are yet to release details of the confrontation.

  51. DN, Any info ?

    update when you can :)

  52. LTTE, army clash in northern Lanka


    India planting RAW agents in Sri Lankan provincial councils: JVP


  53. According to my sources the U.S 7th fleet is on its way to SLanka.I wonder if they will be joined by the aircraft carrier Thaamil EElam Pirapahan.Yes we will get on the bad side of india tommorrow morning by arresting their fisherman.This will be followed by the IC invading SLankaa

  54. GOD IC where are you..please help us..In SLanka they kill us in the streets!!.They muder us thaamil canadians o nthe streets for god sake!!.help us please..

  55. srilankan,

    Probably the Tamil Eelam Air Force F18 squadrons will be stationed there. Maybe they'll put up some air shows alongside the blue angels for our viewing.

  56. perein,

    Thanks for the post mate, I didn't take your advice the wrong way, sorry if I gave you that impression. I know you guys always mean well and do what ever you can to help the forces & poor people in SL, I really admire your efforts!

    You both (yourself & NOLTTE=Peace) have very valid points! Why re-invent the wheel ha? It's simply not a good idea to try to build one of these sites from scratch, it involves too much work and it is error prone. When it comes to issues like this, it is always better to adopt a tried & tested solution and modify it to suit your needs if required.

    LKDOOD, that’s fantastic news! I think Moshe Dyan must be really happy now. It seems that finally we are using MI 24’s in a somewhat CAS role and getting good results!

  57. guys,

    i just did simple cut and paste work with these three photos of the fat pig and i believe he is genuinly standing there. becouse all the wrist watchers time is at10:15 (no idea its PM or AM)

    you'll can try by your self, just cut and paste it on powerpoint, and rotate it to normal angle, change the size to 1200% with brightness at 32% and Contrast at 49% bloody bugger is live !

  58. Chamal,
    Definitely bro.For the first time in history a Russian destroyer group will be landing in TamilNadu on its way to Srilanka to help the sea tigers as well. All this because we have been killing Canadian tamils en masse on the streets!! bro on the streets since 1970!!.In colombo we have been brutally murdering Canadian/UK/EC/Norweigian tamils bro...while the LTTE have been content with teaching their kids to knit..catch fish..and learn english..

  59. Chamal,
    According to my sources the following highlights are on the agenda.
    1)The black tigers sprouting wings and flying to intercept a bomb falling against gravity while at the same time defusing the bomb in flight by removing fuse.
    2)The blue leopards being shot at with live bullets and after dying coming back to life(metamorphosis developed by vp in his high tech lab)
    3)The individual members of the charles anthony bridage firing 4 weapons simultaneously with both hands and feet..

  60. Hey Srilankan,

    I think your last point should read like this:

    3)The individual members of the charles anthony bridage firing 5 weapons simultaneously, 2 on both hands, 2 operated by feet and another one stuck in the anal cavity..


  61. Parakrama,
    MY sincere apologies sorry

  62. Parakrama,

    Take it easy man!

    What I find very useful is, if someone can create a Mirror Site for in the US or Europe. video and other e-assets eats-up huge amount of Sri Lanka's bandwidth when they are online.

    What happens is thousands of people try to download the same video from Sri Lanka at once, and it slows whole Sri Lanka down.

    What needs to happen is either create a mirror site or host the Videos, and Photos in a Mirror site in the US or Europe.

    It would be great if someone can help with that.

  63. NOLTTE=Peace,

    I completely understand. As you probably know, hosting is not that expensive in Europe & USA, so it can be quite easily done! If you know anybody in MOD, please let them know that there are people willing to help them out!

  64. Guys,

    As Tissa Hami said, I have also noticed the time is somewhare around 10:15 (AM or PM) by observing the pics of Fat Pig. Guess its PM.
    I also agree, the pics looks very genuine.

  65. Guys-
    Do we know who's the grand-pa in those picture apart from THE PIG?

  66. When I saw the pictures of VP the first thing I looked for were his legs. Strangely none of them showed the whole body.

    Could Tamilnet (or similar) website publish a full portrait photograph of VP in nothing but his underpants (lunket eka)? That would stop us guessing if he is dead or alive, the number of legs he currently has attached to his body, etc.

    Better still, how about a video clip of VP in his "vaula" walking a treadmill or riding an exercycle? But make sure that it is convincing. May be do the filming of VP while SLAF gunships are flying in the background or the Migs doing one of their rounds. Then we will know this is no archive material. Put is it up on Youtube and shut the sceptics up for now and we can move on to another topic.

  67. Tamilnet:

    20 SLA killed, 62 wounded in Mannar fighting - LTTE

  68. As Long Ranger’s article and other have indicated, LTTE needs the western coast to do the Tamil Nadu supply run. I believe the most important commodity that the LTTE is buying from TN is gasoline. Other materials include aluminum ingots, ball bearings, explosives, detonators and some dual use items.

    The LTTE probably has in storage millions of rounds of small arms ammunitions, probably thousands of 80mm mortar rounds, may be hundreds of artillery shell, tons of RDX and other conventional explosives. These types of items can be stored and used for decades. However gasoline is different. It is difficult to store gasoline for extended periods. Fuel stabilizers can extend the shelf life but it eventually degrades over time, weeks to months based on storage and environmental conditions.

    Most people know what happens if you keep gasoline in a car engine for extended periods. It gums up the engine. A carbureted engine can easily get ruined with gumming.

    The impoverished TN fishermen are basically willing to do the TN to Sri Lanka dash if the price is right for black gold. Also, gasoline is an easy product to smuggle. Even if the local authorities clamp down on other illicit materials, it is very difficult to stop the fisherman from buying a legally available commodity like gasoline.

    The LTTE cannot sustain their operations without gasoline. They can’t move their tractors around which is necessary in order to move their artillery guns nor can they move their cadres about from front to front in a hurry without gasoline. I think it was Kevin in this blog who said that the LTTE might have a castor oil plantation in the Wanni, and that they might be producing some bio-diesel, which by the way is not very complicated to produce. However bio-diesel will only cover some of their requirements. For example, the 100 HP marine outboard engines that the Sea Tigers use on their boats are all petrol based. Per the below article, the LTTE's scary planes, Zlins, use multi-fuel, either petrol or diesel.

    Once the gasoline supply stops, I think the game will be over for the LTTE

  69. Former Tamil rebels set for poll victory


    Concern Over Abductions in Sri Lanka: Vatican Radio


  70. Binoculars captured by police
    The green one's appear Steiner. They make of some of the best military binoculars. Quite expensive too.

  71. Lanka Truth:

    UN rejects HRW report

    The human rights report forwarded by Human Rights Watch to UN has been rejected.
    The report in 242 pages was rejected by all representatives of Asian, European and African countries as a false report.

  72. LKDood,
    Whats going on can GOD IC reject HRW report..Cant they see that we are murdering tamils with foreign passports in the 1000's on a daily basis?

  73. Tamilnet:

    Fighting erupts in Northern Front

    Heavy exchange of gun and mortar fire was reported Sunday night for at least 3 hours from 10:00 p.m., sources in Thenmaraadchi said.

    The fighting continued till the latest update from the area at 1:00 a.m. Monday. Further details are not available at the moment.

  74. Interference ?

    One of the few good things that the Premadasa Govt did was to expel the British Ambassador for not minding his own business.

    US Ambassador Robert Blake on Friday called on Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake to discuss the arrangements being made by the Elections Department to ensure that the local government election is free and fair -- Photo by Thusitha Kumara

  75. Daily Mirror

    Govt. hopes to get new IIGEP from SAARC countries

    By Sandun A. Jayasekera
    The government is considering inviting a group of eminent persons from SAARC countries to fill the gap which would be created by the withdrawal of the existing Independent International Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) at the end of this month, highly placed sources said.

    However the source maintained such an appointment would depend on the feedback the government gets from the Co-chairs to the Tokyo Donor Conference on Sri Lanka, mainly USA, Japan and the European Union, who had earlier pushed for the establishment of an IIGEP.

    “One of the drawbacks faced in appointing a panel from SAARC is that Sri Lanka will have to foot the bill. The expenditure on the present IIGEP is borne by their respective countries,” the source added.

    The IIGEP was earlier selected from India, USA, England, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Cypress, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Nominees from Bangladesh and Cypress represented the European Human Rights Commission, the source added.

    The government was of the view, according to the source, a SAARC panel would be able to do a better job as South Asian countries are much oriented with the cultural, social and legal environment of Sri Lanka.

    The IIGEP announced last week it terminated its services in Sri Lanka owing to various reasons, a move the government had termed as “hasty” and added it would not hesitate to appoint a fresh panel to oversee the work of the Commission of Inquiry probing allegations of human rights abuses and violations.

  76. any updates defencenet on fighting on the northern front that has erupted?

    just take a look at this picture and decide wether its fake or not

    its look real don't it well its not this picture was released to the world by the chinese to show that there leader is strong and alive when the world was wondering about his fate, Mao could not swim in his entire life.and this was done years and years ago with todays technology a simple job like the picture is well really easy

  78. Louise Arbour to step down after her term finishes.

    GENEVA - The United Nations' top human rights official, who has criticized many countries and been attacked by them in response, said Friday that she is quitting after only one term.


  79. From the same article linked above:

    " John Bolton, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN at the time, said it was "inappropriate and illegitimate for an international civil servant to second-guess the conduct that we're engaged in the war on terror, with nothing more as evidence than what she reads in the newspapers."

    Double standards no?

  80. SS,

    If you zoom in to Mao's photo, you can see how they cut and pasted Mao's head on to another body swimming. Extra white border around head is a good indication of it. However, the photos in TN are much more complex. The most difficult thing in his kind of work is tracing rays for reflection along with surface texture effects. If you trace (angle wrt the camera and shadows) the rays of reflection of Velu's hand on the casket and you will see how real this image is. If this is not real, then this is some ultra sophisticated forgery, which I doubt, that LTTE will spend money to get required technology. If you generate 3D computer images from scratch, then we can mimic lots of reflections etc, to a lesser precision like the Movie Shrek and Ice Age. However, this is little too real than those animated images. What to say is not impossible but very unlikely.

  81. From same article linked to above:

    " Israeli Ambassador Itzhak Levanon last year rejected Arbour's criticism of Israeli military action against Palestinians.
    "The misguided and deeply disturbing statement by the high commissioner blatantly disregards events on the ground," Levanon said."

    More double standards? Israelis at least give us some support.

    " Arbour, however, has been well-regarded by human rights organizations."

  82. Even before Arbour came to Sri Lanka, we all knew what her agenda was and what she was going to deliver after her visit. It was that obvious and widely discussed.

    Nevertheless, the woman delivered the same as speculated.

    It was obvious that she was prejudice and had a hidden agenda behind her visit.

    It was another "job security" visit for her, which was badly backfired.

    It shows how naive and ignorant these Westerners are. LTTE takes the full advantage of their weaknesses and mislead them to the max.

    I saw the news that she has announced her departure. At least, she has realised her mistakes.

    Now she may be saying "F" words about LTTE off the camera, realising the ride that LTTE took on her expense.

    Angela Kane came and went back now as a damage-control measure.

    BTW, did you guys read the article that how UNICEF expat staff took part in a demonstration in front of the Fort Railway station. If they had done something in Saudi Arabia, they would get 500 lashes in their asses before being deported for good.

  83. noltte=peace,

    I don't know about hidden agendas, but I think the problem is more to do with westerners thinking that countries like ours can handle things like them.

    The fact is our country is corrupt, and we don't have well organized authorities and at the same time we are fighting a war with a cunning ruthless group of terrorists. The only way we can defeat them is play the same game they play. This is what they don't understand. Our hope is that once this common enemy of the people is destroyed then we can concentrate in organizing our authorities and concentrating on HR things like that.

    That's what I feel anyway. We can do things right now to organize our authorities, but there's corruption like I said, and it's intertwined in such a way that the common enemy we are fighting abuses that trait in us.

    That's why we need a strong leader, and I hope to god, that MR won't betray us in the long run. He can't, majority of us are supporting him with the same hopes, which is defeating the LTTE and then developing our country and getting rid of corruption and educating the masses so that nothing like this ethnic war will erupt again.

  84. machang

    well said.. we can only hope for the best... while doing what we can to help instead of complaining all the time.
    I know a lot of sri lankans who do it,.. and have even caught myself on the verge of it/doing it sometimes..., complaining comes easy, but doing something about its not too difficult, most people just rather talk and talk and talk.
    (which is some whatimportant but there is a limit to blabbering)

    Lets hope MR does what needed to be done... and the brave soldiers do not sacrifice their blood in vain.

    the cultural troupe of the combined forces was amazing. made me proud (to be sri lankan), ashamed (about being detached, not directly helping to make things better at the moment), and glad to be part of helping them achieve the goals they came to fulfill in the usa tour they did.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. aqua,

    Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of our countries people, their kindness, well at least the majority of the everyday people, the forces for their bravery, the people who've been their in times of need for each other, the people who disregard the "demonic" cultivation of divisions by certain people and live, laugh, play and mourn together across the ethnic boundaries.

    That's what I'm proud of, and there are people out there, sinhalese, tamil, moors, outsiders et al who are out to destroy all of the above.

  87. Patriots,
    Did any one of you think that this pic is genuine, but that it is from the LTTE archives of another event from the past and that it has nothing to do with Sivanesan’s funeral?

    I’ll elaborate in a second post…

    OaO Asithri

  88. Patriots:

    I see many posts expressing/exchanging views about the authenticity of the pic of the Parayakaran at this Sivanesan skunk’s funeral.

    I see many of you have taken this analysis into an unnecessary in-depth level, to either say it is Parayakan himself in the pic or that it is a digitally mastered fake. When you really think about it, why would LTTE digitally manipulating a pic when it can take one from the archives and publish it saying it is current as long as there are no give-aways of the deception?

    I for one think the pic is genuine and the fatty in the pic is indeed Parayakaran or the body-double who is alleged to have been placed (as per Karuna) after the Tsunami (keep in mind, after the Tsunami, this monster did not meet any foreign personality – including the Norwegians and other personalities from the EU who had repeatedly asked to see him – and always there was an excuse why he could not meet them, but the smiling barber was always available).

    So, either way, I believe the pic is genuine and it is not digitally mastered…

    Except, I strongly believe it is a pic from the archives where he was paying tribute to a slain LTTEr of some rank months/years ago (and we know there have been thousands of such LTTErs of “some rank” who have perished in the past) and the LTTE carried out a clever deception to prove Parayakaran is “hale and hearty.” In my view, the LTTE had to do something as he was not seen or heard from since last November when SLAF bombed a suspected hideout and there have been many SLDF claims, based on many calculated intel reports, that the rabid dog (or his body double since Tsunami) has died or is severely wounded.

    Why this deception?

    This is LTTE’s way of assuring that the donations from the Diaspora Tamils will continue to flow in and the morale of the LTTE bunker guarding kids/women are kept high.

    The absolute proof we can have is if the rabid dog gave an interview to foreign/independent reporters with video camera zooming in on him and nothing else. At the least, even if he appeared in public and gave a speech/attended a funeral or something at a well attended gathering, then if there were pics published of that well know event, then it becomes believable.

    What we have here is pic in an underground bunker with a few LTTE insiders present, with no evidence as to when this pic was taken or what the event was!

    No, I think we are too smart to swallow the Tamilnet’s garbage wholesale!

    OaO Asithri

  89. When we think about the suitable approach for IC/UN there are two main distinct paths, claiming the end result to be good one for us. Those who favours one oppose the other.

    1) IC is too strong, so we can't and don't fight with them. Let's beleive they have good and fair policy for us and agree for whatever they say and keep them happy. As they are happy with us , they will give us aid and make investments.

    UNP together with NGOs follows this approach.

    2) IC is too strong but they have their own plan for us and it is not good for us (SL). They are cunning, tricky, dishonest, supportive for LTTE so we should not beleive them. We should fight back and stand on our policies no matter what are the consequences are.

    MR, JVP, (SLFP depending on leadership), JHU follows this.

  90. An explosion near wellawatte any info about that incident .....

  91. "
    An explosion near wellawatte any info about that incident ....."

    1 dead 3 injured. parcel bomb

  92. My people said that it took place near a Cinama and I hope it's not the savoy? no deaths,I hear.

  93. machang machang

    i didnt get you wrong at all, was just adding on to what you said.

    parcel bombs at roxy. desperation indeed...again testing the high tolerance of sri lankans.

  94. Asithri,

    I have a collection of photos of the butcher Prabhakaran spanning 3 decades and I imposed them one by one on these pictures using Photoshop.

    It proves that all the photos I have belong to the same person. The man who is in these photos are the same old Prabhakaran.

    However, I saw a very distinct something with these pictures. Specifically one particular picture

    If you would closely analysed, his area above the right hand side cheek-bone and the surrounding area of eye shows lasserations/abrasions. Simply speaking, kind of 'black-eye'. It can easily happen by a crashing piece of bunker lumber hitting the face and right shoulder knocking him down.

    It looks like it has happened some time ago (May be Nov 27th as mentioned by DBS Jeyaraj), as you can not see any lump. The black blood is still under skin that have not dispersed still showing. That means, it has been a considerably high impact.

    He also has a less intense mark on the middle of his nose, but you should not be mistaken. The mark has come from prolong wear of eye-glasses.

    So, it can be believed that the DBS Jeyaraj has reported the actual events while all the other other stories about him is not true.

    One thing is for sure. This butcher has gained nearly half of his weight than he was 5 years ago in these pictures. Judging by his 5' 3" height, he should be weighing 95 to 110Kg now.

    Before Satan come and take him in the guise of a heart-attack or renal failure, our boys will arrange the meeting sooner!

  95. "I hope it's not the savoy? no deaths,I hear."

    Near Roxy cinema. Unfortunately 1 death.

  96. Asithri
    We personally know a gentleman who is frequent visitor to London from the Norwegian government where their embassy is close to my place and out of curiosity I have asked him check with their officials if they have ever made contact with VP since the tsunami and the answer was NO. During the birthday party for his children in London, a few years ago it was noticed by people in the know, that VP has not contacted his family and this is very strange. Someone in our MI said that he is alive.

  97. DefenceNet ;

    Daily mirror says its exploded from inside the flower basket....

  98. shyam,
    Daily mirror says its exploded from inside the flower basket...."

    Could be. since its a parcel bomb it can be placed almost anywhere.

  99. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. I strongly believe we should setup NSA type signal intelligence network until this war is over. We need to intercept tiger and traitors communications real time for any use. We need to jam tiger communications and deceive them that their is a attack on the way. We need to zoom in on tiger communications and look for tiger bases and bomb their bases (big or small).


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