Sunday, January 6, 2008

LTTE military intelligence wing leader killed in LRRP strike

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) intelligence wing suffered a setback today when it's "military intelligence wing" leader Charles (also known as Shanmuganathan Ravishankar) was killed in by a claymore explosion set off by the army's Deep Penetration Unit. Self styled "Colonel" Charles and 3 other senior LTTE cadres were killed when the army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) detonated a claymore mine targeting their van.

The attack took place in the Paalmadhu area which is currently under LTTE control. The LRRP had once again managed to infiltrate into LTTE territory through a heated up and alerted front line, unnoticed by the tigers. Infiltrations of this type are termed as virtually impossible.

Although pro rebel media termed the attack as a 'random' strike, military intelligence has been tracking Charle's movements for a while. At the time of his death, Charles was tasked with leading an LTTE fighting formation to halt the army advance in the Mannar region. This was in addition to his intelligence wing duties.


  1. Well done SLA LRRP.May triple gem bless you.

  2. DefenceNet..when you have the time..what real proof do we have that the LRRP did it and not the LTTE themselves..what i mean is probability wise can we say for certain that it is say 80% probable that it was the LRRP that took him out ?

  3. I am surprised that TN reported this to the world. Are they trying to get some credibility to cover up something more important?

    pease for sl

  4. "what real proof do we have that the LRRP did it and not the LTTE themselves"

    Internal SLA sources claim it was the LRRP.

    peace for sl,
    LTTE probably exposed this in an attempt justify their claymore attacks in the capital.

  5. "peace for sl,
    LTTE probably exposed this in an attempt justify their claymore attacks in the capital."

    Are we certain he is actually dead? Could also be a way of taking the heat off him if he was being hunted?

  6. Thanks DN

    Also TN may be trying to convince people that Prabha is not injured.

    pease for sl

  7. Peeeeee The Boss,

    Where are you

    well done SLA

  8. At first I thought it was Pottu, but alas, it's some nobody I've never heard of.

  9. Jack,
    Reducing the moral of LTTE supporters is important than the taking off the heat from him, by giving these kind of statement by TN.

  10. How far away Paalmadhu from the closest FDL?
    Defensewire has reported that elite 6 man team is expected to return to the base within the next few hours.

    I don't know why defensewire has reported such a thing

    pease for sl

  11. peace for sl, they already have worries.

  12. I'm glad any racist or eelam content will be removed due to terrorist supporters. Looks like they'll be walking back to LNP.

  13. This is what I called New Year fire works...
    One more to dust.

  14. KBS-
    "At first I thought it was Pottu, but alas, it's some nobody I've never heard of."

    Do you have the whole list with LTTE ranks? ...... Next time every one will inform the target with all possible info, so you can read and get ready with all info :)

  15. Defencenet-

    "3 other senior LTTE cadres were killed" on same blow.

    Do we know who those 3 are please? Any idea why does not publish those info?... I'm sure those senior names will help to bring down the LTTE moral.
    (If I remember correct, when we blew TS's head, there were some seniors went to hell at same time, but that list never seen by any one)
    Time to play the mind game... .May be some leaflects distribution from air towards LTTE defenceline informing these news could bring down LTTE moral !!!!

  16. Perein, others are lieutenant ranked cadres. Lt sukhanthan and lt. Weeramaravan.

  17. Defencenet,
    Thank you and keep up the good work. How is the big alert mail distribution going?...
    We can use this as a practice session before upcoming big pig event :)

  18. well done... LRRP next is pottu.... way to go..

  19. Any terrorist dying is a good thing, but Pottu Amman is the real head of LTTE intelligence, not "Colonel" Charles.

  20. ok now some one pls explain difference between MIU and IU? (military int unit and int unit) Is MIU is a sub unit of IU?

    Why LTTE is so busy with giving so much publicity to this contrary to earleir incedents?

  21. Just mal, charles was the Ltte MILITARY intel wing leader. Pottu is the chief of TOSSIE. Military intel wing is fairly new. Was established in 2004.

  22. Ninja Bandara-
    "Why LTTE is so busy with giving so much publicity to this contrary to earlir incidents? "

    My guess is when we hit big pig, they could go silent or can deny. So LTTE cam keep the game running for few extra months

  23. Tamilnet has changed photo of LTTE MI Wing leader...

    Good work LRRP.. keep doing...

    LRRP if you go to Mulative you could find plenty of such targets...

    Any one knows who are the other people (LTTE uniform) in the photo ?

  24. About LTTE giving increased publicity;

    May be LTTE is now sure about some fire display in some where (probably colombo, given the previuos DN info). So that LTTE can claim that (such attack, if happaned) as heir response to this(charls death). Things become even easier when our guys start enjoying this incedent while divating attention. I think SLDF now need to be more prepared.

  25. It looks like a part of TOSSIE is working for MI, until the time is rife, to see the real exit.

  26. May the force be with the SLA...


    Let me speculate more on this incident..

    It's possible someone inside is providing the most descreate information about the movement of all the LTTE leaders. When Defence Secy. was in Vanni someone claimed that Def. Secy received a secret message from the LTTE.Now who was this LTTE leader who gave this message? claims that Pottu and Charles were at logger heads in the past and Pottu doesn't like Charles becase of the favours the latter receives from Velu..It is most likely Pottu or his men are working for the GOSL.If the above scenario is highly unlikely then , it could be the MI has infiltrated the inner circle of the LTTE and it is getting better every day with successful strikeS against the LTTE.

  27. Defencenet
    can you confirm whether the LRRP lions reported back to the camps?

  28. The two of the black tigers who attacked the AAB were of Sinhala-Tamil cross marriages.And their parents were arrested for providing intel for the LTTE.

    Sinhala sympathisers of LTTE are the worst enemy.

  29. According to one of the bloggers in Defencewire, the SLA special forces team returned to the base after the Ambush...Hope these brave men are safe. He also claims that a massive attack in the South is around the corner according to the MI.

    Guys take care...

  30. All units have returned. Zero casualties.

  31. Defencenet, is this the same Charles?

  32. DefenceNet,

    The hunter killer pack has made it back! thats great news. There will be more kills to come!

    I asked a question on the previous thread...if you think its wise to anwser i would like it very much.

    Has the Navy taken delivery/lease another Indian ship?


  33. I have a feeling that Tangara's interpretation makes sense in the context of the recent military victories.

    Omens are not good for the outfit: 'Col' Charles is gone; their woman-savior-with-the-grin across the Atlantic pond - Hilarious Clinton - is about to be completely routed by Barak Obama by a comfortable margin - 10 to 12 points, according to the latest opinion polls.

    She is about to borrow something from the Tiger outfit for her political survival - turning dirty by focussing on the middle name of Barak Hussein Obama.

  34. Great work by our boys. By the way Defencenet, where is Paalmadhu? And was this attack carried out by 3rd SF or some other more specialized unit?

  35. well done SF . keep up your good work . Next Pottu

  36. All units have returned. Zero casualties.
    Good news again
    Thnx defencenet again for the service that u provide here.
    Hope that u will try to keep this blog out of the LTTE worms and thier racist comments too

  37. Mr Manmohan Singh is not coming and it is official; unnecessary embarssment to both governments. This is typical Bogollagama stuff for point scoring. Unnecessary distraction.

    FMM headline says Gen Fonseka brand them as traitors; he didn't say such a thing. He was referring to a section of local media and almost entire international media. He is right.

    The mirror group is hell bent on discredit the government to bring back RW to power at the expense of the forces and the achievements. They won't succeed; the update rate of mirror on-line edition is going downhill.

    This article(update 1) earlier reported he was killed by gun shots.Bt LTTE claims it was a claymore.DN ??

  39. benz the government is trying to deny that he was specifically targeted by LRRP using a claymore. Instead they're trying to say he died in regular clashes in Mannar. Check the MCNS article about it. Just like the LTTE wants to use such attacks as justification for future attacks on government targets, the government doesn't want the LTTE to kill our senior leaders in suicide bombings and say that it's not only them, the Sri Lankan forces do it too.

    Chamal this is probably the location

  40. illegalexistance, MCNS does not say at that, least, not now. It says he was targarted by LRRP.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. I have a feeling LTTE might be planning to target an all out assisanation attempt on one of our military leaders (using at least 4 cadres) while on the move. They must be on high alert as always but more then in the past. We must search lodges!!!! Specially anything near BIA areas.

  43. riseinshell,

    Thanks for the clarification. Sorry I was thinking of Ministry of Defense, not MCNS website.

  44. LTTE might also be staying at regular houses of those who are financially disabled by offering them plenty of money.

  45. Germans to be warned against travel to Lanka

    Germany is to issue a new travel advisory, warning its citizens against travel to Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the Sri Lankan government’s decision to withdraw from the Ceasefire agreement, travel trade sources said.

    They said Germany was Sri Lanka’s number one tourist market and the new travel advisory could have serious repercussions on the trade.

  46. CEO Rift causes Emirates to End Contract with SriLankans

    Dubai - Dubai-based Emirates as it is holding approximately 43.6 percent shares in the SriLankan airline, is to end the management contract with SriLankan airline effective of March 2008, end of their ten years of business agreement.

    "Emirates will retain its 43.6 percent equity in the company for the time-being, and continue to have a board presence," Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airlines and managing director of SriLankan Airlines said.

    Sri Lanka cancelled the work permit and ousted Peter Hill, the CEO of the SriLankan Airline, employed by the Emirates last month. The Sri Lanka’s move came as the national carrier refused seats to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his entourage who were on a private visit to UK early this month.

    Sri Lanka President and his entourage requests for 18 business class seats and 17 economy seats came late and at a time when flights were over booked were trying to arrange return flights from London in the national carrier.

    The cancellation of the CEO’s work permit and Visa move by Lanka created some serious rift between the Emirates and Srilankan airline for some time and Emirates continue to employ the British based CEO of the Srilankan airline till end of his contract term in March 2008.

    Emirates who fully manages the SriLankans last few weeks were engaged in possible renewing the management contract of the airline but it seems the partnership have become strained over the CEO crisis and talks have collapsed and Emirates decided not to renew the management contract with the SriLankans.

  47. There is a clear pattern of Tamilnet publicizing some deaths and not others. It looks like 2nd tier leaders who are VP loyalists are being cleaned up with information being leaked. Not saying this to diminish the achievement of our Special Forces. A real test would be whether there is any info about Pottu's location being leaked.

  48. Mukamaalai FDL attack Kills 2 Sri Lankan SF

    Mukamaalai - The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) attacked the Sri Lankan security forces (SF) Forward Defense Line (FDL) in Mukamaalai area, at least 2 SF troopers were killed while many more SF troopers were wounded and LTTE suffered no casualties in the surprise attack on the FDL, according to the sources in Mukamaalai. Number of times, the SF backed by Multi-Barrel Rockets, artillery and mortar fire mounted attacks on the LTTE position the Mukamaalai area recently and tried to advance into the LTTE held area. The LTTE had thwarted all the SF attacks and continued to offer stiff resistance killing hundreds of SF troopers.

  49. Sri Lanka president's peace advisor quits as truce ends

    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse's top advisor on the peace process quit, after the government scrapped an Oslo-brokered truce with Tamil Tiger rebels. Jayantha Dhanapala, a diplomat and former candidate for the post of UN secretary general who was appointed as peace advisor in December 2005, said he was quitting for "personal reasons," in a statement released by his office. The move followed the government's decision to withdraw from a 2002 truce, despite mounting international concern that the island's military could slip back into full-scale war with Tiger guerrillas.

  50. SL
    It will be 3 persons at AIB

  51. please dont post about SriLankan Airlines ordeal. This is a blog for discussions about military issues, not drama between emirates and SL airlines. Thanks.

  52. kevin, i meant to say at least 4 ltte terrorists..OR MORE..meaning, the LTTE will try to attack in large numbers/groups. Did not mean to enter a random exact number.

  53. Tamilnet has a report and pictures about Charles's funeral. Soosai was there, but interestingly Prabhakaran decided not to show up.

  54. SL
    Pl in the know think,they wasted too many inBAA and it was short and swift and this time it will be much less and the pl cons.. are warned.hope for the best.Besides they have to do with the few available.Things have changed badkly for them,won't be suprised things might implode in Vanni,enimies within etc.In UK too there is a diffarent factions forming.Good news all aroud.What matters is what we will do after Vanni.If we don't have a long term plan,everthing will be in vain.

  55. defenceline are you a ltte arselicker sorry! supporter

  56. Guys,

    Can anyone shed some light on Tiger's selective revelationof its major casualties? It tantamounts to a very intriguing mystery - Chelvan, Charles not Soosai or Prabha himself.

  57. defenceline,

    What exactly is the purpose of posting Emirates-Sri Lankan issue here? If you are a LTTE supporter who has the habit of smearing excrements on your way, LNP is your place to vent your frustration. You have very good chances to thrive there among the people of your own caliber. Please go to LNP.

  58. It's absurd to go off a tangent speak about the Sri Lankan affairs to a such a length.A strong naval ring around the island and a electronic surveillance of telephones,emails,looking for key words in conversations,messages are the way to go about to pinpoint the people involved in helping the terrorists and that also include the inland revenue alerting the authorities of unusual bank balances of some people.This can be monitored by access to accounts by computers communicating with one another and alerting the authorities electronically.This is done here any many potential terrorists have been traced.More than one way to kill the cat.There are companies in the West that could set this up for us as a long term plan to combat this menace.

  59. qrious,

    The only pattern emerges out their selective revelation is that only the deaths of terror colonels (including lieutenants) and above are considered mention worthy. However, Nagulan of Charles Anthony Brigade rumored to be buried very unceramoniusly. No injuries or whatsoever to any rank is revealed.

  60. "Can anyone shed some light on Tiger's selective revelationof its major casualties?"

    I think this is related to Maheshwaran assasination. It was done by LTTE. The government was so lucky to arrest the assassin alive. It looks like he is revealing everything. LTTE knows that they are going to be exposed soon. So they are making the water murky in order to deviate the backlash. (By telling the world “see, our leaders are getting killed too").
    (My two cents)

  61. Kevin

    I agree, a strong navy with offshore capability is a must to end the LTTE. We need more OPVs to for better coverage of the seas around us and to reduce the workload carried out by our small current OPV fleet.

    Starve them of weapons by properly controlling the seas and sinking their big ships and the tiger will become tamer by itself and less eager for a confrontation.

  62. Hemantha, SamPerera

    Thanks for the response.

  63. Defenceline

    Your brothers are being hosted as guests of the Indian govt..

  64. Guys as Kevin mentioned,i think we need more technological advanced tactics to crack down on LTTE activities.Our attention on that aspect is lacking.Dis way we can avoid unnecessary critisism for search operations carried out in the south.

  65. This is the latest from Vanni. This is the real insight.

    a. Charles became almost leave the organization with few of his men and one of the powerful commanders of LTTE. This was tipped off to Paripaharan by Poddu few weeks ago.

    b. Poddu believed to be the mastermind behind Thamul Selvam's demise

    c. Praba ordered Charles to lead the investigation of how Thamul's location was leaked

    d. Poddu eliminated Charles, with the orders of Paripaharan as well as for his own personal interests. DPU/LRRP story is just a cover.

    e. Poddu will be declared the leader of the organization with his deputy as Ramesh, as the two believed to be formed very strong bonds during the recent Toppigala battle. This is expected to be happened soon, as Paripaharan seems to be no longer capable of leading the organization.

  66. I forgot to mention this.

    Defencenet, Defencewire, and LankaNewspapers have been the top websites among a dozen ordered to be monitored by Poddu according to Vanni Tech sources.

    These sites have got some recognition.

  67. What?

    Then wither Defencenet??
    Defencenet even got the 6 soldiers back to base with zero casualties.

    Defencenet how do you explain this contradiction with R*fard&C*ble ?

  68. kiri, R*fard&C*ble's 2 posts are pretty obviously absolute bull crap. I'd tend to ignore comments by lunatics.

  69. illegal.existence,

    What is your general impression of r*c* with regards to the reliability and usefullness of his posts?

  70. "I am surprised that TN reported this to the world. Are they trying to get some credibility to cover up something more important?"

    Some of the terminology will tell you that the LTTE is insinuating that the GoSL is using terror tactics. A BBC report last night quoted a Tiger spokesman saying that Charles was killed by a "road-side bomb". An Al Jazeera report called it an "IED". Both these terms are often used to describe terrorist attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    "Do we know who those 3 are please? Any idea why does not publish those info?"

    Probably his bodyguards.

    "ok now some one pls explain difference between MIU and IU? (military int unit and int unit) Is MIU is a sub unit of IU? "

    Military intelligence is traditionally battlefield or theater intelligence gathering at the strategic or tactical level. National intelligence (and Pottu Amman is the LTTE's head of "national intelligence") is all forms of int. For example, SL has three primary int organisations in its national intelligence setup -- two civilian (DFI and DII) and one military (DMI).

  71. GoldenEagle
    totally agree with you guys in terms of upgrading our navy further to completely protect all our coasts from ltte'rs...
    If we can halt their arms supplies, the rest of it would be that much easier.
    How about either the navy acquiring air crafts to patrol our seas or forming a joint military formation and getting SLAF to do that. Dedicated sea surveilance and not a few flyby missions?

  72. further
    IMHO...i doubt this was done by the ltte...
    Loosing a top leader at this stage when their morale is at quite low levels is not the best for them for pretty simple reasons.
    And giving credit to DPU folks for penetrating such a protected spot only speaks about ltte's anability to safeguard their leadership in a time where SLDF has openly claimed their going after them.
    LTTE can muster many ways to dispatch "traitors" without making a big fuss about it... so i'm pretty sure that this is indeed was executed by out brave men in LRRP, DPU etc..
    Hope someday when all this is done and finished those brave folks gets the recognition they deserve by all Sri Lankans.
    Those silent acts bravery are many, and it's sad that those heroes don't/can't get the recognition they richly deserve

  73. It looks like they have used the same type of coffin that was used for TamilSelvan , for charles as well. This possibly shows the importance of the man to the terrorist outfit.

    TS Funeral

    charles Funeral

  74. Ranil..i hope we never know who the LRRP boys are.It is to protect them and their families.
    About the loss of german tourists to SL..i wouldn't hold my breath..not to mention everyone on this blog is not 5 years old.Some of us dont assume that the 7th fleet and NATO are going to invade SLanka tommorrow morning.
    But what is going to invade germany & EU in the future is a large number of sinhalese.
    Before i forget..about 1000 nurses getting some experience cali-for-niaa for example.way to go Hon MR President way to go!!!

  75. Ranil:My entire posting is not directed at you.:):)

  76. May the triple gem bless you and your family Mr President!!. Hopefully our peoples are advancing from working as maids in the middle-east

  77. r*fart&....

    you better not divulge your true identity, otherwise ltte will hunt you down.

    B safe

    pease for sl

  78. R*C* said :
    "Defencenet, Defencewire, and LankaNewspapers have been the top websites among a dozen ordered to be monitored by Poddu according to Vanni Tech sources."

    If this is true then the SL intel should be monitoring these sites as well? If so can we assume the some of the things discussed here do get some attention?

    Can anyone verify these "ifs"?

  79. yeah say what you will but rajapaksa's done a good job as far as the war is concerned. not sure how much of the credit is owing to him..but then again none of our other leaders have done it quite so well. except maybe JR

  80. guys
    i'm sure both sides must be watching majority of the online blogs/forums etc as a daily routine :)
    Us being civilians how many sites do we check daily :)

  81. Guys
    I can’t see VP tribute to Charles. Does anyone know anything about VP was there or not?

  82. Guys,...

    FANTASTIC JOB,DPU-"Hip,Hind,hooray!!!!"

    Superb strategy-going for the big fishies..coz without de big fish,small fish gonna find it hard to fight!!,since the tigers are,we can assume to some extent demoralized?..why not ask for their surrender by air dropping leaflets(in tamil)??much more better & humane than killing of children/women fighters,rite??..why not try it out?..
    much more cheaper than,say firing an artillery shell,or a rocket..& more importantly,saves lives..coz we have to realize that the lower-rung tigers are clearly brainwashed,& have no clear desire to fight for the tigers..i say,give it a try-see whether it works out??..

  83. Guys..//

    I'd like to clarify something about the,do they have access to their own artillery,armoured vehicles,and other supporting heavy weaponry,or do they have to depend on the army,for it?..i understand that the STF uses Buffel APC's with machine guns on them,but do they have any heavier weapons,like mortars,artillery guns?..


    No one pays attention to Soosai...

    Now, where it Velu?

    Why the heck he is not appearing for Pottu amman's deputy?

    I smell rat here..

    Big cat must be having a hard time trying to figure out the whole mess.

  85. This is from tamilnet.

    May be the SLA got the wind that LTTE is going to attack JAFFNA..

    Guys please be ready.

    Can the defencenet update us on the latest situation in Jaffna.?

    SLA fortifies key positions in Jaffna
    [TamilNet, Sunday, 06 January 2008, 14:36 GMT]
    Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops, deployed in large numbers, are constructing new and permanent sentry points along key roads in Jaffna peninsula since Friday. With the Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) ending on January 16, SLA in Jaffna, fearing attacks by Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), is strengthening security arrangements in the sentry posts and camps, sources in Jaffna said.

    New sentry posts and permanent security positions are being built along the key roads in Jaffna peninsula including Kandy road, Main road, and the roads from Jaffna to Point Pedro, Kaangkeasanththu’rai and Palaali.

    Sand bags are being piled around the sentry posts and trenches are being dug near them in an attempt to strengthen the sentries.

    SLA troops in large numbers are deployed in and around the strategic security positions in Jaffna peninsula, according to sources in Jaffna.

  86. Ranil

    "How about either the navy acquiring air crafts to patrol our seas or forming a joint military formation and getting SLAF to do that. Dedicated sea surveilance and not a few flyby missions?"

    The Beech HISAR can detect medium sized trawlers from upto 200km away.

    I think the airforce has plans to buy 2 of these crafts for maritime surveillance. This is in my mind is the most important piece of military hardware that the US is willing to sell to us.

    Another good candidate for maritime surveillance from the air is the CN-235.

  87. R*fard&C*ble,

    Be safe buddy...

    Do you have an email address?

  88. Here is a scenario of LTTE attacking Jaffna...

    First they will unleash a Black Tiger attack using around 100 caders on Key millitary installations within Jaffna peninsula to be followed by a ground/sea/air attack using their commando/regular forces.

    Do we have enough resorces to counter this threat from Vanni which is capable of sustaining such an attack?

    If Black tigers inflict heavey damages like AAB on Jaffna, Will the remaining SLA soldiers are capable of defending a massive attack on FDL's by a 3000 strong LTTE attack force?
    I remember you guys argue that it is possible to identify the mass movement of LTTE soldiers behind enemy lines prior to an attack..I am talking here is , in the middle of a Black Tiger attack, isn't that argument irrelvent.?

    I understand this could be the reason that SLA closed Entry/Exit points to the peninsula.
    However LTTE may be having enough suicide black tiger caders in Jaffna to carry out the above mentioned attack on Jaffna very soon.

    Are we ready?

  89. "Here is a scenario of LTTE attacking Jaffna..."

    Tangara, what you've put forward isn't a scenario, it's just an abstract idea. If you want to knw if the SL forces are prepared for an attack, you need to articulate clearly what the threat is. Saying an attack by 100 BTs on key installations and an attack by 3000 Tigers is neither here nor there. What are the BT targets? What would be their avenue of approach? Which direction will they be attacking from? What sort of support will the BTs have? How will the 3000 Tigers get onto the peninsula -- through Muhamalai, or across the lagoon, or through the Delft area? What is their traansport once on the peninsula? Will they have arty support and from where? Etc etc etc.

    If you want intelligent answers you must ask intelligent questions.

  90. David Blacker,


    However the idea is not to fall into the same trap as all Sri Lankans experienced when AAB was attacked with no warning.

    It is obvious that no one will be able to predict or ask the intelligent questions like you asked here regarding any attack by an outfit like LTTE.They always had the upper hand when it comes to suicide missions.

    I am no millitary person, however I get tunnel vision when it really matters...

  91. DavidBlacker,

    Black tiger threat will never diminish..
    [Rebels Suffer Morale Shortage
    January 7, 2008: Having raised the defense budget 20 percent this year, to $1.5 billion, the government announced it would crush the LTTE this year. As if to reinforce that point, it was also announced that the head of LTTE intelligence and espionage was killed in an ambush.

    The government is also formally ending the peace negotiations and truce, both brokered by Norway in 2002. The government always believed that it had the short end of the deal, and that the LTTE wasn't really serious about negotiating an end to the violence. This was confirmed for many Sri Lankans when a civil war broke out within the LTTE three years ago. The moderate wing, based largely in eastern Sri Lanka, was willing to accept an autonomy (for Tamils) deal. But the hard core LTTE, based largely in the north, insisted on partition of the island. By the time the ceasefire fell apart in 2005, the LTTE had over 3,000 ceasefire violations, compared to 144 for government forces. Then the LTTE was finally classified as an international terrorist organization by most Western nations, interrupting their fund raising. In the last week, the army has advanced into LTTE territory in the north, inflicting several hundred casualties and capturing LTTE bunkers and ammo supplies.

    The LTTE is believed to have only a few thousand armed fighters left, and these are suffering from a shortage of ammunition and morale. But the LTTE still has a formidable commando force, willing to take on true suicide missions, and with an impressive track record. There may only be a few hundred "Black Tigers" available, but their ability to hit heavily guarded targets is apparently undiminished. Even if defeated, the LTTE could unleash its Black Tiger commandos for a final round of attacks.


  92. GE
    thanks mate...that's great news :)

  93. I have witnessed during the past couple of months , more and more people getting involved in the blog..That is a good sign..I feel like it is time for me to quit the blog since some of you guys think that my questions are not intelligent enough in the present context..

    Above all I don't have enough time to frequent the blog like in the past...

    Carry on the noble work...

  94. 'Scrapping of ceasefire has weakened Lanka's position'

    Accusing the government of "war-mongering", Sri Lanka's main opposition party on Monday claimed the decision to scarp the ceasefire had benefitted LTTE's aspirations for a separate state, weakened the country and "disappointed" the international community, including India.

    "This self-serving decision of President Mahinda Rajapakse has weakened us (Sri Lanka) both internationally and domestically; it benefits only the LTTE's aspirations for a separate state," the United National Party said in a statement.

    "Friendly countries such as the US, Japan and India as well as the UN have voiced their strong disappointment and disapproval of the current situation. Many donor countries are of the same view," it said reacting to the decision to scrap CFA with effect from Jan 16.

    The UNP said military assistance to Sri Lanka from the US, India and the UK "symbolised the international community's faith in the ceasefire agreement and their backing for the ongoing peace initiative".

    "It is clear that not only have the blood-thirsty and war-mongering rulers of this country lost touch with reality but they do not have the capacity to learn from past experiences -- both internationally or locally," the UNP said.

    The party sought to know how the President intended to conduct peace talks with the LTTE from "this weakened position".

    "President Rajapakse should explain to the people of Sri Lanka why he was abandoned the framework for a negotiated settlement to the conflict in the country.

  95. Civilian cost of Lanka's new war

    Civilians will bear the brunt of increasing violence, Christian Aid warned today, after the Sri Lankan government said it was officially withdrawing from a ceasefire with Tamil Tiger rebels.

    The government said the truce, which has been in place since February 2002, was redundant because it had been broken so many times.

    For the past 18 months the Sri Lankan military and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have clashed despite the ceasefire technically being in place.

    'Sri Lanka has seen 18 months of a 'hidden' war while the ceasefire was still officially in place. Civilians are caught in the middle with nowhere safe to go’ said Laurent Viot Christian Aid's representative in Sri Lanka.

    Hidden war toll

    Around 5,000 people have been killed since early 2006, taking the total number of dead since the war started in 1983 to around 70,000. Much of the conflict in the past two years took place in areas where civilians had already been displaced by the tsunami.

    Christian Aid expects to see significant increase in conflict related displacements in 2008 which threatens to offset benefits from three years of tsunami rehabilitation and reconstruction in the north and east of the country.

    The government decision to pull out of the ceasefire comes a few weeks after the 2008 budget was voted through parliament with a large increase in the defence budget.

    The current confrontation opens the possibility of an all out war and also increases the risk of insecurity in the south of the island. Bombings and political killings have recently increased in the capital Colombo, the latest being a roadside bomb on Wednesday which killed four and injured 20 others.

    No military solution

    However Christian Aid believes there can be no armed solution to the conflict even in the event of a military victory by either side. The intensification of the armed conflict will only delay negotiations for an equitable settlement while compromising future lives and prosperity.

    ‘Furthermore parties to the conflict have to meet moral and legal responsibilities towards all Sri Lankan civilians,’ said Mr Viot. This applies to internally displaced people from the north and east as well as to long term refugees who have fled to Tamil Nadu in India.

    In the north and east of Sri Lanka Christian Aid has had a large tsunami reconstruction programme for three years. Christian Aid is also working in the south of the island on tsunami rehabilitation and long-term development work.

  96. Tangara

    "I feel like it is time for me to quit the blog since some of you guys think that my questions are not intelligent enough in the present context.."

    Don't be silly. Many people here are no military experts. This blog is not just for military experts.

    I want to see you post here, not withdraw into your shell. You bring a nice moderate view about the ethnic tensions into this blog. And trust me, we need that.

  97. Tangara,

    Please don't quit; your contribution is admired. I work in the web development field and yet I find time do drop a line a two at times.

    This is good to get defence-related news; and even better, to get something off your chest, when it is related to the security of the motherland and its communities of all races. So, a response from the fellow bloggers is not a must for your stay.

    Please change your mind and keep contributing as you had been doing in the past.

    Good luck

  98. Thanks illegeal.existance for the link. Can someone please explain why the government doesn't acknowledge LRRP attacks? And don't they get any recognition either (medals etc.) because of the sensitivity of their missions? (Sorry if this sounds stupid but I'm not an expert on this)

  99. level of attack in east is suddenly gone down.
    LTTE might be planing to attack trinco base frm several fronts.
    100/200 team from east and several hundrad from north of the harbor with few number from BT infiltrated in to the base can mount on surprice attack.
    if they use several explosive laden trucks and cluster of boats with large quatity of explosive can do surprise attack by confusing sldf.

  100. Bloggers,
    Is Mr. Defenceline's cut and paste acceptable?

  101. Taranga,
    Your farsight on possible massive LTTE attack to capture Jaffan is very realistic. PLEASE for the sake of our mother land keep on posting LTTE attack senarious.

    By the way, by giving publicity to Charles death in the hand of LRRP, I agree LTTE is gearing to attack a massive attack in the South. PLEASE SLDF keep arresting those terrorist infiltrations in the south. Ignore the IC HR bullshit in massive roundup and arrests.

  102. "However the idea is not to fall into the same trap as all Sri Lankans experienced when AAB was attacked with no warning."

    What makes you think there was no warning? Did someone walk up to the base commander and say "Machang, tomorrow 2am Black Tiger attack"? No they didn't. But there were many warnings which were not analysed and interpreted correctly. Also "all Sri Lankans" cannot expect to be privy to the same information or warnings, so the majority of Sri Lankans will always be shocked and awed when such an attack comes.

    "It is obvious that no one will be able to predict or ask the intelligent questions like you asked here regarding any attack by an outfit like LTTE."

    Well, then I'm afraid you will not get the answers you're looking for here either.

    "Black tiger threat will never diminish.."

    Wouldn't say "never", but not for awhile.

    "I feel like it is time for me to quit the blog since some of you guys think that my questions are not intelligent enough in the present context."

    When faced with criticism one may quit or better oneself. But my point was that if you expect an aanswer you must ask the right questions. Broad and general questions will get broad and general answers. Not very useful, no?

    "Can someone please explain why the government doesn't acknowledge LRRP attacks? And don't they get any recognition either (medals etc.)"

    Well, when the LRRP ops first began, the CFA was largely in effect, and since such behind-the-lines missions were a violation of the CFA, they needed to be kept quiet. Also, it is normal policy for straategic special operaations to have deniaability because of the naature of the missions, which are often on the periphery of what's ethical in war. It also shields the relevant units from publicity and the resulting loss of security. Yes, LRRP troops probably get as many medals as other soldiers, maybe more even.


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