Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Explosion in Monaragala

A bus transporting civilians has been the target of a bomb blast. According to information available, the blast has occurred near Helama, along the Buttala-Niyadella road at around 7.30 A.M. A large number of civilians including schoolchildren were reported to be inside the bus at the time of blast.

Correction: The bomb has been planted inside the bus. It is not a claymore explosion.

DefenceNet previously reported increased LTTE activity in Monaragala district. The article can be found here.


  1. AFP report

    "So far 15 have been killed and over 20 have been injured," a police spokesman in Buttala, close to where the incident took place, told AFP by telephone.

    State television put the toll at 20 dead and 15 injured.

    Over 67 casualties have been taken to the Monaragala hospital, the sources added. According to the Hospital sources more than 23 people have been killed in the incident. These figures can be increased, sources further added

  3. This bombing has to be publicised as much as possible to show the world again what sub-humans the LTTE are.

    The more the LTTE kill civilians the more the world must see their true evil nature.

    They should show graphic photos of the carnage so that nobody can deny the barbaric nature of these terrorists.

    The lives of these innocent victims should not be wasted in vain .

  4. Bus bombing kills 23 in Sri Lanka: AP

  5. lion
    they expect the army to stop their advance now..What is interesting to note is how many more youngmen join the army as a result of this.Some of these LTTE tactics are downright idiotic.

    DefenceNet..when you have the time..have more children died as opposed to adults?

  6. 13 0f the killed are women-lankaenews

  7. Defencenet: look at tamilnet report

    2ND LEAD
    23 killed, 67 wounded, bomb blast targets civilian bus in South
    [Wed, 16 Jan 2008, 03:33 GMT]
    23 civilians, including school children, were killed and 67 wounded in a Claymore blast that targeted a bus in Helagama in Buttala DS division in Monaragala district at 7:35 a.m. Wednesday, initial reports said. The blast comes as the top brass in the Sri Lankan military was trying to convince the government authorities in the South to shut down schools on a long term before launching wide-scale attacks, including indiscriminate air-attacks on civilian targets in Vanni, after abrogating the ceasefire. The 6-years-old ceasefire expires today.


    what are they talking about ?
    shut down schools on a long term ?
    indiscriminate air-attacks ?

    any more info ?

  8. This is just desperate conditioning by MR regime to shut out criticism and continue on the war path. Govt is despicable enough to target their own civilians like this. Such actions only benefit the government, so that gives a very good clue as to who is behind this...

  9. LKDOOD, fear mongering. The government was never going to shut down schools for 3 months. The LTTE is trying to portray Sri Lanka as this totally fucked up country. Unfortunately there are enough stupid Sinhalese who believe them and try to spread nonsense rumors to try and make themselves seem important.

  10. Upul,
    You should understand that

    MR is not VP

  11. [mohan said...

    don't worry Miliyaa,ltte not going do like that. civilians not primary target.]

    F--k you LTTE bastard...

  12. upul SOB shut up for god's sake dont tell lies go and mind ur own business u LTTE moron go and lick VPs boots SOB ... so idiot u say kabetigollawa massacre was done by MR and anuradhapura one by JR ... stupid dog ....

    DEFENCENET am sorry .. but this dog needs to be stopped.
    sorry for making ur blog ugly...

  13. 3 army soldiers admitted to hospital- 2 are serious & going to matara-asura fm

  14. Illegal.existence

    i'm not trying to spread fear

    i ask defencenet to clarify the situation if he can

    special force also mentioned about closing schools

  15. nadesan says LTTE not attacking civilians quite true they have attacked a special force brigade in buttala who were carrying military hardware like books and pencils ...... MY .....


  17. why do the LTTE want schools closed? show the rest of the world that SLanka is a failed state.

  18. Attack is the Best Defence,

    We should not stop these people,
    but we should try our best to make them Intelligent since they are brain washed and brainless.

  19. Attack is the best defence..You got it wrong there..sorry.It was a SForces bridage who were in camoflage gear..carrying books and pencils and various bags.

  20. lkhood,
    What else you expect from tamilnut? To say, "Tigers set up a bomb killing and injuring 100+ civilians in a bus including scool children. Tigers hope fearing this kind of attacks atleast now government will stop their wanni offensive. (And give the CFA back)." ????

  21. LKDOOD, I wasn't talking about you. I was saying lots of Sinhalese in general, if they hear some rumor, they try to tell everyone in sight to sound important cos they know the "hot news". All schools are been closed for three months, LTTE is planning huge attacks, etc. etc, how many times have we heard this sort of stuff on this blog?

  22. It easy trivial to set up these kind of bombs. Sinhalese now can decide how to die. In u crowded bus as a innocent civilian or in the battlefield as a heroic soldier.

  23. is reporting,

    Another blast in Buththala
    A bomb targeting a Unicorn vehicle of the SL Army on the Buththala Katharagama Road exploded a while ago this morning.


  25. Carpet bombing Wanii is what the LTTE want.. to show the whole world of "civilian massacres" and invite a UN peace mission.This is exactly what we must NOT do.The more important reason is that the poor northern folk have gone through enough..WE must not add to their suffering...because if we do then the idea of the army liberating these people is pointless..what can they liberate dead bodies..This is why the LTTE is trying to provoke us into something stupid by planting bombs on busses.hoping that we will react by carpet bombings and communal riots.This is because the LTTE think we are stupid before.Lets give the army offensive a few more weeks and see what happens

  26. yes wut else we cud expect from that piece of shit web site. Govt did a silly thing by blocking that crap and giving it an unnecessary publicity.

    Can we have any chance of catching the tigers roaming around kotiyagala and ....

  27. My biggest worry is that the people in the north may start to commit suicide en masse..because we need to understand what they have been going through.It has not been easy for us also...but by the looks of it much much worse for them.

  28. dailymirror down

    i think the 3 SLA injured are from that incident

  29. chinthanaya ... if u r an LTTE supporter its ok because I know that u r mind washed lunatic but if u r a singhaleese die hard unp supporter ... am so sad about ur attitude..

    U will not die in peace as atraitor to the born country.... thats it...

  30. Dailymirror takes time to load. Upwards of half-a-minute. I've noticed that happens when some big event takes place. Their servers must be messed up.

  31. DefenceNet..when you have the time..has a second bomb gone off destroying an army truck..what news of casualties

  32. After thi-pongal what a barberity by ltte

  33. Defencenet,
    This Upulam the barberic cannibal has to be stopped ! Please take action !

  34. GOSL should speedup their war plans now. More time we take, LTTE is going to explode more bombs. If that happens GOSL will have to stop operations in the north due to pressure from the masses.

  35. miliyya..nothing must change except make sure that the masses keep their eyes and ears open.The army must operate accoring to its own schedule whatever it may be.

  36. thank god for sri lanka LTTE has no superjets otherwise they would do air raids

    i think SLA will attack very soon or attacking as i type

  37. Meanwhile, all the schools in the the Uva Province have been closed for three days with effect from today.

    Don't see how that helps really.

  38. another bomb seems to have gone off. This time targetting an army bus..

  39. Remember how Secholai (86+ terrorists- double) followed Kabithigollewa (34) in 2006?

    Govt. must stick to its guns and follow the israeli strategy. if continued, we are the definite winners.

  40. The most important thing at this moment is that there is no backlash from the Sinhala people!!!

  41. 24killed and 66 wounded

  42. KIri.. i am with you..lets see what these "carcass maggots" do when the SLAF dont bomb wanni and there is no communal backlash.well kiri what is apparent from all this is that the army assaults seem to be biting and it is making the LTTE jittery..excellent!!

  43. IE
    It's good if the government close schools at least until we can clear certain areas so that our kids are not in harms way with ltte running riot with the pathetic desperate attacks...
    It's easy to pass comments when you not in SL but for people who are plying our roads daily knows how it feels to live in fear...
    I personally had two near misses in Ja-Ela bombing and fort bombing.
    Why take un-necessary chances with our kids if we can't protect our roads for sure...
    Bloody terrorists will take down anything they can cos right now they have very little to lose...

  44. Ranil..your absoultely right..We need to concentrate more on the sinhala LTTE terrorists.

  45. ranil my mom & uncle has also just missed a bomb sometime back in colombo also

    i know the fear :(

  46. still we havnt detailwise map of sri lanka in intenet why???
    all other countries heve but sri lanka?
    this is not related thing but important


  47. guys
    SLDF is checking all the the roadside gutter, boundary walls etc etc..
    people are scared to drive near SLDF vehicles...
    what a shame...
    Imagine how brave you gotta be to think straight and get the job done while you're targeted to be hunted...
    High salutes for all the valiant forces...
    all of sri lanka owe you so much

  48. Srilankan said...

    miliyya..nothing must change except make sure that the masses keep their eyes and ears open.The army must operate accoring to its own schedule whatever it may be.

    Srilankan, masses r vigilant. But can we just leave it to that? Even if we tighten our security to the maximum LTTE will somehow carryout their terrorist activities.

    wat im saying is, if LTTE keeps on exploding bombs and kill ppl in scores there's no point in having a good battle plan. There'll be so much pressure on the government which will endup in terminating current operations. dat's yy i mentioned to speedup our military plans.More time we take more time LTTE has to plan barbaric attacks like these.

  49. 23 killed 67 injured including 13 women and schoolchildren. All schools in UVA closed. This decision may (or may not) be implemented for all other provinces.

    An army truck was targeted in kataragama-Buttala road :3 SLA killed and 2 critically injured.

    Massive search operations are currently going on in various cities in the country.

    We can expect more such attacks of this type not only in Colombo but in other provinces as well.

  50. i think ltte will further try to target civilians to get the sinhala people create a backlash against the tamils...
    the old ltte struggle for fake liberation has died long years ago and they would love to have another reason justify their existence...
    Hope our fellow sri lankans will understand ltte's motives and not fall into this trap...
    Otherwise it's hard to figure out why ltte is bombing civilians on purpose. what do they gain from it... Out troops will be further motivated to fight on harder when they know the carnage created by the ltter's in their villages etc,,,
    I beleive monaragala areas have lots of youth joining the forces...

  51. The boss gave an indication that the LTTE posses nuclear weapons.

    Boss, was this a little joke of yours like the MBML (Multi Barrel Mother in law Launcher)?

  52. miliyaa
    i aint no expert on defence matters but as a marketeer i can tell you that it's not wise to react to your opponent ans make such a huge step unless all your thinking and ops are in place to support that decision...
    maybe the ltte wants us to have a go at them right now...
    or maybe it's the exact opposite and they want to buy time...
    only good ground intel will do i suppose...

  53. nother explosion in buttala kataragama road. targeted army buffel vehicle 3 soldiers injured.


  54. As I said earlier,



  55. defencenet
    is he 57th brigade on route to mulativu from weli oya route?
    mass troop movement?

  56. If we don't want to see any backlashes government should invade Vanni asap. More time we spend, more time terrorist have time to bring in explosives, position their cadres etc etc for these kinds of attacks.

  57. Guys Check this out... This is from the FBI Website... see what FBI says about LTTE

  58. Very very sad, We need to make sure that everyone that rides the bus is careful and always on the lookout. If your living in sri lanka, we must be on the look out or any suspecious activities and catch these ltte dogs in colombo trying to mingle there way with bombs.

    The SLAF has taken flight...

  59. miliyaa..what we are doing now is the level of security we need it is enough.well lets put it this way..if the security forces and people weren't vigilant how many bombs would have exploded.remember the 1000kg C-4 trucks that were apprehended.It is because of the army advance that these guys are going crazy..when an offensive like this starts we have to accept casualties although it is very easy for me to say because i dont live in that area..
    No the army offensive must continue on THEIR schedule(the LTTE want the army to run riot in their areas to show this big marvellous IC (like a child looking up to a father figure-god ic) that the army is killing civilians-this is what will happen if the army is forced to recapture areas before they are ready-mark my words- this murderous filth is waiting-this also causes maximum casualties to the forces..this is another byproduct of advancing before the forces are ready .
    These guys think we are gonas.they think that blowing up a few busses is going to result in the army being deployed elsewhere..this means
    1)enough time for them to regroup,redeploy and attend to injured cadres-i think this army operation is stopping some of these injured cadres getting medical attention-so they will die due to blodd poisoning/gangrene you name it.
    2)May be able to smuggle in a few boats(not ships) with from tamil nadu..or evacuate injured cadres because imagine that one of Vps henchmen are injured due to SLAF VP cant loose him because there are power struggles within the LTTE also-whatever india says regarding defending its borders.
    3)buy time to address IC-Look at us "poor LTTE lambs being slaughtered"-that women arbour will buy it for a small fee of course.
    4)they have enogh bombs in the south already-moving more bombs?..i dont think so.WE have to concentrate on exposing these bombs and nailing the sinhala tigers because i am not convinced the tamil tigers alone are doing this without help from sinhala
    tigers-i may be wrong.

  60. Defencenet,

    You were right about warning the activities in Moneragala, sometime back. I got a relative working in the area and he says people have reported the activities and police have not taken things seriously - of course, typically, until today. Then the usual knee-jerk reaction.

  61. The says that some farmers have also been hacked to death In Monaragala by the same group of terrorists.

  62. millaya the LTTE had 3 yrs to pisition their cadres..we need to find these sleeper cells+explosives

  63. Guys,

    There is one survivor, among the farmers; it looks like the same bastards are involved in the crime; if a few teams of commandos - not these police fellows - are involved, tracking down may be possible

  64. The gloves must come off. The thing is to do our thing quietly and efficiently.
    Kill the LTTE and it's infrastructure. When the LTTE/Tamil diaspora(diarrhoea) winge loudly in the world press just say
    "Not us, must be someone else.." this is basically along the lines of the "the bombing was allegedly carried out by the LTTE.." or it was "suspected LTTE .." this is the PC shit carried out by the BBC and it's ilk.According to them the LTTE have never been confirmed to carried out any such activity all suicide bombing and massacres have "allegedly" been carried out by the "suspected" LTTE "rebels" (not terrorists).
    Well we do what we have to do and be unrepentant we after all are dealing with TERRORISTS. The western world / UN wishes to sit back and wank off about PC terms like "insurgent" "rebel" "freedom fighter" but when it comes to their security anyone who fucks with them is a terrorist.

    What the world needs to know that includes you the great Tamil saviour (LOL) "Hillary Vadai Clinton" is that we do not have the luxury to sit back and placate these subhumans.Every other country is fighting a "War on terror" post 9/11, so are we!
    We do not target Tamil civilians .
    MR is playing this game as well as he can.There are many mixed messages with hidden context e.g USA states it is disappointed we have stopped CFA and will not export defence eqipment to us but FBI says it is biggest bunch of terrorists next to AQ!"

    At the end of the day we get the help we can from whoever we can (Iran,Czechs ,China and Pakistan etc) .Interestingly the countries that have helped us the most in terms of military aid are countries who do not wank on about "human rights" and " terrorist vs insurgent vs freedom fighter" crap.
    The right of sovereign integrity , and freedom from terrorists is not some ideal that is exclusive to rich more powerful countries.

    As a nation we have come a long way from a largely ceremonial armed force to something immensely more formidable.
    Let us not forget for all the "might" of the LTTE and the support+ millions$$ from the Tamil Diarhoea it has not been able to attain their dream.In fact their dream of Eelam is slowly but surely vanishing before their very eyes.So the most they can do is strike civilians.MR is palying the game for the long haul slowly but surely he has not cowed down to foreign pressure for false " peace iniatives "
    By getting rid of the SLMM we can now do "what has to be done".

  65. qrious
    that's area is not the easiest to track around and i'm sure the ltte team would've planned their retreat much earlier etc...

  66. Thanks Ranil,

    I think there must have been a high calibre loss in the outfit as well, for this response - there is a pattern of claymore blasts followed by their losses. May be by the Air force or DPU.

    I think the country must be put on a psychological war footing. Of course, there are constant warnings; but they are not enough to face the looming threat, which certainly will get bloodier and nastier, in the coming weeks.

    Even television can play a more patriotic role in this crucial hour without taking the attention away from the masses from the real thing, while focussing on fun-events.

  67. After 6 years of CFA now we are getting what all realistic people expected. And we should expect same with multiplying numbers in the future.

    Small group based attacks in the east and wanni in enimy areas proved succesfull with minimum own casualties and demanding the enimy to protect relatively larger area. LTTE now stick to same strartergy where enimy area is whole country.

    There is no way any army to give 100% protection to all the civilians in this context. Simply three possibilities;

    1) Give eelam or atleast go for CFA and postphone civilian deaths.

    (Giving eelam will not stop the war as some people think; It starts a war between two countries. Thus either case it is temporely postphoning casualties with multiplied numbers later, like paying with interest. Thats what RW did and MR is getting now.)

    2)Eliminate LTTE totaly

    3)Something inbetween; i.e. present situation

  68. ranil,
    "is he 57th brigade on route to mulativu from weli oya route?
    mass troop movement?"

    57th div is advancing from vavuniya. From weli-oya its the 59th division. No mass movement yet.

    correction about our previous comment: no deaths in buffel incident. 3 wounded 2 in critical condition.

  69. At this pivotal moment in is good for us to remember the predictions/words of Mr Paul Harris and understand their implications.

  70. Qrious
    Excellent post mate...
    i always wondered why our leaders fail to rally the entire nation for such a cause since we're creating history here and it's of utmost importance to everybody living and yet to be born and even the dead...
    Like churchil got the brits to fight on a stronger foe why can't we use media etc more creatively...
    sad reality is that only few of us are even bothered about the situ is SL where the majority just leaves the dirty jobs for others and just go on as if nothing happens...
    sometimes i get so ffin pissed off when people complain about security checks etc...
    our politicos only use media properly to win elections... for those they have ad agencies etc working on a clear strategy to get people moving... like the "kawda mewata wagakiyanne" campaign..
    why can't they do one with no slant for politics but only for the good of the country...

    thank you sir for the update. Saw a blogger on LNP commenting of tropp movements but i suppose the bugger got it wrong.
    Btw...aren't buffel APC's lightly armored so how did these guys got critically injured?

  71. I agree; the main thing is to avoid an ethnic riot. But to do that the govt. must convince the people that they are punishing the terrorists.

    what is the source that says SLAF has taken flight?

    "we should put a high price for our blood and they (terrorists) must be made to pay for it. Only then will their attacks stop".

    tigers are trying to "immitate" our DPU but they kill civilians. LTTE must be made to pay for this before they forget.

    SLAF must take flight with a good target.

  72. F***** F*****... F*****...
    does not have the balls to fight.. keep killing the innocent.
    Counting the last days.... this wont get accepted by any community including surely in terror community...

  73. all-
    Defenwire says there are some Violence in Monaragala.
    This is the last thing we need at this time.
    Let's appeal and pass the message to known once to keep the calm.

  74. perein
    if that's true the police and if necessary the military should do everything to stop that sorta stuff...
    that's the last thing our troops need and what exactly the ltter's want

  75. perein
    i think you have mis understood the statement on DW...
    they don't say anything about civlian starting violence etc...
    they mean chain of violence after 3 incidents being reported from the same area all perpetrated by the ltte and not by civilians

  76. yes kill some one important to them no matter political or military kill some SOBs soon "Attack is the best form of defence" and killinochi rascals need few napahlm bombs for this.

  77. Ranil-
    Fully agreed. Also we should not let international community treat Sinhalese as barbarians.
    Similar incident given the boost towards LTTE in 1983.

  78. Yes Ranil,

    You hit the nail on the head; that is the mentality of a sizeable population. There are people who do the job - the dirty stuff, as you called it. So, why bothered. Until someone really close to you is hit or running the risk of being hit. I wonder how these brave men and women on the front feel, how the nation indulges in these entertaining activities, fuelled by audience-hungry television channels. Of course, life must go on; but there must be a room for at least spend a few minutes to those who fight for us, exposing their precious lives to danger. We miserable failed in that moral obligation. We take care of the injured and the families of the dead; but not taking enough care of those who are in the battle field.

    May be tomorrow, we all forget this, until another blast somewhere targetting innocents. Then we are back to square one - complacency.

    During war time, the European treated their fighting soldiers in a much better and dignified way. We, as a nation, hava a lot of catching-up to do.

  79. Guys
    we should be using our brains first and figure out what to do when before letting our hearts decide...
    we're at a pivotal stage and we can't let the tigers take upperhand in anything so whatever we do has to be well thought out and know a knee jirk reaction.
    i'm sure the defence establishment has these things figure out and results will speak for themselves when it's the time for the lions...
    then the brave can follow their hearts and show them terrorists what we're made of

  80. qrious
    agreed mate. sometimes all it takes is some creative thinking and a little bit of support from the community to get a lot of things done. but for some reason we're not doing it...
    we need visionaries and some good support teams to get these projects done... Just being a politico or a leader doesn't make a you a good thinker...

    I wanted to initiate a project to make the poppy day much bigger event than it is...
    People were so proudly displaying their poppy wreaths on their cars etc but when you look at the coverage given for the event and the distribution channels for the poppies... it's really sad.
    if some supermarket chains retailer etc got together we can achieve much more funds and more than that it'll get people to think about our fallen heroes at least for week...

  81. We should try to publish these king of LTTE attacks to international community. Specially to prove what sort of animals we have to fight against.
    I'm sure this wont be the last we will see when come to civil attacks from terrorists. Let's get ready for the next by having some plans together.
    Also we should not rush the operations in North due to these events in other areas. We should stick to the plan of destroying terror home land in North and liberate civilians from Terrorists.

  82. Can we push something through at the UN based on these civilian massacares?

    Something to the effect that LTTE is a terrorist organisation indulging in ethnic cleansing
    international fraud, money laundering, child soldiering etc. and since they unabashedly continue these horrible acts despite 25 years of requests to stop them, the LTTE to be banned by the UN.

  83. Business as usual for our forces..
    TRINCOMALEE: The LTTE leader in charge of southern area of TRINCOMALEE, known a "ARICHELVAN" was shot dead by army troops conducting a search operation PACHCHANOOR in TRINCOMALEE today (16) around 12.30 noon. A pistol was recovered."

  84. i agree that whatever outrage is committed against us is designed to provoke a civilian backlash. we must not let this happen (give a friendly word to calm an angry friend, if needed). my moto for the year ahead: if they're targetting civilians, our military must really be hurting them. let them do their job, and we should get on with ours.

  85. Miliyaa.

    Writing F word make you happy?

  86. Guys,

    MR and his team must be praised for the brave stand they take against the outfit while taking on its international cry-boys by the horns.

    But they sometimes fail in their Public Relations buisness: For instance, the CFA buisness could have been handled in a subtle way without much fanfare; the mass arrests in the past was also a bit of a disaster, especially the handling; the abduction of potential suicide bombers could have been done a bit more smartly.

    I think they focus on the domestic audience at the expense of the wider international audience, especially in this day and age, when the flow of information is as free as flow of blood in our veins.

    On the other hand, the public as a whole also have a duty to perform, rather than putting everything on the shoulders of the security forces; on that front, we dismally fail, unfortunately, while exposing ourselves to these ruthless criminals. To cite a trivial example, the pair who run a private bus are only bothered about stuffing the vehicle to its full capacity displaying every trait of vulgarity; avoiding army vehicles is not the best form of patriotism.

    If I put myself in the boots of a soldier on leave from the battlefront, how would I feel the way the rest of the country behave in this critical time. It is all about having fun and making money; people must change their selfish attitudes too.

    They do when someone dear and near gets stuck. Too late and too little, isn't it?

    Sometimes, the expatriates show much more concern and care than the those who live in the country. Something is wrong somewhere, that need to be rectified.

    Pinning too much hope on politicians and then putting the blame on them is the next knee-jerk move we perform.

  87. mohan said...


    Writing F word make you happy?

    Im more than happy to use it for terrorist supporters like u..

  88. Now go to the International Community town with these Massacares!

    Doess the anulling of a CFA give the LTTE a licence to ethnic cleanse???

  89. Check this BBC article. There seems to be a change in tone...


  90. Where are the BIG MOUTHS of so called Human Rights Organizations? Where's HRW, AI? What do yo'll have to say about these killings????? Hellooooooo????

  91. Most shocking thing is that the three terrorists escaped.
    They must be hunted down today otherwise more trouble to come.

    Anyway this attack shows the extreme desperation of the tigers to attck civilians on the same day louise arbour warned about HR!

    The army must be doing something right to make the tigers so very desperate.

    This episode gives rise to a new kind of warfare in SL. Terrorists in groups infiltrate to other areas and kill civilians and there is nothing to stop that.

    LTTE must be made to pay soon else they will indulge in this type of attacks further.

  92. Moshe Dyan,
    I think what we need here are highly mobile new STF contigents. I think the police is already recruiting for STF.

    They should remain as mobile STF teams which can be deployed when terrorist activities are spotted in the peaceful areas. For example when the news leaked about LTTE terrorists in Moneragala they could have been deployed immediately.

  93. What we can't afford is to pull troops and other forces out of operational areas!

  94. Miliyaa-
    This incident was Human Wrong.. There fore Human right activities are hiding I think...

  95. After Sumith Perera (NY) and teams taking AFP checkbook journalists, now they have changed a single word in their reporting.

    Earlier it was

    "The Tamil Tigers have been fighting since 1983 for an independent state for Sri Lanka's ethnic Tamil minority in the north and east after decades of being discriminated by Sinhalese-dominated governments. The fighting has killed more than 70,000 people. "

    Now it has been changed to:
    "The Tamil Tigers have been fighting since 1983 for an independent state for Sri Lanka's ethnic Tamil minority in the north and east after decades of being marginalized by Sinhalese-dominated governments. The fighting has killed more than 70,000 people."

    It has now being changed to:
    "The Tamil Tigers have been fighting since 1983 for an independent state for Sri Lanka's ethnic Tamil minority in the north and east after decades of being marginalized by Sinhalese-dominated governments. The fighting has killed more than 70,000 people."

    Another LTTE dependent set of journalists are BBC Sinhala Service..unfortunately at least three of them are from the Down South of Sri Lanka too.

    Now they also have thought to bring in the word "Marginalized",
    "resolve with other groups the complaints of the Tamil minority that they have been marginalised for decades by Sinhalese-dominated governments.

    When you read both the articles, you realize their agenda is to turn the world-opinion against the Sinhalese people, and the GOSL. This campaign is also being carried out by both the institutions for more than two decades.

  96. This could be anyone
    Everyone has equal desire to do something like this

    MR - to convince that he is on the right path

    PARAMILITARIES - to show how fucked up ltte is

    LTTE - to show that they can do something like this in the south and get away with it. also the revenge against the indiscriminate air attack by the govt

    MR-Brothers - to show his brother that he was right in choosing them instead of some other officers

    MR does not give shit about the CIVILIAN casualities or SLA casualities. He will do anything to prove he is right.

    if ltte did this, this is not getting no where they should know a big casualities in the frontline can only de-moralize the SLA

  97. this was done by paramilitary units, not LTTE.

    the government wants support for their military offensive against the LTTE.

  98. Bloggers,
    I am off for the day.

    Let's see what sort of brutalities and atrocities the LTTE terrorists will have in store for the innocent civilians of Sri Lanka tomorrow.

    Don't worry if I don't turn up tommorrow morning...

  99. who wants to bet that the moment we are within striking distance of wanni lou arbour will visit slanka?

  100. Ah the Boss!
    Boss you gave an indication that the LTTE posses nuclear weapons.

    Boss, was this a little joke of yours like the MBML (Multi Barrel Mother in law Launcher)?

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  103. Miliyaa,

    people like u r the real terror for the country. i have lived in jaffna till 90s. i have seen and experienced civilian causality coursed by SLA Ariel and Artillery attack (Civilian:Ltte ratio 10:1). i know the pain. I never support targeting civilian.

    Yes i am pro LTTE, but its not stopping me to love Sinhalese.

    You should know that Tamil don`t have choice other than follow LTTE.

  104. Any new developments in evading land mines people?

  105. [
    mohan said...


    people like u r the real terror for the country. i have lived in jaffna till 90s. i have seen and experienced civilian causality coursed by SLA Ariel and Artillery attack (Civilian:Ltte ratio 10:1). i know the pain. I never support targeting civilian.

    Yes i am pro LTTE, but its not stopping me to love Sinhalese.

    You should know that Tamil don`t have choice other than follow LTTE.

    no you are wrong TAMILS do have a choice

    flee SL if you can afford it
    join ltte if ur in LTTE controlled area
    join paramilitary if you are in SLA controlled area

    thats the lesson MR trying to get at

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.


  107. mohan said...


    people like u r the real terror for the country. i have lived in jaffna till 90s. i have seen and experienced civilian causality coursed by SLA Ariel and Artillery attack (Civilian:Ltte ratio 10:1). i know the pain. I never support targeting civilian.

    Yes i am pro LTTE, but its not stopping me to love Sinhalese.

    You should know that Tamil don`t have choice other than follow LTTE.

    Mr.Mohan, ask ur barbaric LTTE not to fight hideing amongst civilians. There's nothing to do if ur so called 'Saviours' r using human shields.

    wow seems like u know a lot abt me rn't u? u call me a terrorist. well wat can i call murderors like urself?

  108. mohan..why dont u ask your esteemed leader why he didnt join the govt at the time Hon Douglas Devananda did?..then there would have been no need for the people to suffer further.You can also ask your leader why he is recruiting children and placing them in harms way while protecting his own family?...Dont kids that are not his own have blood in their veins his own.?

  109. tamils fund war

    [ BTF, an umbrella organization of several Tamils organizations based in the UK, said at a press conference in London yesterday that some 30,000 of the 300,000 persons of Tamil origin living in the UK, use Sri Lanka's national carrier to fly to the country each year from the UK providing the airline with some £12 million which goes into the "war chest" of the Sri Lanka Government. ]

    for more see the article

  110. Miliyaa,

    first of all thanks for not using f word. i mean to say the comment made by people like course terror for the country.

    "Mr.Mohan, ask ur barbaric LTTE not to fight hideing amongst civilians. There's nothing to do if ur so called 'Saviours' r using human shields. "

    Artillery never been fire to any target just fire and i can still remember Ariel bomb used by "pukkara" (spelling could be wrong) which is have 0 % (zero) accuracy. we to call it "tar Peepa" can burn anything in 50 meter purely made for targeting civilian.

    if you have time please visit jaffna and stay one night. it does not cost much. it will help you to change your mind.

  111. Thats o.k sri..ask them to stop using SLankan airlines.When we go overseas we will make sure we keep away from tamil shops/supermarkets/restaurents/post offices..wnt me to continue..even if no tamil flies in srilankan airlines i am sure we can find enough people once the war is over.remeber we are going to have a country to live in/ of course have foreign passports so thats your country now..cant keep one foot in each country chum.

  112. [
    Blogger Srilankan said...

    Thats o.k sri..ask them to stop using SLankan airlines.When we go overseas we will make sure we keep away from tamil

    please do not get offended, my earlier post is a diss to the tamils who come and check the news

    but like you said it can be taken in many different angles, one of which is yours

    from my earlier post you can see I like to blame everyone not just one side

    I provide enough proof to blame everyone

  113. Srilankan,

    you have asked a good quetion.

    "mohan..why dont u ask your esteemed leader why he didnt join the govt at the time Hon Douglas Devananda did?"

    What happen to Merged North East. these type of action stop us to trusting sri lankan govt. 6 years of peace talk (of course with violation). did govt. sl propose any solution ? . here we are failed to build trust.

    i am strongly disagree with "Hon" title to
    Douglas Devananda, he is an agent of raw,

    and recruiting children, i hope now situation are improving, that sad by product of war.

  114. of the reasons the tamils may be using Srilnkn airlines from because it may be dirt cheap(only a guess)nothing else and it is done purely for commercial reasons nothing else.This whole war is an "advantage" to the tamil diasphora.too detailed to explain.I am sure this so called 30,000 tamils comprise people from various political parties not just LTTE supporters.What this guy (who is stupid enough to make these stupid comments)did not say is that of the 30,000 how many are LTTE supporters.This is because he knows very well that he may not be able to stop EPDP,TMVP supporters (not that he has not tried unsuccessfully of course)for example from using srilankan airlines even if he can with LTTE supporters.So instead of looking a right royal idiot he is painting this picture of a "united tamil front" (which does not exist) which is even more idiotic and hilarious.

  115. offense to you in person.before i confer a title of "hon" i put myself and my family in that person's shoes.Have you any idea how difficult it is for an ex-terrorist to suddenly join the other side.Lets say you are an ex terrorist and have killed a lot of people (say fx 600 policemen) and you decide to join the govt..what are the consequences to you and your family..even if living overseas.thats why i call Mr Karuna..Commander

  116. Mohan-Hon Douglas Devananda is a close firend of VP's right..He has survived about 10 attempts on his you think surviving an attempt on your life is fun?

  117. [
    Srilankan said... of the reasons the tamils may be using Srilnkn airlines from because it may be dirt cheap(only a guess)

    you are right they are cheap

    part of the money that passengers pay goes to the AIRPORT no matter whether its SLN airline or SINGAPORE airline

    so SLN AIRPORT may charge less for SLN AIRLINE (only a guess here as well, not sure if they can do this)

    but definitely they have less expense compare to other air lines because of currency difference

  118. If Tamils don't want to travel on SriLankan Airlines it is a bonus. How many times have you sat next to black, ugly smelly Tamil fuck on the plane? The fuckers bombed half the fleet to bits and yet travel on it and stink up the whole aircraft with their gingelly oil. I hope the airhostesses spit in their food before serving it to them.

  119. Srilankan,
    "do you think surviving an attempt on your life is fun?"

    yes and no. if the moment it`s no after one year is if u review and share experience with friends its fun(from my personal experience).

    10 out of attempt few by LTTE, 1 by Tamils in Kalutra prison (if i remember correct). others by some one else.

  120. Bond.. pls lets not paint an entire community with the same brush.As in every community there is a group of people who benefit from nefarious activities and as a result everyone in that community gets balmed for it.

  121. IMO there should be a group in the south who will kill an equal number of Tamils for each non-Tamil killed by the LTTE. The group should put out a notice saying that it will do so and let the LTTE and its supporters know full well.

    28 people were killed by the LTTE here. The group should kill 28 Tamil civilians in retaliation in the south. From Wellawatte, Dehiwala, Galle -- anywhere --through pistol gangs or otherwise. Once the 28 Tamils have been killed the group should put out a notice claiming responsibility for it.

    This should happen each and every time the LTTE kills non-Tamils.

    If the LTTE plants a bomb at a music festival, then the group should plant a bomb at a Tamil music festival and so on.

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. sorry bond.."blamed" for it.remeber these are just people who go to work just like all of us.
    no different my point is that you tend to look over your shoulder more often than if you are not subject to an assassination attempt.How about your wife and family returning home everyday after dropping your kids off at school?the question:are these guys going to kill my kids because they missed me?

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. are giving the LTTE exactly what they want.. a tamil careful..after the death of 1000's of our sinhala people and the sacrifices untold 1000's have made.. do you want to make it this easy for them to get EELAM by your behavious towards some innocent tamil family shopping on the streets..dont make it easy for them bro..

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. sorry sri lankan

    i never been target of assassination i am not that important .i mean my survival experience from shell and SLAF bombing if i review it is fun. but at that time it was biggest pain.

  128. Srilankan,

    Please keep your sanctimonious preaching to yourself. I do not care for it. There should be a group down south that will take out an equal number of Tamils after every terror attack like this.

    If a politician is killed, then this group should take out a member of the TNA.

    If a Muslim villager is shot dead, then a Tamil somewhere in the country should also be shot dead.

    If the LTTE hacks 3 Sinhalese villagers to death, then 3 Tamils somewhere in the island should also be hacked to death.

  129. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. Bond,
    Are you insane? Is this what our soldiers are sacrificing their lives for, so we can fool around hear killing innocent people? They are fighting there for all the innocent people of Sri Lanka and i mean ALL (sinhalese, tamils, muslims whatever). If the people here started something like this then all of their sacrifices will be in vain. Our problem is NOT with the civilian tamil population, this is a war against a the mad terrorist organization called LTTE and not against the ethnic race of the tamils

  131. Well Sri, I hope Tamils like you have many sleepless nights after today's bomb attack.

  132. mohan.its o.k need to apologise..but thankyou anyway.Now you should not have been near the target..or was the "target" deliberately placed among civilians.See this army the LTTE is fighting now is very different to that they faced in 1980-1990.This is much more deadlier and they are the srilankan army..not the "sinhala buddhist chauvenistic army"..and they are here to protect every citizen of SLanka which includes you.the problem here is Vp does not want to surrender because he does not want to look a right royal fool within his own community and then he will be handed over to india..if captured alive..i mean ..his greatest fear is being laughted at by his own community not the sinhalese.

  133. sri,
    What the hell are you talking about? Our air force didn't have night time attacking capabilities in the mid 90's. (As far as I know)

  134. [
    Blogger bond said...
    If the LTTE hacks 3 Sinhalese villagers to death, then 3 Tamils somewhere in the island should also be hacked to death.

    brilliant idea BOND

    this way you can bring the tamils:sinhalese ratio of 3:17 to 0:14

    it works

  135. bond..its o.k bro..but what you are speaking of is going to lead to untold suffering for our people..but mindyou i can undestand how you feel..i dont think you have any idea what is in store for us.anyway you are entitled to your opinion of course..but i have said what i want to say.

  136. Sorry Chamal,

    You're just another ignorant Sinhalese ass who thinks that this fight is only against the LTTE. This war is about defeating Tamil extremism, extremism that has existed for more than 2000 years. The Tamils have never ever left the Sinhalese in peace. They have a historical HATRED towards the Sinhalese even though the Sinhalese have always accomodated them. The Sinhalese have been battling for their homeland not for the past 50 years but for the past thousands of years.

    The LTTE represents the epitome of this Tamil hatred. It lives on Tamil support. Don't fool yourself into beliving the bullshit that "most Tamils don't support the LTTE."


    Get that through your thick Sinhalese head.

    If the LTTE attacks ANY non Tamil, then Tamils MUST be attacked in RETALIATION.

    If the LTTE kills 28 Sinhalese, then 28 Tamils must die. The group must put out a press releasing saying that this is RETALIATION for the LTTE killings, nothing more.

    That will make all those Tamils living in the south think twice about supporting the LTTE whilst living amongst the Sinhalese. That is the ONLY way to change their racist attitude.

    Note that this group should in NO WAY be connected to the government. It should be a group of non-Tamils that stands up for all the non-Tamils being killed by the LTTE.

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. Bond,
    Do you remember the secret military unit that was betrayed (the millennium city incident). It was called Mahason Brigade I believe.... anyway most members of that unit were tamils, and they rendered an immense service to our motherland against the terrorists. What do you think about 'all tamils hating sinhalese' now?
    And where the hell did you get the idea that 'they have a historical hatred', give me an example please.
    And you say killing tamils is the only say to change their racist attitude, isn't that idea itself racist?
    Your method is not going to work pal. If you want an example take Sudan, where this method is being carried out

  139. you get the impresion that lots of northern tamil people are waiting to surrender to the forces.this is going to cause a real problem w.r.t housing etc for them.i hope the govt has made provisions for them.

  140. Bond-
    You have to visit Colombo as well as few other places to see how Tamils live happily with Sinhalese and other s.

  141. *yawn* Chamal,

    Learn history. The Tamils have always been trying to steal Sinhalese land. They have never been content with their land in South India, and have been greedy for the land of other people. The fight today is just a continuation of the fight that the Sinhalese have fought for more than 2000 years, trying to prevent greedy Tamils from taking over Sinhalese land and claiming it as theirs.

    My proposal is not racist at all.
    It is FAIR. For every non-Tamil killed an equal number of Tamils should be killed.

    If a Sinhalese farmer is chopped to death then a Tamil should be chopped to death, or shot to death or whatever.

    If a Muslim farmer is abducted and shot death, then a Tamil should be abducted and shot death.

    If a Burgher man is attacked and killed, then a Tamil should be attacked and killed.

    The 'SOLE REPRESENTATIVES' of the Tamil people must learn that there will be retaliation for their acts.

    If this policy is carried out to the dot, Tamils will soon be BEGGING the LTTE to stop killing non-Tamil civilians.

  142. yes perein I have, most of them support the LTTE. It's among them that LTTE attackers stay before attacking targets in Colombo. These Colombo Tamils need to know that they are not safe as long as the LTTE kills non-Tamil civilians.

    28 Sinhalese were killed in this bomb attack on a bus. 28 Tamils from Dehiwala, Wellawatta, Mt Lavinia need to be shot dead.

  143. Bond:Do you think the LTTE are going to listen to the tamils.If they are going to you think they are going to continue or start child recruitment.?..Why have they killed all the moderate tamils..including Hon Laskshman k if they have the wishes of the tamils at heart?

  144. Bond yes..what you say is true..there are LTTE cells in colombo (and they should be caught)..the answer lies with that idiot Ranil..when you have the time go ask him..but is a tamil family in galle responsible for that?..

  145. This comment has been removed by the author.

  146. srilankan,

    Tamils who oppose the LTTE are a VERY SMALL MINORITY.


    Most Tamils look on people like Lakshman as traitors and nothing more.

    Sinhalese fools like you continue to tell yourself (and others) that "most Tamils don't support the LTTE."

    Yes they do. Most Tamils support the LTTE to the dot. They even support the use of child soldiers. Please wake up and see the truth.

    For every non-Tamil killed, an equal number of Tamils should be killed. That is the only way the message that it is not OK to target civilians will be driven into the Tamil brain.

    Most Tamils in the south are privately happy whenever there is a terror attack like this. They know they are safe and that is why.

  147. sri,

    arresting 270 people is not the same as the death of 28.

    28 Tamils should DIE in retaliation for the death of 28 Sinhalese -- not arrested or detained.

    This policy should be carried out to the dot every single time the LTTE kills a non-Tamil.

    Tamils will soon learn.

  148. Ask him why he signed this idiotic ceasefire agreement..and ask chandrika why she placed Vp's family in ireland..pls ask them

  149. So you agree ALL tamils dont support the LTTE?..Is your idiotic not to mention downright stupid attitude helping future generations of tamils to not support the LTTE as well.?

  150. This comment has been removed by the author.

  151. Here we go again.....
    Let's say, for the argument's sake that what you say about all tamils supporting LTTE is true (since you don't seem to be accepting logical arguments). I still don't see how mass murderig tamils is going to solve this problem for us.
    "they know they are safe" what? Don't you realize that tamils too are dying because of LTTE suicide bombings, not just people of other ethnicities?

    Say something to this idiot will you?

  152. srilankan,

    You are a weak hearted sinhalese fool.

    I am telling you that if every time the LTTE killed non-Tamils, an equal number of Tamils were killed, their attacks on civilians will soon come to a stop.

    Not only that, but Tamils living in the south will start speaking against the LTTE. They will be singing from the rooftops against the LTTE.

    Until then, they will smile happily when bus attacks like this take place.

  153. Chamal,

    I am sure not every single Tamil supports the LTTE. But this group is a smal, small minority.

    I am not advocating mass murder.

    If 28 Sinhalese are killed, then 28Tamils should be killed. It doesn't have to be all together at one time. The tally of 28 can be reached in a week.

    However, I would say it would be much more effective to kill 28 Tamils in one go.

  154. Bond,
    I am a weak hearted sinhala fool.but you are an educated man..But this makes you even a greater fool because you are playing into the hands of the LTTE.

  155. Bond-
    I'm hurt too as a Sinhalese as well as a Sri Lankan with the Terror attack done by the LTTE Terrorists. But I do not think majority of Tamils support goes to LTTE as well as every Tamil is not a LTTE. Do n't forget they been forced and been kidnapped etc. by LTTE.
    So those innocent kids did not have a choice.
    When come to Terror, LTTE will get some targets some where some how... It's our duty to educate residence of Sri Lanka and sort this matter out.
    We are so closer to wiping this out, let's keep the cool and give our full support to brave solders who put their lives forward up North.
    Hopefully they will come to table and discuss the matter and sort out behalf of all Sri Lankans.

  156. srilankan,
    "do you get the impresion that lots of northern tamil people are waiting to surrender to the forces.this is going to cause a real problem w.r.t housing etc for them"
    You're right I guess. We still can't handle the problem of IDP's from the East and when more start coming from the North it's going to be a major problem.

  157. Bond:Listen if the Tamils are killed in the south that will stop the tamils in the north giving info to MI and more of our soldiers will who is the idiot men.?The reason we captured the east is because of karuna's men providing intelligence to our forces and fighting with us..have you forgotton.(w.r.t buried weapons etc(MBRL).the other gretaest military asset we have is the Hon a result Vp is shitting in his pants.thats why he is on the assassination list.

  158. Chamal..this is going to be a real problem for us.Lets invite arbour and ask her to foot the bill for these new arrivals.

  159. "But I do not think majority of Tamils support goes to LTTE as well as every Tamil is not a LTTE. Do n't forget they been forced and been kidnapped etc. by LTTE."

    You and the rest of the cabal of Sinhala fools really need to stop making excuses for the Tamils That's all you guys do.

    Keep trotting out lame excuses and defending the Tamil people; because there are soooo many Tamils who are jumping to reciprocate your kindess and defend the Sinhalese!

    This is Sinhalese foolishness I am talking about. Always trying to accomodate others, attacked relentlessly but forgotten the next day. And then many wonder why the war can't be won. It starts with your lame, self-destructive attitude folks.

    Do keep fooling yourself into believing that "most Tamils don't support the LTTE." Yeah, they never did and never will huh? The Tamils absolutely hate the LTTE and want them destroyed! Whoa! If that makes you feel good then sure, go ahead. But for god's sake please don't try and pass that shit off as the truth or reality.

  160. Srilankan,

    Douglas Devananda is a TRAITOR to most Tamils. Most Tamils would LOVE to seem him assasinated by the LTTE. Whom are you trying to fooling? Do you honestly believe that most Tamils support him and prefer him over Prabhakaran? Please get real.

    Dumb Sinhalese like you think that the Tamils are on your side. THEY ARE NOT. The few that are are (like Douglas) are absolutely HATED by the vast majority of Tamils.

    Only the Sinhalese cherish Lakshaman Kadirgamar, Tamils certainly do not!

  161. Bond:we are expressing our opinion here.No one is persuading you to listen or believe are welcome to your ideas just like we are to our ideas.Lets leave it at that.

  162. Mate you are clearly upset. I do understand. Let's not be a extremist.

    Go for a walk if you can. Let's have this discussion tomorrow.
    Sinhalese are not barbarians.
    Let's look for a solution as a Sri Lankan with out discriminating by spoken languages.

  163. Well your opinion is based on the Candy Floss idea that most Tamils do not support the LTTE. If most Tamils do not support the LTTE the LTTE would not exist.

  164. YOU MISS THE POINT!!!!!!what do you think the tamil people supplying info to us(MI) are going to do when they see their own citizens being murdered.You think they are going to say "hey good sinhalese-here is the intelligence you wanted"..THINK.DONT LET BLIND RAGE GRIP YOU.THINK!!.whether the tamils consider Hon D.Devananda is a different is up to the tamils not us..comprende?

  165. "Sinhalese are not barbarians."

    Killing 28 Tamils when 28 Sinhalese have been killed is not barbaric but fair.

    Killing 28 Tamils when 28 Muslims have been killed is not barbaric but fair.

    Killing 28 Tamils when 28 Burghers have been killed is not barbaric but fair.

    The Tamil population at large must learn that they cannot get away by killing non-Tamil civilians.


  167. Srilankan-
    Let's keep the calm.

  168. srilankan,

    Yes the 'help' from Tamils really averted:

    - all the suicide attacks in Colombo where the Tamil Tigers stayed with Colombo Tamils
    - all the bus bombs
    - all the claymore mine attacks
    - all the killings
    - Anuradhapura attack
    - Katunayake attack
    - Kolonnawa attack

    My, the Tamils were *so* helpful in preventing those attacks huh?


    When a Tamil sees a claymore mine being set up and knows that if it kills Sinhalese/Muslim civilians that there will be hell to pay, he will be much more obliging with information.

    As I said, the policy must be continued to the dot without exceptions.

  169. Many Sinhalese fools think the Tamil community is a bulwark AGAINST the LTTE.

    The truth is the Tamil community is the bulwark OF THE LTTE.

    They are a security liability in Colombo, not a security asset.

  170. who gives a flying Fcuk if the tamils think if Hon Douglas Devananda and Commander Karuna are traitors or not.this is an internal matter between the tamils not us.That is is up to the tamils.we are interested in the intelligence they provide to bring more of our brave boys back home to their families after this instead of in 10,000 bodybags.

  171. Sinhalese fools like you give a flying fuck. You use him as a LAME example of how "most Tamils don't support the LTTE."

    News flash: Most Tamils do support the LTTE and they absolutely despise Douglas Devananda.

    Fools like you also shout "Look at Lakshman Kadirgamar! Not all Tamils support the LTTE! They are being oppressed by the brutal LTTE and they need to be saved!!"

    News flash: Most Tamils hated Lakshaman Kadirgamar and regard him as a traitor. They were overjoyed when he was assasinated by the LTTE.

  172. Bond- start with mid 80' missed out a great deal there mate.
    Then please speak about political stupidity..start with J.R's nephew..rukshan amal Jayawardene..that fellow who is a nature photographer/...

  173. Perein yor right bro..this is pointless..i need to calm down.

  174. Perein..its o.k bro your welcome..

  175. Bond
    You may be perfectly right perfect, when you say that they support the ltte as we know ltte is a terrorist group, now the whole world has recognized this. So this means all Tamils are supporters of a terrorist,VP? So it’s ok for the security forces to do stop and search and search their houses night and day,right?What will you do if some non Tamils in your illusive Eeelam are supporting the terrorists? So don’t you think what the security forces are doing the right in your strong hold, which we think is a terrorist stronghold? So any fatalities to any one there is classed kia?

  176. It sickens me to see LTTE bomb innocent civilians. There no other option but to exterminate the LTTE where ever they are.

  177. As long as we make this out to be a Tamil vs. Sinhalese thing, these struggles will NEVER end.....

  178. wipeltte,

    It's not like there's been a pushbutton that says "WIPE LTTE" that has been ignored for several years.

    SL Governments have been trying to do this for years. The problem is deeper than just capturing territory through war. Even if we capture Wanni and destroy the LTTE military machine, we will have to face a purely terrorist outfit for years to come (purely meaning no conventional forces). The hate will still exist and they will just carry out EVEN MORE bombings like this.

    We need to win the hearts and minds. Give a good political proposal and SHOW all tamils how good life would be BY DEVELOPING THE EAST properly!!!!

  179. KBP, I disagree with you. When the war is over surely there will be skrmishes; but few large units of army and aramilitants will be permanantly stationed in N-E. They will look after the rest like the American army in Japan; while indulging in the pleasures that is on offer.

    The govt.'s plan goes much deeper than that. This typ of post war violence will ensure that whatever the political party that comes to power will have to maintain the status quo. There will be a very large group of paramilitaries that will depend on the govt.; they will ensure law and order (on their terms) is maintained and there is nothing the LTTE or any other idiots can do.

    If you analyse the war for 25 years, it has killed 2.8% of Tamils but a mere 0.2% of others. So if the war continues it is the tamils who are going to get screwed, no one else.

    It is easy to say tiger crap from Toronto, etc. but it is your cousins who get killed, fucked and ravished here. They will soon give up when they come to know that some Tamils live in the luxury in Canada and send money to fight a useless war that has killed more Tamils (both as a % and as a whole number) and achieved NOTHING.

    Let's fight; we like it; after all you have to keep the 200,000 + army occupied; otherwise they will start doing what the IPKF did.............

  180. And what if it turns out the the US Invasion of Iraq?

  181. US invasion of Iraq was a success as far as US (the invader) interests are concerned. Now the latest US strategy is to deploy Sunni paramilitants to do many dirty jobs with impunity. This is a fantastic model for SL.

    However, there are a few differences between Iraq and SL-North. Iraq has very nasty neighbours like Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas, and many many more. This type of support is not there for SL-North.

    BTW US casualties are less than 5K while Iraqi casualties are more than a million! If this happens in SL-North, there would be no Tamil to fight!!!!

    Also if you consider the net Tamil emmigration rate, they do not have a future in SL (no offence intended). Put the two facts together, it is a sure victory for the SLA in the long run before long.

    The fatter and richer the Tamil Diaspora gets, the lesser and miserable the 'elam tamils' get. This is the reality.

    Also just look at the white pigion concert, ALL the Tamil artists were from Tamil Naduu (except one slut from Kerala) and NONE from what they call 'tamil elam'!!! Why?

    Because TN is the tamil nation. I know SL Tamils are trying bloody hard to differenciate themselves from Tamil naadu tamils. But this is a loosing battle. For instance Malaysia gives the same poiyal to both groups alike causing them to emmigrate.

    it is either the tamil naadu way or no-way

  182. KBS
    ‘And what if it turns out the US Invasion of Iraq?’
    SL is not Iraq, our problem are the terrorists and their followers, who are a minority in the land, does not want to respect and live harmoniously with the majority. It’s so happened the majority of the Tamils who escaped the island’s hard times runaway to the rich Western world to better themselves, completely ignoring the nearest and the safest country, India. It seems, being a minority has many advantages in a poor country, to seek fortunes in rich countries, as bogus refugees’ is really shameful, when SL has very high posts given to the minorities, where it will take another 100 years to get those privileges in the new countries they live in.So ther’s no need for anyone to invade us,to protect the island from a bunch of terrorists Our terrorists are no match for the arm forces of a democratic country and not in SL.

  183. I have passed through Buttalla every year on the way to Katharagama,only humble poor villages live there, living on less than Rs 100 a day. Just to help them our we get down in these scattered settlement’s, by their boiled corn,Belimal,Panipuhul,honey,tamarind,plantains,curd and on the way Murunga.All my gifts to my friends and relations are bought from these place, if they like it or not, after all a gift is a gift, thus my purchases in someway hope to help them, in a little way. I stuff all the 3 vehicles with stuff that are sold on the road side. We turn off Buttala and come along these very remote road to Katharagama.In year 2006 August, we rode like hell in a motor bike, from Kanthalai and turned off from Manampitya,as we were tuned away Walikande,due to the battles in Sampur and Mutthu.
    This is for MI
    About 10 15 miles from Manampitya,down the roar to Myangana and badulla,a group of young guys were in a 12 seater,since we were not sure of the road, we asked their driver for direction, while this question was asked, the other fellow in the front seat mention the name of Lahugala,asking someone at the other end of the cell for confirmation and he too mentioned other towns that we passed and this spot was where there is a Buddhist temple on the left hand side, but on top of a very high hill visible to the main road. This van was joined by two others, waiting for them by the way side. They allowed us to pass and we allowed them to pass as we stopped from time to time. Just before we approached Myanggane one lot turned left toward Ampara,further going south,reffering to our map, knuckles ranges on the right, we come across the AIR FORCE SPECIAL FORCES BASE and the second vehicle stopped and the occupants left the van and ran towards jungle on the opposite side. the last van followed all the way passing Taldena and turned left and that was the last we saw of them. I was told by our driver, when I called him, that Lahugala is on the way to potuvil from Buttala.perhaps these rebels operating from there?This area seem to be Majority poor Sinhalese.
    Another incident We noticed in 2006 we noticed in since we didn’t know the roads beyond Katharagama,left our motor bike and Hired 3 jeeps for hire(family and friends joined us in badulla) from a safari people ,that was parked by the side of Tissa Vawa.They had connections with the tigers, as we drove inside the park, guided by them, saw no real animals, came to the beach at the southern most tip of the park and we were prevented by the guides and one or two people in the park, going to see the tsunami damaged building beyond a abandoned well. We saw army like boots marks on the beach, where they have dragged at least 3 boats,interior,and I think it was and camp of the outfit. I reported this to many, but nothing happened. I think this lot attacked the Galle harbour. I think a lot of them escaped Topical and sampur to this areas. Never saw a road block until we reached Katharagama,un manned.
    A person in Kandy who watched Perahara with us reported suspected car parked in his parking lot in Kandy. he had make several calls to get the police higher ups to remove this rouge car, belongs to a top Police officer, whose vehicle would have harmed the president, who was nearby. Now my friend is in nearly in trouble over this. It seems that the suspected Tamil trader allowed this car to be parked there in front of his shop, though he never allowed anyone in the years to park, saying that his view of the road is barred. Since the owner of the building constructed the metal gate to stop, outside and suspect vehicles entering. this trader had so much power, he got the gate removed by the council, which is an illegal act and inspire of the Mayor instructing to the contrary, nothing was done. That’s the power of the terrorists in sl,they got our officials by the balls. He prevented the owner of the property to stop the suspected vehicles entering and the other reason was to keep his line of sight of the Presidential Palace in sight at all timese.E mailed the President, but no action was ever taken of the first incident. That’s the poor state of the country.
    If the people like us who go there for a short time cand observe this,why can't the people and are they that ignorant and nonecaring?My foreign friends say that the average person does not value is own like,the way they recklessly drive or the way walk in the middle of the busy roads,pehaps stupid as well.

  184. Horrific, but right on plan I say!

    The horrific bombing of the bus - this was expected and in fact, we can expect more like this in the coming days/weeks. This is pretty much on LTTE's schedule - to cause meyham in the south when the SLDF is knocking on Vanni gates, so that the SLDF will be diverted out of that theatre to other areas of the SL (at least LTTE has strategized so). Well, let's thank RW the fcuking pansy for facilitating in this process by giving the LTTE complete freedom to roam all over the island and build safe-houses, bring in explosives/guns and be ready for this “attack” call from the Vanni!

    OaO Asithri Recommended Solution: Bring in the “maha-reha gonibillas" "white vans" etc. and mercilessly clean up the southern towns of LTTE infiltrator-motherfcukers. This approach was taken during the JVP era (rightly or wrongly is not the issue now), and these are time tested tactics that never fail. However, the relevant action-parties need to maintain UTMOST secrecy of their programs – both actions as well as results (for good reasons I am sure appreciate) - except to rather carelessly display a headless/legsless/armsless/eyesless body by the roadside in a suspected LTTE infiltrated area (well, who knows who has been killed by whom? LMSSAO!) to convey a clear message that this is what awaits you if we catch you filthy leper, so why don’t you high-tail it back to Vanni!

    So, in short…this is going to get uglier before it gets any pretty and we just need to strap our seat belts and hold tight. My heart goes out to the victims…I silently mourn.

    OaO Asithri

  185. I see posts here by “bond” and many a response to him by others.

    So, please let humble, OaO Asithri join in with a word of his own as follows…

    To bond:

    If you have been surfing the net for Sl news sites, I am sure you know who I am by now and what I stand for. I am no idiotic Sinhela pussy-pansy (that’s largely RW camp) but on the contrary, I am one who advocates a “take no prisoner” or “scorched earth” policy when we are out to liquidate these LTTE motherfcuker “with extreme prejudice.” I totally agree with you in all what you say about how we Sinhelas have tried over these 2500 years to survive as a sovereign nation and community etc etc. So, that should set the context for what I am going to say to you next.

    There was a time I too thought that this “indiscriminate eye for eye” approach was the way to go. After all, mathematically and dialectically, that was the logical way to go. However, the moment I saw Tamil youth joining SLDF and fighting alongside our boys in the frontlines (earlier it was EPDP, EPRLF, etc.) and dieing, I became somewhat more reserved in my outlook. Then when Karuna broke away and later his cadres “more-or-less” joined the SLDF to “clean up” the East, by sacrificing life and limb quite unreservedly themselves, I finally had the proof that I needed – that not all Tamils are with the LTTE, and in fact, a very brave segment of the Tamils were with us, against the LTTE . Just to know that today there are Tamil youths in N E also dieing fighting the LTTE (most operate undercover, clandestinely and when they are caught by the LTTE, they die a horrific death by torture), tells me that this conflict has long passed the Tamil vs. Sinhelas misnotion.

    Therefore, it would be abjectly morally wrong to kill innocent Tamils for what the LTTE is doing.

    Even if you ignore the morality of the issue (which can happen in the heat of a moment), substantively, it is an outright foolish thing to do as when the Tamil youths who are today fighting LTTE (alongside SLDF, but clandestinely as I noted above) see what is happening in the south, don’t you think they will be totally dismayed and that such dismay will lead them to abandon their help for the SLDF, or worse still, can encourage them to rejoin the LTTE (as such killings of innocent Tamils will tell them that LTTE is indeed the “sole representative of Tamils” and that Tamils have no option but to go for the “thamileelam” separate state)???

    No brother, you need to take a deep breath and think this one through – carefully (take it from OaO Asithri – I am no weak pussy, remember?)

    I have seen pics of some horribly mutilated dead bodies of Tamil youths – tortured and killed by LTTE – and when I saw such pics my heart was grief stricken with sorrow for those victims and the love I felt for those victims I can say, unreservedly, was no less than I would have felt when I would have seen a pic of a dead SLDF Sinhela brother.

    So, if a proud, deep-south patriotic Sinhelaya, known as a “Sinhela hardliner” all over like me can have this type feeling, then that should tell you that we have come a long way in our Sinhela psyche, achieving an indisputable upliftment, and that is what’s going to make us the winner in this ugly war in the not-too-distant-future!

    I wish you Love and Peace brother…

    OaO Asithri

  186. OaO, welcome back.

    "OaO Asithri Recommended Solution: Bring in the “maha-reha gonibillas" "white vans" etc. and mercilessly clean up the southern towns of LTTE infiltrator-motherfcukers. This approach was taken during the JVP era (rightly or wrongly is not the issue now), and these are time tested tactics that never fail. However, the relevant action-parties need to maintain UTMOST secrecy of their programs – both actions as well as results (for good reasons I am sure appreciate) - except to rather carelessly display a headless/legsless/armsless/eyesless body by the roadside in a suspected LTTE infiltrated area (well, who knows who has been killed by whom? LMSSAO!) to convey a clear message that this is what awaits you if we catch you filthy leper, so why don’t you high-tail it back to Vanni!"

    I fully agree; this is the only tried and tested method to succeed.

    However, we must use a new group other than the existing ones for more secrecy.

    It would be fun working for them.

    As things go if the govt does not allow such a group, people will form into groups and things will get out of hand. So the govt. must bring back the white vans soon.

  187. As once the Defence Secretary mentioned, there are "covert operations" even in the US, UK etc to safeguard the majority of people from terrorists.

    We also need counter intelligence and some sorts of covert operations to bring down the terrorists. But, it should be based on 100% verified and accurate intelligence.

  188. Guys, you need to stop taking Bond seriously. His blogger profile was created just a few days ago, so he's probably someone here to disrupt the site and sidetrack discussions. If you look at his comments you'll see that he often calls some of you "stupid Sinhalese" etc, hinting that he's not Sinhalese himself. He also trots out old LTTE ideas like the fantasy that ALL Tamils support the LTTE. It's quite a common tactic to infilterate a gathering and make them look radical by expounding extremist views. This tactic is quite common on this site as well as others ;) You know who I mean. Don't fall for this. Bond is probably Upul or Boss.

  189. blacklightarrow..thanks for your input..i will keep your comments in mind..

  190. Kevin
    you don't happen to own an XR250 by any chance no? :)
    I've also done a motorbike trip with a Kevin in buttala in 2006...

  191. the bond fella must've never been to SL or something to write the crap he has written so far :)
    I think you're right about this guys... he must've got beaten badly at LNP and came in here for a fresh start

  192. srilankan-
    How are you doing today Bro?


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