Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blast near Slave Island

A bus transporting military personnel was hit by a suspected roadside claymore explosion at 9.35 AM today morning killing 4 and injuring 24. 14 civilians and 10 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) personnel are among the wounded. The military bus, another private bus and a three wheeler are among the vehicles damaged in the incident. Buildings belonging to the nearby Hotel Nippon too has received some damage due to the explosion.

The bus, transporting 13 security forces personnel, was en route to the military hospital when it was hit by the explosion. It's suspected that a claymore mine was set off targeting the bus.


  1. This may sound cold.


  2. yes in this year we will have to face lot of these style attacks. We need to keep our eyes open and help SLA as much as possible.

  3. KIri-It makes perfect sense.this means that the LTTE casualty figures may be true.As i said before our biggest intelligence resource is our peace loving peoples(Sinhala,Tamil,Muslim).We have to keep our eyes/ears open.

  4. They are attacking our soldiers away from the battlefield. This shows how desperate LTTE is and how good our boys are.

  5. sri lankan...
    think what kiri meant was that this "MIGHT" be a diversion by the government "IF" they had a hand at the UNP MP's assassination...
    It's a possibility IMHO

  6. uncon reports says it's a suicide bomber....

  7. ranil,
    I don't think Kiri meant such a thing. So it's your own idea.

  8. Thanks Ranil
    Gents lets not argue.Does anyone know what ranks of military personnel were injured

  9. pramith..totally agree with you brother.

  10. These norway's LTTE maggots including boss and upuli will come here in the morning to post their enjoyment here . Am sure that idiot boss will write "Every action has a reaction"
    Guys Let's keep our cool until the proper vaccination is found by DN for this sakkili infection.

  11. Hemantha
    lay off man... I said he "might" have said...
    learn to read or bugger off

  12. Ranil, the government which is trying so hard to defeat the LTTE and keep the economy afloat will set off bombs in Colombo and kill it's own people? What world do you live in?

  13. conflicting reports...
    1 sla dead
    3 civilians dead
    24 people injured including 7 sla...
    bus have supposedly carried female SLA personnel...
    some radio station just reported...
    couldn't figure out the station as i was channel surfin on my mp3 player

  14. To put the record straight..
    I meant a diversion by the "LTTE Terrorists".

    Even if it was directly not meant to be, when such things happen we must stand in attention to prevent other mischief attempted using that as cover.

    The people must be empowered to play a much more active role in civil security. This is not happening.

  15. attack is the best defence & others

    Just ignore the LTTE supporters. They crave attention, don't give them any.

    Don't repond to their insults, no matter how provocative they may be.

    If you respond to them the blog gets taken into another direction discussing non-defence related rubbish.

  16. has a picture of the bus that was caught in the explosion. It's a typical camouflage-colored military bus. You could recognize it from a mile away. Maybe it's time we started transporting troops and other officials in regular, unrecognizable vehicles, with no special number plates or the like.

    It's not going to stop such bombings, cos the LTTE certainly aren't unwilling to target civilians, but it'll make their job a bit harder.

  17. IE...
    man what's wrong with you guys...i said it's a possibility...
    which world do you live in not to know how SL politics work eh?
    I don't believe all the crap government dishes out just for face value...
    they haven't been that honest for me to believe them like that...
    I honestly don't think these types of things are beyond SL politics...
    that's why i said it's a "possibility"
    I speak for the country and my support is there and not for some power hungry politicians...get it!

  18. GE...
    funny that when one presents anything against the government, all be it only for argument's sake they get branded "ltte supporters"
    why don't you have some balls and at least speak straight and say who this ltte supporter is mate eh

  19. Ranil I'm not gonna argue with such ridiculousness, apart from saying that if you think our entire defence establishment is going to stand by while the government bombs it's own people, you're better off looking for a new country.

  20. Ranil,
    "lay off man... I said he "might" have said...
    learn to read or bugger off"

    I am waiting for Kiri's answer and am pretty sure he didn't mean that the government bombed the bus as a diversion. It came from your own dwarfed mind. I have nothing to discuss with you from now on. To me there is no difference between you and Upul.

  21. IE
    good on you mate. I have the right for my view and if you think the government is not capable of such things...i'm also not sure you know SL enough...

  22. OK.This is what was intended by this bomb blast.To frighten people and fill the air waves with rumours.Next to instigate a communal backlash.Pls Dont provide either of these starting with this blog.

  23. We need to have those barricades back.

  24. Hemantha
    well mate. I'm sorry for you bunch not being intelligent enough to see the difference when one thinks of a possibility from another view.
    You lot are very quick to jump in a brand them as ltte supporters and compare me to that faggot upul :)
    No wonder t his country is so messed up.
    Thank you for not wanting to discuss anything with me further. the feeling's mutual.

  25. Ranil

    I was not refering to you. So chill out and stop being so paranoid. And no, I am not a blind MR bootlicker.

    I posted that specific post in response to attack is the best defence's post of:
    "These norway's LTTE maggots including boss and upuli will come here in the morning to post their enjoyment here . Am sure that idiot boss will write "Every action has a reaction"
    Guys Let's keep our cool until the proper vaccination is found by DN for this sakkili infection."

    I don't want him or others to tangle themselves with Upul,Boss,Mixer etc. Cause then the blogs discussion strays away from defence related issues.

  26. Guys don't pick on Ranil, he is one of us. In the end we all want what's good for the country.

    Forget our minor differences and concentrate more on what we all have in common.

  27. GE
    sorry mate. my bad.
    I was just a little upset after these guys were on my case for just coming up with a possibility? since when that was treason and one to find another country.
    sorry again mate...I'm off

  28. Ranil

    Its ok, no hard feelings here mate. :)

  29. Around 5.30 am this morning I was awakened by choppers flying over pretty low.

    Anything happening in the battle fields?

  30. DefenceNet
    First of all...although the start is not the best...
    let me wish you and your team a Happy New Year 2008. Hope you and the rest of the SLDF folks won't have to fight this cursed war for much longer and we can wipe out ltte for good soon.

    My first question for you this year is that there are rumours flying around in certain defense circles that the sungoat has succumbed to his injuries after the SLAF bombing. Is there any truth to this or is it just some more psy ops by ltter's

  31. This news item should be renamed as "LTTE explodes bomb next to Catholic Church"

    This is the kind of twist that Tamil nut and sirasa puts.

  32. Here we have it, I told you so:

    MR supporters hunting in packs against anyone (such as Ranil) in the name of patriotism. They gang up on whoever doubts their government (even hypothetical in this forum. This is but a microcosm of the impending dictatorship and growing intolerance.

    pramith: I assure you kotia is not desperate and please everyone, please believe in psyops of VP injuries to make you dreaded life in sri lanka a little warmer. They always tell the truth, on time without much creativity :p

  33. about genocidal LTTE kills an unknown number of catholic civilians ?

  34. Guys
    Tamilnet says it's a claymore bomb before DNet also and have boasted of it's close proximity to SLAF HQ while quietly ignoring barely few meteres distance to the Church...

  35. pramith..I am not enjoying what follows.lets see.. our population is say 17 million.lets say 20,000 civilians are killed by bombs this year.Say each mine/bomb kills 50 people.that means the LTTE have to plant 400 bombs within the year which is unlikely (meaning 1 bomb everyday).I DONT WANT A SINGLE INNOCENT TO DIE THAT INCLUDES ALL PEOPLES OF SLANKA. on the other hand if we kill say 20 cadres a day..(except poya days/christmas/barber memorial haircutting days)that means at the end of one year we would have killed-7300 cadres..pramith you were right the LTTE wont survive in sLanka.

  36. srilankan

    This war of attrition must continue on FDLs. I say that EVERY small SLA unit that raids the LTTE FDL bunkers must be armed with thermobaric RPG rounds. They are good for blasting bunkers.

  37. LTTE Bombs the Secred Heart Church in Colombo-2

    Attack is the best form of defence.
    SLAF jets must be sent with a heavy load to retaliate.

    If tit-for-tat killings continue Sri lankans are the OBVIOUS winners not Tamil Elamists!!

    Come'on SLAF punish them hard; its your turn.

  38. Tamil Tigers Bomb the Infant Jesus Church after Killing a MP in Ponnambalam Vaneshwar Kovil yesterday!

  39. GE,

    I agree. If the SLA intends to make major inroads into the Wanni this year, lets hope they use more modern and capable weapons that give us a decisive edge and lower our casualties. In the DefNet videos its shows even Commando's just charging at bunkers using only small arms. Casualties are likely to be higher if they try that in the north where LTTE fortifications will be more heavily defended.

    More use of our Shmel and Chinese thermobaric weapons would definitely help. Found this link of the Shmel being used.

    Something like the TOS-1 would be even better for burning the rats in their holes, but I don't think they have sold it outside Russia.

  40. GE,

    Fantastic idea,but RPO-A-Schmel is not the ideal when it comes to cost.

    The RPG-7V1 (Multi Purpose Weapon) Manufacturer: Bazalt, Russia) can also fire the TBG-7V thermobaric or OG-7V fragmentation charges.

    If you look at all the real wars going on right now, you come across the same two weapons, over and over: the AK-47 and the RPG-7 -- both Russian designs, and both older than your Dad.

    They're the weapons that matter, because they're already out there, millions of units, enough to equip every guerrilla army in the world, simple enough that you can teach a peasant kid with hookworm and a room-temperature IQ to fire them, and cheap enough to buy in bulk.
    And the RPG is the best of all, even better than the Kalashnikov. This simple little beauty just keeps getting more and more effective. This cheap little dealie, nothing but a launcher tube and a few rockets shaped like two ice-cream cones glued together, has kicked our ass (and Russia's too) all over the world since back when the Beatles were still together. In fact, more and more guerrilla armies are making the RPG their basic infantry weapon, with the AK used to protect the RPG gunners, who provide the offensive punch. The Chechens fighting the Russian Army are so high on it that they've switched their three-man combat teams from two riflemen and an RPG gunner to two RPG gunners with a rifleman to protect them.

    I don’t think they cost that much.

  41. shay,
    "In the DefNet videos its shows even Commando's just charging at bunkers using only small arms."

    This strategy is not always used. In some cases this can be suicidal. Tacticts change depending on battlefield situation.

    happy new year to you and other bloggers too.

    "rumours flying around in certain defense circles that the sungoat has succumbed to his injuries after the SLAF bombing."

    We cannot confirm this. According to our information the injuries Prabhakaran received were not life threatening.

  42. What a Fantastic way to start the new year,gas price high, tamil politisian dead, bomblast.. wow..i can sense the things to come


  43. Maheswaren was killed by his former body guard

    Here is the link...
    It was bloody stupid for the government to remove his security detail...

    By protecting the enemy, GOSL can score more points than not doing so.

  44. Check my last two comments in defencewire.

    Progress has been made against the JVP politics..

  45. Regarding Velu, it is better NOT to think that he is dead..After few months Velu will appear and all his will be THROUGHLY dissapointed...

    We need to stay the course..If he is dead its a bonus..Keep attacking these LTTE clowns and Sri Lanka will be free of these Terrorists.

  46. Guys,

    Most of us are not SLFP supporters. We are united against the thuggery of LTTE keeping our political affiliations at bay. I am sure, most of Sri Lankans do the same in silence, regrardless of the race, religion or any other man made division. We all want to see one thing; an end to this damn war and move around in our own country without fear or friction.

    However, the behaviour of some UNP affiliatedmedia is despicable in this hour of need. All for what? To make a cheap political gain. Can they get to a level any lower than this? Daily Mirror and Lankaenews are two culprits. I am sure the readership of these editions are en route to extinction. The rate of daily update is an indication of downhill that is waiting for them.

    Nowhere in the world, can we find unpatriotic trators of their calibre, especially when the motherland is on fire.

  47. Geagle..i dont know if supplying advanced weapons to every small unit is a good idea because when comrades are injured soldiers tend to carry them to safety leaving their weapons+ammo behind which the tigers acquire.I am not sure which units should be given the weapons because i am not privy to the ground situation

  48. "good on you mate. I have the right for my view and if you think the government is not capable of such things...i'm also not sure you know SL enough..."

    It's not whether the GoSL is capable or not, but whether they are stupid enough or not. I think it's pretty stupid to bomb Colombo the day after New Year's in the middle of the tourist season. Anything's possible, including little green men on Mars, but I doubt it.

    "In the DefNet videos its shows even Commando's just charging at bunkers using only small arms. "

    I'm a bit skeptical about that clip. It looks like a training run to me. The soldiers carry almost no kit on them, and are neatly dressed in cama uniforms. They run bolt upright, not like soldiers under fire. There's also no sign of any incoming fire, nor the sound of rounds coming in. You'll also notice that there's a long pause once the soldiers reach the first bunker before they fire into it. In combat they would have grenaded it BEFORE approaching. Also, the bunkers have no camouflage, which is a bit strange. I won't bet on it, since I haven't seen the full video, but it doesn't look real to me.

  49. "it doesn't look real"

    I also feel same

  50. "it doesn't look real""

    We can confirm that it is actual footage shot during the Thoppigala battle.

  51. tamilnet is reporting 5 dead 24 wounded from the Blast in Colombo is reporting :

    MANNAR: AIR FORCE FIGHTER craft this morning (2) around 9.30 a.m. bombed a Sea Tiger camp and a coordinating center of their intelligence cadres in the east of VEDUTHALATHIVU, north of MANNAR.

    Again at about 12.30 this noon, an air strike was conducted on an LTTE logistics base in ALAMPIL, north of KOKKUTUDUWAI.

    It is believed considerable damage has been caused to the LTTE.

  52. has some pictures
    from the general hospital
    ?ARTID=2808 has some pictures
    from the aftermath of the blast

  53. Regarding the airstrike (which lkdood posted info about: It is possible that two of LTTE's regional commanders died in the incident. MI is yet to confirm this.

  54. DefenceNet
    that's great news if found to be accurate by MI.
    little off topic
    During the sea battle off delft did sea tigers managed to take weaponry off the destroyed colombo class UFAC?
    Chances are that this UFA had the upgraded weaponry...
    I also read on another forum that SLAF Migs have made a bombing run on the seatiger vessels that were beaching after the battle? Is there any truth to this?
    Was wondering why SLAF wasn't called in sooner before loosing a UFAC for ltte... Are we still having issues with getting everyone to work together and work faster against the common enemy?
    appreciate your thoughts on this when time permits.

  55. DefenceNet
    thank you for the update is reporting(7:29:34 PM):

    Technical sources have revealed that two senior LTTE leaders were killed in the attack.

  56. ranil,
    "did sea tigers managed to take weaponry off the destroyed colombo class UFAC?"

    No weapons were captured.

    "Chances are that this UFA had the upgraded weaponry..."

    Again No. It has the old 23mm cannons and was not upgraded with 30mms.

    I also read on another forum that SLAF Migs have made a bombing run on the seatiger vessels that were beaching after the battle? Is there any truth to this?"

    It was a Kfir jet and a Mi-24 gunship that attacked the LTTE boats. At least 3 LTTE boats were either seriously damaged or were destroyed by airstrikes.

  57. tamilnet is reporting :

    Four Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and many wounded in two clashes in Ki'laali and Mukamaalai in Northern Front Wednesday, LTTE Military Spokesman Irasiah Ilanthirayan told TamilNet.

    A three-hour fighting was reported in the Forward Defence Line of Ki'laali from 10:00 a.m. in which 3 SLA were killed and many wounded.

    At Mukamaalai a 30-minute clash was reported Wednesday noon. One SLA soldier was killed and at least seven SLA soldiers were wounded.

    does anyone have any more info on this story(army & is not reporting of this incident) ?

  58. thanks defencenet for the clarifications :)

  59. lkdood
    yep...heard the same thing from some ltte goons on LNP...
    Can't find any other sources than tamilnet for more info

  60. there is more fighting on LNP than in the ground !

    it's a food fight lol

  61. lkdood
    true...LNP is infested with hardliners from bothsides...
    i got their to tick off a few ltte goons when i need to blow some steam off :)
    can't beat the entertainment :)
    trick is not to get addicted to that place... then you become one of them :)

  62. tamilnet is reporting

    SLAF bombs Mullaiththeevu thrice, 2 civilians wounded
    [TamilNet, Wednesday, 02 January 2008, 13:49 GMT]
    Two civilians were wounded Wednesday in A'lampil in Mullaiththeevu district when Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombed a civilian area there, Tamileelam police officials said. Two civilians were rushed to hospital with injuries. The SLAF bombers also attacked two other places in the district, but there were no casualties, according to the Police. :
    According to MCNS all three targets were identified after thorough air surveillance and real time ground information.

    can you really get real time ground
    info ?

  63. very interesting news from NDTV :

    Malaysian Indian Congress leader and Public Works Department Minister Dato Samy Vellu is in Chennai to meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to clarify his government's stand on the Malaysian Tamils issue.

    In an exclusive interview to NDTV the minister admits that his government has no concrete evidence to suggest that Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force), a coalition of 30 Hindu organisations in Malaysia, has links with the LTTE and explains his Cabinet colleague's recent outburst against the Tamil Nadu chief minister.

    Following is the excerpts from the interview:

    NDTV: Do you have any evidence to back your government's charge that the HindrafHindu Rights Action Force) has links with terrorists?

    D S Vellu: HindrafHindu Rights Action Force) said they would fight like the Tigers, the way the Tigers are fighting in Sri Lanka. It was by Vedamurthy. After he talked like that, we did an investigation and it was felt that he may have gone there for training.

    NDTV: Do you have evidence of this?

    D S Vellu: No. It is our suspicion.

    NDTV: The Tamils were protesting with pictures of Mahatma Gandhi. It was a peaceful demonstration.

    D S Vellu: I don't think it was peaceful. They started at 4 am and broke the temple door and shops and stoned policemen and broke the heads of 4 policemen. Is that called peace?

    NDTV: Do you think the statement of your colleague in the Cabinet asking the Tamil Nadu CM to lay off, could have been avoided?

    D S Vellu: When two or three opposition parties got up in Parliament and said the Tamil Nadu government wants the Indian government to interfere in Malaysia's internal affairs, my colleague had answered them, and interference is different from using diplomatic channels.

    NDTV: But the Tamil Nadu CM didn't ask the Indian government to interfere.

    D S Vellu: My colleague didn't mean any disrespect.

  64. here is the link to the article

  65. According to tamilnet, govt has decided to annul CFA.

  66. It was a Kfir jet and a Mi-24 gunship that attacked the LTTE boats. At least 3 LTTE boats were either seriously damaged or were destroyed by airstrikes-DEFNET..

    Can u guys enlighten me,as to why on earth was a supersonic jet tied up with a helicopter gunship,to provide fire-support?!! seems ridiculous to me..atleast send a pair of Mi-24's into battle?..but no..& how can a Kfir take on fast-moving tiger boats,from a higher-altitude?..probably a Mig-27 could have done it much more effectively,by attaching,say rocket-pods & also using its gatling gun..this is totally absurd,in my opinion,& could have led to much more severe damages to SLN vessels,except maybe to due to sheer luck,& the frightening sight & sound of a "HIND" making an attack run!!.imagine what a pair or more of these "HINDS",could have done,together witha "FLOGGER" or 2?..

  67. DEFNET,

    By the way those SEARCHER-2 UAV's delivered from israel,have they been put to use,or are we still using the older super scouts?..will we be getting replacements for the 2 lost BLUE HORIZON UAV's as well?..Thankx!

  68. The problem with these LTTE boats is that they can be mass produed cheaply and quickly where as our boats cost a lot.the key here is to locate and destroy the LTTe boat manufacturing facility.

  69. Does the scrapping of the ceasefire mean that norways summer vacation is over?.Damn now they have to "enjoy" the icy cold weather if so,


  71. SriLankan
    If we have destroyed their larger craft, don't think they can be mass produced that fast...
    the 19foot or so fibreglass dinghies that fishermen use are also used by tigers and those are quite readily available... and they are manufacture with smaller moulds etc and the process to turn them out is much faster and quite simpler...
    Hope our buys got their larger vessels with more firepower and manpower

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Ranil i take your point.But these guys are not interested in mass producing expensive ships.I think they seem hell bent on destroying the navy which is mainly done by suicide craft in order to facilitate arms shipments.these suicide boats can be produced reasonably fast relatively speaking.The only rel expense are the engines.

  74. "Can u guys enlighten me,as to why on earth was a supersonic jet tied up with a helicopter gunship,to provide fire-support?!! seems ridiculous to me"

    Chill, Renegade. No one said they were working as a team, nor that they were operating at the same time.


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