Thursday, January 24, 2008

Group based attacks continue on northern FDL

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) kept up its attacks on LTTE forward defense lines in Muhamalai, Kilali and Nagarkovil through several limited offensives utilizing small attack teams. Soldiers of the 55th division launched two successful strikes targeting LTTE infrastructure along the National Front, destroying two bunkers in the FDL. At least 3 LTTE cadres were killed in the firefights. In a separate incident, army snipers shot dead two LTTE cadres in Ponnar in Kilali region.

According to reports from the battlefront, majority of the LTTE deaths are child soldiers. LTTE leaders who are in charge of Muhamalai operations, Theepan and Lawrence, are said to be in command bunkers situated as much as 20km away from the frontline.

Meanwhile security around the Rantambe reservoir was tightened today after several civilians tipped off the police about an unidentified group being sighted in the area. Rantambe reservoir and the adjoining hydro power station are vital to the country's power generation capability. Military Intelligence previously warned about LTTE's plans to attack major thermal and hydro power stations in the country to cripple the island's power supply.


  1. I am really confused here, how come the site is saying that all the kebithgollawa victims were hacked to death while blaming the LTTE and all other sites saying that they were all shot execution style?

    What's going on? Something really funny going on here I think!!!

  2. i agree with you oshada

    i'm also confused *_*

    AFP report:

    Execution-style victims in Sri Lanka mass graves: police

  3. oshanda..i fully agree with your suspicions.I have really bad feeling about this.The only object of is to report the news when it happens so people can rely on what they sAY instead of people having to goto a TERRORIST website to findout what is going on.this they should try their best to do instead of trying to write complex english words.we dont need a lesson in english.

  4. you think its funny?
    15 tamils bound and executed. Buried. This is normalcy for tamils. Misery, thats the only thing the government and its policy has created.

    what the hell do u know about sufferings?

    I stand stronger than ever for Eelam.

  5. u saying the civlians found murdered were all tamils?

  6. Boss
    Perhaps your merderous friends in vanni murdered them and brought them south to discredit the gosl.
    Have they got a castor plantation in Vanni?

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  8. Defencenet & shay

    Thanks guys for you comments in the earlier thread. Acutally I was refering to AA missiles...

    I thought they use AA cannons against MI24's and other low flying helicopters.. (sorry if i'm going off topic)..

  9. I am glad the Police in Polonaruwa have apprehended 18 suspected tigers, as we observed in 2006,the easiest way to get to the south or southeast is through Manamitya,then to Mayangana.It took me only 3 hours to get to Myangana another3 hours to get to Katharagama.That road is excellent and completely ungraded.They will even come down to Mathale and Kandy,using this route.

  10. These 18 were aprehended in Manampitiya and this may be the staging post for them,when they are comming from North and North East areas to journy to south.They may go up and down using this route,Those tthat are sent to SE during the Thoppigala fiasco,may want go on leave on rr,just like our troopers.

  11. security to ALL power stations and major dams must be provided.

    the post mortem approach must stop.

    LTTE had no practice burrying victims OUTSIDE their areas. whatever the rumour mongers try to spread, CDF must be armed and continued with. that is the only way to protect civilians while the armed forces are mainly concentrated on the war.

  12. TMVP first armed group to receive political recognition


    Diplomatic community hails APRC consensus


    APRC proposals an important step, says Rajapaksa


  13. Hey boss

    What do you think about the death of your beloved fat pig. Rumors are that they found his roasted nutsack in the bunker and his body parts were flying all over Iramadu. So the reports are true. Pigs are seen flying over Iramadu.

  14. LTTE fighting its last battle says President


    Government package, a deceptive farce- UNP


  15. Guys,

    Police officers who manned Buttala and Thanamalivila priort to respective attacks have been dealt with. It is good news; but has it hasn't gone far enough. Their behaviour amounts to criminal negligence.

    It is encouraging what took place in Manampitiya; there were concerns about the number of detection made along this route before; it looks like something is up.

    The heirachy in the police must be forced to abandon this arm-chair-bound control mechanism; there is a huge administrative gap between the ordinary cop and officers. Police needs someone of Gen Fonseka's calibre. Present IGP is too soft.

    I think, Nimal Madiwaka, DIG Colombo recently took a good initiative by educating the people in the street. We need pragmatic people and methods that work. The age-old cicular system is a relic from the past.

  16. Government 'will consider grievances of all Tamils'


  17. We had to come all thj way from UK to wake our donkys.I mentioned about our route from Manampitya to Katharagama.seeing tiger settlement in Yala in 2006.No one took notice.My good friend reported an incident where we blamed the cops for not removing suupect car from a Kandy street where the President was staying,only 70 feet away,and how did the governmet react to this gentleman's brave gesture? first by the suspect shopkeeper getting his gate removed by the Kandy municipality and the cops getting their back by shutting down the street,where he is trading and he is on the way ro ruin with other traders.Is anyone crying for that poor man.SL desevers what she is getting,when we have such rotton leaders.

  18. LKDOOD
    Government 'will consider grievances of all Tamils'

    Will SL address the grievances of my friend and the others who are suffering in the south.The friend I mentioned above.

  19. Hey Boss,

    Time and again you proved that you have a short-fuse, by your ultra nationalistic outbursts.

    Then you are telling us you have something else as well in your possession - a spring attached to your a**, by the speed at which you jump to your trivial conclusions.

    We humans react on impulse to killing of our own men and women. We partially got it wrong by putting the whole blame on Tigers, when it happened in the south; according to the President, some Sinahlese elements are at foul-play, as well.

    Your problem is your tendency to paint every Tamil is whiter than white; that is not the case. There are Tamils who are engaged in evil things by cashing in on the Tigers. So, in both communities, there are rascals who use every opportunity to make a killing from the prevailing situation.

    If the outfit says clearly that they are not targetting the civilians, then that factor can be removed from the spectre of killing field; afterwards, the simple process of eliminatin can be used to find out who the real culprits are behind the barbaric acts.

    Unfortunately, the outfit glorifies killings of the unarmed. They can reverse this trend easily, with a stroke of a pen.

    Is it a sign of weekness in the 21st Century?

  20. So pork chops were seen flying..phew. what a fantiastic sight if the tigers couldn;t put together the pieces of their beloved leader!

    all tamil elam supporters, I know you read these; your tamil elam is now dead with its leader. I challenge you to show a recent photograph of the fatpig, i.e. Prabakaran alias Pirapaharan or the LTTE leader. You can't becuase he is DEAD. Has anyone seen the fatpig in any LTTE website after 28November 2007? NO

    photoes can be taken inside bunkers and is no excuse.

    therefore the reality is that the fatpig is NOT IN A PHOTOGENIC CONDITION!!!!

    although his birthday is celebrated with blood and wine every year, it is a tragedy on tamil elam that his death is not marked with a decent funeral!!

    and they talk about not respecting the dead!

    (in the rare event of the fatpig reappearing, we are still OK as we have enough bombs for him; will roast him one day. labana sare api denawa wedei)

  21. kevin

    i think government should address all grievances of all people :)

  22. Defencenet,
    Have the dead been identified? And what is this boss saying about all of them being tamils? (Is he talking crap as usual or is there something in what he says?)

  23. Any news about VP yet?

    Is he ok? or is he injured? or is he dead?

  24. guys

    check this map out !


    anybody have any maps of Sri lanka
    Please share :)

  25. Lanka invites Indians to build new airport


    Sri Lankan Power-Sharing Plan Proposes Interim Council in North


  26. Google maps of LTTE air-strips.

    airstrip 1

    airstrip 2

    This may be an airstrip too. But it is a bit short.

    You can use above links and zoom out to see where they are. You can see the roads connected to this airstrips.

  27. After analyzing the information published on various places, I have made the following assumptions.

    1. At the past, when one of their (LTTE) high profile leaders was died, the didn't try to hide the news from the general public. (eg. Selvam, Charles)

    2. At the past, when one of their high profile leaders was injured, they didn't published the truth. (Eg. Soosei, Swarnam, Bhanu, VP)

    3. At the past, they always tried to hide the information on their loses (either their carders or military hardware).

    4. The reaction of LTTE and their supporters (eg. Tamilnut) shows they have shocked due to the SLAF bombing and the have something to hide. Contradictory press releases, closing the town and radio communications are evidences.

    5. Therefore I think

    * one (or many) of their high profile leaders were injured
    * some of their important military hardware were damaged (eg. kurumbatti)
    * considerable no. of their elite carders were died

    due to the bombing.

    Any ideas?

  28. "Air force bombs LTTE Transport
    Air force jet aircraft bombed a LTTE transport base 2km south West of Depot Junction, Selvanagar, Killinochchi"

    Daily Mirror

  29. kurumbatti... haha thats pretty funny machang.
    but i think you have a point... can anyone elab more on this?

  30. Aqua, We can't say that the Kurumbatti's are funny m/c s since they have done an enough damage to us in south.
    I also agree with praba.. Those are possibilities and we wish too :)

  31. Someone asked earlier "what is the CDF doing?" .... and I too asked that question myself and did some “research” myself.

    Conclusion: Thank you very much, CDF is doing a WONDERFUL job and will do even better in the coming weeks/months!

    No more comment on this from yours truly (and humble)...

    OaO Asithri

    Moshe, saw your reply earlier...I am cool with it mate. In haste these days…greets to all my friends here, OaO Asithri

  32. Kevin,
    What is this obsession with a castor plantation in Vavuniya?

  33. Tamilnut

    SLAF bombs Ki'linochchi suburb
    [TamilNet, Friday, 25 January 2008, 03:21 GMT]
    Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers attacked an outer suburb, around 4 km southwest of Ki'linochchi town Friday morning between 7:50 and 8:10 a.m. Liberation Tigers anti-aircraft unit fired when SLAF fighter jets swooped over the suburb, forcing the planes to higher altitudes.

    Interesting to see "Liberation Tigers anti-aircraft unit fired"

    Defencenet any news on this?

  34. praba
    good analysis me thinks :)

    on the airport...don't see why local guys can't do it. why the hell do we have to get people from other countries all the time when we have the expertise. Unless it's one of those sucking up thingies to india to keep tiger supporters at bay :)
    And after being to the bombay airport a few times...indians are pretty crap at airports :)

  35. VP is dead. Susai has been ap pointed as the
    leader of ltte.

  36. qurious,
    "Police officers who manned Buttala and Thanamalivila priort to respective attacks have been dealt with".-what has happened to these "polis" officers.At this time the last thing you want is for the officers to ignore the public since the public are an extension of MI.

  37. andare...good one mate :)
    wonder what pottu is doing... :)

  38. news came from UK.
    May be "potta" pottu also gone with VP

  39. I am no military man but what has to be stopped is the LTTE creating problems for us in the south and EAST when they are bombed in the north.if i was being bombed and i knew that my time was running out i would try to send as many killers as possible to the EAST (because i know the lingo and area) and south(to fight another day).This is probably why some divisions have not advanced very much(provide security) and also providing a "military corridor" for other advancing units.The more i think about this the idea that comes to mind is this offensive is isolating ltte cadres and these isolated cadres have to contend with the injured and lack area leadership so fragmentation is taking place

  40. andare, how reliable are your sources ?

  41. Sasa,

    The LTTE has SAM missiles (MAPNDAP's) as well as AAA guns. They use guns and missiles against both fighters and helicopters. However neither will be effective agaist a jet fighter. Helicopters will take necessary precautions when operating over LTTE areas to avoid AA fire and missile threat.

  42. if pottu is still alive and Susei is appointed as the leader then we will see a lot of internal conflicts between them in near future...

  43. i don't think Andare's post is very accurate.

    BUT appointing soosai after VP is a VERY good decision for the LTTE. he's got evrything a ruthless HANDS-ON LTTE leader (just like VP)needs.

    potta is only the KGB, though powerful. his services would become more important when TE is somewhat firmly establish; now they need to do the ground work for it and ssosai is the man.

    also the LTTE retains its "fish connection" if soosai comes to the top and avoids provoking india too much.

    andare, it is a well thought after lie.

  44. andare

    Are you really sure about what you are saying?

  45. It can be a fake undare who operate by the boss :p

  46. LTTE anti-aircraft weapons aren't effective over 2km above, unless they go for more advanced ones.

    if the jets go higher, their accuracy tends to suffer.

    pilots should be allowed to attack the designated target AND attack any AA guns and other terrorist-like stuff This last part was always missing from the SLAF; i think it is time the SLAF pilots are allowed to be more pro-active.

  47. me this is a serious man who has the interests of his people at heart.

  48. Srilankan
    i think it's high time the government takes a stance and ask these TMVP buggers to disarm
    Mr. Blake is spot on right with what he's saying...
    this is just absurd to let a political party to have a militant wing and allow them to compete in "fair" elections... how stupid is that...
    government will look like retards in the eyes on any sane person...

  49. Ranil, ideally yes, the TMVP should have been disarmed by now.

    But that's not the case. If they lay down their arms right now, the LTTE will attack them and also start sneaking into parts of the east. To keep the LTTE out of their areas. The East has just been liberated, and it may take some time until the Police is able to fully maintian law and order in the area. Until then there's no choice but to let the TMVP carry weapons. Democracy does not trounce the need for security security.

  50. Ranil,
    Disarming makes a lot of sense.However we dont know anything really about the security situation in the east.Is it possible that pilliyans people are helping the forces in some way and the LTTE know about it.I think there are a lot of interested parties(including minorities)that have made this LTTE game a money spinning operation.I think first of all Mr Blake (a decent good man)needs to visit the TMVP headquarters and ask them what their plans are and spend sometime with them.This is the logical thing to do.You understand that pilliyans comments about the LTTE's influence on this perfect IC is a very valid point.I think that people dislike pilliyan because reagrless of his underhanded operations which have to be proven..they wont be able to destroy SLanka at least from an environmental perspective.I hope you understand what i am saying.

  51. Ranil..SLanka is a small country.We are not the U.S.WE cannot have a 100% market economy like some political idiots in the past tried to create.what we need is a socialist democracy with these co-op stores etc.It is ok to have rich businesses as well by all means but the priority must be to the common man.this is why some people dislike the Hon pres because what he is doing is trying to redistribute money to the poor villages and develop them.The chances are as the east develops pillian may win one election but he will loose the next unless he keeps his promises.lets see what happens

  52. i can provide better security than some of these "polis" disrespect to the wonderful ibba

  53. let me put this another way.The LTTE is a terrorist organisation and the remnents of the LTTE should not be converted into a money spinning operation in the future by anyone.

  54. Hope SLAF can come up with facts soon without letting Tnet to ruin the scenario. So far, no sufficient evidenciences of damage done by multi-billion Rs worthed bombings. Dont let IC to turn against SL by bombing civilian settlements... for ex, bombing on tranport base of LTTE this morning (as shown by tnet Jan 25)

  55. Map of Weli Oya area (1987)

  56. Somson-
    Thank you. This is cool.

  57. It is the same

    I am serious...

    I came to the conclusion by checking his current profile's blogid and one from the last week..They are the same...

    So ANDARE wasn't hijacked...

    Keep up the good work bro...

  58. Kiri
    I have a business interest in a castor plantation and I hear they too have an interest in them to make bio fuels. I hear the soil in Vanni is good and that’s all. If they do grow I would like to know the extent of land and where.

  59. mhh.. vigilante is right ..:-) it seems it was the authentic Andare lol.. Hope we will get more info if what andare said was the case

  60. Andare-

    if it's true.. you can change your name to "Deviya" macho...

  61. Where is Matara ayiya today.. usually he also get some news...
    all having a early weekend?

  62. Srilankan
    thanks for the replies bro. yep i think i know what you're saying. But still it doesn't seem right when one segment is illegally armed and competing elections. Doesn't send a very good message about our democracy IMHO. The whole point is to make sure that free and fair elections happen there and the government won't try pull any strings...

    On MR
    I honestly don't think the man is doing the best he can. Look at how the whole Mervyn incident was handled.. If he's shameless enough to protect a man like that when he's exposed to the public like nothing else has can imagine all the underhand dealing he must be covering up...
    An honest leader with integrity stands upto something and will have principles... I think he should be ashamed of himself for siding up with the gangsters, thugs and crooks and protect them..

  63. Ranil-
    Let's finish the terror before getting all perfect mate.
    Else we will have nothing.

  64. Ranil,
    Thanks for your input.I dont think the Hon pres is protecting anyone..lets put it this way..he cannot have problems in the parliament at a vital time like this when he needs their support.So he has to put up with all these antiques.I think going for an election will cost the taxpayer much more money and this is not the right time to do it.Do you know any country in the world that has got such stupid dingbats as politiicans?.lets start with that donkey Ranil.W

  65. Sri Lanka probes 16 bodies in shallow graves

    by Amal Jayasinghe

    COLOMBO (AFP) - Sri Lankan police were investigating the gruesome discovery of 16 bullet-riddled bodies dumped in shallow graves in a government-controlled part of the island.

    The bodies were found on Thursday evening by villagers in a district 206 kilometres (130 miles) north of the capital Colombo. The victims had been blindfolded, tied up and shot, officials said.

    "We are now investigating to initially establish the identity of the victims," said a senior officer in the area, who declined to be named. "We have also increased security in the area."

    The latest discovery is certain to compound concerns over the rights situation in Sri Lanka and an increasingly dirty war between troops and Tamil Tiger rebels in which both sides are accused of killing civilians.

    Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have already expressed fears that more civilians could be killed following the government's decision this month to pull out of a ceasefire with the rebels.

    The United Nations human rights body has also been demanding it be allowed to establish a permanent presence in Sri Lanka to monitor human rights, but the government has furiously rejected the demand.

    Local police officials said they believed the victims had been killed elsewhere and that the graves were hurriedly dug by the side of a lonely stretch of road.

    A local hospital source, who also asked not to be named, said autopsies will be performed by Saturday.

    The defence ministry immediately blamed Tamil Tiger rebels, who control a large area further to the north and are fighting for independence from the island's ethnic Sinhalese majority.

    In a statement, the ministry said the victims were believed to be civilians who had been searching for their cattle, only to be killed by "suspected LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) terrorists."

    But local residents said there had been no reports of such a large group going missing in the area.

    On Thursday evening, government media officials asked local radio and television stations not to broadcast the report of the mass graves, and some stations complied, pulling the story from their primetime news bulletins.

    The press is severely restricted in Sri Lanka, with reporters systematically barred by the government from travelling to front-line areas and rebel-held territory.

    In October, police found the bodies of two people blindfolded and shot in the head, while another body was found dumped in a lake near Colombo.

    There has been no claim of responsibility for any of the execution-style killings, and the identities of victims has not been discovered or disclosed.

    Earlier last year, several minority ethnic Tamils were found dead in and around the capital and elsewhere.

    A separate government probe found 430 civilians had been killed during a five-month period up to February 2007, though it was not broken down into ethnicity. Since then, no official count has been announced.

    The defence ministry meanwhile said 36 Tamil Tiger rebels were killed in separate clashes across the island's embattled north since Thursday morning. The military also kept up air raids on Friday, the ministry said.

    Since the start of this month, Sri Lanka's defence ministry has said government forces have killed 630 rebels while 26 soldiers have died.

    The claims cannot be independently verified.

  66. was a chained news . Came through tamil channels. there wont be public a anouncements,since there is no body to display.

  67. Andare-
    What do you mean by Tamil Channels?
    is it the social network?
    If so where about in UK this is getting spread at present?

  68. if this fellow vp is dead..that is an ideal opportunity to persuade these child soldiers to surrender.lets take this opportunity to kill as many seasoned(salt&pepper)tigers as possible.

  69. Thanks for info Andare. I beleive it is very difficult for LTTE to hide anything from diaspora.

    but its pretty strange our intelligence guys can not verify the info.

    Is this chained news spreading through electronic media ?

  70. Karuna Jailed -BBC SIN

    Sri Lankan paramilitary leader Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan, better known as Colonel Karuna, was sentenced Friday morning at Isleworth Crown Court in West London.
    He's already pleaded guilty to a criminal offence under the ID cards act for possessing a false passport.

  71. andare,
    Are you sure about this? Could be only a rumour because our people don't need too much to start one and make it seem real too.

    And also, MI will surely know about the sun goat's situation easily if they were able to find out his position. The reason for the delay on this info, as defencenet has mentioned, would be because the intel sources in those areas are lying low at the moment. Let's just be patient guys.......

    BTW, there was a suspicious parcel found in Nugegoda this morning. It was not a bomb, but it's good to see that our people are keeping their eyes open.

  72. Tamilnut: Civlian killed, 2 wounded, SLAF bombs Ki'linochchi suburb!

    Now Tamilnut is very active. Unlike the previous attack they have reported the incident within 1.5 hours (attacked at 7.30am, reported at 8.51am SL time).

    May be since civilian settlement was attacked, not a rain forest.

  73. Andare-
    Can you please share the location of UK these words getting spread?

  74. defencenet,guys

    Its really surprisin the no of casualties that we get everyday about SLA successes,like 10,15,20 Terra's killed every day!! but where's the proof?(if its real,that is)..atleast show us the bodies recovered on the battlefield(censorin the faces)??..but no,therfore i'm highly sceptical about Tiger casualty figures given by the MCNS & government sources..and also,defnet where's that video of toppigala,with the tiger dead bodies??-"SEEING IS BELEIVING!!"

  75. Sadde dammata,
    weda nee..
    weda bari unath,
    gama gaalla ne...

  76. renegade,
    It's not possible. What do you think the international community will say if government displays photos of dead LTTE cadres everyday. We'll be portrayed as a barbaric nation, which will help the LTTE's cause. So our forces can't show us everything they did to convince us that they are winning.

    Anyway, we'll see if they were lying or not when they start advancing into Wanni. The preliminary stages are going pretty well, and no one can deny that we have captured a lot of ground. And it is a sign that these figures are correct (at least to some extent) from the level of resistance the LTTE is giving the army. In earlier eelam wars, they usually were on the offensive and we the defensive. Now it's pretty much the other way around.

  77. After the big bombing... Okkama aiiyaala.. Malilla awilla wage ...

    Welcome GaalleMalli ...

  78. Crap news agencies talk big about the killing of 'unkown' civilians with the suspicion that they may be LTTE related, but were not so voicy about the Buttala attack.

    next time if pro-LTTE fellows are killed, they must be burnt to ashes, whoever they are - cadrs, cattle, civilians premadasa style.

    if not reported missing and not found dead, that's it.

    i don't honestly think the fat pig is dead. someone was telling me that the SLAF bombardment was intentionally aimed avoiding casualties (only property damage) on the 23 which happened to be the APRC proposals day to "frighten" the tigers to consider talks.

    if anything very serious had happened in Vanni, by now we would know; there are enough red cross, etc. workers to leak the info.

    i think this was a complete waste of money

    BTW some tamil guys boast about a pre-dawn attack tommorrow (26) morning; possibly involving TAF.

  79. "BTW some tamil guys boast about a pre-dawn attack tommorrow (26) morning; possibly involving TAF"
    They want our people to be ready for them? I, for one, am pretty confident that the 'kurumbattis' won't return to Wanni to boast about it if they ever come to Colombo again.

  80. i also hope so chamal.

    but VP's dignity is at stake here; the Diaspora is waiting.......

  81. reliability of the news can not be 100 percent guaranteed.
    Since I am back in Sri Lanka for vacation, futher details can not be obtained.

  82. Defencenet,
    Do our fighters have night attacking capability now? Are the Kfirs (which can be used both as interceptor and ground attack aircraft) ready to shoot down the LTTE planes if they make a reappearance or will we have to rely on ground based defences? I remember that Matara Ayiya mentioned something about this....

  83. chamal..they may not come to colombo..what about power stations close to "LTTE areas"?..the army has to implement some kind of AA system to stop them.

  84. Karuna is sentenced to nine month imprisonment.
    Hope Sri Lanka will be a terrorist free land when he will be released.

  85. Terrorost free land.... then the eelam soldiers have to kill all the SLA (terrorits) ... War will end with a new country ..EELAM

  86. shyam-
    how is praba these days?
    what are you doing here.. are n't you attending the funeral?
    pay the last respect for the Pig who robbed your hard working money...

  87. Lanka should remove defence system in Palk strait: MDMK


    UK jails ex-S.Lanka Tiger Karuna for ID fraud


  88. Breaking News
    Piraba just declared eelam. TamilChelvan is in charge of the Hair Styling Ministry and Anton BallaSingham has been put into K9 Affairs ministry...
    Shyam has been appointed the official senior jester position to keep the the eelamists going when things are getting tougher

  89. lkdood-
    You are in London right? any news spreading similar to what Andare has said?

  90. not hearing anything like andare posted

  91. No one say like these...u know the people who are unable to do so only talk about these and make themselves happy :-) sad about u people ... remember 1thing your bombs or anything which you are using against tamil people, can't destroy the confident of tamils....the hot news for you is Srilankan forces continuing burials of the dead soldiers in Mannar front lines

  92. Guys,

    Karuna will be freed in a matter of weeks; his offence is a minor one. After all, this is a cosmetic punishment, instigated by political interests. In the UK, prison population has reached the spill-level. So, offenders of minor calibre, just get released.
    I am sure, if he can patch up his differences with Pillayan, he will be able to participate in forthcoming polls in the East. That outcome is determined by his ex-comrade and not the British.

  93. I don't know why keheliya Rambukwella is silent on this issue..he might have said something can any1 post an info about that...normally he claim LTTE for everything ... i don't know whether he claimed LTTE for who is the DAD for his children or not ...;-0

  94. Shyam-
    No one attach Tamils. We all attack Terrorists.
    Note all Tamils are not terrorists. So mate, stay away from the terror. When possible contribute the community with some books rather than funding any one else.

  95. TAMILNET:Liberation Tigers anti-aircraft unit rushed to the area and opened fired when SLAF fighter jets swooped over the suburb, forcing the planes to higher altitudes.

    hahah thats so funny ... rushed to the area when the planes were coming ? that will be the day .. i didnt know ltte had dasamaha yodayo to move those aa that fast ..

    if anyone has any images i would love to see that .. will probably put it up in a poster

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. qrious-
    More importantly British has to keep Karuna safe now... with a tele, nice food...
    Spring is coming up in UK soon... He might enjoy the nice light color green leaves ...


    Is there any connection between this incident and the bodies in Kebithigollewa..?

    Are those bodies belong to tamils?

  99. Air Force targets LTTE base, 50 killed in Lanka clashes


  100. perin
    So the people who are kidnapped by the SLA and killed every day in average of 5.. all are terrorist ah..? In Srilanka the government taxes from tamils to buywepons to kill them

  101. aqua,
    I guess their 'Anti Aircraft Units' have found a method to travel at light speed (an invention of the great sun goat of course) same as their 'Imran Pandyan' units are invincible...... but their invincibility seems to be waning, from what we hear after the massive bombing in killinochi. Heavy casualties from Imran Pandyan being rushed to hospital......

  102. Renegade!

    I got some of those Toppigala videos form one of my friend. But I agree with chamal. It is not suitable to share those videos with general public.

  103. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  104. OK, who hacked into Shyam's account?

  105. Grenade attacks on Muslim traders in Vazhaichcheanai


  106. Perin,

    Yes, Karuna will pass off what is left of his sentence in luxury; almost 4 star-level: gym, TV, access to newspapers, vocational skills, very comfortable room with all ameneties. Because of his background, he may get some extras as well. I am sure he will have some important visitors too. I still think he is a lucky man, despite the sentence.

    Let draw some consolation from the age-old saying: my enemy's enemy is my friend.

    Anyway, Karuna split the movement at where it really matters. We shouldn't underestimate it. He was naughty too, but I have a soft spot for him now.

    I wonder how he got this nickname in the first place; I think even in Tamil, there is a meaning that is equivalent to 'Karunawa'.

    If you guys know about this trivial thing, just drop a line for me. Thanks in advance.

  107. About Commander Karuna..the idea of putting him in jail is to save his life and also pacify human rights..his life is going to be hell when he gets out because from now on his life and the whereabouts of his family are known to LTTE agents in england..and these fellows will kill him & family..if not now in future.This grudge the LTTE supporters have for him overseas comes from TNadu and is unbelieveable.!!
    Ranil..LOL bro..:):)

  108. On a happier note..the navy has attacked & captured an LTTE camp in peraru jungle..seems like the SBSquadron are in action soon after training..?.. i could be wrong...Seems like they have captured some is amazing how fate has intervened on behalf of SLDF.I remember a time the joke among the Tamil diasphora was "if the LTTE need some equipment they let the army buy it for them and subsequently capture it".Looks like its the otherway round now..We need to furnish our military requirements for a 21st century force to the tamil Diasphora and highjack it from the LTTE.
    By the way i think the IC & LTTE diasphora thought that this APRC proposal includes the LTTE as well..apparently not will be implemented until elections in the north and after the extermination of the LTTE..if thats possible.

  109. Sri Lanka to hold local elections in March in restive east


  110. i am sure most of you wathed the news today..looking at the good TMVP lady trying to speak sinhala..i think may be Hon Blake was a bit pessimistic.does anyone think that this lady's feeling was evident in her speech.

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. guys,
    still we need the code.see foreign int.are very silent on the attck cause they belive VP died on 26th attck not this.even the Q branch also thinks,.........m.m?
    but we have to wait until will take 4 to 5 days to get truth ,as usual all the rrouts to vanni now closed.
    by the way we have to protect our hydro plants ..

  113. Guys,

    With regard to VP's fate, I think the version of D B S Jeyaraj is the right one; the rest are just being hyped up by the analysts to the extent they oscillate between lunacy and fantacy.

    He may have injured on 26th November, but certainly did not die.

    If you guys remember the participation of Mathivathini, his wife, in a ceremony to open up an elderly home in Killinochchi, that bears evidence that he was still alive then, but something was certainly up.

    Just look at her ears closely; she wore the earrings. It is customory for a Tamil woman to remove them, in the event of husband's death. Thamilchelvan's wife did not wear them on the same occassion. Just look at the news in December on Tamilnet.

    So, his death in November is just wishful thinking. However, the raid on Wednesday may have changed all that.

    By the way, our mate Karuna Amman has become the most famous scapegoat in the world in London, England.

  114. andare,
    "VP is dead. Susai has been ap pointed as the
    leader of ltte."
    This is news to us. As far as we know VP might have escaed. But then again it's still not officially confirmed by MI.

    "Interesting to see "Liberation Tigers anti-aircraft unit fired"

    Defencenet any news on this?"

    The bombed location was not a civllian settlement.
    Anti aircraft units caused no damages to fighter jets.
    Once again, those AA guns were placed around the base. They were not rushed to the base while the attacks was taking place.

    "ts really surprisin the no of casualties that we get everyday about SLA successes,like 10,15,20 Terra's killed every day!! but where's the proof?(if its real,that is)..atleast show us the bodies recovered on the battlefield(censorin the faces)"

    Those claims by MOD are not always true. But most of the time the general idea is quite the same as actual battlefield situation.
    These figures look extremely high when you add them up and declare to the public the total. But assume at least 3 tigers are killed in each major front every day (which is a minimum). There are 5 fronts; Muhamalai, Nagarkovil, Vavuniya, Weli-oya and Mannar.
    So the total would be 15 LTTE casualties. But if you say the total without mentioning what happened at the individual fronts, then it seems unrealistic.
    But MOD occasionally does downplay SLA casualties.

    But most of the times the bodies are not recovered as LTTE usually retreats carrying them in the dead. Whatever bodies we capture are not always aired to due to various concerns.

    "and also,defnet where's that video of toppigala,with the tiger dead bodies??-"SEEING IS BELEIVING!!""

    That video was uploaded that day itself as many members requested it. Remember that this is a heavily edited version of the original.
    You can watch the video from http:/// defencenet

    "Do our fighters have night attacking capability now? "

    They have ground attack capability at night. But it may prove hard for a Kfir to shoot down a zlin light aircraft.

  115. defencenet has the mech infantry been used now? Tamilnet is reporting a firefight in Adampan with use of Tanks? Thanks. And are their recent reports acurate?

  116. jack
    "defencenet has the mech infantry been used now? Tamilnet is reporting a firefight in Adampan with use of Tanks? Thanks. And are their recent reports acurate?"

    Mech infantry has not been used solely. But the mechanized units integrated to the task forces have been used. Tamilnet's reports regarding civilian settlement bombings and weapons being captures are largely inaccurate.

  117. And the Navy SBS overran a tiger camp in Nayaru jungles. There was no face to face fighting as the tigers fled the scene avoiding a fight.

  118. defenceNet:

    This is off topic. But can you please tell why Commander of the Army, Lt General Sarath Fonseka keep on saying to the media that Kilinochchi would be captured by August 2008 and annihilate the remaining LTTE cadres within the first six months of this year (sundayobserver). Even though his predictions sound realistic. I don't think he should openly publicize these targets to the media. LTTE is a very unpredictable organization. What do you think? Are these targets realistic?

  119. "Tamilnet's reports regarding civilian settlement bombings and weapons being captures are largely inaccurate"

    Thanks, I was talking mainly about their recent reports of fights along the FDLs, they sounded plausible given smaller casualty figures they report so was wondering if there was any truth to those. Thanks.

  120. Defencenet

    where is Nayaru jungles

  121. Some photos from Lanka Guardian, which I suspect is funded by one of the Indian spook agencies. It has articles by former senior level Indian bureaucrats.

    One picture shows civilians in Tanamalwila with newly issued shot guns. Another pictures shows civilians in LTTE areas undergoing weapons training. Looks like the LTTE civillians are using fake guns.

  122. Prabhakaran In India To Recuperate From Wounds?


  123. Defencenet,
    Look at this video at timeframe 1.35. Are these the air mobile units?

    On another note, I would be grateful if you could comment on one of my earlier posts:

    "I found this vid on youtube apparently uploaded my someone called Defencenet. Is this you!

    I just want to put out there I fully support the war on the LTTE but putting up vids lik this is wrong (this applies to the MOD as well).

    The graphic display of the dead is horrific and is reminiscent of entities like al qaeda and the armed groups of africa. Why do we have to descend to this level?

    January 23, 2008 1:30 AM"

  124. As a practice air raids are carried out in day time. So why LTTE don't set up all thier secret meetings in the night? I hope SLAF should consider about 24 hour service. Even though it is more easier for pilots to take targets in day time at least for practice they should do that and just need to make sure no civilian casulaties. This will give 24 hours continuous full fun for tiger leaders.

  125. Government will consider grievances of all Tamils - Minister Rambukwella


    APRC Chairman says:Proposals firm foundation for new Constitution


  126. lite bit out of topic !

    Another TV Network on air for Sri Lankan and Sri Lankan expatriates in other countries


  127. ‘Human rights organisations mouth pieces of LTTE’


    Cloak of mystery over 16 bodies


  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. DefenceNet,
    I was wondering did your Airforce operatives stop hiring local laborers without security and background checks to work on AirForce bases? As in the US, even for a brief visit to the base, we need to do a background check of the visitors and always escort them when they are in the base. I could not believe when I heard the news that there was a LTTE working as a laborer in AAFB runway expansion. I heard that the base commander never had done a background and security screaning of the local laborers.

    By the way, we should NOT allow any civilian vehicles to drive on top of major dams and bunts because LTTE can blow them up easily. Hopefully they have taken action against treats.

  130. Kiri
    I will reveal the importance of MR CP...It is vital know his whereabout?

    [Explosives found along Japan-Lanka Friendship Bridge
    Rafik Jalaldeen

    Thalangama police found C4 explosives weighing 175g at the Japan Lanka Friendship bridge yesterday afternoon.

    According to Thalangama police, a Police Constable on foot patrol observed four suspects including a female behaving suspiciously along the bridge and questioned them.

    "One suspect pulled out a pistol and attempted to fire at the constable," police said.

    "When the constable pulled out his T56, the suspects fled the area leaving behind a parcel," police added.

    The Army bomb squad found C4 explosives weighing 175g and an eight inch wire cord inside the parcel.

    Thalangama police are investigating. ]

    We need to protect major bridges, power transformers, other critical infrastructure against LTTE terrorists.

  132. Blackhawk:
    [I found this vid on youtube apparently uploaded my someone called Defencenet. Is this you!

    I just want to put out there I fully support the war on the LTTE but putting up vids lik this is wrong (this applies to the MOD as well).

    The graphic display of the dead is horrific and is reminiscent of entities like al qaeda and the armed groups of africa. Why do we have to descend to this level? ]


    Dude, I totally disagree with the POV!

    Why? Let me explain...

    It is high time the LTTE casualties were shown in digital-precision as that is the only way the message can be sent to the LTTE supporting Diaspora (the truly cowardly fcuking carcass-maggots in my view) vis-à-vis the futility of this horrific, fake-cause, war.

    The Tamil Diaspora has been misled by the LTTE Sons-of-Whores (SOW’s) into believing that they can take on the SLDF and after killing the last SLDF, the dreamland “thamileelam” will be formed very soon! These pics of LTTE casualties (like bloody “mala-massod” after bug-spray) go a long way to convince the Tamil Diaspora that the complete opposite is true. As well, these pics convey the message that when Tamilnet and other LTTE outlets say the LTTE only lost “one” or “two” after each major encounter with the SLDF, it is all a pile of horseshit!

    I say the time is long past now for sugar-coating the bitter pill! LTTE terrorist made the bed, so let the SOW sleep on it…LTTE SOW chose the bride, so let the SOW marry her!

    I have personally written to MOD asking that these LTTE casualty pics be given the highest publicity as there have been numerous instances where MOD has been reluctant to not only give the real LTTE KIA number – i.e. without playing down the true LTTE KIA - (hard to believe? I bet for many of you! But, believe me, there have been instance of this during the “liberation of the East” and that is the TRUTH!), but restrictions have been place on publishing the pics!

    This is a time of reckoning – time to reckon with TERRORISM.

    AND I say…

    This is a time to “THINK OUT OF THE BOX.” Enough of going stale by politely and judiciously deciding to “stay within the box and in the process getting whacked by the LTTE SOWs and their overseas supporters!”

    Greets to all my patriotic bros/sis’s here…

    OaO Asithri

  133. "One suspect pulled out a pistol and attempted to fire at the constable, police said.
    When the constable pulled out his T56, the suspects fled the area leaving behind a parcel, police added."


    So the bloody kossa was able to "pull out" his T-56 (wonder if he really meant his dick!), but could not fire at the lepers before they ran away! AND, the lepers too ran away without shooting the Kossa although they are alleged to have already had the micro-pistol in hand?

    Wow Indeed!

    The bloody SL police's performance is bloody pathetic compared to the heroic performances of the SLA, STF, SLAF, SLN! High time the bloody Victor-Pin-padi-Perera ole fart either stepped down and handed the reins to someone who is younger, motivated, and capable (i.e. someone who has a passion to hunt down the LTTE mother-f'ers "with extreme prejudice!")

    OaO Asithri

  134. now thats a perfect example of a rascist.

  135. Moshe-

    "So pork chops were seen flying..phew. what a fantiastic sight if the tigers couldn;t put together the pieces of their beloved leader!"

    Man O Man...Moshe, you make OaO Asithri blush! :)) :)) :))

    Greets mate...keep up the good work!

    OaO Asithri

  136. [now thats a perfect example of a rascist.]

    Wow! Looks like I caught a bloddy sea-tiger...Er...I mean a sea-guppiya!

    No, let me clarify for the record...that is a perfect example of a deep-down-south hot-blooded sinhaya who is waiting to tie your one hand and one leg to two MBTs and drive in the opposite directions when we liberate Killi in the not-too-distant future!


    Sickko...remember me? "OaO Asithri" who you buggers used to go crying on "Mr. Brown's" shoulders and get banned in LNP? What a bloody pathetic calamity that was! LMSSAO!!!

    Welcome Sickko here...stay around...I love ya! (now that's not a statement from a "true racist" isn't it?)


    OaO Asithri

    So the gunfight at Talangama the cop with a T56 allowed the man with Micro Pistol to runaway? This the pathetic state of the nation, where the security force(more like a farce) could not stop that ragtag terrorist.

  138. This comment has been removed by the author.

  139. "Thalangama police found C4 explosives weighing 175g at the Japan Lanka Friendship bridge yesterday afternoon.

    175g of C4 I don't think that is enough to damage a bridge significantly is it? Might have been in preparation to target another bus or SLA vehicle?

    As for the cop and the tigers yeah that just boggles the mind, why neither one of them shot the other! I guess I can understand the tiger POV here is a guy with a T-56 and all you have is a pistol, maybe they gave this cop more credit than he was worth it seems!

  140. "When the constable pulled out his T56"
    What??? It was in his pocket or something? I don't know why the police is issued with weapons if they can't shoot properly. (sounds like the target was pretty close too, practically next to him, if he was about to question them) And when the police do hit someone, it's usually an innocent civilian, who didn't see the 'halt' signal at a checkpoint. (Of course they aim at the legs, but hit the hea)

    And BTW, did he only pull the weapon out? Didn't he even fire a shot?

  141. jack,
    "175g of C4 I don't think that is enough to damage a bridge significantly is it? Might have been in preparation to target another bus or SLA vehicle?"
    This road is next to the parliament, so it could have been targetting an MP. But it says just explosives not a bomb?

  142. Asithri,

    I know it is disappointing that the fat bloody pig didn't die. but nevertherless the whole world would know that the people of the little island of SL want this terrorist dead.

    this BOSS SOW calls others racists; its generally racists who do that.

    actually he is the racist because he is after TAMIL elam.

    where on earth you get countries for races???

    Hey boss, stop begging us, you will NEVER get your tamil elam from us; so stop begging here.

  143. I know the police are crap.However lets not get carried away until we know all the facts.if anyone points a pistol at me and i have a T-56 then i will fire because my 1st instinct will be to save my own from what i have read about this incident some info has not been reported.If the "polis"are ignoring the requests of the people then the police in that area ahould be placed under the army.

  144. On the gruesome vedios....

    i think we must show this to the world; many in the IC think ONLY civilians are dying in the war.

    the tamil diaspora - the shareholders and financiers of tamil elam - also think that their child soldiers are invincible.

    many peacenicks and other losers also think the LTTE is invincible.

    a vedio like this will gruesomely shatter their image.

    i wish young LTTE cadres could see this.

  145. The 175g of C4 in shoe polish tins would have been to attack Power Transformers or a Telecommunication Exchange box. Or maybe they are to be set off in multiple locations simultaneously to create panic amongst civilians.

    As for the cop with a T-56 and the group of bikers may be there were people around, or may be by the time he switch off the safety knob to semi or auto and ran the bolt back to chamber a round the group would have been a good 40-60m from where the cop was...

    This is the sad sate of the SL Police...slow to react, poorly trained and incompetent had he fired and some taken alive they would have yielded valuable information.

    The fact is our urban police units are equipped with assault rifles which are heavy and cumbersome to handle in emergency situation. Like the British metro police and even the Singaporean police and short range sub-machinegun would suit them well.

    I’m sure Pakistan would come forward to supply POF MP-5A3 or MP-5Ks under a line of credit. Our motorized (mainly traffic cops on hi capacity pursuit bikes) cops are not armed.

    The police need to equip each officer on duty with a weapon, handcuffs, handheld VHF/UHF communicator and Baton.

    A weapon can be a simple 9mm pistol (no need of expensive SIG 226s or GLOCK-17s : a cheap NORINCO copy of the Browning HP or CZ-75 would make a good personal side arm) with 2 spare mags. Same goes for the SMGs. A Chinese pistol would not cost more that $120~200 in G-to-G sales. They might be cheaper than that too.

    They can deploy a combination of police officers armed with MP-5s and Pistols and have T-56A2 armed cops with body armor and helmets as rapid reaction teams who patrol and are stationed in vital areas.

    I think the police had some units like this some time back called S.O.U. (Special Operations Unit) they had two teams for Colombo South, North, East and West.

    May be DefenceNet can enlighten us

  146. nemesis..well said ..could not agree with you more.


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