Thursday, January 17, 2008

SLAF steps up air strikes over Wanni

Sri Lank Air Force (SLAF) warplanes bombed LTTE held Wanni heartland for the second time in two days since the CFA was officially nullified.

Map image

First of these airstrikes was carried out yesterday (16th) at around 2.30PM. The target was an LTTE weapons factory south of Puthukuduirippu. According to Military Intelligence, the factory was used to mass produce Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). LTTE are known to invent locally made weapons variants such as the "Baba" mortar, Pasilan 2000 (improved version of Baba mortar) and customized land mines. According to Air Force sources, both the manufacturing facility and the storage building has been destroyed in the air strike.

Second air strike was carried out today (17th) on an LTTE safe house in Jayapuram, Kilinochchi district. LTTE casualty details are not available as of now. In an interesting development, pro rebel stated that "Liberation Tigers anti-aircraft guns fired at Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) warplanes that bombed a civilian area..... ". According to the article, SLAF bombers struck a civilian area. However it is a well known fact that LTTE does not deploy AA guns in areas that is of no military significance, especially given the limited availability of such weapons. Therefore the credibility of Tamilnet's claim is arguable. LTTE does have several 14.5mm AA guns which can hit low flying bombers and there have been instances where SLAF's MiG-27s received minimal damages from these while flying low. However we can confirm that no damages were done to SLAF planes on this occasion.


  1. Defencenet-

    "anti-aircraft guns fired at Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF)...."
    Has LTTE used the Anti Aircraft guns during earlier SLAF attacks? Specially in East?
    As you also suggested, my personal feeling is we are closer to our main targets now, therefore these guns getting used..

  2. Perein..we have not seen the worst yet.Lots of suicide bombers waiting patiently till the mech units arrive.

  3. DefenceNet
    slightly OT
    anything new on what's happening with the hunt for the tiger squad in monaragala?

  4. Srilankan-
    Very good point about suicide bomber of LTTE.. During last few months we have stayed few miles ahead for LTTE. I'm sure our intelligence gathering will sort those challengers out.
    One good thing have notice is, we learn from our mistakes. Often not more than twice did the same mistake by us during last 12 months.
    Let's hope we get the flying tigers next time.. Bring down one plane.. we will bring down moral of all tigers.

  5. ranil,
    "anything new on what's happening with the hunt for the tiger squad in monaragala?"

    A commando unit has been dispatched in the area and they have made contact with one LTTE team near Buththala. A soldier has received injuries in the firefight that followed and the LTTE cadres had fled into the surrounding jungles.

    It's very difficult to track them down as it is a vast area well suited for guerrilla warfare and hit and run attacks.

    "Has LTTE used the Anti Aircraft guns during earlier SLAF attacks? Specially in East?"

    They were rarely used. Main reason for this might have been the shortage of ammunition. Besides they did not have those truck mounted heavy caliber AA guns in the east.

  6. Perein..there is a point that slipped my mind.Some kind of naval blockade must be maintained to ensure these suicide bombers dont get away..i dont know if that is possible though since it takes navy off patrolling duties to stop arms shipments..especially the female LTTE suicide cadres who did a barathanatyam with the troops(pow's) they captured in recent muhamalai battle.77 of them as i remember

  7. DefenceNet..when you have the time..does this mean these cadres are going to be let off the hook to attack some more villagers another day ?

  8. DefenceNet
    thanks for the reply. I have been to this area and know the terrain a bit... it's much easier for the ltte squads to defend their exit route and retreat taking cover offered by the landscape of the area making it that much difficult for our boys...
    When you say one unit, is it safe to assume that there are a few units operating in this area?
    chances are that this is the same lot that executed a raid on thalgasmankanda army camp few weeks ago

  9. on AA weapons
    I think the ltte are saving them to be used when SLDF goes on for more serious attacks and CAS missions into wanni heartland...
    they wouldn't want to risk those just yet and they must be using them from time to time to deter raiding hinds taking to the battlefields as they are much more vulnerable to ground fire from heavy caliber guns...
    it's become a shrude cat and mouse game and nobody wants to make the wrong move and give an edge to the enemy me thinks :)

  10. defencenet, is it possible for the Tigers to modify their naval 23mm/25mm cannons for anti-aircraft purposes?..don't the tigers have any 40mm AAA?>>>

  11. they do operate stinger,SA-16/SA-18 SAM's though,rite?>>

  12. Defencenet,

    Thanks for the update.

    How about the following strategy?

    Tracking down the group of terrorists who attacked the bus yesterday:

    The terrain may be harsh. That means the movement for the terrorists is not easy either.

    The army can estimate the maximum radius that terrorists could hypothetically be in, from the point of crime by a simple calculation: radius = speed * time.

    On that basis, they may manage traveling around a mile or two in every possible direction within an hour - at most.

    How about dropping air mobile units at the perimeter of that hypothetical circle and asking them to move towards the centre - the spot of crime.

    Only assumption made in this scenario is that the culprits stay on the same side of the road, where they carried out the attack. It is not a bad assumption in the situation, as it is unlikely they cross the road, when there is a heightened activity.

  13. srilankan,
    "does this mean these cadres are going to be let off the hook to attack some more villagers another day ?"

    If they are not caught they might as well do that. Reliable information point that this was the same group that raided Thalgasmankada. So they have managed to survive so far. anyway security forces are doing their level best to ensure that they do not repeat the same act another day.

    "is it safe to assume that there are a few units operating in this area?"

    yes we can assume that. There have been several eyewitness accounts of unidentified personnel sightings in several border villages in Monaragala district. And MI indicate that a group of at least 20 cadres are at large in this area. The group that set up the claymore comprised of around 6-7 cadres. So the others may also be in the same region.

    "is it possible for the Tigers to modify their naval 23mm/25mm cannons for anti-aircraft purposes?"

    One of the LTTE released videos in the late 90s shows sea tigers use a cannon mounted on a medium sized vessel to fire at a mi-24 gunship. The weapon looks very much like a naval gun. This incident shows that tigers use these for AA purposes but we cannot confirm if any modifications are actually made or not.

    "they do operate stinger,SA-16/SA-18 SAM's"

    Stinger and SA-16 are confirmed to be used by the tigers. However it's still not clear if they have any SA-18s. their latest attempt to purchase SA-18s was thwarted by FBI.

    Anyway AA missiles have hardly ever been used by the tigers in Eelam War 4.
    Possible causes for this:
    -shortage of missiles.
    -existing missiles expired
    -they may be saving a few to be used in the defense of a senior leader. However this is arguable coz no missiles were fired in the raid which injured Prabhakaran.

  14. Guys,

    I received some pretty bad news from a SLAF guy; he says that Mi-24s and Mig/Kfirs were never instructed to attack tigers they encounter en route to a mission although the guns are always loaded but NEVER used.

    Sometimes pilots/gunners can see tigers flocked in the batlefield but never were they instructed to take them on. Their main instructions have always been to rid the tigers of a certain area by DISPERSING them NOT primarily to kill them.

    Politically he is on the opposition camp, but I cannot brush away what he said totally. Is the govt. ONLY concerned about killing the tiger present leadership and not its fighting cadre?

    If so it is going to be a disaster; they will live to fight another day.

    Is the govt. and LTTE playing the elara-dutugemunui (song) drama?

    Any views? Heard anything similar?

  15. Hi Defencenet
    Just a thought, in western countries, they use thermal imaging Cameras for search and rescue operations. If this is a jungle terrain we can send a helicopter for scanning and the helicopter can direct the ground troops to interesting locations. This may work well in the night time; I don’t think it is expensive either

    Here what I found on the internet,

    With thermal imaging, large areas of land or water can be searched quickly and accurately, requiring less manpower than with conventional methods. Searches can be conducted efficiently during nighttime darkness or full sunlight, in a variety of weather conditions. Thermal imagers can be used whether the search is carried out on foot, or from automobiles, watercraft, or aircraft.

    What do you think? I don’t know the cost of it, but does not look that expensive either.

  16. Moshe Dyan -
    If this is true, may be due to high level intelligence we get from LTTE insiders, they may taking this approach.
    Else we would not know whom to choose right?
    Also it's a good idea to concentrate on primary targets with out distractions.

  17. DefNet
    i beleive storing AA missiles is not an easy task since the storage facility has to be kept at a certain temperature...
    and chances are that they've been buying older missiles which in effect make their operational timeline that much shorter...

    Believe me i've been to this area trekking on my little adventure trips and it's a great area for a small team of trained squad to just fade into the jungles...
    there are small waterways with boulders etc and he ground is not in even terrain... even if you air drop troops it'll take a huge number of personnel to properly comb this area...
    Chances are that this tiger team must be consisting of elite cadres since they have staged a couple of attacks successfully and managed to have survived and evade our boys for so long...
    it won't be an easy task to track down 20odd fellows when their on the run in those areas...
    But what the planners can do from their side is to think ahead of this squad and predict their movements so we have a decent idea as to how they operate...
    we know the kinda weapons they carry etc and what scenarios those creates and most of all these guys gotta be having some support chain to get food and other essentials...
    we need a good strategy to counter these guys

  18. I pray that Perin is right.

    ta mate

  19. No security forces unit should have any sympathy to tigers. This is a war run on public money, not a vessanthara drama.

    Like perin said it should be only to aquire the target correctly, not to drag the war.

  20. Moshe
    if i may butt in so rudely :)

    i think the primary role of the fighter pilots and attack heli gunships is to take out the assigned target... what the pilots might not know at the time of the mission is the underlying military strategy for such things... the bigger picture as they say...
    No person can fight this single handedly and everything has to fall into place perfect to achieve desired results...
    I might be wrong on this so let's see what the true experts have to say about it :)

  21. "he says that Mi-24s and Mig/Kfirs were never instructed to attack tigers they encounter en route to a mission although the guns are always loaded but NEVER used"

    I dont see anything wrong with that. The pilots job is to complete the mission which has been assigned. They cant deviate and do whatever they want.

    In Iraq/Afghanistan for example the US has armed aircraft in the air almost all the time. So when a opportunity target presents itself, it can be taken out easily. We don't have enough aircraft for that sort of role. So the pilots have to stick to the mission they have been assigned.

    "Their main instructions have always been to rid the tigers of a certain area by DISPERSING them NOT primarily to kill them"

    I doubt that. In any case the air strikes in the recent pass have all been against identified fixed targets. I have not read of any CAS in the recent pass, probably because most SLA operations have been small group based attacks and not the larger massed attacks that would require air support.

  22. Moshe Dyan-
    Sounds Irish / cockney been used :) mate.

  23. Given the weapons the tiger group carry, we can deploy a helicopter with gunners to target any human sight in the jungle.

    The thermo tracker is a good one; but i don't think those are used to track small groups of humans from an altitude that ak-47s and RPGs cannot reach.

    by whatever means we must at least now kill these terrorists not chase them to the jungle. STF should be ashamed that they only chased them to the jungle and recovered only one body. They should have continued the search. It is a difficult task but must be done.

  24. cockney?

    LMSSAO! (due credit OaO A.)

  25. Moshe..i am in agreement ..with Perein and the others.If the airforce starts engaging tigers on each mission and not their assigned targets then there wont be any plan upon which to conduct a war.A war needs a plan.Also its a case of discipline and safety of the limited air assets we have.Also the helicopters in particular are used to back units of the army..delays that occur when engaging targets not assigned means delays which mean more army casualties.

  26. Guys,

    Tigers can mislead the forces by creating a picture of the gathering of their cadres, that in actual fact can be civilians. So, they create an ideal platform for the notion that the SLAF is engaged in indiscriminate bombings.

    I think they must exercise caution before walking into these traps.

  27. OK I agree; but at least gunships must be used to support the attrition warfare.They are so very effective if used for attrition.
    We have plenty but very few seems to be used regularly.

  28. [STF should be ashamed that they only chased them to the jungle and recovered only one body. They should have continued the search. It is a difficult task but must be done.]

    i don't agree with this mate. STF and SLA have no reason to be ashamed as they have done their best given all the possible scenarios.
    There's no point aimlessly combing the jungles without a proper hoping that you will bump into the tiger squad cos remember the tiger had a good head start and surely had planned their exit route well in advance.
    I do agree that we should do everything to hunt these bastards down but we gotta do that with proper planning and not aimlessly screening the jungles...

  29. Moshe..i agree with you bro.However our biggest worry are the mines..i imagine the north as one large mine field. the purpose of which is to keep the army out and the northern population in..We have to send Ranil a card congratulating him on the ceasefire allowing the tigers to bring weapons with govt consent (without navy checks)this time even if they did so previously.His donkey has created a concentration camp in the north

  30. Ranil the more i think of this there are many more than 4 people involved.So does this mean that yala is closed now?

  31. But the more we delay the more such attacks would happen committed by the SAME small group. Why did they abandon the search after seeing only one (1) female tiger body?

    The buttala incident attracted alot of armed forces personnel. These farming villages must be protected and the only way is to trackdown the terorists still hiding in South-Eastern jungles. We beat them from thoppigala and there is no reason why we can't from S-E jungles.

    What a joke to deploy thousands of homegurads when what is required is to hunt down the tigers combing the jungle to ANY length. Our final wars will be anyway fought in the jungles and there is no excuse.

  32. TN has released another set of pictures on remainings of the so called mechanic workshop! Can anyone find any mechanical equipment there? ha ha ha! How foolish the TN is.

  33. intelattack..the other point is this is supposed to be a bombing.however there are no burns or blackened timbers?..and if the bombs fell close significant bomb crates does this mean the bombs exploded miles away from this scene.

  34. Sniffer dogs may not be a bad idea. The STF should not rest until they finish all tigers in these jungles.

    Imagine the fear of people in these villages especially at night. My heart goes out to them. Imagine how children cope with it knowing fully well that the jungle hids some killers who would AT ANY TIME jump to the village and kill.

    Can you remember how the bloody politicians tried to make out a political issue when riditenna attacks took place? One demanded land from the government!! What fkg opportunists.

  35. Sri Lankan
    yala is not officially closed since the parks borders int monaragala/buttala area goes into only certain blocks of the park that are anyway not highly used by the usual visitors...

    I'm pretty sure that it was more than 4 tigers on this unit cos though people claim to have seen such numbers there has to have been more fire support and backup units enabling this 4 tigers to do what they did...
    i think even defencenet was suggesting it to be more than that..

    many beleive this is the same squad or part of the same squad that attacked the thalgasmankada camp sometime ago... a very small team is highly unlikely to have carried out such raids even after loosing one female member...
    just my thoughts :)

  36. i have with me a highly trained Commando unit for surgical operations,most of them are ex-SAS and Delta with few from the South African and Turkish SF elements.
    if anyone interseted in tasking them to track down and apprihend the LTTE group thats operating in Yala/Monaragala area do pls contact me on this means.

  37. Thanks Ranil,
    I dont think these guys live in the jungle..i think they have a number of safe houses around this area where they behave like "civilians" and become "terrorists" when instructed by Wanni/other operative.

  38. Moshe
    your intention is correct bro but don't think the execution is practical. At toppigala the ltte was holding onto their camps, bunkers which made them more easy targets although they were dug in pretty well etc etc
    The small group attack thing by the ltte is sorta simillar to what DPU does in terms of using small groups to hit important targets and move out...
    If the DPU can get in and get our after accomplishing their mission even in heavily heated zones with high ltte activity, imagine what an elite ltte squad can do in unprotected, unguarded vast jungle areas....

    what we should be doing in my humble opinion is to try to figure out their possible moves and ambush them or at least narrow down the search path. Maybe SLA, STF teams should seek local expertise to gain better knowledge of the land and figure out possible scenarios...
    these squads have to find food etc, they won't be getting too close to civilian activity unless for an attack...
    we must take those points into consideration and devise a plan...

    Sniffer dogs are a good idea but if i remember right this area did have small creeks and waterways etc that can easily take dogs off the tracks... and knowing ltte they will try to evade our guys as much as they can cos their objective is not to directly engage forces but to seek out opportunity and then t attack when things favor them...

  39. MANNAR: On Wednesday (16) the Army successfully consolidated positions on a three (03) km stretch on the UYILANKULAM - ADAMPAN ROAD which includes the entire PALLEKULI area, MANNAR.

    Five (05) LTTE terrorists were confirmed as reported killed and many terrorists have also been injured in the confrontations.

    Three soldiers were injured in the incident.

    Troops have also consolidated their positions up to 400 meters on the THIRUKETHEESWARAN - ADAMPAN road. nine (09) terrorists were killed in the confrontations.

    Meanwhile, Four terrorists were reported killed by the Army in operations conducted in the PARAPPAKANDAL AREA , MANNAR on Wednesday (16)

  40. OM
    no offense mate but i'm sure those guys also can learn a bit from our guys :) No soldier is good enough until they have mastered the land they operate in IMHO

    yep i was also thinking on the same lines since these guys seems to be having a good supply of weapons for a highly mobile team...
    read in papers that a civilian has trod onto a AP mine planted by the retreating tigers...
    for them to posses multiple claymore mines, AP mines, LMG's etc is kinda weird aint it...
    Either the squad is bit larger than we imagine or they have safe houses like you say for refills or there's a supply chain somewhere...
    or the best one... we don't know what the heck we're talking here so DefenceNEt will have explain a few things for us mere mortals :)

  41. "STF should be ashamed that they only chased them to the jungle and recovered only one body. They should have continued the search. It is a difficult task but must be done"
    It's not just a matter of walking ito the jungle and following their steps, moshe. The LTTE is sure to have sent some of their best people there and they wouldn't be making it easy for persuers by leaving easily followable tracks. (Don't foget that our LRRP teams are hidden in the Wanni jungles even though the LTTE is constantly searching for them. I'm not saying that these cadres are as good as those guys but someone in such a situation will do everything to conceal his presence) That's why the commandos are used for these searching operations too, because it's not something that everyone can do. But you can't always expect success can you? However I agree with you that our people should not rest until this threat is cleared

  42. Srilankan, Ranil,
    Your ideas about the tigers having safehouses may be just the right thing. However, I'm not exactly sure as this is a fairly large group (more than 20 cadres), and I have read that during the Vietnam War each member of American SOG teams used to carry more than 500 rounds of ammunition in their backpacks, so I guess it wouldn't be exactly difficult to a large team to carry everything they want. About the food, maybe they are trained to live off the jungle and not depend on outside sources?

  43. Thanks,defencenet for the update..

  44. chamal
    true... i watch war at 8 on discovery channel every chance i get and once they were showing the huge back packs the american forces carried in Iraq... If i can remember those were over 80 pounds or something... that's a bloody heavy load for soldier to carry in desert terrain...
    so your points make sense :)

    But don't you think by judging the way these guys operate and getting a good knowledge about the land they operate in that we might be able to spot possible hiding spots etc...

  45. As I said Ranil I'm not ruling out your idea. I was just thinking if that was hapenning....I could be wrong of course.

  46. david blacker(earlier post)..

    I really was expectin somethin more intelligent from you,but i got a pretty crappy reply!!
    seems like u really like to bum-suck the war criminal "georgy bushy"..well,thats ur opinion & ur entitled to it..but remember one thing..IRAN will stand tall & not bow down to the global terror thug USA..unlike Iraq,the US will find out that Iran is no easy pushover..moreover,the Iranians are quite united in their stand against ANY Aggressor(previously it was Iraq,unfortunately)..

    Even now,hundreds of american soldiers are killed evey month(could br more),but since you only watch CNN/FOX tv,ur fed a load of BS & lies!! al-jazeera for a change,to get a better picture of the middle-eastern conflict..

    What happened in Iraq."Bushy",went to war(more like,initiated it)!!,against the Iraqis..on the pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction!!-fuc@@kin BS!!..same scenarior with Iran here..u have to remember that "Bushy",is a demented freak,who does not care about human life of innocent iraqi civillians on a daily basis,tortures.private firms(blackshit??),going on firing rampages,etc.. conclusion,David Blacker,PLEASE get ur act ofense..but the USA is gonna get clobbered,if it tries another "adventure" in Iran !!!

  47. A mix of russian main battle tanks, mainly the T80, T90, BE-on youtube..

    see above photo
    how many tanks ltte got?

  49. these snaps i got from
    it says charles anthony regiment
    anybody know what are the weapons in these two photos
    how many of these kind of weapons they got

  50. san,
    "how many tanks ltte got?"
    about 9. All captured from army. Not sure if all 9 are operational without spare parts etc.

  51. san sucker,
    Are you trying to make people afraid?
    I know you filthy bstrd. I can id you, how many you asked ? eh? go and ask ur mother.

    Dont worry , SLA have those everything including the RCL weapon. SLA has acquired enough armament to fight another country. So keep your lame ass out of this blog...


  52. san
    the first pic is of some sort of anti tank weapon and the second one is a heavy caliber machine...
    i might be wrong but both are little hard to be used while running away from charging SLDF :)

  53. " IGI said...
    san sucker,
    Are you trying to make people afraid?
    I know you filthy bstrd. I can id you, how many you asked ? eh? go and ask ur mother.

    Dont worry , SLA have those everything including the RCL weapon. SLA has acquired enough armament to fight another country. So keep your lame ass out of this blog...


    January 17, 2008 7:22 PM"
    hey what kind of descent language you are using i think you are misunderstanding i am not a ltte supporter sinhalese lions never afraid of those weapons i think you already afraid you must be a ltte supporter

  54. san
    that site has some beautiful landscape pics of sri lanka...
    too bad the tigers had to ruing things and those resources are not helping communities there

  55. "the first pic is of some sort of anti tank weapon and the second one is a heavy caliber machine...
    i might be wrong but both are little hard to be used while running away from charging SLDF :)"
    Thanks ranil
    "about 9. All captured from army. Not sure if all 9 are operational without spare parts etc."
    yes i also think they recently published these photos just for propaganda.i think may be just only one tank in operation condition. Thanks defencenet

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Thanks DefenceNet for your input..

    One thing is for sure.Things are going to get really bad for us.

  58. these anti-tank weapons are fine...just one question..are they immune to bombs..even if they are new..i know it is a damn shame to see such a new LTTE toy turn to ashes soon..but hell this is an anti LTTE world..sorry!!

  59. We will all see how it goes when the mass troop movement begins.

  60. Ranil,
    Are you sure the second picture shows a machine gun? It has a large barell, seems like a recoilless gun to me....
    These are the type of weapons they used at Muhamale I guess, were we lost several tanks

  61. Perein,
    I think this murderous filth is running out of AA gun ammo..

  62. ty Defencenet for the great update

    this report says 30 LTTE were killed in today's air attack


  63. Disappointing news..Admiral Willlard of the pacific fleet has not come to help the hooo hoooo..sob sob sob..Damn!

  64. chamal
    you must be right mate... i aint no expert on these things i just looked like a large caliber machine gun to me :)

  65. woah
    admiral williard seems to be a true soldier or rather a naval officer with some solid background...
    great to see people of this caliber are visiting us and probably giving good input to our defense establishments

  66. san, im sorry for my words, just couldn't resist. The buttala massacre made me very upset. (guess LTTE succeeded over my case :))

    For a guerrilla's force tanks are not in the subject I think.

    Defencenet , can you identify the AT weapon make?

  67. rounding up terorist is not that difficult, if we use correct approch.
    normal jogging speed of a person is 15-20km/hr and walking speed is 5km/hr.
    if we have a rapid deployment comando team, who can be air lifted to any sourthern location with in 1/2hour, we can easily check mate basterds.
    with in 1/2hr terrorist can only go 3.5km, if they do not run like "susanthika". just using 15 small team can cover whole area with one km distance to each other.

    nice GPS software can be made for droping troops and for fast convergence.
    using binary search algoritm, searchnig can be made very fast.

  68. Ranil..what an honour it must be for him to command an aircraft carrrier called the USS Abraham lincoln(one of the greatest souls in history)..He is not lauching squadrons of F-14s against hoo hooo...and supporting the hoo hoo.

  69. Anyone called for international law for taking decisions on behalf of the Motherland would have to be taken over our dead bodies–JVP


  70. If JVP does 1/10 th of the work as they talk, Sri Lanka would be a better place for every one.

  71. Andare,

    What you said struck a chord with me; I am convinced it is possible to track them down, with a little calculation - maths - and the steely determination - something that commandos have in abundance.

    Thanks for thinking along this line.

  72. Andare-
    Easy to say.. harder to do.. We are playing with human lifes.
    Let's see how we can help rather than brining them down.

  73. Andare,
    Not sure if the commando team you mentioned is used for these kind jobs. They are usually in reserve to be used in hostage situations, anti hijackings etc. aren't they? The army wouldn't want to risk their best men for something like this when it could be accomplished with a normal commando team intead of the rapid deployment team. (Not underestimating the other commando teams here, the LTTE can get their asses handed over to them by any of these teams..... but those guys are the 'elite' right?)

  74. DefNet,

    The body armour our guys seem to wear seems to be REALLY thin and flimsy looking! Can they really stop a 7.62mm round or they just designed to stop shrapnel?

    Actually where do they come from? Are they Pakistani or have the establishment thought about the future and sourced them locally?

  75. Oshada,
    Body armour is being produced locally, but I don't know if the whole army is equipped with these. Probably foreign ones are used as well.

  76. i do not suggest things, which is impossible.
    ex. buththala incident.
    local police new it with 5min of the incident. then give info by phone to the central unit with in another 5min. GPS MAP CAN BE PREPARED with in 10min, even using google map to drop the troops accurately. giving cordination to individual team can be done while on choppers.
    SF is enough to do the job. several trainings shold be done to practise convergence to correct direction using GPS handheld devices.
    dropping distance and the number of teams can be calculated depend on the delay to respond.
    small software canbe made to get , distance, GPS cordination for each team.
    if any of the team meet terrorists, same rounding up procedure can be repeated.

    central unit can advice individual teams to where to move in such occations.

  77. There is a Srilankan company making body armor for local and export market. There was an article some time back and this company is doing really well.

  78. Seems rather coincidentail that two days after the Iranian Finance Minister and his deputy visit SL that the head of the U.S. Pacific fleet turns up. The recenly passed US Defence appropriations bill makes it difficult to get any kind of defence related items or replacement spare parts from the USA.

  79. 250 LTTE rebels killed in 2 weeks


    LTTE intelligence wing member & 7 seven Sri Lankan Tamils arrested in Chennai


  80. Can I pleaaaase know whether SLDF is using silly string or not?

    If not is there a requirement for using it and why don't we use it?

  81. kiri

    what is a 'silly string' ?

    i'm new to this :)

  82. ""

    Those are recoilless rifles

    Recoilles Rifles

    there are so many variants haven't checked exactly which ones these are probably chinese make, such as these:

    Type 78/65 Recoilless Rifles

  83. lkdood,
    I am no mean weapons dealer either.
    It's better that you google it and see.

    search for "silly string us troops"

  84. [NAT urges further FBI action on LTTE

    [COLOMBO, SinhalaNet 2008.01.16 03:49PM] Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT) have thanked the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for taking the initiative to tame the LTTE in the USA.

    According to NAT representative F. Rovik, his group has been able to get hold of the official accounting of the so-called Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) for the first six months of 2005.

    It shows that the TRO raised 168 million Sri Lankan rupees in the USA for their so called Tsunami project. This is approximately 20% of the total TRO fundraising for this specific project.

    Says Rovik: "Unfortunately our sources in the Tamil Diaspora inform us the official fundraising is only a small part of the total fundraising. The unofficial fundraising is used by the LTTE for arms purchases and fund acts of terrorism. We hope the FBI effort to stop the LTTE fundraising is successful and any reduction of the LTTE fundraising in the USA will save lives in Sri Lanka."

    NAT draws attention to the LTTE cooperating with terrorist organisations that pose a threat to the USA and stresses that a FBI crack down on the LTTE fundraising will be most helpful for the US war on terrorism.

    There is a growing awareness in US intelligence analysts that the LTTE is a threat to the USA. In the Baltimore trial related to the arrest of LTTE arms dealers attempting to buy arms from Guam the Special Agent Mr. Jim Dinkins head of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Baltimore said the arms could eventually be used against the USA . There is evidence as the fact that the LTTE provided forged passports to Ramzi Yousef, the man who carried out the first attack against the World Trade Center in New York in 1993.

    Below is a list of websites that have their domains registered in the USA. These websites is glorifying the LTTE terrorism and some of them are used for fundraising.

    The FBI should investigate and close the websites used for funding and promoting terrorism. One example is that is raising funds for the LTTE front organisation TRO. At this website the TRO is utilising the services of VISA, American Express, Diners Club and Mastercard for donations to the TRO, All of these card companies has head offices in the USA. We hope the FBI ask the card companies to kindly abstain from making a profit by assisting a terrorist organisation to raise funds for terrorism.

    List of websites used for promoting and fundraising for terrorism:

  85. lkdood, buddy have a look on this link

  86. I found a nice map of Tamil Eelam on Tamilnet. It's from 2004, but can give a general idea of the location of the current fighting.

  87. Illegal.existence

    ty for posting

    WOW ! i have been looking for these maps

    can you also get other maps for other areas ?

  88. illegal.existence,

    That only shows Mannar, and parts of Kilinochi and Jaffna districts.

    Fighting is going on in 3 northward going fronts (Mannar, Vavuniya, Weli Oya.. last two not visible on map), and 2 southern going fronts (Muhamalai/Thenmarachi, and Nagar Kovil/Vadamarachi).

  89. Dialogue only way out in Sri Lanka: Ban Ki-moon


  90. Defencenet

    AP report:

    Sri Lanka's troops have seized a key stretch of road from the Tamil Tiger rebels and fought two other battles, killing a total of 23 insurgents, the military said Thursday.
    Soldiers captured a three-kilometer (1.86-mile) stretch of road connecting Uyilankulam and Adampan villages in northern Mannar district Wednesday after a battle that killed nine rebels, military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said.
    Though small, the stretch is seen as strategic in the military's push to take rebel-held territories in Mannar district, Nanayakkara said.


    can you give more info if you can ?

  91. MIG-27 shot by AA from LTTE today.

  92. LTTE AA in action:

  93. Tamilnet:

    Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighters foiled an attempt by the Special Task Force (STF) to penetrate into their territory in the jungle near Kanchchikudichchaa’ru in Ampaa’rai district Thursday around 9:30 a.m, Amparai LTTE military command said

    Defencenet :

    how can there be LTTE controlled area in the east ?
    if you have more info ? plz post

  94. ty the boss for the video

    please post more videos

  95. "the boss said...

    We will all see how it goes when the mass troop movement begins."

    Yes, we'll whop some tiger ass. Kill the fat pig and every one else.


    Can someone comment if this the actual Tiger planes that flying right now on the video or some other plane of the same model in the video?

  97. By the way, any news on the Tiger planes? Are they active right now? Can some one comment on the nicely paved runway shown on the video and the other runway with dirt sorrounding? Where can they be located?

  98. WipeLTTE

    i saw somewhere that now they cannot come to colombo

    because it is too far away from Vanni

  99. why could they come before, but not now. The fuel can shrunk??

  100. The planes in the video are Brazilian made Embraer Tucanos, not the rubbish Zlin's of the tigers. Tucano's are faster, more manouvarable and carry a heavier payload. Typical tiger trailer trash trying to glorify their lost cause by uploading false information. F*cking idiots

  101. Defencenet,

    Another shooting incident is reported in Thanamalvila area; one has died of his wounds and four are hospitalized.

    Any update on this?

  102. Can we discuss how they might be hiding those there > more toy planes of theirs? I read somewhere here that hey might be hind those plans in a giant tant or some sort of course camerflaged. I suppose they may be hiding those 3 or more planes in underground bunkers. Can anyone shead some light or debate it?

    By the way, can SLDF rent Sukhoi Su-25 (similary to USAF A-10 WarHog) for close air support from the Russians? The prize tag of $M11 is probably too high for us to afford. Can some expert on weapon systems comment on this?

  103. Three dead bodies and 03 injured from the attack on Kalawelgala village taken to Thanamalwila Hospital


  104. Fuel too expensive for LTTE to fly planes now :-D

    Guys, one thing to watch out is creation of 'kata katha'. Can you remember the chaos it caused in the 80s? Every time something happens people will speculate about upcoming major attacks, closing schools, closing this and that. I don't want to speculate who is an LTTE supporter or not, but use some common sense. Anyone with access to sensitive information is better off contacting authorities directly.
    Other thing to watch is LTTE supporters or some nuts suggesting we use carpet bombing, chemical weapons, etc.

  105. JVP Youth to take to the jungle in 2008?

    by Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne

    Last week I was not feeling well and was unable to participate in the funeral procession of the late Maheswaran, MP, the fourth Tamil leader to be killed after Kumar Ponnambalam, Pararajasingham and Raviraj. All of them could speak in both Sinhala and English and explain the Tamil national problem, especially to the Sinhala people. That is exactly what they did. Sivajilingam and Mano Ganesan fall into the same category and both are living lives under threat. The government argument is that such people are a threat to separatism as they become friends of the Sinhala people. Hence the LTTE must have eliminated them! But the simple truth is that the government should have protected them and, at least, should have found their killers. The government has failed to do so in each of these cases. I was half asleep when a member of the media phoned me and asked me what I thought of the abrogation of the Ceasefire Agreement. I said “obviously, the government is desperately trying to satisfy the conditions laid by the JVP in order to get their continued support. The next step will be to end discussions for a political solution. The Mahinda regime will consolidate all Sinhala chauvinist forces towards the war. There will be bloody retaliation from the Tamil fighters, pushing the country towards anarchy and barbarism unless of course the struggle of the working masses manages to calm the situation down.” Then there were many more phone calls and I started to wonder whether I had said something controversial. When I listened to the evening news bulletin, I was relieved to see that I had only said something obvious. Maybe I was mistaken.

    Political proposal

    A news report from India states that Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh will attend Sri Lanka’s 60th Independence Day celebrations only if a political proposal is on the table by then. In addition, there are similar pressures from many global powers. On the other hand, Wimal the great, backed by his dentist guru, has said in no uncertain terms that the government will be thrown out before the Sinhala New Year, if any proposal that violates the unitary nature of the Constitution comes out. Apparently a combination of patriotic forces is going to do this. A powerful Sinhala rebellion is in the offing!

    However all that may not be necessary. Minister Champika has placed his most loyal adjutant in the APRC to block any proposal that challenges the unitary nature of the state. There is no escape for Minister Tissa Vitharana. Of course, he is quite aware of this limitation. Tissa knows very well that he is a prisoner in a chauvinist government and that the APRC is only eye wash. Poor reformist; what else could he do except pretend that some reform is possible, someday, somewhere. He needs to hang on to the position.

    Discontent masses

    What one openly sees is the escalation of the war and the growth of anarchy and barbarism. What is not seen so well is the growth of discontent among the suffering masses: workers, peasants, fishermen, plantation workers and the youth in general. The incident that took place at the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation is remarkable. It was a mini uprising against the power of the Mahinda regime. Mervin symbolised, at that instant, every unpleasant thing in the Mahinda regime. People rebelled disregarding the police and other authorities present. Is this an indication of a future national event? In any case Mahinda has taken the message seriously, and the CID is investigating the nature of the rebellion. Gayan of Lakbimanews says “.the CID has watched the video tapes of the scene of turmoil that day in order to identify the media personnel and trade union representatives who were active on that occasion.” A few weeks ago Nandana Gunathilaka, MP complained that a radical section of the JVP is preparing to take up arms and get back to the jungles. If that is a trend within the JVP youth then it must be so among the military youth already in the jungles. In fact all these youth are from the same social background. Hence similar political inclinations should be expected.

    In the meantim, there are protests developing in all sections of the working masses including the plantation workers. Inflation could grow well beyond 20 % and the noise of war drums will be less and less attractive even in the deep South. That is the message for 2008.

  106. This latest attack shows that the LTTE group is still in the area. Hope our people got there in good time, if so maybe this time at least we can get them...

  107. Vickramabahu thinks "I started to wonder whether I had said something controversial". This guy doesn't even know what he himself says???? Man i really think its time for him to retire

  108. One of the reasons the tin cans have not been active is because the reduced terrain due to SLA operations has effectively extended the distance they have to fly to reach Colombo and back. These planes do not have the capacity to carry enough fuel for a return journey. THerefore it has to be a one way journey.

    The next one, if it comes to Colombo, will be a suicide flight.

  109. Tropicalstorm, are you sure? The specs say for Zlin 143: Range with max fuel 1100km.
    So even with bomb loads, a return journey might be possible.

  110. I do not think LTTE properganda toy planes will not be used as suicide planes yet. It is their priced properganda machine.

    By the way, does the SLDF have a very effective combat airsupport machines such as A-10 WartHog or Sukhoi Su-25?

  111. [The terrorists are, by definition, in the business of terrorizing us, and want to make us feel helpless and hopeless in the face of their attacks. They want us to believe attacks come randomly and without warning, so that we don't even try to predict the unpredictable. They hope that by making us adopt defeatism as a philosophy, they can defeat us.]

    Here is the full article:

    People keep your heads up on the face of LTTE terror, because defeatism is not and option.

  112. [Tamilnet's Report about SLAF bombing on the 17th did a big cat get caught?
    Sisira Pereira, Panadura

    The LTTE news portel, Tamilnet, in its news item about the SLAF raid in Jayapuram, Kilinochchi on the 17th, claimed that the LTTE's anti-aircraft guns were fired at the fighter jets when they bombed a civilian settlement (this was quoted by the AFP too). Does this actually mean that somebody very important in the LTTE was targeted by the SLAF again in the heart of Kilinochchi? On the part of the Military, they claimed a high-profile leaders gathering was bombed based on real-time intelligence.

    A few recent analyses of the military intelligence reports about the event of the LTTE terrorist leader Pirapaharan getting injured in a previous aerial attack by the Air Force similarly claimed that the LTTE's anti-aircraft fire slightly damaged one fighter craft at the time of that bombing raid. And the argument was that the anti-aircraft gun fire was an indirect confirmation that a high profile target, if not the highest, could have been there at the time of the raid. So, if that argument has weight, was the SLAF able to take a similar target yesterday too? Or is it some ploy of the LTTE to disseminate the wrong impression that their high profile leaders were there at the time of bombing as a decoy? Answers to these will come to light soon.

    However, one thing is obvious.

    The Tamilnet could not convey the impression that their claim of a civilian target was actually hit in the raid with their report and with the few photograph they had posted along with the news item. Now why would the LTTE position their anti-aircraft guns in a civilian settlement, f that is actually the case as they claim? If the deadly SLAF bombing had actually targeted a civilian settlement as the Tamilnet alleges, they would have acquired more convincing photographs of the carnage than a few flattened corrugated sheets and some fallen apart bricks in wilderness to begin with. Thus, the Tamilnet's attempt to mislead its readership seems to have gone off target, while it poses speculation as to if the SLAF has once again done some big damage to the LTTE.

    Let us hope it has.]

    I am hopeful that the some big fish has been fried by the latest SLAF bombing. Way to go SLAF!!!

  113. Guys
    I have travelled more miles in this areas than my native Kandy. I am surprised that the tigers attacked this bus this far into the Sinhalese areas. one expect them to attack the settlements close to their hideouts in areas between Siabalanduwa and potuvil,where there’s the thickest jungle, connecting the known LTTE camp on the North of the main Simalanduwa/potuvil road and jungles south boarding Yala sanctuary. They may have local safe houses, working in small groups and they may have obvious plan to attack the Pelwatte Sugar mill, which is supporting hundreds of poor people in the area, who is supplying sugar cane to the factory, when I visited this factory, it was an endless queue of sugar cane being brought in tractors from these culivators.Someone must inform the Chairman,Mr Ariaseela Wicramanayake to hire some armed guards, even some well trained armed ex army or even deserters, burn the sugar cane nurseries and plants around the factory, get night vision equipment and lay even mines to deter the attackers. They might come even as suppliers, hidden with the cane. as it is only 4 or 5 is needed to destroy that place. Whatever happens, we must not draw the troops from the north. It was their cunning strategy to give up sampur,with draw to thoppigala and then to deep south and to the other areas, to fight another day. It is a shame that there was not a single road block along the road from Manampitiya to Myanganna,which was bordering Thoppigala and Narakamulla to the East. The terrorists escaped to the south to fight another day. capturing real estate in East is only a partial victory, but wasting their numbers is the ultimate. Armed forces has to be on the alert for these guys attacking from the south in Welioya area,as some who escaped the EP may be lurking in jungles North of A6,in the vicinity of 183-185 KM posts. Some people have big ears, to say the phrase! Good luck to our forces. Results of my batteries will be revealed on Sunday.183-185KM posts have been mentioned and you are warned.

  114. Boss!
    Can you help me with se information?i met a Tamil lad doing a humble job in London.he said that his folks left behied in Vanni has been working in a castor and Kaduru or endera plantation run by the it true and which part of the vanni is it?We know that these plants are used to extract bio fuels.I am very keen on this,if you could help me?Who knows,when you achieve your promised state,ther is an international company who wants to dop business.Please let me know ASAP,please!
    Sorry to go off the track.

  115. [A Tiger attack on Thanamalwila Kalawelgala village]

    Why the hell can't we track down these set of murderers?? How many times did they attack now in these areas. And the worst thing is it seems daily they r striking more and more deeper in the south :(
    If this trend continues ppl will not support the war cos they r not properly protected. We have to make the planned thrust into Vanni as soon as possible.

  116. miliyaa..keep calm..lets put it this way..the army is offensive is working.

  117. It seems LTTE is preparing for an attack on a school in south. (see tamilnut)
    These we need to understand and should have expected. LTTE will not use a do nothing and watch stratergy when SLA starts offensive to wanni. They will do everything possible to stop that.

  118. ninja bandara,
    your right.we need to protect schools.i hope you understand the LTTE master plan here..kill school kids..force the army to accelerate their plan-SLAF to bomb wanni and then..the resulting human rights violations will be graphically depicted in every newspaper around the world.In future what the LTTE are going to do is force(non velvetithurai civilians) to march in front of their cadres so we cant shoot the people and kill the army.

  119. well they wont be "civilians" technically..the makkal padai..if you know what i mean

  120. why are we giving them time to let them execute their plans like attacking south, etc. we should put them in to a defensive position only allowing them to think about saving their asses.

    By just killing 10-15 terrorists a day, i don't think we will going to finish it within this year as said by some top ppl here.WE HAVE TO HIT HARD NOW. If innocent ppl are geting killed like this daily, i's more likely that IC will intefere into this issue very seriously. We have to do it now or we'll be too late.

  121. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  122. Guys,

    Yesterday near Rathmalana Airport I saw 3 planes (Exactly the same model)flying & they were greyish black in colour. They looked like PT6 trainer air crafts that we lost at Anuradhapura. Do you think these are new ones that we reccieved to relace the ones we lost???

  123. Jack,

    Those RCL are mostlikely from Bulgaria or some ex-polish/sebian (surplus) SPG-9s. (some were put up for sale for as cheap as $ 1500 for waring groups in africa some time back)

    The Type-65/78 are the Chinese made copies of the SPG-9 but they made a light weight tripod for it.

    hope this helps

  124. Well, as I understand usually tamilnut (or pro-LTTE media, in generel) justifies their any kind of attacks. Given the weight they have put into that article (all the camaramen were waiting near the school until fighter jets come) it is likely to targer a school, probably expecting another 83. Those who more familier with pro-LTTE media can make better judgement. (Look for the usual term "however we can't verify the claims independently....) in international media, when they refer to similer incedents.

    We simply need to understand "we pay tax, defence expenses, you SLA fight and finish the war, now I have to watch this TV drama (whatever the crap)" menteliaty will not work.

    LTTE is already targetting civilians. Thus there won't be any difference due to an increased civilian participation (other than pro-LTTE media crying-after withdrawing CFA all this happen-type). Government should train accordingly and assign suitable duties all the civilians.

  125. miliyaa,ninja bandara,
    see the article on tamilnet."790 children escape SLDF attack".see what i mean.Accelerating the army plan is exactly what the LTTE want us to kill the army their biggest obstacle to civilian genocide(both sinhala and tamil).As for ic intervention dont hold your breath.The army needs to do this job according to their own time scale.We in the meantime need to be vigilant and HELP EACH OTHER.This murderous trash has gone on for 30 yrs militaryly and about 20 yrs for non military preparation(ie-cultivate people overseas etc,set up organisations,establish procedures,collect money legally at least initially of course etc).

  126. i forgot to add.. infiltrate the UN..these things take time..cant be done overnight.The same logic goes for the army also.They are not we have to bear this while taking all precautions necessary till this is over..

  127. Well, true. Those who have friends or relatives in SLDF knows, they are also like us with some training but not supermans. Ofcourse LTTE open chanel in international scale (atleast in 83) and we did nothing till late 90s. LTTE deserve credit for that work within IC while our diplomats enjoyed their retired life time in western countries. -One obvious reoson for LTTE having upper hand in international thetre.

  128. Latest LTTE ploy is to invent a Humanitarian Crisis -civilian hardships.

    That is what has been started cooking now.

    They try hard with that when SLDF started liberating the East. Now they have re-started the same.

    Can you remember the days that LTTE, AI, HRW, UNHRC, BBC, AFP, Tamilnet etc etc, were going to town with Para Military and Karuna's Child Recruitment while LTTE was the biggest culprit?

    And soon as the East liberation started, the same gang started shouting again in the same manner about mass exodus and civilian suffering etc etc.

    Can you remember the time that Simon Roebeck, Simon Gardner to many prophets talking about GOSL doom in the hands of LTTE, if the government tried to liberate the East? Now those mouths also have been silence for a while.

    Now they all are getting ready for the next round, and waiting for the LTTE to blow the whistle, so that they can carry the baton and run wild.

    I saw one of the greatest replies that GOSL given to UNHRC appearing in yesterday's media. What a superb writing, and what a superb letter. Great work. These LTTE driven masses should understand that Sri Lanka has its sole right to defend its 20M of law abiding population from a bunch of lunatic terrorist group.

    Rally around our mother Lanka folks, without any religious or ethnic differences. Protect our motherland for all the peoples to co-exist happily ever after!

    Now those goons are silent.

  129. Ninja Bandara,
    Your spot on bro.It makes me so happy to see qualified sinhalese (especially from villages)offered jobs nurses for example...A lot of ideas have to change in SLanka.But first we have to defeat this murderous filth.

  130. noltte=peace..well said bro..well said..

  131. Kevin,

    Castor Oil is used to manufacture Aircraft fuel by mixing with high-octane fuel.

    This is how LTTE should be flying their SLINS.

    About the LTTE now using school children to portray humanitarion crisis. I suspect that LTTE would bomb a school or two and blame SLDF. They will kill Catholic priests and blame the SLDF. They will shoot Indian Fishermen and blame Navy. They will kill Aid workers and blame the SLDF. There would be funny times - it is going to be very soon, as Army is closing in.

  132. I am no militry the following comments maybe stupid..but why am i getting this feeling that the LTTE are having problems with locating/evacuating/treating their casualties.??

  133. It is shame we cant impose a naval blockade where the fighting is going on..

  134. "hope this helps"

    It sure does thanks for the clarification :)

  135. guys
    if ltte were to target schools i think their motive would be most likely to cause a backlash from the sinhala community towards the tamils...
    If they hit a schools and kill hundreds of children it'll be very tough for the government to control certain segments of the population who will not be able to see logic and reasoning

  136. srilankan,

    your diplomatic interventions are much appreciated.

    But like miliya said, we must agitate at least the govt. to do more. It is a shame that there are not many politicos who listen to people at least to patriotic professionals.

    The JVP that can do alot to put pressure on the govt. to speed up the war doesn't do it. Instead they are trying to come to power by whatecer means.

    The longer the war takes the more will be civilian casualties. No country takes so long to complete the initial attack/invasion stage. We must aggressively attack tiger positions and kill most of them within a month and then move into Vanni to finish off the outfit at the prolonged guerilla stage.

    If the attack/invasion stage goes for one year, imagine how long the guerilla stage would take.

    I fully agree with srilankan that we need to impose a full navel blockade.

    Does anyone have a contact to a notable politician (from the ruling party bastards) at least to write to explaining the situ from an outsider's pov? I know it is the brothers who run the show, but there are many other notable fellas.

    Correct; tigers are actually trying to create a HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE to bring here the UN/IC and the way the war is going offers them ample time.

  137. Ranil..not only that..the resulting chaotic situation will allow tigers to move more explosives and sleeper cells into the south

  138. Moshe..thanks for your input..are you saying that the politicians should somehow interfere with the time table of the defence forces..are you sure that is wise?.Remember the Hon president said that he is going to give the army a free hand..We must let them do their job.If it is a conventional war i would agree with you but..then this is terrorism.
    Moshe i remember the days when international media and LTTE were having "fun" in srilanka.I think people were scared to read the papers because you didnt know how many people had been killed..both army and civillian..mind you all done by patriotic LTTE forces..This has gone on for 30 9 more months too long for us to wait?

  139. Moshe..we have to let the army do their job..see..we must let the army EXTERMINATE..i mean EXTERMINATE..this murderous filth from our country see..

  140. srilankan
    agreed with your views totally :)
    we should not divert away from the master plan just to deal with these issues. We should ONLY make the move when things favor us and not when the enemy wants us to make a move.
    We can't afford to loose hundreds of troops just to satisfy our egos...
    strategy should lead the way and not personal ego's
    If we were to loose a lot of troops by charging in when the time is not right that will give tigers a morale boost that they are seriously missing these days and in turn kill the morale of our forces...
    that is just plain stupid to do and that is what we have done in the past with deadly results for us...

    let the military planners to do their job relying on ground intel that's not necessarily available in public domain...
    only they will know when it's the right time

  141. I think we must strengthen our naval capabilities to the maximum. By doing that we can control this war by more than 75%. The govrenment should concentrate more on this. It's the only successful way to stop the flow of arms to terrorists.

    About attacking the schools, i too think there's a high possibility for a attack like that. When the SLAF attack first appeared on TN yesterday, it just said the bombs exploding near a Mechanical Shop.They didn't mention anything about a school. Publishing the article about 790 school children came hours after the first news was published. Now they want to show the world, 'look we r attacking south cos they attack our children'. This is a major tactic they use to justify their terrorist activities.

    About the Buttala attack one of my friends relative was in that bus and has survived with injuries. According to what she had said it was not the blast which killed most of the 27, the terrorist have shot from short range to ppl who tried to get down from the bus. She had even seen those ppl and there were about 10 of them.

  142. Ranil..thanks mate.What i hope will gradually happen here is that as we advance more into the wanni each day..the LTTE will have 2 battles to fight one against us and one against its own people(who are imprisoned)in the the number of LTTE body bags begin to increase.Well its up to the population if they want to hack LTTE cadres...but we have to do our utmost to help them by trying to persuade LTTE conscripts to surrender.What i would like to do..if god allows me.. is to open Adele Balasinghams mouth and stuff it with Vp's tasty minced remains.

  143. milliya
    yep you're the same thing on yesterday's local sinhala newspapers... the floor of the bus was bloodied and so was the steps leading out from it...
    people were trying to get away even from the windows as those bastard ltte fuckers opened fire on them...
    even the ones who were injured after the blast but survived were killed with firing...
    motive was as clear as it can get...
    hit a civilian bus and kill as many as you can...cos unlike sldf the civilians can't fire back..
    what a bunch of fucking pussies these ltte really is...

    i'm sure defencenet can confirm but SLDF is indeed moving forwards where the big picture is concerned everyday... I wouldn't say we have kept the invasion plans on hold but we're slowly eating at their morale and defences..
    it's common knowledge now that the ltte has reduced the frequency and the number of arti salvos they fire when compared to what they were doing sometime ago...
    the naval blockade and destruction of their supply vessels have made a huge effect on their ammo supplies... maybe that's one of the reason's that ltte wants to lure the troops in cos they cant afford to wait any longer...
    i hope we have good reliable intel within the outfit to know what exactly is going on....
    Remember when german's had to give up invading was bad intel the screwed them up even when possessing a much superior military machine...

    hope DefenceNEt can chime in when he gets some free time :)

  144. tropicalstorm,

    As per the technical specs of the Zlin's, they have more than enough range to make a return trip to Colombo. Its very unlikey that they were previously operating from the edge of their FDL's anyway, so SLA incursions along the FDL is not going to stop them. Most likely reason why they haven't used their precious Zlin's is because they have lost the element of suprise and the SLAF has had more time to prepare themselves.


    The SLAF can use both Mi-24/35's and Mig27 for CAS. They considered buying Su-25 in the past (used planes won't cost as much as USD 11mn), but opted for Kfir and Mig27 instead.

  145. Renegade,

    "david blacker(earlier post)..

    I really was expectin somethin more intelligent from you,but i got a pretty crappy reply!!"

    When you ask stupid questions what do you expect...

  146. Shay
    slightly off topic but on Sukhois.
    I've read an interview given by the sukhoi pilot who shot down a passenger airliner by firing two missiles into it after they encroached into russian airspace.
    if my memory is correct it was a korean airliner...
    the interview was published on either Janes or Journal mags from US...
    very interesting interview into a professional air force pilots attitude and discipline...
    worth a read if you haven't read already :)

  147. "david blacker(earlier post)..

    I really was expectin somethin more intelligent from you,but i got a pretty crappy reply!!
    seems like u really like to bum-suck the war criminal "georgy bushy".." etc etc etc

    Well, Renegade, if you post idiocy, you'll get responses suitable to that post. It seems to me like you really wanna bum suck the ayatollas.

    Aside from the fact that the US/Iran subject has nothing to do with SL or this blog, most of your post is just nonsense. The only way Iran can stand up to the US is with nukes (which is why they're so dead set on getting them).

    "Even now,hundreds of american soldiers are killed evey month(could br more),but since you only watch CNN/FOX tv,ur fed a load of BS & lies!! al-jazeera for a change"

    I do watch Al Jazeera. Perhaps you should stop watching ONLY Al Jazeera. Yes, many Americans are being killed, but in the end, US influence in the ME will be established. And it will continue for the rest of this century. The strategy isn't to conquor, but to control. The invasion of Iraq was to bring Saudi and Syria onto the leash, and it's been done.

    "u have to remember that "Bushy",is a demented freak,who does not care about human life whatsoever"

    That's beside the point. Morality aside, the US can destroy Iran without raising a sweat. You Muslims need to stop blindly following any tom, dick, or harry who has Mohammed as his first name. When Saddam was gassing the Kurds and invading Kuwait and wiping out the Marsh Arabs, idiot Muslims all over the world blindly supported him because he was a Muslim, though he didn't give a fuck for Islam beyond its usefulness as a tool to control the masses. Renegade, Muslims like you need too realise that being a Muslim doesn't make you right, nor does being an enemy of aa Muslim make one aan enemy of Islam. Grow up.

    " conclusion,David Blacker,PLEASE get ur act ofense..but the USA is gonna get clobbered,if it tries another "adventure" in Iran !!!"

    Don't be an idiot, Riffard. Iran coundn't even stand up to Iraq, and it was the Ayatollahs that got clobbered by Iraq. We've seen what the US did to Iraq -- a nation that had an Army far superior to to those morons in the Revolutionary Guard. Iran can pat itself on the back for being able to pootle about in a few motor boats or kidnap a few sailors, but when the US unloads, Iran is gonna run outta toilet paper.

  148. Here is another aspect apart from all high level IC,UN,CFA related explanations. We need to consider uneducated, third class background of vp + his grade 8 brain as well. SLA is killing 10 tigers on avarege per day. (This was highlighted unecassaraly by Sarath F) As LTTE can't make same damage to SLA may be vp ordered just to kill 10+ sinhalese per day. This keep the moral up of a 'racist+terrorist'. Plus it will be a new route to all other problems of government, as desired by LTTE. (Hence a person like balakumaran can give ok, if vp seeks it.)

  149. Mr Blacker,

    01. If LTTE for Tamil People, and they do everything for protect Tamil Nation,

    What is the best they should do at this moment??

    02. If you are VP, what will be your next step to defeat SLDF??

  150. B#1,
    What do you think the LTTE should do?

  151. Guys,

    Why can't we equip these poor villagers with mobile phones - not a luxury or expensive any more - to track the movement of these brutes, while setting up a coordinating centre somewhere in the border region?

    A mobile tower or a few of them are all we need. I am sure a company like Dialog can render this service, leaving aside the Economics, at this juncture.

    The best spies are villagers themselves; why not extend this technical advantage to them. Relying on police is next to suicide.

  152. DefenceWire reports
    At least nine civilians have been killed in Thanamalvila by the LTTE last night. The latest attack comes in the wake of a confrontation last morning between LTTE cadres retreating from Buttala Massacre. One soldier was injured in the attack. The soldiers were tracing the steps of the LTTE unit when they were attacked. The Tigers had laid AP (johnny) mines and booby traps along jungle treks to facilitate getaway.

    Meanwhile the SLA's 58 Division and its three brigades are within one and a half kilometers of Adampan Junction. The Northern route from this junction leads directly to Veduthalthivu. The route to the west goes past the sacred Thiruketheeshwaram Kovil, which is now under partial SLA control. South of Adampan junction is Uylankulam and Palampiddi is to the east.

    If SLA wrestles control of Adampan Town (Junction), LTTE activities in Palampiddi and Uylankulam will be immediately affected. If SLA advances further north, they will be able to capture the strategically important Veduthalthivu area. Currently LTTE is restrengthening its defences in Adampan, but has also begun constructing a new FDL along the Adampan Veduthalthivu line. This could be the first hint of a possible withdrawal from Adampan Town (Junction).

    The ceaseless attacks by marauding SLA is launched almost purely by regular infantry. There are currently around 12 Avenues of Approaches of SLA advancing towards Vanni. Each Division (57, 58 and 59) has three Brigades each. Each Bridage has around 4 Avenues of Approaches. These are the advancing columns of men that are leading the infantry charge. The three Divisions, 57, 58 and 59 are called Mobility Corridors in military jargon. a Mobility Corridor comprises of one Division or 3 Bridges or 4 Avenues of Approaches.

    The SLAF yesterday bombed an LTTE gathering place 3km west of Kilinochchi Town at Jeyapuram. SLAF also bombed a Mortar manufacturing plant in the general area Puthukudiiruppu. Damages caused to LTTE is unverified.

    Moshe, Srilankan
    SLDF hasn't let the ltte off the hook... things are going according to plan and these sorta attacks in the south will only get worse as ltte military machine gradually breaks down

  153. thats a good idea..something needs to be done with these lax police "ebbas" in this area..
    I read that article.But we have to defend these poor farmers.. they are a treasure of Slanka.Now why do i think this LTTE group is exclusively female?

  154. Ranil,
    I also get the feelling that the troops are being drawn into an area that LTTE can concentrate artillary fire on..I think many cadres have not been killed in this area..if so LTTE planning some kind of counter offensive.I hope our planes are ready when this happens.

  155. B#1 said...
    " 02. If you are VP, what will be your next step to defeat SLDF??"
    very good question... Let's see what we all come back with...
    Have to think as a terrorists I assume...

    Do you have any more updates about latest SLAF attack in MULLAITHIVU.?

  156. DefenceNet,

    Can you confirm the picture in the tamilnet article (

    under the caption - "SLAF bomber escaping from anti-aircraft fire, photographed by TamilNet correspondent who was near the attack site. Anti-aircraft fire explosion seen on the left."

    Can we verify if this is an authentic image ?

  157. Photgraphing both flying MIG and AA fire ! For me, this seems like Rajinikanth killing two people by one bullet. Let's see DN comments.

  158. This comment has been removed by the author.

  159. Dead Man Walking
    January 17, 2008: Military operations against the LTTE in the north are increasing. The hundreds of kilometers of "front line" separating LTTE controlled terrain along the coast in the north, and the rest of the island, is defended by groups of bunkers. Here, a few dozen, to over a hundred LTTE fighters live and, if attacked, fight. The army is taking advantage of low LTTE morale, and the recent infusion of more teenagers, and conscripted adults, into the ranks. This has lowered the combat capabilities of the LTTE, because the new "troops" make mistakes, freeze, or try to run away. The army is finding that it can attack these bunker complexes, and after a few hours, or few days, of firing bullets and shells at the defenders, the bunkers can be captured. The defenders surrender, run away or get killed to the point where there are so few defenders that soldiers can get close, and finish the defenders off, or force them to give up. The LTTE has to fall back, surrendering control of a kilometer or so of territory. The army is nibbling the LTTE to death.

    Some 10-20 fighters and soldiers are dying each day, most of them LTTE. Total casualties are over a thousand a month, and the LTTE is losing over 500 fighters a month to death, capture, serious wounds, disease and desertion. Army tactics stress keeping friendly casualties down, and this appears to be working. This approach improves soldier morale, and builds confidence with each LTTE bunker captured.

    The army believes that the LTTE will be defeated by the end of the year. Cut off from ammo and weapons supplies, and suffering low morale, has made the enemy incapable of making large scale offensives that crippled army operations before the 2002 ceasefire. The LTTE still has thousand or so highly effective fighters, but these are largely in the elite terrorist units, or actually leading LTTE fighters at all levels (acting as NCOs and lower-grade officers). Total LTTE armed strength is believed to be less than 5,000. In the last two years, the LTTE have lost nearly 4,000 fighters. The Tamil population has turned against the LTTE, so recruiting is very difficult.

    The air force is getting better at ferreting out where the LTTE is on the ground. Years of studying aerial photos and electronic intercepts have paid off, with experienced air force analysts finding more and more camouflaged LTTE bases, and bombing them. This recently led to the bombing of an LTTE leadership meeting, which killed or injured several of their military leaders. Meanwhile, India has admitted an open secret; that the Indian and Sri Lankan navies have been cooperating more to catch LTTE arms smugglers.

    January 16, 2008: In eastern Sri Lanka, a roadside bomb hit a bus full of school children, killing nearly 30 passengers. While the LTTE lost control of the east coast last year, several hundred LTTE followers are still hiding out there, and some of them are committing violent acts. This was one of them, and it backfired on the rebels. Killing kids is bad for the image.

    January 12, 2008: The government rejected an LTTE offer to revive the 2002 ceasefire deal. The government believes the LTTE is doing this only because they are losing. The LTTE broke the ceasefire two years ago, when it was apparent that the government would not allow partition of the island. Then the LTTE had its own civil war, that led to the loss of east coast areas long controlled by the LTTE.

    January 10, 2008: In southern India, police have broken up more LTTE weapons smuggling gangs. While most guns and ammo come from gunrunners in third countries, India has long been a source of explosives and detonators for bombs. These can be bought or stolen from construction companies, and smuggled into Sri Lanka. But now the navy makes the boat ride very risky, and Indian police are arresting most of the men bringing the bomb making material to the boats. The LTTE forces are suffering an ammo shortage in Sri Lanka, and it's not going to get better any time soon.

    January 9, 2008: An the road to the air port outside the capital, a roadside bomb killed the Minister for Nation Building. Another bomb exploded near a major hotel in the capital, but no one was injured.

  160. thats what we like to hear if true..this is indeed very good news..Just one running away to fight another day surrender or be shot

  161. Thanks Tangara, Srilankan, Ranil and the rest of our bloggers for the contribution.

  162. Qurious,
    They may be hot property in the mythical "tamil EElam" but in the south they are lesser than the filth on our streets

  163. The present military strategy is actually planned by politicos. The army, etc. has little choise.

    But they are unaware that if the land grabbing stage is going to go till December, then the guerilla stage will take even longer.

    After the incidents in the south, I have my dobuts that we can quickly finish the guerilla stage of this war.

    There are other variables that work against us in the long run like the IC/UN interference, a polissible govt. change, a possible anti-war attitude of the people, economic hardships and lawlessness, few LTTE arms shipments, possible acquisition of SA-18s, other weapons like ATGMs, etc., army desertions may rise, etc.

    These are realistic reasons that our planner/s should take into account. A war against a plan is a must, but what I say is that that plan must be more aggressive and fast.

    The land grabbing excercise CANNOT be further sped up; i know. But the killing rate CAN improve.

    ranil, srilankan, qrious I'm with you. But do you honestly think that the SLAF is doing enough to increase the daily LTTE casualties?

    Come on guys, you know they are not doing enough.

    It must be more than 10 everyday, actually more than 50 to win the war soon.

    In November 26/28 attack MoD reported that they faced LTTE AA fire. WHy weren't the AA shooters not targeted? Are they waiting till a plane is shot down?

    Today's air raid in Mullaitivu is very good. That expels any LTTE belief that the SLAF may have been scared by their crap AA and will not attack them for the time being

  164. qurious-
    Let's not loose our human part....

  165. SriLankan and others,

    Thanks guys..I think GOSL has to maintain the status quo and LTTE will crumble in no time..It has been a nightmarish 3 months for the LTTE..Their losses are in hundreds..I hope this war will end sooner...What the SLA atleast should do before another ceasefire (under International presure) is to distroy the LTTE's conventional capabilities...Gurilla attacks will died down once they loose their moral to fight..I hope SLA will distroy their elite fighter formations before any truce..Otherwise they will come back again to fight the SLA.

  166. Moshe..thanks for your input.The way I see it(i cold be wrong)the primary task of the airforce is not only to bomb LTTE weapons but mainly to kill gatherings of LTTE cadres.Now the army is like the bait that will flush out units that have to engage in a conventional war eventually when they keep on loosing land which what the army is captureing..see..I think the way the military think is that if you dont have cadres then you cant conduct a war.. the terrorist element may take a little while longer but how are they going to start blowing up parts of the country with a few cadres?

  167. Defencenet;
    Is it possible to create a table with actual dead/injuries of both sides.. Getting the LTTE numbers would be difficult but let's try? May be could publish in main page in Green strip and update weekly basis?

    Also if we can keep some map informing where about our brave bro's and sis's with some marking, would be really helpful.

  168. Srilankan-
    I wonder the scenario is, not to get too closer to VP but work out where about he is with by using out sources closer to LTTE. This will save our source and with SLAF support could end the day for VP....

  169. Perein- i couldnt tell you mate that is MI..i simpy have no idea.

  170. Moshe this is a purely military matter.If you capture female cadres then they go to MI so that they can find out where the other cells are.

  171. Guys
    first of all. don't think we're in the best position to assume how well the SLAF is doing and how better they can improve without knowing all the interior workings. If any of us here knows that it's a different story.
    I personally am not aware of it and as far as i know there are doing a superb job with what little they have putting in as many flying hours as those aircrafts can take and sometimes even more...

    And whoever brought up rape and said that it's fair to do that.
    I think that's dispecable way of treating your enemy nomatter what they have done to you. Let the terrorist do that since it's suits there level of IQ but we should not sink that low, not now not ever.
    It's sad that some of you guys think it's an ok thing to do...
    I would rather shoot them dead than sink myself to such a low level.

    Remember that these cadres are also victims here all thanks to years of brain washing by the tigers etc etc.. we can't be inhuman and fight this... then there won't be a difference between us and the terrorists...

    Once again, i'm sad to to see there are Sri Lankans among us who advocate such methods and say it's alright. Truly pathetic.

    We are better than that and you people are a disgrace to all decent troops and sri lankans as a whole.

  172. Very well said Ranil..very well said bro!!

  173. Ranil however i am sure they would not really advocate it in their heart of hearts..

  174. srilankan
    I hope you're right bro

  175. LTTE planned to abduct Sri Lankan Tamil politician in India

  176. LTTE planned to abduct Sri Lankan Tamil politician in India


  177. Daily mirror reports about passing out of the Special Boat Squadron of SLN. Is this squadron, of Navy , similar to the SF ? Are they specially training to counter the threat posed by black sea tigers ?

    Could somebody shed a ibt of light on this if possible ?

  178. bunch of IDIOTS were firing to a supersonic jet.

  179. SBS has been active for a while now. they are little bit like the american seal teams...
    SBS would board ships,boats and take out their targets...they tried to capture one of those ltte floating wearhouses but conditions didn't allow to do that...
    I beleive they are trained in amphibious assaults, underwater demolition etc etc as well
    Expert!, Please correct me of i'm wrong

  180. Don
    though the floggers can go beyond the sound barrier they don't do that all the time on their bombing missions and CAS...
    heavy caliber weapons can hit and have hit our Migs before since these guys sometimes fly very low to take out their targets...
    Once a Mig27 was hit pretty badly and even a fuel tank was damaged with some other damage to control surfaces etc but due to russian managed to get back to base to bomb another day :)

  181. don
    if i'm not wrong...some of those firing sounds seems to be from assault rifles and not AA guns :)
    now that's really stupid :)

  182. in this butthala, thanamalwila, yala area, there are lot of hunters, who know the jungles in and out.
    I think Police should make a team and give them good wepons with a price tag for catch or kill those terrorists.
    they will do the job and it is something that they can proud of.

  183. Thanks Ranil for the information !

  184. Don,

    Great video !

    Anyone know what they are saying in Tamil when the see the Mig?

  185. they may be saying(guessing !)

    'shoot the ******* down'

    LOL !

    if they need to shoot down they need heat missiles(that's what happen in movies)

    anybody have more videos please post

  186. Guys-
    It's says "Where do they hit" in Tamil.
    That's all..
    It's a good thing when you have resources who can translate well.

  187. guys

    lankaenews reports that unofficial sources say that there are more bodies lying around :(

  188. thats a great osea putting a pricetag o ntheir about karuna's boys maybe they should be given a chance also.

  189. Ranil,

    Ha ha, you got unnecessary alarmed at my off-the-cuff suggestion of rape; you shouldn't dispose of your precious nerver energy, especially at a crisis time like that, on a light-hearted comment, Ranil.

    I think Srilankan hits the nail on the head; we don't mean these things in our heart, while saying these things; it is just a way of getting out this impulse out.

    I am not the only one who say these things at difficult times: ex-British PM used to swear with f*** habitually at critical times to invite his intuition for ideas; Mr George Bush, who acts as if his second language is English, does it far more frequently than he urinates.

    Both are good human beings with compassionate hearts, contrary to what the international community thinks of them.

    I can understand your desire to be on the moral-high-ground. Don't worry I will catch up with you brother, or ask for your help, if the going gets tough.

  190. "some of those firing sounds seems to be from assault rifles and not AA guns"
    Yeah well, an uneducated & brainwashed LTTE child soldier can't be expected to realize that a T56 can't shoot down a MIG

  191. andare
    Hardly any hunters there now as the gosl has banned hunting.They don't have to go to jungle these days as the critters like wild boar come to them and none dares buys them and transport them,as they could spend a night in cop shop.Likes of JHU has turned the clock back as recently my fried's brother was arrested for transporting a door to his house,bought in a tmber yard,because it was made of jak.This country has gone bonkers.In a normal country,if there is a demand for wood,then they the overnment should ecourage the industry.The terrorists and their contacts seem to be immuned and my friend is severly victimized,because he upset one of their agents in Kandy.Suddenly the Municipal council is raining down on him with enforcement,and this agent is spending his time in their offices,stirruring up things against him,a trule patriot.person.No wonder any one is reluctant to get involved in cooperating with the government.


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