Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1983-2008: 4 Ceasefires, 4 Eelam Wars

In a few more hours, on the 16th of January, the cease-fire agreement signed between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) will become invalid and the 4th Eelam War will officially begin. In the three decade long war, there has been four major cease-fire agreements between the warring parties. Each and every one of such agreements has ended without lasting peace for the island nation.

The first official ceasefire between LTTE and GOSL was signed back in 1987. However this only lasted for a few months. In October 1987, the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) arrested 17 sea tigers who were transporting arms  using a large vessel from India to Point Pedro in Sri Lanka. Repeated LTTE requests to release the prisoners were turned down by then Defense Minister late Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali. The issue reached its climax when 12 of the arrested LTTE cadres committed suicide by consuming cyanide while they were being transported to a prison in Colombo. LTTE retaliated by torturing and killing 8 Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers who were under their captivity. Mutilated bodies of the slain soldiers were publicly displayed in the city of Jaffna. This incident marked the end of the ceasefire and the 1st Eelam War commenced soon afterwards.

Next CFA was signed between the government and LTTE in 1990.  LTTE operatives were brought to Colombo via SLAF helicopters for peace talks with the then president late Mr. Ranasinghe Premadasa. However peace did not last long. LTTE officially pulled out of the CFA on 11th of June 1990, alleging that a group of SLA soldiers assaulted a tailor (who was also a member of the LTTE) in the eastern town of Batticaloa. Immediately after their withdrawal from CFA, LTTE fighters under the command of Karuna Amman launched multiple raids on police posts in Batticaloa, massacring over 600 policemen. This incident officially declared the start of second Eelam War.

In 1994, 2nd Eelam war temporarily ended when Chandrika Bandaranayake invited the LTTE for peace talks shortly after her victory in the presidential election. Several rounds of peace talks were held but progress in devising a solution that could bring lasting peace for the island was was extremely slow.  On the 15th of April, LTTE launched dual suicide attacks on Sri Lanka Navy warships SLNS Sooraya and SLNS Ranasuru anchored in Trincomalee harbor. Both the ships were critically damaged in the incident. 3rd Eelam War which commenced soon afterwards saw some of the bloodiest battles in the conflict's history.

War raged on for seven years until the current CFA was signed in February 2002. Although it continued to hold on paper, tension between the two parties has been high since late 2002. Army's military intelligence wing suffered a setback during this period when 81 of its operatives were assassinated by LTTE pistol gang operatives. The LTTE also suffered a major setback in this period when one of its senior cadres, Colonel Karuna, separated along with 4000 cadres and military equipment. The Sri Lanka Air Force began flying tit-for-tat sorties on LTTE positions on the day the rebels attempted to assassinate the country's military commander using a suicide bomber.

Army launched its first offensive since 2002 when a key waterway which supplied water to 30000 farmers, was blocked by LTTE units in the area. The drawn out offensive eventually captured the Mavil Aru anicut. LTTE's next move was unprecedented; they launched a military operation into Muttur (eastern province) and surrounding army bases (August 2006). Muttur was in LTTE hands for over a day till the army fought its way back and took it under complete control. Another attack was simultaneously launched on Jaffna defense lines. By this time Jaffna was isolated from all MSR (Main Supply Routes) with Trincomalee harbor and Palaly airbase rendered useless due to heavy LTTE artillery shelling. On the first day of fighting in Jaffna, LTTE units broke through army defenses and advanced nearly a kilometer into SLA held territory. Later the army's U.S. trained 53rd division inflicted heavy casualties on LTTE forcing them to abandon the offensive. Army's counterattack not only recaptured areas that were lost but overran the 1st LTTE defense line at Muhamalai in September 2006. Later the military launched fresh offensives to capture all major LTTE bases in the eastern province. These operations were largely successful and saw the fall of eastern tiger enclaves such as Sampoor, Vakarai and Thoppigala.

Now, by 2008, the army has opened three fronts near entry points to Wanni LTTE heartland. 57th, 58th and 59th offensive divisions have made inroads to Wanni from Mannar, Vavuniya and Weli Oya respectively while the elite 53rd division and 55th division have kept pressure on LTTE formations from the north. Military commander has just declared that the operation to overrun LTTE bases in Wanni has officially begun. LTTE has expressed its willingness to commit to the CFA but at the same time some its senior commanders have vowed to crush the army. With all these new developments, the cease fire agreement ends tomorrow (16th) and the undeclared 4th Eelam War will officially commence. Major battles are on the horizon and they will decide what the future holds for Sri Lanka and Liberation Tigers and Tamil Eelam.


  1. Very nice post DefenceNet..Keep up the good work.

  2. We may have to close down our schools, prepare for chemical weapons (requisition masks etc.), be ready for huge terrorist acts all over the country.

  3. chemical weapons ?

    LTTE have chemical weapons ?

    i can't believe it
    OMG ! :(

  4. The funny part of about post is that it always the LTTE's fault. They are hellbent on starting wars. They desperately like to fight a 200,000 strong SL forces because they have nothing better to do. Grow up SL.

  5. Kiri..yes..better to be safe than sorry..Close all schools and mobilise the population to keep their eyes and ears open.

  6. They used chlorine gas in Kiran..

  7. no actually after Hon Pres came to office the farmers decided to close the mavilaru sluicegate because they all wanted to immigate to canada and work in restaurants

  8. I am sure the LTTE terrorists have cooked up a concoction with a pinch of cyanide in it..

  9. Kiri..you may be right bro..lets wait and see.But for this you need to have an aerosol type of agent to spread the toxin i think...

  10. why just close schools ?
    what about offices, shops ?

    will the LTTE attack civilians with chemical weapons ?

    chemical weapons used in Iraq killed thousands of civilians

    this is very serious :(

  11. Check this link.. look for the reference of the LTTE.. another first for the LTTE.. FBI forgot to mention this..


  12. BBC: Sri Lanka ceasefire formally ends


  13. lkdood,
    I believe this somewhere in Batticaloa. The attack was on the Kiran army camp.

  14. Guys, See what Arbour bitch has to say.

    An intensification of hostilities will likely have a devastating effect on the human rights of many Sri Lankans from all communities," said Arbour, a former U.N. war crimes prosecutor and Canadian Supreme Court judge, in a statement.

    She said international law prohibited all sides in the decades-long Sri Lankan conflict from committing unlawful killings or torture, arbitrary detention, recruiting or deploying child soldiers, and forcing people out of their homes.

    "Violations of these rules by any party could entail individual criminal responsibility under international criminal law, including by those in positions of command," Arbour said.

    The bitch should try taht on Bush and Blair first.

  15. mottapala..calm down bro..lets first findout everything she said..not excerpts of what she said..the whole story

  16. cool down :)

    all wars are bad

    this lady can't say that a government leader or army people are responsible. every country has a right to defend it's people & the constitution

    i think her idea is to divide sri lanka

  17. Here is what I found out about LTTE in www.southasiaanalysis.org/papers5/paper412.html Posted by kiri:

    "Historical Memories: CW were used in the ancient times (in the form of poisoned arrows and bullets), W War I (extensive use of poison gas), W War II( new and more toxic nerve gases were developed), in various civil wars. In 1990 the LTTE is said to be the first group to introduce and use chlorine gas against the Sri Lankan Army in Kiran."

    By the way, did you SLDF investigate after finding a truck load of Sulfuric Acid destined for LTTE? Did they able to find the LTTE chemical weapon lab/ manifacturing plant? How much does the LTTE have in terms of chemical weapons/ agents? Does the Army prepared for such and attack?

  18. By the way, does the Colombo Municipal Counsil water supplier checks every so often to check for poision in water supply? Is there any precausions to safeguard the Colombo water supply?

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  20. [Blogger Neethan said...

    The funny part of about post is that it always the LTTE's fault. They are hellbent on starting wars. They desperately like to fight a 200,000 strong SL forces because they have nothing better to do. Grow up SL. ]

    defencenet is run by some sinhalese who have some friends in SLA...

    so this is normal to see an article like this

    so the key is you can't trust tamilnet, defence.lk for sure

    but you can trust some of these guys say (defencenet/defencewire)

    you probably saw my earlier post tamilnet/5

    I think take average of what tamilnet/defencenet casuality that would be something close what it actually is

    tamilnet 30SLA 3ltte
    defencenet 10SLA 50 ltte
    avg 20 SLA 26 ltte

    so its 1:1

  21. mottapala dont worry bro..If eelam becomes a reality..we have plenty of sinhala and muslim pirapaharans in the waiting..so dont worry..we can carry on till the yr 5000 untill the arrival of the next Lord Buddha..so dont worry

  22. sri,
    You are free to believe whatever casualty figure. But we sure do not make those up.

    Most importantly, why did you post the same comment with the handle 'asithri', then delete it, and then post the same comment using the same account with a different nickname?

    Does this mean you have been impersonating other bloggers. if so, please do not do that. If you havent been doing that, ignore this part of the comment.

  23. Sri,
    Profile no for your 'asithri' account:

    Profile no for 'sri' account:

    Apparently you used two accounts to post the same comment.

  24. defencenet

    I can gurantee, the last post is the only one I try to post as asthiri

    I was thinking of posting as asthiri earlier to confuse ppl, I almost went about doing that

    Then I forgot to change the nickname back and I didnt realize I was on that account 07436251998756573020

    anyways both me. but I never posted anything before the last deleted post using 07436251998756573020


  25. sri,
    Glad to hear that you wont be doing that any more.

  26. DefenceNet..when you have the time.. how do we isolate the seasoned LTTE tigers/lions/leopards/rhinos/giraffes/cuttlefish..etc.I know they are mixed with conscripts...what are your ideas?..i want to isolate/malathi/soothi/wades/dosais/murungas/chillis/charles anthony/cowdung brigades..so that we can maybe save some of the children..

  27. Perhaps we could take some inspiration from the Israelis on dealing with UN ratbags like Louise Arbour.

    She made the exact same comment against Israel, and the Israeli ambassador to Canada rejected and condemned her partisan attack.

    She also claimed Palestinian terror attacks directly targeting civilians were NOT as bad as the collateral damage of Israeli attacks. She was heckled and had her motorcade stoned in the Israeli town of Sderot. The bitch also refused to meet with the family members of kidnapped Israelis.

  28. Is Sri Lankan govt. winning this war?

    SINCE the dawn of 2008, Colombo has been rocked by big bombs and small bombs. The big bombs bore the hallmarks of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    But many people are sceptical of the claims that the small bombs sans the usual steel balls are the works of the Tigers. If not Tigers, who could it be? So we continue to build conspiracy theories, not knowing who the suspect is. The war has made most of us cynics. It is not unusual in a country which boasts of a literacy rate of over 95 per cent.

    Apart from the LTTE, there are counter-insurgency units, intelligence outfits and various paramilitary groups. There are also criminal gangs with politicians as their patrons. In such a milieu, we look for clues to make our deductions.

    When the war resumed in December 2005 amidst a shaky truce, police discovered claymore mines in various locations in Colombo. The first discovery was greeted with accolades, but when more claymore bombs were discovered in the city, questions emerged as to why the LTTE, an organisation known for its ruthlessness, masterly planning and precision, should place bombs in such a way to be discovered by police. One classic example was when security forces on December 3 found a bomb outside a Tamil MP’s official residence in a Colombo high security zone protected by barricade after barricade. When the bomb was discovered, not many people believed the official line.

    It appeared that the same claymore bomb had reappeared in several places, one wag quipped. Another accused those responsible for our security of planting it, so that they could take tough -- and sometimes unpopular -- security measures, such as extending the parameters of high security zones, imposing parking restrictions, carrying out house-to-house searches and even evicting Tamils.

    To overcome the situation, the government has stepped up recruitment to the armed forces. Unlike in the past, this time around, a stream of youths is rushing to recruitment centres to swell the army by another 35,000 men and women, because they believe the government is on a winning streak. But is it? It may appear to be so. Eliminating the Tigers militarily won’t bring the conflict to an end. Only a credible political solution acceptable to the Tamil people of this country will deal a death blow to the rebellion in the north. The killing or the capture of LTTE leader Prabhakaran won’t end the conflict, unless the government offers a meaningful devolution package to address the grievances of the Tamil people.

    When Kuttimani, a leader of the Tamil separatist struggle in the 1970s and early 1980s, was killed along with 34 Tamil prisoners during the 1983 ethnic riots while he was awaiting his death sentence in a prison cell in Colombo, the separatists’ slogan was that “you may kill one Kuttimani, but thousand Kuttimanis will rise”.

    This is why even the international community, including Sri Lanka’s biggest donor Japan, says there is no military solution to our ethnic conflict. But the government is in no mood to listen to such counsel.

  29. Nicde post denet......battle fatigure that's my only fear here mates !

  30. defencenet is a fucking liar. I've noticed the same thing from the beginning of.

    He puts some fake pro-SL stats and the sinhalese cockroaches goes wild.

    chemical weapon, water poisoning? guys u forgot nuclear bomb.

  31. Defencenet
    This what I asked from my last comment.

    This is what we need facts & figures. Excellent piece of work…
    When you get time can you analyse how LTTE have manipulated war as a ethnic conflict.
    1. Killings done by LTTE
    2. Property destroyed through out
    3. Conspiracy against gov, Sinhalese & Tamils
    4. Other links with international & national to gain their obejectives
    5. Their demand of Tamil home land & it’s justification

    Well done …

  32. Guys...there's a rumor that LTTE is going to do some big disaster in Colombo on Wednesday. So please tell your friends and relations to be extra cautious.

    If something serious like that happens in the coming days, GOSL should not hesitate to carpet bomb Wanni immediately. Cos more we wait more destruction will be done by LTTE.

    Im not a racist, but sorry this is the practical solution for LTTE terrorism.

  33. Carpet bomb Wanni? You're a genius.

  34. don't worry Miliyaa,ltte not going do like that. civilians not primary target.

  35. 3 suspected Tigers held in Delhi


  36. Nice one listen to this:

    Nadesan - he doesn’t know what he is talking about? I think we should be glad to have Nadesan with LTTE


  37. Rajapaksa Says 1987 Provinces Law Is Basis for Sri Lankan Peace


  38. POLL:
    Can the SLA win the war this year ?


  39. Sri / DefNet

    [DefNet to Sri: why did you post the same comment with the handle 'asithri',]

    Say what? Someone tried to impersonate me – OaO Asithri ????

    Now that is the type of deed that requires OaO Asithri to perform surgery – castration – with a rusty kitchen knife! LMSSAO!

    Sri, however “good” your intentions may have been, NEVER impersonate OaO Asithri as there is only ONE like him on this planet! :)) :)) :))

    I have been accosted, threatened, blackmailed by LTTE filthy motherfcukers and have had the need to get necessary “law enforcement authorities” involved, so, no you don’t want to take "asithri" handle as it is likely being monitored by – who knows – the FBI, RCMP (Canada) and might even be tracked by Pottage-Ammata LTTE lepers (who in turn are being monitored by the "law enforcement authorities" as they are tracking the tracked) Wow! LMSSAO!!!

    Either way, OaO Asithri is who he is – the true “dakuney lion” who will stand tall and crouch when necessary to bite off the balls of tiger maggots and he has actually done so – in many places world over! LMSSAO!

    OaO Asithri

  40. srilankan,
    "how do we isolate the seasoned LTTE tigers/lions/leopards/rhinos/giraffes/cuttlefish..etc.I know they are mixed with conscripts"

    srilankan this is an extremely hard thing to do. Usually the senior cadres are the ones who motivate the younger ones into battle. There is no clear strategy to filter which is which in the battlefield. When someone runs at you with a gun in their hands, you do not get many other options than to return fire, let it be a child soldier or an experienced cadre.

    "defencenet is a fucking liar. I've noticed the same thing from the beginning of.
    He puts some fake pro-SL stats and the sinhalese cockroaches goes wild.

    Respect your opinion. Nothing we can do about it though. It's funny to see some people quote defencenet when 'their side' wins and then slam it when the 'other side' wins. It's a war and you cant expect one party to win all the time.

    "here's a rumor that LTTE is going to do some big disaster in Colombo on Wednesday. "

    It is unlikely that the LTTE will follow a tell-first-then-attack policy. Usually its the other way around. In the event of MI figuring out their plan, they will simply postpone it to a date much later and attack with the element of surprise.
    But yes they are planning something big in Colombo but we cant exactly say its today, tomorrow or several months ahead of it.

    "OSL should not hesitate to carpet bomb Wanni immediately. Cos more we wait more destruction will be done by LTTE."

    Carpet bombing Wanni will not solve anything. it will not destroy the LTTE cells that are already in Colombo. Above all, bombing without intel could lead to civilian casualties. Even if you do manage to carpet bomb most of Wanni, chances are that LTTE will still manage to survive.

    We'll look into it when we get the time.

  41. Do you think LTTE will use chemical weapons against civilians. They'll come under huge pressure from the International community. But of course they are more than likely to use it against our forces, as they have done already.

  42. Mohan-
    "don't worry Miliyaa,ltte not going do like that. civilians not primary target."

    So said Bin Laden before he gave thumbs up for the hijackings of planes that were to be crashed into office buildings!

    Get real you rascal...are you on stale palmyrah toddy or is it that you are just deranged - due to malnutrition emanating from your bogus-refugee economic conditions?


    OaO Asithri

  43. Guys,

    I found some information about the recent air attack on LTTE intelligence base in Killinochchi -one nine base.

    Please click here.

  44. Coolie-Boss
    ["defencenet is a fucking liar. I've noticed the same thing from the beginning of.]

    Me too, you filthy maggot! I have tracked Defencenet’s casualty figures (from the days of Sampoor, Thoppi, Vakarai) and found out that he is always taking a “conservative approach” or toning-down LTTE KIAs, presumably to give some benefit of the doubt to the LTTE lepers! The fact is the EAST was lost because LTTE had HORRIFICALLY high KIA (and I know some first-hand accounts of loading “mala-massos” to trucks) and Defencenet’s LTTE KIA figures were actually too kind!

    So Maggie, you and I both agree - but for diametrically opposing reasons!


    OaO Asithri

  45. Chamal

    [Do you think LTTE will use chemical weapons against civilians]

    Aha, bad shit I agree...no mate, that is what we call in the business "conduct unbecoming"...a "troublesome" scenario that will see Killinocchi razed to the ground AND a rain of LTTE lepers falling from the sky (go figure out this one yourself, I don't need to, as I know!)


    LTTE mf's made a bad bad mistake in trying to fcuk the current honchos - a proud, unassuming, deep-south fiercely patriotic lot - and they just don't know what can be brought on them if the wrong button are pressed! These are not empty words...mark my word!

    OaO Asithri

  46. people like Ashiti keeps boasting online while in the real life he is a pussycat working as a clerk.

  47. CoolieBoss
    [people like Ashiti..is a pussycat}

    No Honorable Boss sir, me no speake englishhe well, but me no pussycat sir as me ish a pussy-doer and me love visiting LTTE hooker-massage parlours in Colombo where me meet your mother, sister and aunt (no, me passed on your grand-ma as she’s dentures were missing!)!!!

    Filthy LTTE leper...do not try OaO Asithri for your size OK....you filthy tera-lepers may have had your "advantage" in LNP, but no, I will cut your rotting scrotum off in every other place that I have an equal, fighting chance to respond!

    Go lick you wounds maggots...or swallow cyanide!

    Truly LMSSAO!!!

    OaO Asithri

    p.s. Defencenet: Mate, my apologies...this is my last "lively post"...I will henceforth cease and desist as I respect your blog. OaO Asithri

  48. Sri Lanka Ends Truce With Rebels, Pans UN Human Rights Comment


  49. Hi OaO Asithri,

    Couldn't resist writing; what does SA stands for in your oft quoted LMSASO?

    good to have you here mate. keep up the firey southern spirit; southerners have beaten northerners in all spheres and now at the last frontier!!

    your comment was offensive but not racial as habarjan singh went. though monkey is racial, ma' kee (in hindi MF) is not!

    A fantastic post by DN. JUST MAL is quite correct on the LA bithc, she has a soft corner for trrorists; she doesn't know we have a hardpoint for her!!!

    Lui Lui Lui.....

  50. Lankaputhra, a lot of the facts and figures you want can be found here:

  51. Sri Lanka ranks third as the most dangerous place for media

    Dec 18, Colombo: Sri Lanka has become the third most dangerous place for media in the world, with the killings of seven journalists during the year, a media watch-dog said.

    “Sri Lanka ranks third, seven journalists killed this year against four last year due to the intensity of the civil war,” a study conducted by the Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) said yesterday.

    According to the Press Emblem Campaign monitoring system (the PEC Ticking Clock), never before all over the world has so many journalists been killed in one year, the total up to date is 110 in 27 countries as compared to 96 in 2006 and 68 in 2005.

    The majority of journalists killed were in conflict zones of Iraq, Sri Lanka, Somalia and Afghanistan. Out of the 110 total 69 were killed in those four dangerous conflict zones.

    “This year’s tally represents a 14 percent increase over the 2006 figure. It is unacceptable. We strongly condemn these acts of violence,”


  52. Great post Defencenet.

    If we have taken care of our current leadership (both political and military), and be vigilant, we should be able to see an LTTE "underground only" 2009.

    Louise Arbour, EU and many others have either being misled or blinded by LTTE false propaganda. It is the duty of our ambassadors to enlighten them. But, very little is happening.

    Another BIG headline today is,
    "Ten new courses to be introduced to the Sri Lanka university curriculum, says the UGC".. isn't this pathetic for a country that needs to compete with globalisation?

    Introducing 10 new courses has been a "News Item" in Sri Lanka. How pathetic it to be a news item... We should be introducing new courses and new opportunities as a part of the system, which should be a very "NORMAL" occurrence, and shouldn't be NEWS.

    Our Asithri is a fan of Jackie Chan films and that's how LMSSAO has come :-)

  53. asithri,
    (both the same asithri?)

  54. Just over a decade after scientists cloned the first animal, the last major barrier to selling meat and milk from clones has fallen: The U.S. government declared this food safe Tuesday. Now, will people buy it?
    Consumer anxiety about cloning is serious enough that several major food companies, including the big dairy producer Dean Foods Co. and Smithfield Foods Inc., say they aren't planning to sell products from cloned animals.
    And the industry says most Americans would never eat a cloned animal for sheer economic reasons: At $10,000 to $20,000 per cloned cow — compared with $1,000 for an ordinary steer — they're too valuable. They would be used primarily for breeding, to produce a steady supply of cattle that are particularly tender, for instance, or for prize dairy cows. It would be offspring of clones that consumers would eat.
    But it will be hard to tell which foods do contain ingredients originating from cloned animals. The Food and Drug Administration ruled that labels won't have to reveal whether the food comes from cloned cows, pigs or goats, or the clones' offspring, because those ingredients are no different than meat or milk from livestock bred the old-fashioned way.
    "We found nothing in the food that could potentially be hazardous. The food in every respect is indistinguishable from food from any other animal," FDA food safety chief Dr. Stephen Sundlof said. "It is beyond our imagination to even find a theory that would cause the food to be unsafe."
    Still, the government asked producers to continue a voluntary moratorium on sales of meat or milk from clones for a little longer, for marketing reasons. The Agriculture Department said it needed a transition period to get the safety findings to foreign trade partners and food companies.
    "This is about market acceptance," USDA Undersecretary Bruce Knight said, adding that he expected this period to last months.
    The two main U.S. cloning companies, Viagen Inc. and Trans Ova Genetics, already have produced more than 600 cloned animals for U.S. breeders, including copies of prize-winning cows and rodeo bulls. They agreed to USDA's call for a continued moratorium Tuesday, but stressed that it applied only to clones themselves, not those animals' conventionally produced offspring, which can begin selling immediately.
    The FDA spent six years tracking the safety of cloning, and its decision was long expected, but it came after an emotional fight by opponents. Congress passed legislation last month urging further study of the issue, a call echoed by consumer advocates who also asked that foods from cloned animals be labeled as such.
    Their objections aren't just about food safety but also include animal welfare since many attempts at livestock cloning still end in fatal birth defects.
    "If you have moral objections to a particular food, or ethical objections to them, FDA's saying, 'Tough, you've got to eat it,'" said Carol Tucker-Foreman of the Consumer Federation of America, who pledged to push for more food producers to shun clone-derived ingredients.
    "The FDA did not give adequate consideration to the welfare of these animals or their surrogate mothers," said Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States.
    This was a day forecast since Scottish scientists in 1997 introduced the world to Dolly the sheep, the first successfully cloned animal. Ironically, sheep aren't on the list of FDA's approved cloned animals; the agency said there wasn't as much data about their safety as about cows, pigs and goats.
    The FDA isn't alone in calling cloned food safe. European regulators last week issued a draft report reaching the same conclusion, and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences has found no cause for concern.
    By its very definition, a successfully cloned animal should be no different from the original animal whose DNA was used to create it.
    Still, FDA isn't surprised by the outcry since it pored over 30,500 comments from the public — many of them negative — before issuing Tuesday's ruling. A September 2006 poll by the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology found that 64 percent of Americans were uncomfortable with animal cloning. And when FDA convened its own focus groups, it found a third of consumers would never eat food from cloned animals, while another third weren't worried and the rest fell somewhere in the middle.
    The public should understand that cloning is just another form of breeding, like the artificial insemination that ranchers widely use, Trans Ova President David Faber said.
    "Our farmer and rancher clients are pleased, because it provided them with another reproductive tool," he said, pledging to "be a good steward of the technology."
    But cloning technology isn't perfected. Aside from birth defects, Dolly was euthanized in 2003, well short of her normal lifespan, because of a lung disease that raised questions about how cloned animals will age.
    The FDA's report acknowledges that, "Currently, it is not possible to draw any conclusions regarding the longevity of livestock clones or possible long-term health consequences" for the animal.
    But the agency concluded that cloned animals that are born healthy are no different than their non-cloned counterparts during their prime food-producing years, and go on to reproduce normally as well. Moreover, it is working with a group of international scientists that will issue guidelines later this year on how to clone, to minimize risk to the animals.

  55. sl,
    none of those accounts belong to asithri.

    His profile number is 04088197982256468403.

    Btw blast in monaragala check other thread for updates.

  56. LOL asithri...very well said.Sheer jealousy.There is a popular opinion among some quarters that sinhalese are only good to drive busses.The prestigious jobs should be left for them..which is not going to happen.

  57. Many thanks DefenceNet for your comment.I hope and pray that the conscripts and kids will surrender.

  58. "f something serious like that happens in the coming days, GOSL should not hesitate to carpet bomb Wanni immediately."

    Sorry, but we don't have any suitable carpets.

  59. Carpet bombing Wanii is what the LTTE want.. to show the whole world of "civilian massacres" and invite a UN peace mission.This is exactly what we must NOT do.The more important reason is that the poor northern folk have gone through enough..WE must not add to their suffering...because if we do then the idea of the army liberating these people is pointless..what can they liberate dead bodies..This is why the LTTE is trying to provoke us into something stupid by planting bombs on busses.hoping that we will react by carpet bombings and communal riots.This is because the LTTE think we are stupid idiots..like before.Lets give the army offensive a few more weeks and see what happens

  60. My biggest worry is that the people in the north may start to commit suicide en masse..because we need to understand what they have been going through.It has not been easy for us also...but by the looks of it much much worse for them.

  61. Guys, you need to stop taking Bond seriously. His blogger profile was created just a few days ago, so he's probably someone here to disrupt the site and sidetrack discussions. If you look at his comments you'll see that he often calls some of you "stupid Sinhalese" etc, hinting that he's not Sinhalese himself. He also trots out old LTTE ideas like the fantasy that ALL Tamils support the LTTE. It's quite a common tactic to infilterate a gathering and make them look radical by expounding extremist views. This tactic is quite common on this site as well as others ;) You know who I mean. Don't fall for this. Bond is probably Upul or Boss.


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