Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fighter jets raid X-Ray Base

Sri Lanka Air Force's supersonic jet bombers raided a highly secure LTTE military base located in the thick jungles east or Iranamadu today morning. The target (identified as X-Ray Base) and the surrounding area had been declared as a 'high security zone' by the LTTE. According to military intelligence, X-Ray base is the nerve center of LTTE operations in Kilinochchi district.

Meanwhile unconfirmed military intelligence reports suggest that an extremely high profile LTTE target was present in the base at the time of bombing. This claim however is unverified as of now.


  1. After a short lapse; good work SLAF.

    Lets wait and see which pig was present like a commodor dragon waits out the demise of its victim after an attack.

    Hopefully tamilnet won't disappoint us this time!!

  2. Oh God, May the Bunker Rat die on the Spot,

    If the high ranking LTTE officer is Prabha may he break in to 1000 pieces so the rest of the peace loving people can have peace!!!

    Weldone!!SLAF Mmmmma a Big Kiss to all the great work done.

    Even Prabha gets killed I don't think they will admit

  3. Defencenet is so quick these days.!!!

    This is what I think about andare's technique for jungles-from the previuos thread.

    Well, I guess what andare is saying some thing like this. Suppose at time t at the point x incedent happened. Then you calculate the maximum distance r from point x tigers can run to any dircetion within the time t to current time. (This is easily calculted) Then you send troops in choppers and they land on the perimeter of a circle whose center is point x and radius is r. So how many troops you need can calculate depending on the number r and distance between two troops. (it is nearly 2pir/required gap) So in this way he is correct at least theoraticaly. This circle will not be large as whole jungle with 1000sqkm and it will be more productive sooner you start. Here we need to assume tigers don't use motor vehicles and rather run by feet.
    For example if you start the op after 30 mins the incedent and if tigers can move 5 km away within one hour (by running through the jungle) you need to serach 200 sqkm only.

  4. This is the way to go...bomb their strongholds and hideouts daily..we have to speedup the least the air attacks.

  5. I hope millions of people refreshing the TN web site.

    Still silence..!

  6. tnet seems to be blocked again since i can only get through to it via vtunnel.

  7. I guess our DPU units have infiltrated deep inside sure they have given the directions to this attack. Great Job Guys!!!

  8. Tn has been blocked again 4 sum time now. Anyway it'l soon post some bull about slaf attackin tsunami camp.

  9. Any one knows why this place is called x-ray base?

  10. Reliable sources say that LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran has left the X-Ray base at around 11 AM, just before the air strike took place at 11.15 AM.

    What/Who is the Reliable source for mawbima?????

  11. Any one knows why this place is called x-ray base?

    Myabe b'cos it's well hidden in the thick jungle :)

  12. Is this the day we all were waitting for .....

  13. ninja,
    You got the point. Other just talk nonsence!!!

    I am from Down south and I have trecked though jungle enough times.
    If you have a gadjet, which can tell you the direction to move, that is it.
    That is where GPS comes in to find the direction of the center point. Even a compass will do, if it is calibrated properly, may be with the help of GPS device.
    You do not need to go as a straight line, as far as you manage to maintain the direction!!!

    if manage to respond with in 1/2hr, area, which needs to cover is nearly 100SqM

  14. the day we are all waiting for is the day that extremists from all sides to lose their battle and every sri lankan is treated with the same respect they deserve :)

    One country, one identity! No single group should enjoy extra benefits!

    Killing Velu and dismantling his military machine is just part of that solution me thinks

  15. The place was attacked with 3 Kfir's. And prabakaran definitely was there this morning.

  16. says,
    Speculation in Colombo saying Praba gone to hell.
    Usually speculation becomes true.
    Let's hope that's the case.

  17. wow...low flying bombing run with Kfirs... thought only Mig27's were used for low flying bombing runs...
    as long as our boys are not in harms way and the enemy getting the maximum damage

  18. by the way i heard that 6 jets were used and the beech hisar was also up at the time... Beech pilots have confirmed complete destruction of the base...
    DefenceNet...any info?

  19. I guess this is Dive type bombing. Aircrafts fly to high position and dived into the specific target. as far as i know Kfirs cant go as low as MIG 27M's Cos they are Delta Winged Aircrafts.

  20. Great news to start the day with.. :) Good job well done brothers. Also wanted to show you guys..!
    Sri Lanka Army to march towards Elephant Pass soon
    Nice article and few pictures...
    Isnt that heart pumping..! :)

  21. [Kfirs cant go as low as MIG 27M's Cos they are Delta Winged Aircrafts.]

    not sure if that's the reason but delta wings are good as long as your airspeed is high...
    Even mig27's will sweep their wings back to reduce drag in high speed operational situs...
    Maybe they need to slow down when at low altitudes to make an effective bombing run with our munitions which makes the kfir bit more unstable...
    just a guess :)

  22. says about "real-time air surveillance" in this event. This can be observed and it is likely sathan to leave the place if he was there.

  23. ["real-time air surveillance"]

    that's the Beech HISAR :)

  24. andare,

    "You got the point. Other just talk nonsence!!!"

    "If you have a gadjet, which can tell you the direction to move, that is it.
    That is where GPS comes in to find the direction of the center point."

    No its quite likely that you are talking nonsense. This is not a cricket field as DB said. Even if we use your circle idea, any officer who can read a map and use a compass will be able to do that. Basic field craft, map reading and use of compass is something every soldier will know. To try and pretend that finding a handful of terrorists in a large jungle is that simple, is an insult to people in the SLA who are much more knowledgeable than you on this subject.

  25. Haroooooo Haraaaaaaa!

    I do hope they get the FAT man...

  26. If Velu was present chances are that other ltte big wigs were also there...with a few hundred elite guards of velu also...
    must be a biggies since tamilnet is still silent

  27. TN is still silent about this and i just get the feeling something big has happened :)))))

  28. Defnet,

    Some interestinf stories in Asiantribune. Especially one about the SLN installing a so called "underwater defence system" using sea mines. Can you comment on this. Do they mean that the SLN has mined the sea to prevent LTTE smuggling boats?

  29. sea mines are a good idea...
    that will keep the marauding indian fishermen also at bay...
    not to mention the chances of weapons smuggling and ltte big wigs trying to flee SL

  30. The timing for the air strike is interesting. says it was at 11.15am. Normally SLAF air strikes against these hideouts are early in the morning, possibly because these bunkers are used by the LTTE leaders mostly at night time (i.e. Thamilselvam). So this one if true seems to have been based on real time intelligence. Lets see what happens...

  31. This is from LNP-from 'Revy'.I am putting here becuz he quates moshe dyan from defencenet. This is FYI and please don't start a topic from this.

    Well this news is timely for some, was going to say would some GoSL supporters go help your bretheren over at Defencenet, some of the poor sods are just losing it over there because of a few tigers in the jungle and MR's little interview :):)

    Moshe Dyan said...
    why every fr**king thing (the damned jungle, the f * terrain, the s * * * NGOs, the f * IC, etc.) is saving the gory terrorists!!

    any info on how the Bolevians hunted the che guvara group? anyone?

    January 23, 2008 8:39 AM

    ahhh the sound of GoSL moron crying its heart out, sure does make me glad :):)

  32. shay,
    there is no insult here to any body.
    Those who has the capacity to understand, will understand what I am saying.

    This is "food for thought" for traditional thinkers.

  33. ninja bandara thanks for the info. but i never go to LNP forum and i do not intend to reply to this revy bugger.

    let him have his fun; hopefully our fun will begin soon!!!!!

  34. Does it take this long from from slaughtering a pig to cooked pork?

    come on Praba; setta poicha!!die die die soon

    i have readied a song to celebrate your filthy death; for all the bloody crimes you did there is no escape.

  35. DefenceNet,
    Can you suggest/guess or say why TamilNet is so silent today? No update since yesterday.

    Thank you!

  36. The big news might be just around the corner :))))

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Well, we can't conclude that revy is one of the LTTE supporters here. But this proves he reads this blog and got upset to extent such that go to LNP and refer this blog.

    Free publicity for defencenet. It seems that these two blogs have become a headache to many LTTE supporters.

    May BE he is upul or boss ; becuz you guys ask so often from them go to LNP and write their crap.LOL.


    This is about andare's jungle theory.

    Well, while your technique is theoratically sound a lot of other factors need to be taken into account which probably we are even not aware of. This is not a computer game but a real war.

    One point;
    How long it will take SLAF to take required no of troops to any given location from thier bases. Higher the time lower the results. + other military related practical issues.

  39. I am wondering why we do not have capable people in the UK to counter the LTTE lobby there?

    LTTE has successfully misled Gordon Brown and it seems that he is now taken it a personal mission to stop LTTE's defeat, which could be the best thing that can happen to Sri Lanka for 30 years.

  40. Tamilnet is the best indication as to what happened in the air strike. If we missed the target, they'll come up with a story as to how the we have bombed a Tsunami resettlement camp. If they remain silent, that may mean it was a direct hit on the facility and considerable damage was caused.

    The longer they remain silent the better.

  41. NOLTTE=Peace, it's not just a lobby group, it's the thousands of Tamil votes that's playing a big part. No British MP will have any electoral benefit in supporting us, but it's in the best interest of MPs with a considerable Tamil populations in their constituencies to support the LTTE. It's going to be hard to change that.

  42. guys-

    in LNP will be giving an update soon
    about 20 mins to go by looking at the current time.

  43. I also heard a news dat 5 of our brave DPU members got killed in the same attack, cos they were providing info for SLAF from that location.

    I don't know whether this is true but there is a high possibility that they were at dat place.

  44. Miliyaa-
    If that's true, looks like we may have done a some sort of carpet bombing to wipe the Big pig out.

  45. big news on the way all can hear it 6pm local time.....this is the time we have to be very carefull...c..m

  46. TN never going to update, since

    only VP know the password to update it.

  47. DN, do you have any update on this? We all are waiting

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. What will tamilnut can put? Only three types.
    1) SLAF bombes civilian settlement. Two houses damaged. 70 year old woman and 5 year old kid injured. Five cows dead.

    2) SLAF bombed civilian settlement close to where school children were doing an out door activity.

    3) SLAF bombed a civilian settlement and the most civilized person in the world is no more.

    PS. According to tamilnut SLAF bombs civilian settlements only.

  50. Guys,

    I live in western Europe; so, don't get unnecessarily alarmed at what Gordon Brown said; he is another western politician who has to appease a very wide audience. At present, his ratings are in free fall in the United Kingdom. The economy is in the dolldrums; even banks are going going bust, due to so-called credit crunch. I don't think the Tamil vote bank is a factor yet, to to be hostile towards Sri Lanka. Of course there are Tamils, but they are scattered all over the country. So, they are not saturated enough in one area to make them appear to be a force to reckon with.

    However, there may be some regional politicians who have been stelthily financed by Tiger sympathisers. But the known characters are a bunch of jokers or electoral liabilities; no one takes them seriously.

    The public has little sympathy for the LTTE or Tamils or any other so-called suffering groups; they are fed up with the immigrants who come under the pretext of refugees. Law enforcement authorites reflect the public mood, not that of diplomats or politicians.

    Recently, a terminally ill cancer patient was deported, who happened to be a bogus asylum seeker. This incidents sums up all I said before.

  51. guys

    Tamilnet has not updated all day with any story ? normally they update all day

  52. I wonder every one into peace talk already... Or trying to share some roast PORK....
    No updates from ....
    Specialforce ...

  53. Even if the butcher survives this SLAF attack im sure he's going to flee to some other country. Cos now it seems like our intelligence is truly tracking his hideouts. If he's going to stay in SL, he's surely be going to killed.

  54. Dear Boss, Upul, Verbatim and All worlds’ most innocent terrorist organization supporters,

    TN said "Tamil youth reported missing in Colombo" at 19:35 Jan 22. Some speculate whether this person went missing with all the future TN news or SLAF mistakenly bombed TN editors in wanni when they were looking for civilian settlements? lol!

    All false propaganda of Terrorists is falling in front of their eyes.

    Truth Hurts and also Wins always!

  55. just now for the first time Tamilnet has updated today

  56. No DPU members were killed. Still no confirmation on damages caused. All buildings visible from air have been destroyed. Both kfirs and migs were used in the attack.

  57. Tamilnut suddenly taken a 360 degree turn

    It looks like it is a story.

    After giving Punnakku for Tamil diarrhea-pora for decades, now it seems Tamilnut try to build people's lost confidence.


  58. PORK for Dinner people ?

  59. Defencenet thank you for the update

    DPU was also involved ?

    update when you can

  60. NOLTTE=Peace

    i can't also believe the tamilnet story

    ICRC hands over 9 bodies to LTTE in Oamathai

    is tamilnet being hacked ?

  61. Defencenet;
    Thank you for the update.
    Can you please try to carry out some update at least hourly basis since lot of people are waiting.. At least for next few hours.

  62. 3 migs from 5th jet sq and 3 kfirs from 10th fighter sq were used.

  63. anybody have any idea how many migs and kfirs SLAF have in total ?

  64. Are we in for a big disappointment?

    But if it was such a big SLAF attack, TN would surely put some crap by now unless it has struck home.

    There were no reports that AA bateries were used by the tigers in spite of low flying jets.

    This is different to tamilselvan's death; he was knows to the West as a dove and tigers immediately used that for propoganda.

    Death of Praba means the begining of the end of the LTTE for many.

    If he was injured, another sortie must be carried out.

  65. Six (6) planes!!

    This must be the biggest ever SLAF attack!

    If each dropped one Mk-80, that is 3 MT of bombs; chances are that more than 20 bombs were dropped with a load of more than 10MT. May be they used a combination of GPBs.

  66. Defencnet wadda arrilaa geddara avilla wagee..
    giving us lot of messages to read suddenly.

  67. thank you Defencenet

    this is very good for people like me who are not military

  68. Moshe Dyan,

    The behaviour of Tamilnet, when it comes to reporting their own losses, is quite erratic, to say the least. I have been following it from its inception and no statistical significance can be atttributed to it and therefore, no pattern emerges.

    They broke the news of Thamil Chelvan's death, but after hours of deliberations, when convinced that a political advantage could be earned.

    Then never reported what happened to Soosai, until Soosai himself broke the news - that after recovery.

    When Prabha got injured, they never mentioned it or gave the slightest hint of such a thing.

    However, they broke the news of the death of Charles - the military intelligence leader.

    Only conclusion that can be drawn is that the LTTE is badly fragmented and the loyalty of the Tamilnet has shifted towards one of those; it dances to the tune of that faction.

    theboss, if you come here again, prove me wrong.

  69. i don't know how mawbima know:

    'Prabhakaran has just escaped'

    it is just weired !

    other sites have no info on Prabhakaran

  70. ninja bandara,
    No particular reason to call it x-ray i think. xray stands for 'x' in the phonetic alphabet (like alpha for 'a', bravo for 'b' etc.)

  71. i think they call it X-ray base because they have a x-ray in the base LOL !

  72. If LRRP gave the targets to the fighters, then this shows that they have infiltrated even the LTTE's "high security zones". And even if the sun goat has escaped, this bombing would still be a fatal blow to the LTTE's morale. Their leader was bombed twice.... sure, they'll be going on about his 'invincibility' but they cannot deny that the military is getting pretty accurate intel about his activities.



    The Valiant Sri Lanka Army Soldiers destroyed 24 LTTE bunkers..

  74. Qrious-
    If I remember correct Soosai incident happened before the other mentioned events by you.
    What I think is, LTTE announced all the big events recently to avoid publishing waiting news (Praba's death) for a while.
    By doing that they could easily buy some hours if not days of extra fighting until they make few other plans.

  75. Sri lanka has C-130 Hercules ?

    it says on wikipedia

    is this true ?

    WOW ! Americans use C-130's

  76. sri lanka god two c-130's but only one is in working condition. Working one uses others parts for repairs. So we got only one c-130. (If I am wrong correct me?)

  77. I saw some one spoke about mig's kafir's. As I know only 11 of them are in working condition. Others to be repaired.



    Any truth in this LTTE claim.?

  79. lkdood,
    We have two C-130 I think. I lived in Nugegoda about 4 years ago and this plane used to fly over our place almost daily. (Huge green thing...didn't know what it was then lol)

  80. Matara ayiya

    thanks for the answer
    your blogs are very interesting :)

  81. Here is another one..

  82. tangara,
    Probably not true. I don't think army uses its commandos to charge at LTTE FDL's. But I can guarantee that the casualty figures are false, at any rate. (Let's see what Defencenet has to say)

  83. lot of things have flown over my house including UFO's

    i have seen M1 24 , other planes

    one time i waived to a transport helicopter(i don't have a clue what type it was/it was flying so low) lol

    they waived back :)

  84. In the second address given by tangara, tamilnet claims:
    "The SLA ground forces that attempted to advance were unable to cross the no-man zone between the LTTE and SLA forward defence line in Naakarkoayil, the Tigers said"
    Yeah....probably because there was no FDL to cross, seeing as the army destroyed 24 of their bunkers.

  85. Defecewire says, possibly verification can take few days unless LTTE reveled some news.

  86. @chamal,

    Don't know about it. But just there days ago ash colour c-130 landed in katunayake airport.Now it's hangers are in Rathmalana.(If i am wrong pl. correct me)

  87. I forgot to write most important thing. Americans are not selling major c-130 spare parts to sri lanka. So Air force did right thing. Keep one in good condition by using others parts.

  88. matara ayiya,
    I guess you're right... I just mentioned I saw them flying overhead. Don't where they are. BTW are they only used for transporting? Not used for carrying paratroopers?

    So you used to wave at them lkdood? Yeah well, me too.

  89. We never allow to go near to Air force plane. So I cannot tell how it look likes in inside.

  90. LTTE spokesman released something in tamil at Someone who know may want to translate.

  91. Herd SLAF is willing to repair its two C130K s (Including the Scrapped One)in Pakistan. Pakistanis got facilities to complete overhaul the C130 Aircrafts. i don't know whether they are capable of Converting them to C130J (Which is very advanced version of this Aircraft, Main rival to Airbus's A400M) specification though.

  92. As Usual they have denied the attack and he claims that the GoSL is spreading this rumors to confuse the public and he is quoting that the similar news were spread during Tsunami times in 2004 and also in 1989

  93. Defencewire is saying :
    crowds around the island took to the streets lighting firecrackers in the belief that Pripaharan himself has been killed in the attack

  94. Euphoria for the masses.

    I don't care whether this is another way to coverup the cost of living issues, but sure as hell it is one hell of a way to do it. Let's hope the stinky munky pussy is completely fried.

  95. Geezz
    That attack is guaranteed to get velumunki's depression bounce off the walls, diabetes go sky high and his balls fall off. cowardly sob must be running without even wiping his ass. Our guys should be able to trace him by simply sniffing the air...

  96. There is a nice collection of photos of Sri Lanka Air Force planes, including the C-130s on Flickr

  97. Noltte=peace
    I am wondering why we do not have capable people in the UK to counter the LTTE lobby there?
    We are doing our best, but money talks and buys politicians. Silly things that gosl do these days doesn’t help our efforts. Examples are, the recent Srilankan affair, Mervin affair,Unnessary security restrictions, where complete roads were blocked. To day one of the vital main streets in Kandy was closed idefinitly,to protect the President who is in Colombo.Hundrads of traders are affected, people are inconvenianced.People may be disgusted and angry, appealing to foreign powers like UK.When ever we meet the leaders here, they bring these points out.Delibarate and misguided Govt.practices on it’s people, on their daily lives are noticed by IC and not therefore sympathetic to our cause.

  98. Kevin

    If it's any help, the things you point out have little real weight on policy decision making where foreign realtions are concerned. Today the world is moving towards a more interdependent system, yet becoming polarized out of necessity. The only common enemy of all parties, across the world is the terrorist.
    The rest is just politics.


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