Monday, January 28, 2008

LTTE shells Jaffna, flights to Palaly canceled

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fired their long range artillery guns targeting several military positions in Jaffna peninsula today. According to SLA sources, artillery fire originated from LTTE controlled territory in Pooneryn. Although there are no casualties reported yet, all flights to Palaly air force base have been temporarily suspended.

Map image

The LTTE artillery attack is believed to have targeted a delegation of top military officials who were to attend the inauguration ceremony of the newly formed Mechanized Infantry Division (MID). The aircraft carrying the officials has been diverted back to Katunayake AB (without landing in Palaly) fearing more shelling.

LTTE previously shelled the HQ of the 53rd division back in February 2007 while a meeting discussing the formation of the MID was ongoing.

In other news a 60km area of Bibila-Ampara road has been temporarily closed due to a currently ongoing search operation.


  1. @defencenet

    how many longrange artilary guns they have?

  2. What 'IF' the aircraft goes down due to hostile fire or technical fault we would be losing the Defence Secretary, Chief of Defence staff and the Army Commander all in one go. What a morale boaster would that be to the enemy ?

    A similar incident occurred when a Helicopter carrying defence top brass along with former dep. Defence Minister Anurudha Ratwathe crash landed in LTTE teritory. They managed to escape. The Tigers were later learnt to have quipped something to the effect of - "You had the prey in you mouth but you couldn't eat it"

  3. I think it's best NOT to fly any jets in bombing sorties right now. There is a chance that they might have some traps prepared.

    May be some MBRL volleys or some other tactic?

  4. DefenceNEt - How come LTTE targets the MID all the time ? Can we assume there is a mole in MID?

    Looks like they fear the MID and dont want to confront it in the battlefield.

  5. matara ayiya,
    "how many longrange artilary guns they have?"

    Exact number is not known. But according to MI they have more than 20.

    "- How come LTTE targets the MID all the time ? Can we assume there is a mole in MID? "

    Yes inside job is suspected. Normally the time and dates of such meetings are not public.


  7. I totally agree with Rome,Why all in one?

  8. Daily Mirror
    "The Air Force pounded LTTE artillery positions in Pooneryn in the North this morning minutes after the rebels launched a barrage of attacks towards military positions in Jaffna"

  9. @rome & hiru

    Yes they are going in one black helicopter(most of the time)with another two black helicopters witch looks like exact same with a time gap between two minutes to each other. In the sky hele's change there position randomly. No one cannot predict which one is the correct one.When they are flying In the north and east black hele's scot with two mi 24's or higher.

    when they are going in a plane another mig or kafir go with it from colombo to the international boarders.

  10. Most recently i heard one of defense sectaries body guard questioned on his wedding day @ hambanthota about his big bank accounts balance in different banks.

    So they should be more careful.

  11. I don't intend to ridicule the SLA but three things amuse me.

    1. wasn't the mechasnised artilery division commissioned sometime back? i thought they are in limited opersations as well?

    2. LTTE fires mortars (as far as KKS) on the day the mechanised artillery division to be inaugurated (as per DW)!!! how funny?
    the best opening ceremony for the mech. arti. division is to target these LTTE mortar positions!!!

    may be the firefinders, etc. cannot reach 27km and/or beyond.

    3. why didn't SLAF jets or more relevantly gunships used to destroy LTTE long range guns when on active mode? we know they are in pooneryn and firing arti can be detected from Mi-24s. 152mm gins cannot be moved easily and you need ALOT of activity, heavy vehicles, etc. to pull them around.

    tigers have done this before; but if they continue to shell palaly that is bloody dangerous.

    SLAF must target Pooneryn soon, i think.

  12. It is safe if they don't fly together. LTTE now really need "all in one". (while we are after "one by one"). Even though such a 'not to stay together' shows a LTTE domination what else to do with moles within us?

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  14. thanks hiru,

    "Daily Mirror
    "The Air Force pounded LTTE artillery positions in Pooneryn in the North this morning minutes after the rebels launched a barrage of attacks towards military positions in Jaffna""

    this was not there when i started typing!!! "minutes after" good job SLAF.

  15. Cant the forces identifiy the sources of these artillery pieces?

  16. Matara Ayya,

    Thanks for info or rather update. But our concern is why all in one. If they have 03 heli's flying together...they should know what to do...
    All tactics are good to avoid attacks..but we should have plans for other things like technical faults

    As ninja sais"It is safe if they don't fly together"

  17. I do understand the importance of planning and having regular trips to high risks area.
    But why do all of the defence VIP has to travel all together. It's a common sense as well as rule number one when come to VIP's.
    Hope big boys will learn from this.

    However I do think LTTE did another big mistake by trying to attack VIP's.

  18. @moshe

    Ltte arti are in underground concrete bunkers with camouflage.When ltte want to fire two tractors pull out the arti gun and fire one shot. Other tractor again pull in. All the loading is done in the the moment of the fireing only can see mussel end of the arti gun. Other area is covered(like fireing in a tent)

    So its very difficult visually confirm target from the sky.

    This is what Iqbal Athas said couple of years ago.If I am wrong pl correct me.

  19. Matara Ayya is Correct,

    With or without tractors only the Muzzel of the Arty piece come out of the fortified bunker.

  20. 15 SLA killed in Pa'ndivirichchaan clash - LTTE
    [Sun, 27 Jan 2008, 15:51 GMT]
    Liberation Tigers Operations Command in Mannaar claimed Sunday that at least 15 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and more than 30 SLA troopers wounded Sunday evening in a five-hour fighting in Periya Pa'ndivirichchaan area in Mannaar where SLA launched a ground offensive Sunday noon into LTTE controlled territory. Reporting that minor clashes were continuing in the area, the Tigers said a Deep Penetration Unit of the SLA with Claymore mines was defeated in Chinna Pa'nadivirchchaan around 11:00 a.m

  21. has not even said one word about VIPs travelling to Jaffana and returning back on account of artillery fire by the LTTE.

    who is right?
    Defencenet/Defencewire OR ???????

  22. @Defencenet
    Does these means it will be not easy to catch pooneryn area without MBRLs? Are there more civillians in that area which prevents air strikes? I mean since currently there are only few air strikes were taken place in that area.

  23. SLAF pound bombs on pooneriyan around 11.30 am...but no damage to the LTTE Artillery Bunkers....
    LTTE Artillery damaged the Runway..

  24. shyam may which i have is said somethings like this.

    defencenet can u confirm this?

  25. What I don't get is.... why can't the SL Navy land some boats and soldiers on Pooneryn beachhead and neutralize these artillery?

    I am not big on "war" and "deaths." But neutralizing weapons is the BEST WAY to saving deaths. Forget the FDLs for now and start destroying these huge killing machines.

  26. Defencenet is so famuous now. Even tamilnut has employed some kid to copy paste from there to here.

  27. I mean to the runway damages don't know anything about SLAF attack.

  28. @ninja

    May be poonareen area is heavily mined or No intelligence source.

  29. Matara Aiya

    ha.. Oya bunker ethule hitiya wage kiyanawa. keep it up


    Ltte arti are in underground concrete bunkers with camouflage.When ltte want to fire two tractors pull out the arti gun and fire one shot. Other tractor again pull in. All the loading is done in the the moment of the fireing only can see mussel end of the arti gun. Other area is covered(like fireing in a tent)

    So its very difficult visually confirm target from the sky.

    This is what Iqbal Athas said couple of years ago.If I am wrong pl correct me.

    January 28, 2008 1:59 PM

  30. Matara ayiya,

    you r quite correct..there is no intelligent report about that field coz no one had a chance go there even during the peace talks also.. and another thing LTTE have heavily mind those places and UAV also can't get the pictures coz its a thick jungle . . .and SLA Multibarrel or High range arti won't work out, its a sand area the shells or rockets can not give a effective disaster ..half of them won't blow when they hit the lands.. and now the SLA mined the sea also they can not make an offensive from the Island ares(from mandathivu or nedunthivu) the have to come over the mannar sea to make a see landing so the SLA must have special troops which are equal to marines(USA)..but LTTE have special forces ..they used them in Nedunthivu Opperation(EERUDAHA PADAYANI which can fight in SEE and land) and captured a radar in 2007

  31. EERUDAHA PADAYANI huh do they wear rubber slippers and palekart sarongs my dear tamilnut author?

  32. It was well employed strtatergy by LTTE; when SLA attacks some tiger areas LTTE withdraw and attack different government area. Having lost east and fighting in wanni it is clear Jaffna is now a target. Attacks from punaryn happened earlier too. If PAB/runaway was hit/damaged one of the two supply roots is gone. This is a serious issue. Artilary fire from poonaryn, sea tigers from poonaryn and north of penisula ground attack from muhamali, nagarkovil FDL combined with tincan flying will put Jaffna in a seriuos situation. Forcing put more man power there while putting same in big numbers in Yala will eventualy put a coma if not a fullstop to wanni offensive. A sea tiger attack on Trinco will be the desert for LTTE. I don't know how possible such a thing in reality. But I hope our military don't do the same mistake again-underestimating LTTE.

  33. is SLA having detecting system.? that is to identify their firing location..?

  34. There are already 50k troops and police in Jaffna. There is no point putting more troops there. In fact, this would be stupid because only a small number of these can fight near FDLs (Muhamalai,Nagar Kovil). The extra troops would just be vulnerable to supply route problems.

    What SLDF needs to do is NEUTRALIZE the threat to supply routes.

  35. Ask at the SLA and the NAVY who get nailed in NEDUNTIVU unfortunately they are not alive naa...?


    Liberation Tigers' artillery fire Monday morning targeted Palaali airbase while a helicopter carrying top military officials from Colombo was about to land. Tension prevailed in Palaali military complex as around 20 shells hit the base, informed sources said. All military and civilian transports were canceled. Meanwhile, Jaffna experienced a power-cut and the mobile phone links remained cut-off as Sri Lanka Army stepped up heavy artillery fire on LTTE Forward Defence Line. Sri Lanka Air Force bombers were flown from South in the skies over Jaffna to attack Tiger territory. At least 6 of the LTTE fired shells had hit the military runway in Palaali.

    Tension prevailed on the main roads in Jaffna as SLA intensified restrictions and security measures checking passengers and vehicles.

    SLA turned back the buses carrying passengers to Palaali airport at Kadduvan inside the High Security Zone of the Palaali military complex.

  36. //What SLDF needs to do is NEUTRALIZE the threat to supply routes.//

    Exactly. But it seems its what not done. Putting more troops can be expected given the present trend. (though this is not effective.)

    I think its clear to LTTE now the difficulty with numbers in Jaffna. So they should try some thing different where numbers doesn't matter. 50 black tigers might put 50k troops into trouble.

  37. My god, according to TN if its true or something happend similar. the troops wer get wounded and injured cant be taken to a'pura or colombo. heli have to start that job. its heard to carry 10 to 15 right. guess what?

  38. ninja bandara,

    Exactly. Shelling KKS and Palali heavily, plus sending a wave of attacks into Trinco harbour to destroy ships. This effectively puts 50k troops in peril.

    First thing we need to do is land on Pooneryn and take out the artillery.

  39. Hey Shyam,

    ppl who are here can go to the Pro LTTE tamilnet site if they wish so. No point to just copy n paste from there to here. How much do you earn by doing that?

    This is Defencenet and not a terrorist-net

  40. yes we know the crappy web's URL so please don't waste the valuable blog space here . If u really need to put tamilnut article pls just put the link as most of the people are not interested in tamilnut stuff.

    "We are here to find and discuss ways to eradicate the LTTE terrorism not to talk fairy tales about it"

  41. Hey Shyam,

    funny have u never been to tamil net? haven't u? Most of them shows they are like trust in defence net. go to defence net oand comment on that if u are rather rather than fighting with who brings details to this blog.

    am i wrong mr SLpower?

  42. @dev

    My English may not up to standered.But u can get the idea what i am saying.

  43. yep, taking poonaryn for sure reduce the risk for Jaffna. But taking it as well as keeping won't be easy. SLA do 'pre-emptive' strikes in muhamalai/nagarkovil FDL. But little is done in poonaryn/kilali area. May be it's hard to do that. So for the moment only thing effective would be use SLAF based on ground inteligence (using DPU).

  44. @ Matara Aiya

    Just kidn.. U know i learn t lots about war and tactics from your writeup's you are on the net almost everyday ya. keep on posting to defence net.

    but like to know more links to learn about this war. where and what went wrong to start a war or terror like this.

    who started this for wat?

  45. Matara ayiya,

    "Yes they are going in one black helicopter"

    The Black Helicopters are Bell 412's. Meant for VVIP Transportation.

    Guys what is meant by this

    SLA Multibarrel or High range arti won't work out, its a sand area the shells or rockets can not give a effective disaster ..half of them won't blow when they hit the lands..

    Why does sand area effect shells and rockets ? Any why won't they explode?

  46. Guys,

    SLAF has pounded Pooneryn?? I heard that there are some Shell finding Radards are with Army. They mentioned it ones when there were civilian casualties in Vakarai somime back. The radards has shown the arti posotion & we have fired to see the LTTe has used civilians as a shield

    Any infor about Atillery tracking radards???

    How effective they are


  47. @rome..

    "SLA Multibarrel or High range arti won't work out, its a sand area the shells or rockets can not give a effective disaster ..half of them won't blow when they hit the lands..

    Why does sand area effect shells and rockets ? Any why won't they explode?"

    It's another lie from shyam. He doesn't know a thing about rockets.

    For an example when an arti hit in water (sea)it's normally not explode.But it can be adjust easily.Same to the rockets.

  48. Hi guys I got this as an email through on of my friend. not sure whether its true or not. but sure need to take precautions...

    Hi Friends,

    A cousin of mine told this to me. This had happened to my cousins friends.

    On last weekend which came with the Thaipongal (January 13, 14, 15) some of my cousins friends have gone on a trip to Kataragama.
    Few guys organized this and on their way back they saw a old lady who was around 45-50 waving her hands to stop their vehicle somewhere in Matara.
    Since she looked weak and old they stopped and asked why and this lady had weakly said that if possible to drop her at Matara. She spoke in Sinhala.

    So these guys have taken her in to the van and she looked normal. Near Matara she had asked where these guys were going and they had told that they are going home to Colombo.
    Then she had requested them to drop her at Galle.
    And in Galle she had asked to take her to Colombo. This seemed weird to these guys and they had discussed in Tamil language to drop her in Galle- they spoke in Tamil coz they thought she was a Sinhalese.

    Suddenly she had removed her facemask. To everyoneĆ¢€™s surprise, she was about the age of 36-38.
    And she had opened her chest and showed the bomb and asked them whether to blow it up or whether they are gonna take her to Wattala.
    Fearing to this these guys agreed to drop her at Wattala and when getting down she had told to go to the police if they wanted.

    These guys had straightly gone to the police and informed them of wat happened. The police had told that this was the 21st time such an incidence was reported during this month.

    Now my friends can u imagine the number of suicide bombers who are in Colombo as at today?

    And my advice for u is please do not take unknown people in to ur vehicles any where in Sri Lanka. U would be taken to custody as a supporter for terrorism or ul die if she blew her self.

    Pls share this with all ur friend as I did.


  49. Want to know about bunker busters?Read this

  50. @rutherfed,

    Can we believe it?
    As i think this is made up story for terrify people.You cant hide such 21 incident to media.

  51. Matara Ayiya,

    not sure whether can believe or not...

    I think we should take precautions and not to give free ride for unknown people...

  52. I think that pooneryn strategically important I mean its like a dagger pointing straight at the heart of jaffna, the LTTE having control of this area is not good. Its like US taking control of north Korea then they can easily attack both China and Russia.

  53. Hi defenceNet,

    Are there any civilians living in Pooneryn, Between Elephantpass and Muahammale (high security zone)?

    Can SLAF Bomb the entire area with many times a day using all of the available air craft and posibily flatten the area...So that SLA could go and take control the area..?


  54. Guys the following picture is available in the sunday times situation report.

    The caption reads A photograph of LTTE leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, posted on the Tamil web site Sangakathi. It appeared before last Wednesday's aerial attack by the Air Force on the "X-ray base". In this super-imposed photo, Prabhakaran holds an assault rifle. It is mounted with a silencer (and a grenade launcher) which suggests the picture was taken whilst at firing practice in an open area. In the background is a 152 mm artillery gun.

    My Question - where is the silencer/greneade launcher in the gun, kinda confused, DefenceNet and others, can anyone of you help this novice ? :)

    Would be helpful if you can post a picture with the parts marked on it.

  55. Sri Lanka says weekend death toll 79, 'most rebels'


    Lankan air force bombs LTTE base, 40 killed in clashes


  56. Matara ayiya,

    Did you manage to find out what was in the other three large containers from Russia? For my part, i hope they're MI 28 Havoc variants. Yes, yes, i know i'm being incredibly naive but i just wish is all.

  57. First i'm a new to this military things

    what is the maximum range of the LTTE artillery guns ?

    only way government can escape LTTE guns is to make sure that 'most important installations' are out of the LTTE gun range

  58. Matara ayya,
    thank you for the reply.

    but, i don't beleive pigbal athas and shyam; both say the same thing that SLA cannot do this, that and the other because of this, that and the other.

    LTTE bunkers would be in poonery are underground as matara ayya said; but we could have noticed from air that shells, food, cadres, fuel, etc. goes into these hellholes. and Mi-24s can take them on when they are firing. bunkered mortars are more vulnerable as their locations can be EASILY detected. why? when mortars are fired, the path clears by burning. there cannot be thick jungle cover around mortar/shell launching places. the fact that bunkered arti guns are static, this trend can be more easily seen from the air.

    however, the SLA is in further trouble as the SLAF jets only target pre-identified positions only (this was clarified by DN to be over and over again and i'm thankful and it is the same i heard from the so and so of SLAF officers). these hiding places can be best seen from the sky following the above mentioned signs or monitoring when the LTTE is firing. Even from a 2.5km height (and 8km away) a Mi-24 can detect these moves.

    best is to allow jet pilots also to take on visible targets.

    pooneryn has no civilians.

    as matara ayya indirectky said, we might be heading for serious trouble this time and i don't discount the fact that the tiger airforce may reappear to attack jaffna or trinco.

    speedy destruction of pooneryn is the key. i don't mind even if it takes the complete burning of the whole pooneryn jungle area in this hot season now; the tiger replanting team can replant them!!

    i agree that 50k troops are more than enough.

    so this is the bloody stage of the conventional battle. lets see how Gota and Sarath prove their skills saving the precious lives of soldiers.

    on the part of the tigers it is good planning. what would you do if the enemy is trying to put to use a new powerful gadget tommorrow? there's only one way-you have to destroy it today.

  59. Londonistan,

    you are not naive;we all expect the new stuff to be Mi-28s but earlier in Dn or DW it was reported that we would be getting 3 Mi-35s (the export variant of Mi-24).


    it is 27km if i can remember?????

  60. lkdood,

    Type 60, 122mm artillery has a range of about 24km (can be extended with ER ammunition).
    Type 59-1, 130mm artillery has a range of 27-38km, depending on the ammunition.
    Type 66, 152mm artillery has a range of 24km.

    Most likely the artillery that LTTE has at Poonaryn is 130mm.

  61. two mig's flue from katunayake moment ago

  62. The LTTE targetted KKS harbor and recently Indian with their artillery last if they can reach KKS harbor then All Jafna is inside the range. thats the big headache for the GOSL so they started the operation from Mannar to Pooneriyan ...But they are still in mannar and unable to move ahead.... GLSO thinking that if they capture Pooneryan then they can make a path to Jaffna and they don't need the importance of A9...

  63. On Hinds
    are Mi 28's for export also?

    Think SLAF must be option for the 35's due to it's duel role as both attack and transport helo...

    wonder what was the reason for additional hinds when we are not using the existing ones also that often due to threats from ground fire for both CAS and Search & destroy missions...

    Maybe the military planners must be having a trick up their sleeves when mass ground ops begin to use hinds for CAS

    Military strategy wise...interesting weeks ahead

  64. @ lk doods

    I have a doubt. how come the GOSL exactly figure out the LTTE causalities. and Palali air base was attacked with dozens of shells it seems they cant exactly say our causalities. may be still counting our not educated to count exactly.

    hellow all

    don't believe in these news as it published, as a war tactics they don't tell their exact figure. both try to report their best. truth is hidden. believe me

  65. Dear Buddhika,

    please don't reveal this kind of highly sensitve information.

    thanks buddy.

  66. Thank you shay for the details


    how do you know that they are migs ?

    they can be kfir's ?

    how can you spot the difference???

  67. guys

    will this be a 'one off'
    or a build up for a big fight ?

    any ideas ?

  68. @london....

    I can see from far (more than 4km) away from my position something unloaded but i have no way to verify what is inside.Because now only few air force officers can go to the kafir area. So only few guys knows whats inside.

    As junior solders who guard the restricted area says it is mig 28 but i don't believe it(as well as defencenet)and they dont have proper knollege about planes I think the deal was canceled.

  69. Moshe Dyan,

    sorry, about that never do it again.


    i am living in Seeduwa area, so i know the different between mig's and kfir's

  70. You can see the map to have a picture of this area

  71. LST tigerforce managed to come here also and BS his way through eh :)
    That bugger knows jack about anything happening in the ground... all he knows is through spending hours and hours reading off the www... mostly from ltte prop. mills :)
    I have challenged this fool many times on LNP :)

  72. i think something is going on, will wait and see

  73. thanks matara aiyya, mig 28s would seem a bit unecessary.

    the mil mi-28 on the other hand, seems to be able to pack quite a punch according to the vid below. The ability to wage a night time assualt with this sort of machine on LTTE bases could give such a huge psy-ops advantage.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  74. Generally sand, mud, water and other soft substances can prevent point detonation fuses from setting off the artillery shells. This is overcome by using variable time fuses so that one gets airburst. It's nothing new and has been in use since the 1950s. It was developed primarily to cause casualties amongs amphibious troops during beach landings.

  75. the utter crap that this tiger goon has put about the arty round s and rockets hitting the sand ...... makes me laugh. Are these LTTE supporters this stupid?
    "SLA Multibarrel or High range arti won't work out, its a sand area the shells or rockets can not give a effective disaster ..half of them won't blow when they hit the lands"

    hmmm this might be true for cheena patas but as knowledgeable ppl know the rules of physics, the mechanism involved on impact detonation fusses and etc that even MBRL munitions can be used for various roles and they will explode not depending on the soil but the effectiveness of their detonation mechanism. (PPL who have their military knowledge pls add more)

  76. matara ayya:

    I dont think it is appropriate for you to disclose defence sensitive shipments. Your postings here can help terrorists. You may get into trouble as well. I would refrain from writing anything about containers, boxes or any other defence related shipments. I think this is way beyond what is expected from this blog. Thanks!

  77. Oh and btw there's no such thing as a MiG-28 lol. All Soviet aircraft have odd numerals -- MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-21, MiG-25, MiG-27, MiG-29, etc.

  78. onecountry,

    sorry mate, i asked the question. will refrain from asking this type of thing in future.

  79. all bull shits at the end of the day. if GOSL attacks kilinochchi goes silence and ppl of south laugh at the others and tamilnet (they did't update about 15 hours. the same with GOSL doesn't have anything published yet. but their reply in bombing is published in net.

    shit news and the end

  80. A high-frequency surface wave radar, hailed as the only one of its kind in the world and developed with Canadian taxpayer's money at a cost of $39 million has been sold to Sri Lanka. This high-tech radar, jointly developed by Canadian defence scientists adn Raytheon Canada Limited, is capable of monitoring small boats hundreds of kilometers away

  81. shyam,
    Can you please explain why the hell Canada would make a radar that is very unique, and sell it to another country instead of keeping it themselves? And BTW, where did you get this info?

  82. chamal,

    I think that shyam=tigerfarce is refering to something that was previsouly posted by illegal.existence, that Canada is to sell a Raytheon radar to SL. Its not unusual. In the western countries they have a lot of stuff developed by their defence companies, which are not always used by the defence forces of those countries.

  83. shay,
    yes, but what he says "the only one of its kind".....If this is true, this radar will be a very valuable thing for any military organization. So why would they sell it to SL instead of giving it to their own military? (And Canada does not have very close ties with SL either, as we do with Pakistan etc.)

  84. chamal

    The Canadian military did not really believe in this radar, because it is said to interfere with some levels of frequencies. But it does get the job done.

    Raytheon's first customer for this product was SL. Now other countries will come to us and ask "How is it?" to help them decide whether buying this type of radar for themselves would be good or not.

  85. Guys,

    Let's try to be upbeat on this occassion.

    I think this is a failure on the Tigers' part. Fist of all, they failed their goal of hitting the defende chiefs, it that was the case. Secondly, they let the cat out of the bag - let the army know about their agenda.

    We are lucky no harm was done. From now on, the SLAF may keep an eye on Pooneryn when defence chiefs are in the air towards the North, until this rascals are wiped out. Since their days are numbered, that inconvenient vigil may not last long.

    These failures on the part of Tigers show their omens don't look good; every crucial mission makes a bit of light, sound and heat. But in the long run, they are critical failures. This is one of them.

  86. goldeneagle,
    thanks for the explanation.

    8 'o clock news reports that the LTTE artillery center was destroyed in air raid. Is this true?

  87. Qrious ....

    hey man don't think stupidly...if they wanted to kill them then they will fire artillery continuesly ok..but stoped with 20 rounds ..6 of them hit the Runway....
    U know y the Defence secretory went to palali..In a battle field if the soldiers saw the big ranking offices and ETC, It is physiologically a boost for them .. ok ...But Saratha fonseka's visit is some thing apart from this ..he might come up with some planes ... its not a failure to LTTE ..they didn't allow them to land in PALALI thats what they wanted

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Hey bloody Shyam,

    Your background and loyalties are no secret to us; so are your fantasies.

    Do you think this damn incident will make our brave soldiers desert the army en masse?

    I think this shows that your thinking stuff is slowly moving downwards, man.

    The lowest they can get is those two little sacs that hang or bang around your fragile long limbs.

    Make sure the sfuff is distributed evenly between the two. Otherwise, this situation has the potential to drive you crazy, if it hasn't happened so far.

  90. @buddika

    Buddika said"two mig's flue from katunayake moment ago"

    Now slaf started new strategy. Now they fly one after another get airborne. In the day time almost all the time one or more fighter jet(s) at air borne. So LTTE cannot predict when they are going to pound the bobs.

    On the other hand now they use fake bombs under their body.So no one can tell what they are going to do by looking at it(drop bobs or reco....)

    Today is the consecutive seventh day slaf bombed ltte target.

  91. @LKDOOD

    "how do you know that they are migs ?"

    If you can see the body and wings separately thats a kafir. In other words in between wings spacecan be identified clearly.

    Mig's design is between wings and the body there is no space.

  92. @onecountry

    onecountry said....
    "I dont think it is appropriate for you to disclose defence sensitive shipments. Your postings here can help terrorists. You may get into trouble as well. I would refrain from writing anything about containers, boxes or any other defence related shipments. I think this is way beyond what is expected from this blog. Thanks!"

    As i think i know somethings normally average man doesn't know but i am not telling every thing. I am only telling more than 6000 people can see.

    what do u think guys? If you don't like my comments or is there something wrong pl point it up ?

  93. @buddika

    Yes u r right. Negombo,seedua, and katunayake (sorounding area)pl normally very knowledgeable about air crafts.

  94. Matara ayiya

    i welcome your comments

    I'm 100% sure you will not post very sensitive info

    please continue to post :)

  95. Matara ayiya

    thanks for explaining the difference

  96. Matara ayiya,

    Today is the consecutive seventh day slaf bombed.....i agree with it but not at the target ok ...they are daily targeting LTTE areas for more than a year ... if they are destroyed the target every time; there is a few LTTE Knights are there. then y is the SLA troops waiting for they are able to march in and y don't they raise the Flag....

  97. matara ayiya,
    I think it's the other way round right?
    Kfir's have got delta wings (you see it something like an arrowhead when you look at it from below) and are fixed to the body.
    Mig's wings can be spread out or kept close to the body of the plane (they can change angle) they are not fixed in a certain angle.

  98. chamal

    what channel ?

    some channels are saying:

    you can see killinochi
    LOL !

    when i look @ the map
    there is long way to go & more battles to be fought

    what do you guys think ?

  99. shyam,
    So the LTTE has knights now? And I suppose Sun Goat is King Arthur?

  100. lkdood,
    The channel was Swarnawahini.
    I guess you're right. Actually it seems that there is no TV station that we can learn the truth from.....

  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. lkdood,
    "Brigade Commander lieutenant Colonel Ralph Nugera was seriously wounded. Battallion Commander Lt. Col. Sumith Atapattu, Major Harendra Peiris, and two staff officers received minor injuries."
    That part is about an earlier attack, not the one that happened today.

  103. @ shyam

    I am not telling u r 100% wrong.I agree a very little with u.There may be bombs fell off from the target.

    U have all the right in the world to express your ideas here. No problem. But u are telling lies and copy paste biased tamilnet info.

    For an example today morning u talk about artillery hitting in poonareen suffuse.That is complete lie.

    Do u know anything about artillery?

    U can express your ideas no problem . We like to give space here but not your lies.

  104. wow so now the imran pades and kurumbati machine karayo are knights in shining armour ha lol they must have the sexy female tiger as damsels in distress lol

  105. Sri Lanka military: Soldiers capture rebel bunkers as fighting kills 14 rebels, 1 soldier


  106. I know about Artillery ok ..but not much i am not a war lord... even though there isn't any lie ok...i have written what i can sure... there isn't any lie ..can u state what i lied in ma posting ...

  107. chamal/guys

    sorry about that

    my bad :(

  108. shyam,
    It's pretty hard to state what your lies are because 95% of your comments are lies. Most recent is the one about rockets and arty being useless in the sand

  109. moshe_dyan,
    "1. wasn't the mechasnised artilery division commissioned sometime back? i thought they are in limited opersations as well?"

    It's the Mechanized INFANTRY division. It hasnt been used in major battles so far.

    "the best opening ceremony for the mech. arti. division is to target these LTTE mortar positions!!!"

    MID does not have long range artillery to do that. Their specialty is armored vehicles with specialized infantry.

    "8 'o clock news reports that the LTTE artillery center was destroyed in air raid. Is this true?"

    BTW the runway is not seriously damaged. We do not have confirmation on a destroyed arty gun. It's highly likely the tigers moved the gun immediately after firing.

    "is SLA having detecting system.? that is to identify their firing location..?"

    Yes SLA does have several firefinder radars. Main problem is ltte moving the guns immediately after firing. most guns are well hidden inside subterranean bunkers (as many bloggers have pointed out).

    "yep, taking poonaryn for sure reduce the risk for Jaffna. "

    The 58th division is advancing towards Viduthalaithiv. If viduthalaithiv falls, Pooneryn will be vulnerable. SLA will be eying this sector to open A-32 MSR to Jaffna peninsula. But its too early to tell.

    "And she had opened her chest and showed the bomb and asked them whether to blow it up or whether they are gonna take her to Wattala.
    Fearing to this these guys agreed to drop her at Wattala and when getting down she had told to go to the police if they wanted. "

    This is most likely a made up story. Usually black tigers are not given the suicide jackets/bombs/weapons till just before their mission.

    "Can SLAF Bomb the entire area with many times a day using all of the available air craft and posibily flatten the area...So that SLA could go and take control the area..?

    That would be of little use and would cost a fortune. It's a vast area and ltte casualties would be minimum without precision coordinates of their bases.

    "what is the maximum range of the LTTE artillery guns ?"

    They have 122mm/130mm and 152mm artillery. The range varies between 17km-38km. Several SLA positions come within range when the guns are fired across Pooneryn lagoon from K-Point. This time as well as the last time they have used 130mms.

  110. Thanks for the info Defencenet

  111. @shyam

    I believe defencenet and defencewire than I belive 50% tamilnet is correct.So i have lots of news sources.

    I don't want your news especially cut and paste's really annoying.

    As a tamil person please wright your views(not news or your analyzes)without thinking and attacking hole sinhaleese as terrorists.

  112. chamal ....
    I didn't say like that i said its not working 100% ok...In WW2 D-day landing the Nazis didn't trust the Artillery coz they state the same reason and they used machine(.50 caliber) guns..In sand i mean (beach) it won't work for 100%...

    Can anyone give some info about this matter...Usually for Pistol we use 9mm bullets and we use 7.65mm bullets for AK47,T56 but the bullet is bigger in size and the range also higher than pistol ...and we use 5.45 bullets for M16 but its bigger in size than both pistol and AK ... then what they mean by mm in bullet size ... Is anybody able to explain .....!

  113. @shyam

    when talking about bullets mm value is a diameter value of back of the bullet.

    If I am wrong some body can correct this.

  114. shyam,
    Actually the Germans couldn't use artillery effectively on D-day because they were targeted by allied bombers before the landings. Very few were survived these attacks. And the fights were practically face-to-face, where machine guns were more suitable.

    Anyway, this is 70 years after that. Modern rockets & artillery available nowadays are much more advanced.

  115. LTTE have fired Artillery targeting VARANI BASE bleaved to that there is many casualties to SLA

  116. Its also in Jafna..i am not sure exact location of that BASE

  117. @shyam

    Pl tell ....

    do u think all sinhaleese are terrorists?

    Don't u like to see this island as one country and live peacefully like colombo and kandy?

  118. Defencenet/guys

    is there a base called VARANI ?

  119. Guys,

    I am from TamilNadu.Basically I am LTTE supporter,as Tamilian.In the beginning I use to support without knowing what is happening in your place....I feel nowadays LTTE turned to be a organization which will do anything for the sake of Prabha..He is like another Karunanidhi here in TN.For his own interest he will do anything...Particularly the suicide attempts..For the sake of Prabha LTTE is killing civilians.In the past you people also did the same against tamilans.But now it's purely a military conflict...Tell me one thing why it's taking 25 years to suppress a small organization like LTTE for your army which has 2 Lakhs soldiers backed by artillery,MBRL's,Navy & Aireforce??!!

  120. "is there a base called VARANI ?"

    52-4 brigade HQ is located in Varani. It's along Point Pedro-Kodikamam road.

  121. @balaguru

    In simple in the past our politicians want war to make money and in recent past there greediness to power.

  122. Anti-tanks weapons have got very sophisticated in the past decade. In the 1982 Israeli incursion into Lebanon, the Israeli Army’s armored units defeated the PLO made it to Beirut within one week, a distance of over 30 miles. In the 2006 summer war, Israeli armored units were barely able to make it beyond their border despite overwhelming numerical and material superiority. In the past, the Sri Lanka Army has not figured out the proper role of armor. It was used in Sri Lanka primarily in an infantry support role, and in mobile artillery role (e.g. unlike in armored battles between Indian and Pakistan). The creation of a mechanized division is a natural evolution of the army and it is the right thing to do. In the 1990s, the LTTE captured a number of tanks with their personnel after they got isolated from the Infantry. Even in the Thoppigala battles, the army lost armored vehicles, I belive due to ant-tank mines. Hopefully lessons have been learnt and counter measures are being taken.

    This is from an Israeli newspaper about their experience in Lebanon :

    The Kornet or AT-14 anti-tank rocket is wire-guided to hit targets with high precision at a distance of up to 3.5 kilometers as the crow flies. It can pierce 1,100-1,200 mm of armor. In the Lebanon war, Hizballah deployed the Kornet delivered by the Syrian army with great effectiveness against the Israeli Chariot tanks, inflicting a high level of casualties. Moscow has strenuously denied letting the Kornet missiles sold to Syria reach Hizballah’s hands. Officials there refused to admit that the rockets which struck Israel tanks in the war were Russian made, even after an Israeli military delegation headed by Ilan Mizrahi, director of the national security council brought to Moscow exhibits of Kornet missile parts collected from the battlefield and photographs in support Israel’s complaint. The Americans had their first experience of the Russian Kornet in Iraq in 2003 when it knocked US Abrams M1 tanks out of action. They are now widely used by Iraq’s Sunni insurgents.

  123. I never say that all sinhala people are terrorist..U know nowerdays in srilanka tamil people murdering by government ..thats true no one can't say its wrong ok....If the tamil people can not live peace fully then they must need a place where they can live peace.... U know how many tamils died with in the last 12 months ahh.... is there anyone who talking about this ahh? its more than 6000 and with missing its reached 10000, ... what u gonna say about it...tamils also don't like a seperate land they like to be in states like INDIA becose of this genoside...THE JPV or JHU never allow the sinhala people to give a sollution for the ethnic problem ...

  124. @shyam,

    I agree with u if your figgers are correct.

    Pl. tell me where u get this info?Is it Human right watch,BBC,CNN,Tamil net or even ltte peace secretory office?

    pl give the link.

  125. The newly formed Mac Infantry in action


  126. @ RomeoAlphaFoxtrot
    Seems Iqbal Athas have seen a virtual silencer/grenade launcher in that pic lol
    btw that gun is a folding butt AK-101/103 and once I saw on tv our boys captured a similar weapon with GP-30 under barrel launcher in the Mannar front.


    Grenade launcher:

  127. has taken 30(like 50) years..beacuse of many reasons..
    1)Initially LTTE TN bases could not be targeted by Indian police and didnt get support from india because of the gandhi Bitch.
    2)Western powers molecoddled LTTE terrorists..thinking they were "freedom fighters".Q:what kind of feedom fighter will conscript ones own kids?-the best preedom fighter in this world is "adele balasingham" for her contribution to suicide bombing by converting young girls to suicide bombers?..jealousy adele??..i mean
    3)Massive corruption in the south-LTTE lifeline
    4)SLankan Leaders in the past going out of their way to satisfy LTTE for their own political agendas...
    5) Looking up to the "sudu mahattaya"..gods gift to SLanka....?"where is sriilankaa??"

  128. Why is a senoir health ministry official(female) pressurising the police to release a consignment of high protein biscuits? destined for KIlli? she been paid by LTTE for food?..MI needs to investigate this

  129. OMG I just cant' believe that Gota, Fonseka and Donald Perera were all on the same flight on their way to Jaffna in a nice little package. I mean ffs if the LTTE had used a MANPADS to shoot down the flight and well everyone could have kissed Eelam War IV Good BYe!!!

    That is crazy, nevermind the military victories and the planning involved in the recent round of victories.

  130. Shyam,

    we like to hear your own honest veiws. Copy pasting from pro-LTTE media will not add any positive value to this blog. So back your veiws on true facts (give the link, we can chaeck and see how reliable is the source). You are welcome for constructive discussion. (Boss and upul are out of this set.) At the end all sinhalese and tamils are suppoesed to live together in one country.

    It is interesting to see involvement of tamilnadu guy to this blog. Hope you continue sharing your veiws too.

  131. Thank you DefenceNet for the reply.

    so the tigers have stopped at that; this shows how scared they are to the military top brass.

    but the need to destroy their arti positions remains.

  132. well said moshe...the monotonous statement(re;"airforce figher jets did maximum damages to LTTE guns" is beginning to sound not only hollow but downright ludicrous.trying to bomb these guns is a waste of money+time because they are relocated after attack or placed in inpregnable bunkers.Ground offensive the best.Does anyone know if the LTTE malathi+pink 'n' blue elephants brigades attached to the pacific command has developed the skill to make long range guns invisible?

  133. DefenceNet

    Can you verify this video on youtube … is this real ?

    according to this tigers firing their Arty from a open space .. why cant we detect them using UAV or the satellite images ?

    do u know how much its gonna cost to take satellite images ?? do we have this facility ?

  134. DefenceNet,

    Are you sure LTTE artillery targetting Palaly are at K-Point?

    I thought tthe LTTE was firing from mainland pooneryn using extended range artillery shells.

    Also, what is the range of the 152mm artillery shells? I guess with extended range shells they can hit anything in Jaffna peninsula?

  135. Cong raises alarm over ‘pro-LTTE’ wave in TN


  136. Hasalaka, the video looks staged. The actions of the LTTE cadres when the explosions go off look pretty fake.

    The artillery firing must be practice exercises, probably from the CFA times. If they try something like this right now, our MBRLs will flatten them. I doubt they'll even risk placing so many guns in the open deep inside the Wanni, cos the Air Force may have a few presents for them.

  137. "Can you verify this video on youtube … is this real ?"

    Hasalka it says its an LTTE film:

    "LTTE Uyirampu Film released on Thaipongal day"

    But still I guess those are their real arti guns that they are using for the filming so your question still stands!

  138. srilankan,

    i agree to the first part (highlighted) but i don't believe they have impregnable bunkers, mate. sorry i disagree with you on this ALL THE TIME like a stubborn DONKEY!!

    the statement is indeed "downright ludicrous".

    according to TN they shelled palaly around 8am and according to figheters bombed tiger arti positions at 11:45am. surely tigers pulled their babies to safety within 3 hours and 45 minutes!!!

    "airforce figher jets did maximum damages to LTTE guns" is beginning to sound not only hollow but downright ludicrous.trying to bomb these guns is a waste of money+time because they are relocated after attack or placed in inpregnable bunkers."

    last time i got into "attacks" (no harm done) by saying the same but i cannot help it. the SLAF attack was once again like....."paalu gei walang bindinawooooo" situation.

    the SLAF is doing a great job; but we must accept that they need to be faster and more proactive. this is not the first time.


    realtime sat. images of land objects are not available for SL; for that we should have many dedicated satallites. days/weeks old images can be obtained without much cost.

    UAV or even manned aerial surveillance (beechcraft hisar) is a good option.

    tigers had on many occassions launched arti. above ground and the SLAF couldn't destroy them. i had raised this issue so many times (too many times actually) here.

    someone answered your second Q. very well here in the same thread.

  139. Canada has sold its US-developed radar systems to Sri Lanka.
    Sri Lanka is the first ever country to buy it off Canada.

    The radar system development had been halted for long time ago, because it was a failure.

    But Canada eyed a light in the tunnel when Indian, Pakistani and American officials were bragging and boasting about how they sold obsolete and malfunctioning military equipment to Sri Lanka for gold price.
    Pakistani officials showed sales papers of their bombs which fell like stones on Tamil Tiger targets when SLAF tried to use them.
    Indian also could counter Pakistani success with their outdated radar system.

    After hearing all these dreams which came true, Canada contacted the suckers in the South Asia.
    After weeks of testing and convincing the so-called defence experts of the Sri lankan military, they could finally sell their trash for a robbery-price.

    The developers despite troubling to not to laugh, commented: "The technology works".

    Apart from our Sinhalese clowns wasting their money on junk and putting their next-generations in debt, lets talk about the ongoing civilwar.

    Why do you bury dead troops in Mannar? Please stop hiding the bodies and losses. Its a disgrace to the soldiers who sacrificed their lifes. Even if you dont want to tell the press, atleast report it to their parents. When the war is over they'll be on the streets waiting with open mouth for their sons/daughters to return. How are you going to explain it?

  140. How come we cannot deal with the threat of suicide bombers? Studying the recent events, including the attempt on Dougie Devananda, our in-house strategist formulated this solution;

  141. sonny boobs

    your concern for my kith and kin makes my heart warm...

    i'd buy you a drink, only thing is your momma asked me not to, last night.

  142. wow what a constructive criticism. Finally we can debate further.

  143. bosslicker is back with more tamilnut type of articles....

    Would liek to thank the canadian tamil tax payers who paid for the first phase of R&D for the company that has offered sri lanka these

    the tamil dispora money + radar R&D = Technology that Works.

  144. easy and a fast proxy to surf TAMILNUT.COM
    still open port 80

  145. for those who does not know about tracing internet crimes and locating bloggers. below is how to trace a person in the internet.

    (this is just FYI)

    1. If a person has done a illegal/cyber crime through internet, victim will provide the info to the concern party. it can be email address, blogger ID, a web site act.
    2. first to trace the person is to find the source IP address of the origination. (internet presence always require a public (unique) ip address). this can be found in the email headers or the web server logs. Most important part is done. Now we have IP address and the time.
    2. Trace the IP address. Normally IP address blocks are representing geo graphical locations. Ex. Asia/pacific, africa, Europe etc.
    Using the world IP governing bodies, web portals, it easy to find, the owner of the IP addresses. It can be a company or ISP.
    3. If the person connect to the internet using a dialup modem or ADSL to the local ISP, IP address is varying, every time new connection is establish. But ISP has IP address and the local phone number, which was used to connect to the ISP, in their log files with the time stamp.
    4. Person, who want to find out the originator of the of email or cyber crime, can talk to the remote ISP to find out whereabouts and culprit can be rounded up.

    Above procedure is not difficult and all the tools are readily available in the internet to track IP connections.


  146. This is a mail i received today. I suppose that there can be a truth in this:

    Dear friends,

    According to latest Intelligence reports, the LTTE has decided to attack both military and civilian targets
    in the South to disrupt civilian life as much as possible . MI warns of an LTTE plan to attack several
    major cities simultaneously (including Colombo and Kandy ) and cause widespread panic and fear among civilians . The WTC twin towers, Colombo harbor and the city of Kandy are said to be among primary targets of the LTTE . According to MI, LTTE intelligence cadres 'disguised as beggars', differently-abled people and sales representatives have already been deployed to gather intel on these targets ..

  147. good stuff andare.

    but if you are living in the free world (outside the middle east and china) there is no reason why you should be scared of blogging. your statements, etc. in the blog is inadmissible in courts of law. in many countries revealing personal data through the IP address is a crime unless falls under the category int. crime.
    so the boss and upul are safe!!

    internet crime is a different thing and you have all the reasons to be panicking if you had committed a crime; there is no escape.

  148. Moshe..
    Recently, UK took a person to custody due to cyber terrorism.
    What he has done, was to glorify terrorism and brain washing people to do terrorist acts.

    I can see only "the Boss" is trying to step in that path here.

  149. "Ltte arti are in underground concrete bunkers with camouflage.When ltte want to fire two tractors pull out the arti gun and fire one shot. Other tractor again pull in. All the loading is done in the the moment of the fireing only can see mussel end of the arti gun. Other area is covered(like fireing in a tent)"

    If that is so why can't the SLAF visually identify the tractors and bomb the area?

  150. There seems to be many traitors around providing information about high ranked security officials' visits to Palaly.
    Army/Navy chiefs and defence secretary must limit there visits for the coming months since the country cannot afford to loose them at this critical juncture of Ealam war.

  151. Tip off LTTE terrorists activities in US to the FBI through the following anoynymous web


  152. first terror attack experience by me while surfing defencenet

  153. slpower, the MI had that info 6-8 months ago.

    By the way, I would like to tell everyone that don't assume that gotaba,fonseka were on the same flight. ...Im not saying that they weren't...but dont assume that they were either.

    Also, think about the chances if one person was in each 3 heli compared to all being in 1 heli out of the random 3.

    By the way, if you have a reliable source or defensenet can clarify that they were on the same flight, i would like to know. :)

    Oh yeah, another idiot has already threatned my life if i make anymore comments...i will surely use the tips.fbi lol.

    These LTTE supporters are idiots, do they actually know who they are dealing with on the otherside of the computer? I guess not. IF anyone has traced my ip, they can see that I have so far used a minimum of at least 6 computers in 6 different

  154. andare , funny video man lol

  155. sweat:):)..
    The reason i spoke about impregnable bunkers was not that they are literally impregnable but in order to take them out the SLAF will have to use very expensive bunker blasters (which we dont have many of) which are reserved for VP's bunker..How dare we insult vp by using the bombs against him on mere artillary???OMG
    To whom it may concern:
    Tell tamil diasphora that they should honour Adele balasingham for her dedication to the LTTE cause by converting the next generation of tamils into suicide about a medal of gallentry..the Veera THammilselven medal?? ..Vp the biggest idiot of the 21st century medal?..the wait for!! tiger forward defense command medal..or the most honourable thosai cade medal???
    Oh Dear..Canada has sold Radars to shriii-lankaaaa?..oh dear the tamils have to fight for their rights in canada also..damn man whats going on here

  156. Defnet,

    Do you know what type of APC/AFV's are shown here on the army website from the mech. infantry ceremony.

    They don't seem to have a big enough gun/turret to be a BMP type. Is it a Chinese built thing?

  157. "The radar system development had been halted for long time ago, because it was a failure. "

    This is untrue. The Canadian Government has been operating the experimental Raytheon at several sites in Newfoundland for the LAST TEN YEARS without any problems. Recently they received a complaint that made them consider the fact that the system could interfere with civilian communications (phone, TV, etc) and so the system was abandoned.

    I'll be posting an in-depth article on this system on my site soon, so stay tuned.

  158. Tamil elam medals.

    1. the Ponna-ambalam medal - for the best LTTE supportive eunuch

    2. the Charles anthony medal - for the most idiotic behaviour

    3. the Mathivathani medal - for the best cunt in the LTTE

    4. the Chelvam medal - for the best cripple

    5. the kallathoni medal - for the best sea tiger

    6. the okkalamma medal - for the best tiger MF

    7. the KCN medal - for all martyrs

    8. the garland - for Ghandhi

    and many more....

  159. Moshe..i feel so humbled by your wonderful post..:):)
    OK moshe you have got me on the "offensive" now,
    1)The anton Balasingham medal for the greatest LTTE drinker..
    2)The British Petrolium medal for outstanding financial contributions to the LTTE(aka. credit card scams at petrol stattions)
    The "garland for ghandi"..what can i say moshe..outstanding!!!

  160. sri lankan,

    The LTTE artillery won't be kept in the same type of bunker as VP. His bunker is supposed to be deep underground (40ft?) and would therefore require bunker busters. Its not possible to put artillery guns in such a bunker as it would need a large entrance and huge cranes to lift artillery pieces which weigh several tons. Most likely their artillery is kept in a very shallow bunker with just the barrel sticking out and some logs/concrete reinforcements on top. This type of thing does not require a bunker buster. Almost any bomb would be good enough to take it out as long as its an accurate hit. You would probably need a LGB though as the splatter effect from a dumb bomb falling some distance from the target might not be enough to destroy it (unless you use a big bomb). However, compared to the value of the artillery piece an LGB which these days can be bought for USD 20-30,000 is not too much. This should be the same price for a bunker buster as well, they all use the same Mk. 80 series warheads (or Russian equivalent) which only cost about USD 250-1000 (according to wikipedia, usually fairly accurate on these matters). Its only the LGB tailkit which is expensive.

  161. "hey man don't think stupidly...if they wanted to kill them then they will fire artillery continuesly ok..but stoped with 20 rounds"

    Again, a naive assumption. The reason the Tigers stopped after 20 rounds wasn't because they felt warm and cuddly towards Sarath & Gota, but because (1) they realised the plane wasn't gonna land and (2) they had to cease firing before they were detected and destroyed.

    "Can anyone give some info about this matter...Usually for Pistol we use 9mm bullets and we use 7.65mm bullets for AK47,T56 but the bullet is bigger in size and the range also higher than pistol ...and we use 5.45 bullets for M16 but its bigger in size than both pistol and AK ... then what they mean by mm in bullet size ... Is anybody able to explain .....!"

    When a round's dimensions are given, such as the 7.62-mm x 51 NATO, the mm figure is the round's diameter (calibre) and the second figure is it's length. Pistol rounds are usually larger in calibre than rifle rounds. The latter however have a longer length and a higher velocity. Calibre has nothing to do with velocity.

    BTW, the AK-47 and T-56 fire 7.62-mm rounds, not 7.65, and the M16 fires 5.56-mm not 5.45. The 5.45-mm round is fired by the AK-74.

  162. Dear Shay,
    Many Thanks for the info..greatly appreciated bro.why do you think the bombing appears to be so ineffective in taking out the artillary guns?..Does this mean the planes are not flying low enough for greater accurary in taking guns out..mindyou i can understand their point of view.. if you ignore the rubbish on about "massive damages"

  163. This comment has been removed by the author.

  164. blacklightarrow,

    there is a special army unit riding bikes around Colombo (around 7 bikes) with different different weapons.
    One person using machine gun with a box type magazine, One using a shot gun et. etc.
    Can you tel me the names of those weapons please.???

  165. Any one knows what happened to that high protien biscuit consignments?. Has the govt. got other two lorries?.

  166. blacklightarrow, while you on B#1's request can you also fill me in what is shown and explained in -

    Where is the grenade launcher and the silencer ?

  167. srilanka,

    I think the problem is the lack of technology and resources. Although SLA has firefinder radars, the older models they have (assuming they are still working) won't be able to pin point the enemy artillery as accurately as modern systems such as ARTHUR. So counter fire from our artillery wont be effective. Added to this is the problem that the LTTE guns are in bunkers, so difficult to destroy with counter artillery fire, unless you score more a less a direct hit.

    The best way is to take them out by air. Then you have the problem of SLA co-ordinating with SLAF to give them the co-ordinates etc, which is never optimal. The SLAF would need to use FLIR to locate the muzzle flash/heat from the guns (FLIR is not like radar, so cant scan a large area, you need to be pointing at the right place). This is assuming that we could have a UAV/Beech on the scene before the LTTE finishes firing its limited number of shots. Once the guns cool and/or inside the bunkers, I'm not sure what type of IR signature they would have. Probably not very much.

    The US for example has UAV/recon planes and armed fighters in the air almost all the time in Iraq/Afghanistan. So they can respond very quickly to such a situation. Unfortunately we don't have enough resources for this, so its difficult.

    We could also use LRRP teams to locate the artillery, but this would be difficult in areas deep within LTTE territory.

  168. Army overrun village close to Adampan in Mannar

    The army captured Viyattamkulam this morning, a village west of the Adampan town in Mannar, following a fierce battle with the LTTE. The Military claimed that over sixteen rebel bunkers were destroyed during the clash killing at least 22 cadres.


  169. Shay..great post bro..many thanks again

  170. srilankan,

    you're welcome. just my two cents.

  171. perein,
    This is terrible. It could have been our own sisters, daughters.

    Govt and SLDF must really get in to this. May be in parallel with armed raids we should conduct surrendering raids with necessary paraphernalia.

  172. kiri-
    Agreed mate. Same time our forces has to take the security measure to safe guard them as well as public.
    However there should be a way to get them to surrender. Similar things has happened in East and we coped well to get them to surrender.

  173. In this context MBVR (Multi Barrel Voice Recorders) may be quite useful!

  174. B#1, they're Civil Defence Force. Not sure which weapons you mean, but the only machine-gun we use widely that has a box mag is the PK or its Chinese version.

    RAF, as someone already pointed out, Athas got it wrong again. That's an AK-101 (you can see it here:, a Russian AK-74 rechambered for the 5.56-mm x 45 NATO round for export to the US and Europe. The cylinder on the muzzle is a flash suppressor (not a silencer) as you would see on the T-81. It has also been fitted with a pistol grip on the forestock, which Athas has mistaken for a grenade launcher.

  175. SLPower

    LTTE to attack dressed as beggars?

    I'd say that's a story with an ulterior motive. May be Gota wants to wipe off poverty by shooting the beggars.

    By the time this govt is done, we'll have wiped out terrorism and poverty both.

    Wow..these guys should be running the world.!


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