Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blood needed

With soaring casualties from today's bomb blast in Helagama, Monaragala general hospital is facing a severe blood shortage.

Required blood types are given below:

  • O - Positive
  • O - Negative

If you are willing to donate, please go to the nearest district or general hospital as soon as possible.

For more information contact the blood bank hotline 0777272985


  1. All-
    This is when we should send SMS to known people with an appeal.
    Specially known people near Monaragala area.

  2. My deepest sympathy with you all suffered.

    Barbaric lunatic terrorists are destroying this beautiful country.

  3. LTTE intelligence leader for trincomalee south, Arichelvam has been killed in a firefight with troops.

    He's known to have executed a number of hit and run style attacks in the trincomalee region.

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    Two women who were injured in a bomb explosion rest on a bed at a hospital in Moneragala January 16, 2008. A roadside bomb tore through a Sri Lankan bus killing 24 people and wounding dozens on Wednesday, officials said, as a six-year ceasefire between the government and Tamil Tiger rebels formally expires[/img]


    Pics from Bus Blast...
    Its not good...


    STF commando...

  8. Guys

    What has happened has happened. the fact of the matter is we are at war.
    As Wimal Weerawansa once said we should get away from our middle class mentality and gear ourselves for the imminent challenge.

    Now this is an official civil war fought 24X7.LTTE has this uncanny ability to surprise everybody. When you anticipate bombs in Colombo they go and attack the remotest part of the country.

    I think it is high time that the civilians make themselves a part of this war by organizing themselves. It is ridiculous that we run short of blood (For less than 100 casualties) when we knew well enough that the LTTE would do some thing today (16th).

    There are plenty of things the government should do apart from leading the war effort which are essential to overcome this menace (such as cutting down their unnecessary expenses) .

    However, I for one do not blame the government for everything. Government and the forces have a certain capacity. If we do not lend our support, I think we will fall short of our expectations. I suggest the following actions as a part of our support for this war,
    1. Stop all strikes, protests, etc for at least 6 months.
    2. Form vigilance committees and make it mandatory for each adult in the south to work at least one day per week in protecting their neighborhood/village/city.
    3. Cut down at least one meal per week and donate that for the war.

    These are some of my initial thoughts and I would welcome your ideas on this.


  10. There is a very list of main barbaric events done by LTTE published by Reuters.. Note there are few pages...

  11. It is most likely LTTE may be planning a massive AAB style attack in the South while we are focused on these Claimores.

    Please be ready.


    Just ignore all the LTTE diehards in the forum..Keep the dialog moving.

  12. Defencenet-
    Do you have any updates about today's air force attack please.

  13. This is war.... things don't always go our way, and today was a bad day for our country. Seems like their plan is to attack poorly defended remote areas now, instead of our major cities? It might be effective as the population in these rural areas may be easily scared.

    And guys, it's no use cursing the LTTE supporters here on this blog.... they didn't do this, and anyway they'll be even more motivated. Let's just ignore them.

  14. so this is a defence-related article? my ass.

  15. Yes boss, this is a defence related article. When a bunch of innocent civilians are attacked by the LTTE it is defence related. Trying to minimize their deaths is also defence related, unless you think casualty figures are not related to defence?

  16. Everyone in SL have cell phones now. Don't you think folks called police immediately after the bus bomb? Then the same gang proceeded to attack an army vehicle and killed more farmers. This is not colomber where you can easily mingle with general population. Arent local police prepared to go after a 4-member terrorist gang? Can someone enlighten me?

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  18. I'm afraid there is a possibility that schools may be closed for 3 months, give or take. Terrorists are targetting families and children, all civilians. Tons of attacks are going to take place around our country, and plenty of children will be harmed if no action is taken.

    If the children are not going to school, they wount be on the roads, and a large amount of damage can be reduced.

    As far as I know O/L and A/L exams will be delayed to a great extent and it will take time to recover, and a large amount of homework will be given to children if such a break is provided.

    such a break could start from tomorrow, from next week, from the end of the month, or never at all.

    But if such a long break is given, please bear in mind that Its for the safety of our own children, the future generation.

    Who cares what the international media says? Let them say that Sri Lanka is collapsing because education is destroyed in the country. Ignore them, because we are not collapsing. We are fighting till the end, while also keeping our families safe.

    And I also hope they renew the permanents barricades or have frequent checks within the major cities and around. Many people felt much safer with them, and people do feel more endangered without them. Its the great rich snobs who go around grumbling about it; the common man is content even though it can be a nuisance at times. Problem is that the common man does not have a say with the rich, selfish snobs around.

    May the Triple Gem Bless the Guardians of our Nation!

  19. onecountry,
    How can the police do anything, unless they've got helicopters to get there instantly? The police stations are probably miles away (they don't have them like they do in the urban areas). This is a rural area, covered by forests. They probably just come out, do their job and just go back in. You need specially trained trackers to find where they went after that (these forests are spread over a vast area) By the time the police get to the scene they probably would be gone.

  20. ^^ and usually its the common man who gets blown up too.

  21. The Boss,
    'so this is a defence-related article? my ass.'

    Are you opening up a debate as to whether your ass might be defence related??

    With respect to the thread, it concerns the welfare of Sri Lankan citizens hurt from a terrorist attack and how these victims might be helped.

    Would that not be considered defence related?? The main idea of 'defence' is the defence of lives in danger during warfare is it not??

    Been a lurker for a while lads and lassies, keep up the interesting and informative posts.

  22. the bossa dickhead thinks that his ass is defence related because poddu used it extensively while he was in wanni as an under aged hotu kolla constantly raped by poddu. Since poddu is related to military, he thinks that his ugly ass which was pounded by poddu and vp is military related too. poor guy.... he immigrated to oslo just to save his backside from that gay poddu....we shud keep our sympathy to this moron.....

    sorry for this post other respected and intelligent guys.....

  23. guys just ignoring these kind of idiots is not the gud idea i guess freedom of speech is an idea in the democratic society and not acceptable to the brain washed barbarian crowd. Wut we need is to get rid of any such fools who disrupts the flow of conversation here. WE R NOT INTERESTED IN TIGERS WE R ONLY INTERESTED IN REMOVING THEM FROM THIS SOCIETY.

  24. "so this is a defence-related article? my ass."

    This question is not even worth answering.
    It's about helping (at least trying to) civilians injured in a blast triggered by terrorists.
    If you cant see how it's related to the conflict in Sri Lanka, consider this a post a public service announcement.

  25. "Do you have any updates about today's air force attack please."

    The target was an LTTE bomb factory located in Puthukuduirippu. according to intel it was used to produce locally made IEDs.

    A thick black smoke was observed (UAV footage) over the skies near the target after the raid. A storage building associated with the factory has also been destroyed, according to airforce sources.

  26. Defencenet;
    Thank you for the update.

  27. "so this is a defence-related article? my ass." DN, why we allow this kind of a clown to roam here. Freedom of speech is only valid in democracy as I stated earlier too.

  28. No direct help to Lanka to fight Tigers so far: Indian Naval chief


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  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Reuters Video report of the incident


  32. BBC intervieved nadesan and rajeewa. Nadesan ana-gaththa niyameta.
    Prof. rajeewa, answered to the point and break all allegations.

    There was a close range naval fighting footage, which I never seen anywhere.



  34. First of all my deepest sympathy to all the brothers and sisters on the tragic day.

    I wanted to point out some thing just came to my mind. Don’t you think these kinds of attacks are just to get attention of the international community to Sri Lanka. That would be the best and only solution to halt the ongoing wave of fights. They cant resist to this kind of pressure and they never thought of. So LTTE will do few of these kind of barbaric acts on civilians and in turn get the IC’s attention. I think that is the only thing they can do right at the moment, which is not what we wanted at this moment. They have almost lost its credibility on IC, but they would prefer to start from the beginning as happened in 2002. If you look at the TamilNet now, its obvious how Amnesty shouting on behalf of LTTE, which prove my point.

    Let me say to the people who often come to this blog to sh*t on it, mind you go to a porn site, will give you much pleasure. That will keep you high for next couple of days. Please do that for other’s sake.

  35. All u terrorist supporters who talk about discrimination by sinhalese just read this article. (It's in today's lankadeepa paper)

    See how ur relatives from Kilinochchi, Jaffna r studying in Ruhunu University with Sinhalese. Look how Sinhalese students have helped them to celibrate Thaipongal. What do yo'll have to say abt things like these?

  36. andare,
    Do you have a link to this please?

  37. Lankan govt decides to 'eliminate' Prabhakaran to bring peace


  38. Terrorists fleeing after Buttala attack murder 6 civilians at Okkampitiya


  39. --Blood needed--

    This is a defence related news in the usual context. Think about a 'blood thirsty' person. For such a person this becomes his/her food related news.

  40. Be resolute and calm in face of provocation - President


  41. DN.. is this true...
    "One Nine Base’ was the LTTE’s code name for their most important intelligence base, located north of Puthukkudiyiruppu, in the general area of Kombavil, Mullaitivu.

    The base was heavily fortified with armed LTTE cadres and also, heavily mined. The base also had several underground bunkers, connected by tunnels. This is one of the bases where LTTE intelligence leaders met and planned their missions.

    On January 12, LTTE intelligence sent a secret message to their military intelligence area leaders to attend an important meeting at the above mentioned base.

    In Colombo, military intelligence was well informed of this scheduled meeting by an informant. Consequently, an intelligence official informed Sri Lanka Air Force of the date and time of the meeting.

    On 14, two young fighter jet pilots were summoned before their commanding officer (for security purposes this column refrains from disclosing the names and ranks of those personnel). The commanding officer briefed the two pilots of their top-secret task and the importance of the operation.

    Supersonic jets took off from the Katunayake Airbase runway towards their target. Within a couple of minutes, they released bombs on One Nine Base. Some leaders managed to escape through a tunnel, but the most important leaders fell victim, on the spot.

    When the news reached the LTTE leadership, they did not allow any civilians to enter the area. Wounded LTTE cadres were transported to one of LTTE’s underground hospitals. The LTTE leadership had given instructions not to reveal the numbers died or their names, because it would demoralise fighting cadres, as well as the Tamil diaspora.

    The air bombing was significant for the Air Force and intelligence because this was the first time one of LTTE’s main intelligence locations was bombed. Many of their intelligence operatives were killed in the attack."

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. andare is referring to Ruwan Weerakoon's report :

    D-Day is today-Eelam War IV officially declared: Beware!


  44. Andare..are you sure about this info?..which web page is it on?.If so fantastic!!

  45. I hope the person who planned this bombing dies a slow, painful death.

  46. Kbs..dont worry well get him eventually..The key here is not to panic and do something stupid.Keep president said,,i know its easier said than done but we all share your pain bro so dont think you are alone..your not

  47. [
    Blogger KBS said...

    I hope the person who planned this bombing dies a slow, painful death.

    A lot of Tamil civilians live in that area will experience a slow painful death

  48. This SLAF attack is fantastic..!!!just fantastic

  49. DefenceNet,

    Do you think it's possible for you to post the UAV footage on your Youtube space?


    please post the link to that article. thanks.

  50. UN Watch Expresses Concern After Sri Lanka Rejects UN Human Rights Monitoring as ‘Unqualified’


  51. Fellas, I told ya hang to your balls cuz, this will get ugly ! Terrorist...there true colors comeout and I hope those fools in Europe wakeup and smells the blood from the innocents victims ! I'm glad SLA got the jackass in Trinco after all he did to us !

    Did a SLA Unicorn get hit guys ?

    Also, Nadesan's comments to BBC : Hey , Nadesen, Do you really think of been alive in the coming year moron ? Good luck ugly lunatic !

    Can someone explain the Vavunia minivan blast photo, the 2 SLA soldiers are weraing slippers and T'shirts ? Why ? Anyone ?

    Take Care Fellas !

  52. Do we have a blood bank in place for future emergencies? Can our volunteers set up blood bank for future needs when the casualties from the war become very high?


  53. Blood bank sources confirmed that anyone could donate blood at any of the 74 major district/general hospital blood banks island wide. Contact details - Main blood bank, Narahenpita - 0112369931-4 or 0115332153/4 Central blood bank hotline – 0777272985

  54. Government Responds Louise Arbor: Abrogation of CFA, Government’s Inalienable Right in the Face of LTTE’s Grievous Violations


    NZ regret on end to Sri Lanka ceasefire agreement


  55. Norwegian Tamils march against the abrogation of CFA(pictures included in report)


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  57. Dulith,

    I disagree with one of your requests. People must not be further forced to suffer by contributing to the war. They are already paying USD 1.5 for defence.

    If one meal is skipped by all, it amounts to a massive loss to the economy; think of all the food stalls, their suppliers, etc.

    The govt should lessen the sufferings; I'm also against putting the country in a war footing banning entertainmenet. We know the economy is going to take a beating this year. To minimise the damage econoic activities should never be stopped. I'm also against curfews.

    But I agree that we must get public participation.


    You pointed out the most important issue.

    Actually the LTTE is killing civilians to get the UN/IC here. The UN/IC is the only saviour of the LTTE. The International law does NOT practically bind the LTTE but binds the govt. So if the UN is here it will be like the CFA - LTTE kills SL weeps.

    Also the LTTE wants to show that (very childishly) if they are not treated like a nation they will degenrate to a guerilla group and kill civilians.

    This is further reafirmed by the remarks made by the UNP. Unfortunately Ranil will NEVER EVER fall out with the LTTE.

    Also if the UN is here, Vanni MUST be allowed to be managed by the LTTE as the UN's theory is to maintain the status quo.

    Armed with this understanding SL must maintain law and order and resist all UN/IC attempts to creep into here.

    The SLAF attack was a good response in this regard; it reinforces that the GOSL is still in command. We must not forget that the LTTE is under tremendous pressure from the people living in Vanni to save them from fear; the moment they are convinced that the LTTE is unable to provide that, being typical sri lankans, they will join with their perceived enemy. tamil diaspora has fat bellies, cars, jobs, pleasures, etc. and according to Maslow's hierachchy of needs, their next level need is a seperate nation (self-actualisation!!!!!). But the Vanni fells are at the bottom of it and soon will fall from bad to worse and will do ANYTHING to stay alive.

    What happened in Hamas controlled Palestine is not far away from Vanni.

    But we must also endure alot of nonsense; the most endurace-able group wins attrition warfare.

    I agree with someone who mentioned about the time factor. The longer the war the higher the civilian casualties becuase the more time they must be lucky to avoid harm (probability theory).

    On this other hand, if sri lankans make this a time to unite and be there for one another irrespective of politics (much to the dismay of politicians); that will solve not only the war problem but also the bigger problem of disunity. Lets turn the threat into an opportunity.

  58. guys, whats happening. Everyone is condemning Sri Lanka. UN, Norway,USA, Canada, rights watch, amnesty, EU, Japan and so on. And now, even, New Zealand :D

    Such a pleasure and satisfaction these days are. ORGASM-LIKE.


    Mahinda Rajasspakse, did he halt the offensive towards Wanni because of the IC? :p

  59. More have condemned LTTE for the bus bombing and killing MPs.

    But there are more than 200 countries in the IC; only a handful has condemned it.

    No amount of condemnation can stop sri lanka (and any other country). we are going to mince the tigers; thats for sure. The vanni operation did not stop; it continues at the highly profitable attrition stage.

    Don't forget that the war has killed 2.8% of Tamils already compared to just 0.2% of the rest. Therefore we are more than happy to continue with the war!!

    In yesterday's SLAF bombing puthukudurippu was raped violently; more to come, much more to come. Just wait till the mechanised arti brigade start their gadgets. Tigers will be shitting from their mouths.

  60. the scum boss,

    So, when LTTE kills civilians, USA, Canada etc condemns GOSL? That news must be coming from you.

  61. srilankan,perein, and bond...

    FYI, I have left a a post for you in the previous thread...I will join in on a discourse later.


    OaO Asithri

  62. booby bossa says
    "Such a pleasure and satisfaction these days are. ORGASM-LIKE."

    DN pls stop this lunatic from posting here pls...
    He may be a mixture of gay and lesbian a new creature with multiple sexuality but these wild and crazy ideas are not respected here. may be if someone can point this dickless dude to some gay blog... just as acomunity service to the blog... and the soceity

  63. This is to the kid who calls himself a BOSS..

    It seems you are yet to have the first orgasm in your life... dream on ..

  64. Asithri,
    Thanks for your post.i read it.It is nice to read your input from time to time knowing full well the work schedules in north america.WE have not heard about the progress of the offensive as yet.I hope DefenceNet will enlighten us when they feel the time is right.But it seems that the army is sticking to attrition tactics which is great and for the LTTE to launch attacks like this means we are getting close.The LTTE think the people are going to pursuade the govt to stop the offensive(1980s thinking-aren't they in for a surprise!).What bothers me are the LTTE moles in parliment.

  65. According to DefenceWire the govt has decided to issue firearms to civilians in the buttala area...I hope they are under strict control and an expansion of the homeguards is also taking place.I hope this does not lead to gun running-(poor farmers selling their weapons to 3rd parties who sell it to criminal gangs).

  66. SLAF bombs killinochchi at 9:30 am today.

    Dfencenet, any targets?

    Seems to be a major event for the LTTE - tamilnet.

    Massive bombardments within consecutive days in puthukuduripu and killinochchi, wow! they must be up to something really BIG.

    TN tries to give the impression that the DPU has abandoned claymore attacks on LTTE after the Buttala attack!! This is a very dangerous siutaion. DPU/LRRP should NEVER bow down to such terror nonsense. If they had, what would happen is the LTTE will made this a habit to intimidate the DPU/LRRP and then the govt. by repeatedly doing same.

    Please understand the mind of the terrorists. Their thinking is simple.

    PROBLEM - DPU/LRRP attacked and killed us (including charles)

    SOLUTION - we attacked civilains

    RESULTS - DPU/LRRP stopped attacking us

    Therefore if a similar sitaution arises in future, the same model will be used by the LTTE.

    SLA/DPU/LRRP?SLAF should not change anything in the North after a LTTE attack.

    On the otherhand it may be a lie after all; hopefully.

  67. Moshe what drew my attention was the tamilnet report that the soldiers were drawn into a minefield which the tigers had setup for them.

  68. Defencenet

    There is a news in (alert Bar) saying that the Army is confromting with LTTE in Monaragala area this morning.

    Do you have any updates on this?

  69. guys dont spend your time on TN crap. these useless buggers always fabricate stories. just ddon't take it seriously...

  70. JNW news says that SLAF has bombed a ltte leaders hidout around 9.30 a m today... still no updates of
    anyone has anything more on this??

  71. Nice if we could get the fuckers who planted the bomb. Every time the LTTE launches such an attack they either kill themselves or get away.

    I just hope they really are LTTE cadres. I'm not entirely sure how much we can trust other Tamil groups like the TMVP and PLOTE and the likes. They hate the Sinhalese and they hate the LTTE. Yesterday's attack for instance is win win for them.

  72. Guys,

    Regarding the air strike that was carried out in the morning, there is an interesting bit of news on the Tamilnet; Tigers activated anti-aircraft guns at the aircraftsL

    This is a really interesting and significant development!!!!

    It looks like the brutes who committed the carnage in Moneragala have been confronted by commandos.

    We can breathe a sigh of relief, fot the time being.

    Take care folks.

  73. Troops confront with LTTE group - Buttala
    Troops launched an operation in the general area Weliara east bank, 1 Km south of Kehelwatte, confronted with a group of terrorists this morning at 9.15 am (17 January). Troops were tracking the terrorists' withdrawal roots when they came under LTTE fire.

    According to the defence sources one soldier received injuries during the confrontation and the injured was rushed for immediate medical attention. Further, Media Centre for National security says that troops are still on pursuit of the withdrawing terrorists.

  74. i think the anti air craft story is just to mainly to please the tamil diaspora community :)
    so that they know right after the end of CFA the LTTE is on full battle footing and SLDF is gonna get it bad :)

  75. Ranil.. i much prefer stories that the SLDF is going to get it "bad" because hopefullly this will keep the population on the lookout for infiltrations etc.What is happenning to the police in the moneragala area who ignored civilian info that some cadres were massing a few months ago..The police should be given a serious talking to.

  76. srilankan
    the story is that even before the AAB attack the villages have called the cops saying that there were odd fellows in that area...
    as usual the cops just ignored it...

  77. sad when the police force does nothing..Is it not possible to appoint an army commander of relatively lower rank to foresee security in this region?..The "polis" definitely need some about 10 miles a day..which will give them sometime to patrol areas instead of having fun?

  78. Ranil..i was going to suggest 10 miles a day..3 times a day between 1100-3.00 pm.First though was to horsewhip them but jogging is better for belly and health.


    dogs have mouths....

  80. I think some of the people responsible for our security is taing the micky.this reminds me of a joke,when we heard that the terrorists are been chased out.
    Here ihe joke!
    A father was upset with the son who couldn't win a two man race.The explanation from the son is that he was chasing the other fellow.Must go for a drink up with some mates,it's saturday.Have a good weekend,wishing our troops in the FDL,god speed.


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